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Reading Twilight: Chapter 18 (The Hunt) AND Chapter 19 (Goodbyes)

June 23rd, 2008 at 12:09 am by Kaleb Nation

 The song for this chapter is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

As you all surely noticed, something is different about this post, and the difference is that I have covered more than one chapter. One of these is my excuse:

  1. A band of masked Twilighters led by Bailey leapt through my window, chained me to my desk, and threatened to stone me with textbooks if I didn’t read faster.  Or:
  2. I caught a fatal type of Dangermagnetosis and must now read double-speed in order to finish before my premature death. Or:
  3. Stephenie ended Chapter 18 at a part in the story no sane being, male or female, human or vampire, could set the book down.

Yes, I just kept on from 18 to 19, and might have gone onto 20 if I hadn’t stopped myself. In a flash it transformed. The beginning of the book was great (I’m a guy, so Edward-gushing wasn’t completely my type of reading), but this part is thrilling. Vampire action? Vampires running beside the car, chasing and tracking Bella down? If there are any guys reading this, still on the fence about reading Twilight, know that the romance and stuff guys don’t usually enjoy, at the beginning of the book, is entirely worth it for what is happening now. In fact, those parts are of great importance to make this part of the book so strong, so you know just how imperative it is to Edward that Bella stays alive.

There are hardly words to be said about this chapter, as I’m still trying to resist pulling it off the shelf and jumping right into the next part. Like I said at the beginning of this site, I am not one who has ever enjoyed vampire books or movies. For some reason, they just didn’t click with me. But Stephenie’s have completely rendered a new view of vampires in my mind– from the old Dracula with capes into something worthy of vamptastic.

In these chapters, there is a very strong tension in the air at all times, which is handled so masterfully I can’t get over it. Somehow, I can feel James watching from the shadows, circling the house, running next to the car– this constant danger that at any time could strike from the dark. At the same time, Edward is there as well, showing an aggressive side I have not yet seen. He has gone instantly from this romantic fellow into a vicious, dark defender, ready to hunt James at whatever cost. The prospect of having to tear James to shreds and burn the pieces does not even sway him for a second from what he has to do. There is a driving force to protect Bella that leaves no room in Edward’s mind for questioning what has to be done. She’s worth whatever it takes for him to keep her alive.

Believe me when I say that the absolute, sudden shifting from a romance into a page-turning thriller within the space of 20 pages had me shocked. Regular vampire romances do not do that. However, Twilight is not a regular vampire romance.

Unfortunately, my mind wandered off again, snickering back at me as it did:

“What’s your hunting range?” Laurent casually inquired.

“Somewhere in that direction,” Carlisle said, pointing. “But, you might rather wait a month or two. After all…”

He gestured towards a sign which read:

Sorry, we’re out of season

I am looking forward to grabbing Chapter 20 with the greatest anticipation, and hoping that I can resist from just leaping upon the rest of the book and devouring them all at once with near-vampiric fury.  😀


– I’m about ready to celebrate: my Youtube is up to 870 subs! My goal is 1000 by the end of summer, so if anybody likes Youtube be sure to check out my channel.

– This week is my final exam in college before summer break, and then I will be much free-er to get back with everyone’s emails. However, I just received the editorial letter for my novel. Thus, following June 27, my email-answering speed will fall again while I work on that. But I will still reply!

– For those who haven’t heard, most of Stephenie’s Breaking Dawn shows were sold out within the hour. Wowsa. So you were all right: my 3 hour guess was way too much 😀

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89 Responses

  1. Destane

    wow, I can’t believe i’m like one of the first to write! Finally! Anyways for shame Kaleb, i actually thought you might resist the temptation in these chapters… to bad. Also the excuses were hilarious! Can’t wait til your next post!

  2. Melonie

    Interesting, these are the chapters where I usually yawn and just start reading through to get back to the mushy stuff. I’m glad, though, to see that you’ve finally gotten to a spot where you just can’t put it down. Welcome to true Twilight Fandom.

  3. Claire

    2 chapters! I was wondering when you would finally give in and read more than one. Glad that you’re really enjoying it, and I can’t wait for your next post!

  4. Christina

    haha! I knew you weren’t gonna be able to read just one chapter at a time forever…it was only a matter of time before you gave in…lol! I love the song for the chapter by the way =)

  5. Heather

    I’ve been shocked the entire time reading your posts that you have been able to set it down. Once I got to chapter three of Twilight I was dangerously hooked. I commend you for being so strong to put it down in the midst of all the action and I am very glad that you did “cheat” and read two chapters =D

  6. Stella

    You were right about people noticing that you read two chapters. That is a first for you. But I don’t know how you can stop yourself from reading. I can say that most people read these books in a day or two each.

    Also nice sign and keep reading :)

  7. inmortal

    NO HUNTING AT ALL HAHAHAHAHHAHA……. that pic was hilarious.

    As for vampires, yeah the same happened to me. Vampires were bleh for me until I met Stephenie’s vampires. I never liked vampires before!! Steph’s vamps are original. They spark and don’t have fangs and live in a wonderful house and drive a volvo/mercedes/bmw/jeep LOL…..

    2 chapters too? for the next entry? j/k 😀 Good luck with your examn ))

  8. Brandi

    this is the main reason why I WANT ALL MY GUY FRIENDS to read Twilight… because like you said the gushy stuff at the beginning is totally worth it to get to the ACTION PACK FUN at the end!
    LOVE IT!


  9. Rachul

    So… I don’t think I ever told you about this. But a long time ago there was a running joke with Stephenie as to what Eclipse held (as this was pre-eclipse release talk). The joke was that Edward while up in Alaska, visiting the Denali Clan, was eaten by a polar bear. So… your pictures was actually much more humorous than you probably even intended. Good play, sir. Good play.


  10. Lauren

    Gosh, reading this blog makes me want to read Twilight, yet again. I don t know how Stephenie does it, but that tension is SO on-the-edge-of-your-seat-

    And, omg, I totally saved your “No Hunting” picture to my Twilight folder of pictures, so next time I see it I will laugh out loud :)

  11. Lauren

    How can you go through your day not laughing hysterically at all the thoughts you have ?!

  12. Shannon B

    I have always been amazed at how you were able to only read chapter at a time, with days inbetween each chapter. I was wondering if you would ever falter to the twilight induced adrenaline. I guess, since you’re a guy, all it took was some action. 😀

    I think you’re going to have trouble putting the book down during the other books…..

  13. Yasmine

    Hahaha. I knew you wouldn’t be able to just read ONE chapter every few days. I read Twilight in in 1 1/2 days and New Moon in half a day, and most people did the same type of thing too, so I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it for too long XDD

  14. kassia

    I started reading twilight, and I could read a few chapters every couple days, it was a pretty nice paced book, but there was no omggottareadthenextchapter thing for me until these chapters. I read the first 17 chapters in a week, and the rest of the book in a couple hours.

  15. Tash

    mwahaha, we told you! we told you you wouldnt be able to resist!! Yay im glad your enjoying the action after sticking the romance!! I agree with you totally! i told my friend i was reading this book about vampires and she was like ‘vampires!? That dosnt sound like you!’ But the way SM’s done it is just awesome!
    Cant wait to hear your thought on the rest of the book, they are always insightful adn hilarious!!!

  16. Tash

    By the way, excellent song choice!

  17. M.A.Estman

    I remember stopping at the end cuz I was soo scared…

    Im such a weenie…

  18. CoolsocksSam

    Actually, the Chicago tickets didn’t sell out quite so fast. When I got through on the phone line, about two hours after they started selling the tickets, the man said the tickets were sold out, but then some tickets became available because someone didn’t finish their transaction online, so we got their tickets (Yay im going to the Chicago signing! Just had to say that.) So, the Chicago tickets didn’t sell out til about 2 central time, maybe a bit later, so about 2 hours. Of course, that was probably because the site didn’t work for most people and the phone lines were jammed because the site didn’t work. But still. You were kinda close… ish.

  19. patrice

    Great song choice! Thats my favorite song right now.

  20. Aria

    As much as I love reading, I’m greatly looking forward to when the movie comes out, because the actions sequences will RULE!!!

  21. Alyssa

    You don’t need an excuse to explain that you couldn’t help but read 2 chapters at a time! I don’t know anyone who can put down Twilight after one or two chapters, so I ask, Why limit yourself? lol.
    I’m happy you’re enjoying it so much!

  22. Callie

    Yay, your almost done!!!!!!
    I can’t wait fot until you read New Moon. Oh, and if you like action your going to LOVE Eclipse…

  23. Kassy

    HAHA Wow, this really cracked me up. You’re practically my hero for reading this book (and understanding it), but not quite. I’ve got two guy friends who started reading them during the school year. They actually brought them to school! No shame whatsoever. :-)

  24. Katie Beth

    Wow. That is a snazzy sign. 😀

  25. Katie Beth

    Oh, and great song choice! That’s one of my favorite songs right now and I hoped you were going to use it sometime.

  26. Sus

    Ok I’ve enjoy your site from the momment I foun it, but never really felt your enthusiasm for the book. You seem to liked it but, not really love it. Now Im sure that you have the twilight bug, I can feel it in your writting, way to go Kaleb, welcome to our world.

  27. Debbie

    Your sign is hilarious. I don’t know how you’ve been able to pace yourself. I read all 3 books in 2 days. I’m with Callie, if you love the action sequences, you’re going to love the vamptastic action in New Moon and Eclipse – Vampires, Werewolves and Virgos Oh My!

  28. sarah

    hahaha! i love your excuses! and the sign about no human hunting!!! you’re hilarious!

  29. Kayla

    I admire your restraint friend, I have none when it comes to books and read the series in three days and re-read them periodicly in the months following…well done :)

  30. FabGab49

    out of season… LOL!! 😉
    U R sooo funny. the awesomeness of the book must have rubbed off on you, he he. :)
    Glad to see you’re enjoying it, i cant wait to hear your thoughts on new moon, there are some very mixed reviews.

  31. Dianne

    Hahaha! I remember, like, hyperventilating at that part. And then I retreated into the dark recesses of my room to read the rest so that my family wouldn’t interrupt.


    It’s so easy to just give in, isn’t it?

  32. Meli

    I started reading your blog on Twilight a couple of weeks ago and I have say I’ve really enjoyed your insight and funny comments. Your pictures crack me up!
    I decided to leave a comment because I have to say I’m right there with you when the book shifted from all romance to a race for Bella’s life. I’m not a terribly mushy girl. Action is much more my thing. I love a book that has a balance of both. When James and crew came into the picture I perked up and it was even HARDER to put the book down. I think if you were done with finals you would have continued. Enjoy Chapter 20 when you get there. 😀

  33. Kimberley

    Kaleb! I believe that Bailey did climb in through your window, because I was with her. ! Hahaha. I love NoMoreMarbles. Shes the only youtuber I’ll watch. BUT! Since you’ve been like an asset to my every day life, i think I shall go and subscribe to your channel! I know, right? Amazing. Hahaha
    Love the double chapter review! Can you believe that your almost done. 😛
    ~Kim aka LupsandTnks

  34. Angela

    YAY! Two chapters, finally! haha. Yeah I was hooked from the beginning too, but as soon as James started tracking her, there was absolutely NO way I could put the book down. It just gets better and better. Hurry up and finish! =]]

  35. Jen

    Two chapters, eh? It just gets more and more intense. So good luck trying to stay away from the book for long periods of time!

  36. Karen

    haha the girls that ordered a birthday cake! i would of done the same.

    it was a short post Kaleb ,even more to cram both chapters in one .nice. oh yeah and well your sense of humor is hilarious!

  37. Heather L

    Good for you, Kaleb! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book so much. Just reading your site cracks me up on a daily basis–I can’t wait until your book comes out!

  38. Priscilla :)

    woohhoo finally 2 chapters. it just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER! good luck holding out. buts its true. those chapters were the ones that had me awake until 3:00 in the morning all hyped up in anticipation.

  39. Amy

    So I must say your images never cease to amaze or amuse me. Also, if you finish the book or get through a whole bunch of chapters before your next post, I can’t wait to see what you say about my favorite chapter (which is chapter 23).

    Enjoy the rest of it. You have hit what I call the point of no return!

  40. Ally

    Okay, I have to admit, I usually get pretty mad when you change the sentences but that one actually made me laugh too. I appluad you, you are doing a fantastic job at figuring out what makes girls love this book. And trust me all girls are turned on by guys that actually have read Twilight(or any book for that matter!!).

  41. Mary

    woo-hoo!! give into temptation!!!!!

    I was reading the books again and paying special attention to the ends of the chapters, and it was fun to see what kind of cliffie’s you were going to have to live through with just reading one chapter at a time. Don’t worry, you did it through most of Twilight, and most of New Moon might be the same. Good luck at the end of NM and Eclipse, though!! =]

  42. Fascally

    Ha, i thought you’d rush through the end of the book quickly. I did the same thing-except I finished the book start to finish, not just the ending.

  43. CullenCrazy

    I can’t believe your almost done! If you think it wa hard to stop at those chapters, just wait untill you finnish some of the ones to come.

  44. Chrystina

    Congratulations Kaleb! You have gone from a Twilight Reader to a Twilight Fan. Welcome!

  45. elizabeth

    im re-reading twilight again and im on the same place as you!

    this whole book is great.
    kudos to you being able to resist reading the rest.

    the first day i got it, i read it all at once. there was no way i could stop =]

  46. James

    Hi there. It’s good to know that there are other male Twilight fans like me on the internet. I was beginning to think I was the only one. For what seems to be such an exclusively ‘girl’ book, it has some pretty kick-to-the-ass action scenes.

    Keep on truckin’

  47. Kris

    Kaleb, are you hoping to have New Moon & Eclipse finished in time to start Breaking Dawn with the rest of us? I would hate to have someone ruin it for you like so many people did with the Potter series or ever this series. Sadly fans just get so excited about good books, and they just can’t control themselves.

  48. Emmy-lou

    HA! you broke!! now amy owns me five bucks!!!!

    We had a bet going to see if you could read just one chapter at a time.

    Amy had faith in you. I didn’t. Twilight is way to addictive.


  49. Alyssa

    I applaud u for lasting this long without reading two chapters at a time… Good job! I never could do it

  50. Catherine

    You really like the word “anticipation,” don’t you? 😛

  51. ani

    OMG that woas the exact same song i used for this chapter!
    i think MUSE is perfect for twilight!

  52. Karen

    Do you have a girlfriend?..because I’m pretty sure we’re meant to be together. haha

  53. Mara-Kate

    Haha love that sign! Saved it as my new desktop photo XD keep on going Kaleb, you’re getting so close ! :)

  54. Becky

    just wait, it gets better! chapter 22 is one of the most action and suspense filled chapters in the series


  55. Corinne!

    ooh, speeing through the chapters, i see!!
    i’m so excited for you to read the ballet studo scene… ah!
    keep going, keep going! you’re almost there!

  56. Lisette

    damnit.. i want to read it again.. but i lent(sp?) it to my friend so she had something GOOD to read on her vacation.. and now i want to read it.. shoot! oh well.. reading New Moon again wouldn’t be such a bad idea as well…

  57. Melanie

    I don’t know how you put down the book at this part of it! That takes a lot of skill!!

  58. Claudia

    if you like action you are going to have trouble on trying to put down the next two books specially eclipse… good luck!!! :)

  59. Sammy

    I GOT TICKETS!!! WHO!! Go me! I kept trying to call, and trying to call, and trying to call but I could NOT get ahold of anyone, so I got on the Internet and I think I got seats in the SECOND ROW!!! Go friggin me!!!! lol

  60. Joanne Maria

    If you think this is exciting, wait ’till you get to NEW MOON and ECLIPSE….

    Also, I never likes Vampire stuff either, but STEPH- well, she is just special!!!

    Yeah…I am going to the NYC show on 8/1!!!

  61. Melinda

    Kaleb, I totally understand what you mean. I have never liked Vampire books or movies either! Until now. She definately has changed the image of a Vampire for GOOD. No more Dracula, if you ask me. :)
    I give you permission to devour the rest of the book! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the next coming chapters!

  62. Deja

    I knew you would cave sometime and read more than one chapter!Now that you can’t put it down and are just waiting till you can read it again makes you a true twilighter…your reasons for reading two chapters were hilarious :) and the hunting picture he he he he…P.S. if you want to go ahead and keep reading more than one chapter you have my permission :)

  63. Anna

    Hah, Supermassive Black Hole! Exellet choice :) You’re absolutely right, 18&19 were the most intense chapters of Twilight. I was in my English class in near hysterical mode, my teacher kept telling me to put the book down. Anyways…keep reading it only gets better :)

  64. Cassandra

    Can’t say im surprised you read two chapters at once.

    Even the strongest of us have a hard time putting the book down.

    It was only time before Twilight overpowered you as well.

  65. Audree

    I A LOT don’t blame you. If you do end up “accidentally” reading too much (even all the way to the end…), no blame will come to you from here! You do what you gotta do. :)

  66. Sara

    Truthfully, these chapters are one of the main reasons that I became so instantly hooked to Twilight. I mean, I love the mushy stuff as much as the next girl, but you just can’t say no to the awesome “vamptastic” (thank you, I will be adding that to my vocabulary) action.

    I’m probably looking more forward to these moments in the movie than anything else. EVEN the meadow scene…which will be gorgeous and amazing, of course, but I want to see the threaten of limbs being ripped. Vampire style.

  67. Jessica

    I subscribed :-)

    I had the same problem…I got kicked out of Language Arts because I was reading during a lecture. My teacher was like “what had you so captivated that you thought you should waste a grade to do?” I replied in one word “Twilight”…yeah she let me make up the grade (it was 100 points) I’m kinda a goody goody so she’s knew I wasn’t normally like that

  68. bookgirlluvstwilight

    How can you just stop reading at this part of the book, Kaleb!!!

    Sammy, you are sooo lucky to get SECOND ROW SEATS! I wish I could have gotten such good seats. :( Have an awesome time at the book signing/concert!

    Stevie was here

  69. Lena

    I’ve never read vampire stuff myself, but now I’m one of those girls who dress all over black and suck up every vampire movie or book, no matter how crappy it may be. And guess what did the change?
    Stephenie, of course. She often says that she doesn’t quite like scary stuff, but that couldn’t keep me off reading more of that!
    And, though I’m female, these are also some of my favourite chapters

  70. Stella - Twilight4vr

    That sign idea was REALLY funny!!! I can understand how you think that the middle is boring 4 u…my BF thought the same. I personally thought that the “hunt” went by too fast. I am glad you’re enjoying TWILIGHT. Good Job, Kaleb!! 😉

  71. savannah

    I wish my brother would read the books already! he’s going to give in eventually but he’s making it so hard on me. i can’t really blame him. He’s 10 and a super slow reader, BUT I AM GOING TO FORCE IT UPON EVERY GUY I COME IN CONTACT WITH. that includes him. i luv the song chosen for this chapter. i’m making my brother watch and listen to all things twilight related.

  72. Joa_Cullen

    Hahaha I knew you wouldn’t be able to just read ONE chapter every few days…If you think this is exciting, wait ’till you get to NEW MOON and ECLIPSE….
    …NO HUNTING AT ALL hahahah that pic was hilarious.. AMAZING
    and is true what you said how shocking is the transformation of the romance at the beginning( i love that part) because is totally worth it to get to the ACTION PACK FUN at the end! great song choice too I LOVE MUSE…

    Greetings from uruguay

  73. Jennifer

    Oh YAY !! 😀

    Im glad you finally see the action-packed part of Twilight !

    Exciting, eh ?

    Thrilling, eh ?

    Keep on reading ! Post more of your blog, summary, thingies (:

    Ps: I was surprised on how quickly they got sold out ! Amazing !

  74. Angelina

    Just wait. It gets better. Not that it isn’t awesome already but for all the action junkies who can’t get enough.

    I couldn’t believe the tickets for her show sold out so fast! But then againmaybe i shouldn’t have been suprised. Only four shows, and I’m so mad I didn’t get any tickets. I have NEVER been to one of her signings and this was the one I wanted to got to. Last book of the series and I didn’t even get to meet her *sigh*

    Anyways, can’t wait till u finish the book and move onto the next in the series ^_^

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  76. Mallory

    Congrats! (this is for the whole site) you are my hero (for now) i told a guy about this book and he was like “thats cool” and i was like” yah but usually only girls are into it” and he is like not masculine enough so he has to do something stupid like say “oh then i might not like it” (turns away) this is why you are great! welcome to twilight world

  77. saranicole

    I’m still reading… and I want to know one thing: How do you know what a stereotypical vampire romance is like? Have you READ ONE???? Just curious… :)

  78. Steph

    I’m commenting all the time now… tut tut. It’s just that this part is so exciting.
    I don’t blame you for reading both chapters… it’s such a good part of the book. I love how aggressive Edward is. It makes me laugh… that angry vampire teen.
    Nice work on the hunting sign, by the way. I can just imagine Charlie saying, “Okay, so, from now until June, humans are out of season to ALL predators. I’m looking at you vampires.”

  79. E

    That sign is too funny…

  80. spookybell

    thank goodness you are finally a normal(ish) human and had to read more than one chapter. I am glad that the books do tempt you. It still causes me much pain that you can read chapter by chapter and stop!

  81. Maria

    I agree with Melonie; the hunt is my last favourite part of the book. I always get a little distressed and just want to turn to the page when everything is fine again 😛

  82. Kitkat.Alice's creation

    it is 2am do you know where your brain is?

  83. MINDY

    has anyome else noticed that the song he picked for this chapter is the song they played during the baseball scene in the movie, which he just discussed last chapter. and this was before the movie was even being made!! well i prob was made already, but. i still think its cool.

  84. Dan

    As Mindy said before me, Supermassive Black Hole is on the Twilight soundtrack! You weren’t keeping Alice in that apartment of yours, were you? Because there was something clairvoyant going on here.

  85. briana

    wow! way to go on calling the song! they so used that for the last chapter in the movie! lmao

    i think that the movie was great!! just when u compare it to the book and see all the stuff missing and wat changed, it was kinda annoying. but still awesome! :]

  86. Twritebite

    Got tied up by twilighters? Ha! Ha! Ha! You're right, Twilight is definately not the average vampire romance. Actually, Twilight isn't even the average vampire story. Stephenie Meyer seems to have created a whole new world that had never been explored until now. My mind often wonders like yours does when I'm reading Twilight. Actually, I put myself in Bella's shoes. I often wonder what I would do if it were me with Edward. In most cases my mind dosen't get too creative. I end up doing the same things as Bella. But, not to sound vain, or anything, but if anyone out there is a real life Bella, I swear it would be me. I am just like her. It's as if Stephenie Meyer was writing about me.

  87. Popstar y la verdadera y oscura verdad de Edward | todo-terror.com

    […] visita al set-… Aparte de eso pueden ver el Capítulo de 18 y 19 por Kaleb, Twilight guy aquí. (Meli) Ademas, Normal Mormon Husbands ha publicado un articulo de la, segun ellos, la verdadera, […]

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