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Reading Twilight: Chapter 6 (Scary Stories)

May 7th, 2008 at 5:18 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Maps Of The Problematique by Muse:

The Twilight Guy hath returned! I am very happy to say that I have dueled with the Flu and come out victorious. While I was sick, I kept myself alive with a regular dose of Stephenie youtube videos, as you can see from the last post. Really, she is AWESOME there on stage. I watch her and try to learn exactly how she handles it.

Yesterday, whilst recovering, I dropped in on some people in a few of the Twilight chatrooms I’ve been invited to. Intending to remain anonymous, some admin tore my mask off in mere seconds and exposed my identity, shortly after which I fled to grab some dinner and a breath of fresh air (chatrooms these days are warzones!). So if you were there and wondering if KN was really me or just an impostor, yes I was there. Next time I’ll go as Squidworms or something and see if you recognize me then. But anyhow, on to Chapter the Sixth!

I know Stephenie had fun writing this line: “The bouquets of brilliant anemones undulated ceaselessly in the invisible current…” There is a thing with writers that makes us love flowing sentences filled with big words we don’t get the chance to use in public. Words like ‘flourishing’ and ‘alabaster’ and ‘oscillococcinum’ .

A bit further on, suddenly there is YET ANOTHER guy who is showing interest in Bella. I’m losing count of her admirers. Then someone mentioned that his name is Jacob, and I went immediately alert, since this is a name that I have heard before, and just typing it is probably eliciting squeals in some people (yes, I know who you are because you told me you would).

The strongest line I have seen in this book so far came on page 121, and it’s when someone asks why the Cullens weren’t invited. A nameless person then speaks up and says:

“The Cullens don’t come here.”

Obviously, there is a very strong reason the Cullens don’t come around that part of town.

Them Cullens Ain’t Welcome Here

The reason I chose the song Maps Of The Problematique (besides that awesome Muse guitar intro) is because it sounds like it would perfectly start in the film when Jacob starts talking about why the Cullens can’t come near. It almost makes me think they are so much on edge, a war could break out any minute.

And Bella thinks a Suburban with nine people in it is stuffed!? She should try riding with nearly the same amount of people and a screaming little pig in the back, who constantly leaps out of his box and tries to hop over the seat. Not that it’s from personal experience or anything. No, that would make you people think I spent years of my teenage life as a backwoodsman, wouldn’t it? What hick lets a PIG named Mabelene ride in the back of the suburban?

Pig In A Suburban

What a laugh. Hilarious story in no way from personal experience (I’m expecting a scathing email from my dear mom any second now πŸ˜‰ ).

Anyhow, this chapter, like many of you told me, is easily the one where the action really starts to crack open. Immediately, at the mention of werewolves and vampires and their conflict, this is deviating off the strict form of romance and into the world that Stephenie has so masterfully built. I’m always a sucker for a good story with supernatural happenings, but when you throw in the fact that the werewolves and the vampires don’t get along, and they’re living in the same area of the world, I begin to get excited. Onward through the book!

Oh, and I’m curious- striking Edward and Jacob out of your heads, which do you think is cooler– vampires or werewolves?


–For all you people who asked about my book, there’s a cool new teaser site for The Farfield Curse which I think turned out awesome. You can check it out over here. There’s a hidden page if you click around.

–I will most likely not be able to make the Frisco signing. But take a ton of pictures for me! I’ll hopefully get to meet Stephenie some other time in the future.

–The petition to get Stephenie on Oprah is past 2,000 people! Great work everyone! If you haven’t done it already, be sure to go sign your name to it!

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163 Responses

  1. Jackie

    Muse AND Twilight in the same post?
    Wow. I don’t know how I can handle this one …

    I cannot wait for your book! Also, I will take some pictures at the Frisco signing!!

    And, finally, Vampires are much cooler.

  2. Allison

    Well…not counting Edward or any of the Cullens…I’d have to say that I like werewolves best. (don’t bite me, please!)

  3. Natalie

    Well, I adore both Edward and Jacob, but alas, in the end of book 3, I sobbed like a baby demanding the end result with Jacob.


  4. Natasha

    What part of being an impossibly beautiful strong immortal do you not like?
    Besides the bloodsucking part. I don’t count that. πŸ˜‰

  5. Olivia


    and that’s not because I favor Edward over Jacob, because as far as I’m concerned they’re both delicious…

    just vampires are cooler. I dunno.
    they own.


  6. Angelica

    Oh! chapter six is amazing, isn’t it?!
    I would want to be a werewolf… sure being beautiful, fast, strong, yummy smelling sounds well… now that I put them all together, amazing, but I do LOVE eating– I’d need more of a diet that blood >.<

    hahaha– again, your blogs are just hilarious (especially the pig part)and entertaining! Thanks!! ^_^

  7. abbface

    and not just b/c of Edward.
    (ok maybe just a little :-))

  8. Anthony DelGuercio

    Wow, that is amazing. You’re only twenty and already you have a book deal, and it looks like a very good one. Congratulations, and good luck. I can’t wait to read it. How did you go about getting published?

  9. Deja

    and it’s not just because I am a dedicated Team Edward it’s because their super human powers are greater than the werewolves…

  10. Crystal

    Frankly, I prefer vampires!
    This is mostly by the fact I read a lot of books about vampires xDDD
    I want to meet Stephenie too T_T
    Maybe when Breaking Dawn comes out I’ll be able to.
    Keep reading, boy!

  11. Sarah Ockler

    Vampires. I guess from my Lost Boys days in the 80s. Kiefer, oh Kiefer.

    Hey, did you know Muse is like Stephenie Meyers’ fave band? She went all fangrl on her blog about them. :-)

  12. Natali

    Putting the characters aside, I’d have to go with Werewolves. There are only 2 good clans that we know of but all the rest are frequently killing people, and the werewolves are there protecting them, never the ones killing. Including the characters I like the Vampires much more.

  13. Kennedy

    “What hick lets a PIG named Mabelene ride in the back of the suburban?”

    This is why I love your blog.

  14. Haz

    Hm… the age old question. Vampires or Werewolves.

    I could go on for ever about how both of these lovely “species” are awesome. But I am a vampire chick at heart. Always has since I was a little girl and saw “interview with the vampire” always will. :)
    (But I would rather be a wolf than a bat, if it was down to the two animals that are associated with these two supernatural creatures.)

  15. Isabel

    Twilight aside, vampires are obviously cooler. They’re itriguing. Powerful.
    In my cinematic/literary experience, werewolves have either been creepy and deadly or somewhat nice. Though they’re usually complete monsters, vampires have never ceased to be intriguing.
    However, Silver Bullet had scarred be as a child. So I’m biased.

    But I would surely not wish to be against a vampire in a fight. Not in anyone’s story.

  16. Brittney

    VAMPS ALL THE WAY!!!! I guess werewolves are kinda cool……but vampires are so AWESOME!! You just can’t help but love the Cullens! :]

  17. frankie

    The website looks really good and I like the soundtrack!
    Hmmm…Good question. Vampire or werewolf? The werewolves don’t have the drastic change in lifestyle like vampires other than the fact that they can now morph into a wolf and an increased sense of family due to the pack, their life is essentially unchanged. They’re always so warm and I HATE the cold, so that’s a major bonus. But there’s one major downfall. If the person that they imprint on isn’t a werewolf and they can’t gain the control to allow themselves to age, they will have to watch the person that they love die. As a vampire, you don’t run into that problem. The person that you love can be changed and you can be together forever. For that reason alone and the fact that the way you choose to live as a vampire (go vegetarians!) I would have to go with the vampire.

  18. Allison

    I personally like vampires better, I wanted to be a vampire when I was little, my obsession with Twilight has just made that wish even more great…
    Muse is awesome, you win.

  19. Andrea

    Vampires should totally take over the world! Werewolves are just oversized doggies and anyone could have a dog, why want people think dogs in a gigantic form is cooler than amazing, awesome vampires?!
    So clearly…

  20. eponymous

    Werewolves. Loved wolves from a young age, and quite frankly, the idea of living forever (until someone cuts you apart and burns the pieces) just doesn’t appeal to me.

  21. Mara-Kate

    Your blog is hilarious..a pig jumping in your seat nice πŸ˜› and congrats on your book deal that is awesome! Vampires or Werewolves oh definitely vampires even without Edward..eternity as a beautiful sparkling perfect creature… what more is there? anyways vampires definitely :)

  22. Sara

    Vampires or werewolves? It depends on which legend you are following. With Nosferatu/Dracula vampires or Van Helsing-style vampires and werewolves, I would have to choose neither. If you offered Annette Curtis Klaus’s style of werewolves, then I would definitely choose werewolves. Or if the versions of the mythical creatures were from Buffy, then I would choose neither vampire nor werewolf. The only Anne Rice book I have read is Taltos, so I don’t know her views on vampires. Of Stephenie Meyer’s legends, I would choose vampires.

    I guess, in short, I would want to remain mortal. Live life to the fullest; have every moment count.

  23. Kate

    Vamps are WAY better there so SEXY!!! πŸ˜€ and werewolves always just deffend there taritory vamps have better reasons to fight things

  24. Paola

    Another great post, in answer to your question, I think I have to all underworld on you a mix between the 2 would be awesome.

  25. glitterskin

    Though I totally love Edward.

    Definitely werewolves — Stephenie’s idea of them. I think it would be awesome to be able to run as a wolf. I also like the idea of the family group — pack. The vamps are too solitary.

  26. Katelyn

    Watch out while reading these posts. I saw someone give a spoiler above (because they clearly weren’t thinking).

    Edward and Jacob aside, I’d say I’m not a werewolf or vampire fan. They’re each cool in their own respect, but I’d never want to be one or the other.

    Keep reading and enjoying! I love how you photoshop these pics, haha. =D

  27. Tina

    Vampires all the way!

  28. Ariana! (plans on changing her name to Alice when she is 18)

    Vampires-they can live forever & are beautiful whats better than that?

    Yeah, but vampires eat people which stink unless you’re a vegetarian..like Edward(is love)

  29. Kirsten

    For sure vampires! : )

  30. Rachel

    OME! Maps Of The Problematique is like my all time favorite Muse song! I was hoping that Stephenie would pu it on her playlist for New Moon, but she didn’t……
    Vampires trump werewolves anyday. I mean just look at all their abilities. Speed, strenth, extreme beauty, ok im not going to list them all

  31. Catherine

    Vampires, fo’ sure.

  32. Stephanie

    Vampires are way cooler than werewolves!! =)

  33. Ashley

    Completely disregarding Edward and Jacob I think I’m going to have to say… werewovles… but tomorrow I’ll probably say vampires. Bah.
    Ohh and kudos for having an awesome, or so I’m guessing, random pig story!

  34. Jessica


    … YUP YUP!…

    That’s my pick… I think vampiers are so amazing!! I’m still waiting for a vampi to come and BITE ME!!!

  35. Bea

    Werewolves. As much as I love my vamps I’ll always run with my pack.

  36. Bea

    oh and btw the soundtrack to your Hambric series (emry’s escape? is the song called?) is hypnotizing. Definitely interested in hearing more.

  37. Justine

    Loved the post it was halarious!! Ulthough personaly I think a Racoon in a box would be move worrysome (it would have to have rabies though :) )On the whole vapiers warewolves thing … I’d say Vampiers are way better (even withought Edward, but it would have to be Stephenie Meyer’s type of Vampire) but to actualy be….. I’d stay human ulthough I’d wan’t to live Bella’s life

    All in all I’d stay human
    And Vampiers are way cooler

  38. Kim

    Edward and Jacob aside, I think vampire are cooler, thay have some really neat abilities that you haven’t read about yet so I won’t ruin it for you.

    Your book sounds so good I can’t wait to read it.

    And you have no idea about animals in cars. One time I tryed to kidnap my friends baby goat. I almost got away with it until my mom realized there was a baby goat with a diaper on in the back of the car. πŸ˜€

  39. JennyGirly

    Okay, Kaleb, “Twilight Guy”, this site is just too dang infectious! Honestly!!! I get such a kick out of reading what you have to say, whether it is about Twilight, hilarious hate mail or the flu. I will definitely be purchasing your book when it is finished.

    Oh, and vampire or werewolf? Hmm . .. I’d go with werewolf. I do so enjoy actually sleeping at night.

  40. Yvette

    The same questions that makes message boards into WWIII
    Vamps or wolves… I’m totally into the vamps but wolves in a like third place

  41. Freak

    Hmm, well, I’m team Edward, but if not considering them at all, then I think I like werewolves better. Dude, you get to become a giant mutant canine!!!! With fur!!

  42. Kate

    definitely werewolves if I’m not talking about edward and jacob.

    I like that they still have their humanity. And that they get to transform into giant freakin’ wolves and run around! haha.

    Vampires just kind of creep me out. But not edward and the cullens. I lurrve them :)

  43. Carly

    Ok well i have to say Vampires because i find them cooler

    but Werewolve are cool to just take a look at Remus Lupin
    hello – an amazing Werewolf

    but i found Vampires always had a more human like quality to them cause of the don’t change – just the teeth.


  44. Kiki

    Oh your graphics are hilarious! Your new teaser site for The Farfield Curse turned out pretty cool! I like it! And on to my choice… I run with the vampires for sure!!! And lastly, I did sign for the Oprah petition- YAY!

  45. Johanna

    I love your blog, i’m so addicted to it- i come here everyday to see if you have update.

    VAMPIRES, of course- i’m Team Rdward all the way.

  46. Stephanie

    I’m happy you are feeling better, I was sad to read you were sick!

    As far as Vampires vs. Werewolves…

    Vampires for the win!

  47. Lauren

    I can’t wait for your book!It sounds amazing!

    I like Vampires better then Werewolves.Well I like them if they are like the Cullens!

  48. patrice

    I have to say I love the vampires.

    And also that I love the pictures you put up. They crack me up!

  49. Snowflake

    Vampires, for sure. I was raised in a vampiric family. My mother adored Anne Rice… and I was always terrified that vampires would come for me in the middle of the night, but a part of me wanted that to happen…. hem hem.

    I have a feeling that to be team werewolf would be traitorous… PLUS, vampires tend to be culturally refined, mysterious, debonair, and, well, their kind of bloodlust is sexy.

  50. Amber

    Oh it’s SO vampires! Well said snowflake! Me like some sexy, refined, mysteriousness

  51. Piper


  52. norma

    um i would say vampires…they have intrigued me so much more than werewolves…

    dude kaleb… awesome choice in music….muse freakin rocks

  53. meekin

    Even outside of Stephenie’s world (*gasp!*). They exude sexuality and grace.

    Inside Stephenie’s world, the Cullens are perfect.

  54. Kasandra

    Map of the Problematique is one of my favorites (I own Muse’s entire discography) – Love to drum along with it!
    Tough question – there are trade-offs on both sides but I’d say vampires.

  55. Mellie

    I’m loving your site. It’s very refreshing and it reminds me of when I first read Twilight. :)

    Oh, and as for your question: I’d rather be a vampire. I was always a “vampire-girl.” My friend prefers werewolves, though. I think it’s a dog/cat complex — she always liked dogs more (werewolves), and I always like cats (and vampire remind me of cats in a way: quiet, stealthy, those incredibly unnerving eyes…) And not to get all nostalgic (actually, I am), but my farthest memory of my love for vampires was back in my fifth grade where my friends and I were playing “Mythical Creatures” and I was a vampire named Kira. Hm. And that was waaaay before Twilight was ever published.

    Anyhow, I’m looking forward to more updates from you! :)

  56. Lheanna

    First, I just love your blog! It’s hilarious!

    Second, I’m like Mellie above me. I love cats and I’d like to be a vampire – long before I read twilight acutally ;). As long as one can live of animal blood – what’s wrong with it? Werewolves being wild, hairy, rough creatures I’d prefer the elegance and style of the vampires.

  57. Jenna

    I love them BOTH. Each for different reasons. there are times when the answer would be werewolves….and then I’ll think about the Cullens, and just the majesty and beauty of vampires..along with the body of knowledge they come to develop and the things they see over centuries. Conversely, I may be favoring vampires, but then the thought of the warmth and family of the werewolves (and how awesome it would be to be imprinted on) and I am just unable to choose.

    Also, the fellow (who said that the Cullens don’t go to La Push) wasn’t nameless. He was Sam Uley! and that picture that you used…*knowing snicker* Just you wait, my friend. New Moon approaches…

    And finally, Jacob entices many different responses. Some of anger, some of joy, some of indifference. Be careful, young padawan.

    OH! The fun of knowing whats going to happen when you don’t.

  58. zeline

    Definately VAMPIRES!!!:D

    And by the way! I love this website. Your twilightguys stories crack me up..and it’s really interesting to see the book out of the perspective of the other gender:D
    You’re doing a great job!
    Keep it up!:D

  59. Lauren

    VAMPIRES definitely.
    They’re beautiful. They’re suave. They’re seductive. A werewolf is hot, stinky, sweaty, rude, ugly.

  60. Kim

    I was looking for the right words to describe why vampires are better, but I think that Lheanna said it for me when she said “Werewolves being wild, hairy, rough creatures I’d prefer the elegance and style of the vampires.”

    Plus, they have way better stereotypes going for them (if you decide to look at this beyond the realm of Twilight) like being able to turn into a bat and what not. Werewolves have the whole full moon thing, which just seems annoying to me.

    The only thing that truly makes werewolves appealing to me is that they can choose to change or not, and therefore choose how long their life will be. Vampires don’t have a choice about their immortality.

    Also, just for the record, it was so hard stay impartial to the whole Edward and Jacob debate. Because in that, Edward totally pwns.

  61. Twifanatic Amanda

    Vampires are most definatly cooler. Werewolves are just…dogs. The Werewolves seem like adolescent hooligans while most of the vampires have lived for so long that, when they arn’t out killing humans, they’re very sophisticated and amazing. Hah!

  62. maria

    I definitely choose vampires!! they are much cooler than werewolves! That’s one of the reasons why i hate hate hate despise jacob!! and also because he’s an idiot!! when he finished telling bella the story he was like ‘ha ha you have goosebumps, that means i’m cool! i’m the coolest guy ever, am i not? yes, i am!! i’m like, so great so so great at telling stories!’ so annoying!! and for many other reasons that i wont tell you because i’ll spoil the books.

    btw, cant wait to read your book!

  63. Ally

    Vampires are much, much cooler. (Quite literally, as you’ll find out later on in the series! :D)

  64. Cassia

    Vampires of course! The more civilized vamires seem to have a charm about them that I just love. Not to mention that most of them are extremely good looking.

  65. Madeleine

    Vampires are a billion times cooler. I’m not just saying that because I love Edward. Even if he amd the Cullens sucked (*cough*), I’d still think vampires were better. Werewolfs are just… like, big furry dogs. No thanks πŸ˜›

  66. Ian

    Vampires are cool–(literally and) figuratively–but here’s the rub: 1) I want to remain alive, my heart beating, my eyes shutting at night to sleep; 2) I want children…I want everything Bella’s passing up, hahaa! Except Edward. I’ll always want Edward. *sigh* Oh to have my cake and eat it too (oh to be a vampire who can sleep and dream and have sex and die).

  67. Ian

    Oops. I think I just spoiled some things for you up there. Ignore me. Pig love!

  68. Val

    Basically, I think vampires and werewolves both have their own ups and downs. I’d mention them, but that would ruin stuff D:

  69. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    Well, if your referring to STEPHANIE’S vampires and werewolves, I’d rather be a vampire. They are both cool, but I believe the vamps have more SOUL..

  70. Arockr

    Werewolf. No doubt about it – they’ve always been more to my liking :)
    Love the blog Kaleb, I can’t believe you’re in Texas! Lol. Every time I find out someone online is from Texas I always have to squeal. It’s such fun to realize again and again how small this world is. XD

  71. Mary

    Having to put Edward aside for a second is going to be hard, but I will try. So in the stories I like the vampires more because it seems that they have a lot more supernatural qualities than the werewolves. But in normal reading or watching movies I like both. Both groups are very interesting. Shoot last fall in my writing 2 class I did a paper on werewolves in scary movies, and yes I got an A on it. But anyway, both groups are extremely interesting to me. Ok now I am going back to thinking only about Edward. “sigh”

  72. Red Koala

    Werewolves. The idea of just completely losing your mind in a blind rage is completely awesome. But, then again I’m over half Irish, so I guess I’m a little biased towards liking to lose my mind in a blind rage…preferably while naked, or furry…or whatever.

  73. ICD

    I used to prefer werewolves merely because of Remus Lupin from Harry Potter πŸ˜› Now I can’t help but favor vampires over werewolves coz of Edward!

    I don’t have a strong stand at all, as you probably can see! X_X

  74. Sara

    Vampires are definitely more attractive… the hairy thing kind of turns me off werewolves. But I read a pretty cool book, The Book of Werewolves, that talks about the history of werewolves and famous werewolves in modern culture… so werewolves are a close second :)

  75. Gladys

    LOL! You always make me laugh :) I think vampires are cooler and sexy I might add!(maybe I`m just thinking in Cullen langauge hehe) Love the song you chose for this chapter!! ugghh Jacob, Jacob, Jacob now I`m gonna shut up.

  76. maku


    besides i love edward, they are gorgeous, they become a diamant in sunlight, and the suck blood.this last thing makes me think they are irresistible. its soooooo sexy. they look and smell good, they can live forever
    but the good part of werwolves is that they can choose to be a normal person again, and obviously, the imprimation

  77. Elizabeth

    Ofcourse VAMPIRES, i mean ppl!!
    Vampires: dont get old, are dazzling beautiful, Super Strong, fast, they suck blood (wich i think is very sexy, especially on the neck), glow at the sunlight, and did i mentioned beautiful???
    and Werewolves….. well.. big, hairy, they’re fast too but its not a big plus, and they dont live or stay young forever, and they dont have to be beautiful… the answer is obvious.

  78. Emily

    One word: Vampires.

  79. Danielle

    So I was poking around the internet, namely the Lexicon since I’m there every hour for new news, and you were mentioned a lot. Now, I know some guys who read The Books and love them! So I couldn’t wait to hear your response. I must say that I will now be visiting your site as much as I visit the Lexicon. :o) You’re hysterical and I love the way you analyze The Book! :o) Kudos to you for giving Twilight a chance. I’m glad there are real men out there who are willing to crack it open and try it. I’ll try and convert more men like yourself and send them your way so they don’t feel alone in the world. :o) Can’t wait to hear what else you have to say about The Book and the rest that follow. You rock!

    ps: Vamps totally. As much as I love werewolves BECAUSE of these books, Vampires have my heart. :o)

  80. April

    Honestly… I think both are kind of alike. Besides the fact that vampires drink blood and werewolves dont, i think they are pretty similar. They both are immortal. They both have super human strength and speed. Maybe if the others smell and hatred weren’t so strong, maybe they could’ve been allies or friends?? Anyhow, if i am strictly speaking of only vampires and werewolves, then i have to say werewolves are cooler. Don’t get me wrong, i do love vampires, but werewolves can change from being werewolf to being human. They also have other powers that make them cool that i won’t mention them because it gives too much away. But from the characters… Edward wins. OOps I mean vampires! Silly me!! πŸ˜‰

  81. Mirela

    Um, well you see, the problem is, I can’t make up my mind. If I choose one, I feel like I am betraying the other. Great, huh? But Seriously, both are really cool. They have the pro’s and the con’s!

  82. Kristin

    Hmmmm… Do I like LEECHES or PUPPIES better… dumb question! Even id you upgrade vampires to BATS, cute adorable puppies still win out. Jacob is better then Edward too, but then again you knew that… right?… right?…
    One question: oscillococcinum?

  83. Kristin

    AND WEREWOLVES ARE NOT HAIRY AND ROUGH! Their just so… real. And just because Edward is hot and all is no reason to like vampires more…

    sigh I feel alone in this world…

  84. Kristin

    And living forever would suck! so would being sparkly i mean you couldnt really… be yourself, go out in public, even have friends. I think more people like vampires just because the book is mostly what Bella feels and of course she’s madly in love with Edward so everyone else starts to like him and pick vampires just because of that. And not to mention Edward likes Bella I mean see how he treats other people not the peopel who he consideds equals!

    okay iv burned of my steam ill stop now

  85. lauren

    Ok, I’ll admit, that I think Jacob is 200 times cooler (in the figurative sense, of course) than Edward…but I’m sincerely trying to remain unbiased here.

    I still think werewolves are better — they’re virtually harmless. Vampires (yes, even the “vegetarian” ones) kill.
    Ok, yes, so do humans.
    But that wasn’t part of the question!

    Werewolves for the win.

  86. twilight22lover

    if i wasn’t pretty much a vampire i might say werewolf, but i am so much like a vampire and they rule, so VAMPIRES 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  87. twilight22lover

    oh yeah, but imprinting is pretty cool, so the werewolves have that going for them :)

  88. Alexon

    I don’t have time to make a long comment like last time(finals blow)but I just have to answer your last question.

    Vampires Always. <3

  89. Callie

    No question in my mind, vampires.
    And I hope you make it to the frisco signing. I was wanting to see you there!

  90. Devika (loves Edward!)

    Oh my Carlisle! Kaleb, I admire you to be willing enough to read Twilight in public being a guy and all, but asking vampires or werewolves- that is insanity! Anyone with a half sane mind (and heart) should be going the the vampires. πŸ˜€

    Enjoy the book, I myself have tried to check out Twilight to give to my guy friends, they returned it in a second. Woot! Peace, luv, and Cullens should come to you, Kaleb.

  91. Morgan A.

    U used the song i suggested xDD

    Steph was on the Glenn Beck show like 5 mins ago fyi ((on again at 9 on CNN check local listings or go to his site))

    Anyway its a tough choice between vamps or werewolfs… how do i say this without spoiling? Hmm… Vamps are my fav, but werewolfs are cool too! They are very…urm..dang i cant say it without spoiling! They have an interesting backround. lets leave it at that xP

  92. heather.

    Vampires are way better! Dogs just pee all over the place. I’d choose to be a vampire any day!

    (Oh, and note to yourself: Don’t read anymore after Twilight. The books just go down hill from there.)

  93. Abby

    It’s really too tough to decide which I like better, Vampires or Werewolves. They both have their pros and cons, and I think that they level each other out, and they they are basically equal. Therefore, me no choosy!

  94. K. Shannon

    Werewolves are hot…literally. I’m more partial towards warmth hence why I choose the warm fuzzy cute creature lol. And the fact that they grow up to be tall and strong. yay! Vampires and their strength and unusual politeness and old english vibe…tough call…

  95. Melody

    I think I like vampires better, they’re awesome! But I think I’m on team Switzerland πŸ˜›
    And I found the secret page!

  96. Morgan A.

    Heather, what do u mean the books just go down hill from twilight?!? They get better and better!! Thats why eclipse knocked HP&the deathly hollows off the top of the ny times best seller list! If that where true, after new moon no one would buy the books.

  97. ramen

    Edward and Jacob aside, it can easily be said that werewolves pretty much rock… but vampires come pretty close behind…
    As far as the Twilight relationships go… I’m going to have to say I’m all for Edward πŸ˜‰

  98. Rachel

    Vampires are cooler, but they’re all taken. The Wolves come in at a near second in my book–I love Edward more than Jake, but I’m a strong Edwella supporter (yes I did use Edwella!). So I’m with Jake, although he does need to get over Bella. :(
    Vampires are awesome, while werewolves are PAWESOME! And warm. And they’ve got good stories…

  99. Cords

    u realise i just wasted.. no, ‘divulged’ six minutes of my study period, which a cakes worth of chocolate icing already decided would not be used for strenuous cerebral activities, trying to find ‘oscillococcinum”s definition. dictionary had no answers, so of course wiki had the answer. damn boy. i can use ‘brogdingagian’ utterances too. thesaurus lol.

    neways back to normal speak less affected by ridiculous amounts of sugar, her flirting in the sixth chapter is just silly, but i give her poitns for trying, and hell the ends justify the means lol. u got awesome stuff ahead of u.

    lastly, stephanie meyer’s portrayal of werewolves is a lot more appealing than others, like in underworld, so i’m gonna have to say i’m switzerland on this one ;););)
    i’d usually say vampires, but for the twilight series i’m definitely torn.

    love you all!!

  100. Alysha

    Hey!! OMG!! Muse is awesome!! I already have the soundtrack for twilight the movie, and muse has an awesome song on there called Time Is Running Out!!!! BEST song evas!!!
    Stephenie said she got alot of inspiration from her fav bands, Muse being one of them. Anyways its amazing cus she actually quotes the song, in Twilight the book. Recognize this,
    “You will be the death of me” Quote from edward when bella went crazy while kissing him and her response was, “You’re indestructible” Yes, i did memorize it. Anyways i got soooo excited when i heard Muse say that in the song cus its in the book. Muse also says alot of things in the song that totally apply to vampires. Muse often quotes in the song, “You will suck the life outta me,” and, “You will squeeze the life outta me” all things edward is capable of doing to bella. Cool huh? I’m totally syked that she picked that song for the soundtrack. In case your wondering how i happened to get the soundtrack, stephenie posted all the songs she chose for it on her website and i downloaded all of them, therefore making me the very first owner of the Twilight soundtrack. Anyways, back to business….

    Vampires or werewolves? They are both soooooo awesome!! I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to go with Cords here. I am Switzerland. :-)

    Which book are you reading right now? Sounds like you’re on Twilight, but I thought you’ve already read the whole series….????
    Devoted Twilighter 4 Life

  101. Alysha

    Sorry, i just had to say something…


    Yes, i love edward more too….:-)

    Ok, i’m gonna go now…

  102. Robyn

    I would have to say, actually, not counting the characters, werewolves are cooler. There’s something about Stephenie’s werewolves in particular, just huge wolves, that seems awesome to me. I prefer that myth to the vampire one, which is pretty darn creepy! Lol but I do prefer Edward to Jacob, as great as Jacob is.

  103. Gill Pont

    Kabel, I did poke around, and I must ask… did you really compose the main theme yourself? I love it. It is going on my Ipod.

  104. Gill Pont

    PS: Kaleb, you ought to make a page on facebook.

  105. steph.

    id have to say its hard to decide between vampires and werewolves.
    on one side you have vampires. im not entirely sure what makes them so attractive, maybe its the fact that they thirst for your blood, maybe it makes you feel dangerous?
    but then you have totally awsome werewolves. big tank boys/girls who can transform into a giant dog!?
    who needs a car when you can ride a giant dog to school/work.
    park it outside of school and youd be envied by everyone else!

    id have to say i prefer vampires. its hard to explain. but i just find them more apealing πŸ˜›

  106. Audrey

    It may intrest you to know that my computer crashed yesterday. I am now on a slow computer BUT I did come here first.
    Werewolves are of course cooler.
    Jacob rocks,
    Edward just feels like them.

  107. Ashley

    hah you think saying jacob would cause squeals? as if!
    jacobs an immature puppy. keep reading the books and you’ll soon learn to dispise jacob the way most twilight fans do. Although at the houston book signing there was a girl walking around with a petition for Mike Newton. I think after several death threats she gave up :]

  108. maria

    vampires scare me. always have, but i find them more interesting than werewolves

  109. L.

    i’ve been a vampire girl ever since Buffy’s age old romances with Spike and Angel.

    plus, i’d like to slap Jacob.

    just you read Eclipse. o:

  110. lecia

    i totally love what you have done with your site.
    it keeps me going these days.
    when there are no new set pics…considering that the movie is done filming.
    your site gives me reason to keep going :]
    but i figured i would say that the unnamed person is actually sam uley. but im sure it doesnt say that is his name until page 123 :]
    goodluck on your book.
    im anxious to look into it.

  111. DShadow

    Uhm werewolves are immortals too.

    Bella its an inmature girl, and sooo f***ing selfish, she dont deserve Edward or even Jacob, too much for her?

  112. Jessica

    There comes a time in a girls life when she has to ponder the following question “which do you thinks cooler vampires or werewolfs” well i seem to have found myself pondering this question today. It took me exactly .000000001 seconds to realize my descision…
    Compared to werewolfs there is no competition who wants a friend who sheds all over you??? wouldn’t you want a strong beautiful “boy” you could hold hands with?

  113. Sham

    Hmm, technically i have to say that vampires are cooler, and werewolves are hotter. πŸ˜€

  114. Krystol

    Vampires are definitely cooler… Werewolves tend to be arrogant jerks who don’t like to share. I’m using several book series to form this opinion πŸ˜€

  115. emily


  116. Cassidy

    Werewolves are cooler. I like the fact that they are protectors.

    And, you are freaking hilarious.
    BARNEY FIFE, ftw.

  117. Gyllian

    I think i’d prefer to be in love with a love, the yummy smell sounds absolutely lovely. but i would definately rather be a werewolf. i couldn’t imagine living forever without chocolate and children and what not.

  118. Ashlie

    I have to know, what is the music on the front page of the Bran Hambric Web site? It nearly intoxicated me, haha! I had to play it over and over again.

  119. Ashlie

    Now I feel a tad dumb. I just looked around the Web site and saw that there was a listing of a couple tracks from the soundtrack. I just never expected a book to have a soundtrack, so I had no idea to look for that. What an interesting idea! More authors should do that. Music really adds to the experience of reading. And listening to the music later after reading something can bring back the feelings one had during the work, it’s just a great sentiment. Well anyway, I will have to look for your book when it comes out!

  120. Stephanie

    Hey there, I’m a new Twilighter. It took me about a week to hear about your site. πŸ˜›
    Anyway so now I’m catching up on all your chapters, it’s really fun reading so far! And my vote is unequivocally for werewolves. Even after reading all three books, I would not want a vampire for a boyfriend even if he is Edward Cullen

  121. Sam


    Jacob is so much better.

  122. Jaden

    Dude, that is MY ARM in the picture!

    You didn’t buy licensing rights to put MY ARM on the net!

    Shame! Shame!

    Eh, whatever. Keep it. πŸ˜‰

    – Jaden

  123. Freya

    Well, technically, vampires are physically “cooler” ; )

  124. Courtney

    I have already posted but i think that the vampires kick ass.
    I have become very prejiduce against the werewolves and for all you Jacob fans out there sorry but i think that Jacob should go die in a hole.
    (YES i do know he is important to the story but he makes Edward mad therefore that makes me hate him!)

  125. Megan

    Vampires are awesome. I do love Edward more though…. that COULD be a bit of an influence =3

  126. Meagan

    pfft, 9 people in a suburban, even with a pig, is nothing.

    Try 9 people in a Pontiac Firefly!

  127. Nicole Cameno

    I chose vampires.
    Not the horrid ones, but the vegetarians, like the Cullens and the ones in Alaska.
    Because even though they didn’t choose this life, they chose to be good. The whole being a vampire thing was forced upon them , and even though it is gloomy for some, they chose to be the vegetarian vampires.

  128. Tanya

    Vampires are way, way, way better!!!

  129. Steph

    Ahaha, commenting for the first time. Really wanted to but… *shrugs*
    I just HAD to here. I am absolutely obsessed with the vampires! Seriously, it is so worth becoming one!
    I have got to be honest, even being a normal vampire (aka, not vegetarian) sounds cool to me. *grins sheepishly* I wouldn’t mind.
    I read the posts “Some guys never learn” and, quite frankly, I wished I was a vampire. Not that I don’t do that often, but this time it was specifically so I could kill your *cough* admirers. Really, who flames for no (valid) reason?
    May comment again in future, your take on Twilight is hilarious.
    Kudos for reading it at all!
    Oh, and sorry about the (obviously) fake email. I don’t need a reply though, and, for my own peace of mind, I don’t give out my email.
    Again, well done in regards to reading Twilight.

  130. proslaviy

    Hi, how I can send PM?

  131. E

    Hmmm… I gotta say, although I am a loyal Team Edward member, that in general I like the idea of werewolves more. So, werewolves vs. vamps: werewolves. BUT, Edward vs. Jacob: Edward!!!

  132. Amanda

    Vampires are way cooler. Plus I can’t stand Jacob. This was one of my favorite chapters in Twilight.

  133. Tianna

    I do believe I love werewolves more than I love vampires, but it’s probably because I’m biased through my love of wolves. πŸ˜›

  134. Jaclyn.

    kk.i know this is way late, but seriously?
    I’ve sort of had an obsession with them since I was five…
    And besides, who wants a big hairy thing next to you forever? Ew.

  135. Kitkat.Alice's creation

    i live and breathe pyres

  136. Stephanie H

    I’m a firm Edward fan club member, however I’d definitely rather be a werewolf. Being able to change form and escape and just RUN with all that power and grace? That’d be amazing.

  137. BrooklynBridges

    Right before i clicked to go top the link i saw that this blog go 136 comments instead of the usual 70-ish, and i read it so fast i had to go back and re-read it because i could’nt remember what i wanted to comment on.
    And vampires.
    i might still have Edward in my head, but him and the other voices get along well, so i won’t kick him out just yet.
    I just realized unless you know me that could come off a bit scary, and so could some things in my other comments.
    But althought i β™₯ imprinting, Vampires are just cooler. They dont eat, dont get old, dont get fat, look PERFECT all the time, have perfectly white teeth, and thier perfectly pefect perfectness is a constant tank in my side.
    i know, i know, tank??
    but thorn is much too little a word to describe my jealousy, and my mind immedately goes TANK.
    No comments neccesary.
    Oh, and did i mention vampires GLITTER??
    I know most people use sparkle, but glitter is so much more dynamic.
    And this glittery thing is the dealbreaker between Vampire and Werewolf, for me.

  138. Luke

    Hey, I’ve let my pygmy goats named Shadow and Cloud ride in my suburban…

  139. Kat


  140. Rebekah

    Werewolves, please!
    At least they are only monsters half of the time! (This only if you take Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Dr. C out of the picture!)

  141. Mia

    I would rather not turn into an animal and stay beautiful and immortal

  142. angel


  143. Sofia

    Well, vampires are cooler but werewolfs are hotter, and that's a fact!!!

  144. Breann L.

    vampires!! πŸ˜€

  145. ummhedaya

    I have always been a huge fan of vamps… I gave them up as I got older and 'more mature'… I even tried to avoid this series… but here I am… guess I'm still young at heart :) these vamps actually impress me even more… I like the differences.

  146. Aya Diefair

    Hello, I have just today stumbled upon your website and have just started reading your opinions about the chapters. I myself enjoyed the books, but haven't read them in a while. I let my mom borrow them who is a state away a few months back and she is JUST NOW reading them. I have recently been itching to reread them so Eclipse is fresh in my head so I can nit pick the movie and because I am starting to forget certain parts of the books!

    Anyways, to answer your question at the bottom: I very much love the vampires. I have been infatuated with them since I was very little and instead of writing it off as I got older, I got more interested. I love Interview with a Vampire due to the classic traditional vampire story and that got me permanently hooked. However, I also like the Werewolves in their own unique ways. Being that I love wolves in general, my last name is actually Wolf. Spelt as is, no double FF's or an E at the end. Nope, just Wolf. But I would much rather be a vegetarian vampire. πŸ˜€

  147. FB Siphon

    Its really turning out to be a new scenario.

  148. FB Siphon

    Its really turning out to be a new scenario.

  149. Mickey Not Mouse

    They're both really awesome for they're own reasons.
    ***sort of spoiler alert if you haven't read past this chapter***
    Werewolves are especially awesome in these books because they are the big ugly gross wolf-like things that only change at a full moon. But Vampires are also really awesome in these books because helloooo NO WEAKNESSES!!! A human could never kill one, not with a stake to the heart, trapping them in sunlight, holy water, crosses, galric, etc. they are awesome!

    But If I had to chose to be one, I'd probably go with Vampire. I'd feel off animals because the thought of feeding off humans is just way too horrible, and I would be forever young ^.^ which is always nice. plus I'm already as pale as pale gets being a ginger so, there wouldn't be much of a change there, and id get super awesome speed, strength, senses, and the possibility of another special power. Whats not to love? Yes it would be cool to be able to turn into a wolf, but no matter how strong, and no matter how fast, they are still so much more vulnerable, Vampires can only die in one way! (rip apart and burn the pieces.) Werewolves, they can be stabbed, beaten, ripped apart, burned, frozen, pretty much any realistic way humans die, just if it's force it takes more force. in a battle between a vamp and wolf, (one on one) vamp totally has more opportunity for making the kill, and thus would probably win.

    wow i turned this into a rant…..I'd choose Vampire. lol


  150. Twritebite

    In the book this was Bella's first meeting with Jacob. But I also like how they met in the movie at the begining, with their dad's playing around.

  151. chloe

    I am not sure which I think are cooler! It's a really hard decision: werewolves or vampires???? Well I suppose it kind of depends. If you had a class extra power as a vampire like mind-reading that would be cool1 But then again it would be really hard being a vampire and try to have a (somewhat) normal life. Like if you wanted to go to school you would have to master that massive impulse to get human blood and that would probably feel like torture, being around so much human blood and not being able to drink it. Another negative would be (well some might see it as a plus) living forever! Wouldn't your life just seem so dull and pointless. You are just living today to get to the next day! Nothing special waiting for you because you will never die! Whereas werewolves can start aging again. I know it would take DECADES of practice and self-control but at least you have the hope of getting back to normal and being able to die. Well I'm not sure which are cooler still, it will take a lot more time for me to figure it out!

  152. Lisa

    This chapter was class! You just know something really interesting and exiting is going to happen hearing about all the legends on the res. and 'THE CULLENS DON'T COME HERE'. Very interesting. You're right, it is cool to read all the big words. Authors really do have a great way with words! And -finally!- JACOB!!!

  153. guest

    But dont you think that its ironic that people are moreinterested in creepydisfunctional vampires than heavily muscled shapshifting werewolves!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. And may i remind you that vampires are all over the world KILLING people, while werewolves are PROTECTING people from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. guest

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Spidermonkey

    Werewolves aree much cooler!!! They don't have to stay a wolf the whole time and have some sort of life plus NO VOLTURI!!!

  156. Wing Commander Vinyaya

    Personally? Neither. I prefer Elves (Tolkien; Erestor, to be precise) and elves (Artemis Fowl, whence my rank cameth).

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