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TwilightGuys Report: Mr. and Mrs. Cullen

June 17th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation



“I was walking into work one day when a woman came running around to my desk, yelling for me.
She had just finished the Twilight series, and had absolutely gone insane when she found out i had the last name of Cullen (she’s new, you see).

She was convinced to win my heart, and every day left “blood” red velvet cake, asking me to go out with her. Eventually I did go out with her, and we actually fell in love.

We were married a year later. I got the love of a wife, and what did she get?

The name: Rosalie Cullen.”

Submitted anonymously.

There you go: Mr. and Mrs. Cullen are real 😀 . This week’s awesome TwilightGuy Reporters get a men’s Runs With Vampires shirt from Twilightteez.com!

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133 Responses

  1. Caitlyn

    aww.. that’s so cool! Mr. and Mrs. Cullen are real!! 😀

  2. McKenna

    That’s awesome!!!!!

  3. Jenna

    Awww. I love stories where people end up in love in the end.

  4. Sus

    ahhhh!! love it only wish I found my own Mr. Cullen. Kaleb do you mind changing your last name from Nation to Cullen? it’s the only thing workins against you.

  5. Sus

    Sorry, I was wondering did she got a twilight theme wedding?? ohh I hope she did.

  6. Kaylee

    If only we all could be so lucky

  7. marcela

    i dunno… that’s kinda… iffy in my book.
    would she have noticed him otherwise? she just HAD to have the last name and marry him?
    sure, it ended well for them, BUT WHAT IF IT HADN’T?
    …meh, perhaps i’m just being pessimistic.

  8. Shannon

    Tis cute.. I’d like to see pictures.. 😉

  9. Shannon

    I actually sort of agree with Marcela as well.. would she have noticed him otherwise.. *ponders*

  10. Aria

    aw that’s sweet.
    what a lucky girl.

  11. Jessamyn

    She sounds slightly psychopathic (but then again, aren’t all of us twilight fans?). In the end though, it’s sweet, just the same…

  12. Nicole

    i hate how freakin’ cute that is. i think it was just the way she would meet him, not the ONLY reason she wants him.

  13. Ruth

    omgsh, that’s the most awesome thing ever!

  14. Piper

    That is so freaking awesome!!
    If I EVER ran into a Edward Cullen… I think that I would marry him

  15. Danni

    haha thats too cute! u guys r awesome!
    im trying to resist calling up all the ‘Cullens’ in the phone book to see if any of them are my age…XD

  16. Filipa

    HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!

  17. kassia

    Isn’t Rosalie’s names Rosalie Hale though? Oh well, it’s still cute. Glad everything worked out so nicely for them. 😀

  18. Bethany

    kassia – Rosalie marryed Emmett Cullen
    Its so cute!

  19. sparkling skin

    that is soooooooo cute, good that girl set out for what she wanted and got it. ha. i thinks thats one of the best stories yet.

  20. AJ

    Bethany – Emmett married Rosalie Hale. She didn’t want to change her last name. It’s still amazingly cute.

  21. Camrin

    wow. lucky! whats his name, though? i really think that if i met an Edward Cullen (who wasn’t a 70 or so bishop, well, i don’t know what i’d do!

  22. Jessica

    Aw, that’s really sweet. I think I’d pass out if I ever met someone with the last name of Cullen. :)

  23. bea

    That’s so AWESOME!

  24. Emily

    I must confess, I’m a bit skeptical. But pretty amazing if it’s really true.

  25. Minh-Thu

    AW! So cute! She’s so lucky! *squeals* I want an own Cullen.

  26. M.A.Estman

    Thats awesome! Me and my sisters have this thing where we try to find the characters in the book where we live, and so far Ive found
    Jacob Black-found him at the flea market
    Alice Cullen-she works at Chilis
    Edward Cullen-Pizza Hut Delivery
    (I was so embarassed when I saw him, I was in my grungies, he actually looked more like Robert Pattinson but younger)
    and my sisters found Emmett in Midlothian, TX
    Woo Hoo!

  27. Katie Beth

    Whoooaaa! Awesome!

    I work at a photography studio, and one of the kids getting baseball pictures taken was named “Edward Isabella.” I stared. 😀

  28. helena

    OH MY GOD, that is SO fricken AWSOME!!!!!

  29. Vamp :}

    Holy S***! that is really kewl!! Rosalie cullen. nice!!! hopefully nothing happens to her in the next book… lol

  30. kelley

    M.A.Estman: That’s because he really IS Edward Cullen!

    That is so psycho awesome!

  31. Teresa

    That story is too cute! My mouth dropped when I read it.

    Oh yeah, M.A.Estman is my sister and she’s right. We do try to find the characters in real life. I hope we can find a Jasper and Carlisle real soon though…:-) I have a feeling Rosalie will be hard to find.

  32. Dianne


    I heard somewhere that somone had a doctor named Dr. Cullen. But he was really old or something. Sad, sad. 😀

    Well, that’s a really nifty story. It’s good to know these books actually make the world a better place. 😉

  33. twilight22lover

    my friend sent me a website called howmanyofme.com
    and i searched jacob black, and it said there are 158 people in the US named jacob black. but they also said there was no one named leah clearwater. :(

  34. Laura

    That’s so amazing! *sigh* I need to find my own Cullen–or Hale. I’d settle for a Jasper. 😛 And Sus is right, Kaleb–your name is the only thing against you. 😀

  35. Catherine

    I’m sorry, but liking someone because you want their last name… eh, that’s just a bit strange.

  36. Tina

    aww, that’s so sweet 😀

  37. Lucy

    lucky, lucky….very sweet and unusual. But are any of us normal?

  38. Kaleb Nation

    I’m sure they didn’t get married simply for the name 😀
    It was probably one of those things, that’s why she noticed him. And it just happened to work out.


  39. Morgan A.

    That is so COOL!! a REAL Rosalie Cullen!! Just someone with the last name of Cullen is awesome!!! Now there’s a Rosalie Hale and Rosalie Cullen!! yayyy

  40. Morgan A.

    Okay i know i just commented but i went to that howmanyofme.com thing someone left in the comments and i searched isabella swan and there was only one! Lol! That person is reeaalllyy lucky

  41. Annie

    that’s really cute. lol.
    I just looked on howmanyofme.com and there are 83 Edward Cullen’s in the US

  42. Anne

    that is so cool!!!

  43. Mara-Kate

    WOW !!! Well, I think we all now know that Twilight really is a good conversation starter 😛 hey you! edward! get over here! lol that woman gets a round of applause from me for sticking it through with him and its amazing that they actually did fall in love ! adorable story! :)

  44. Marissa

    yay for love! and Twilight! and the name Cullen, honestly thats like an amazing vampire name… Cullen heehee

    okay I’m done

  45. Jen

    Awww.. I love reading stuff like this. It’s funny the way things work out sometimes :)

  46. Tara

    That’s actually pretty cool.

  47. Lauren

    Haha, wow, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!!
    thats awesome!! but i’m sorry but i also think its kinda funny too!

  48. laura

    omg thats so cool!!
    and that her name happened to be Rosalie, thats awesome!!!
    i really want to meet a guy with the last name cullen and marry him!!!

  49. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    WOW! Thats amazing!

  50. Faktririjekt

    Heh, that’s a little…overboard. o.o;

  51. Loonyxoxlovegood

    aww that’s sooo cute! =]

  52. Anne

    that was cool!
    now all the Cullens in the world will mobbed by twilight-infected people! (including me..haha..)

  53. Elise

    awwwww that’s so cute!

  54. Elise

    I agree with Piper!

  55. Alyson

    That is just the sweetest thing.

    Now, I want to know what happens to the boy whose parents named him Edward Cullen many years ago and now, 20 or so years later he’s a young bachelor living in a Twilight world.

  56. amylouwho

    Hee Hee Hee! That’s hilarious!

  57. AJ

    I looked up my name on howmanyofme.com (and I live in the US) but it came up with zero. My last name didn’t even show up, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Leah Clearwater somewhere.

  58. Maddie

    tehe that made me smile, espically the red velvet cake part! how cute, Ms. Meyer should know that shes helping people fall in love =D

  59. Shannon S.

    That’s so cute. What would make it even better would be if his last name was Hale. 😉

  60. Emmy

    Oh my good that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

  61. Jody

    That’s AWESOME! Ome… I wanna marry a Cullen XD That would be freakin’ amazing! LUCKY GIRL!

  62. Mandy

    ohmigod that is sooo cuteeeeee!!!!!

  63. Julie

    Haha, that’s so cool. I especially love that her name is Rosalie. How great it would be if his was Emmett… The woman who helped me sign up for a course at my college’s last name was Cullen… I was totally spazzing out.

  64. Nollie

    lol aw, that’s cute.

    And I looked up my own name on that “howmanyofme.com” site and there is only one person with my real name. Totally weird…and unique I guess.

  65. Jenova

    What are the odds? This reminds me of that other story you posted of the Hale couple who named their fraternal twins Jasper and Rosalie :) If these two have children, five bets they’d name them Alice, Edward, Emmett, Esme or Carlisle. I know I would anyway! 😛 What origin is “Cullen”, anyway? I’d never heard it before the series…but it’s just so striking. What a great name!

    Sigh, stories like this help fuel those tiny fantasies of meeting one’s own Edward. Ever get those feelings after reading the books that just none of the males in your life are good enough?? HAHA! Stephenie Meyer: Single-handedly Altering the Relationships of the World.

  66. Stephanie

    Awwwwwww, that’s SO sweet! Wouldn’t we all die for a good love story? =]

  67. mehek


  68. mehek


  69. avputries

    geez. i think the gods are on her side that day. :) how very lucky..

  70. Maxine

    oh my gosh that is too freaking cute.

    how a book can make you obsessed about anything Cullen, even the last name itself.

  71. Laura

    that is so cute! 😀 This made me smile! Good luck :)

  72. Brandi

    I am SOOO finding someone with the last name cullen…

    or black…
    whichever…either way.

    haha kidding!

    no but seriously.

  73. Stephanie

    That is absolutely awesome! lol

  74. Joa_Cullen

    oh amazing! what a beautiful sotry! I WANT AN EDWARD CULLEN NOW XD
    Greetings from uruguay

  75. Joa_Cullen

    hummm i said sotry and i mean story XD

  76. Sarah

    I find this extremely amusing… mostly because my parents are also Mr and Mrs Cullen. In fact, my Grandma was called Esme Cullen. I would run around celebrating that fact, but unfortunately for me, the majority of people in the UK would have no idea why I was acting so insanely haha. It’s still kinda cool anyway.

  77. vesper

    wow…I am so jealous… my friend jasper’s last name in cullen and I love to let anyone I meat (that knows about twilight..which is almost all of them) that his jame is jasper cullen. haha. I even forced them to read the books…and he loved them.

  78. Gill Pont

    OMC! That rocks!

  79. Gill Pont

    PS: Vesper, I want to meet your friend Jasper Cullen.

  80. Madi

    Here’s a great Stephenie Meyer giveaway!


  81. Makayla


  82. Gladys

    OMG! that`s amazing! vesper I also want to meet that Jasper Cullen, I bet he`s lucky with the girls!

  83. Lauren


    how CUTE is that!

    Fate lead her to read the books, which made her want to go out with that Cullen guy at her work :) awww

  84. McKell

    I know i would marry him! haha Especially if my name was Rosalie, because shes my favorite!

  85. Sarah

    Aww thats so cute ^^
    Really funny too!
    Man… I wish my last name was Cullen >.>

  86. Sarah (there really are lots of us)

    Im the sarah that commented a bit above haha. Too confusing.

    Anyway, having the last name Cullen didnt use to be anything amazing and to be honest, it still feels normal for me cos most of my friends havent even heard of twilight (although Im working on that!).

    In fact, the name was what helped me find out about Twilight. I thought “why do i keep seeing this guy with my surname spread across the internet? Who the heck is he anyway?” So i did my research and loved it!

    This story’s still sweet though. What a novel way to bring two people together! I will share my surname with you guys if you like :) haha.

  87. Kyra

    Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!!! That is soooooo sweet I wish that would happen to me….

  88. Taira

    That is so romanatic. Awww!

  89. Angelina

    that is just so sweet!!

  90. Hannah

    That’s really cool. But the way it was written sonds like she used you for your last name. but I don’t believe that of course. Because I have yet to meet any Twilight fan so crazed. Sure there are some crazy obsessive ones out there. But none who would use someone for their last name. So I think it is a cute story!!!!!

  91. Orla

    wow, that is kinda cool!!
    but a little extreme, but it it was real love, well then, all the better!!
    i have never found any of the names of the characters.. yet! :]
    awesome though
    and it’s a cute story!!

  92. Alaina

    aww thats completely amazing.

  93. Mary

    Oh my gosh, that his hilarious. wow

  94. Hailey

    My last name is also Cullen and Twilight fans love me because of that. I started reading the book only because of the many people who begged me to read it and know what they were talking about! It’s funny!!! My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Cullen; and one my brothers’ middle name is Edward!!!! He’s 23, so girls drool over him because he’s Edward Cullen and a very handsome guy with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.
    It’s sad that he gets girls because of this rather than for his amazing musical skills. lol!

  95. Hailey

    He tries to keep his middle name a secret, but he found it impossible. . . My cousins are huge Twilight fans and are so proud of our very own Edward. No one else in our family has a name close to the Twilight’s Cullen family.

  96. reeesa_twilightaholic

    this story is ridiculously
    l o v e l y.

  97. Jessie

    One do you have a younger brother?

    Or 2 will you consider adopting my boyfriend? seeing as well somehow someway my boyfriend is actually named Edward and my middle and actually used name is Isabella (although I had been using Izzy that has so changed now)(Jessie is like my stage/first name

  98. Jessie

    Also hey people where is the love for Emmett he is by far my most favorite male after Edward of course then Jasper, Carlisle, so on and Jacob comes in at a screeching 23 Yes i even put marcus Ciaus aro and alec before him! oh and yea Kellan you are doing a great job considereing you have some mighty big shoulders to fill.

  99. Katie

    I work at a Drs office and one of the drs is Dr. Cullen, but his names not Carlisle and I’m pretty sure he’s human :)

  100. jennifer

    lol thats really funny, theres not a lot of peolpe named rosealie

  101. Edward


  102. Nemo

    That’s really disturbing, to be honest. If someone came up to me screaming about how I had the same last name as a fictional character made of diamond, I’d be amused. If that person continued to make me “blood” cakes every day, I’d report her for harassment.

    I guess it just makes sense that they got married. He clearly doesn’t have very good self-esteem if he can’t tell someone’s in desperate need of therapy.

    I wonder if she screams “Emmett” in the bedroom by mistake.

  103. lol twilight

    Are you serious?

    The last name Cullen was interesting,m maybe cute, but Rosalie? ffffffffff no.

  104. Amy

    I think that’s pretty disturbing. I mean, maybe they fell in love, maybe they didn’t, but seriously: trying to woo a person *just* because they have the surname Cullen?

    Epitome of sanity there.

  105. linden swallow

    this is bogus. she says she finished the series and then a year later they got together? the series just finished now. this is clearly made-up.

  106. sneha

    The fact that she only wanted to get to know you because you have the same last name as a guy in a book she’s in love with is a little disturbing. I don’t know I found this sick

  107. Laura

    This is DISTURBING. These fangirl attacks must be stopped D:

  108. Zero

    Ok, this was BEYOND disturbing…I mean, even though it ‘worked out’ it still stemmed from obsession with a friggin book. That’s sick

  109. Steph

    lol wow. How is this sweet? It’s creepy, it’s immature, it’s scary. I doubt she even loves the guy to be honest-how can you love someone because of their name?

    When did people get to be so stupid?

  110. JP

    I work at a law office, and I got to scan in a deposition given by a Dr. Edward Cullen from 1988.

  111. Nicki

    Please don’t be true.

  112. katururu

    If I were that man I would be scared. hahaha

  113. Slvrdlphn

    That is sooo fake!

    Breaking Dawn (the last book of the ENTIRE series) only came out a few weeks ago (Aug. 2008) so the “a year later” phrase could not have happened yet.

    Also, the stalking thing … in what universe is that cuuuute?!? Hell-O!!!

  114. Molly

    That’s freaking creepy.

  115. Nicole

    Awww! How ca-yoote!

    To Slvrdlphn-uhm, the books have been out for three years. Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, she had jsut finished reading up to Eclipse (or New Moon)? That WAS the ENTIRE series..until now.

    NE-Wayz, jsut went on howmanyofme.com

    only ONE Bella Cullen.

    Yeha, I’m jealous.

    But there’s FIVE Robert Pattinson’s [!!!] (:

  116. Lisa

    ROFLMAO! What an insane woman, to chase a guy because of his stinkin’ last name. And he must be equally nuts to have let her. I guess those two idiots deserve each other. LOLOLOLOLOL!

  117. Stefany

    Holy crap is that disturbing. He should’ve put a restraining order against her. Too bad that he was too nice.

    Honestly though this story is really disturbing. How come no one has noticed how absolutely insane Twilight fans can get? Why is no one worried about this? Why is this ACCEPTABLE?

  118. Matylda

    Seriously, what the hell is WRONG with Twilight fans? Are you people too delusional to realize that its just a DAMN STORY and that STALKING someone just because their last name is CULLEN or their first name is EDWARD is just plain ridiculous and psychotic? What is so CUTE about being loved just because you share the same last name or the same first name with a character in a book? I’m sorry, but that’s far from being “cute”, as most of you fans put it. Anyone who thinks this is “cute” and “awesome” really deserves to be smacked in the face.

  119. sidney

    dude! no fair! i want my own Cullen! hahaha! but its still sweet and i wanna no to did she get a twilight themed wedding?

  120. Amber

    What are you people on. O.O That’s psycho, not cute.

  121. July Cullen

    I disagree with marcela, it’s like fate kinda, mor that they DID meet and ended up falling in love :)

  122. July Cullen

    ok, amber and matylda, what the HELL r u doing on a twilight fansite? Matylda, YOU deserve a smack in the face. If you hate twilight fans and aren’t one urself why would it even occur to you to visit this website and then click around and read articles about twilight, then scroll all the way to the bottom of this page (probably reading all of the comments as you go) and write a friggin paragraph about what you’ve seen in the proccess??? YOU FREAK!!!! is that just what you do in ur spare time? go out of ur way to insult people in as large groups as possible??

  123. July Cullen

    Honestly, stefany, i dont understand how people like you even end up here writing comments!

  124. Edwardcullenlover


  125. Alice

    Whoa, no way! AWESOME name! You know what would have been even wierder?

    Emmett AND Rosalie Cullen

  126. TJ

    Oh my GOD, are you all out of your MINDS?! CUTE? You call this CUTE? I completely agree with Stefany, why is this ACCEPTABLE? Why isn’t no one DOING something about this? Good GOD, people! That poor, poor, poor man.

  127. Mikyla

    Some people have all
    the luck in having a
    truly ‘Happy Ending’.

  128. Katealicious

    Cute story. Too bad Rosalie was a Hale.

  129. Anastasia Marie

    God, that’s creepy…

  130. Zoe

    that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and amazing!

  131. Zoe

    that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and amazing!

  132. Poptopme12

    I love your story! I wonder what the guy's name is? So sweet!

  133. Crepusculo Amanhecer Parte 1

    I always prefer the way Edward puts Jacob down in that calm way. You know, that “Do you understand that, mongrel?” and “I will break your jaw for her.”… just download something about that calm anger. This clip just seemed a TAD over the top. And I love how angry Bella is when Jacob kisses her. Download filmes @[email protected]_F1L R

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