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Reading New Moon: Chapter 4 (Waking Up)

July 23rd, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Where’d You Go by Fort Minor

Somehow, I have gotten hooked by New Moon within the first few chapters. When I should be working to cure my editingosis I am actually reading this book and wondering: have Edward and Bella really parted ways for good?

Time passes: the first two words of this chapter seem brutal and sharp in contrast to the flowing paragraphs Stephenie has written before. The thoroughness of Edward’s disappearance has left Bella’s life in that state.  There isn’t a trace that he was ever there, as if all that happened in Twilight and in the first three chapters of New Moon were just something that Bella imagined. After paging through the months, I am reminded of the way Bella was at one time, in the beginning of Twilight. It is like taking a time machine. I remember this Bella: sullen, quiet, just as she was before Edward.

With the months that have passed, however, it feels like the pain of Edward leaving has turned into a numbness. It’s like a constant ache to Bella that is so strong eventually she might forget about it being there.

I shuddered when Bella pulls out that calculus book. What a misery. I’m taking calculus this next semester, and being one who absolutely abhors all things involving the mathematics (besides adding royalties and paychecks), I nearly fainted flat when I discovered I have two courses of it. Oh joy (oh rottenness). Bella sums up my thoughts exactly:

Reading math was even worse than listening to it.

For some reason, when Bella asked Jessica who she had recently been out with, my eyes swept across the page, and I thought that Jessica had said she was out with a Yankie, instead of Eric Yorkie. Weird. Then, lo and behold, they head on off to get some food, passing by One-Eyed Pete’s:

The struggle that Bella goes through to get over Edward seems torturous. While she knows she will never get over him completely, the only way she can move on with her life is to move past what is gone, and leave the memories of Edward behind.

But at the same time, I see that Bella is holding onto Edward still. Her memories of them together were so strong that I find myself remembering parts of it as well. It is rather concerning when you think about the condition Bella has been left in. She is withdrawn and antisocial, and now she is seeing things that are not there and hearing voices in her head.

Because the books are so popular, I’ve been slightly spoilered already, and I know that somewhere along the lines, Jacob Black becomes important (apologies if I’ve been spoiled wrong and I’m incorrect). So I would really like to hear from those Jacob-lovers if Bella’s intense withdrawal from Edward is one of the reasons you think Jacob is better for her? Do you think she is too obsessively attached to Edward for the relationship to ever be good for her?

It seems to me that by the end of this chapter, Bella is already doing much better than she was before- though I can still feel that glimmer of hope that Edward will return, and that things will go back to how they were before. But simply getting out and doing something appears to have brightened Bella future somewhat. I guess there is something fulfilling in zombie films after all… 😀


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292 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Good job getting through to the next chapter. Personally, I didn’t like the book without Edward. It just wasn’t the same. Keep Reading Kaleb, you’re doing great!

  2. Christine

    Bella will get better. So many ups and downs in New Moon.

  3. Emily

    Woo! You made it through the horridness of chapter three and kept going! I’m with Michelle… the book just isn’t the same without Edward… but I won’t go as far as to say I didn’t like it. It wasn’t my favourite, though, that’s for sure…

  4. Alexa

    I’m so excited for you to be reading this book [:
    I stayed up just to read this and it’s 1:13 in Indiana at the moment 😛

  5. Michelle

    I didn’t like the parts with Jacob lol. As a whole, I loved the book, the end was amazing too!

    Also, yay 1st comment!

  6. Shannah

    You honestly don’t know what will happen at the end of New Moon? Everyone I know (including myself) frantically flipped to the end of New Moon after our hysteric butts saw also the passing months of nothingness.
    Sorry, I never really make sense.
    I will not express in detail my opinions on the Jacob/Edward situation, but I will say that I LOVVVEE Jacob and the the Jacob haters can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  7. Carol

    No, you have not been spoiled wrong..and I strongly dislike that. Team Edward! 😀

  8. Angela

    In New Moon, most people tend to ignore Jacob and focus on looking for Edward….please don’t be one of those people! Keep an open mind….and notice how good Jacob is for her in this time. It is necessary for everyone (and Bella) to see what it is like for Bella without Edward and to see if she can function without Edward. Though this book is incredibly sad, it’s necessary!And awesome, in it’s own right. ;]

    Eclipse is my personal favorite, but New Moon probably has my favorite adventure in it. =D

    Keep reading!!=]]

  9. Brittney H

    This chapter was hard for me, because I was still feeling the pain of the previous chapter. However, seeing her wake up after those months was very refreshing. Like when you come up for air after your head has been underwater. The pages with the simple placing of the months was a brilliant move on Stephenie’s part, because you feel the emptiness within those deserted pages. And about the Jacob thing, I would say that people are Team Jacob partly because of the fact that he’s there when Edward isn’t. Although your reasoning has some hefty merit to it, as well. He seems healthier for her than Edward. Edward is a soda, and Jacob is water. When the soda is taken away from Bella, because it is unhealthy for her, she doesn’t know what to drink, and starts dehydrating. Then in comes water, and Bella is starting to feel refreshed again. It’s healthier for her, and makes her thirst go away. But she will always remember the sweet taste of the soda, and believing she can never have the soda again makes her stomach ache for just one more taste of soda. Haha I’m rambling on about beverages. But keep reading and writing, I’m happy you’re sharing your journey with us : )

  10. Allison

    hey make sure you dont speed through the next few chapters waiting for something to happen. you do a really thorough review of each one, its amazing actually, and it would suck if you stopped reading deep like that because of what youve gotten used to reading. just some advice =] you might have to read it twice to like it!

  11. Caitlin

    Don’t worry, you were not spoiled incorrectly. Jacob does become a big part of this book, and like Bella says herself, he helped her come out of the darkness, acting as her own personal “sun”. Even though I’m a total Edward/Bella supporter, I won’t put Jake down. He was a great friend to Bella.

    Let’s hope he makes it to the wedding!

  12. Caitlin

    #11 Continued: Also, even though this book was my least favorite of the series, it has my favorite ending adventure. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  13. Rosalie

    I totally felt Bella’s pain in this book. It almost killed me when Bella wouldn’t say the names. It felt like she thought that Edward was now “the ‘E’ word”.
    I was at my mom’s work when I read it and the whole time I was practically screaming “Edward, his name is Edward. Say it!!!!!!”

  14. Anonymous

    Such a sad moment in their life.

  15. Sarah

    It actually took me a really long time (for me, I mean, it was probably only two weeks) to finish Twilight, even as obsessed and captivated as I was. I don’t know, maybe I wanted to draw out the simple joy reading of it; I didn’t know there were going to be sequels to savor too. Anyway, then I got New Moon. Just like you, I was immediately hooked. I read the entire thing in about eight hours. Do you know how impossibly hard it is to sit through church on two hours of sleep? I do not recommend it. Pews, wooden and hard as they often are, do no make decent pillows. Keep on flipping those pages!

    Brittney H: That is the most bizarre and strange analogy of Edward/Jacob I have ever heard, and yet it makes perfect sense. I love it!

  16. Britt.

    Hmm…I don’t hate Jacob, but I don’t love him either. It’s always been clear to me that Bella is meant to be with Edward, even after the Dreaded Chapter Three (which I just finished reading to my 13-year-old brother). But I was glad that Jacob was there to pull Bella out of her zombie state. After reading Eclipse, though, I’m not so terribly fond of him anymore, but not to the point of hating him. Just mild dislike.
    Anyway, keep on with the awesomeness. I’m looking forward to your next post!

  17. sara

    I’m glad you made it through chapter 3.
    personally new moon was not my favorite book (Eclipse is). I do think that jacob is good for her yet he’s not the same as Edward. I’M NOT A JACOB LOVER! BUT he is very important to the series no matter what. so i always tell people who read new moon to “Keep an open mind.”
    the best is yet to come…

  18. Destane

    you are soo right Angela, I know alot of people who read New Moon just to search for Edward and I gave them the same advice, so I agree:) and also Brittney H. I couldn’t have said it better myself, aven if it did involve beverages:)I personally LOVE Jacob and every scene with him in it, but I was also sad about the fact that Edward left because I also had grown attached to them as a whole. I’m glad you found some humor in this chapter & I’m glad you haven’t given up on B/E.
    Keep up the fast reading please;)

  19. Maggie

    Kaleb. Please Do not be one of those obsessive Edward fangirls who can only focus on Edward coming back in New Moon.Keep an open mind for Jake. He’s not perfect. He makes mistakes. But he really is an amazing guy. I can’t explain to you why I’m a Jake lover right now cause you have to read Eclipse first and I WILL NOT spoil you!

    I can’t believe how fast you’ve gotten through this. It still takes me a good 2 days before I can move on to chapter 4 and I’ve read New Moon like 15 times.

  20. Fallow

    You’re right, Jacob does become important. I think he’s a great character, it’s just what he winds up doing later, mainly in Eclipse that ticks me off to no end.

  21. Heather

    It’s going to sound funny but when I first read New Moon, I was like Bella for some reason. I was upset when Edward left and mad at the fact that Jacob was then trying to hone in on her >:( But then I got used to him just like she did and then I even started to really like him, but one word about the vampires and I forgot all about him… Unfortunately I raced through these pages, because I wanted to read more about Edward and Bella. I didn’t really keep an open mind but if you do you’ll get a lot out of it. I know I did the second time around. Just keep reading and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

    Looking forward to more posts!

  22. marcela

    im teamedward all the way but i dont hate jake its just that he never made her happy enough to leave the past in the past he did make her happy but not enough also i feel bad for him ..in a way bella is using jake…so idk i just dont think they belong togeth…..i hope that made sense its 1:46

  23. Mia

    I agree with Fallow. . he was alright in New Moon. . but he just pissed me off so much in Eclipse >:[
    He became soo annoying . 😐

    & My personal Fave is Twilight . =]

  24. Ana Cristina

    Keep those funny pictures coming – especially during “New Moon.” We’ll need the comic relief during these sad parts!
    I’m not a Jacob-lover (Go, Team Edward!), so I’ll politely give the floor to those who love the guy.
    But I’m curious as to what team you’ll be on, Kaleb, by the end of this book and/or series. Team Jacob or Team Edward? Hmm…

  25. Melanie D.

    Honestly, that’s why I hated Eclipse (not the book, exactly -I loved the book! Hah).
    Because it made me think of all these coulda-would-shoulda-mighta(but didn’t!) situations.:/

    In Eclipse, Jacob does mention something to Bella that I think would answer your question almost exactly on why some people prefer him to Edward. However, since you’re only at New Moon, I won’t write it.:)

  26. Stephanie

    Oh POO Edward! He’s a butface for leaving and I will never ever ever ever forgive him. I HATE EDWARD CULLEN!!! yes, i just said that (and in case you haven’t noticed, i’m a team Jacob… DIE HARD)
    Let’s move onto Jacob shall we? Kaleb, please don’t skip to the end, it makes it soooo much better if you don’t know what happens (of course I know you probably wouldn’t so it would be all the more surprise to you when you get there)…
    but just a little ending comment about jacob….

    I like my men with a pulse thanks.
    Yes, i do hate edward cullen (but I love robert pattinson :)

  27. Sarah

    I agree with those who said the book isn’t the same without Edward…
    Edward and Bell together are what make the books irresistible to me.

    *GASP!* Is that a typo I see?
    “But simply getting out and doing something appears to have brightened BELLA future somewhat.”
    You mean Bella’s? ^^

  28. Stephanie

    also, how can Jacob’s little 5-pages [starting on page 525 of eclipse] of gloriousness be “horrible” to any of you??? I mean, he is so much better at “that” then Edward is. haha.
    You team edward people are so odd. I don’t get how you can still like him after chap. 3

    he’s just, soo, annoying!

  29. Nicole Jet

    I’m team Edward, but I have to admit, I do like Jacob.

    Jacob is very observant and exciting. You’ll see why.

    But Edward is right for Bella. I’m not sure how to explain my reasoning without spoiling anything. The best explanation I can come up with is that Edward is very thoughtful and considerate, whereas Jacob doesn’t always think things through.

  30. Selene

    Though this was a depressing book, it was very crucial. And I actually enjoyed most of it. I’m Team Edward, but I do like Jacob, too. He was there for Bella when she needed him most, and you get to see different sides of him (some good and some not so good).

  31. Lauren

    Well done for getting past the dreaded chapter 3 … and not crying (unless there’s something your not telling us).

    I read New Moon in 1 day, like I’m sure lots of people did, and finished at 2am in the morning. By that time, I was officially Team Edward. I can understand what people mean when they say that Jacob is healthier for Bella, but do these people forget what a powerful and undying love B&E have!?

    Don’t lose faith Kaleb, and try not to skip to the ending like I did to try and find a glimpse of the name ‘Edward’. The ending is also my favorite adventure, so I have to say the pain of reading through Bella’s heartbreak is worth it in the end.
    All you twilighters know what I’m talking about … page 452 anyone?!?!

  32. Avril

    New moon was very difficult for me to read because of Edward leaving. I was one of those people who very distractedly labored on through the rest of it. In the New Moon FAQ, Stephenie recommends reading the book for a second time to really get to know Jacob. I did, but after the second reading, all I can say is that it was easier to read it now. Jacob is a wonderful friend for Bella, but she really does belong with Edward.

    Kaleb, you put it perfectly when you wrote that you now come into New Moon wanting to read about Edward and Bella together. With him gone, we really have lost half the main character.

    Melanie, I love that part in Eclipse when Jacob describes himself and Edward and their effects on Bella. Reading that though, it makes so much sense about why we’re all so stuck on Edward.

  33. Kaitlyn

    I personally dislike Jacob, but I thought he was a pretty nice guy before Eclipse. Edward was really stupid to leave Bella, but they belong together and I couldn’t imagine Bella with anyone else.

    Whenever I read this book I always spiral down into depression until I finish it. My friends ask me why I reread it if it depresses me so much and I honestly don’t know why I do either.
    I’m glad you seem to have not sunk into a deep depression reading New Moon. Yet anyways…

    It’s so hard not to spoil everything! Read fast or I might crack :)

  34. Erin

    I’m a Jacob-lover and New Moon is one of my favorites. I too was sad when Edward left because he is a fantastic character and Bella has been exposed to him and is now completely consumed by that extremely rare type of love. That predestined, my world ends without you type of love and there is nothing that says that type of rare love is rational, irratonal, healthy or unhealthy. I do believe, that type of love isn’t supposed to be purposely ended by either person involved (no matter how noble the intentions) and that happening can destroy a person.

    With that said I just don’t see it as a question of whether or not Jacob or Edward is better for her because it doesn’t matter. Jacob and Edward can both be dangerous in my opinion(and I’m talking emotionally)Besides Bella is past that point now she simply needs Edward, he is a crucial necessity. I love Jacob because he does the impossible. He does for Bella what she and most readers of the story are convinced will never happen.

    Alright I think I miss my lit classes at Thiel :) I hope that made some sense cause it’s possible it doesn’t lol. Happy Reading!

  35. Rachel

    Congrats on getting past chapter 3! That was a hard one for me to get through. A word of advice about Jacob…when I read New Moon for the first time, a lot of the book had already been spoiled for me. Because of this, I was able to look at Jacob and his role in the book in a different light. A lot of people, when they read New Moon, resent Jacob just because Edward isn’t there anymore. Be careful not to let that cloud your judgement of Jacob. Personally I think Jacob is a great guy, and that he is able to help Bella makes him even better. Still…Edward rules!! Keep posting!

  36. irene

    Definitely team edward. I do like jacob in new moon and twilight, but by eclipse i have to agree, I really got annoyed.
    To me, the best is still the first book. Second best is new moon, third is eclipse.

    i know Edward left Bella, and some people got so angry, (and probably even switched to team jacob) but its not that he wanted to actually leave her. Plus, it hurt him too. I wonder how everyone will find it if they read his POV. Him leaving made the story all the better. The ‘favorite adventure’ mentioned wouldn’t be there if Edward didn’t leave. It made us cry, but that’s what made it an effective book, right?

  37. Hiba

    This book was the most emotional for me. At this point, I’d simply put Edward in the back of my mind. And enjoy the wonderful Jacob Black… you might even find him more to your liking!

  38. Xuan

    The intense withdrawal isn’t why I like Jacob more, it has more to do with their kind of love for Bella, but that will be discussed much later. I don’t hate Edward and quite honestly being Team Jacob for me doesn’t mean I think Bella and Jacob will end up together. I’m team Jacob because he doesn’t make Bella question herself in regards to whether or not she’s worthy of his love. Which is what bothered me the most, the idea that Bella actually could believe Edward when he left. Oh and I’ve officially convinced a guy friend into reading Twilight it’s quite exciting!

  39. Kaiti

    Personally, I love Edward as a character, and if he existed and didn’t see me as nothing more than a lowly mortal I might make him my best friend forever. *But* as a boyfriend, he’s kind of scary. Everything he does is done with the best intentions, but he’s sort of stalkerish and pretty damn controlling. He tells her who to hang out with, what to do, treats her like he always knows better than her, he even tells her when to eat. Again, all with the purest of intentions, but still controlling. Especially since Bella made him her whole world. No one should have that much power over someone else, no matter how good they mean it.

    Jacob on the other hand (without giving too much away), treats Bella like an equal. He might act like an ass sometimes, but he respects her. He doesn’t tell her how to run her life, he just wants her to be happy.

    And if you look at how her life would have to be to stay with Edward — constantly lying, possibly becoming a vampire herself, leaving behind all her friends and family just for the sake of Edward — Jacob could be the healthier choice.

    From a literary standpoint, I think Bella belongs with Edward. If Bella were my friend, I would say go with Jacob and don’t look back.

  40. Kaylee

    This book was my least favorite in the series, but I loved the ending action.

    I’m a complete Edward/Bella supporter, although I… understand where the Jacob lovers are coming from. Jacob was a good friend, until he became too pushy with his interest in Bella as more than a friend.

  41. savannah


  42. Kaiti

    Oh! Another note on the Edward vs. Jacob debate I forgot to mention.

    Bella always feels inadequate when she’s with Edward. Like he’s so much more than she could ever deserve. This not only adds to the power he has over her, but it makes her that much more insecure in herself. Doubting all the time that he could really love her as much as he said he did and always fearing that he would get over her and leave are not seeds for a healthy relationship, or a healthy self-concept.

    That’s not the way it is with Jacob though. She can act her age, have fun. She genuinely likes him and she knows that he genuinely likes her. She’s never afraid that he’ll just leave,and she doesn’t look at the him as if he’s so far above her, placating her by allowing her lowly self in his presence.

  43. gina

    I prefer edward over jacob for many reasons…i cant say my reasons, else i will fully spoil the whole novel…GO TEAM EDWARD~!!
    congratulations on getting past Chapter 3, i was slightly worried you would stop like my friends did (then i forced her to keep on reading)…

  44. :Daniela

    i love jacob, i really do, but i just like edward more than him. (which is the nicest i’m going to probably ever say, because i started out hating jacob…) but you’re not far enough to debate on that, so anyway, good job:D when edward left, i actually had to skip through the book to see when i see the name cullen again, so that i would have a purpose to keep reading, ahhaa. oh and i totally agree with the entry before this. saying that they were more like one character than two seperate ones with the way they gew on each other.

  45. Stella

    Good job on reading the next chapter. I promise it will get better. So keep reading :)

    Also, your reading speed is getting faster. Keep up the pace!

  46. Rachel

    Kaleb, I’ve loved reading your thoughts because of how much you remind me what it was like for me to read the books the first time through, There’s a thrill and anticipation that comes the first time reading a book that can only come the first time through. And I want to thank you for giving that to us, even though you have to suffer through people spoiling and hinting and trying to tell you what to think or do or not do. lol. I feel very sorry for you especially if you’ve read the comments like I have. I’m sorry and I hope we don’t ruin the story for you. Or take away that first-read rush :) I hope you know what I’m referring to because I don’t think I can express it in so many words. Just allow yourself to feel what you do without worrying what anyone else will say or tells you.

    Having said that, since you asked, I’ll tell you that while I am completely and totally 200% team Edward, I do love Jake’s character.

    Let me try to explain… let me say first that my reaction to chapter three was too feel absolutely heartbroken, for Bella of course, but even more so for Edward. I had (still have) no anger and no hatred for him for doing what he did. For me it only showed the depth of of his love, that he would do something so completely self-sacrificial. He is voluntarily giving up his claim on her heart. And giving her the right to hate him (as some readers have come to) based on our natural, human demand for fairness.

    On the one hand, Jake gets a good rap because he’s normal. He wouldn’t hurt Bella by choosing to leave her. He’s much more safe for her in that sense. because he doesn’t control his emotions and force himself to be as strictly rational as Edward.

    However, on the other hand Jake gets a bad rap because compared to Edward, he looks bad. In his defense, let me say that compared to Edward, most adults would seem like brats, monks gluttons, and mother Teresa positively selfish.

    But on the other hand (yes, I realize I have three hands now. lol.)Jake’s character is frustrating and it’s hard not to take it out on him for the trouble he causes. I don’t hate him, but I do hate that others hate Edward because of him. If that makes any sense…

  47. Laei

    Love the pirate pic, good to see you in good spirits again!
    About Jake, I don’t loooove him but I don’t dislike him either…
    Can’t wait for you to read on so I can tell you exactly how I feel about him ^^

  48. shadesofblack

    BTW… very apt song choice for this chapter. i’m bummed i didn’t think of it….


    hell-friggin’-yes!!!! and i’m not a Jacob lover per se… i favor Jacob after pondering over specific things Jacob and Edward do and say over the course of these books… and deemed Jacob slightly better for it. Bella is a needy lil’ girl and we don’t realize this until Edward is gone, that she has been obsessively and unhealthily hooked to this guy so much so she’s annoying. i felt her pain of loss but 4 months of this is ridiculous!

    but then again… with no trace of the Cullens ever having been there, there’s that notion of insanity – that she could dream up a family of vampires, and she couldn’t talk to anyone about it… i can see the torture in that respect.

    when Jacob’s in the picture, her inhibitions and guard is let down…; and i honestly think that Jacob is good for her, because Edward -with his chivalry and ‘sweet nothings’- just hurts and overreacts.

  49. Rhi

    “Do you think she is too obsessively attached to Edward for the relationship to ever be good for her?”

    That, and the fact Edward is a poetry-writing, piano-playing, lyrical-waxing douche.

    Jus’ saying.

  50. Nickers

    don’t worry both edward and bella are going to go through ups and downs and jacob is just a rebound kid that bella needs to pass time til her love returns(: team edwarddd

  51. Evelyn

    Well folks, this is another Team Edward fan. I normally dont write comments, but I did want to write a thought.

    Kaiti, I loved reading your views of why Jacob is the better choice for Bella. And in no way am I saying anything bad about your views since I go more for Edwards cause. Something that did make me think though is your statement about how Bella feels inadequate when she’s with Edward. I’m not disagreeing with you. Heck, it pretty much seems like that throughout Twilight and in some parts of New Moon. I think even Bella knows that in some ways, she feels and is different when she’s with Jacob(what you said about how she can just be herself). Yes, I hate that Edward tends to be too protective with her. But I think that because of how long he’s lived and all the dangers he’s seen(not including his kind), Edward assumes that by being over-protective is the only way to make sure she stays safe. In this sense, I do like Jacob more since he doesn’t try to restrain her the way Edward does. The simple fact that you brought Bella’s inadequate feelings towards Edward up, I think, actually sheds some light on why people remain Team Edward after New Moon. Yes, I’m saddened by the fact that Bella assumes that Edward really is speaking truth when he said he didn’t love her anymore. Who could blame Bella for feeling shattered? But if you look deeper into this book, I think that one of its purposes is to show to both Bella and Edward (and to all readers) just how deep their relationship really is. Both come to realize that one is not whole without the other. Remember Bella’s epiphany near the end? Ah, I cant really put more then that on here because I dont want to spoil anything for Kaleb(although I do think this does…sorry Kaleb!). Hopefully Kaiti you get where I’m going with this. Again, I do like Jacob because he was there for Bella. And I really did love reading what you had to say. It’s nice to hear from both sides. Haha now you’ve got me appreciating Jacob more then before!

    Keep reading Kaleb. Finish New Moon and Eclipse quick so you can be in lines with the rest of us to get Breaking Dawn! Wait, dont you order yours online? Oh Kaleb, what are we going to do with you?

  52. bootlegsaint

    it’s not only her obsessive nature towards edward, its the fact that I feel at this point in her life she was only truly happy when she was with jacob. she needed a friend and found one in Jacob, she was more human, more animated and he was there for her.

  53. Annie

    ok…. i am totally team switzerland. i think that both Jacob and Edward are great, and i’m going to try and keep this as un-spoilery as possible. and brittney h– your analogy is great…. but maybe more like…… i don’t know….. hmm……. Fruit and Vegetables? both are really good for you, but one is so much sweeter? but no matter which you choose, it’s still a good choice? i’m not sure. all i know is that i am really hungry and thirsty now. haha

  54. Christelle

    I love Jacob. He is my favorite character.

    I love Bella and WHO SHE BECOMES when she is with Jacob. She is indepedent. She’s spirited. She’s ALIVE.

    It’s what Jacob does to her. His perpetual happiness becomes a key part of Bella’s happiness.

    Nnnnngh… I can’t explain it without Eclipsing you >.<

  55. d4nce

    Do I think Bella is too obsessed? Absolutely. Not once does she even TRY to move on.

    Over at our community, we have done something similar to your reading-blog, and did an epic re-read of the entire series… and picking apart the series is perhaps something you don’t want to try. If you look too close it all becomes just a little too freaky.

    However this isn’t why I am Team Jacob. It’s because of his overall character. Really he’s the type of person you can’t help but like. Funnily enough, even though this book is full of depressingness, I spent most of it smiling. Because you really can’t help but like Jacob Black. It’s like… waking up. Scenes with him are like breathing fresh air. Even if he’s being infuriating it’s something new, and something different compared to the repetitive ‘I love you’, ‘I love you more, but I’ll eat you’, ‘but you can’t leave me cause I’ll die!’. It’s not that Jacob is healthier, because he has his own problems, it’s just that he’s always somebody new. He offers a promise of something different every single day. And it’s something that’s very attractive to many of us on Team Jacob.

    But you probably need to read up until the end of Eclipse to maybe feel that way.

    But yes, I still think Bella/Edward is a little too… obsessive for my liking. It’s off-putting for me. Plus, the desire to become a vampire is absolutely horrifying. The fact that she’d want to do that for ANYONE makes me think she’s a little messed up in the head. There are vast moral implications with Bella becoming a vampire, there’s a parallel between her being technically suicidal by wanting to become a vampire, there’s the fact that choosing to become an immortal is against what it is to be human, and that’s stomping on human sanctity, there’s the fact that becoming a vampire is to be turned against your own species… it’s just all so wrong. How could anyone want that for Bella, or for anyone?

    Anyways, like I said… perhaps it’s best not to pick apart the series. Too much at least.

  56. Giada

    I think that I tend to prefer Jacob simply because, every now and then, I have the tendency to brood and I really would love to have close somone serene and cheerful like Jacob

  57. Brie

    I think Jake is a better choice for Bella (though I’d hate for her to pick him) because he IS the healthier choice. Her relationship with Jacob isn’t shallow and is real, and true, and is more than just some stupid obsession that won’t last. It’s got depth, and Bella is slightly more tolerable with Jacob. He’s a human being, who wouldn’t even be a werewolf if it weren’t for Edward, who has realistic thoughts and feelings, and doesn’t get half of his insides from a Hallmark store.

    He’s just a natural choice, and Bella wouldn’t have to change anything in her life for him. She wouldn’t be giving up any lives or experiences (unless being dead is an experience now) by being with him. And she also wouldn’t be breaking her parents’ hearts by being selfish in offing herself in the most unnatural way I’ve ever heard of.

    That’s just how I feel about it anyway.

  58. Robin

    Hmm, to the Team Jacob chicks:

    Since I don’t want to post any spoilers for Kaleb (or anyone else that has not read all of the books so far) but you are missing the obvious point in the Bella/Jacob paradox. I think Jake is a wonderful guy, and exactly what Bella needed at this time in her life (in New Moon), but he is not HER soulmate…think about it (if you don’t get it, try re-reading chapter 5 in Eclipse).

  59. katia

    Team Jacob!

    I mean.. I used to love Edward. Really! He was perfect, what was there not to love? Romantic, sensitive, smart, caring, protective, GORGEOUS… The perfect guy, in other words.
    And then… He left. Bella almost die. Gosh, how sick is that?
    I konw everybody loves a good dramatiuc love story, look at Romeo and Juliet. But look how they end up: dead. Yeah yeah, they love each other, but i dont think that really matters when your dead.
    And then, there is Jacob. Jacob is great, funny, spontaneous, wild, friendly, he runs around naked all the time, he rides a motorcycle… And just love him! And he always brings Bella back to life.
    Love, obsession… They run together all the time. I think the end is pretty obvious, if Bella stick with Edward.
    Plus, Edward does not have a soul, like him self says. Jacob is full of light. What do you prefer? Live in darkness or full of light?

  60. Amanda

    Okay I love Jacob, he’s your best friend that you can totally fall in love with(my boyfriend and I are best friends). Jacobs may not be super model hot, but he is cute and gets better looking physically through New Moon and Eclipse. Bella doesn’t have coherency issues when she’s speaking to Jacob. Plus she could stay human and have kids and since he’s a werewolf(I read you already know) he’s strong enough to protect her from herself. All this being said about Jacob though that’s the reason I would pick him, but Bella isn’t me and I believe 110% her and Edward should be to together.

  61. Samantha

    When Bella is with Jacob, things are just easier in general. She can say whatever she feels like saying without trying to impress him. Like Edward, Jacob is strong enough to protect Bella from herself without her having to sacrifice a thing to be with him. However, I have to say that I am Team Edward, but a Jacob Supporter. I think Edward and Bella are perfection, but I just can’t help but love Jacob Black.

  62. Jamey

    When Edward left, I knew he was leaving for her sake, that he was lying but the way she believed him, made me believe him too and suffer with her. I can feel her cringe and hold herself together. It’s scary how real the emotions of the writing are- Stephenie does a great job in that sense.

    Do I feel Jacob is healthier choice? Yes. There are so many reasons, and Jacob will explain that so I will let him do that. :) But remember back in Twilight, you wrote about Bella taking the cold medicine and then all the additional quotes when she appeared to be under a drug? Edward is her drug. She will never be whole again without him- whether he comes back or not.

    I love Jacob. Like another poster stated, I smiled and giggled at his youth but more at Bella, trying and finding herself again. It wasn’t the same ‘aww’ moments as Twilight offered with Edward, but if you really allow Jacob in, you may see that too.

  63. Stretch

    Jacob lover here. Bella’s withdrawal isn’t necessarily the reason why many of us think that Jacob is the better choice, so much as Bella’s adjustment after she and Jacob grow closer. However, chapter 4 was the tip of the iceberg for many of us (myself included). I’m sorry, but there’s post breakup sadness, self destructive behavior, and then Bella in that order. She’s not devoted, she’s obsessive and that’s not remotely healthy. Edward broke Bella, but Jake was the one willing and able to put her back together again, and that says something very important to me.

  64. julie

    Okay, sit back and relax, this will be a long one.
    First of all, let me just establish the basics.
    1.I love Edward. I do, especially in twilight.
    2. I like Bella, at least the part where she accepted Edward for who and not just what he is. So, he’s a vampire but he tries so hard, to be good. And i like the fact that sometimes, she can shovel through all the dirt and find the diamond within as you can see later on in Eclipse *snigger*.
    4. I am so totally in love with Jacob Black I cannot begin to tell you how much I love him.

    In twilight, I love Edward and Bella, I get a little tired of all the *swooning over Edward* but I get it, she’s in love, and he’s just too beautiful so biased times a million there, I’m surprised, Bella hasn’t been struck blind already.
    In Newmoon I suffered with Bella for losing her truest of loves, I really did though there a point (where Edward–I knew he was acting a part but hell–said that human memories are frail things and that she’ll forget him in time I can’t help but yelled “you patronizing, beepbableep”, but then again, he’s a hundred years old vampire, he just can’t help himself and he meant well, obviously.

    I would like Bella to be with Jacob more than anything though I realize that is not a possibility because of the way Bella is. I want Bella to have a LIFE, to be someone who can stand on her own two feet, to feel joy within herself because of something that she does herself, not because of Edward or Jacob, I just want her to be happy with herself, by herself without any outside influence. I want her to be herself and be whole.

    I ache for her for losing Edward, but damn girl, stop being such an addictive personality, okay?

    I know that being in love is hard enough especially when you’re a teenager, especially when your true love happens to be a mythical creature, but I can’t stand the fact that Bella just can LIVE with just herself, and she keeps holding on to what she had didn’t even attempt on having a life on her own. She just traded one addiction for the other; Jacob.

    It not that I want her to be with Edward or Jacob, in Newmoon, I just want her to be.

    Now having said that, I do have some complaints on Edward, but I’ll save it for Eclipse…on his behavior that if my boy friend ever did that to me, I would’ve kicked him to curb and won’t look back or spare him another thought…but then again, when I was Bella’s age, I was never THAT young…so I don’t get her most of the time.

    Plus, I have nothing against vampires, but I never get the joy of living forever, I agree with Edward’s reluctance, his nobility in his willingness to live a life of loneliness and I can’t understand Bella’s determination to be a vampire.

  65. Kara

    Well, when i first read thru New Moon, i tolerated Jacob. I was glad to see how good of friends her and Bella were becoming, but at the same time the book felt incomplete without Edward. Unfortunately, i dont think i can really say why i started to hate Jacob without giving away some of the story, but in a sense i think he tries to take advantage of Bella in her weak state, and that really annoyed me. It was after that i started my hate for Jacob and reinstated my love for Edward.

  66. Ana M

    Good Kaleb! Just keep on going like all of us did. I felt so bizarre reading the book without Edward on it, but i got used to it, i hope the same thing happens for you!! … It’s not that i don’t like Jacob, but deep inside he could be as good as Edward! You’ll see!! But still i’m Team Edward!!

  67. Erin

    I love Jacob with the passion of a thousand flaming novas. Edward and Bella’s romantic drivel in the first book, and their inability to talk about ANYTHING else, really got boring after a while. Enter Jacob, who turned out to be bright, fun, and more understanding and intuitive than Edward for all his mind reading prowess. I love how he gives Bella the opportunity to have a relationship without forcing her to sacrifice everything: her friends, her family, and her very life. Their love in natural, blossoms as a friendship into something more. It develops much more realistically than Bella and Edwards three day “I love you.” Jake’s protective without being controlling, he’s romantic without being sappy, and most of all he loves Bella for all her faults. Go Jake!

  68. Kelly

    Hi, long time reader, first time commenter.

    I adore Jacob, and all that he did for Bella. But I don’t think the problem is that Bella is obsessed with Edward,and needs a ‘healthier’ relationship, but rather just in love. Truly, painfully, irrevocably in love; and you can’t just ‘get over it’. More to come, I’m sure you know. The last chapters concerning her intense bond with Jacob almost had me sold, as it almost has her sold…I’ll stop here.

    I really love your reviews of each chapter. Thanks for taking the time and posting your thoughts!

  69. Kara

    To be honest I didn’t miss Edward one bit in this book. The most irritating part was how Bella just FELL APART after he left (that’s just not natural, nor is it a indicator of “tru luv”). When Jacob entered Bella’s life I though it was refreshing – we finally got a character written like a realistic individual! I love how he “fixed” Bella when nobody else was willing. To me the story of the one who puts you back together is far more romantic and intriguing than the story of the one who ABANDON you in the first place. Regardless of the fact that Edward left for Bella’s “own good” – he still left, Jacob stuck around, end of story for me.

  70. d4nce

    “but in a sense i think he tries to take advantage of Bella in her weak state, and that really annoyed me. It was after that i started my hate for Jacob and reinstated my love for Edward.”

    I’m really hoping that when you come to certain parts in New Moon and Eclipse you won’t be completely ridiculous about everything Jacob does, Kaleb. I’m not saying you should become a Jacob fan, I’m just saying do try to be reasonable. If anything I find it’s reason that some E/B’ers lack when they voice the opinion that Jacob ever takes advantage of a weakened state of anyone.

  71. Dori

    You are amazing. I love your posts! I can’t wait for you to read more of New Moon. I don’t really like Jacob, so New Moon was the hardest book for me to get through. Please post more soon; I want to know what you think about New Moon!

  72. Mystique

    “So I would really like to hear from those Jacob-lovers if Bella’s intense withdrawal from Edward is one of the reasons you think Jacob is better for her? Do you think she is too obsessively attached to Edward for the relationship to ever be good for her?”

    In a word: yes. Bella’s attachment to Edward has always been unhealthy and obsessive, just like a drug addiction (very apt metaphor Smeyer – though I don’t think she intended for it to be used this way). All the talk of Edward’s “god like beauty” and his skill at everything have left Bella feeling inadequate, an inadequacy she hopes to rectify by becoming a vampire herself. But one of the key indicators of an unhealthy relationship is feeling that you need to change for someone.

    With Jacob it’s different – Bella can be herself around him, just human. She doesn’t have to become a vampire, sacrifice her family and her humanity, just so that she feels deserving on his love. Jacob loves Bella the way she is, broken and all, and she knows that. He’s seen her worst and loves her in spite of it all – now that’s real devotion.

  73. AussiePattinsonLove

    I love the way you can describe the chapters so well. I’m glad your hooked! Thats what we all wanted to hear!!! Keep reading Kaleb, this is my favourite book!

  74. AussiePattinsonLove

    p.s. That is a perfect song choice!

  75. B...

    i find it funny how everyone says “you need to read it twice to love jacob!” well shouldn’t that be exactly what Stephanie meyer wanted? Isn’t that exactly how Bella felt? That even though someone equally as awesome as Edward was there, she spent so much time hanging onto the thoughts of edward that she could never realize she loved him.. UNTIL eclipse?

  76. Bianca

    I don’t know why, but I always liked Jacob, no matter what he did… I could always understand him.

    The same goes for Edward, and his decision to leave Bella.
    But I don’t think that Bella would ever be the same without Edward… so I don’t think that she could ever be completely happy with Jacob.

    If Bella’s attachment to Edward is unhealthy… I don’t know.
    She depends on Jacob very much too…

    Anyway I got to love Jacob and the wolf pack in this book and completely forgot about the vampires =)

  77. Remy

    I love Edward & Jacob. But, I don’t think Edward is unhealthy for her at all. Edward’s her soul mate, so it’s reasonable for her to be acting this way.

    And yes, I think you do need to read the series twice to love Jacob. I HATED Jacob the first time around. But, now I see that he’s just a really sweet guy. Just like Bella, I was in denial that I loved Jacob because I was so obsessed with Edward. But now I love them both

  78. Katie ~

    I’m a little bit of a Jacob fan, and I agree that it is almost unhealthy for Bella to be so obsessed with Edward. At times, New Moon got me frustrated that Bella couldn’t, if not move on, but at least LIVE without Edward. I know, it shows how deeply in love they are, but it is still sad that Bella can’t seem to survive normally on her own anymore. If she’s like this just not being with Edward, how the heck would she react if Edward were to die?!?

  79. Morgana

    I think Jacob is better for her for numerous reasons. But yes, her dependency on Edward is one of those. With Edward, I feel it reaches a point of obsession, and what they have reads to me, as more of an obsessive love than anything else, and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Bella is dependent on him, to the point that she pretty much believes she is worthless without him. And when she is with Edward, she has absolutely no independence, and no real personality. She allows Edward to control her and tell her what she should and should not do.

    Edward’s character really just, bothers me. He’s controlling and possessive, he thinks he knows what is best all of the time, and honestly, it’s disturbing. The fact that he pretty much stalked Bella and watched her sleep before they even got together is disturbing, and not normal. And the fact that it doesn’t bother Bella at all is a testament to how unhealthy their relationship is.

    Bella believes she cannot live without Edward, she is so convinced that life without him will be complete despair and darkness, that I think she actually enjoys the darkness, because she is so accustomed to it. With Jake, she opens up, she begins to show some real personality, something I felt we never really saw when she was with Edward. She was able to show some independence. And that it is possible to live without Edward. Because her problem is not that she can’t live without Edward. It’s that she won’t.

    How unhealthy their relationship is is even highlighted in the books. The codependency. She describes Edward as a drug, a habit she can’t break. An obsession really, that if she really did put some effort into it, she could get past. Whereas Jacob is the air and sun, he’s natural, he’s healthier for her. He picks her up and puts her back together again, gives her life, he makes her really, genuinely smile. With Edward, it’s always so dramatic with their testaments of love, and how they cannot live without each other, and all of that corny crap. But with Jacob, none of that corny crap needs to be said, it isn’t dramatic and ridiculous, it’s so natural. He makes her smile. It’s just so genuine and natural.

    The problem is this; Edward is her life. No one should ever be your entire life to the extent that absolutely nothing else or no one else matters, and that’s the case with Edward and Bella. The one you love should complete your life, fulfill your life, and that is who Jacob is to Bella. He doesn’t try to control her, he doesn’t try to tell her who she should and shouldn’t be friends with. He’s just there, giving her a chance at life, and he loves her.

    I think the beauty of Jacob and Bella is that their relationship is so natural and real, it doesn’t feel forced. The love each other, flaws and all. Whereas, with Edward, Bella is so blinded that she cannot see his flaws, she refuses to see, she believes he is perfect, and spends most of her time remarking on how beautiful he is, there’s no real substance, no foundations. She and Jacob feel more true, more real.

    People constantly compare Edward and Bella to Romeo and Juliet, yet they don’t see that that is is really not a good thing. Yes, E/B are reminiscent of R/J, but not because they’re OMGTRULOVE. Because their love doesn’t have any basis. All we have is the fact that Edward would quite like to eat her, and Bella going on and on for a couple of hundred pages how Edward is so perfect and beautiful and she can’t live without him, blah blah blah. Their foolishness is similar to that of Romeo and Juliet’s, the obsession is similar, and the “I won’t live without you” attitude is similar. Romeo and Juliet is not a positive depiction of love, and nor is Edward and Bella.

    Jacob and Bella however, are exactly what love should be. Natural, real and true.

  80. Remy

    Yeah, I don’t think Bella could ever be completely happy with either of them because she will always love the other as well.

  81. WannaBet

    Wow. It’s interesting tosee a guys POV reading that chapter (or those chapters I guess I should say).
    They never are an easy read, no matter how many times I read them. That probably stems from the fact that I had been left by who I considered my Edward just weeks before reading New Moon.

    Time Passes.
    And the sunshine returns.
    Keep reading!

  82. Mystique

    “Because her problem is not that she can’t live without Edward. It’s that she won’t.

    Well Freaking Said.

  83. Lo

    I understand where everybody is coming from when they say that Jake is healthier for Bella than Edward, BUT, I disagree.

    I think that, while, yes, Jake was and is still, a very good friend to Bella, I believe she loves him in a different way than how she loves Edward. A more familial, less romantic way, more as a really great best friend. (though I think Edward is also her best friend, she also feels very romantically towards him.

    Some of the comments talked about how Jake is healthier because Bella wouldn’t have to change anything to be with him. And that is true. BUT, keep in mind, Edward isn’t forcing Bella to change either. He’s never put any sort of pressure on her to change into a vampire, he’s looking out for her, and knows she’s not yet ready.

    I’m team edward all the way, but I do also see the positive parts of Jacob Black. I just think Edward is Bella’s destiny, and vice versa-if he never became a vampire, he never would have met her-his soul mate.

  84. Samie

    wow ur going through this book fast! keep going. but i hope u dont get to far behind in more things lol.

  85. Kelly

    ‘sigh’ i am Team Edward and for me, when I wasnt crying in New Moon it felt like thousands of knifes stabing my stomach, Bella would remember Edward and being a vampire and then think (not spoiling here) no no that is over, gone , done with! and there go the knifes, she would think about him or them together and ouch those knifes return. New Moon was not a fun book for me. :(

  86. Mystique


    Edward isn’t forcing Bella to change, but being in a relationship with him is compelling her to want to, mostly because Bella is blind to Edward’s own flaws and hyper-aware of her own inadequacies comparatively.

    And Bella does love Jacob romantically, she even says so (though I won’t elaborate to prevent spoilers). Their love just takes time to develop, the way real love should. It’s supposed to go through phases where you mean different things to each other. As Kurt Halsey (appropriately) said: “First like, then luck, then love.”

  87. mmm122

    Congrats on being a Partner.

  88. Debbie

    This is in response to the people that are commenting that Bella’s relationship with Edward was unhealthy. SM said that when she wrote that, she was thinking about how you would react if you lost your true soulmate, your other half -not just some teenage crush. Bella and Edward are destined for each other, and when Edward leaves, he’s denying that destiny for both of them. SM compared the loss of Edward to the way a parent would feel losing a child. The pain may fade with time, but it never, ever goes away. You can cope, but you never, ever heal. I really like Jacob, but he’s only able to help her up to a point. Bella is broken, and she cannot be fixed. She can limp along, and maintain a sort of facade, but she is not whole.

  89. Priscilla :)

    honestly i love edward more then jacob, but after reading new moon the second time (since i mostly skimmed to get to edward again)i really do appreciate all that jacob did in bella’s life while edward was away :( but ONLY appreciate his act of kindness not think that he is right for bella, because he isnt. TEAM EDWARD!!! :DDD

  90. Catherine

    Comment #78: AMEN! I agree with you completely.

  91. Ciara

    damn you, kaleb!!
    you nearly made me cry all over again reading these last two posts!!!! :(

  92. Lu

    When I read the “time passes” part, it was SO sad to me, still is. There is so much truth to have paragraph.

    I think I liked Jacob more and appreciated him more, after I read New Moon for the second time. I had to read it twice. I am Team Edward and I want and think it should be Bella and Edward, always, they just fit, but I want Jacob to be happy too.

  93. Erin

    Personally I find the idea of soul mates to be utter crap. Bella is 17, and just like Renee she’s too young to know what she really wants for the rest of her life. Even worse, there’s no “divorcing” a permanent change and damnation to a life of repeating high school until the end of days. As far as readers can tell Bella is more in lust than she is in love with Edward – the only thing we know about their relationship is that she thinks he’s pretty…a lot. Really pretty. With pretty topaz eyes, that are very pretty.

    She should use her mother as a cautionary tale and take some time to figure out who she is before she rushes into an irreversible choice that she may live to regret. In real life love doesn’t work the way Bella wants it to. It’s complex, it changes, and sometimes it’s shared between multiple people. And the only real solutions to that problem are time and life experience.

  94. Samantha

    Im team Jacob. Period.

    I don’t *hate* Edward, but I do dislike him very, very strongly. He’s too controlling, unhealthy, etc.

    Jacob is Bella’s soulmate. Bella even realizes this (in eclipse- oops, spoiler!). He’s the type of guy *I* would date, plus, he’s so realistic! I think the reason I dislike Edward so is because he is so fictional. He just isn’t real, and there’s no way he could be. But Jacob, on the other hand, very easily could be real. He has characteristics that many guys do have. No guy have I ever met is inhumanly beautiful, perfect in every way (*snort*), etc. But Jacob is flawed. And both he and Bella realize these flaws. You can’t have a relationship completely blinded. If Bella even *once* noticed that Edward was flawed, then I would be a bit happier about their relationship. But she doesn’t notice *any* of his flaws. Even when Edward points them out (and Kudos to him, for doing so) she doesn’t think so. Their relationship is purely obsessive, unhealthy, and foggy.

    Jacob is, as Bella describes him, like air. He is utterly and completely the best choice for her. He’s funny, kind, NOT overcontrolling, self-sacraficing, observant, understanding, patient, and TRULY in love with Bella. He sees her clearly for who she is, flaws and all, and accepts it. When he realizes that her obsession with Edward is unhealthy, he tries to make her notice it, but when she doesn’t listen, he doesn’t try to push her. And he lets her make her own mistakes. Edward is completely overprotective and overbearing. A prime example: The baseball scene. If he hadn’t immediately gone and jumped in front of her, James may have not taken as much interest. He doesn’t let Bella do anything even remotely dangerous. On the other hand, Jacob lets her be human. Edward always talks about keeping her human, and not wanting to change her, but in truth, he has already changed her in a way that makes her utterly not-human. If she were a normal human, she would get hurt and make her own mistakes. If she were normal, she would stand up for herself, allow herself to occasionally get mad at Edward and see his flaws, like she does with Jake.

    I’ve said enough. I dislike Edward, love Jacob, and I’ve given you my reasons why. ’nuff said. =)

    –Samantha L.

  95. bella aire

    Don’t worry. There is truly no way to understate Jacob’s importance in New Moon. Some say Twilight is about Edward, New Moon is about Jacob, and Eclipse is for…you’ll have to find out.

    And I’d also like to let you know that there are more than two teams (Everything Edward and Just Jacob). I am a member of Refuse to Choose. I love them both.

    Edward is…Edward. Everything about him is wonderfully dramatic in a not-on-purpose way. He’s beautiful in everyway. He’s a true gentleman. But he also takes things too seriously. And he never does anything halfway. Plus Edward thinks WAY too much. But he’s incredibly talented. (Note: I’ve also noticed he’s not the only Edward in history who plays the piano excellently. Two other characters who have stood out are Edward Lewis from Pretty Woman and Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre. Of course, since Bella isn’t a hooker or a governess, the similarities end with the Edwards and the love between them and their heroines. Haha. Bella the Hooker: An Epilogue. I can see it now.)

    Jacob is something else entirely. Being more than a few decades younger than Edward, he is far more rash and thinks far too little. He’s more innocent but rougher around the edges than Edward. With Jacob, honesty ranks higher than comfort where Bella is concerned. Not so for Edward. Jacob is Bella’s friend, and isn’t nearly as overprotective as Edward. But he is still protective. While he, unlike Edward, will let Bella do stupid things, he will always be there tp take care of her.

    I love them both. End of story.

    I really think you will find New Moon intriguing mainly because girls are crazy about Jacob as well, though he is pretty much the anti-Edward. And he definitely has fewer manners…at times he borders in rude. So what exactly is it that makes some girls love Jacob more? I’d love to know your theories on that. I have a few of my own…

  96. Jaime

    ok i’m with shannon here… after reading Twilight and then going onto New Moon i almost screamed, (did tear) and I couldn’t just sit back and wait. I flipped right through the book to make sure I wasn’t going to lite my books on fire before finishing them. I didn’t and I still read them all and I still cry everytime I read New Moon. I wonder if that will ever go away? I mean, it’s a book and I know what’s going to happy and yet I CRY… crazy! Good Luck with Jacob.

  97. Anon

    If Jacob’s rude than Edward is pretentious.

  98. Larissa

    Well, this is my first time writing a response for here.

    Edward and Jacob. They are both wonderful for Bella, and you’ll see why. I don’t want to give too much away because I deal with all three books when I explain my thoughts on the two.

    I can understand why people think that Bella is too obsessed over Edward–however there is more to their relationship than obsession. They have the chemistry and they get to know each other. Not to say that Bella and Jacob don’t.

    When Edward leaves, well to be honest when you have a true love, not a high school love, it’s hard to get over it. Now you have to add on how she already felt about herself and then hearing it confirmed, that’ll bring someone into a shell, a complete shell, more than what she had in the beginning of Twilight. So for her to feel as she does, I don’t think it’s because she’s obsessed but because of her love for Edward and because of how she feels about herself.

    Anyways, there isn’t that much more to say without having to bring in many other things that I’ll wait to say.

    I will say that when Edward immediately got in front of her with the whole James thing, well I was glad. Just think how things could have gone had Edward not been protective? There’s a chance that she could have been dead. Besides, Edward did say that he shouldn’t have reacted like that, it was a mistake, so isn’t that putting him more on the level that he’s not perfect?

    I’ll wait for more comments because of spoilers.

  99. Erin

    bella aire:

    What are your theories? I’d be interested to hear :)

  100. Chrystina

    First off I have to say that I prefer the Bella/Edward relationship.. however I think Jacob is a good guy. He gets a hard wrap just because he’s not Edward. Edward has left Bella for her own good and I completely do understand why he left. He wasn’t being a jerk or doing it to be mean, he did it because he loves Bella and felt it was best. Understandingly Bella went into a depression and then SHE WENT to Jacobs house. That was her move. She started to hang out with him and found a strange happiness with Jacob, Jacob was really just along for the ride. Yes he did fall for her, but Edward wasn’t around so he felt like he could. Nothing wrong with that. The Jacob in new moon is a really great guy that just likes a girl who is obsessed with someone else. Poor Jacob. Believe me, I was just as excited as anyone else when Edward does come back, but I did feel for Jacob. Personally, I think Jacob deserves someone better then Bella. She used him and then tossed him to the curb as soon as Edward came back, why is everyone mad at Jacob, it’s Bella that has caused all the drama! (This comment is strictly about Jacob in New Moon, the Jacob in Eclipse is different and plays on a whole new level)

    For some good read on Jacob,if you haven’t already read it, Stephenie has posted a 16 page summary of what Jacob knows and his intentions up to the end of New Moon. go to http://www.stepheniemeyer.com – Twilight Series – New Moon – Extras – Being Jacob Black.

  101. Marie

    Ah New Moon, Kaleb you definately have all of our sympathies while reading this book. Stephenie’s writing is so amazing and we become so attached to her characters that we actually feel their pain. The first time I read New Moon I was so attached to the idea of Bella and Edward that I don’t think I paid too much attention to Jacob. After Reading Eclipse though I decided recently to go back and read New Moon again. I found myself loving Jacob just as much as I love Edward (though in a different way). I could appreciate his warmth and humor and realized just how different he is from Edward. So tell me, how’s a girl to choose? Edward is well…Edward and completely amazing in all his ways (although a little stupid for leaving). But Jacob is, warm and full of laughter and life (although jailbait for me haha). Bella later refers to him as “her own personal sun”. I can understand that. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot of arguments in the coming weeks/months about who is better Edward or Jacob, I have no advice for this haha because Stephenie has created two incredible characters and now, I am in love with both. And to comment on Jacob’s rudeness etc., try to be gentle and remember that despite his height/ physical stature….he is a 16 year old boy and is bound to do some things wrong, Even our dear Edward is flawed after all. Enjoy the book Kaleb! :)

  102. Aishah

    Yes, Bells in in the zombie state and for moths now actually.
    While I was reading this chapter, I was able to empathise with her though I have never experienced this before. I hope I never will.
    Keep on readin Kaleb, and you’ll see of how she finally ‘woke up’.

  103. jessika

    i like jacob better because he allows Bella to just be a little more fun and outgoing with edward she is always so reserved …. with jake she can just be a kid

  104. Amber

    I read once that Stephenie Meyer suggests that all people read New Moon at least twice, because the first time we’re all speed-reading to see if Edward comes back. I was guilty of this. The second time around I absorbed so much more from the novel. Just make sure you don’t speed read.
    I, personally, love Jacob Black. Please keep an open mind to him.
    And I do, in fact, believe that is why Jacob is better for her. Of course there are other reasons, but, being afraid that I might accidentally spoil something, I’ll just wait and say it once you’ve read Eclipse.

  105. Mara-Kate

    I am a complete Team Edward and since you have spoiled correctly I will say that New Moon was horrible to get through (until the end) LOL but you should probable keep an open mind about Jacob and since you’re not a girl who was swearing throughout New Moon you should enjoy it ! :)

  106. Kay

    omg i am so happy with this thread. i’ve never seen so many Jacob fans! yes, finally!

    Jacob is amazing. he brings Bella back to life, makes her laugh, makes her feel normal and safe. All he did was fall in love with her. He’s brave for all he does. His opponant is Edward for goodnes sake! He just wants Bella’s love and to have her remain flesh and blood. Is that so wrong? How many of us have the courage to fight for love as fearlessly has Jacob does?

  107. Ashley

    Wow good luck getting through the WHOLE book wthout flipping ahead. When i read new moon i instinctivly flipped to the end. I had too. New Moon is unberable! It’s awful and don’t listen to the jacob lovers he’s evil and edward is the only one ment for bella. KALEB NATION PLEASE DONT BECOME A TEAM JACOB!! Because Team Edward is the way. :]

    good luck again with finishing new moon, its terrible and sad, and such a drag to read.

  108. Joy

    I think after EVERYONE (and that includes YOU, kaleb) read chapter three/four, they viciously skipped to the back, and screamed: “NO! EDWARD! YOU CAN’T LEAVE!”
    well, I did that. See, (i think) the reason why everyone hates Jacob soo much is because in New Moon, they think Jake is geting into trying to replace Edward, and most people don’t want that.In Eclipse, he tries SO hard to get Bella’s attention, that he even turned into a moron … in a few parts.
    I USED to be Team Edward, but (I can’t believe I’m bringing up The Host!) after I’d read The Host, I understood Jake better. The two main men are Jared & Ian, and Jared was more of Edward, and Ian was more Jake. Jared was always stiff-backed — he never changed his opinions, he never changed his mind, while Ian on the other hand, was soft, and tender, and kind.
    Jake IS Bella’s true HUMAN soulmate. If Edward was never alive, Bella would’ve been with Jake. Edward’s just soo serious about everything, (and yes, you have to be serious when you’re marrying and turning your love into a vampire) but he bores me. Yeah, Edward has the looks, the charm, the smile, but Jacob is just so human, so understanding, and he loves Bella SO MUCH that he let Bella be with Edward. Bella’s broken his heart, and HE’S FINE with that! Do you see Edward being fine with that? Jake is SOOO much BETTER! (and i hate Spunk Ransom. Just a side note. :) )

  109. Rachel

    So many people hate Jacob because he is not Edward, all I have to say is RELAX! Jacob is fantastic and one of my favorite characters, yes I am still team Edward but Jake really made the books much more interesting, I mean imagine how dull they would be without a little healthy competition.
    Oh, and I would totally be in the same state if Edward left me, so Bella, you’re doing fine

  110. Dagny

    “Jake’s character is frustrating and it’s hard not to take it out on him for the trouble he causes. I don’t hate him, but I do hate that others hate Edward because of him. If that makes any sense…”

    I agree completely. One doesn’t have to necessarily dislike a character to think that Bella is better off without him.

    Throughout New Moon, Jacob is a thoroughly enjoyable character and he provides necessary involvement in the story. I prefer Edward, because without him, the first book is totally negated. How can an author ask me to fall in love with a story – to think of two characters as two parts of a whole – and then negate it with a sequel? If Twilight is taken to be true, then to me nothing can change that. That was the entire setup of the series in the first place.

    All three of the characters have their good and bad points, times when they act noble or selfish.

  111. Anon

    Please, please, please stop with the whole “Jacob is Evil” bit. I can understand if you don’t like the character, but Jacob is one of the good guys. He’s saved Bella’s ass so many times that it’s not even funny. If not for him, New Moon would’ve been the last book, just keep that in mind. The Volturri, James, Victoria, etc are evil. Jake is just a lovelorn boy stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  112. Sarah

    Jacob Black is Stephenie Meyer’s favorite character. Do you honestly think if he was as evil as you all SAY he is she would think of him like that?

    Enough said.

  113. Audrey

    I am Team Jacob!!! I think Edward is all wrong for Bella. She deserves to be with someone that makes her happy, not someone that hurts her all the time! How could anyone be happy with someone they think is better than them? She feels normal with Jake,and he loves her for just being her,not because of the way she smells or that he is addicted or obsessed.Jake is Bella’s true love. Edward is just a obession nothing more! And I too think that all the team Edward are a few marbles short lol. where is your logic?New Moon is my favorite book,if you read the books ove rand over like i have you start to see it, Bella is always glum even with Edward, she isnt truely happy until new moon when she starts to see jake.

  114. jeh

    yeah, I loove Jake, but Bella is NOT the right person for him ;( he deserves so much better! she just makes him suffer. Bella and Edward are just perfect together, but I really want Jacob to find someone else.

  115. Bella n Jake?

    I am a Jacob and Bella fan. Allot of it comes down to the fact that Bella and Edwards relationship is unhealthy. It is so uneven. She always feels inadequate. Not to mention we are seeing Edward through her eyes, not who he really is. Love Blinds us all. Edward does nothing to build her up. Edward describes her as his brand of heroin. Later in the series SMeyer says that Edward is like a drug for her and she can’t stay away. Addictive relationships are BAD. Not to mention Heroin kills people. When it comes to the life or love argument: I vote for life every time. Jacob is good for her. Their relationship is real and healthy. He builds her up.

  116. Courtney

    like you said earlier.
    edward was her other half.
    i believe jacob will never be that. i see him being a good friend, but not anything more.

    thus, i am an edward fan.

    and i am so happy that you made it through to this chapter. it was so hard for me [and mostly everyother twilight fan] but yay! i love to see your true feelings into this.

    keep up the good work! :]

  117. Kyah

    Her reaction to Edward is exactly why I think he’s perfect for her. Look what his leaving did!

    Good luck getting through the book. I still can’t bear to reread it.

  118. Chrystina

    This post is for Kaiti, post number 39. I would like to respond to your comment

    “Everything he does is done with the best intentions, but he’s sort of stalkerish and pretty damn controlling. He tells her who to hang out with, what to do, treats her like he always knows better than her, he even tells her when to eat.”

    I completely disagree. Edward and Bella are deeply in love. They live and breath everything about each other. They consume themselves with each other without question. Edward takes care of Bella. He does not tell her who she can hang out with, not once has he ever said that she could not hang out with her school friends or even Jacob… well actually he did say that she shouldn’t hang out with Jacob because he was a new werewolf in Eclipse, but it was for her own safety, new werewolves can lose their temper and people can get hurt, look at Sam’s wife. It’s not because of Jacob liking Bella. When Bella sneaks off to see Jacob, Edward decides it will be safer to just take her to go see him. He’s not trying to have control over her, he’s trying to protect her. If these were average human 17 year olds living in a small town where nothing happens, then his actions might seem a little weird, but Edward has saved Bella’s life how many times and she is always being hunted, wouldn’t you protect the person you were in love with if they were being threatened? Wouldn’t you want to make sure they were always safe?

    Edward reminds Bella to eat because she is so wrapped up in being with him that she doesn’t take care of herself. I think you totally misunderstood. It’s crazy to see how the same words can be taken in so many ways (different perspectives of the people who read them). I hope this all makes sense. I’m not mad, it just drives me crazy that Edward is misunderstood. Maybe it’s because I’m 28, like Edward, age does make you know better. Hahaha.. I’m going to start a huge fight. Not intentionally though! I really do mean well. :)

  119. Reading New Moon: Chapter 4 (Waking Up) | Twilight News

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  120. Court

    “Not to mention we are seeing Edward through her eyes, not who he really is. Love Blinds us all.”

    you cant say that yet.
    seeing as how there will be “midnight sun”
    then we will find out how he really feels.

    for now, team edward. :)

  121. Emily

    A lot of people see Jacob as annoying Least all my Edward friends do.

    I love Edward and Bella together. Because I think I watched them meet and they just fit so well.

    But, I love Jacob! He’s very sweet, and he loves Bella, despite the fact that she can never really fully love him.

    New Moon was definitely my favorite book. Eclipse was until I read New moon for a third time and really READ it. Its got its own beauty to it, well Dark beauty lol!

    =) Keep reading Kaleb!

  122. Lindsay

    This is a very difficult subject to talk about for everyone, I can tell. There are so many different opinions!

    I agree with Rachel. I definitely like Edward much better, but I’m not to the point of hating Jacob. My problem with Jake is that he makes it extremely hard for Bella to choose which path she wants to take. On the other hand, Edward just wants Bella to be happy. He allows her to make the choice and doesn’t try to manipulate her to go one way or the other. And by Eclipse Jacob is kind-of a jerk…

    I believe Jacob should have his own happy ending so he can leave Bella to hers.

    ANYWAY, keep going Kaleb! I could get used to this 2 posts in 2 days thing. :)

  123. Sarah

    Stop spoiling! You’re ruining the book for Kaleb!

  124. savannahjan

    Yes, Bella’s intense withdrawal from Edward is one of the reasons I think Jacob is better for her. There are so many more that you will be reading in further chapters and the third book, but that definitely is a reason.

    People try to reason Bella’s reaction away as “She is a teenager, that’s how teenagers are.” Yet, supposedly, Bella is more mature than other teenagers. And I don’t know anyone (including me) that completely shut down the way she did. I love who I believed was the love of my life. And was it hell to move on? Absolutely, but the point is, I moved on. I didn’t become a zombie like Bella did.

    Jake and Bella’s dynamic from the moment it begins is just so fresh and easy, I couldn’t help being sucked in. And neither could Bella. I mean, she’s smiling pretty much the moment she sees him in this chapter. That says something.

    I’m sorry so many inconsiderate people are spoiling you!

  125. amelia

    i almost put the book down when after i read chapters 3 & 4. although, now i love the parts about bella’s desolation. it makes me think of a love that is enduring and beyond what most experience. what is a love like that without it being jeopordized at some point?
    i still don’t like jacob…he may come through for bella, but at times he becomes petulant and child-like. he isn’t endearing to me at all, more of a crutch for her. so proud of you for sticking with it…now the hard part starts-no edward/bella for a bit.

  126. Anon

    Response to 115:

    Being deeply in love with someone is not an excuse to sneak into their room at night withou their knowledge while you decide whether or not to eat them. That’s not romantic. Where I come from we call that stalking…with a dash of potential homicide just for shits and giggles.

  127. Minh Thu

    Perfect song for this chapter!
    Jacob will be there. I think he isn’t better because she doesn’t love him like she doeas love Edward. She just wouldn’t be happy. Jacob is nice, but I dislike his behavior in Eclipse.

  128. Lauren

    Like I’ve said before, Im rereading New Moon (well I just finished yesterday so now i’m rereading Eclipse, but that doesnt matter right now) And I’ve noticed soooo many things that i missed the first time I read it. I was so worried that Edward would not come back thats all I cared about, I mean I got the storyline and some of Jacob’s emotions and a lot of Bella’s but that was kinda it, reading it again I see how they really feel and things I didn’t realize at first. I was a Jacob hater I guess, I liked Jacob, a lot, I thought he was a good friend, but thats it, just a friend, so I never hated him, just didnt love or laothe him like other people do. I really noticed Bella’s pain this time and reading your post just reminded me of her pain and sadness. Oh, and good job on not looking in the back of the book like I (and probably so many others) did to see if Edward would come back or not……..soooooooo GOOD JOB :) also I’m glad your reading New Moon at a good pace soooo YAY!! :) hehe

    Hope I didn’t spoil much for you, if I did I am really sorry cus I hate it when one of my friends spoils a book for me!

  129. Sammy

    Jacob is a more healthier choice for her. Edward and Bella, aren’t really even friends. They don’t talk about that much unless you want to count their endless love for each other. Bella can’t even focus on anything but Edward when they’re together. Jacob helps her to act like a normal person: self-confidence, fun to be around, and a mind of her own.

  130. Morgan Blanch

    hey yeah…thats one thing that i didnt like about new moon. I was depressed the whole time I read it. It made me feel so lost you know? I’m one of those kinds of people that get really attached to characters. Now im not a jacob or edward fan…theres positives and negatives to both. But one of the reasons im for Jacob is because if Edward would have left me I dont know if i would be able to trust him with my heart again. But yeah…you crack me up and this is by fae my fave twilight site. 😀

  131. Elspeth

    I didn’t read through all the comments so I hope I’m not repeating something someone else has already said.
    So in anticipation of you reading New Moon, I read it on Sunday (in one sitting; I read fast) so that it would be fresh in my mind. I love Edward, but I also like Jacob, the “pre-werewolf” Jacob. He is sweet and considerate of Bella, and helps hold her together when she’s hardly doing it herself. I understand Edwards reasons for leaving (which I won’t spoil for you). But I think that the main distinction of why people love Jacob is the part of Jacob that Bella later calls “my Jacob” versus the other half of Jacob. That’s the Jacob I love.
    I hope that’s slightly coherent. I hope I didn’t ramble too much.
    Happy Reading!

  132. heather

    I agree with several opinions already posted here, I just wanted to reiterate – keep an open mind… :) After reading the first book I was enamored with B/E and couldn’t believe he was gone so quickly into “New Moon”. However, I loved the ease of Bella’s relationship with Jacob. Until you are reading “Eclipse” I would hesitate to say anything else about the B/J relationship. People are spoiling for ya already and it deserves to unravel as intended. All I’ll add is that I like E and J for different reasons. I think Jacob’s youth and inexperience contrast so sharply with Edward that people misjudge him… It will be interesting to hear your take on it! :)

  133. Melissa

    ok, wow! I am so used to defending Jacob in posts that it is so crazy that I should be defending Edward now!
    In case it is not obvious I love both. I am Switzerland and I will not be swayed.
    Kaleb we know you, like the majority of the twilight comunity have an apprieciation for Edward because of “the respect he shows towards women, the selflessness of his actions, the level of polite elegance he maintains, the maturity of his judgment, among many others.” that is about the best, most honest interpretation of the reasons why we all fell 100% in love with him in the first place.
    As many on here have been saying Edward shows tendancies in Eclipse that are a bit putting off, but he was born in a different time, we have to understand, and he does learn from his mistakes doesnt he?
    I did not hate Edward for leaving because I understood why he did it but I did feel an underlying resentment, and I have a tendancy to hold grudges, so yes when Jake comes and is so open and honest and friendly and welcoming, yes I did fall in love a second time in the series.
    Everyone has stated all the amasing reasons to love Jacob: he is open and caring and spontanious and fun and like the sun and flawed like a human being and all of that, healthy and helps Bella through a rough time. I absolutely 100% love Jacob Black. Even though he can be frusterating and at times in Eclipse manipulative remember that Edward is doing this in Eclipse too. (Kaleb this is spoilery, so sorry!)
    To adress the issue of obsessive love. Lets face it, in literature love is dramatized. And in the novel world it is possible to have more than one soul mate, or rather in this series a soul-mate and someone who trumps soul-mate.
    For Bella, Jacob is her human soul-mate for a human life. But Edward is that,trumps that for her. It doesnt matter that in someways their love is unhealthy and obsessive because when you have what they have(a trumps soul-mate situation) you are not going to care about the unhealthiness of the situation and arent going to kick a guy to the curb for a mistake (even if it was a big one, this proves that Bella indeed does love Edward even with those flaws.)
    The whole obsessive deal is all pertaining to Bella really, when she loves, when she does anything like Charlie says later in New Moon she does it wholeheartedly and tends to never let go and that is just part of her character. With both Edward and Jake she clings to them like oxygen (or in Jake’s case the sun) and whether we think that is healthy or not is not the fault of Edward or Jake, though admittedly they are obsessively in love with her too, though I think that is just how anyone would respond to such a character…
    I’m rambling but all I mean to say is that both Jacob and Edward have their good points and their flaws and we should love them both more for it instead of argue over who is “healthier” Bella already knows Jake is but is still choosing Edward, because that is where the great obsessive love lies. She loves Jake romantically as well but differently and even though it is just as real it just doesnt measure up.
    Terrible because Jake is so wonderful and deserves better but hopefully he will get a happy ending.
    Sorry Kaleb, that was full of spoilers but I think that just like we all drew are own conclusions about the characters you should too.
    :) melissa

  134. guess.

    I’m actually a big Jacob fan.
    not that I think she should be with him.
    but I really did enjoy breaking dawn.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    try not to flip ahead chapters just to see if edward is back.
    I did that a lot the first time through.

  135. Araceli

    I think the whole point of this book is to realize what Edward and Bella mean to each other. Some may say that Bella are Edward are too drawn to each other and its not healthy, but their strong love is the point.

    Neither one of them realized just how strong their love was and why they needed each other until they were forced apart. Edward knew she loved him, but thought that over time she’d get over him. Neither one realized that wasn’t the case. They’d be able to move on over time, but never get over each other.

    Twilight is them finding their love. New Moon is them realizing the strength of their love. Eclipse is realizing their love can overcome anything. And we’ll see what Breaking Dawn brings.

  136. Becca

    congratulations on reading past chapter 3!

    And yes you were spoiled right. Jacob does make an appearance soon. Personally, this book is probably the hardest to get through a second time because the first time I read so fast just to see if Edward would come back =]

  137. ButterscotchEyes

    I know how you feel. The beginning of new moon leaves us all feeling sad, depressed, lonely…

    we’re here for you.

  138. BitterNatch

    HATE Jacob Black! He’s such a dirty player! As much help as he can be to Bella, he hurts her more and that’s all I’m gonna say about it XP.

    … Stupid Pooch

  139. Molly

    Here via the LJ community sortofbeautiful, reserved for J/B shippers and Jacob lovers.

    I have to disagree with your assessment that Bella is starting to get better. If I’m not mistaken, this is the chapter where she first starts hearing “Edward’s voice.” It becomes a major problem and that’s all I’ll say. She’s not getting better, she’s becoming schizophrenic.

    Anyway, to answhere your question: “So I would really like to hear from those Jacob-lovers if Bella’s intense withdrawal from Edward is one of the reasons you think Jacob is better for her? Do you think she is too obsessively attached to Edward for the relationship to ever be good for her?”

    Yes. It’s really hard to go into why, though, without spoiling you big time. I’ll just leave it at: I’d rather her live for a guy than die for one. It’s just healthier. Hopefully you’ll understand in the next few chapters.

  140. Molly

    Wow… answer* What an embarrassing typo.

  141. Michelle

    I think Jacob makes a good bff, but I can’t really trust him because of what he does in Eclipse (no need to worry, I won’t spoil). Now looking back at New Moon because you are just starting it, I won’t really support him, but if this was before I read Eclipse I’d be open to his friendship.

    Jake deserves a nice girl, and hopefully he’ll find one in BD. I hope he imprints, but as long as it doesn’t ruin someone else’s already formed relationship. Overall, Jacob is what Bella needs in a friend.
    However, I love Bella and Edward. I’ve never really missed Jacob, but I can always miss Edward.

    Plus, I read the book twice so I’d get some perspective, but the actions in Eclipse are what taints my Jacob outlook.

  142. Stretch

    Molly, I love you :)

    Though I can’t believe you posted that spoiler while I’m stuck at work an unable to comment.

    Well said.

  143. tina

    From a strictly literary point of view – Jacob is necessary for Bella’s character to be developed. In Twilight we learn that she has taken care of her mother her entire life. She needs to be young, to make stupid mistakes, to be a teenager. Edward is over 100 years old. He thinks of her as a child, even though she is an old soul. The separation is necessary for each of them to re-evaluate what they feel and how deeply they feel it. Difficult times lead to growth (for Edward and Bella – well really everyone…). How could Bella ever really choose to be with Edward if there was no other choice? Edward would never accept that she knew what she was doing. And Edward needs to know how difficult life without Bella would be for him. When it comes down to it, this whole series is about making difficult choices (vegetarian vampires, trusting someone enough to share your deepest, darkest secrets, wanting to become immortal – even with the risks involved, remaining chaste…well, you catch my drift).
    I am team Edward. Love should make your heart race and give you goosebumps frequently – without passion, life would be boring. (I’ve been married to my husband for 20 years and he can still give me goosebumps!!) And yes, I know that Bella could have passion with Jacob – but not in the same way. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a Jacob hater (in fact, my heart hurts for him), but he isn’t the right guy for Bella.
    Come on – she was written to be with Edward…..destiny, possibly.

  144. Aubrey

    I love both Edward and Jacob deeply and both are good matches for Bella. It’s just that…they’re each so different, like fire and ice. Both have qualities that could potentially harm and help Bella. So I wouldn’t exactly say that Jacob is better for Bella. By the way, I hate to spoil this for you, but Bella ends up becoming additcted to Jake as well. I guess she just has and addictive, obsessed personality. That sounded a little harsh, sorry it wasn’t intended! Keep on reading, and remember to take your time and get to know and love Jacob Black as we all(well most of us)do!

  145. Amy S

    I love this book, it has stuck with me so much. I absolutely LOVE Jacob, and I can’t understand anyone hating him. I actually get more upset with Bella with the way she treats him sometimes. No matter who Bella is with, I love Edward too, Jacob is so important to her. He IS her best friend. I try to put myself in each of their shoes, and frankly, I can’t judge anything any of the characters do… That is how love can be, it isn’t always rational, or easy, it doesn’t always make sense. When it comes down to it, it is a decision you make to be with that person.

  146. Makayla

    Jacob is a very interesting character.
    The first time I read the books, I wasn’t immediately drawn to him, but the more I sat on it I realized he is a GREAT character.

    I’ve never completely understood why people have such a strong loathing for Jacob (I can recall on a few instances from New Moon and Eclipse, but I won’t say anything).

    Jake is the person who sort of…”rebuilds” Bella (if that makes any sense). All Bella ever knew of relationships was Edward. But Jake plays a different game, and Bella doesn’t realize it immediately. This is what leads to Eclipse…

    I’m afraid I’ll give away too much, so I’ll stop.

    I’ve always seen New Moon as the book with depth (or more than the other 2, anyway). I can’t wait to see your future updates 😀

  147. Fran

    personaly, Edward leaving Bella and plunging her into dispair has nothing to do with why I love Jacob Black so much (which is ALOT). I never thought about which one was better for her, because the characters seemed so alive I always thoguht of them as people. Edward is so overprotective it drives me insane and sometimes I want to sock him in the face, not that it would do anything. So i would say i love Jacob becasue of who he is, not because hes better or worse for Bella

  148. Angela

    Kaleb, I’m really concerned that you’re getting too many spoilers through comments…

  149. Larisa

    It’s difficult for me to say if I’m team Edward or team Jacob, why? Because I see that Edward and Bella are made for each other and I love to read about them together. However, I personally love Jacob. If I was on a deserted island, I’d want Jacob with me, not Edward. (Jacob defintely does some things better than Edward as evidenced in Eclipse). I was bothered by Edward for awhile, but I think Bella and Edward should be together. I’ll take Jacob for myself, hubba hubba. I like heat more than cold marble.

  150. MasterChief

    I’m one of those hardcore independent, feminist types so naturally Edward always bothered me. He was too creepy, too stalkerish, too controlling, too manipulative, too disgustingly romantic, too old fashioned, too much. I didn’t care for the fact that Bella went from being a really mature teenager used to caring for her mother, to a completely needy whiner in his presence. To me their love seemed more like a psychiatric case study the negative effects of co-dependence.

    I wasn’t planning on continuing to read the series, but a friend offered to loan me New Moon and out of boredom I took her up on it, and I’m glad I did so. Compared to Edward Jacob is a man after my own heart. Funny, light hearted, responsible, emotionally mature without forgetting how to be spontaneous, the list goes on and on. Jacob doesn’t try to protect Bella from the world – he’s lets her make her own mistakes, picks her up when she falls, respects the fact that we all have to experience to learn even if it hurts. He knows Bella on a deeper level than Edward ever will. Edward wonders what Bella is thinking, Jacob just knows. Add that to the fact that Jacob saw Bella at her lowest point in time and still grew to love her, and I was sold. I wish that Bella would grow up and stop acting like a petulant child, and I think that Jacob brings out her better personality traits.

  151. amanda

    hey great job kaleb.

    although i’m a huge Jacob fan, i don’t think he is better for bella. i’m all for Edward/Bella. although i know jacob is better for bella in the sense that their relationship is healthier, they are good for one another in many ways and it’s natural for them. you’ll understan d as you read on.

    but i never doubted for one second that Bella’s heart ever turned from edward. and i never thought of jacob as a possibility. maybe that’s why i can love him for being the character that he is, and not “the other guy who isn’t edward”.

    maybe it’s because i have so much faith in bella and her devotion to edward and how she sticks to her decisions, that i never got scared of jacob. and thus i was able to love him. love him for doing all the things he does for bella.

    keep reading kaleb it’s gets better soon. they are alot of ups and downs. but this is my Fave BOOK by a mile!!

  152. Lily

    I believe that pretty much all of the comments have summed up the pro-Jake arguments.
    But, I would just like to say that, for me, the reason I’m Team Jacob is because he’s more human. Not in the literal, has a pulse, sense, I mean. He makes mistakes, he’s rash sometimes, and he’s… a little flawed, but that is why I think he’s better for Bella. Throughout the series, Bella always feels…inferior to Edward because of his awesome-o vampireness. I’m not saying Edward’s too good for her, but sometimes I feel like she won’t love him once she’s equal to him – if she gets changed ever, I mean.
    But, everyone’s been saying that Jacob is bad, etc. and is all messed up, but I think Edward is moreso.

    I guess I’ll stop rambling and just say to go into this book with an open mind, like everyone else is saying. I was still an Edward fan halfway into it the first time I read it. :]

  153. Rachul

    I’m only commenting because we talked about how I always comment and how I’m a good commenter and if I don’t I fail at my duty. AND I SHALL NOT FAIL!

    Was I the one that spoiled you about Jake being important? Meh, oh well. XD

    And I’d like to make it clear. When I say I am a Jacob Lover, this does not mean that I want Jacob and Bella together, oh no! NEVER! He is mine. Bella can have her Edward. I can have my Jacob. It all works out great!

  154. Terrbear

    Okay, so I really had to get into this little debate. Now I am a total Team Edward member. I see where Team Jacob comes from. He helps her in New Moon. Helps her breathe! All that jazz, but I hate when many say E/B is shallow and not strong and yadayada…HELLO! New Moon is the prime example of their love!(sorry Kaleb if I accidentally spoil something for you!) Yes, their love is obsession. But when you are in a deep love like their’s that’s what it becomes! They depend on each other. And those who say that Bella should be with Jacob because she can have fun and such. Bella is more of a reader. She’s always been, always will.We also never see Bella and Edward have fun because of all the drama happening. You don’t know what goes on outside of the books. Their (wow I can’t believe I’m saying this)lives do not stop when the book stops. No. There are scenes we do not see. Also face it. Edward is a serious man. That’s just him. I love him for that because well, I am a serious person most of the time. I do believe Jacob would be healthier for her. BUT Love is a crazy thing. You can’t control it. I believe Bella and Edward need each other. (Even though Edward would try to hide this need) I am one of the few who knew he was not telling the truth (Sorry!) I was never mad at him. I felt sorry for Edward.The poor guys been roaming the earth without happiness and suddenly he finds it! Then has to let that happiness go for the safety of Bella. Come now. Edward was (according to him) worse then Bella during their time apart. He was in a ball half the time! Go read his POV and Rosalie’s to get this. So people who say it was a dumb move for him to leave (even though it really was) It showed the both of them that they need each other. It also got them to understand that their hold on each other is unbreakable. The “I’m not worthy” thing is starting to stop. Sure Eclipse had a few moments like that but that’s beside the point. It wasn’t as bad as Twilight was with that.
    I also loved the analogy of the beverages! You are abosolutly right! I would so want the pop! I have a sweet tooth! And one last thing. Jacob fans remember that Edward isn’t perfect. He is probably the least perfect character in the series! We just see the way Bella sees him. (love does that) So stop using the “Edward is too perfect for my taste. Jacob is more real!” stuff like that. It’s not true! (Sorry for any Jacob lovers who are not like this. I’ve had my dose of people like this) Now,I myself do not really like Jacob, but I accepted him…until the last chapter of this book…
    Kaleb, keep on reading. It is a W ride. My favorite ending from the whole series is the end of New Moon, well last few chapters…So keep on truckin!

    Sorry this was so long, it’s just I’m sick of this debating/bashing thing! It needs to end people! Bella’s made her choice! Let it be!

  155. Ali

    I LOVED New Moon. True, it’s a bit (or a lot)depressing, but it just shows that life gos on without Edward Cullen.

    Though there are very few of us Jacob-lovers, we hold up strong. He is the perfect bestfriend anyone could ask for. And yes i definately think that Jacob is healthier for Bella. Edward left Bella behind! He left her empty and alone. And wait.. who saved her? oh yeah JACOB. It really bugs me when people are so against Jake and hate him so much. What would she be without him? What would Bella have done if Jake hadn’t helped her? If he hadn’t been a normal FRIEND that she needed? He never asked for more than that (in new moon atleast.)
    I don’t want to spoil eclipse so i wont discuss Jake’s actions, but i can 100% defend them. Well.. with one exception.

  156. Nina

    I tottaly agree with Erin. I couldnt say it better myself so all I’m gonna say is, I’m attracted to the:

    “I can live without you but I just dont want to” that Jacob/Bella have instead of the

    “I only can live without you” of Edward/Bella.

    Or that might have been kind of a spoiler but whatever.

  157. Nina

    I also agree with Samantha. Man you guys are good.

  158. Allison

    I remember flipping through the months, and I had to stop and put the book down then, it was a very affective literary tool. Of course, I did continue reading within a minute, but, embarrassingly, I had to hold tears back. It was moving almost.

  159. savannah

    Team Edward!!!!

    he may be a bit controlling but he’s just trying to make up for leaving Bella. he’s terrified of her leaving him and he is just trying to help. Jacob is supportive but INMATURE!!! he’s not exactly trying to help keep her safe from himself. Edward is doing what he can at least!

  160. savannah

    Jacod is Bella’s BEST FRIEND! Not BOYFRIEND!!!

  161. Anon

    That’s because Jacob doesn’t want to eat her!

  162. Amy S

    Nina I think you put it so well. The whole “want” vs “need” thing. I know my mother always told me (and a psychology teacher I had) that the person you should end up with is the person you “want” in you life, no matter the difficulties, vs the person you “need.” I respect what ever the Breaking Dawn brings. But, it is GREAT conversation.

  163. Luna

    For me personally, I didn’t cry or shed a single tear when Edward left, unlike many of my friends. No…I just screamed and threw a fit instead. I wasn’t sad, I was mad. But, alas, I didn’t cheat and skip to the end just to see if he was there. (I may have taken a glimpse and then was satisfied.) But I kept reading, as you Kaleb will do as well. In good time you’ll find Jacob. All in good time. ^_^

  164. Morgan

    That’s right girl !TEAM EDWARD! all the way baby. Oh and good job to you Kaleb for getting past chapter three. To all the Jacob fans out there get over it she doesn’t like him so hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  165. Brinkley

    I like Edward, but nit as much as Jacob. I think that Bella realtionship with Edward is too obsessive and addictive, IT ISNT HEALTHY! Edward is controlling,a jerk, and it doesnt help his case at all that he left. Once you read Eclipse, it is obvious that Jacob is the better choice. GO JAKE!!!

  166. Kelsey

    When I finally got to picking the book back off the car floor after I read chapter 3, I turned the page to those what, 3, 4 month pages. and i was CONFUSED!
    Don’t worry. It’s not all depressing!

  167. Kelsey

    Yeah Morgan! TEAM EDWARD
    Srry, I love Jacob, I guess, but, srsly, Edward’s NOT a frickin jerk miss brinkley! He’s not controlling, it’s care. CARE

    Srsly. Srry Kaleb, had to post this.

  168. Brinkley

    WOW! I should have proofed that.

  169. Anon

    160. “To all the Jacob fans out there get over it she doesn’t like him so hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!”

    Yeah, she really does. In fact, she actually loves him. And we know this because Bella says so.

  170. Terrbear

    Alright here I am again! LOVE IS NOT ALWAYS SANE! Get that through your heads people! And Edward is not too bad at controlling. You know what he does in Eclipse with letting up. And I don’t think Jake is the better choice. Neither are human! Jake is just as dangerous as Edward. Can’t use that really. Sure he’s more human, but I don’t know. He’s not completely right for BELLA. And if it weren’t for Edward Bella would be dead from Tyler’s car in Twilight and wouldn’t have met Jake.

  171. krstn

    The reason this book is what it is, a book, I dont judge any of the relationships off of real life…

    How do you fall head over heels for someone in one week and then in six months, your life is shattered because they have left..I dont see that happening, ever…But, I LOVE Jacob because he helps Bella somewhat return…I dont think Bella could get over someone like Edward. Even though he is a twit for leaving, he means well…And the love that he gives Bella is what all of us girls dream for…

    Im sorry New Moon is sad! But, it does have its moments!

  172. Hihi

    I’m team edward and even in New Moon I still loved him. I didn’t read the chapters after ch 5 but I skipped to the end and eventually got to the part where the volturi are and since I didn’t read the other chapters with Jake in them I thought Bella and Edward were in a ball room with the volturi. Then it reminded me of Titanic………then I read the chapters with Jake in them and it all made sense.

  173. Katie ~

    I gotta say one thing, guys — chill out with the TEAM EDWARD and TEAM JACOB stuff. Everyone has a right to their opinion. No need to try and “convert” people to your perspective. And you know what? There should be a TEAM BELLA, that likes both Jacob and Edward, and won’t throw a tantrum at the end of Breaking Dawn if she doesn’t end up with the preferred guy. They’ve both got their pros and cons, and I for one trust Stephenie Meyer to let Bella end up with who she is meant to be with. That being said, I’m team Bella, and will be happy with whoever she ends up with, because I love Stephenie’s books, and I know I will love Breaking Dawn as well.

  174. Katie Beth

    My little sister–the traitor–informed me last night that she’s officially Team Jacob. “Jacob is a mechanic!!!”

    Pssh. Laaaaaaaame. Edward’s the one to beat.

  175. Anon

    169: Both men in my family work on cars for a living. Is there something wrong with that?

  176. Molly

    I find it disconcerning that some E/B shippers seem to think that obsessive love is a good thing. It’s not. In reality, it leads to abuse and is just an unhealthy dynamic. Somewhere on the Twilight lexicon forum, someone laid out how E/B is the definition of an obsessive relationship. And that is a bad thing. Dr. Phil would tell them to go their separate ways or at least wake up and realize that there’s more to life than each other. I hate Dr. Phil, but he has a point. lol

  177. Niki

    I’m personally a Jacob lover, and I think that Edward leaving is deffinatly a factor of why I love Jacob so much. With Edward, he left so suddenly and didn’t give Bella time to say goodbye to the ones she loves, her family basically. I think it was unfair to deprive her from what little closure she could handle.

  178. Alice Cullen

    Firstly, I am part of Team Edward. Yes, ok, i’ll agree with the fact that Jacob DID help Bella come out of that depression a little. But he what did he do? he took her riding on a MOTORCYCLE. she almost got killed! And in eclipse, *sorry for spoilers Kaleb* he takes advantage of her completely. He kisses her after misreading body language. he makes her feel guilty and creates the mirage that he will go and kill himself in a blaze of glory, only to get ANOTHER kiss out of her. whereas, EDWARD, knowing how much trouble bella can cause without the slightest bit of help, CONTINUALLY PROTECTS HER, instead of planting her on a motorcycle. some say that he behaves in a stalker-ish way. i say not. Bella and Edward have a deep love for each other. he reminds her to take care of herself, while she wants to spend all of her time with him, she does have human needs. he agrees on dropping her off to the boundery line, not to be over protective, but just to make sure that nothing can harm her on the way. think about it. if u had somehting that you loved more than your LIFE; that was constantly in danger, would you let your eyes off of it? Edward can’t imagine a world without bella, and so he takes precautions to make sure that she doesn’t get injured or hurt in any way. Over and over in eclipse, he tells bella that he thinks that Jacob is the better choice for her, and that its ok with him if she leaves him for Jacob. yes, edward would always love her, but he just wants her to be safe and happy. Jacob sees what Edward is for bella, and says that he doesn’t want to make her choose, but bella almost says it herself. she thinks to herself, that SHE won’t let go of her hold on Edward, not Edward’s hold on Bella as Jacob sees it.
    in my view, jacob is an immature, werewolf, that puts bella’s safety at a lower ranking than it should be and purposefully takes advantage of her.


  179. Sarah V

    I was so heartbroken after Edward left Bella. It felt like he had left me. It was the worst feeling, just like being a teenager again. I am glad I am in my late 20’s and won’t have to deal with dating again. I know everyone thinks Bella’s relationship with Edward is unhealthy, but honestly, IF you have ever really loved someone so much that you know they are your soul mate, they are what your life revolves around, your best friend, your lover, you everything, it isn’t creepy. I would rather spend time with my Husband than any of my girl friends. He is the most amazing person, and is exactly my brand of heroin. I cried so hard through the months that passed with nothing in them. they were probably the worst part of the book for me. When you find out what happens in those months, you will probably even get teary-eyed a bit. Good luck with the next few chapters. Jacob is a good character, but good only for opposition. He is an immature little boy who wants it his way or nobody’s way.

  180. Courtney

    Okay guys, I can’t help but comment.. Everyone seems to forget that just b/c this book is in Bella’s POV and we only see her hurt and pain, we almost forget that Edward was suffering too! He basically becomes a nomad from what I can understand plus we know the lengths he goes to which leads up to the big adventure everyone loves! It amazes me that people see Edward as controlling and domineering! How can someone say that!??? If you had lived for over 100 years and out of nowhere find the love of your life you don’t think you would try and protect that person at all cost even from yourself! Not to be rude, but Jake serves his purpose perfectly as just a friend! I’m sorry that he wants it to be more then that and I truly feel for him and I just hope that he can find someone for him!

  181. Terrbear

    Praise to ya Sarah V you explained their love perfectly!

  182. Genevieve

    Contrary to popular belief, Jacob has almost NO defensive arguments on his side. How unlike Edward, who has NO offensive arguments against him.

    Even when Edward left, I loved him loved him loved him. I never once had a second thought about how I felt/still feel for him. Leaving was the most selfless act he’s ever done. He tore himself away from what he loves more than anything. That would be like someone literally ripping out your heart, and then going for a limb or two, and….actually, more like…..Edward is nothing without Bella. Bella is nothing without Edward. However, he left her because of reasons concerning her safety, and her mortality. I could go on forever and ever, but I think I’ll leave it at this.
    Jacob, he….I won’t spoil both New Moon and Eclipse for you. But….RRRRRGH J***B! >:(

  183. Melissa

    oh lored Kaleb you have created monsters!
    everybody play nicely!
    some of this was really getting nasty!
    Everyone please take the Switz. route for the night and agree to disagree, we all love the characters and the books so two characters should not tear us apart! Come on people!
    xo melissa

  184. Amanda

    I’m a hardcore Edward fan. i never liked jacob from teh beginning, and while i just finished the 3rd book for the first time, i still don’t like him. i’m curious though as to get your thoughts on the relationship jacob and bella have while edward is gone. i personally think jake is alittle clingy. but thats me. i think hes in love with the idea of being in love with bella.

  185. mehek

    bella does tend to get on my nerves every once in a while, simply because she needs someone to save her(hello bella, a little independance can go a long way!)but isee it as this. edward is the moon that revolves around the world(bella) edward would be nothing without bella, but jacob is the sun and bella would be a barren wasteland(the earth without the sun)without jacob. so i have to say that i am part of team switzerland!

  186. Robin

    team switzerland here too!
    Stephenie recommends reading NM twice and I agree with her! My first reading was quick and dirty and the second was every single word! Keep reading!!!

  187. MasterChief

    175. Genevieve

    I beg to differ. Regardless of how you felt about Edward after he left, to say that Jacob has no “defensive arguments” on his side it going a little too far. I can count at lest two separate instances in NM in which Bella would be dead if not for Jacob. And that’s not including the fact that after Edward shattered her, Jacob put her back together, built her up, taught her how to live again. How can you possibly hold such a patient, loving, and selfless act against him? Just because he’s competition for Edward? That seems a little harsh.

  188. Kaylee

    Okay, so I’ve already commented, but I just wanted to add something.

    People keep arguing that because Bella is so caught up in Edward, their relationship isn’t healthy. But I think thats just her personality. Charlie says somewhere in New Moon that she loves with her whole heart. I doubt anything Bella does is done halfway. As we’ve seen in the books, she thinks with her emotions and considering all that happened between her and Edward in Twilight AND the summer thereafter, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, or in this case unwritten pages.

    If you want an example take the movie Titanic. Rose would have been better off marrying the rich man, she would have kept her family and lived out a long comfortable life. Now here is Jack, he’s not at all in her league, he’s different, and overall he’s “dangerous” in the sense that she has to give up everything to be with him.

    Now, if you ignore the fact that Rose hated her fiancee, we all have to admit we were rooting for Jack. They loved each other and no matter how doomed their relationship was, we still wanted to see their happy ending.

    Thats partly how I view Edward and Bella’s relationship. Admittedly, Jacob would be the better choice, the safer choice, but would Bella be completely happy with her life?

    No. She even admits that she would always love Edward and no matter how sweet or funny or carefree Jacob may be, she will always long for her soul mate. Now, I admit, I’m not Jacob’s number one fan, he really irritated me in Eclipse, but he still deserves better and he should get it. Somewhere out there is his soul mate, but that isn’t Bella as we know from Eclipse.

    So to sum it all up, despite the fact that Bella might have been happy with Jacob, Edward is and always will be the one she’s meant to be with, as opposed to the one she was supposed to be with if their had been no such things as vampires and werewolves.

  189. Kaylee



  190. Ryan

    Good lord there are tons of spoilers in these comments. Mostly it seems like people are having debates with each other instead of commenting on Kaleb’s post… isn’t that what forums are for?

    I would be so ticked if I had read some of this while in the middle of new moon. Hopefully Kaleb doesn’t read through all of these, otherwise there’d basically be no point in reading the rest of New Moon. Or Eclipse.

    Sad :(

  191. Ryan

    And of course I say that, then forget to put what I originally came to comment about. =\ my bad.

    Anyway, I love this website. You really seem to get it, which is more than I can say about any other guy I know. (I’m a girl by the way.. with a boys name… errr weird parents.) I just love it :)

  192. Megan

    Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone hates Jacob so much. The only reason people don’t like him is because he gets in the way of Bella and Edward. And are Edward and Bella even right for each other to begin with!? The more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to wonder.

    But as I’m reading the book, I think exactly like Bella. I think Edward is the most perfect person alive… but then once I look at everything from my own thoughts I see how flawed he is.

    He’s extremely controlling. He tells Bella who to hang out with. I mean, why would you want to stay with someone who tries to say who you can be friends with and who you can’t. I mean, he says he’s doing it to protect her… but isn’t that bad too? Being extremely overprotective to the point where Bella can’t even have a life?

    I mean, Bella’s a danger magnet yes… but that doesn’t give Edward the right to completely dominate and control Bella’s every action.

    I could go on and on about the things that annoy me about Edward, but I won’t. Oh and btw, I’m Team Edward just incase you were wondering. Despite all his flaws I do believe that he genuinely loves and cares about Bella.

    But I like Jacob too.

  193. Meghann

    I am a Team Edward-er all the way but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating what Jacob does for Bella. He brought her back to life when she had none left in her. People on Team Edward seem to forget all that Jacob did for Bella. They just want to mark him off as an annoying dog. Some thnk that Jacob is the better choice but is he really? Edward was and is truely Bella’a soulmate and there is no denying that fact. Jacob holds a place in her heart because he was the one that helped put it back together. Bella and Jacob aren’t meant to be, and Kaleb as you read further on into the series you’ll have to agree. It’s a werewolf thing…

  194. Faith

    yay for you! for making it through those chapters. like i said before, im on the same chapter as you=) .. it was sad hearing, or reading, abt Bella being dead and emotionless dont u just wanna slap her for turning her back to the world… but of course i understand her, Edward leaving is hard for anyone :( …keep on reading Kaleb! ^_^

  195. Krystol

    I won’t say that I hate Jacob, I just have a hard time with anyone who reads the books waiting for Bella and Jacob to get together. It was Edward and Bella from the beginning, from the moment Stephenie had the dream. I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, Jacob is a great friend to her and I absolutely loved him… to a point. Near the middle of NM and in Eclipse he just seemed like a selfish child. So I guess, I like the happy Jacob, not the moody Jacob.

    Keep going though Kaleb, I absolutely love reading your take on these books!

  196. Jessica Minozzo

    wow…when i read new moon (the 1st and 2nd chapters) i couldnt wait till the page where edward comes…but there is some moree important things that u r gonna know about before she sees edward…
    new moon used 2 b my least fav book the first time i read the series,, but then after i read it i started liking it more (only the end),,,so like the end and the middle of the book r the best i love it!!! 😀
    and i used 2 hate jacob but then i didnt hate him anymore but i also didnt love him…
    i just dont wont him 2 b w/ bella thats all..

  197. Krystol

    Okay, one more thing…

    To all the people who say that E/B isn’t realistic and it’s unhealthy, blah, blah, blah and so Jacob is better for her, you have to remember what SM said about E/B. They ARE soulmates, Bella fell apart because she lost her other true half and in a very real way it was like she was widowed. What she and Edward had together was more than just some high school crush, it was true love. Before you tear something apart you might want to look at what the author has to say about it. Just a thought.

  198. Elise

    I don’t think the book is the same without Edward. But it’ll get better.

    Being without Edward is so painful, so you know she really loves him. But who wouldn’t love him? Lol:)

  199. Jenn

    I’m not a Jacob fan at all, but I can honestly tell you that because of Bella’s drug-like addiction to Edward (and he says that she is HIS heroin), that is why they like Jacob better. However, I won’t spoil anything further.

    I definitely felt my heart break with Bella’s at the prospect of Edward being gone.. and to be honest, you’re right, it isn’t the same without Edward being there. It’s like ripping out a very important person in the story and expecting the other main characters to get along without completely floundering. Like that’s even possible!

    Congrats on making it to this chapter… and when you’re completely done with New Moon and Eclipse, go on a search for the interview where Stephenie answers a question about Jacob vs. Edward and what Bella thinks…

  200. Michelle S

    I personally like Jacob better yet I think Bella should end up with Edward (hell I’ll just take jacob!)

    edward is too overprotective its actually quite annoying but I still love him since his intentions are good

    jacob is more “happier” I should say? He’s an exciting character

  201. Jenn

    And, er, guys? The whole werewolf thing hasn’t exactly come into play yet..
    be careful what you comment!

  202. MasterChief

    To all the people who keep reminding us that Bella and Edward are “soul mates?” That’s what we like to call an ex machina. It’s basically a way to legitimize Edward and Bella’s relationship without really having to develop it.

    And on that note, let’s not forget that Bella and Jacob are soul mates too. I won’t say anything so as not to spoil it, but it’s contextually expressed in Eclipse.

  203. Maddy

    I personally have nothing against Jacob as a character.. I just don’t see him as filling in that void where Edward once was. One of the things I loved about Twilight was Bella and Edward’s special connection. People who hate Edward for leaving and love Jacob for being there seem to take things at face value. And I have to say, Bella tried to move on at least. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe Jacob is “healthier…” But who said that true love was always smooth, untainted, and “better?”

  204. Cassie

    My opinion on the whole Edward/Jacob situation having read all the books so far is that while Edward may be the “love of Bells’s life” he (Edward) resists the idea of depriving her of any human experience because he knows what that feels like and so Jacob is “better for her”. Plus I do get a little uncomfortable at her all out obsession with Edward, it takes over everything in her life and I don’t know how healthy that is.

    I love your blog, good luck to you on your writing.

  205. Corinne M

    Jacob Black is the best character ever! I am definitely a Team Jacob person (rare as it may be) and there are several reasons, but I’ll just give you one: Edward left Bella once, and he could do it again. Yeah, he thought it was what was best for her, but he was wrong, and when he thinks he is right, he does it, and doesn’t listen to logic. Jacob never leaves. He’s always there. Plus, he has the potential to be human, unlike someone else we know, and could give Bella a healthier life. But that’s besides the point. And yes, Edward is too much like a drug for Bella, hence my affiliation with Jacob.

  206. sparkles

    That Edward felt totally justified in leaving Bella in a fit of lies illustrated a major flaw in his character and demonstrated the immaturity of B&E’s relationship with blinding clarity. Bella has an inferiority complex around Edward in Twilight, always wondering how he could love her, believing he is flawless, feeling flattered that such a “perfect guy” could be so interested in her, always waiting for him to see the light and leave her. Edward, too however, don’t forget, has the similar feelings of inferiority in their relationship but reversed. “I’m so evil for putting this perfect girl in danger. I’m a terrible person. I don’t deserve her.” etc etc. It’s actually quite ridiculous. They hate themselves but love eachother, and that is not a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. When Edward left Bella he was not performing “a pure act of selflessness” – he was controlling and proprietous. He treated Bella like a parent would, not like a lover; deciding what’s best for her without listening to her input in the matter. He never TALKED to her about what he was feeling, thinking – he simply decided what he felt was best and played the martyr. No matter how well intentioned he was, this demonstrates that though he loves Bella, he was not ready to contribute to a mature relationship with her. His treatment of Bella at this point reflects more his self-loathing than his love of her.

    So yes, their relationship was flawed and doomed as it stood at the beginning of New Moon in all its Romeo and Juliet tragic self loathing filled passion – HOWEVER, the beauty of the end of New Moon (without spoilers), and more importantly, Eclipse, is that they both realise that communication and mutual respect is integral to their relationship, and the headlong desparate rush into molding into one person before fate intervenes no longer defines their relationship. Their decision to be together is no longer a desparate move to avoid losing the other, but since they already each lost the other and hence explored their other options, it is instead a more considered mature, adult choice.

    Bella has frankly always been the “parent”, to Renee and also to Charlie (I dont know about you but I could never control/boss around/manipulate my parents the way Bella does Charlie and Renee. They would never be so passive a force in my life, believing every little lie I told them “to protect them”. Again she treats them like they are children and she the parent). She’s never had anyone truly take care of her and guide her, and hence I think she is kind of looking for that protective role model. What is Edward but a great parent, a principled, protective role model? 😛 Thankfully really, he evolves into more of a partner than a parent. I know that having Jake as competition forces him to respect Bella and treat her as his equal in spirit, and he starts to respect her right to make her own decisions in life, even to chosing her love life in Eclipse mainly (no details for fear of spoilers). He doesn’t make her decisions for her anymore, but lets her pick every second who she wants to be with and respects her decision. Jake hence, would not only have been healthy for Bella, but was definately healthy for Bella and Edward’s relationship as well, forcing it to mature into something truer and more equal, based on mutual respect and the continuous desire to be together, rather than the fear of being apart. Though there is still enough of that that there is much more for them to work on as a couple. They still have to work more on getting over their inferiority complexes for them to really be able to trust eachother fully. 😛

    So really, there are things I like and dislike about both Edward and Jacob (I’m nervous to go into too much detail about my thoughts on Jacob now since this is a path wrought with spoilers for now), but ultimately it is BELLA’S INFORMED CHOICE who to be with. She has a mind and is not just some object to be kept in a box and feared over getting stolen (as per edward), or to have her clear choice chucked aside because it is ‘irrational and obsessive and suicidal’ (as per jake). It’s her freaking choice. Let her choose her own path to happiness.

  207. Sue M

    I am a Jacob Lover! But I do have to say that Edward is right for Bella( even though I dislike him)The important thing is that you should read this book with an open mind (knowing that you know Edward will come back you won’t have a problem)I just want you to read the book and understand Jacob and Bella’s friendship,it is quiet interesting.Also you get to learn more about the pack which I like the most 😀

    I also agree with Corinne M about Edward being a drug. And i’ll give you one reason of my own, Jacob is Edwards PROBLEM!!!…so all you little fan girls out there that love Edward, think about it if Edward didn’t leave
    Jacob would be a minor character just like he was in Twilight so it’s not Jacobs fault its your little Edwards fault.

  208. sparkles

    *kept in a box of lies for fear of her getting hurt

  209. Cate

    i’m a team edward member all the way. he is bella’s true soul mate. i don’t hate jacob as much as i use too, but he is not bella’s soul mate. if she did happen to choose jacob over edward *gasp*, i’m afraid that jacob would find his truer soul mate if u know what i mean. also edward has had time to learn to have more self control and he is more mature. jacob hasn’t had much time and he could lose control more easily than edward could. jacob could end up hurting bella more than edward could. i don’t think edward and bella’s relationship is unhealthy. it just shows some people that the relationship and love bella and edward have is something they wished they could have in real life

  210. sparkles

    and wow, I guess I can’t call myself a lurker anymore. 😛

  211. Robin


    I agree that there is too much debate going on here. Probably the reason for that is that the normal forums for this type of discussion are closed until Aug. 4th or something like that (to avoid Breaking Dawn spoilers).

    Besides, I really doubt Kaleb has time to read all of this, as busy as he is right now. I’m just grateful that he is reading and commenting on the book…

    I think that it is awesome that everyone has such varied opinions and ideas about the relationships in the books- makes the whole reading experience more interesting!

  212. Robin


    I totally agree with your post (#187)- you really summed up my view on the whole J/B paradox, but far more eloquently than I. :)

  213. Corinne!

    I feel very lame right now, because i’m used to being in the first 50 or 75 comments….. the 210s is just bad.
    I’m also starting to wonder if you’re even reading these comments, what with your editing and all.

    But New Moon is actually kinda horrible in a way…. eh. I dont know. It’s really sad, and you kinda just want to skip through the whole thing. But dont. please. Important things happen in the middle. Important to Eclipse, I mean. and yes, it involves Jacob.
    Just dont cry.
    Also, eat pringles.


  214. Audree

    I don’t think anyone should say either way who is better at this point since Kaleb will never be able to decide until he read the entirety of this and the next book..

    And also “I remember this Bella: sullen, quiet, just as she was before Edward.”

    Just as she was??? Are you kidding me, Kaleb? No, friend. She is NOT just as she was. It was like she gotten a taste of the most amazing food ever, and then was jerked away from it and forced to only eat dirt from now on. Edward irrevocably changed Bella’s perception of the world in being so near to her. And so, his leaving and taking the evidence he ever existed with him did nothing but make things worse for her. That is the one thing Edward doesn’t understand… that he can’t ever leave Bella and think she’ll be the same as if he never had met her. It’s too late for that.

  215. Lauren

    COME ON PEOPLE: Jacob lovers are all like, ‘he never left, he stayed with her, brings her life and all that crap’.

    But what happens at the end of Eclipse people?!?!?!?… he becomes a little cry baby when he doesn’t get what he wants. He’s immature, and takes advantage of Bella when she’s at a really weak moment. She’s confused about her feelings, and Jacob’s constant babyness and whining doesn’t help his case at all…. well for me at least.


    … I’m gonna get alot of hate towards this post aren’t I …
    I don’t care either way. Some of you will agree, others will send the hate mail my way. But I stand by my thoughts.

    Yes Edward has his flaws, and he’d be the first person to point them out to you. It’s Jacob’s cockiness and arrogance that really irritates me.

    Face it people: Edward and Bella belong together. Team Jacob are fighting a losing battle… and have been since she first ‘flirted’ with him in Twilight.

  216. Jessie

    Aww…. I’m sorry. Can’t really say anything yet… but I think you should wait until you finish the books to completely form your opinions…

    Your stupid song choices had me crying. (it’s okay.)

    But Bella’s situation is very complex in this book… I think it’s the most complex of the three. Anyway. Stick through it!

    (P.S. I agree about the four-month thing. I thought that and the (technically, it’s the fourth chapter, even though it’s only a paragraph) were somewhat… jarring. Just the concept of all that time passing…. Like I said, this is the most complex out of the three, and it only gets even more so from here.)

  217. Cassandra

    The next few chapters are going to be the hardest, but you’ll make it through! Stephanie Meyer gave some very important advice when the book was first publish: Make sure you read New Moon twice! Why? because you get so hooked on Edward and Bella that you miss the importance of Jacob and Bella.

  218. Sarah

    I guess I’m going to put my two cents in. Jacob is a great friend, but needs to be taken care of in a way. He’s immature. Even Bella describes herself as taking care of her immature mother, she cooks for her father who you can’t figure out how he lived so long on only fish, and all of a sudden Jacob… He’s too much like the people she’s always taken care of. Edward on the other hand is the first person in her life that takes care of her. Yes, right now he’s left her high and dry, but you don’t forget the person that completes you, and understands you – even more than you understand yourself. There are many ways in which Edward is not Bella’s equal, but they both understand what it is to take care of those around them, and those they love. This makes them equal; a perfect match. I hope people aren’t irate about my comment, but I feel Jacob needs somebody who is more like him. More, naturally, inclined to be spontanious.

  219. Sarah

    My hubby pointed out to me at about this chapter. Why did she run that way? Edward had to go back for his car, he parked in Charlies spot… There’s a guy’s thoughts on it. :)

  220. Puja

    To tell you the truth Kaleb, I never understood why everyone (or most people) hated Jacob. I personally really like him. Mind you, I’m on Team Edward. Sometimes though, I question myself why I’m on Team Edward (oh, there come the fangirls throwing rocks at me). I’ve heard opinions that state that Edward is like an empty, cold vessel, while Jacob if full of warmth. This makes me wonder why most people (myself included) are on Team Edward. Yes, he is amazingly perfect, but he’s cold and empty. And I don’t know about other people, but I like sunshine. That being said, I’m still on Team Edward. I don’t know why though. I guess there’s just something about him and Bella together that Jacob and Bella are lacking.

  221. MasterChief

    A word to all the Edward/Bella shippers out there:

    E/B shippers are so frightened by even the most minuscule bit of competition that they feel the need to keep pointing out how Jacob has already lost to Edward’s perfection, and how Bella will never be with him.

    J/B shippers, contrary to popular belief, know that Jacob has lost (SMeyer made that exhaustively clear). The only difference is that we don’t give a shit. We still think that Jacob’s the better choice: win, lose, or draw. And after the events in Breaking Dawn we’ll still think that, regardless of who wins. We simply believe that Jacob’s better, even when Edward gets the girl.

    So you can continue to point out how this isn’t even a debate anymore because you’ve won, but we’ll be too busy to care.

  222. Shelby

    Kaleb, once again an awesome post. To answer your question without truly spoiling the ending for you (like others have, ugh), I believe Jacob is better for her, yes. He is a healthy choice for her. There is a thing people say to justify this point:

    Edward is a drug to Bella. When she’s with him, she forgets everything else except for him. Jacob, on the other hand is a normal guy, not even close to a drug for her. He makes her happy (as you will see) and their future would be so bright. I know that too many people disagree with me, but here’s the main question:

    How many rational people would give away every life experience just to gain love and immortality when you can easily get love and so much more with mortality. This is what Bella is giving up, the human things that make our world so imperfectly perfect. Imperfection is key and Edward in some way totally understands that, since he is perfect and longs for that humanity again. Bella is too mesmerized by Edward though that she doesn’t understand this key point.

    But I guess I should stop this little comment because I could go on forever….XP

    Great job on the post. Can’t wait till you make it to Jacob Black’s first scene!!!!!!!

  223. lorren

    !!!! personally, im on team jacob… and i think hes better for her than him. she could have such a fulfilling life with him; kids, getting old together, and actual…family, with charlie and billy and the wolves..

  224. sibby

    I tried to post this before but don’t know oif it worked. sorry for duplicating. anyhoo, this is off topic, but…since you’re now into New Moon, I decided to revisit the book myself. There’s a sentence in ch5 “cheater”…page 127 I think…as soon as I read it, I immediately wondered “what kind of photoshop magic would Kaleb work with this????” I’d love to see! it gave me great mental pictures…gotta love SM and her imagery… you’ll know it when u read the words “60 mile per hour…” :)

  225. Steph

    This is the first time I am commenting on a post but I have been reading your posts since you started Twilight.

    New Moon was really sad in my opinion and I am a die-hard Edward fan. There is something about Jacob that ticks me off. I can’t explain it.

    I felt Bella’s sadness the entire time I was reading New Moon.
    Keep posting! :)

  226. Melissa

    MasterChief, I agree with everyone of your posts one-hundred percent!
    But I have to add to the list the
    Switerland shippers: our objective is we think that Bella and Edward are ending up together regardless but we love Edward and Jake the same and if were faced with the choice would not be able to decide, but we agree that Jake is “healthier” but Edward is necessary for Bella’s existance and therefore he choice. (Even if we love Jake more than life itself and are silently crying in the corner for him to have a happy ending with us!)

  227. Melissa

    *the choice
    sorry about that.

  228. Liz


    Jacob in New Moon is very important, but he changes as much as Bella does during this time and by the end of the book, we start seeing hints of the man he becomes in Eclipse, whom I do not like much, or at all. Jacob in New Moon reminds me very much of some of my best guy friends, and in New Moon, he cares very deeply about Bella and is a true friend to her. And while I understand why Jacob becomes the way he does towards her, I often find myself questioing Jacob 2.0 in Eclipse. When my twin brother heard about it, he agreed that Jacob might have a very skewed and childish perception of love, as it reminds him of how he was in high school but certainly not now.

    So enjoy this Jacob, Bella’s Jacob (you’ll understand this reference soon enough), who loves Bella but knows that his love is not what she needs, but his friendship. Who cares for Bella and makes her laugh and smile and becomes her best friend, her confidant. Enjoy the guy who only wants Bella happy, and will make a sacrifice if need be. Because we lose that guy, as many guys take the evolutionary route that he will.

    And yes, I am an Edward/Bella shipper and I know I will get some hate, which I welcome. For me, Edward’s love for Bella, and vice-versa, is much more pure and passionate, and I think there is something to be said for that. Some might say this makes me silly and idealistic (and I assure you I am not) but the best loves are the ones where you are each other’s air. They are the most passionate, the most fulfilling, and the one you will never forget or move on from. When that person is a drug and vice-versa, that’s real, powerful love. And when they will put your happiness and safety above their own in a heartbeat? That’s perfect love. If I saw Jacob doing that as the series progressed, my feelings would change. But the chapter in Eclipse when Bella and Jacob are in the woods after the tent scene and before the fight scene (being blase for Kaleb’s sake, in case he gets down to this comment!) reminds me of a boy I dated once who started very sweet but became conniving and emotionally manipulative, and caring only about “winning Bella” like she is some prize. She is not, and I lose all and any respect for Jacob by the close of Eclipse, and go from Switzerland to England.

    Okay, I should probably stop ranting and start actually earning my paychecks here. Enjoy and I cannot wait to read about the surprise tonight!

  229. Sandra

    I’ve always wanted to do this Edward/Jacob analysis and here’s what I think: (It will contain spoilers, and it will be very long)

    First and foremost I’m going to do this from a neutral point of view, which is the way that I have always read the books.

    It’s hard not to see Edward as the perfect guy in Twilight for all the reasons people have previously stated everywhere and that I’m not getting into here. I know some people hate the fact that he’s supposedly “so perfect” but you really have to look into his character not because of what Bella says, but more for his attitude and what he says.

    A line comes to mind- ” I don’t know how to be with you”-, which shows that this is Edward’s first time having all these strong human feelings, and that these feelings are being drawn out by this girl.
    I think the fact that he cannot read her mind, has brought him down to this human level as well, where he cannot know what she thinks unless it is through other people or herself. This is why dialogue is most of what makes the book. Edward has never felt compelled to sit down with someone and really getting to know them, since he could just peer into their mind and avoid any kind of real contact.
    Perhaps Bella was meant to be the person to bring out that human part of him.

    Edward has flaws, oh yes he does. He has all the usual flaws of a person who have just fallen for the first time and fallen hard. He is first drawn to Bella by her scent (physical attraction?), then she becomes this sort of challenge. He will not be driven away from where he wants to be just because he can’t control himself around her.
    I’m really curious to see the things he had the opportunity to think while being in Alaska. Edward over thinks EVERY single thing, he looks at every possible outcome and wants to have all bases covered(no pun intended), but as the story progresses he will realize he can’t control everything, he can’t control the outcome of every single decision made, like keeping Bella from trouble for example. I believe he finds out he is in love with her as days go by and he wants to find out everything about her, down to her favorite color… this is how people fall in love, by getting to know each other and day by day finding out they enjoy each others company ultimately leading to feel that they cannot be without each other. This feeling of belonging together, makes Edward think that this is it, this is the girl, this is the one. Suddenly it becomes really important for him to know if Bella feels the same, obviously because if she doesn’t reciprocate this feeling he’d rather get away from her once and for all before putting her life in risk by pursuing a relationship and finding out if all this care and love will be enough to ultimately stop him from hurting her himself in any way.

    I think deep inside he’s very scared. You can tell he’s scared because he’s never felt this pull towards someone, this longing, this need to care for them in a different way that you would care for your family. Most of his overprotective decisions come from this fear I think… and as you all know (and most times overlook) he will realize it is a mistake to think that protecting Bella all the time will prevent him losing her (that’s one of the reasons Jacob is very important).
    I found out all this by usually ignoring what Bella had to say about his perfect physical being and really looking into Edward’s feelings and motivation.
    I can barely imagine how it would be for him after so many years of loneliness to open this floodgate of so many different human feelings. I think it is explained when he tells Bella about feeling jealousy for the first time, and also when he feels enraged at the thought of what the guys on the alley were going to do to Bella.
    All these strong feelings at the same time would drive anyone almost insane… and they do. That’s why you become part irrational when you fall in love :).
    I’m actually surprised that he seems to keep a level head MOST of the time, when it doesn’t, fear sinks in and he becomes overprotective Edward.

    Do I believe they’re meant for each other? well, why not?. They’re two people discovering what it is to fall madly in love, and like any other relationship, they will need to be apart to realize if this is real love and not a 2 minute obsession tale. For this you need to look at all 3 books together and see that the relationship has gone from obsession to real longing to be with each other to getting to know yourself and putting back your feet in the ground to realize what you really want or who you really want to be with. If you’re willing to leave everything behind to be with the one you truly love, or not give up all these things,try and love another at the cost of always longing for that lost love.
    Which takes me to our friend Jacob.

    Jacob is a very necessary and important character in these series. While Twilight was the book of falling head over heels, New Moon is the book of waking up from the fairy tale and smelling the coffee.
    When Edward left I felt that only too familiar emptiness that happens when someone you love very much goes away. I felt for Bella, I felt the pain. I don’t know if to justify the course of action Edward took once again to protect her, but I’m going to bring back scaredy Edward and try and understand he’d rather loose her as a lover than see her killed by his or his family’s hand. I always keep in mind that Bella is not completely exempt from danger while being around Edward.

    As Jacob comes into the picture you already know his feelings for Bella have been developing since Twilight. So far I can also chalk it up to pure physical attraction since they haven’t talked that much to really get to know each other, and keeping in mind Bella DID flirt with him in the first book which probably gave him hope. (this for some reason still makes me giggle).

    Then, they also get to spend a lot of time together and I see Jacob really trying to pull Bella out of her sadness, trying to be there for her and the chemistry between them feels so different, specially because Bella isn’t really there a 100%. She’s mourning, she’s empty, she’s getting a taste of what a life without Edward is. (If anyone has heard the song 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle, I think it fits perfectly here). Jacob perseveres and there are points in which it seems he has accepted that all he can be to Bella is a friend, a very good friend. I’m not fooled though. Jacob won’t go down without a fight.
    There’s too much of that love for her in there to give up like that.

    I agree with those who say Jacob is here to show Bella she has options. She has pros and cons to consider regarding both guys. Jacob is the catalyst to Edward and Bella’s relationship, he’s there to show her there’s someone else she could consider falling for. There’s obviously more than one reason why chapter 4 is called “Waking Up”. Although I would probably had loved to see more of Bella and Edward in this book, I think it was very good to have them apart and have someone else come in the picture. All through the book I couldn’t stop thinking of that phrase that goes: “If you love someone let them go, if they come back love them more, if they don’t .. shoot them!” haha, well, all except the last part.

    There’s a couple of unsolved issues that raise up red flags all around when I think of the possible relationship between Bella and Jacob. One of them is the whole imprinting issue. As we all know Jacob has not imprinted, it has not happened yet. He loves Bella, he wants Bella more than anything in the whole world but this sounds a lot like Leah/Sam. It’s kind of obvious actually.
    Let’s say Bella chooses Jacob, they’re happy, they get engaged, married, whatever. What will happen to Bella when Jacob has to irrevocably break her heart because he has completely fallen for someone else?. Would Bella go the same way as Leah did and become a totally bitter person?.
    Just for discussion sake, let’s say going back to Edward is not an option anymore. We all know the world of pain and hurt he’d have to go through if Bella would decide to disappear from his life (you saw it and I saw it when they got back together in New Moon. Edward=curled up in a ball *hilarious-sad*).
    This is something Jacob isn’t thinking about because he’s still hoping he’ll imprint on her. I guess the answer to this will only be known in Breaking Dawn.

    My other concern is that, a lot of people fail to realize that Bella is in danger by being around Jacob as much as she’d be around Edward (Yes, I understand that she quite disregards this).
    We all know what happened to Emily, and Bella might not even be that lucky. I have seen Jacob’s temper get scary close to exploding, and in the case he couldn’t control himself for any reason..well, you know what happens.

    I feel for Jacob. He’s putting himself greatly at risk to be the “shoulder to cry on” guy, or “rebound” guy. I understand him because falling in love at that age, you don’t seem to be able to look ahead and see that someone else will come for you. The world ends when a relationship ends, and that was the feeling I got when he started running away at the end of Eclipse. Running away from the pain.
    (we know he’ll be back though;) ).

    What I think would be fair for Jacob is to be able to fall in love with someone who can reciprocate that love equally. Someone who can give all of herself to him, not half as Bella would(Remember? when she got reunited with Edward she felt whole again? like “the hole had never been there in the first place”)
    Jacob deserves an Emily (:p) and that sometimes takes me to theorize about Leah/Jacob, but nah..(there’s too many “nos” around that one).

    Do I believe they’re meant for each other? again, why not?. Jacob is Bella’s sun, although this depends on which Jacob he’s being. Remember “my (Bella’s) Jacob” is the kind, open Jacob, etc.. and the other Jacob is “werewolf Jacob” who keeps things from her and makes her feel not as comfortable.
    Like other people have said, Bella wouldn’t have to give anything up of her life (except, well, the love of her life, but it happens)and everything would be fine and dandy.
    Again.. I am reminded of that imprinting situation and it makes me uneasy. How Bella would be destroyed by this.
    The one thing I didn’t like of Jacob was the whole “Love me or I’ll kill myself” thing.
    That was unnecessary altogether with the “I’d rather see you dead” line.
    Those two things quite bothered me because if you love someone, you’re willing to let them be happy with someone they really love rather than for them to suffer at your side, or long for someone else.
    I know he feels bad about one of these things later, but it was one of the big stains in Jacob’s “sun” personality.
    It made me sad to see he can’t be selfless, and that he’s not willing to sacrifice himself for Bella’s happiness.

    All in all, and to conclude this very long post, I think the best choice for Bella is Mike because he’s a normal human being…
    Kidding * I can almost see the murderous expression of your faces*. ^_^
    If this were the choice, I think you could hear books banging against the walls from here to China.

    Umm.. it’s hard. It’s really up for Bella to decide, and as far as Eclipse goes she (as a more mature Bella who has options, and who has had to put her love for Edward to the test) has chosen Edward.
    Edward has decided to let her go if that’s her choice even to the point of having to stand an eternity without her (emphasis on “LET GO” because this shows us Edward has seen the possibility of Bella choosing Jacob).
    Jacob running away, but that feeling remains within ourselves that he will be back. He still has some fight in him. He’s not going down that easy

    Let me remind you though that this ordeal is not over yet.
    Just like Bella had to love another to find out that in the end she truly and unequivocally loves Edward as his equal and soul mate.. maybe we have yet to see Edward’s love put to the test.. dun dun dun.
    Maybe Jacob will imprint..

    Breaking dawn is almost here, and then we’ll see.

    sorry for the length. I don’t even think I said here half of the things I think about the books, but I had to get the Jacob/Edward debate out of my system.
    It feels good ^_^.

  230. Cristy

    I am happy she had her time with Jacob just so she can appreciate even more, later on, what she has with Edward. Oh,oops,wrong story. How embarrassing! Edward never comes back. Sorry, what was I thinkin’? I’ll pay better attention in the future! :)

  231. tornbetweentwolovers

    Okay. Another first poster. Just a thought from an older been-around-the-romance-bush Twilight fan. Bella is not going to be completely happy with either Edward or Jacob, if she can’t learn to be happy with herself. I dated “Edwards” and “Jacobs”..not like the guys in the books, but in similar relationships. I had a man who was my “soulmate” who left me and I mourned for years. I had best friends who I loved being with, but just couldn’t bring myself to marry. I (eventually)married a sort-of Edward (that’s really his name) who is not gorgeous but smart, funny, tall, lean, controlling, talented, yadayadayada, and usually considers himself more intelligent than I (I think he is finally coming around to the truth, however). After many years of marriage, it doesn’t really matter..he is just the man I live with. If I had married my soulmate, he would have ended up just being the man I live with…if I had married my best friend, he would have ended up just being the man I live with.

    What is my point? Bella needs to learn to take care of herself. She would have a different long-term relationship with Edward or Jacob, but she is still responsible for her own happiness. Neither of these fine young men can do that for her. Anyone who thinks he or she will be “made happy” by their companion is setting themselves up for sadness.

    I say she leaves them both and goes on a Travel Study program in a third world country to get things into perspective.

    This is, however, fiction. And in a fictional situation, I would have to admit I’d go for Edward. Being madly and totally absurdly in love is one of lives greatest highs. Bummer when you crash, however, and wish you had a Jacob around…

  232. sparkles

    Excellent post Sandra, well written and compelling ideas. :)

    on a lighter note…

    haha speaking of Edward’s love being tested and Jacob probably imprinting in this next book…We already know that Tanya enters this book because of the breaking dawn quotes – I was just thinking how wacky it would be if Jacob imprinted with Tanya. >:D

    Also, the song No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown just fits this book perfectly I feel. :)

  233. Kelsea :)

    I am pro-Jacob (which sounds so funny….almost like it’s a political view or something) But anyways, the reason I think Jacob is better for Bella is because he lets her live her life. Like Edward, he wants to protect Bella, but unlike him, Jacob will let Bella do a few crazy and slightly dangerous stuff, but is still there to help out if she does, in fact, hurt herself.

    Edward tries to force Bella to do stuff because he thinks it’s safer and won’t listen to Bella’s opinion (even though it’s her life and, in my opinion, it’s up to her what’s good for her or not). Jacob will give his opinion on any matter, but basically leaves it up to Bella to decide what she wants to do. THAT’S why I like Jacob better.

    Miss Kelsea will now step off her soap box :)

  234. Sarah

    Listen, all my fellow fans are entitled to their wonderful opinions, but don’t let them sway yours. Please don’t read with any bias, and certainly don’t pay attention to those who scream:


    Please try to develop your opinion introspectively, because that’s the only way the book will hold any truth in your life.

    Now, for my aforementioned entitled opinion =)
    I am on Team Bella. Supporting what SHE WANTS, and loving what SHE LOVES. It’s that easy. It’s the best (in my opinion) way to appreciate the books to their fullest, because you truly feel and sympathize with Bella’s uncertainty, indecision, intense love, and whatever else she experiences. Also, you’ll be able to read without being blinded by rage whenever a certain someone is in a scene. And I suggest, when you’re done with New Moon, that you read Stephenie’s thoughts in the FAQs on her website. They help to soothe the soul, no matter what you think on your own.
    Happy reading, Kaleb!

  235. Christine

    I think Bella is being given two futures with these men. Jacob is her sun. He woke her up. He knows things about her that no one else does.

    Edward is her passion. He heart’s desire. The one person she is drawn inextricably to.

    She’s given two futures. How do you choose? I believe this debate still rages. Your heart or your soul? What do you follow? Will the passion still burn after 1000 years? Can you forgo having kids? This is a tough, tough thing to go through. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to see what happens.

  236. Kismet


    YES I AM.

    I’ll try not to spoil you so thoroughly — a quick glance at your comments and I already see people plugging in quotes from Eclipse — but in my opinion, Bella’s love for Edward is so huge that it completely overwhelms who SHE IS. Which is not a good thing. Sure, it’s good to love someone so much you’re willing to die for them… but Bella so frequently LOOSES herself, and oftentimes loathes herself for being human, and normal. Edward loves her for who she is, and I can’t stand it that she refuses to accept this, and love herself more.

    With Jacob, she can be herself, and she can be normal, and she enjoys herself. It’s natural. It’s equal. It’s fair. But it is also passionate and loving, but no one is continually putting themselves down. It’s a much healthier reltionship, and in my opinion, if Bella would just TRY to think it over, she could be exceptionally happy with Jacob as a love interest.

    Again, I’m a Jacob-lover, but I’m also a thorough Edward-lover. If ANYTHING, I’m a Bella-hater ^_~ But only sometimes. By all means, continue to ship E/B throughout — it does have its good points. But keep an open mind to Jacob Black. Please don’t hate him for being a desperate, normal kid in the face of someone as wise and nearly omnipotent as Eddiekins.

  237. Monica

    I remember how depressing reading this book was for me. :( It seemed so gloomy (for lack of a better word) without Edward. It is very important to the story, though, so keep reading! I’m looking forward to your responses! :)

  238. Amanda

    I agree, here’s the thing, people think were all crazy when we talk about the books all the time, but the thing is, when there’s something we all secretly want, for someone to feel like there drowning when they’re away from us, for us to want death then for them to move away, it’s something we, all, secretly or not, want. So when a book comes along and gives us this hope, what choice do we have but to pore into it with ar hearts and souls. That is are biggest hope, and losing that is are biggest fear, to be wanted is not enough us as humans crave more, crave something deeper then we can even imagine, and in a sense by giving us this book she gave us what little part of that most of us will get

  239. Nell

    I like Edward and Bella together, but I think Jacob is way better for her. Yes Edward is amazing, and what girl wouldn’t fall for him…but he’s almost too perfect. And because of that Bella becomes obsessed with him. When people have faults we are reminded of reality and that it’s not right to put all your hope and energy into something that can end. But with someone who literally is perfect, a person clings to them because he is the only perfect guy out there.

    It’s not healthy to be addicted to someone. Cause when that someone leaves, like Bella is experiencing, they take your whole self with them. You have nothing left. And if they don’t leave you, you have still given your whole self to them and they hold power over you. Even if they don’t abuse that power, it’s not healthy.

    My issues with Edward and bella’s relationship lie in the effect, romantic and yet unhealthy, that Edward has over Bella.

  240. Mary

    Just remember that just because Edward and Bella exist for each other, that doesn’t make Jacob a horrible person. So don’t become a Jocob hater. And yes, in some ways he is better for her than Edward =D I’m not going to say anymore because this all has probably already been said in several of the past 239 comments, I’m just too lazy to read them all to find out where.

  241. Brielle

    I don’t see how anyone can like Jacob. He is self centered, he only thinks about himself. Edward thinks about Bella and what she would like. Jake is too careless. Edward is protective, I like that about him. I love Edward Cullen!!! Edward and Bella will make a great pair.

  242. inmortal

    I hate spoilers. I did know about Jacob and everything about him before start reading Twilight hahaha… and I get spoiled at Wikipedia too with something I read about Eclipse, before start reading that book.


  243. Jeff

    I think you’re all just a bunch of freaky, obsessed girls who need to get a life and stop writing comments at 3 in the morning.

  244. Hope

    Ignore my brother Jeff. He doesn’t even want to read the series so he doesn’t know anything about it and is biased in his own never-read-twilight-saga way. IGNORE HIM! I like New Moon a lot. I’m a Jacob fan.

  245. Jeff

    Well i’d like to ignore Hope when she INCESINTLY TALKS ABOUT THE BOOKS AND WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT THEM!!! Come on, you can see my situation. Like when your little brother wont stop talking about his favorite power rangers episodes!!!

  246. Hope

    Jeff, you don’t even have a younger brother so how would you know its like that? Grr… Power rangers has bad graphics. Do these books? No, of course not. Of course Jeff has a point. He knows more about the series than you do… probably.

  247. Lily

    HI!!! i lika like love these books like omg lol these are the best!!! rotfl uh yeah
    P.S. I’m like sooooooooo hot!!!

  248. To: Lily

    Pfft…Are u sure ur name isnt Rosalie?

  249. To: Lily

    wtf!!!! you little biotch!!!

  250. To: Lily

    gee… now u no its coming from the same computer that last one was Lily

  251. To: Lily

    oh yeah… its not one Physco person. Im arguing with my sister

  252. Steph

    The start of that chapter is my favorite part of the whole book! It’s a very powerful passage.

  253. E

    I’m an Edward-lover, for the record…
    Anyway, my favorite chapter in New Moon is Verdict… just thought I’d mention that so you know what to look forward to

  254. Jenny

    I am definatedly team edward but I don’t know something in me will never forget that he left her. Jacob is nice but in Eclipse he gets REALLY REALLY ANOYING! He’s preaty bad in breaking dawn too. My favorite of all the books has to be Breaking Dawn, then Eclipse, Midnight Sun ( I’ve only read the few chapters that Stephanie posted on her Web Site) Twilight and then New moon.

  255. Bocephus

    its so gay that edward left bella!! i cried for like a long time..:( i was so flippin maddddd i was like seriously i did not even want to read on jacob is so gay and he needs to go fall off a freekin cliff and die!!!! THATS A COMMAND!!!! I HOPE HE READS THIS TO! i hate him and i hated him when he was on disney channel too……yea thats how gay he is he was on disney channel!! how gay i hate him!

  256. Dara E

    Wow…that was pretty mean Boce-whatever your name is! And did you ever think that by calling things gay and being derogatory, it offends gay people? I’m not gay but I have friends that are and that’s kinda rude!

    But anyway…nice post Kaleb!

  257. Jackie

    Yeah, I was kind of spoiled too. Before I even started the series, I heard that Jacob had something to do with the cover of Eclipse, so I kind of knew that Jacob would be important. I’m a Team Edward fan, so I’m not really uppose to answer. But I dont hate Jacob so I guess, I can answer. I think this probably is the main reason why Jacob lovers hate Edward. They hate how they left her and Jacob would never!

  258. Sam

    i’m a diehard edward fan and the book just isn’t the same without him…but i can see how him leaving is important to the rest of the series! and i won’t say anymore as to give it away :)

  259. susie_q85

    I agree. when i read the series i read this one the fastest because i knew edward had to come back and i read on in hope it would come faster. however i agree that bellas time with jacob is very important. how could she know she couldnt live without edward if she never tried?

  260. jessie

    i love twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. jessie

    i love twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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