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TwilightGuys Report: The Secret Twilight Guy

June 24th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation



“I’m a typical 16 year old guy. I love sports, especially baseball. I have a black belt. I hate reading, and I hate yucky romance stuff.

But my sister, Nollie, who is older than me by 3 years, is the Queen of the Twilight here in our house. She’s already converted 2 of her friends over to the “Twilight” zone, one of whom is a real tomboy that loves baseball and football. I thought I was safe from my sister and her Twilight antics…that was until she came home from college for the summer.

With two convertions under her belt…she started on another victim –I mean friend– our own mother. And I think–well I now know–that she has her eyes set on me for convertion. Why?

The first day–FIRST DAY–she was home, she showed me this pretty neat clip. I see guy running, tackling some animal, I see a van about to kill this girl and the guy stops her, I see him throwing girl on back and out a window. It was…interesting. I play it off as like “Okay…what was that?” not so she knows she got to me. She said “That was the trailer for Twilight.”

“What’s Twilight about?” I asked.

“Vampires,” she said, smiling.

Oh dangit…she already has me hooked on seeing the movie just at saying “vampires.” But it gets…more attached when she then tells me, on our way to the Hockey Playoff game, that the movie also includes…baseball. BASEBALL?!

My calender is marked for Dec 12 for the movie. But her plans don’t stop at just me seeing the movie. I asked her, my loving sister, to help me with a project and she goes, “Only if you read Twilight.” Now, I don’t do reading. Writing, heck I like to write short stories about guys and sports, none of the girlie stuff. I go “…okay, but I won’t read it…I’ll listen to it.”

Now every night, I hide around the corner of my parent’s room where she reads chapter by chapter to my mother, recording my mum’s reactions and thought about each chapter for her blog segment called “my mum’s becoming a Twilight mom”…while at the same time, I’m becoming a secret Twilight Guy.

Darn my sister being home.”

Submitted by Z.

I have little doubt that he’ll be out in public soon 😀 And he gets a t-shirt for free from Twilightteez.com for his story!

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56 Responses

  1. stef

    I keep trying to convince my brother! I just ain’t happening!

  2. Melinda

    I can’t convince anyone in my family! It drives me crazy. they don’t know what they are missing out on. My sister says she’s going to wait for the movie. I guess that is better then nothing. I’m sure she will be hooked after watching it.

  3. Kaylee

    I’ve got all the females in my family hooked, but I can’t seem to convince my dad.

  4. McKenna

    go nollie!!! convert those people!!! lmao

  5. Lauren

    I’m trying to get my sister to read it.

  6. inmortal

    Yey another guy! Good for him )) And baseball!! LOL! That totally hooked him HA. Twiligh has everything you need oh hale yeah

  7. Claire

    It won’t be long until more people are converted!
    As a matter of fact, I have more convincing to do myself. 😉

  8. Marissa

    HA! another win for the Twilighters!! muahahahaha! I have successfully converted one male friend and he’s coming with me this week to see about buying coloured contacts to wear to the Breaking Dawn release party!! 😀

  9. Natasha

    Haha, I just got done reading my brother the 1st chapter of Twilight.
    I love Twilight Guys.

  10. Autumn

    I’ve converted my friend (a guy) AND his mom to read it. I’m working on my mom now. ): It’s harder to get people that don’t like to read to read it. *sigh* After her I’m gonna see if my grandma will read it. o.o If she says yes… I will assume that I have special powers, because my grandma hates everything I like. She already told me she doesn’t think Twilight would be very good. Plus she doesn’t read… like at all.

  11. Minh Thu

    I’ve converted twelve friends to read Twilight. One of them got three others to read it and two other friends want to read it. Twilight is taking over the world!!!

  12. Nollie

    AH!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! THAT’S MY BROTHER!!! Keleb! He’s so not secret anymore!!!

  13. hazel

    ^^ haha. nice work nollie!! 😉

    I was also converted by my friend and I constantly thank her for that 😀

  14. patrice

    This is the exact way I’m getting MY brother to read it! I showed him the trailer and told him it’s about vampires and he wants to read it now. Mwaahahahahah!

  15. Katie Beth

    Hiding in the corner takes dedication (or desperation). 😀 I’m not even gonna try to get my brother to read it. I’m having enough trouble getting him to read normal not-romantic sci-fi stuff.

  16. Kaitlin

    Hahaha…I’m trying to get my best friend to read Twilight but she won’t :( I keep trying to convince her that she would like it…but alas she’s an anti-reader :(

  17. andrea

    I converted one of my cousins who didn’t want to read it because it was about vampires(she wasn’t really into vampires and you should see her now. I also converted my two of my sisters.The other day my cousin and I were working on her brother and guess what we actuaaly got him to start reading twilight, which is very hard conidering he is into the whole comic thing and Cirque De Freak.He is on chapter 5 now we have to get him to finish…..

  18. Angela

    Ha, converting people! Sounds like we’re in a religion and Twilight is our bible, lol.

    ^^ I’m glad more people are approaching Twilight, especially guys.

  19. TwilightStar

    I’ve converted thirteen people, and three of them are guys. Now they’re all pretty obsessed. One of the guys says Twilight is “okay,” but I can tell he loves the books too (no one speeds through the three books and then thinks of them as merely “okay”). Everyone loves Twilight Guys.

    Happy converting!

  20. kassia

    I can’t convince anyone I know to read it. They are all hopeless people. I tried getting my brother to read it, and he just looks at me like I am crazy, and my parents roll their eyes whenever I talk about it.

  21. Jen

    I have been working solely on getting my guy friends to read it. I managed to get one who is even willing to let us dress him and style his hair and put glitter on him for the movie. Although I have a feeling he’ll back out in the end :)

  22. Brittany K.

    AH! i love it! thats my favorite one so far i think.

  23. Joa_Cullen

    nice work nollie!!
    I converted my sister who didn’t want to read it because it was about vampires now she loves the cullens ^^ mmm..i converted a friend of mi sister and my cousin is going to fall in temptation soon ^^ yep!
    greetings from uruguay

  24. Becky

    I have suggested it to my brother, two friends, and my mom.
    My friends say it’s too long(same excuse used for Harry Potter, 1 of my other favs) my brother seems to think its a sappy teen vampire romance, even though i told him its not, and my mom (who is a LIBRARIAN- she needs to read it!!) says she wouldn’t like it. And I won’t even bother trying to get my dad to read it.
    *sigh* the worst part is my family are all bookaholics, but they don’t want to read Twilight.

  25. Meli

    I just got my copy of Twilight back from my friend, who loved it and is now reading New Moon. My daugther is reading Twiight at the moment and completely sucked in!
    I did get one of my guy friends online to read the books. He liked them, but wasn’t awed like so many of us, still he cared enough to read all three!
    I have another friend reading the series, but it was her cousin who got her into reading it.
    I’ve showed my youngest brother some footage and it looks like I might hand off Twilight to him after the kiddo is done.
    I’m not sure if I’ll have my mom read it, but I think if my youngest brother is reading it and they live in the same house…then it might exchange hands? LoL.
    I also have a sister(inlaw) who is interested in reading the book, so when she’s done with the two other books I mailed her I’ll send along Twilight. Or I might just buy her a copy as present.

  26. Salina

    I got EVERYONE in my house to read it. Even my dad. Don’t get me wrong. There was a lot of poking fun at me and resistance before I finally got them to pick up the books. My dad was naturally the hardest of them all. I got my 2 sisters to read them and they too tried their hand at persuasion. But once I reeled my mom in, my dad got tired of hearing her talk to him about it every night. It became his “bathroom read.” Needless to say, he finished the series within a month and had visible goosebumps watching the trailer. We have all collectively watched that trailer half a billion times. :)

  27. kassia

    i wish my family will read it. It’s like they’re unconvertible. I try so hard and they just ignore me or sigh.

  28. Makayla

    This is great.


    I love it.

  29. Sarah

    OMG! I know Nollie! (Fine, not in real life, but we’re online buddies) I can’t believe her brother got published on here!
    Ok…I just looked at the comments, and apparently Nollie knows he won. Why do I have the feeling she’s going to steal the shirt?

  30. Lara

    I love how guys can say twilight is girly or gay or whatever..
    but then they read it and fall in love!
    Stephenie doesn’t just provide for the girls.. its for the guys too!
    My brother is reading twilight (without putting up ay fight coz he knows how much i love it) and he’s recommending it to his friends.. =D

    Twilight is exactly my brand of heroin..
    and im spreading the addiction!

    p.s. Kaleb is awesome 😉

  31. mellie

    AWESOME! Another twilight guy! … I mean shouldn’t every guy be one?? It has everything! Romance, mega-cool action scene, vampire, baseball, and everything else in between.

    Thanks Kaleb… your super-mania awesome!

  32. cattt

    I’m trying to convince my Stepdad, but he’s so difficult :(

    Kaleb, PLEASE read Chapter 20 already 😥

  33. Ash is DA Bomb!

    I can’t convince my friend to read it he hasn’t even read a book since 6th grade that’s just sad

  34. C.N.F.A.C

    Nice job Nollie! It’s hard enough trying to get boys into twilight, but your own Brother? Ha! Thats amazing! Keep working on your converting! I can say I am proud of mine too. Just because of Twilight I made tons of friends. I have so far 13 converted. One being my favorite teacher.



  35. C.N.F.A.C


  36. Christina

    i read the chapters to my brother too!
    we’re almost finished.
    we’re on chapter 22!

    Thanks again Kaleb, for just reading and being apart of the Twilight community. I’ve got to tell you, without you, i dont think my brother would have let me read and talk to him about Twilight.

  37. Selene

    Haha, what a cute story! Can you beleive that I convinced my dad to read all the Twilight books, but I can’t get my mom on the bandwagon? Crazy, I know. My dad’s almost as addicted as I am. I’m going after my brother next…

  38. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    Why can’t my boyfriend be as easily as convinced as this guy? I have no brothers to convert, but even my sister’s not really budging =( I’ve converted a total of two people, both girls.

  39. Amara

    Hey!!! I Love Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse I’ve read all the books a total of 30 times. I definitely think that once you read these books your addicted to them they’re like a drug you can’t stop taking!!!!
    I can’t wait til the movie of Twilight comes out on December 12, 2008 yayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Amara

    Hey!!! I Love Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse I’ve read all the books a total of 30 times. I definitely think that once you read these books your addicted to them they’re like a drug you can’t stop taking!!!!
    I can’t wait til the movie of Twilight comes out on December 12, 2008 yayaya!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve converted 3 people

  41. Anna

    Aw, that is actually quite cute.

  42. Mary

    Good job, Nollie!! and Angela (#18), that’s pretty close. I’ve only converted two people, but I have half-converted one other person, my cousin, who is going to read the books when she comes to visit this summer. I almost converted one other person, but her mom won’t let her read them.

  43. Millie

    Converting brothers into Twilighters is so much fun. I think it’s a tough task that requires a lot of finesse (especially the “manly” men). I worked on my brother for about 2 months until he finally cracked. Now he even reads your blog Kaleb!

  44. k

    See, my brother just tries to be manly. 😀 So he will never read them.

  45. Mel

    So, I don’t know if you’ll remember (probably not seeing as how a lot of people feel the need to comment your site) but I once told you of a crush of mine who had read Twilight (through his own volition, no less!), and how he actually liked it. Well, now he’s coming with me to watch the movie (and, okay, so it’s like six months away, but whatever, a girl can get excited)! Wish me luck with this! :] Hah..

    PS. I never commented your previous post about chapters 18 and 19, but they were excellent, as always. :)

  46. Dooks

    My friend listened to it too. He refuses to send his story in. I am really mad at him for that. Bur she only got 2 people?!?!? I got at least 10!

  47. cattt

    okay, so I have learned to accept that I need to be patient with you “Twilight Guy”. I realize that you have other things going on in yourl ife, and that you probably live in a different time zone than me. I will try to be more patient when it comes to your pace. BUT I HAVE BECOME ADDICTED TO THIS SITE (it’s more entertaining than the LEX). PLEASE PLEASE read Twilight I wanna read about how you get through New Moon.
    You’re a talented writer as i cn see.. so PLEASE Twilight Guy grace me with your Laugh Out Loud commentaries 😥

    -sorry for the rant

  48. SMB

    I normally really love the Twilight guy stories (the grandpa one made me cry, for real, and I love the one about the guy who glued the sports car cover over his book). This one, however…seems fishy. it is written like a girl would write…a girl trying to write like what she imagines a sixteen year old boy would write like. Seriously…”Yucky romance stuff?” Liking to write short stories about guys and sports but no girlie stuff? I kind of think his sister wrote this for the free tshirt.

  49. Loonyxoxlovegood

    I went on vacation, and by the end of the week, my two cousins, my mother, and my aunt have all started reading the series! =]

  50. rach

    Haha. lol. I love Nollie! In fact, I sort of already know her. She writes great fan fiction. Tell her I love her stories.

    Unfortunately, I can’t get my brother to read it because well, he’s 6. I DID, however, got my mom into it, though I’m sorry to say she isn’t obsessed with it enough to be a Twilight Mom. Sigh…

    Anyways, good going Nollie! And Z, don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with being a Twilight guy. There IS, however, something wrong with NOT being a twilight guy!

  51. Joe

    i read twilight for the chicks man i let my “boys” pick my books for me

  52. Lily

    I completely converted my brother to reading Twilight. He had been complaining of a headache for a while so the doctor told him he couldn’t play video games or use the computer or watch tv for a few days. After trying to distract him with other things, I started reading Twilight to him. He begged me to stop, so I did, until I remembered that he would probably like the action parts better. I skipped to the end of the book and read a little teaser to him, and then he wanted to know the background. I wouldn’t tell him, so he had to read it himself. He finished the first book in less than 24 hours. hahaha!

  53. Rebekah

    Back in August, 2007, my sister’s friend’s sister lent me new moon to read, because i was all out of books. I unfortunately ended up reading the books all out of order, and even though i have reread them in order multiple times, i still like jacob better than edward *dont kill me*
    i got thirteen people from my school and church to read the series, and one of my converts actually made a deal with this guy in my grade that if he would read twilight, she would read some series called gregor the overlander, about giant roaches *shudders*
    i am in the process of converting my sister, but my parents have told me that they do not aprove of vampires and such satanic things. yeah, thats wat fake book covers are for

  54. Amanda

    I have already gotten six of my friedns to read Twilight, as well as my mom. I’m working on my little sister right now, telling her I will make sure she does not get to see the movie with us until she reads at least the first book. She really wants to see the movie so it’ll work. Now I’m trying to get my dad to read it…

  55. Nazneen

    When I showed my brother the Trailer, he got caught up with it too. I checked his YouTube account and I find that he has been watching a few videos about Twilight. And other than that, Kristen is his favorite actress. So, he’s really looking forward to the movie.

    After we watched it, my brother borrowed my Twilight book over his own free will. And he is not ashamed of it. Even in front of his friends.

    I remember hearing one of his friends say with that obnoxious tone, “You read it too?” And my brother said(Without looking away from the book), “Yeah.”


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