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Reading New Moon: Chapter 6 (Friends)

August 1st, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Better Together by Jack Johnson (suggested by M.L.)

I know this chapter came in a day late, but I just couldn’t wait off on reading the next one, especially since any progress towards catching up with everyone would be wonderful, knowing What Happens Tonight. Finally, the day that everyone has been looking forward to for so long: I think Stephenie deserves a toast, for this evening she has her sure-to-be awesome tour kickoff in New York, and later, the release of Breaking Dawn!

Even The Old Masters Have Been Waiting

On to chapter six of New Moon!

It is a joyful sound to hear Bella laughing again, seeing how depressed she has been all this time. Again, Edward is not mentioned once, as if the remembrance of him has been pushed into the back of Bella’s mind to be only a distant memory. In fact, I don’t think I saw his name a single time in the entire chapter, now. It’s almost as if she’s really moved on. Bella’s happiness seems to also be visibly shocking to Charlie as he comes in to find her not sullen for a change.

I really like to see Bella with Jacob, even though I don’t know enough about him to really swear allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob yet. When you put Edward and Jacob side-by-side, there are so many noticeable differences, many of them far opposite. While Edward seems to be quiet and inward, Jacob is this bouncy energetic person who does lots of the talking when he and Bella are together. It’s almost as if Jacob is making up for all the happiness that Bella is currently lacking after Edward left. Jacob could be the best thing for Bella at the moment, because he is slowly drawing her back from her sullen sadness.

Where Edward, also, seemed to be so dangerous to Bella, I see that Jacob is a relatively ‘safe’ friend. I am guessing that there are probably vast things that I have yet to see (I can’t imagine Bella with someone who could be deemed completely ‘safe’). Does anyone agree? Are there other major things that seem to be different between Jacob and Edward that I am overlooking?

And then, yet another black bear, sighted by Angela. After already reading a book by Stephenie Meyer I know to keep an eye out for things like this, and anytime something is mentioned twice it means it’s especially important. The funny thing is, I have not yet been spoilered as to what part the black bears play. Are they really bears? With Emmett and Edward not hunting them, have the bears suddenly overrun the woods? I’m not really certain but I have my suspicions.

Looking For Clues To The Bears

The entrance of Sam Uley as a character of importance was something I picked up on when he was acting odd, that first time when they found Bella left in the woods. It was as if he knew what had really happened somehow, and like the others, he didn’t trust Edward. There’s something fishy going on…

Ha! How fun. There is a Seth in the book. I wonder if this Seth was named after Seth the Famous Webmaster 😀

I had an odd thought while I was reading this chapter. I started to wonder what Edward was doing during all this time away from Bella. I see how much it affected her, and if she reacted in this way to Edward leaving, how much more so is it painful for him? I’m hoping to find out what’s been going on with him later on in the book.

I also have a question for the Team Edwards in the comment box: do you think that Jacob at least plays a good part in bringing Bella up while Edward is gone, or do you loathe him completely and think he’s taking advantage of Bella’s loneliness by jumping in Edward’s place?


–  The site just passed 1 Million Hits! Thanks everyone who helped TwilightGuy.com reach that enormous milestone just in time for Breaking Dawn!

– I’m going to be online tonight watching the Breaking Dawn event on iClips.net! While I’m waiting anxiously for the link to go live, I will be participating in a talk with the Washington Post and two other Twilight bloggers from TwilightMoms and HisGoldenEyes. You can join us live today at 1:00 PM US eastern time or send in questions early if you won’t be able to make it!

– I recently appeared as part of a cool slideshow for BusinessWeek. You can check it out here.

– If you missed Stephenie on Good Morning America, check it out here.

– The Chat Page is tenatively scheduled to launch on August 4, though if you’re sneaky the link will probably show up a little before midnight depending on your time zone. I will be popping in there often so hopefully I’ll get to talk to everyone!

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216 Responses

  1. Amanda123

    I can’t wait for the chat page!

  2. Twilighter Fanpire Stephanie

    As much as I dislike Jacob Black, I am glad that he was there for Bella during her tought times and helps her get back from her depression. I bet poor little Edward is somewher far away probably moping around, makes me sad just thinking about it :(.. Yay only 23 hrs!!!!

  3. Jen

    OK, I am 100% Team Edward, but I still like Jacob. I come to like him more and more each time I read the series. I couldn’t stand him at first, simply because he wasn’t Edward. But I do see the value in his friendship, and he does play an important role in Bella’s life. I do not see him as taking advantage of Bella, I feel it’s the other way around. Bella uses him. The story wouldn’t be the same if there was no Jacob, and I can honestly say now that I dislike Bella more than I dislike Jacob.

  4. Stephanie

    I am neither “team edward” or “team jacob,” I do, however, believe that Bella should be with Edward. I love both Edward and Jacob and think they are both great in there own ways. Also, I don’t know how Bella would have survived if Jacob had not been around. I have love for both Edward and Jacob!! =)

  5. Debra

    Ahhhh…can’t wait for Saturday, must have Breaking Dawn.

    Ok, it is nice to see Bella being more human at this point and I love Jacob for being there for her (Team Switzerland) as do others, but you find that out later. Jacob “safe”? Hahahahaha, later Kaleb, later. Anyways, I think another big difference between Jacob and Edward is Jacob let’s Bella be young and stupid (I mean come on, he’s rebuilding motorcycles for her, the danger magnet) when Edward was always trying to keep her safe. The black bears, huh. Yep, they are important and you will hear much more about them a little later, just wait. (Love the pic btw) Again, the Sam thing is something you need to worry about later, Jacob and Bella sure do, so just wait. Seth was not actually named after webmaster Seth, but once you finish this book you should go read stuff from SM’s site to find out what’s up with that. Oh, with the Edward thing, that’s something else you need to read on SM’s site after you’re done in the “Extras” part of the New Moon page.

    Congrats on your millionth hit, may you get many, many more. Sorry for the long post, wide awake waiting for Breaking Dawn and really liked commenting on this post.

  6. Icy Topaz

    Jacob is great! He’s the perfect friend for Bella. But he doesn’t want only friendship, and Bella can’t give him what he wants. Everyone should love him, because he’s awesome. He’s just not Bella’s lover like Edward is. I love him. Of course, I love Eddie more. ^_^

  7. Tiffany D

    I am completely Team Edward where it concerns who Bella should be with. I only started hating Jacob when he said . . . oh, that part is in Eclipse. Nevermind about that. I love Jacob in New Moon. He didn’t try to force himself on her in this book and respected her decisions and her space. I agree with Jen, that Bella uses Jake in New Moon. Jake is actually a great friend for her at this point and I’m not sure that she would have made it without him there.

  8. becky sue

    I surely love Edward much more than Jacob, but do feel bad for Jake. I’m sorry for him and how he just….. deludes himself. Arrgh, that boy makes me mad sometimes. But just F.Y.I. punching a werewolf isn’t the best idea.

    And I almost fell off my chair when you mentioned the bears….. Haha. You will find out soon enough!

    AND Jacob isn’t really “safe.” He’s probably just as dangerous as Edward. And more immature.

    But all in all, if I couldn’t have Edward I would certainly be just fine with Jacob. (yummy!) haha 😀

  9. Sarah

    Though I love Edward, Bella really needed Jacob when Edward left and he was more than happy to be with her. And I agree with Jen – Bella is using Jacob, not the other way around. This will cause a lot of heartache later. But I don’t hate Jacob. He really is a key character that would be missed if he wasn’t in the series.

  10. J

    Team Edward all the way no question. I don’t think Jacob did any good to Bella ( you’ll see why i think so later on). Sure it’s nice not having her depressed but Jacob has always hated Edward and is just trying to take his place.

  11. twidork3

    jacob is great. he’s a good, caring, loving friend.

    but he should only be a friend. i appreciate him being there for bella. i love him for it.

    but he needs more from bella than she can give. and he needs to accept that.

    bella belongs with edward, in my opinion.

  12. Christina

    Haha! there are so many things that I wanna say but I won’t cuz it’ll give stuff away…so keep reading! lol. I’m really surprised all this stuff hasn’t already been spoiled for you!

    I like Jacob, and I’m really glad Bella had him at this point in the story. However, later on he gets on my nerves. A lot. So I’m torn lol. Overall I like him though…but I’m still a hundred million percent team Edward =D

  13. Niki

    I think that Edward and Bella are obviously ment to be together, but I think Jacob is such a great friend to Bella, and I agree with everyone when they say she is using him. She is taking her friendship with him for granted, and it’s not fair to him that she’s leading him on in some ways. I love Jacob, he deserves better than Bella.

  14. Amanda

    ahh yes…the black bears. well, i am EXTREMELY against anything even relatively spoiler-related, so i’m just going to let you keep reading! :) I am 200% Team Edward. I don’t know why, but I really LOATHE Jacob! No offense to any Team Jacobs out there, I just really don’t like him! Edward’s so perfect!!! And he seems more romantic and genuine. I dunno, maybe I’m going crazy. Anyway, enjoy the rest of New Moon! And I have a feeling that all your suspicions will be taken care of soon…;)

  15. Kaylee

    I think that yes, Jacob does play an important role in keeping Bella alive, as you will see later on, but I also think that he expects too much from her as the story progresses. He wants so much more then she is capable of giving and it makes her guilty.

    So yes, I do think he helped Bella keep her sanity, however I do think there was some advantage taking on his side.

    However, in his defense, Bella was using him as well.

    I can’t say anymore without spoiling the book for you.

  16. Nicole Jet

    I absolutely love Bella’s Jacob, but I’m definitely on team Edward.
    Edward is more respectful overall of Bella’s pursuit of happiness.

    That’s the best way I could explain it without spoiling anything.

  17. Suspenders

    you know, I used to hate Jacob SOOO bad. But after reading some things on Stephenie’s website, I grew to like him more. But that doesn’t mean I’m on team Jacob…
    ANYWAY, I do appreciate what Jacob does for Bella in New Moon, but he does some things later on that make me mad at him. Overall, I am totally an avid member of team Edward. But Jacob is definately essential to this story, especially in New Moon. So thank you for being there Jacob.
    Just fair warning Kaleb, I think that you may get seriously annoyed with him later on in the book/series! :)

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  19. Len

    I have to be honest that when I was reading New Moon, I didn’t like the presence of Jacob. I was really Team Edward and I still am. But I realized later on that Bella would not have survived the days without Edward without the help of Jacob. He happens to have the same good intentions as Edward. They just show it in different ways. I hate to admit this but if there was no Edward, I would go for Jacob too. He’s a good guy after all.

  20. Stella

    Keep being suspicious. It’s a good quality to have when reading. And before you pick a side, read the whole series, then pick one.

    Also Seth is named after Seth the Webmaster. A lot of the people in her book are named after people she knows.

  21. Giada

    I like both Edward and Jacob, and I actually think that’s Bella who’s taking advantage of Jacob’s kindess… poor warm and joyful Jacob! :)

  22. Adrienne

    I am TEAM EDWARD all the way but I just finished re-reading New Moon for the “I’ve read it so much I’ve lost track” time and I’m really starting to like Jacob. I like the fact that Jake is a good friend to Bella and that he knows what not to do or say in front of her to make her feel sad. Jake is just a ball of energy and it’s kind of rubbing off on Bella which is a good thing because she needs to feel real again. I mean, Edward is gone, so I guess Jake doesn’t necessarily want to take Edward’s place but he wants to mean something to Bella even though his actions may mean something more than what Bella wants. Jake doesn’t understand the attachment Edward and Bella had and he is still learning about that side of her.

    Jake just never grasps the concept that Bella’s heart belongs to someone else and he took that with him when he left.

    In New Moon he didn’t piss me off so badly…

    KEEP READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Oh and I think all of Steph’s sibling’s names are in this book.

  23. Emmy-lou

    I’m Team Edward. But I do agree that Jacob helped Bella get out of her depression. BUT!!! I do think that Jacob took advantage of her when she was weak and looking for something to fill the void. Jacob helped, but also hurt.I like Jacob, but as with Bella. Edward will always have my heart. (HI!! Kaleb!! Thanks for the CD!!!)

  24. Crystal

    Yes – the bears are important…don’t want to spoil it so just read on. Let’s get something cleared up…Jacob has had a crush on Bella since he met up with her in Twilight. They are both using each other, but it intentional by either one. Just wait… Jacob makes me mad in Eclipse, but it’s mostly due to his immaturity. Lest we forget that all three are teenagers but Edward has been a teenager for decades, therefore he is MUCH more mature. He does his own bit of manipulating later also. But I am team EDWARD all the way. Jacob fills a need, but Edward is the right guy for her.

  25. Crystal

    OH! Forgot to add that the name Seth comes from Seth the Webmaster. Seth is one of Stephanie’s brothers. She uses many of her siblings names. It will be good for you to go on her sight after you’ve read all the books.

  26. Victoria

    All has been said, but I just wanted to add that there is not only Seth, the webmaster (and brother) but also Seth, the son !

    And I also just wanted to add the Hurray for TEAM SWITZERLAND. I know we are underrepresented. Although I think Bella will be happiest with Edward, I have a weak spot for Jake too. Maybe because Jake reminds me so much of a lost cause and the way my best friend behaved after our initial brief romance ended. Now the best friend I could ever have, but he also kept up the effort of trying to win my heart. Very sweet :)

  27. Stacey

    totally Team Edward!

    I must say Edward was a bit of a shit to leave her that way but I think it was an important event as it sparks the friendship with Jaccob and some other things which i wont mention.

    Later on Jaccob does abuse skills and that is why i disklike him. The story wouldnt be the same without Jaccob .

    Also it is totally unfair that I have to wait for like ages to get the new book. stupid new zealand.

  28. Kathleen

    I was totally Team Jacob after New Moon (although Eclipse turned me back to Team Edward). I think the way that Bella is able to be a humanizing influence on Edward in Twilight – how their relationship helps him rise above his instincts in regards to her, Jacob is also able to be a humanizing influence on Bella. There is a lot of talk of souls in these books, and I think the key to all of it is the very human emotions unleashed in these loving relationships. It’s what sets the Cullens apart from other vampires who are content to be animals. And here in New Moon its how Jacob helps Bella return to the land of the living, to help her figure out how to be Bella again. One of my favorite things about New Moon is how it made me remember what I’d blocked out now that I’m happily married – how much break-ups suck! And Jacob here reminds me very forcibly of my too-good-for-me best friend who helped me through them even though I was completely crazy (although thankfully not for even one tenth the time that Bella was). And that’s what Jacob is good at. And that’s why I love Jacob (but as a best friend ONLY).

  29. Bridget

    Hey Kaleb! 😀
    Great post as usual!
    I’m Team Edward all the way and in answer to your question, I am unable to hate Jacob. Jacob was Bella’s anchor, her one constant in that sad stage of her life in which she may not have been able to pull through without his help. I must add though that Jacob is highly annoying at times!

  30. Rhiannon

    I agree with exactly what Kathleen said, minus the marriage part, for I wouldn’t know, haha. But yes, especially at this point. Jacob is …healthy for her. He’s the perfect person for Bella at this moment, and she needs him.

  31. Rachul

    I’ve created a new team…. I’ll tell you later.

  32. Dianne

    Seth the Webmaster is Stephenie’s brother. So yes, it was named from his name 😀

    Does anyone else love that name? I just really like it for some reason 😀

    Also, I love Jacob. Edward’s just better XD hahaha

    I’m not exactly Team Switzerland, but Jacob was extremely caring and nice there.

  33. Megan

    I also love the name Seth. I think I have liked every character I’ve ever read about who had the name Seth as well.
    And even though I am a sworn Jake-hater, I do admit that in New Moon, he was probably the only thing that kept her from becoming a permanent zombie.
    And, also, Kaleb, I would keep an eye out for those bears, you know. They’re very… spontaneous.

    I think Jacob is okay in New Moon, but by the time you read Eclipse, well, I’ll voice my opinions on that when we get to it.

  34. c

    i liked jacob a lot in new mooon. in eclipse, not so much. jacob is ruined for me in eclipse. team edard all the way.

  35. Amelia

    About the Team Edward question… I liked Jacob in these chapters of the book for keeping Bella sane I grew to hate him later in Eclipse. He does some un-forgivable (this is my opinion) things in Eclipse.

  36. Amanda

    I’m Team Edward in the because I want Bella and Edward to end up together, but I love Jacob. When I first read Twilight I didn’t just fall in love with Edward but Bella too. I want for her what makes her happiest and that seems to be with Edward. There are many good points to Jacob though; seems easier to talk to, for Bella that seemed to be a problem around Edward. Plus there have fun together but are also cool to just hang out. Oh and Jacob is definetly not just trying to jump in because Edwards gone, he’ll keep trying and Bella grows to want/need his companionship. Jacob not a bad choice, just different.

  37. Jamey

    I am Team Edward, my husband is Team Jacob. Part of me doesn’t wonder if he’s doing that to drive me crazy but he seems to really hate Edward. It’s frustrating! But as Team Edward, I still love Jacob. I found his presence in Bella’s life, like she does, he’s her sun. He helps balance out the bad/sad. But she belongs with Edward. :) Without Jacob, we don’t know what path Bella’s life would have taken. More months like October, November and December? Zombie Bella?

    And you are right, Edward has his own story to tell. It is easy to think that this must be so easy for him, since it was he who left. Bella believes that he is off being ‘distracted’ and going on with his life so it is easy for us to think like her as well. You will just have to wait and see :) Or read I guess :)

  38. KayBird

    Yes, Seth WAS in fact named after Seth the Famous Webmaster. :)

    I am all Edward through and through but over time, I’ve started to like Jacob a little more. I certainly don’t loathe him, he was there for Bella when Edward couldn’t be. I don’t think Jacob gets enough credit from us. After all, he kept Bella from losing sanity. That’s gotta count for something, right?

  39. Lara

    Though i am all for Team Edward i also have a softness for Jacob. I love him too but i just choose Edward. i dont know why i do.
    Jacob is an important part of bella’s life because he does help her alot through this bad time.
    But i still love Edward more..
    only just.

  40. Claire

    I am completely Team Edward, though probably not as vehemently opposed to Jacob Black’s very existence as some seem to be.

    If you’ll recall, back in Twilight, part of the reason Jacob likes Bella so much is because she was flirting outrageously with him in order to get more information about the Cullens. Granted, Bella felt ridiculous doing it, but Jacob really did take a shine to her after that (in Twilight, upon learning of Bella’s attempt at flirting, Edward laughingly says something to the effect of, “Poor Jacob”). So I can’t really blame Jacob for his actions later on. He likes Bella, and he’s had evidence from her that she likes him back.

    That said, he’s a fifteen-year-old boy whose crush has just, in effect, been dumped. It’s only natural for him to try and step in and put the pieces together. Even if his intentions are only the best, it’s typical behavior for a kid his age.

  41. Sam

    I think that if it weren’t for Jake, then if Edward ever came back, he would have nothing to come back to. I think Bella and Edward should stay together, but I just love Jacob! If I had to choose, I wouldn’t know who to pick. Bella and Edward’s love, however, is stronger I think.

  42. Linia

    I am completely Team Edward. I would consider Jacob important for her, but he tries to take advantage so much later on that I’m not quite sure.

    While he does help her throughout most of New Moon, I really don’t think she quite needs the help. As you see with the first few months of Edward’s absence, she does survive. And if you recall, Alice would see if Bella was driven to commit suicide… she would see it in time to come stop her, because that’s the path she’d be on. And Alice knows that even if Edward did stop liking Bella, it would still hurt him to know she’d jumped off a cliff or something…

    I believe Edward is better for Bella. I mean, Bella gets herself into plenty of trouble, she’ll just get into more with Jacob’s assistance and without Edward’s protectiveness.

    I hold no love/pity for Jacob, and I enjoy dreaming of the end of his life with my friends.

  43. Kayla

    do you think that Jacob at least plays a good part in bringing Bella up while Edward is gone, or do you loathe him completely and think he’s taking advantage of Bella’s loneliness by jumping in Edward’s place

    That is an excelent question. So many “team edward”s see the later part in Jacob. I for one don’t. Don’t get me wrong I am a Team Edward but the role Jacob plays in Bella’s life is so key, not only for bringing Bella back from the land of the Zombies, but for ultimately shaping a new part in her character. There are of course other impacts and consequences but you’ll get to those eventually. :)

  44. Val

    Aw, Kaleb, you seem to be in Team Switzerland at the moment (the neutral team). Rare people are we :]

    I don’t really feel any hatred to either Jacob nor Edward, but I sometimes end up rooting for Jacob more (so I can’t be completely neutral). They can’t expect everybody to be like Edward in the story.

    Bella and Edward are definitely perfect together, though. I can’t say anymore than that, though. I have my reasons as to why Jacob and Bella will never work out, despite all the wishes of those who want it to.

  45. Monica

    Yes, you will see why Edward’s fangirls hate Jacob when you get to Eclipse…
    I’m pretty much with everybody else: Bella and Edward belong together, but I have to feel sorry for Jacob. He’s a good guy, and at this point he’s really the only one who can keep Bella sane. I think he might realize that Bella will never belong to him, but he doesn’t care. He’ll take whatever he can get. I can definitely relate to that.
    The main difference for me between Edward and Jacob is that Edward and Bella have this passionate, all-consuming love and Jacob and Bella have an easy, natural friendship…

    To conclude this long note: Bella and Edward belong together, but if I were to wake up and find myself in Bella’s place…I might pick Jacob.


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  47. Molly

    as much as i hate jacob in terms of the twilight saga, i would probably hang out with him if he actually existed.
    he just does some things later in new moon & eclipse that i just think are totally out of line and mean. so i’m totally an edward girl.
    but, i’m not going to say that i completely loathe him with every fiber of my being, because i feel that he’s essentially a good person, but he just needs to back off.

  48. Ale Cullen

    Ok…I’m a proud Team Edward!! But I have to admit it, Jacob did a great job, he’s an amazing friend for Bella, and he’s a great character, I love him!!

  49. Corinne!

    First of all, let me answer your question: I do think Jacob helps bring Bella out of her depression, but, I mean, he’s a guy who’s infatuated with Bella, so I think he’s also sort of trying to take Edward’s place. But it’s only to be expected.
    As I’m sure many girls have already said, the real reason Edward-lovers hate Jacob is in Eclipse.

    I have a question: how can you be reading all of this stuff about Breaking Dawn in the news and stuff and *not* have read Eclipse or even New Moon?! I mean, it must be ruining a few things for you…


  50. Emily

    I’m absolutely Team Edward, but Jacob doesn’t bother me in New Moon (in Eclipse, however, he really gets on my nerves). He really tries to help Bella out and doesn’t have too many expectations.

    That said, I really find the whole middle section of New Moon to be exceedingly depressing. Bella is so deeply unhappy and while Jacob does make her feel better, I don’t think it goes nearly as deep as her wounds.

  51. Sam K.L.

    Ahg. I HATE that people think Jacob is ‘taking advantage’ of bella, and he is in no way jumping in his place! He knows that Bella is depressed, sees that, and tries to help her. He knows what Edward did to her, and yet he doesn’t even mention him to her, because it understands how it makes her feel. I am team JACOB, if you couldn’t tell. And if he has feelings for her during new moon, he doesn’t show it! (At least while he knows it will hurt her). He knows it will hurt her if he does so, so he restrains himself. Meanwhile, it is Bella that is taking advantage of Jacob, but not in a mean way. She needs him, and he’s there for her. He obviously has some ill-feeling towards Edward, because of what he did to her. But he is not malicious of nasty or mean, he’s nice, he’s Jake, he’s Bella’s best friends. And Bella does love Jake, although she’s to depressed over Edward to realize it. And Jake loves her, and cares about her.

    Also, Jake is so much healthier for Bella. He lets Bella be human. Edward makes such a big deal about keeping Bella human, but he’s really taking that experience away from her. If Bella we’re still entirely human, she should be getting into trouble, and experiencing it. Edward keeps her so safe, he’s so controlling, that Bella can hardly do anything. Jake, on the other hand, isn’t so overprotective. He lets Bella do what she wants, he doesn’t try to tell her what to do.

    That’s my reasoning.

  52. Aly

    Hey! well good eyes on the bears but we won’t tell you cuz its something u have to see for urself.
    And yeah we knew about Seth.
    As for the Edward question, I myself am on Team Switzerland, but i do think that she should be with Edward. But i feel sorry for Jake. But i do have funny friends :)
    My best friend Nikki is all Team Edward and for a while wanted Jake to die. She has read New Moon several times but she skips all the chapters with Jake as the main focus. She hated him in Eclipse and didn’t care what happened to him. She even laughed a little about the end of Eclipse. But when she re read Eclipse she had to addmit she felt bad for him and that she didn’t HATE him but that doesn’t mean she likes him either. (she doesn’t want him to die anymore… just go away and never come back… :))
    My friend/Librarian at school Is 100% Team Jacob. She HATES Edward for leaving Bella. She no longer things he diserves her and that Jake is the way. He can do so much for her. I would point more out but i don’t wanna ruin the book for you. But she very much hates Edward. She understands why ppl like him but she thinks he’s too showy and flashy and that there’s no way she would go for that type of guy. (plus he’s “dead”. who wants a dead guy for a boyfriend??)
    Its funny when we have book club and someone mentions twilight cuz then these two will go at eachother. Our librarian has taken to picking up the wooden door jam and saying its a stake for Edward’s heart. (as we all know that wouldn’t work but it was funny.) Nikki of course has used the verious nicknames Edward has come up with for Jake to retaliate.
    and i’m rambling… but there u go. :)
    hope that kinda helped.

  53. Justice

    I’m Team Edward all the way, but I still love Jacob. Yes, Jacob definitely helps Bella a lot. It’s ridiculous when people say that he’s taking advantage of her. Anyone who really read the book (I read it multiple times so that I could get a good look at Jake’s character) will know that all he’s being is a good friend. he sees Bella in pain, and he wants to help her heal. Thats what is great about him.

  54. Rachel

    I’m team Edward but I totally LOVE jacob! I hate people who are like ‘Jacobs a meany jerkface he should die! anana’
    I mean really, Jacob is a fantastic character who truly cares for Bella, and just because Edward is obviously better doesn’t mean you need to hate poor Jake. He also makes the story much much more interesting. Hey since Edwards getting married, I’ll still take Jacob!

  55. Liz

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Jacob in New Moon. He is good for her here, as a friend and as someone who takes care of her. And I am 150% Team Edward.

    And I will see you as I lurk (if office is calm enough, ah, DC on a Friday) on the WaPo chat! Congrats on landing that, Kaleb!

  56. Courtney

    The first time I read the series I really despised Jacob. After I read the series again though I have become to really like Jacob. Bella and Edward were just made for each other I think but Jacob is really important in Bella’s life because he helped her to heal and he really is a good friend to her. I don’t think he is taking advantage of her. If anything, Bella is taking advantage of him because of how he can fill part of the void that is missing in her since Edward left. I feel very sorry for Jacob.

  57. Samantha

    “I am Switzerland!”

    Bella wouldn’t have survived alone for much longer without Jacob. Everyone knows/should know that. He wasn’t taking advantage of her. Mind you, Bella went after Jake, not the other way around. Jacob saw that Bella was in enormous pain, and he was there to rescue her. He sincerely cares for her. He loves her, and she loves him…not like she does Edward, but love nevertheless. So you crazed Edward fanatics should calm down. Jacob is an amazing character, and even though he doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance with Bells, give the man his dues: he kept her alive!

  58. Dianna

    Though I’m Team Edward all the way, the book and Bella just wouldn’t be the same with out Jacob. He is good for her (as a friend) and he helps her see what her other options are and in doing so plays a vital roll in her diction making.

    Jacob is quite selfish at times, but he is 16 so that should be expected and I don’t believe he intended to take advantage of Bella’s position in the beginning.

    Unbeleivable! Only 14hrs, 53min and 12sec to go and we’ll all finaly know, Edward or Jacob.

  59. Leigh

    Yes, Seth Clearwater=Seth the webmaster/brother.

    I’m pretty sure her other siblings are Jacob, Paul, Heidi, and Emily, and they all have characters named after them, but you haven’t heard of some of them yet…
    I think that was mentioned in the notes or acknowledgements in New Moon.

  60. Alli

    Kaleb, you never cease to amaze (or amuse) me with your perceptiveness (is that a word?).

    I agree that it certainly is wonderful to see Bella laughing again, though for those of us that love Edward, it still feels like there is some kind of hole there.

    Differences between Edward and Jacob? Haha. You have no idea.

    The bears…this is going to make me giggle until you figure out what they are…but believe me, you’ll get it before Bella does.

    Of course Seth was named after Stephenie’s brother! She also has a brother named Jacob, as well as one named Paul and a sister named Emily (both of whom will show up later). She doesn’t base her characters off people, but she does name them after people she knows.

    When you finish this book, go to the NM page on Stephenie’s website. There’s an extra from Edward’s POV, but it’s set near the end.

    Last but not least, I am proudly Team Edward, but I love Jacob completely. I can’t count how many times I have defended him to my best friend. He did a wonderful thing by helping Bella heal.

    Can’t wait for the chat page and I’ll see you at the Washington Post chat at noon!(I’m on central time)
    Wow! This was long!

  61. Pauline

    I’m actually really glad that Jacob was there to comfort her!Everyone needs someone to talk to when they’re upset or depressed or just out of it, like Bella was.She was herself again when she was with Jacob.At least it got her mind off of Edward and the pain for a while. Jacob is kinda like a hero! 😀

  62. perkyshadowgirl

    We think so similarly! This chapter started me thinking about the overpopulation of the predators now that the Cullens were no longer hunting them! 😀

    I’m a Team Edward fan, so I’ll answer your question about Jacob.

    At the beginning (ie: New Moon) I was really depressed about Edward’s departure. While I appreciated that Bella had a friend to bring her back to the real world, I couldn’t really feel any sort of attraction towards him – Edward was gone! And I had no idea when (or if) he was going to come back! Those are the eyes I saw him through.

    In my life, I’ve had negative experience with unwanted attentions from various boys. I’m happy to be their friend, but they push me to be comfortable with things that I am not. I felt the same sort of uneasy feelings about Jacob – since I couldn’t fall in love with him as a character, I was forced to consider him a “friend that was pushing for more” and it made me uneasy.

    But Bella likes him. He makes her happy. So I enjoy his presence in the books. However, I will never be a Team Jacob fan because of the reasons I’ve mentioned above.

    Hope that answers your question! :) And I hope that you can avoid the spoilers that are sure to leak over the next couple of days! :)

  63. Jess

    Okay, hooray for TEAM SWITZERLAND!!!!! You Team Edwards out there have to accept that Jacob is truly a good person. I mean, how could the son not be a good person. Bella would have been much worse off without him and I think Jake did a realtively good job. So there.

  64. Rachel

    I’m mostly Team Edward, yeah, but Bella would have never, ever gotten out of that catatonic state of hers without Jake. Jake is a very good friend–but past that, no.

    Kaleb, you’ll really have to get a move on it to Eclipse to really see why we like/dislike Jake.

    And lastly, Edward is on his way to Brazil, where he will curl up in a smoky attic and mope.

    :( Poor Eddie.

  65. Erica

    Ok I am definitely “Team Edward”! I don’t really like Jacob and I really can’t tell you why I don’t (I guess it has to do with Eclipse), but I fell completely in love with Edward in Twilight so I don’t think there is any room in my heart for Jacob (no offense!!)
    But to answer your question, Jacob did help Bella a lot in New Moon. The book wouldn’t be the same without him. He is a true friend but wasn’t meant to be her boyfriend. Thats just my opinion though!

    P.S. I LOVE YOU KALEB! You’re amazing!

  66. Melissa

    oh to add to what Alli said, she also has a sister Heidi that is mentioned breifly near the end as well :)

    and I love that people are being positive about both (creatures)in these comments :) much better than (what chapter was it when there was an uproar and quite the debate? )’s comments.

    anyway same as all Switzerlands that have already commented, and I love what Pauline said about jake being a hero :)

    I also like that you are noticing the differences between Jake and Edward, but later in the series I think especially during a certain chapter in eclipse…you will see that they have similarities as well…there are good things that they share…but I cant really say for fear of spoilers…

    aww the giant bears well I think you already know this secret…think Sam Uley…and others…and not liking the Cullens….hmmm think that…and Jake..later on at least…

    😀 melissa

  67. Megan

    I don’t loathe Jacob. Without Jacob, poor Bella would practically be catatonic at this point. I think anyone that’s able to bring a smile to her lips at this point in the story (after Edward has left her) should be given props. Yes, Jacob knows this is a miracle for him just as much as it is for her. He knows he’s taking advantage of her to some point, but I think the friendship/other feelings he feels for her are true and he knows he’s helping Bella and that’s all that matters to him.
    I’m not a team Switzerland, (if you know what that is..?) well bascially, I’m not Team Jacob AND Team Edward. My heart still belongs to Edward and he can suck my blood any time he wants, 😉 but I’ll always have a soft spot for Jake. He truly helps Bella become the person she is by the end of Eclipse, and without him there’s just a big hole in the whole series.

  68. Emmy

    I am full Team Edward, and Jacob annoys me to almost insanity, but I didn’t really mind him in New Moon until he… well… if I said anything it would be kind of spoiling New Moon for you so I’m not going to say anything else… yet anyway. 😀

  69. Janelle

    I really liked Jacob when he was first introduced, the fact that I was bitter about the lack of Edward aside. I was the last of my friends to read the book, though, so of course I had everyone throwing little hints at me here & there. My reasons for disliking Jacob come later, & I think part of it is he reminds me of people I know I don’t think very highly of.

  70. Shannon

    Although Im completely Team Edward, I am grateful for Jacob being there, I can see why he falls for her and he really does help her when she needs it. he can be a good guy… sometimes.

    but, I dont know if anyone has told you, Kaleb, but on stephenie’s website under the new moon section she wrote an extra about his time when he was away from Bella. I saw how you were wondering about that, so I thought I would just let you know! It is a really cool little piece that really gives an insight into how he lived those months.

  71. Court

    im team edward.
    and i think both.
    now i do like how jacob made her happy again.
    but i also think that he is trying to take edwards spot.
    im not a total jacob hater,
    but like the beginning of twilight said “bella was born thirty-five” and jacob might look older, but he isnt at the same age bella is.
    which i think is one major hit.

    but omg. the bears!
    i cant wait til you read more!!!!

    btw, Mike Newton is her only ‘safe’ friend. :]]]]

  72. Debra

    Ok, of course I can’t find the interview now, but as for Seth being named after Seth the Webmaster she had said he was not named for her brother but someone else (can’t remember who so not finding the interview’s bugging me) but once her other siblings realized his name was in the book she had to use their names for characters too. Most of which are at La Push.

  73. Debra

    Ugh, ok, I messed up on that last comment, Seth was named after her brother, sorry, it was Jacob that wasn’t. He was named after a Native American boy SM knew when she was younger but Jacob being one of her brother’s names she had to add the others too.

    Ugh, I hate it when I get stuff mixed up. And I still can’t find that stupid interview.

  74. Mrs. Edward Cullen

    I love Edward. Im a huge Edward fan but I am so glad Jake was there because he helped Bella stay(for lack of a better word) alive. Also he made the book more interesting. If he wasnt in New Moon Bella would have been sulking around waiting for Edward the through out the book. Well thats all for now.

    P.S. 11 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Emily

    While I am solidly on Team Edward, I do think that Jacob is ‘good’ for Bella, especially pulling her out of the depression that followed Edward’s leaving.

  76. Melissa

    While I am Team Edward, I suppose it’s good that Jacob could be there for Bella when she really needed someone. But then I also think he saw an opportunity to win Bella and took it.
    I did think Jacob was okay at first though. As I continued reading and saw more of his personality… Well there were just parts of it that I personally didn’t like.

  77. L.

    i’m most certainly Team Edward.

    however, Jacob was good for Bella in New Moon and i kind of do feel sorry for the guy.

    but his actions in Eclipse made me dislike him.
    but i’m not really a Jacob hater.

    but also, the more i read into it, the more i’m starting to dislike Bella.

    i can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!
    tonight i’ll be at Walmart at 12:00 AM sharp.

  78. Kaitlin

    It’s nice to have a friend…and that was all that Jacob was to Bella a friend…he did help her through a rough spot in her life…but he couldn’t take a hint and at times i did think he was using his friendship with Bella to his advantage b/c he knew that Bella wanted him but not in the way he wanted her.It was nice in the begining to have some one’s shoulder to cry on, but he went too far after she had already made things clear.

  79. HeyJoyous

    I think that one of the main differences between Edward’s love and Jacob’s love for Bella is that Jacob’s love for her seems to be more selfish in nature. The more you read the more evident it is, I think. Jacob is great for Bella b/c he does pull her out of her grief and help her to be happy. If he hadn’t been there for her she could have just sunken deeper and deeper into herself. He changes her mostly in good ways but that change is costly for them both. Jacob is a vaulable FRIEND. Team EDWARD!!

  80. jeh

    I really looooove Seth. And Quil. And Edward. Adn Jacob XDD i love them all! =D

  81. rachel

    There is a lot of foreshadowing in New Moon. Someday, when you have time, you will have to reread it. I reread while I am reading. I’ll find out something new and say, “Hey, Meyer already teased me with this idea!” And flip back and read 20 pages or so from earlier. I’ve noticed that she rarely puts something in the book that isn’t important at some point, which is why my brain is teaming with possibilities for BD.

  82. Lauren

    ok, I’m on team switzerland, I think Edward is the better choice for Bella’s love life, and Jake is a good friend, and should be there for her as just a friend. In Eclipse (dont worry, not spoiling anything) I wanted to punch Jacob in the face at pionts!! It was very difficult at times for him, I see that, but still………ugh! Jacob is a good FRIEND, Jake seems very shelfish for his love for her at times, and makes things so much harder for Bella than they should be. But I dont want anything bad to happen to Jacob, I like him, I dont loathe him or love him, its just a happy meduim for me! I just think Edward and Bella were made for eachother and love eachother sooooo much that its indescribable. So thats my view about the whole Jacob and Edward thing….so I guess you could say I’m leaning towards Edward more than Jake, but I consider myself on Team Switzerland!

    Btw, I’m VERY happy no one has spoiled the whole bear thing for you!! It makes me very happy that you get to figure that out on your own at least!! :) And as for the Seth thing, I do believe she named some of the characters after her brothers and sisters!! Woohoo! Go Seth the webmaster! haha! But I loooove Seth the character! and soo many more characters too! :)

  83. Meredith

    What Jacob does for Bella in New Moon is a wonderful thing. He helps her to keep living, and if he hadn’t been there who knows what would have happened to her. But I think what people forget is that while she is happy with Jacob as a FRIEND, she never truly lets go of Edward. She can’t–what they shared was just too powerful. I can’t say anything more without giving something away…

    And if you want an idea of what Edward is doing without Bella, I suggest you go here: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/nm_extras_rosalie.pdf
    But not until you’ve finished the book, or it will give stuff away! =) Enjoy the rest! LOVE THE SITE! TEAM EDWARD! =)

  84. Myriah

    I am 100% for edward being with bella, but i still like jacob, but only as a friend for her and nothing more. Even in New Moon, when i was sad that edward left and was longing for him to return or something, I was happy that jacob was able to distract bella from some of her misery/loss or edward.

  85. Grace

    I am totally on Team Edward, because Bella just can’t live without him, and who wants Bella to die, right? (except if she become a vampire :)) But I read New Moon like 5 times over because I wanted to understand it really well, and now I get that Jacob is a match for Edward, because he can give Bella what she needs, too, just in different ways. I really liked the way he took care of her in Edward’s absence.

  86. Megan

    Okay, I had to read the books over again, but I finally realized that I do, in fact, like Jake. He really does care about Bella, and he really loves her. I, of course, am Team Edward, but I don’t hate Jacob. He helps Bella a lot. I think that Bella and Edward belong together, but Jake plays a very important role in Bella’s life. She really needed him when Edward left her. And a lot of people for Team Jacob hate him because he left. I was upset with him for that (Tehe. I get into my books a lot), but when you really think about it, he was doing the right thing. He was trying to protect her. He was willing to leave to protect Bella, so she could have a normal life, no matter what pain it caused him. I really thnik that shows how much he cares about her. And, I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but would Jake do that for Bella? I think we all know the answer to that. I think both Edward and Jacob are great guys. Edward is Bella’s true love, and Jacob is her best friend. She may love Jacob, but not the same way as Edward. Even if she was in love with Jake, I don’t think that it’s humanly possible for her to love him the same as Edward, even then.

  87. Bec

    Hey Kaleb Thanks for answering so promptly I’ll keep the advice in mind.
    I am Team Edward all the way but I am not overly obsessed with him. I think Jacob is a pretty awesome character and that he is good for Bella. Bella needs someone who can just understand and just be with her. All she really needs at this point is a friend. That is what Jacob provides a good stable friendship. Also she felt that Edward abandoned her at this point too. She needs a stable guy friend not to take place of Edward but to have that shoulder to cry on. Jacob provides that and unwavering loyalty & stability when she needs it. So I approve of the Bella/Jacob friendship but Edward is Bella’s love. Enjoy!

  88. Jess

    I AM team Edward, but I love Jake too. He’s a great friend. If he hadn’t been there for her when Edward was gone, Bella probably would have gone crazy. And I don’t believe that he was trying to take advantage of the fact he was gone, and this is why: If Jacob had been trying to do this, he wouldn’t have been so compassionate to her during this time. He treated her sensitively, kindly, not rough and demanding. I really appreciate Jacob’s presence in general, and I really want him to find happiness 😀

    As for the Bears..
    Just keep reading! It will all come together eventually.

  89. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral šesto poglavje knjige New Moon (Friends). […]

  90. Shelby

    Ok, first I have to say’

    ONLY 13 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *sigh* Ok. Kaleb, you have no idea how dangerous Jacob is. Believe me, he isn’t the safest bet, but in a few ways he is safer to Bella. But so far, are you liking the character of Jacob?

    I like both guys, but I’m totally team Jacob. I have to be. I love how normal he his. He’s just like every other guy out there! He’s not perfect. He has a ton of flaws and that’s what makes him great. He may never get the girl, but he deserves the girl. He’s the best friend but should be the leading man. He’s the image of the life Bella could have if she picks different.

    And I have something else I would like to point out. I’ve noticed over the past few months that when we debate these two guys, the Team Edward people are really malicious. They are so rude and in all honesty, we Team Jacob fans don’t deserve some of the comments we get. We’re worthy fans just like everyone else. I mean, there’s a girl at my boyfriend’s work who seriously blacked out every Jacob that was in Eclipse. She marked his name out. Would Stephenie like that? How about NO!!!!! So please, Team Edward people, be a little nicer to us… we’re nice to you.

    Great post Kaleb!!!

  91. Heather

    Here’s the thing about Jacob: I think he’s a great guy and a great friend for Bella as of where you are now in the book. But there’s a before Jacob and an after Jacob that I can’t tell you about. But after Jacob is the one who everyone dislikes. And, since Twilight, Bella’s relationship with Jacob has been misleading to him. She is being just like every other girl and leading him on, even though she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. Because of this Jacob gets ideas (I’m sure you can tell how smitten he is with her already) and that leads to bad things. These are the vague, non-spoiler reasons I can give you now about Jacob and the reasons for liking/disliking him.

  92. Char

    Jeepers Kaleb you’re a clever one! I wouldn’t be surprised if you figured out the entire NM plot before you even finish!

    I’m team Jacob. All there is to say really. Hes a good guy.

  93. McKenna

    I think that he did a wonderful job of keeping her happy and making sure that she doesn’t try to kill herself. ;] (Twilighters will get my little joke.)

    Personally, I’m tean Edward. But I also love Jacob for different reasons. They are completely different charcters and it’s really hard to compare them. I love them equally, but I think Edward is a better pick for Bella.

  94. Meghann

    Jacob doesn’t take advantage of Bella until Eclispe, thank god. Then Edward can back hand him[sadly he didn’t] I will adimitt I like New Moon Jacob because he helped Bella so much. So I can’t completely hate Jacob…He was good for her a one point. Oh, and Jacob is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from a safe friend. Believe me when I say that. There is a reason Edward hates Jacob and why Team E’s and Team J’s can’t comprimise on who is better for Bella. If that made any sense to you at all…Have fun reading.

    P.S. The bears are not what you think they are=]

  95. Deja

    I am Team Edward..
    Do I think Jacob helped?
    Of course he did…the first time I read it I was completely depressed that Edward wasn’t there..so I hated Jacob…he could never replace Edward..soon I was skipping all most of the book so I wouldn’t have to read and Jacob….because I would just get so sad..but when I re-read all of it again just two weeks ago..I began to understand that Bella would have been lost without Jacob..He really saved her.. not saying I like Jacob I mostly don’t but I appreciate him being there for Bella.. :)

  96. Natasha

    I’m Team Edward. I have a certain distaste for Jacob. He saw that she had her true love and he just kept forcing himself on her. I just wanted to shake him and say,

    ‘If you wanted Bella to choose you Jake, start acting nicer and mature. FYI, all this moping ain’t gonna get the girl.’

    He’s a nice guy, but he needs some dating tips big time.

  97. priyanka

    i am on team edward and i feel that jacob has really helped bella in new moon heal the wound of edward leaving, but i have to admit that in eclipse i felt that he was really, really getting on my nerves and that he actually was trying to steal bella away from edward, because when my friend was reading eclipse, she asked me if jacob dies at the end and i laugh and say no and ask her if she wants him to die and she says yes, so i shake my head and walk away. i just dont feel complete hatred or loating toward him….. :)

  98. Kristy

    My friends read the series before me, and made no effort to hide their contempt towards Jacob. Yet when reading New Moon, I couldn’t find it in me to loathe him the way they did.
    He puts life back into Bella, and stops her becoming a mere human body, who doesn’t think or feel, but just exists. He was not a moment too soon.
    If Bella hadn’t gone to Jacob at the time she did, who knows how she would have turned out?
    When I finally put New Moon down, I was in love with Jacob as much as I had been with Edward at the end of Twilight. As far as I was concerned, he had saved Bella’s life as much as Edward did when he stopped James.

    HOWEVER, though I still adore Jacob for this… I am a completely devoted member of Team Edward who gags at the thought of Bella and Jacob ending up together. PER-LEASE.

    But to answer your question, yes. I’m an Edward supporter who fully appreciates everything Jacob has done for Bella.

  99. Carol

    Well I’m Team Edward, Bella & Edward were meant to be together, but Edward leaving was stupid and I DO appreciate that Jacob helped Bella, otherwise it probably would have been a repeat of Romeo & Juliet. 😉

  100. BitterNatch

    Loathe him cos he’s taking advantage in full-consciousness XP!

  101. Elizabeth

    I am so very Team Edward it should be incorporated into my introduction when meeting strangers, but I do have a bit of fondness for Jacob. Jake is good for Bella in New Moon, who knows what might’ve happened had she not found him, but Jake’s only good if Edward doesn’t exist.

  102. Angelica

    Can the question about Jacob be asked again after Eclipse? I have a bit more of reason that goes into Eclipse and I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

  103. Alli

    Hey Kaleb! I just left the WP chat. That was so cool!!! I was both questions from Memphis, TN.

  104. Jacey Kristina

    I think that Jacob did I good job whith Edward gone. Good job Kaleb for finishing Chapter 6!!
    Keep on flipping! (the pages)

  105. Becky

    I’m Team Edward but I still love Jacob. He was there when she needed him. Jake saved her from herself, basically. He made her laugh when she was depressed and he was her friend when she needed one. Even Edward knows that!
    But I’m Team Edward because, come on- he’s Edward Cullen. He is the entire reason for the books. Without Edward, it’d be just another boring girl falls for her friend story.
    Bella and Edward are meant to be. It’s like Romeo and Juliet- you can’t have Romeo without Juliet or Juliet without Romeo. It’s just wrong. Minus the killing and death, the stories are very similar.

    Don’t get me wrong, Jake is an amazing guy. but he’s not the RIGHT guy for Bella.
    Plus, he does get annoying and rather… umm, wolfish (pun intended) at times.

    And the bears? Yeah, you’ll find out about them. Haha, one of the things few things even Kaleb Nation hasn’t seen coming-those pesky bears. 😀

  106. Aubrey

    Yeah, the “bears” definetly play a part. Good job catching on to that! But if I were you, I wouldn’t ask so many questions about Jacob right now, you might get spoilers if you keep on tempting people with your questions. As far as the Jacob/Bella friendship at this point in the book….I thank God that Jacob was there when Bella needed him, but that whole situation is very complicated. VERY COMPLICATED. Just keep reading and you’ll find out. And as for Edward…can that kind of agony even be described? Once your finished with New Moon go to Stephenie’s site and look at the New Moon extras and click on ‘Rosalie’s News’ that gives you a glimpse of Edward’s time without Bella.

  107. Amber

    Yes, you do find out a little bit about Edward’s sorrow during his time away from Bella, towards the end of the book. I won’t say anymore than that, because I don’t want to spoil it for you. AFTER you finish reading New Moon, go to Stephenie’s website and click on New Moon, and then Extras, and you can read a more in depth account of just how miserable Edward really was. It truly is heartbreaking to read.

    As for the Edward/Jacob issue. I am 100% Edward. I do not like Jacob, but I see the importance of him in the storylines. And even though I do not care for him, I want to see good things for him in the final book. He deserves his own happiness (as long as he leaves Bella and Edward the heck alone lol).

  108. Rae

    I’m Team Edward! You asked a question: whether Jacob was just taking advantage of Bella. Pfft, of course he isn’t. He’s as head-over-heels in love with her as Edward is. I believe you can love many different people at once, with different varying degrees and with different intentions in your heart. In the same token, I believe there is one person in your life who is destined to be your soul mate. I love Jacob to death and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t. But Edward is her soul mate. <3

  109. Becky

    forgot to say this in the first comment: Jacob is totally essential for the books! Without Jake, it would have turned out really, really different. In a bad way. I won’t spoil it for you, but anyone who’s read the end of New Moon knows what I’m talking about.


  110. Brittney

    yay team edward!!! 😀

    i think that jacob was just being the way he is: friendly and open and nice. i like jacob for bella, but only as a friend. i don’t think he was taking advantage of her. he was just trying to be a good friend.

  111. Anza

    I am completely and totally for Team Edward.

    That being said, I think Bella becoming friends with Jacob was the best possible thing for her relationship with Edward.

    Why? you might ask. Well, Bella and Edward’s relationship before was extremely unhealthy because Bella always thought of Edward being better than her. They were not equals. Jacob comes along and threatens Bella and Edward’s love. I think he meant to do that all along (hence me not liking him). However, in the end Bella’s love for Edward outmatched her hurt that he left.

    Jacob was the “smarter option” and she chose Edward over that. Bella befriending Jacob really puts into perspective just how much Bella and Edward belong together.

  112. Sam

    Yes, he does play a good part with bringing Edward back…but once you get into Eclipse, you’ll be able to tell why a lot of people are team Edward.

  113. erin


  114. Mary

    First of all, I’m amazed that no one has spoiled the bears yet. That’s great. Second of all, if I were on a team for who I thought Bella should end up with, then it would be team Edward. But I’m on a team for who I like the best personally, and that’s Jacob. And yes, I do think Bella isn’t worth it for Jacob. He should choose someone like…hmm..me!!! lol, jk. =]]]

    Most of the above comments have said anything else that I could, so I’m pretty much done now. Except TEAM JACOB and ONLY 8 MORE HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  115. Ladybuguboo

    I am so for Edward, but i will never deny that Jacob was the best thing that could have happened to her after he left. I really think that with Bella’s personality she would have eventually gone crazy from sadness. (Even if she didn’t show it) Heck, she is hearing voices in her head ALREADY!


  116. inmortal

    I looooooooooove Sam <3333333 Is my second favorite werewolf. Seth is my first. ORFGGG. Finish new moon already! LOL.

    As for the Jacob thing, I really love the way he is (and yeah he was good for Bella) but I’m not in love with him. He’s great as friend, but well… I don’t want to spoil you anything but there’s something that made me not love Jacob and you are gonna read it soon. I love his sarcasm though <3

  117. Alyson May

    The first time I finished the series, I was Team Edward. By the fourth time, I’d finished, I was still Team Edward, but I then wanted Jacob to MYSELF. =]

    I’d explain why, but it’d be heavily SPOILERED, so I’ll spare you until you finish New Moon.

  118. JLT

    As much as I loathe Jacob, I do admit that he did play a good part of helping Bella while Edward was gone. However, he becomes immature about so many things later on, and that is what makes me hate him. He tries to hold on to a season in his and Bella’s lives that is over. So in spite of his help during that time, I can’t stand him. :)

  119. Terrbear

    Well I’m a total Team Edward fan. For both Bella and myself! 😀
    The first time I read New Moon I, like everyone else, skimmed it. After being reassured I went back and Jacob came into the picture. I like the Before Jacob, but I am somewhat glad he’s there…in New Moon. Once someone comes back into this book in lets say..ooh chapter 17, I started to dislike him again. In Eclipse I wanted Edward to break his jaw. So I don’t love him. I dislike him actually, but I appriciate that he was here to fill a void in Bella’s life in this difficult time.

  120. Mara-Kate

    I am Team Edward!!! So yes, I do loathe the fact that Jacob takes advantage of Bella in her depressing state, like rebound-guy much? lol He should know he’ll always be second and not try to take advantage of someone who just wants a friend to make her smile… :) cant wait for the chat room!

  121. Kyra

    I’m really glad that Jacob was there to pick Bella up when she was down. I don’t even want to think about what might happened if he hadn’t been there for her.

  122. Ms. Paranoia

    I am a totally on Team Edward, forever! I don’t know, I just can’t picture Bella with anyone else but Edward. Edward and Bella have this magic connection, the bond that most of us can tell is true love. Bella and Jacob have that bond of friendship, but I can’t see or sense anything beyond that. Even when something happens in Ch. 23 of Eclipse (you’ll find out later =o), I just couldn’t bring myself to accept this one fact, it seemed wrong to me.

    Anyways, the first time I read New Moon I felt like I was somewhat skimming it, just waiting until Jacob would move out of the picture, because for many die-hard Edward fans we just kept flipping the pages, hoping he’d come back soon. But I do admit, I am glad that Jacob is Bella’s friend, because I wanted to see Bella at least a little happier after Edward left, and I think Jacob did a good job in that. I do feel a little bad for him though, because Bella was ultimately just using him, although she enjoyed his company as well.

    Hmm.. I liked Jacob from the chapters up to Ch.10.. I think from Ch.10 and on is when he started to go down in my eyes, and in Eclipse… I swear, I wished someone would punch him or something, GAH!… You’ll find out why later Kaleb.

    Another difference between Edward and Jacob is that Edward is much more mature than Jacob. Edward’s had about 100 years of experience, which is probably why he is the way he is, and Jacob is only 16, so he has a long way to go. Actually, I think it’s because he’s so immature (and it shows as the chapters and books progress) that I greatly dislike him.

    So basically.. I’m all for Edward, and Jacob was fine until this certain point in the books, which made me want to shoot him.

    Congrats on a million hits Kaleb, and I can’t wait for midnight tonight! I’ll be going to a midnight Borders party with my friend, so hooraay!!

  123. maku

    I’m edward’s team all the way, but I really must say I like Jacob quite a lot.If Bella hadnt met Edward I would totally like him, but if I compare my love for edward to the one I feel for Jacob, it’s totally out of question.
    But I think Jacob has been kind of great to Bella. Come on! He was the only one who helped her when she was a zombie! He is so funny and adventorous. With Jacob you won’t ever feel down or depressed.But he just isn’t the guy for Bella, not after she had met the love of her life.

    AND YES! Seth was named after Stephenie’s brother. And other character is named after other of Stephenie’s brother.They are soooooo cool, because they are the ones who taught her sister about all the cars that appear in the book

  124. Monica

    I am completely and 100% Team Edward, but I’m not a Jacob hater. I think it’s nice of him to take Bella under his wind and take care of her in Edward’s absence. Although I absolutely hate it when he bags on Edward! Poor Eddie, he’s probably sitting in a dark corner, not communicating with anyone and just moping and wallowing. T-T

  125. Monica

    Oh, and I must agree with Ms, Paranoia, I absolutely loathed Jacob in Eclipse! Also, to me, he started going down hill after around chapter 10. New Moon was kind of a blur to me, I don’t really remember many specific details because I think the entire time I was just waiting for Edward to reappear. It’s like it was 400 pages of blah blah blah in the middle where nothing really happened, besides Jacob and Bella being friends. It was my least favorite book out of all three, soon to be four.

  126. Monica

    Oops, not “wind”, “wing”.

  127. Krystle

    Hey Kaleb,
    You are very perceptive. Keep on the look out for the bears. Also, if you want something to think about, go back to the scene when Bella is alone after Edward has left. You should “listen” for something.
    I am on team Switzerland. I think Edward is great for Bella and that is really what she wants, but Jacob is there for Bella when Edward can not be. Jacob is the best friend that anyone could have! Also you can not blame Jacob for all the stupid things that he may do. He is 16 and making thing up as he goes. Doesn’t he deserve his happily ever after?
    Oh well we’ll find out in less than eight hours!!!

  128. Megan

    I think most of us Team Edward’s don’t really hate Jacob, but we don’t see him as right for Bella. I think that Jacob did a wonderful job in lifting Bella’s spirits in her time of need, but I think that Edward is so much better. He’s witty, selfless, sensitive, and not to mention extremely gorgeous. Jacob is happy and sweet, but he’s still very young, and despite the fact that Bella is only 18, she shows that she has a much older mind. Edward even comments on that in Twilight. Jake deserves a happy ending too, but I just don’t see him as the right guy for Bella. :) Enjoy reading New Moon! I suggested a ton of songs so hopefully one of them ends up for a chapter! :)

  129. Megan

    Ooo, and a few more things about Jacob, he really annoys me in Eclipse! He’s also very mean to Edward, and although I’m sure Edward would like to say some mean things too, he doesn’t because he cares that much about Bella, that he’d hate to say anything like that that would get her upset. Eddiepus is so sweet!!! ha! Team Edward!

  130. angealyn

    I am not Jacob’s biggest fan, but I really and truly believe he is the best thing that could happen to Bella at this particular moment in her life. He’s bringing her back to life. It might seem a bit too much to say, but I think it’s true.

  131. Esmel

    “”I wonder if this Seth was named after Seth the Famous Webmaster “”

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

    Yes, Seth is one of Stephenie’s siblings, all of whom are mentioned somewhere in the series. (Seth, Jacob, etc.)

    And yes, Jacob was a huge help in bringing Bella up from her depression. If not for him, a hugely important event might never have taked place later on in the book…. Most people seem to forget about that…

  132. Lindsay

    In New Moon, I think Jacob is a saint. I am very grateful that he is there for Bella when Edward isn’t. However, this changes GREATLY in Eclipse. Jacob becomes annoying and stupid and is also getting in the way of everything.

    Before I read Eclipse, I thought he was amazing.

  133. Audree

    I love Jacob. I think he plays a VERY important role in the story and with out him, there would be no story. As much as I love Edward, and know he’s the right one for Bella, I can’t help but love Jacob too.

  134. jessie

    i am team edward but i love jacob too. you will see in eclipse why so many people dislike jacob so much. i think they forgot how important and sweet he was to bella.

  135. jessie

    i am team edward but i love jacob too. you will see in eclipse why so many people dislike jacob so much. i think they forgot how important and sweet he was to bella.

  136. jessie

    sorry for posting twice my computer spazzed!

  137. Audrey

    The more I read the series, the more I love Jacob.

    When I first read New Moon, I thought Jacob was a great character –that changed when I read Eclipse. I was like Bella, I missed the NM Jacob.

    Fire and Ice (in Eclipse) is my all-time favorite chapter in all of the series :) I can’t wait until you read /that/ chapter, Kaleb xD

    Though…it’d probably take you a year to get to that part 😛 Haha.

  138. Hannahkin

    we-e-ell…. i was gonna read all 133 comments just to make sure that i wasn’t repeating what someone else has already said, since repetition is pretty much a crime. but i ran out of steam, so never mind!

    from the “acknowledgements” section of my Sadly Abused* copy of New Moon: “Thanks to all my siblings, Emily, Heidi, Paul, Seth, and Jacob, for letting me borrow your names. I hope I didn’t do anything with them that makes you wish you hadn’t.”

    so there you have it! 😀

    i’m glad that you see Jacob, and Bella, so well! :) it makes my heart hurt when people talk about how stupid/irritating/ugly Jacob is, or likewise with Bella – i’ve read numerous blogs of girls who absolutely HATE Bella, simply because she’s got a hot vampire boyfriend/sweetheart Quileute best friend! i read the books for all of the characters, not just for Edward or Jacob. in fact, i’m the Leader of Team Indecisive, since i can’t choose who i love the most between Edward and Jacob :) it’s like Team Switzerland, i suppose… i just forgot the witty Switzerland comment when becoming a team leader. whoops! :/

    gah. people should stop talking about Eclipse!! naughties, don’t you know Kaleb is only on the SECOND book? teehee :)

    *never lend your favourite books out to your friends. they will Abuse them! it’s so sad… *sniffle*

  139. Debbie

    I am Team Edward, but I have a soft spot for Jacob. Remember, in Twilight, he obviously had a crush on Bella, so he is definitely taking advantage of the situation. However, he genuinely cares about Bella, but he’s a real teen. Edward is a teen with a century of experience. Jake treats Bella like a typical teen, while Edward treats her like a fragile doll.

  140. kate

    okay so breaking dawn will be out really soon know!!!!!
    i hope that bella will pick edward because if she chose jacob he can leave her when he finds his other half/soul mate.and im shure bella dosent want to go through that kind of thing again-it was bad enough when edward left her for a while for her.pluss itt just makes more sence if she chose edward.-right?

  141. Hannah Leigh

    I don’t think that I really hated Jacob…I just think that I resented him for taking the place that Edward kinda left open as guardian, friend, comforter, protector…I just felt like he shouldn’t even be there. That this story was about Bella and Edward. When really I should have blamed Edward for leaving.
    And then I looked back on it and I figured that it was good Jacob was there for Bella. I kinda think he kept her alive and well in some ways. I don’t know where she would be without him. But in Eclipse I really started to hate him for some of the things he did. And then I got better. But I am not Team Jacob at all!

  142. emily wibser

    hey so i think that mabey edward should get bella and mabey jacob with tanya cuz tanya wasnt realy for edward and lauren is dead because of jacob but tanya hasnt acuatly seen jake befor or visa versa.
    it would make a perfect story line

  143. kate

    okay if bella and edward dies im going to freak!!!!!!!

    and if jacob is so dumb to think e wans to kill bella than TEAM EDWARD ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    id still be team edward even if jacob didnt want to kill her

  144. vivs

    omg! i cant wait for tonight! 😀

    and about that jacob and edward you asked. well i in my opinion think he really helped bella out. and even though i may be on edwards team…i think jacob is an awesome character and also one of my favorite characters. and he’s funny. 😛

    you rock kaleb..and keep ip the good work!

  145. Briana

    5 hours until we see who wins-Team Edward or Team Jacob.

  146. Meghan

    I’m completely Team Edward, but I do think that Jacob played a good role in Bella’s life. He helped stitch her heart together again. I would like Jacob more, I think, if he wanted to stay just friends with her, instead of being so damn persistent. 😛

  147. Brianna

    I am completely and utterly TEAM EDWARD I mean Jacob is nice and all, but he just does not even come close to Edward’s Romantic Perfection and such!! Edward and Bella are just meant to be together and that is all that matters! Jacob needs to GO AWAY FOREVER so Edward and Bella can live happily ever after!!!

  148. Hihi

    Arg! I really want to tell you spoilers! ARG! I sound like a pirate now. Anyways, keep reading so when you get to a certain chapter, I won’t have this craving to tell you everything that happens gnawing at me. ARG!!!!!!!

  149. Hihi

    :) Keep reading Kaleb!

  150. Carrie

    I wish I could be more diplomatic about it, but I really dislike Jacob. I liked him in “Twilight”. I liked him for about half of “New Moon”, then he started to irk me. In “Eclipse”, he drove me absolutely nuts. I wanted to skip over all of the parts he was in. I’m just hoping he won’t be as annoying in BD. I think that Edward & Bella are obviously meant to be, and I can’t even fault Edward for leaving her in NM because of his reasons for doing so. It was silly of him to think that he and Bella could ever be w/o one another for very long, but by the end of NM and while you’re reading “Eclipse”, I think you’ll find that what he did was kind of necessary.

  151. Tracy

    My advise to you would be to read the “extras” section in the New Moon page of Stephenie’s website, it will give you an insight into Edwards state of mind (as well as a couple of other charaters). But don’t read it until you have finished the book. Some of the out takes are not bad either. I’m TEAM SWITZERLAND myself, but swaying a little more towards TEAM EDWARD.

  152. Elise

    I think it’s good he was there for bella. She really needed him at that point in her life. Without him she might have killed herslef or done something else totally drastic.

  153. Elise

    but I’m still Team Edward all the way!

  154. Morgan

    I think Jacob plays a huge part in helping Bella get back on her feet so to say, but really he was kind of taking advantage of Bella while Edward was away because she was crushed when he left and he is helping her but he needs to back down when she wants him too.
    Go Team Edward!!!!

  155. Erin

    I am definately Team Edward. But, if Jacob hadn’t been there during New Moon there wouldn’t be an Eclipse. Period. Bella would have wasted away and probably killed herself, and it wouldn’t have been an entire accident.
    Anyways, I had to mention this once you mentioned Sam. After you read chapter 12, go back and reread the part where Edward leaves. Or, if it’s still too painful, after you finish the book. But go reread it. Trust me, it’s worth it. Especially right before Sam saves her… *winkwink*
    Happy reading!

  156. gina

    in ur question to team twilighters ive always liked jacob and wen edward left i thought that jacob and bella were perfect for each other, though i still preferred edward and bella over jacob and bella. then something happened (a spoiler if i tell you) and then i saw a new more, i suppose, “rougher” side of jacob and mroe “selfish” side. Then in ‘eclipse’ i fully moved from being a team edward-er and jacob-er to a team edward-er.

  157. Alice Cullen

    i’m Team Edward all the way, but yes, i must agree, Jacob HAS played a part, big or small, in helping Bella out of her sullen-ness.There are many differences between jacob and edward. their behaviors, reactions, thoughts, and regards as to what Bella should to to b safe, and where the line of that safety is crossed. I feel bad for Jacob, *maybe its because i’ve been brwosing threw twilight fanfiction to waste time and have seen other sides to the story,* but idk anymore. I want Bella to be with Edward, and they are perfect for each other, but the only thing that makes Jacob seem unworthy to me, is how many times he loses her trust. Jacob repeatedly angers Bella, throwing her into a frenzy and grudge, but lucky for him, she isn’t one to hold grudges. So, evertime he gets off lose after acouple of days or so. Edward on the other hand, wants nothing to do with anything that could push her away from him,especially losing her trust. He holds her at the highest position of importance in his life…
    idk. i think i’m close to Team Switzerland, but still on Team Edward. My thoughts are muddled and confused. They shall b cleared by august 4th (thanx to my luck of ordering from amazon,my copy of BD is probably gonna come in late;given that i live in the U.S. and it comes out in about…53 minutes..:()

  158. Stephanie


  159. christina

    congrats on the millionth mark!:)

    and as for your question, i do think that jacob deserves major credit for bringing bella out of her funk so to speak. and while i am definitely team edward, i do appreciate jacob for the friend that he is to bella. but he does use it to his advantage and that’s not nice of him at all! all of my dislike for him comes from certain things he does later on in new moon and especially in eclipse. and you will discover those and the importance of the bears and such soon! i can’t wait!

  160. angela

    completely agree with you Carrie. I couldn’t have said it better.

  161. angela

    go team edward!

  162. Maddy

    I like that Jacob has been there as a friend and no.. right now he doesn’t seem to be taking advantage of it anyway… maybe just a bit… but not really pushing it. BUt I must way… Jacob is no Edward… while he is a good person.. it will always be Edward and Bella for me.. not Jacob and Bella. It’s not because of who’s better than who… it just IS. And as for what Edward is up to… you’ll find out later.. but how do YOU think he’s doing? Definitely not off to party…

  163. maria

    i am team edward. but jacob is a really great guy. if it wasnt for him, who knows what couldve happened to bella. i wnat him to rind his own happy endign, cuz hes a great guy, however, i do think edward and bella are menat to be together, btu jacob shoudlk be a part of her life cuz he helped her os much. hes like a really really great best friend

  164. Christy

    I completely loathe him!! But I sure if if you asked me the first time i was reading New Moon my opinion would be different but now I have a deep hatred for Jacob. Ohh and you find out about Sam Uley and his uneasiness around Edward soon. Haha I can not wait for your reaction!! xD Oh and same thing with the bears; cannot wait. *laughs*

  165. Kristina

    Ok. First off, I’m 1000% Team Edward. And I’m answering your question about Jacob. Personally, I have absolutely nothing against Jake. I actually think, in real life, I’d like Jacob more, based on personality. So yes, I like Jacob, just not for Bella. I think he played a crucial role in Bella’s recovery after Edward left. He’s a pretty important character overall, and I’m glad that he was there to pick up the pieces when Bella fell into a zombie like state. :)

  166. taylor

    I am 500000% Team Jacob. I think that he is better for Bella and he is the better “man”. But I also think that Bella should choose edward because I want to marry Jacob.
    ANd Jacob is NOT safe, you will find that out later I promise! And yes Seth the werewolf is named after seth the web master!
    P.S. BREAKING DAWN IS OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (now I just have ot wait till morning to get it!)

  167. Katie ~

    You’re totally right, Kristina. So people, don’t be hatin’ on Jake!

  168. Lizzie

    I am niether Team Edward or Team Jacob. I think Jacob was helping Bella and doning the decent thing seeing how broken Bella was after Edward left. He was trying to help repair the proverbial and literal mess that Edward left.

  169. Jennifer

    I don’t hate Jacob, I’ve just never thought of him as a romantic role for Bella, he does a lot for Bella at this time however. I think he takes advantage a little bit because she is severely volunerable but at the same time Bella needs a friend. She needs something new in her life. Something that won’t necessarily take the place of Edward but something that will make her feel anything. She’s been numb for so long after Edward, she needs something. And at the moment that something is Jacob.

  170. Dani

    Team Edward all the way! but this doesnt mean i hate Jacob. like many others have posted before me, i think jacob plays an important roll in bring bella back from the depression that was threatening to keep her there. Jacob is a great friend for Bella and i like him. BUT there a lot of things that Jacob does that just irritates me, not so much in New Moon, more in Eclipse, you just wait and see. Jacob wants more from Bella than just friendship and i think thats where many team edward fans start to hate jacob, he is constantly trying to cross that friendship line into something more and its frustrating.
    I like jacob, but only when hes being “bella’s jacob” and not the jacob we want to hit.

  171. Krystol

    All I can say is he is a good friend in her darkest hour. I always liked him when he was smiley and good for her. When he was a jerk… not so much.

  172. Katie Beth

    Unfortunately I have to admit that Jacob is good for Bella. He kinda screws it all up, but he brings her out of her depression and that’s the important thing. I liked him more the second time I read New Moon, too… I still need to reread Eclipse (pardon me while I pummel the mailman), but I’m interested to see if I still like him. 😛 Of course, I blame Taylor Lautner for my increased tolerance of Jacob. Darn the boy.

  173. Katie Beth

    Lol, I did *not* use profanity above… the r and the n got squished together, in case anyone misreads that. :-) Sorry.

  174. Pruedence110588

    Well, I’m TEAM SWITZERLAND all the way, you can’t make me choose!

    …Don’t worry, all the Switzerland comments will make sense later.

    And yes, keep your eyes peeled for those big bear sightings…their purpose will become clear soon :)

  175. Brittany

    I say that just because we’re pro-Edward doesn’t mean we’re anti-Jacob. (Sometimes we’re irritated with him, but sometimes he’s really super awesome, as you’ll see.) Jake is a genuine good friend to Bella, and, yes, he’s exactly what she needs right now.

    Don’t worry, they themselves talk about this later on in the book(s).

  176. Ari

    I am a Team Edward girl, but, though it hurts to admit it, Jacob did help Bella while Edward isn’t there. We talked about that with Stephenie Meyer in New York! (Ya! I went, and she said how are you, all I could say was thanks, i was awed.)

  177. Tesa

    I am team Switzerland because i think Edward and Jacob are too good for Bella. I have preference for Edward, but i think Jacob was a great friend to Bella and to anyone going through what she’s going through(on second thought, probably not that many people go through the proccess of getting dumped by their vampire bf..i hope)..anyway, I love your site!keep up the great work!
    ps: it was really hard for me not to give spoilers in this comment, but i managed!Yay

  178. Aishah

    If I’m not wrong, Stephenie did name Seth Clearwater after her brother. I think it was because that her other siblings were jealous of seeing their other broter, Jacob’s name in the book.

  179. Aubree

    Im definitely Team Edward but in a way I apprecaite Jacob for what he did and how he was there for Bella. Bella went through an extreme of what most people do when there is a breakup. I can only imagine how Bella would have been if Jacob wasnt there. It wouldnt have been a pretty site. He is a good guy, a great friend! At times I find myself wishing that he hadnt been there mainly because Im so for Edward but I know that really it was best that Jacob was around.

  180. Ley Ley

    To respond to your question to Team Edward people:
    I was extremely grateful to Jacob for making Bella laugh again (sad, that I think of fictional characters that way.) But, at the same time, I was so worried and sort of frustrated with Bella because it seems like she’s getting over Edward. I mean, I want Bella to be happy, but…it’s hard to explain, but I think you understand what I’m saying.

  181. Dylan

    Hey Caleb!

    I think Jake definatly plays an important role helping bella grow as a person! I mean granted I think she’d always miss him when he was gone etc, but I think she finds out that as long as she has someone else there also or a group of peoplke it can make it much easier and that edward doesn’t have to be the only person to occupy her thoughts no matter how much she’d like it. I think through everything in this book with him leaving and jake comming into her life, it’s givin her more of as skill with being with out him and also probably having closer relations with other friend-ish people! ^_^ woot! >_<

  182. Dylan

    Hey Caleb!
    I think Jake definatly plays an important role helping bella grow as a person! I mean granted I think she’d always miss him when he was gone etc, but I think she finds out that as long as she has someone else there also or a group of people it can make it much easier and that edward doesn’t have to be the only person to occupy her thoughts no matter how much she’d like it. I think through everything in this book with him leaving and jake comming into her life, it’s givin her more of as skill with being with out him and also probably having closer relations with other friend-ish people! ^_^ woot! >_<

  183. Kaitlyn

    I am unquestionably team Edward, but I am glad Jacob was there for Bella. If he wasn’t, who knows? Maybe one day she would have snapped and shot herself with Charlie’s gun or jumped off a cliff 😉

    However, I do hate the Jacob in Eclipse.

  184. Tonya

    I dispised Jacob when I first read the book. Not because of what’s happened so far, but because of things he did after this and in the 3rd book. After reading them a few times though, I’ve come to truely love Jacob as well. He was definitly a great friend to her. However, I am still whole heartedly Team Edward. If I say anymore I may give something away.

  185. Elizabeth

    I like Jacob, but he doesnt even start to compare to Edward.

  186. Rachel

    I am on team Edward, but I do believe that, without Jacob, Bella would have not been herself until the return of Edward. I used to think that I did not like Jacob, but Breaking Dawn really changed my point of view on the guy. You’ll see why later ;P.

  187. Caro :D

    I think for the song in chapter 7 should be:

    Pocketfull of Sunshine – Natasha Bedindgfield

  188. Whittney

    There is one teeny problem that I have with something you said, Kaleb – the quote follows.

    “if she reacted in this way to Edward leaving, how much more so is it painful for him?”

    More painful? For Edward? Sure, he is a vampire and experiences things much more intensely than Bella does. But Edward leaves knowing that Bella still loves him, whereas he left her with perhaps the cruelest thing a girl can hear: that he *doesn’t want her* any more. That he does. Not. Love. Her.

    Bella’s conviction of this is utter and complete, as we see from the rest of New Moon and as Edward could undoubtedly see in her reaction. Maybe I am biased, being a girl, but… I can’t help believe that Bella suffers more. At least Edward knows that the person he loves still loves him completely. Bella has to try to put herself together believe either that the vampire she thought loved her so vehemently has fallen out of love with her, or that he never truly loved her in the first place. Either is devastating.

    I am wholly Team Edward, and I understand… why he took the actions he did and lied to her that way, but I think he only could have done so because he doesn’t understand how much Bella loves and needs him – and how horribly world-demolishing that belief is.

    Love all your opinions and writing on Twilight so far – belated welcome to the family! (I’ve been reading since the beginning, but not posted til now :) )

  189. Courtney

    i am definitely team edward,
    but in the beginning, i hated that jacob came in and took edwards place,
    cuz i wanted edward in the book so bad,
    but after reading it a few times,
    i kinda like jacob and think its a good thing that he made bella happier than usual,
    she REALLY needed it

  190. savannah

    they areent bears. they’re . . . large (to say the least) wolves

  191. Joanne Maria

    I think Jacob played a pivitol role in keeping Bella alive. Jacob truly cares for Bella and only wants the best for her. Most times it is hard to let go of things we care about. Bella really needed Jacob at this point in her life.

    I am Team Edward, but I do not dislike Jacob, as a matter of fact Jacob is like most of the guys I grew up with and dated.

    There are no Edwards in the BRONX…

  192. mckenzie

    I am vey much Team Edward and I think Jacob is a very nice,good guy and very important to Bella. I JUST SO HAPPEN to prefer Edward, especially for Bella. I see the difference between Jacob and Edward as the difference between a bag of peanut M&M’s and a chocolate covered strawberry, both things that I like, one I just happen to like more.

  193. Ella

    I’m team Edward, I do like Jake, but JUST AS A BROTHERLY character

  194. Steph

    Ahaha, I think you’ll find that a lot of the characters from the Rez have been named after Stephenie’s brothers and friends.
    I can’t loathe Jake completely, he DID help Bella… I’m certain she preferred having him around to the otherwise suffocating pain. BUT, and this is a big but, as you’ll find out, Jake is NOT as happy and innocent as he seems. He is seriously flawed, even more so than Edward. Edward, at least, has Bella’s best interests at heart. He did this for her. If Jake loved Bella the way Edward did, he would never leave her. I don’t care if that’s seen as a good thing. Edward leaving proves he would put Bella’s overall well being before ANYTHING, his own happiness and Bella’s. Sure Jake goes out of his way to make her happy, but if leaving made her sad, would he do it? I doubt it.

  195. lecia

    ok… so i know this is an old page but i am catching up. and i love jacob but not as a pair with bella. im so glad that he was there to cheer her up because the book brought me to tears in chapter 3 it was nice to imagen her smile again. and sam uley was also metioned in the first book incase you didnt remember. he sparked bellas curiousity about the cullens by saying they werent allowed to come to la push ;]

  196. Miranda

    I’m a loyal Team Edward. I think that Jacob played a part in her sanity for this book however the effects in the later books are never ending… Its a tough call really. I don’t loath him,its really far from it. Part of me knows what a good friend he is to Bella, and the other part of me wishes that he would just go away… Its like being between a rock and a hard place.. ugg

  197. LaBandita

    Just read this chapter. And we can just hope that it’s just Emmet who’s lurking around in the park ;3 Even if it’s not that probable ^^
    Really like this blog. Great job!

    /Stupid swedish girl.

  198. lissy

    I love Jacob. I am not on either “teams” though. I think Bella should be with who she wants to be with. But I really appreciate the presence of a love triangle. Without it, these books would be too disgustingly sweet. I think he brings a bit of a balance to all the other love sickness between Bella and Edward besides Edward’s absence.

  199. E

    Yes, Seth is named after her brother, Seth the Famous Webmaster. You can read that in her thank you’s at the back of the book… she named a character after each of her siblings.

  200. spookybell

    You probably already have this responded to… Yes, Seth is named after Seth.

    I love that Jacob and Edward are so different because I can freely love them both. I can’t wait to see how you feel as you read more… I think you will love them both also. You are open minded and level headed.

  201. spookybell

    um… well I feel stupid. Clearly the answer is right above mine. Sheesh… I should read better. I am just excited to read your post on the next chapter.

  202. Tianna

    Interesting.. hmm.. You’ve given me quiet a bit to rethink in that book. 😛
    I do like Jacob for bringing her out of the ‘Black Depression’, and I kinda hated Edward for leaving her like that.

    But, since I love Edward on a deep level, I didn’t throughly /hate/ him.

    So far in the series, I see how Bella likes Jake and how Seth and all of them at the reservation effect her in a positive way.

    … I think I was rambling a bit there.

  203. Clara Renee

    WAIT WAIT WAIT! ever thinking that Bells could ever forget Edward in any way is blasphemy!!! (And this is coming from a Team Jacob all the way) She doesn’t think his name because it hurts so much to think about him (hence the numbness) the only time she can think about him without wanting to tear out her heart and brain is when she hears his voice. (which first time I read it I thought it was some kind of vampire vodoo and that he really was talking to her man was I wrong)

  204. Amanda

    Even though I hate Jacob, I do give him credit for being there for Bella when she needed him.
    I just wish he would have left when she didn’t anymore. kidding. Somewhat. Also, Ha. Bella safe with Jacob. That’s hillarious!

  205. Jenny

    At this point in the series I think that Jacob is a great friend for bella. The only problem (right now) is that he wants too much. Eclipse He is worse than Anything! And the first 2 1/2 books of breaking dawn. I have always been Team Edward -except for about 3 hours after I read that he left.

  206. Maddy

    Jacob IS a good friend at this point.. it’s only later that he does seem to take advantage somewhat… and you know.. he can fill in the cracks in Bella’s heart.. but he can’t fill her heart 😉

  207. Linda

    New Moon is an intense book. I think Bella and Edward belongs together, no question. But Jacob shouldn’t be hated for being there. Edward left Bella, no matter for what reason, but I think it was not okay to just, Kaboom, and disappear. i feel her pain. and Jacob really did help in aiding the heartache. He’s a distraction. But i pity jacob though, Bella seems like a pretty selfish person isn’t she? Just my 2 cents though.

  208. Linda

    and I haven’t yet decided on which team I want to side in, although of course I’m leaning towards team Edward for various reasons. And mostly because I think a vampire is way cool than a filthy animal(as my friend would say it). But Jacob is only 16, he’s so young, but at least still manages to make Bella happy.

  209. Tori Schmitz

    I’m completely Team Edward never wavered. Though I’m glad in ways that jacob was there to help Bella out of her slum- i also wonder if that was better leading to attatchments. Jacob, where edward would drag Bella to talk, for the most part monopolizes the conversation- whether it be becasue he sees the pain and how much it strains her to be normal or because he’s just the arrogant jerky 16year old boy that is taking the chance to win Bella’s attention while she’s down in the dumps and hurting because of Edward.

  210. Kristen

    Okay. I’m so Team Edward, it’s crazy! But, I’m working my way through the series again, so I’m reading your old posts as I finish the chapters again myself. I know you read the comments and don’t always reply, but this is the second time I’ve heard you mention that you wondered what Edward could be doing, how he feels. Have you ever read the New Moon extras on Stephenie’s website? If not, please read them, and if so…what did you think? Did you like getting a glimpse of what Edward was going through?

    And as I said before, I’m an avid Team Edward fan, but reading the book again has really helped my opinion of Jacob. I do like ihim more now, though I’m sure those feelings won’t last once I get through Eclipse the third time(yeah, i read eclipse out of order, it’s my favorite).

  211. jenb

    k so I know this is a late comment but this is my first time reading this blog (I’m going through & reading all of them now)

    I am totally TEAM EDWARD! And I actually like Jacob in NM I think he’s a good friend for Bella. It isn’t until Eclipse that he REALLY gets on my nerves & bugs me & makes me mad & reminds me of an annoying immature jealous teenage boy.

  212. TheAnswerToLifeIs

    Team Edward, though that does not,however, mean that I abhor Jacob. In all honesty, I love him! He's such a funny character, even in Eclipse, when everybody else is like, “Um, Edward's back…why are you here?” Which is stupid, because in New Moon it was established that Jacob is in love with Bella, so it would be incredibly inept to believe that he would just go, “POOF!” gone. And by the way, Kaleb, I know I'm not spoiling things for you because you're on Breaking Dawn now. So please everyone, if you happen to be reeeaaaallly unobservant, and don't notice the date on this, don't reply like, “OMG she like totally ruined it! Poor Kaleb!” Teenage girls, (or guys – this IS twilightGUY.com) if you don't happen to speak like that, I'm sorry, that just happens to be my common perception of most girls who read Twilight. Yes, this fandom is full of crazy fangirls that make me want to slap someone. P.S. Kaleb, I can't WAIT for your book. Luckily, I only have to wait for three more days. Yay! I love you Kaleb! -Kate

  213. kfffyyfu


  214. Kassl Cullen

    MMMM, I´m totally Team Edward, and I think is great Jacob made Bella a little happier, ´cause if Edward came back and saw Bella so depressed he´ll try to kill himself, I really didn´t hated Jacob untill Breaking Dawn, I mean, he deserves a happy ending but, he promise to love Bella forever, he promise that Bella would be the only girl he´ll love and he IMPRINTS HER DAUGHTER!!!!! That´s why I hate him, but I have always been Team Edward, even when he leaves I cry.

  215. Kassl Cullen

    MMMM, I´m totally Team Edward, and I think is great Jacob made Bella a little happier, ´cause if Edward came back and saw Bella so depressed he´ll try to kill himself, I really didn´t hated Jacob untill Breaking Dawn, I mean, he deserves a happy ending but, he promise to love Bella forever, he promise that Bella would be the only girl he´ll love and he IMPRINTS HER DAUGHTER!!!!! That´s why I hate him, but I have always been Team Edward, even when he leaves I cry.

  216. Lauray72

    Jacob wasn't taking advantage of Bella.  I think that Bella needed him to get out of the dumps that she was in.  BUT that being said, he does be come a complication in the future…

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