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May 13th, 2008 at 3:06 pm by Kaleb Nation

I have The Host

Yes, I actually bought the book. But don’t worry — I’ll finish Twilight first!

Many and multiple hundreds of apologies for not getting to the next chapter today! I am just super busy getting ready for a far northern flight for my friend’s graduation and will be reading the long-awaited Chapter 8 very very very early Thursday. And I promise, tomorrow’s TwilightGuys Report will make up for it! You can’t miss the one for tomorrow. I had to get a photo it was so sweet.

I am curious, however, how long it took everyone to read The Host? It is, after all, rather thick! But at the rate you people gobbled down Twilight, my guess is an average of two hours (probably less πŸ˜‰Β  ).

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  1. maria

    i haven’t bought it yet! :( I live in southampton, england, n they haven’t got it at the closest bookstore D: But i’ll keep looking!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Allison

    I’m still reading it…but of course I have school…and AP tests :( But I think I’ll be done by Friday.

  3. Kristi

    I read the book this past Sat. I started at 3 in the afternoon and finished it at 1 am. Yes, I read fast. I LOVED it!!!

  4. Sarah

    Lucky! I don’t think I’ll be able to buy this one, I’m waiting for my library to get it in.

  5. Catherine

    Hmn. Well, I might have to wait a while before I can get it at the library (sorry, I rarely buy books). But if it’s a good book, it wouldn’t take me too long.

  6. Olivia

    Um…I got it yesterday, and I’m still working on it.

    It’s really good.

    school gets in the way, other wise I would have spent the night reading it, but I have finials to take.



  7. Alannah

    I started reading it Friday night and finished it Saturday night. IT WAS AMAZING!! :) Very different from Twilight, but still great.

  8. Mimi

    Got it the day it came out, finished it Thursday. (That’s with school and way too many– two– projects.) Now it’s with a friend, who’ll finish soon and pass it on to another friend. We’re thinking I’ll have it back on Friday. It’s amazing.

  9. Venice

    Sadly school’s been taking up time so I haven’t been able to read much. Only on chapter 6.

  10. Sarah

    I actually just finished it last night. I bought it the day it came out….
    I LOVED IT! My second fave book, after Twilight, of course. But OMG SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
    kya kya kya kya kya!!!!
    I also cried alot while reading it! OMG I cried more than I did while reading New Moon =O Shocker! But yeah, the book is amazing, I loved it, and I’m starting to regret my decision to let her borrow it…. If it comes back dented she will have to deal with me!

  11. Sarah

    Just an add on to my last comment,
    I actually get in trouble for reading in class, if not I would have finished waaaaay sooner.

  12. Catwalk66

    I read it in like 2 days and then reread my favorite parts over again like 3 times. It was fabulous! :)

  13. sarah

    I’ll freely admit that even though I got it more than a fortnight ago (Australia got it early) I still am only through the first 100 pages. I’m too busy!

  14. Kim

    All together if I were to read it front to bqack, it would have taken about 6 hours. But I hade school in between and work and such, so I finished it Friday morning after buying it Wednesday night.


  15. Twi-Biter Sarah

    The Host was AWESOME!! i picked it up over the weekend and sorta, kinda put it off b/c i was worried about reading it. I thought it wouldn’t be as good as Twilight so i wanted to get used to the idea of reading it. But i just finished about and hour ago and it was AWESOME!! it was great!!! I still LOVE TWILIGHT but I LOVE THE HOST as well! I cried alot during this book! but it was worth it! Everyone needs to read it.

  16. Lindsey

    If I weren’t in the midst of my English research paper, it would be done by now.

  17. Brittany

    It took me about 2 days to read ‘The Host’, but I didn’t read it straight through. Work and school keep me a little busy.

  18. Kizmet

    I got it after school the day in came out, finished after school two days later. I would have finished the first day if not for school.

  19. Chelsea

    I’m going relatively slow with The Host. It’s amazingly awesome, I’m just not staying up into the wee hours reading it. I’m actually hoping to savor it a little. Although when BD comes out, I know I won’t have this kind of restraint.

  20. Tovi

    I got it the day it came out and finished it in about 5 1/2 days, but thats with out giving up my life duties :) I loved it, it was very different from Twilight but i still fell like Stepheie out did herself once again.

  21. Kalah

    I actually bought The Host on Wednesday, the day after it came out, yet I didn’t actually read it until Thursday (I was finishing up Stephen King’s It awhile, winning a bet against my boyfriend… but that’s another story entirely).

    Anyway, it only took me about three days to finish it, but that’s because I had a very busy weekend that mainly consisted of hour long commutes early in the morning and late in the evening when the sunlight waned.

    Nevertheless, it was completed, and I was greatly pleased with the story. Trust me, you will love it too! It’s much different than any other book I’ve read, but I love it as much as the Twilight saga!

  22. Allie

    I got The Host on last Tuesday and finished it by Friday. If it werent for school I would have read the whole thing in one day. It’s a great book, but I still love Twilight more.

  23. Jen

    I got it on the 6th, and finished it the 12th. I would have read it faster, but we’re on vacation right now, and didn’t have much time to sit and read! I am thinking of rereading it again very soon, I loved it!

  24. Stephanie

    Took me 19-20 hours to read…almost a full day. COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!!!

    …that or I’m completely obsessive.

  25. abbface

    grrr… havent gotten it yet!

  26. Taylor

    Um, I think I took around two-three days. I couldn’t put it down! I like it as much as Twilight (and thats saying something!)

  27. Libby

    I started reading it two nights ago, and I’m half way through–but that’s only because of school and homework. If I didn’t have either occupying my time I would have been finished in a day. Too bad I don’t have a block of time big enough to spend reading consistantly.

    Oh well, I’m excited about the rest of the story…though not nearly as much as I was with Twilight.

  28. Paige

    oh good; you’ll enjoy it (:

    and i read it in less than a week.
    i would have finished it earlier, but my mom threaten to take it away if i read too fast :(

    i’ll have to hide Breaking Dawn from her…

  29. Brittany

    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t gotten around to reading The Host just yet. BUT its only because i have to finish re-reading Eclipse again. Because I missed a lot the first time around. But I will get to it! I’m not sure how long it’ll take me though, depends really. :-)

  30. Priscilla

    The Host was so amazing; I just could not put it down. I bought it late Tuesday night and began reading on Wednesday at school.

    I read during class (and got it taken away, only to be given back once I begged and cried to my teacher), in the car, in the bathroom, at lunch (where people would call me anti-social because I sat at the end of the table completely absorbed and unaware of everything around me), and wherever else possible. It’s funny because while I was reading, I tended to get really in to the story, and my friends would laugh at me because I’d either be making a really intense face, or smiling, or frowning at the book. At the end, I cried like a baby, and I’m glad that I was in my room for that part, because I would not have been able to contain myself in public :].

    I finished in 5 days.
    And that’s because I was taking my time…

  31. Sarah

    I bought it thursday stayed up till 4 in the am on friday, and then again till 4 in the am on saturday!! Just as dangerous as twilight!! I loved it! of course it is no Bella and Edward, but LOVED IT!!!!!

  32. Sarah

    I loved the Host!! My mom got it for me on May 6th, the day it came out and I finished it on the 11th! That is pretty fast reading, atleast for me. I’m sure others read it way faster….but Oh well.

  33. Katie Beth

    I’m ashamed at how long it took me to read it. Three days. In my defense, I was more busy than usual in those three days so I could have done it faster (and I sure wanted to).

  34. Samantha

    I bought it on Tuesday (May 6th) after school and finished it on Friday night.
    Had it not been for school, I probably could have finished it earlier, haha.

  35. twilight22lover

    im still reading it!!!!! i got it on 5/10/ and i am right now on chapter 19. it is not as good as twilight i mean, there NO EDWARD!!!!!!!!! and jared just doesn’t cut it for me. (my friend pointed out that there is a jared in new moon also!!!!) but if i read it more slowly, i’ll have something to read until breaking dawn comes out. :)

  36. Kim

    So far the Host is really good, but it is very different from Twilight. I’m at about page 550 and I started the day it came out. I hope to finish it this week end. I would have read it faster but school, and AP tests, and my odyssey of the mind team is going to world finals so we are doing loads of fundraising, have all been there to slow my progress.

  37. Jenna

    It took me three days partly because I had school but mostly because I just didn’t like it as much as Twilight.

    With Twilight I could NOT put it down. I read it until 2:30 in the morning on a school night the first day I got it. And then I read at school too. Then I had HORRIBLE withdrawal. As soon as I finished I started over again. I missed Edward.

    The Host frustrated me often. I didn’t like Jared as much as Wanda or Melanie. (Ian lover from as close to the beginning as was reasonable.) Sometimes I would just have to put it down for a while.

    Trust me though. I am going to pull a Deathly Hallows (15.5 hours) with Breaking Dawn. and then read it again and again and again.

  38. Natasha

    3 days. Hey! I couldn’t do some “sick” days like I did for Twilight ya’ know!

  39. Devika (loves Edward!)

    Hey, Kaleb! πŸ˜€ The Host was amazingggg! (though not as good as Twilight) I seriously started reading on Friday, and was done last night. But continue with Twilight! My friends wanted to put me in an asylum for my Edward/Twilight obsession, but when I insisted it should be in Forks or the town of Carlisle, MA, they gave up on me. Like any other sane person would. But I have EDWARD! <3

    Good luck, Kaleb, and keep reading!

  40. Mara-Kate

    :( Not out yet in my small town in Canada, I will be getting it soon. XD two hours? With stef meyer books you have to read it as quick as you can to find the good parts! I read Eclipse in 7 hours, 6 were straight lol but that was in the summer it’ll take me a while to read The Host (when I get it) because of school

  41. Rachel

    I got it on Sunday, started reading am half way through–and then Monday came and I haven’t been able to read ANYTHING AT ALL since.

  42. Beth

    Half day and all night. Bam! Done. And as blasphemous as it sounds, I like it more than the Twilight series. I think. But then again, I have yet to devour Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun (and anything else Mrs. Meyer dishes out). Yet. *B

  43. Mekara

    i got it as soon as it came out (after waiting in line from an ungodly hour of the morning) but then had class, and work. so i started it around 6ish, and finished somewhere after midnight. my body was angry with me though, i couldn’t eat or sleep for about 24 hours i was so excited.

  44. Deja

    Go it Saturday and I’m on chapter 34….

  45. Audrey

    My mom just said that I could actually read it today. (it took asking Alphie to get her to let me read an audult book) IT MAKES NO SENSE UNTIL THE SIXTH CHAPTER!
    But now only a few things are unclear.
    Otherwise great.

  46. Audrey

    Of course the fact that I can’t spell ADULT righ may have something to do with my mother having to be placated so I could read it…

  47. Jenny H

    You’re close. I bought The Host last Tuesday, and I started reading it Friday night into early Saturday morning. Took me(and I timed it) 4 hours 38 minutes and 50 sec, give or take a few minutes. I was going back and forth between Twilight news and reading. It was definitely worth staying up till the wee hours of the morning πŸ˜€ And I might say it’s a little bit better than Twilight because the emotions are more mature in The Host, whereas Twilight is centered on teen emotions, but I still love both books equally.

  48. Sarah

    10 hours, I believe… It was intense. I couldn’t bring myself to put it down despite the test I had early the next morning. :)

  49. Allison

    Having rediscovered my love of reading now that I’m done with college for the summer, I can happily say that I finished in 5 hours :)

  50. Kristen

    Good luck on the Host!

    I read it in two days, but take for granted that I didn’t have much time to read both days. In total though it was about six hours xD

  51. Andrea

    This is going to sound redundant but school and my “don’t stop reading ’til the book is over” time do not mix! Luckly, I get to skip school Thurs and Fri. to finish. YAY πŸ˜‰

    Just a survey….
    Say ‘ay’ if school is ruining your pleasure reading moment!…


  52. Caitlin

    I got it on Saturday and am still working on it. I’m actually not as impressed with it. I mean, it’s a good book and all, and the idea of souls fascinate me (how can they justify essentially slaughtering whole species? how can they NOT justify helping said species? is the species in question ‘dead’? what makes a person a person, their body, their mind, or someting else?)But, I don’t know. I’m just not into it as much. I read for a few hours, then I’m ready to put it down. Maybe I’ve just been out of sci-fi too long! πŸ˜‰ (no matter what Stephenie Meyer says, it reads like sci-fi)

  53. Kaye

    Ummmm I’d estimate about 8 hours give or take. I had to rush it a bit because I wanted to read it before the kansas book signing. And it was AWESOME. I think I even like it better than Twilight x] yes sir.

  54. Allison

    I’ve had it for about 5 days and I’m only on Chapter 16. I’m a really slow reader though and I graduate on Monday (May 19) so I’ve been busy studying for finals, taking finals, playing the bunny hopping game on orisinal.com, finding out all available information on the Twilight movie available on the interwebz, advertising for Twilight with sidewalk chalk (I’m still waiting for my friend to upload the pic so I can post it on myspace…), and reading The Host all at the same time! XD

  55. Rachel

    And yeah…I still love Twilight over The Host…

  56. Nina

    It took me about 2 days, but it took my sister, who is a speed reader, about 5 hours. But I kinda tried to read it slower since I didn’t want it to end. I loved it so much!! It was an AMAZING book!!!

  57. Freak

    I PROMISED myself I wouldn’t get it until exams were over!!
    Unfortunately, I have no willpower. I started it yesterday, and read for about 4-5 hours total. then I finished it today after another hour. So, about 5-6 hours. It was AMAZING, and if anyone is worried about how how it compares to Twilight – don’t. It’s completely different, and SO. GOOD.

  58. Kelly

    Im in the middle of reading it but so far


    different from twilight yes but doesn’t make it any less of an amazing book.

  59. Amber

    haha two hours would make someone a computer. But ya, i read it under a day.
    I freaking LOVE it!! Just as good as twilight. Actually…Its hard since they are both GREAT masterpieces, but i think maybe The Host i like better. Much more conflict, and so much more love because of it.

  60. Rachel

    It took me exactly 6 days! I read Twilight in 1, but I wasnt as absorbed in The Host as I was with Twilight, though I must say The Host exceeded my expectations!! I WANT A SEQUAL!

  61. Sarah B

    I took me six days and I am just about as busy as you are. I LOVED it!

    It took my best friend about three days but she was able to read it at work ( I need her job :D).

  62. Akira

    2 hours?! I wish. It took me about 2 hours to read 100 pages. It was really frustrating because it never takes me that long to read 100 pages! I did end up reading it almost straight through, and it took me about 12 hours, give or take. I had to finish it during school so I’m not sure.

  63. Jessamyn

    I finished it in 2 days, but I read fast, and was reading nonstop, excluding eating and sleeping. My estimate is 15 hours, but it’s not all that accurate… And I didn’t do my homework πŸ˜€

  64. margaret

    I haven’t bought it yet…. :(
    But I must mention that it’s a really really strange size! What’s up with that? The thing’s huge, and I’m not even talking thick!

  65. Lauren

    It took me 2 days =[ It would have taken less if I didn’t have so much homework!Plus school…but I LOVED it!!!!!I don’t think its as good as Twilight though lol.


  66. kandice

    i read about 60 pages an hour

    so it took me a little over ten hours πŸ˜€

    and they were suhhweeeet

  67. Callie

    I got it about 4 the day it came out, and finished it and 5 ir 6 the next day, with school and and 7 hours of sleep.
    Also, I documented my experience and the singing of the Host signing and posted it on fanfiction for all you didn’t go. the link is :
    www . fanfiction . net/s/4255022/1/ if you want to check it out.

  68. fanpire

    Hahaha, yeah, I read it in 3 hours maybe. :) The beginning was slow, and a bit confusing, but I loved it. It’s so strong in the areas that are lacking in Twilight. It’s so good. So So So So good. Hahaha, probably my new favorite book… aside from Twilight/NM/Eclipse, of course. πŸ˜‰

    and margaret, I totally agree: the book is really strongly sized. Hahaha, it’s like, tall. Maybe that’s cuz we’re just comparing it to the hardcovers of the Twilight series.

  69. fanpire

    Oops, I meant, strangely sized. And Amber, I agree with you too: The Host is a lot deeper!! πŸ˜€

  70. Kim

    Read The Host in under 2 days. It ROCKS! Hurry up and finish Twilight! How can you restrain yourself to reading it so slowly? You must have incrediable will power.

  71. Tina

    Ha, 2 hours! I wish, but alas it was a school week, and with school comes homework… So I finished it about 4 days(2 hours if I didn’t have school πŸ˜‰ )

  72. Sammi

    I read it in about 4 days. I just hunkered down for a day and read almost the whole thing though on sunday…yes you have to finish the twilight saga first!

  73. Jody

    I got it the day after it came out… and it took me 4 sittings… so four days to finish… I would have had it done faster if I didn’t have school so I wouldn’t need to sleep :\ xD

  74. anissa

    If I didn’t have to work, I would’ve finished it in a day. UNFORTUNATELY, it took me two whopping days to finish it. It’s amazing. I couldn’t put it down. haha. I got yelled at several times by my supervisor for reading it instead of working, too. πŸ˜€

  75. Muriel

    Um… The Host took me maybe four hours… It was kind of hard to keep track of what time I started and what time I stopped because I was trying to do a group project at the exact same time.

    Don’t worry about not getting the next chapter out right away! =D you deserve a schedule free break for a while especially after finals(though with all you have going on I do think it’s much easier for me to say that then for you to do so). Enjoy the next chapter and have fun at your friend’s graduation party!

  76. Elspeth

    lol it actually took me a little over four hours :) not including teaching my wonderful twelth graders :)I finished it during the studyhall i supervise… they were all asking why i was all teary, and (not giving anything away) i told them i was reading an amazing book :)

  77. Hazel

    I honestly and truly was trying to stretch it out. Make it last all the longer. Savor each chapter, and try not to plague myself with FRS (Fast Reader Syndrome. Why yes, I did just make that up).

    I bought it on Friday. I was at approximately page 300 today, when I snapped. I could no longer live in a reality where I tried to slowly read anything by Stephenie Meyer.

    I JUST finished the book (10 minutes ago? Holy Wanda, I am obsessed). It was unequivocally outstanding. Such as anything and everything Mrs. Meyer does, it had the intriguing elegance of Jane Austen, yet the fierce fire of a Stephen King novel. But then again, she emanates her own style flawlessly. Her writing style and superior storytelling ability makes my jaw drop every time I am lucky enough to read her work.

  78. Twifanatic Amanda

    I haven’t read The Host yet, it’s way big and I have GTA that has been calling my name now that I’m back from school haha, I bet I’m going more north than you for my cousin’s graduation…Alaska, Ohhhhhhhh!

  79. Jennifer

    I got The Host on Thursday afternoon and finished it (in tears, I might add) at 4:30am on Friday. I probably would have had it done sooner, but I like reading slower when it’s my first read-through, ’cause I don’t want to miss anything!

  80. Tara

    It took me 4 days to read The Host. I would have finished it a lot sooner, but I have a full-time job, so I couldn’t spend as much time on it as I would have liked. I loved it though, and it’s definitely something I’m going to have to go back and read a few more times… I’m sure there’s a lot of things that I didn’t pick up on the first time through.

  81. Sariah

    Unlike Twilight, it took me awhile to get into The Host, so I would read a little, put it down and work on other things, then pick it back up later in the day. Each of the Twilight books took me one 24 hour period to finish, The Host took me about 3 days.

  82. Shayla

    It took me 4 days to finish the host but if I wasn’t sick and had school work it would have taken 24 hours(maybe) like all of the twilight books.

  83. BitterNatch

    It took meh about 5 hours XD counting a few interruptions πŸ˜›

  84. Ally

    It took me about 4 extensively interrupted hours… :)

  85. Minh-Thu

    School really sucks! I got it wednesday, started reading thursday (I had to finish New Moon first ^^) and I finished The Host just yesterday evening. I needed SIX days. That was way too long! I hate school!
    The Host is AWESOME! I cried, too. Not as much as I did by New Moon, of course. It’s almost as good as the Twilight Saga. Imagine, Stephenie Meyer wanted to make Ian a bad guy first! LoL

  86. Brittany

    Omigosh!! I reeeeally love The Host!! I finished it last week… my friends called me obsessed. I call myself… an INCREDIBLY obsessed reader. They are just too good to put down… i liked it so much it took me about a week to read. =]

    Stephenie Meyer is an incredible writer. What will she come up with next??

  87. L.

    ..The Host isn’t coming to where I live that fast..I’ve orderd it but it’ll take a LONG time for it to come..I want to read it soooo bad..
    Hope it’s good :-)
    Greetings from the cold north of Norway…Help me! Can’t wait..

  88. Lu

    I got the ebook because The host isn’t in Spain yet. I’m still reading it but I love it!

  89. Nora

    I havent got it yet. I live in Norway so most likely it’s not going to show up in our library or bookstore here for a while. Impatient as I am I have ordered my copy of the Host from Amazon, but that doesn’t mean I will gett it fast enough, it’s a long way to be shipped and I’m not going to get it until June 10th :(

  90. Nora

    *Off topic*

    Wow! I just looked on the time-difference. Where I live, up in the North, the clock is nearly 4 pm. That’s a difference on 7 hours. Wierd.

  91. Amanda

    I haven’t finished yet… I’m about half way through. I wish I had all day to sit and read but I work and stuff…

  92. Shannon

    3 days to finish it!
    It was fantastic.
    I cried too. XD But it may have been due to lack of sleep.

  93. Larisa

    I started reading it Saturday , late afternoon and was finished by late Monday night. I totally let my kids fend for themselves most of that time. They could have been playing on the freeway and I wouldn’t have known about it. The book is great & I even cried.

  94. Chelsea

    I got my copy on May 10th and finished it last night >.>

    Great book!

  95. Larisa

    I started reading it Saturday , late afternoon and was finished by late Monday night. I totally let my kids fend for themselves most of that time. They could have been playing on the freeway and I wouldn’t have known about it. I did manage to go to work & church so I wasn’t reading uninterrupted, but I tried. The book is great & I even cried.

  96. Brie

    I took me about six hours. I loved it!

  97. emiline

    Read it in less than 48 hours, while sitll doing trivial things like eating and sleeping and spending quality time with my husband so he wouldn’t feel completely ignored. I haven’t pulled an all-nighter since before I got married, but I was up past 3 a.m. at least one night on this one. I love everyone’s excuses for why they couldn’t finish in under 4 hours! LOL :-p I laughed at Jenna’s “pull a Deathly Hallows” phrase–very appropriate. And I am much like Jennifer, in that I like to go slowly and absorb all the details. It does suck you in and won’t let go. I am glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who cried. It was awesome! I still like the Twilight books better, but this is right up there with them. …p.s. hey ‘L.’and ‘Nora’ from Norway–I’m an Aase:-) (my father-in-law is from Stavanger.)

  98. Christy

    5 1/2 hours!!!! (give or take a little) I have a bad habit of not being able to put a book down after i start it πŸ˜‰
    And I must say it was written brilliantly!!

  99. patrice

    AHHH! The Host was so good! It took me about a day… I rarely put it down.

  100. Arlene

    I read it in three days. I don’t think its fair to compare it to ‘twilight’. They’re entirely different. Its not as fast a read, but its compelling in a different way. I liked the development of the characters, although I think it was pitched wrong. Its not really about three people being in love with only two bodies. It’s more about an alien finding out what its like to be human. Hope you enjoy it.

  101. TwilightStar

    Stupid, stupid, stupid school! And stupid sadistic teachers-who-enjoy-giving-enough-work-and-tests-to-last-at-least-four-years.

    I’ve been reading for two days, getting about one and a half to two hours of sleep, and I’m almost done (there is no way I’m complaining about the lack of sleep….The Host is definitely worth it)!

  102. April

    I can’t say that i read the Host without distrations. The many mandatory things such as school, homework, and work created unwanted waiting and wondering for me. But I have to say that i read about 100 pages in about 2 hours. So i guess you could say that i read it under 12 hours. Not too mention how many nights i went to bed on a school night at 2:30. Not because i wanted to go to sleep but that if i kept reading… i would fall asleep unintentionally.

  103. Marissa

    I finished it in 3 days, and I reluctantly had to go to school… if I didn’t it would have been done waaaay before that! It’s really brilliant in every way, Stephenie just has a way with words :)

  104. Vamp :}

    It took me 3 days to finish the entire twilight saga that is currently available. it took me 3 days to finish this one book. school got in the way :( but it was really good. I came to a conclusion:
    ~stephenie loves:
    ~love triangles
    ~anti-social girls
    ~and men you shouldnt love

    read it :)

  105. Risa (Riss-uh) C

    Ugh, I haven’t finished it yet! I’ve been working all day (8-9 hrs), homework and other things that I don’t have much time for reading. My dad even read it before I did! He had it read in at least two days and loved it. I’m working on it, though…I’m about halfway done with it so far.

  106. Sarah

    I ditched school last Tuesday to go pick up my copy of The Host (my sister in Utah had to camp outside Borders to get her hands on a copy) and I finished it this past Friday.
    I thought it was Stephenie’s best book yet. It was absolutely fantastic, and I will dare say that I liked it better than I’ve liked any of the books in the Twilight saga.

  107. Snowflake

    It took me two days to finish The Host. Of course I didn’t do anything else, and that was the weekend before finals (bad idea – my grades would’ve been better if Stephenie Meyer hadn’t had a dream about a vampire).

  108. Alice

    i bought it on the tuesday it came out and started reading it and ended up staying up till 5 in the morning, my mom was not happy because i had to miss school. because i couldnt stay awake, it was great cuz i read it again

  109. brittany

    it took me about 8 hours spread over the course of 3 days and a morning. i too had way too many projects one of that i am supposed to be working on right now. It was so captivating and i cried my heart out. it was kind of embarassing because i was at a wedding reception and everyone is supposed to be all happy and here i was crying while reading a book. oh well, most of the people there knew me…so…and the other ones i would never ever see again so Who cares….

    i absolutely loved every word. It was so captivating. my friend bought it for me the day after it came out and gave it to me at school that thursday morning. we think i liked it a lot more than her. she wanted wanda to end up with jared in the end but i like it this way. OH i loved it. talk about major thought provokey!!!

  110. brittany

    i don’t want to say i liked it better than any twilight series books but it was just so different. it was…i don’t know…amazing

  111. Jessica

    It took me 2 days to read the book, haha. And after a few days of a break away from it, I went back and read it again. When I absolutely love a book, I keep reading them again over the course of the week. I absolutely love the book! I was a little baffled at some parts, but it was amazing.

  112. Kim

    Bought the book the day it came out and finished it Monday night (staying up late despite two finals the next day). I’d say that in total reading time it probably took me 6 hours, given that I was trying to draw it out and read slowly. Would have finished it sooner, but I had to study for finals and went to a prom over the weekend as well.

  113. pheonia

    I loved it… but I almost stopped reading after the first few chapters… they were kind of slow and confusing.

    but as with the first few chapters of twilight beginnings for meyers seem to be her weak point and endings her strong point. read past chapter 3 and you wont be able to put the book down.

    (took four hours to read the book…)

  114. Stephanie

    I read the first 5 or 6 chapters the day it came out, Tuesday. I finished it about 12:30 am (Thurs). I read all day long, in between taking care of my kiddos. I’m a fast reader though and couldn’t put it down.

  115. Kelsie

    I absolutely love the host! (Like Pheonia ^above^) It took me a while to read the first few chapters, but after that i finished the rest of the book in two evenings!

  116. Kelsie

    And i cried SO many times!

  117. megan

    got it tuesday night and read ad much of it as i could what with school and friends and finished it saturday night.

  118. Catherine

    The Host took me about two days to read it. I got it friday night around 8:30 at night and didn’t start reading it until midnight, then saturday I read it while trying to get ready for prom and help my friends get ready for prom, then on Sunday I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I was chasing little kids trying to get them calmed down enough for children’s church. Plus it was mother’s day. but somehow I was able to finish it sunday evening.

    I finished all three books in the Twilight series in four days. that was interesting…

  119. vesper d.

    Finished it in one day…okay well two if you count the fact that I finished it at 2 in the morning of may 6th after getting it on may 5th at like 3ish

  120. Cecilia

    I bought it the day it came out, but real life got in the way, but then on tuesday I was sick so I stayed in bed all day and read the host, and finished it in a day and a half =)

    It was very good! I think I still like the Twilight series better though…

  121. Amanda

    I finished it in 4 days, working full time and sleeping 8 hours at night. I absolutely loved it. I cried a lot too.

  122. Only

    1 and a half day now i am re-reading it9

  123. Erin

    It took me less then a day… I didn’t put it down it was so good!!!! I ate with it, straightened my hair well reading and ignored the teachers that tried to take it a away. When my mom made me turn of my light( at like midnight) I used my ipod as a flashlight.

    Unfortunately I cannot reread it yet because I have about 20 people who want to borrow it!!!

    Why does it have to be so friggen huge and expensive!!!!

  124. Icy Topaz

    Gah, beautiful book. Stephenie has the most gorgeous style of writing. I hope I can write my stories in a similar way, so emotional and full of imagery. That is my greatest goal. ^_^

    I recommend this book to everyone. It’s not a girl book, either, so that is a broad EVERYONE.

  125. Esme echo

    Eleven hours. Didn’t eat, nothing. Good book.

  126. Hannah

    I purposely went slower than normal. It took me about 4 days. I creid a couple of times. The Host was frustrating, enchanting, thrilling, and AMAZING.

  127. Harriet

    i think it took me, maybe, 3 hours…. but i’mm crazy like that…. it’s riveting… of course.

  128. Jessamyn

    I’m looking at this again. Perhaps I don’t read as fast as I thought…

  129. Ellice

    I bought on May 2. I was practically screaming my head off when I saw it. I thought it would come later as I live in Singapore. I took 6 days. I just sat in my room the whole day and just read and read. I love it!

  130. Meghan

    I bought it the day it came out after school, and finished it by midnight.
    I LOVED it. I cried so, SO much.
    It was such a great book; I can’t really even say what should be said about it.

  131. Samantha

    I read it front-back around four hours.

    Just fyi- I loved it. It was amazing. Just, completely, w.o.w. I was soo incredibly excited about it.

  132. Wren

    If it took you less than six hours, then you aren’t just a fast reader, you missed something. Lots of things. 3 and 4 hours is ridiculous. I accuse you all of skipping through lots of it. There are a lot of words on each of Stephenie Meyer’s pages in Host, so twenty seconds per page can’t be right.
    Or perhaps you miscounted. I’ven’t finished yet because it sort of lost my interest (Twilight way better), but ten hours is a very reasonable amount of time all told.

  133. Wren

    Don’t know how long it really took, but, though there are boring romance scenes, it’s an okay book. It got better toward the end. Sorry for my previous post if I offended anyone.

  134. 30somethingmom

    Three days. Three whole days!

  135. Erin

    i actually finished it in two and a half days, which is slow for me, but when you factor in school and the fact that i can’t stay up till 4am reading as i did with twilight.. i think it was fairly quick. Anyway I loves it, of course.

  136. Erin

    i’d just like to add on that 1. certain parts had be bawling and 2 . i tried reading it in school but it got to the point where (after several warnings) it was confiscated .

  137. Sarah

    I read the whole thing in about three hours – it was brilliant. It’s a lot more of an emotional book than Twilight (I cried about five times reading this book), and I’m not sure if you’ll like it. It’s not squealy-girly; it’s mature girly, and despite marketing tags, it’s mostly about motherly love. Normal guy-girl relationship love does happen, but it’s not really the focus like it is in Twilight.

  138. margaret

    I’ve finished it, and I might love it more than Twilight. Don’t hurt me, I haven’t decided yet. I have one thing to add, though.

    Stephenie has a mean streak!

    If you’ve finished it you probably know what I’m talking about.

  139. Angelina

    I hate to rub it in but I am so happy that I did it. I got the book a little later cause I didn’t have money May 6 =(

    I got the book and read it in less than a day. I couldn’t put the book down….. Thank God it was a Saturday! ^_^ lol

  140. Angelina

    5 hours to be exact….. But not three hours….. How the heck did you do that Sarah??? You must be a super reader!

  141. Chrisitine

    The Host is such a great book! I read it in 2 days, but that’s because I had school the next day. (I ended up just faking sick the next morning b/c I had fallen asleep at 4 in the morning and I couldnt force myself to get up for school. I did however get up to read The Host) :)

  142. Francisca

    3 days and i am the slowest read you can ever meet!

  143. Shelly

    I liked The Host, but I loved her Twilight books. I finished it in about 5 hours total. I made it last several days reading only a chapter here and there. I will not have that restraint with BD in August. NOTE: Her newest book is too much like a Star Trek TNG episode called, strangely enough, The Host. It’s about a symbiotic relationship between a “person” and the parasite that inhabits the body. If you liked the book, you will enjoy this episode of ST:TNG.

  144. Annie

    I just finished a couple days ago – it’s amazing, I really wasn’t expecting to love it this much.

  145. Shelby

    I finished it in one day, technically two but I started at around 11 in the night and finished the next day at around 3 in the afternoon. I think I may have given the book water damage from all of the crying I did; it made me unusually emotional.

  146. Kathlene

    Since I have an erratic job schedule, I only get to read during the commute, during lunch and before bedtime and it took me nearly a week.

    I bought “The Host” to distract me from the long wait for “Breaking Dawn” and “Twilight the Movie”.
    What I didn’t expect is a gem of a story so like and unlike the Twilight saga.

    Don’t wanna kill the joy out of the others who haven’t read it through the end, but all I can say is that Miss Meyer sure has the uncanny ability of making you care a great deal about the people her brilliant mind conjures.

    And watch out Edward Cullen fans! Someone in this book is bound to make you fall in love… again.

  147. Kelci

    It took me three or four days. Usually I’m faster, but it seemed like EVERY TEACHER was determined to piss me off with homework. Grrrr

    Still loved it. Possibly MORE than Twilight. =]

  148. anthony

    this book was crazy awsome, i read it in 6hours, and couldnt put i down. i wouldnt shun twilight for this though
    in my opinion, you want to read any other book other than the twilight series

  149. Courtney

    If your really want the truth it took me 3 hours to read the host.

  150. Victoria

    It took me three evenings to read The Host. Every night that I dreamed about what I read. I know. Sad, very sad. I love the book nearly as much as the Twilight saga.

  151. Ash

    Well….I got it when it came out…and I read the first two chapters and kind of fell out of interest. The other day I ran out of books to read so thought I would take it up again…read it in 2 days. IT was so good. Read it. Love it.

  152. Angie

    I got that book. I finished reading it in a week! Its as good as twilight. Hope you enjoy reading the twilight series and the host!

  153. Kylie

    It took about a week for me to read it and i’m 13 so it probably won’t take you as long. it’s AMAZING

  154. Caitlyn

    i live in Utah, and on the 6th of June we drove to Idaho for my cousin’s wedding. i took the host just in case i had time to read. well, on the following Monday, we began our trip to Oregon for a family reunion. i read straight from Boise, ID to Flourince, OR. (i begged my dad to take a detour to Portland, haha, just to try and see some of the places they filmed Twilight). the entire time my dad was giving me a hard time saying, “when people ask you what you saw in Oregon, what are you gonna say? the pages of a yellow bound book?” or constantly telling me to put the book away and enjoy the view. trust me, the dive from Idaho to Oregon really isn’t that majestic! he even went as far as to offer a dollar to the first person in the car to see the ocean. mind you i did look up once in a while to peak at the surroundings. anyways, i didn’t have much time to read while at the actually reunion, so i had to wait until we made our journey home on Thursday. we didn’t make it home until Friday, and within the last thirty minute home stretch i was reaching the final chapters of the book. i was frantically trying to finish before i got home because i had to go straight. so as i sit in the back of the car reading the last chapters i start silently bawling like a baby!! my nephew gives me the “you’ve got to be kidding me” stare and asks in his sincerely confused tone, “caitlyn, are what you crying for?” which of course brings on the scrutiny of my whole family! i quickly try to hide the evidence of the traitor tears on my face as i look up to see my parents trying to mask their amusement. and the look on my father’s face as i watched him in the rear view mirror was plain torture! all i could muster was “shut up!” and the worst part of all, i only had one chapter left when we pulled in the drive way!! my brother was covering for me at work because we ended up getting into town two hours later than expected due to road construction. so i had to wait four and a half hours to finally finish the book! the suspense nearly killed me. i do have to say that i utterly loved it!!! i hope you enjoy it as well, and word to the wise-if you tend to cry easily, read the end of the book in private!!!!!! trust me!

  155. Melissa

    Yeah, so I am completely aware that it has been months since this was posted. But on the off chance that it matters I read the host in a span of three days. It normally takes only a few hours for me to finish a novel that size but I had school and it was graduation week so I had to play in band and stuff for that and my parents forced me to socialize with them well I was at home instead of running up to my bedroom and gobbling up the rest of the book. So yes, three days but in all fairness it would have taken three hours like the books in the twilight saga had it not been for school!
    Anyhow the Host is awesome.
    It makes you question humanity as a whole, it really does. Its thought provoking and mind-numbing and gives you real sympathy and emotion for the characters you relate to.
    I personally identified with the main character (the Soul) but that is just me.
    It will be intersting after you are finished with the twilight saga and everything else you’re doing to hear your thoughts on the Host. And see who you relate to.
    Bye, melissa

  156. Melissa

    Oh, and in my opinion it was better than twilight, if that is possible….
    maybe because i connected with the characters on a deeper level than I did with Bella and Edward and Co. …is it weird to relate to aliens more than vampires?….or humans for that matter?….(hmmm…ponders sanity…)

  157. greta

    aaaaah i love the host. i love the twilight series to but i think the host is more mature and deeper and it doesnt just focus on romance. quite interesting and i just couldnt put the book down. i read it in maybe three or four days but thats just me. no one’s pressuring you haha. i wish i took more time when reading these amazing books but i cant help it their too good!

  158. Hope

    So I just started to read The Twilight guy (Its july) and I love it! I wanted my first comment to be here becouse… (please done’t kill me)

    I like The Host BETTER then Twilight. Not that I don’t love Twilight, I DO!!! Its amazing! There is just something bout The Host that I love…

  159. Luie

    2 days flat :) It was awesome lol

  160. Kryst*

    Took me four days (one day longer than Deathly Hallows) bcuz my mommy took it away for the night. (somthing she also did with all the Harry Potter books and the other Twilight books, except New Moon becuz it made me too emo to keep reading it into the night)

  161. mckenzie

    I haven’t read The Host yet(don’t think i’ll like it better than twilight) but my friend wouldn’t go through one conversation without suggesting me to read so I suppose i’ll read it.

  162. Stephanie

    I took me about a week cause the
    beggining kind of bored me so I read it little by little. Until it got good did I read up in like 2 days. It was really good.
    Different from Twilight in a sense.

  163. Hunter Lepold

    It actually took me a whole day! Breaking Dawn took me 6 and a half hours, and I read both Twilight and New Moon in one day, with Eclipse taking a lot of the next day

  164. Skye

    howcome (almost) everyone on here is a girl? Weird…. It took me a few days to read it. It Was AMAZING. I loved it more than Twilight. I cried so much during this book, my eyes were burning forever! BTW, don’t put on makeup….

    I love vampire books! This is one of my favorite books. I have to say that Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series is the best. i can’t wait for the third book to come out in December! It’s torture waiting for books..

  165. Britt

    I loved it, of course.

    I hope SM writes heaps more books… so that i can have a nice collection :)

  166. Kelsi

    i read it and it is awesome!! beginning is really confusing and boring but its gets really good after the first couple chaps.

  167. Karen

    oooh, itΒ΄s great! at the beginning i was like… what!?! but then it got REALLY good. itΒ΄s one of my favorites books!

  168. Emalee

    It took me about 3 days of frantic reading. And then I reread it. I think I may be the only one in saying it was WAYYY better then Twilight! And that is saying A LOT as you know. Keep reading!

  169. Emalee

    That book was AMAZING! It took me about two and a half days to read it, but of course school, and life got in the way, as it seemed to do with many of you. *sigh* I may be the only one in saying this, but i thought it was WAYY better than Twilight, and I never cried. Sorry. BYE

  170. Katie

    … I finished the host in a grand total of two and a half hours.

    And… Emalee, you’re not the only one. I’m going to have to say, regretfully, I liked The Host better than Twilight.

    *cringes and waits for ostracization*

  171. Amanda

    It took me about two and a half hours. I read it right after Eclipse because I needed something to hold me up till Breaking Dawn came out. It was pretty good, but not as good as Twilight. For me, anyway.

  172. fng

    read twilight and new moon then,
    i had the host for 2 weeks read the first chapters, they seemed kinda boring…
    but read further in and finished it in 4 days(i was working and stuff so i only read it during the night)
    and just started eclipse im on ch 10 at the moment πŸ˜›

  173. devz30

    I am really amazed at people who can read a book in 3/2 hours. REally, that would only take me 1/3 or 1/2 of the book or something. I never actually tried reading Twilight for 2 hours straight, the school being the biggest factor why I couldn’t.
    I did start reading it, and it seems pretty good…I haven’t finished it though. >.<

  174. Clara Renee

    ha ha i actually bought it like the day after it came out at an airport! ha ha though my parents regreted it because then i like totaly ignored the family we were taking a plane to see

  175. Alyssa

    i can’t believe i haven’t found out about this site until today!
    i think it is amazing that you talk about The Host :)
    i bought the book when it just came out and i had no clue what it was about and hadn’t heard about it before my visit to the bookstore. all i can say is that i am SO HAPPY that i my uncle bought it for me _< it was beautiful and the characters won my heart! it is very much different from Twilight but the chemistry and love is pretty much the same.. all i hope for now is a SEQUEL!!! <3 <3

  176. Meagan

    yeah…it was super great! I hope she continues with the series. πŸ˜€

  177. Wendy

    I hope this continues, it’s pretty good.

  178. Rachel

    I got this book the first day…it tooks me a couple days because the release was right in the middle of band camp with ten hour days so i had to wait til breaks and lunch to read.
    I really enjoyed it though, and I do hope she continues it.

  179. Kim

    I took it on a trip to Europe that was suppouse to last two weeks but I finished it in the first three or four days! However, I enjoyed reading it over and over.

  180. Monica

    This book is really good! I finished all Stephenie Meyer’s books in less than a week. Though I really can’t read just one Meyer book in two hours because I’m not that fast of a reader and I read it word for word, not skipping parts just to get it done… Well, the Host was really nice and I’m really looking foward to Meyer’s next book. As far as which book(s) are better… I thought they were all very good, but I actually can’t compare book(s) without the same genre (ei Twilight-vampire) and also written by the same author. I have all her books in hard back and perfect condition though and I hope that Meyer can keep on writting Midnight Sun and make a sequal to The Host. I will Definatly but them hard back and keep them in perfect condition. OMG, I just love them so much!
    Monica, PrincessPeach168

  181. Brianna

    It actually took me quite awhile to finish reading The Host. I got it for Christmas and I just finished reading it today. But that’s because of school and such. But, I loved it. Stephenie Meyer never fails to amaze me.

  182. Lora T.S.

    Oh, Gosh, I absolutely adore this book, I even started to translate it in my own language (it’s Bulgarian) just to reread yet again! But the first time I read it, it took me around a week..*thinky face*

  183. Amy

    I can’t wait to see what Stephenie will write next. She is an amazing author on any subject! It took me only five hours to read this one, but I’ve reread it at least 4 times since.

  184. kenzie

    it took me 3 days but thats cause i had school 2 caus eim only in 7th grade
    i LOVE the book
    u can kinda see a little bit of twilight in it but it is still a wonderful sifi/romance/adventure book!!!

  185. Amylee

    Well i did it in 2 days like all of her books !
    I hope that Stephenie Meyers can keep on writting Midnight Sun and make a sequal to The Host.

  186. shannon

    what is the host aboutt?

  187. Anna

    I actually am having my boyfriend read the host before twilight… i completely adore twilight, but the message that is sent in the host is a good one. also, SM's writing skills increase as she goes… i think it would hilarious to have him have his own twilightguy blog but he is forever busy with work and his last two years at university… but not to worry! after that, hello Vancouver! here's to hoping that he wont wake up when i pour glitter on him…

  188. k

    that book take me 4 WEEKS
    i know im read very slow πŸ˜›
    but is good book

  189. annie doiron

    I love the host just like i love twilight saga… but i still waiting for the next book if he have a other… and waiting for midnight sun i read the part in the net and its so amazing i would like to know the rest of it…

  190. viskan

    24 hours give or take πŸ˜€

  191. aletheia

    I read the host in about a day and loved it. The setting, the world of the book, was one of the most intriguing I've ever experienced in a book. The host raised many thoughts and discussions with friends.

    However, I could guess the ending way before it happened, because it was so Steph. There were many similarities to Bellas thoughts and feelings. But I would not have had the ending any other way, so I loved it anyway. It's an awesome story and very much worth reading.

  192. Lilly

    When are we going to get more of The Host?! Did you move on to Shiver and making a whole new website before finishing The Host even? Why no The Host content? No loyalty to Stephenie and her work beyond Twilight? I'm miffed.

  193. Guest

    I read it in two weeks. It's a wonderful book, I dare say better tha Twilight Saga!!!

  194. Guest

    I read it in two weeks. It's a wonderful book, I dare say better tha Twilight Saga!!!

  195. alec varga

    never read this book but im going to buy it πŸ˜€

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