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Reading Twilight: Chapter 23 (The Angel)

July 7th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is 24 Hours by Athlete

As I sat down to read the chapter before the last in Twilight, a little voice in my head reminded me of an important fact that a lot of you have been asking:

New Moon?

I had totally forgotten that as the ending of Twilight looms, I should actually have a copy of New Moon with me in order to make the due preparations to continue in the series. This was something I had completely overlooked. But rest assured: the moment of panic is over, and I will be blogging about the next book in due time! For now: The Angel.

This chapter, as all surely noticed, was only six pages, though what happens inside of it is truly the climatic point of the novel. In the rush and confusion surrounding Bella it is obvious that somehow, the Cullens have arrived to save her, just in time as she was slipping towards her death. I’m not very clear on what happened to James, but right now, that doesn’t really seem to matter much.

However, I do know that James has bitten Bella. This happened somewhere when Bella was unconscious, and the fiery poison seeping through her veins is already doing it’s work. Also, the strongest part of this chapter: there is only one way to save Bella, and Edward is the only one who can do it.

Seeing the great lengths that Edward has taken for so long to avoid human blood – how hard it has been for him to keep from tasting Bella’s – strikes me when I read that his only choice to save her is to suck the venom out of her hand. Does it drive him insane to taste it, when he has worked so hard to avoid it for so long? Being that close to her must be nearly overpowering him, but somehow he finds the strength to do it.

There is an underlying meaning to this scene that anyone just flipping through would not see if they had not read the whole book, because they would not have seen and felt how long and hard of a struggle it has been for Edward to resist tasting Bella’s blood. He has every power and ability to do so, and give in to his vampire instincts. But he has held himself from it the entire book, fighting the senses that threaten to overpower him.

In this scene, specifically, is perhaps the most powerful example of who Edward is and his sincerity towards caring for Bella. Since meeting her he has had to fight his instincts. Simply sitting next to her at the school was nearly enough to drive him insane. But the fact is that he loves her enough so that he is able to fight his maddening, driving vampire instincts in order to save her; even coming as close as physically tasting her blood.

The power in this scene is that Edward, closer than he has even been to Bella, makes himself stop. It is so powerful that when he finishes, he cannot at first answer Bella:

“Edward,” I tried to say, but I couldn’t hear my voice. They could hear me.

“He’s right here, Bella.”

“Stay, Edward, stay with me…”

“I will.” His voice was strained, but somehow triumphant.

If Edward had been any other vampire, or Bella been any other girl, he would not have been able to stop. It is like putting an open bottle in front of a serious addict: the senses in the mind will nearly overpower reason. But Edward so truly loves Bella, and so truly wants to keep her safe, that he finds within himself the ability to resist, when he is closer than ever before to truly giving in.

I’ll be writing on the final chapter shortly.


– Forgot to announce: I’ve moved up to the number 7 Twilight site! Thanks everyone for visiting and reviewing me on TwilightTopsites

– I am now literally a full month behind on email. Don’t worry: I will answer them. I’m just overwhelmed with edits, and being bothered by trolls takes up most of my time.

– For those who have been asking: the A in my KAN signature stands for Allen. It’s at the bottom of the page on all my sites.

– Voting for the song for Twilight will continue until this weekend, when I post my final thoughts on the book and write on the epilogue.

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58 Responses

  1. Kendra Dumbledore

    I love that scene! ^_^
    The end is near, can’t wait to hear your thoughts on… THE END.

  2. McKenna

    eeeepppp!!!! can’t wait till the end!!!!

  3. Jen

    Wow, first comment perhaps? I really hope the “shortly” means in another like.. 35 minutes, lol. I’m glad you seem to be liking it, that’s very important!!

    Snack recommendation: Oatmeal Teddy Grahams (soo good!)

  4. Katie ~

    You’re so close to the end, you better get New Moon fast! You won’t want to have to wait to get New Moon after you finish Twilight, because that’s just how addictive these books are. Good luck with finishing Twilight!

  5. Lara

    Finally you get to my favourite chapter!!!
    It’s so sweet!
    You truly grasp how much edward loves bella in this chapter..

  6. Christine

    I am betting you might have read the entire ending of the book in fail swoop. If you didn’t, cudos to you on the restraint. You must be the busiest person ever to not whip through this book like it’s candy.

    My hat is seriously off to you.

    As for that chapter, the fact that Edward can control himself is astounding. And I really enjoyed seeing how much apart of the Cullen family she has become by this point. It’s very obvious how much she is loved by them.

    I hope you post your thoughts on the end soon! You are quite the eloquent writer.

  7. lil'

    “Edward so truly loves Bella..” Sigh. Ugh I dislike Bella! We’re all jealous….and you know what they say about jealousy…brings out the worst in us.

    CATFIGHT! Hahaha jokes.

    Congratulations, you’re almost finished!!! Can’t wait until you start on New Moon.
    The other day, I was standing at the bus stop and there was this girl sitting there on the bench. And then all of a sudden… out of nowhere, she took out her copy of New Moon!!! I was like jumping for joy at the sight of someone reading Stephenie Meyer’s book. Haha… If I knew that you needed a copy of New Moon, I would’ve grabbed it from her and toss it to you Kaleb hahahaha.

    Anyway I was hanging out with my friends a few days ago, and I haven’t talked and seen them for ages. And I was sooo surprised when they started talking about Twilight!!! haha. I was so shocked…. even my best friend’s boyfriend read it!!! YAY! Another guy to add on the list of Twilight Guys…hehe :)

  8. Brittany K.

    oh…i like that chapter. glad you liked it too…well, at least it seemed like you liked it…

  9. Kyleigh

    This really doesn’t have anything to do with the chapter in general but (in my opinion) I find this funny. My least favorite chapter in all the books is Chap. 3 – New Moon and my favorite chapter in all the books is Chap. 20 – Eclipse, and this chapter is like a combination of the two because it’s kind of drastic but still very I don’t know like… sweet I guess. Sort of defines the word bitter-sweet. But I look foward to reading what you have to say about the final chapter.

  10. Kayleigh

    so since the last chapter is almost near will you be giving us your final thoughts about the book entirely? You know the part where you admit that you could be just as involved and almost as obsessed as the fans who visit your site? i think something like that would be necessary :-)

  11. Giada

    According to me, this chapter is the one who gives the strongest emotions. I hadn’t payed enough attention to the lines you quoted, but you’re right, those are the ones that make wholly comprehend how overwhelming that must have been for Edward.
    It’s really nice to be able to read some interesting analysis of those books without stumbling across one post out of two about how Bella should strap Edward to the bedposts so she can have her way with him 😀
    You rock, Kaleb! 😉

  12. Jennifer

    Oh wow, you went to deeply into the chapter this time. [and i loved it]

    But who could blame you, that chapter was incredible.

    I love how you described Edward and Bella’s love. It made me remember twilight all over again.
    I can’t wait until you read the final chapter !

  13. Elfie

    I am convinced, after reading your entire blog, and now your description of this chapter, that you are probably going to have to change that disclaimer at the top of your page…

  14. Hannahkin

    I found this hilarious:
    “Is the fire gone?”
    “Yes,” I sighed. “Thank you, Edward.”
    “I love you,” he answered.
    “I know,” I breathed, so tired. (pg 398)
    I’ve finally watched the first three Star Wars movies (episodes IV, V and VI) and when I heard Han Solo and Princess Leia having practically the same conversation, I nearly cried from laughter. hah. Kind-of a funny thing to find humor in, but still :)

    I thought The Angel was one of the most perfectly a-m-a-z-i-n-g chapters ever 😀 it beautifully illustrates the depth and strength of Bella and Edward’s love. *sigh* fantastic.

    oh, and Bella was very nearly conscious when James bit her. pg 394 – “I was brought back, almost to the surface, by a sharp pain slashing my upraised hand, but I couldn’t find my way back far enough to open my eyes.” I think it’s pretty significant that he chose to bite her, because we’re told that the Cullens had already stormed the fortress, so to speak; it was his last act of revenge, I guess (>:[ an unhappy James, after being denied his dinner)

    i can’t wait for your review on An Impasse 😉

  15. Jessie

    Wow!This is my absolute favorite part of the book! You are def. in for a treat!Thanks for doing this website. My best friend has my copy and I am considering doing a SWAT style invasion into her apartment to retrieve it after these two months. Start New Moon soon please!!
    oh and BTW- I thought the exact same SW reference when I read that part too. lol.

  16. Tash

    YAY! your analysis are so indepth and insightful, we love it! Although Bella (and the reader) is out for some of the vampire action, midnight sun and (im pretty sure) the movie will have it in, as a guy are you looking forward to this? do you feel snubbed by the fact we only heard the vampire action?

  17. Corinne!

    Yay you’re almost done!!!!!!!
    This makes me very, very happy.
    You better get New Moon really soon… or you will feel my [and 378910 other girls’] wrath. because we want you to read it.
    And I’m sorry about your email. I would totally help you if I could. Even though that’s probably just because I want you to respond to the ones I’ve sent you… 😐
    And did you read my story I left in the comments of your post about the trolls yesterday? It might help…


  18. Debbie

    Very insightful commentary. I admit I check everyday to see if you’ve read another chapter. You’re going to have to start doing 2 chapters at a time when you get to New Moon (or a chapter a day). No one will blame you if you read this faster (the rest of us finished the whole series in days!)

  19. Brittney H.

    Wonderful! I hope you are liking the novel as much as we “silly fan girls” are. The depth and intensity of their relationship is so profound, and it happens so fast. I check your site every day, hoping that you have a new post up, and you posted on my birthday! Yay! Waiting ever-so-patiently for your next post.

  20. LionLover

    I think that it is so great that a guy can grasp the beauty of Bella and Edward’s relationship. That chapter is wonderful, and it just shows the depth of their relationship. *NEW MOON/ECLIPSE SPOILER!!!!* Jacob could have never done that. Am I right??!!!!! I think so.

  21. Krissie

    i’m actually listening to avril lavigne’s “keep holding on” and it just hit me right in the middle of my forehead that it can also relate to this chapter (addict mode) but i like 24 Hours too. anyway…CONGRATULATIONS!!!You’re about to finish Twilight! and so happy that a guy can actually read between the lines (Bella’s and Edward’s). You’re simply the best kaleb!

  22. Dianne

    YAAAAY! This is, like, my favorite chapter in the whole book! I’m glad you finally got to it. And I agree. :)

    So…have you gotten to New Moon yet? LOL

    I think I like Eclipse better…

    So…have you gotten to Eclipse yet? 😀

    Jk, all in due time….

  23. Priscilla :)

    gosh you had me nodding in agreement the whole time i was reading your thoughts on the chapter cause i had a friend who skipped to the end and she was all “thats not that exciting” and its true if you dont read through Edwards struggles to keep from killing bella. its a gripping and torturing story.

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  25. Becky

    i love this chapter, its one of my favorites.
    The lion manages to resist his brand of heroine to save the lamb he loves… *fangirlish swoon*
    :) you’re almost done! Then on to New Moon. That should be interesting to read… i mean, read about you reading it

    so i know you’re busy but hurry up and finish! the suspense is killing me, lol

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  27. Teresa

    This is why I cannot wait for Midnight Sun to make it’s appearance. We can finally see Edwards point of view of Twilight. Finally see all his inner struggles and what goes through his mind, especially at this crucial moment…

  28. Audree

    I can’t wait for you to finish and continue on to New Moon! It’s my favorite one of the series!!!!

  29. Christina

    The Angel is my favorite chapter.
    Your doing so great!
    Keep it up!

  30. JLT

    I had almost completely forgotten about this chapter in counting my favorite chapters in the book. You helped me remember that I loved this chapter so much, for the very reasons you commented on. It is one of the most powerful chapters in all of the series so far, because Edward is finally able to face Bella’s blood and conquers his vampir-ish instincts to save her. It had been coming on for 22 chapters. Can I say one more time how much I love these books?!!?

  31. Reading Twilight: Chapter 23 (The Angel)

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  32. K.T.

    YAY! ur almost finished with twilight! can’t wait for you to read new moon!

  33. Mrs.EdwardCullen

    @ hannahkin: I thought of Star Wars when I read this chapter of Twilight, too!

    Also, I cannot *wait* for you to read New Moon. I can’t wait to see which team you’re on. (I won’t say more for fear of spoilers).

  34. Anjanie

    I remember when I read this chapter for the first time. After I read it, I absolutely HAD to finish the rest of the book right then and there. I also had a math test to study for. Well, I finished Twilight, went to bed, didn’t study, and ended up failing my test the next day…but it was worth it!:D All I can say is, thank God I read New Moon during Christmas Break, or I probably would have had summer school…

    Anyway, great comments as always! Can’t wait to read you final thoughts on the book!

  35. Katie Beth

    Mmm… I love this chapter. :-) Don’t forget to write about the Epilogue too!

  36. M.A.Estman

    Wow…you have so much on your plate!

    I dont know how you do it.

  37. kate

    heyy i was just wondering….. will you be going to see the moive? and is there a midnight showing for us tawilighters who truley want this to be absoutly perfect???/ hope so!

    xxx kate

  38. Sammie

    Now you see why we love Edward so much. Sure, he’s a gentleman. Sure, he’s good-looking. And hey, he’s got more money than Davey Crockett, but he loves her. Not just “oh, you’re cute! Wanna be my girlfriend?”

    No, he TRUELY loves her. Though he thinks himself a monster, he really isn’t. Not anymore. He denies himself the very thing his entire being thirsts for. FOR Bella.

    In a twisted way, it’s very romantic and chilvarous.

    Thank you for your lovely comments while reading Twilight, Kaleb!

  39. vanilla

    it is great to see someone whoo finally understands…
    you still haven’t answer though whether you like the book or not!?!?!
    but thanks…

  40. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    Hey my friend- I think you finally understand about EDWARD…this is why he is so SUPER SPECIAL…you used a key word in your post…sincerity…yes, Edward is more sincere than any man, any human I have ever met!!!

  41. Kaelene

    Oh my gosh i love this chapter sometimes i just read this chapter in the book then move on to new moon
    All time fav.

    i love it cause it perfectly show the depth of bella and edwards relationship and we see just how much edward loves bella because he is practicely dieing with anguish at bella being hurt.

    also the fact that edward was able to stop drinking bellas blood

    and bella crying out for edward to save her from the burning in her hand the only person she wants is him SIGH!!!!!

    you think this ending is suspenseful just wait till new moon but i have to say eclipse is worse

  42. Amy

    You nailed all the reasons why this chapter is my favorite chapter in the entire series.

    This was the chapter that gave me hope for Edward and Bella for their future. This was the one chapter that showed how powerful Edward really is and how much he loves Bella.

    It is the perfect chapter for them because you see how much they really truly love each other.

  43. Stella

    This chapter was such a strong point in Edward and Bella’s relationship because it does show much he really cares for her.

    You’re closer than ever to the end…of this book. Once you finish, everyone will be expecting you to start reading New Moon straight away. And we all know that you won’t disapoint…

  44. lecia

    honestly… ithink you could have finished twilight and then started back on new moon in a few days.
    i mean you have read twilight chapter by chapter with a few exceptions…but still.
    it wouldnt habe bothered you. you prolloy will take a few days off between books anyway.
    you have the restraint…
    but ive been waiting almost a year for breaking dawn and im so excited!!
    there is no way that ill be able to resist and not read it all in one swoop. so on that i commend your edward like restraint. kudos my friend ^-^

  45. lecia

    that bothers me…have* probably*

  46. Bethany

    I honestly can’t wait until you write about the epilogue! It’s like my fav part of Twilight, anyway…
    I’m glad you looked so far into Bella and Edwards relationship, it’s nice to see a guy do that that isn’t like 45

  47. Mrs.EdwardCullen

    Did Bailey really ask that in one of her videos, or did you just think it would be funny to have her saying that? It is funny, whichever it is. :-)

  48. Cali

    I think that it is very cool that you are reading this series! The other day, my brother called my sister and asked her if she owned Twilight, and she told him that I had it. I assumed that it was for his girlfriend. But to my utter amazement and shock, he is reading it! He did not peg me as the kind of guy to read these books. I am really curious to see if he will read the whole series. That would be the one and only thing that we had in common…

  49. Cali

    I think that it is very cool that you are reading this series! The other day, my brother called my sister and asked her if she owned Twilight, and she told him that I had it. I assumed that it was for his girlfriend. But to my utter amazement and shock, he is reading it! I did not peg him as the kind of guy to read these books. I am really curious to see if he will read the whole series. That would be the one and only thing that we had in common…

  50. shadesofblack

    HEY! i caught up! i hope your happy you held my attention long enough for me to stay up til 3AM to read your entries!

  51. shadesofblack

    *you’re happy :)

    and another thing… what about songs for New Moon chapters? do you accept those??

  52. Pruedence110588

    Wow. This is why I love to read your blogs. You analyze the chapters SO well. You actually get what it is that makes girls love Edward. Most guys are like, you’re just an obsessive mob of girls. My own brother read them, liked them, but still thinks I’m crazy for loving Edward so much. You’re a great analyst, keep it up! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on New Moon, they should be very interesting, because there is a lot to look into.

  53. May

    Do you know why Bella says at then end of this chapter that she smells gasoline?, after telling Alice that James knew her and to watch the video.

  54. sunshine

    in the end of the chapter i think she smells gasoline because they tear james apart and rip him to peices. then they burn him in the dance studio. she smells the gasoline coming from the works of making the fire to burn him.

    but don’t rely on me.. i havent read twilight in a while so im not positive but preeeetty sure….

  55. Kristen

    I can’t believe that there are only 54 comments on this chapter. It’s one of my favorites. I love how Bella thinks that Edward is an angel, because to her, he is and always has been. A Godsend to her, no matther what he says he is.

    Another reason that I love this chapter so much is because of something that Stephenie took out of the original Twilight. In the outtake, it’s later and Bella is safely at home, healing from James’s attack. Emmett tells her the story of when Rosalie saves him, how he thought she was an angel and how he thought Carlisle was God. You see, Emmett is the only one who can know what Bella feels for Edward, as he is the only other one to have loved a vampire when he was human. So that reference to an angel makes me love this chapter.


  56. twilight fan

    I know. And one of my bff's says that Edward in the movie is a total doush-bag. But in the book he acts like a total angel except for the beginning. But she's wrong he's a total angel in both. (Sigh). so me & my other bff's tease her about it. (:p

  57. twilight fan

    I know. And one of my bff's says that Edward in the movie is a total doush-bag. But in the book he acts like a total angel except for the beginning. But she's wrong he's a total angel in both. (Sigh). so me & my other bff's tease her about it. (:p

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