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News Tomorrow

July 24th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

newmoon-2-low.jpgThis is a very short post, simply to say

come back tomorrow

for some big TwilightGuy news.

Oh, also

if anybody wants a Mitch Hansen Band CD

comment on this post today and you’re entered for it

from the awesome people at TwilightTeez.

See everyone tomorrow!

–ADDED 1:24AM: My web host is giving me terrible troubles. If the site is down tomorrow, the news will be ON MY MYSPACE (myspace.com/kalebnation).

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352 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    Awwh. I was looking forward to this. :( Oh well, I can wait.

  2. McKenna

    COOL!!!!!! first post. and yay!!!! news!!!! news makes me happy. =)

  3. McKenna

    darn, not first. but a solid second none the less!!! lol

  4. shelbie

    whoot, can’t wait!

  5. Carol

    I’LL BE BACK…haha.. all of a sudden I’m the Terminator.. πŸ˜€

  6. Christina

    ok! I’ll be back tomorrow πŸ˜€

  7. Anonymous

    You posted to say to come back? Is that legal? I’m sure it’s some form of cruel and unusual punishment. The next chapter won’t be there forever, you know. Don’t take it for granted.

  8. Jen

    Definitely will be back tomorrow. Love reading about your take on the Twilight saga!

  9. Elizabeth

    hmmm… what could this news be? u’ve got me held in suspense! now, i’ll have to come back tomorrow! (not that i mind, but it sounds more dramatic) πŸ˜€

  10. gina

    i wonder wat it is.. is it the interview with the special famous sumone **cough steph cough**

  11. Nicole Jet

    Am I the only one that noticed your book was upside-down?

  12. Alexa Rae

    Yay! I hope your site isn’t down for long ;]

  13. Emmy-lou

    NEWS?????? I wanna know now!!!!! Why tomorrow? oh-well.
    I want a CD!!!!!

  14. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    I’d like the CD! =)

    And I definitely can’t wait to hear what your news is tomorrow.

  15. Heather S.

    Ooooooo!! Can’t wait! ….
    Is it tomorrow yet? Oh, try turning the book right side up, it might help! ^_-

  16. Elizabeth

    Yeah, weird issues even seeing the site… New CD + News? yay!

  17. Kaitlyn

    News? What news? You better post tommorow or I’ll hire a vampire hitman :)

  18. Katie R

    Bring it TwiGuy, I’m ready and waitin’!!!!

  19. Stephanie Jimenez

    Hm…mystery news. This should be good…who knows? Im going to take a guess at it………..your going to be showing up to the comic-con???!!!

    Ahhh, we’ll see if i was right or not soon enough.

    keep up the good work by the way! =)

  20. Sara

    See you tomorrow :)

  21. Britt.

    Big news, huh?
    Can’t wait to see what it is. :]

  22. Jessie

    I’ll be back…
    You better be here. ~As in, I hope your web host works when you post. =]

  23. Sarah

    WOO! So getting on tomorrow! =D

  24. Natali

    That is so funny, either you are reading upside down, or the cover is.

  25. Jessamyn

    I’ll definitely be checking for news tomorrow!

  26. meagan

    can’t wait to hear what the big news is!!!

  27. sagara

    I want that cd…thanks a lot πŸ˜€

    Anyway… great site πŸ˜‰

  28. Ingela

    (Imagine: a television shopping voice)Do you suffer an endless struggle to read properly? Are you sick an tired of not being able to read at a grade one level? And are you struggling to read this?
    Well have we got the solution for you! Simply turn your book the right side up – it’s as simple as ABC!

    I’m anticipating tomorrow..

  29. Madi

    oh I’d love the CD!
    and I can’t wait for the news!

    you’re amazing!

  30. Bethany

    I can’t wait to hear the big news. I’ll surely be checking back later :)

  31. Stephanie L.

    Hmmm. What could this big twilight guy news be??

  32. shadesofblack

    Mitch Hansen Band CD… sweetness.

    what big news? i wonder…

  33. Heather

    Yay free giveaway sweetness!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!

  34. Laei

    Big news? What big news??
    Can’t wait ^^

  35. Athena of Forks

    Ooh! Can’t wait! Wonder what it could be!
    Extra bonus with the giveaway! :D:D:D

  36. Ashley

    Mitch Hansen Band? Wicked

    So.. as it’s 3:33 in the morning, I’m going to try and guess what your big news is about. I’m channeling my inner Alice… and I’m going up with a raccoon… and a toaster.

    So, according to what Alice is telling me, tomorrow you’re going to announce your plans to go to the Breaking Dawn release party dressed as toaster. depriving herself of them,so this is your way of showing support for Bella. Dressing as a toaster pop tart less. But just as your driving away after renting the costume, a savage raccoon attacked your car, popping all of the tires. He continued to attack after smelling the pop tarts, ruining your toaster contest.

    In conclusion your big news is that you are unable to attend a release party because your in the hospital suffering from raccoon induced injuries.

    Don’t worry Kaleb, I’ll send you a get well card.

  37. Collette

    yeah, what is up with this site. i tried to get on about 10 times today…then i gave up for an hour and now it works…weird…perhaps J.K. Rowling in her intense jealousy of all things twilight has magically messed with the internet…always knew those wands were no good…

  38. Scott

    Free give away of Breaking Dawn? Can’t wait to hear.

  39. Elfie

    What is this news?? The suspense is KILLING me!

    And that picture made me laugh. Well, they all pretty much make me laugh. But for some reason the fact that I laughed at that makes me sheepish.

  40. Nicole

    you’re site was down for a while. i almost had a heart attack. i’m glad the site is up and i’m still alive.

  41. Nicole

    your*, i hate when i make mistakes.

  42. Lara

    Whats the bet that the server WILL shut down..
    That would be HORRIBLE!
    Im addicted to this site..
    I wanna know the news!!!

  43. Jamie

    news??? exciting. :)

  44. urcoolcarrie

    what news? oh, i can’t wait to hear the news!!!

  45. Johanna

    What can the news be? Is he going to meet SM?

  46. Victoria

    Would like to be entered for the CD, thanks.

    And I’m sure your news is something wonderful about your amazing book. Can’t wait (even if it’s something completely different) !

  47. hazel

    exciting! πŸ˜€

  48. Sam

    Excellent! I’ll be back tomorrow! =P

  49. Nicole

    I can’t wait to find out the news! Be back tomorrow!

    P.S. I’d love the CD!!!

  50. Natascha

    I so want to now what news he’s going to break! Sounds big!

    Would love to have such a CD! :)

  51. Allison

    News? What news?!?

    PS: I want the CD!

  52. Eftsoones

    News is always good. ‘Specially secret news, keeps us all interested.

  53. Red

    Ooooo! What’s the news? And can I have the CD?!

  54. Ashley

    Big news? hummm wonder what it could be…. guess i’ll just have to wait and find out.

  55. Teygan

    Your book IS upside down! That’s probably what the confused look is all about, yeah?
    Gah, it always seems like I’m waiting for new Twilight stuff! πŸ˜‰ At least it’s tomorrow and not next week, or 5 months from now πŸ˜‰

  56. Laynie

    I can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve!

  57. Samie

    some big TwilightGuy news! wow thats awsome! cant wait to see what it is!

  58. Hailey

    Hm…wonder what it could be??? Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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  60. -v*ron-

    Yay. Your site works for the moment. I tried yesterday and had a fit because it wouldn’t go. I am anticipating SUPER news!

  61. Taylor

    Oooo, can’t wait!

  62. Pauline

    Ahh!news!I can’t wait!:D

  63. Kira

    I am excited… are you going on tour?

  64. Brianna J.

    Woohoo! Sorry to say, I might not be back tomorrow to check up on the news because I’ll be on a trip, but I’m sure I’ll work something out. Hmm…wonder what the big news is?

  65. Monica

    This comment is my official contest entry…hopefully I’ll have better luck than I did for the BD sweepstakes (but then, I knew I wasn’t gonna win that one).

    PS: News??

  66. Brooke

    Can’t wait for the big news!

  67. Kathryn

    Haha, I just read the comments about the upside down book! I seriously wouldn’t have even noticed, but I’m assuming it was intentional. I think you’re amazing Kaleb and any news from you will more than likely be amazing :]. Oh, and I want a cd too (but I like commenting on your site regardless :] ).

  68. Mary-Shannon

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  69. HeyJoyous

    So, you’re one of those people, huh? The ones who post to say it isn’t a real post and check back later. Drat! It worked! I’m now interested in news I didn’t know existed. I’ll check back tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

  70. Ashlee

    Hmmm TwilightGuy news… those words have such a wonderfully anticipatory feel them!!

  71. sibby

    since you’re now into New Moon, I decided to revisit the book myself. There’s a sentence in ch5 “cheater”…page 127 I think…as soon as I read it, I immediately wondered “what kind of photoshop magic would Kaleb work with this????” I’d love to see! it gave me great mental pictures…gotta love SM and her imagery… you’ll know it when u read the words “60 mile per hour…” :)

  72. Kina

    Will return tomorrow, hoping for something good.
    Woot! I’ve almost got my brother to read it!

  73. Tia

    WOOO! I WANT A CD!! lol Cant wait for the news!

  74. ansley

    I’ll be back tomorrow!!
    And I would absolutely LOVE a CD!!!

  75. Catherine

    Hmn… wonder what the big news is. πŸ˜‰

  76. Alessandra

    Big. News. How much waiting must I endure? I’m already waiting for Breaking Dawn and the Twilight movie. Sigh. At least I’ll know tomorrow. xD

  77. Stephanie R.

    Big News? What Big News?
    I will be back to see this big news of yours. :)

  78. Katie

    You could fool everyone by taking off the cover and putting it back on upside down. I love doing that. :]

  79. Kate

    Big news? Oh boy!

    I am trying to use this site to get my brother to read Twilight. He thinks you are hilarous, but he has yet to pick up the book.

  80. Lara2

    Yay news!!! But I’ll be gone all day so I have to wait until Saturday. :( :( :(

    I like CDs…

  81. Kathy

    Hmmmm…I wonder if this big news has anything to do with the “big interview” coming up that you mentioned on your other blog. If it is, then “big interview” + Twilight = guaranteed goodness.

  82. Aly

    oo! sounds like good news!

    gimme gimme!!!

  83. Mary

    Waiting for your news is almost as aggravating as counting down to the fourth book *argh* You mentioned before how you can’t stop reading New Moon…I finally got my mother to read the books but she caught up to my sister who is also reading them…now she is utterly despondent waiting for my sister to finish so she can read it lol

  84. Kelly

    yay! very cool!

  85. Mara-Kate

    More news!!! This is almost as good as finding out Stephenie Meyer is giving EW a BD spoiler on Monday! (sorry Kaleb, you get 2nd spot) lol I’ll be here tomorrow then!

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  87. Corinne!

    Aww, I really dont like how you do this. ‘oh yeah, well, nothing important today, I just want to get you totally excited and tell you something important is happening *tomorrow*.’
    can’t wait for the news though!


  88. Kathryn

    News! oh now i’m curious. can’t wait.

  89. Anna

    this week is full of news!!!!

    kisses from brazil!!

  90. Nicole

    I want a Cd!! I think it is so cool that you are a guy who will actually read this series!! Good Luck on Reading the Rest of New Moon and then Eclipse…..BREAKING DAWN!!!

  91. Aimee

    ooooh. like all the others have said. i can’t wait to hear the news tomorrow!

  92. Bell S.

    I’ll check with you tomorrow!

  93. Steph

    News? exciting…

  94. Court

    man i was rele lookin forward to this.
    while the computer was loading i was chanting
    “twilightguytwilightguytwilightguy!!!” haha

    oh well.

  95. Mary

    I wonder what the big news will be??

  96. Alexa

    Must say I’m dissapointed that you told us to come back tomorrow :/ I was excited to read what you had to say.. :]

  97. Maggie

    Haha you’re so cruel πŸ˜›

  98. Michelle

    news tomorrow? yay! mitch hansen band cd? oooh…

  99. Jenny

    Do you possibly have a cool interview, or something along those lines?

    I’ll be back tomorrow to see…

  100. Becca

    it’s tomorrow!! =]

  101. Daisy

    i’m very excited for your news!

  102. Mary

    News? I hope it’s good!
    Mitch Hanson Band CD? Well, we all know THAT’S good :)!

  103. Kara

    A Mitch Hansen Band CD? Sweeeeeeeeeet.
    Can’t wait to see the news!

  104. Rachel

    CD CD CD CD!! anyway, what is this news. my poor heart can’t handle any more suspense with BD coming out!

  105. Katiedid

    MITCH!!! KALEB!!! You Twilight guys give me hope in men.

  106. sarah

    big news huh? goodie

  107. Jen

    I’m so intrigued! lol

  108. Jessie

    Morning Kaleb!

    I can’t wait to see what you have for us tomorrow! Your site will be my first stop tomorrow morning!

    Thanks for the warning!
    Have a good one!

  109. KL

    I would like a CD from Mitch Hansen!! :)

  110. Alex

    OME, Whats the NEws, and I want a CD

  111. DeForrest

    Big news? Interesting… I wonder what it could be. Oh well, my girlfriend love to have that CD.

  112. Katie ~

    Big news… like the “song for Twilight” news or something bigger?

  113. Hope

    I want a CD! ^_^

  114. Tina

    Hmm… wonder what the news is… did you secretly finish all the Twilight saga and not tell us :D?

  115. Minh Thu

    *makes mental note to stop by tomorrow*

    Why do you have to tease us so?

    Please give me the CD^^

  116. Lauren

    hm… i wonder what the news is…

  117. Victoria

    hooray for news !! and maybeee a mitch hansen cd :DDDDD can’t waittttt<3333333 haha. nice picture btw(;

  118. Kalynn

    Can’t wait for the news!

  119. Nikki

    I will come back tomorrow for sure!

  120. Lex

    Oooh. Well, news is fun! Are you going to tell us your book is coming out a full year early and that you finally finished editing? Because that would be fabulous, as you very well know. Or perhaps… well, I don’t know, I’m out of ideas.

  121. Molly

    Yay! I cannot wait!

  122. Nicole

    I can’t wait! I will definitely come back to see what the big news is. Also I wouldn’t mind getting a CD…

  123. Jessie

    I’ll come back too. Oh, and count me in for the C.D.

  124. Brittney

    I’ll be here tomorrow!And a C.D would be nice!

  125. Gloria

    I can has CD? Looking forward to tomorrow.

  126. Rain

    this is very very suspicious hmmm i wonder if…

  127. Marissa

    Cool be back tomorrow !:)

  128. Tiana

    *sigh* you posted an announcement for us to come back tomorrow? okkkkkk Ill be back!!

  129. Mikayla

    That CD would be pretty sweet to get =]]

  130. Michaela

    News…about your book? About twilight? Ah well you sound excited about it so it’s probably interesting! And I’m alright with getting a cd…*wink wink*

  131. Elizabeth

    I can have a CD?
    Will you sign it for me?

    Do Tell.

  132. Alex


    I’m intrested…


  133. Holly

    I am not very anxious…..

  134. Aishah

    Oh my god.
    I really can’t wait for the exciting news!!
    The anticipation is killing me!

  135. Holly

    Sorry! Mistake. I am anxious…hahaha

  136. priyanka

    i am trying to guess what this big twilight guy news can be… ok i give up but i’m not allowed on myspace so i hope its here tomorrow…. note for kaleb:the picture is funny

  137. Marisol

    Now this is interesting… What news could it be??? Can’t wait!

  138. Jordan

    Ah, it’s not fair to keep us waiting like this!!! Can’t wait!

  139. Meghan

    Mitch Hansen, YAY!!! Cant wait for the post and cant wait for the spoiler on monday!

  140. Samantha

    Awesome! I’m coming back tomorrow! (and maybe a couple more times today) lol πŸ˜‰

  141. Alli

    Can’t wait to find out what the news is! And I just noticed that the book is upside down in this picture! HAHA!

  142. Karen

    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

  143. K.T.

    looking forward to it! =]

  144. Maj

    I can’t wait till tomorrow!

  145. Sara(Yeah there's many of us)

    Yay! News :)

  146. Vivi

    Over at the Twilight Lexicon they just posted a new little movie clip from the Twilight set… and SOMETHING in the movie reminded me of you. :)

  147. Leah

    Can’t wait to here some big news!

  148. Insomnia

    What sort of big new, ehhhh? 0_o

    Could it be me winning that CD? Yup, I thought so ;-D

  149. Yomali

    Has anyone noticed the book is upside-down? haha :)
    Can’t wait to see what surprises you have for us tomorrow!

  150. vivs

    wow. that was a really short postt. oh well. i guess should be thnkful that there was a post today. grrr…hopefully tom. u go on to ch. 5!!!

  151. vivs

    continued: oh and cant wait for the big news!

  152. Erika(=

    A free CD!!! I love this website!

  153. :: emily ::

    haha, i love that picture of you Kaleb XD
    can’t wait for the post tomorrrow!

  154. Donna

    I will be back tomorrow. I was really looking forward to your views on Chapter 5 today. I love you website. Please include me for the CD.

  155. Stephanie

    Are you Jane? Because this is a form of torture even Dante thought was too horrible to record in his Inferno.
    Can’t wait for the big news!!

  156. Julie

    Oooh. Now I’m excited.

  157. Katie M.

    super stoked!

    love from nyc,

  158. Shannon

    Now I’m really looking forward to your next post ,well I’m so coming back tommorow!(:

  159. Genevieve

    Awww I don’t like waiting for big news :(
    But I’m excited for whatever it is!
    Alrighty, I’ll be back tomorrow :)

    By the way, I’d LOVE a Mitch Hansen Band CD πŸ˜€

  160. Lolo

    I can’t wait until tomorrow!! Wonder what the big news is going to be..
    Breaking Dawn in 8 days!!

  161. Chelsea

    Looking foward to your next post. I bet you secretly finished reading the whole twilight series.

    Looks like you just killed a bunch a fan girls.

  162. Lolo

    P.S. Mitch Hansen is really good..his CD is amazing too :)

  163. Stephanie

    Twilight Guy News is always good news! I.. think.. >>


  164. Nikita

    Such a teaser…

  165. Hayli

    Oh the suspense, Kaleb! Haha.

    Mitch Hasen Band ftw :)

  166. Robin

    okay — see ya tomorrow! Now get back to reading!

  167. Anne

    ome news! yay! i love this site cuz its so cool 8D

    i love The Mitch Hansen Band…i jus dont own thier Cd =P

  168. Cyndi

    Of course I will be back tomorrow! I check everyday for a good laugh!

  169. Ashley Evelyn

    News?! Hurry up tomorrow!

  170. maria carolina

    big twilight guy news??… kaleb, you’re killing me!

  171. maria carolina

    p.s. i love mitch hansen band! πŸ˜€

  172. Britt

    Can’t wait for 2morrows post!:) I wonder what hes going to write…hmm.. I’ll b back 2morrow!!!

  173. Kaitlin

    come back 2m! great now where all going to be wondering what the big news is…you shouldn’t make us anymore anxious than what we already are with the release of breaking dawn so close!!!!! we just might go into cardiac arrest :)

  174. Jordie

    Secret News!? I can’t wait!

  175. Devika!

    Cool beans! Big news! Can’t wait to check tomorrow!

    And the CD- very neat!

  176. Lesley

    Exciting! I feel like my brain is going to explode from all the Twilight news coming our way with Breaking Dawn and Comic Con!

  177. Kate

    Big news 2m! you shouldn’t make us even more anxious than we twilight fans already are with the release of breaking dawn so close!!!! we just might go into cardiac arrest :)

  178. Aimee

    I am leaving a comment, and I am at work. Scandalous!

  179. Maggie

    You better not be teasing us Kaleb. It better be be freaking huge. Haha.

  180. Theresa

    Mitch Hansen Band CD!!!!

  181. Alyson May

    Oo baby! I wanna CD by them!

    Haha can’t wait for the news! =]

    May I just state how strange I find it that you have the exact same first two names as my brother? You’re Kaleb Allen Nation, right? Well my brother is Kaleb Allen James Porter. Weeeeeird.

  182. Kimberly

    OOH ! what’s the big news ? I want the Mitch-Hansen Band CD ! :)

  183. Jill

    I like the idea of a CD….hehehehe

    Oh, and love the picture. You know, you probably be less puzzled if the book wasn’t upside down. πŸ˜€

    I will be looking forward to the news.

  184. Ashleigh

    Oooh, this gets me very excited! πŸ˜€

    P.S. Gimme that CD!

  185. Stephanie

    YAY! Big News!

  186. Shannon

    I cant wait!!!!

  187. Brittney H

    News? I love news! Especially TwilightGuy news. Can’t wait! Also, please enter me for the contest. Love the picture! If you’re one of us few who can read upside down, welcome to the club! If not, you might want to turn it around… haha

  188. Ari

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    I want a cd!

  189. Tracy

    You’re just as horrible as Stephenie and her quotes LOL!!

    I’d like a cd :-)

    See ya tomorrow then.

  190. Michelle

    The news sounds interesting!

  191. Ellen

    I can’t wait to see the surprise!

  192. Laura

    OMG! I’m so exited! I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait! At least it’s not like Breaking Dawn and I’ve had to wait over 160 days for that! Oh, and I’d love a CD! Mitch Hansen’s music rocks!

  193. Erica

    I can’t wait for the big news! I’ll be waiting patiently : )

    ps. I loveeeee the mitch hansen band ; )

  194. Grace

    MITCH HANSON!!! hurray! I lurv him! the song “jacob black” that he sings is amazing!

  195. Ally J

    I’d like to get the cd…yay!

  196. lexi

    oo i like mitch hansen!!
    free stuff works for me!!!

  197. JC

    i really have nothing to say, but i really want that CD :) I’ll just say that i have about a .5% chance of getting it, and that i hate my orthodontist.

  198. Arikka

    yay!! youre in New Moon

    the mitch hansen band is AMAZING!!
    “jacob black.. shes not comming back la push has come to shove and shes through with you” lol

  199. Sara

    Yay! I love this site and this makes me want it to be tomorrow!

    p.s. I wouldn’t mind a CD!

  200. Christina

    ohh news.
    im excited.

  201. ktbug8

    Can’t wait!

  202. paperclipz

    All right. I’ll be checking back tomorrow. I can’t wait!

    I want a CD…

  203. Ana M

    Oh i’ll be here!
    Don’t worry!!

  204. Kori

    News!!! Hope your server is cooperating!!!

  205. Elliot

    Somebody got stuck in a book? πŸ˜‰

  206. Dani

    Ooh, I’d love that CD! <3

    Looking forward to the announcement tomorrow. :]

  207. Kristin

    can’t wait for the big news!!!

  208. Alice

    interested in the big news tomorrow!

  209. Twilighter Fanpire Stephanie

    I wonder what the biig news are??!! OMG only 8 days till BD!!!!

  210. Annalise

    ooooo big new i’m excited!!! :-O

  211. Abigail

    I was wondering when the drawing for the song that was picked for Twilight was going to be.

  212. Janna

    Big News? I’m really looking forward to it!

  213. Emmy

    *inhales breath* Cannot wait….

  214. Hihi

    ummmmm your book is upside down in the picture

  215. Elspeth

    Such a teasing post…
    Do not worry I will definitely check this site tomorrow!
    Happy Reading :)

  216. Cassie

    k ;D be back tomorrow ;D can’t wait!!

  217. Abby

    Whoa so many people are posting! XD
    You’re too popular, Kaleb… :)

    Alright, I’ll check here tomorrow and your myspace, just in case!

    Hope everything is good,

  218. Sanguina

    Kaleb, I have no chance of getting a CD with 217 posts ahead of me! Anyway, well done on getting through Chapter 3 and 4. Tough times.

  219. Travis

    I hope I wan this one! Did you pick a winner for the CD and hat you were giving away a looonnggg time ago?

  220. Ashley

    I’m looking foward to your big news!

  221. Angela

    I would love a CD!!

    And I’m looking forward to your BIG NEWS.

  222. Karl

    I’m a boy and I love the books!!!
    This site is awesome!
    I wanna win a cd!!!
    What’s the news Kaleb???

  223. Karl

    Sorry about that, my sister posted it. Not very much is true.

  224. Gabriella Cullen

    u sure know how to get someone impaient. ):[

  225. Karl

    Oops, I guess my sister didn’t post anything after all.


  226. Ashley

    This better be good!!! Btw, you never told us whether or not you cried in chapter 3…

  227. Mary

    You need to keep reading! you only have 8 days, 8 hours, 1 min … til the release of breaking dawn!
    but i suppose if it’s good news then you can take a break to let us know what it is :]

  228. Lori W

    .. Mi..Mitch.. Han.. Hansen band ?!

    PLEASE PICK MEH ! <3333333333333333

  229. Lucy

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    Can’t wait for tomrroow’s news!

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    Oh, well. More to make life interesting!

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    And I’m excited, to think that tomorrow you will be making some super announcement!
    This is more fun than irritable grizzlies!

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    I never win anything…

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  237. Nahime

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  238. Anne

    lol, your picture today’s pretty cute.
    and you’re keeping me on the edge of my seat here!
    it’s almost as bad as me trying to figure out what the “Special Surprise” will be with my copy of BD…

  239. Deja

    Hm..what could it be..and gosh Kaleb why do you give us another thing to wait on??? Why do you torture us.. ha ha just kidding but I’ll be here or your myspace tomorrow :) love the new picture by the way

  240. Aly

    Oh man. i was looking forward to this. Oh well, i’ll just read it tomorrow… i wonder what the news was… I hope its good news for you! :)
    And I don’t know this band but i’m willing to try them. I’m a big fan of any music.

  241. Lauren B.

    News, eh? Exciting! I’ll be back tomorrow! I’m really enjoying your insites on the books…and humor of course.

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    Can’t wait!!

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    But I will come back tomorrow to see your “big” news, and it better be good!

  247. Kaleb Nation

    If anybody reads down this far in the comments, here’s some info. An early announcement of the news will be sent to the subscribers of my kalebnation.com newsletter this evening. If you get the newsletter, shhhh! until Friday.

    Also, besides this news, I have something else I’m debating which could be fun, if you people like the idea. So that will be up there tomorrow too.

    And let’s not get too carried away with what the news could be… I don’t want to let anyone down when you find out I have not turned into Batman or I’m not revealing I’m secretly Robert Pattinson under a pseudonym πŸ˜€

  248. Julia

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    And I love Mitch Hansen!!!!

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    Just glad to see the web site is back up & running!

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    Oh and, Kaleb, you are a big ol’ tease!! πŸ˜‰ xx

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  257. Emmy-lou


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    And, I would love a Mitch Hansen Band CD!!! My friend has one and it’s AWESOME! *crosses fingers and hopes she gets it*

  262. Lauren.


    [She wanted to share…]

  263. Kitty

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    I also think it is very cruel that you would post just to tell us we have to wait for tomorrows post, grr… ;-P

    [will be back tomorrow!!]

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    Oh well, worked for me. :)

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    but im anxiously waiting 4 your news tomorrow :) and to see if i won your prize ;P
    Luv your site!

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    thanks for the short post though, i cant exactly see too well because like velma, i broke my glasses..

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    Also, it would be really cool to win that CD.

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    posting just to tell us to come back
    hmmm… I’ll be busy formulating ideas about what the news is- now I’m curious!

    I was just listening to Mitch Hansen before checking this site, his music is great :)

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    And, Enter me for the CD!!

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    Still love ya man. <3 <3 <3

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    And I wonder what the news is…
    You have an early copy of Breaking Dawn, and are going to post it online!!!!!!! I love you!!!! (and if that’s not true I will cry myself to sleep every night until BD comes out.

  281. Allan-Hatai

    This post sounds kinda ominous…

  282. michelle

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    And Mitch Hansen’s CD is great! His songs are so well written.

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  289. JC

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  290. JC

    Anyone who is actually reading these comments is probably wondering how much spare time I have…on the other hand, they’re reading 288 comments on a fansite of a book, so they obviously have at least as much spare time as me.

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  292. Shieka

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  293. JC

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  294. JC

    Of course, if commenting multiple times doesn’t work, this is a huge waste of my time…

  295. JC

    …especially since my computer’s rather slow…

  296. JC

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  297. JC

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    I will back tomorrow to see what you have to say. I have enjoyed reading your chapter by review and insights. Thank you for sharing with us.

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    Seems some people just couldn’t wait to get the word out about that.

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    I wonder what time tomorrow.
    I’ll be checking 5487946 times an hour. haha

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    it’s 12:07 am Kaleb!
    what’s the big news?!?

  318. April

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  319. Melanie D.

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    When is it going to be sent?! I’m excited now!:D

  320. Desiree

    I’m a subscriber!! I like free things. :)

    and whats the big news?!!?

  321. Kaleb Nation

    The kalebnation.com newsletter was sent out at 10PM CST. If you subscribed after that time, it wasn’t sent to you. But the news will be on this site in about 45 minutes

    To somebody up in the comments, this isn’t to get more subs. The newsletter will always make big announcements a few hours before the news goes out as a perk to the subscribers.

  322. ilse

    i love mitch hansen!!!and the twilightguy!! =] i wonder wat the big news are?!

  323. *Lolo*

    :O Is Robert Pattinson going to have an interview with you or post something on your site..is that it? πŸ˜‰ hmmm..or maybe another actor from the movie..

    Hope you are enjoying New Moon Kaleb! It was absolutely amazing :)

  324. Carmen

    Hmm…winning is always fun!

  325. Lauren

    I would mind their CD. Not at all in fact.
    One more week till the new book comes out. read fast enough and you might get to the third one.

  326. Stephanie

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  327. Lexi

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  333. katie

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  334. MoonStar

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    Update soon (:

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  348. News and Housekeeping

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