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Reading New Moon: Chapter 2 (Stitches)

July 17th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Vulnerable by Secondhand Serenade (suggested by Ana)

There was a group of people keeping up with the odd and unusual snacks I would have while reading Twilight, and now you can add tacos to the list for New Moon. In fact, as I move on into chapter 2, my room smells with that delightfully spicy aroma, as I have it still steaming on the plate as I continue munching onwards into Chapter 2.

Before I was so cliff-hangingly left off, Bella had somehow managed to turn a tiny paper cut into an all-out, glass covered wound, a feat only accomplish-able by herself. Every vampire in the room, understandably, tensed at the sight of blood, most of them having to immediately go outside with Jasper as he fought them to get at Bella.

Jasper seems to be the weakest of them all when it comes to being a vegetarian, harder for him to fight against the innate yearning for human blood that the others find easier to resist. Seeing the struggle that even Emmett has when trying to control him, I’m sure any animal would feel at least slightly uncomfortable venturing near their hunting grounds.

The Bear’s Warning

I have been intrigued by Carlisle since Twilight, when they visited his office and Bella heard the story of his life. I had completely overlooked the fact that being a doctor, Carlisle would be forced to be around blood many times a day. He has built up a significant amount of resistance to it, so that even when Esme and Alice must leave the room, he is still able to stay and help Bella, like he does with his own patients.

Reading on Edward’s past was rather interesting, as I have been wondering the depths of it since Twilight. It is easy to forget that at one time, Edward was a human, and had real parents who died humans as well. Who were his parents, and what were they before their deaths? How did Edward’s mother seem to know that Carlisle was a vampire? It seems very odd and it leads me to wonder if there is more behind it (or again, I’m reading a bit too deep).

It is also rather interesting to hear Edward’s beliefs on life after death. It seems to speak that he believes himself to be a monster, a soulless creature that is simply there and an abomination of sorts simply through his existence. This extends Edward’s fear for Bella becoming a vampire even further. Not only does he fear for what could happen to her now, but he also believes that it will rob her of her soul. I think I’m beginning to see that there is a bigger picture: Edward, most of all, does not want to be the one responsible for hurting Bella in such a way that is irreversible.

On another note, like Bella, I was beginning to get rather curious as to how Mike Newton kept popping up in conversations with Edward. Mike Newton this. Mike Newton that. Finally, it comes out: Edward sees Mike as a safer, more normal guy than he is; a non-vampire who would be better for Bella than him. Bella, however, puts it all to rest:

“I’d rather die than be with Mike Newton,” I protested. Then, crossing her arms, she continued. “Better yet, I would rather be doused in water, then locked into the trunk with a basket of singing serpents, then run over by a freight train and monster trucks, then passed through a scrap metal machine with eighty-five gears stretching me like taffy; rather than be with Mike Newton.”

Come now Bella. Mike isn’t really that bad, is he? 😀

I will be getting to the next chapter as fast as I possibly can. I know I keep saying that and then spreading days between them, but unfortunately this happens to be the busiest two months of my life so far! I’ll be speeding through some more soon. And, I’ve got some stuff you might like right after August 3 is up…


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124 Responses

  1. Ann

    I loved reading in New Moon about Edward’s past. I think it makes him seem so much more human, and raises questions about his life before Carlisle. I wonder where his life would have led if not for the Influenza that would have taken his life. But I can’t say I’m not thankful he got it… cause he never would have met Bella otherwise!

  2. Natasha

    HAHA. Your added text to Bella’s dialogue is hilarious.
    And very true. 😉

  3. Kaylee

    There isn’t really anything more about Elizabeth Masen’s pleading with Carlisle. Or at least it isn’t mentioned in the books. You are getting closer to one of the worst chapters in the series… so be warned. Okay, maybe thats just my opinion. I remember that line about Mike Newton and loved the extra comment on it.

  4. Natasha

    && Uh oh…..Chapter 3. *scared face*
    Guess you don’t need some tissues but I certainly did.

  5. Melonie

    Singing Serpents?! I can’t even begin to describe the length and depth to which that image amuses me. Did I read it wrong? Because I keep getting this visual of Sir Hiss being locked in the basket from the Robin Hood movie and…anyway, that was stinking hilarious.

  6. Michelle

    Be warned Kaleb! What you will encounter will cause you loads of pain, well maybe since you’re a guy it won’t be as bad. Good luck with the rest of the book, I almost threw it out the window. Keep reading!

  7. Kendra Dumbledore

    ^_^ Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the upcoming chapter!!

  8. Angela

    Okay, so maybe this is completely off subject, but I wanted to emphasize how INCREDIBLY difficult it is for Stephenie’s vampires to resist the smell of blood. It causes them actual pain and nearly drives them mad. It really is more than just amazing what Carlisle is able to do. Most people don’t fully understand how it is for the vampires. At least, I didn’t until I read the first chapter of Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward’s perspective) on Stephenie’s website. It’s just something I just sort of blew past, thinking “oh sure he wants to drink her blood, it’s difficult, blah blah blah” But when you read that chapter, it’s like, Ohhh. this is really hard. Sorry for the long tangent, but if you want to understand Edward himself better that chapter would be a good thing to read. A whole lot of insight. And no spoilers for other books, I promise is in the chapter.

    Anyways, great job!=]

  9. Morgan

    Excellent song choice.

  10. Kathy Anne

    Kaleb-wa, This is not a spoiler
    (it’s not even on-topic), but I wanted to thank you for some discussion in “Comments” a couple of chapters back that piqued my interest in reading Scott Westerfield’s UGLIES. Now I’m hooked into reading That series. Something to do while waiting for August…

  11. Emmy-lou


  12. AussiePattinsonLove

    I cant believe you can still read so slow… well we will see after the next chapter!!
    But yeah everytime they talk about Edwards past, I just cant seem to get enough of it! I really want to know what he actually did before Bella turns up! And I agree with Emmy-lou…Grab Tissues!

  13. becky sue

    Ohh, things are going to get real ugly, real quick. Just thinking about it makes me sad, let me tell you.

    Oh, and for Bella, “doused in water, then locked into the trunk with a basket of singing serpents, then run over by a freight train and monster trucks, then passed through a scrap metal machine with eighty-five gears stretching me like taffy” ISN’T that bad. It’s probably just over a normal day for her, things are normally worse.

  14. Piper

    Oh man, I can’t wait until you get to the later chapters in this book!!!!!!!

    Keep reading!!

  15. shadesofblack

    i firmly disagree with *Kaylee* saying that you’re about to begin the worst chapters of the book… so don’t let that influence your reading – if anything, this book had to happen, Bella had to go through his experience…

    i think you should eat Twizzlers next while reading Ch. 3… you can chew it and be hands free to flip pages.

  16. Lari

    Ohky, people are always saying how the infamous CHAPTER 3 is scary and all that. It’s good! It makes the series just sooooo good! So keep reading! And don’t get sidetracked! And it helps Bella, you just have to look at it from all POV’s! Be empathetic! 😀
    I agree with shadesofblack, Twizzlers would be a good thing to eat through the book as you gip at the sides of the book or table or something, because you might be surprised at what is coming at you! :).

  17. Aishah

    Isn’t it interesting to know more about Edward’s background? Even to know his real full name?
    Edward Masen…. Nahh… Edward Cullen sounds so much better. 😀

    Kaleb, you’re not for from “THE CHAPTER”. Just be prepared of what you’re going to read on the next chapter.

  18. Kaitlyn

    I agree, it is hard to think about Edward as a human.

    Don’t throw your book at the wall after chapter three, it’s bad for the book. I found at the hard way, my copy of New Moon is forever scarred. I guess it’s partially because of my friend’s demonic dog though.

  19. Liz

    ahh yes. CHAPTER THREE. i was only just barely able to stop myself from chucking the book at a wall after reading that one…it still makes me hurt inside when i think about it….however it’s true that because it happened the series is better.

  20. Mary

    I loved Bella’s thoughts on Mike!!!♥♥♥

  21. hazel

    uh oh…
    chapter 3 is next :( :( :(

    the chapter that broke “our” hearts. :)

  22. Ashley

    Lol. The added text was hilarious! I find Mike to be a very amusing character. Warning: When you get to chapter 3, don’t throw your book across the room. I know many of us did…

  23. Stella

    LOL…I kept noticing how Mike kept popping up and found it more hilarious when Bella said she would rather die than be with him.

    I’m with everyone else on this one. Please don’t throw your precious copy of New Moon across the room when you read Chapter 3. It’s an innocent book, don’t kill it for what Steph wrote!!!

  24. Joanne Maria

    “I’m reading a bit too deep”.

    Welcome to the club!!!

    Once again I am telling you, get the Kleenex…

  25. Annie

    I LOVED your comments on this chapter Kaleb!!!! i started cracking up at the picture. you are a serious genious.

    And I’m surprised at how many people threw their books…… i just kinda started sobbing through most of the book after what happened in chapter 3.

    But don’t let what anyone says influence your thoughts, because everyone sees things in a different way.

  26. Tonya

    I’ll join that club; I often read too deep into the book as well.

    I’d also like to add that you may want to wait to remove the ban on mentioning Breaking Dawn until Auguest 5th. There’s places in the world who won’t get the book until Auguest 4th. Just thought I’d mention that.

  27. Annie

    Honestly, i spent like, hours crying when i was reading it. i believe my parents were fearing for my mental health since i seem to be one of the few people who cries over books. alot. i’m just glad i wasn’t reading it at school

  28. Kads

    Lol it took you forever to read Twilight. Are you going to finish New Moon and Eclipse before Breaking Dawn comes out?

  29. M.A.Estman

    oooo…the good part is coming up…
    lol…oh! I love your quip about Mike Newton!

  30. Cassidy

    I have been yelled at multiple times for laughing and (more often) crying while I read the Twilight series (Most of the crying being during New Moon).

    I’m starting to worry about how Kaleb comes up with some of the comments. They sound pre-meditated…

  31. K.T.

    Don’t worry, Annie, you’re not the only one who has tearstains on your books. at least you weren’t crying in the middle of a class in school when you were reading it… i know i was… =[

  32. priyanka

    kaleb, i’m warning you about chapter 3, like the rest of us are. I’m also adding my opinion that new moon is my least favorite book in the twilight saga, just telling you that you will see more of jacob in this book later on….

    P.S.:I hate jacob

  33. mmm122

    Vulnerable is a very good song to use for Twilight… It fits the plot.

  34. Ems

    you guys ore all weird chapter 3 is my fav! don’t listen to them I’ll admit I did cry but the second time through I was thinking Bella!you are so dumb!

  35. Katie Beth

    Mmm, great choice. I love tacos. Every time I try to eat tacos and read at the same time, though, disastrously messy things happen. So I’ve stopped trying. It makes lunchtime very suspenseful, I can tell you.

    Yeah, do you cry at books? I don’t expect you to admit it (:-P), but you might need some of those tissues for Chapter 3, lol.

    I really like Mike. I mean, he’s hopelessly annoying, but he’s really pretty cool. I can’t wait to see how Mike/Mike plays him in December.

  36. dev11

    yes you are finally getting to the third chapter of new moon … well all i can say is there is a reason why it is called new moon can’t wait for your comentary

  37. Nikki

    -sniffle-Chapter 3. I cried so much and unfortunately I was unprepared, so I got tears on my book. My mom asked if I was alright and if I had inner turmoil. I couldn’t even looked at her. I dropped my book had to get up get tissues and reflect on what happened. I re-read the chapter to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I kinda wished Bella was dreaming.

  38. lexie

    “Mike Newton this. Mike Newton that.” Lol.

    This chapter WAS one of the most interesting for me, because of the depths we plunge into– Edward’s past, Carlisle’s beliefs, etc etc. :)

  39. Brianna J.

    I can’t wait what your have to say for chapter three! Also, Bella’s elaboration on just how much she doesn’t want to be with Mike was hilarious! Read chapter three quick!

  40. Audree

    Yay! Keep reading!!! It’s about to get … intense.

  41. Mrs. Edward Cullen

    Can’t wait to see what you think about the next chapter. Lov this site!!!!! You are so funny:)

  42. Lu

    Can’t wait until you get to the next chapter!!!

  43. Ar

    The next chapter is the worst chapter ever created! I have a song choice for it though! Its called Broken by Lifehouse….it is totally makes sense for the next chapter!

  44. Michelle S

    Lol I didn’t dare throw my book across the room especially since it is I that has to pay for it lol!

    no instead I almost cried. I think chapter 3 is good especially how Stephenie writes it. I helped me remember the times I had felt which is what will be shown in the chapter

    (you have no idea how hard that was to write without trying to spoil the chapter for you!)

  45. Michelle S

    oh and Ar don’t say its the worst chapter if anything like shadesofblack stated, it made the series so much better afterwards

  46. Alexis B.

    Beware of Chapter 3! I know lots of girls who have cried at this chapter, and I’m interested to see if a guy will. I hated it at first, but after reading it the second time I realized the series wouldn’t be the same if this one little awful moment didn’t happen.

  47. Minh Thu

    I can’t wait to read what you think about chapter three! from this chapter I cried till the end of the book! I couldn’t stop reading and finished New Moon at 10AM! I used at least 20 tissues…

  48. Lauren

    Haha, that was really funny!!! Aww, chapter 3 is next… :( when i first read this book I cried my eyes out at that chapter, but I’m in the process of reading new moon again (half way done thank you very much) and i realized that new moon kinda ties things together in the series and that wouldnt have happened if that event didnt

  49. Genevieve

    Chapter Three is next.
    The chapter that made it so hard to finish New Moon (only because I couldn’t read the pages because my tears made the words blurry.)
    Good luck Kaleb. I want to hear what you think about it :)

  50. Cassandra

    You kinda are reading to much into the Edwards mom thing. Don’t worry i did too. But i’m pretty sure that i read somewhere that Stephenie said that Edwards mom didn’t know that Carlisle was a vampire she just knew that he was SOMETHING.

  51. Amy

    hurry up with chapter 3! Im going to cry just reading your blog about it!

  52. Rachel

    I hope you cry for the next chapter, you’ll tell us if you do, right?????

  53. Rachel

    I agree with everyone who says chapter 3 was pivotal to the Twilight Saga. yes it was sad but it made the story and future stories sooo much more!

  54. becca

    hahaha your added Bella part was hilarious! so glad you’re already on chapter 3 =D

  55. Melody

    Uh…Oh…Chapter Three is next.
    I suggest you have tissues an arms length away from you at all times while reading that chapter. It’s pivotal to Saga, but still….

  56. Alicia

    passed through a scrap metal machine with eighty-five gears stretching me like taffy

    That’s the best thing I’ve heard Bella say in a while =p

  57. Jennifer

    It’s not even so much chapter three, it’s what happens in the four pages directly after chapter three that got me… I still get chills just thinking about it.

  58. Ana

    you picked my song!! XD
    I’m so happy!!

  59. Gill Pont

    Poor Mike.

  60. Chelsea

    Are you going to do anything on the outakes and deleted scenes in the books?

  61. becki

    Get ready for the water works! Chapter 3 had me crying my little heart out. And i re-read it and i still cryed. It may be differant for you, i know it was for my friend brittany and me; she got mad, i got sad. Any way i think that ‘you are goodbye’ by holly conaln fits perfictly for chapter 3 ‘the end’

  62. Elise

    I think I beat everyone here. My first time through the series, I was listening to the audiobook. When chapter 3 came along…I chucked my ipod across my room (a tad bit more expensive than the book!). Luckily it’s still alive, what a sturdy little ipod. As much as I hate this chapter, it was bound to happen somewhere in the series.

  63. Jennifer

    I’m shocked by how many people said they threw their book. that didn’t happen to me until Eclipse. I was one of the losers who cheated and looked ahead after reading Ch.3 while crying. don’t be a sucker like me! just keep reading, and it’ll get better.

    if you decide to reread the books one day, you’ll like New Moon more. its a book you have to read twice to really enjoy.

  64. Marisa

    “And after Bella was finally finished describing her torture, Edward crossed his arms, frowned, and said, ‘But Bella, that’s a normal day for you.'” 😀

    I can’t believe people were that angry about Chapter Three. (I was more sad, but i held back the water works.) I doubt that Kaleb is going to have a hissy fit about this and stomp his foot like a three-year-old who didn’t get their way, though. (I’m imaging that in my mind now.. Oh God!)

  65. Morgan A.

    Chapter Three Kaleb!!! **deep breath** Big, big shocker. the whole series is effected because of the next chapter. Ahh its too depressing!! Im off to find some chocolate….

  66. Debra

    Love the picture, and the added Mike stuff. As for if Mike’s that bad…you should read some of the stuff the TwilightMoms have thought up about him here: http://twilightmomsforums.freeforums.org/other-creatures-and-witches-in-bd-t5904.html
    but only after you read the books.

    Get ready for Chapter 3. I did get through the chapter, I was crying most the time though, but after the next four pages I throw the book across the couch. (Hey, I’m not hurting my book) Good luck with it, can’t wait to see what you think.

  67. Filipa

    Oh boy, Chapter three… *deep deep breath*
    I wonder how will you react… It’s probably one of the most important happenings in the saga…

    ” would rather be doused in water, then locked into the trunk with a basket of singing serpents, then run over by a freight train and monster trucks, then passed through a scrap metal machine with eighty-five gears stretching me like taffy” the mental image of this is hysterical. xD

  68. Becky

    chapter 3… not to give anything away here- but have tissues on hand, Kaleb. Not that you will need them, but I did.
    And whatever you do- don’t skip ahead to find out what happens!

    On a side note to all the comments about throwing New Moon: No! don’t throw the book-book violence is wrong!

  69. Hope

    Make sure you have a box of tissues for Chapter Three…

  70. Wren


    Not all the vampires were wanting to eat her. Only 6 pairs of hungry eyes (says at the end of first chapter) but there are 7 vampires.

  71. ♥Magda♥

    LOL at your Mike Newton comment.

    Wonder what your reaction to chapter 3 will be. ☻

    (Team Jacob)

  72. Imagine

    Well, congrats on getting this far- I really enjoy reading your take on things!
    And just remember- KEEP READING!!!
    This will become clear to you later.

  73. ashton

    u should really have tissues at hand for the next chapter. This is no joking matter because the next chapter is…just read it! lol i cant wait to read what u think!

  74. Monica

    XD rofl…
    I love how close everyone comes to ALMOST spoiling the next chapter, and yet nobody actually said what happens.

  75. Carol

    haha…Mike. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY can’t wait to see what you think about the next chapter. I’m surprised I survived those 300 pages.

  76. Macy

    whatever happens keep reading!!! do not stop. i had to force so many of my friends to keep reading, but they figured if i made it through then it must be ok. JUST KEEP READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Kimmy

    wow! i can’t wait for to read on. i love your little picture!!!! those are so funny!! keep reading though! and i love learning about edward’s past. it made me see how edward feels and why he believes what he believes and how he sees things. i find it very interseting

  78. Aly


    its gettin gooood.

    Okay, KAN, I am sorry to say that after reading the Twilight series i am just now finding out about your site. But i literally stumbled upon it just 2 days ago and, needless to say, your posts are almost just as entertaining and addictive as the books themselves :) hehe
    So, keep reading! And enjoy!

  79. Stephanie

    Gosh, Marisa! You gave me a mental image of Kaleb in a giant diaper with a bonnet on his head… Poor Kaelb.

    Anyway, I’m EXTREMELY excited that you’re reading New Moon now! (!!!!!!!!!!!!) It’s my favorite book in the series, and I really hope you like it. Actually, my avatar on the Lexicon is a quote from New Moon. It’s an intense book, and I loved it. I’ve reread it quite a few times, and I can just connect with Bella’s emotions. When you get there, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and I can comment on it more.

    By the way, let’s not kill Bella with your evil plans over there. haha You know I know how your mind works! lol :)

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    […] Twilight Guy has finished Chapter 2 of New Moon. As always, His take on everything is both insightful and hilarious Read it HERE. […]

  81. Brandi

    I feel like I am running a race.
    Right now I am reading New Moon with you, but soon I will pass you, I have to finish Eclipse before Breaking Dawn comes out. lol it just helps the story flow smoother if it is fresh on my mind.
    Love this entry!

  82. Morgan

    Gosh your in for it aren’t you. Have tissues ready man I’m serious. But it would be interesting to find out about how elizibeth saw carlisle.

  83. Lissete [Frerard Addict]

    Well, I do think you were going a bit too deep into Edward’s transformation. I don’t think his mother knew Carlisle was a vampire. I just think she meant ‘do what you can as a doctor’. Except he felt so moved by the woman’s love for her son that he took it literally and changed Edward in order to keep him on earth. At least that’s the way I see it. =]

  84. Emmy

    one of my best friend started reading the Twilight series about 3 days ago with taking time to reread Twilight, she finished New Moon in a day and is now happily onto Eclipse. and as the person who posted before me you should definitly have a box (maybe 2) of tissuse when reading New Moon.or maybe that’s just for us people who are slightly obsessed with Edward…. I have only been able to read New Moon completly through onece and I haven’t been able to bring myself to read it all the way through it’s to painful… I didn’t throw my book across the room I was was to numb(as in I couldn’t think or feel anything) to. I think a good song for chapter 3 is Believe by Cher becasue well… read the chapter and then listen to this song and you will find out or maybe it’s just a good New Moon song. this is completly random and really has nothing to do with the Twilight series but do you realize that you’re kind of like the Twilight guy guineia pig the the Twilight obsessed girls are watching (not literally) and commenting about your observations on the series it’s actually kind of funny. 😀

  85. Megan

    Even though you will probably never read this comment, I did the exact same thing as you. I just cried throughout the book, instead of chucking it at something.
    Also, my friend actually read it at school, despite my advising her otherwise. She cried in the middle of lunch. And then my eyes welled up, because I obviously knew what part she was reading, and most of the people who sat with us made fun of us.
    So yeah.

    Also, to Emmy:
    I agree with you. Kaleb is very much like a lab rat, both for us and the other twilight guys. Now they ought to know how it will go over when they announce that they’ll read the series.

  86. marcela

    gaaaa chap 3 run and hide…. my mom cryed like a baby….my pore pore mom…… well good luck dont throw the book away

  87. Robin

    I’m so glad to see I wasn’t the only one crying her eyes out over this book! What made it worse is that I was reading it while waiting for my 12-year-old son to complete day surgery on Tues. (just a routine procedure, nothing dramatic) and I had to close the door to the room I was in because I was bawling the whole time. I couldn’t believe how much of Bella’s pain I could identify with (not the same circumstances, obviously) and can totally see why so many people connect with SM’s work.

  88. Maddy

    Interesting how you have all this insight about Edward. I think you got it pretty dead-on. He doesn’t want to be the one to hurt Bella or make her a monster. Yeah, some people think it’s petty. But it’s a pretty big deal, if you look at it from an unbiased, outsider’s view. And yes.. I think the deal with Mike Newton is just that. He’s HUMAN. In Edward’s eyes, Mike can offer so much more to Bella. Your observations are pretty important for the rest of the book, so keep that in mind. Hope that doesn’t spoil anything :)

  89. Amy

    Get tissues. It gets S-A-D. And I give you props to reading Twilight. Congratulations! And YES. Mike IS that bad. He’s HUMAN! Who wants a human? 😛

  90. Haley

    I just started reading all of your entries and you’re absolutely hilarious I just don’t get how you can spread out your reading so much. When I read these books I absolutely devour them.

  91. Reading New Moon: Chapter 2 (Stitches) | Twilight News

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  92. Grace

    I love your posts ! You’re so hilarious! Omggg you’re almost to chapter 3! The most tragic chapter, ever.

  93. Jennifer

    You have such interesting, deep thoughts ! It amazes me XD

    And the carlisle working at the hospital still impresses me. And edward’s human past still makes me curious.

    It never ends.

  94. Kaitlin

    Amazing song. I’ve been thinking of this song ever since I read Twilight(:

  95. mckenzie

    See in this chapter she says masochist(im going to point out every time this happens).

  96. Ally

    Where can I go to read the entire book without ordering or paying for it??

  97. Allie

    That part you wrote about Mike reminded me of when Juliet complains about Paris in Romeo and Juliet. A lot, actually.

    Mike isn’t really that bad! Actually, she’d be a lot better off with him than Edward or Jacob(not that I don’t love him)….

    I love your posts Kaleb! They’re really funny and entertaining! I can’t wait until you’ve read all the books.

    And Ally…you can download it..but that would be illegal, right? 😀

  98. Marissa

    LOL!! I love the added diolouge!! I just finished this chapter. I’ll read you next review when I’m done with it :) I hope to finish and get the third book before or during my trip to Cali :) Can’t wait!! I hope the rest is good.

  99. Steph

    To be fair, it was Edward who knocked her into the glass. I just don’t get why Alice didn’t see it. I mean, most authors would come up with “an author’s convenience”, like maybe Alice wasn’t there and couldn’t contact them. But Bella made the decision to open them… Alice should have seen it then.

  100. Maraya

    oh my goodness. first of all i love ABSOLUTELY ADORE the twilight series.!!! new moon, hmm, chapter 3. im going to need a box of tissues!!!!!!! goodness the agony im in!! like i cant bare it. but i cant stop reading! i finished twilight in 2 days!

  101. Stephy

    Twilight series.. are the best ever books to be published!!

  102. robert

    sneaky poopsta woot woot!!

  103. robert


  104. robert

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  120. MrsCullen362

    I like what you added.*SPOILER* By far my favorite Quote is “When Edward in New Moon I didn't throw the book at the wall but when Alice and Jasper left I screamed No!!!”

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