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Reading Twilight: Chapter 10 (Interrogations)

May 22nd, 2008 at 2:00 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Song In My Head by Sherwood

As I started on this chapter, I couldn’t help but think back on all the memorable snacks I have enjoyed so far while reading, usually munching with one hand and turning the pages with the other to avoid greasy stains on its pages. So far, I have enjoyed popcorn for two of the chapters, some Tex-Mex chips-and-salsa for another, leftover macaroni a few weeks ago, and today: half of a pepperoni pizza.

My reasoning for doing two things at once is that I usually discover upon picking up the book that I haven’t eaten in six or so hours and I had better do two things at once before I blasphemously nibble on the pages. Also, being starving, exhausted and up past midnight makes me feel more like the way true Twilighters end up after picking up the book: not even wanting to stop reading for such frivolous necessities required to keep oneself in the land of the living. So without further ado, my pizza-stained fingers flip through Chapter the Tenth!

Speaking of eating, I find it interesting the things I discovered in this chapter about Edward’s own hunting habits. I recently discovered the meaning of the term ‘vegetarian’ as used in Twilight, and to see the way that Edward gets around that to keep himself alive is certainly one I hadn’t expected. But of course, I’m wondering exactly what happens to him in the sunlight, and what would happen if he does drink human blood? I am catching something behind him being able to smell Bella from so far away and follow her scent, and even though I don’t think it has been said yet, I am thinking that he is actually smelling the scent of her blood. Is they why he calls himself dangerous? I am thinking that it is becoming very hard for him to resist.

Being a writer, I can’t help picking up on funny phrases and just laughing uproariously trying to imagine what they could mean. Any writer will know what part of this sentence caught me:

I couldn’t argue, with the eyes or the motivation, and it was a moot point anyway.

What? Moot Point? I apologize to all the non-writers out there, but when I see that phrase, a great many things come to mind, including but not limited to:

Davy Crockett, in his favorite Moot Point pose:

Davy Crockett, in his favorite Moot Point pose

After our coach called the referee an asparagus, the opposing team was given one Moot Point:

One Moot Point

Sorry, I just can’t help what goes through my crazy brain. If you want to know the actual definition of the term, I discovered it over here.

Anyhow, this chapter was full of great stuff and I am getting the feeling that it is lining up for something big. I also have a feeling that it will be in The Famous Chapter 13, which causes nearly everyone to swoon just by it’s very mention. This also leads me to a question out of curiosity: what chapter is the best in Twilight? I want to see which one I should be looking forward to with greatest anticipation πŸ˜€ .

Next chapter coming soon!

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131 Responses

  1. Makayla

    You’re definitely picking up on the story.
    The good part’s coming up.

    I must say, I really think Chapter 13 is THE best chapter in the entire book. It’s….yeah, it’s amazing. No words can possibly describe it.

    Chaper 22 might be my second favorite. It gets your heart pumping. Chapter 23 kind of intertwines along with it. This is the one part of the movie I’m so excited to see. It’ll be awesome to see it when it’s played out live.

    You’re so close to the defining point in the story. Don’t stop!

    I also can’t wait to see what you’ll think of New Moon and Eclipse. Particularly New Moon. That one threw everybody for a loop. :]

    Have fun reading!

  2. Jennifer

    Ah, you catch on quick. I didn’t have time to stop and think when I was reading because I was to busy flipping the pages.

    So it’s interesting your mind is blogging with these questions. [smart questions too]

    Haha, and I loved your little rant on “moot point”

    Glad you updated, keep them coming ! Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter !!!

  3. hazel

    i agree with Makayla. Chapter 13 and Chapter 22 are also my favorite chapters :)

  4. Ashley

    Yeah, Chapter 13 is one of my favorite’s, too. Very swoon-worthy (for me at least), which, thank you by the way for giving me a swoon attack before school. I think that means it’s going to be a good day.
    You are coming up with some great questions! I’m impressed, but that’s probably because I wouldn’t put it down the first time I read it, therefore not allowing myself to think of many questions.
    Can’t wait for your next update, and of course your choice of snack for chapter 11. For 13, it had better be something epic, mister!

  5. abbface

    13!!! it makes me swoon just thinking about it! hurry up and read!

  6. patrice

    Definately chapter 13!! It’s amazing!

  7. Bridget

    I think Chapter 18 is the best altough yes it does make me swoon at the thought of 13 -sighs- Anyways, I think The Game (18) is the best by far because it int-…nevermind don’t want to ruin it. πŸ˜›

  8. Amanda

    A moot point is an issue that could be debated for the sake of learning more or about simular situations in the future, but the ideas are no longer really relevant. I could explain it better if I had my book(my mother-in-law has my copy) sitting right here.

  9. Val

    Your journey through the book reminds me I need to go read Twilight again :O

    My New Moon book is full of pizza stains D: And maybe spaghetti stains.

  10. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    Difficult question…soooo many…3,8,13,14,17(EDWARD SAYS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT),23..

  11. Rachel

    Oh, 13! Of course. I don’t swoon but I do squee. *squees to demonstrate*

    I like 14, too, 16, 17, 23 and I don’t like but DO like at the same time, 24.

    And then of course, the Epilogue…

    But at least on 13 you need something BIG. Or else…lol

  12. Minh-Thu

    I love chapter 9, 13, 14, 17, 23, 24, the epilogue and all the other chapters! The Meadow really makes me swoon!

  13. Danni

    I love chapter 13, but I also love the Port Angeles chapter, an chapters 14 and 15. 14 and 15 are probably my favorites along with 13. And I also love chapter 23 too.
    Reading your blog make me want to reread the book for like the 10th time… damn you, I’m supposed to be revising! lol

  14. Teresa

    I don’t have my Twilight in front of me now…(I know, blasphemous), but I am assuming chapter 13 is the famous meadow scene. That is definitely my favorite chapter. You need to eat a snack worthy of such a chapter as that.OoOO, instead of a snack, since it’s so special, make dinner, eat and read. :-)

    The Game chapter is also one of my faves…*sigh*

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

  15. Jenny

    Ch. 13 in twilight is the best. However the best chapter over all has to be ch 20 in Eclipse.

  16. Courtney

    I totally agree with Jenny – Ch. 13 is the best in Twilight – But Ch. 20 in Eclipse is awesome… actually there is not a chapter in Eclipse that I DON’t enjoy – it is my favorite book of the 3.

  17. Jennifer

    Definately Ch 13. It’s too sweet. Like a perfect moment for the both of them. I absolutely love all of the books, It’s kind of hard to pick a favorite.

  18. Stine

    You are really an observant reader, and I’m really impressed with your theories! I’ll just say keep reading and the answers to all your questions will soon be revealed…

    And the infamous chapter 13… It definitely makes every girl swoon (mention the words “the Meadow” and listen to the collaborative fangirl sigh), but it’s also a really important chapter. It’s among my favorites, but I also love the two following chapters, 14 and 15. And chapter 23 really touches your heart…

  19. Andrea loves Edward!

    OMG! THE MEADOW SCENE…I believe that’s the chapter called confessions. That is the CRAZIEST & MOST INTENSE chapter that make everyone, mostly us girls go “awww” and make us want to hyperventilate and forget to breath.
    I guess the night after the meadow scene would be second best. But overall, each chapter is great!

  20. Megs

    I am so thoroughly entertained about the whole “moot point” thing. This is a phrase Stephenie likes to use a lot, although I had never heard it until I read her books. You will find it in every book she has written–yes, even once or twice in The Host. I pretty much figured that it meant “debatable but still irrelevant”.

    I like Chapter 17: The Game. Why? For just the plain girly reason that there is a great makeout scene and it gets me breathing hard. (Blush). Love this book.

  21. Weirdo girl

    my opinion is this: at this point, Stephenie has been feeding us all these small and huge hints and bits of information. in the next two chapters, she gives you more, until chapter 13 where she pulls a HUGE amount of info together and a lot of things made sense all of the sudden. this book is like walking down a steadily inclining hill, a little faster and a little faster.. thirteen? all the sudden that hill of yours is way steep and you are flat out running! it really does just take off!

    while chapter 13 is absolutely fantastic, i have to say that it is not my favorite, simply because i find myself unable to pull a favorite from any of her books.. but i suppose that would be a moot point yeah? *snickers* sorry.. that was REALLY, really bad..

    keep up with the reading and the blogging! i find your pictures and your comments on the book quite humorous honestly.. :)

  22. Bella (Yes it's really Bella)

    Kaleb, I am a 21 year old twilighter that happen to fall on the book (yes fall) in a shelf in mexico, while traveling since then well…. as they all say I’m ADDICTED! So comiing across your blog brings a refreshing insight on how guys really feel when reading a “Novel” a friend of mine recently was in a complete stage of confusion when communicating with girls and your blog inspired me to go and buy him the book! Althought he has not recieved it, I can only hope he will be logging on to hear about guys that have fallen to the DARK SIDE :) So as for your question on best chapters well YES, cliche to say CHAPTER 13 is the ONE, I suppose it is becuase its where it really all began in Stephenie’s mind so you will find it to be most condensed with what makes every girls knees turn to JELLO! BUT…… from perpective in a guys mind, I think you will find chapters 17-19 quite satisfying and worth the read!- Izzabella (Yes, I was born with tht name!)

  23. L.

    Every chapter in Twilight is amazing..:D
    (And especially every chapter where Edward opens his mouth…or is there..XD)

  24. Piper

    I think that my favorite part has to be page 618 of eclipse…


  25. maria


    one word – meadow

    and edward is absolutely irrisistable in this chapter. i had to highlight so many lines, because theyre my favorites hahaha, i fell in love with this book because of that chapter. but also, chapter 13 is actually where many of ur questions will be answered. its very insightful and towards the end of it, you will feel like you can really sympathize with both edward and bella. it really explains a wholeeeeee lot.

    i think its the best chapter in the whole series, besides the fire and ice chapter in eclipse which is also really good.

  26. Kelci

    My favorite is chapter 23, The Angel. I just love the way everyone is talking!!! Oh, and I love Chapter 13, of course. Those two are most definitely my favorites.

    Haha I got a boy in my class to read Twilight!!!! I am very happy!!!!!11 =]

  27. Kate

    in twilight chapter 13 but the best chapter is in eclipes

  28. sa

    Moot point when i first read that line. I thought FRIENDS its a MOO point. Its like a cows opinion it just doesnt matter.

  29. KR

    I LOVE “Moo Point”! If anyone didn’t see that episode, you can find the joke here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ifdqEmlx-I

  30. Tina

    Hmm…my favorite would have to be 9, because that’s where we find out what Edward is… ( though we kind of already knew from reading the back of the book now didn’t we ;))

  31. Mara-Kate

    Chapter 23! Then 13! The beginning of 23 (for me) is one of the biggest swooning moments in Twilight followed by 13! Haha I loved the moot point rant, nice one kaleb !

  32. kwillie

    for twilight? chapter 13 fer sure. but for the twilight SAGA? that would be eclipse: chapter 20: compromise. the. best. chapter. EVER.

  33. Annie

    I Honestly can’t say what my favorite chapter is in twilight. I never have actually paid attention to the chapters except for being a convenient Place to stop. And in my copy of twilight, i have too many food stains. I even got some home made teal frosting in it. and the scary thing is, it’s on the first page of chapter 10. lol

  34. Autumn

    D: chapter 23 in Eclipse is my favorite out of all of the books.

  35. Deja

    Chapter 13 absolutely my favorite chapter in Twilight

  36. Sarah

    Ch. 13 is my fave!
    And I found the perfect song for it, in my opinion (which is usually an agreeable opinion when it comes to Twilight)


    I’ll e-mail it to you as well, just in case ^^

  37. Katie

    Yes, Chapter 13 is by far the best. It’s what spawned the entire series, afterall! πŸ˜€

  38. twilight22lover

    chapter 13 rules!!!!!!!
    and i also love the epilogue, but it is better if you read the extended version on stephenie meyer’s website. :) i would find what other chapters i like, but someone borrowed my copy of twilight and so i only have a copy of eclipse. but eclipse is soooooooo good! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  39. daniella

    i think my favorite chapter in the entire series is chapter 14 in twilight (mind over matter)

    but since you’re a guy, i dont know how much you’ll actually enjoy this one

  40. Angela

    I, of course, like everyone else in the whole Twilight world, love chapter 13. It’s just the sweetest thing ever. But I actually love the Port Angeles chapter (which you’ve already read) where Edward saves her from the thugs. =]]

  41. Priscilla

    My favorite chapters are 13, 14, and 16.

  42. Becky

    chapter 13! the infamous Meadow Scene… *sigh*
    but chapter 23 is really good too

    New Moon chapter 20 has to be my favorite of the entire series though!
    just thinking about it makes me want to read the series all over again!

  43. Emily

    I don’t know what the best chapter in Twilight is, but my favorite is chapter 23 in New Moon.

  44. Morgan A.

    Ooooo chapter 13!! Andd I love 14!! And 17-18.. the game is awesome! Its a major turning point in the series and it should be my fav scene in the movie xD I also love 21-22, and OF COURSE the epilogue

  45. bookgirlluvstwilight

    I’m glad your catching on. Chapter 13 is the best chapter. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about it!:)

  46. Hope

    Chapter 13 (It’s titled “Confessions”) is the best chapter, of course!

    KEEP READING, KALEB! You’re only three chapters away from from discovering what we all squeal about at the very mention of…

    The Infamous Chapter 13.

  47. Jenna


    the best.

    port angeles is good. also: ch. 14, 17, 18, 19, 22, and 23.

    but 13 is the best by far. it leaves them in the dust.

  48. inmortal

    TEH BEST QUOTES OF “TWILIGHT” are in Chapter 13 πŸ˜€ ~~TEH MEADOW~~ for us girls at least.

  49. Icy Topaz

    *crazy fangirl squeal* Okay, fine, I’ll swoon. *swoons* That is ordinarily out of character for me, but what the heck. I’m an insane fan. I get allowances. πŸ˜‰

    I am excited for you to read my favorite book and enjoy it as well. *strikes a moot pose*

  50. Michelle

    I just wrote a paper for English, and because of you and Stephanie Meyer I chose to use “moot point” in my paper. It fit perfectly.

    Love you! Thanks for the daily Twilight fix.

  51. Sarah

    Chapter 14 is the best, IMO. I wish I could tell you why, but I think you’ll see once you get there.

  52. Katie Beth

    Oooo, yeah, keep going! You’re so close to really amazing stuff!

  53. Melz Syndrome

    In Twilight, I loved 13, 14 and 23

    By far though..my favorite chapter in the entire series is chapter 22 in Eclipse. I’m sure most would agree with me. ;D

  54. Callie

    CHAPTER 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it!

  55. Stacey

    Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 are by far the best chapters in the book. They are like the pure essence of Twilight lol happy reading! =]

  56. Rachel

    hmm, I’d have to say ch 1,2, 3, 4,5,6,7 oh and then there’s 8, and 9, 10 ,11, 0fcourse, 13, o I forgot 12
    well, I guess you see my point…

  57. Krystol

    Definitely chapter 13… I’m with everyone else on this. It is my absolute favorite chapter after the blood typing one (just because that makes me break into a fit of laughter when I read it). Though, I would probably say that ANY chapter but 23 in Eclipse is the best. I really hate the end of that chapter.

  58. Alex

    Best chapter?
    Thats hard.
    I guess it would have to be thirteen.
    I think it’s the best because, that’s where it all started-I mean with Stephenie’s dream and all.

  59. Cocoa

    The best chapter is in New Moon. But if I had to choose from Twilight…I would fo with chapter 13 as well.

  60. belward

    chapter 13 is THE BEST in twilight….
    new moon is going to make you want to tear out pages
    look forward to chapter 20 in eclipse!! it think its the best in all the books…. and for some reason, i like the last 3 chapters of twilight. i 4got what the numbers were, but those are good(to me) too

  61. twilightrocks

    Twilight is totally awesome! My favorite chapter is 13.

  62. Caitlin

    I love chapter 13, I really do, accept I’d have to say that 14 is my absolute favorite in Twilight.

  63. Shelby

    Chapter 13 releaves alot of unanswered questions and clears up alot of confusing. u will be doing all of head nodds, mmmmmss,,aahhhhhs, and oooooo i get it now!

  64. Kim

    In Twilight, the best chapter is probably the baaseball game (I forgot the chapter number). That was awesome. However, the best chapter in the entire series has to be chapter 23 in Eclipse (although Eclipse chapter 20 is a close second). It is simply amazing for reasons you will see when you get to it.

  65. amy

    Its ridiculous that at just the thought of chapter thirteen, my heart beats faster. I can’t believe you even have the time to write such things while reading this book!!

  66. Brooksie

    Ok, I have quite a few things to say, mostly because this is my frist comment. Ok, my first thing I have to say is what you are doing is amazing and I look forward to your blogs everyday. I really hope you countie with other books(if you need suggestions I’ve got lots) Secondly, I love your pictures, there quite amazing! Anyways, I love that your a writer too(ditto). Thridly or fourly IDK which, anyways, I have to say that chapter 13 is quite amzing, and yes, I do go somewhat faint whenever I think about it(if I lose my train of thought that’s why). But, personally, my favortie chapter is…oh shoot I forgot the number, but it’s called “The Angel” or something along those lines, it’s towards the end. there is no real reason why I like that chapter best, I just do.

  67. Arockr

    the game is my favorite chapter :)

  68. Twilight Series Theories » Twilight Guy…

    […] Reading Twilight: Chapter 10 (Interrogations) has been posted… check it out here! […]

  69. sam

    I have to admit that 13 is the best chapter in Twilight. So much is revealed in this chapter, its awesome. Chapter 14 is right up there with it. But my absolute favorite chapter is bear the end of New Moon. Keep reading; your getting close.

  70. Eline


    Chapter 13 is the best chapter for me.

    Because, Bella and Edward confessed so much to each other that it just made me smile and giggle while reading the whole chapter. I still can remember it until now.

    But it’s better if you read New Moon. Cause there, Edward and Bella prove how much they love each other— that they’d die to save one another, thats the best thing you could ever read.

    trust me.

  71. Kait

    Kaleb i lovelove you to bits and pieces HOWEVER…

    i’m sorry dear but who doesn’t know what a moot point is?
    you honestly hadn’t heard the expression before?

    allow me to quote the show Friends:

    Joey: it’s a moo point …
    Rachel: … uh, a moo point? …
    Joey: yea, a moo point … it’s a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter … it’s moo …


    there you have it. :)

  72. R.

    I can take or leave chapter 13. It’s chapter 23 that gets me–most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.

  73. maria

    CHAPER 13!!!!!! that’s the best by far!!!!!!!

  74. Millie

    I’m glad that you have so wisely decided to munch whilst eating. I frequently forget that Twilight is not enough to sustain oneself. So I too have adopted the lifestyle of reading and snacking, makes life so make easier and the plus side is now you don’t have to try to tune out your rumbling stomach (it can get so loud and annoying).

  75. Aria

    I can’t remember what chapter it was, but the Port Angeles chapter was my favorite :] To me Chapter 13 was a second… I guess it’s because the Port Angeles Chapter just made me excited for the two of them and their relationship (or, at the time, what could become one).

  76. Kim

    I know that everyone has said 13, and their not wrong. I just wanted my input as well. :) Moot point.
    Wait till you get to Eclipse, every chapter is the best. lol

  77. Chelsea

    Chapter 13 is the best chapter of ALL THE BOOKS. But Chapter 14 is really good. Mainly because it’s a continuation of the awesomeness from Chapter 13.

  78. Lara

    I have to say chapter 14 is my favorite. It takes what is explained in 13 a little bit further… in a good way.

    Chapter 22 just plain rocks. The structure of this chapter combined the explanations given are pure genius. Being an aspiring author Kaleb, you will understand what I am referring to as soon as you read it.

    Don’t you love those little phrases like “moot point”? You rarely hear them in casual conversation and when you see them written you can’t help but take note. Another phrase Stephenie uses (in New Moon I think) is “no dice”. I’m fond of that one too. It is much more interesting than saying “not a chance”.

  79. Stella - Twilight4vr

    CHAPTER 13!!!!! get to it asap…I love ur little comments!

  80. Leticia

    Chapter 13, for sure :)
    But 22 is one of my favorites too

  81. Becki

    I quite like the beginning few chapters lol I dont really remember specific chapters as i read it so quick and only once (I like to forget plots before i read it again). But yeh the beginning where Edward is still mysterious and all the characters are being established, seems more interesting to me :) Spose that makes me the odd one out lol

  82. Abby

    Nice, Kaleb… Nice

  83. Ariana! (plans on changing her name to Alice when she is 18)

    I love chapter 12,13, and 23

  84. yeniczka

    I believe it’s chapter called “the game” which contains something special to me…. at least I THINK it’s what it is called =) if not, you’ll get what I meant later =)

  85. Andrea

    I have to say that chapter 22(I think that’s it) is my favorite. Yes, chapter 13 does make me swoon..but I just don’t like it that much!

  86. Jenny

    You’ve already read what I think are the best chapters… ‘Phenomenon’ and ‘Port Angeles’. Though I also like ‘Confessions’ and ‘An Impasse’.

  87. elle

    Ahhhhh. The meadow scene really is wonderful. Chapter 13 is the best chapter in Twilight, in my opinion. It’s just, like, wow! I don’t know if you (as a boy)will love it as much as we girls do, since we are mostly swooning over Edward and his bad-boy charm, but hopefully you will like it anyway. I think you will. Question: Are you also going to be posting up your reviews on the chapters of New Moon and Eclipse? What about The Host? I know you bought that one already, cause you said it in one of your earlier posts, so I’m just wondering. I would love for you to review The Host because it really is such an amazing, heart-wrenching book and there is so much to be discussed. =]

  88. Yami

    ok this is the first time im read you and i love it! iΒ΄m from argentina so sorry for mi english but iΒ΄m doind the best i can… i promise to get better…
    i love chapter 13 i think is an answer very popular!



  89. Meredith

    Ah..The famous chapter 13. I’m sure 99.9% of Twilighters know this, but actually chapter 13 was based off a dream that Stephanie had, and that dream is what started the three book (soon to be four) series that we all obsess about.

    This is my favorite Twilight site. Mostly because all they guys at my school think that Twilight is a stupid love story, and that vampires don’t exist. (Boy are they stupid. ;D) This other girl in my classes and I are the main Twilighters at school. Everyone calls us the ‘Screeching Harpies of Twilight.’

    I’m so glad that you made this site. It shows that Twilight isn’t just a girl book.

    As for your snack for chapter 13; you may be way to into the book to even focus on reading. But it does disappoint me that your getting grease stains on your book. So for chapter 13, I suggest something non-greasy. Ever tried sun chips?

    Haha, love the site. Keep on reading!

  90. TwilightStar

    Lol, loved your rant on “moot point.”
    You are a very observant reader, and I can’t wait for you to continue reading!

    My favorite chapter in Twilight is definitely Chapter 13. After all, it is basically a transcription of the brilliant Stephenie Meyer’s own dream, the one that started everything.

  91. Barbara

    Nice. I like your compasions. And yes I must agree with basically every single person who has posted so far . . . Chapter 13 is THE best chapter in Twilight…a lot more tie for best in the entrie series but 13 is the winner for Twilight.

    If you like gummy candy maybe you should try gummy bears or jelly beans. There yummy, delicious and don’t make your fingers greasy.

    Have fun reading!

  92. Jessica

    I have to brief (my mom has officialy grounded me from all twilighty things…i know she’s evil…) But I deffinently agree with the girl that said Eclipse is the best! Cuz well it is! The chapter before the last of eclipse is the Best of all of them…it’s just so…so…yah it’s above words! Kaleb you deffinently have to keep reading…and blogging! cuz if you stop i’ll be left without recorses (my mom took away my books…she says i’m “overly obsessed” the funny part is i walked in her room at 10:00 last night and she had New Moon cracked open and she was reading frantically…hopefully she’ll come around to my point of view…oops she just got home) Bye

  93. Alice

    Yah I agree with Jessica! Eclipse is deffinently the best and ch. 27 “needs” is the best! I love the last page of the chapter it’s histarical…and cute! Too bad for Jessica and the wicked mom though, but by her description her mom will definently soon be hooked.

  94. Alice

    Hey…i wonder if any of you twilight fanatics (not a term meant to be offenseve you all have my undying respect) have all of the chapters memorized? I don’t…but if someone were to open 1 of the books and read a passage i could tell them who was talking and what was happening…except New Moon i’ve only read it 2 while the others… *cough* *5* *cough* For reasons i will not explain it is my least favorite book probably because the other two are so great.

  95. Christy

    the last half of the book…..but its a ‘moot point’

    hahahhhahha i crack myself up. -_-

  96. leiahlaloa

    The best chapter for me is Chapter 8 or Port Angeles. It embodies a lot of what Edward is and a lot of what Bella is all in one. Edward the protector, the curious, the frustrated. Bella the weak, the normal, the fearless.

    I could tag other descriptives to both of them, but it just seems like this chapter largely gives the reader a chance to predict how Bella and Edward might react in all sorts of situations.

  97. Samantha

    Well, of course, I think Chapter Thirteen of Twilight is easily one of the best.
    It all falls into place.

    Congrats on Chapter Ten.
    Keep it up, Kaleb!

  98. Meilyng

    Well they are right…..you do catch on quick….if Chapter 13 is already famous then it must be good….


  99. Stephanie

    Hey, Twilight Guy. I’ve been watching for awhile, but this is my first time commenting.

    I too am a writer in love with the Twilight Saga, and the way Stephenie Meyer’s writes is unlike most things I’ve read as of late.

    ‘Moot point’ caught my attention too. I think she uses the same phrase in Eclipse at least once.

    Chapter 13 is the best chapter not just for the turning point in the book, but it is the chapter explainging the dream Stephenie had that inspired the Twilight Saga.

    But, my personal favorite is chapter 18. Towards the end of chapter 17, there is a moment were it gets very carefree and fun, then out of nowhere, the suspense begins. It’s from this moment it’s hard to put down the book. Once you finish chapter 17, I recommend going to the bathroom, getting some food, taking a nap maybe, because it’s from this point the book becomes one with your hands. Chapter 18 is the biggest turning point.

  100. Stephanie

    I can’t believe how many times I just used the word ‘point’ in that last paragraph.

  101. Lena

    I don’t really have a fav chapter in Twilight, I like the whole part where she hasn’t joined in yet. (No one seems to agree with me in that part. But the book is so much funnier when she’s still wondering)
    I do have a favourite chapter in Eclipse, 22. I’m really looking forward to what you’ll write about it. Can’t you jump over the rest?-)

  102. L.

    you wouldn’t believe the stains on my books.

    multiple food stains on Twlight.

    grass stains on New Moon [don’t ask.]

    and ripped pages caused by bottled up excitement bursting suddenly in Eclipse.

    and yes, chapter 13 probably is the best chapter in Twilight. but the best chapter out of all of the series has to be in Eclipse. but since my lovely sister has stolen my copy of Eclipse, i can’t tell you exactly which chapter it is. but it’s scandalous. x]

  103. Kristina

    I think I may be one of the only Twilighters who doesn’t consider Chapter 13 to be the best.
    Oh, it’s incredible alright, but there are a few I’d put before it.
    Chapters 15 and 16 for example.
    And Chapter 23 is so powerfully written.
    Wait until you get to that one!

  104. Courtney

    Chapter 13 is THE BEST CHAPTER in the book. No doubt. Thunder through Chapter 12 to get to it. xp Lol, don’t do that, I was just kidding. Treasure every word, it’s always the best the first time reading, but it’s always breathtakingly awesome anyway.

  105. Alexis

    I think that chapter 23 is the best, even though I do think chapter 13 is good as well. But I’m not going to tell you why it is the best because that would just ruin the entire book for you.

  106. erin

    Omg! U used the word blasphemy in this blog! : O
    forshadow much?
    (after u read New Moon ull get this comment)
    : D

  107. Nicole

    i would have to say chapter 13 is the best, it’s kinda funny how some people say that the number 13 is unlucky when this chapter is the dream Stephenie Meyer had that started the whole Twilight Saga

  108. Emily

    I just wanted you to know how I learned the definition of Moot.

    I watched Friends. In one episode, Joey calls it a Moo point. Because, apparently, a cows opinion doesn’t matter. And they had to correct him saying the word is Moot. =) That was what I thought of when I see that phrase >.<

  109. Megan

    Chapter 15: The Cullens :]

    The funny thing is I didn;t even have to get up and get my book to figure this out.

  110. saranicole

    So, I’ve been using the phrase “moot point” incorrectly until now. *shakes her head sadly* I’ll have to put it on a list of things-never-to-say-again-because-the-wrong-definition-will-always-be-right-in-my-mind-and-so-I’ll-probably-never-use-it-correctly-and-will-only-end-up-sounding-stupid. It’ll be on the list right under the word, “travesty”. Dang it. :(

  111. Reading New Moon: Chapter 10 (The Meadow) | Twilight Guy - with Kaleb Nation

    […] is a funny sound just like moot point or fiddlesticks. But, unlike moot point (as we discovered) bushwhacking is pretty much the easiest defined word ever: Bushwhacking, verb: to make one’s […]

  112. Reading New Moon: Chapter 10 (The Meadow) | Twilight News

    […] is a funny sound just like moot point or fiddlesticks. But, unlike moot point (as we discovered) bushwhacking is pretty much the easiest defined word ever:Β  Bushwhacking, verb: to make one’s […]

  113. Amanda

    I can’t pick just one chapter as my favorite…

  114. celeste

    Hi… Edward Cullen you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and you seem soooooooooo nice. I think form me that you and bella goes good together. I love the boom and this is my favorite. I wish I could just read it faster to get done!!! So many pages. I am sooooooo goind to see the movie the first day it comes out with all 15 to 20 of my friends. It is going to be all about you and you rock……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Barb

    OK…so I’m late coming to the “twilightguy” party, but I was late coming to the whole twilight sage! I actually saw the movie before I even knew what it was all about, but that is how I like to do things, but that is not the reason I must comment here. I can’t even read all the comments on this section since I now have to run out and buy another twilight book. I have the whole set, but four different friends are reading them, so I don’t have a copy at home to reread and see what chapter is what. I can guess, but what is the fun in that??? Besides, after totally stalking your whole website for the past few days, I have convinced my husband how incredibly sexy it would be for him to read the books too. And yes, the “sexy” bit was what got him to agree. We celebrated 22 years of martial bliss last night (yes, New Year’s Eve) and after weeks (while reading the series) of my incredibly amorous behavior he will soon understand what these books unleashed.

  116. BrooklynBridges

    I hope you realize that us starving twilighters reading at 3 in the morning are not actaully starving by the time we get to eclipse. no, by then we have mastered the skill of preparing complex culinary dishes, such as pastaronior instant soup, without looking up from the page.
    And the answer to your question about the favorite chapters is chapter… wait sally has my book. crap. well, i like the one where Eddie-boy has to… erm, convince Bella to go running and she faints. My all-time fav.

  117. Luke

    Chapter -72 and a half, definitely.

  118. Tori Schmitz

    Dude i totally laughed at moot point too. its rarely used in text or the spoken language! Also just a great word MOOT. My favorite chapter is probably Chapter 13-15, because each chapter has it highlights but to me the highlights are intertwinable. And yeah i thought i got obsessive when i was reading before- twilight changed that ina heart beat i read all four books in 4 days. And that was after swearing to stear clear of them all together, but the movie intrigued me and i had to know what was left out because it was too apparent.

  119. Rebekah

    Chapter 8 Port Angelas is my favorite.

  120. Brandi

    I really enjoy your take on the “moot point.” Like you, that also caught my attention. However, my mind went to FRIENDS and Joey's “moo point.” It's like a cows opinion. It doesn't matter. It's moo. If you don't know the episode I'm talking about, you can watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ifdqEmlx-I

  121. Aya Diefair

    (very late in the game)

    My favourite chapter(s) in Twilight has to be Chapter 8, Port Angelas. That is when she knows he is a vampire. My other favourite has to be when he picks her up for school and everyone stares at them in shock. (Forgot what chapter that was).

    My least favourite is when you find out he sparkles like a diamond. I went 'what teh fuk' on that one, and I still do. Although I understand why it is in there, I still go 'Bleh”

  122. Aya Diefair

    (very late in the game)

    My favourite chapter(s) in Twilight has to be Chapter 8, Port Angelas. That is when she knows he is a vampire. My other favourite has to be when he picks her up for school and everyone stares at them in shock. (Forgot what chapter that was).

    My least favourite is when you find out he sparkles like a diamond. I went 'what teh fuk' on that one, and I still do. Although I understand why it is in there, I still go 'Bleh”

  123. Mickey Not Mouse

    Personally I like chapter 17 -the game ^.^ but I also LOVED chapter 5 – blood type


  124. Twritebite

    My favorite would be chapter 13. There's so much detail there. That was what Stephenie Meyer's dream was all about. Anyway, Jessica Stanley kind of gets on my nerves in this chapter. I'm just so much like Bella. I'm the quiet type.

  125. Lisa

    Well, I think all the chapters are – usually – really exciting, but some are better than others! I find it difficult to choose . . . !

  126. MeganRose

    yeah I always think of the “Entmoots” in Lord of the Rings when I hear the word “moot”

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