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TwilightGuys Report: He Read 300 Pages in 2 Hours

July 8th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation



“Imagine calling your girlfriend one day and being told “OH MY GAWD you have got to read these books the guy is absolutely amzing hes perfect ahhh i just love edward!”

That was my world. and any guy will tell you its not fun being compared to another dude. It continued for weeks and months and more weeks about how awsome these “vampire books” were; and how much i absolutely had to read them.

She would start to tell me about a certain part and then stop all of 3 words into the story because she didnt want to ruin the book for me (mind you i had zero intention of reading some love book as i am an avid Tom Clancy fan and my more action oriented books were alot more appealing to me.)

We go to the theatre one night and the opening line of the trailer which is “How long have you been 17?” and my girl absolutely flips out. im talking falling out of the chair. That night she tells me (aka forces) im going to read these book and shows up to class the next day and shoved it into my hands. Being that we didnt have another class together i was basically forced to take it…

So i finally make it home and reluctantly sit down open the book and started reading…and reading and reading and reading and reading… In the next 2 hours i read 300 pages.. which i have done for every book since then (yes i have read New moon and Eclipse).

Yes i loved them , and i actually did understand the infatuation with Edward (as absoultely awfully weird as that sounds coming from me, a guy) and yes, i despise Jacob with a passion. The plus side to all this is that i only have to wait less than a month till Breaking Dawn comes out. I’ve got a bet going with my girlfriend that i will finish the book first… of course, shes going to cheat and take the next 2 days off from work just to read.

So yes, I’m a guy ive read all of the twilight books (including the midnight sun first chapter on Stephenie Meyer’s website) and i love the books.”

Submitted by J.D.

This fellow in particular made me feel a bit odd for taking so long to read the books 😀 He gets a t-shirt for free from Twilightteez.com for his story!

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68 Responses

  1. Katie ~

    First one to comment! Haha this guy is quite a fast reader. Then again, that’s what Stephenie’s books do to people…

  2. Sarah

    Second one to comment! WOO! Haha this made me laugh!

  3. Sarah

    Oh yeah…
    and he IS a fast reader! I’m jealous! I can’t read that fast… =(
    I get too distracted by people trying to TALK to me while I READ! I mean, whats up with that!? Can’t they see I’m reading the best books in the world!?!?!
    But once again, girlfriend takes control and succeeds in her quest! Hooray for her! =D

  4. Anonymous

    Well he is reading it quite fast but good books can do that to you and no offense Kaleb but you do seem to be taking awhile on the book. At least you are reading them though so that is good! :)

  5. Snow

    Wow, a guy who reads! Fast too! Impressive!!

    *I’m not stereotyping guys. It’s just that men usually go for material stuff like cars or sports..not reading.*

  6. Snow

    PLUS, he gets why girls want someone like Edward!! YAY!

    Edward doesn’t simply love Bella but he LOVES her – TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY loves her that NOTHING – not even his being a vampire can hinder it.

    Everyone reads differently but I guess Kaleb wants to truly indulge in the story, savor it for all its glory, partake in it and truly get it – see why people love it so much.

    Plus, he is quite a busy guy. It’s cool how he can find time to read Twilight.

  7. Brianna

    How cute is this story! LESS THEN A MONTH UNTIL BREAKING DAWN…how will I live that long….Everyday I wake up and I am like okay is it August YET UGH!!!!
    That is hilarious that the boyfriend witnessed his girlfriend freak out when the trailer came on in the theater, I do not know what I will do when that finally happens to me…hopefully soon!!! CUTE STORY, Loved It, oh and Kaleb it is awesome that you are reading these books, you get major brownie points for this. I think you are taking in a lot more then if someone just rushed through it though, so good for you =]

  8. Andrea

    Oh my gosh! I calculated the two hours he spent reading 300 pages and it turns out he spent about .53333… seconds per page! That’s crazy! :O

  9. Marissa

    haha that’s hysterical! I love it when things like this happen

  10. Anonymous

    You know all those people trying to make you feel better for reading the books slowly? Ignore them. They’re horrid, horrid people. I hope the oddness inspires you to read faster. You need to get your priorities straight. If you didn’t have the books to read, you’d have more time for everything else. The sooner you realize this and finish them, the happier I’ll be. And, last time I checked, that’s all that really matters. I’m kidding of course… About the last part anyway.

  11. Katie

    1) who’s tom clancy? isn’t he the pirate guy???
    2) jacob’s not that bad. i feel really bad for him. he didn’t get the girl, he was just willing to play dirty. and yes, he got a totally hot kiss in the process. (hot as in werewolf, not slober and hair flying everywhere hot) i really like jake, he reminds me of my guy friends, totally worth dating!!!

  12. Aishah

    I’m very impressed that he actually reads that fast! What more, he’s a GUY!!!

    It’s either this is his normal reading pace or that this awesome books really captured his attention and he’s dying to know more.

    Hey Kaleb, would you ever try reading New Moon that fast too? 😉

  13. Lauren

    How about, for New Moon, you can be:
    “Twilight Guy: A guy’s attempt to read NEW MOON in two hours!”

    Sounds good huh!

  14. hazel

    2 hours?? WOW!
    very impressive. 😀

    nice story :)

  15. Carla


    No, I calculated it too (because that numbers sounded REALLY crazy) and it’s 2.5 minutes for page. That sounds more about right to me… 😀

  16. Patrice

    Well, now I know I’m not the only abnormaly fast reader. I read the first one in my religion classes. Hee hee.

  17. Christine

    Yay, I didn’t know the trailer was in theaters yet! :) Nice story

  18. Alexa

    I read the first two in the same day it took me about 5 1/2 hours. (:
    I’m so excited for the next book!
    Jacob is amazing.
    I don’t know what people have against him.

  19. Megan

    That’s actually somewhere around the rate at which I read the books. 150 pages/hour.
    And personally, I think Kaleb’s reading the book slowly is the best thing he could have done. Not only does he get to enjoy the book, but he can soak in all the details the first time he reads it, which he kind of needs to write what he thought of each chapter. But there ARE some things you can only get from the second time you read it. Like when Bella was thinking about the first day of school and thought “Nobody was going to bite me.”
    And every time I go to the theatre, I keep hoping to see it… and I never do.
    Also, the spell check discriminates against Canadians. Just because you spell it theater DOESN’T MEAN WE DO!

  20. Samie

    Wow fast reader! good for him. this is one of my fav twilight guy stories! lol my bf keeps looking at me like im weird, cuz i’ll mention something about the book, for example:
    we were sitting on his house roof at night wathcing the stars, and he lives in the country, and we heard the tall grass russel and it sounded really big. and my bf thought it might be a bear! and before i could even think what come outta my mouth i said “Where is emmet when u need him!”
    and my bf looked at me like wtf! lol it was great, im still trying to get him to read them, but he is a busy guy so. one day i will get him! hahaha
    anywhooo to get back on track, sorry about that! good job to the gilr who got her bf to read all the Twilight books 😀

  21. M.A.Estman

    Hey! I have nothing but love for Jacob Black!

    Im really a Team Jacob fan…

    Give him some love!

  22. Caitlin

    I read pretty fast..I just don’t know how fast. Maybe I should time myself. haha

    && Megan: we spell it theater and theatre. haha

  23. Becky

    wow. he’s fast! and I thought reading the book in 2 days was hard… what with skipping the unimportant things like food and sleep- good times, lol

    anyways I don’t blame his girlfriend for freaking out when she saw the trailer, the first time I see it somewhere other than online, I’ll probably do that, too

    but poor Jacob Black. Give the guy a break, it’s not completely his fault (ok, some of it is- but still) just show the poor guy a little sympathy!

  24. Katie ~

    Ugh I don’t want to do math during the summer! But I guess I will for this. I think it is 24 seconds per page because…

    300pgs = 2hrs

    300pgs = 120 mins

    300/300 = 120/300

    1pg = .4min

    .4min = 24 seconds

    So there you have it, and yes that is my final answer. It still sounds crazy fast, though.

  25. Priscilla :)

    LOL!!! big smile on my face. this kid is my new favorite person :DDDD

  26. Em Cullen

    Thats about how fast i read lol. for these books i try to read slower, but its hard!!!

  27. Dianne


    I totally flipped out diring the commercial too!! LOL. I love that part of the trailor. He got it partially wrong though. I would know, I can say it by heart.

    “How old are you?”


    “And how long have you been seventeen?”

    “A while….”


    Thanks for updating, Kaleb!

  28. Hannah

    Im sooooo glad that guys are reading twilight. I think most all the girls on the planent have read twilight(lol)and its time that guys started reading them. You go Kaleb!!!!!!

  29. Brianna

    you guys are getting soe really strange numbers in your calculations…they’re all different. Hmmm…

    Really cute story! Also it’s cool that somebody out there who’s a fan of this site has my name!

    Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn, 24 DAYS PEOPLE! YAAAYY!

  30. Brianna

    oops- ‘soe’ = some

  31. Jessie

    Lol, that guy reads really fast.^^ Now I seriously can’t understand anymore how you can stand the temptation of chapter 24… Or how you can read that slow at all (If you really didn’t already read the whole book).

  32. Lindsay

    LOL! Wow, that guy’s a fast reader. I’m glad his girlfriend ‘insisted’ that he should read it. If I saw the trailer I probably would have had a seizure and fallen out of my chair. Kaleb, I’m glad you read slowly, so I always have something to look forward to.

  33. Katie Beth

    YES!! Someone else who despises Jacob! 😀

  34. Nikki

    I read at about that speed. I’m gald Kaleb doesn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have something to help me survive the wait to breaking dawn. Please stop hatin’ on Jacob though. Understand him. While I don’t agree with what happened between him and Bella. He has been through a lot.

  35. TwilightGuys Report: He Read 300 Pages in 2 Hours

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  36. Chelsea

    Ah, the trailer! I so melted out of my chair too! It’s so great that he read the books and actually understands the obsession with Edward. Awesome.

  37. kate

    “How old are you?”


    “How long have you been seventeen?”

    “A while.”

    *faints, gets up, and dances around her computer*

    props to girl power!! you go girlfriend!!!!

  38. Daniella

    He has to be the most amazing boy ever!
    I wish I knew a boy that loved Twilight(:

  39. Melinda M.

    AHH! THANK YOU KATIE (#24)!!
    Someone finally got the calculations right! haha.

    That seems impossible to me.
    I read so slow though. So I guess I wouldn’t really know.

  40. Katie Beth

    Nikki: I do understand him, it’s just… I can’t STAND him. He’s so immature. He’s gotta grow up already. I do feel kinda sorry for him though. He and Bella would have been perfect in a “normal” world, once he got older, even if he was too young for her.

  41. Megan

    I know some people spell it theater, but we’re supposed to spell it the other way. Like people spell colour color. 😛

    And also, almost half a minute per page IS feasible.

    And I LOVE the movie trailer, though I think Kellmmett sounds hilarious. Whenever my friend and I have our hoods up, we try to imitate it. And fail miserably.

    And is there anybody else here who, by some random chance, got the audition scripts?

  42. Andrea

    haha thats really impressive

    what movies show the trailer cause i havent seen the trailer in theatres and i reallly want to =)

  43. KraZEe4TwiLIght

    That’s awesome! I think it’s cool when guys have an open mind about stuff like that.

  44. Jennifer

    Ahh I couldn’t help my squeal when he said his girlfriend fell out of her chair when the trailor came on XDDDD

    HAhahhaha. He’s amazing, 300 hundred pages in 2 hours !! :O


  45. Caitlyn

    2 hours? Are you serious? Now that is what I call a damn fast reader. For me to complete 300 pages it takes me about two or three days. This is not a good comparison of a fast and slow reader, showing that I’m the slow reader. But wow. 2 hours. Amazing.

    “We go to the theatre one night and the opening line of the trailer which is “How long have you been 17?” and my girl absolutely flips out. im talking falling out of the chair.”

    Ha ha! I could imagine what it looked and felt like to sit next to her that evening! I would have been her and my friends would have been you. XP I wonder why girls seem to act up that way.

  46. Sarah

    How can you POSSIBLY “hate” Jacob Black?!? Jacob is the sweetest, kindest, most caring and considerate character in the whole series!
    I want to post a spoiler for New Moon SO BADLY here, but I won’t for you, Kaleb. =)

  47. Sarah

    But. Um.

    JACOB!!! <333333333333333

  48. Cassandra


    I have yet to see the trailer in the theater though. Each time i go i hold my breathe and hope to see. Then end up getting extremely disappointed.

  49. Mara-Kate

    lol aww well it just goes to show you twilight can even appeal to the tom clancy guys ;)(not that theres anything wrong with tom clancy lol) and hey! hes got my vote for hating jacob black 😀 im sure that made his gf really happy

  50. Mara-Kate

    ohhh and I forgot to say that I need his email address! We need to go head to head reading Breaking Dawn because 300 pages in 2 hours is (not bragging here) the same speed as me!..and for a guy thats amazing..:)

  51. Karen

    wow what a nice story.
    so i suppose he will go see the movie at the premiere with his girlfriend.pretty cute story.

  52. Sara

    Don’t hate Jacob! He is not bad, why do people hate him so much?!

  53. Morgan A.

    Wow 2 hrs? i am very impressed. it took me 2 days!

    A bit of topic, but did the site just go down there for a minute? it might of just been my very old and slow computer….

  54. Angel S.

    Haha. That guy’s story is the exact same way I got my husband to read the books. Though, he’s not as excited as I am about the new book and movie.

    I’m not too sure how fast a reader I am. I remember that I finished the 4th Harry Potter book in a single day, and each of the Twilight books in a single day.. but I didn’t time myself.

  55. savannah

    that would mean he read 2.5 pages a minute! NO ONE reads that fast. LIAR, LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!!!

  56. Tessa

    Ahh I want a boyfriend who reads Twilight. This kid is rad.

  57. Jocelyn

    I almost fell out of my seat the first time that i saw the preview for it…good times.
    Anyway i hope that J.D. beats his girlfriend at reading the book, i like his story best.

  58. Jocelyn

    OK Sarah, i just read your comments.
    I am a pasifist, i am switzerland as Bella, and i NEVER choose sides; for this one instance though i choose Edwards side. Jacob is horrible, he is trying to force Bella to love him, he’s trying to make her choose, which is something that Edward has never done.

  59. jennifer

    remindes me of when i heard a trailer starting with hitlers voice (my language arts teacher was OBSSESD with the fact that we wouldnt understands anne frank if we didnt know about the holocaust WE WENT OVER THE STUPID HOLOCAUST FOR WEEKS)i was with my friend who also had her as a teacher and we both just froze for abuot 10 sec. till we finally started to almost cry from the thought of ANOTHER movie about the STUPID holocaust I am SO sick of it, any way GO TWILIGHT BOO JACOB HATERS JACOB ROCKS! TEAM JACOB!!!!

  60. dustin

    holy *&%$ i cant believe u cn read 300 pages in one minute

  61. dustin

    fast reader

  62. Ashley

    This i a guy after my own heart! I read WICKED quickly! Gah! 9 MORE DAYS!!!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!


  63. A guy who loves Twilight.

    Wow.That sounds like me kinda.
    I read most of twilight realllyy fast.I have read the first chapter of midnight sun,and read the series about….3 times?
    But I am definitley going to the 12 o’clock show.

  64. Alice

    I read the whole SERIES in one night. 😀

  65. Gp_2013

    i read the entire series in a week time

  66. Gp_2013

    i read the entire series in a week time

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