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Reading Twilight: Chapter 8 (Port Angeles)

May 15th, 2008 at 4:00 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Time After Time by Quietdrive

Ah, Port Angeles! The chapter which I’ve heard so much about, where I finally start to find the answers to many of the questions that have been raised so far. I admit, it is hard not to already know that Edward is a vampire, because heck, doesn’t everybody know that? But I’ve still been looking forward to it, and there were actually many surprises.


One Surprise I Didn’t Find In Twilight

First off, I realized that Forks and Port Angeles are actually in Washington, and I will be stopping there for a day between flights up north. I then immediately Mapquested the distance to Forks, only to choke at a number near 180 or so miles. Certainly not affordable for a taxi. I might as well rent a helicopter. So to you Forkslings: I shan’t make it this year, though the photos would have been worth gold for my blog.

Hopefully I don’t have to remind you that I am a guy, and my male tendencies begin to win out when the girls go shopping for prom dresses. As I read that part (which is thankfully brief), I might as well be sitting there in the women’s section, staring at the ceiling and wishing that I had spent just a little more money on better cell phone games, or had some accident working at the coal mine and been stuck in hospital with my limbs yet to be reattached. I can suffer through shopping, but the problem here is that there are three girls who would talk to each other and ignore me, making me simply a pack-mule for the bags. Anyhow, it’s one of those things that I can suffer through, until the party gravitates towards the makeup counter. Then you’ll find me in the food court.

Not The Food Court I Had In Mind

Not The Food Court I Had In Mind

Bella, like me, immediately goes to look for the nearest bookstore. I remember when we were visiting San Antonio, Texas, and my mom had darted into some place to shop for pots and pans (one trip I refuse to partake). I immediately spotted the nearest Borders and dashed in, just to be around a huge store of books for a few minutes of fresh air. Of course, I remember they had so many copies of Twilight, they had to stack them on the floor in a huge tower; but back then, I wasn’t quite courageous enough to take a peek, and hurried around the Twilightasaurus before someone might glance in my direction and snicker.

Edward finally begins to reveal some of his abilities, which I immediately found interesting. The fact that he can read minds is one that is intriguing: but I like it better also that he can’t outright read exactly what they’re thinking. It seems to be more of a slight clairvoyance than a full ability, like he hops from mind to mind trying to keep track of Bella. His revelation in the restaurant was one that I had not expected, since nobody had told me that he had these powers. It leads me to wonder what all of his brothers and sisters can do– or do all the vampires have the same powers? (Don’t tell!). I was also very glad that Edward appeared out of nowhere, but I can’t resist the wish that he had at least bumped into those guys slightly, to give them fair warning of what will eventually come their way (more than likely a short drop and a sudden stop).

The largest gasp from me for this chapter came when I glanced down at the bottom and realized that I have already read 178 pages of this book. I just keep flipping these pages it doesn’t feel like the nearly-200 I’m up to, and when I reached the end of this chapter my eyes automatically went onto the first page of Chapter 9 without even realizing it (don’t worry- I corrected my mistake and immediately did a brain-wipe to erase any spoilers).


– I will be leaving for the farthest northern state next week, so my posting will be scattered depending on flights. Glancing with horror at my itinerary, I realized I will be sitting for 6 1/2 hours in one airport, then later the same day, another 6 hours in a different airport. Abysmal misery? Yes. When I pay through the ear for internet in said airports? Slightly better.

– Some people are not getting my email replies. I am caught up on all emails sent to me up to MAY 4. If you sent me a message on May 4 or earlier, but do not have a reply, check your bulk mail folder. I will be getting to everyone else, don’t worry!

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56 Responses

  1. inmortal

    You can finish reading Twilight in the airport 😀

    And OMG THAT GASP you talked about hahah… I did gasp too!!!! I was like OMGG… 200 pages already? I haven’t ever read that fast in my life LOL.

  2. Bernice

    You’re hilarious :)
    I LOVE THE TWILIGHT GUY REPORTS. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. A guy’s insight on Twilight is highly entertaining. Thanks again!

  3. Aria

    I second on your possibility of finishing Twilight in the airport. That is if you’re not afraid of a possible stare or two coming from teenage girls (it’s bound to happen, as most girls are OBSESSED with these books).

  4. Teygan

    Awesome! This is my favorite chapter. I can _see_ Edward pinching the bridge of his nose and trying to calm himself (reminds me of my husband) . . . this whole chapter is my favorite interaction . . .well, until I get to the rest of the book and then series…

  5. Isobella Magpie

    See..I didn’t have the patience you possess. I read twilight straight. Just didn’t stop, same as Eclipse and New Moon. I was busting for the loo by the end of each book!

  6. Vanessa

    So is it safe to say that this chapter dazzled you, frequently?

  7. Phinecia

    Welcome to the addiction!

  8. Kaley

    Hehe it’s so funny to read what a guy actually thinks. I remember when I made my boyfriend buy the books and then we read them together. He enjoyed them just the same and everytime I had a free minute all I would hear is…”Can we read together now? I wanna know what happens next!” Hehe. Kepp it up :)

  9. stef

    Actually Kaleb, Edward’s ability to read minds is just that…he can hear people’s exact thoughts. Just thought I’d clear that up.

  10. Lauren

    My friend showed me this website and I LOVE IT!! You are SO funny! And I also say that you should read Twilight while waiting at the airport.The books are awesome,I can’t wait to see what you think when your done with Twilight! Thanks for posting!!

  11. Roxie

    I think it’s important to address that what happened to Bella, happens to girls and women everyday in real life.

    Strangers (usually men) making rude, physically evaluative or sexually explicit comments to them. These comments and interactions increase fear among women of being kidnapped, assaulted, or raped.

    I have been yelled yet, I have seen girls followed, I know women who have been fondled, and followed in cars by strange men. This is a very common occurance.

    I think this part in this chapter was one of the most realistic scenes. I truly felt Bella’s cold sweat. I know that fear. I have been followed by strange men. Unforntunately, there was no shiny volvo.

    I was very glad it was in there. And I think it should be discussed.

    Just my .02

  12. Roxie

    Also, keep up the great work!

  13. Samantha

    Congrats on the near-two-hundred, haha!
    This chapter is one of my favorites.

    Will you be reading while waiting in the airport?

  14. Amanda

    your question on their powers, you find out a little bit in this book but it goes more into it in new moon 😀

  15. KKKmart

    OMG i am the friend Lauren was talking about…i found this website off twilight teez and i love it…chapter 8 is super awesome keep reading. Twilight is the best book ever and i think it’s awesome a guys reading it cuz some of my guy friends hav and hated it! ugh i kno thanks for reading!

  16. Alexon

    LOL those pics cracked me up particularly the food court one. xD And your reference to the big stack of Twilight books, those piles are everywhere! xD It’s kind of funny really. xD Yeegads 6 hrs. at an airport? The most I spent was 2 hrs. at O’hare. Can’t wait for your next update!

  17. Nazrine

    ahahaha your paragraph on shopping made me laugh, because it’s true. More often than not the guy DOES get ignored and used as a pack mule.

  18. Michelle

    I have to spend 6 hours at an air port on Saturday as well. I have stopped reading The Host at about page 200 so I can finish it while I sit and wait for my flight to arrive(I guess this is what I get for buying my tickets last week). Its eating me up inside that I am making myself wait to finish it. Its probably not nearly as bad containing myself from reading Twilight. I don’t know how you do it.

  19. twilight22lover

    its soooooooooooooooooooo hard not to spoil the ending for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ll try not to!!!! but i finished the book within about four days of getting it, so i can’t understand how you can possibly read the first of the best books ever so slow!
    ps, after you finish twilight, will there be new moon guy and eclipse guy? (i hope so!)

  20. Leah M

    I just have two questions. First, how will you be able to resist automaticly going to the next chapter near the end when the book gets REALLY REALLY good? I mean i have already read the series twice and when i pick up twilight again i cant even put it down in the begingin cause i know what is coming. and second, are you planning on reading New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. and what about the host?

  21. bookgirl

    you should finish twilight at the airport. buy new moon incase you finish twilight while youre still gone. Thats what i did.:)

  22. bookgirlluvstwilight

    you should finish twilight at the airport. buy new moon incase you finish twilight while youre still gone. Thats what i did.:)have fun reading twilight. i reeeeaaaaally want to tell you what will happen.i dont have a copy of the host yet.:(

  23. Rachel

    Umm, how did you NOT know Forks was in washington!? I mean pay attention here! But i forgive that minor mistake…haha anyway, yeah, the powers get cooler and more frequent as you read on, but I won’t ruin it for you!

  24. Kim

    Didn’t you like it when you realized why Edward was looking at her wierd at the beginning in the cafeteria? He looked at her as if he didn’t understand something… I love how everything just falls into place. YOU ARE GOING TO JUMP THROUGH THE TREES when you realize what the other Cullens can do! :):)I can’t wait to see what you have to say about them!


  25. Ches

    Yay! Pirates is the best movie ever.

    I think it’s amazing that you were able to sto reading. I know I would be able to.

  26. Jen

    Wow! That’s a lot of layover time. Hopefully you get a chance to get a lot of reading done. It’s so fun hearing your reactions 😀

  27. Val

    When I see that you’re actually taking this long to read Twilight, I realize I really do have no life to finish it in less than a day.

    I swear, the books get better and better :)

    Well, to me anyway x]

  28. Rachel

    What the other Rachel said.
    And hey, you DO know that you’re a genius, Kaleb? GENIUS I SAY!

    (I finished the Host!!!!!)

  29. Rachel #3 this time

    Wow…freaky! Last time I was the second Rachel to post…this time I’m third! Yay for Rachels everywhere!

    I have to say, I don’t blame you for going into Borders instead of shopping for pots and pans. My mom and Crate and Barrel…not a pretty sight. Many hours can be thrown out the window when those two are mixed.

    And I loved that food court thing. You seriously make me crack up, which is wonderful considering I’m sick (I think you infected me over the internet from that time you had the flu haha). I’ve actually been rereading Twilight to pass the time. Just this morning I’ve read to where you are now, which is actually why I decided to check on here to see where I compared to you. I keep re-noticing things that you’ve commented on – that brilliant anemones undulating ceaselessly line really is amazing.

    I wish you luck with your trip and your efforts at not reading ahead. By the end I bet you’ll either just give up and finish it or have to devise some brutal form of torture to keep yourself from reading ahead. Stephenie reallly is a master of suspense!!!

  30. Rachel #3 this time

    Oh yeah…I forgot something that your wondering about the other talents reminded me of. When we went camping last year we actually got this on book on tape to listen to. My dad and brother were listening too. My brother has actually read all three books! Wow! And he’s like 12, so him overlooking the romance was impressive and speaks wonders for the books. But, we were around this part and they were trying to guess the abilities. It was hilarious. My mom and I had read them already and were trying to give them hints. Some of their guesses were downright ridiculous…

  31. Gladys

    This is one of the best chapters! Edward is awesome on it!! And the boook keeps getting better and better if that`s even posible :) You`re gonna flip when you discover the powers of the other Cullens wiii!!

  32. Hope

    Kaleb, you have to keep reading! Read TWO chapters at the airport, because you have to get to Chapter 13 (Confessions) as soon as humanly possible. Keep reading, Kaleb! Go, go, go!

  33. Annie

    I love hearing a guys perspective…. i can’t believe how you can restrain yourself. I finished twilight the day i got it. I ignored most of my classes that day and stayed up untill midnight to finish it! But keep going! i think i might have to force my brother to read the book and your blog!

  34. twilight22lover

    i agree, get to chapter 13 asap!!!!! it is the best chapter in the whole book!!!!!!! i’ve memorized what page my favorite parts are in each book! but don’t ask me cause i forgot. 😀 lol

  35. Jenna

    Ugh. I really hate it when people just start reading these books. A lot of my friends were slow to jump on the Twilight-train as well.

    Not that I don’t appreciate it or anything. I am completely excited and ECSTATIC! But now that you know this little bit I want to talk about EVERYTHING but I CAN’T or I will give things away. It is so hard not to say “Well, in the next book…” or “you know, that is actually really funny because later….” All I can really say is JUST YOU WAIT.

    Also, as it has been mentioned, Edward CAN hear everything that people are thinking. He can choose, however, who (if anyone) he wants to listen to. In Port Angeles he was just kind of browsing…like scanning radio stations for something good.

  36. Lauren

    I love the song for this chapter!

    This is my favorite chapter ever.

    Oh, and I very much know what you mean about just wanting to be in a bookstore. I love going to Borders just to be around books, too.

    Have a safe trip!

  37. Teiners

    I love the noose! I wanted revenge on those guys to stop them from doing that again-or worse. Love this chapter. I love that Edward doesn’t notice the waitress. Of course that would be a girl thing (but that is a major bonus hint for any guys who want to impress their girl). Well Kaleb, you are doing great- I think you’ve dazzled some girls.

  38. Shannon

    By most northern state, I hope you mean Minnesota. ‘Cuz technically it is. And if you are in fact flying to the land of 10,000 lakes, are you giving people the opportunity to meet you? Though now that I look at the date, you’ve probably been there (where ever there is) and back again. Pity. I wish you could give my husband a few lessons. Look forward to more!

  39. Trevor the GUY

    I have gotten in to the craze, i started out intruged, and I can’t understand how you can wait to read the next chapter, as soon as i was done with one it was right on to the next one.

    I’d also like to say that the girls who had gotten me into the book were very mean to me, just as I was learning about his powers they took my book away from me in mid sentence…i freaked out, i am emarresed by it now, but at the time I was so into it…well, you know.

    I would also like to note that most of your commentary is hilarious and you seem to talk all about my exact thoughts, EXACTLY. So keep reading Twlight guy.

  40. Jingie

    yay! I’m glad to read ur comment, Trevor the GUY! ahahhaahha

  41. mehek

    ok so if you want to know about edwards POV go to stephenies website and go to other projects then click on midnight sun, trust me you will literally fall in love with him with just one chapter

  42. Nora

    This is my favorite chapter in the whole series. There is just something so romantic about…attempted rape and casual discussion of murder. This chapter really makes me love angela, even if her character is not overly developed. If you take note it also has wonderfull imagery, more so then some other chapters, I can picture the diner perfectly, especially for some reason the typical diner brown-tinted glasses of over seltzered coke.

  43. Kelsie

    hahah loving the Pirates reference

  44. saranicole

    I’m ASTOUNDED that you didn’t know Edward could read minds! I can’t believe the general populous kept the information from you! SHOCKING!!!

    Wasn’t it nice, though? Being able to discover something like that on your own? It was even better back in the days before the fan base got so large. I didn’t know Jacob was a werewolf until about 50 pages before Bella did! 😉

  45. Kitkat.Alice's creation

    twilight guy was afraid of twilight
    la gasp

  46. BrooklynBridges

    I know exactly what you mean when you say the pages fly by. They do! I’m amazed you have the patience to read it this slow. I didnt do math homework for a week when i got the book (i just filled in random numbers – its a completion grade)
    I am surprised you didnt already know about Edward’s mind-reading-ness. And yes, this is another thing girls love about Edward. You can just ask him what everyone else is thinking.

  47. Michelle

    This was a great chapter. Even better in Midnight Sun, where you see that in a way, Bella gets her justice on those evil fiends. I really wish Stephenie would finish that book and publish!

  48. Rebekah

    This is probably my favorite chapter, so I was glad that you liked it too!

    How you described the “shopping scene” was so funny!

    It’s funny that you wish Edward had “bumped” into those guys or something… My brother said and I quote “I would have just beat them up… Who cares if you kill them!” Which makes my brother sound way creepier than he is. Anyway I just thought it was funny that you both (as guys) had the same reaction.

    I love reading your posts.
    And I like readiing through Twilight “with you” you have such a fresh perspective.
    God Bless!

  49. Sophsoph11

    oh my goodness!!!!! i am in love with your reports!! and i am so glad that there is at least one guy out there who is willing to read twilight!

  50. Sophsoph11

    oh my goodness!!!!! i am in love with your reports!! and i am so glad that there is at least one guy out there who is willing to read twilight!

  51. Mickey Not Mouse

    lol a short drop and a sudden stop ^.^ I remember Norrington saying that in Pirates of the Caribbean. ^.^


  52. Twritebite

    I agree, it didn't seem like 200 pages. I actually saw the movie first, so while reading the book, I already knew that Edward could read minds, but Bella was so much more observant than I was while reading the book. She guessed that he could read minds, and I couldn't have done that.

  53. Lisa

    I find myself being quite similiar to Bella here. A fact is that I don't like to go shopping very often. Now and again when I have a bit of cash and need something, it can be alright, sometimes even fun. But I usually find it quite dull and boring, and don't seem to get the joy out of shopping that many other girls get. I would much rather be in a book shop examining the many books than examing a dress and its big price tag!

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