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Reading New Moon: Chapter 1 (Party)

July 14th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

 The song for this chapter is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls (suggested by Deby A.)

I almost didn’t post today, fearing that three posts in a row might make people think I was forming a new habit, an expectation I would never be able to keep up with thanks to my impending deadline and already up-till-3AM days. However, the pull of New Moon was much to strong: and thus I embark into Chapter the First anyway!

My absolute first thought upon opening the first chapter of New Moon is: I am ninety-nine point nine percent sure I have read this before. I honestly can’t explain it, but somehow between 2006 and now, I have picked up this book and read the beginning of the first chapter. Maybe one of the many times I was standing in a bookstore, just paging through the YA section, and just picked up New Moon on a whim. Or I might have read it as an excerpt off Amazon.com sometime. Either way, I recognize it like déjà vu. And it is very interesting to think that sometime, long ago, I actually read part of this novel: having no clue at all what it was.

The first scene of this book has instantly drawn me in: beautifully written, so much that I didn’t even expect what would happen, even with that feeling that I’ve read it somewhere. Like the ending of Twilight, the thought that Bella the human could grow old while leaving Edward the vampire as 17 is startling: especially to them. Is it more frightening to Bella, that she must age and leave Edward the same; or for Edward, that she will die someday and leave him behind, alone again?

And, I must remind Bella, eighteen is not quite that old. If she thinks eighteen is old, and I am nineteen…where does that leave me?

Old Kaleb

AHAH! Stephenie said ‘Moot Point’ again! If not for me, that phrase might go entirely unnoticed by everyone reading, but thanks to my previous encounters with the phrase, you all might be pleased to recall my possible definitions to it, including Davy Crockett’s favorite pose (the Moot Point) and the latest scores in a game (due to the coach tripping the referee with a chocolate goose, the opposing team was given one Moot Point). I am nearly certain there is some story behind Stephenie’s attraction to ‘moot point’ just as my unintentionally common usages of the words ‘abysmal’ and ‘abhor’ and ‘rot’ probably do not go unnoticed.

Anyhow, enough of my silliness. The Volturi immediately leapt out at me: who are these vampires that I’ve heard about, and now finally have a name? And how is it that by making them angry, they can kill vampires? I have little doubt as the book unfolds I’ll be seeing more of the Volturi.

And, Alice…

“No presents,” I protested in a mumble.

She finally seemed to process my mood. “Okay…later then. Did you like the scrapbook your mom sent you? And the camera from Charlie?”

Show off.

While reading my new book (which, unlike my edition of Twilight, is hardcover) I discovered a new use for a cell phone:

Cell Phone Bookmark

Cell Phones: Good for Holding Open Books

One thing that I think should be done soon, if not immediately, is to find a name for Bella’s truck. After all, that old red thing has survived many a season, and now on top of that, it has ‘personality’ as Bella puts it (which almost seems like an excuse for a shower of rust when closing the door). How can such a thing not have a name?

Back in the olden days, people would name their cars, like Dashing Hopes or The Fiery Carriage. I, coincidentally, name most of the cars in my writings: and if another author leaves out a name for their vehicles, I usually go right ahead and name if for them myself, as they obviously simply forgot (what author would not name their cars?). Bella’s old truck might be the Rusty Bucket or Bloody Awful Noisemaker… anyone else have suggestions? (ADDED: Other than The Thing, which I don’t think has yet been passed as its Official Name 😉 )

As I got to the end of chapter one and saw Bella opening her gifts, I instinctively allowed my mind to relax. After all, nothing bad usually happens when one is opening their gifts. Wrong. After Bella cut her finger, that tiny drop of blood: I can see the entire room immediately tense up.

I was so happy to see the vampire action right up in the front of this one. But oh the torture! Leave me hanging so much at the end of the first chapter? Sheesh.


– I just cleared out all the old song suggestions from Twilight: now everyone can start suggesting songs for chapters in New Moon (obviously, somebody was ahead of me, and already did for chapter one- one of the songs that didn’t make it for the Twilight Song :D). Send them in over here.

– Emails coming to those who sent them! Also, everyone who’s asked for a preview of my book: I’m working on it. I have your emails but I’m still way behind.

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191 Responses

  1. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    xD- haha! Lol- I didn’t know people name there trucks, lol to that, how bout Old Red as the trucks name? xD :)

  2. becky sue

    Ack, my vehicle’s name is JIMMY!!!!!! *Cough, Cough* and he has a tattoo in his rear end that says “Jack” so there is a good chance that he is gay….. and he wears make up…. (Window paint from homecoming -forever ago-)

  3. becky sue

    —- And my copy of Twilight has the first chapter of New Moon in it… Perhaps thats why you feel you’ve read it before…. Or I could be over thinking things again….. oh and you are not the only one to notice how Stephenie commonly uses the term “Moot point.”

  4. Alexis

    HEy! yay!! im soo glad i checked ur site
    it’s 1230 here in Texas n well im still awake..lol I can’t wait to see wat you think about the following chapters.
    good luck reading without stopping. n for bella’s truck it should be Old Rusty..lol yea sry not very original oh well


  5. Caitlin

    I’ve named the two cards I’ve had, but they’re just simple regular names. My current car is ironically named Alice.

    && everytime I see the words “moot point” I think of you and Twilight. haha

    Happy reading!

  6. Caitlin

    “cars” not “cards”

    It’s late, can you tell?

  7. Awesomely Awesome

    i think the name of the truck should be something long and impossible to shorten (just to be difficult) like the-big-red-monster-that-survives-all-and-then-some. hehehehehehehehehe i can imagine bella making everyone call her truck that, scolding them like children….whoah okay that’s enough silliness for one day.

  8. Kimberly

    i deffinatly noticed the moot point thing. i’m actually re-reading the series for the third time (second time this year…im not obsessed…) and when i read the moot point i started laughing so hard cause i thought of the davy crockett painting, and then i was like “i wonder if he will mention it again…?”

  9. Melonie

    My parents have a rust-colored, 1979 Dodge Van that we call The Beast. It’s aptly named, because the thing is truly hideous to behold. Bellas truck reminds me of The Beast. And I think the name would fit her truck just as well as it does the sweet potato colored tank in front of my parents house.

  10. Melody

    haha…I’m just started re-reading new moon today O.o

    ummm…”Bloody Noisy Red Riding Hood”?

    no better

    Larry…no..Bob…Bill? Larobill!

  11. Michelle

    Name the truck Kaleb lmaoo or the simpler option would be just Red.

  12. Priscilla :)

    LOL! i love the phone and book idea. wooohooo so excited for you to plunge into new moon :))) probably the most surprising of the 3 if i do say so myself

  13. Kimmy

    ha!ha! i love your little pics in between your blogs.. lol i think bella’s truck sholud be named rusty granps. lol like grandpa cause its so old…idk. lol! how intense it must be to not read on after chapter 1.. your a brave little man.. with a lot of restraint. lol

  14. Desi

    How about Old Red Nag (ain’t what she used to be)?? lol, part of a song-ish thing, I dunno, I don’t name my cars cuz I’d prolly just call it Edward, lol, and it wouldn’t be too creative cuz everyone else will now be calling theirs Edward, or Alice (as one has done). Hehe, the tension in Chapter 1 killed me! I was like, she’s been through enough dangnabit! lol, well, happy readings!!

  15. Michelle

    BTW no offense with my name suggestion. I’ve been reading the comments, and have been noticing that some of them could be seen as offending. I just think it’d be cool cause it was your idea to come up with a name.

  16. Christina

    yay!! I’m excited you started XD !!! Haha I totally notice the moot point thing every time I read the books (and yea, I read them a lot…) and ever since I saw your Davy Crockett thing it makes me laugh =D

    I say you should stick with Bloody Awful Noisemaker. I like that one lol I have a friend whose car’s name is Alice hehehe

  17. Nikki

    I’m glad I decided to check in here! That is a good use for a cell phone. I never thought of that.

  18. Sara

    YES! And not only cars, I seem to find myself naming everything in my life. My cell phone, my iPod, my laptop. Do you ever catch yourself trying to figure out the genders of cars? I have my sister’s old car – she swears it’s a guy, but I swear it’s a girl. XD

    But yes, I am so happy that you’re doing this again for New Moon. And for the rest of the saga. Life would be just a little too boring without Kaleb’s thoughts on Twilight! :DD

    And I think your input on this book will be -very- interesting. =]

  19. Miharu Skii

    Bloody Awful Noisemaker is good! I loved your reviews of Twilight and New Moon started off awesome. And you should consider yourself lucky. I got to read the first chapter of New Moon in the back of my copy of Twilight and had to wait TWO WEEKS to get New Moon. I had to wait THREE MONTHS to get Eclipse though.

  20. April

    I think i can speak for everyone when i say : WE ARE GLAD YOU GOT A HARDCOVER EDITION THIS TIME!!!

  21. Christina

    Oh and I forgot, I applaud the insane level of self control you have. I would never have been able to stop at that point. I finished Twilight at about 4am and read the 1st chapter of NM that’s in the back of the book (cuz I didn’t have a copy of NM on hand at the time…) and I swear I didn’t sleep a wink that night, I was so worried about what was going to happen…lol!

  22. April

    Rusty Reddy Freddy could work. try saying that 10 times fast.

  23. Danni

    Big Red!!! nah…hmmm for some reason my mind keeps leaning towards Victor as a truck name, weird ay?! It has nothing to do with the truck except maybe that their both old! oh’well…I think ill stick with Big Read 😀

    Thank you for starting NM already!

  24. Nicole

    i don’t want to get all fangirly, but we have the exact same phone. colour and everything. and i also use it to open my book open when i can’t find anything else suitable. i would name the truck grandpa. i don’t really know why, but i would.

  25. Kathy Anne

    Hi, Kaleb, I don’t know HOW you can stop at the end of just one chapter. It amazes me. I love the idea of naming Bella’s truck, perhaps Stephenie should have the honor?

  26. ij

    Yes! I’m so happy I decided to check your site before I went to bed. But geez, how can you stop at the first chapter?! Well, I’m off to suggest a song for one of the chapters.

  27. Shannon

    “However, the pull of New Moon was much to strong”

    Don’t worry, I still love you :)

  28. Maggie

    Finally! I figured out how to comment!
    How can you stop after one chapter? And it’s such a cliffy! -shakes head in awe-
    I’m really interested to see what you’ll think about the pivotal moment between Edward and Bella early on in the book.

  29. amandaa.

    I have no idea about wat to call the tuck…probably something to do with old, rusty and red…..haha.
    anyway i agree with maggie. i cant believe you can actually stop after just one chapter.
    and the first chapter in new moon just leaves you hanging!!
    anyway good luck with the rest of new moon!!!

  30. Miiitch

    Tell me about it…

    When I realized that Bella had cut her finger, *I* tensed up. I held my breath, as if to stop myself from inhaling the scent of her blood… yeah.
    I may have also stood halfway up, meaning to run out of the room before I lost control…
    Then I realized that I wasn’t actually in the room, nor was I a vampire trying not to drink human blood.
    So I sat back down. And relaxed. Then I turned the page, and kept reading! It only gets better! And more action-y!

  31. Miiitch

    Oh, and I vote “Ol’ Rusty” as the truck’s name. It’s kind of perfect.

  32. Lena

    Thanks for starting with New Moon! I was already worrying if I might already have finished Breaking Dawn before you start it;-)
    I’m really curious what you’ll say about what happens next. I was pretty shocked when I read New Moon first…

  33. Adrienne

    I believe Bella’s truck should have a good solid name like Hank or Clyde.

    I prefer naming my inanimate objects with human names. I think that gives them their personality…

  34. Stella

    Great!!! You started on the first chapter straight away. Also, just like you, I hate how she’s leaves us hanging there after Bella cuts her finger. I hated that because I read the first part in Twilight which meant I had to wait to get New Moon to keep reading. Stephenie is a big tease sometimes. Just like those daily quotes…they’re driving me nuts already…

  35. Kaylee

    Finally, you’ve started on New Moon- possibly the saddest book I’ve read in the past two years….

    Anyways, you brought up Bella’s truck and I thought I should point out that in Chapter One of Twilight, Charlie says something along the lines of “The Thing runs great.” And in Bella’s narrative she says something like- “The Thing, it had potential, as a nickname at least.”

    That was from memory so I’m not sure if that’s word for word, but it does mention ‘The Thing’. That might have been Stephanie’s way of indirectly naming the infamous red truck.

  36. Brandi

    Hey Kaleb!
    I am so happy you have started NEW MOON! I really think you are going to enjoy it!
    I was laughing through-out the entire blog.
    I actually found it hilarious that you mentioned names for cars. My friend and I have made a joke out of that… my Ford Explorer is named Lola… while my friends car (who recently passed on to car heaven) was named Pete… lol… I had a rental care a month ago I named Beethoven. So yeah. I was also laughing because I use my cell phone as a bookmarker like that as well. Basically anything I can get my hands on that will fit between the pages works.

    Okay so name for Bellas truck.
    Did she not name it in the first chapter of Twilight? The Thing? lol.
    Ol’ Sparky comes to mind.
    Ol’ Rusty seems nice to, the peeps above came up with that.
    or why not BOB.


  37. Bethany

    Meyer also uses the term “moot point” once in THE HOST. Though of you when I read it. :)

  38. jazz

    ahhh i can’t wait for you to read the next couple of chapters! i’m excited! *sigh* it makes me want to re-read them but unfortunatley i don’t own New Moon or Eclipse. just twilight. which funnily enough i borrowed them from a guy! ahaha he’s the one that got ME into them! isn’t that weird? Plus he didn’t have a problem admitting it either. when i asked him why he liked it so much he told me “cause its awesome! vampires fighting! so cool”.

  39. bailey

    3:19 in alabama and i just have to say i cant wait till you get to the end so that i can suggest a song because i have the perfect one; but i wont tell you cause i fear it would give to much away. as for naming the truck i did that from like the 5th chapter of twilight……”bert” or “ol’ bert”. although i have friends that have other names…. frank, marge (yea female!), and spud. i like bert but hey its all up to the person!
    enjoy new moon!

  40. Jessie

    The cell phone idea isn’t that new, I did it with mine. (Come to think of it, that might be why my mom takes my phone when I read now…)Yeah,I cant wait for next chapter, to see what you think of just about the worst chapter EVER! I think that maybe the truck could be named “Death Trap on Wheels”, but mostly the “Death Trap” part.

  41. AtelierGal

    The Twilight series were written from Bella’s POV; a GIRL’s POV.

    Turning 18 isn’t that old but to me, slowly approaching your 20s, and then 30s, is scary.


  42. Megan Yakita

    Hey Keleb, I just wanted to say (sence you will learn all about Jacob in this book) that I personally like Jacob better than Edward (please don’t flame me anyone Edward is still great) because Jake makes mistakes, he’s human (mostly) and is much more interesting to read than Edward in my opion (sp?)exspecially in Eclipse, my boyfriend is pretty much an Edward to begin with (he’s a total sweetie, he listens to anything and everything I have to say, he’s always protective, he makes me stuff all the time and he is just all around amazing) but thank God he’s also a bit of a rebel or I’d go insain from someone so perfect lol, that’s why I prefere Jacob, he’s not perfect and that makes life exciting

  43. shadesofblack

    i forgot all about that wonderful intro – Bella dreaming of being old.

    Bella’S TRUCK = Iron Man? (or Iron, man!)

    i’m bad at that.

    i love New Moon, probably because i’m one of the few who believe Edward CAN do wrong…

    but i say no more ’bout that.

  44. Reading New Moon: Chapter 1 (Party) | Twilight News

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  45. Elfie

    My car’s name is Bernard – I name all my cars, I think it’s important. My first car ever was this old, but sturdy hatchback. I named her Greta and had it engraved on a keychain. When she died (may she rest in peace) I bought a newish Honda straight up, and this little girl I named Elanor, Ella for short. She was sickly, and didn’t last long. My current car is the only one I’ve encountered that was a male…

    And Ahhh! How clever of you to use your cell phone thus! Mine, sadly is a slider, which works well for convenience but nothing practical.

    I, as well as everyone above me, am SO GLAD that you have decided to begin the second book so quickly! I must admit though, that I felt the same way as you did… that I simply NEEDED to start it!

  46. hazel

    Oh nice!
    I love this first blog about new moon :)
    hey, you’re fast 😉 i was seriously surprised to see a “new moon” post right away 😀
    and yeah, Stephenie is such a cliffhanger. Haha.

  47. Linia

    Yay, New Moon!

    I never thought about a name for Bella’s truck… I know mine is named Jannifer. And yes, with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’.

    I could be wrong (and probably am) but isn’t Edward the one who says Moot Point ? Bella might say it once, but maybe Edward just likes the phrase, ‘moot point’.

  48. Lu

    I have the exact same cell phone. Thanks for the idea haha!

  49. Kaitlyn

    I feel sorry for you, that cliffhanger was nasty for me too when I read it in the Twilight book that had the first chapter. I kinda liked The Thing (as mentionedin Twilight) for Bella’s truck’s name but I also like the Big Red Roaring Rusty Thing :) It’s a mouthful but it gives me a great mental image. I can hear its roar in the distance…Oh wait that’s my friends fighting over my Twilight book…:)

    Keep up the fast posting/reading!

  50. Giada

    About the truck name…I’ve got a weakness for the… how do you translate “Allitterazione” in English? Anyways something like The Rusty Red or The Trusty Truck. I love Bella’s truck I wish i had one like hers.

  51. Kato

    *Long-time reader, first-time commenteress*

    I’m so glad you’re finally on to New Moon! I’ve been looking forward to your thoughts on this book more than any of the others. :-)

    She did mention in Ch. 1 of Twilight that “The Thing” had potential as a nickname for her truck…

    I’m rereading the books for probably the twelfth time, and every time I come across a “moot point” I think of you and laugh. She also occasionally uses the “nervously shifting from foot to foot,” which also makes me think of you.

  52. Debbie

    I do believe SM had indirectly named it The Thing, but I liked Rusty Bucket. If she gives it a human name, she should call it Gramps or Papaw. I’m estatic that you are finally reading New Moon and that first chapter does leave you hanging. I loaned my sister my copy of Twilight, with that first chapter and she called me the next day (which is the way most of us read it) after she finished reading it and asked for New Moon. I hate to say it Kaleb, but my 74 year old mother read Twilight faster than you (2 days). You don’t have to post EVERY day, but you should post about more than one chapter at a time.

  53. amanda

    your reading new moon!!! it’s my favorite book ever!!
    you know i think “The Thing”
    is the name of Bellas truck.
    actually i just got new car, it’s this cute sports car two door mercedes, and i couldn’t resist i named it Bells! (after Bella) i know i know i’m pathetic.

  54. aria

    What many people fail to realize is that Bella’s truck already has a name.

    Chapter 1, page 7. “The Thing.”

    Also I love your usage o cell phone bookmark, GENIUS!

  55. K.T.

    Another chapter!
    I don’t have a car to name, sadly, but i definitely think that bella’s truck should just be named “rusty”
    Also, you weren’t the first to realize that you can use a cell phone as a bookmark. i use mine all the time!

  56. VampireAngel13

    hmmm…..SM says “muse” a lot too

  57. Katie Beth

    I thought Bella’s truck was named “The Thing”? 😉 You even said it yourself. “How could such a thing not have a name?” Voila. I like it.

    I’m with you on the age thing, personally… I just turned 20. Then again, my [nonexistent] boyfriend is not 17 and non-aging.

    *gaahahahahahahahasp* I’m kind of appalled right now, Kaleb. Your Twilight set doesn’t match. You’re going to have to reread Twilight until you can have an excuse to go buy a hardback copy. 😛

    And songs… now I can’t wait for my copy of New Moon to get here (TOMORROW. But I have to wait until I get home from vacation to read it. Sigh.) so I can suggest music! I must suggest “Time is Running Out” by Muse, though, right now, for one of the first chapters… I forget which, but I *think* it’s the second or third.

  58. Caitlyn s

    BELLA’S TRUCK NAME: ludovic speed.

    i think it’s perfect. it fits nicely, seeing as ludovic is an old name, for an old car. and speed…..is a play on words!

    hope you like!

  59. Jules

    Well, for truck names, my mom’s red Jepp is an Alice, but Bella’s truck does not seem to be an Alice. And my Dad’s black Jeep is Buckwheat, after the Little Rascals character, but that doesn’t really fit, either. Then we have “The Horrible White Truck” which is pretty self explainitory.

  60. Sariah

    I’m sorry, I didn’t read all of the previous posts because I’m in a hurry so someone may have mentioned this already… I like what Bella thought at the beginning of Twilight when she figured “The Thing” could be the truck’s nickname. It made me chuckle then and I still think of her truck as The Thing. :)

    So glad to see you started New Moon right away! I was wondering how long we might have to wait. Thanks! 😀

  61. Alexa

    I did the exact same thing and read the first chapter of New Moon without knowing what it was 😛 My step-dad named our car once, I can’t remeber what it was though. Hmm, I’ll have to ask him.

    moot point.
    bajajaja :]

  62. Nazrine

    May I suggest The Inferno as a name for the truck? 😀

  63. Audree

    I did THE SAME THING! No joke! As I read New Moon I was felt major deja vu and then realized after the first chapter, I MUST have read it before sometime.

  64. JC

    if it’s torture to stop at the end of chapter 1, don’t stop. read chapter 2 and post about it approximately 5 minutes later.

  65. Sunny

    Maybe you read it in the back of twilight? Just a thought.

  66. Audree

    Aaaaand if you feel so interested in what happens next… perhaps you could do more than one chapter at a time! :)

  67. Katie ~

    I love how New Moon starts out. It is my favorite beginning of the three books. I can’t believe you were able to stop at the first chapter! There’s so much more action left to come, and the first chapter gives you a small taste of that, leaving you wanting more.

  68. Nia

    I name cars all the time, haa! Totally weird how you’ve read the start of New Moon before! Could’ve been in a review or something 😀
    Oh, and I’m re-reading New Moon (I just got it back from a friend after a 4 month absence!) so while I’ll be reading something like 8 chapters a day, I’ll pester you with my song suggestions!

  69. E

    I’m 19 too; maybe we can go retirement community shopping together some time.
    As far as naming Bella’s truck, thats some big responsibility you’re giving yourself there. I wish you luck; I have no suggestions. My car doesn’t have a name. I don’t think it has enough personality to have a name, really.
    Its just my car. A Honda CR-V. Booooorrrinngggg.
    Oh well whatever. Hurry up with New Moon please because I REALLY want you to get to Eclipse. Don’t go too fast though, because New Moon deserves as much attention as any of them.

  70. Cameryn Rose

    Okay, if you can stop there for any time at all, you’re strong.
    I just re-read New Moon yesterday (in one day, yes) and I laughed at suspenseful chapter breaks because you might actually wait through them. Yeah, I think you’re insane to stop at the end of any chapter.
    Maybe you should read, say… 10 chapters at once?

  71. Alexis B.

    And thus you begin the best book in the whole entire series in my opinion.

  72. elora

    Hey if you go back to the Twilight when Charlie is telling Bella about the truck Charlie says ,”the thing runs great…” And Bella thinks ,’the thing it has possiblities, as a name at least.

  73. Jen

    Getting sucked in a bit are we?? *shifty eyebrow*

  74. Rebeccah

    i both loved and hated the first chapter. It was very well written and adorable (romeo and juliet) but i made the mistake (stupid me) of reading the first chapter in the back twilight. And new moon was not in my hands. And no one would lend it to me. And convienently enough, the bookstores were closed ( i think) and no one would drive me half way across the country.
    lol…i love when she uses moot point. Because of u, i always notice it now. She uses it a few times in the host too, and it set me laughing at some not-so-funny parts. 😛
    good luck with the rest of the book AND your impending deadline 😛

  75. patrice

    hahah, nice beard Kaleb. I think Bella’s truck should simply be called The-Hunk-of Junk, because its basicallt a peice of crud. Our old car use to be called The Old Chariot, cause it was so old and ran so terribly. I have a lot of terrible memories of that car!

  76. Brianna J.

    I think the truck should have a grandfather’s name, like Victor or something. I think it fits. If not that, then I like Ol’ Rusty; it has a lot of character! I really don’t like ‘the thing’ because every time I see it I think of that really creepy alien movie *shudders* ,

    Scouts honor, I promise not to expect a chapter every day, but it won’t keep me from checking up to see if you’ve finished another one! Now, whenever I see, ‘moot point’ i giggle, thinking of your version of Davey Crockett’s moot point!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! I’m really impressed with your self-control on not immediately reading chapter 2! Good luck with all your deadlines. (Wonder why they are called deadlines? Because if you don’t make them, you are dead? The world may never know…)

  77. Ashley

    All I can say is that you must have a lot of restraint to be able to read only one chapter at a time…when I first read the series, I read all of Twilight and half of New Moon in one day…I’m not sure if that’s because i loved the books so much that I couldn’t put them down, or because I have no life…heh..and I don’t recommend following my example because after spending 24 hours in Forks with Bella and Edward, I had trouble getting back to reality… anyways…happy reading! :)

  78. Samie

    i think the trcuk should be called: showering rusty!
    i also which u good luck on reading this book, i hope u dont miss to much of anything, cuz these books get harder to put down as they go on! hehe

  79. Samie

    **Wish you good luck

    sorry typo

  80. Christine

    Hmm… well my car is called the G-ma Mobile. Maybe something on the lines of that.

  81. Jenny

    OMG i was so happy to come back from my 13 day alaskan trip without internet to find out you were onto New Moon already!

  82. Rosalie

    I think Ol’ Red or Ol’ Rusty
    Somethin with Ol’ in it
    And I was wondering how much about New Moon you know previously to reading it. Maybe you already know why all the fangirls will be crying in agony in the not so distant future.

  83. Rosalie

    No wait I know the perfect name
    Get ready for it…….
    The Fire Truck
    Its perfect well if anybody gets it then it will be

  84. Amy

    HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY STOP THERE!!!?? something is seriously wrong with u, i’m just going with the theory that you have read ahead,but just lie and say you didnt because NOT reading ahead would have been humanily imposssible! Warning: this is the saddest book you’ll probably ever read.
    love ya!

  85. Mary

    Congrats on starting New Moon!!! And get used to the chapters ending like that! Have fun only reading one chapter at certain parts in this book!!!

    Your cell phone is exactly like my brother’s, except that his is blue. That’s cool.

    Oh, and for Bella’s truck, there was something good that she called it somewhere in Twilight, but I forget what it was. So I will go and look it up now.

  86. Mary

    Amy, I agree with him reading ahead and just saying he didn’t. There really is no way you could stop there without knowing what happened.

  87. Olivia

    Wow, Kaleb..I gasped when I saw you had posted on New Moon so quickly after finishing Twilight. 😛

    Love the “New” look. :)

  88. Chelsea

    I name all of my trucks some of the most memorible names inculude snow white (the jeep), mater,shrek, and ugly (surprisingly the most beautiful one we’ve had).
    When I first got twilight I bought eclispe with it thinking that was the second book. I got the papere back version with the first chapter of New Moon in it. So I read it, but soon enough i finished cliff hanging first chapter and with no copy of New Moon. Sadly this was my downfall. I read the first 18 chapters of Eclispe before I was able to borrow a copy of new moon.
    Anywhoo – I love New Moon. It is my current favorite in the saga, and I hope you like it as much as I did.

  89. kate

    I use my cell phone to keep my book open as well, but not quite the same way.

  90. Sam

    rusty bucket please!!!??

  91. Michelle S

    lol you probably did read the first chapter unknowingly at the back of twilight. I did the same thing without realizing it was actually first chapter of new moon. Luckily I bought new moon the same time as twilight so I was able to read it right away even though I had to wait months till Eclipse came out.

    oh I like The Thing. Such a simple name that just says it all lol

  92. Michelle S

    oh and rusty bucket is great too!

  93. Joa_Cullen

    I am so happy you have started NEW MOON! I really think you are going to enjoy it!
    I was laughing through-out the entire blog TOO!
    Greetings from uruguay

  94. Michelle S

    Oh and I also used my cellphone to open my books but not the same way as you (which would be more convenient) since its a motorola SLVR

    ok I’ll stop commenting so much lol!

  95. maria

    did u combine the prologue and chapter 1 together?

  96. Debra

    Man I wish my phone wasn’t a slider, the phone thing’s a great idea. Love the thoughts on the chapter. I really don’t know how you didn’t go right into chapter 2, I finished Twilight and read the first chapter for New Moon at the end and had to go out and buy it to find out what happened.

    As for everyone saying this is the saddest book ever, I don’t think it is. Oh, it’s sad, and I cried the first 2 times I read it but I’ve read much worse books as well. IMO The Host is actually sadder than New Moon, but hopefully you’ll find that out for yourself soon.

    Good luck on your one chapter at a time once you get more into the book.

  97. K.T.

    was anyone else not able to open up this website a moment ago? it had a message saying that the CPU usage was messed up… maybe i’m the only one who noticed…

  98. Carol

    I like Rusty Bucket and I use old receipts as bookmarks. :)

  99. Lee

    I know Kaleb, Bella makes me feel like a grandma, im 20 holy crow lol. So excited you have started new moon!!! eeeek haha keep powering through. Unlike everyone else I quite liked this book (the second time i read it through lol) but thats because I am Team Jacob. Go Jakey!!

  100. Jenny

    Did you not read the preface? You didn’t comment on it so I was wondering if you even took the time to read it? And if so what were your thoughts on it? Thanks Kaleb and keep up the good work!

  101. Cyndi

    I always thought that Bella’s truck needed a name! I name everything, including my cars, and it only seems right that her truck needs a name. My old 1991 blue Buick Century was named Bubbles and my new 2008 blue Kia Spectra SX is named Junne which has an accent over the E but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it on the computer. Junne is short for Bubbles Junior. Clever non?

    I’m thinking we have a giant vote for a new name!

  102. Anonymous

    It never ceases to astound me how many people are here and commenting when you post. And the number just keeps growing as time passes. Absolutely amazing.

  103. Melaine

    I’m totally shocked and psyched!! Another post! I was hoping you’d get to it soon and BTW I totally do that with my phone, too. The book holders on the cardio machines at the gym are to small for Stephanie’s tomes so the phone helps keep the pages open while I get my heart rate up (as if I need a MACHINE for that when I’m sweating over Jacob and Edward!!!)

  104. Becky

    wow, a new post already?
    but how can you just STOP reading after one chapter??? or did you continue on and decide to post one chapter at a time to torture us?

    and I think Ol’ Rusty is a good name for Bella’s truck.
    My family names cars too, the 1971 Ford was named “Brownie” and our VW Jetta is “the jet” and we also have “The Deer Slayer” (you can guess how we came up with that, lol)
    but anyways, Ol’ Rusty sounds good. or Grandpa Red

  105. Larisa

    I think, because the truck used to be Jacob’s, that Jacob would have named it. With that in mind, I think he would have given it a Quileute name. I think it should be the Quileute word for “Old Friend”, whatever that may be.

  106. Emily

    Well, I think Stephenie Meyer MUST watch friends and Joey’s comment about a Moo point. lol, I think I already posted a comment about that…I have terrible memory and I’m turning 18 soon so I must be getting OLD!!!!

    I swear, I already am.

    Anywho, Hmmm, I creative name for ‘The Truck’ (that sounds good to me! lol, jk)

    How ’bout…Rusty Fender? Ack! I suck at coming up with names, there are way more creative ones out there

    Read Chapter 2 soon!!!

  107. Jessi

    I vote for Carl because it is a car. Ok so its a truck but Truckel just isn’t cute 😉

    And Carl is good. That was the name of my first car. It was old and loud, but not quite as durable as Bella’s…my first crash left it crinkled :)

  108. Deja

    Oh My Edward Anthony Masen Cullen………… No Way!!! You could actually stop reading.. I am in complete awe of you!!! You are flipping amazing!!!! Anyways. sorry I’m still amazed so I can’t say anything else.. :)

  109. Justice

    Bella’s truck’s name: Little Red Wagon
    I could say Big Red Wagon, but that doesn’t sound right.

  110. Shelley b.

    Kaleb, If I remember correctly I think moot point is said again in Eclipse. I think, I’m not absolutely sure.

    I’m 76.5% sure.

    I’m super stoked that you have dived into New Moon!!

  111. sJs2

    haha! try using that phone once you get farther into the book. (i know, i’ve tried) glad to see your going far in the twilight world!

  112. Ashlee


    So excited you’ve moved on to New Moon!!

    Ok so in reference to the “moot point” thing… i wanna point out another word that she uses alot!!

    “Chagrin” … such an interesting word… so yeah be on the lookout for that one… it’s actually one that gets used in The Host also which i haven’t finished yet… but yeah thought that might be interesting to you!

    And as far as cars are concerned totally understand the naming thing… My current car’s name is Rosalie… yes after Rosalie Cullen… it fits so well because shes beautiful and she knows it… but she’s Rose for short since shes red :)

    ok ill stop going on about my life!!

    Personally i like “The Thing” :)

  113. Nicole Jet

    Ever since you pointed out Stephenie’s use of the phrase “moot point”, I’ve started using it.

    Ha ha ha!! If you think Alice is a show off now, just wait.

    I think of Bella’s truck as The Thing because it seems to suit it.

    I actually named my car Jane, but you won’t understand that until later…

  114. Caitlin

    “Moot point” has always stuck out to me when I’m reading Twilight. I actually went through a period of saying it a lot before I read the books and I always thought the phrase was “mute point”, which honestly made more sense to me. Twilight can improve your spelling. Who knew?

  115. mehek

    how about “rusty ol’ rose” it makes due note of the color but has a light elegant flair.

  116. Sibby

    I was driving home and thinking her truck could be “Old Faithful” as it becomes her first sanctuary, the place she always feels at home, and it has never let her down. Lots of important things happen in and around that truck. Then again, Flash has a nice, oxymoronic ring to it (I also like the suggestions of Clyde or Inferno). My little suv has been dubbed by my honey as the “S.S. Princess Big Butt”…because it has a big trunk, not me…the stinker.

  117. Teygan

    “Shiny-Volvo Eater”


    Though I do like Ol’ Rusty or Ol’ Faithful. Gives that good ol’ country feel.

    This morning I was thinking about the history of that truck. If Billy’s had it since the 70s or 80s, maybe he drove Jacob’s mother to the hospital on the Big Day! Maybe Billy used to race it, if he had it as a teenager (thought the timing isn’t quite right). Just some thoughts.

  118. Anna

    Hey Kaleb,
    I believe your dejavu may have accured because the first chapter of New Moon is printed in the back of Twilight. Atleast I believe so. Anywho, I’m glad to see you’ve moved onto New Moon. Took you long enough :)

  119. Diana

    I dont know how you can have that much self control
    When I read the first chapter in the back of Twilight I was going nuts because I wasnt going to be able to go buy New Moon for a whole week, I was dying. But you, you have it right there and you dont continue…
    I have to give you props on that. I wish I had your self control.

  120. Sharry

    i like Ol’ Rusty … its not new.. its still works… its a bella-sounding thing and hmm i just really like that for the truck or
    Faded Glory or something since it is really old and it ” used to be a shade of red”

  121. Lulu

    Okay, so did you see the episode of friends where Joey calls moot point a “moo point”? Hilarious.
    Oh, and I named my car Alice, because she is fast and pretty and bubbly.
    Bella’s truck should be Bloodyh Betsy, because its red and bleedin rust and because all good old vehicles for some reason are named Betsy.

  122. Lulu


    link for joey’s “moo point”.

  123. Ashley

    can’t wait for more!

  124. JanetH

    Are you being overly industrious with these back-to-back postings?
    Or are you using this for an excuse to not buckle down with your editing so severe?
    “This morning I took out a comma and this afternoon I put it back again.” -Oscar Wilde
    That being said, please continue with your witty and insightful observations. I look forward to them as treats and love that you post them so often!

  125. Nicole

    can’t wait til you read Chapter 2 :)

    LOL name Bella’s truck Big Red !

  126. Melissa

    hah..well “Grandpa” or “Senior Citizen” or the “Bloodmobile”
    I’m not very creative but…ah well….read chap 2 soon! you’ll love it!
    can you call yourself a twilighter yet?
    You seemed to like twilight so….

  127. Melissa

    oh and same Melissa as before here but I name vehicles too.
    So far my dad has had a “Waterbug” (a little red mazda with a camper shell) “Old Blue” (who died a short while ago) “Tigger” (a monstrous old gray truck that is the same age as me (15) it is masculine and puts the other trucks to shame)
    “Violet Dragon” (violet for short, a purple cavalier) and now I’m looking for other vehicles to name…my dad has not wrecked one resently so I have no new material….
    Oh well..Im done now…
    Hey wait could Bella’s truck be called Tigger!

  128. Kim

    I’ve noticed JK Rowling uses “turned on their heel…” a lot…it must be her “moot point”

    I vote for “Rusty” as the truck’s name. Or something non-intimidating and era apropriate like “Norman” or “Chuck”
    I have an Accord named Maureen and had an integra named Roger. I thoroughly believe in naming inadimate objects :)

  129. Freya

    I can completely sympathise with the desire to name your cars; it’s a family’s tradition.

    We’ve named every car we’ve owned:
    Vovo the Volvo (possible name for Edward’s car?)
    Fifi the Fiat
    Reni the Renault

    Okay, so maybe they’re not quite the most inventive names…

    Also, I like the name that Bella almost gives it: The Thing. When I was much younger, me and my friends had a club called The Thing and it worked well.

  130. Jennifer

    OH YAYY !!

    Your already starting New Moon ^^

    *happy* XD Ah, how could you not go on to the next chapter . . . I couldn’t, lol

    Hope you read more soon (: And by the way, the cell phone idea, Brilliant XD

  131. Freya

    By the same logic, shouldn’t we name all the other cars in the books?

    Emmett’s Jeep could be The Bear!

  132. Filipa

    Yes! At last! A solution for my irritating problem with hard covers: a cellphone! I love hardcovers, they are more durable, but it gets annoying when you’re reading.

  133. Stephanie

    Little Red 😛

    Durmstrang (cause their school robes are blood red)

    Viktor Krum (or just Viktor)cause his school robes were blood red AND his Bulgaria robes are red 😛

    Karkaroff… see 2 above

    Ant. To highlight the similarities between her truck and an ant.

    Blast ended skrewt.

    Sybil. Cause it’s a fraud like Trelawney: acts like a huge monster but is really a small kitten wanting a pat.

    By the way, I applaud your restraint!

  134. Maddy

    how bout the Danger Magnet Mobile? or DMM for short?

  135. Freya

    How about The Little Red Engine That Could?
    My friend has a car called The Little Red Engine That Just Couldn’t.

  136. Lauren

    You’re right!

    I did notice moot point, and laugh, because of you!

  137. Jen

    This is probably my favorite book of the series, but I can’t tell you why because you’re not there yet! This is so frustrating! 😉

  138. Rachel

    For the record I’ve heard “moot point” about three times this morning since I came into work, and I laugh everytime…my boss thinks I’m crazy.

  139. Laura

    The fiery Firetruck! That’s a suitable name for Bella’s truck!

  140. Melissa

    Haha I never really use a bookmark, but I like the idea that my cell phone could save my place if I have to leave for a minute. Good idea! =P
    And also, I like your name for the truck: Bloody Awful Noisemaker. Cars that make all that noise bother me.

  141. Shan

    Haha nice review. Am I the only one who was annoyed at Bella? How do you cut your finger opening a present? Honestly…

  142. Marisa

    Hahaha. Shan, I actually understand Bella’s klutziness, since I’ve cut my finger while opening a present too. Although Bella’s a bit too clumsy to be believable sometimes…

    I bet I’m the only one here who’s also cut themselves on a Coke can too. 😀

  143. Nina Lisa

    I don’t recall which chapter it is exactly, and I don’t remember if I already suggested it, but it’s coming up in a few chapters…. I’ll get the chapter name for you ASAP… but I suggest Earth to Bella by Incubus. You’ll see why when you read =]

  144. L.

    i think you should name her truck something like.
    the Red Riveter.
    Big Red.

    something like that.
    and also, congratulations on FINALLY finishing Twilight.


  145. Courtney

    I remember reading the first chapter of New Moon.I had just read the whole Twilight book the day before. It was like how I imagine a vampire feels after a much-needed feeding.

    I’m getting frustrated because people keep hinting to things in New Moon that you haven’t read yet.

    Please be careful what you type in your comment!

  146. Jessica

    I personally like Frankenstein, Vamp-Magnet, and Peice-O-Crap.

  147. Jessica

    I have the same phone.

  148. Maddy

    or the VampMobile! kinda like BatMobile but cooler…

  149. Megan

    I just read through all the other comments. It took a while. lmao.
    But I can only really remember a couple. There was one person who said name it something that’s impossible to shorten. It gave me an idea. Name it C.A.R.
    For Crappy-and-Rusty, or something. Or maybe somebody will think of one for T.R.U.C.K….
    Also, someone mentioned having a car named Mater.
    Well, I think Bella’s truck could pull off Mater.
    Anybody who’s seen the movie ‘Cars’ would remember him as the rusty piece of crap car who liked to knock over the tractors. And who was also awesome beyond belief. Everybody I know loved Mater.
    Bella’s truck is crap. Bella’s truck could certainly go cow-tipping (I just pictured that…rotfl). Bella’s truck is loved-by Bella at least.

    So I’m going to have to say Mater as my second favorite name. The Thing still reigns supreme.

    Maybe you should have a poll, as about twenty other commenters suggested.

  150. Megan

    -watches as one heck of a lot of people suddenly use their cell phones as bookmarks-

  151. Bien

    Great use of the cellphone! LOL

  152. Alexa

    Marisa – I’m afraid you aren’t the only one; I’m pretty clumsy myself :]

  153. sibby

    as i’ve thought more about bella and her truck, I realize she thinks of it as pretty tough, maybe where she isn’t, and she also thinks of it as an instrment for reoeasing her temper…edward’s volvo, tyler’s physical well being, various imports…so maybe something destructive…Doom Buggy? Red the Impailer? (ironic, as vlad the impailer became dracula…I digress) anyway, something along those lines?

  154. sibby

    oh, and at the very least she needs a bumper sticker that says “Volvo for Lunch”

  155. Remy

    Yeah, I definetley noticed you used the word abysmal a lot!!!Not that it’s bad…

  156. Maxine

    Excellent point on the moot point. Have you also noticed SM’s apparent infatuation with the word “edge” and variants thereof? Perhaps you will now. Not that it makes any difference in how addicted we all are…

  157. Bethany

    Okay, so it’s a long time to wait, but I can’t wait for you to get to chapter 24…. Probably my favorite chapter in any of the books…

    okay, well definitely my favorite in New Moon…

    Can’t wait to read all your reviews!!!!

  158. Kassi

    The noise Bella’s truck makes reminds me of Louis Armstrong’s voice. So I think that’s a reasonable name. 8D Of course, I like the idea of Boris ‘Kar’loff, too. And that’s fully intentional.

  159. Victoria

    I third calling Bella’s truck Mater after the Disney cars character. See link for photo and description !


  160. Angela

    I’m partial to the name Gerald for the truck. Or The Thing…

  161. Miranda.

    Ok, so this might be a tad bit off topic, but just to let you know, i have that phone. Haha, when i first saw this picture i was scrolling past it to get to one of your previous posts, and i was like: “wait, whaaat?!”. My eyes kinda went wide for a moment, then i realized i was over-reacting. :) …and yes, i have used my phone for a bookmark before. :)

    In other news, i think ‘the thing’ works just fine for Bella’s truck… using a ‘name’ like Frank or Billy would bring in something to the story that readers might feel a need to explain. [ex. omg who’s FRANK!?!?! &etc.]

    the end.

  162. Ari

    Hmmm a name for Bella’s truck has to have personality, because its old, strong and unique..I GOT IT!


  163. KL

    My old car was named Hermey but I would give that name to Bella’s truck if you think she’d like it! :)

  164. Robin

    I’m a little new to this site, which is wonderful, btw, so I am catching up on all the posts. I was so surprised by all of the people that name their vehicles- I thought my family was the only one! My next-younger sister is the car-naming fairy hereabouts (we are from Texas also) and if a car is name-able, her name will stick. Otherwise, it won’t. For example: my white 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is “Charlotte” but my mom’s green 2007 Ford Expedition is un-namable. Just a side note… :)

  165. jordin

    hey kaleb & fans I just wanted to point out the fact that ME AND AKLEB HAVE THE SAME PHONE!!!
    except in the areas where his is red mine is gray. Its actully kind of funny because when I first got it in september I had a big debate on weather I should get the red or gray one. well it seems great minds think alike! 😛

  166. jordin

    crap i totally miss spelled ur name in the caps part sorry!

  167. vivs

    omg!:D my cousin has that phone. oh i remember the good ol’ day when i first got her hooked into the twilight series. good times good times…. now she is as obsessed with the series as i am! and she has that phone too! im gonna tell her to use it to hold her place in New Moon.

  168. Chantelle

    I was just re-reading Twilight, and I kept noticing things that Bella calls her truck. I remember the dialogue, but not exactly where in the book she said them. Both are in teasing words to Edward…

    “Hey, my truck is old enough to be your car’s grandfather!”


    “My truck is a senior citizen.”

    (both slightly paraphrased.) I thought it would be cute- er, I mean “cool”- to call the truck Grandpa or Senior.

  169. Megan

    My car’s name is Penny… because I have a crappy Hyundai Accent… but the ‘a’ and a little of the first ‘c’ fell off so when you look at it, it says cent… so… cent = penny… Penny! I know… I’m lame.

    But as for Bella’s truck… I def. think of it as a male… so… actually I know this has been said a million times… but I think Rusty seems to fit. But if she wouldn’t want to call it Rusty… she could call it Russ.

  170. Kayla

    I promise I’m not spoiling anything, but PLEASEEE keep the song “haunted” by kelly clarkson for chapter 20. you’ll understand where i mean for it to go when you get there!

    and by the way. i REALLY enjoy twilight and new moon from a guy’s perspective. it’s awesome!

  171. mckenzie

    I noticed she doesn’t only say “moot point” a lot she also has a tendency to use the word masochist/masochistic it has been in all the books(I am almost certain)and a lot of different characters say it. I don’t know why I notice these things.

  172. mckenzie

    but I do

  173. Sarah!~

    I just absolutely LOVE the fact that Stephenie Meyer keeps us hanging, just cuts us off right in the middle of the scene.. It creates suspense and longing.. and actually wanting it is the fun part.
    I haven’t read New moon yet because my mom wont let me get it and there are about 300 others waiting in line in front of me at the library.. but I’ve read Twilight, well.. heard it. i listened to the book online on youtube and I listened to atleast 8 – 10 chapters a day. I finished the book in 2 – 3 days and I was a little disappointed that I went through it so fast. In my experience the fun is in the waiting so read as slow as you can!~ <33

  174. Steph

    I’ve always noticed her use of Moot point… I thought it was weird to use it so often when most books never do.
    I know! The suspense! I did an oral on New Moon for English and read the part at the end of the chapter as an excerpt. Needless to say, most people were at least slightly intrigued.

  175. Taylor

    Haha i have that same phone!!! By the way i love reading your blogs, you are hilarious!

  176. Amanda

    You might as well just name it The Firetruck cause now that’s all I can picture when I think about it. Thanks so much for that, as well as the Charlie thing.

  177. J!

    kewl<3 well i rrli wanna read new moon! imm lyke totally in luvv with twilight already!! help?
    :] “peace” <3 $

  178. Codi Beth

    I think it should totally be called Danger Magnet!

  179. Bella

    can u please write up chapters as can’t buy book any where and want to read New Moon ASAP!! Seems no where on net writes stuff !!! The relationship between Bella and Edward makes me lust for a boyfriend just like Edward.Obviously not quite with all the vampire stats! Even tho that might be terrifiingly exillirating!!

  180. Bella

    U can’t call her truck after another car. I mean come on!!! It’s not just a regular truck, it’s a rusty pile of garbage!!! it at least needs a good name! AGAINST MATER!!!!!

  181. klangotz

    ,..,dying to read the 2nd book of the twilight saga!!!! i coudn’t sleep soundly after i read the preface in the last page of twilight book,,,stating there that Bella cut her finger and Jasper staring at her ready to fight with Edward…. OMG!!!!! ahuhuhuhuhh!!!!!

  182. Rachel

    lmfao 😀 Im doing that with my cell tooo lolz

  183. Thomas Jefferson

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I DISCOVERED THAT MY CELL PHONE COULD DO THAT TOO!!!!!!! This is going to sound really weird but I think that I discovered that while (re)reading New Moon, too. Or it might have been Twilight.

  184. Allysha

    Old red….. Hmmmm…… I like thta name,,,, but what about….. Red Marvel!


  185. Amunizah

    Just started reading 'new moon' and ive gotta tell you, i love it! i have never gotten so stuck into a book before! Well, at least I don't think i have, ahe he. The trucks name should defianately be DUSTY RUSTY OLD RED!

  186. Sarah (the other sarah >:( )

    Hi, im 14 years of age, and I Love new moon, so the truck doesnt sound good as dusty rusty old red… it Just sounds…… Stupid. So it shall be called Red Marvel, Like one of the other girls said


  187. chapn95

    hey i love the new moon

  188. Amunizah

    Just started reading 'new moon' and ive gotta tell you, i love it! i have never gotten so stuck into a book before! Well, at least I don't think i have, ahe he. The trucks name should defianately be DUSTY RUSTY OLD RED!

  189. Sarah (the other sarah >:( )

    Hi, im 14 years of age, and I Love new moon, so the truck doesnt sound good as dusty rusty old red… it Just sounds…… Stupid. So it shall be called Red Marvel, Like one of the other girls said


  190. Thebeezneez

    I really dislike Bella. She is whining and she is complaing, it is her birthday and they give her cake, flowers, decorations they are like rolling out the red carpet and she dislikes it…WHATS THE PROBLEM? oh, yeah, she is turning eighteen. She is the most annoying character in the book, becuase since Edward is seventeen, she is a year older than Edward. um…

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