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TwilightGuy in Entertainment Weekly

July 25th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

I just did my first TwilightGuy magazine interview, and who better to do it with than Entertainment Weekly? Everyone saw their Twilight cover story last week, and one of the writers for the magazine asked me to answer a few questions for their Feedback section in this week’s issue.

Some of my confessions include:

– What have I learned in my research of Twilight?

– Have I become a fan of other Vampire Romances?

amongst other startling (and perhaps shocking!) revelations you can only read about in this week’s Entertainment Weekly 😀

As I haven’t exactly seen the actual interview in print yet (it is released today), if someone happens to get a hold of a copy before me and it says I answered a question with:

Bala! Baloo! I hate Twilight! I (oink)ing hate it all! Snort! Baboo! Bala!

then know that somewhere along the line, my words were edited by an evil magazine printing computer. So everyone get a copy and tell me how you think I did!

As for other news:

– TwilightGuy.com just recently got it’s 940,000th hit! Thanks for coming: one-million will be here in a flash!

– I am almost finished with a new song for my soundtrack. For those of you who enjoyed my music last time, I will have a preview up on my website as soon as I have some of the mastering done. I’ll post a note when it’s up.

– I am considering adding a chat page on this site after August 3. I’ve realized that with the piles of email, I don’t get to talk to everyone in a timely manner, and the chat might be more available for me to pop in. So, if anybody would visit the chat, let me know so I can gauge if it’s worth putting up.

NOTE: Remember: the interview should be in the magazine that is released TODAY, NOT the issue DATED JULY 25 (it will be in the issue with the Dark Knight cover, dated August 1). So check the magazine first! The issue might not be available immediately in all areas.  — Kaleb

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169 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    That’s awesome! I’m going to get a copy of EW when I get home now. 😀

  2. Xuan

    I’d totally love a chat, and I’m definitely picking up a copy of EW!

  3. Sara

    Ooooo…exciting! Can’t wait to get the magazine!

  4. Christina

    Yay that’s exciting! I’ll hafta go get that magazine 😀 and I think the chat thing would be a great idea.

  5. Amanda123

    I’d visit the chat room. Definitely.

  6. Anonymous

    Chatting? With Kaleb Nation? About vampires? Umm. Duh?

  7. Brittany

    Put in a chat. Definitely.


  8. Maggie

    Aww! Yay for you Kaleb! That’s awesome! (:
    And I’d visit the chat!

  9. Katie P.

    Kaleb, that’s really exciting!! I would be totally interested in a chat box, and I’ll be looking for that interview!!

    This website is awesome, by the way, and I’m glad that you are doing such a cool experiment and inspiring a lot of other guys to accept Twilight. :)


  10. Robin

    Yes…do a chat!!

  11. Olivia

    I am getting EW now. 😀

    And you should most deffinitly put in the chat.

  12. adie

    Way to go. I’ll check out the article. A chat would be fun.

  13. Tara

    Wow. Congrats of everything!
    And yes, a chat would be great.

  14. McKenna

    WOW!!!! Kaleb that’s awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!

    And yes, I would be interested in the chat. =)

  15. becky sue

    YAY, good for you Kaleb!! >.< I can’t wait to read it!!

  16. Allison

    Congratulations Kaleb!
    I’m a new reader to your blog (and I LOVE it!), long-time reader to the books, and I LOVE Entertainment Weekly! What a perfect formula!

    Congrats again, can’t wait to read the article!

  17. *Lolo*

    Congrats!! Was it fun being interviewed? That’s very cool man. 😀 You must be really, really proud!

  18. Devon

    Yes, a chat would be spiffy! I’m definitely picking up EW when I run to Borders tomorrow to pick up my Twilight Movie calendar…Yay!!!!!!

  19. Kyra

    OMG Congrats!!! That is so Cool I am definitley going to go get my copy of EW!!!

    I would definitley go to a chat that would be so much fun getting to talk to you and all the other obsessed Twilighters!!!

  20. Trenton

    Hey Kaleb!

    I was just checking to see what your big news was, and I saw that you did an interview and that it would be in Entertainment Weekly! Fortunately, I am subscribed to EW! And I always get my copy early in the mail. I already got this weeks issue with Watchmen on the cover. I just flipped through briefly and I don’t see anything about you or the Twilight Saga! Are you sure it isn’t going to be in next week’s issue? I have the EW issue dated July 25, 2008, by the way. Just thought I would let you know that I can’t find anything!:( I can’t wait to see the interview! Hopefully it will be in next week’s issue. That would almost be better because that night that the issue was released, Breaking Dawn would also be releasing. All of us Twilight fans would definitely be satisfied then! Ha. Let me know about your interview and if you find anything else out about what issue it may be in or what not.

    Hope to hear from you soon! :)


  21. Michelle

    Good for you Kaleb. Keep reading, and continue being AWESOME!

  22. Madi

    wow that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you! and the chat is an amazing idea!

  23. nahime

    OME! and here i thought you just went to comic con!

    adding a chat? that would be awesome. but dont you think that it would get stuffed in there if you ever went on?

  24. Anne

    oh my gosh! good job, man!
    i’ll definitely check it out!

  25. Taylor

    Congrats Kaleb!
    I went to 8 different stores and couldn’t find the Twilight EW, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get this.
    I’ll save the scans though. xD

  26. Elizabeth

    that is way amazing, can’t wait to read it!
    o, and the chat room idea is awesome :)

  27. amelia

    omg! i happen to be the nerdy type (loved comic-con before twilight had a panel there!)and my entertainment weekly is a non-negotiable Friday tradition. kudos to you!

  28. Kaleb Nation

    I got confirmation from the reporter three times that I was in this issue for July 25.

    But someone just told me that they can’t find it in their magazine.

    If you have the magazine and find it (supposedly in the Feedback section), please let me know. I haven’t see it, so I’m trusting the reporter on this one, and I’m a bit nervous 😀

  29. Tanit

    Will they let you transcript the interview??? I’m from Spain and I don’t think that I can buy it here…


  30. shadesofblack

    i’d go chat… it would be easier in some ways.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the interview! were you waiting for EW to release the cover image (WATCHMEN!) or did you just now find the time to post the news?

  31. Bethany

    That’s amazing that EW contacted you – congratulations! You’re so fly.

  32. Twilighter Fanpire Stephanie

    Whoa that’s awesome! congrats, kaleb!!

  33. gina

    a chate room? with kaleb? and the rest of the worlds twilighters/fanpirers/twihards? like. D. U. H. DUH!! tat would be way awesome

    Congratulations Kaleb~!! i cant wait to read it~!!!

  34. d4nce

    I’d go to the chatroom!
    I love a good chatroom. 😀

  35. Hihi

    I like it how EW initials are EW like eww. One time I came across that mag and it said EW so I thought who would want to read something with the initials EW on it? Then my brother explained it to me.

  36. Twifanatic Amanda

    Yay good for you! I’ll get one too!

  37. Taylor

    I can’t believe it! I saw that issue at the store today (it went on sale early) and didn’t even bother to flip through it! Grrr…

  38. Ashleigh

    WOO HOO! Kaleb’s a famous little stud muffin now! :]

  39. Danni K

    CONGRATS Kaleb!!! Thats fantastic ur in EW!!! sadly i can’t find a local shop that stocks it in Australia :( …and of course we’d all go to a TwiGuy chat room!

    btw did u notice that there was a gnome in the lexicons latest video, ‘wrap’, at 2:35?

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  41. Ariana

    I say yes to the chat, though you would have to be careful for any spoilers

  42. Anne S.

    put the chat in

  43. Young Momma

    I would join in the chat, for sure!! How far behind on e-mail are you now?! Chat would be a great way for simple questions to be answered quickly!

  44. Kathryn G.

    Ahhh! Mr. Kaleb, your life is exceptionally more amazing than mine. It makes me jealous. I’m definitely heading to my nearest periodical provider tomorrow to pick up Entertainment Weekly!!!

    And I would leap at the chance of a live chat with Mr. Kaleb the Twilight Guy. =]]]]]

  45. Kaitlyn

    An interview in Entertainment Weekly AND a chatroom?!

  46. Rachul


    Gosh, silly Kaleb. You need to learn to trust me already. I know what the people want. Have I ever lead you astray? I think not. XD

  47. Sarah

    I’m just chiming in to say that I, too, think a chat would be…I can’t even pick one adjective to describe it! Ha! That’s so cool that you got interviewed; I’ll definitely have to check out EW magazine whatever issue it’s in.

    Kaleb, I just wanted to tell you something that I think will greatly amuse you. I was tinkering around online, and then I was about to get off, but I was trying to remember that there was something I really wanted to check. So I’m reading the comments on some site when I see the word “gnome”. *faceplant* Of course! I wanted to go check what Kaleb’s news was! So I remembered you because of seeing a gnome. Hope that brightens your day. :)

    Yes, I realize I’m weird beyond all probability.

  48. Stephanie

    the chat sounds cool. definintly put that in :)
    that’s cool about EW. I’m really happy for you because you’re definintly my favorite twilight site :)
    also, congrats on almost getting to 1 million views :)

  49. Jaina

    If your interview is indeed in the Feedback section, then it will be in the issue released July 25 (the issue dated July 25 is when the issue is good through). Feedback refers to reader’s comments on previous issues, and #1003 with the Watchmen cover lists feedback from the Batman cover (#1001). The newest issue will be #1004, and will list comments from #1002, the Twilight issue.

  50. Athena of Forks

    Oh, wow! Congratulations!
    As for your little blurb about a chat page, I think that would be a great idea! I would definitely come chat!

  51. Victoria

    Hey Kaleb,

    I (and many other I presume) would like a scan or a transcript of the interview as Entertainment Weekly is not always available for purchase abroad. I know that if I want to get it here in The Netherlands, I will have to wait at least two weeks after the US release.

  52. Marisol

    Congratulations!!! You rock… and well, as soon as anyone has a scan of the magazine, please please please post it, here in Argentina is kinda hard to get the magazine *screech*.

  53. Marisol

    Oh, and I think that a chat page would be great, but i fear that spoilers will be inevitable… and again, you should enjoy the books the most spoiler-free as possible

  54. Maria

    I would definitely go in a chat if one was offered. It would be a great idea to have one.

  55. Laei

    Wow Kaleb that’s really good news!
    I want to second those requests for a scan or a transcript of the interview, ’cause I won’t be able to get it where I live…
    And of course you should set up a chat room. It would be soooooo cool!!

  56. Caitlin

    I think Jaina (#49) explained it the best. I’m currently holding a Watchmen-covered issue in my hands and I just looked through the whole thing for your interview like you asked. Unfortunately, I found nothing, hun. But I fully expect your comments to be in the next issue!!!

    A chat would be awesome!

  57. Aishah

    WOW. That’s really cool, Kaleb.
    Entertainment Weekly, eh?
    Think you can send me a copy, so that I can check it out? :)

  58. d4nce

    I’m sorry but I ran to 7-11 only to find out it’s closed after midnight! (It must be the only 7-11 in the world that does that *eyeroll*)

    I went to the second best thing, whicc is Mac’s, but they don’t carry EW apparently.

    Sorry! I tried.

  59. Christine

    I think a chat board is a great idea and I will probably go to Borders today to get the magazine!

  60. Nicole

    Gratz Kaleb! Just awesome news! Kaleb ftw!!!!

    I think a chat page would be great idea!

    Gratz again!

    *smiles proudly* that’s our Twilight Guy!!!

  61. Hazey

    Wow, Kaleb, congrats! That’s really exciting. Great news to see when you turn your computer on in the afternoon :)

    Did they phone you up? And did you believe them straight away? haha I know I wouldn’t.. 😉

    Does anyone know if they’re going to put it on the EW website? As far as I know they don’t sell EW in Holland :(

    Congrats again!

  62. Hazey

    Sorry for the double comment..

    I just saw there are other Dutch readers of Twilightguy.. :)

    @ comment 59 – do you know in which shops they sell it? even if it is two weeks after the release..

    Oh, and I think a chat is a good idea!

  63. Hazey

    *facepalm* I mean comment 51.. sorry for spamming the comments!

  64. Kitty



  65. Kitty

    “Chatting? With Kaleb Nation? About vampires? Umm. Duh?”


  66. Joanne Maria

    Kalab of course I would love to chat with you.

  67. rachel

    i get ew every week like someone else here and i just looked thur it and couldn’t find any talk of twilight. not even in there comic con spot light so i would guess it would be out next week if it’s going to be in the feedback they seem to be on two weeks ago issue.

    btw it’s july 25 and they just now have a mention of Isaac Hanson having a new kid … which was born july 1st they might not know there dates lol…( hugh hanson fan.. :)

  68. Annie

    goo kaleb! i really hope they left that answer! i might just go buy it… or at least stand there reading it in the store! and chat would be kinda cool….

  69. Kathryn

    I’m definitely going to have to take a look at that; and you were right, this does count as “big news!” Congrats and I’m really excited to read it :]!

  70. Sam

    I really think the chatting thing is an excellent idea! I know that I’ll certainly use it!

  71. Katie Beth

    Real quick before I go to work: YAY!!! Congratulations! 😀

  72. Minh Thu

    A chat page would be great!!!

  73. Allison

    Congratulations Kaleb!

    And I would definitely use the chat room! 😀

  74. Samie

    wow thats koool

  75. Aly

    Oh cool! My twilighter/bestfriend’s little brother saw the twilight story in EW but he hid it from her and wouldn’t let her know where it was. When we confronted him about it he said, “It was mostly about the movie and whither it was simimilar to the book or not. Just answering questions like that. Not really about the book that much.” She and I tried to explaine that that would be something we would want to know but he said, “Oh… oh well.” and shrugged. *shakes head* I’m in no possition to get my hands on that copy or this one. But maybe i can try to make a quick run to target or something. I just got paid. :)
    As for a chat room. I’ve always found it hard to even get into a chat room through my computer, let alone keep up with the chats. (no matter how long I stay on it) But i do think that it would be fun for those that can keep up. And who knows. Maybe I was meant to keep up with this site. I mean… i check it EVERY morning after breakfast… I should be able to keep up some how… :)


  76. Alice Cullen

    Congradulations on making it with EW! i’m definetly gonna try and get a hold of a copy. as for the chat page, it would b really cool if u added that. 😀

  77. Sandra

    Well, congrats!

  78. HeyJoyous

    Wow! That’s quite impressive. Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations, Kaleb!

  79. Caitlin

    That is amazing, Kaleb! I guess I’ll be rushing out to get this week’s Entertainment Weekly, too. Maybe this will prove to my brother that guys really do read Twilight. :)

    I think a chat would be nice… as long as it doesn’t attract the wrong type of people (like the attention-seeking GJ).

  80. Bianca

    a chat would be great!!

  81. Amanda

    Cant wait to get my magazine and i would chat if that were a choice!

  82. Karl

    a chat would be awesome!

  83. EdwardLuvsMiMore

    thats totally cool!
    i would SO use the chat thing.
    im going to pick up a copy of EW right now!

  84. Natalie

    freaking awesome. (:

  85. Angela

    Can’t wait to read the interview!

    A chat roon would be a good idea, but you realize that we’ll want to talk about Breaking Dawn.
    Talking about Breaking Dawn=Spoilers.

    Just Sayin.

  86. Angela


  87. Corinne!

    Kaleb! That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you! Ahhhhh!!! yayyy!!! I really want to get EW now.

    Oh, and just so you know, I would probably pretty much stalk a chat. So you should get one.


  88. Lara2

    I can’t wait to read it!!! Now I can hide this issue in my room along with the one with pictures of Edward.

    Of course I’d love a chatroom! That’d be awesome!

  89. sara


    That is a link to the July 25 issue of EW but there is nothing in there about Twilight. If you want you can go back to that sight next Friday and see if the interview is there.

  90. Jenica

    Oh wow.

    WORD! 😀 😀

    *plans an expedition to go seek this interview out* 😀

  91. Haley

    Who wouldn’t want to chat with you?

  92. Court

    that sounds very kool.

    im still looking for the next chapter though…..

    but take ur time.
    i know you got tons goin on. :]]

  93. Victoria

    @ Hazey comment no. 59;

    I know Vroom $ Dreesman used to sell foreign magazines. It depends on the type of magazine how far behind they are. I used to always buy Kerrang magazine from the UK there. I know that Brunas on large stations also sell some foreign magazines. And if you live anywhere near Amsterdam I would go to the American Book Store if I were you, they sell loads of foreign magazines. They might even send you one in you phone them, I don’t know.

    Good luck !

    PS. Sorry Kaleb, for the nearly off-topic comments. Here a cheer just for you; Yay, go Kaleb !!

  94. Kari

    congrats! I hope to one day be a reporter! :) im def. going to get one! yay! i would most definitely use the chat system! its like my best friend! keep writing!!!

  95. Jen

    I have the July 25th issue in front of me right now, and I can not find anything about you in it. So it will be in next weeks hopefully! Look forward to reading it.

  96. illinijunky10

    OMG i would totally chat on here um Twilightguy ROX!

  97. Hope

    I would definitely use a chatbox. :) Add one, Kaleb!

  98. Monica

    I really should subscribe to EW…can’t wait to read it!

    I would love a chat page! That sounds most excellent.

  99. Cindy

    Ah, next week would be better…like someone else said, everyone will be hitting bookstores for midnight release parties for Breaking Dawn, and there’s EW with your interview. Double happy, right? :-)

    Chat room: excellent idea. I don’t know how much I could really contribute seeing as how I am a few years beyond the median age group for the series (closer to Stephenie’s age, actually), but I’ve read each book 4 times now, I’m headed to Seattle with a friend for the Breaking Dawn show (and Forks afterward), and I think I can hold my own. :-) If everyone will have me! 😉

  100. Sammy

    Holy crap, yes!! I would abso-totally visit the chat page, like, every waking second!!! lol =D

  101. Mary-Shannon

    I found it! Just got it in the mail!!!! Way to go Kaleb!!!!

  102. Lara

    and what about us secluded people in australia aye?
    where’s OUR ET magazine..?

    id soo join ur chat thingy..

  103. Lara

    i mean EW magazine…
    im a bit spaz..

  104. Alli

    I want that magazine!!! I have to read it. And I would DEFINITELY participate in that chat!!! I’m excited if you can’t tell.

  105. Sarah*C

    SWEET!!! I get Entertainment Weekly too!!! I will def be keeping an eye out for your article!! :)

    and I think a chat would be an awesome idea!

  106. Savannah

    Awesome! I get my issue in the mail tomorrow! Can’t wait to read it. I think a chat room would be awesome!!

  107. Catherine

    Maybe if you put a chat page in, I’d actually get to talk to you every-so-often. 😛 Hmph.

  108. Lauren

    Kaleb, you are in the 8/1 issue, with the Dark Knight cover. I just got it.

  109. Chelsea

    Congrats! I think it would be awesome to have a chat page. I look foward to seeing your interview.

  110. Hazey

    @ 92, Victoria. Thanks so much, I’ll look out for it! :)

    Sorry for the nearly off-topicness 😉 Can’t wait to read the interview!

  111. Becca

    yay Kaleb!!! Congratulations!!!!

    I gotta go read that copy now =]

  112. vivs

    Congrats!!!!! thats so cool! cant wait to get the EW magazine so I can read all about it! and i would most DEFINITLY go on the chat. wahoo! go kaleb! u rock!

  113. Stephanie

    Yay! Just another reason to visit the bookstore.
    Besides, today, Borders is releasing the Twilight calender!!

  114. Amanda123

    I vote for chat. Again.

  115. Heather

    I was coming here to comment on the fact that I squealed when I saw you in my issue of Entertainment Weekly and, lo and behold, you have a post about it! It was quite a shock and I love that the male Twilight fanbase is represented. Thanks for defending Edward Cullen to a lot of the hate mail about how Edward is controlling and abusive =)

  116. Dottikance

    A chat page would be awesome

  117. Lisha

    I just found your site today, but I am curious if you read Midnight Sun, I didn’t find it on your list, and what you thought of it so far.

  118. amelia

    i waited patiently all morning for the mail and lo and behold my new EW is here and there you are page 5!! A lovely little 2 page spread on the Twilight issue.(In case anyone is still checking the Watchmen issue, the interview is in the Aug 1 Knight Fever issue)

  119. Chrystina

    A chat room! This would take discussions to a whole new level. If we are just chatting with you, that is cool, but I think an open forum would be “interesting” to say the least. KALEB – I bet you $20 and a stick I found that you will have to shut down an open chat room within the first 30 days of going live due to arguments.

  120. Judee

    Congrats Kaleb!! I also received my new EW with YOU on page 5. This is great, you done good! You should get lots of new fans from this. Thanks for entertaining us …. I’m looking forward to reading your books!

  121. Jessie

    I will definately check that out ASAP!!! And the chat option sounds like an AMAZING idea.

  122. Christa

    I’m going to head out and get myself a copy right now. :) I actually purchased a subscription to EW just recently, but it’ll probably take a few weeks before I start getting issues in the mail.

    I’ve been following your blog since the beginning, although I haven’t commented until now. I was actually slicing a nectarine a couple minutes ago when it hit me just how successful your book will be once it’s published. You’ve probably heard this all before, but considering your amazing success as the “Twilight Guy”, you’ve already developed a huge fanbase for your books just because we Twilighters take care of each other. I know I’ll definitely be in line for your book once it hits the shelves. :)

  123. Hayli

    aw congrats, Kaleb! can’t wait to read it :)

  124. Flute_Cullen

    Yes!!!! Put that chat! It would be great!!!!

    ps: Congratulation for the interview… I’ll check it on the internet because I’m italian and it would be impossible to find that magazine XD

  125. mehek

    yeah a chat room would be awsome!

  126. Brittney H

    Way to go with the EW interview! I’m glad you put that note about which issue it is, because I was about to run to Barnes & Noble and get the issue I had seen last night. You should definitely do a chat! We love talking to you : )

  127. Carol

    great…I bought the wrong one (july 25) . That’s what I get for not checking here BEFORE I leave the house.

  128. Melinda

    Oh Wow! An interview in Entertainment Weekly?! That’s big stuff. And pretty exciting! I will have to check that out.

    I think the chat room is a great idea! I know soo many people would use it. And how exciting to be able to chat with you! Time to pick at Kaleb’s brain!! haha.

  129. Saana

    A chat room would be awesome!PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE put it up!
    <3 always!

  130. Britt.

    Congrats on the interview in EW! I’ll be looking for it. 😀

    And I like the idea of a chat-type thing here. It would be pretty awesome. :]

  131. Ms. Paranoia

    How very awesome! I’d love to read that issue when I have the time to look for it xD

    And a chat box would be very cool Kaleb, I’d chat in there as much as I could, I promise!

  132. Robin

    I agree with everyone else- a chat box would rock!

  133. Cali

    Congratulations on the interviw, and yes, please, make a chat box!

  134. Lari

    A chat thingy would be cool! Please!

  135. Jessica

    I got my issue of EW and I seen you in it. Congratulations on getting in. Hope your enjoying the Twilight series as much as us GIRLS are. Have a good one. ~ Jess

  136. Maggie

    This is huge news! You didn’t disappoint. Haha. Congrats on getting interview by EW that is awesome!

    A chat room would be great to have on this site. But I’d afraid of you running into spoilers from the other books when a bunch of rabid fans gather. :-/

  137. Stephanie R.

    OH MY GOSH Congragulations Kaleb! That is the coolest. I’m so going to buy the issue.

    and i think the chat thing is a cool idea. :)

    Congrats AGAIN! 😀

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  139. Ryan

    There was already an edition with The Dark Knight on the cover… it was before the big Twilight cover one. Is there going to be another i guess?

  140. Ley Ley

    Whoa! Awesome man! Totally proud of you =D
    I might actually buy this copy of the magazine.

  141. Alli

    I congratulated you once already, but I’d like to do so again just because it’s so awesome! Also, I have an announcement: Calling all Twilight fans from Memphis, TN and the surrounding area!!! You’ll never guess who will be at the Breaking Dawn release party at the Barnes & Noble by the mall (if you’re really from there you’ll know where “the mall” is): Seth Meyer! Stephenie’s webmaster brother! I’m going off secondhand info from store worker, to my friend, to me, so if it’s wrong, I’m sorry, but I think it’s right and I’m so excited!!

  142. Devika!

    Woo! Congrats, Kaleb!

  143. Kassi

    Agreeing with Anonymous up near the top. Duh. 8D. Do it, Kaleb!

  144. Rose

    go, kaleb! congrats on the interview! and definitely do the chat, that would be so cool!!!!!!!!

  145. Katrina

    Congratulations Kaleb! This is very exciting, you are becoming more famous everday, you will have to make a blog about how your life is once you are completely famous =]

    I will most definitely try the chatroom, I never have before, but for a chance to talk with you, I will =]

    With Respect and Admiration,

  146. Carol

    So, as my previous comment stated..I bought the wrong magazine this morning BUT I HAD to go the right one..and you did *amazing*. I HAD to go get it so I went to Best Buy (since they don’t keep things up to date at Borders therefore me buying the wrong mag.) and I probably had people staring at me when i found page 5 and squealed. :)

    P.S. I loved the answer for “What have you learned from reading Twilight?”

  147. Sarah

    Yay I get EW magazine in the mail! Guess I better go get the mail then…

  148. Mara-Kate

    having trouble here…EW is available in canada right? maybe not… as for your question though i would definitely use the chat option :)!!!

  149. Wren

    YES! I’ll use the chat, when I can, if everyone’s polite, if it’s an interesting topic, if you’re there, all that and I’ll stay for hours!

  150. Audree

    Haha! I am excited that the new EW has The Dark Knight on the cover!

    And also that you have an interview for me to read. How exciting for you and us alike! Congrats, friend.

  151. JC

    that is AWESOME!!!!!!! i bet you’re excited!!!!

    can you post chapter 5 of new moon SOON? and when do we find out about who won the CD??????

    also, as an author/writing-type-person, what is your opinion on multiple ! and ?s after sentences to demonstrate how excited/curious you are???

  152. Caitlin

    That’s pretty rad.
    I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail!

    Having a chat page is a wonderful idea. Dooo it.

  153. Samantha

    I’m definately buying a copy!

    The chat thing would be awesome, though.

  154. Stephanie K.

    Congrats Kaleb! I’m certainly going to go out and look for it. :) Of course, it’s going to have to wait until I can talk again, but I can’t wait to read it! I’m sure you did a great job. :)

  155. Mary

    I don’t think you would have any problem with people not visiting the chat room.

  156. Rachel

    I just got the Entertainment magazine last night and I saw you within the first few pages! If people don’t know which Entertainment edition your in, it is the magazine with only Christian Bale in full Batman gear on the cover.

    Your comments are witty and make me smile. Continue reading “Twilight” for… ‘research’. *winkwink*

    And if you need a scan of the article, e-mail me and I’ll scan it online for you.

    Ja Ne

  157. Kimmie

    yeah definatly do the chat

  158. Misty

    I saw your article in the Aug. 1 issue of EW. It’s on Page 5. I love your photo on it. That’s how most of my male students look when they’re reading the book.

  159. Lauren

    hmm.. would i enter the chat… umm DUH!! lol i haven’t seen the issue yet but I’ll try to get my hands on it.

  160. JanetH

    I picked up a copy of the EW Aug 1 edition today. My husband thought I was buying it for the Dark Knight article on the cover.
    NO! Silly man!
    I’m buying it for the Kaleb Nation “Twilight Guy” interview!
    THIS has GOT to be one of the TOP BEST THINGs to happen for you! WOW! How fantastic! Way to Go, Kaleb!

  161. Aubrey

    I’m actually holding my copy of EW right now and you’re definetly in there Kaleb. In the Feedback section right between the Twilight cover and The Racial Divide. But the cover of the magazine says August 1, 2008. Whatever, congrats on getting notice for being such a fabulous Twilight fan!!!

  162. Aubrey

    Oh, by the way, as far as the Chat question goes, that’s a definte yes.

  163. Elise

    a chat page would be cool:)

  164. Brittany K.

    i’d check the chat place…

  165. Kayla

    yes to the chatting! :)

  166. alibeans

    i just read your interview!!! it was fantastic!! i bought the magazine just to read your interview =]

  167. Fuji

    GO Guys reading twilight :) my girl got me interested and im on page 8 but i also read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 and am looking forward to the oncoming movie!!! oh and ya i am doing this for…. research… ya XP GO GOD, GO JESUS!!!!!!

  168. Jessica

    I subscribe to EW and here’s the conversation I had with my Dad after he read your article before me

    Dad-“There’s this really cool guy who read Twilight that has an interview in here.”

    Me-“Do you mean Kaleb Nation?”

    Dad-“Yeah, apparently he has some website or something…i think i’m gonna check it out”

    Me-“What?!” I’m angry because I told him about this website FOREVER ago but her refused to check it out.

    Dad-“What’s wrong?”

    Me-“Nothing” (I was over my minor freak out)

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