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Reading Twilight: Chapter 1 (First Sight)

April 18th, 2008 at 8:32 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Seven Days of Lonely by I-Nine:

The first thing I noticed as I read Chapter 1 (First Sight) of Twilight was the usage of big words like inconsequential, omnipresent, claustrophobia, apprehensively. I feel as if I’m reading something from Jane Austen, which I am actually quite convinced is the point. Sorry for starting off on this tiny detail, but using the word ‘inconsequential’ on the first page of one’s book is an instant plus-3-points on my end, since most books these days would just say ‘no matter what’ and miss that Meyer flourish. Already off to a good start.

I actually like Bella for some reason, right off the bat. She isn’t stupid and she doesn’t have her nose in the air. When her dad gives her an old red truck, she is actually pleased with it. She’s normal but not a complainer, and that really stands out.

And speaking of her truck, what’s the first thing you think of when I describe a vehicle with a “...faded red color…big round fenders…one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged…

Fire Truck

In fact, if Bella was driving that special vehicle, she’d get the best parking at the school and just sit it right up front in the Fire Zone.

Also, I really liked the name of Coach Clapp.

Principal: Class, may I present to you…Coach Claptrap.


Coach: It’s Coach Clapp, sir.

Principal: Apologies. Class, may I present to you…Coach Crap.

Even more applause.

So overall I am quite enjoying the read and I’ll be onto chapter 2 sometime this weekend, and perhaps find out more about this Edward fellow. I am actually looking forward to it, so I’ll write about it Monday-ish.

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  1. Twimoonilipse12

    i am SO thrilled you are reading Twilight. If more guys read Twilight i think there could be less hate. i know that is insanely cliche, but i think being a hopeless romantic gives a little twist in the normal life. Without hopeless romantics, would Stephenie Meyer ever followed her dream? literally.

    That is just my insight


  2. Drover



  3. Briana

    Hah. Sorry for laughing, but to compare Stephenie Meyer to Jane Austen is utterly ridiculous, to say the least.

    I appreciate that Ms. Meyer’s vocabulary surpasses that of the average person, but it seems out of place, forced even, when compared with her writing style. Almost as though after writing, she looked to a thesaurus to help her find ostentatious replacements for her more simple words. Her vocabulary use does not seem natural or effortless, but in fact awkward.

    My opinions also disagree with your regards to Bella. I loathed her from the beginning and actually found her quite annoying. As I continued reading the series, I came to find certain aspects of her character that allowed me to, not accept, but at least understand why she behaves the way she does. However, I still find her quite selfish, and not nearly as bright as she is presented in the first chapter.

    This being said, I find Ms. Meyer to be a most entertaining story teller. I truly enjoy the series, but only to the extent that one can enjoy a piece of writing if not too carefully considered. I believe you will enjoy the book(s) and look forward to reading further of your opinions on Twilight.

  4. Maggie

    I have run into a few men who have read (and actually adore) the Twilight series. I ask them about their impressions and often they can’t elaborate any further than saying they’re suckers for tragic love stories.

    I look forward to following you on your journey and to get inside what’s going on in a guy’s head when he reads these books!

  5. Alannah

    My friend Dan has actually read the series and he loves it. But for some reason he can’t get his girlfriend to read it.
    Talk about reversing roles…

    From the start I liked Bella too. I can relate to her.

    Good review of the first chapter! I look foward to following this website. :)

  6. Sarah

    Oh I’m really interested in a guys point of view on the Twilight series…I’m going bookmark your site.

    hahaha I cant believe the first thing you thought of was a fire engine! heh!


  7. Mella

    Its fantastic to hear and read that more guys are reading Twilight. It’s an experience no-one should miss out on.

    When I imagine Bella’s red truck I picture a rather large red lorry like the ones which travel on motorways.

    Keep writing.

  8. casandra-monique


  9. Kaleb Nation

    @Twimoonilipse12: and i’m sure hopeless romantics are much more fun than the guypigs who act like mindless bricks
    @Drover: muglemurglsnort pork chops
    @Briana: You’re right, I guess she isn’t quite Jane Austen, but really who can stand up to the classics anyway? I think she’s at least scoring close enough 😀
    @Maggie: I hope you weren’t in a car when you ran into those men 😀 Thanks for reading.
    @ Alannah: thanks for reading!
    @ Sarah: I know, my mind makes curious leaps like that.
    @ Mella: I used to live in the country so we actually did see trucks just like Bella’s every so often. When they’re bright and clean they’re actually cool rides 😀
    @Casandra-monique: har har

  10. kat

    aha, i actually know a number of guys who’ve read the book and, although they’d never admit it to other guys, have told me that they liked the books quite a lot.

    glad you’re giving it a chance! more guys should :]

  11. eponymous

    Well, since everyone is talking about Twilight, I started reading it at Barnes & Noble and found that although it is compelling, Edward is…well, I’m not entirely sure why so many people like him (then again, I’m one of those people who never has cared for the “iresistably sexy” type). Bella’s okay, she reminds me of myself in a lot of things, although I would never have fallen for Edward. But I’m not that far into it, so I’ll keep reading 😉

  12. Maggie

    Well… actually… I ran over them and then made them swear their love for Twilight… :o.


  13. Britney

    I really hope this book ~dazzles~ you. You’ll enjoy it. If not for the “great” writing, then surely for the lolz.
    When you’re finished, you should stop by Oh No They Didn’t and catch one of the Twilight posts. They are sure to dazzle you into submission.

  14. Rocio

    this will now definately a website I visit daily, or at least as often as you post.

    This is such an exciting adventure we are embarking on! YAY!

  15. Janet

    Stephenie mentioned you in her most recent blog on her myspace page! :)

  16. Jess

    Best of luck on your Twilight journey, I attempted to get my male students to read it but there was no way!

    Also I think your right about Stephenie and Jane Austen, I don’t think she attempts to be like her on purpose, but its just an overflow of being familiar with the classics.

    I look forward to the rest of your analysis.

  17. Javidan

    As “Jess” just pointed out, you’re mentioned on Stephenie’s myspace page so watch out for the fans!!!

  18. Hilary

    hahha, you’re hilarious. i just started reading twilight for the second time becuase i ran out of other books and it’s cool to hear someone else’s take. =]

  19. Shelly

    Stephenie did mention you in her latest blog entry. Which explains my presence here. One of our parents at school read the book and she is now making her son read it. I hope you enjoy Twilight – although you might want to read the first chapter of Midnight Sun from Stephenie’s website. It will “revamp” your perspective.

  20. Jlyn

    Who doesn’t like a snarky funny guy. Way to go Twilight Guy.

    There’s plenty of testosterone moments in this series. Please keep reading.

  21. Library Girl

    Kaleb, I think that I am a little bit in love with you b/c you are attempting to read Twilight. I have just now added you to my reader, and I can’t wait to see how the journey of this book plays out on your blog. Enjoy! :)

  22. Anne

    Yeah, Meyer herself mentions you in her blog, so here I am! I wish all guys would read twilight!
    (Clapp freaks me out too, what an uhm interesting name that just happens to sound like an std? aha)
    Keep on with your review! :)

  23. Clara

    Hey twilight guy!!! I am soooo glad to see a guy giving “Twilight” a chance!! I’ve been trying to get my dad 2 read it forever!!! I hope you inspire more guys 2 read it!!!! I think its really hot!!! Good luck and keep us posted lol !!!

    P.S. I love the video’s sooo hilarious!!

  24. Alexandrovna

    chagrin chagrin chagrin

    Stephanie Meyer is sure no Jane Austin, hell, she isn’t even a dollar store knock off. It’s disappointing that a generation of young girls is growing up with a weak, anti-feminist character, but they’re good for the lulz.

  25. Emma

    Wow, you know, I was just about to say that now you’ve publicly announced your interest in Twilight, you’re going to have girls declaring their undying love for you and asking you to father their babies. I think Comment #21 is already a start.

    Good luck with reading Twilight! 😉

  26. Renaissance

    I remember too well the day when I was sitting on the bus, peacefully rereading Twilight, when my guy friend Kevin casually snatched the book from my hands. “What are you reading?” he asked, and proceeded to flip open the first page, obviously not expecting to find anything interesting. Several silent moments passed, and then…”Hey, can I borrow this?” 😉 Needless to say, he’s nearly done with the third book right now.

    So, has anyone bought you a “Real men read Twilight” shirt yet?

  27. Becky

    Okay. So I think you’re amazing for giving Twilight a chance. And I love how you write on a positive note because I’m tired of people criticizing it. Because -hands down- the Twilight series is amazing.

    And on that note, I’m going to re-read Twilight for the umpteenth time.

  28. Becky Sue

    I wish you luck!! Stephenie Meyer has surely made a miracle in making the Twilight series, and i hope u love it just as much as all the devoted (and slightly obsessed) fans. haha. and im serious…. “obsessive” is probably the best word, i should know.

  29. Tara

    I think it’s great that you’re reading twilight!! Seriously, you could get so much ass just for that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. If nothing else, you could always insert some edwardisms into your college-guy persona. I like your blog though and I hope you make it through to the fourth one. And like someone said earlier “real men read twilight!!”

  30. Joelle

    i pretty much cried and snotted all over myself when i watched the ‘Edward!’ video.

    anyway, i commend you on reading twilight; truly. just like people say it takes a real man to wear pink, it goes the same way with reading twilight. i really think more guys should read the book without fear of compromising their masculinity.

    i hope you enjoy the books as much as all of us twilighters, twihards, etc. did.

  31. Danielle

    The sexiest thing a man can do is read the Twilight series.

    Yes, I am calling you sexy.
    Brownie points for you.

  32. Wren

    I’m so glad you’re reading the book! I really agree with the fact that I saw Bella’s truck as a fire truck when it was first described! I hope you enjoy the book as much as every one of us does!

  33. Jade

    Kudos to you for having the balls to read Twilight. Any guy I know would be all “Ugh, whatever. That’s gay.”

    You, fine sir, deserve all the Twilight fandoms support.

  34. Ft.staff

    Hi KalebNation!, or Twilight guy! My friends and I actually know quite a bit of guys who have read Twilight! Most of them were forced to read the book (by us of course) but in the end they all loved Twilight. So we hope you enjoy the ride of vampire love and in the end, are able to call yourself a Twilighter!

    Forever yours,
    Forever Twilight

    P.S. Oh, well to really introduce us, we are a new website, foreverwtilight.com, that include myself, emily, and four other girls. Along with the website, we have begun a podcast as The Beautiful Lambs. =)
    Good Luck, and have fun!

  35. Marcela

    Egad! A guy reading Twilight? What nonsense is this? Kudos to you, m’boy.

    Not only that, but you’ve received the ultimate stamp of approval from Stephenie Meyer herself!

    It’ll be quite the pleasure to follow you on your Twilight journey. :)

  36. Marcela

    P.S. Though the term Twilighters may have won the battle, I say Fanpires should win the war.

    And in case you hadn’t already figured it out, Meyer mentioned you in a blog of hers on myspace.

  37. Angelina

    Two thumbs up for you! I’m glad you have the balls to read a romantic story, most guys don’t. They always say “that’s gay” or “does it look like I’m into stuff like that?” But, I do know some guys who have read the story and are just as crazy as I for the next book in the series. Do you know what’s strange? Just like a few other people said, when Stephenie wrote “…faded red color…big round fenders…one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged…” I got the slightest picture in my mind of a fire truck. hahaha
    I’m gonna keep up with all your opinions on the book as you read each chapter. It’s refreshing to get a guys perspective on something all us girls love ^_^

    Who knows, maybe one day you’ll become obsessed just like all us twilighters……..

    Kudos for Stephenie. She led us fans to your site. At least she did for me. She posted about you in a blog ^_^

  38. Mckenzie

    I’m so glad I found this site! I’ve ALWAYS wondered what guys are thinking when they watch a chick flick, and now I’ve got something even better: a guy blogging chapter-by-chapter his thoughts on Twilight!!

  39. Ian

    Soldier on, twi-guy. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the ultimate cheese-chapter/section, “The Meadow”. Will you cringe? Or get the chills? Will you be rooting for Bella and Edward either way?

  40. Elspeth

    Way to go! I commend you for reading Twilight, and I also aggree with you. Twilight does have a Austen air to it.
    Also you should be warned… crazy fan girls will be avidly waiting for your posts, you’ve been mentioned by the Queen herself, Stephenie Meyer, on her myspace! Happy Reading!

  41. Bea

    I found out about your site from one of Stephenie Meyer’s blog. And the while truck thing made me wanna read more about what you had to say.

    First of all, I would like to say that I found it insanely hilarious that you thought of bella’s truck as a fire truck.

    I’m actually looking forward to read your posts about Twilight.

    Personally, I once lost my love for reading books, and yes as cheesy as it sounds, Stephenie somehow brought that back.

    Happy Reading!

    Oh Yeah, I linked your site on mine, plus I bookmarked you. Update soon.

  42. Wendy

    Twilight book… $20.00
    Twilight fandom… free
    Twilight fangirls screaming your name and offering their undying love…

    Just ask my 15 yr old son who has read all the books…and loves them…and the girls love him for it!!!

  43. Sharon

    Haha, you go twilight guy.
    your page is my homepage now, so hopefully my husband will see it enough and i can convince him to read twilight as well.
    i love getting your perspective on this book, and i will check back often.
    it’s hilarious and so predictable with all the little girls liking you just for reading it.
    and for briana, it’s not as though she looked in a thesaurus to find bigger words, remember she did write this as a young adult novel. Wait until the host and I’m sure it’ll have a wider vocabulary.
    But back to twilight guy, kudos to you and i hope you like this new fame XD
    (i found your site thanks to twilightlexicon.com)

  44. Kaye

    Awesome XD I can’t wait for you to post what you think of the next chapters.

    This should be interesting…whether you like the books or end up hating them. Just don’t pick it apart too much ^^; The story, that is.

    😀 Good luck!

  45. Leticia

    I disagree with your thoughts on Bella. She’s quite selfish and there’s no reasonable explanation for some of her actions, which I hope you notice while reading the book.
    Reading your journal may be as interesting as reading Twilight itself.
    I look further to your comments on Edward Cullen, you being a guy won’t say “I wanna marry him” or anything similar :)

  46. Elizabeth

    Wow, I really like your site! 😮
    And yeah, I was on Twilight Lexicon and I noticed this link on here… I had actually seen your other site, KalebNation, while I had been searching Google the other day. It’s awesome that you’ve made this site now.
    LOL @ the firetruck…

  47. Corinne

    i think that you’re pretty much really, really, really, really awesome.
    and it made me excited, because your song for the chapter is by a band from my home state! heck yes! [south carolina all the friggin way!]
    you make me giggle.
    : D

  48. Tandy

    The best song that goes with this book is called “Run Away” By Live and Shelby Lynne. If you get a chance listen to it and tell me if Im wrong. and then the next time you hear from Stephenie could you tell her…? This is way awsome by the way. Thank you!

  49. Gracie

    I’m really excited that I found my way to this website. I think it’ll be really funny to hear a guy’s insight into the books, and your commentary is already pretty amusing. 😛 I look forward to future posts from you!

  50. annab

    so i’m glad that you like her truck. actually i was rereading twilight after.. awhile (god im too much of a dork) hahaha. keep in mind how she described it, i finally caught it on the reread. I was wondering if anybody else caught this.
    “To my intense surprise, I loved it. I didn’t know if it would run but I could see myself in it. Plus, it was one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged – the kind you see at the scene of an accident, paint unscratched, surrounded by pieces of foreign car it had destroyed.” (pg 8, hardcover)
    sooo basically she’s saying that she’s inlove with it because she can see herself with it, its old, never gets damaged, and keeps her safe. ( a couple of these things are implied while talking to her dad). and when she got in the car for the first time she liked the smell…. i think.Huh, sounds like something else in the book.

  51. Sara

    wow. this is so COOL! i cant believe that someone with a y-chromosome is actually reading stephenie meyers books! fire truck..ha! i never noticed that until you pointed it out. thats pretty tight. good luck reading the books!

  52. Kristin

    Hah! Red truck… i want a red truck… I want a Jacob too but… yeah, I’ll settle for a red truck…

  53. Liz

    I just thought you would like to know that there is a misspelling on the “banner” with the picture of you on this post. It says, “I’m definately not reading Twilight”. “Definately” should be spelled “definitely”. I’ve seen this same banner on other sights and thought you might want to fix it to keep up a professional appearance and all :)

  54. Kaleb Nation

    Yoiks! I can’t believe NO ONE saw that! Thanks for pointing it out. I fixed it across the internet!

    (and I call myself a writer!) 😀

  55. Liz

    You fixed it across the internet except on your own site, you mean.

  56. Hihi


  57. Reading Twilight: Chapter 16 (Carlisle) | Twilight Guy - with Kaleb Nation

    […] as the Burgermeister Meisterburger (add that to my list of ruinations, next to Bella’s Truck, Coach Clapp, and Charlie […]

  58. AliCullen

    I think that it’s great that guys are starting to take an interest in Twilight. However, the saga isn’t exactly meant for boys to read. I mean, the parts where Bella is describing the, ahem, PHYSICAL attractions to Edward- well, that would be rather strange for a boy to be reading. But that is their call. As for the first chapter… I read ALL the time. If there is a good book, i WILL find it. I have quite a large vocabulary. I needed a dictionary! I had no idea what a couple of those words meant! I tried to figure it out. I couldn’t. Very refreshing, actually. Another thing I love about Stephenie Meyer is that she can put jokes and sarcasm into the most serious of scenes without it sounding cheesy. All in all, the Twilight saga is about to take over Harry Potter as my favorite book series, which is saying something. But one thing has me down: If I am reading such good books at the age of thirteen, where do I go from here?

  59. AliCullen

    This is a response to #50, annab.
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!I never noticed that before. Of course, we all know that is totally right. Here are some other foreshadows:
    1.) “I didn’t relate well to people my age. Maybe the truth was that I didn’t relate well to people, period.” Notice the key word “people”.
    2.)”Maybe there was a glitch in my brain”. Well, there she is talking about people, but that is the glitch that keeps Edward, Jane, and Aro out.
    3.)”The nicest car here was a shiny Volvo, and it stood out.” The passengers of that Volvo are indeed the nicest “cars” there, they DO shine(in the Sun) and they do stand out. Ostentatious, even, maybe. ^^
    4.) “‘I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one is going to bite me.”
    How wrong and right you are, Bella.
    5.) “As if they were all suffering from a sleepless night…” How many nights? Bella might wonder. Eternity.
    6.)…”and certainly not the most interesting by any standard.” How wrong you are, Bella…
    7.) “if looks could kill…” I think that speaks for itself. Reread the chapters on the Volturi in New Moon, if not.
    That is only the first chapter. Meyer has a great way of tying everything into another. Amazing, actually. Reread Twilight for more interesting and sometimes hilarious predictions by Meyer!!

  60. Hannah

    annab, that is absolutely genius. :]
    I disagree with Briana on comment 3. I don’t see how Stephenie’s writing seems “forced” at all. And I’ve read Jane Austen’s books. They aren’t that amazing.
    I find it impossible for someone to read Twilight and just LIKE it.

  61. Griffin

    Like extraterrestrial life I assumed that there where other red blooded guys who read Twilight (of their own free will) and liked it. I’d just never found them. I don’t feel so alone now.
    I picked up Twilight up totally by chance never having heard of it before (not knowing it was a chicks romance at all) and just LIKED it. I liked Chapter 18 too. Vampire action at long last!!!

  62. Alexa

    I definitely think it’s amazing that you are reading Twilight. One of the first sites I always go to when I get on the computer is yours. I think that more guys should start to read it or at least go to your site to see how other guys are reading it too(: If I could find a guy who is willing to read it I would totally fall for him. I’ve read the books about a million times and I have August 2 and December 12 marked on my calendar for the next book and movie!

  63. Alexa

    Btw, Jacob *will* imprint on me one day (;

  64. [curiosidades] Crepúsculo [Twilight] - Stephenie Meyer « /teenbooks

    […] Há meninos que lêem “Twilight“! Sim, os representantes do sexo masculino são representados por Kaleb Nation, estadunidense que resolveu ler “Twilight” por conta própria para entender porque, ora bolas, TODAS as garotas se apaixonam por Edward Cullen. É bem divertido ver a mudança na percepção dele, a princípio cético e depois curioso para saber como a estória termina, como todos nós. O site é em inglês, mas não é uma linguagem difícil de entender. http://www.twilightguy.com/ [se quiser acom panhar a saga desde o começo, clique aqui.] […]

  65. shadesofblack

    that’s actually how i feel about big words in the book. i actually had to get the dictionary a few times to make sure…. i like that Stephanie doesn’t consider her fans stupid, and doesn’t dumb down the words or terms.

  66. Amanda

    Bella is an idiot. Also, it’s cool that you are reading this series. I am absolutely obbsessed with this series, to the point where I actually forced my friend (who’s a guy) to read it, which took begging, nagging, reading a bunch of books that I really didn’t like but promised I’d read if he read this, and sending him every chapter to him through E-mail because he wouldn’t buy it and I didn’t trust him with mine. IO’m not kidding, I did all that to get him to read it because I love it so much I think everyone should.

  67. Dexter

    I am a guy and just finished the series (not Twilight, but the ENTIRE series). I started readind them because my mom and step sister love them. They talk and talk and talk and talk about them, you honestly would not believe what family dinners are like now.
    I read the first book pretty fast, an obivously easy read, but kept reading them because I cared about Bella and Edward. The writing is okay,(cleary intended for teens) but the story is compelling and really great. Every book makes you want to pick up the next one. New Moon was hard to get through, monotony, and obivously sad. but eclipse and breaking dawn were good. The end of Eclipse and all of Breaking dawn were my favorite, a lot of things change and you really see Bella grow up. Shes a strong female through the entire series, but in breaking dawn she really grows into herself.

    As for the movie- obiviously they have to add things and change things in order to create a block buster. I just hope that fans don’t picture the movie to be the book played out the same as in their head. Let the movie just be an entertaining rendition of the book, and appreciate it for what it is.

  68. miki

    i havent read the book, but i saw he movie and i’m dying to read the book!! i think i love the series already! oh and by the way a guy reading twilight is cool. i think that way u’ll understand girls more. maybe. cuz ur still a guy either way. i dont mean that in a bad way yo.

  69. janinevendiola

    ..TWILIGHT…is a nice book..
    ..i almost read all the chapters
    and if i read the book i fell not to stop reading because for the truth im a clumsy gurl,and a curious gurl i want to know all about vampirEs i felt more interested to read the book and when i know there was playing as a TWILIGHT movie i fell so exiting and very curious all about it and when i saw the movie i fell like more and more curious about the book i dont care what time im going to sleep its just what i want the “STORY” and i just want to tell that NICE movie NICE actors or players and thank you for making me improve about the book….soooo..thank you…..
    ….I KNOW IT…just read the book you will know………..
    ,…THATS ALL…TNX FOR LISTENING ME,,,,….more powers.

  70. BellaCullen2012

    Hey Twilight Guy!!! I admire you for reading Twilight!!! I only know a few guys who have read the book(s) and they LOVED them!!! I think you will, too!!! I am about to read the series(again) for the 4th time. I hope you like the series!!!

  71. BrooklynBridges

    My friend Sally(not using her real name cause shes a paranoid freak and has a black belt) got a real kick out of the coach clapp thing, but she was comparing it to coach slapp and was sure he was a child abuser in disguise as a gym teacher, because that is the only kind of person who would ever want to teach gym.
    no offense to any aspiring gym teacher, those are her words, not mine.

  72. Melanie

    Hey, glad you guys are giving Twilight a chance. I’m a big fan, but not for the reasons of most people.

    I think it has an okay plot, but it’s good writing. I hate Bella with every fiber of my being, though. She’s weak, flimsy, dependent, clingy, misses the obvious, and has the self-esteem of an oak tree. Don’t even get me started on Edward, the creepy stalker-slash-domestic abuser. And Jacob? That obnoxious little pedophile and sexual harasser? Yeah, I can see why someone would fall in love with them. *not*

    But Jasper Hale! Finally, we meet a guy who’s actually sane and knows the meaning of love. He’s amazing. Honestly wouldn’t change a word he says. Or lack thereof, haha. And Alice Cullen! Ah! Love her! She’s adorable and has a unique personality. And their relationship is so much deeper than Edward & Bella’s!

    Down with Team Edwella and Janesmee!

    Team Jalice forever!

  73. Lauren

    Hi, Kaleb. Wow, I wish I could magic your attitude toward the books into the head of my fiance, who blatantly refuses to give them a chance. Bah. Would audio books work better, I wonder? Oh, well.
    I noticed how you include a song with each entry. Might I suggest “Angel,” “Teardrop,” and “Everywhen” by Massive Attack, “Teardrop” by Jose Gonzalez (superb cover, btw), and “Touched” by VAST? I find that these songs in particular get me in that Twilight mood. Thanks for the site, man.

  74. loan

    i thouht the first chapter was amazing becasue when bella went to seat next to edward and he went wild i thought he was crazy but i wanted to keep on reading. i thought that the truck bella got was, well reminded me of a firetruck don’t ask me why because i’ll laugh so loud i’ll fall off my bed.

  75. shareefa

    twilight is an amazing story its about a girl named bella that falls in love with a vampire, Edward and she is going to get killed from a vampire called james he is hunting and tracking her i loooove twilight!!

    edward is a cutie!

  76. Michelle C.

    It’s great that you’re reading TWILIGHT! If more guys read it, they would understand females better & there would be less drama. I also hope some book will make us understand the oppisite genderr..! Ha, actually, it all started in my class with a guy reading twilight. then, I read it, but I found out he read it like, while i was reading it. then another guy & girl joined in.

  77. Cordelia

    I discovered your site a couple of days ago and just read your post on the first chapter.

    Meyer’s connection with Jane Austen does make sense, because she was inspired by Pride and Prejudice (along with the original dream she had) when she wrote Twilight, but I bet you know that, considering you read that interview she had with vogue.com.

    And…you’re straight, right? haha. Just kidding.

  78. keara

    i love the movey twlight!!!!!!!!!! by is edward sooooooo cute and i mean relllllllllly rellllllllllllly cuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeee i want to mary him

  79. jolie

    wow!!!…just let me tell you something guys.
    i`m glad to realize that im not the only crazy girl in this world that get obbsessed for this book/movie twilight.
    i really enjoyed seeing the movie and the soundtrack is amazing ( i loved the soft bella`s lullaby`s theme )…and i`m anxious to read the book now. by the way sorry for my bad english…i`m a mexican girl…VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!! hahahaha…see ya!

  80. aponte

    i run with the werewolves all the way (team jacob)i love love love twilight it has become my new life its also very funny that my best friend and i hav fights on whos better jacob or edward!!!!!i am glad to say i read the first book it was awsom and i am now on the new moon pg231 so i cant wait to finish it i love decode (paramore)song

  81. dave

    twlight so far is awsome so far and i am a guy my friend drew is reading eclipse 2 weeks ago twlight finished new moon this morning apperantly ed and bell have love in breaking dawn and while they are she is having spazums from her baby biting her…..


  82. crepusculo « Ana Paula

    […] Há meninos que lêem “Twilight“! Sim, os representantes do sexo masculino são representados por Kaleb Nation, estadunidense que resolveu ler “Twilight” por conta própria para entender porque, ora bolas, TODAS as garotas se apaixonam por Edward Cullen. É bem divertido ver a mudança na percepção dele, a princípio cético e depois curioso para saber como a estória termina, como todos nós. O site é em inglês, mas não é uma linguagem difícil de entender. http://www.twilightguy.com/ [se quiser acom panhar a saga desde o começo, clique aqui.] […]

  83. Ryan

    I've read twilight and Im a guy.I hate it. Its over hyped and annoying. It doesn't follow Vampire ethics. Edward is just annoying,Bella is annoying. The entire book feels like Crap. Ive read the entire book. Not skimmed or wikipedia it,I read it. It was a waste of time reading it dring my school year

  84. Liana

    AHHHH you're first Twilight post! Even back then so long ago you posted hilariously. So awesome. Bravo.

  85. priceless_moments_caught

    I'll back again for sure, thanks for great article 😀

  86. Desiree

    I disagree with you Bella can overreact but shes not selfish at all from my prospective ,just my thought but Stepheie is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Desiree

    Edward is so awsome I totally , 100% disagree with you!

  88. Desie

    read Twilight over again and look at the part she plays a amazing part. Desi

  89. wwefan99

    omg…..i used to b obsessed with twilight until it got to public then them made a big deal outta it

  90. Guest

    i love that a guy is finally reading twilight. its amazing. no guy that i know would read any books period. so him reading twilight is awesome.

  91. M3LiSS4

    i'm amazed a guy is reading twilight. no guy i know would read ANY sort of book, so someone like you reading a vampire romance teen novel astonishes me, but in a good way. i LOVE that you're taking the time to read this novel because i do believe that it is an amazing series. i read them all last year in a matter of a month, buying each one the day after i finished them, and buying Breaking Dawn the day it came out. reading this series made me realize i love reading and that i AM a hopeless romantic. thanks for being the first guy i know to read this series!

    <3 M3LiSS4

  92. shifa

    i loved twilight when i saw its movie in 3d ……….. totally mesmerised by the movie …… i immediately searched on net n found twilight was a novel ……. i became so excited that i bought all of them the next day ….. i am a book reader … so i love stephanie meyer for writing such an enthralling story for us teens

  93. Hayley Blackwood

    Chapter 1 was great considering i've already read it 3 time and hopefully 4 times by the end of easter break. But than again i'll probably have the movies and twilight read by the end of the week. I've already read twilight 3 times new moon 3 times and eclipse 2 times and breaking dawn 2 times. I've been waiting for eclipse from my library for more than 3 weeks because somebody took it out of the library without checking it out. Well anyways I've watched twilight the movie more than 10 times and the new moon movie about 5 times and cried every single time. If I ever met a guy that was as addicted to the twilight series as me, than I would be more in love than Edward and Bella.LoL

  94. ummhedaya

    I like Bella from the start also. Maybe because she just seems very ordinary but still a bit extraordinary at the same time. She is very mature for her age, giving up her own desires in an effort to ease her mothers situation is very mature. Not too many girls her age think that way. It is self-less. The fact that she is respectful with her father also shows her maturity. He hasn't been a big part of her life for the last few years and yet she gives him loads of respect. She just seems to be the type of character that lots of girls can relate to… I know I can.

  95. Jesse Evans-Jenkins

    good fire truck joke. I think that it is neat that some man created a web site dedicated to twilight for boys

  96. Anga

    ive watche all 3 movies

  97. Anga

    ive watche all 3 movies

  98. Taylor

    I LUV TWILIGHT…. I am a girl…. and I am team Edward…. not that Jacob isnt hot… but I can tell how much luv edward has 4 bella… and it makes me fell giddy inside….. Im already on the 3rd book…. its summer vaca., I hate to read….. sooo what does that tell….. IM IN LUV WITH THE BOOKS AND EDWARD….

  99. Some Humanoid

    Polysyllabic words aren't a shortcut to good writing, compelling characters, meaningful interactions, or recurring themes or symbolism. With just that insipid introduction, you've already lost all your credibility: Junior-high level vocab words don't make someone Jane Austen.

    Also, you “like” Bella right off the bat because she hasn't been fleshed out as a character – she's basically a shell, someone for the reader to identify with as they go through the story.

  100. Camille

    Not even kidding that is what I picture the freaking truck to be like…(except for the water hose) :)

  101. Brice

    I just lost faith in humanity…

  102. Brice

    You seem to have read my mind. I could be very evil and ask if you have ol' Eddie's gift, but then perhaps literate people think alike?

  103. Brice

    Thank you, Briana. In fact, I felt “chagrined” at the comparison between Austen and Meyer. 😉
    Before fans chase my with torches and pitchforks, I should mention that I have no issue with people having a guilty pleasure, I just believe in reading with discernment. I love many books, but am capable of acknowledging flaws and even of laughing at the silly bits.

  104. Mickey Not Mouse

    Lol, glad to see you're keeping an open mind as you read this ^.^ most guys who've been driven to read Twilight just act like they hate it because they've convinced themselves they will before they start ^.^

    love the fire truck bit <3


  105. Twritebite

    I was so thrilled to read Twilight. What I liked about Bella's description in the book was the fact that she is described as looking just like me. It's as if Stephenie Meyer knew me well enough to describe me in her book. The only thing off would probably be the clumbsiness. I'm more graceful, like a vampire, but everything else about Bella is just like me.

  106. Lisa

    I also love this chapre. You're right, the words that Bella uses are very big, long words, and , I agree with you, for some reason it makes me like the book more!

    I, personally, absolutely ADORE the gorgeous, sturdy Chevy. And I'm also very pleased with Bella's reaction towards it. She doesn't hate or stick her nose up at it. She is delighted with it, appreciates Charlie's effort and doesn't complain about it!

  107. Amanda

    i said to READ it to me! you fuckin returds!!!

  108. Thebeezneez

    Well, Bella may not complain much in the Twilight Saga, she sure does in the second book New Moon! she can be an idiot at times. Though, Meyer's books are different from other Vampire romances, I liked the first book sort of; though Edward I have to say isn't a great character. Jacob is a good character, especially in the second book. I'm not fond of the series, but I would say that Twilight is the best one.

  109. Beca2102

    Bella doesn't complain? wow, you must be reading a different Twilight book… In the one I read all she ever did was bitch and moan about everything…

    Also, long and “complicated” words are not equal to good writing. In fact, since this is a teenage romance written from a teenagers perspective, I think Meyer would have done well in using words that most teenagers use…

  110. ashley

    i like the move of twilight because edward is really cute acaly he is hotter then jacab becuse i liked the part when he went to the woods with balla and he sparcals in the sun or the sun made him sparcal all over and i like his eyes but i think balla and edward look great toghter.

  111. DearAlice

    This site is great I am a girl but I love the fact that guys are reading the books and like the movies they can get into the battle scenes and danger just as much as we can

  112. What.

    what what what

    I mean, sure they're “big words” in the sense that they have lots of syllables, but really? You're applauding the use of the words like claustrophobia and apprehensively? Did you even make it past elementary school?

  113. Alishakinnear1234


  114. Dylan

    Wow, I just got finished with reading the first chapter. I'm never picking that book up again. Meyer has left so much detail out. She doesn't mention anything about the airport, what it looks like, its security regulations, waiting for the flight, the airplane, and the flight itself. What laziness. She literally goes from being the car, to boarding the plane, and a few paragraphs down, being with her father in a completely different state. So much potential detail has been omitted. In the matter of 1.5 pages, Bella has gone from riding in her car, getting out of her car, walking inside the airport, going through security, waiting for the plane's departure, boarding the plane, riding the plane for four hours, leaving the plane, retrieving her luggage, exiting the airport, and meeting her father. Why did Meyer leave so much information out?

    Abysmal writing, really. That was my first time trying Twilight and certainly my last. Terrible.

  115. Molly

    Actually, the book opens afterward. She's already gone through security. But yes, still, I think it's ridiculous how on the top of page 5, she boards the plane, and half way down, she's already there. No description of the flight whatsoever, when she boarded it (other than her saying “I got on the plane”). I agree, true laziness.

  116. Viena_17

    wOw!!GrEaRT!i JuSt wATCh OnlY iN t.V!!
    I dOnT hAvE bOOkS!!hEhEe!!

  117. Concerned.

    Dear Kaleb.

    You really must be congratulated. Its quite a feat to encourage an entire generation of potential readers to put down their classic and much loved literature, in turn for a series of poorly written, imbecilic “books” that fail to spark the intellect of even the most challenged individual.

  118. Hello world! | Sprinkle Some Glitter On It?!

    […] that you have never picked up that Twilight book, and just sneaked a look inside? Well this guy did http://www.twilightguy.com/2008/04/18/reading-twilight-chapter-1-first-sight/. Kaleb Nation, if you haven’t heard of him…is an average run of the mill guy, whom […]

  119. 700R4 Transmission

    This is so interested! Where can I find more like this?

  120. Guest

    What are you talking about, seriously??? The reason there is no detail as to the airport or flight is because it's totally irrelevant to the story & NO ONE CARES about the freaking flight. Wow…I would be really interested to see the kind of books you like if that's what you look for. You know she also leaves out cleaning the toilet (well, except for that one time in New Moon) & taking out the trash…oh the shame…

  121. guest

    Actually, I know quite a few of those “challenged individuals” who have been inspired by the Twilight books to read, for the first time, such classics as Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights & Sense & Sensibility.

  122. Teamedwardusa

    u rock for reading it and giving it an honest opinion and not just being like, “i'm a dude, so i have to say it sucks!!” i appreciate ur honesty :)


    I'm just gunna say that i am a MAJOR twihard… i found you by watching Destionation Forks and stephany thought you were funny, so i thought i should check you out… i must say… your pretty funny. i'm glad that “FINALLY” a guy hasnt made fun of Twilight without reading it… keep up the goodness :)

  124. Felipe

    Well, i'm exciting to know that i'm not the only guy who likes the twilight saga…  😀 (happyface)

  125. Djrevuijkrlrhgjui

    Harry Potter!

  126. emily

    im enjoying the first book i read it ever night and with my bed times it hard o and i say bed time because im the best fan of twilight when im 11

  127. emily team jacob

    when Jacob coming

  128. Fiexyoung

    ch. one of twilight was incrediable. i could't help it. i thouht that i was bella and i had to put myself in danger to save my mom. i really enjoy it and i'm dying to read new moon. i bet this is going to be more dramatic than twilight.

  129. Jasmine

    hated first sight,just coz' she's new doesn't mean she needs all the attention(by she i mean bella)

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