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Reading Twilight: Chapter 20 (Impatience)

June 26th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

 The song for this chapter is Snakes On A Plane by Cobra Starship

I mentioned in my last two chapter posts that I had a goal of reaching 1,000 Youtube subscribers for my channel before the end of the summer. Out of anyone in the world, I should have known what would result. Within two days the goal was reached, and what is more, I’m nearing the 1,050th subscriber as I write. You people are truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough!

While on the topic of numbers, I have leapt right into chapter 20 and realize that there are only four left before I finish the book. How fitting of a title for this chapter! I seems to describe the very feeling I detect being aimed at me:

email I got Monday (GL– I promise I’ll still reply):

Hey Kaleb a.k.a. Twilight Guy! Alrite, I just have one thing to say…CAN U HURRY IT UP ALREADY? Look, me and (almost) everyone i know have been waiting PATIENTLY for you to get to New Moon, which is my FAVORITE of them ALL. (…) so, you did two chapters last time…how about…FIVE next time?


Sheesh! In Chapter 20, the obvious question that has been lurking in the back of my mind is finally voiced by Bella: ‘…how do you become a vampire?’

Alice’s answer gave me some insight into why Edward was originally avoiding Bella. If the transformation is so powerful and painful, he would more than likely not want Bella to experience it. He seems to have wanted to distance himself from her, though his feelings for Bella were too strong for him to leave. This leaves a number of questions in my mind, as to if there are any alternatives, or if there is a way to reverse the procedure. Or I might just be reading much too deep into it…

When it came to the part where they were describing what was happening with James, I was suddenly caught by the line where he got onto an airplane. A thirsty vampire on an airplane full of people is not a very palatable thought. After all, I am claustrophobic enough without having to glance over my shoulder every few minutes to make sure the person behind me isn’t sniffing the air or looking at me like a tasty snack. If anything, there should at least be added security measures for vampires wanting to board airplanes, maybe even a completely separate entrance and seating arrangements.


Welcome to Vamp-Air

The elaborate plans weaved by the Cullens only make them that much cooler in my mind. Not only have they traversed the country in different directions in order to lead these other vampires off, they are keeping up with people they must protect in multiple cities.

Also, the entrance of the ballet hall was a delightful twist. Like everyone here, I have also seen the trailer for the upcoming film. While reading the book, I have been waiting anxiously to see where that scene with the mirrors comes in. Sadly the trailer served as a partial spoiler, as I know something will happen there and I’m on the lookout, though I haven’t a clue how they’ll get there, and for which I am very ready to see in one of the next chapters.


-Remaining posts for this week will be shorter than usual: I have two college exams. On the eve of June 28th, however, it all ends for 2 months, and you should be able to hear my cheer around the world.

– Stephenie’s Breaking Dawn events: mostly sold out within hours. It appears (according to Stephenie’s site) that Seattle is still open, though I searched for tickets and it says they’re out. I immediately went to eBay to see how much these are going for. Let’s just say you can get eight Hannah Montana tickets in exchange for two Stephenie Meyer. Or, a pair of Christina Aguilera’s pants. So, those who got them: they’re worth far more than their weight in gold. Hold on to them tight!

– For those of you keeping up with the various snacks I have enjoyed whilst reading chapters of Twilight, go ahead and add ‘nachos’ to the list. That makes lasagna, pizza, popcorn, ice-cream, sandwiches and nachos. Any special snacks I should try as I near the final chapters of Twilight?

– For those who have scruples against reading FAQ pages, and continue to friend me on Facebook: thanks so much, but I’m sorry, I still can’t unless I know you personally. My Myspace is so much better :)

– Big announcement coming soon.

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90 Responses

  1. erin

    best song choice ever.

    kaleb, you are my favorite.

  2. Kaylee

    Is it too soon to ask if you could be considered a fan? With only four chapters left you must have come to a decision, right?

  3. erin

    ps you should have some cheetos!!
    and you didnt have lasagna, someone stole it.

  4. Lauren


    “Big announcement coming soon”

    Now we have to wait anxiously !

    Ignorance would have been better :)

  5. Elspeth

    Great insight! Good luck on your exams! and you should try pretzels and cream cheese… very good :)
    Thanks Kaleb, i love reading your site, and i will hopefully have a twilight guy of my own, once my hubby reads the books!

  6. Awesomely Awesome

    I love your posts. I go on twilightlexicon everyday and they are always mentioning you. So now i’m hooked on your hilariously funny insights that make so much sense. a snack you should try while reading are onion rings! :)

    Good luck with your exams!

  7. Tina

    lol 😀 maybe next time I go to the airport I should ask if they have a vampire section :)

  8. Icy Topaz

    I agree with G.L.: Hurry up, already! I just re-read New Moon, and I am very eager for your reactions to it. You see so many things different than I do, and it helps me to remember things as well.

    And what’s with the torture about the “Big Announcement Coming Soon”?? That is SO evil of you. D:{ Do you WANT to be eaten alive by vicious vampire wannabes? You crazy, amigo!

  9. Rachel

    mini marshmallows make excellent munchies (that is if you like marshmallows).

  10. Natasha

    A snack I may suggest would be beef jerky.
    Can’t wait to see you finish the book! It seems like yesterday you were telling us that Bella should have a firetruck.

  11. Anonymous

    You hate us, right? You’re a sadist and enjoy the sheer torture that comes with teaser statements like “Big announcement soon”? What did we do to deserve this? How does one go about getting on your good side so that we don’t have to read about there being announcements soon, but can simply read the announcements?
    You make me want to cry ='(

  12. Kaleb Nation

    @Anonymous: Well then! The statement above should instead read:

    ‘No interesting announcements coming in the near future. No, none at all.’

    Though I think the other has a more delightful ring to it 😉 Don’t worry- as soon as they say I can announce it I will.

  13. Claire

    Congratulations on the many, many subscribers!

    A vampire section? I’ll be boarding a plane in 5 days, maybe I’ll ask to see if there are plans in the making for that.

    And big announcement coming soon? I wonder what that will be. Now I’m impatient!

    As for snacks, how about a Chicken Bake? They’re delicious.

  14. Freak

    Ooooh, I’m going on a plane soon!! Kaleb, seeing as you and your twin are on check-in duty, do you think you could slip me in with the vampires?
    Can’t wait for your big announcement!!

  15. Bethany

    hahaha I ebay’d the tickets out of curiosity as soon as they were all sold out, too!

  16. Jen

    Big announcement coming soon? Ugh! Torture! And WHO must say its ok to announce before you do? I am more interested now AFTER your post. And personally, I would attempt to sneak on to the vampire section of the plane, as I’m sure Bella would as well.

  17. Aishah

    Hey Kaleb,
    All the best in your exams and I shall be awaiting for your cheers from across the globe! 😀
    ps. What’s the BIG announcement?????

  18. Emmy-lou

    DUDE!!!!! What the hell!!!!! tell us the big announcement!

  19. TwigiMaree

    Hey Kaleb,
    I have an idea for a snack. How about cereal? “It’s no irritable grizzly” I admit but Bella seems to like it!

    All the best for your exams too
    Happy reading!

  20. Jessamyn

    When I found out that they were doing a tour for BD I kind of freaked, so imagine my disappointment that she doesn’t go to Honolulu… Maybe I should have tried to buy them anyway, then sell them on ebay. Personally, for the snacks, I would say peperoni pizza, as it seems that every time I reread the books it’s on a night we have pizza (the stain from when the pizza dropped on page 240 proves it).

    To end this long post I say “WHAT IS THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!?!?!?!” *hops up and down*.

  21. Sarah

    Try some Dibs, Twizzlers & hot cocoa and I think you’re set. =D

  22. AussiePattinsonLove

    Thats a perfect song choice. I will have to congratulate you howver for actually eating while reading the books…. i have to admit, i totally forgot to eat while i read them… but i suppose that seing as youve taken so long you would be skin and bones by now if you took my approach, or you would start nibbling the pages… just one more comment to add… Please hurry up.

  23. Ashley

    “…ice cream, sandwiches…” When I saw that, I completely disregarded the comma. So my idea for a snack is ice cream sandwiches because now I want one AND I wouldn’t feel like such a dork. :]
    Oh, and deary, there are a lot of teenage girls reading these posts and, well, we don’t always have the best patient levels. So when you say something like ‘big announcement’ it sends a lot of us into spirals of insanity wondering what it is. Find out [when you can share this information] fast!

  24. Catherine

    Agh! What’s the big announcement?

  25. M.A.Estman

    Oh man..I hope in my next flight, I dont board the on the “Vampire” section by mistake *shifty eyes* hahah…

    Im hungry…so nachos sound soooooooo good right now..

  26. Frozen Fire

    I’ve followed your posts for a while now…I think I first heard of your site and picked it up around chapter 10. I love it and want to thank you for reading Twilight and sharing your experience with all of us. You’re absolutely hilarious. Whenever I need a laugh…I go here for the crazy antics, images, thoughts, etc.

    The thing about all the chapters you’ve read…ist hat you’re spot on. Your analysis and insightful comments are so accurate and its fun to see someone state the reasons they enjoy the story and watch/read as they are transformed into a Twilighter.

    Enjoy the rest of the book, aw heck…series…we all know you will read them.

    Post soon with big news (very mean cliffhanger btw), good luck on exams, and have a great summer full of reading.

  27. Alexa

    Could the big annoucement possibly be that you’re now an official Twilighter?!? (: I hope. Btw, beef jerky and Dr. Pepper is an amazing snack :]

  28. Brianna

    For a snack, I would eat some ‘Chicken in a Biscuit’ crackers. They are only amazing!


  29. Jessica

    Yet another great insight on a chapter of Twilight. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like your entries are becoming shorter and have less of your thoughts than they did at the beginning of the this project. Then again, maybe the chapters have less to look into. Or, possibly, you’re getting so excited for the next chapter that it makes you hard to concentrate on your current one? 😉

    Either way, I’m looking forward immensely to your next post.

    About the tickets—I live in the New York vicinity, so I was online at 11:59am to get the tickets. Thankfully, I was able to purchase them, but they were sold out in six minutes flat. I kid you not, my dad called at 12:06pm and the automated woman said that there were “no tickets left available”. I think Stephenie Meyer may be becoming a cult.

  30. Kori

    Loving the pictures, as always, and the song choice was hilarious!!!

    Ummmm, I’ve eaten ravioli with lots of Parmesan cheese while reading the books. That’s always a good time. Try that.

  31. Kaitlin

    O man now i have to wait for the big announcement and wait for you to finish the book :( Hurry please, new moon is interesting and i want to hear your opinion about it. And for a snack i would go with gummy bears….(i hear mountain lions are good too :) )

  32. webster12

    congratz on the subs! very well done!!

    Ah..and read faster will ya..everybody is reading midnight sun already and you’re still with Twilight…

  33. Meli

    Snacks…I recommend chicken tenders! I like to toss mine in the toaster oven so they’re a little crispy on the outside. With a little bit of BBQ sauce on the side they make the perfect snack while reading as they’re not very messy.

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  35. E

    Alright first off, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but for me, I liked New Moon the least out of all of them. I would also say its probably the most girly of all of them. Lots of “Oh Edward!”ing going on and such. I mean its still awesome, obviously, but definitely not my favorite. Thats just me though.

    Second off, fab song choice. I freaking love this song…and this movie. Nothing like a movie so awful it rocks.

    Lastly, I don’t know how you can do just one or two chapters at a time at this point. My first time reading it, I seriously could not put it down. I was at a friend’s apartment doing some house sitting when I started and I had to go back to my house, but I wasn’t done with the book. So I drove with it in my lap and read it at stoplights HAHA. I guess its true what they say about women drivers.

    Anyway in closing, I agree, frickin hurry up and finish already. The end is insane[ly awesome]. Finals shminals, its not that hard to read four chapters of a book. Its not like this is Ulysses or something. So get crackin, boy!

  36. Megan

    Someone else said cereal for a snack. I agree!

    Froot Loops, vanilla yogurt, and a banana. It sounds weird, but it’s oddly delightful.

  37. Cam

    If vampires on a plane are disturbing, consider how Carlisle got from Europe to America before 1918 – that had to be about a 2-month trip across the ocean.

    And for a snack – mint chocolate covered Oreos are to die for.

  38. Katie Beth

    I love how your “Big announcement” announcement was the VERY last understated note on the page.

    New Moon nothin’, Eclipse! You’ll love Eclipse. Action galore… oh yes.

    Congratulations on being almost done with exams. FRRREEEEEEEEDOOOOMMMMM…… the first thing I did when I finished exams in May was to go to the library.

  39. Rachel

    New Moon is my favorite, so I can’t wait for you to start reading that either!!!

  40. Rachul

    Lots of Rachels commenting… actually I think I only saw two. BUT NONE WITH A U.

    Here is complimentary comment from RachUl. Good luck on your exams!

    Also, I’m very amused how everyone is freaking out about this big announcement business.

  41. Maddy

    haha snakes on a plane is actually perfect! when i saw that i was like, what? cuz i didnt get it but i listened to it while reading the post and ur right! lol i may never fly again…

    and you should be considered a fan now. some of my friends considered themselves fans after, like, the first chapter! lol

  42. mehek

    alright as for snacks, hmmm, apples! or you you could go really wild and crazy and have mushroom ravioli! (go back to the chapter about port angeles if anyone didnt get that!) i happen to know that olive garden makes fabulous portobello muchroom ravioli so that takes care of the daunting idea of cooking. also are you going to read the epilouge and chapter 24 together? i think that would be the right thing to do, but it is in fact your decision and we all must remeber that. also when are you going to start new moon? and are you going to create a new site called newmoonguy.com? it’d be quite hilarious but i think some people would be highly annoyed that they couldnt find where you were blogging about new moon. anyway, kaleb, i would also like to thank you so much for your blog. it makes the wait for breaking dawn so much easier and it let me realize why i got into reading twilight in the first place. thank you!

  43. Abby

    There are two tickets for the tour in NYC that have free shipping, have no bids, and cost only $80. That’s not too bad!

  44. Abby

    btw, they’re on ebay.com

  45. EdwardLuvsMiMore

    When you start on New Moon, you might wanna add all depression foods such as chocolate and an assortment of fattening foods because you my friend, are in for a shock. (oh and a box of tissues)

  46. Joanne Maria

    “Christina Aguilera’s pants” ROTFLOL…. and yeah…it is taking you super long to read..HURRY UP already…

    NEW MOON is SOUL SEARCHING…get a HUGH box of tissues!!!!

  47. jummmmi

    First: I really love your comments on the chapters (especially the great pictures; very creative) and it is very interesting to read them, because there are a lot things I didn’t sink in, like you did.
    However… I think you got something wrong this time.
    Edward tried to avoid Bella, for his anxiety to kill Bella and not because being scared to transform her.
    Guess, you’ll see this later.

    And btw: Thanks!

  48. Annie

    Kaleb, there is only one snack that is suitible for the end of twilight: Red Frosting. Now, this frosting can be eaten alone, on cake, cookies or cupcakes, but it needs to be red. lol
    Or maybe an Apple. With carmel.

    And next time i fly, i will have to look out for those vampires.

    But who cares about the Breaking dawn concert series when you can have christian aguleara’s PantS???? lol
    in case no one notices, that was a bad attempt at sarcasm!

  49. Sarah

    Ok, I personally think that the big anouncement is that you are now offiacially a Twilighter, because you wouldn’t be able to post that until you’ve finished the book.
    I personally was eating cherries while I was reading for the first time, but by chapter 20, I was to far into the Twilight world to remember to eat (I read it in 12 hours, if anyone was wondering). Meanwhile, my best friend snuck into my room and put shaving cream on my desk (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know). She swears to this day that someone could have stabbed me, and I only would have looked up if a drop of blood got on the book. Then I would get angry, not because I got stabbed and was going to die, but because something got on the book.

  50. Morgan A.

    Lol! I love the pic xD

    I may just have to sneak into the vampire line…

    I tried to get tickets for the one in Chicago but they were all totally sold out!! The website was crashed and the phone lines were all busy when i called.. I had to check the lexicon and stephenie’s site to see if they were even sold out >.<

    As for snacks… I would say try poptarts!!!

    “Big Announcement”??? What is it????????? **Hops around in circles**

  51. Morgan A.

    P.S. Love the song for this chapter!!

  52. Melinda

    You are the biggest TEASE.
    I can’t wait to hear this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT though.
    Makes me wonder what in the world could it possibly be?! AND who is THEY that won’t let you say anything? Will terrible things happen to you if it happens to slip out before you are aloud to announce it? Are they a gang,like the MAFIA I suppose?
    ugh, this is torture!

  53. Corinne!

    I could get all mad and chew you out for that comment about the announcement, but that seems to already have been taken care of.
    but I do agree with Melinda, and i want to know who THEY are.

    just cause i can!


  54. Corinne!

    hmm…. just about “just cause i can” it was supposed to say “spammmmmmmm”.
    but it didnt show up… sad.


    P.S.- HA! this really is spam!

  55. Meli

    It took me following Stephanie Meyer’s advice and reading New Moon twice to fully appreciate the novel, but Eclipse is my favorite. I’ve read it three times and am casually flipping through it again. I simply love so many of the scenes and the action. There is a lot of character developement in the book, always a big plus.

  56. Deja

    Yes I agree with that person up there even though New Moon was my least favorite I can’t wait to see your reactions to it!!!!!! Woo! College exams will be over soon does that mean more updates?Oh while reading the Twilight series I usually munched on tortillas and cereal :)

  57. Krystol

    I have to agree with Deja… New Moon was my least favorite. I pretty much read the book in fits of tears and headaches. I guess to a guy it will be a lot different, but still. I guess GL must be on TEAM JACOB, I can’t see any other explanation for NM being their favorite book.

  58. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    I have some snack ideas that are really good!

    -Pocky ( Its a Japanese bread stick- like thing covered in chocolate)

    -Cerel ( I have eaten that a few times)

    -Potatoe chips


    mayba cotton candy? or Starburst..Mmmm…


  59. Christina

    Kaleb, I LOVE reading your blog! =]
    And I have a suggestion for a new snack.
    Two words.
    Fried. Pickles.
    lol try it and tell me what you think.

  60. Andi

    OK, you know it just has to be said that the eyebrows in allllll of your pictures are hilarious, absolutely top notch! You Rock, and I agree.. get a move on or you will have to wait to read breaking dawn! And that will be worse than most water tortures, including that one where they drip water on your head until you go insane… yeah worse than that one!

  61. Sara H.

    I find it interesting that you are reading a book about “vegetarian” vampires and all of your snack choices contain dairy products (except if you eat butter-less popcorn or a sandwich without cheese). Are you developing a sympathy for the vampires?

  62. Nicole

    I snacked on Starburst and washed them down with hot tea while reading Twilight.

    New Moon has some really great quotes in it. I can’t wait till you get to that one and Eclipse. I want to know what you’ll think of them.

  63. JLT

    Word of warning: SM wants everyone to read New Moon twice. When I read it the first time I hated it. It’s still my least favorite, but I just got done re-reading it and I don’t hate it quite so much. So, read it twice.
    But Eclipse is so much better, can’t wait till you get to it!!!!!!!

  64. Lauren.

    WOWWWWWWWWWWW! Uhm, why must you keep us all waiting eagerly (As in refreshing the page every five seconds to see if your ‘big announcement’ has been posted) and near foaming at the mouth? Keeping suspense is better =] And I don’t know if anyone else is doing this but I’m keeping up with Twilight with you =] It’s fun, but you must have a lot of willpower to be able to stop at the end of a chapter. When you finished 18 and 19, I was like ‘YES! TWO CHAPTERS TIME!’ and when I was halfway through chapter 20 I thought, “CRAP! But….I DON’T WANNA STOP!”
    Off to go finish it,

  65. Flute Cullen

    I think you should eat chips or chocolate for the end…. anyway have you news about lasagna burglers??

  66. grrrrrrrrr......

    My biggest pet peave EVER is when someone dangles a bone in front of your face! but it’s all good. I’ll be patient since you have been patient with many obsessors of Twilight. Here is the ultimate question: Are you now a fan? (finally?)

  67. Monica

    I don’t want to spoil anything in New Moon, but I will say that it’s generally the least favorite book because Jacob has a pretty big role and everyone on Team Edward skips over those parts. Assuming that you’re not in love with Edward, you won’t have that problem. I agree that NM has some very funny lines.

  68. Di

    For your list of snacks to eat whilst reading Twilight. The last few chapters, where the Hunt happens, are pretty intense so my friend recomended CARROTS! Of course, this may cause your veggie box in your fridge to…cease of it’s contents. But carrots DO help, I should know…

  69. Amanda

    I have just recently started to read through all your chapter reviews and I just wanted to think they are hilarious. And also, I’m shocked every week to see that we have the same exact music taste. Let me tell you, I’ve known every single song and at one point, I’m pretty sure each one has been a favorite of mine. For example, “Snakes on a Plane,” I made a goal of learning the rap at the end during one boring class. I’m now proud to say I know it by heart. Keep it up Kaleb, I think it’s great that you are doing this because boys need to understand that they do have estrogen in them- most of them are just too “manly” to admit it. Can’t wait to see your reactions to more surprises in the future. I hope you’re having fun! :)

  70. Brittany K.

    hot chocolate, top ramen (cooked), and peelable twizzlers

  71. ally_kl

    i <3 you. srsly. :)

  72. Bridget

    You’re an absolute legend!
    I did enjoy a nice cup of hot green tea whilst reading Twilight!

  73. Karla

    Ok I do enjoy reading your post and the pictures which have me constant giggles throughout the day. I was wondering though, when you reach a certain part in the book about a certain situation find this song and play it while reading that chapter, its chapter 23.

  74. Karla

    Silly me, i forgot to give you the song!!!!!

    It’s called Three Wishes by The Pierces

  75. Emily

    ok for the snacks either parmeasean goldfish or peanut butter filled pretzals from trader joes yum! happy reading!

  76. I'd be a Mutt if I Were a Vamp

    I think i will reread the books with you for some moral support
    Go Kaleb!

    For a snack? I got hooked onto the mini fig newtons. They’re Delightful!

  77. Di

    my fav book out of the saga so far is Twilight.

  78. Vi - Twilight4vr

    My fav. book is Eclipse. I hope you finish the book quickly! New Moon might be more of a drag for you. I had to read it twice before fully understanding the book. I don’t like eating while reading Twilight in fear of spilling something on it! I would recomend chocolate though… HURRY UP KALEB!! I SUPPORT THE TWILIGHT GUY!

  79. fionnuala

    Try choclate raisins!!! Dont get melted choccy on the pages though cos that sucks big tome :->

  80. Bloodsucker

    That song is terrible. Twilight and Eclipse are the best. Blah…Blaaaah…….BBBBBBLLLAHHH!!!

  81. Jillian

    You’re totally the best!
    This is my first comment on your blog but i’ve been reading.
    you’re pretty awesome!

  82. Hallie

    as far as Twilight snackage is concerned, consider the obvious: blood.

    if you aren’t into that . . . you could always go for the even more obvious- as in an apple (from right on the cover.)

    ; )

  83. Rachel

    I found that for the last few chapters of the book, all I could eat was saltines, and all I could drink was crystal light. I have no idea why. You should try them though.

  84. Chrystina

    I don’t know how people can say New Moon is their favorite. I was bored with a lot of the tribal stuff. My favorite is Eclipse.

    HEY KALEB.. do you ever read the “outtakes” for Twilight on Stephenie’s website? There is one that use to be in this chapter.

  85. Hannahkin

    obviously, marshmallows.
    and tacos.
    and brownies.
    and chocolate chip cookies.
    and apples! (i want an apple every time i look at the cover)
    and any type of food in general, as long as it doesn’t involve tuna fish. do NOT eat tuna fish near The Book. that’s sacrilege.

    ummmm… yeah. i think that whole passenger check-in would TOTALLY blow their cover, if that weren’t obvious enough already… hmmm. i’m trying to think of something witty or interesting to say in order to make you reply to this. and you know what i’ve come up with? n-o-t-h-i-n-g. *sigh*

  86. Steph

    Oh wow… just imagining a vampire on an airplane. It’d be like “Snakes on a Plane”, but it’d be a vampire. Which is worse…
    Ugh, I can’t believe the Cullens came up with such a stupid plan! He’s a tracker! A tracker! Meanwhile they’re going around saying, “It’s ok, just because he’ll never give up and has a talent for tracking doesn’t mean he’ll FIND you if we fly you across the country.”
    Seriously, imagine if they had just stuck together! Seven vampires! They could have all gone to Phoenix if need be. But no, instead they split up. *shakes head at sheer vampiric stupidity*
    I can’t believe they went with Bella’s plan…

  87. brittany

    im trying 2 read twilight on the internet what website should i go to??

  88. AbbyRoseM

    I don't know why, but i picture G.L. looking like Garrett, introduced i think in breaking dawn. Either Garrett or James. either way, a guy w/ a ponytail.

  89. AbbyRoseM

    I don't know why, but i picture G.L. looking like Garrett, introduced i think in breaking dawn. Either Garrett or James. either way, a guy w/ a ponytail.

  90. Twritebite

    When the Twilight DVD came out, I went to the midnight party. I watch the movie with a glass of cranberry juice. (Because it's red.) Anyway, how does someone become a vampire? Before I was a vampire fan, I just assumed that if a person gets bit, that means you'll be a vampire. I never thought about venom before. Like a venomus snake, or spider. It makes sence. Now that I am a vampire fan, I've read other vampire books, and watched vampire tv shows. They don't compare. These vampires can bite and drink human blood, and stop whenever they want. The craving dosen't seem to be quite as powerful as the Twilight vampires. Also other vampires can bite without changing a person into a vampire. It's a bigger, more complicated process that dosen't even really make sence to me. No other vampire has ever mentioned venom before, not that I'm aware of anyway.

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