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Breaking Dawn Spoiler from Stephenie Meyer

July 29th, 2008 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

I know you have all probably read it already, or are still covering your ears because you don’t want to hear anything spoilerish, but Stephenie just released a Big Breaking Dawn Spoiler to Entertainment Weekly. You can read all about it over here.

I want to know what you think of this. As we all know, it is best to look at this spoiler with suspicious eyes: after all, it was also revealed that the Grand Event happens at the beginning of the book, and that obviously means that there are a whole lot of pages ahead for things to happen.

Because of the tight comment moderation I have on the site for anti-BD-spoilers from renegade book-pirates, some of your theories as to what this means might be held, but I will approve them quickly except during the hours I am asleep 😀 . Are you happy that this is the way it will turn out? Or do you suspect that something dire will come of this, or that there is a deeper, more hidden meaning?

Don’t worry about spoiling me with your theories because I’ll hear them anyway soon, and also no one knows what’s in Breaking Dawn yet, so I don’t know which is right or wrong, same as everyone else.

NOTE: Apologies for a short post, I’m insanely busy on my novel revisions before my deadline. But, I’ve been trying Twitter for the first time…

Also, so you know, I have decided to start the chat. I will have more info on this soon, but I will probably launch it on August 3 or 4, as I’m sure no one would be there on August 2 anyway due to More Important Matters at hand 😀

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151 Responses

  1. Rae

    Hmm, not really a spoiler in my book. Kinda figured it was going to happen. Although knowing it happens earlier in the book does make me excited. YAY it isn’t the big ending! 😀

  2. becky sue

    — “More important matters at hand.” Wow. For some reason that (complete) understatement at the very end made me laugh a lot. And for the record, I am extremely happy with the spoiler. >.<

  3. FeatherWriter

    More important matters indeed. I can’t wait for the 2nd! Oh, and I am verrrrryyyyy happy about the spoiler, but it never really occured to me that it might not happen. Eh.

  4. becky sue

    Ohh, wow. I just noticed that in the pic of Stephenie Meyer….. umm, theres an edit… lol. Quite random…..

  5. Hayli

    i kinda saw it coming, but i agree that there are MANY pages for more to happen.

  6. becky sue

    Kinda creepy too…. *shudders* lol. Just joking, Kaleb.

  7. Anonymous

    So the wedding is at the beginning. I’m kind of scared about the rest of the book. It’s so close… Yet so far.

  8. Olivia

    I think I just gut-bust laughing seeing that picture.

    I’m kind of nervous about the wedding being so early. It means more time for things to screw up at the middle and end.

  9. Carolyn

    I don’t get how it’s a spoiler after the first chapter being released in the new version of eclipse. I knew it would happen, especially after the events of Eclipse.

  10. Dayna

    I think SOMETHING dire has to happen, or else it just wouldn’t be a stephenie meyer book. nothing goes completely right from beginning to end, and that’s that. I don’t know exactly what will happen, but if you’ve been reading her quote of the day on her website, I think it might have something to do with a conflict between vampires and the werewolves (go figure, eh?).

  11. Brianna

    HEY KALEB your not done with New Moon or Eclipse!!!! Your not supposed to know that they are getting married! How do you explain yourself? =] You have to keep reading, then find out spoilers for the 4th book!!! =]

    I CANNOT WAIT…4 days until BD!!!!!

  12. Natasha

    I think the wedding will go as planned. I’m looking forward to enjoying it, too.

  13. Melonie

    It doesn’t seem at all like a spoiler to me. I was actually dissapointed. That was like saying, “In the fourth book there will be vampires and werewolves.” Um, we already knew that!!! So yeah, the “spoiler” dissapointed me.

  14. d4nce

    It was hardly a spoiler guys 😛
    Please, we all knew they were going to get married…

  15. Heather S.

    I figured it would happen. I knew it the moment after New Moon, and all through eclipse. There was no way it wouldn’t.

    But adventures are sure to ensue! I CANNOT wait!!!

  16. Bri

    It wasn’t really a shocker to me that they get married. We all knew it was going to happen sometime or other. Can’t wait for BD!!!

    By the way funny picture Kaleb.

  17. twidork3

    yeah. wasnt really surprised about it, but totally happy about it anyway.

    and i hope nothing dire will come of it.

    love the picture. :)

  18. emiline

    yes, I agree–not really a spoiler, since everyone expects it. my sisters (4 of the 6 girls in my family have now read the books!) are still confident that Jake will show up and stop the wedding, but I just don’t see that happening….Kaleb, you are supposed to be thinking that Edward has left and is never coming back–aren’t you a little disappointed by knowing this much info beforehand? p.s. loved your SM stalker pic–too funny!

  19. Christine

    I really love the spoiler, but the quotes from the past couple of days really have me worried. Something bads gonna happen. Panic time. *starts to panic*

  20. Lara

    It wasnt really much of a spoiler coz we knew it was happening and when…
    so meh.
    good to get something new to read though =D

  21. gina

    eggg im so annoyed….breaking dawn is coming out on august the 4th here in australia…and the spoiler was sorta disapointing…not that i was really surprised that the spoiler wouldnt have any good info…… btw kaleb: do u realize that there’s some random weird guy behind stephenie meyer in that picture???

  22. krisdee

    Wow, people are really disappointed. I think that wedding will go smooth. Or at least I hope (fingers crossed.) I agree with comment 19; I really think that based on the BD Quotes ( MOSTLY TODAYS!!! * bites nails*) there will be some big drama after the wedding. Plus I think that SM loves Bella and Edward too much to let Jacob hurt their moment… and himself. Although… What lengths do you think Jacob would go to, to give himself and Bella one more chance??? I’m team switzerland so… I feel for Jacob. :@

  23. Nicole

    here’s the thing, harry potter has got me very analytical of the word choice in these interviews. while stephenie says she wrote a wedding scene, it doesn’t mean they actually get married. she chose her words carefully. just like when jo said she wrote a harry death scene, but he didn’t really die. or maybe i’m reading too much into it and the wedding goes off without a hitch.

  24. Breaking Dawn Spoiler from Stephenie Meyer | Twilight News

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  25. Elizabeth

    whoa late posts
    who whould have thunk it
    people up at this late hour

    wait im up to how ironic
    but by the way i love you site and check it like everyday keep the posts coming

  26. Britt.

    I was pretty happy with the info Stephenie released. I can sleep a little easier now, haha.

    More Important Matters indeed. I’ll probably be up till about 4 am Saturday morning reading it. And then I’ll sleep for a few hours, wake up, and read it again.

    Oh, and that picture makes you look like a creeper. Like ivy. Or kudzu. Bwahaha. =P

  27. Athena of Forks

    I am so glad that was cleared up, even though I always knew the wedding would really happen. There really are A LOT of pages to fill up afterwards, though… Now I’m more excited than ever for Breaking Dawn to come out! I am so glad that it’s only a few days away! SQUEE!!!

  28. Tiera


  29. Giada

    Not that much of a spoiler… I had a little worry that someone might come and interrupt the ceremony, but overall I think Bella will get what she want (you’know, except for being turned into a vampire) in this book, and I guess think SM wouldn’t let them be togheter unless they weren’t married

    for Nicole
    I too getted a little of a fixiation because of Harry Potter about looking for hints and hidden clues in books but then I realized SM is not like JKR for that… one for all, after reading Twilight I thought all of those Bella’s strange characteristics meant she had some vampire blood in her – then it turns out SM’s vampires have no blood at all 😀

  30. Suzane

    Yea!!!!! Now I won’t be so on edge until Saturday! By the way, I LOVE what you do with your pictures, Kaleb. Very creative!

  31. Stephanie

    Bella’s stubborn and Edward was the one who wanted to get married in the first place…It’s kind of predictable when you put it that way. But I think the real question is: Does Bella turn into a vampire or not?

  32. Victoria

    I just laughed until my ears bled seeing that picture of Stephenie and Kaleb. Just when I thought you couldn’t outdo yourself anymore, Kaleb !

    Well, I’m not surprised. As said before, I don’t really see it as a spoiler. How could Stephenie not choose that path to unwind ? But I do think it’ll be a very Bill-and-Fleur-esque Deathly Hallows wedding. The ceremony will be fine, the reception will be crashed by persons unknown…

  33. hazel

    hahahha. funny picture.
    and hell yeah i love the spoiler 😀
    Team Edward Forever :)

  34. HeyJoyous

    I was also disappointed with the spoiler. I just assumed that they would, in fact, get married and that drama would come later. I sorta figured the drama would have more to do with her being changed. . . or not. :-)

  35. Heather w

    the spoiler wasnt amazing, but at least the doubt in my mind that something went wrong……only at the wedding of course…..is better

    *love the creepy stalker pic Kaleb!

  36. Katie Beth

    I’m with Heather, on both counts. 😀

    I have theories upon theories upon theories about Breaking Dawn… but (AAAHHHHH!!!) I’m not going to voice them here. *fidgets mightily*

  37. Genevieve

    The spoiler is that there is, in fact, a wedding. She didn’t say “marriage.” And since Breaking Dawn will be like the other three, well, there are just too many classic novels to base the story on where the wedding in interrupted. Jane Eyre, Lorna Doone, etc etc. And since Stephenie hasn’t told us what the other book in addition to A Midsummer Night’s Dream is, I’m going to wait before jumping up and down

  38. Sandra

    That wasn’t much of a surprise to me.
    It just makes me wonder how many more things can happen from that point on..

    My guess.. somebody’s love is gonna be put to the test.
    who’s? *shrug*

  39. booyeah!!!!!!! [oh, um erika]

    yay!!!!! in ur face team jacob!!!!!!!
    team edward shall prevail!!!!!!!
    i told all the team js i could talk to that they better not get thier feelins hurt when they realized that BELLA WILL ALWAYS LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps- i hope that bratty teenage werewolf dosent crash the wedding!….

  40. Catherine

    Oh. Darn. 😛

  41. Sal

    I knew that they were going to get married; you could tell from the sneak peak at chapter one that was released. She was wearing the ring, she accepted the new car, the list goes on.

    I also came to the conclusion that Jacob Black is officially out of the picture, based on the last couple lines of the Eclipse epilogue. In it, Jacob contemplates leaving his human side away forever and staying a wolf for a while, like Taka Ahi in the story of the Third Wife. The last line of Eclipse reads (something along these lines) And I pushed forward, leaving Jacob Black behind me.

    My guess is that Jacob is either permanetly gone from the series, or he comes back. He got an invitation from Edward himself, so he may go to the wedding and bid Bella a final farewell. He may also come back to try and kill Edward for breaking the treaty, even if the Cullens flee Forks.

    Any thoughts? :]

  42. Alice Cullen

    the wedding was gonna happen. i was kind of disappointed that she didn’t tell us something new.. but then again, she said that it was the only thing that she was comfortable with us knowing beforehand. Probably cuz we already kno that much…
    omg. what if the Volturi crash the wedding??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  43. Sal

    I don’t think the Volturi will crash the wedding. My vote is that they’re a big problem for later on in the book.

  44. Caitlin

    I totally agree with everything that’s being said. It’s like I told my mom, ultimately I think (well, now I *know*) they’re going to have the wedding, but I don’t think it will go off without a hitch. However, after reading after what Stephenie said in that spoiler article, I’m leaning towards what Victoria (#31) said; the wedding will go fine, but the reception will be crashed.

    I am very comforted to know that the wedding takes place in the beginning of the book, though. I was *realllllllly* worried for a while it was (or Bella being bitten) was going to be on the last page. I think I would have died if that happened. Also, I think that Sam quote from a few days ago (“This is not something our treaty anticipated. This is a danger to every human in the area”) probably refers to Bella being turned into a vampire willingly. *fingers crossed*!

    Can’t wait to finally hear details from the wedding of the century! (<haha)

  45. Court

    I think that Jacob will come to the wedding…atleast I hope he does…I am team edward all the way, but I think there should be some type of closure for Jacob and Bella. If he doesn’t come back I think I’ll be a little sad.

    I agree with Sal, I think the Volturi are going to be a problem later…

    I can’t wait to find out!

  46. Caitlin

    I wonder why so far, we have quotes from every Cullen besides Carlisle and Esme….

    and no Jacob quotes…..interesting.

    or maybe she’s saving his for last because she know’s we’ll all be salivating by then. lol.


  47. Katie

    I agree with Stephanie (comment #30)- Although I’m glad that Edward and Bella get married, I think the rest of the book will focus on the Volturi and whether Bella will become a vampire.

  48. Corinne!

    This makes me insanely happy. I read it yesterday and I got really excited. I mean, as my friend said, ‘Why would anyone like Jacob more than Edward anyways?’ :]

    oh, and don’t think I didnt see you lurking behind Stephenie…


  49. Elspeth

    Needless to say I squealed (much to my husband’s ear’s displeasure). But am very excited that the wedding is at the beginning because that leaves so much ambiguity to what can happen next.
    awesome picture… i bet the queen is flattered by your sneaky peeky spying :)

  50. JanetH

    No comment about the spoiler from Stephenie. Some will like that sort of thing, others will want to wait for the whole book anyhow.
    But, I must comment about the photo with your blog. Um. I was thinking, “that is odd. shouldn’t there be a pic of Kaleb?” Then I spotted you, peeking over Stephenie’s shoulder. EXCELLENT spy work there!

  51. Kathryn

    First of all, let me say that I didn’t even notice you in the picture at first, but when I did I was like “whoa, that’s a little creepy.” But it’s okay, becuase you’re kaleb and therefore very cool in my opinion (despite any stalkerish pictures). :]
    Then, about the spoiler; I think that it makes sense that the wedding takes place in the beginning because them being that much closer to her being changed can bring up a lot more issues and unrest.Like some other people who commented, I think the way Stephenie was so excited about the wedding in the interview means that the ceremony itself will go off without a hitch, but things are bound to get complicated from there on out (possibly at the reception). Afterall, this is Edward and Bella, when are things ever simple? :]

  52. Daniela - Brasilian twi fan

    Well, when she said that she would share an spoiler I was prepared for something obvious, like “Jacob is coming back” or something like that, but I’m glad she confirmed the wedding… I was pretty convinced that it would happen, but after so many months reading people fears I was starting to have doubts too… ‘Cause we all know something bad must happen…
    OME is just a matter of hours now…
    I have that desease that Seth talked about for sure…
    Beijos do Brasil
    Great picture…

  53. Aly

    ok.. i feel really dumb but i was excited for the spolier but i was like…. “umm… i thought that was already discided…” So it wasn’t really a shocker. i mean i know that there was some chance and ppl talking about Jacob crashing it and stuff but i knew that Bella was going to go through with it even if Alice had to march her down the alie herself.
    I think its going to be like Eclipse with the graduation. We’re going to be going insane waiting for it to come and then, barley a fourth or so into the book it will be here! but hopefully not as dull… :)
    IDk what will happen in the Chapters after… i mean i have SOME idea but nothing i feel comfortable sharing.
    3 days! :)

  54. Court

    i think that everybody saw it coming. i mean come on.
    but it is VERY nice to hear that it will be happening in the beginning of the book.
    we’re all pretty pathetic that we cant wait 3 days without losing it.

    so are you going to buy breaking dawn saturday? or are you going to wait til you actually finish new moon and eclipse? lol

    thanks for the post and good luck with your book. i know im going to read it when it comes out!! :]]]

  55. Katie ~

    I’m guessing that more is yet to come – the book is 700 pages long, so I’m sure there will be many twists and turns. I already figured they would get married, and I think it is good that they did, because now all of the hype about the wedding ring and Alica getting excited about planning it is not for nothing. It will happen, but the real question is, will it survive the rest of the book?

  56. Court

    love the picture. :]]

  57. Katie ~

    #46 – wow I didn’t realize that. You’re right; Jacob has been silent when it comes to the quotes on Stephenie’s page. I wonder what that could possibly mean. He better be in the book. He adds a lot to the story.

    team switzerland all the way.

  58. Lulu

    The so-called “spoiler” was definitely more of a confirmation for most people. At least to me, confirming what I already knew was coming. An exciting confirmation though!
    I really think that the rest of the book is going to be awesome, with Bella adjusting to vamp-life and what not. I think she will be some sort of an outrageously cool vampire with a natural defense against other vampire’s powers. I think there will be fighting sequences between the Cullens banded together with the werewolves against the Volturi. YAY so STOKED!!! :)

  59. Syd

    That’s a spoiler?
    No offense to SM but that’s pathetic. Hahaha.
    That would be like JK rowling saying “Oh yeah in the next book Harry uses magic.”
    We all TOTALLY knew this was coming, it would’ve been more of a spoiler if she said it DIDN’T happen.
    But still…exciting.

  60. Deja

    Yes! I’m so excited I mean she confirmed the wedding which I have been stressing about for so long now. Just because even if Bella is a butt-head and doesn’t want the wedding,Edward has been waiting for the love of his life,a wedding for a long time now…As for my theories.. I have many but the quotes have kind of trumped some of them while alighting new ones so.. yeah I’m am extremely stressed and excited and it’s the worst and greatest feeling ever.
    My initial theories were the wedding gets interrupted. Volturi step in somewhere. The Denali clan-confirmed- um..there was going to be some kidn of war.And hoping for Bella as a vampire.. :)

  61. Minh Thu

    It was clear from the beginning that they’ll marry. She wrote twilight because she had a dream about Edward and Bella and not Jacob and Bella^^

    I’m looking forward to the chat. But I wont be there until the 7th or so because BD doesn’t come out here in Germany until the 4th…

  62. Natalie

    Boy, I’m surprised Edward had talked Belle into driving a new car..
    The part of the book I’m REALLY excited, or at least hoping about, is with Jacob. :\

  63. katie_lynn

    it wasn’t really shocking to me…i kinda figured those two crazy kids would tie the knot at some point in the book. i’m excited that it is at the beginning though that leaves room for adventure and maybe bella getting her wish after all

  64. Shelby

    I like someone’s theory above, the one about how maybe Stephenie is pulling a JK Rowling when she talks about the wedding. I thought of that too! She never really said that they actually tie the knot! The only thing is that she’s a girlie girl when it comes to weddings and she was excited about it. So that might mean they do truly get married. But with the wedding starting off the story, in a way, I think something will happen to damper plans, don’t you think? Can people above start hating Jacob please? He’s out of the story so stop freaking out! UGH! Oh wait, Bella still cares about him, is that what bothers you? The fact that she wants to know how he is? Not trying to be rude but Bella and Edward are getting married. Why does Jacob piss you off so much?

  65. Niki

    bella can have edward, ill take jacob.

    everyone wins :]

  66. Jen

    I am very happy with the spoiler. I wanted the wedding to be early on, so that there was plenty of time left for the drama that I believe is gonna happen, which I think all takes place after Bella is turned. So good news all around for me!!!!

  67. Sam

    I think that hardly counts as a spoiler. We all knew that it would happen sooner or later in the book (even if you hoped not). But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be turned early in the book. For all we know, Jacob could kidnap her and hold her hostage (not very probable, though). But Stephenie always has cards up her sleeve. I think that she will surprise all of us! She is a pretty amazing author, and i think she will make both Team Edward and Team Jacob happy. I myself am Team Switzerland. I hope she will make a book for the werewolves describing Jacob’s imprinting. After all, Jacob deserves somebody incredible!

  68. Carla

    Yeah, I already was pretty sure they were getting married, but it’s nice having a confirmation.

    I definitely think Jacob is out of the picture. If Bella starts having doubts again I’LL punch a HUMAN on the face. She already made her choice. And she better stick with it.

    I think she, Jacob, and Edward will all be friends (sort of… at least not fighting each other) and they will fight, together (werewolves and vampires) the Volturi.

    I’m still not sure she’ll be turned. It would be nice, but I think Stephenie likes humanity a bit too much to do that to her heroine. Hmmm… I don’t know. We’ll see.

  69. Carla

    I just had an epiphany. I know this is not a discussion forum, but they’re all closed darn it!

    Anyways, I was thinking about what I said on my previous comment, about Bella maybe not being turned.

    Sooo… Stephenie said we’ll know what is Alec’s power in Breaking, Dawn. She also said it’s stronger than Jane’s power. It can’t be the power of killing a vampire with only a thought, because we know that’s not the way you kill a vamp. So, it could be a power that would make the vampire EASIER to kill. As in “des-vamp” him. Making a vampire human, so that they can kill him. Just like in ‘Hercules’.

    That way, Edward somehow would become human, have babies with Bella, and she wouldn’t need to give up her life.

    I know it’s a long shot, but I think it’s definitely possible. I see it happen.

    Just a theory, don’t shoot me!

  70. Icy Topaz

    That wasn’t a spoiler! I already knew that. I figure most of BD is Bella coping with being a young vampire, dealing with the Volturi, Jacob, and the werewolves. Not to mention human beings… It’s going to be so fun!

  71. mehek

    i feel really bad for jacob though! i always root for the underdog…

  72. Samantha

    Although I knew it was going to happen, the wedding is just much too final for me. I still was hoping Jacob would crash the wedding.
    However, that would be so cliche and Stephenie Meyer is everything BUT cliche. In any case, hooray for the happy couple. It’s about time!
    What does excite me is that the wedding happens so early in the book. More Jacob-goodness awaits…muahaha.
    In case anyone questions my loyalty to Edward/Jacob: I am Team Edward, but support Jacob because who doesn’t love an underdog?! No pun intended.
    To be honest, I’m just ready for some intense fight scenes with the Volturi…or drama between Tanya and Bella.

  73. Courtney

    wooh, Kaleb, you scared me.. I thought it was going to be a huge spoiler. I was debating internally on whether I wanted to read the article, thinking it would ruin my experience with Breaking Dawn. Nope. This will enhance it! The two spoilers were things I definitely expected.

  74. Kelly

    I also agree that it was more of a confirmation than a spoiler, one that I was happy to see.

    To Geneveive (comment #37)- the second unnamed book is one of my biggest anticipations. My mantra has been “not Romeo and Juliet, not Romeo and Juliet”! I don’t think my poor heart could take it!

    To Carla (comment #69) – smart girl! As much as I would love to see Bella and Edward for eternity, I think SM places the value of one’s soul right along with Edward. I’m as on edge as anyone as to how she’ll resolve the “impasse”. Your theory would be at least one possibility that could end with the happily ever after ending I’m looking forward to!

  75. Kathryn

    Sorry, but I just read Carla’s comment (comment 69), and no I don’t intend on shooting you, but I just find it a little far fetched because if that was his power I’m sure Edward would’ve already gone to him considering he would put himself through any pain to save Bella. That’s assuming that he know’s what Alec’s power is of course, but it just seems to easy of a way out to me. Haha, but I totally get where you’re coming from, for a while I was trying to find anything that alluded to a way to “de-vamp.”

  76. Allie

    Is anyone else going to cry when they get married or will that just be me? And, as much as i was confident they would get married, it’s really nice to have confirmation.

    And while i do want Jacob to be happy, I’m still extatic that Bella and Edward are for sure together and he shouldn’t get in the way of their relationship. Sorry, Jake.

  77. Liela

    okay… so i practically threw my computer out the window….. lmaoo

  78. Wren

    “big” spoiler was way expected. This is what else I expect.

    In the rest of the book, there will be fights and tragedy and hope and suspense….and Bella’s power (if she DOES become a vampire) will be that she isn’t bothered by blood and doesn’t try to attack any humans. I don’t know what will happen with those from Alaska or how the werewolf treaty will work out.
    *sobs* None of the quotes are from Jacob. Done on purpose of course. I hope he doesn’t crash the wedding/reception/feast/party….

  79. Jenni

    That is a good point. i always wondered about how Bellas reaction to blood once she is changed

  80. maggi may

    How’d you get your twitter updates to show up on your website? I am having no luck.

  81. Katie ~

    Since everyone is putting their theories out there about BD, I’ll put out what my guy friend, who actually read all the books, thinks is going to happen. He thinks that Jacob and Bella will somehow turn out to be related, and so Bella will have werewolf blood, and that would make for a very weird vampire/werewolf if she were to turn. That would also solve the Jacob-Bella-Edward triangle, because you can’t date a relative. Anyway, that’s what my good ol’ friend Al thinks. Don’t ask me where he thought this one up. Sounds pretty out there to me but we’ll see…

  82. Heather

    I’m glad they are dealing with the wedding upfront in BD, so it’s not drawn-out. I think they will be actually married, but the Volturi/Jacob/something will disrupt the ceremony or reception. I don’t think Bella will be turned by Edward in the way she wants, but will be unexpectedly turned by another vampire attacking her, or as some type of last defense to prevent her from being attacked, or to save her after an accident, etc. I think Sam’s comment about the treaty and threat to humans might be alluding to Bella’s being a new vampire, and thus fairly uncontrollable. Maybe she’s still in the area (or returns) because she’s worried about Charlie for some reason–can’t think of why else she would be in the area as a new vampire. I definitely think the Volturi have some tricks up their sleeve, and I’m worried about the BD preface–Bella being threatened by someone she loves… maybe Alex’s power will somehow wipeout Edward’s memories of Bella and he turns on her? I know, heresy :) Or maybe Jacob is threatening her after she becomes a vampire? I’m anxious to see what Bella brings to being a vampire, what with her extremely “private mind” and all.

  83. Stephanie K.

    Although it wasn’t much of a spoiler, I’m a bit embarrassed by my reaction. I kept it in, but once my best friend gets to my house, I’m going to tackle her and FORCE her to read it! And despite the recent surgery, I WILL be screaming like a mad woman. I will admit that I fell out of my chair when I saw a commercial for The Host, and according to multiple people, they never saw such a commercial and I’m just going insane. I literally jumped on my butt in my chair, the chair tilted, and down I went. My nephew had quite the laugh at that!

    My theory for Breaking Dawn? I’ve tried to avoid that! I try not to think about there being only being a few days before the release date. I’m flipping out already. My theory, though, is that the Volturi certainly is NOT going to give up on making Edward, Alice, and Bella a part of them. I’m sure they’re going to come into play in BD.

    By the way, Kaleb, I didn’t see you in the background of the picture until I was about to minimize the thing, so it scared the living crap out of me! Jeez, you don’t do that type of thing to someone that’s hyped up over Twilight! lol :)

  84. Char

    I dunno..I wouldn’t give up on Jacob just yet. It’s an 800 page book. Anything can happen. All I can say with certinty is that its going to be good.

  85. Rie

    The “spoiler” was kind of a let down for me. I was more hoping that it would be something INSANE. Something everyone didn’t already know. Like how Edward leaves Bella at the alter for me…. Just saying.

  86. KMA#1

    I think it was a great spoiler, because in my opinion it wasn’t a surprise at all, and doesn’t ruin the story. For those of you that still think Jacob has a chance, I kind of think y’all need to let it go. :) The whole point of Eclipse was that she has made a decision. Also, don’t you think it would be really annoying to have another entire book dedicated to that same love triangle? As for BD, I really, really don’t think that there will be a wedding, but no marriage. I also don’t think that the Volturi are going to crash the wedding, because I think that Stephenie wants them to have this perfect moment, because they don’t get many of those. I also definitely don’t think that Jacob will crash the wedding. While he is upset over the whole thing, he’s not that rude or stupid.

    OK, I’m done. :)

  87. Mara-Kate

    it was an alright spoiler, it was pretty much the same as her saying “bella and edward will end up together!” which we’ve known since twilight… but what caught my eye was how early it is which means that theres some other mythical creature on the way who wants off with bella’s head! im thinking unicorns 😀

  88. maria

    im not happy its in the beginning, because it probably means things are going to get screwed up. ughhhh

  89. maria

    and if they dont end up togetehr im seriously going to DIE

  90. Melissa

    Just because there will be a wedding does not mean that it will end in a marriage. I think this “spoiler” was too obvious and there is probably far more to it. Especially since it happens early in the book.

  91. Becky

    I’ve been looking foward to the wedding since Twilight!
    I just really REALLY hope that one of the twists later in the book isn’t them breaking up or something similar (Stephenie wouldn’t be that cruel, would she?)

    But the fact that it happens early in the book makes me nervous- too many pages left for something to go wrong!

    Also it specifically says “wedding” NOT “marraige”, I suspect that isn’t a coincidence. My theory is that a certain group of foreign vampires (the fans know who I’m talking about) will arrive and cause some trouble…

  92. Samie

    i was all worried about the spoiler SM was talking about. at first i wasnt gonna look at it. then i decided to go look, cuz lots of ppl said that we knew it was gonna happen anyways. so im like ok. lol and the wedding we know was gonna happen anyways by reading the first chapter of BD so. yeah but u all are dissapointed with the spoiler SM gave, im not tho. im glad she said only that. she had said many times that she wants us to experiance BD and live it just like bella does. and we are, cuz we know just as much in her life as she does now. if u all know what i mean. lol she knows she is gonna get married and so do we.

    oh and kaleb u hidding behind SM in the pic is awsome! i didnt see it till i looked at it after reading the post! lol it made my day!

  93. Mary

    4 DAYS!!!! ONLY 4 DAYS!!!! And yeah, I think the only reason she told us was because it wasn’t much of a spoiler.

    Kaleb, that picture is hilarious.

  94. Monica

    I totally called what the “spoiler” was going to be…but it’s good to know that Bella doesn’t end up like everyone who’s ever tried to get married on TV.

    And Kaleb, I’m upset. You were at Stephenie’s photo shoot and didn’t get her autograph? Tsk, tsk 😉

  95. Alice Cullen

    to #69, Carla,
    SM said that Jane’s power isn’t to kill vampires with her mind, but to create the thought of pain within their mind. So the mind thinks its in pain and tortures itself, but its not actually in pain.
    As for Alec, i don’t think he can do that. Besides, he’s with the “bad guys”. If he’s with the Volturi (who want Bella to be dead or vamp) then why would he turn Edward into a human???

  96. Sarah

    Yeah, I never doubted that it wouldn’t happen. In fact, it never OCCURED to me that it wouldn’t happen.

  97. kay

    Ohhhh nooo no no no. There’s alot of damn pages to fill up. Aw crap. But I’m really excited for this book….seriously.

  98. Kayla

    I know you probably hear it a lot but I love hearing your take on the books. Also, this whole bit about the wedding in the begining of the book has me REALLY nervous. That’s a lot of pages for a lot of things to go wrong… Scary. I don’t like it at all. Hope you don’t mind my incessant babbling.

  99. April

    I thought the same thing as Sarah number 95. I mean come on, we all kinda knew that the wedding was going to be in the book…. right? Well i did, but still i never would have thought that stephenie could be that mean and torturious (is that even a word? idk). We just didn’t know when it would happen. Oh and i didn’t even notice that you were in the picture until i had read some of the comments mentioning it. You know what? Some people try too hard to be funny and it ends up just being a little (just a little) awkward, Ya know? But you aren’t like that kaleb. Thanx for all the great posts. P.S. I probably check your site a little more than necessary…. okay i wasn’t trying to be creepy or anything.

  100. Len

    I had a feeling that SM’s breaking news is about that “grand event”. I’m surprised that she planned it after Twilight but I guess it make sense for it to happen in the fourth book. I can’t wait for BD:)

  101. Sam K.L.

    Okay, first let me say that I, uh, like your pic, Kaleb.

    I didn’t even notice it at first. I was just reading the article, and then my sis pops over my shoulder and is all, “Who’s that creepy guy behind the couch?” Haha you scared me half to death.

    But, my god I think this post may be extremely long. I have so much I’ve been keeping bottled up with all the chat rooms down =) Kaleb, if your reading this, uh, well, some major spoilers =)

    I agree with many people that the ‘wedding’ may not end up in a ‘marriage’. I have a feeling something will happen during the ceremony. I don’t exactly think that Jake will get into it, but I do think that something will happen during the ceremony that will make Jake come back into play.

    I also thought a lot about the quote with Sam. ‘This isn’t something the treaty anticipated’. I have a sneaking suspicion that a werewolf will be bitten by a vampire, for some strange reason. I have a feeling this might happen because, not only would that be an extreme danger to everyone in the area, but also, Stephenie refused to answer the question in a Q&A session, stating that she can’t reveal anything (when the question what would happen if a vampire bit a werewolf was asked). Now, I could easily be jumping to conclusions, but I have a real feeling this is a possibility. Im not sure who the werewolf will be… Not only that, but the treaty wouldn’t even be broken if a werewolf was bitten. Because, technically, werewolves aren’t completely human… Hence the ‘not something our treaty anticipated.’

    Somehow I don’t think that Sam’s quote is talking about bella as a new vamp… Maybe the Volturi, or Bella having some immensly strange power that could be the cause of the danger…

    I think that Stephenie’s spoiler was more of a spoiler than we realized =] And, she said it was the only thing she was comphortable with revealing. For those of you who were dissapointed with the alleged ‘spoiler’ You can’t expect her to reveal some intensly major part of the plot, because that just wouldn’t be like her. But like I said, I’m pretty sure Stephenie wouldn’t have revealed it if it wasn’t *somewhat* significant to the plot (which it is, Im sure).

    Im kind of ranting now. This post has gotten extremely long, and Im starting to run off to different directions following my train of thought. I dont even know if certain parts of this will make sense =P

    Anyways, can’t wait for BD
    <3 Samantha

  102. Kaley

    I thougt the spoiler was going to be something much better. The spoiler does make me happy (i.e. I am a HUGE Edward fan) but I kind of knew it was coming. They had even picked a date. Although it is good to know that the wedding will come early in the book because then I know it wont end with the wedding. That would have been a huge dissapointment because it is just so unoriginal. A lot of books end with a weddingso it is good to know that she is still going to be unique.

  103. Fran

    more of the same from me. Of course im totaly disapointed because i love jake. GO TEAM WEARWOLF. but i never doubted bella and edward would be together… can hardly wait 3 days 18 minutes!!!

  104. Len

    Everyone’s theories seem possible. I think anything can happen. I don’t really care if Bella gets turned but it would be cool if she did. All I want is a happy ending (meaning Bella and Eward together).

  105. Lulu

    Alot of people are saying that since this wedding is in the beginning then that leaves another seven hundred and something odd pages for things to go all wrong…but I am going to be optimistic here and say that leaves the whole rest of the book for things to go RIGHT too, you know what I mean! Come on, you know you are wanting a fantastic love scene for our two vamptastic star crossed lovers! IF SM would actually write it, I mean, it would not be premarital anymore!!!
    Woot its getting hot in here. lol.
    And here is another theory of mine…. when chaos ensues between the Volturi and Cullen Clan I think it would be possible for the Cullens to take their place as the new Vampy Peacekeepers upon defeat. I know there will be a huge battle… but then maybe Edward and Bella would be like, well, royalty? MAybe its far-fetched but it seems possible.
    EEEEk cant wait!!!!

  106. Cristy

    Dude, your photo shop work rocks! Really, thanks for making me laugh! It took me reading the other comments to even realize you ‘fixed’ SM’s picture. So great!
    As far as the spoilers go I will agree with those who say, ‘hmm, not so much a spoiler.” but in my ‘always looking for double meaning’ mind all SM says is wedding and not marriage. She wrote the wedding scene but she didn’t say marriage. So maybe something or someone will come busting through at the last moment and stop the nuptials. Just a thought, though I am sure I am way off base:)

  107. Vonnie

    hey hey
    first time commenting here … just thought i should let you know that the chat should probably be the 4th,… the 5th even since some of us are only getting the book on the 4th!!!
    thought you should know since you have fan over-seas also!!!

  108. Georgia

    The wedding might be a dream wedding, but something could go wrong. Remember, they are vampires. At the same time, a dream wedding for Bella would mean an appearance from Jacob, which could happen. If the wedding happens too early though, I don’t expect Jake will appear.

  109. Joanne Maria

    I am happy about the wedding, but my main desire is to see Edward BITE HER…
    I agree, the wedding is in the beggining of the book, a lot is going to happen between than and the end.
    I think Steph- giving us this spoiler and her QUOTES OF THE DAY is so fun and interesting.

  110. Kaiti

    This is a big spoiler? I mean, sure we couldn’t confirm this, but it was fairly obvious.

  111. Amanda

    Okay I’ve actually gotten to tell a couple gals at work, I have a quote she makes saved in my phone so I could read it to them. We all made noises that only girls really make, though we’re all over 20 years old. This is seriously becoming one of the longest weeks of my life, I can’t wait to see what happens to Bella and Edward, and

  112. Amanda

    Oh and someone else already said this but your Photoshop was really funny, I love it.

  113. Vonnie

    i’d like to add .. that Lulu totally just took that idea from my head hahaha
    the cullen’s becoming the new royal family after the ultimate battle b/w them and the volturi that is…. it would be so awesome no??
    though with a huge battle there would have to be casualties!!! :S

  114. Rachel

    First time commenting! So, that picture was hilarious; I couldn’t stop laughing. It makes me think of Where’s Waldo.
    I felt so relieved when I read the spoiler. I mean I was pretty sure it was going to happen, but there was that little doubt monster in my head telling me that somehow Edward and Bella wouldn’t end up together. For me, that would be the biggest nightmare ending to the books. Oh, it would also really suck if she didn’t get turned.
    I’m not sure what the big conflict is going to be. I try not to ruin it for myself by speculating too much. I think it could be something tear-worthy though.

  115. Carla

    to 94#, Alice,
    I didn’t say Jane’s power was to kill with a thought. I was wondering what Alec’s power could be. Since it’s more powerful than Jane’s one, in my opinion it must have to do with killing. Since vampires can only be killed spliting parts of the body and burning them, I was wondering if Alec’s power could be finding an EASIER way to kill vampires. Which leads us to… that’s right. Turning them humans.

    As for the other part, yes Alec is with the bad guys, but in my head he would ‘des-vamp’ Edward to KILL him. Humans are easier to kill. He wouldn’t have his min-reading power, super-strenght, super-speed, and granite skin. Eventually, Edward would find a way to escape, and someone else would finish the Volturi. This is where my happy ending enters.

    This is just a theory! I don’t KNOW what’s going to happen. But I just don’t see Stephenie ‘killing’ her Bella, as in destroying her soul. That is where my theory came from. A way for Edward and Bella end up together, WITHOUT turning her.

    (Sorry for the looooong comment!)

  116. Kaitlin

    wow…um turning Edward into a human is a long shot…b/c wouldn’t he know Alec’s power b/c in New Moon he said he was picking everyone’s minds for something to save them…he would have know that Alec could “de-vamp” him…plus he already told Bella that if there was anyway for him to be human for her he would….but I think that becoming a vampire is irreversible…you see how Edward stresses this fact to Bella in hope that she’ll reconsider. And for everyone who’s saying that the spoiler wasn’t much of a spoiler…I think it kinda was…we’ve all read her books and we’ve all seen how something ends up going wrong…So as fans of Twilight and Stephenie Meyer we can’t just assume that they will follow through with marriage just because they’ve made the arrangements to get married…remember that ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG WILL…otherwise it wouldn’t be part of the Saga that we know, love, and practically worship :)…you saw what happened in Eclipse with Jacob…who really knows how indecisive Bella will be in Breaking Dawn??? So the fact that she will follow through and get married is in fact, in my opinion, a spoiler as well as a huge relief!

  117. andreaa

    mmm wasn’t really a spoiler i already kew it was gonna happen…though ikind of really hope jacob shows in the wedding jeje…it’d be so much fun 😀
    i kind of feel sorry for him…and he’s really nice 😉
    loved your picture kalib 😀

    ps: i wish there was a way to make both jacob and edward happy…

  118. Lulu

    Okay, so this is pathetic.
    I have anticipation rising from my stomach up to my throat and I am about to choke on it. I am almost to the point of nausea. Sad, really. Or else what is even more mad is that after I have read BD I will go crazy until I see the movie…then there will be more psycho-ness over Midnight Sun! It will never end? I mean, how could Stephenie just cut us off like that? LOL
    Arg. It better have an awesome ending with a buttload of closure!

  119. lay

    i luv regina spektor!!!
    always great to see another fan!
    by the way……what r u doing behind stephanie’s couch …?
    i’m sure there’s some explanation to that…

  120. Danielle

    Not too much of a spoiler for me, partly because we all know how stubborn Bella is. New Moon is proof of how she truly cannot go back on a decision she has thought through and made and her marraige is no different. I was just excited to see that it wouldn’t be put off until the end so that we can focus on the rest of the story, again proving what an amazing story teller Stephenie Meyer truly is.

  121. Chrystina

    Although I assumed Edward and Bella would get married, I didn’t know if it would really happen… Stephenie likes to make us think we know what is going to happen and then things change.

    Romeo and Juliet were married too, that didn’t mean they were happy at the end of their story.

    I’m so excited!!! 2 days and I will be in line for the book!

  122. Debra

    Kaleb, I’m very happy this wedding is taking place in the beginning. That leaves lots of other events left to fill the remaining pages. All though we all suspected the wedding itself would happen…there are just far too many important things to follow. Ie: Bella’a possible change to a Vamp. Charlie’s suspicion of the entire wolves and vamps in the area.. wedding night, volturi… man I am not looking forward to any ending of this series. So, I am happy with this little spoiler.

  123. Ema-Lee

    I agree fully, about how good it is that the wedding is int he beggining. It gives WAY more time for the other events to fold out and from the ‘quote of the day’ at stephenie meyers website, its not goingt o be all that good. But, knwoing Stephenie, its all going to turn out ok at the end of the book, just like in all the others.

  124. Genesis

    I kinda figured it would happen, even though my sister kept being negative and telling me she wouldn’t show up or Jacob was gonna crash the wedding. It’s early in the book so something horrible is bound to happen…

  125. Samantha-Noel

    Im glad about the spoiler, but i agree with most of the people above about how it was pretty well known that they were going to get married, but its nice for a comformation. The theries about SM pulling a JKR are interesting, both with the reception idea and her saying that she simply wrote the sceane, and i can understand compleatly where you’re coming from, but not sure if i belive in them myself. It would be really interesting if jacob were to show up, either at the wedding or at a latter time, and would cause some exciting drama. I think that along with bella becoming a vampire will turn out to be the big conflicts in the book.

  126. Jessie

    I was really relieved! At least now it has been confirmed that they do get married! ::sigh of relief:: I don’t care if Jacob comes back into the picture… I can live if Bella doesn’t get changed… but they HAD to stay together! And now I know they do (beginning of book or not!) so I am happy! :) Bring on Aug. 2nd!

  127. Mary

    Arg, guys, Stephenie’s BD quotes are driving me nuts. Only 3 more days, though!!!!

  128. Maddie

    Kaleb, what are you doing? Stalking Stephenie? Yeah, I saw you behind her chair, looking over. xD, thats some good photoshop. And dont worry, the spoiler wasnt THAT big. It was kind of a dissapointment. A spoiler wouldve been like JKR telling us that the big battle happens at Hogwarts, not the battle happens at the end. lol

  129. Jessica

    I don’t know if I want to read the spoiler or not…i’m still debating! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! (I didn’t read any other comments because I didn’t want to find out what the spoiler was in case I decide against knowing) But i’m like SO excited for this friday i’m like freaking out because it’s going to be here so soon!

  130. Meli

    Even though the spoiler wasn’t a huge surprise it was a little bit of a relief to know we’ll get a wedding and early in the book. This leaves the rest of the book wide open for conflict and adventure. I think there will be conflict with the werewolves and with the Volturi! Heck, it could turn into all out war! -gasp- I hope Bella will be sturdier and able to help if that is the case!

    btw – Kaleb you look like a stalker in that picture. LoL 😉

  131. Rachel

    Im so excited for breaking dawn. She better choose edward. Im scared that jacob will mess up the wedding though. And wow the movie does not give edward justice in my eyes. I thought he would look way hotter.

  132. Hihi

    The whole wedding thing wasn’t a shocker but if you saw that Jacob has a quote in BD that one sure is especially if he uses the word kill!

  133. Samantha-Noel

    Hihi-I tottally agree with you! OMG, he better not be saying that about Bella! that quote was more exciting then the spoiler, i must say.
    1 DAY,6 HRS,13 MIN!

  134. rachel

    I have an urgent question and the lex have the comments turned off so Im mad. Is the seating General admission in NYC or is it assigned seating I have no Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. megan

    Yea I knew it would happen too, but im sooo nervous that its at the beginning. I feel bad for Jacob, but i wouldn,t be able to stand it if she didn’t wind up with edward.

  136. Christine

    Ok, so we all know she marries Edward, but how the heck is SM going to avoid the ‘sex’ scene that generally follows a wedding??? Mind boggling…

  137. Kassi

    Christine, I hear what you’re saying. Only, my personal hope is that she doesn’t ‘avoid’ it, per se. [coughcough]

  138. Megan

    i’m so nervous! i’m going to go physco! I need Breaking Dawn! ahhhhh! lol kassi! Ha, I love how you put your head behind her chair in the picture Kaleb! It had me cracking up! ha ha! I’m sure that Breaking Dawn is going to be great!

  139. Julia

    Breaking Dawn is a huge dissapointment. SM DID avoid “The Scene” (You know what I mean). I couldn’t belive it. Honesly, reading this book has ruined the serise for me. The beginning is very rushed. It quickly becomes very boring.

  140. Charlotte

    I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn comes out in Australia! I wanna know what happens! lol. The suspense is killing me! I hope that Jacob, Edward, Alice, and Bella don’t get killed…

  141. Laura

    Lol. I JUST noticed you in the back of th picture Kaleb. Guess I wasn’t that observant when I first looked at it…

  142. Roxi

    Breaking dawn stinks!!! Book is worse book what I ever read!
    I love Twilight, New moon and especially Eclipse, but this book… *shivering*

  143. Roxi

    Okay It’s not that bad, but that book is insane, so weird. I think the best end what I can image is that Bella dies. Great natural end. Edward doesn’t get Bella, Jacob doesn’t get bella. Great!
    P.s. My english not the best in the world.

  144. Ariella

    What I think about Breaking Dawn:

    I loved everything about it! the huge twists kinda freaked me out i admit but seriously. I was literally laughing out loud when Bella woke up from making love to edward coverd in feathers.. HIlarious! And Jacob with the blonde jokes couldn’t get enough of them.

  145. Roxi

    Okay, but you guys can’t deny that BD wasn’t weird… Right?

  146. Stace

    I just have two questions that i have know….. do they have a child and does Bella turn into a vampire?? Please just answer those two questions for me.
    I have already watched Twilight the movie 6 times 😉 Great movie… great book!

  147. Nessie

    yeah. i kinda expected that. 😛 bella gets a kid and edward makes her into a vampire before it’s too late. BD was a BIT WIERD but still cool. i loved twilight the movie before i read the book but when i watched it again after reading the book…i just hated it. rob doesn’t know how to act AT ALL. i agree that he’s hot but they could have gotten a way HOTTER guy. like chase crawford or something. he’s WAY hotter. yeah. but what i love baout BD is that we meet all the other vampires out there. and i love RENESMEE and i was so thrilled that my name was her name!! i’m not kidding. that’s my real name. :) i still love it though… :))

  148. kenkatadm

    I just cannot get enough of Twilight, I have read twilight, new moon, and eclipse, seen the two movies, can't wait to see Eclipse coming out June 30th, I would very much like Edward and Bella to finally get married, but how is he going to perform on their honeymoon, in eclipse he promised Bella he would try, but I didn't think vampires could do that sort of thing….maybe I'm wrong, after all garlic, and stakes etc, don't work anymore on these vampires, but Stephanie you are so great, I have never had a book that I got so involved in I couldn't put it down until I was done….Keep up the good work.

  149. kenkatadm

    I just cannot get enough of Twilight, I have read twilight, new moon, and eclipse, seen the two movies, can't wait to see Eclipse coming out June 30th, I would very much like Edward and Bella to finally get married, but how is he going to perform on their honeymoon, in eclipse he promised Bella he would try, but I didn't think vampires could do that sort of thing….maybe I'm wrong, after all garlic, and stakes etc, don't work anymore on these vampires, but Stephanie you are so great, I have never had a book that I got so involved in I couldn't put it down until I was done….Keep up the good work.

  150. Evelyn

    Love your books! Is there a chance for another book after Breaking Dawn, maybe with their daughter marrying Jacob. I also believe Edward does have a soul. It would be nice to believe he could go to heaven. Just a thought. Thanks for listening. Ev, Lake Sunapee, NH

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