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Reading New Moon: Chapter 3 (The End)

July 22nd, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Lonely People by America

Due to some research by Maureen Johnson, I realized that my busyness is quite common this time of year: nearly every writer I know is undergoing revisions, and is getting behind on everything else in the process. But, I managed to sneak away and tackle the dreaded Chapter 3 in New Moon…

I have never had a chapter that carried so much warning. In fact, my last chapter post had more comments on THIS chapter than on Chapter 2. You people have left me filled with dread of what I’m going to find in here.

First off, Bella’s caught the I’m-better-than-you-because-I’m-a-vampire disease:

It seemed strangely childish. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for normal human behavior today. Those pitiful, weakling creatures, sniveling like worms…

But then, things immediately get serious. I notice that Edward is different in this chapter, so much that I’m beginning to feel early on what could be coming. He seems indifferent and unaffected, as if he’s walking in a daze and really isn’t feeling anything. There is a numbness in his voice that seems to tell me that something is bothering him very deeply. I feel that it is the growing pressure on him that every moment he is near Bella, he is putting her in more danger. Seeing what happened in the chapter before, with Jasper, only seemed to strengthen this in Edward’s mind: not only him, but his entire family, is different, and dangerous to Bella.

Edward is in turmoil. Part of him wants so deeply to stay with Bella, because he loves her. The other part feels that if he really does love her, then he would leave, and let her have a normal life.

This chapter is so sad. It is different. I remember a Bella and Edward in Twilight who loved each other, and who were talking all the time: it just never seemed to end, their dialogue through the whole book. You can tell a lot about two people from the way they talk to each other. It seemed endless, the sweet words they exchanged for no reason, the jokes between them about vampires and humans. Their conversations were really what made them who they were.

But suddenly, Edward seems to have become a brick wall. He is no longer the same person, but brooding and depressed, even around Bella. I feel as if all the love is gone.

And then, it all comes down to Edward’s three words:

“Bella, we’re leaving.”

Through all the time of reading Twilight, I did not realize how attached I had become to the idea of Bella and Edward being together. This book, as you’ve read in my bio, is my first vampire romance novel. So I am not one to become attached to two characters being together.

But for some reason, there is a deep and vast connection between Bella and Edward that left me very down as I sped through the rest of the pages in this chapter. It was like a deep gloom had settled over my room.

I realized that I did not pick up the second book in this series to read about Bella, the main character. I didn’t pick it up to read about Edward either. I picked it up to read about Bella and Edward. To me, they were so close, they were nearly one. I wouldn’t have read this book if there was only one of them, going off on adventures as a vampire or a human. And now that one of them is gone, it is like half of the main character has been split away as well.

I hope you’ll forgive me for not posting anything funny this time. It’s really hard to find something funny in a chapter that leaves me so sullen. I will be honest and say that by the ending of it, I was beginning to feel very down; and also uneasy, as I realized I had become attached to these characters when I had tried so hard to keep a sane mind about me.

Somehow, right after Edward left, I really did start to care even deeper about what happened to Bella, and had a deep urge to want to comfort her; while the rational side of me roared in my ear: It’s only a blasted book! Sometimes, we do not listen to our rational sides; or more commonly, do not want to listen to our rational sides.

I don’t think I have ever read a chapter as long as Chapter 3. After thirty-one pages, it would be very easy to rationalize stopping. However, when I got to the last page of the chapter, and instinctively began turning the pages again, I realized that I was literally paging through the months, skipping ahead in time after Edward disappeared from Bella’s life.

Because I’m rambling already, and I’m still in the middle of Chapter 4, I will be posting about it very very early tomorrow (think 5 minutes past midnight again).  And to all the commenters: you were right. I really couldn’t stop at the end of Chapter 3 this time.

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400 Responses

  1. Carol

    I KNEW IT!!!!! Can’t wait till the next post. I think I might just cry…

  2. Tina

    The saddest chapter I have read in all my life :(

  3. Kaitlyn

    Yay First comment! I know how you feel about Bella and Edward being together. I threw my book at a wall.

  4. Kaitlyn

    Nevermind about the first comment…oh well another day…

  5. Christine

    You aren’t the only who felt that way when they read that chapter for the first time. I felt as if there was really no more reason for anything at all…

    Then my phone rang. lol

  6. Anne S.

    i have been waiting soo long for you to read this chapter. i really wanted to see what you though, and how you felt.

    p.s. i dont think anyone will blame you for not being funny on thins one, i know i dont

  7. Caitlin

    Basically my reaction..except not quite so eloquent.
    I did cry for an endless amount of time.
    It really is amazing how attached you can become to some characters and to one particular story.
    It still blows my mind.

    Can’t wait to read more.

  8. Katie ~

    The chapter is so sad, there are no funny pictures/ cartoons this post! A true test for readers on how attached we have become to Stephenie’s characters. However, what goes down must come up in this case, and just keep reading. Don’t be discouraged by a sad portion of the book. It’s still amazing – what makes the series so incredible is the fact it can BE so sad at times, and yet you must read on to see what becomes of the characters, our beloved Edward/Bella being.

  9. Samantha

    Ugh, it was awful when I read this chapter. I was at school and listening to Everything Changes by Staind on my iPod. I started crying. It was embarassing, but I was just so darn mad at that over-protective vampire!

  10. Christine

    I cant wait to see your reaction to chapter four. Bella is somewhat really….different. But im not spoiling it.

  11. Natasha

    Well said, Kaleb.
    I feel sad just reading about you reading it.

  12. J

    When i read that chapter i started crying like so hard. i know thats probably really gay and all but Bella and Edward are supposed to be together and when he suddenly leaves it breaks my heart for Bella.Then i realized that Jacob would make a move on her and now he should die :)

  13. Priscilla :)

    God i read this chapter today and tried really hard not to blubber over the characters but it is SO true. you get attached to them and when i first read it i almost threw the book at the wall because i was so sad. anyway it’s one of the saddest chapters ever. thank god there is only one like it :))

  14. Carmen

    I couldn’t say it better myself about losing 1/2 a person…”half of the main character has been split away as well.” The middle of New Moon; although good, was so difficult for me not to skip forward to if/when Edward would come back.

  15. Emily

    Reading your thoughts on the chapter reminded me just how depressing it was to read it myself. Carol, you aren’t the only one about to cry again… Yeah, the book does get better, it does get interesting… We all know it happened for a reason, but it still stunk that it had to happen at all. New Moon is definitely my least favourite book of the three out so far.

  16. Olivia

    I started crying when I read this chapter. And i’m glad you said the thing about not listening to our rational sides. Which I don’t when i’m reading a good book.
    Good luck with the rest of the book.

  17. ij

    Awwww…. :(
    It’s amazing how attach you become to fictional characters. So much that you refuse to believe they’re fictional. lol. Unlike most, I didn’t cry. I was waaaay too mad at Edward leaving for me to cry.
    By the way, I was on your site since 11:50 waiting for you to post this and I still didn’t get first comment. Oh well. :)

  18. Jamey

    It is refreshing to hear a guy say exactly how I felt when I read this. It means that it is a normal human reaction, to care and connect with Bella & Edward, not just us girls being overly girly.

  19. Anne S.

    and also, there will forever be a mark on my copy of New Moon…

    i threw it against the wall..hard

  20. kate

    i agree. we all come to the point where we feel like we are practically a part of their relationship. we really do see them as one character and we feel for them. for the next several (and i really mean several) chapters, i didnt even want to finish the book.

  21. paige

    i literally started crying while reading this chapter! every time i read it. even though i know everything is going to be ok in the end.

    i really wanted to skip through the book until i found Edward again. but i didn’t because i knew if i did that i would miss really important things. like Jacob coming into the story more.

  22. Autumn

    While reading this chapter (and some of
    its following chapters) I went into
    depression. I never realized I could get
    so attached so characters in a book.

    I still think you should have chosen
    The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap.
    It just fits the chapter so well. Ah,
    oh well.

  23. Heather

    This was one of the hardest chapters in a book I have ever read. I think I was close to shouting when Edward left. It’s strange how emotionally attached you can become to fictional characters. But it’s really a testament to how tangible Stephanie has created her characters to be. I did really want to crawl into the book and give Bella a hug. Keep reading!

  24. Erin

    My dear Kaleb let me tell you why this post is so wonderful.

    For some reason I’ve had a hard time verbalizing why I was effected by this chapter of the book and now here you are laying it all out for me :) It’s true that you begin to look at Bella and Edward as a whole and when you remove one you find at first you don’t really know what to do with that. I also think that SM’s idea of giving the months their own seperate pages was absolutely genius.

    Anyway keep up the great work :)

  25. Autumn


  26. Sam

    I think we all felt that way when we read this chapter. It really is amazing how attached we get to (fictional) characters.

  27. Ryan

    Just remember, as depressing as this chapter was for all of us, we’re still in love with it. There’s (obviously) good things to come.

  28. daylet

    sorry to say, but you are going to feel very humorless for awhile in New Moon. It caught me by surprise how much this affected me. When it was over I felt it like it was kind of happening to me. But I promise it does get better!

  29. Kaylee

    I cried when I had read this chapter, and it only gets worse before it gets better in this book. At least in my opinion.

  30. Wendy

    …and now you truly understand the pull of these books, because if one character is missing or hurt or suffering, the reader suffers along with them. I cried at the end of Chapter Three, not knowing what was coming.
    New Moon is a different book. And vital all the same.

  31. Melissa

    Ah, everybody’s “What I did the first time I read the third chapter of New Moon” stories are coming out. I personally locked myself in my bathroom until I recovered enough to keep going…

  32. Debra

    I’m with you, the first time I read the book through this whole chapter before he left I was wondering what was up, it was so un-Edward to be like that to Bella. After reading it a couple more times now I can’t help but want to know what would of happened if Bella would of talked to him all the times she thought about it instead of just letting him work through it. I don’t know, the first time I read it I was so mad at Edward and sad for Bella, but now I just wonder what could of happened…I guess I get a little to involved with the characters sometimes and I know this chapter need to happen for the rest of the story to be as good, but it’s still disturbing.

    Ok, sorry for the long post, just been wanting to see what you’d say about it for awhile and it’s amazing how you see it like most people do, losing half the main character.

  33. Michelle

    Just reading your post makes me down. Don’t worry about being attached to the characters, it’s like impossible not to.

    The book may get harder for you to read, well it did for me. I needed moral support from my friends not to throw the book out my window. I’m glad you jumped into chapter 4, can’t wait to read your post tomorrow.

  34. Carolyn

    I know that after I read this chapter, unfortunately I had to stop, due in part to the fact that I want atleast three hours of sleep before work, but also because Bella’s pain was so real to me, and not from personal experience just from how well written it was, that I couldn’t read on, and I actually felt depressed for the day until I was able to read on.

    I know this possibly means that I am officially insane because it is just a book, but I don’t even care.

  35. Sarah

    I loved the way you put what you felt when you read the chapter. When I read it the first time, I had just found out earlier that day that my drama teacher was leaving and so I was already crying and upset so this chapter just sent me farther into depression (excuse my wording) Just rereading the book and knowing what was coming up had me tearing up again and, yes, I did cry. But hang in there. The book gets so much better.

    Thank you for the wonderful post.

  36. Nicole (nikmarie64)

    Whoa now, hey Kaleb! I don’t think I’ve ever actually written a comment on your site, but I definitely need to reply to the post for this chapter!

    Okay, let me start by saying…Is it insanely stupid that I accidentally began to type “www.newmoonguy…” into my browser, when you already explained that the site would have the same name? Ha ha, because I totally did.

    Okay, in response to something you wrote, I have the teeniest and tiniest of spoilers, which honestly isn’t much of a spoiler because I’m pretty sure it’s impossible not to have heard at this point, but in case you don’t want to see it, feel free to skip this next part haha…

    “…and had a deep urge to want to comfort her…” My friend, meet Jacob Black. 😀 haha

    “Sometimes, we do not listen to our rational sides; or more commonly, do not want to listen to our rational sides.” Okay, I know you’re just on Chapter Four, but this is /such/ a perfect description of New Moon.

    As always, awesome analysis, and best of luck getting through the sad parts!

  37. Hayli

    aww kaleb…i know, it’s so hard when edward leaves :/ and it’s nice to know that it’s not just us girls who were bothered by him leaving, that a guy can feel some sympathy too.

  38. Hayli

    ps. maureen johnson ftw!

  39. Stephanie K.

    I can’t find anything to say to tease you, either. I know exactly how you feel. It’s insane how close we’ve all become to our favorite couple, isn’t it? When the relationship that gave us all hope ended, it was like a million hearts breaking at once. It was a horrid feeling to go through that chapter because I know how that feels. To have the other half of your soul ripped out of your chest…. It hurts.

    When you flip through those months, you begin to wonder about what truely happened. Did someone die? Did they become a completely different person? This is my absolute favorite book of the entire series because of the feeling that it introduces to the readers. Stephenie Meyer admitted to crying while she wrote it. She didn’t want Edward to go, but he wanted to. He had to for his love’s safety.

    This is the most painful chapters of the entire series, and yet, it’s in my top five of favorites simply because of the raw emotion. The way you tore the chapter apart and analyzed each piece was brilliant. It’s the one chapter all of us Twilighters have been dreading for you, but now that you’ve read it, I really do believe that you’ve seen why we love this book. It isn’t just words to the fans. Bella and Edward are real, and we love them. Oh, by the way, please don’t doubt your sanity. That makes me feel like a total nut-case. lol :)

  40. urcoolcarrie

    this chapter had to be the hardest thing i have gone through in my entire life. (no joke) stephenie writes it so well, that its like i’m living it. after i read it and started looking at the pages with the months on them, i had to put down the book, grab twilight, sit in my closet, and cry. i just sat there bawling with twilight tucked up against me for a couple of hours. i swear, i became so attached to these characters that it hurt so much to see my beloved edward go away. i couldn’t function. after a while, i started to think “gal! this is just a book! who freakin gives a crap what happens?! its not real!” but you are right, when you get so attached, you tend to forget about your rational side.

    i almost didn’t read the rest of new moon, but my friends encouraged me, and so i did. i’ll tell you this, sometimes things have to get terribly bad just to get good again.

  41. Mele'Ofa

    It’s interesting how attached we become to these fictional characters. We care about them, so when something so devastating happens, it’s real. I was sooo upset when I read this the first time. And I still get upset. This chapter definitely sets a new mood for the whole story.

  42. Bethany

    I didn’t want to like Twilight. I don’t like Rowling and I went into the Twilight series completely intending to judge it rationally. I was a little embarrassed at first how much the characters affected me, too, but New Moon really does make you connect with Bella and how broken she feels.

  43. Courtney

    I know exactly what you meant about becoming sullen after this chapter. I was depressed for a full three days before realizing it was because of New Moon. I didn’t want to keep reading, but I had to..You know what I mean.

    We really don’t realize how attached we become to fictional characters.

  44. Anonymous

    I know what you mean. I so cried when I read those words. I hated Stephenie for doing that to us– to them. Bella and Edward are so amazing together you can’t help but feel for them and all they go through.

  45. Jessica

    I know exactly what you mean! I was so sullen after this chapter, and I hated that I had become so attached to the book that it made me that sad.
    I still don’t understand why these books make everyone so obsessive, and i fight it like mad, but its true. I am obsessed with twilight, thanks to the emotional turmoil these books put me through.

  46. lauren

    Edward is gone 😀


    Of the series, I mean.
    Why does everbody like Edward??
    I just don’t get it.

    Does that make me less of a girl?

  47. Becca Shmeka

    I remember after I told my mother that Twilight had a sequel, (she was so happy, but pissed that she started dreaming about vampires :D) that she came down the next morning after I gave her New Moon looking startled. That deer in the headlights look, ya know?

    She said that those pages, where you turn and the months fly by … were so emotionally surprising and deep and … she couldn’t finish the sentence. I nodded understandingly and kept eating my cereal purusing through Twilight, which I had desperately missed in it’s 2 day absence.

    For the record I would like to state that I, unlike half the world it seems, was never a Twihard from the start. Oh, I knew OF the books, seeing them on shelves, but just thought they were another teen romance and walked on to better books, or so I though. I only discovered the series this past February after reading about the movie online. (I’m a fan of Kristin Stewart) I read the first book and then the other two over the course of 3 days. I literally locked myself in my room and read one entire weekend.

    Going back to New Moon … I, however, was not told what to expect from the second book because my friend who lent them to me did not really LOVE the books, she just liked them. (How sad) So I had no warning about the fact that Edward leaves. I am proud to admit, I did NOT skip the pages where he’s gone. I got teary eyed, and plowed on through, hoping to see him again. Along the way, however, I found myself falling … again. I happily consider New Moon to be my favorite because it introduces a whole new set of characters to love and forces Bella to grow and realize just how MUCH she loves Edward. Oh, you read about it and as the reader you can feel it, but it’s only when the love is not THERE, beside you, do you, I think, realize how much you care about them.

  48. Alyson May

    I kept waiting for you to reach THIS chapter. Saddest chapter in the entire series so far. I cried. My friends cried. Basically anyone who was not a boy CRIED.

    It’s funny, actually, because when my best friend was reading it, she called me on the phone when she as in the middle of chapter two.

    “Have you cried yet?!” I asked.

    And she scoffed. “No. Why would I cry?”

    Later, I left my phone at home, and she called it back. She was crying, and calling me to tell me this.

    I still laugh at her for that. =]

    But anyways, I won’t tell you anything about the book. Just all through that book, I was wondering…

    Will he come back?????

  49. Ana M

    You felt the exact same thing that most of us did. Becuse Edward really was a huge part of Bella. When i read this chapter i cry like you have no idea, and i felt like my world was crashing so badly, exactly as what was happening to Bells. I have become so attached to the book that Bella’s depression also had an affect on me.

    P.S. I woke up from a really nice dream just to come to my computer and comment!! You have a power Kaleb!!

  50. Jessie

    Aww…. what did we tell you? I’d like to say… something… but I can’t give anything away. I know how you feel, though. (We all do.) And each time I read it, it’s the same. Really. Being sentimental (and a girl) I’m always positively bawling (it’s a bit embarassing, really) and your analyzations intrigue me- I’d never thought of it that way, but now that I do, I realize you’re right. Bella and Edward are an entity of their own. (And that’s why we’re so obsessed with these books, even though the ‘nonbelievers’ are screaming “IT’S JUST A BOOK!” Pshh. They probably told people the end of Harry Potter, too.)

    I hope you read New Moon quickly, but, a word to the wise, first-time readers: take your time too. (I know, I’m contradicting myself) Just don’t skip over parts, read them and learn about the *ahem* new characters. Kay, this has gone on long enough.

  51. Jessie

    PS. Do you realize how devoted we are? you’ve gotten 50 comments in what, two hours? And a lot of us stayed up late- it’s 2:12 AM here- just to… comment, I guess? Anyway…

  52. Yoko

    Even reading this several times later and as a quote in your blog, it stills take the breath out of me and makes me want to beg Edward to stay. And don’t worry about not having any jokes. It would feel sort of wrong for you to do so in such a tragic chapter.

  53. Yoko

    And I cry every time i read it…Now, when I read New Moon, I cry many pages before because I know what’s coming.

  54. Amber

    Wow it was so emoitional for me I cried and cried and cried. I never threw my book at the wall, I just kept reading and crying and reading and crying. And I never skiped to the end of the book to see if edward came back I just felt bellas pain throughout the story.:( just keep on reading

  55. Umbra

    I really hate this chapter when I read it the first time because… because… Arhg! When I read this chapter I really hate Edward and… I can’t hate Edward either because I know why he did that and that was so frustrating!

    Anyways, I’m a girl and I don’t cry (well my friends says to me that I’m not a normal girl because I don’t cry when Bambi’s mother die or Simbas’s father die either XD), I really want to, but the rage was higher.

    New Moon is not my favorite book, I love the beggining and God know how much I love the end, but I don’t know… the middle part is not my favorite and I think that’s because something you say: I really see Edward & Bella as a one, not only Bella or only Edward, maybe that’s the reason that was so hard to me read this book.

    Great blog!

  56. Elizabeth

    my godness, i’ve been waiting/dreading for you to get this chapter. Dreading because i figured you’d be, as you said, “sullen” and i feel a bit bad for that. I remember as i first read it, a sinlge tear rolled down my cheek and i was shocked because i hardly ever cry. I thought “It’s only a book!” But then as you also said : “Sometimes, we do not listen to our rational sides; or more commonly, do not want to listen to our rational sides.” Anyway, i hope your “down” mood lifts as you read on

  57. Ashlynn & Allie

    Honestly, We Cried, HARD After This Was Said

    Edward: “I don’t want you to come with me”
    Bella:”you dont want me?”

    One word put us in TEARS!
    It was horrible, we were sitting in the middle of math class:(

  58. Michelle

    I love you, and I LOVE that you freaking GET IT!! *sigh* You read past the facade and saw Edward for Edward, and saw his behavior for what it really is. It’s about his love for her, which is the kind of love in which the other person is truly all that matters to you. I think, since you seem to get the whole point, unlike some people, who just skimmed the top layer of this book, you’ll like NM. I reread the beginning and end all the time.

    NM made me love Edward and Bella even more than Twilight did.

    Thank you for existing. Muah!

  59. Sara A.

    Yes we are devoted, I have stayed up to read this since 11:30. We have all been waiting so anxiously for it. I’m so glad that you finally read this chapter, and the way you regard Bella and Edward as one makes so much sense to us all. It is as if we all have felt this way but we need you to spell it out for us, so we can feel it all over again. I must admit I got teary eyed as I read your post and some of the comments made as well. I too felt gloom for days after reading this chapter, but fear not my friend this had to happen so we can meet other characters that are substantial to the story.

  60. Beth

    I know how you feel. When I read Chapter 3 and Edward left i was so mad that i threw the book and my sister yelled at me for doing so lol. But hey it gets better.. towards the end 😉

  61. Emmy-lou

    I was at school when I read this chapter. I threw my book at the board at the front of the class. then I started to cry. Hard. I made my mom come pick me up. the entire time that bella was depressed so was I. the empty pages that were months went through me like a knife. i was crying do hard. everyone was asking “who died?” i just ended up crying even more…..

  62. Haley

    I will be perfectly honest in saying that I absolutely bawled when Edward left. B-A-W-L-E-D. I’m not the type who ever ever cries during any sad scene in any book or movie, no matter how sad it makes me feel, and how much I sympathized with the characters. I’m generally not a very outwardly emotional person like that. But New Moon really did me in. It wasn’t until the third time I read New Moon that I didn’t cry. Now, though, I just cheerfully skip past that part.
    It took a lot to just read New Moon, and I skipped ahead, to keep myself reading.
    ANYWAY. I would say, that upon your first reading of New Moon, you will most likely not appreciate it -if you’re like me. Maybe because of the stand point that you’re reading this in, you’ll have a more reasonable perception of it.
    The fourth chapter is also pretty discouraging by way of Bella’s emotional status and all things happy in the Twilight world.
    Just wait and see. It should start looking up. Marginally, at least 😀

  63. Belinda

    OMGosh! I think i just fell in love with you. You are like the coolest guy ever! I felt the same way as did every other girl about chapter three, i love that your a guy and can admit it affected you. Most act all macho and scoff at our twilight ramblings!

  64. Sara

    Reading this chapter, even just thinking about it now, causes an emptiness to open inside of me. It’s so painful, that I can’t even feel the pain, instead I am consumed by an ache and a hollowness. So amazing the power of words on a page.

  65. Meli

    I’ve been looking forward to reading your reaction all day!

    I read New Moon for the first time this past May and I was utterly anxious all through then end of chapter 2 and when chapter 3 continued to show a distant Edward I had a dreadful feeling for what was about to happen.

    When Edward left Bella I fell into the depths of despair for rest of the afternoon. I tend to get too involved with the characters of the books I read. This scene in particular forced me to relieve a painful break up I went through in high school. I could feel Bella’s pain and flipping through the months brought back a flood of memories from that void of a summer where it was a struggle to get out of bed and function.

    I have to agree with what you said about when Edward leaves we loose 1/2 of the main character. It’s true – they are a package deal.

    While New Moon is third in line I do have a serious appreciation for the book, which grew stronger during the second read. Of course, I still have trouble reading chapter 3 –it remains painful.

  66. Kasandra

    Just reading your post made me cry again. I’ve read Twilight and Eclipse countless times but, whenever I try to read New Moon I get stuck here. In fact, I’ve been stuck at chapter 3 for a couple of weeks now, knowing I’ll be a basket case for days because it rips me apart every time. For me it has meaning that goes well beyond Bella and Edward. This is only about the fourth time I’ve tried to get all the way through it.
    You describe the sadness and the reasons for it eloquently and I’m glad you didn’t try to make something funny out of it. I think this chapter is one of the reasons we become so attached to the whole story. The raw emotion touches the hidden places of our soul and reminds us of our own losses or fears, either way the pain and sadness are real.
    I think this is also where Stephenie shows her true genius. Having been a voracious reader all my life, I’ve been touched by other writers but never as deeply as I have by Stephenie’s writing.
    Hopefully, some of that made sense… I need sleep, now…
    Keep up the good work, Kaleb!

  67. Anna

    And yet people say that this book is unoriginal and a piece of crap… how many books have you ever heard of that have made young men attached and upset about a couple breaking up in a sappy vampire teen romance novel!???? I’ve heard of none…the only thing that has gotten my boyfriend upset in regards to a book is that he has to read it.

    Well done! As many others have I cried like a little OINK! when I read this WHOLE book :[

    I became so distraught over every little thing after Edward told her he was leaving and that he doesn’t love her anymore.

    Also, I think it is incredibly hard to understand where Bella is coming from if you have never been in love with someone as truly as she is in love with Edward. I can honestly say that I have found that love in my life and to put myself in her shoes was excruciating. Thanks for the brilliant reviews, and no biggie about the lack of hilarity. It would have only stood out awkwardly because there really isn’t anything funny about this chapter at all unless you are a heartless twilight-hating sad sack of a person. :]

  68. Kiersten

    everytime i read this book i get an odd feeling in the very pit of my stomach. I just can’t explain it, it’s the weirdest thing. Even just reading your review on it brings the feeling on. its almost like im going to be sick kinda thing but not to those extremes. I tear up when i read this book so many times, and my mom keeps telling me its just a book and i know that but i just don’t know what it is. its like when edward leaves there’s really no more point to the story anymore. its about a girl falling in love with a vampire. take out the vamp and all you have is a very depressed girl and that kind of depresses you knowing that someone is hurting (even though they don’t exist) i still have the need/want to go over and give her a hug and tell her it will all work out somehow! it’s totally irrational and probably very unhealthy to be so attatched to a couple of fictional characters, but it’s kind of late for that now. These books should come with a warning lable or something hahaha. anyway i guess thats all i have to go re-read the end of new moon to make this feeling go away hahaha. XD

  69. Anna

    Also, the empty pages with the titles of the empty months literally made me jump. My hands shook and I loved your description…I have goosebumps right now just thinking of it…

    it’s just incredibly brilliant and heartbreaking to go through…sorry to be such a sap, but darn!

  70. becky sue

    Normally I tell my friends the absolute worst parts of the book, just because it’s kind of funny. I promise I won’t do that to you, buddy. Have faith, and good luck.

    I didn’t cry. I was in shock I didn’t really react much; numb, I guess. I couldn’t quite believe it. Then I saw the months passing by and it all went downhill. Oh, the pains. (Now I do end up crying, though.)

    I, for some reason, really want to know what your take on Jake will be… Will you be Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland? Hmm….

    And at some point in my Twilight-Obsessed life I have read that New Moon is best read twice. This is because the first time, you read anxiously; you’re constantly wanting to get to the page where Edward miraculosly returns. You manage to bypass some things blindly… The second time you know that everything will be okay in the end.

  71. Kath

    Aren’t words amazing? How they
    can invoke such strong emotions?
    Just think, some paper and ink made you feel this way.
    It was the same for me, after having read this chapter I pretty much went into a temporary depression. It felt like it was ME who was Bella, and that the love of my life was leaving ME.

    The moment i said it by imogen heap is a really good song for this chapter. download and listen!

  72. taylor

    wow kaleb.
    your post seriously made me cry.
    everytime i read new moon i lose it multiple times. i dread getting to that chapter and then i force myself to go on.
    i can’t even read it at school cause i cry and cry and cry and ive read it 20+ times.
    you truly know the connection of the characters and the way you wrote this post was beautiful.

    and i promise it gets better :)
    can’t wait to see what you say next.
    your amazing.

  73. Kath

    By the way, if you think THIS is sad. Wait til you read The Host (the end part)

  74. Brianna

    You said everything perfect, especially the part about how Edward and Bella are so close that they are basically one person, and then that you felt like half of the main character was missing. This chapter was SO depressing!!! I love how you already in chapter four…YEAH…and then how you said you couldn’t think of anything funny to say about this chapter=[

  75. toni

    This was quite heartwrenching. :(

    And now I can’t wait for you to turn the page and meet new characters!!!

  76. Amy

    when i was reading the beginning of chapter 3, i skimmed ahead to see how long the chapter was. i saw the pages that read, “october”, “november”, “december”, and “january” and i turned to look at my younger sister (who had read the series months before i had) and she told me, “so… edward left already, huh?”. all i could think of was, “wow. that was the worst spoiler in the history of the world.” lol. anyways… i’m glad to see that you’re really getting attatched to these great characters whom we all have secretly obsessed over. hehe =D

  77. Sou

    okay so first off i just want to say. WOW i can’t believe that just reading your post made me like start crying again. Y_Y
    But yes this was a very sad chapter and all i can say is KEEP READING. And most importantly pay attention!!! Because i know (from personal experience) you really miss a lot of the actually story trying to get back to Edward. Ugh!! It’s so sad, i hate to think about it. T_T

  78. gina

    man kaleb, when you write a post that like that, i just wanna like scream and yell ans shake you really hard and FORCE you to just read the whole frigging book and then write your posts…honestly my irrational side is telling me to tell you wat happens…but its taking all my willpower not to!!! i cant wait till tommorow!!

  79. Stella

    I don’t like thinking about this chapter because you’re right. We read these books to read about Edward and Bella. I know I do. So when I read this chapter for the first time, I just kept repeating the words “he’s gone” in my head for a couple of minutes, until it finally sunk in. I didn’t throw the book because it was my friend’s (and I don’t want to eternally scar it) and I didn’t cry, but I know some of my friends did.

    The only thing that kept me from stopping reading was the fact that I thought that Edward really didn’t mean what he said and would come back. Because I certainly knew that Stephenie Meyer would be smart enough to know that if Eclipse did not have any sign of Edward in it, then people would probably not read it at all. Because everyone really does read these books to hear the story of Edward AND Bella. Which is why everyone is anticipating Breaking Dawn to hear the end of Edward and Bella’s story.

  80. Kaiti

    It’s good you didn’t stop at the end of this chapter. I think you lose the effect if you read the end of 3 and the beginning of 4 separately. Actually, that’s the most powerful part of any of the twilight saga.
    All through Twilight and even the beginning of New Moon you’re with Bella nearly every minute of every day. Then all of the sudden you have something like 5 months of nothing. And the first page of chapter four — the one paragraph — is maybe the most heart-shatteringly honest thing I’ve read in a long time. I don’t think I was really a twilight fan until this part.

  81. Kaiti

    oh man, some of your reviewers are totally dropping spoilers! Don’t read them! It’s like chemistry — you won’t get the right effect if certain things come in in the wrong order.

  82. Lyssa

    This was the hardest chapter for me. Seriously, I was bawling. I’m very enlightened by your take on it.

  83. Aishah

    Wow, Kaleb.
    I think this one and only post where you are actually serious about these characters and even to empathise with them. I bet this chapter has made you opened up your mind of why we loved the book so much.
    Anyway, just keep on reading and they stay too sullen, there’s will be someone to comfort you/Bella. You’ll just have to read and see…

  84. Nicole

    geez.. i was going to cry just reading your blog entry! shows that i’m such a baby.. haha

    sadly, after reading that, i’m waiting for chapter 4 :(

  85. Lara

    This chapter made me cry..
    it was so weird..
    like i was literally HEARTBROKEN!
    and seeing those months afterwards made me feel so much worse!
    i cant believe a fictional character broke my heart!
    i felt like such an idiot.

  86. Ria

    “Somehow, right after Edward left, I really did start to care even deeper about what happened to Bella, and had a deep urge to want to comfort her; while the rational side of me roared in my ear: It’s only a blasted book!”

    – This is a testament to Stephenie Meyer’s talent in suspending reality by telling her stories. That’s why her characters are so well-loved. While a lot of people may argue that Bella is so melodramatic, only a few can say that she isn’t real.

  87. Jennifer

    The first thing that comes in mind about this post was, that I was deeply impressed and surprised a bit. But then again, I saw it coming.

    This chapter completley caught me off guard, and had me rereading the words to make sure I read them right.

    I was sad. I was mad. I was worried.

    And when the months came, I had my mouth hanging open at only the first month, but then the OTHER months came in, I couldn’t breathe.

    I totally didn’t stop their. And I could totally see why you didn’t too [:

  88. Tegan C.

    That’s exactly how I felt!! I didn’t throw my book (well, technically my borrowed book at the time) at a wall or cry, but I did speed-read through an entire day of classes just to see what happens. I really did see Edward and Bella as a single entity, and it just seemed wrong to have one without the other.

    It’s frustrates me how I’ve grown so attached to fictional characters. Even Harry Potter didn’t do this to me. Well, I guess it just goes to show you that there are some really great writers out there. . .

    Okay, enough with my rambling. . .

  89. Terrbear

    Wow. That is all I can say. You just explained why I was so depressed reading New Moon. Face it, Bella and Edward are one whole character. You take one away, you’re missing half a person! I usually never read this chapter (or the whole book anymore) Because, honestly, it’s heart wrenching. I’m glad you understand Edward. It makes it easier to see him with his actions. I am always defending him from my friends (Jacob lovers) who don’t see how much he hurt. Just like Bella. I can’t wait until you get further into the book because honestly (after you have read the gut wrencher chapter) I am extremely curious on what team you’ll be on. Because you get Edward so well! Hmm maybe you can help me understand Jacob! (Not my favorite)

  90. Terrbear

    Wow. That was really long. *sigh* Writers curse I guess

  91. kirsten

    So, I unlike every girl that posted a comment, Didn’t cry at that chapter. I was shocked that edward would be for some crazy reason gone for who knows how long!?!?! But then the rest of the book was like a race to get back to something with edward in it. I ended up rereading New Moon because I never really got into the middle part of the book. After re-reading I discovered this is my favorite book from the saga. I love ALL the characters in this book. Anyone who has read New Moon already knows who I’m talking about. Anyways I just thought I’d post my thoughts. I really do love the way stephenie Meyer really makes you feel what Bella is feeling. She’s a magical writer in that her words really come to life in our minds.

  92. Joanne Maria

    Kaleb- I am crying as I enter this post. I am on my 13th re-vamp of the saga and an half way through NM, you’d think by now I would be over it. NOT, my hands were shaking and sobs took over my breathing before I opened the cover.

    This story is so real, as you now are beginning to understand, that EDWRAD and BELLA are like family or even sometimes like ourselves. They become part of us. Either we re-live the pain due to our own past experiences or we feel a new pain, something unfamiliar that we don’t know how to deal with.

    So now maybe you see why the TWILIGHT fandom is as intense as they are. STEPH- has a way with her characters, they are real. In each of our minds, hearts and souls, they are REAL.

  93. Cheryl

    I remember after finishing this chapter, I was heartbroken. Kind of silly to be over two fictional characters, but I couldn’t help it-it was so sad and tormenting! and since I didn’t have anything to do the day I finished that chapter, I just moped around the house all day and crawled into bed at night and curled up into a ball. I had to remind myself that this wasn’t my breakup.. it’s Bella and Edward’s. It’s so realistic, it’s a little frightening.

  94. Elfie

    I really appreciate the somber tone of this entry. I also appreciate you admitting that these characters have connected with you emotionally – even though you tried hard to resist! That is absolutely how I felt.

    And do not despair! I don’t normally condone the people who comment talking about parts of the book you haven’t read yet, but it was a comfort to ME to receive this knowledge when I was where you are: It will get better. You just have to keep reading – but I didn’t have to tell you that!

  95. Sarah

    You made me cry again.

  96. dianne

    i have never cried so hard for a book chapter or until twilight. plus i was playing clair de lune when i was reading that chapter. So i cried harder. it was so beautifully written and it was so heart-breaking. the words will forever affect me

    “it’s as if i never existed”

    just the idea of edward not existing would cause billions of heart shattering sounds across the globe.
    i cried for a good 2 hours for this chapter. And I cried yet again when i re-read it. I almost threw the book in anger. I felt so gloomy. I was even tempted to skip the book :))

  97. Johanna

    I really love the “Months” passing by effect. Instead of saying “now it’s january” you can see them pass by whit a movie effect.
    I almost cried when Edward said
    “I don’t want you”
    I read “Eclipse” before “New moon”,(Stupid library didn’t have new moon) so I knew he left, but not how he left.

  98. Laei

    Hey Kaleb I think this is your best post so far. I won’t add anything, ’cause everything has been said.
    Looking foward to your next post…

  99. Amanda

    The saddest part is having to flip through the months it takes her to even slightly come back to life. After crying through most of the chapter each month was like another knife in my heart.

  100. AussiePattinsonLove

    And thus you have come to the point where I believe every Twilighter out there is suddenly hooked. Stephenie Meyer writes this chapter so well. When I read it, I felt lie i was torn apart and broken. I cant describe it, but you certainly did. You hit the nail on the head, as us Aussies would say. Its ridiculous to get so attached to 2 characters in a book, but thats the thing about this story, you do. And you dont even realise it happening. I cant wait to read your next post.

  101. Hilda

    Kaleb, I’ve read New Moon four times already and it doesn’t get any easier reading chapter 3. I dread it every time I read that book. I guess it shows what a wonderful writer Stephenie Meyer is. If she can bring out soooo much emotion in her characters and to make us feel this way, WOW!!!!! Those blank empty month pages were the worst :( Enjoy chapter 4!

  102. Tash

    Your post made me realize! Yes, i read the book for Bella AND Edward-together… This chapter is so sad and you realize how emotionally invested you are in the characters…
    I thought the page/months were VERY effective… i still cringe when i think of this chapter :( waaaahhhh!

  103. Lisa from Germany

    you are a genius!!!!
    you captuered the essence of this chapter. i felt the same way when Edward left!!! New Moon is of all the Saga the hardest to read…
    I can’t wait for your thoughts on the next chapter!

  104. courtney

    The dreaded chapter.
    Im glad you made it through and are still reading, after this chapter I was so upset about it that I didnt pick the book up for a week.(Pathetic, i know)
    But just keep reading. It gets better, I promise!
    And in the end once your though with it you will come to realize just how important this chapter is.

  105. Lu

    You get this these books!!! I keep saying it, but you do and you word everything so perfectly. This chapter was very sad. I was sad for both of them.

    I was sad for Edward too. We know how much he loves Bella and how hard that must have been for him. We hurt even more for Bella, as we remember what it was like to have our hearts broken for the first time.

    Kaleb, I think of Edward and Bella as one. I think we all do.

  106. Debbie

    You are so insightful. Your comment about half of the character being ripped away – please remember that when you read about how Bella copes. Your review of this chapter is amazing, and it doesn’t need anything funny, as there is no humor in this chapter.

  107. Maddy

    omg. i just reread new moon this weekend and that part still made me cry. and ive read it like 5 times too! its way sad… :(

  108. Catherine

    Yup. It’s depressing.

  109. Samantha

    Come on, Kaleb! Didn’t you cry?!

  110. Lea

    It’s amazing how all of us have grown attached hasn’t it?
    When i read chapter three, the magic words, “It’d be as if i never existed”, i felt so much pain that i couldn’t even listen to happy songs after i read it. hahahaha :)
    I tried reading it again and i figured out that i just couldn’t. hahahaha. I still feel the pain.
    I can’t wait till your next post. :)

  111. Red

    When I was reading the conversation Bella and Edward had right before he left, I was in denial. I don’t think I breathed that much, and as I read I just kept thinking “No, no, no, no!” Then I just sat there in stunned disbelief at the end of the chapter.

  112. Ally

    When I got to this chapter my reaction was doubled of yours. I felt no need to read on, for what was the use if there was no E&B? Its what made me love Twilight so ferociously that I now check every fan site daily. In chapter 3 I felt like I was part of some cruel sick joke. That one of my friends who worked at Borders had it in for me and jacked the real book. All 39 pages now are tear stained.

  113. hazel

    this post is sad.

    it brought back how i felt when i was reading this chapter :(

    i was really surprised when edward left bella, i never imagined that it could happen… but then it happened and it was really depressing. i just love how stephenie meyer considered all these complications, it’s so real.

  114. Kelly

    I completely agree that the story just doesn’t seem right unless Bella and Edward are together. My stomach went sour and I completely lost my appetite when Edward left Bella in this chapter, and I too was heartbroken while flipping empty pages of the next few months of Bella’s life without him.

  115. Jayme

    Isn’t it amazing how when you read the chapter you start to feel your chest getting heavier and heavier until it come to the end and all of the sudden you can not breathe? It stays there. For me many chapters went by before I could finally start to breath right…Even while I read your thoughts I could feel the pressure. I feel so bad for you I don’t know if I would ever want to read that chapter for the 1st time ever again.

  116. amanda

    As hard as chapter 3 was, the warnings I would issue would be for the next couple of chapters. they make me admire Meyer all the more. Its pretty rare for me to find an author who writes pain so vividly that it almost hurts to read it. But then again, if you ever get around to The Host, there is a similar phenomenon.

  117. Aly

    I was pretty shocked–just as you were–at how much I had depended and grown attached to these two characters. Realistically, it doesnt make much sense, but you become emotionally joined with them anyway. Continue to read the next few chapters with hope, even if it is but a very very dim light.

  118. Selene Kismet- seido

    Though everything has been said, I felt like you: empty.
    I’m rereading NM for the second time and still felt the same.

    *Note: If you read it as though you were Bella, the emptiness you feel is almost the same as hers.

    That said, I felt like Bella when she was like Edward: numb.

  119. Aubrey

    Oh Kaleb, you have no idea. Your sullen attitude is just beginning. I know exactly what you mean by there being only half of a character left. Bella and Edward complete each other so fully they almost become one entity. That’s the reason they’re soul mates. But when Edward leaves…nothing is ever the same. The pages after that chapter, with the months printed on them, struck me deeply. Those are the empty months of Bella’s life. I was so depressed after reading that chapter and still get sad when I think about it too much. But I suppose that is the beauty of these characters, they make you feel what they feel. But don’t worry too much, the moonless night of Bella’s life will become light once again. Keep Reading!

  120. Brittney H

    After reading Twilight, I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t grow an attatchment to the characters, especially Bella and Edward as a single, complete unit. That’s what they did, they completed each other. Being funny about this chapter would seem inappropriate, considering all that has happened in this chapter. More than likely I’ll be up until 12:05 (thank goodness we live in the same metroplex) and I’ll be reading your next chapter comments then. Thanks for sharing your journey : ) I hope you don’t ever come to regret it, especially with all of the support you have backing you up.

  121. M.A.Estman

    Oh Kaleb…*insert sad piano music here* I’m sorry for your loss, but cheer up! It will get better! (I have to end on a positive note!)

  122. K.T.

    OME, you almost freaking made me cry again. You totally get what the characters are like and why we like them so much! I really hated this book alot at this point!

  123. Jen

    I just read this part of New Moon again last night, and it kills me every time, I cried the first time and tear up still. And reading your thoughts on it made me tear up again. I don’t blame you for not being funny, there is nothing funny about it. Just don’t give up on the book. You won’t regret it!

  124. Destane

    Aww cheer up Kaleb its going to get better. the first time i read this chapter i ws in english class and all my friends were wondering wat was wrong with me because i was hyperventaliting like crazy. I didn’t cry though, but i became a little depressed while reading and almost stopped..
    but by then i had already asked my twilight friends was he coming back and a few of them said no, which got me Realy woried… sorry i rambled :) But seriously dont worry about it because he comes back, and as soon as i heard that truth i was able to calm down and get to know the wonders of Jacob Black, which is one of my fav characters

  125. Alli

    I’m so sorry Kaleb. We all know how this feels. Despite the depresing-ness of this, it is a really good book overall.

    On a side note, it could have been worse-like what happened to me:

    I got New Moon from a friend on a Friday afternoon, I was reading on the couch, home alone, everything perfectly silent. In the middle of this chapter, I was on the verge of tears. And then,(remember it was completely silent) right when Edward says “Goodbye Bella”….MY PHONE RANG!!! I had to resist the urge to scream at my dad for that one, but I reminded myself that it wasn’t his fault. Still, I was so annoyed!

  126. Anna M

    Ahh I’ve just stumbled across this website today (to be fair I just started really getting in to the series and didn’t know how absolutely wonderful it was)

    So your reaction to chapter 3.. Pretty much my reaction. Except I’m sure I cried more. A lot more. Lets face it I started sobbing and had to close my book and put it down so i wouldn’t throw it. Then i had a cigarette break. It was just too… intense for me. And i’m still mad that Bella gave in so easily… *sigh* Silly girl.

    But like all these other people have said… Just keep reading.

  127. Debra

    Oh man. I commented a ways back, but I just realized something. How are we all going to handle it when/if New Moon gets made into a movie when this scene happens?

  128. Aria

    *hugs the Jaleb* oh don’t worry! You aren’t the only guy to get upset. We have three Twlight Guys at our work plces and all were furious with me for getting them started when they reached that Chapter.

  129. Stephanie R.

    This is the first time i have commented on any of your postings.

    When i read this chapter I was in art class surronded by alot of my good friends and I started crying and they just stared at me like i was insane or something but i was just so angry and horribly sad that edward had left and done that to bella it is mind blowing how you get so attached to a series and the characters in it, and your right you cant stop at the end of chapter 3 you just have to keep reading. These books changed me in some way and they have done it to us all and of course we do not think rationally about them.
    Can’t wait for your next post.

  130. Erica

    ok so I must have read New Moon about 6-7 times and I still cry everytime I read this chapter.. Like uncontrollable sobbing.. It’s quite sad, but the way you write and describe this chapter is amazing.. Thank you Kaleb!

  131. Annie

    like i said before…. i sobbed through 90% of the book.

  132. Corinne!

    I feel kinda lame posting a comment in the 100s, cause usually I’m earlier… oh well.
    I felt horrible after reading that chapter. But you have to promise not to speed through the middle of the book to get to the end.
    Oh, and you should eat pringles for one of the chapters. Just saying. Since you dont email me anymore.


  133. Annie

    and i was lucky… i read this one at home over the weekend, so no sobbing in the middle of class or something.

  134. Sarah

    Aww! >.<
    The saddest chapter in the book! D=
    Yeah, I still cry when I read this chapter… Every time…
    I’m actually happy to read that you’re sad about it Kaleb, that means you REALLY like the books! =D

  135. Mara-Kate

    The saddest chapter in the entire series…I cry everytime I read it :'( New Moon is my least favourite book due to the lack of Edward (stupid “over loving” vampire) but I think we’ve all realized that these books ARE guy-friendly because you generally care about what’s happening! Yay Kaleb! You’re officially hooked, and theres n going back now. lol :)

  136. Kay

    post number 45 lauren ahah wow!

    but even though it’s heartbreaking, there is sunshine at the end of the tunnel in the form of a human boy. i can’t wait for you to talk about someone other then edward. please keep and open mind Kaleb and remain objective. Please!

  137. Jessie

    This was the chapter that made me want to stop reading the book. I was half tempted to skip to the end, but thankfully I didn’t.

    I read it in the middle of the night all the way through (having to wake up early for my hardest exams the next morning didn’t help I suppose)and I cried too when I got to this chapter, especially when he says
    “I will always love you, in a way”
    that about broke my heart, because I could feel the pain Bella must have been feeling.

    Until about the third or fourth to last chapter, I got to see why people loved Jacob so much.

    Sorry about such a long comment! :)

  138. Courtney

    luckily for me,
    i was home alone when i read this chapter.
    i cried for God knows how long.
    i had to stop reading and just sit there and cry.
    it was horrible.
    it was so hard reading, not know when/if edward would come back. but i knew that it couldnt get any worse. [or atleast thats what i hoped]

    but its nice seeing a guy reading this, and feeling the way that girls all over the world have felt.
    now people know that the books rele are attaching, and that you feel like they are apart of you. its not just some ‘girl’ thing.
    it rele hurts deep down.

  139. Kelly

    ‘sigh’ isn’t it just horrible! All I can say Twilight Guy is, it gets better, it really does! The time passes and is does.

  140. Cyndi

    I, just like everyone else here, cried when reading that chapter the first time and every time after that. I always dread coming to it when I reread the series and can’t help but get so attached to these characters and so involved in their feelings. You summed it up perfectly, as always.

  141. Heather

    I wondered when you would realize just how much these books have connected with you. This post made me cry, you described what happened so beautifully. I don’t know how I’m going to survive reading you reading the rest of New Moon. It doesn’t help that my mom is close to where you are, in the middle of chapter two haha.

  142. April

    Yes, there is no humor for this chapter. Just reading your post makes me teary-eyed because I remember the heartbreak so vividly. This chapter seriously broke my heart. I was hysterical when he left. Even now, I’m emotional as I type this because it was just so hard to read. I dread reading this chapter again because of what it does to me. Then, to see those next few pages, it sort of makes it worse, doesn’t it? Stephenie is truly an amazing writer to be able to capture feelings the way she has and to make so many people actually FEEL Bella’s heartbreak.

  143. Melanie D

    I think the worst part of that chapter, for me, were those months printed seperately on each page.

  144. christina

    i love that you’ve become as attatched as the rest of us! and i felt the same way when i read this chapter. except, i cried like a baby.:( and i actually started crying before edward even told her that they were leaving because i knew what was coming. this chapter made me really depressed and i actually didn’t start on chapter four for another week. i just couldn’t imagine the book without edward being there!

    but i can’t wait to see what you think about everything that is to come!:)

  145. Lauren

    This chapter is sooooo sad!!! I threw my book across the room when Edward left and cried :( But I’m almost done rereading it and I thought it was a lot better than I thought it was when I first read it, it gets very interesting throughout the book.

  146. Samie

    my god thats a lote of comments already! anywhoo. ur post gave me goose bumps! u had some good insite to this chapter! ur sensitve 😀 haha, see what we mean when u feel for the charaters. lol we warned you! and good luck reading the rest of the book..plz no matter what else happens keep on reading! its so worth it! u get to meet someone new…well not to knew but u get more on this charater! enjoy! and a few new charaters to tho..not many ones so to say, but they are there! have fun! cant wait till u read the rest, ur gonna end up reading chapter after chapter now. u’ll never beable to put it down!

  147. Miharu Skii

    I can’t wait for you to get farther into the book, this chapter is too depressing. I cried so hard and didn’t want to pick up the book again.
    Good luck on the rest, I can’t wait to hear more!

  148. Katie Beth

    You’re either really really perceptive, or totally cheating. Just going on past experience I’m guessing it’s the first.

    I felt the same way the first time I read New Moon. I was almost depressed for the majority of the book, and still kind of sensitive at the end. I kind of wanted to put the book down because it was so hard to endure, but I couldn’t because I had to find out what happened. It’s so *empty* without Bella and Edward together.

    I just reread New Moon a couple days ago, and I didn’t cry (I almost did), but your post came even closer to making me cry than the book did. :-)

  149. Minh Thu

    Your so right about Edward and Bella belonging together…I just couldn’t put down the book after this chapter. Luckily, it was weekend when I read New Moon. Don’t worry, we don’t blame you for not writing anything funny. This chapter (as well as others) are to depressing to find anything funny in them.

  150. Alex

    I really wanted your opinion on this chapter. I think you hit to a point what most of us were feeling as we read this.

    (What makes my New Moon experience worse was that I had a raging headache that day, and my mom and little sister were sick. I had to take care of them. So for an entire Saturday, I read New Moon, with a headache, which the tears that I had cried did not help. I don’t usually cry for things though, so it really got me.)

  151. Bethany

    Kaleb. What can I say except that you captured the raw emotions and the physical pain in this chapter. And I even cried when I read your post. Your reaction to this chapter was dead on to the reaction that I had. I did not cry but I felt this empytiness inside. I felt that feeling of being torn in half. And all of a sudden I started thinking about what I would have to do to continue with my life. The beauty of this chapter is that it is necessary for Edward and Bella. Soon you will see why. And I can’t wait to see what you have to say. Having never posted before – I would just like to say that I am a rabid reader of your posts. And that I would just like to thank you for your witty sacastic humor. Love your all your post.

  152. Daniela - Brasilian twi fan

    Well Kaleb,
    I’m so glad I read your post and most of these comments…
    I was really upset reading these part of the book because I’ve been heartbrooken like that before.
    Having such strong reactions to it made me wonder about my feelings, made me question if I was over it all…
    But I realise now that everyone felt it like that too.
    New Moon is my favorite not because of the plot, but because it makes us FELL so much… that is what a good book is about..
    Sorry for my horrible english, it is not my first language… (For those who don’t know – we speak Portuguese here in Brasil). Lots of kisses, and keep the good work. 😀

  153. Jen

    I have been wondering how you would react to this chapter, what you would write about it. Whenever I reread it, and flip through all of those months, my heart just sinks. It is such a brilliant thing though, and realistic (as far as vampire romance novels can be). In real life time would pass anyway too..

  154. Bethany

    And one more thing. When you try and read this chapter again you will probably cry. Which is sort of weird because I did not cry the first time – but every other time I have. So be prepared.

  155. kpo987

    I never cried, like all these saps here did (jk, jk, <3) but I raced through the rest of the book and didn’t slow down until towards the end. I didn’t really like Jacob through my first read of New Moon, but once I read through it and started reading it again, I slowed down and actually enjoyed the book, not just wondered where Edward could be. If anything, that would be my advice. In this book, you shouldn’t read wondering where Edward is. Just read for the story, and it will be a lot better.

  156. Emily

    I completely rushed through New Moon as well. I completely agree with you Kaleb, I read the books for Edward & Bella, that’s why I skipped over most of the book. I have no interest in Jacob! Embarrassed to admit it!

  157. MoonStar

    Oh, I hate that chapter… but I love it, too. The emotions and everything else just makes it incredible for provoking responses and it’s so well written.
    Although I do have to read different chapters afterwards, else I get asked by my family why I’m so depressed.


  158. becki

    If you ever get down to my comment… Actuwaly read the book, I know this might be hard. Myself and all my friends will confess to speed-reading skiming over things just to get to the end and see if Edward comes back. So then I had to go back, knowing the ending, and re-read the book so I could fully understand the middle part of New Moon.

  159. Shannah

    Honestly, I’m extremely glad that you didn’t post anything funny, because there isn’t anything remotely funny about this chapter. Also, I think it’s really great that a guy can react to this like how I did.. it makes me feel less schmuck-ish!
    Don’t we all wish we could just Blue-skadoo into this chapter and kick Edward’s sorry butt?

    (Edward lovers kick my face) Ok, maybe not.

    I’d just like to throw this in though: even though you are only really into the Edward and Bella ness of the series, please be open minded towards totally innocent characters that might happen to pop back into the story *cough*JACOB*cough*

  160. Amber

    I cried. Really, really hard. This book puts your emotions on a roller coaster. Blah! :(

  161. Rachel

    Weren’t those four month pages heart breaking!!?? I asumed the next page Edward would appear and say “Just Kidding!’ but he didn’t……and that’s when it really hit me..HE LEFT HER!!!
    Prepare for a very very depressing book.

  162. Chela85

    Kaleb, we’re all here for you. This was a really sad part. It took me so long to pull myself out of depression after he left. Stephenie does a great job of really making you feel like Bella. Hold on though you’re gonna make it!!

  163. Rachel

    Oh, and Im glad you didn’t put anything funny either, this chapter deserves seriousness.

  164. Inez

    somewhere up there in your comments,my older sister just commented and said how her little sister spoiled pretty much the beginning of new moon for her. yeah i’m that little sister.i felt completely terrible once that slipped from my mouth.but anyways…

    on to the chapter…

    the first time i read this chapter,i remember just sitting there starring at the pages in complete shock.it was so depressing,how bella was so naïve,that see just assumed edward was acting weird,because he was going to ask her to leave with him.
    this chapter was like a stab in the heart for all the people who are constantly rooting for bella and edward to last forever.

    it’s just good to know, that it’s not just girls who would feel pain from this chapter, but that guys feel it too.

  165. jacobblack'sgirl

    ahhh,yes. i too cried and raged and flipped through the pages making sure that Edward came back. Don’t worry, he did. but by the time he reapeared my view on bella/edward had changed darasticlly and i started hating edward. Why? jacob black. Undeniably the kindest and most caring charecter out there. And as for Bella and Edward’s charecter changes, Bella is just starting a downhill slide and by Eclipse she becomes a selfish, intolerable whiney brat. That’s just my opinon though. However Edward just becomes plain mean and the similarities to Wuthering heights are unmistakable.

  166. Dayna

    I know how you feel… I had just finished reading that chapter, and my mom called me for dinner, and I just sat at the table, and couldn’t say anything…. I sped through the book hoping he would pop out and say “Psych! Bella, you’re dumb. It’s pretty sad if you think I would leave you.”
    But no, Stephenie Meyer HAD to make the story plausible.

  167. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    Poor Kaleb! It is hard to get past this part in Twilight history, but eventualy it will pass. For me, New Moon took the longest to read, but thats just me. And if it makes you feel any better, my mom couldn’t get through it without crying every other page. (though its not that sad, my mom is just over emotional)… Have fun :)

  168. sarah

    the rest of the book is just as depressing… so be prepared!
    But it is very very good! just keep a tissue with you and you should be ok.
    A good song for the next chapter is “what hurts the most” by rascall flatts. in case you need a song…

  169. Callie

    Saddest chapter EVER! I cry every time I read it. Heck, I teared up a little just raeding about you reading it!

  170. Caroline

    Kaleb, for you to be a guy and admit your attachment to the characters, that is just the best thing I have ever heard.

    Reading your post and the passion in it made me relive when I read that chapter.

    I love how you write, I can’t wait for YOUR book

  171. Suzanne

    It really is hard to read this part of the series and now that I’ve read it a few times, I tend to skip over it and get to the good stuff. However, since this is your first read, you really should just grit your teeth and get through it. What happens during this time changes both Bella and Edward inexorably and they really cannot go back to how they were before. And that isn’t bad. In fact, I really think it is a good thing, but change sometimes is painful, and definitely it is for them. Just keep persevering and you will come out the other side and you will see how this section changes the books. Good luck to you.

  172. Mikayla

    I remember when I read this chapter for the first time. And let me tell you, I didn’t see it coming at all. I remember that I didn’t cry, not at all. I was in too much shock (that, and my adderall hadn’t worn off yet >.>). After reading the book again, I found myself unable to STOP crying. I was shedding the built-up tears from the first time reading. Hope you have tissues nearby, the rest of the book is still kinda sad =/ *lends a cyber-tissue*

  173. Violet

    that was one of the two chapters in the series that made me cry. D’:

    and this chapter is what really turned me off of edward. especially cause of who comes in next~~~ 😀

  174. Elise

    It is really hard to find somthing funny in this chapter. I actually cried. But it will get better:I promise.

  175. Alice Cullen

    When i first read this chapter, i was in tears. i could feel even before the walk in the woods, that something was wrong with Edward; he wasn’t making jokes, he was talking to all the other guys to keep from talking to Bella, he wasn’t sure about going to her house.I’m sorry to say, that this is the first of the several depressing chapters in New Moon. Even the second tie that i read it, even KNOWING WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT, AND whether or not edward would come back, SM writes the words so…., so perfectly, that you feel the pain for Bella, and you feel her sadness and anger. Actually, not even anger. Bella never gets angry because, well, she understands. she understands that it never seemed right for a living god to be in love with her.
    Don’t worry though. Bella finds happiness again. :)
    *of course, she hurts herself in the making, but thats to be expected from her :P*

  176. Alice Cullen

    o wow. i just re-read what i wrote. left a complette thought there.
    **insert to after whther or not edward would come back,
    ********i still crying my eyes out. I cried for edward to return. I cried for Bella’s pain. I cried for my anger at him for leaving her so hurt.

  177. Mandy

    I cried when he broke up with her, I swear to God.
    I thought i was acting like such an idiot, but when i convinced my friends to read it they sort of did, too.
    i swear i could feel it coming but i was still in denial.
    before reading any book, i just HAVE to read the last page, btu i promised myself i wasn’t going to do this with new moon (i said the same about HP7 but i couldn’t resist. i ahd to know wether JKR killed harry or not)
    when he broke up with her i immediatly turned to the last page and sighed a sigh of relief.
    i’m so ridiculous, i know. but omg,if i hadn’t read that i am compeltely sure i wouldn’t have been able to finish the goddamn book. lol


  178. frankie

    No one blames you for not coming up with anything funny in your post for this chapter. Funny sure wasn’t possible for me. I felt like I’d been ripped in two. Just thinking about this chapter and how it ends still hurts.

  179. Rae

    Even though it’s already been said here, I want to say you’re completely right about Bella and Edward being one entity. I didn’t really even like the books at the beginning, with Bella by herself. But when Edward came along, well, that is the whole story; Bella and Edward. And that’s all.

    I do love this book, but I don’t think it’s my favorite. I went through it in kind of a daze, missing my Edward. I do love what happens to the characters though. Pain can do a lot to a person (especially make for awesome hurt scenes).

    *sighs and shakes head at Edward*

  180. Kamal

    I know what you mean! I was literally depressed and felt down the entire time I was reading NM (Well, for the most part..) I still have trouble picking that one up to re-read .. I try to skip over the sad parts :(

  181. Alice Cullen


  182. Bethany

    Now I have just started New Moon for the millionth time – and I just got to the third chapter. Sighs. And I honestly feel the turmoil that Edward possesses and the heartache that Bella is undergoing. These books never get tiring and I always come out finding myself anaylzing the whole situation – but seriously who couldn’t. Kaleb I would just like to let you know that we are all here for you, and that we can all relate to your feelings. Or the majority of us. And now I can’t wait to see how you feel about Jacob. Being a pivotal character and all I just want to see your thoughts on him and his behavior.

  183. Nicole Jet

    I cried for twenty minutes at the end of chapter 3. That might not seem like much to some people, but I’m the kind of person who cries maybe twice a year.

    Bella really isn’t the same with Edward gone.

  184. Leigh

    Kaleb, welcome to the swirling pit of depression that is New Moon.

    When I read this chapter the first time, I forced myself to put the book down and curl up in a corner. Edward being so gloomy and depressed was so heart breaking. :(

  185. Angie

    This was the saddesst chapter I’ve ever read in my entire life. I cried so hard after reading this, I was sitting on the floor like a little child sobbing, and I couldn’t stop. I hope you found out a little about yourself while reading this chapter. I think every guy in the entire UNIVERSE should read this, just so they can discover a new side of themselves. Good luck on the next chapter!!

  186. Shelby

    I cried alot the first time i read it and even more the second time, i actually ran out of tissue. It’s so hard to read that chapter, that I just skip it now. And I was like with people when I was reading that chapter for the first time, I had to shut the book like right when edward said we’re leaving, cause i knew i would’ve cried if i kept on. I was depressed..

  187. Dana

    Now I don’t feel so utterly insane for feeling such a deeply sad and personal reaction to this chapter! I remember reminding myself, “It’s a work of fiction. It’s not real.” I felt competely & utterly insane! Now, I don’t feel so crazy. This just shows what an amazing writer Stephanie Meyer is to affect people in such a way!

  188. Angie

    Haha, I think the guys need to leave more comments. They’re making us girls seemed…obsessed. After all, this is TwilightGUY.
    Good lcuk on the next oneee!!

  189. Cherry

    I actually have to say that I have only read New Moon completely through 4 times…although I have read Twilight and Eclipse all the way through at least twenty times.

    I realized, after torturing myself all the way through New Moon, that maybe I should skip from when Edward leaves to one of the very last chapters. I miss all the…bad parts, I guess.

    I love the whole series, don’t get me wrong, and this book is great…but it’s the worst in the series thus far.

  190. Lior

    I know many people already said it but…when i read this chapter I cried and I wouldn’t listen to anyone trying to calm me(though many tried) I just couldn’t believe that he actually left!!! I was so mad and I cried ALOT!!
    now everytime something bad or something is just going really worng for me I open up New Moon and read those chapters were Bella is…lost…and i get through it in someway knowing that there is worse things then what happened..though now I can’t get through my sad times because when my parents went to wash the car(new moon was in it) some guy through it to the garbage and I can’t find it…though I ordered it…

  191. Debra

    Ok, after reading more posts (sorry, my kids are sleeping and I have nothing to do) I see alot of people saying this was the saddest chapter they’ve ever read. I do agree that it’s very sad, but just wait until you get to The Host after you’re done with this series. Chapter 58, Finished, is the saddest thing in fiction writing I’ve ever read. And the blank pages after that were worse for me than the month ones for NM.

  192. Dagny

    “And now that one of them is gone, it is like half of the main character has been split away as well.”

    Very eloquently stated.

    This chapter is very… I understand why it’s here, but I dislike the turn the story takes. I would hate to spoil something for you, but I hope you enjoy the rest of New Moon more than I did. While it is very well written and there are occasional bright spots, it was not enough for me to say I really *enjoyed* the book. Particularly since I know where it goes in Eclipse…

    I do think the opening teaser does lead to the best ending of the three, though. It’s a very conflicting, polarizing story.

  193. Danielaaaaa

    I love how you really understand the Bella&Edward thing because some of my friends said after reading this chapter ‘im not reading NM anymore cause Edward isnt in the book’ and i told them the book is not about Edward only, its about
    them, together well at least for me thats why i’m reading the books.

    Chapter 3 is so sad. At first i got angry and then i cried and my mom told me ‘its just a book’!

  194. adie

    I am reading the books for the 6th time since I first read them last October in preparation for Breaking Dawn. I think what keeps me coming back to this story is how I feel like my emotions are tied up with the emotions of the story. My heart feels like it’s breaking whith Bella’s and I feel the intensity of the love between them when they are together and the depair when they are apart. I also feel the emotion of bella and jacob, too. I love these books. I’m married and my husband thinks I’m a bit obsessed. My 9 year old son just says “oh that’s Twilight, right” when he walks into a room and sees me watching a trailer or reading, again.

  195. 30somethingmom


    (Also, Stella, could you have spoiled the entire series for him a little more, please!? pff)

  196. Becky

    *sniff* just reading about it makes me sad… poor Bella. and poor Charlie, having to see his daughter go through this but not completely knowing why. Gah, now I’m feeling sad :(

    anyways, I’m actually glad you didn’t make any jokes, becuase this chapter isn’t something you want to be making jokes about around Twilighters, even if you mean well. Apparently you are now suffering from early stage New Moon Depression. Be prepared for it to kick in when you see a silver Volvo in real life and think about Edward (which earned me some strange looks in the Walmart parking lot)

    it was a good post, Kaleb
    keep reading!

  197. Marie

    I truely feel for you…i remember my first time reading that chapter, a sad day. even more depressing is i was at school, i learned don’t read or bring twilight related material to school, not a good idea. But i do have to say that the chapters following NM were worse for me, especially the blank pages. But i totally agree with you the story isnt about bella or edward it’s them together, that’s what makes it so heart breaking because you know they belong together.

  198. Kelsey

    Same here! I didn’t think I was that attached until I read those three, horrible words. I was actually in the car and I threw the book down and started crying. My mom was confused, but I couldnt’ say anything because she wanted to read it but hadn’t started the series yet. I was depressed the rest of that weekend. I did not think I would be this attached to Edward and Bella. I hate the rest of New Moon. Well, most of it. :)

  199. Rachael

    “The heart has reasons that reason knows not.” I think that was Shakespeare saying that this thing, this hideous agony we feel at Edward’s departure, is not meant to make sense. It is too powerful for logic. Thanks for keeping on reading and commenting, Kaleb. I feel it all over again when you write about SM’s creations, even as I’m rereading them for myself.

  200. Sue M

    When I read the third chapter I was shocked but I still kept reading and I’m actually proud that I wasn’t like my other friends who put the book down and didn’t continue reading until the next hour or so. New Moon is my favorite book of all three. I know you guys might be like “WHAT!” but it’s because you get to read about Jacob and as you guys might notice I am not an Edward fan. Anyways I won’t spoil it for you but New Moon is worth reading and not being gloomy about (well Stephanie Meyer is the author) anyhow good luck with the next chapter can’t wait to read your update: D

  201. Kelly

    As most, I was caught offguard by the impact Edwards leaving had on me, not just emotionally but physically. I wasn’t only a weepy mess but was physically ill.

    I’ll confess that, after flipping through the empty months, I just couldn’t bring myself to read on until I cheated by flipping to the end of the book. I suppose it was lame but, even knowing the outcome, I had difficulty plowing through the rest of the book.

    After reading both Twilight and Eclipse many times over, I’m still having difficulty bringing myself to venture back through the heartache of New Moon.

  202. Lari

    Don’t feel too down! In my mind, what happens in this book is important to the series, and to Bella also. But that’s just how I feel.
    New Moon really is worth reading! Don’t flip to the back at all! Just take it as it come along!
    And I know a lot of people are Jacob haters, but he really is cool, and I think that without him…I don’t know what would’ve happened.
    Some people say that Bella was kind of crazy throughout the book, but if you were in her position, you would probably be the same! And just be empathetic about the book all the way though, it’ll help.
    Again, I sympathize with you! But keep reading, even if you don’t think that it’s worth it now.

    Lari- 😀

  203. Amanda

    i have been reading your comments and i was very surpised at the fact that a guy could get just as attached to these two characters and a lady would. A friend of my had read New Moon before i did, and when chapter 3 came around for me, she was simply there telling me it would be okay. i mean, its not like these people are REAL. but to us, her included, reading Edward walk away from Bella, absolutely crushed my heart and soul. i was never tempted to put the book down, because i needed to know that he would come back and everything would be okay. that was really the only hope i had left. and to know that Bella would somehow work thru everything and not forget him. that was by far thee hardest chapter in all 3 books so far. i really look forward to reading about your future readings. your comedy lightens my day and its just nice to get a guy’s perspective on the books. Good luck, and i’ve always got tissues if you need them :)

  204. Corinne!

    Yes, well, i saw that note you put down at the end about your youtube.
    It still makes me sad that you took me off there… i was number 50! way early! cause i’m rad!
    But oh well. I’ll just go wallow in my self-pity now. :]


  205. Shelly

    When I first read New Moon I literally didn’t stop reading until I was done with the book, I was that upset. I simply refused to stop until everything was right again. …Which ended up being me reading from 10pm to 8 the next morning. Oh, and it was when daylight savings time started to you can add an extra hour to that lol.

    I love this site btw XD

  206. Liz

    When I read this chapter I remembered how I felt when my ex-fiance and I broke up, and I felt so horribly for Bella. I cried my eyes out, and my boyfriend found me curled in a fetal position watching the Weather Channel later that night. (It doesn’t get much better for awhile. Trust me.) But it is good to know that guys feel just as horrible after reading that as we girls do, and nobody is blaming you for the lack of humor in this post!

  207. Becky

    forgot to put this in my above comment (somewhere up there, wow there’s a lot)

    Whatever you do, DON’T SKIP AHEAD to the end to find out what happens!! It totally ruins the rest of the book! It’s much better if you read it without knowing for sure what’s going to happen. And try not to get too caught up with Edward’s being gone becasue there is a lot that you miss if you do.
    Just some advice I guess.

  208. Abby

    I know that this is hard for you. It was extremely hard for me. I bet you have seen the icon for New Moon that says ‘pages _-_ don’t exist in my world.’ I wish I could say they dont’t exist in mine either, as much as I want to believe that, but it is SO true that they do. I have taken the fact that Edward and Bella being together for granted. when he left, it TORE my heart apart. I felt like I was Bella. I could predict what she was going to say, and I could FEEL her emotions, because they were my emotions also. And then came Jacob. Ew. But don’t do what I did to one of my copies of New Moon and tear out the rest of the book. Becuase you will miss the reunion. It starts the mending process, which is much needed at that point. And go buy yourself a box of Puffs. And maybe some anti-anger or anti-deppressent medicine. And be a TRUE man and let it out. If you flood your house with tears, you will be a male-role model for everyone. Keep reading! =]

  209. Dottikance

    I see right now you’re a hardcore E/B shipper, and too often this leads to Jacob-hate. But I really think you have the potential to appreciate him! Far too few Twilighters love Jacob. Don’t let down those of us who do! While you’re reading New Moon, please take the time to enjoy Jacob’s presence (and Edward’s absence).

  210. Ari

    I read this chapter 5 times now, and I still can’t stop crying. Even if I put it down watch something funny and go back to the book, when Edward says “I don’t want you” I ball. And Kaleb, I love you because you are just as attached to these characters as I and the rest of the girls in the world are, which makes you awesome.

  211. Lucy

    This chapter i believe would be very hard for anybody to read when they care deeply for Edward and Bella’s relationship. I threw the book at my bedroom wall! But no one was really looking for somthing funny in this chapter so your all good.

  212. Jaina

    Thank you Kaleb, for giving this chapter the respect it deserves. I could hardly read it the first time around, as a giant hole was forming in my chest and my eyes were misting. New Moon is my favorite book (so far) of the series because it is so emotionally raw, yet so difficult to turn away from. When I turned those pages and saw the blank months staring back at me, I lost it. It was a subtle but powerful touch, and boy did it work. Keep reading… and stay away from any ledges or knife drawers during this one.

  213. klohe.

    Oh my gosh i couldnt read this chapter with out bursting into tears!

  214. Melissa

    alright, I know I am not the first to say it and will not be the last but I am so glad that you are invested in the characters too.
    It is official with that admission that you are a twilighter, twi-hard, whatever you want to call yourself, because when a person begins to empathize with the characters and irrationally think of them as real, so much that they want to confort them, then lets face it you are a fan.
    Because it seems no one has commented on a certain bit you said, I feel I must. Its about what you said about it not being like Edward to just leave Bella like that, but if you knew the real reason, which its very likely that you do since what you said about Edward realizing just how dangerous it is for Bella to be around his family…think back to his leaving comments in Twilight, Bella is under the misappreihention that it is because he doesnt want her anymore but who here really beleived that crap he sold her? No one. and you shouldnt either, this is a bit spoilery so if you are actually reading this I would skip a few sentances. So what he did, leaving is completely in his character, he is prone to overreacting and overthinking, and loving Bella so much he would do anything if it meant she could be more happy or healthy or have a “normal” life. so leaving because of that makes perfect sense.
    I really hope you read chapter four and five and well the entire middle very slowly because if you dont you will miss out on the heart of new moon, the character that is Jacob Black. (and chances are you’ve heard all the hype, but dont buy it, draw your own conclusions about the character and please dont look for alterior motives in his actions like so many do, just trust your gut with him)
    I feel i have gotten wildly off topic but oh well, hope you enjoy new moon and dont miss Edward too much, enjoy the culture of a new brand of characters!

  215. maria

    i cried throughout that whole chapter, and chapter 2 because i knew what was coming (spoilers)…but even if i was spoiled, it was still soo soo sad. i cried as if someone in my family had just died. pretty sick i know..hahah

  216. Stephanie

    ok. yes! i wasn’t the only person who threw the book at the wall. (my poor friend bella’s book has been through alot because of me) :)
    Here’s the story. It was three in the morning and I couldn’t put the book down (duh). Well when edward left i threw the book at the wall, it hit it, and then landed in the beanbag. then i started yelling at the book and my dad ran in thinking i had fallen out of bed. when he realized it was “only edward” he told me to go to bed. Then i didn’t read new moon for like, 3 months (it was a dark time for me), and when i picked it back up I fell in love with Jacob…

    can’t wait for next post 😛

  217. agirlnamedshemus

    i realize this is going to sound all agest or something oln you *lol* and considering that i don’t have that many years on you, probably just pretty damn silly. but. being the mid twenties girls i am, i ahve had a chance to fall in love.. as i’m sure MANY many others have, but some, being younger, might not have. i’ve also had the chance to love and loose, and while i can certainly say that i have never loved and lost to this extent, not even CLOSE! (if i Had loved this much, could i have lived through the loss of it? pretty dramatic i know, but i don’t see how i could have. ANYWAYS!!!) but i have known what it’s like to not be able to breathe.. where you watch the clock to make sure you have made it through one more secound… and then one more. but i don’t think one has to have loved and lost to feel (and i mean REally FEEl!) this chapter and especially book. you can almost taste the humidity, feel and see the trees around you, feel the possibility of a storm, and see his eyes, as hard as the stones they always remind her of, as he says “i don’t want you…” i’ll admit, i sobbed. i felt like someone had shoved thier hand through my chest and ripped my heart right out. i felt these things for bella. and her stumbling through the forest, and eventually falling. how she is not quite able to even notice or even process her name being called.. or sam uley standing over her.. or her father’s concern. and then, when you turn the pages, and just read the months? it just hurt so much more.
    i know plenty of people who hate this book because it’s “so sad.” and what i say (over and over to anyone who will listen or has no choice!:P)is that, can’t you see? don’t you realize the imagination, the skill, and the straight up masterful storytelling it takes, to give you these two beautiful charectors, flawed but comeplete in each other in a way Thay don’t even understand, make them so close to one you forget they are not, and then pull them away in the most painful way you can possibly imagine (one falling out of the truest of true loves??), and you feel EVERY! SINGLE!ITSY!BITSY!BIT! everything. from the enormously huge, to the infanitely small things that just break your heart over and over. THAT is why why hate it, because they feel every single bit of it! wah ha.. >:D go brilliant storytellers that we would sometimes love to hate!! go!! :)
    p.s. caleb, i hope someday to run into you at random in a starbucks or even better, an ihop (they have some of the best tumy friendly coffee:), i can pretend you’re not famous, you pretend i’m not a nobody *lol* and we can chat about random books over some great coffee. how peoples minds, especially writers, work is fascinating to me. and no, i’m not trying to be a scary psychopath:)

  218. maria

    o and im a big fan of america haha

  219. Ms. Paranoia

    I understand why you couldn’t write anything funny about this chapter Kaleb: it’s probably one of the most tragic chapters I’ve ever read, and the months that literally fly by afterwards do not help ease your sadness/uneasiness at all. I really hated this chapter xD

    But no worries! We are all here to comfort one another. =D

  220. Melissa

    ps, I ran around the house twice muttering obsentities before diving into the book once more when I read chapter three. Like you I was deeply worried about Bella.

  221. Hope

    I shudder at the very thought of the dreaded Chapter Three. Don’t worry, Kaleb, the worst is over…

    Still keep a box of tissues handy, though.

  222. emily

    i remember reading this chapter like it was yesterday. i distinctly remember reading it twice because i couldn’t believe that edward had actually left. i thought that maybe i misread it somehow. the emotions i felt for bella were so deep and real, it was like edward leaving me in real life. i could empathize with her so well, the feelings of pain and loss. i don’t think i ever cried as hard as i did for a fictional character.

  223. agirlnamedshemus

    p.s. i’m sure i’m not alone in saying, thank you for not joking on this chapter.. i think that might have gone over like a pork chop in synagog.

  224. Makayla

    I just feel like giving you a hug!
    This is just the lowest part of the book.

    The story of New Moon is sort of fashioned in a “W” shape when you put it in “high” and “low” terms.
    But this is definitely the worst.
    It can only go up from here.

    And remember to give Jake a chance!!!

  225. Ley Ley

    When I read this chapter, my sister immediately noticed a great change in me. During Twilight, I had been very happy, a smile constantly on my face,and very energetic. The minute I finished this chapter, it was actually time for dinner at my house. Dinner took about an hour, and during it I said about 3 sentences, and hardly looked up from my plate.
    It’s a hard time to go through, as all of us Twilight fans know, but don’t worry, it’ll get better eventually. You may not be as attached as some of us, but it is obvious that you care to a certain point, so hopefully you’ll be able to live past this chapter.
    Good luck to reading the next chapter.

  226. Fallow

    Ohh, Kaleb, I didn’t think you’d take it this hard! See, I love reading your blog because you analyze things so well. You put your thoughts and feelings into words so well. I’m looking forward to your next one!
    I think I forgot how I was feeling when I read this chapter. It was years ago, and I think my mind shoved out the painful memory, since I have a tendency to do that.

  227. Sarah

    Don’t worry Kaleb… you are not alone and you are also not the only guy to feel this way when reading that chapter. I got my 30 year old male cousin, who works for ESPN and plays sports video games and wrestles with his children in his spare time, to read these books and he came to me after reading Chapter 3 of New Moon and said he was so upset and that he did not want to continue reading. So, do not feel bad feeling this way because “it is just a book”…. because, it’s not just a book. There is so much more to this series than just being another great book or a popular fad. Do not despair! Continue reading! You will regret it if you don’t.

  228. Marina

    This chapter was so depressing, I couldn’t even cry. I just choked on the air. It felt like there was hole in me when Edward left. I was absolutely morose after this chapter. The months that followed, were the parts where I cried. How depressing is it that time doesn’t even matter anymore? That your whole life has turned into a nightmare you don’t bother stopping and remembering it. New moon was by far one of the saddest books I will ever read, but one of the best, because really, I understand the meaning of true love now. That no matter how long someone is away, or how badly they break you, you will never ever stop loving them. *tears*

  229. Savannah

    I remember when i first read that. I cried uncontrolably. I actually read faster so i could get through it. Even though I am more Team Jacob than Edward and that section when Edward’s gone is one of my favorites It was SO hard when I was Team Edward. Keep reading! You’ll get through it.

  230. Christar

    Chapter 3 is definitely the hardest chapter! I STILL cry reading it. :( Hang in there! You know it gets better, otherwise the would be fans like me that renounced my love for the books, lol. :)

  231. Diana-la

    When I saw the page with October on it I just thought ‘Oh no.’ When I turned the page and saw more and kept turning I thought my heart had shattered.

  232. Robin


    Thanks so much for reading New Moon and for being so honest about your reactions. Makes the rest of us (ladies) not feel quite so detached from reality. I am not young or inexperienced in the pain that life and love throws at us, but I was completely shaken at the intensity of the pain coming from Bella in this chapter. Felt like it was happening to me.

    I find it interesting that you were able to cut through to what was actually going on in Edward and his motivations for leaving. I couldn’t take it at anything more than face level when I was reading it; at Bella’s pov. I knew that E was going to leave and that he would return before I started the book, but it didn’t lessen the shock of the experience.

    Your viewpoint has been intriguing- again, thanks.

  233. lexi

    this chapter was the saddest chapter of any book i have ever read in my life. i cried sooo much that i was literally gasping for air. and that wasnt even the worst part, it was the next chapters that followed that explained exactly how bella felt, i started crying even more because i understood how she felt. imagine not just losing a boyfriend, but the love of your life?? the one person who you cant live without? its so depressing to know that time doesnt matter, and the only reason your even trying to hold yourself together is becuase of your mom and dad.and that hole that she has inside of her,like if something is grabbing her heart and squeezing it so tight and the pain its causing her. and no matter how long that person is gone, or what theyve done, you will always have that pain inside of you because you never for one second stopped loving them….this is by far the saddest book i have ever read.

  234. Anna

    Ah. chapter 3. Has to be one of the most depressing chapters in the history of chapters. I honestly don’t know how Stephenie Meyer does it. Unbelivable that a mere book can make you loose your appetite, cry your eyes out, sulk around all depressed, and makes you hate life. Just thinking of it makes me all choked up and moody. And the months too. Pale and meaningless. Okay I’ll stop now I’m getting depressed xD

  235. Chelsea

    Wow. Great post for this chapter. I have nothing more to say lol.

  236. Jamie W.

    reading your post on chapter 3 was pretty much identical to my own thoughts on this chapter. I too couldn’t control myself and found myself flipping ahead to see if Edward was coming back. I had to read the book several times through to really get the feel of New Moon. I let my sadness of Edwards departure cloud the rest of the book for me and I found upon rereading it I gained a completely new understanding of New Moon. It really is quite amazing. Keep on truckin with the next few chapters! :)

  237. Mrs. Edward Cullen

    Good luck reading this book and continuing on with your life like nothing happened. When I read it I think my family got worried. I walked around like I was dead or somthing.

  238. Maddie

    Aww.. I know how you feel Kaleb. :( I hated that chapter. I cried my eyes out.

  239. Cassandra

    Well i am extremely emotional today.
    And there is no way that i should have read this post. I should have waited till tomrrow becuz now im crying.

    Oh dear Edward. How could you leave!!!!

    (i already know what happens but for now im just pretending that i dont. I almost want to go and snatch my new moon book from my gpa. -im making him read it right now-)

    Anyways. Still crying. But..i think i’ll be okay.
    Darn emotions being all crazy.
    I did cry the first time though. And my hormones or w/e were completely fine then.

  240. Briana

    you’ll get over it fast…
    just keep reading. and in about 200 pages or more later, have yourself a party.

  241. Bex

    Just keep reading! Things get a little better in the next few chapters. I don’t think your going to do what you did with Twilight (reading one chapter every few days)! And once you reach chapter 15 just forget it! lol

  242. Ellen

    After reading when Edward left, I really was depressed for a week. I continued reading New Moon, but I almost never laughed and stayed in my room for most the day. I was always about to start randomly crying. Now that I reflect on that, it is kinda pitiful to think that someone can get so attached to fictional characters. But I love the books, and all the characters.

  243. Brin

    i completely and utterly agree

  244. Hihi

    I love the first page of chapter 4. Not the pages of months but the one with the single paragraph. It is from Bella’s point of view and even though it doesn’t say much, you know that she is deeply hurt.

  245. Orietta

    When I read chapter 3 I cried my face off. I was so upset, I will never forget the first time I read that chapter. I always skip it when I re-read New Moon now, it’s just too sad.

  246. Addicted

    “Its only a blasted book” that just about ripes your heart out at that chapter, lol. All I had to read was those 3 words that you posted and my heart just sunk. And then the months going bye one after one. Its heartbreaking.
    I LOVED how you put though that its as if the main character is only a half now. As in Bella and Edward together ARE the main character. I liked how you put it that way.

  247. Monica

    I totally understand what you felt like, Kaleb. I read this chapter late at night in the corner of my room (I had a pretty bad day) and then I read the line “I did not resurface.” as if that didn’t freak me out, I flipped through pages of months. I mean, months. I even flipped to the back of the book to see if Edward would come back. I wish you luck for the middle, it gets really boing. In my opinion.

  248. Meagen

    Chapter 3 of New Moon is the worst chapter in the whole saga, but chapter 20 of New Moon is the best chapter in the whole saga, in my opinion. So even though this chapter (and, trust me, pretty much the next 16) are very tough to get through, don’t give up.

    A lot of fans will say that they hate New Moon and it’s the worst book in the series, but I think that’s an irrational and immature point of view. After you’ve read them all, you realize that New Moon is the most important book in the series because all of the relationships in the saga and all of the advancements in the characters and the dynamics of the whole, big picture story rely on the story told in New Moon.

    Good luck. When I was reading New Moon, my friends and family wondered if someone close to me had died. I was a wreck. But it’s worth it! I promise. :)

  249. Nym

    i am glad that you weren’t too funny because i would most likely find it offensive… i locked myself in my room for three days after i read chapter three and i was soooo depressed until… wait can’t say-anyway… Can’t wait for the next post!!

  250. Valerie

    when i read this chapter i burst into tears and threw my book on the floor and told it i hated it….then i immediately picked it back up and apologized and kept reading.

  251. Jo

    I feel your pain mate – yes, intended cheesy-ness there. But seriously, I understand exactly what you mean. That is one of the hardests chapters of a book I have ever read. I’ve read before you snack while reading, well I suggest chocolate for a bit. It kept me going, lol.

  252. Nym

    also, about you saying that there is only one main character… there is two… but it doesn’t surface for a couple more chapters…
    there is bella and edward
    then there is bella and _____
    both are my favorite characters

  253. Karol

    I feel for you! When I read this chapter I absolutely died. Not only that, the next few chapters were so horrible that for the first time ever a book actually made me cry!

  254. Rayne H.

    Actually, this was one of my favorite chapters in New Moon. People may hate me for that but it’s true. It may have been a terribly melancholy chapter but the emotion of it was so intense it became a favorite.

  255. Rie

    I think that it is hi-larious that all of these commenters remember where they were the first time that they read NM chapter 3. I remember too, I was in Misery. NM is really hard to read, but probably the best writen out of the 3. Keep reading, my friend!! ps. I am Team Twilight. Any ‘twilight’ man is fine by me…

  256. Emmy

    when I read that chapter I think I stopped really processing any of the words when he said that he didn’t want Bella anymore. and I got so depressed!!! when I was with my friends (who are hysterical when altogether) I never laughed or smiled and I couldn’t really figure out why I like Edward, and I was devistated he left but it wasn’t really that. I think you are completly right about how Edward and Bella really are one character because… the book is almost… empty I guess without Edward and Bella being together. I don’t think I did a very good job explaining that so sorry if it makes abosolutly no sense!!!

  257. Faith

    im re-reading New Moon(again) and im on the same chapter as you, but im prob. going to finish the book before you 😛 and yeah once again i cried wen Edward left.. wen i first read New Moon, none of my friends told me anything abt it so it caught me off guard and totally didnt expect that anyone, especially Edward, would leave. But reading it again and knowing wat happens shuldnt surprise me, so i dont know why it still makes me cry. I wanna give you a hug! cuz we ALL had to read that chapter and it was hard so we understand that this post wont be humorous. Anyways.. keep on reading! I was hoping you would finish all 3 books before Breaking Dawn comes out but i can see that wont happen ^_^

  258. Kate

    this is the chapter that made half the world stay up late and then half of them wanted to kill an auther the other half wanted to kill a vampire and a small percentage wanted to kill themselves

  259. Kayley

    This is the sadded chapter out of all the books so far. (yes even sadder than that one in eclipse dont worry im not saying anything) I cried for at least twenty minutes. It really makes you see how MUCH bella and edward are together and how much they love each other. In a way I think Stephenie had to do this.(im sure she didn’t want to) Edward only does this because he loves bella so much he’s willing to hurt himself by leaving.(you don’t think he wanted to do you!!!????) But Kaleb keep reading I dont like new moon as much as the others but I read it again because its interesting to see how Bella changes and still finds a way to be herself. I understand what you mean about splitting half the main character though. It gets a liitle better as you go on but I hope you are a fan of _____(EWWWW). Anyway please keep reading and by the way I’m glad it wasn’t a funny post this chapter is much to serious for that and Im glag you could keep the same tone as the book.

  260. Laura

    It is so sad! I remember I stayed up reading oit too like everyone else after I had my borrowed edition form my friend. I was also reading it on the night of our Homecoming Game so I was stressed all the next day while getting ready for the dnace with my friends and wondering what was going to happen.

  261. Debra

    Reading your commentary about Chapter 3. I felt the pain all over again. Yes Kaleb I agree, Edwards sudden shift in mood left me restless, and downright worried. It read so believable.. I felt he left me right along Bella.
    *sigh.. memories.

  262. Ria

    I’ve yet to meet anyone – male or female – who could make it through the dreaded Chapter 3 of New Moon without utterly breaking down. Personally, I took Edward’s leaving very hard. I couldn’t see Bella without Edward. At all. Even now, looking back over that book, I can’t see anything in my mind like I usually do when I read. Instead, a black abyss took over. I only WISH I was exaggerating.

  263. MoonySparrow

    Yo! Remember me? You emailed me a few chapters of your book. I don’t know when it will come out here where I live but since you were kind enough to let me see it, I have to say it’s a very well written book, well, the few chapters that I got to read, it left me wanting more lol
    Congratulations for it :)

  264. Jess

    Kaleb, I’ve GOT to know…did you flip to the back of the book to see if/when Edward would return? Because that’s what everyone I know did, just as a coping mechanism.

  265. Krystol

    Yeah, I remember how I felt after reading chapter three. I was sobbing so hard I couldn’t breathe and I was in a weird mood until I finished the book and things were better. Keep reading, don’t give up! It isn’t the end, remember there is a third book so life does continue, even when it’s hard (and trust me when I say it was hard for EVERY character involved).

  266. Anya

    I am so, so sorry.
    We’ve all been through this too. I remember my first time reading new moon.
    You seem very perceptive about Eddy’s motivation.
    Remember, life goes on. no matter how much it sucks without Edward and Bella together. We’re here for you. *hugs*

    I don’t think I slept the whole time i was reading New Moon. nightmares, you know…
    lol. i think i need a life.
    but happy reading!

  267. STEPH

    omg…i was crying when he said those three words….i thought he was playing around or something…but at the end he was really leaving….my mom was worried when she saw me sobbing like crazy she was like “honey what’s wrong?” and i screamed “EDWARD LEFT BELLA!” she was laughing she goes “steph its only a book” i was ofended lol…im like i dont care…he left her..and he made…a promise that he wouldnt leave her…..i cried for 5 days….just thinking about makes me want to cry… :'(

  268. Maria

    Don’t forget that we’re all here for you. I actually kinda just curled up after I read that chapter and stared at the wall. I guess that was my way of dealing with the sadness

    Things will get better eventually. Hang in there!

  269. mariaferzillah

    Oh Kaleb… I feel your pain. Every time I read this chapter, I cry. Chronologically cry more every time. It’s sad. Heartbreaking in every sense possible. I’m so sorry you had to read it. Just thinking about it… makes me cry so much. The first time, I cried for like… every 3 seconds, since I couldn’t get my mind off it. I truly hate the part Bella says, “… you … don’t … want … me ..?’ and Edward says, “No.”
    That takes my tears to agony, and I cry (so it seems) endlessly.

    Yet again, I’m so sorry you had to read this. We are here for you:)

  270. Bridget

    Aww, this chapter made me so depressed when i first read it. Ohhh dear, I was like a mindless zombie walking around at school….shukks.
    But yeah I am currently re-reading New Moon, because I want to refresh on some things before reading Breaking Dawn.
    I as well just finished this chapter yesterday and it made me as depressed as the first time =[

  271. Nicole

    Kaleb, thank you for sharing so honestly with us. Also, thank you…all 268 people who have commented. This chapter killed me!! I cried and cried and cried and STILL cry.
    I feel like this is a little support group!!

  272. sparkles

    I think the difference btw bella and edwards relationship and bella and jacobs relationship is most clearly evident in this chapter. Bella needs edward in order to be whole, edward completes her and she cannot function without him in her life. Jacob adds to her, makes her life bigger and brighter, but he doesn’t fix anything in her. She is complete without him. He really is healthier that way. He is like a chocolate bar while edward is like cocaine. :) You can ditch the candy but the drugs become integral to you once you’re addicted (NOT from personal experience :P!!). (oh and Kaleb has mentioned Jacob many times and clearly knows his character evolves so I hope I’m not giving anything away by my little thought ramble)

  273. Jody

    >.X Thanks for your feels on the chapter. And you’re totally right. We don’t read the book just for Edward or Bella, but we read them for of the them. I’ve read New Moon 7 times, and each time I read that chapter I cry, a lot. I don’t even know how you could stop reading. Each time I’ve read that book I couldn’t put it down until it ended. You can imagine I never got much sleep when reading it.

  274. amy

    for the fist time ever i was finaly able to read this chapter with out crying (finaly after like 15th time of reading the book!) it really is the saddest thing. but i have to say that even though i love edward, i find myself loving Jacob more! so just wait and see what happens, cuz its good!

  275. Roki

    oh man! I was crying when i finished that chapter. I had gone through a break up before reading it, not right before but maybe 1 yr before, with a guy I was in love with, the first and so far only guy I ever loved and so I knew what the signs were. When Edawrd started acting that way I KNEW it was going to happen….

    saddest chapter ever.

  276. McKenna

    We all *sniff* have to go through this chapter. And we all feel what Bella feels.


    You had to find out

  277. Lindsay

    :( *everyone group (non creepy) hug* Even though I don’t like Bella that much this chapter makes me really sad. I just put the book down and stay in my room for a while…

  278. Jessica

    God, that chapter had me in tears- and understand this, I am not a crying person. It was kind of akward because it was in the middle of math that the devastation hit me, and my guy friend Jake was trying to comfort me… well lets just leave it at the fact that it was akward

  279. Ash

    I’ve been reading your posts for a long time now, but have yet to comment…but for this chapter, I couldn’t resist. What you said about loosing half of the main character is exactly what I felt. I’d avoided reading Twilight for a long time because I wasn’t really into romances…I thought they were over dramatic and just silly. But one Christmas break, my cousin literally forced me to read it–by reading it out loud every time I was in the room…and I was hooked. For the dreaded drive home after break–nearly 13 hours in the car from Michigan to South Carolina…I made my mom stop at a bookstore so I could read New Moon on the way. And then I read chapter 3. For the rest of the trip, I sulked. Despite the absolute boredom of driving a cross-country route you’ve seen a million times before, with no iPod I might add, I refused to read any more of New Moon because I was so upset. But then my bookworm instincts got the better of me when we got home and I did read it. I can’t say any more without spoiling it….but be ready for what I suppose you could say is a mighty big twist.

  280. Barbara

    And now you are beginning to see why so many of us are desperately awaiting Breaking Dawn. We are not comfortable in our own lives because we feel as though we have been living this Twilight life and a piece of us is incomplete until we know what happens next! I have never obsessed about anything as much as this series. I can’t stop talking about it, these blogsites are totally unnatural for me and now I’ve managed to hook one of my daughters with it and she feels the same. (I am still working on my other daughter–she is resistant.)

  281. Abby

    omg i cried for a bit then read on i wonder what would of happent if she- aahhhhh i cant be a spoiler!

  282. Joanie

    Oh, I know what you mean about this chapter. I read about your blog today so I’m a pretty new reader, but you seem to be able to put an amusing twist to the books, which I really do enjoy.

    But I was stunned when I was reading through this chapter. I couldn’t believe what was happening even though like you, I felt like there was something that was bothering Edward, something that made me feel uneasy about the entire situation. The blankness and the lack of anything in the next few pages after Chapter 3 were brilliant, though.

    But at least now you know how much you care about the characters! I realized how hooked I was near the end of Twilight, with all the action going on.

  283. K La

    I can guarantee you weren’t the only one to start flipping through the pages, searching for Edward’s name again. I did the same thing.

  284. Marita

    I cried so hard when I read this chapter.
    I was in shock right next to bella and in my mind I scream
    “Edward come back”
    I almost felt like I broken up with someone


  285. Marita

    Ps. love the cite Kaleb

  286. Selene

    I cried.
    It almost makes me cry just thinking about it.
    Weird, huh, how much you can be affected by fictional characters. But Stephenie went so deeply into them that we all feel they are real.

  287. Monica

    I converted my roommate to Twilight-ism, and we were in our dorm room together as she read chapter three. Her response was “What the ****?!?!?! Edward LEFT?? When does he come back??”

    Which was basically how I felt. I think I was in denial for a few chapters. This was probably the hardest chapter to read, but New Moon also has a lot of good stuff, and one of my favorite quotes from the whole series (giving the quote without the context won’t spoil anything, but you should skip the next part to be completely spoiler-free):

    Alice: How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?

    I love Alice!

  288. Shelby

    In response to something someone said FAR above me, I can’t wait for you to read on and meet Jacob Black for real. He’s my favorite character for obvious reasons and when you finally get to his first few scenes, I hope you will understand why and I will truly be able to speak my mind. I’m never able to speak my mind because none of my friends like him the way I do. I know I kind of spoiled a major plot point for you but, in all honesty, I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again from every girl either that they love or hate Jacob Black and that Edward is better than Jacob. I hope you will like Jacob for his funny little comments and such. He’s hilarious and easy to like.

    And so, after such a long, and I’m sure, annoying comment, I shall say this:

    Great post on Chapter 3, the title easily gives away the plot doesn’t it? And I hope you will continue reading the book because many girls have thrown their books down acting stubborn saying “where is Edward? why should I read it now?” I’ll admit, I didn’t read anything after chapter 3 for a few days. I just couldn’t stand the thought. But I’m glad I finished the book because I gained a favorite character out of it. You’re awesome, and its ok to grow attached to these characters.


  289. Anjanie

    Oh! -hugs- I felt the same way when I read this chapter, but what hit me harder were the month pages right after. I really liked your post for this one even though it was sans humor. It was very thought-provoking ^.^

  290. Morgan

    Yeah I wanted to cry in this chapter but I couldn’t because I was at my grandpa’s house and he had just gotten home from the hospital and our whole family was there so I didn’t want people asking what was wrong, so I held it in till I got home and then called my bestest buddy ever and she toldd me that it was going to be alright and she told me to read somthing but I can’t say. But anyways I got in trouble at school the next two days cause it was so hard to put the book down.

  291. Robin

    Hugs to you. None of my friends (39ish years of age) have read them so I had to suffer by myself. Strong work getting in touch with your nonrational side. My DH thinks I’m crazy.
    Keep reading…when I reread the series I had a knot in my stomach when I got to Chapter 3.

  292. katiedid

    This almost made me cry!!! Your post was heartwrenching. My moms at this part and she almost cried. It’s horrible, but no matter what.. KEEP READING! It will get better.

  293. Stephanie

    It was this point in the book I went ahead to page 382… Not the first time of course, but every other time!

  294. Morgan B.

    Your take on these books is really surprising. I’ve been following you since you started with Twilight and I really can’t believe how much you understand why we girls love these books so much. Haha, and you’re a guy!
    What you wrote here almost had me in tears. You’re a great writer, I’ve also realized. No doubt I’ll be picking up your book when it comes out. 😀

    And like many other people are saying, when I re-read New Moon, this is where I skip through the book. You’ll see why muchhh later. :]

  295. mehek

    god, i started crying when i read your post. reminds me of a miserable situation i was in not too long ago. but you really understand how heartwrenching it is for edward to leave. i was in such a state of mourning(aka constant sobbing for nearly the entire weekend that i read the book)so i was forced to listen to it on audiobook(something that is nearly impossible to anyone in our city, due to the fact that everyone here has probably read and re-read the saga so many times that they have memorized it, but there are a few who havent been enlightened)which i never do because i love reading. but i was in such a state of deppresion when edward left i spent the entire evening writing. i am happy about that because it has led to a very long story that still isnt finished after nearly a year!but new moon is absolutly my favorite of the series, becuase it just makes sense at what would happen next in the series!

  296. Cindy

    I have converted so many people to Twilight-ism. And every time they get to New Moon, I get beat on for Chapter 3. I feel like I should warn them in advance, but then that would spoil things, wouldn’t it? *sigh* So I take the beatings. After all, other people should go through what I went through when I read it the first time, and no one converted me…I just picked up the series of my own free will because people were talking about it. After I read chapter 3 and felt gutted I thought the spell was broken; I felt like I could put the book down (at 3 a.m.) and not pick it back up again for a while (days even).

    Of course I was wrong; I picked it back up after several minutes of sulking. Its a big slap in the face, but Stephenie follows it with good stuff. Have faith. 😉

  297. Katie M,

    Sometimes, we do not listen to our rational sides; or more commonly, do not want to listen to our rational sides.

    (I love this. I wrote it down.)

    Love from NYC,

  298. Sammie

    I remember my first time reading through this chapter. I was on campus (skipping class actually) and I felt like the world was crumbling around me. Bella and Edward were meant to be together. There was no Bella. No Edward. Just Bella AND Edward. I felt horrible for being attached to these characters, but like you said, I did not want to listen to my rational side.

    I’m woman enough to admit I cried. There in the middle of the campus commons area, curled up on a couch, feeling the tears hot on my cheeks as Edward, clearly lying to her (how could he NOT love her anymore?) and leaving her.

    From there, I spent the next few chapters no caring of anyone else, waiting with bated breath for Edward to show up again.

    (Just keep tissues with you and keep reading. It eventually gets easier. And yet more heartbreaking.)

  299. Amanda

    Many people during the time of Edward’s absence took the time to embrace the character of jacob..i was not one of them. the more i read of what happens, the more i wanted edward back. its as simple as that. Edward is the backbone of the story, jake just simply isn’t. i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. and i actually find it cool that a guy YOUR age is reading it..i mean, most guys wouldn’t read it at 19.

  300. Nancy

    I want to give you a hug! It’s been a while since I’ve read this chapter, but reading your post has left me feeling just as forlorn as I had the first time I read the dreaded chapter 3. :(

  301. Sara L.

    *I don’t know how much you already know about the story so be warned: spoilers below*
    Jacob is my personal fave. So I’m glad Edward left, b/c if he hadn’t Bella wouldn’t have sought Jake’s company and the glorious tent scene in eclipse (and the other glorious forest scene which comes after the tent scene) wouldn’t have happened either.
    *spoilers over*

    And I certainly didn’t cry when he left. B/c that’s crazy in my opinion

  302. sandra

    i feel your sincere sense of loss.
    :[ this is why we are so attached to these characters. Kaleb you rock for reading this! and i agree with autumn[thanks autumn!!!!!!!!!!]
    i listened to The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap and it is perfect for this chapter of bella’s life.

  303. whitney

    I felt the same way only i was taking a run on my tredmill and had to turn it off and sit down to cry when i was reading it. YOu dont know how intune to the characters you become until somthing major happens..

  304. Christina

    Chapter 3 is terribly upsetting… most of the book left me feeling depressed even when I wasn’t reading it…The 4 months that go by just… broke my heart…because it is so honest because when you lose the love of your life time seems to keep going while you don’t…. it’s like you get left behind. Chapter 3 was perfect sadness.

  305. Audree

    This chapter left me broken hearted!!! I couldn’t believe it. I never imagined that Edward could leave.

  306. Nikki

    You know what affected me more than the chapter with him leaving? The pages with just the months on them! Now that was a stark reminder, a slap in the face really that he really left, and how long he had been gone. Tore me up!

  307. Jenna

    I am going to be completely honest. After Chapter 3, it was as if I had been broken up with. I felt sick to my stomach and my chest was heavy with bummed-out-ness. It was terrible.

    But keep going! It takes a while….but things get better!

    Whenever I see someone or talk to someone who is reading New Moon, I wish them luck. So good luck, Kaleb.

  308. Leah K.

    Have you read chapter three out loud? When it was in my head, I just got depressed, but when I read it out loud, I started crying- and I’m not the type to cry. I’m not saying ‘read it out loud!’ I’m just saying it’s even more sad.

  309. Jojo

    I’m glad you feel the way you do about the characters – it shows that Stephenie can even reach those who tell themselves that they will remain impartial. I’m glad that you’re so…what’s the word…touched. I think I know what you mean. You know something’s wrong…but I’d like to correct you on something. The love isn’t gone. It’s there – Edward left her because he loved her.

    But none of us have read Midnight Sun yet, so technically, we don’t KNOW.

    I will repeat what others already have. Reading this post was like reading that chapter again. For this first time. It was heartbreaking. Every page you turn, it’s like a tear in your heart. And then your mom calls you down for dinner and you feel stupid for caring so much about a darn book. But you can’t help it. It feels like the entire world of the book has been torn in two. And it seems like the story could never go on.

    It wouldn’t have been able to…but Stephenie, of course, had a surprise for us fans. A surprise that, without it, the fans would have willingly shunned her for the rest of eternity. THE BOOK KEEPS GOING.

    I know – shocker. Keep reading, Kaleb. I think, this time, I’m going to read the book with you. When you finish a chapter, I’ll read the next. Then I can read your analysis.

    And thanks for not cracking jokes – cracking jokes during sad books that have a huge fanbase of rabid fanpires – I mean, girls – during depressing chapters that are a huge turning point is a rather self-sacrficial idea. Don’t do it – we like you, Kaleb. Stay with us a little longer – at least until you finish Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun.

  310. amanda

    To be honest, when i first read this chapter i was horrified and a billion other things at the same time. I didn’t really cry i just felt a hole get ripped through my heart. ironically, i was able to sympathize with bella. it truly was the saddest chapter ever written. however it is the most well written saddest chapter. I’m not mad about the lack of jokes. it would be quite tacky if you had posted one. enjoy the book, it picks up soon.

  311. Kayla

    Poor Kaleb… Tis a sad chapter indeed. I literately cry every time I read it…. Well, good job making it through, it gets easier as you go :)And don’t worry, you are far from being alone in having this book effect you on such a deeply emotional level. Also, just curious, but are you a nerd fighter? Just wondering, because you reference Maureen Johnson in here, a secret sister in Brotherhood 2.0, and I also saw that you were reading John Green’s “Looking for Alaska”. So if you are a nerd fighter, DFTBA.

  312. Ariel

    I was sooo upset about this chapter that I cried and I wouldn’t read it. I told my mother to take it back to the store, and that I was done with Stephenie’s nonsense. Then I decided to read it just for the heck of it, and I am glad I did, because even thought it is the most sad it is my favorite book so far in the saga. I hope you enjoy chapter 4.

  313. bea

    it’s such a sad book filled with emotion, but i looove it:))

  314. Yvette

    I remember this is the chapter I always skip when I reread NEw Moon I just go straight to like chapter 5.. its to heartbreaking, the first time I read it I cried,

  315. Chelsea

    GRRRR….. I don’t know what time zone you were talking about. Do I really need to wait.

  316. Caro

    I cried with that chapter. It so uneasy to think about Bella without Edward. When I read it I was so mad at Edward. I felt horrible for Bella. The love of her life, leaving her there. So.. destroyed.

    But.. keep reading 😀 Things pick up again (:

  317. daylet

    ummm…KALEB IT’S 12:35 AM, WHERE’S CH.4?


  318. Emily

    I had to close the book after reading the chapter I still do every time I read it. I just get so mad at Edward for leaving.

  319. courtneyC

    i know this will sound really pathetic. and loserish.

    but it shows how truly obsessed with the books i am. and how truly obsessed i am with edward and bella.
    i know it sounds crazy, but really. all i ever think about is these books. im an addict, an obssessive crazy fangirl that cannot get over the fact of how in love i am with bella and edward together. as one.

    when i read this book. not even just this chapter, but the most of this book.

    I cried. hours and hours of uncontrollable crying.

    because i coneected with bella in a way i hadnt before, i mean sure ive been that madly in love, but…

    i’d been left. the same way she was. i felt her pain the same ways she did.
    of course it wasnt the fac ti was in love with a vampire. but to want to endanger myself to hear his voice, i wouldve done that.

    as i turned the pages, written only the names of the months. I soon recognized bella like i did myself. i was a zombie for months. and so…as pathetic as it sounds. i cry and cried for hours when i read chapter three.

    My name is Courtney, and i am in love with bella and edward. I’m not afraid to show my obsession

  320. Marita

    can’t wait for the next one

  321. nicole (twilight luver)

    wow that was so sad i almost cried. i can totally relate to what you are saying. the first time i read that chapter my whole week i felt depressed.the feelings in that story was soo affectionate it just grabs a hold of u. i’ve never felt so much emotion and attachment to a book. but dont worry, keep reading. it will get better :]

  322. Amber

    Isn’t it amazing how good some authors are? You read a book and it grabs hold of you. Then, something happens and you feel like YOUR entire world has crumbled. If the rational side of you did come out, then you should still be able to appreciate the flawless level Stephenie Meyer has reached. New Moon was probably one of the most difficult books i’ve ever read. Yet it is pivotal to the Twilight Saga. It only took me a day to read it, but it was probably one of the most depressing i’ve ever had lol.

  323. Christina

    omg just reading your comments on this chapter make me start crying…

  324. savannah


  325. Maddy

    i know exactly how you feel about how you picked up the book to read about bella and edward. before then it had never even occured that it was even possible for edward to leave. well i did think it was possible, of course, but i’d never thought that he would even consider it. they had always been a package deal, you couldnt have one without the other. i was so upset, its actually funny to think about it now, even though it was far from funny then. when edward left i wanted to throw but the book but i destrained. instead i jumped up from my bed and literally started spinning in circles! after my little fit i almost started crying, i was tired, and i forced my self to stop at the end of the chapter so i could sleep, even though the pages with the names of the months had me literally hyperventilating, i wouldnt let myself flip past the first month. anyway im not going to say anymore, yet, because i dont want to ruin it for you. but it’s really cool to think that a guy could appreciate the devastation of this dreaded chapter. keep reading, i cant wait to see your reaction to… rrg,. i knew i should have stopped! anyway just keep reading

  326. shadesofblack

    as for your rank on youtube: you’re welcome!

    i’m **peeved** because I THINK all the comments of ominous warnings subconsciously made you feel so un-funny this time around – it was a melancholy chapter… but sheesh… Edward and Bella do come in a package, in Twilight… but this is a different story, and Bella needed to find out who she was and what she wanted without Edward! life throws a few wrenches in the oily gears of life, people – deal with it! but Bella doesn’t (hence the blank months)… this is why the book got a couple of negative reviews, due to the fact that it seemed like Bella went from the loner in the beginning of Twilight to an empty shell and totally dependent on Edward & Co. by New Moon. and i am soooo incredibly happy that she… well… you’ll see…

  327. shadesofblack

    *fate throws a few wrenches in the oily gears of life, people.

    as in the cliche “life doesn’t always work the way you intend it to” and you must “make lemons out of lemonade”

    *shuts up*

  328. Maddy

    oops, i forgot to mention this in the last comment. i dont know if anyone has told you this yet, i havent read all the other comments, but have an open mind, well as open as you can get. when to get to caught up in the fact that edward is gone and waiting for him to come back, you seem to read the whole story form a weird perspective, and let me tell you, you will miss a lot! so just have an open mind about… people, and then you can go back to being a rabid edward fan when he comes back. or maybe it will be different for you, i dont know, that’s just how it was for me.

  329. Carolyn

    I don’t blame you for not being funny- I remember the first time I read that chapter, I had foolishly taken the book to school to read (since I had gotten it the night before) and I had to try so hard not to burst into tears when I got to that part! Just thinking about it makes my eyes watery…

  330. ~Jasmine

    Oh Kaleb! just your reaction for this chapter even makes me sad =[
    I- unlike a lot of twilighters, did not cry in this chapter but reading your response has made all the sadness I felt whilst reading the beginning of new moon come back to me… and I know the heart wrenching feeling you feel… keep reading and don’t worry ~ fangirls all over the world are supporting you!

  331. LaRae

    I am new to the series as well and read all 3 in one week. I have never been closer to two fictional characters in my life and I am 34. I went so far as to skip ahead a few hundred pages to just hear Edward’s voice again. I knew he would come back, but hearing his voice helped get me through those unbearable chapters.

  332. Adrienne

    I left like you did, but with no one to share. I was the only person that had read the series thus far, and when trying to describe the horror I felt when true love left, everyone thought I was just nuts. You were 100% right when you said it wasn’t just about Bella, it was Bella & Edward. Nothing every socked me in the gut when I turned those lovely pages and they were blank with just the months. I still get semi breathless and empty when I think about that first time I read New Moon

  333. C.C

    So i don’t know how attached you are to this series, but it’s my life! haha it’s the second thing i live for. call me another twilight nut, but i read twilight an new moon a year before the Twilight Wave hit.

    this is VERY sad… i cried and it took me about 20 min to get through this chapter alone because i couldn’t see through the tears (//_v)

    after i’ve read New moon numerous times, i had my own “New Moon” which suck extremly, and i think Reading New Moon… helped me! haha i hope you finsih the rest of the book in time for breaking dawn!

  334. Reading New Moon: Chapter 3 (The End) | Twilight News

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  335. Megan

    Yeah, that was a pretty sad chapter. It’s hard to read. But it wasn’t the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

    For me that would be Chapter 33 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Omg… I bawled for about 3 hours straight after reading that. Most depressing thing I’ve ever read.

  336. Amanda

    I am not sorry that you felt this way, I am glad.

    There are so many of my friends who started reading Twilight because of myself and all of them hated me for a time after reading those first three chapters of New Moon. I didn’t say they had to go on after Twilight, I simply asked them to take a look at the first.

    All of them were going on about the same thing. How they literally almost tossed the book across the room when they read those final words and it sank in that Edward was not there anymore. I also found it over powering and almost did just the same as any of them.

    However, we all took the easier route. I think my own was the longest, but it was all the same. We simply sat the book down, placed our bookmarks in it, and cried. They all had gotten over it rather quickly, or as quick as one can when they are feeling down about their new favorite characters, and then proceeded on. I, who had read it before any of them, sat in my room, all alone and cried by myself.

    When reading I tend to become part of the story myself and as the Twilight series is first-person I can become more in-tune with Bella and for most of the story I do feel like I am her. So naturally I had much of the same reaction as her. If someone entered my room during my small fit of being … well practically catatonic, they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of me. (Infact, day’s later my sister told me that I had been muttering something about not wanting Edward to leave, that he needed to come back. XD)

    I did my share of crying, as did my friends and then we all plowed on, much the same as yourself. I will admit the coming chapters were difficult for me however. Seeing his name on the page brought hope that crashed and I couldn’t stand the thought of him not there.

    I hope your travels are better than my sad one.

  337. Nikki

    Hey, yeah I know exactly how you feel, I have read the series exactly 17 times now and I still cry every time I read it!!!!!! The first time I read it I cried for 2 hours straight, that is how emotional I can get, and that was very sad!!!

  338. Nikki

    I also think that Hate Me would be a really good song for that chapter, maybe you will understand better later, but it is a perfect song for it, coming from Edward’s perspective! at least! :(

  339. Kirsty, UK

    When I read it I cried for about five minutes, wishing a different ending to the chapter. Then I didn’t read the book for two days.

  340. Anna


    listen to the song “sorry”

  341. Gill Pont

    wow. I’m actually crying at my computer.

  342. Maddy

    “I picked it up to read about Bella and Edward.” Thank you. I have always thought that even though Twilight is narrated by Bella, it is Bella AND Edward’s story. I’m glad you can see that special connection they have. How some people can deny it, I have no clue. After the incident in Phoenix, Edward seemed to have thoughts of leaving already, so I can’t say I was surprised. I was hoping I was WRONG though… And a lot of people often forget that … yes, Bella is in pain.. but SO IS EDWARD. I am not saying he didn’t make a mistake, but I can’t condemn him for trying to do the right thing either.

  343. kris

    I know it sounds really corny or whatever, but i cried in this chapter. And right after, i couldn’t put the book down, i finished the book on the same day,

  344. L.

    when i read this chapter and read that Edward was leaving, i threw my book on the floor.

    i didn’t pick it back up for exactly 4 days.

    and then i was like.
    i can’t do this!

    and then i finished the book in the same day.

  345. Shannon

    Wow! haha ….if it didnt say “twilight guy” i would have thought you were another vamptastic fan girl(like me)! you write wonderfully….i love reading your opinions on chapters and such. I completely understand what you mean about reading the books for edward and bella…… it hurts me so much to read new moon without edward being in it… but i havent ever skipped pages….


    I meant the fan girl comment as a compliment not an insult 😀 its amazing how much i can relate to your take on the chapters!

    Twilight unites the world …lol

  346. Emma

    i almost stopped reading the book after that chapter because i was so depressed :(

  347. deepa

    when i read this chapter i started crying and couldnt stop.. i was SOOO depressed out of my mind….even at school i was depressed and couldnt focus on anything..i didnt find leave the darkness until later on in the book… the whole three days it took me to read the book was spent in a deep depression probably as bad as bella was feeling i felt horrible like i REALLY was bella and edward had left me..i even had dreams about how the situation would have really happened with me being bella. i know its just a book but every emotion bella felt i felt and it wasnt very pretty.. just to let you know: I HATE JACOB BLACK with the passion of a gazillion burning suns…i HATE HIM SOOOOO much…. oh and i LOVE Edward definetely as much (maybe even more,if possible) as bella does….

  348. deepa

    in reply to what most of you said about crying even after reading the book over again, you are definetely NOT the only one i read new moon 5 times and it is the hardest book of the series for me to read because of the lack of edward in most of the book….it feels good to know there are other people out there that feel the same..

  349. drea

    i was crying in class when i read that chapter…tee hee

  350. laura

    i actually made myself really depressed reading new moon, so much it was affecting how i felt day to day. you get so engrossed in how the character is feeling, you almost become part of it. once alice comes back into the book, you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  351. Hannah

    Believe me, my reaction to this chapter was much worse. I actually hurled the book into my closet and it came apart. In a million pieces. Or pages.
    And it was my sister’s book. She was not happy.
    Then I proceeded to cry for hours on end. I didn’t pick the book back up for two weeks. (Or, technically, the new book I had to buy for my sister).

    Keep reading. It gets better. Even if Jacob comes in. *Evil glare*

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  353. Angelina

    Believe me u weren’t the only one sadden by this chapter. When I read those words and reality set in that he was leaving with out her I was pouring tears out of my eyes. It went on like that for 10 minutes until I finally calmed down. Truth of the matter is when he left Bella I felt something inside me break. Weird I know, it’s only a book right? But, it was like I was attached to him, like me and
    Bella were one and we had lost him together. Every paged I turned that showed the months go by felt like I was there with Bella and had experienced what she had. The mind numbing pain. That’s what makes Stephenie Meyer a wonderful writer. U relate to Bella in ways u wouldn’t have ever imagined. So much so that anything Bella feels u feel. anything she thinks u think too. Meyer makes u connect to her characters on a deeper level than any other authors works I have read

    I just hope Breaking Dawn won’t get my hopes up =(

  354. Angela

    I read up to chapter 4 of New Moon while I was waiting for my boyfriend to get out of a class at school. I had driven two hours to see him, but the second he got there, I couldn’t even talk to him like a normal person. He took one look and was like. “Oh. What have you been reading?”

    Because this is one of those moments in a book where you are just going to need to take a minute and be upset. Because even though it isn’t real and they aren’t real people, you know the characters better than you know most of your better friends, and something tragic has just happened in their lives, and, therefore, in yours.

    That being said, one word: fortitude! I’m interested to see how you feel about the things that come to pass and the way that Bella reacts to the situation she has been left in.

    Thanks for a lovely site and good blogs!

  355. Mary


  356. inmortal

    Now you understand why we are so hooked to these books (specially the characters)?

    I didn’t cry in New Moon but in Eclipse… wah… I diiiiiiiid really cry in Eclipse.

  357. mckenzie

    I felt the same “its just a book!” but I am an Edward Cullen obsessive and to hear my sister tell me that it would be more than FOUR HUNDRED pages till he came back. that made this book my least favorite(although still necessary to the story).

  358. maia

    i think a really good song for this chapter [or the whole book]
    is Early Mourning.

  359. s.cullen

    this book is really good and i am addicted to the series. right now, i;m waiting to get my hands on breaking dawn at the library. when i read this chapter, i shut the book and screamed into my pillow. i wanted to skip all the sad stuff and read about edward and bella TOGETHER. it was real heartbreaking, even if its only a book.

  360. DaddyBoJangles

    I felt exactly the same way, turmoil, sullen, down. As I read I couldnt believe what was happening. Here was two main characters that were inseperable. That they loved despite the odds, and all it took was one drastic realization to tear them apart, practically tore me apart, as if I was reading about two people I have known and become quite fond of. Its just a book, but that shows you how powerful attachment can be. I became attached to these characters, to the point to where I actually care what happens. What an amazing book series.

  361. Steph

    That chapter makes my stomach clench. Just hearing your take on it… *shudder*
    So sad. All of my friends admitted to crying during it. It puts me in the worst mood…
    Reading it for the fourth time, I just skimmed what I consider to be the boring parts. Dang it, giving away stuff and I have no idea how far into it you are. I’ll stop now.

  362. Erika

    good song for the chapter. and for me, it’s the saddest chapter in the twilight saga. it’s just…sad. i’m sorry.

  363. Wendilynn

    I was heartbroken when I read the words, “I did not resurface.” or something to that affect. I’ve known the pain of losing the life you were building, and its a death and when I saw those months past with no comments. I knew exactly how she was feeling. I felt like that after my divorce. The thing I love about Stephanie’s writing is that the emotion she writes is real to the characters AND the situation.

  364. Miranda

    This is for me, the saddest chapter of all the books. I literaly felt like someone riped my heart out, stomped on it, ran it throught the dirt, took a chunk away and shoved it back in my chest. I was unable to stop reading the book when I got here, i pulled an all nighter. When the clouds came rolling in I felt like I was drowning and untill I finished the book, i couldn’t come up for air. I was glad to be done with it. But I’ll tell you something, everytime i read this chapter, my gut still sinks and darkness lomes over me untill the end of the book… Ugg

  365. Jen

    a few months ago, i never imagined myself crying over a book. but after reading this chapter, i had to stop myself so my mom wouldn’t make fun of me lol.. but after reading everyone’s comments i can’t help but cry. i was so anxious, i flipped through the pages noticing Edward won’t be back for a while.. I kind of feel like it’s going to be boring now.

    ..never thought i’d get so attached

  366. New Moon: The Epilogue

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  367. Heather

    Never in my 19 years of life (which, granted, isn’t very long) had I read something so…heart shattering. I’m not gonna lie, I bawled my eyes out, and how could you not??? Even though this is one of the most depressing books I have ever read, New Moon is my favourite out of the Twilight series.

  368. anna

    oh i love new moon above all the other books of this series

  369. Ashley

    Don’t feel bad Kaleb. The words that I screamed once I read that chapter were, “WHAT THE HECK!!!??? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??????? YOU ARE SUCH AND IDIOT!!!! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! STOP!! COME BACK!” Then I started crying. My mom came rushing in and asked my what was wrong, but all I could say was, ” Bella *sob* Edward *sob* IDIOT *sob* and I *sob* and he *sob* JUST READ IT!!” Then she looked down, saw New Moon, muttered the word “obsessed”, then walked out the door. The I read the whole book, not skipping a page, in 2 hours to see if Edward came back.

    And despite all of this, New Moon is one of my favorite books in the series because of how essential it is to the rest of the series.

  370. Ryan

    I was so irritated when I read this chapter. I didn’t cry, but I felt strangely morose the following day. So sad.

  371. Maria

    New Moon was a real page-turner for me… literally speaking. I skipped every chapter waiting for Edwards name to turn up again. The most depressing chapter I have ever read

  372. Jenny

    I was dieing for you to read this chapter! I actually cried for like a half hour, after that I called my friend that had just finished new moon and screamed about how edward couldn’t do that to bella for the next two hours!

  373. Jenny

    I forgot to put in there that I was crying over the chapter when I read it the first time.

  374. Kelly

    It is SO nice to hear about someone reacting so strongly to this, especially a guy who is partly analyzing everything, and still getting so much out of it. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple hours, as I’ve only come across it this evening, and I am so excited to get up-to-date! You have definitely made me feel like less of a goober than I have been the last month, or so.

    I think the difficult part about this book for me was that–although I knew there were two more books coming that included their somehow mended relationship–reading it was physically painful to me. I cried, wondered how in the world things could possibly go back to being “normal” (I am very aware of my loose definition of that word), and yet it did.

    The second time I read it I just completely skipped over the entire middle section. Today I found out, due to random avatars available out there, it’s a very popular thing to do… but it removes all suspense from the rest of the books, if you are reading them again in sequence.

  375. Eunie

    Yeah I have watery eyes when I’m reading this part and after a while I didn’t notice I was crying already.. It’s the saddest part ever :( to much emotions..

  376. Megan

    I am reading this summary late, i know, but it just hit home how much i miss this book in particular, even having read it three times already. I remember crying on the pages as i tried to grasp that edward was gone, and realizing that bellas mood in the book was becoming my mood in reality. Its been years since i got so into a character that i started to physically feel the emotions written in the pages, and it hurt. Im a little eccentric i know. just being honest.

  377. Rachel

    I totally agree with the “a deep gloom settled over my room” thing. Except when I read this chapter, it was in the middle of gym class-I sat out just so I could start reading-and I started crying in the middle of the kick ball game. Anyways, I was sad all day then. Never thought a book could make me so depressed.

    I’ve read this book at least 8 times now, and–apart from the very first time–I skip over the middle chapters.

  378. briana

    i honestly did cry at this chapter. mainly because it reminded me of how me and my boyfriend broke up for a while. it felt like i was reliving it. and thats another reason y we love these books. not because we’re crazy and love to torture ourselves, but because when u take away the vampires, the werewolves, and bring it down to a more human level, its very easy to relate to. to have someone ur in love with just leave, to feel like a part of u has been torn away, to feel like u might as well just lay there on the floor with a hole in ur chest because u dont want to get up. then have someone come along and make u feel better [im guessing u might get wat im saying cuz ur done with this book] and make everything almost ok, to where u feel like u can at least survive. and then hurt them because ur heart is not with them, and the one who has ur heart is the one who broke it. it can feel very real.

  379. Tori Schmitz

    This chapter is one of the saddest things i’ve ever read- more so than the outsiderss with poor Johnny Boy.
    Bella and Edward go together they are two puzzle pieces fit perfectly. And i agree with Briana about being more on a human relatable level.

  380. Allie

    When I read chapter 3 I cried for about an hour, and I went numb. I literally couldn’t feel any part of my body.

  381. Madeleine

    Unlike most, I did not cry at this chapter. I was sad, but I don’t think as sad as those who did cry, because I trusted that at some point Edward would come back. I thought of the chapter logically, realizing that since this really was Bella AND Edward’s story, and that there were two books left to go in the series, Stephenie Meyer really couldn’t eliminate Edward from the story permanently in Book 2.

    However, I do really love the technique used, where you can flip through the months of Bella’s life. I think that is just so expressive of how the next few months passed for her: In a blur, in a haze, and unmemorable.

    New Moon remains my least favorite of the four books, because not that much actually happens, and yet I still love the book so much.

  382. Madeleine

    Toni Schmitz–
    I know, I read The Outsiders, too! So sad, about Johnnycakes. And poor Dally, as well!

  383. Bethanie

    I just wanted to get to the good part of the book after reading this chapter. I admit I did flip to the end of the book to see if I saw the name Edward otherwise I don’t know if I would have kept reading
    I also remember trying to get to that good part of the book, I finally decided I had to go to bed at 5 am and it was a very bad nights sleep I wanted Edward back it was so so sad.

  384. kenzie

    that chapter is the saddest chapter i hav ever read in my life and belive me, iv read ALOT of books

  385. Devon

    I was sad when I read this chapter, but not as sad as some of my friends. One of my friends threw the book at the wall. Then she told our other friends, who were just starting the book, that they shouldn’t read it in a public place.

  386. Samantha

    i really don’t blame you for not finding one funny thing about this chapter…i sure didn’t. and i might even be a little offended and disturbed if you did…
    probably one of the saddest chapters i’ve ever read!
    i tear up everytime i read it!

  387. k

    that chapter is really sad

    (lol it is funny that almost everyone here is a girl)

  388. vivithefunderful

    I felt like dirt reading this chapter, and just like Bella, I beleived every word out of Edward's mouth. I slammed the book shut when I could see it again (I was crying really hard), and launched it into the oblivion that is under my bed. It took a while for me to cry myself out, and then alot longer to dig the book back out, but I lived.

    So depressing :(

  389. susie_q85

    I felt the same way you did while reading this chapter. They way Edward behaved seemed very familiar to me and I wasnt even sure why until the part when he said he was leaving. I once dated a guy who acted very strange in the week before he broke up with me. I knew something was wrong the way Bella did and the same as Bella I didnt see it coming. The whole chapter mirrors the way things went for me all the way from Edwards acting strange and leaving to her reaction and asking him to stay and the way she feels when he is gone, though I didnt wander through the woods and become catatonic. However I felt such a horrible gloom when the next pages to follow were the months. Unlike you I had to step away from the book. It was hard to pick it back up because I knew sadness was going to follow.

  390. alexandriawagner

    chapter 3 was wow changed everything 4 me and 4 bella 4 me i was no longer team edward he hurt her alot. and 4 bella she cant bare to be without her edward so… well i cried my eyes out in chapter 3 it was sad… very heart breaking

  391. Lily

    I remember, when i read this chapter, and wasn't as addicted to twilight as i am now after reading all four books, this was the first time i understood how much this book effected me.
    Sephenie is just amazing!
    This is the saddest chapter in the whole saga!
    Love, L.

  392. AshleyMystry

    i did not cry like u guys did i just got numb all over—much,much worse than crying

  393. amanda

    i didn't really mind when Edward left i knew he be back cuz their was more in the saga so the guy got to come back some time an well i new what Bella was going through so see get over it soon.

  394. alicecullenfan!

    i cried and then felt stupid 2

  395. hayley

    to this day every time I read this chapter i cry and go to pieces even though because of reading it so many times I know it is coming and I still cry every single time

  396. hayley

    to this day every time I read this chapter i cry and go to pieces even though because of reading it so many times I know it is coming and I still cry every single time

  397. Stew-Pid

    an where do i actully read it??

  398. Lobeng9

    This chapter was VERY difficult for me to read, even after having seen the movie. I cried for about 2 hours and then continued on. I got very attached to E and B as a couple as well.

  399. LadyK


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