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New Moon Has Arrived

July 13th, 2008 at 1:27 am by Kaleb Nation

newmoon-2-low.jpgThose of you who came Saturday evening got to see the unveiling of the new header for New Moon. I must admit, I was really sweating it out. See, I order my books on Amazon. Last week, I realized that I had forgotten all about the fact that to get books from Amazon, they must be shipped. Whoops.

Luckily, there happens to be an Amazon warehouse within 30 minutes of me, and thus the shipping that should have taken 4 days took 24 hours. Wait, forget I said that: I have a new alibi. I couldn’t wait another second for New Moon, so I paid loads to have it overnighted. That sounds much better 😀

I don’t exactly know what my expression in this photo (<—)  is saying. One second I look like I’m stunned because someone sees me reading New Moon; the next second I look rather annoyed and about to whack somebody with a club. If you want to see the rest of the photos, look in this direction.

This post, also, happens to be the first in the category known as New Moon. So here’s to starting the book! My first chapter post will be here very soon. And I’d love to know what you people think of the new top design :)

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103 Responses

  1. Melonie

    Ha ha ha! Kaleb, you look stunning as always!

  2. Christina

    whoo hoo! I’m so excited to see what you think of New Moon. And I luv the new design by the way XD

  3. Kori

    The header is funny! Although I do wonder who exactly you’re looking at in the one on the left side…Someone who hasn’t heard of Twilight, perhaps? That’s definitely the look I give people, anyway.

    Have fun with New Moon..I cannot WAIT to hear all of your comments. It’s going to be VERY interesting!!!


  4. Jen

    I love it! Can’t wait to read what you think of New Moon!

  5. Martha

    I really like the new look. The Twilight themed version seemed darker somehow, and the simple New Moon cover gives a little variation from black and red. Ironically, I was just on your MySpace profile saying how I couldn’t wait for you to get into New Moon, when, lo and behold, it was there waiting for me =). I’m the most interested in your reaction to New Moon than the others for reasons you’ll understand later (as in, when you finish the book).

  6. Liz

    hurrah! new moon is not my favorite, but good golly u r movin on! the header is very nice, did u change the color of the red? it seems more…purpley. maybe it’s just the blue on the flower that is makin me think that…

  7. Rose

    Yay! Love the new header. I can’t wait to see what you think of New Moon!

  8. Adeline

    The new Header is very awesome but yes…who are you looking at in the left picture?! hmmm…

    You will love New Moon.

    Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Switzerland?!

    Take Care and Have Fun!!~~

  9. shadesofblack

    i like the design.

    i’m soooo intrigued as to how you’ll perceive New Moon… it’s something else.

    i wonder if you’ll chose sides: Edward, Jacob, or Switzerland… you being a guy and all, i wonder which appeals to your Y chromosome the most.

  10. melissahope

    you’ll love New Moon.
    i promise.
    loving the new header!

  11. Laei

    Woohoo I can’t wait for you to post your first post on New Moon! Oh and I love the picture on the right, you definitely look like you’re about to attack someone ^^
    First comment for me, but I’ve been following your literary adventures for a while now, so be sure to see more of me on future posts!

  12. Tia (the one and only)

    Love the new design…I love your facial expressions. You just crack me up!

    I agree with shadesofblack, I too have been wondering if you will choose sides. I also have a feeling that New Moon and Eclipse will go much faster than Twilight, especially if you don’t start school back until August.

    Who knows? Maybe you will even be with the rest of us in line at midnight August 1st to get Breaking Dawn!

  13. i-zzatee

    great new header.
    your expressions are funny. eheh.

    happy reading! (:

  14. Kaylee

    I would like the pictures better if they contained any other book in the series besides New Moon. It wasn’t my favorite for reasons I can’t say without spoiling the book for you.

  15. amanda

    hey kaleb!! I can’t wait untill you start new moon!!

    i just wanted to say that I know you have probably read alot of negative things about Jacob Black. but I hope you will ignore those comments and give Jake a chance.

    I think it’s easy for people to take sides and create silly wars like team jacob and team edward. but I think it takes more to understand and love and apreciate two sides.that’s why I love Bella so much.

    anyways happy reading!!

  16. Nicole

    You’re FINALLY on New Moon :)
    I like the main header and I can’t wait to read your future blog entries!

  17. Sarah

    I love you, Kaleb!

    And HONESTLY, all I have to say to you reading through the first chapter before you NOT immediately turning the page for the next chapter as fast as you possibly can (potentially ripping the page, there) is GOOD LUCK.

  18. Annalise

    Great Job on the header Kaleb. I love your expressions, and Stephenie was right… you keep me stocked in buckets of laughter. I’m glad you’re finally on to New Moon. A lot of people don’t like this book, but I believe it is pivotal in the plot of the entire series. It also shows that Edward is not perfect despite his best intentions… that Bella is loving, kind, giving, devoted; and it shows another side of Bella as well… and finally it gives us a closer look at Jacob if you haven’t figured that out already;). I’m interested in knowing what team you’ll choose, of if you’ll stay completely objective (which I don’t think is possible). Good Luck reading, and I hope you’ll be able to stop with one chapter at a time, but then again you found it hard not to turn the page at the end of Twilight. As always since Stephenie’s blog about your site I’ll be tuned in and spreading the word about the twilight guy extraordinaire.

  19. Marissa

    FLIPPIN SWEET that’s what I think….

    no but seriously, it’s awesome :) I would wish you good luck but that sounds like I’m sending you off to your impending demise or something. So instead I’ll say enjoy!

  20. RainyForks

    Congrats on finishing Twilight! I hope you enjoy New Moon just as much, I’m sure you will :)

  21. melissahope

    listen to amanda.
    ignore every comment you hear about Jacob.
    the good ones and the bad ones.
    and just form your own opinion about him.
    i love him.
    but some ppl just hate anything that gets in the way of their precious fairytale ending.
    i think he’s a great guy.
    and, of course, he’s not as great as Edward.
    He’s 16.
    Edward’s like 100 or something.
    have fun w/ New Moon.

  22. Aishah

    Your pictures with New Moon is really funny!
    I’m really excited though about you reading New Moon. Brace yourself as they are gonna to be plentifull of surprises in there! 😀

  23. Taylor

    After driving around town looking for Entertainment Weekly and not being able to find it, I was extremely depressed. But seeing you finally made it to New Moon cheered me up so much. ^^
    I am looking forward to you reactions to everything that happens. I hope you haven’t been spoiled yet.
    Although New Moon isn’t my favorite, it’s still my third favorite book in the world because it is Twilight.
    I hope you enjoy it as much as possible!

    Will it be possible for you to start reading two chapters at a time in honor of the second book? ;D

  24. twilight22lover

    yes! new moon! this may not be my favorite, but i love this one! of course i only like the middle, because it has loads of my favorite characters. (people who’ve read new moon know what im talking about.)

  25. Britt.

    Excellent! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what you think of New Moon. 😀
    I do love the new header, by the way.
    Oh, and I showed my 13-year-old brother my site last night, and it made him want to read Twilight. And he seldom reads anything that isn’t manga. So thank you for helping my brother to want to read something other than a cartoon strip for a change. =)

  26. Britt.

    […]Oh, and I showed my 13-year-old brother YOUR site last night[…]
    That’s what it’s supposed to say.

  27. maria

    NEW MOON =X sigh hahaha. i cant wait for your commentaries on it. i hope you havent been spoiled too much, because that would suck. i love the new design, good job!

  28. Nicole

    I love the new top design, and I am just so excited that you are on to New Moon!!! I am really looking forward to your commentaries! (I hope the lasagna bugler stays away…*shivers* tee hee!)

  29. Poiple

    I love the new pics! but I think that if you call it “a guy who reads the Twilight saga” then there should be a pic of New Moon and a pic of Twilight up top, bu thats just me.

  30. Katie Beth

    AWESOME, man. I love the new design and the pictures. 😀 Can’t wait to see your first post on New Moon! That book is… wow.

  31. Corinne!

    KALEB! I leave town and get on my friend’s computer and all the sudden you’ve finished Twilight, picked the song, AND gotten New Moon?? jeez!! But also, YAY!! Because that means you’ll start it soon. Right? I better be right. Or I [and 5000 other people] will be angry.
    Oh, and I agree with Poiple, I think you should have a Twilight picture up on the header thing also. Just telling you my opinion.


  32. Danni

    YEY! *claps for Kaleb* Love the new top design. Good luck with reading my third favorite book to date…Breaking Dawn might bump NM down to fourth place 😀

    Speaking of breaking dawn…are u aware that its released in 19days 45minutes 33seconds and 547milliseconds?

  33. KL

    LOVE the new look! LOVE that you are reading New Moon! LOVE hearing what you have to say, but…do you think you could read more then one chapter this time?

  34. Ingrid

    Yay! I look forward to reading what you think of New Moon!

  35. Dianne

    I love the new banner!

    I must say, the last banner PWNed, but this one is good to 😀


  36. Rachel

    Love the New Moon top design! In this book, you should have lots of fun experiencing the wonderful, friendly, comforting (and yet, arrogant and annoying) Jacob Black! Have fun! I wish you well on this literary endeavor.

  37. Annie

    can’t wait for you to start reading!!!
    and I’m an idiot because it took me forever to realize the pictures in the header had changed lol. although, that’s not surprising considering how i don’t notice when trees and buildings go missing….. but i do like the pictures. in the one it looks like you’re about to kill someone for interrupting you. lol

  38. Becky

    i didn’t even notice the new header until i read this post about it :\ oops. but I think it looks awesome!
    hopefully you haven’t seen TOO many spoilers about New Moon, though. I hate when people give away what happens in a book/movie I haven’t read/seen.

    I’ll stop now so you can get to reading on New Moon instead of reading my comment, lol

  39. Ana M

    My sis and i loooove your pics!!
    They’re so funny and cooool!!!
    Anyways take care and start reading soon ok!!

  40. Megan

    Yea! I can’t wait to see your insight on New Moon! I have so many songs to put that go with this book, so you just wait! ha! Also, I got my brother to read Twilight (I was inspired by you of course). I think that he secretly enjoyed it a lot more than he says, but he just won’t admitt it. Read quickly! lol!

  41. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    Thats funny actualy- you and my grandma are starting New Moon at the same time! xD Have fun :)

  42. Elspeth

    great new look! and i wish i had a amazon wearhouse only 30 mins away… i’m slightly jealous.
    Happy Reading!

  43. Samie

    fan flipping tastic! love the new design and pics! good job kaleb, you rock! have fun with new moon, and TRY not to have a heart attack plz! lol

  44. Laei

    Me again ^^
    I’ve just did a little calculation: if you read three chapters every day, you’ll get through New Moon and Eclipse just in time for Breaking Dawn!
    You think you could do it?


  45. Laei


    I’ve just DONE a little calculation (must be my French taking over ^^)

  46. bailey

    whoot! whoot!
    i hope you like new moon1
    by the by your pics arent that bad!

  47. Olivia

    I lurveeee the new design.
    I can’t wait till you post your thought on the first chapter 😀
    Happy Reading!

  48. Laura

    Awesomeness… Very nice- Applause*

  49. JanetH

    Excellent header.
    Similar, but different.
    Or perhaps, different, but similar.
    I assume that is what you were going for?

  50. Kendra Dumbledore

    YAY I love New Moon because its so different, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts! 😀

  51. Katie ~

    congrats on starting new moon. All of us fans wait for your post of the first chapter!

  52. Ashley

    So I’ve gotta know. Did you go with the paperback or hardback version?

  53. Dylan

    Well I think those two emotions will work for new moon pretty well! lol Loving the new top design! and YAY for you staring new moon!

  54. Twifanatic Amanda

    Love your new header! I’m glad you’re continuing with the series ^.^

  55. Aria

    argh. i can’t see the new header :/
    But yay that you’re finally onto New Moon.
    Just think, if you read quick enough, you could be able to get to Eclipse when everyone else is on Breaking Dawn :O

  56. Maddy

    haha i didnt even notice the change until u pointed it out. lol im stupid…

  57. Brianna J.

    I really like the new header! Can’t wait for your take on NM, wonder who’s team you’ll be on? And to Laei, I think 3 chapters a day might be a little much…

    Yay for Kaleb!

  58. Melissa

    I love the new header! The other pictures you had were good, too. =P
    Yay! You’re starting New Moon! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  59. Brianna J.

    you know Kaleb, I’ve been thinking…

    you should put a ‘back to top’ button on the bottom of your comments page because it sucks to have to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page after posting a comment. Especially when you have like, eleventy bazillion comments already! What do you think?

  60. Audree

    AH!!!! I am so excited!!! :) For you and for me because I can’t wait to see what you think.

  61. Deja

    Yes!! I love the new header.. It’s awesome and I can’t wait for the first chapter….. well that is if you can stop where it leaves off.. If you can I will be more amazed by your self control then Edward’s ha ha ha.. :)

  62. Gill Pont

    Great Header!

    I can’t wait to see what you think about New Moon.

  63. Makayla

    I can’t wait to read your reaction to the….erm….turn of events.


    You will get throwm for a loop.
    The new header pictures definitely fit.


  64. New Moon Has Arrived | Twilight News

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  65. Amanda

    Very nice!!! I’ll be shocked if you stop at the first chapter of New Moon…

  66. Devika!

    Ah, Kaleb- you know you make me stop breathing sometimes? After your ending… well, you’re fantastic. So thank you, Kaleb, for the last month or so of such a great perspective of one of my favorite books. Can’t wait to see how you handle New Moon! <33333 Good luck!

  67. Kyleigh

    Wow, I really like your new header! I’m also really excited to see what you have to say about New Moon since your opinions on Twilight were really great, so I’m really stocked to see what you think!

  68. Christine

    YAY! I’m hyped for you to read New Moon… I want to know what you think about… Well, maybe I’ll just let you blog and I’ll just read. :)

  69. Elise

    it fits.
    you do look stunning. lol

  70. Orietta

    I think you’re going to have to read quickly buddy. Breaking Dawn will be here in 19 days 3 hours and…however many minutes as I’m writing this. You still have to get through Eclipse!! Move it!

    Funny pics, by the way. lol

  71. Carolyn

    I stumbled across your website.. I just wanted to tell you to keep reading because you make some really good points about how Edward acts and why(most sensible chicks) love him, it’s not just the way he looks-though thats really hot- but how he treats bella and every other female around him. I really wish that a lot of guys would start reading this series and get out of the prejudgment that its just a stupid girls book. Thank you for reading it… oh how is new moon so far?

  72. Courtney :)

    i cant wait ’til you start reading new moon!
    it’ll be interesting to see what you think of it,
    and i lovee the new design

  73. Mara-Kate

    haha nice design 😉 got to say, love your facial expressions you’re hilarious ! Can’t wait for you to start new moon, get going! Breaking Dawn is less than 3 weeks away!

  74. Rebeccah

    i’m so glad you’ve moved on to new moon! these books are my all-time favourite, as well as the host. Which i ABSOLUTLEY recommend. I love the design that you made, and the pictures with the book…you are hilarious. alway brighten my day with your posts/pictures/movies. You should totally do the same design with eclipse and breaking dawn when you get there…and then midnight sun when it comes out…hopefully.
    waiting to read your book when it comes out
    good luck reading :)

  75. Jessie

    Yeah!!! I’m so syked that you are finally on to New Moon. It’s def. not the best book of the series, but it does a lot to set up Eclipse. Have fun!

  76. Carol

    I like the header..hmmm..let’s see if you can resist the urge to go on and read chapter 2.

  77. Amanda

    omg!!finally you’re onto new moon.=]
    new moon definatley wasn’t my favourite and it gets a bit boring in the middle but it will be worth in the end….

  78. K.T.

    I love the new layout! i can’t wait to see how you interpret new moon! hurry up and read!

  79. Jody

    Haha! I love it! I can’t wait until you start posting chapters! I’ve GOT to know your reaction to this book! It’s going to be… interesting… I’d bet.

  80. Sarah V

    Ok, I am an adult, in my head, (almost 28) and yet I find myself obsessing over when you will post your next review of the chapters. I have submitted 2 suggestions for songs/chapters. I really hope you take the suggestions, and really hope you don’t find yourself as depressed as I was while reading this book. I actually told my husband more than once “I have GOT to stop reading this book!” I would have to lay it down for a bit, remember the better times, and then pick it up again.

    Have fun reading the book.

  81. Stephanie

    haha It’s completely worth the extra money! I cheated in New Moon, though. I had to skip from a certain chapter to the end and then go back and read it all over. It’s an amazing book, though, and I hope you enjoy it!

  82. shyanne[aka erika tristens]

    PLEASE don’t hate edward in chapter 3- and don’t flip trough the middle part too fast!!Stephenie specifically warned about that on her website!!!
    too bad hes glaringly WRONG!!!…!!!…!!!…

  83. Christina

    wow, im suprised your starting new moon so quick.
    im glad.
    great design too.

  84. Emily

    I’ve been reading for the last month, so I decided I’d jump in at the beginning of New Moon, my Favorite in the Twilight Saga!!! You’ll really love it, I’m sure =) And I love your design at the top, can’t wait till the first post! Hurry! =D

  85. Taylah

    Haha, I love the header.
    I hope you enjoy New Moon, Kaleb.
    Its my favourite :)

  86. Melissa

    I love your site, Kaleb. It is one of the few that I check regularly. I like the new header, and I’m really looking forward to what you have to say about NM.

  87. Ashley

    i love the new look and pictures! great expressions par usual!!!
    can’t wait to read your commentary!

  88. Victoria

    YAY ! I’m so excited for you !<33 Enjoy reading ! I love your site. I check yours and twilight lexicon daily(:

  89. Diana

    Oh! Kaleb it looks awesome.
    I can’t wait for you to read the first chapter, and I bet you will not wanna stop there and go on to the second chapter 😉

  90. Charlotte-Ann

    Great new layout! I can’t wait to see what you think about New Moon I’m sooo excited for you!! I’ve got some songs I thought you should check out for this book…

    * 12 Stones-The way I feel

    * 12 Stones-Stay

    * One Republic-Stop and Stare

    * One Less Reason-Favorite Color

    * One Less Reason-Worthless

    * One Republic-All Fall Down

    * Pillar-Smiling Down

    Sorry if thats alot all these songs make me think of Edward and a couple make me think of Jacob..sorry if this is the wrong way to show you songs I didn’t know how and this is my first comment here ..but yeah hope you like some of these songs :) LOVE your site!

  91. Ana

    The new layout is awesome. I lurve it.
    Woah that was a quick start, eh? You just plunged right into that sucker.
    I think you should read this one faster, because we were all way too kind and patient during Twilight. Now, you owe us :)
    And the pictures are *chuckle* fantastic. Hot stuff, ahaha.

  92. Joa_Cullen

    the new layout is great!
    you will love new moon! good luck!
    greeings from uruguay

  93. Joa_Cullen

    I mean greetings XD

  94. alexis

    You’ll love New Moon Kaleb, it’s my favorite so far :) and I can’t wait to read what you think of it!

  95. Jennifer

    XDD Can’t wait for you to keep on reading the Twilight series

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