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Reading Twilight: Chapter 17 (The Game)

June 19th, 2008 at 12:10 am by Kaleb Nation

ย The song for this chapter is Stand By Me by Ben E. King (suggested by Yolanda)

After being previously left off right before a game of Vampire baseball, I was very eager to get back: especially since I was nearly guaranteed to find out what it was due to the title of this chapter. Unfortunately, after being submerged in central-Texas, KISS-FM radio and culture for nearly half my life, anytime someone says ‘The Game’ I immediately think of this song:

Before the baseball game (which was fun to watch, by loads), trouble appears on Bella’s street. Jacob Black is back, and Edward is not happy about it. There is a deep loathing between the two, and I am getting the feeling it runs much deeper than vampire and werewolf ties. Edward, specifically, does not like Jacob in the vicinity of Bella. Whether this uneasiness is the fact that Jacob is another guy coming around Bella or that Edward feels that a werewolf might be threatening to her, has yet to be seen (at least, for me).

As I read this chapter, there is a certain warning brought up by Mr. Black about Edward, which made me recall an email I recently got from a non-fan of the books. She pointed out to me in a very direct (though oddly composed) manner that Edward scared her. She directed me to places where Edward follows Bella around town, sneaks into her room at night, and is always lurking in the shadows at odd times of the day. Her claim was that any guy who did that to her would find himself receiving a world-class restraining order.

However, though I can see the concerns of her and Billy Black (and many Jacob-fans, I am guessing) there is an opposite side that should be considered by the anti-Edwards. His motives are so sincerely well-intentioned that Bella knows he would never cross the line. In fact, he has had multiple opportunities to hurt her. He has even stated it before, while they were far out in the middle of the meadow. Bella is also well aware that she couldn’t do much against Edward if he tried.

If a real guy outside the books was to imitate those aspects of Edward, almost any girl would be wary of his motives. Edward, on the other hand, has displayed many times how much he values Bella. He is appearing out of the night, popping up in Bella’s house and following her when she leaves with her friends– but, instead of being a stalker, it seems that Edward feels to Bella more like a constant bodyguard, always watching out for her and trying to stay close as often as he can. Trust is a very important thing, and the building of it has been meticulously done by Edward.

My favorite thing so far I have found about the Cullens is how they are so instantly organized into a team. The moment Alice picks up on danger, they are ready to defend against it, and each of them has a certain ability which will aid them. In a way, they remind me of the Incredibles, but more…vampirey.


Again, the look on my face says it all

Also, reinforcing what I said above, the moment that danger to Bella becomes the slightest possibility, Edward tactfully drops out of the game. Without saying, he replaces Esme so that he is near Bella in case of any trouble.

I very much enjoyed this chapter, not only for that revelation, but also because of the sudden twist at the end. When Alice suddenly senses something rapidly approaching in their direction, the story takes a turn into something more thrilling for us guys (fellows: take note, I feel there are bad vampires on the way, and bad vampires spells Vampire Action Scenes). Also, Alice worries they will smell Bella:

“That won’t help,” Alice said softly. “I could smell her across the field.”

“Dangit!” Edward said, removing his cowboy hat. “I told her to take a shower.”

“Wait a minute,” Alice sniffed again. “It’s not her, it’s you.”

“Dangit!” Edward whined, replacing his cowboy hat. “Vampires don’t need showers!”

Someone recently asked me which chapter was my favorite so far, and I replied with an earlier one.ย  However, upon reading this one, my favorite has immediately been changed to Chapter 17. I will also admit to being unable to resist reading the first page of Chapter 18; and if not for another college exam tomorrow, I might have just kept going ๐Ÿ˜€


– I have a goal of 1000 Youtube subscribers by the end of summer. I’m around 700 last I checked. So if you find the videos on my channel interesting, go ahead and click that bright yellow button ๐Ÿ˜€

– Yolanda, if you see this, I know you actually picked Stand By Me for chapter 18. However, I chose to use it early, because it is a song that sounds perfect for a vampire-baseball scene

– Added: according to some early comments, I must be victim to spoilers. Obviously, Jacob is not a werewolf yet (or I am not supposed to know this yet). Which leaves me slightly confused, as I was certain it was mentioned somewhere…ย 

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114 Responses

  1. Emmy-lou

    tee heee. Edward…..cowboy hat!! lovely…..lmao. thank you so much Kaleb. you have personally applied we with vampire/cowboy jokes for the rest of the month. you rock bullwinkles socks!!!

  2. Kim

    When I think of the game I think something more along the lines of “I lost the game!” and get rather upset, because now I’m losing.
    Also, this is one of my most favorite chapters too. I’m really excited to see how they do it in the movie. ^^

  3. Dianne

    XD I love when you add your own “continuation” of lines ๐Ÿ˜€

    “Sure, fellow vampires!โ€ Edward said joyfully. โ€œWe can all have some Bella Swan, at Kaleboniโ€™s!”

    You’re hilarious.

    P.S. I’m one of the first comments! Yaaay!

  4. Priscilla

    Hahahahah Twilight Incredibles.
    Let’s see… Carlise is Mr. Incredible.
    Esme is his wife.
    JackJack? Definitely Emmett.
    What’s his name? Gah, I forgot. Blondie is Jasper. And… the girl is Alice. Wow, do I suck at remembering stuff like this.

    Hilarious as usual.

  5. Tori

    Hilarious,haha, I love your commentary.
    Chapter 17 is my favorite, too. Everyone (at least all the female twilighters i know) says the meadow is their favorite, but I think chapter 17 is just perfect. ^-^

  6. Sam

    Hmm, I always took Edward’s unease as being due to Billy’s presence, and honestly didn’t give Jacob much thought in this scene. Stephenie did say that when she wrote Twilight, she had no intention of making Jacob a werewolf, so you might be reading too much into his and Edward’s relationship, spoilered as you obviously are. Still, disregarding that for a second, I can totally see why Edward would be subconsciously uneasy with Jacob, since he’s a werewolf in the making. Interesting.

    Good job as always :) I love this chapter too, because without it, the book would just be a sappy love story with no excitement.

  7. Jenna

    At this point:

    Jacob doesn’t care so much about Edward just yet…at least not in a deeply-set instinctual kind of way.
    and Edward doesn’t know he’s a werewolf.

    Billy is the man to be wary about at this point.

    Anyhow, I love this chapter so much. I love this whole BIT! from “tampering” with Bella’s memory, to Edward immediately sitting out…

  8. Lauren


    It’s so funny when you have your text in red and have your own little inputs.. cause I imagine the scene in my head as when im reading it, and then all of a sudden Edward is a cowboy with a twangy accent talking about not taking showers!

    and yes, you are NOT supposed to know about Jacob yet! >:(

  9. Kassie

    I love how you input your own little lines in there. LOL.
    You are not supposed to know about Jake yet! Ugh. Its not fair to be spoiled – but at least you don’t know the WHOLE thing yet [hehe]. This is one of my favorite chapters too.
    Well, thanks again (:

  10. Stella

    Chapter 17….the action begins! This is probably the turning point in the series. The point that leads to the other books. Don’t wanna say anything else…I might be giving something away…

  11. Twilight Affiee

    Your nearly finished with the book.. just 8 chapters left including the Epilogue to go..

    and i agree.. u knowing about Jacob being a werewolf before he actually becomes one is a big nono..

    and tomorrow is Edward’s 107th birthday (June 20th)

  12. Lizzie

    This is one of my favoutire chapters too … and we saw Jacob become a werewolf in Bella’s dream in a previous chapter, the one after the trip to First Beach, but she doesn’t actually know that he is one yet …
    Love the site. not many guys admit to reading Twilight!

  13. Tegan

    I like this chapter too, but it’s weird because I don’t really like sports. . .

    I guess it’s because there’s a vampire twist on it (way more interesting). . .

    And I like how that girl points out that she would have gotten a restraining order. . . haha. . .

  14. Tina

    Twilight Incredibles to save the day! Ah, so you have your suspicions about good old Jacob Black…that one’s a bit wily…

  15. Ash is DA BOMB

    Wow I was thinking about the “Edward stalker” thing the other day and you did a very good defence for Edward *snaps*
    and when read this chapter I thought “The Game” too lol

  16. Melomaniac

    This is one of my favourites as well.
    Because it’s the key point (or something), indeed where the action begins.
    The next chapter is boring. xD

  17. Randi

    but ya ur not supposed to know Jaocb is a werewolf until new moon! but i mean hey itsfine u know now!!
    haha! ur amazing

  18. Jessica

    Whenever Jacob Black was explaining to Bella about the myths and stories of La Push, he mentioned that vampires were the mortal enemies of werewolves—I think that’s where you picked up on the werewolf thread.

    Another fantastic analysis, yet again. You never fail to pick up on little hints and careless mannerisms that Edward, and the rest of the Cullens, put forth, and you always surprise me with how well you seem to know the characters. It’s really nice reading your posts for every chapter.

  19. Jessica

    My apologies for the double comment, but I forgot to add in that I think “Time is Running Out” by Muse is the perfect song for chapter eighteen.

  20. Gail

    I don’t think you are so much the victim of spoilers as you paid a lot of attention to the stories Jacob told and made your own conclusions. When I read twilight the first time I also thought Jacob or well I thought Billy was a werewolf based on the stories Jacob told about the cold ones and the werewolves and the way the Blacks react to Edward and vice versa.

  21. hazel

    Wow. I’m really impressed on how you criticize and observe the chapters, Kaleb.

    I mean you easily get the idea of everything that is happening or might happen in the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

    LOL @ The Incredibles. Haha.

  22. Lara

    Oh i cant wait for you to finish the book..
    I feel so tempted to spoil it (but i wont.. haha)

    I managed to get my brother to start reading twilight too..
    he loves it..
    he actually had a fight with one of his girl friends from school because he likes edward and she likes jacob..

  23. Annie

    ahahaha! that was funny with the last bit about edward and his cowboy talk. i can imgine him throwing down his cowboy hat in fustration! that was hilarious! the girl makes a good point of how stalker-like Edward is, but Twilighters know the reason why and how far Edward would go to protect Bella.

  24. Katie Beth

    I just lost The Game.

    Now that that’s out of the way, I think you’re perfectly ok to pick up on the rather obvious vampire thing. Jacob told Bella all about it and Billy’s obviously flippin’ out about somethin’.

    Jessica: I’d save “Time is Running Out” for early on in New Moon… it’s so perfect. Tell us what you think when you get there, Kaleb.

  25. Victoria

    Jacob’s not a werewolf yet, but you did read about it when Bella’s on the reservation, and she’s flirting with Jacob, trying to get him to tell her about vampires. He mentions that werewolves are the enemy of vampires.

  26. Minh Thu

    I love this chapter, too. But my favorite is “The Angel”
    Jacob isn’t a werewolve yet. You’re not supposed to know it. Even Bella doesn’t know it yet. You have to read New Moon to find out waht happened to him… Hurry up with chapter 18. It’s always fun to read what you think.

  27. M.A.Estman

    I think that if you read twilight and you know someone that has already finished the series, you’ll know by the end of Twilight that Jacob is a werewolf.
    I dont know of anyone that actually found out Jacob was a werewolf in book 2, they usually found out by book 1. Me on the other hand, decided I was going to be stupid and look at twilight fan sites, and lo and behold! I found out Jacob was a werewolf, I hadnt even finished twilight. I immediatly IM’ed my sister and said:


    her response:

    So yeah, its no surprise that you know Jacob is a werewolf.

    PS. Stand by me? I dont see that..maybe Drop it like its hot by Snoop Dogg…lmao j/k

  28. Amie

    I have a question…are you really and truly only reading this one chapter at a time, every few days? I just can’t imagine not gobbling this book up in 2-3 days. You were in an airplane for hours, waited for the whole locked-apartment situation, etc etc. You really honestly and sincerely haven’t read the rest of this yet? You show more restraint than Edward!

  29. Lauren

    Hahahaahahaha, that was hilarious!!! The “Vampire” Incredibles!! Chapter 17 is my favorite too cus now all this stuff happens and the book gets even better!!! But its hard to pick a favorite tho, but that one is definatly up there! And just to help you out, no, Jacob is not a werewolf in this book (and you werent supposed to know about that yet you silly!!) but in a next book (*cough cough* like new moon*cough*) you never know!!

  30. Tonya

    I never picked up on some of the “spoiler” hints you find. I, however, read twilight in 1.5 days and the other two in the same amount of time as soon as I finished the first one. So, I was more consumed by the story than examining it like you are. If I were to have done that, I’m sure I would have picked up on some stuff as well.

  31. Morgan A.

    Edward wearing a cowboy hat eating some Bella at Kaleboni’s!! Lol!!

    And I’m suprised that you just didnt read the whole book from there! I read the book in 2 days!

    It sort of sucks now that you know about Jacob… it will sort of spoil New Moon… When I found out I just about had a stroke! I couldnt believe i didnt see it before!

  32. patrice

    I can’t wait to see what this chapter will look like in the movie!

  33. Lindsey

    I just burst out laughing when I say your ‘Incredibles’ picture. You make some of the most hilarious pictures I have ever seen. haha

    Good job on song choice, Yolanda, that fit perfectly! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Janet

    Kaleb, I have become such a BIG fan of your work. I am a 53 yr old mom of an 18 yr old recent high school graduate and I so admire your talents and drive to use them. And I’ve subscribed to your YouTube Video as well. Keep writing, Kaleb. You have a gift!

  35. Sariah

    When I first read the books, I thought it was fairly obvious that Jacob was or would be a werewolf. First when he told Bella the stories at the beach and then when Bella had her dream about Jacob turning into a werewolf and attacking Edward.

    So between that and occasional comments referring to werewolves, it’s not hard to see how you’ve come to that conclusion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree with your take on Edward. I never thought of it as creepy or stalkerish. But if any other guy were to do the same things it would be.

  36. Angela

    Nope. Jacob is not a werewolf yet to you. But that’s okay. It’s almost impossible to not know in your situation. Loved the Incredibles thing. haha

  37. Jessie

    in twilight (not the other two) i think it’s really more edward not likeing jacob’s dad. he can read his thoughts, and knows that Billy doesn’t like them together. (i think his name is billy anyway…lol). in the fist book, nobody knows that jacob will become a vampire (not even stephenie meyer).

  38. Melonie

    I see you took my advice about photoshopping yourself as a superhero. Fantastic!

  39. Jessie

    also (i didn’t read all the comments so i’m not sure if this was already said) you might be confused about jacob being mentioned as a vampire because of the dream bella had when he turned into a wolf. but it still was never actually said that he would become a werewolf. also i meant first book not fist book lol.

  40. Jessie

    AHHHH i keep messing up!!
    i meant jacob being mentioned as a WEREWOLF

  41. Kimberley

    hehehe… edwards a stalker! this is favorite chapter too!

  42. Caitlin

    I see you picked up on the whole werewolf thing. Previous commenters are right, Stephenie had no intention of having anything but vampires in her books before she sat down and began book two. Which means that Jacob isn’t a werewolf at this point.

    But I don’t know if it’s spoilers so much as just common sense. I mean, I immediately knew that Jacob Black had some werewolf connections when I read Chapter Six of Twilight. This lead to me practically ready to throw the book with frustration throughout much of New Moon at Bella not immediately seeing it as well. And I didn’t even know about the online community until almost Eclipse. It just seemed to make sense, no one had to tell me.

    Of course, that also might be due to how my introduction to the world of vampires was always with them being hand-in-hand with werewolves as well as their enemies (case in point: the movie “Underworld”). So that might be pop culture, as well.

  43. Mel

    Yep, like you can tell from the dozens of comments above me, you weren’t supposed to know Jacob was a werewolf yet. Something must have happened to tip you off because it was in.. I can’t even remember.. hah.. just later on. Definitely not now. Maybe you read it somewhere else..

    Anyway, great update! :]

  44. Roki

    ROFLMAO, that was SO funny kaleb! This has got to be THE funniest ever.

  45. Jane

    I didn’t have time to read all the comments, so I hope this wasn’t already mentioned. Kaleb, you said something about how you shouldn’t know Jacob is a werewolf yet, but you thought you read it somewhere. I think I know what you are talking about. After Bella learns that Edward is a vampire, she has a dream. In the dream, Jacob turns into a wolf. Here, Jacob is not a werewolf, but only turns into one during the dream. It is a bit of foreshadowing that, combined with information you already knew, lead you to believe that he is a werewolf (although the casual reader would not know this). Just thought I would point that out. The next chapter (combined with this one), is one of my favorites! Happy reading!

  46. Kris

    It is funny you brought up the “stalker” issue. My students & I started a Twilight book club at school and the only guy brought up that point as well. All of the girls jumped his case because of “Edwarditis”. But he fought back with: “Hey, so, if I did this to one of you, you would think this hot?” We had to discuss the difference between mutually accepted boundries vs. inappropriate stalkers in respect to age/maturity appropriateness. 13 year olds think it is “dreamy”…the 34 year old mom/teacher would be more than slightly concerned if a real boy would “pull” an Edward on one of her “kids.” We clearly see what Edward’s intentions are…real boys-not so much.

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  48. Amy

    About the werewolf thing, you don’t find out until the next book but most people know at this point. The reason Edward doesn’t like the Blacks there is because they are trying to stop Bella and trying to break the treaty without breaking it and . . Jacob well . . . I’ll you decide that.

    Your images never cease to amaze and amuse me. I love the incredibles and the fact that you compare the Cullens and the Incredibles makes my entire day.

    And I also have a test today. Actually, in a half hour. So good luck on yours!

  49. googlyeyes

    Kaleb I have to give you props for being able to read Twilight one chapter at a time. Unlike you, I wasn’t able to, and so my grades kinda went down for neglecting my homework and instead I was reading… So good job for putting school first!!

    Now that more than half the comments up there have told you all about Jake not being a werewolf yet, I’m hoping that this is the ONLY thing you now about the next book and that you know nothing else!!

    Have fun reading!!

  50. Brianna

    I love your site! thanks for another hilarious post!

  51. Sarah

    Haha! Kaleb you have been spoilerfied!
    This was an exciting chapter! But… now normal baseball is even MORE boring than it was before! I mean, before I read that chapter, baseball was OKAY. Now its not okay. Its torture to sit through one of those games now…
    The only interesting thing is when the players start beating each other up =D

    Yeah pretend I didn’t say that…

  52. Phoebe

    About Jacob… he DOES mention in his Quileute stories that legend is that “wolves are their brothers still” along with the vampire story. But even thought the vampire part of the story turned out to be true, that doesn’t mean that the werewolf one was. So technically, you just made an assumption there, and you can now probably figure out whether you were right or not from all the other comments you recieved… =D

  53. Samantha

    You may have the werewolf idea of Jacob in your head because of Chapter Six: Scary Stories.

    But I enjoyed this chapter as well because the whole mood of the book changed in an instant: blissful game of baseball to intense fear and anticipation of what is to come.

  54. JC

    You probably remember Jacob as a werewolf because Bella dreamed he turned into one after he told her the legends, but he isn’t one yet.

  55. Fascally

    So as you near the end of Twilight, I must ask,

    are you immediately going on to New Moon? Or are you going to wait a few weeks, to grasp it all, before you start?

  56. Sarah

    Okay, so spoilers have gotten to you, but along the first part of the book Jacob spills the beans about his tribe, so you could have made assumptions. You also could have looked at the tshirts from twilightteez and had the same spoiler brought to your attention. It’s not something that could have been escaped from hearing about before you read it. Sorry.

  57. Mara-Kate

    Dangit! Vampires don’t need showers! ROTFL kaleb you are hilarious! I actually was able to picture that perfectly in my mind and you had me in hysterics with that and the Cullen Incredibles!! Another hilarious post..hurry up and read 18!! :)

  58. Leatha

    yes very awesome chapter
    hmm you were talking about that girl saying edward was like a stalker
    but lets be honest i dont think its the same when everyone and their mom is out to get bella
    plus shes a “danger magnet”
    AND hes a vampire
    so it all works out

  59. Annie

    once again Kaleb, I laughed. A lot. It even made my mom need to come and check on me. And now i’ve lost the game. Darn you people who also lost!
    And i do Agree with the whole “if anyone but Edward Cullen did the things he does he would have a restraining order” thing. I think it might be the whole idea of having someone who cared about you that much???

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  61. rach

    Okay, it’s official.

    ya got me hooked.

    Not on twilight! No, I’ve been obsessed with twilight for the past 2 years.

    But on YOUR WEBSITE!

    You just seem to GET everything! Why girls are so in love with a fictional vampire, why about 90 % of us dream of a romance like Bella and Edward’s. AND…

    you hit it on the nail! Guys should take tips from Edward (or even Jacob. MIND YOU I’M STILL REALLY REALLY TICKED OFF – No, PISSED – at JACOB BLACK AT THIS MOMENT. You’ll find out why in Eclipse).

    This is one of what I think should be the statements of life:

    If there were more Edwards in the world, the world would be a better place.

    And of course, almost all of my friends agree with me (I only have 3 Team Jacob fans. You should hear some of the arguments we get into. They turn into shouting matches. And that’s an understatement). Seriously, twilight should be a guy’s guide on how to be a great – at the very least – boyfriend.

    Anyways, you’re great! Looking forward to your other posts!

  62. Whit

    Nice…And you’re from central Texas….LIKE ME!!! Hooray for KISS-FM in San Antonio…maybe you’re in Austin? Good blog.

  63. kate

    Jeeze!!!! You ARE spoilered! Oh, and to get this out of the way, i just lost The Game. Long story. Dang, boy! You’re not suppossed to know ’bout our friend Mr. Jacob being all wolfy ’till the SECOND book. Read the black-white print. SECOND BOOK, not FIRST. You’re just to darn intutive. Grrr I didn’t figure it out ’till Bella did, now i feel so stupid!

    Oh, by the way, i’m totally for Team Edward, so I a wee bit biased.) Edward isn’t stalkerish. Of any other boy did it, it would be, but Edward isn’t doing it ’cause he really lovestruck. (he is, but that’s beside the point.) He’s doing it to PROTECT bella, not scare her. Ok. I just had to get that outa my system.

    You’re so funny! Keep reading!!!

  64. Catherine

    Heck, I picked up in the first book that Jacob was a werewolf or had something to do with werewolves. When I was reading the second book, I was like, “Okay, Jacob, just turn into a werewolf already!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. Destane

    “I TOLD her to take a shower!” rotfl:) I love when you do your add-ons to the chapter and now you have me doing the same thing! Allthough i’m sure it’s not as funny as yours… Still, as others above me have listed, YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO FIND OUT ABOUT JACOB YET UNTIL NEW MOON! And i agree with Kate, i didn’t find out he was a werewolf until Bella did to, and when i told my friends about it the next day they were like “Duh! we found that out in Twilight!” i felt really stupid and slow, but of course thats not the first time i’ve felt like that lol. I also considered the stalker thing with Edward to, but then quickly reasured myself by saying “why does it mater, he’s Edward Cullen!” As usual, that seemed to clear up all doubts :) keep up the good work and i can’t wait til you read the next chapter!

  66. Destane

    Oh and also this was one of my favorite chapters of Twilight too and it’s cool also because i play softball too, although now Edward makes me feel suckish because he’s a WAY better outfielder than me… :( I still love him though :)

  67. Claire

    Haha! I love your commentary.
    You might have gotten the werewolf idea from Chapter 6.
    But Kaleb, you must be learning self-control from Edward for resisting to gobble up the rest of the book!
    Good luck with your exam tomorrow (which is also Edwardโ€™s birthday)!

  68. Maxine

    Ahh Kiss FM
    *girl singing*
    “106.1….KISSSS EFFF EMMM”
    Grand Prairie, more than Dallas, but what ev.

    If it was ANY OTHER guy following Bella it would be stalker-ish, but since ANY OTHER guy wouldn’t most likely be a VAMPIRE THAT IS IN LOVE WITH YOU/WANTS TO EAT YOU [<– the ‘eating’ detail is not as improtant haha] it’s perfectly normal, well by our standards.

    haha The Incredibles….

    Spoilers? I haven’t read Twilight in a few weeks [which means that I don’t remember details, which ALSO means I need to read it again for the 5th time] but i’m pretty sure that it’s IMPLIED that Jacob is a warewolf.

  69. Andrea

    i just started reading your blog today and i’m pretty sure i have abs from laughing so hard. can’t wait for chapter 18 ๐Ÿ˜€

  70. Corinne!

    you know, considering that there are so many emails from me in your inbox, i shouldnt have to use these pesky comment boxes. ohmygosh! you’re trying to annoy me, arent you? i can just see you chuckling at your computer thinking, ‘hehe, how long is she going to hold out before she starts spamming my comments too?’
    alright, so maybe not. but whatever.

    oh, just so you know, the ad content you’re not responsible for says “Meet Vampire Singles: meet local vampire singles near you view profiles 100% free. join now!” i think i just might. i wanna find me a vampire like edward…

    i enjoy your chapter comments a lot…. they make me laugh. a lot. i cant really think of anything to say seeing as how it’s very early in the morning [as in, i havent gone to sleep yet] but i shall definitely get back to you if you ever email me…

  71. Sam

    don’t worry kaleb i’m sure you read about jacob and werewolves at the beach chapter(6) lol from where you get so creative stories??they’r hilarious!! well then you’re getting to the most interesting chapters!!keep reading!!

  72. Jessica

    I totally love the baseball chapter…it was interesting.

  73. Brianna

    OMG! i just read the comment ’bout tomorrow – no today! right now! it’s past midnight! – being Edward’s birthday and started to hyperventilate!! AHHHHHH!

    okay—think calm

    alright, I’m just about okay now. Wow, this is so exciting!

    i love the image of Edward in his cowboy hat! Hilarious! Can’t wait for the blog for chapter 18

  74. zumi

    you may have read a spoiler from an email (if you did I didn’t send it) but by this time during the book I thought Jacob was a werewolf too. When Edward drops Bella off at her house after Port Angeles (I think) Bella is asking him if she could go hunting with him and he says no because he’s “not the most dangerous thing out there.” and I thought jacob was a werewolf from that. And the fact that Jacob has a husky voice. :)

  75. Amanda

    Hey Kaleb!

    Wanted to help on the whole “Jacob is a werewolf” thing.

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    I’m sure everyone has told you some variation of this, I was just making sure it was all in one place.

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