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Twilight Movie Trailer

May 5th, 2008 at 3:00 pm by Kaleb Nation

In case you haven’t already heard about, and watched 23,932,834 times…here’s the official Twilight movie trailer.

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122 Responses

  1. lil'

    [email protected]@! hahah

  2. Paola

    (thud, just fainted) ok I’m ok this is soo cool where did you get the link? I want to put it in my blog.

  3. Wendy



    And that, Kaleb, is the reason you won’t be able to put the book down now!!!!!!!!!

    And Robert IS EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete with crooked grin, and hypnotic eyes!!

    *thud,sigh, faint—smiling the whole time*

  4. Isa

    Wow!!!!!!!!! Where have you found this? ItΒ΄s amazing, I canΒ΄t wait to see the movie…

  5. frankie

    *gasping for air* Where’s a paper bag when I need one! Absolutely speechless. Thanks Kaleb!

  6. Thrills and Chills « the list of now

    […] The blog Twilight Guy has it here. […]

  7. Amber

    and SO hyperventilating right now.

  8. Morgan

    I.. saw… before… on diff site… still… cant… breathe…

  9. heather.

    I’m in total lust with him.

  10. Phinecia

    Why can’t my husband be Edward?? Now I’ve truly lost my mind and am completely in love with a fictional character all over again!!

  11. mary

    OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I think my heart just failed. Someone please revive me!! This is going to be the longest 7 months and 6 days of my life. I pray to God that semester finals are not that week or the week after the movie comes out because I know my brain will not be focused on testing. OMG!! “hyperventilating” Ok so now I am going to watch the teaser trailer some more. I think I am in love!

  12. DShadow

    Oh i wanna see the movie now!!1

  13. MissAdventure

    CAN’T BREATHE………*faints*

  14. Samantha

    Im still an avid jake fan, but gosh, seeing edward in this made me want to see the movie SO

  15. Rachel

    You’re my hero for posting this. I just watched the HD trailer and have been rolling on the floor for past hour. I’m elated. My grin is reaching from ear to ear. *dies*

  16. Justine

    *hypervenalating with heart racing)OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Where did you find this!!!!!!!! You know there is something wrong with you when you are in love with a fictional charecter, this book is going to land me in theripy. Im obsesed! (does anyone know where to find good photos of the set??) *hyperventalates and faints*

  17. kaihilei

    OH MY HECK!!! i think i might die. i wish it was december already!!! ARGH!!!! omg omg omg…..

  18. Justine

    yes dieing sounds good that why you might meet Edward easier.

  19. Jen

    I love that you posted this :) What did you think of it Kaleb?

  20. Sammi

    Sweet amazing monday! i was wondering how you feel about the movie? I love it because to see Edward walking around and not just in my imagination is one of the reasons i love it so much! But anyways…i don’t know how you can go so long without reading the book!

  21. Kiki

    I could watch that trailer ALLLLLL DAAAAAAY!!!

  22. Cat

    It looks like it will actually be good! Hopefully I’ll be able to see it sometime after it comes out (not sure if me mum would allow it. She wouldn’t like the idea of a vampire romance movie).

  23. twilight22lover

    i already found 3 things wrong with the movie. probably no one wants to hear them. so i won’t say them, but if you do, tell me, and i will post them on here. but where’s the link to that video because i want to send it to my friends.

  24. twilight22lover

    oh wait, sorry 4 things wrong.
    im convinced they are going to ruin the book with the movie. but on the bright side, i can now visualize the actor playing edward and actress playing bella more as edward and bella

  25. ashley

    I not ganna see the movie, it will ruin the book for me, i don’t really like it! I mean it looks good for a movie and i get that it wont be the same but i think i just had my hopes a little to high up there were every thing is the exactly the same as the book..
    but oh well still love the book.

  26. abbface

    wow that is AMAZING!!!
    *watches trailer and faints*
    hey twilight22lover i want to know what you think is wrong with it!

  27. carrie

    Thank you so so much for posting this!!! I have my AP history test this Friday, and have consequently been wallowing in a pit of despair, and this just about made my entire week. I’m so psyched for this movie, ahhh!! Hopefully it won’t be terrible :)

  28. Abby

    I know! It’s super duper amazing!

  29. Mia C.

    That was excellent! I screamed and sprinted for the computer that has Flash on it when I saw it was on here. Thank you SO much for posting it on here, I would normally check the Lexicon for this but it’s currently down. See what you have to look foward to, Kaleb? Keep reading and enjoy Twilight!

  30. Gracie

    I gasped, sighed, and walked away fanning myself. <33 LOVE IT.

  31. twilight22lover

    first, when bella asks edward how old he is, they are supposed to be in bella’s car, not in the forest.
    second, when edward saves bella from the car, bella has headphones and the book never says bella is wearing headphones.
    third, when bella says, im not scared of you, they supposed to be in edward’s room, if that is edward room, they totally messed it up.
    fourth, when edward saves bella from the car, bella is just looking through her bag. she was supposed to be looking at the snow chains charlie put on for her. it isn’t even snowing in the movie.
    fifth, (i know i said i only had four but i just thought of one.) edward’s eyes are brown. BROWN! vampires have eyes that are red, black or gold. RED, BLACK OR GOLD! not brown.

  32. Angelica

    twilight22lover– keep in mind that the twilight movie is based on the book, not on the book… so they can’t put every knit-picky details; and the director said that she and the crew did their best to keep the movie true to the book. regardless, this movie is going to be heebyjeebies MAGNIFICENTLY AWESOME!!

  33. Cat

    @Twilight22lover – Yeah, they usually change simple things like that. Sometimes they have to do that to make everything work smoothly in a movie. Sometimes you just have to accept that it’s going to be a little different (and sometimes, in parts, very, very different).

    We just have to hope that they stayed true to the really important parts of the plot. There’s nothing much else we can do, and it won’t help to complain. Let’s try to be happy with whatever we get! I mean, it’s really cool in the first place that they made a movie out of Twlight! :)

  34. Cat

    Oh my gosh, I better correct this before I get thrown to the lions! Twilight is TWILIGHT, not Twlight! πŸ˜‰

  35. Theresa

    Kaleb, you shouldn’t watch that if you don’t wait any book spoilers. Also, you shouldn’t read some of these comments because they are also spoilers. Maybe you should have turned off comments for that….

  36. Skye

    First, I agree with Theresa. Don’t spoil the book by watching that, Kaleb. Jeez. =P

    Second, the official movie website (http://twilightthemovie.com/) has posted that this is just a bit of the trailer. Just a tease… and yet I’m still on the edge of my seat, watching it repeatedly. Meh, Edward’s grin is worth becoming mentally unstable over.

  37. Madeleine

    *sigh* Not much for me compared to the book. I’m not a Robert lover, so one of the most important components is just… missing. And they fly. Through trees. How does that work? There’s some extreme suspension of belief needed there. It just seems like a typical book-to-movie adaptation, in my opinion. More glamour, more action/violence, less meaning and intelligence. And… that accent… “I’m sheventeen”. Hmm.

  38. sometwilightfreak

    oh. my. god. the first 5 times i watched it, i couldn’t breathe, i could only stare at the computer screen. then i started crying. then i blew off yet another night of studying to watch it like 50 bajillion times and try and find more pictures and stuff. AHHHHHHH WHY CAN’T IT BE DECEMBER ALREADY?!?!?!

  39. abbface

    Abby you are awesome b/c we have the same name!!!

  40. Andrea

    Kaleb, you are the best! I believe out of all Twilight sites, I visit yours daily. I love what you have to analyze and say about the book. And definately love that you share cool stuff with us, like the TWILIGHT TRAILER! When I first saw it, I kept screaming, giggling, and hyperventalating at the same time (it sounds impossible but I did it)! Hopefully my next door neighbors didn’t call the cops, and then I watched it ten more times and I’m not even done watching it yet. Thanks for everything! :) ~Andrea

  41. Andrea

    woops! Omit the “I believe” in the second sentence! I’m so high of Twilight, I can’t type straight! Sorry πŸ˜‰

  42. dee

    omg i think i just fainted…SIGH the whole time i was watching it i got the chills and goosebumps…i hope it turns out something close to how AMAZING the book is!!!

  43. Eilzabeth

    WWWHHHHHOOOAAAA!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH This is too AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Crystal

    *thud* Oh my god…
    Robert is almost getting me as a good Edward…Kristen is perfect, I love her work, actually.
    This is the first time I enter to this website and let me tell you, you are so brave to admitting you enjoy reading Twilight.
    Consequently, you are going to my top 5 Twilight sites =D
    Take care!

  45. Mia C.

    A note on Edward’s eye color: I did notice that they didn’t seem the right color. However, they only showed a few movie scenes in the teaser trailer, and there were even some of them where Edward’s face wasn’t clearly visible. It’s entirely possible that these few scenes happened to be ones where Edward wasn’t very well fed.

    It’s rather depressing for me to see how hard the producers are working to make sure that this movie captures the important parts of the book, when this didn’t happen with other film adaptions of books, like Harry Potter. Especially when I went on MuggleNet and saw that Tonks will only have one scene in the upcoming HBP movie, and that Death Eaters are now attacking the Burrow in this movie, when they didn’t in the book. I think that as Twilight fans, we should be grateful that they are being as true to the book as they are. We could be in the situation where we see yet another beloved book series destroyed by movie(s) that leave out entire plots and other important aspects of the books.

  46. Rose

    Yay!!!! This trailer is awesome…I don’t know how I’ll ever make it to December though…I wish time could just skip to the release of Breaking Dawn..and then to the movie. At first, I had my doubts about Rob and Kristin for Edward and Bella..but after watching that, I think they’ll do a good job.

  47. Piper


  48. Marianas

    is that exactly 23,932,834 or only 23,932,834-ish? πŸ˜›

    Trailer looks brilliant BTW. Thanks for posting!

    I had heard about your blog before, but today was the first day I actually took a look at it. I’m enjoying your insights and have subscribed to the blog. Keep reading and posting!


  49. Justine

    Ahhhhh!!!! Every time i watch this video I cry coze I’m o mad I cant be Bella (yes Im a freak) and thats alot of crying seeing as in the first 3 to 3 and 1/2 hours I was aware of this video today I watched it 109 time (yes i counted told you I was a freak) THANKS FOR POSTING IT KALEB!!!!! now I’m off to watch it like 20 more times before I go to bed!

  50. Angelina

    I saw it on myspace. But, guess what?

    It’s not even the full trailer this is just a preview

    the official one is coming out in 3 days


  51. Kiki

    twilight22lover- are you seriously fussing over Bella wearing headphones? Lighten up! If Stephenie Meyer herself is excited for this movie- I’m pretty sure it’s going to be pretty darn good! How could you not be happy that Stephenie is getting enough attention that they want to base a film off of her book?! I am so excited to watch the movie, and instead of nitpicking every little thing that is different from the book, I am going to enjoy the movie on Dec 12… Wahoo!!!

  52. Amber

    NO doubt about it girlfriend! I HATE it when people start the nitpicking! It’s driving me up a freakin wall here!
    But hey, they can miss out on the freakin best film of their lifetime if they want.
    As for me, i am going to the theater everyday for a week! Possibly longer….

  53. Jessica

    Rob is so perfect for Edward!!… Did you see the “I’m going to kill you” look??… so sexy… And the smile!! Ugh that smile made my heart skip a heart beat or 10!! It took my breath away!!

    I’m so speechless!!…

    WOOOW!!!!!! PERFECT!!!

  54. Kristin


  55. Elizabeth

    OME. I’ve watched that many more times than that. xD
    More like a Bajillion times. O:
    Yeah… 6.033×10^23. πŸ˜€
    I just call it a bajillion, along with my science class…. xD

  56. Icy Topaz

    I cannot believe you people. Why would you want to ruin the experience of Twilight with this? I adore movies, but I love books more. Every single movie I have seen based on a book (Excepting The Princess Bride) has been WAY off, and a huge disappointment. (BTW, tPB was created in part by its author, William Goldman. That’s why it ROCKED) When you all watch this movie, the beautiful images in your head will be obliterated by Robert’s hideous face. How can anyone think he’s good looking? Honestly? He looks sort of… NOT STRAIGHT to me. Ugh. He actually repulses me. A lot.

    Anyway, you can all do as you please, but just know I’m the one standing outside the theater with Twilight in hand, protesting your participation in such sacrilegious events as this.

    ^_^ Happy Host Day!

  57. Kiki

    *high fives Amber* I’m right there with you partner! Kudos to Catherine Hardwicke… Bring on the movie!!!

  58. bea

    Oh my Goodness, I have watched this for a million times already, this is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Ladi_Chaotic


    We are extreme fans who although understand the possibility of the movie totally destroying the book’s reputation, will sacrifice that happening.
    I can see why you’d be against the film version, i’ve been victim of horrible remakes as well but, how will you know if you don’t see it? Besides, Stephenie was consulted througout the movie as well.

    And lastly, why must you disrespect Rob? It’s absolutely vulgar of you. Rob is as close to Edward as they could’ve gotten. He’s gorgeous, and though he might not be your cup of tea, he is many other’s. So, it’d do you good to bite your tongue. It’s okay to state your opinion but it’s not okay to bash on a person’s “flaws”.

    That being said, have fun protesting outside whilst thousands, maybe millions of adoring fans enjoy themselves inside. It’s your loss.

  60. Roxie

    OhoOhOh Rpats!
    I’m all swoony~~

  61. Anne

    I agree with Kiki (comment #51) Lighten up! You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie if you’re pretty negative about it from the beginning.

    Can’t wait for December. I’m so excited!

  62. abbface

    Mia C I agree w/you completely!! that kinda ruined my day when I saw the thing about Tonks in HBP. but then I came here and saw TWILIGHT!!!!!

    and Icy Topaz… Robert is most definately NOT ugly!

  63. Nicole

    Does everyone remember that Stephenie has been a huge part of this movie process? I personally think that if she, the author and creator of this fantastic story that we all love and adore, is pleased with and excited for the movie, what right do we have to complain?? Honestly, I think a lot of people are being too picky. No the movie is not going to be as amazing as the book, because the book is a completely personal experience. Take the movie as it is in it’s own art form. Things might be changed, but I believe that if Stephenie is excited for the movie, I should be as well. :)

    And I’m glad I already have a boyfriend, because my new-found adoration for Robert might have ruined it for any future prospects in my life!

  64. Nicole

    Oh and Kaleb? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed checking your site every day since you started twilight guy. Keep on truckin! You’re fantastic!

  65. Rachel

    Silly Kaleb, of course I’ve already watched it a billion times!
    But it’s the thougt that counts, so thanks for posting it, I will now watch it again.

  66. Brandie

    Well I already saw it on the Twilight Movie Fans MySpace page yesterday afternoon, and watched it about 52389457239856237895623 between then and when I went to bed. I know I stop breathing everytime I hit play and then after watching, all I can say is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  67. Brandie

    PS – Icy….if you don’t want to see the movie, don’t. But don’t post unnecessary, and extremely rude and insulting comments about all of the die-hard fans of the books who are excited about seeing the movie. And especially do not insult any of the actors who have worked very hard on trying to make this movie appeal to the readers. No movie is ever as perfect as the books, because like someone said earlier, reading a book is a very personal experience and everyone has their own visions and opinions. You need to keep yours to yourself. And I hope you are standing outside the theater in protest when I go see the movie because I will take your book from you and hit you over the head with it on my way in to see Edward….I mean, the movie.

  68. Jessica

    I’ve watched this at least fifty times, seriously… I can’t get enough. Robert makes a great Edward, and Kristen’s got Bella down-pat. I’m so stoked for the release in December!

  69. Jessie

    OMG! It’s perfect! I luv it. Watched it like 10 times in a row!
    Thank you for posting this here, you are great! πŸ˜€

  70. Courtney

    I love the trailer.
    I am new to your site Kaleb & love it!
    Thank you for being open minded & keeping a great site for us to visit. I truly hope you are enjoying the books.

  71. lisamarie

    Robert is the perfect Edward, like ‘he’ said he is the best looking person to Bella who is totally in love with him. Kristen is a great Bella! Stephanie’s website said you would need a paper bag for hyperventilating and I can see why!

  72. Rachel

    It’s alright Icy Topaz, I hear you…

  73. Isabel

    Love it cant wait till the full trailer comes out in three days :)

  74. twilight22lover

    people telling me to lighten up with the whole “finding mistakes in the movie” thing, i just can’t STAND the idea of them ruining twilight. but i sooooo can’t wait for 12/12/08 and 8/2/08! ccccccaaaaaannnnn’ttttt wwwwwwaaaaaaiiiiittttt!!!!!!!

  75. Morgan

    Okay now that Ive caught my breath…
    I loved this trailer! The first five times I watched it, i was frozen. I seriously couldnt move or breathe!!! Then, the next twenty something times I saw it, I couldnt stop screaming so my mom came in to see what i was yelling about. Lol it was hilarious because i forced her to watch it and (Shes never read the Books! *gasp*) Shes like this looks really good i wanna see it and then she saw the title and shes like, Um. Wow.

  76. Mia C.

    An update on my second comment. I think I was right! *sighs with relief* They didn’t kill Edward’s eyes. The Lexicon posted a link to the official movie poster today, and Edward’s eyes look like they’re the right color. http://moviesblog.mtv.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/050608_twilightposter.jpg

    *pokes link* That’s the high-resolution one, I think.
    Enjoy all!

  77. angela

    omg i dont know if there are enough words in the engilsh langue to express how happy i am right now

  78. Kiki

    Stephenie talks about the movie:


  79. Cords


  80. Liz

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’M HAVING HOT FLUSHES! YUUUUUMMMM! OMG I HAVE TO WATCH THAT AGAIN! AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SHOOT! lol my boyf is so jealous that i’m lusting after edward cullen…someone who doesn’t exist! what does he know!? *laughs manically and collapses*

  81. twilight22lover

    edward exists!
    don’t doubt it!

  82. Callie

    God, no matter how many times I watch that it still gives me chills. That trailer completely erased any fears I’ve had about the messing up and my (somewhat strong) negativity toward Robert.
    On another note, I finished Host as of 5 minutes ago.
    And, I get to have Stephenie sign it this weekend! -dies of happiness-
    Okay, I’m going to rewatch the trailer now. πŸ˜€

  83. lisamarie

    Kiki rocks for putting Stephenie’s youtube link up. Stephenie is soo happy with the movie and with Robert/Edward and really he is hot and will do great! I can’t wait 7 months!!! uugh.

  84. cassandra

    HHHHHHHHAHAHAAHAHAHAH, i love LOVE the books but this looks super cheesy. They make it seem as though Bella is afraid for her life and he’s like hunting her or something.. BAHAH

  85. ashley

    BAD BAD BAD::::Ok does any one else feel that Edward is not really like Edward or what ever, cuz in this preview he is basically throwing Bella out a window when Stephenie said herself, “Edward knows how breakable Bella is and with one wrong twist of his finger could kill her”. so why is he flying her from a windows?? why is he flying??

  86. ally

    I thought the trailer was 7/10 over all. Edward’s voice freaked me out when he and Bella were talking about how old he was. It sort of sounded like he was losing his voice. I thought it was cool when they showed him hunting the deer. His face sort of freaked me out when Emmett was talking to him. Cute kissing scene. He actually looks sort of cute when he’s watching Bella at her truck. When he saved her was pretty cool. Like someone else said on here before, it says nothing about her wearing headphones but whatever. It’s still cool anyway. I like his smile after he says, “You really shouldn’t have said that.” And really, what is with the flying? And like someone else said, I don’t think looks anything like a picture his bedroom. I’m still psyched to see the movie when it comes out.

  87. Laura

    My two cents for this trailer: I think it’s absolutely incredible and perfect. :] Rob’s voice when he’s answering Kristen’s questions about his age is so sexy and dreamy. =P I was nervous about the flying through the treetops thing, but it looks amazing, so I’m not so worried anymore. :] I’m a little disappointed with Kellan’s acting there, though. It seemed…weak. Oh well, he’s probably really amazing. :] The car crash scene has only one flaw: Bella doesn’t hit her head. That was a big part of that chapter: she falls and hits her head, sees Edward, is all, “Wait. You were over there.” Then Edward’s all, “No I wasn’t. You hit your head; you’re imagining things.” Then she’s stubborn, but decides that, yeah, maybe I /did/ just imagine. IDK, that’s really the only flaw I see. Rob’s facial expression right after he saves Kristen is so perfect: it’s all, “Oh crap. What have I done?!” Which I think is just perfect. And I don’t care what all you other guys say: Edward’s room kicks major butt. :] Ashley from comment 85 was right, though, in the bedroom scene: Edward sees Bella as breakable, so it’s pretty unlikely that he would grab her like that and dash out of his room. But oh well. It’s an amazing shot, and I’m actually kind of pumped for the flying through treetops scene: it’s really cool, visually, even if it never happened in the book. Okay. This is my complete review over the trailer. One piece of advice: We should all think of the movie and the book as two seperate things, and if for some bizarre reason the movie totally sucks, it shouldn’t change how amazing the book is. Okay, I’m done, and I applaude the people who had enough patience to read through this review. :]

  88. Sammy

    Oh. My. Edward.

    Excuse me for a moment while I find a paper bag in which to breathe. Okay – I’m good.

    Honestly, that was amazing. Robert is such a perfect Edward It’s not even funny, especially with the whole intese I-will-burn-through-you-with-my-eyes thing. Oh, and the way he looks after he saves her from certain death and he’s all like “What is WRONG with me! What have I done!”

    Ok, now I’ve got to go. I made the mistake of scrolling up again, and now I’m feeling rather – *falls out of chair dramatically* – faint.

    By the way, Kaleb, you’re amazing. None of the guys I’m friends with will even touch the book. It’s rather sad, actually…

    <3 Sammy

  89. ally

    After looking at 1,500 pictures of the Twilight movie on Photobucket, which msot on them were Rob with sunglasses, I’m obsessed with him now. My friend is mad at me for liking him. Oh, well! Rob with sunglasses is hot!!!

  90. Carol

    I was skeptical until I saw this. Robert is awesome!!!!! After seeing interviews with Kristin, I think she will do a great job. You can’t ask for any better actor and one who is willing to live the part 100% and that is what Robert is doing. Laura is right, books and movies are separate entities. You have to give these people a chance to show you their version of this story. I loved the clip. Can’t wait for December.

  91. Alyssa

    Oh……..my……….god!!!!! I can’t even breathe right now!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG! This will be amazing!!! its on my birthday too! omg perfect present ever!!!!!!

  92. elke

    i love edward, this trailer is perfect i want to change my boyfriend into edward please god!

  93. thereangel

    i cant wait to see this were seeing it for my b-day cant wait gonna scream edward is perfect my teachers even like the books haha

  94. Angel

    OMG that totally rocks my socks I can’t wait till the ovie comes out I love RoEdward

  95. Christine

    I can’t wait for the movie to come out!! Although, could somebody tell me, on what page does Edward put Bella on his back and run over the treetops right before telling her that he is a vampire? Because I couldn’t seem to find this part in the book. I wish they left the movie more like the book, the book’s storyline is interesting enough without all the weird stuff they put in there. Sorry for being so pessimistic, though. I’m still really happy that Twilight got popular enough for a movie to be made for it :)

  96. teea

    i luv the book and i can’t wait when i see the movie. and i finished twilight and i am reading new moon p.s. what is the host about

  97. Anouk

    Maybe I’ve seen the trailer a million times, I love it and I will always do that too. And everytime I see it again, I can’t wait to see the whole movie…


  98. aly

    what?! are you kidding me? they have so screwed up the characters! the guy they have playing edward isnt even cute!!! and bella? whats up with that? and the girl playing rosalie…man oh man..dont even get me started..this is horrible. absolutely horrific. it should serriously be illegal. no joke. ugh! how can this be happening. it’s a disgrace to the wonderful books…you ppl are crazy if you think that movie is going to be good…it’ll be worse than the harry potter movies. i mean really…just…wow… >.<

  99. karly


    wow….wow….i think my heart just stopped beating for a whole 10 seconds.

    whenever i watch this i stop breathing then i hyperventilate and then i start to scream and squeal until i fall of my chair smiling like a crazy person!i cried when i read the book (especially the second) and now i’m crying again.

    oh and aly i think the movie will be quite good, maybe not as good as the books but still good!

    i love the site, Kaleb and thanks for making it!

  100. Jackie

    Saw that this post had 99 comments and I just had to make it an even 100, though I am extremely excited about the movie coming out!

    I was a bit apprehensive at first, especially when I saw who was being cast for Edward and Jacob but I think the two actors are growing on me.

  101. Joa_Cullen

    OME OME OME I loved the trailer! and definitely all the actors are greta…I love Robward πŸ˜€ he is soooo cute…
    greetings from uruguay

  102. Joa_Cullen

    ohh haha i said greta and i want to say great XD

  103. Arine

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to die, if this is love I think I found it!!!!!! ***** AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I don’t think i will be able to sleep until december!!! :)

  104. Kris


  105. jill

    i love edward sooooo muchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Halie Cullen

    OME!!!!!! I keep watchin it over and over and i’m still hyperventilating

  107. lani/ella

    we are really stoked and so excitd with the movie coming out and all and jacob is so hotter than edward but a few of these people on here are a tiny bit OBSESSD tone it down a bit guys theres still like 122 days to go!!!:D:D:D

  108. Swifty


    Im so excited for the movie!
    IT COMES OUT ON MY THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY! =D I’m taking my friends to go see it.
    My brother gets pissed because everytime I watch the preview I started screaming for bloody murder.

    It’ll suck compared to the books.


  109. Megan

    At least we have something else to look forward to…I’m so sad that there’s not going to be another book. But there is going to be Midnight Sun :) And possibly a book from Renesmee’s persepective. Possibly. And/or maybe from Leah’s…who knows? I really hope she continues the series from Edward’s POV. And Renesmee’s! Leah…not so much. She really irritates me. Apologies to any Leah fans out there. And, lastly, I’m really happy that the date got moved up for the movie!!!

  110. Christianna

    i’ve been waiting for this for so long i can’t believe the movie is coming out!
    Well i think its good i mean Edwards voice is hott! but isn’t he suppose to pounce on her to land on his black leather sofa in his room and not out the window??.
    Well i guess a movie can’t be totally detailed! hummmmmmmmm i was reallly looking foward to seeing some detailed Edward unknowinly yet knowingly seducing Bella.

    Well since there is no other book to come out it’s good to have something to look foward to! I can’t wait to see it i have a whole possy (Trinni word for group) lined up to see it!..and yes i am a Trinidadian, im from the Caribben and we love Twlight down here i thing i may be the biggest fan there is down here!
    I have to be like the forst person seated @ the movies! tolallllly hyperventelating for it to start..lol..not to mention drooling as it goes along !ohhhh the excitement i better cut this noe befor my friends have to see me go all loopy pver the book and movie for like the hundreth time!

    Lotsa of love from Trinidad
    Christianna Benny

  111. Tanz

    Well, i have seen both trailers and they are constantly being watched by me on my mp3!!! some comments i have read say about edwards eyes being brown in the trailers… but i think they do actually look like his proper gold colour.

    am i the only one who thinks this??!!

  112. Rosa

    i am so excited about this movie i just want to see it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Dianna

    Ok, this movie would look amazing if I hadnt read the book. Robert doesnt fit Edward very well. What actually makes me mad is that fact that he calls her Spider Monkey in the trailer. So now they have t-shirts and crap with that quote. IT SUCKS. He never calls her spider monkey in the books. Blarg.

  114. Erika

    yes. i don’t like the spider monkey bit. i mean, what’s up with that.. it sounds stupid.

    but robert pattinson fits the role. he’s gorgeous. admit it! he made my heart skip a beat. what i wouldn’t give to have him look at me like that on the scene where he just saved bella from the van. aaaarg! i love rob! and he’s british! πŸ˜€

    can’t wait for november 21!

  115. K005

    This movie is a disgrace to the book…x.x If the movie was un-related to the book it would be fine, but that’s definitely NOT the case. xD

  116. Amanda

    I have this (and the other two) memorized. I have seen it that many times. I can not BELIEVE they changed the Volvo. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? They were very wrong.

  117. Amanda

    I’m not as worried about the spider monkey thing as I am about the jumping out the window thing. I liked how it was in the book better.

  118. i heart twilight

    does anyone know what the name of the song that is playing in the movie when edward is saving bella from james’ venom? she is flashing back seeing different things and a slower song is playing? THANKS!

  119. Mrs.Edward Cullen

    Why don’t the movie have all the parts just like the book has that is messed up if I could i would send a email to the twilight cast and see if they would come to my school in Columbia,SC crossroads middle school man if i could i would marry Edward Cullen he is to HOTT to be anybody else man other than mine so back off he is mine and only mine in the directory book they tell you that Edward had honey colored contacts well when i get older i am going to get me some honey colored contacts so when i am calm that’s my original color when i am mad my eyes are going to turn red and when i am hungry my eyes are going to change pitch black so they will know what those colors mean and every twilight book they come out with i am going to read all the books i don’t care if i have to study for a quiz or a test i wont even care about recess i will read them at recess. Just in case kids wont mess with Mrs. Edward Cullen i am going to hide in a place nobody will find me and that is in my hide out in the bushes hope you all didn’t get offended at the beginning i got a little carried away I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE ;o

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