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TwilightGuys Report: Dad Goes From Clancy To Meyer

May 3rd, 2008 at 4:30 am by Kaleb Nation

What better movie to watch after the final college exam than School of Rock?

Stick It To The Man

To all who left me their best wishes, thank you and they must have worked because I was able to speed through my math exam with a narrow 10 minutes to spare. Freedom finally for a few weeks! And getting some replies out to all the great emails.

But without further ado: a TwilightGuy reports:


“I got into the Twilight saga as the father of a 10 year old who is just crazy about the books (along with nearly all her classmates). I asked her if there were any military aircraft in the book (“no”), any missiles or guns of any kind (“no”), tanks, submarines, aliens? (“no”,”no”,”no”). So what’s an ex-Tom Clancy aficionado to do? I did try and read the first page, after a lot of insistence from the Little One, and the next, and so on, until I realized I couldn’t put it down, and I’ve now read all three and can’t wait for the rest. My daughter and I now have serious Twilight discussions going on, and exchange the latest news and search YouTube together. I’m pretty sure that I’m the only Twilight dad out there, so maybe I shouldn’t even be writing this! I’m still looking for the bite mark on me…”

Submitted by Mark M

A brand-new, official blue Danger Magnet t-shirt from Twilightteez to Mark! Thanks for the story!

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52 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    Aww…what would a dad not do for a 10-year-old?
    You go Mark!
    I wish my dad could read Twilight…

  2. Joy

    Hahaha. that’s awesome.

    Yay Mark!

  3. Val

    What a supportive dad πŸ˜€

    I pity the fool that dares mock him though.

    It’s just…I don’t know.

  4. MC

    Twilight Dads are so cool!! I ripped into a guy last night who wrote a really mean article about the book and the movie, WITHOUT READING THE BOOK!! He pretty much stated in the post that men would not be caught reading a book like that. So oh did I let him have it. So I am happy that this site and the articles like the one posted are here. I LOVE YOU DUDE, and I love Twilight Dads!!

  5. Alannah

    I’m still trying to get my dad to read Twilight, with no luck. Maybe I should show him this story…

  6. Phinecia

    Twilight DADs should come join TwilightMOMs! There is no requirement to be female and we would LOVE the male perspective!!!

  7. Sarah

    that’s an incredibly cute story! i love it :)

  8. Amber

    SO CUTE!! That is so cool; that stephenie meyer has ALSO managed to strengthen the bonds between parents (mostly mothers and daughters, and now fathers and daughters, too!)
    I totally love it!

  9. Jen

    Awww.. what a cool way for him to bond with his daughter :)

  10. Shelby

    k this is freaky. Im sitting on my couch eating breakfast and my mom asks me if i wanna watch a movie. i am also on my laptop. so im watching my movie and i come to this page and see the pic of the movie i am watching. thats right!!! at this moment i just happened to be watching school of rock!!! it was really weird to see a pic of school of rock at the same time that im watching it!!!!

    And that twilight dad is totally sweet!! he is my new hero and im impressed that he discusses it with his daughter :)

  11. Erin

    that was a really sweet story. more dad’s should get involved like that. “serious twilight discussions” lol how adorable. πŸ˜€

  12. Amy

    Awww, that’s great. I should try that on my dad next time I’m home for a visit.
    After all, I got him to read Wuthering Heights when I was 16 πŸ˜€

  13. Deja

    Awww so sweet!!! If only my dad would be like that! I have my mom hooked but my dad will not cooperate!! We need more Twilight dads!!

    GO MARK!!!

  14. Rachel

    Ugh, I couldn’t even get my mom to read it!

  15. Kiki

    I’m sure you’re the coolest dad on the block Mark! Kudos to you!

  16. Natasha

    Haha I’m too embarrassed for my dad to read Twilight. I’m pretty sure he would just make fun of it.
    I was much more successful with my mom though haha.
    Props for Mark!! You own!
    (p.s. 10 year olds reading Twilight..?)

  17. L.

    though i’m definately not a first time reader of your blog, i am a first time commenter and i love me some Twilight.

    my dad would rather slap himself than read Twilight. so, this Dad is rather courageous.

    you’re quite the great too, Kaleb.

    congrats on the finals, btw. [:

  18. inmortal

    I would feel uncomfortable if my parents read the books hahaha… arghh…

  19. frankie

    Mark, you are awesome! And what an amazing way to bond with your daughter. To be able to share something with her that you both love and are passionate about is absolutely amazing. That kind of connection is very hard to find and absolutely priceless. Way to go for having the guts to read it.

  20. Katie Beth

    A Twilight Dad?!?! I didn’t know such a thing could exist. Well, cool!

  21. Abby

    I wish my dad did something like that for me!

  22. Elspeth

    Way to go Mark! That is unbelievably encouraging in this day that a father would be willing to read his daughter’s favorite book, and create a bond through it. I know that many parents would dismiss what their children are reading (as long as they are reading… like so many of the trashy YA novels out there) but this is awesome! (all except twilightmoms, of course)
    Kudos to Mark :)

  23. Nicole

    A Twilight Dad! That is so cute, I love it!!!

  24. Leticia

    A TwilightDad! How adorable is that?
    My father won’t even ask what the book is about. He just buys them for me and says “Don’t read them quickly, they were expensive!”

  25. Nicky

    I love that.
    It’s stories like those that really show how amazing the books are.

    Anyone can read them.
    Way to go Mark!!

  26. Jody

    Ah man, that’s so cute xD I wish my parents would read the books. Maybe then they wouldn’t think me crazy every time I scream when there’s a new Twilight movie update.

  27. Stephanie

    Awww I wish Mark were my dad!!! lol My dad just tries to explain that there is nothing sexy about Vampires, that they are just parasite… Whatever! Go Twilight dad!!!

  28. Caitlin

    A Twilight DAD, hmmm? I think it very courageous that there are guys out there willing to not only to try something “un-macho” but also willing to admit it when they like it. Kudos to you, Mark, and of course to Kaleb as well! πŸ˜€

  29. Alysha

    Awesome!!! You go twilight dad!! I wish my dad were that cool. Whenever I read the twilight books infront of him (which i do at a constant rate. i always re-read them) and he asks what they are about i just tell him its a love story. If i told him what they were really about he’d get mad at me for reading “demonic” books. He doesnt like anything thats fantasy and mythical, but thats all i read!! Oh well, what can you do?? YOU GO TWILIGHT DAD!!!

  30. Lauren

    aww that’s a good one! :)

  31. Hollie

    Aww. I don’t know a daughter who wouldn’t love for her father to read Twilight. I only wish my own dad were so brave! He only looks at me strangely and walks away when I ask him to read the book.

    But I did manage to get him excited about the movie!..after showing him a clip of all the exciting parts sans romance. Now I’ve got him, mwah ha ha.

  32. Jules

    This made me laugh. My dad will only read things if they are in the bathroom. (He’s a freak!) And once I left one of those horrible teen magaznies in there. Big mistake. He came out asking if I had a “Super cute crush” or a “Summer cutie” or a “totally awesome bf”. It was very scary.
    This dad seems MUCH more mature than MY dad.

  33. Judith

    Woot! That is amazing! I wish I could get my step dad into that.

  34. Faith

    aww thats such a cute story..i wanna read more! =D
    i wonder if theres more TwilightDADs out there ^-^

  35. natalie

    Finally! Someone else who talks to their Dad about Twilight!
    My Dad actually introduced ME to the books, not the other way around. He reads ALL THE TIME. I was visiting my parents with my son and my Dad told me that I needed to read these books he had just finished reading. He said the author went to the same university as my whole family. So, I read – more like inhaled – them in two days while Grandma watched the baby!
    We are very anxious for book 4. We keep telling my mom to read the books, she’s a little slow on the uptake.

  36. Chelsea

    Mark, you definitely aren’t the only Twilight Dad. I’ve seen pics from Stephenie’s tour with whole FAMILIES of Twilighters! It’s adorable, and I think it’s great that you discuss Twilight with your daughter!

  37. elizabethh

    aweee…yay! your daughter must think you’re awesome! and it’s so great that you two have somethine to share..yay for twilight dads!

  38. Holly C

    i love it when my dad gets involved in what i’m doing. i’ve tried to get i’m to read Twilight but he’s more of a trisional Vampire fan. oh well at least he leaves Twilight alone, he tried to make fun of it one day when i mentioned that only real men sparkled lol lets just say that we went at it for almost two hours. we would have kept at it but my mom made us stop.

  39. Celine M

    hi this is Mark M’s daughter from the story above:P And if your wondering, everything my dad said is true.. I’m really glad that he got into it. its Awesome that we really can get together and talk about twilight and stuff πŸ˜€ thanks for commenting! and don’t be embarassed if your parents like what you like.. its actually cool.enjoy reading! bye!!:):D

  40. Kimberley

    My step father has been hearing me talk about Twilight since 2005. So… Just last week when I was talking about the teaser trailer… and he (who never reads) actually just came plain out saying” give me the book, I want to know what the fuss is about.” He’s on chapter 7. Hes slow, but he likes it. so thats all that matters.

  41. Mark M

    This is Mark M, the TwiDad. I was so surprised (shocked is more like it) to see all those wonderful messages -thanks, I had no idea!

    I thought I would also mention 10 Twilight activities that Celine and I like sharing (for the six other Twidads out there in the world):

    1. Exchange theories about what could happen next;
    2. Play a Twivia game (“what kind of motorcycle did Bella give Jake?”, “How many medical degrees does Edward have?” (2 by the way), etc.;
    3. Take some time to search the web for the latest Twilight stuff; facts, photos, news, videos, etc. Then when I want to take a break from work, go on Yahoo Messenger with Celine and share our finds;
    4.Watch NoMoreMarbles’ YouTube videos;
    5.Go on a hopeless search for the Cullen Crest (haven’t found it yet…);
    6.Make Twilight wallpaper for Celine’s computer;
    7.Go on forums together and post questions and comments;
    8.Exchange favorite quotes;
    9.Discuss unfamiliar words and situations;
    10.Snuggle up while reading the Twilight books again for the millionth time…

  42. Marisa

    My dad has read the first two and half of the third…I stole the third from him so I could send it to my friend to get signed by Stephenie. He kept asking for it, but it took my friend months to send it back and now that I finally have it I’d forgotten to tell my dad…whoops.
    Anyways, I won’t say he’s obsessive about it, and certainly doesn’t keep up with the latest news because he’s sorta 68 years old and honest to God doesn’t know how to work a cell phone too well let alone a computer. He pretty much plays solitary and emails on the comp.
    He also kept getting Eclipse and New Moon confused and before Eclipse’s release he was like, “Can’t wait for New Moon to come out.” And I’m like, “Dad, you just finished reading New Moon. It’s Eclipse we’re looking forward too.”
    *sigh* But even though he may not be as obsessive as me, he still loves the books and I showed him the trailer to which he responded by saying Robert was a great Edward choice.
    Even though all my friends in “real life” hate to read and don’t know what the heck Twilight is and who Stephenie Meyer is, I always have my dad.

  43. Sara

    My Dad is a Twilight Dad, too! He read the first book after he and my mom stopped in Forks during a recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula and then he sheepishly called to ask me to borrow “New Moon” and he now has my copy of “Eclipse” on his nightstand and makes Edward Cullen jokes right along with my mom and I.

  44. Megan

    My mom is a TwilightMOM, she’s reading Eclipse now. I’m still working on my dad though. I’ll have to show him this story! Then I might leave my copy of Twilight somewhere near my brother so he could sneak it to his room. I would know instantly of course, I have tabs on all of them. Ha! Thanks for the story, and the site!

  45. Melissa

    awww i wish my dad would read twilight!!! wen i asked him 2 read it he gave me a weird “NO!” look…. =/

  46. OmegaTroll69

    How could a guy with previously good taste in literature like such crap.

  47. OmegaTroll69

    It’s stories like those that really show how amazing the books are.

    Anyone can read them.”

    Lie it’s just a crappy love story, Anne Rice books are much better.

  48. drivelocity

    I got a kick out of this entry – I’m also a Tom Clancy fan and my wife convinced me put The Bear and the Dragon on hold to read Twilight. You can read my review of it here:


  49. GW

    My husband a Twilight Dad. He is on his second read of Breaking Dawn (his favorite of the four books). He enjoyed the movie too. He is 40, does martial arts, is a native american tough guy, and we have a 4-year old son. We bought the books after we saw the movie. He’s not as obsessed as I am, but he does enjoy the books. He likes the wolf pack the best. Perhaps Jacob writing a good portion of Breaking Dawn has a lot to do with it being his favorite.

  50. sid9p

    I am a Twilight dad and until 2 weeks back had absolutely no idea what the fuss was all about .I saw the trailor of The New Moon got curious and saw Twilight.totally loved it..Its beautiful good old fashioned love story.My daughter loves it course and so do I.

  51. sid9p

    I am a Twilight dad and until 2 weeks back had absolutely no idea what the fuss was all about .I saw the trailor of The New Moon got curious and saw Twilight.totally loved it..Its beautiful good old fashioned love story.My daughter loves it course and so do I.

  52. Tai game hanh dong

    Hello! I could have sworn Ive been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized its new to me. Anyways, Im definitely delighted I found it and Ill be bookmarking and checking back often!

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