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TwilightGuy Reports: Twilight Gave Him The Answers (PART II)

May 21st, 2008 at 4:00 am by Kaleb Nation

A real, live Twilight Guy success story! We first heard from Greg a few days ago— here are the results of him reading Twilight!


” I e-mailed you earlier, Kaleb, about a girl in my math class who saved me from Twilight-ignorance. She gave me advice on how to cope with Twilight-obsessed friends. Most of all, she sent me to this site.
Well, she came to my soccer game (like the good girl she is πŸ˜‰ and was sitting out in the bleachers, in the rain, with only one friend. It was an away game, so nobody was there. Also, we … suck. Moving on.

After the game, I ran up to her. She was surprised because I moved so quickly, and dropped her umbrella. Without thinking, I reached down and snatched it off the ground, handing it back to her. She giggled, thanked me…and I think she blushed.
Only later did I realize that I had followed in Edward’s footsteps – he picked up her keys (but with faster reflexes.)

She told me about her experience during the game, which was a lot more interesting, I have to say, than mine. It was really funny, the way she told it – the soccer ball almost hit her in the head, and then a ball from the baseball diamond adjacent to the soccer field. I laughed, until she showed me the scrape on her hand from the sudden movement away from the baseball’s impact. This concerned me; it was clear she had been bleeding. I was about to go get a band-aid or something, but she put a hand on my arm. “No, Greg,” she laughed. “I’m fine.” I teased her about her klutziness, and we went our separate ways.

Only later did I realize – until just recently, I wouldn’t have picked up the umbrella. I wouldn’t have been concerned about her injury (or, what she didn’t know, want to go beat up the guy for almost hitting her.) I’m just not that kind of guy. I’m not protective, or a good listener, or polite, or jealous… At least, I wasn’t.

The weird thing, though, is that I learned this from a fictional vampire. And suddenly…our relationship (pardon my cheesy word choice here) has blossomed. I’ve found it easier to talk to her, when I listen. I’ve found the finite details about her all the more important.

And, I got her to ask me to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. She claims it was for my ‘chivalrous actions’. So thank you, Edward Cullen and Kaleb. You’ve just won me a night at a dance with a beautiful girl. Hopefully, I can win myself a relationship with a girl I care about.”

Submitted by Greg

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122 Responses

  1. Danni

    If only all men would realize that they could learn a thing or 2 from Edward Cullen…

  2. abbface

    awwww thats so cute! I wish i knew a guy like that! why cant more guys be like edward?

  3. miumiu

    awww so cute! keep us updated….^^

  4. Isobella Magpie


  5. Sarah

    so sweet. I want a guy like that!

  6. Alannah

    Awwww :) That’s adorable.
    Someone should make a how to be like edward handbook for guys.

  7. A.J.

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Aww, makes me more than a little bit jealous.

  8. Val

    That’s sweet, Stephenie Meyer has invented something that can make guys more sensitive πŸ˜€ This is something valuable she has there.

  9. Freak

    That’s so sweet! I wonder if the girl has read this and figured out who it is? Well, you are a very lucky girl! :)

  10. Nikki

    Pah! I wish I could find at least a Greg if not an Edward! πŸ˜€ That’s so sweet.

  11. Melissa

    Oh, that is SO sweet!!! And /that/ is why we want other boys to read twilight. It helps them get the girls they want, and we get a sweeter, more respecting boy. πŸ˜€ Keep it up, Greg!!!

  12. Sara

    That is such a good story! I never realized that Twilight could have such an effect on people. Well, besides the effect of rabid fanaticism.

  13. hazel

    wow!! that was nice! πŸ˜€
    Good Luck Greg!! πŸ˜‰

  14. Sarah (mark rep)

    That’s SO awesome :-)

  15. Rachel

    That was sweet! Aww…Hope it works out with you!
    We’re all looking for an Edward in our own ways. Even the people who haven’t read Twilight are looking. Because Edward’s sweet, considerate and he respects women. He’s awesome!

  16. M.A.C.

    Aw, that was so sweet. i’ve never read something so tender. i mean, something that wasn’t in a book…
    Why, oh please tell me WHY can’t boy learn that being caring and polite doesn’t hurt anybody? that if you’re concerned for another human being nobody will stake you?(sr for spelling). why all the good guys are either fictional characters, married, or gay?
    Life isn’t fair, Bella was right….bitch.:P
    oooh, by the way, wonderful site!

  17. Kayla

    Aww! Good for you! I wish more guys weren’t afraid to put themselves out in the open a little more for a relationship. I think it’s official, Kaleb. Stephenie Meyer is the greatest mom ever. She can even give guys good girl advice :)

  18. Minh-Thu

    AW! That’s so cute! i think all guys in the world should read twilight and learn how to be polite and chilvarious^^

  19. Minh-Thu

    Ops, I mean chivalrous. Anyway I want to say that I love TwilightGuy.com! β™₯

  20. Miss Tina

    aaawww! that’s just adorable! i actually know a guy who’s read Twilight and the sequels and i’ve noticed a slight change in his behavior too (he’s more polite and gentlemanly). It’s so cool when guys actually learn something from Edward!!!

  21. Sariah


    Smart guy!! Good luck to Greg and his blossoming relationship! :)

  22. Paola

    AWWW!! that’s so sweet.

  23. Jennifer

    aww thats sweet greg. you must be a very good guy (especially learning from the beautiful Edward). Have fun at your dance. Yay Kaleb, you reading twilight has opened up guys eyes. Hopefully they can learn from our beloved Edward.

  24. Jackie

    Incredibly sweet story! Seriously … just too cute!

    Most guys could learn a thing or two from Edward Cullen … and, now they can learn something from Kaleb as well!

  25. Sara

    Aw, how cute.
    This is utterly silly but my eyes watered a bit xD
    Every guy should read Twilight, the world would be such a better place!

  26. LSinclair

    This story made my day! I’m simply anazed he unconsciously picked up Edward’s habits. Seriously, I’m in total shock- but a thrilled shock! Could this be the key to helping guys? It’s too precious a request to ask aloud- this is like the birthday wish before blowing out the candles! hehehe

  27. LSinclair

    This story made my day! I’m simply anazed he unconsciously picked up Edward’s habits. Seriously, I’m in total shock- but a thrilled shock! Could this be the key to helping guys communicate and get out of their shell? It’s too precious a request to ask aloud- this is like the birthday wish before blowing out the candles! hehehe

  28. lesley

    I love the updates on this story! This was so cute if only I could get my husband to read Twilight!!!!

  29. ifsogirl80

    Cute story… thanks for sharing it, I hope everything turns out for the best. My husband and I are highschool sweethearts so who knows, with a little Edward on your side (wink). I did get my husband to read all 3 books and he said he liked them but I haven’t noticed any changes… maybeonly works on young people. :) Love the site Kaleb.

  30. Autumn

    awe i want a mini edward. xD

  31. Rose

    aww…that’s sweet!
    I wish I could get some guys in my school to read Twilight and learn from Edward. =)
    Love the site, Kaleb.

  32. Libby

    Aww, that’s just too cute…I agree with the posts here so far from all the girls wishing more guys would take the time to learn from Edward…but I can’t help but wonder: what would the world be like if every guy on earth was perfect? Wouldn’t that make Edward Cullen less “Edward”?

  33. Devika (loves Edward!)

    Yayyy! That’s so great! Awww, I hope everythign works out for the two of them- don’t you?

  34. Jackie

    That is the cutest thing ever!! I had to share the story with my friends. Oh, if only more guys were like that!

  35. Bex

    A lot of guys could learn from Edward’s courteous example. The golden rule all men should live by is WWED(What would Edward do?)! Way to go Greg, I wish I knew more guys like you!

  36. Pam

    Goodness. I’m thinking every guy ought to read Twilight and learn from it. Then again all the guys I know are pretty much jerks to begin with. I doubt any would indeed dare to read Twilight.

  37. Ashley

    Awweee. I sent that story to all of my ignorant guy friends with hopes that it’ll teach them a lesson! And of course my girl friends, no doubt raising their standards even more.. heh.
    Twilight guys rock!

  38. Emma

    Such brilliance.

  39. Sammie

    This is exactly why all high schools or colleges need a course in their communications department called Edward Cullen 101. Take a semester, read the book, and understand the gentlemanly aspects of a fictional vampire. Believe me, the ladies in their lives will appreciate it. If not for just the ‘learning to be more gentlemanly’ part.

  40. Annie

    let me repeat what so many people have said so far: Awwwww!
    I defiantly want a Greg at the very least if i can’t have an Edward!

  41. Filipa

    Good luck with her, Greg! πŸ˜‰ (hum, I wonder if she has already read this and knows who you are? xD relax, I’m sure she won’t react badly if she finds out ;)… at least I wouldn’t)

    I wonder if the guys will read the book after the movie is released. And I wonder is those guys are all going to become potential Edward Cullen’s… Well, if that happens, I’d like to pre-order one of those with the Twilight DVD, please. xD πŸ˜›

  42. Lee

    Thats adorable lol every girls dream. By the way you put the wrong heading on the script you put HE GOT CAUGHT READING TWILIGHT! lol thought i would let you know. Ciao

  43. Mirela

    I just loved this. LOVED it. As I was reading on, before it got to the dance part and so forth, I kept thinking how… interesting it is that the girl that explained Twilight to this guy is now a ‘sweetheart”!!!!!! Awsome. Yeah, Edward Cullen is the guy (and I use that term loosely) that men should learn from.

  44. Nicole

    the adorableness is overwhelming. i should pass out copies of twilight to every guy within a 5-mile radius from me and see if they learn anything.

  45. Kim

    That was cute.


  46. Erin


    Will you marry me???
    lol just kidding (well sort of)

    I think its great that you read twilight and picked up Edward’s habits, I wish more guys were like you!!!!

  47. TwilightStar

    Awwww, that was so incredibly sweet! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!

    If only more guys would read Twilight and learn a thing or two (or maybe around fifty-seven) from Edward.

  48. shelby

    Aw I’m so happy for you Greg! thats great. its a good thing that guys are picking up on Edward’s traits.
    HOWEVER I hope guys don’t pick up on ALL of Edward’s traits.
    like his inability TO SHARE HIS FEELINGS. gawsh hes got Bella so confused all the time. πŸ˜›
    but GOOD FOR YOU GREG! continue being a sweetie πŸ˜‰

  49. Ana

    Ah! :) so sweet. I think she’s really lucky. more guys should try and learn something from Edward.

  50. Debbie

    That is so cool. Good for you, I think all guys should learn from Edward. We need more gentlemen in the world.

  51. Kim

    OME (oh my Edward) that is the cutest story ever. I hope I can find a guy like greg if not edward. Well who ever this lucky girl is, I hope you have fun at the dance. And I hope more guys pick up Twilight and really learn from it like greg.

  52. Brie

    Aww how sweet! Every guy should follow Edward’s example!

  53. frankie

    Way to go Greg for having the guts to read the book and for learning from Edward. It should be required reading for all guys. With your new found Edwardness, she’s a very lucky girl and I think she’ll be just as thrilled and excited as you are.

  54. Morgan A.

    Awwwwww this greg is so sweet xD

    If only more guys could learn from Edward….

  55. Let!

    AWWW! Merry me, Greg LOL

    No, but seriously, that was so adorable! I wish there were more guys out there following Edward’s steps :)

  56. meekin

    This is the most adorable story.

    She’s a lucky girl!

  57. Greg

    Hey, guys. Er, mostly girls. Thanks for wishing me luck at the dance – let’s just hope I don’t trip. I thought it was only girls that were supposed to be cursed with Bella-moments.

    You know, I didn’t really think about the possibility of her reading this…She’d probably freak out: “Greg, my goodness, you’re on TwilightGuy’s site! How amazing!” Ah, Twilight-obsessed girls. *sigh*
    Sorry, ‘Let!’, but I can’t take you up on the offer of marriage, although that was kind of you. (My mom has always told me to be a good little boy and never connect with anyone over the internet other than just using the internet.)

    No, she’s not a lucky girl. I kind of feel sorry for her – there are so many guys that could be, I don’t know, better than me. I’m the lucky one, however stupid, pathetic, and love-sick-puppy-dog that sounds.

    And wouldn’t it be creepy if everyone started acting like Edward? Fights would break out over who was opening the doors. Oh! Maybe we should have half the guys act like Jacob Black!

    Or not. Thanks again for the encouragement and support –


  58. Jen


  59. Jade

    Greg: I wish the guys I knew were like you.
    Unfortunately, the only guy I know who has read twilight turned out to be more of a Jacob Black type than an Edward. I still have hope for my Edward though!

  60. Jackie

    Greg … hahaha … you are amazing! =)

  61. Callie

    Okay, it should be required for all guys (mostly the ones at my school) to read Twilight. You will never hear of an abusive relationship again.

  62. Kelci

    Oooooh!!! That is so sweet! Chivalry is so not dead!

    Haha I got a guy at my school to read Twilight! I was very pleased with myself. Though I already have a boyfriend who cringes every time I mention Edward, Jacob, or Twilight.

    He needs a serious thwack over the head with a 498-page bestselling novel… =]

    Oh, and Callie, I agree with you!!! It SHOULD be required that all guys read Twilight!!!

  63. Sara ( Yeah there are maney of us)

    The article made me want to cry. It was so beautiful! I loved it! Thats so cool πŸ˜€

  64. Stephanie

    I wish my boyfriend would learn from Edward!

    Go Greg!

  65. Kim

    Greg, good luck! Your comment was so sweet. But don’t worry, as long as there are Edward Cullens there will be Jacob Blacks. You need opposites to create balance!

  66. Sarah (another one - shocking)

    That’s awesome! I wish more guys would learn from Edward. That’s the kind of guy that I want, and a lot of other girls too. Kalab, I hope you’re taking notes, girls will be impressed. πŸ˜‰

  67. Kyra

    AWWW!!!! Thats soooooooo CUTE!!!

  68. Katie Beth

    And now that girl’s probably reading this. Awesome. πŸ˜€

  69. MrsCarlisle

    AwwwWwww!!! Hoowww [email protected]!! Go Greg!! Whoo-hoo!! πŸ˜€
    Twilight is making the world a better place!

  70. Brookie

    O! That is just the quickest thing I have ever heard!

  71. Katie

    Awwww! That totally just made me lose my breath for a minute, and I’m not usually the type of girl to get all, well, girly about this sort of thing. Hmm… I think I’m going to force all my guy friends to read Twilight now.. πŸ˜€

  72. Kasandra

    It would be awesome if “Edwardness” became a national trend among men of all ages. Best wishes Greg!

  73. Marissa

    OMGSH!!! That’s soo adorable!! ugh! Can’t everyone be like that?

  74. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    Greg, good luck!!

    It’s sad, the one guy I know who’s already read Twilight is already a total gentleman – he’s actually the closest thing to an Edward that I know. And my boyfriend also cringes when I mention the book. (He’s really only heard the title of the book; I think he’d freak out if I started raving about some mysterious Edward, especially since I have a friend with the same name, lol.)

  75. Lauren

    Ohhh how sweeeetttt!

  76. Aurielle

    Well, if the girl was the one who told him about Twilightguy.com, wouldn’t she be reading all this? Hmmm…

  77. Ana

    i’ll join in the chorus of “aww!”
    that’s amazing..wish I had a Greg. :( πŸ˜›
    but ANYWAYS
    ahaha good for you Kaleb, for getting men to show their weak side πŸ˜‰

  78. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    Call me the SKEPTIC…but this is almost too good to be true..UMMMM..is this guy for real???!!!

  79. Meghan

    This is so cute! I love it when guys do stuff like this! If only I knew a guy like that… *sigh*

  80. Kate

    awww. this is so cute. All guys should read twilight.

  81. Vamp :}

    AWWWWWW!!!!! SO CUTE!!!
    i am so glad for this site Kaleb!! I would never hear (or read i guess) cute stories with out it!!
    I think some guys in my school need to pick up that book!

  82. Ash DA Bomb!

    There is alot of AAWWWWW’s and That so sweet’s LOL!!! But It is pretty AWWWWWWWWW That’s SO SWWEEEETTT!!! LOLLLL!! But I’m glad that everything WORK out with you! Just goes to show
    But I think Midnight Sun will be a better guild for guys (can’t wait for that) But CONGATS!!


  83. Natasha

    That’s right, Greg! Eddie Cullen has ALL of your solutions to your girl problems!

  84. Mary

    AWWWW… that was so sweet.

  85. Jenna

    cutest. thing. ever.

    this is cuter than the hale twins.

    I wish this happened to more guys. Namely guys I know.

  86. Megan

    Super cute! Guys should definitely learn from Edward.

    Here’s wishing you the best, Greg. But don’t lose confidence in yourself!! The whole “I’m not good enough for her” mentality can be just as annoying as self-righteousness. You’re a nice guy! Be proud of that and don’t sell yourself too short. ^_~

    Have fun at your dance.

  87. Jessie

    AW! That story is so amazing! Go Greg! More guys should learn from Edward cause all the guys at my school are jerks who let their hormones run rampid. *pouts* I want a Greg/Edward…

  88. Macy

    That may be the sweetest story that I have heard inn a long time. It is nice to know that there are guys out there that realize that girls really do wants guys that listen and care, like Edward. I hope that I find a guy like that too.

  89. bea

    OMGSH Greg, your girl is one lucky girl!!! Goodluck on the dance!

  90. Wendy

    Joanna Maria
    I would be skeptical too, if I wasn’t witness to it with my own teenage son. He’s always been polite, courteous, etc…but he has decided waiting for the girl he really likes, with honest to God, old-fashioned ‘courting’ is better than serial dating. It’s a beautiful thing to watch…and I think this is the sweetest story!! Way to be Greg!

  91. Isabella

    That is so awesome, I am really glad she asked him to the dance, I really hope that they become more than just friends.

  92. Meilyng

    OMG….one guy finally got it….all boys take a page from Edawrd’s book (not literally, if anyone ripped a page from Twilight i would smack them silly) and learn how to be a gentleman….if more men were like that…well, all girls might just be happy

  93. Jo West


    That was the most amazing thing I Have Ever Read.


    Except, of course, for the Twilight books themselves.

    If it means he’ll start acting like this, I’ll force-feed Brandon every page of this…

    Flock on,

  94. Lindsay


    I can just see it now… “Twilight, a love story for girls….a dating guide for guys.” lol.

    Go Greg.

  95. Gladys

    Awwww that`s the sweetest thing ever!!! Haha Edward Cullen is the Casanova of our time :) and he doesn`t even exits, that`s great. Twilight can be the manual to get any girl and my god can you imagine all the wonderful things a guy can learn by reading Eclipse!!??

  96. inmortal

    Naoz iz mah turn:


    Hawz kyoot n sweeeeet!!!!!

    Good luck Greg :))

  97. Angelica

    AWWW! How cute was that!? Love it. That was a great clip of other twilight guys!! :)

  98. Loonyxoxlovegood

    awwwww so sweet!
    but… won’t she read this? or do you care?

  99. Candy

    O-M-G, I think I just fell in love. Who ever that girl is she is pretty lucky to have found one of the very rare species of guy that is actually not a complete male chauvinist. *applaudes*

    LOL, kidding. xD Congrats to you on actually figuring out what it is most ‘intelligent’ girls want in a guy. Yes, I can think of quite a few guys at my school who would definatly benefit from reading Twilight.

  100. Amanda

    Aww! What girl wouldn’t just fall in love with someone like Edward Cullen?
    That’s so sweet :)
    Every guy should read Twilight, they could learn from it.

  101. Lara

    if only all guys could be like that..
    hope you get the girl =]

  102. Clover

    That is really sweet. There really should be an Edward Handbook for guys. Maybe The twilight guy should write one. That would be amazing.

  103. Hannah

    AWWWWWWW! (I know for like the millionth time right?) This is SO Sweet! See I wish I knew more guys lik you. I mean even if you learned it from Twilight at least you applied it and everything. Some guys just read the book and continue with their same old jerkish ways!
    Good luck!!!
    Oh by the way spread the word to more guys that Twilight does wonders! HA HA!

  104. Laura

    That is so sweet! That’s the most moving Twilight guy-story I’ve read yet. :) I can’t express in words how awesome this is! Good luck to you and her. :)

  105. marcela

    ah, le sigh.

    fantastic story. it should be mandatory for boys to read at least the first book in the Twilight saga before their first date, kiss, female encounter, etc.

    …and somewhere down the line, war would end, we’d achieve world peace, and Stephenie Meyer will have earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

    It’s really only a matter of time.

    We just need to get more and more boys to read Twilight and it’s coming along nicely, one boy at a time. It all started with YOU Kaleb (kinda). :]

  106. AliCullen

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard of(in real life!)!!!!! I wish that guys at MY school were like you! Good Luck! Someone wrote there should be a “How to Be Edward Cullen” handbook. And guess who should write it? Greg!! Go Greg! We’re rooting for you!
    Team Edward
    Team Jacob(urgh!)
    Team Greg (Yayyy!)

  107. AliCullen

    hey, I 4got to say…
    Keep us posted on the girl, New Moon, and Eclipse!! Luv you!!! lol

  108. Charlotte


    That’s just PRECIOUS.

  109. saranicole

    AWWWWWWWWW!!!! *sniffle sniffle*

  110. Brigitte

    If I can’t have an Edward give me a Greg.Boys need to pay attention to this over a hundered year old vampire.You could get very good tips from this guy!

  111. Jessie

    Aw, good for you. I support your actions (just so long as you don’t pull a new moon) and yes if all guys were like you I wouldn’t have to try and like convince myself that I could make my boyfriend in to edward (or worry about tripping . . . I’m nearly as klutzy as Bella although I have yet to almost get hit with a van)

    And last but not least how is that relationship going? My Brother (the audio-book bandit) has informed me that i am to inform you that “his bella” says congradulations and if you want to step up your relationship a notch statements like my brothers ‘you are my Bella’ ought to do it or at least get you a very postmeadow type kiss!

  112. jennifer

    AWWWW!!! i hav never said that except with sarcasim but thats just so happy (plus its 2 in the morning) yay i feel all girly now, oh well

  113. Joshua

    kool story hope it works out with you two. twilight may be great for most guys but when girls find out ive read twilight they think i only act the way i do because i read it. not all guys need to read twilight to be like edward, some of us are just *like* him. so girls.. sont assume a guy only acts the way he does because of twilight!

  114. Lucy

    If only my guy friend could pick up a few hints. Do they pick it up even after I shove it in their faces… NOPE… *sigh*

  115. E

    Why can’t more guys read Twilight, and learn this all-important lesson?

  116. Olivia

    I wish the guys I knew would understand this! If we’re all obsessed with Edward Cullen, then TAKE THE HINT! Guys can be a bit slow sometimes. (But not you, Kaleb!:-)

  117. Olivia

    Or you, Greg! I need a Greg! Or an Edward…

  118. Nazneen

    This is the sweetest thing. Ever. :’D

  119. Luke

    Hey, everybody. Nice, Greg, wish I could be more of a you/Edward, but I usually find myself being more of an Eric. Lame, I know…

  120. Rebekah

    AAawwww!!! That is ssooo sweet!
    Hey, Luke, don’t sweat it, for every Eric there is an Angela!

  121. Pragya


  122. Bethany Bryan

    Oh my gosh, that is SO sweet!!

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