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TwilightGuys Report: He Disguises Twilight In Public

June 3rd, 2008 at 1:08 am by Kaleb Nation


“I am not a sit-around-the-house-and-read-type guy. Usually if I find a good book, I will go to my favorite local coffee shop and read it, but I’ve discovered, through research in coffee shops that I do not frequent, that any guy caught reading Twilight in public will get stares, giggles, and the occasional, but unwanted, wink from another guy across the room.

I had thought long and hard about what a solution to this problem could be when it suddenly came to me: Create a new cover for the book. Now, if I were a bit more confident in myself, I would have made a new cover out of notebook paper that said “NOT TWILIGHT” on the front and taped it on, but that is not the case. I searched my room and finally found a pamphlet about Porsches I had picked up a few weeks earlier that had almost the same dimensions of the book. I carefully removed the cover of the Porsche book, measured out the dimensions of Twilight, and glued it over the front cover of the book (being that it’s a paperback, I’m not too worried about ruining the book, because it only cost me about $9).

Now I am free to read about “Porsches” in public without being laughed out of (or hit on by men at) coffee shops, and it only cost me a free Porsche book and 10 minutes of my time.

Now, on to matters of greater importance, such as figuring out how to become Edward Cullen…”

Submitted by Ryan

A free Alice t-shirt from TwilightTeez.com for the story!

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100 Responses

  1. Nicole

    I think 17 but i’m not sure the first your is suppose to be you’re (all the haws and neighs got me sort of confused, haha). But i’ll stick with 17 and see where that gets me :)

  2. Nicole

    dang it, wrong comment box. sorry.

  3. Jody

    xD Wow, brilliant idea! Though, once you get more comfortable with the books, you should proclaim it loud and proud to the world “I am a Twilighter guy! Got a problem? Deal with it =D!” No one should be worried about reading the great book in the world in public! ^_^

  4. Elizabeth

    Wow. πŸ˜€
    Great idea. xD
    Can you really be Edward Cullen is the real answer. Not possible…

  5. Jessica

    haha that was an amusing one but I still don’t understand it.
    If I ever am lucky enough to come across a guy reading Twilight, I would be so incredibly intrigued that I would approach him at once.
    I can think of only one thing more attractive and that is Edward Cullen himself.

  6. hazel

    HAHAHA. nice one.
    “Porsches” XD

  7. Danni

    *claps* grats on admitting to reading twilight! & not to mention the great idea!

    lol I should suggest it to the guys in my school (some of them yr 12 guys might i add =D) reading it who attempt to disappear when someone catches them in the act of reading a ‘girls book’!

    & im sorry Ryan but no one can ever be Edward except Edward, but pls don’t NOT TRY! i wish all guys were trying to be Edwards!! lol divorce rates would plummet XD

  8. Autumn

    this makes me giggle.

    if i were a guy and i saw another guy reading twilight, i’d wink at him too. xD just because thats hilarious.

    but yeah good idea. major props on your idea skills.

    and uh, good luck on trying to become edward.

  9. abbface

    you put glue on The Book?!?!?!?!?!?!? i mean, I see your reasons, but should like tape it on instead.

  10. patrice

    I understand where this guy is coming from, but I have to agree with abbface. He GLUED it to THE BOOK!!?? Thats practically blasphemous!!

  11. Janet

    Ahaha I made my friend do this. I lent her The Host, but I didn’t want anyone else to see because then they’d make me lend it to them too, so I took the jacket thingy from World Without End and wouldn’t let her take it off. This didn’t end up working because it says “The Host” at the top of every page….

  12. Rachel

    Hahaha good luck at your attempt at Edward!
    I always imagined some guy doing that with the book (the cover switch thing) and yay, you finally did it! Lol.

  13. Val

    Step one of becoming Edward Cullen: Get your very own Bella. Or get bitten by a vampire.

    Smart guy to think of that :]

  14. Aidyn

    From those of us who have read the whole series so far: How ironic he chose a Porsches book cover… ha ha, Alice…
    Good luck at your attempt to immitate Edward. You will most likely not succeed completely, but no one can; and the fact that you tried will get you far!

  15. Emmy-lou

    HE defaced THE BOOK!!!! how can anyone do that?

    IS that even POSSIBLE to do without passing out?????

    (I think i’m overreacting.)

    BUT THE BOOK!!!!

  16. Catherine

    Haha. Good idea.

  17. Katie Beth

    I’m kinda with Emmy-Lou… GLUE? At least it was a paperback. I can handle that. I think.

    I think that guy needs to be careful. If I found out a guy was smart enough to cover Twilight up to read it in public, I might hug him when I found out it was Twilight… I would also never let him forget it.

  18. Esther

    I personally find guys who read Twilight IN PUBLIC… SEXY~

    step one on becoming more like Edward Cullen… YOU HAVE TO HAVE LOTS OF PATIENCE!

    You used GLUE? I thought tape would have sufficed.

  19. Red Koala

    So basically what all you girls are saying, is that guys who are dangerously unpredictable, devilishly charming, with a violent temper, cannibalistic tendencies and with a lost soul are what all of us guys need to try and be like. Now i can see i’ve been going about this all wrong, instead of wanting the highest and best thing for my loved one, i should have been more like ickle Eddy Cullen with a sleepless face and a body like a statue. I’ll remember to be sure and put some glitter on the next time i go to the beach. Then i can look like a freak in the sun too! Women…

  20. Allison

    Shut up red koala. You’re an (oink) hole. You’re probably GJ. Kaleb, here’s another one for your Farm Animals. A red koala with a brain the size of a peanut.
    Edward (not Eddy, (oink)hole) doesn’t wear glitter, and is not a cannibal. Devilishly charming was the only one you got right.
    Kaleb, ignore people like GJ and this idiot. They’re obviously jealous of you.

  21. yula

    damn, another pig escaped the farm. Anyone care for some bacon, red koala style?

    Ryan, silly boy. Take it from Kaleb and tell everybody. what better way to get girls than say you read twilight? kaleb is just halfway into it? and hes got fangirls all around the world (yay for me in russia!) YULA

  22. Caitlyn

    I agree with Allison. Red Koala ur an (oink)hole. So get a life and leave Edward out it, ya (heehaw).

  23. Sarah

    OMG. How could you even THINK of GLUING something on the book! I don’t care if it was $9.00, the book is sacred (at least to me it is, Stephenie’s books are my bibles)!
    I do have to say though…. Its kinda ironic how it just happened to be a PORSCHE cover xD You might still get giggles from that =P

    But really, a note to all guys: DON’T BE AFRAID TO READ TWILIGHT! You actually turn out to be more manly when you do read it. It teaches you valuable lessons on how you should treat girls.

  24. mehek

    be proud of reading twilight!!!! i forced my guy friend to read it and now we spend good portions of our time discussing the books to death. he is so sweet, and like that boy, greg, was a jock who really didnt care about “some silly romance novel” but once he read it we became super close and now he is like a brother to me. so rock on twilight guys and dont be ashamed

  25. Lauren

    haha, nice!! i love it!! “No, I’m not reading Twilight, I’m reading about Porches!!”haha, every guy should try to become Edward Cullen!! me and my friend were actually talking about how much we’re in love with Edward and our guy friend heard us and was like “What?! Who is Edward Cullen?!” and we both just started laughing out loud! it was so much fun and we (I speak for my friend here too!)cant wait for Breaking Dawn!!

  26. Shelley

    Well Ryan, I understand that being a guy reading Twilight in public can cause quiet a lot of winks from the guy audience. I know some *wink* like guys that have read the book and so I agree with you in that way. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. I am sure that if a twilight Girl fan came along and saw the book you were reading then, well, you’ve scored. Haha. Now about wanting to become Edward Cullen, no one is stopping you. Us girls need more Edwards. There seems to not be enough to go around.

  27. Shelley

    one more thing, it would have been more comical if you had put a Volvo cover instead of a Porche cover..hahaa

    I guess Porches are more manly..ha

  28. Ashley

    Hah good idea! Except the whole glue part *shudder* It’s not the matter of the $9. It’s that you put GLUE on TWILIGHT. *facepalm* Though porches? Thumbs up to that.
    What would happen if you were in the coffee shop and a Twilight Girl winked at you? I think that would change the whole situation πŸ˜›
    Good luck at trying to be Edward. You make the world a better place πŸ˜€ Guys like red koala, however, do not. *facepalm*

  29. b.cullen

    I read this and i was like OMG
    he put glue on the book.

    I freak out when my book touches the ground and has a little stain. LOL

    But what if a girl winked at you and not some guy?

  30. Maddy

    I’m gonna keep my eyes open for any guys reading about “porsches” from now on…

  31. Mary

    Too funny!! Right on dude!! I support you in whatever you do. At least you are man enough to read it.

  32. Lauren

    At least Alice would be psyched it was a Porche pamphlet…

  33. Annie

    lol. Love the book camouflage. but you need to get a second hardcover copy for at home.
    And to Red Koala, it’s not the “dangerously unpredictable…. with a violent temper, cannibalistic tendencies and with a lost soul” thing, it’s the caring so much about Bella that he doesn’t give in to those cabalistic tendencies. His Temper is caused by his fears for Bella’s safety, and everyone is dangerously unpredictable. AND Edward does have a soul. if you read the books, you would know.

  34. Caroline

    Red Koala, get a life instead of stalking Twilight fansites, if you hate it so much!
    and I love how you covered it with a Porche pamphlet! Good job for at least reading it!
    On becoming Edward you need to be totally unselfish, which is impossible, but I’ll keep dreaming….

  35. Cassi

    I wonder whether our dear coffee-shop reading friend knows about the Porsche in the later books? If not, it’s rather an amusing coincidence…if it is, it’s still amusing, and a bit less of a coincidence.

  36. bookgirlluvstwilight

    That was a good idea, even though you had to cover up that actual cover. :) Now you should get a un-title-covered-up copy. I kind of freak out if a book gets ripped, torn, stained, folded, dirty, or ruinded from being perfect in any way. Its impossible to be Edward, but you can learn from him. Its cool that you decided to read Twilight! :) Don’t be afrad to let girls see you reading Twilight, us girls like to see a guy read Twilight! :)
    Red Kola, read the book before you judge it! If you dislike the book so much, then don’t waste your time being rude. I agree with Annie!
    I have a great song for all of you Twilighters, You And I Both by Jason Mraz. In fact anything by him is awesome!
    Awesome story Kaleb! I can not wait to see what you have to say about chapter 13!

    Stevie was here

  37. Kim

    You have a very clever idea, I must say. Good luck trying to become Edward Cullen (you are going to need it!).

  38. Rain

    hmm I’m just curious do guys consider Midnight Sun more manly or just about the same??? It would be hilarious to see all those guys that have read Twilight reading Midnight Sun stating its manly. Wonder if it will happen you never know…

  39. Freak

    Becoming Edward Cullen… a worthy goal that all guys should attempt, whether they succeed or not, because at least they tried.

  40. Rachel

    I’d have to agree with Annie on the Red Koala thing.

  41. frankie

    That’s a great story. I love that one.

  42. Red Koala

    Point of information: I read and enjoyed the book, and am also a guy. I found out about this site from a friend of mine. No, the book is not my problem. It is simply a fantasy. No, my problem is that girls want their boyfriends and husbands to emulate a figment of an author’s imagination. They want to somehow make Edward real. This is an unhealthy obsession and i would be just as harsh about women trying to make their men like Legolas from LotR. I will, however, respect your collective wish that i not post here any more.

  43. Shelley

    It’s sad that we have ran Red Koala away:( He does have a very good point that all Edward obsessed girls should take into consideration. (Just no one over react about the comments because actually the comments are for the article alone.)

  44. Mirela


    WEll, at least there is one GOOD thing about this.

    Alice has a “car” if you get what I mean. The SAME kinda car… hello?

  45. Mallory

    You see, Red Koala, we really don’t mind your opinions. It was the way you worded it the first time. Now, your second post was much more polite and for that I respect you. Realize that we don’t expect our boyfriends/husbands to be perfectly like Edward. But Edward has qualities that I believe every man should possess. And they are not huge qualities. My boyfriend is amazing because he opens doors for me and lets me be myself. Those are Edward traits but I do not expect him to be Edward perfect. I think it’s a good thing that Stephenie Meyer has given us this ideal guy, because girls will start having higher standards. There are too many girls with crappy boyfriends out there that could do so much better. Edward was what made me realize that my ex was an idiot and that I could do better. And now I have this amazing boyfriend! But I do agree with you Red Koala that wanted a guy to be “perfect Edward” is just not realistic. But wanting Edward-like-qualities in a guy is not a bad thing. :-)

  46. Chelsea

    The best part is that Porsches are big plot points in the Twilight series.


    Red Koala, I’m very glad you’re not being a total jerk. You gave your opinion graciously, and we can really appreciate that. However, I must disagree. We, as readers, overlook Edward’s flaws because he’s a gentleman. Yes, we know he makes a lot of mistakes and he’s deeply conflicted and antagonistic and all of this, but we know that deep down he is something that we simply don’t have anymore: A GENTLEMAN. Someone who actually respects women, someone who wouldn’t dream of doing anything to compromise them. That’s why Edward is wary about staying with Bella – he believes that he’s all wrong for her.

    There are no Edward Cullens. We don’t want someone with his PERSONALITY, per se. We just want someone who is willing to change, to try to be better, for someone they love. I think that sums it up for me.

  47. Callie

    My friend did this. Her parents are super strict, and don’t want her to read anything but what they approve (not a wide selection).
    So, I lent her the Twilight saga, which she would read at school and under the cover of night. As for the Host, I bought it for her as a surprise. She, of course, was thrilled. But so she could read it publicly, she took the cover of a book she should be reading that was about the same size. So, her Host copy for a week was ‘Van Helsing’ (a bit ironic)
    Now, it’s hidden in the back of her closet.

  48. Katie

    Ok where can i find this guy, and will you marry me?

  49. Ancy

    this is my all time favorite twilight guy story so far…
    although,… i was at borders to buy a copy of twilight today, and the guy at the counter seemed to have a very enthusiastic review for it, and my friend and I gave him a round of applause for his outspoken support and love of te book…=) he definetely has my respect=)

  50. Rose

    If I saw a guy reading Twilight in public, an introduction would be called for. =]

    And perhaps the exchanging of numbers
    and deep, intellectual conversations over numerous cups of caffeinated beverages.

    Maybe afterwards I could cook this guy dinner as he flipped through his music collection to set the perfect ambiance for our first night out of the eye of the public.

    But that’s just me. =]

    Note to guys: Reading is sexy. Reading Twilight is like waving a golden ticket.

  51. Ash

    and he is getting a alice tshirt lol ironic

  52. Il Ein Eeuq

    Wow. Wish I thought of that before. : O

  53. Jessamyn

    You know red koala, I have a friend who is a bit more like your description, but all of us here just like some of the Edward habits of not being total jerks. (Although, since you can’t really find an Edward, I’m content with a Jacob, as there are plenty of those!)

  54. Chicago 1901

    I’m a guy who is into the Twilight saga, and while I applaud your ingenuity in disguising your book so well, I don’t see why anyone, male or female, has to be embarassed to be seen reading any book in public. I don’t live in the US, and here in this tropical country it’s no one’s business what anyone reads, nor would it occur to us to form an opinion about anyone by what they happen to be reading. I think the Twilight books are extremely well written works of literature and I have read the books in public and I’m actually proud to do so and there’s no problem at all. How can you guys claim to be a free country when you’re that deathly afraid all the time of what other people might think? Maybe it’s the same society that obsesses about what celebrities are wearing (I’m wearing Prada today…) We don’t care about that either. Stop looking over your shoulder all the time and just live your life.

  55. Crystal

    lol, ya I would probably attempt to talk to him. But hey! This could be an awesome way to get a date! In case a guy was in need of one.

    But honestly, he ruined the book! Couldn’t he simply tape it? Or get a slightly bigger cover to put around the paperback? $9 or not, that is a horrible way to treat a book!

  56. Bethany

    AHAHAHA this is my favorite Twilight Guy so far. I kept the book down flat on my lap so that people couldn’t see me reading it in public on the Transit system at school. I didn’t know if it was good yet and didn’t want to be mistaken for a rabid fangirl.

  57. Aurielle

    Aye, finding a guy who is similar to Edward Cullen, that is of great importance.

  58. Jenn

    Any guy who is willing to read Twilight and then admit to it gets an A in my book! I think that they are all headed in the right direction as far as Edward like qualities are concerned by just reading the book. Then they can take it one step further by opening doors, being polite and treating a girl with the respect that she diserves. No one is going to find Edward Cullen but we can all find our own Edwards.

  59. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    That’s a really creative way to avoid being seen reading Twilight! Although I’d agree with a lot of other people here that I can’t imagine gluing something onto any book, let alone Twilight, unless it was to reattach a cover that had fallen off (which has happened with other books that I own).

    And as for Red Koala, my first impression of Red Koala was that he was being sarcastic… Just a thought.

  60. Emmy-lou

    Hey….Still kinda freaked out bout the glue here!

    When you read new moon, put just a cover over it. Books DO come like that you know.


  61. Sydney

    Oh my gosh that is just too funny. Next time I’m in a book store or a coffee shop and I see I guy reading a book about “Porsches” I’m definatly going to go and ask him how the reading is coming. =P

  62. Lara Loves Edward

    I think guys reading twilight is hott!
    Trying to become edward? impossible.
    but if you can become like him then thats hott.
    let me know if you succeed.. =]

    Red Koala, You have no what you’re on about.
    You’re just jealous coz you can never match up to edward.
    its ok.
    i understand.
    you have a bruised ego..
    theres no need to take it out on everyone else..

  63. Paul R

    I don’t believe you got winked at…you’re lying just to be funny and it’s pathetic.

  64. Snow

    Dear Red Koala,

    Edward has what men rarely possess today – chivalry.

    Edward is the epitome of chivalry & gallantry. We women are just hoping it’s not dead.

    So if men emulate Edward, then they’re on the right track. We would love you so much more.

    sincerely yours…

  65. Snow

    Paul R,

    Ryan didn’t mention that HE got winked at, he just gave examples of what happened to guys when they read Twilight publicly in coffee shops.

    That was just his OBSERVATION. It didn’t happen to HIM.

    Please read properly before commenting on something.

  66. Emmi

    hahah thats hilarious
    who wouldn’t wink at a guy who was reading twilight! i would lol πŸ˜€

  67. Rose

    I think it’s awesome if a guy reads Twilight! I’ve seen a few guys at my school carrying around a Twilight book and I must say, they automatically become favorites of all the girls… Well, at least all the ones who’ve read Twilight… ^.^

    Also, I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that it had to be a Porsche cover…

  68. Ash is DA Bomb!

    luv it but (I know everyone is saying this) YOU GLUED IT TO THE BOOK! I would be soooo mad. I once let a “Friend” barrow my Twilight. When I got it back it was torn, bent and folded I was so flippen’ mad I screamed at her saying “Why did you do this to my baby!” lol the books are really my babies lol.
    Porches. Nice. Alice will be pleased and he’s getting a free Alice T-shirt to which is very ironic

  69. Abby

    That’s REALLY smart. Kaleb should do a whole post on how to be a guy while reading Twilight in public. I’m sure it would help.
    And CALM DOWN already about the glue. He is a GUY (no offense). It’s not like he’s a Twi-hard. Yet.
    Good luck, bud. I guess you’ll have to find a motorcycles cover for the next one!

  70. Ash is DA Bomb!

    Dang it my computer did that and I wasn’t done!!!

    Well… I not friends with the girl who abused my baby!!! (She was never a good friend) \

    Red Koala,
    Please don’t be offened but cannibalism means Human eats human And Edward is not human!!! ok we all no that but still that part is wrong. And we girls want Edward like boys not perfect but just the good things like being nice and honest and not being a jerk thats what we mean by it. Only Edward can be Edward k?

    I’m being so informal and typing in IM I just being lazy πŸ˜› me sleepy

    Luv Ashley

  71. zanyzeldafan

    Redkoala, whenever you say stuff like that, you must be prepared for attack from rabid fangirls.
    but. i thought it was funny x3

    ahh shame he had to befoul the beautiful cover.

  72. Genevieve Lael

    I thought that this was so great. because if he (ryan) ever gets that book signed by stephenie meyer it will be a one of a kind special book just for him. i’ve gotten all my hardbacks signed by stephenie and i love the fact that the pages are more yellow with each copy. πŸ˜€ i do wish that ryan would flaunt the fact that he is a twilighter guy. us twilighter girls have the hardest time finding guys who’ll read the books let alone look at them. *shrugs* i’m just saying. πŸ˜‰

  73. Genevieve Lael

    I thought that this was so great. because if he (ryan) ever gets that book signed by stephenie meyer it will be a one of a kind special book just for him. i’ve gotten all my hardbacks signed by stephenie and i love the fact that the pages are more yellow with each copy. πŸ˜€ i do wish that ryan would flaunt the fact that he is a twilighter guy. us twilighter girls have the hardest time finding guys who’ll read the books let alone look at them. *shrugs* i’m just saying. πŸ˜‰

  74. Genevieve Lael

    aww man!…. sorry. i didn’t mean to post it twice. i blame the computer….. *shrugs with sheepish smile*

  75. googlyeyes

    Abbby I agree!!

    Kaleb should do a post on how to be a guy while reading twilight in public.
    ha ha =D

  76. Amanda

    Tip to Ryan, maybe you shouldn’t hide the cover, that way when girls do see you reading the book in public one of them will come talk to you at some point. When this does happen be prepared for the giggling, it’s just what we do. The first words out of her mouth will probably be something along the lines of, “OMG, Twilight is, like my favorite book ever! Don’t you just love it?” Then you have to have something smooth to responde with… and make sure your hair looks good those days.

  77. Travis

    If he’s too afraid to read it in public openly, is he going to take the shirt? If my Twilight Guy story isn’t published, and he doesn’t want his shirt, I’ll take his shirt and photograph myself wearing it with all of the girls I convinced to read Twilight!

  78. Risa (Riss-uh) C

    June 3rd, 2008 at 3:06 am
    haha that was an amusing one but I still don’t understand it.
    If I ever am lucky enough to come across a guy reading Twilight, I would be so incredibly intrigued that I would approach him at once.
    I can think of only one thing more attractive and that is Edward Cullen himself.”

    ^ I SO agree with that.
    However, I did laugh when I read this Twilight Guy entry.

  79. Samantha

    lol, I can’t sympathize with you, but I can definently understand. I have a guy friend that absolutely loves Twilight, but he’s also embarrassed about reading it in public.

    Although, honestly, if I were to see a guy reading Twilight, I’d definitely ask him out. I mean, any guy that likes that sensitive of a book can’t be that bad, right? πŸ˜‰ Just kidding (but I probably would ask you out with your makeshift Porsche magazine).

  80. Ruby

    lol, fun story but I think you would be hit more from girls than boys if you are reading Twilight. ^_^

    Good luck in becoming Edward.

  81. Melody

    You are a very secure guy. If I was in a freaky mood I might say that secureness is an awesome trait, but, like i said, if i was in a freaky mood.

  82. Candy

    Gosh, if every guy in the world tried to be a least a little like Edward, the world would be a whole lot better of a place. Sadly, the only thing us girls can do is day dream about fictional guys like Edward who will never truly exsist. *sigh*

    However, I think it kinda defeats the purpose if guys are ashamed to read Twilight in public. I know that if I spotted a guy brave enough to read Twilight in public and not give a hoot what people do or say to him, I would honsetly adknowledge him as an intelligent and decent guy (which dosn’t happen very often).

    Unfortunatly, finding such guys are about as rare as finding a palm tree in the north pole. Or at least, I have yet to come across one.

    Still, the fact that a guy is willing to read Twilight at all makes him pretty decent in my book.

  83. Lala

    My brother-in-law and father add new covers to books, but usually protect them. You shove paper backs into your bag and the corners get all wrinkled (if you’re not careful).

    What they do, though (and I am sure my bro-in-law got it from my dad) is take a blank sheet of paper and make a new cover, like for a hard back. That way, the book is protected and no one can see what it is.

    My bro-in-law sometimes even writes stuff on it, and if he leave sit unattended, I might even add drawings. That way, there’s no need to maim other books πŸ˜€

  84. karen

    hah that was cute.

    though i’m sure you’d get much more attention from the ladies if you didn’t tape the porsche magazine cover on the front.

    i just asked my boyfriend the other day if he would read twilight, and he said yeah, and went out and bought the book. he has no idea what it’s about, only that i’m completely obsessed with it. that’s attractive. because i’m aware he’s reading it, mainly.
    but yeah.

    you should read the sequels without a fake cover in the coffee shop, and see how many ladies wink at you.

  85. Yuko

    Chicago 1901 is totally right. just get on with life. Dont care what other people think. Live free of fears. get over them. ignore those people

  86. Krissie

    i think that is so cute…i mean why hide it? want to be an edward cullen? then be true to your self…^_^ just let go and be free! i think you get to grab some cute girls out there when you read the other books without the fake cover. ^_^…always remember…every girl needs an Edward Cullen. Cheers to you!

  87. Bethany-Ann

    Hahaha genius idea mate !
    I think that all guys should read twilight as it would benefit them as who wouldn’t appreciate being treated like Bella is by Edward by their boyfirend/husband whatever? Anyway congrats for reading the book and your genius idea and i may copy your idea for some of my ooks which im kinda embarrassed about !! :)

  88. MMC in NC

    I guess I’m in the twilight moms camp (as a mom of 2 boys, married 17 years) and 41 so reading the entire Twilight series in 14 days did rock my inner teen. But I have to say that Edward Cullen is a guy that was created by the mind of a woman. Not unlike McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy. Our whole book club (men & women) is reading this book and the $100,000 question is would men like Twilight? But it is Oh so addicting! Can’t wait for book #4 in Aug or the movie!

  89. MMC in NC

    Oops typo on my previous comment. Read the ENTIRE series in 4 days. All housework left undone until I powered through it along with a 26-year-old girlfriend who also read it with me in one week!

  90. Victoria

    -laughs- I love this guy. Though I think he should be proud of his Twilight guy status. Guys who read Twilight are so cute. But this is cute in its own way.

  91. Ash

    Absolutely hilarious. When you find out how to become Edward Cullen…look me up.

  92. megan

    haha! thats cute! although, i would pass by a guy i saw reading about porches, but i would go talk to a twilight guy. he should be proud.


    hey! i love ur story! its likk halarious. especially tha part where ur likk now moving on to more important issusses likk how to become edward cullen! good luck but there is only one edward cullen ever and dats the real one!

  94. Bunny

    I am freaking out!

  95. Kelli

    June 3rd, 2008 at 3:06 am
    haha that was an amusing one but I still don’t understand it.
    If I ever am lucky enough to come across a guy reading Twilight, I would be so incredibly intrigued that I would approach him at once.
    I can think of only one thing more attractive and that is Edward Cullen himself.”

    ^I agree with that too. But I was definetly laughing while I was reading that.

  96. Kelli

    But maybe the glue was a bit much.

  97. Megan Yakita

    lol nice, I remember when I was like 10 I put a harry potter book in a bible case so I could read it in church lol, my mom was not happy when she found out lol

  98. Lily

    LOL I like the ‘Not Twilight’ idea – I agree with alot of the comments here, if I saw a guy reading it I would be way too curious and just start talking to him *hint hint* XD

  99. Amanda

    Good idea, all though I frown upon glueing things to Twilight…

  100. Tai game chien thuat

    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? Id like to follow you if that would be okay. Im absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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