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Twilight on Yahoo

July 19th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Since I was 9 years old, my computer homepage has been Yahoo.com. Thus, to me, something is ‘big’ when it makes the front of Yahoo.com. Second to me being featured, I have been looking forward most to seeing Twilight greet me when I go on the internet: and lo and behold, Stephenie just made the front page news:

Twilight on Yahoo.com

Twilight on Yahoo.com

So, if you haven’t already seen it a few million times, head on over to check out the new trailer (without that announcer guy talking over it 😀 ). And I’d love to hear what people think of all the new scenes.

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79 Responses

  1. Tina

    I absolutely love the trailer! Completely and totally awesome 😀

  2. Robin

    Aagh! Seeing the new trailer just made me waste a couple of hours looking for other footage/pics/whatever related to the movie. Based on all of the interviews, it looks like it’s going to be pretty great! Dec. is a depressingly long way away…but at least we have Aug.!

  3. Natasha


    Rob. Me. Vegas. 1 hr.

  4. Stephanie

    hahaha… i love the commenter above me :)
    Yeah, that trailer is about the best thing ever. Though sometimes Bella’s narrative voice has a little to long of a pause between lines… but w/e it still kicked but.
    also, in Edward’s line “I’ll do anythin to keep you safe”, well to me he sounds a little bit like Hayden Christenson (I know i’m spelling that wrong) as Anakin Skywalker… so yeah. Trailer was rad. Love Love Love it 😛

    can’t wait for december, but august is closer and I have to go prom dress shopping :)

  5. Ashlee

    Ummm… Pretty much amazing… i agree with Robin December seems Oh so far away!!!

  6. Caitlin

    I adore the new trailer.
    It’s been on repeat since it was released. haha
    I do wish they would show some of the other characters, but I understand why they’re keeping it centered on Bella & Edward. Plus, it is only a teaser trailer.
    I just can’t wait to see it in movie theaters. xD

  7. Amanda

    Well I was minding my own business just checking out Mrs. Meyers website to check out the new quote of the day when I saw the link. My heart started beating faster, I grabbed my headphones, and sat way too close to the screen. Needless to say I think I pee’d a little when it started. (not really. I was pretty excited tho) when it was all over I watched it four more times. I thought I couldn’t wait before. Now im simply ravenous for december. something that i never thought i would be. ( I think snow should be illegal) I wish that they would stop toying with my emotions and just decided to release the movie tomorrow instead. so ya to sum it all up i thought that it was amazing and then some!

  8. Jessica

    I LOVE the new trailer. In seeing the first one, I wasnt too pleased, I had really serious doubts about the movie [still do, but not as strongly]. The new trailer gave me hope, Im really hoping that Twilight [though it will have its flaws] wont be like most all books gone movie and not be so good.

  9. Olivia

    I loved the new trailer. Especially all the bad guys like James, saying their lines so perfectly.
    I was so excited when I saw it that I was sort of bouncing up and down in my chair haha.

  10. Michelle

    Yahoo has been my homepage since birth! My dad loves yahoo so he sorta passed the idea of having it as a homepage down to me. Keep reading Kaleb, BD is so close I can almost feel it!

  11. jazz

    well the trailer was pretty okay. though i’m still not sure if i’m all that excited to see the movie. (am i the only one? haha probably). hmmm but i must excited for Breaking Dawn cause i know thats gonna rock.

  12. Annie

    I loved the new trailer. but right now it’s 3 am and i was at warped tour today and my free monster is only kicking in right now or something because i feeel really jittery and i can hardly type and i can’t wait for august 2nd and december 12!!!!!!!!!

  13. Michaela

    I am sad.
    Australia don’t get it to January =(
    And you guys are complaining about December.

  14. Victoria

    I have to say that although I liked the trailer just for being a trailer, I liked the teaser better.

    The trailer really shows a lot (which is also good, ’cause we get to see more material and I like where it’s going) but the feel is not the same as the teaser. I really loved the teaser because it had such a heavy loaded mood to it. Suffocating almost and obsessive, just like the books. I missed that mood a bit in the new trailer.

    The new material is good. They seem to keep to the books well, even with the dialogue. I was most enthousiastic about the baseball scene ! Keep those trailers coming !

  15. shadesofblack

    only thing i dont like so far is the fight scenes… the stunts look too slow.

    th rest look good… i trust Hardwicke, she’s an amazing director.

  16. Chrissy

    I love the new trailer

    Though i laughed when i saw “end of desperate housewives’ announced” under “watch trailer of hyped teen vampire flick”…. That’s my humour for you =p

  17. Twilight on Yahoo | Twilight News

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  18. Athena of Forks

    Seen it a few million times? Are you kidding me? Even if I HAD seen it a few million times, I’d STILL want to see it over and over again! *squeals like the obsessed fangirl she is* I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE THE TWILIGHT MOVIE!!!!!!!!

  19. gina

    you peoples complaining about december…WELL i live in australia and i have to wait till january the 9th!!! **sob sob**…true true…theres august…=.=… i love the new trailer..i especially luv the peoples playing the nomads…go cam gigandet..kay..i spelt tat wrong…
    go twilight movie~!!

  20. Lari

    I think the new scenes are awesome!!! I want to see that trailer in the theaters!!! So bad!
    I want to see the MOVIE though even worse! And there is still SO MUCH time! I’m bugging all my friends and family, they are annoyed, but I can’t help it!

    When Cam says “You brought a snack”, his look was perfect, Rob’s look was perfect, the whole movie just seems….perfect! Like who they are supposed to be portraying! Ha! I know, I sound overly-enthusiastic, but I just think that even if it doesn’t fully follow the book, Stephenie has approved, and I trust her judgement. And I think that the actors they chose are good and the movie will be GREAT!
    I want to watch Twilight in the midnight showing! 😀

  21. Caitlin

    okay, before i wrote this i read all the posts and totally agreed with post #6. then i realized that we have the same and it’s spelled the same way. weird!

    i definitely wish they would show us some footage of other characters (don’t get me wrong, the new trailer was beastly!!). even though the shot of billy burke (charlie) was really brief, i can see him better as that character.

    i completely understand why they are mainly focusing on edward and bella, but i’m really *dying* to see footage of alice! not to mention jacob and/or carlise.

    overall, so excited for december, breaking dawn, and the concert tour (that i am attending, w00t!!) in NY!! keep reading Kaleb, and keep posting. i can’t get enough of your commentary and witty banter. :]

  22. Joanne Maria

    Love it…love it all.Rob is doing an awesome job as is Kristen. I am sooo excited!!!

  23. alexis aka TwilightObsessedxox

    I absolutely LOVED the trailer. There was more characters present. I really liked how they showed James running through the forest. Pretty cool stuff. This one was soo much better the the first. I really can’t wait for the movie. n wen r u gonna start reading again Kaleb?? lol

  24. Chrissi

    Love the new Trailer.. It’s awesome.
    “You brought a snack” This scene was absolutely perfect. Wow. *want to see the Movie NOW* 😀 But I live in Germany. Don’t even know when we can see the movie in our theaters. This sucks. 😀

    And of course I’m waiting for chapter 3 :)

  25. WannaBet

    OMG! I absolutly love the new trailer. It makes me hyperventilate everytime I watch it. I love James in the field, and the fact we got a glimpse of Carlisle. Bella and Edward in the car in the garage looking at each other and just being cared is my new desktop.


  26. Tonya

    I adore James in the trailer. James is amazing!

    That was my very first reaction to the trailer ^_^.

  27. Mara-Kate

    First thought on the trailer: Damn why did they make James so hot?! Now I don’t want him to die!! lol but c’mon guys he looks so hot..only second to Rob 😉 December may be a long way away but it’ll come soon enough 😀

  28. Annie

    ok i have one question about the casting of Laurent…. isn’t he supposed to be a kinda pale french-canadian? not that the guy playing the part is bad or anything, but it would have been nice to keep it closer to the book. but maybe they had to diversify the cast or something…..

  29. Nicole

    About Laurent, according to the book:”his skin olive-toned beneath the usual pallor, his hair a glossy black.”p.376 in Twilight.
    Oh well. Maybe his acting skills will make up for it.

    The trailer in general is awesome though. James is perfect!

  30. Carol

    I can’t beleive people are still complaining about how it’s not EXACTLY like the book..uh!..but anyways, Yahoo has always been my homepage too so when I saw Twilight on there my reaction was “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!Twilight..Yahoo..Here!!! AHHHHHHHHHH” and the trailer was the shiz!!!!!!!

  31. Smriti

    omg. i luv the new trailer sooo much better than the first one. it gives a a heart-stopping glimpse of like, hte entire plot, but without giving away too much extra details… I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!!! CAN’T DECEMBER BE HERE NOW??? ALONG WITH AUGUST????

  32. Laura

    I love the teeny tiny glimpse of Carlisle we get at the end with Laurent. =D It made me squeal. Ahahah. But yeah, this trailer totally kicks some serious butt, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it in theaters!

  33. Aishah

    It’s about time that the Twilight Movie should be publicized world wide. I am so excited at how huge the success would be for this franchise. And now we’re only at the beginning.

  34. vivs

    wahoo!!! loved the new trailer! im sooooooo looking foward for the movie. but dont worry you guys, December will come buy soon enough.and I also have have yahoo on my homepage for like EVER now…ever since we first got a computer….good times good times….

    oh and i cant wait for Breaking Dawn to come already too… but atleast it doesnt come till August and not December!!! Its almost here!!!!

  35. katiedid

    Caleb.. since you’ve been reading Twilight and comsumed with the first book only.. what’s it like to have missed out on all the other good movie stuff? A lot of interviews talk about the movie but mention New Moon stuff or other things to come. How can you be into Twilight and resist all the juicy movie tid bits ?!?!

  36. Dianne


  37. Stephanie

    I LOVED Kristen’s reaction to The Hunt! Oh my gosh, it was gold. And on a Twilight/Dad related note, I think my dad was on my computer and looking at my stuff. haha Funny thing is, I only have Twilight stuff on here.

    Goodness. I’m totally making my boyfriend watch Twilight with me. I’ll drag him to the theater with me. haha Poor guy. He deals with me screaming about Twilight everyday. lol

  38. Brianna

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!! When I first saw the scenes, even with the announcer guy, I went absolutely and completely CRAZY, I was screaming bloody murder and I just became the ultimate fan girl, it was great!!! I think I am REALLY going to love this movie! I am already overly obsessed with the books, so heck why not the movie too =]

  39. sydkneeudy

    After seeing the first trailer I was skeptic to how the actors would portray the characters and how their on-screen chemistry would work. After seeing the second trailer, it made me want to see the movie even less. They always say the books are better than the movie, and I tend to agree. But this movie seems like it will really butcher the book.
    Also, Kristen Stewart has a dead-behind-the-eyes look and really deep voice, which bothers me. A lot. I not trying to be mean but it’s seems even deeper than Robert Pattinson’s. I mean, come on…

  40. Kaitlyn

    The movie is different from the book, but I accept that. The only thing I don’t forgive them for is scrapping the Volvo. But I’m still reeeeeeaaaally excited for the movie. I want to go to the midnight showing with all my Twilight obsessed friends.

  41. Ley Ley

    I totally almost screamed when I saw Twilight on the Yahoo front page. I was ecstatic. And the trailer is so much better than the first. I’m still a bit annoyed that they have the vampires jumping super high and stuff, but eh, whatever. I love the part when James sniffs and says “You brought a snack.” They probably chose the best person to play James. The rest of the cast is, of course, very good as well. I’m having a hard time containing my excitement for the movie and hiding my obsession from my friends. =]

  42. Erin

    i think that the actors look like they r doin a great job!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! I love james he did his stuff perfectly. I dnt thnk it will b just like the book like people hope it will but Stephenie approved so it must b good. I dnt agree with anythng n comment numbr 39. CANT WAIT!!!!

  43. Phyl

    Personally, I think they’re showing too much. You could probably guess what goes on in the movie just from the numerous official and unofficial trailers. Too much is being given away.

    I’m also with whoever it was above me that said that they’re not looking forward to the movie, up to a point.

    I AM looking forward to the movie, but I am completely sure that it’s probably screwed up beyond all recognition, and that I’m not going to enjoy it. I hate it when movies mess up books.

    But I shall live in hope that I am wrong.

    Phyl xxx
    (Who thinks the trailer’s good, anyway)

  44. Sarah

    Love the new trailer!

    Twilight the Movie comes out on my BIRTHDAY!!!

    So excited!

  45. Kathryn

    OMG! I don’t think I’ve ever been so ridiculously excited for a movie to come out. Seeing how Robert and Kristen interact in the trailer (even for a brief ammoun tof time) makes me think that their on-set chemistry will meet the expectations set in place for the relationship of Edward & Bella.
    & BTW, I’m a yahoo person too, so seeing that on there made me go crazy too :].

  46. Jessie

    I LOVED the new Trailer!!!!! Thank You For the Post!!!!!!!!!

  47. Katie Beth

    I love the new trailer. I like that they focused on action more on this one. Now maybe a few more guys will be willing to see it. 😉

  48. Rachel

    I hear you Jazz, you are not alone. The trailers have never done much for me, Im looking forward to last book in the series more than the movie

  49. Megan

    You have to keep in mind that the only people who are going to watch ALL of the trailers/behind-the-scenes/other unofficial stuff are the people who’ve read the book and are dying to see it on film.
    I don’t think it will be spoiled for anybody.

    I also like this trailer much better than the teaser… makes me pity my friend who is gone to camp without internet access. I am writing a play-by-play/storyboard thing so she can kind of maybe get the gist of some of it. But I pity her.

    And, sorry Kaleb, but Google is my homepage. Always has been, always will. 😛
    …Actually, by the time December rolls around, I think that the Twilight Lexicon might become my homepage. But only for a bit. Sorry Google. lmao

  50. Kasandra

    Between this new trailer and the new scene on the Penelope DVD, this week has seen a real bounty for those of us eagerly anticipating the movie.
    For every new bit that comes out I get more excited. It looks to me like Rob & Kristen nailed Edward & Bella and the chemistry between them is amazing!
    I love that they appear to be keeping the dialog pretty close to the book but, putting them in scenic places.
    When I see the movie I’m actually afraid I may swoon or something (which I’ve never done before). I’ve never been this excited about a movie (or book). And remember, I’m old (well a lot older than you anyway!) so, that’s saying something.

  51. Pam

    Just got back from Dark Knight where the new trailer was shown. Looks even better on the big screen!

  52. Shelley b.

    I have watched the trailer numerous times. I have to say that it gives me the willie nilles everytime I view it.

    For those concerned about the Twilight movie being completely different from the book. Well, that will be the most likely outcome. If it helps, think of the movie as just a movie and not a movie based off a book. Think of them as two seperate things. It cannot be denied that it will be a beautiful movie. The scenes will be different from the book slightly, but as just a movie I have faith that it will be fantastic, book aside.

  53. Amber

    Amazing cant wait! maybe a four minute long one focusing on bella and edwards relationship that would be even better:}

  54. Kaitlyn

    I just realized that he was driving the right Volvo, it looked like a different car in the house scene…oh well.

    I just wanted to add that this site is my homepage. :)

  55. gina

    ah, hurry up and read chapter 3 kaleb!! its like the most important chapter in new moon (in my opinion)… ive been checking like every 5 stinking minutes!!!=.=…

  56. Nicole

    I’m 28 years old, but I squealed like the fangirl that I am when I saw this! (My husband may officially think I have “gone off the deep end”…oh well)
    I know the movie can’t follow the book exactly in every technical way…just as long as they keep true to who Edward and Bella really are, I’ll be happy and have fun!

  57. vivs

    gina is right kaleb, you SHOULD hurry up. and as well as her, i am also cheking the site every 5 minutes hoping to see a post up about the famous chapter 3!!! i wonder if you’ll cry……lol. oh well. we’ll see. If you do happen to cry, please make sure to tell us. I’m sure that us girls will be proud of you admitting to us that you cried.

    Anyways. yeah, just get to the chapter already!!!

    ps: you rock my socks kaleb!!jkjklol

  58. amandaa.

    yes we dont want to push you, kaleb.
    =] =] =] =] =]

  59. Debra

    I with everyone on you reading chapter 3. All of our forums are down and we need our dose of anything Twilight.

  60. vivs

    what???? u still havnt posted anything. i havnt been on in more than 7 hours and u STILL havnt posted anything.!!!!come on. we really DO need a dose of twilight!!!lol. sigh. i guess ill just have to wiat till tommorrow cuz i can already see u probably wont post anything till midnight or anything. if you havnt posted anything today it must be becuz u are REALLY busy!!! yeah. and we really dont want to push you……but amanda is right as well as everyone else….get to chapyter 3 already!!! 😀

  61. Danielle

    While I’m an older Twilight fan. I can’t wait till the Breaking Dawn and the movie. I was actually sitting in Borders the other day reding the first chapter of Breaking Dawn at the end of the new editions of Eclipse.(It was really good) I’m so excited. My husband and I also went to see the DaRK kNIGHT and did not get the trailer for the movie!! Pouting. It’s okay I saw it on yahoo movies.

  62. gina

    srsly, plz kaleb!!do it for yourself~~!!(fine..morely for your fans..)but still!! Chapter 3-‘The End’, is like a very important and crucial chpater in the whole Twilight Saga…
    yes yes, we all know your a very busy person….but…come on!!!! 😀
    kay, im done with my rant now..just read and we can all be happy!!!

  63. marcela

    i had to reminde myself that i was only human and needed air to survive…. though even with air dec and aug seem like years away it…. was much better then the 1st one (not saying that i didnt like it)

  64. Tara

    Yes Kaleb! Please post about Chapter 3! I’m dying to hear your thoughts, and apparently so are a few other people based on the comments above. I know you must be busy, but please hurry!

  65. Stephanie

    Okay, so, I’ve already posted, but I felt like saying something about something I saw for the bagillionth (don’t you love that word?) time on your site…. Don’t you think it’s time to take down the “I’m not a Twilighter yet” thingy? :) I do believe you’ve been hooked on the series for quite awhile now. :) Okay, sorry, I’m good now. =] I just really needed to point that little fact out. :) hehe And sorry if this doesn’t make any sense… I’m about to pass out in my computer chair.

  66. Sylvia

    Am I the ONLY person who absolutely hated the trailer? I was quite disappointed by the movie to begin with, and IMO, that trailer convinced me that I would not like the movie. IMHO, the casting was terrible(no offense, but I think Kristen Stewart is not at all a good actress). Sorry if my comment feels like a downer, but I just wanted to express my opinion, as a devoted Twilight fan strongly against the movie(I cringe at the butchering to come, and that which has already been done).

    I can’t wait til Breaking Dawn comes out!!! 8D How many people are going to premier parties at Barnes & Noble?

  67. Rachul


    I do not have access to post or read my email (I can still receive them,
    but I just can’t access them yet). My website hosting company is having
    server issues and thus I have no access to anything. The funny thing is,
    all of you can see my site, but I can’t.
    So that’s the reason there is no Monday post. It will be up as soon as they
    have the site fixed.

  68. vivs

    wait, so how were u able to post soemthing kaleb? i dont get it. im sure u used another computer maybe…..but what if that isnt you???? eh, anyways…we have to blame soemone for loss of a monday post…so in order to leave kaleb out of it…im blmaing the website hosting company..:D. alright then. i guess we are just gonna have to wait.

    you know, this is kinda funny (but anoying and frustrating too) just when he finally gets to chapter three…something happens which causes us to wait more for chapter three.wow.

    U know…what if kaleb is punishing us for annoying him so much!?!?!? jlol.jk. im sure kaleb wouldnt do that. and in order to stop our ranting i think would be if he just posted soemthing. alright nough said.

    sigh…i wonder when he’ll be able to post soemthing again. :(

  69. katherine

    i did enjoy the trailer like everyone else – however i have resigned myself to the idea that this movie IS going to stray from the book and it IS going to annoy me…just making my peace with it now so i can love on edward when he’s on the big screen.

  70. Ashlynn & Allie

    The Trailer, Was Pretty Awesome.
    Besides Everyone Thinking Kristen Sucked, I Thought She Did REALLY Good, She Talks Like That All The Time, Thats Why She got Casted, and Stepehenie Wrote the Books, and made Up Bella, So Shes the ONLY ONE Who Knows What Bella REALLY Looks Like. It Still Showed A Glimps Of Bella and Edwards Relationship But Not alot, like the first one, is what i liked, and By Showing Some oF The fight scene, it was basically telling guys, hey watch this movie, so its openig to a bigger audience then just the peolpe who read the books. So This trailer Was Better Then The First

    Plus: The Movie Can’t be EXACTLLY Like The books, it would be boring, So they add and take away scenes, DEAL, they’ve all been approved by the author herself.

    So Kudos Summit, Catherine, Kristen, Rob, and Cam, Especially Stephenie For bringing this amazing book into my boring life :)

    And Quit Complaining People, At Least They Are Making A Movie, and You Know Even If You Dont Like Kristen Or Rob, You Know Your Going To See It Anyways

  71. Kym

    Wow, i was not expecting it to be so good. I was a little disappionted with the first trailer, and now i am really excited. in my opinion the movie will be a different take but very entertaining!!! I CANT WAIT!

  72. Debra

    When I was just mellowing from the first teaser.. they have a nerve to put out another. Fabulous I tell you! Fabulous. Oi! That James.. what a naughty vamp.
    (My friend apparently feels it’s spoiling the entire movie. Ahuh.. ok, sure. I told her to calm down and eat some fruit.)

  73. Mallory

    Sorry, but I’m slightly agreeing with the Kristen Stewart thing. I’ve tried, but I just can’t get used to her. I’m not talking about her looks, or even her deep voice. It was the way the lines were delivered. I just felt like it was a little cheesy and over dramatic. And that might not be her fault entirely. I loved her in “Speak” but I think she’s better for those types of movies. You could also blame the cheesy-ness on the script. Sorry, but she has some lame lines. Who’s seen the Penelope DVD? “Claire de Lune is great” LAME! You don’t say Claire de Lune is great in a monotone voice. It’s a work of art! It’s amazing!!! (sorry, music major here).

    I do think the movie is going to be decent. It’s not going to be a big academy award winning film, but it will be good. If any awards are to be given out, they should go to Cam! He rocks! There’s the emotion!

  74. Jennifer


    I totally did NOT know their was a new trailer ! I mean, my friend said their was, and now, I BELEIVE HER ! [haha]

    IT was AMAZING ! I was like SHOCK the whole time at 1 in the morning yesterday [:

    Thanks to you, I know about it ! XD Thankies ! Hahhaa

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