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Midnight Sun Leak

August 30th, 2008 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

Most of you have probably already heard about the leak of Midnight Sun, and Stephenie’s response. If you haven’t, or are one of those people who downloaded the illegal copies, head on over to this page and read what Stephenie has to say about it; and if you are still up to it, to download a legal version of it.

I’d really like to know people’s thoughts on what they read and what has happened as a result. I haven’t read it yet but as this is Edward’s view of Twilight, I’m sure I won’t be too spoilered by the comments.

Also, there were rules in the chatroom that you couldn’t talk about the Midnight Sun leak, but now that it is out you can talk about the book and the chapters in the chat as well.

Some of the Twilight websites are planning some things to show Stephenie our support. I’m out of town but I’ll post some of those up to get involved in as soon as I can, so that Stephenie knows she still has all our support.

ADDED: My response to the Midnight Sun leak and the resulting media attention is here.

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  1. *JAMIE*

    Hey Kaleb.
    I was completely infuriated about the Midnight Sun leak. I wrote a blog about it on my MySpace to try to get out some of my feelings. Its just such a violation for Stephenie and to all of her loyal fans who were anticipating Midnight Sun. If you want to read it check out my MySpace, its the same name as above and Im one of your friends. Hope your semester is going well. :)

  2. Meagen Hollandsworth

    I made this petition in response the leak. It is in support of Stephenie Meyer and calls for a stop to the abuse and theivery of her work. Please take the time to check it out, sign it if you agree and I pass it along to anyone you know who might feel the same way.

    Here’s the link:

    Here is a partial transcript of my petition statement:

    “This petition is a demand for respect for Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga, and the work she has created (both Twilight related and otherwise).

    Ms. Meyer has suffered brutal attacks against her work and her personal character since becoming a famed best-selling author. This comes with the territory to a certain extent and is expected from critics, but the injustices that inspired this petition are the crimes committed against her by her own fans. She has been berated & belittled, set to extremely high and unreasonable standards & expectations, and worst of all, repeatedly had her work literally stolen from her and illegally mass distributed by people who call themselves her fans.

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was the last and most grave injustice, the thievery of a partial rough draft of her unfinished novel, Midnight Sun. A loss that not only is an extremely painful and deeply personal violation to Ms. Meyer, but incidentally robs the fans themselves of what could have been one of the most amazing additions to Ms. Meyer’s list of works.

    A huge section of her fan base has taken their obsession to a level so mutated by greed for all things Twilight that they have seemingly come to believe that their “loyalty” has given them some sort of claim on anything Ms. Meyer creates. They are under the delusion that they are entitled to her work, whether they have her permission or not. Also, they believe that their opinions on her stories and characters should be the final word on what gets written by Ms. Meyer.

    This petition is a call to all who will sign it. It calls for a promise to never read a piece of work produced by Stephenie Meyer without first being absolutely sure that Ms. Meyer intended for it to be read at that time and in that capacity; to never say a word against Stephenie Meyer or her work that is not an honest and constructive opinion or criticism; and to first and foremost, always respect and appreciate Stephenie Meyer and the amazing work that she has so generously shared with us all.

    Please sign in support of this promise. This is not an expectation or plea for her to write anything except for what she wishes to write. And if she chooses to share those writings with us, we should feel blessed and graciously accept a second chance to be her fans, no matter what form she gives it to us in.

    I personally refuse to call myself a Twilighter again until there are at least 1,000 signatures on this petition. I am embarrassed and ashamed to count myself among a group that I can’t be sure is completely made up of something I support. I need to have my faith in this fandom restored.”

  3. Morgan

    I may be alone on this, but the way she handled the situation (I’m talking about her saying she isn’t going to write any more, not her anger) and is treating her fans as a whole has made it very hard for me to feel sorry for her.

  4. Jaina

    I read the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun after Stephenie posted it one her sight, and I have to say “Wow”. I always thought I understood Edward and his feelings and motivations, but upon reading I discovered so much more than I could ever have hoped to find. The story is such a treat from Edward’s point of view, being in on everyone’s thoughts and all the Cullen’s behavior that we miss when Bella is telling the story. If it is possible, I now love Edward and Alice more than ever. Why someone would want to ruin that experience and post Stephenie’s work without her permission is beyond me. Reading the entry on her website made me want to cry, and I, along with my friends, are writing letters of encouragement to Stephenie, to be sent ASAP. I’m sure she feels betrayed and defeated now, and she needs to know just how many people will stand with her in her time of need.

  5. Cyndi

    I am truly devastated that it’s been put indefinitely. I was looking forward to Midnight Sun especially after Breaking Dawn and it really sucks that this had to happen. I haven’t read it yet and I probably wont unless we get the full story. It’s not fair to leave us hanging with only 12 chapters granted we know the outcome. I wish she would finish it…We love her and want to read it so I hope she sees all of our support and does something about it. When life gets you down you can’t just give up!

  6. Cullenist

    I read it..and it was absolutley wonderful!..But I’m a bit dissapointed when she says she might not publish it at all…people will buy the book no matter what and all the people that’s lookingforward to it….ket’s just say thats a lot of people (and after reading the parial draft..they have a good reason)
    So please Stephenie Meyer…write it!
    (also..the draft ended a very short time befor the meadown scene…whichis very annoying..)

  7. Lauren

    Reading the chapters on her website has made me even more desperate to read the final copy.

    I desperately want a copy of Midnight Sun to display next to the others.

    I think that Stephenie should try to find the silver lining. Her fans love what she’s done so far … she should keep going!!

    I’m considering the leak of MD as a teaser for what to expect in the future.



  8. iivxx

    Well, i sort of expected this post hours ago.

    But when i found about about this I was really really shocked!! I’m sooo sad….
    I can’t believe this…
    PLease please please finish it stephenie. I, no, WE believe in you.

  9. Victoria

    I personally haven’t read it.

    I don’t want to. I have been itching for anything Twilight for the past year and had such a very hard time to not ruin Breaking Dawn for myself, but after I read Stephenie’s post on her website (I actually hadn’t heard of the leak before Stephenie’s post) I was completely devastated.

    I have been spending a lot of time on the Twilight Source forum yesterday and I can’t believe the opinions and suspicions that are going round there. I’m literally appalled about how people are responding and whole-heartedly support Meagen Hollandsworth’s petition. I will be signing momentarily.

    Personally, I would prefer the draft not be discussed anywhere, because although we know the basic plot line, Edward does spend a lot of time without Bella and from what I’ve understood there IS a gihugic amount of new material in the draft. I prefer not to be spoiled, as I’m still hoping with all my heart that Stephenie will return to the manuscript. I’m still hoping that one day I will be holding what is most likely my favourite Twilight novel and I will be able to read it unspoiled. But Kaleb – your choice on how to handle moderation of the matter is yours and you should carefully deliberate it.

    That said, you have already deduced that I will not come anywhere near the draft and have no desire at all to read it. I know that there are a lot of people like me, that are disgusted with everything that has happened and have made the conscious decision not to read the leaked draft OR the extended version that Stephenie has posted herself. And until we have heard from her personally that the book will indeed not ever be written past the draft that it is now, my conviction stays. I sincerely hope that this day will never come. If it does, I and many of you will, together with Stephenie, be mourning a death of a book that should have been.

    All this I expressed yesterday on my own little book blog (doesn’t get read much, but I’m happy in my little corner of the internet). I wrote a post with my initial reaction and after that wrote a personal letter to Stephenie to express the feelings for which I had no other means of expressing. When interested, click on my name above to visit my website.

    Good luck and spirits to all people that still call themselves fans.


  10. Victoria

    Just a little excerpt from my original blog post


    ‘Very understandably, Stephenie feels that the publication was a very dishonest, hurtful and disappointing thing to do. I can imagine that she feels like a painter or sculptor from whom a rough unfinished piece of art has been taken and displayed before the world without their permission. Aired out as if it were the very best the artist could have done. Put up for criticism it was not supposed receive. She must be angered and disillusioned.

    She expresses that she feels that there is no way to continue. And I can understand that. How can she continue on a book, while the world has read the first bile of a draft ? How can she pick up the writing knowing that whatever or however she writes from now on, the first half or third of the end product will already be out there. Chewed over by many for so many months before it was supposed to be let loose into the world ? In a less than perfect form. In a form that is so inferior to what she wanted it to be. In a form that has so little context because it lacks the end, is not part of the whole. How can she continue indeed ?’

  11. Chloe

    Leaks happen. For her to say that she may not publish the book just because it leaked is very immature, but it’s her loss, I guess, because she’s the one who won’t be getting paid.

  12. Tracy

    Twilight20somethings.com has a great little idea of sending bottle caps with hearts or messages written on them as a way of showing love and support. If youve read the chapters you understand it, if not you might still figure it out.

  13. Rapunzel

    I found the leak a couple of days before Stephenie, but didn’t read it, and won’t read the legal version either. I’ve signed Meagan’s petition above, and ask her to post when she reaches 1,000, because I won’t be called a Twilighter until then either. This betrayal is shocking, and caused me to spend a half hour sobbing under my covers. We love Stephenie, and may I say that the worst monsters of the Twilight series are not the nomads, or the Volturi, but the people who hurt her by doing things like this.Why do we fear vampires, werewolves and witches when we surround ourselves?

  14. Rapunzel

    Oh, and Chloe? Her reaction was not ‘immature’. It is quite the opposite. Also, I’d recomend against saying that on any other twisites, for we are hurt, and argry, and it may be taken out on you.

  15. Arwen

    I was really upset when I found out, and I can understand why Stephenie would be too, but she should not give up on Midnight Sun, not because of this. I’m not going to read the chapters posted on her website because I still hope that some day I’ll be able to read the whole version when it is published.

  16. Sabrina

    Of course, I am saddened by the fact that some souless individual betrayed Steph’s trust that resulted in MS being on hold indefinitely.
    I think that Steph acted a little rash by making that decision and posting a legal copy of it. Heck, I didn’t even know about the leak until I read her response yesterday.
    If she’d taken a few days to cool down, I think we would have eventually received the book we’ve all been dreaming about.
    I did download the legal version that Steph posted on her site and spent the day reading it instead of doing my home work and it was amazing. It ends at ch 12 right before Edward starts the inquisition into Bella’s history which I’ve always found to be my fave part, so now I’m in withdrawal, but it was fantastic finally seeing everything from his eyes and really explains a lot.
    I so hope Steph decides not to let this inconsiderate person win and finishes the manuscript and either posts the last few chapters online or goes ahead and publishes it. I guarantee that even those who read the first 12 chapters will still shell out 15.00 and by the hardback! I want that book on my shelf right there beside twilight and I’d re-read it just as obsessively as I read all the others.

  17. Dori

    In my opinion, I’m not that disappointed. (I have not read it, and i’m not planning to). I lost my faith in Stephenie when she published that thing called Breaking Dawn. Plus, I don’t like when writers switch narrators. I want to read about the character they first introduced. Another thing that bothered me was the way she handled the leak. I can understand her being upset, but maybe this taught her that she can’t hand out manuscripts like that. I don’t know…her explanation seemed too whiney in my taste, and it was like she was blaming anyone but herself. Some people even think that after the bad reviews of Breaking Dawn, Little Brown didn’t want to publish it, and Stephenie didn’t want to write it. I don’t know. I am sorry to the people that wanted to read it. I must say that I can understand your disappointment, even if I don’t share in it.

  18. Romina

    i’m absolutely devastated. this is a horrible horrible thing to have happened.
    the only thing i can think to say is to keep writing stephenie! i’m sure the majority of twilight fans aren’t like the idiots who leaked midnight sun :(

  19. jess

    it’s such a shame that all this has happened. I actuallly had no idea about the leak until I read it on Stephanies website.
    I have read the first 12 chapters(posted on Stephanies site) and they are amazing. I don’t think I could have restrained myself not to read it. I’ve been so excited about Midnight Sun coming out and this is very sad news. Hopefully Stephanie will decide to continue.

  20. Midnight Sun Leak | Twilight News

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  21. Ranj

    Grrrrrrr. I refuse to read Midnight Sun. I’ve never read an unfinished book, and I’m certainly not about to start now!

    It’s a really depressing state of affairs all things considered, as I was looking forward to reading it/having a nice proper bound copy for my shelf to put next to Twilight. So much for that…

    Now I feel kinda… deflated. It’s almost as bad as it would have been if someone told me I couldn’t read Deathly Hallows back in 2007 in the full version because someone leaked it at some point. I don’t CARE if it was leaked. I CARE about being able to enjoy the work as a whole, in the way that it was MEANT for us to see.

    And while I’m thoroughly annoyed with whoever leaked it (well, annoyed isn’t a strong enough word to convey what I feel like right now), I sympathize with Stephenie Meyer. It must suck to think you can trust someone and have them do that to your work. I just hope that this indefinate hold on writing Midnight Sun doesn’t last, because I really would like a proper, shelf-worthy version.

  22. Rain

    i read the whole thing it was actually really good too bad that this was the way things happened; it would have been nicer to read the final publised copy but oh well

    it was nice to get an insight on edward’s pov

  23. Jess

    Hey guys. I think this is a terrible thing. Stephenie has given us so much this year. The Host, Breaking Dawn, and the Twilight Movie. This is a complete violation of everything I believe in. I myself am an aspiring writer, and I never let anyone read my work until it is finished. And it would be even worse for her. I am disgusted with whoever managed to post illegal copies. I have read it however, and I think it is as good, if not better than Breaking Dawn. It’s only to Chapter 12, but it is amazing to see things through Edward’s point of view. Why can’t we just be satisfied with what we have now? Why do we have to try to cheat to get things early? Patienece people. Anyway, I dearly hope she continues and WE LOVE YOU STEPHENIE!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  24. Fifi


    I read the post on SM’s website and I felt horrible. She is obviously just as devistated, if not more, than we all are.

    I hope she eventually decides to continue with it. I hope she knows that she knows that she has our support.

  25. Heather

    I think Stephenie has to realize that It’s not that fans fault that Midnight Sun was leaked, and taking it out on her fans by not publishing the book now is a little self absorbed.

    These things happen, it’s part of an author’s job to accept it and move on, not go on strike.

    Of course the leak was unfortunate, but as a fan I still expect her to finish the book. There has been so much anticipation for MS, it would be odd for Stephenie to decide to not publish it now.

    Furthermore, by posting the 12 chapters on her website, she made the leak into a bigger deal then it needed to be.

  26. Sam

    I was appalled to hear that the MS leak was real. It’s one thing for some jerk with too much time on his/her hands to tease the fandom with a fake draft–that alone would have been infuriating enough! But to take something that was shared in confidence, something that SM has spent SO MUCH time and energy on, and offer it up to an already eager fandom is just horrible. It’s tantamount to stealing an artist’s unfinished painting straight off the easel and sticking it in a high-traffic museum, proudly declaring, “I got it first!”

    I feel for Stephenie, and I hope she can recover from this and move on, whether or not she decides to finish MS.

  27. Jess

    I have to admit, I read part of it. A friend sent it to me thinking it was fanfiction (she hadn’t read it yet). Once I started reading, it was just like all the others – I just couldn’t stop! It only took until the third chapter to realize it was real. Then I was in a conundrum. I wanted to keep reading, but I didn’t want to violate any copyright. Luckily for me, that’s when SM released her information on the web.

    Do I still feel awful about having read the first few chapters? You’d better believe it. The thought that she might not finish because of something that I read makes me physically ill. Did I read the legal copy on her website? Definitely.

    For those of you burning us who read, I agree. If I had known that the copy I was reading was anything other than fanfic, and had kept reading anyway, I would totally deserve all the hate people are spewing at me. Believe me, I’m spewing it at myself constantly.

    For those of you spewing hate at SM, please stop! I can totally understand how emotions get in the way of something as creative as writing. Give her time; she may change her mind. After reading (both legally and not), I have to say that I’m MORE excited than ever about the book. It’s going to be my favorite. I know that now in ways that I didn’t before. But if she never finishes, that’s Stephenie’s choice and not ours. If I thought signing a petition would change SM’s creative feelings, I would sign every one. But it won’t. You can’t force someone to be creative. Let’s let her go and perhaps, when all the dust settles, she’ll get back to it.

    And for those of you who still feel the need to direct your hate and anger and frustration toward someone, direct it towards me. It can’t be anything worse than what I’m directing toward myself.

  28. Shatha

    I completely agree with #25 Heather.

    It wasn’t the fans fault it was leaked, was it?
    I didn’t hear about any leak at all and by posting 12 chapters on her site, well that’s not making anything better.

    The person who leaked it should be punished, because really, what did we do? (Unless you redistributed MS, I doubt it had spread that far).

    I’m really disapointed as I was expected MS to be my favourite out of all of the books.

    Hopefully Stephenie can and will move on.

  29. Nikki

    This whole situation has me so abgry and depressed. Like many others, I will not read the draft Staphenie posted on her website. I will wait until it is published (if that ever happens) to read it. I hope that after some time goes by and things cool down, she’ll be able to finish it. We all love Stephenie and want to show our support for her.

  30. Alice Cullen

    I’M SO MAD! Not at Stephenie of course but at the stupid idiots who leaked it. I was looking forward to that book and now, now we might not even have it! Whoever did that should feel awful, for taking away something that really could’ve been my favorite and others favorite book in the series. S/He really makes me want to vomit on them but that would be wasting good vomit. This really ruined my day I started crying. POOR STEPH! She’s worked so hard and she’s a normal mom and she really loved those books. Now she feels like she can’t finish an amazing story. After Breaking Dawn I was bummed because that felt like the end but then I remembered Midnight Sun and I was excited. Now I’m not even sure. I’m sorry Steph I really hope you’ll remember why the Twilight saga should be finished.

  31. Jill

    OK guys, I have a wonderfully happy petition going on and I’m stoked that 50 people have already signed it!! But I want more, lots more!! The petition is to show our love and loyalty to Stephenie by vowing to NOT read the leaked pages on the internet — instead we’re willing to wait however long we need to in order to get Midnight Sun in print.
    What say you? Who will join me??
    And I promise to mail it to Stephenie myself!!


    Thanks guys!! Now go show Stephenie some love!!

  32. mckenzie

    hi people i just wanted to tell you(so you won’t worry) that if you had kept reading on SM’s website it says that although she is upset about the leak.MIDNIGHT SUN IS STILL GOING TO BE PUBLISHED.

  33. R.

    McKenzie, are you talking about the message on the Midnight Sun page below Stephenie’s statement about the leak? Because that is from back in June.

  34. Amanda

    I’d like to strangle whoever did this to Stephenie. They had no right to exploit her work illegally and ruin the experience for many Twilighters. I haven’t read the chapters, and I don’t plan to. I don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do and out of respect I’m choosing not to read Midnight Sun until it is officially published and I have purchased it, like it should be. It really sickens me that there are people out there who would steal one amazing person’s work. She’s pouring out her heart and soul for us and for someone to steal that absolutely repulses me. I just hope that other Twilighters out there share my views and are choosing not to read the chapters. Thank you.

  35. megan

    For ways to show your support, I’ve listed posts from several different fansites (some grouped together, but I have the others that didn’t as well) on my blog:


    Thanks! Support Stephenie!

  36. Amanda

    I understand that Stephenie was upset about the leak… I would be too!

    But I honestly don’t understand why she’s decided not to continue with Midnight Sun! I’ve read the first twelve chapters and they were AMAZING. I was totally floored! So why would she write something so amazing and just throw it all away because some jerk leaked it online?

    I love Stephenie to death, but I really feel like she’s letting us down by not continuing with MS! MILLIONS of fans have been anxiously waiting for this book ever since she posted chapter one on her website… and now, because of the stupid actions of a few inconsiderate people, Steph’s punishing ALL of us by not publishing it!

    I’m really hoping that Stephenie will calm down, re-assess the situation, and realize that it would be beneficial to EVERYONE if she published this book.

  37. Alyson May

    I am SO FRUSTRATED with the person who decided to put this online. Whoever Stephenie gave it to seriously trusted this person and didn’t expect this to happen.

    I was way excited for Midnight Sun. The first chapter gave me chills! I will not read the remaining pages in annoyance with what happened.

    Must go. Bye.

  38. JessieLynn

    I was pretty ticked about the leak, esp. when she said that its now going to take LONGER to finish the book. Im glad for the person that she didn’t reveal their identity, or else we would have all stoned them with our books.
    I love the book so far and can’t wait for when she decides to release the book as a whole!!

  39. Liz

    This leak is sad and disgusting. I refuse to read that copy of her work, as she didn’t want us to read it in the first place. As a writer, I am horrified at the thought of being in her shoes at this moment. No matter how successful Stephenie is, she still deserves every cent she gets. Writing is hard work. Not just anyone can do it. NOBODY deserves to have this happen to them. This kind of disaster is my worst nightmare, and I am sure it is one of Stephenie’s too. It is sad to me that this person may never understand the impact of what they did. If you can’t trust one of your closest friends you can’t trust anybody. I hope more people DON’T read the pages on the link that Stephenie offered on the sight as respect for her true wishes. Part of being a fan is respecting the author for her hard work, and it would be horrible to disrespect her in such a way. Stephenie is amazing and I am hoping eventually she can put the catastrophie aside and finish up what I could tell (from the first chapter she did want us to read) that this will be one of her greatest works…although ALL of her books are her greatest works. Please if you want to support Stephenie, check out: HISGOLDENEYES.COM for ideas on showing our love for her.

  40. Katie ~

    SM, you are letting us all down. Just because there is a leak doesn’t mean you have to quit. I know that you are frustrated at this leak; I would be also. THis is frustrating that you will not be publishing MS now. EVERYONE PETITION FOR HER TO CONTINUE WRITING IT!

  41. Alli

    Im not reading the draft in hopes that”indefinitely” will only be a year or so, but if not, I don’t want to read something Stephenie never intended for her fans to see. I am ,however, going to wear a twilight shirt on Bella’s bday and participate in the support video if I can. Kaleb, you should make a special Twilight guy support picture for it. What if you put all the stories from guys into a collage or something? They would be overlapping and too small to read, but it would be proof of how many people she has affected.

  42. Alaina Tobias

    I sincerly hope that after the shock and pain of this violation subsides, that she will pick up Midnight Sun and again and keep writing. I’ve been looking forward to that book more than I have sequels to Twilight. Who cares who’s already read parts? It’s owning her incredible book as a tangable whole that’s what matters. That’s what I’d like more than anything- to see it sitting right there next to Twilight.

  43. Brilliant♥Mess

    I actually didn’t hear about the leak until yesturday, in which i found out from a bulletin from myspace, telling about Stephenie’s post. I had to read the post myself to actually believe that would happen.

    There are many to blame for this. Stephenie Meyers probably shouldn’t have given her manuscript out. Thus who got that manuscript and illegally distribute it should not have betrayed Ms. Meyers trust.

    Some people keep saying that leaks happen to authors, and that it is part of the job. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t remember a leak of any of the Harry Potter Books. (I wasn’t that into them at first, though, so i could seriously be wrong. please do correct me.) I truly believe the betraying fans is not part of the authors job. That is like saying stabbing you friend/ being stabbed in the back in the back is part of the job of being a teenager. If that is really the case, that I should be fired as a teenager and a fan of Twilight books.

    I did read those 12 chapters, and I do hope Ms. Meyers does continue the book. But I think, after this major ordeal, should respect whatever her decision is. These were her stories and ideas that she shared with us, and we a blessed with the fact they got published at all.

    If she doesn’t finish the book, we should just accept it. Pushing her about finishing the book would not prove us to be any better then those who leaked the book. It would show that we care more about fictional characters then the creator of them. I would doubt that would prove us worthy of her time and writing.

    Hopefully I didn’t upset anyone with this comment. I just wanted to share my emotions after a nights rest of calming down.

  44. Red

    i decided not to read it. i did read the fist chapter which Stehphenie had posted ages ago but now that the unfinished potrtion has been leaked i don’t want to. i feel betrayed and angry just like she does. although i’m sure not as intensely.
    i can’t even imaginetrusting my personal work to someone and have them violate my trust so badly. especially since she knows who it was. what would you say to that person?
    i’m not at all going to push her into continuing it right away. i’d love for her to finish and then i will read it. but as a writer/artist/actress i can fully understand the need to be in the proper state of mind to summon the emotions ncessary to continue writing properly.
    i’m behind Stephenie 100% and wish her the best of luck and send her all my love in support. The loyal fans will be doing variations of the same.

  45. Carly

    I have to agree whole-heartedly with Victoria and those with similar opinions. I’m not going to read the draft unless Stepheinie says for certain that Midnight Sun will never be published nad I wish that no one would spoil it for me.
    I, too, have written a letter showing my support and my wish for her to return to Midnight Sun to Stephenie and I have sent it in to her brother seth as well as posted it on fanfiction.net under the penname Dreamingeternal.
    My hope is that Stephenie will be reached by the sympathy and support of her fans and that she will be able to over come this obstacle; that she will be able to continue writing with the same joy and enthusiasn that she did before.

  46. Katie Beth

    I know Stephenie’s upset right now, and I don’t blame her one bit, but I really hope she decides to continue the story at some point. I’d hate to see something like that die. Even the draft is wonderful.

  47. Ari

    I’m not mad at Stephenie at all, I am mad at the person who posted it. She trusted them, and then whoever he/she was, didn’t care, and put it up ILLEGALLY.

    I decided to show my support by making a I support Stephenie Project on Fanfiction, so If anyone wants to read, heres the link. If I get more than 50 reviews I’m going to send it to her. I just want her to know she has many good fans.


  48. Megan

    I really don’t blame Stephenie for getting so upset. I would feel that way to if that happened to me! Accident or no accident, you just don’t do that to someone’s writing that they worked hard on! She has spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours writing our beloved series, and someone just decides to post all that passion and hardwork on the internet! I was infuriated when I discovered this! NO one should have read it either if they new what was moral and the right thing! That’s just not right! I hope Stephenie decides to keep writing it. I want that copy of Midnight Sun sitting on the shelf with my other copies of my favorite series ever. There are still all of us fans to think about and I think that in the end, she will make the right decision! I LOVE STEPHENIE MEYER! Thank you for inspiring us, and teaching us so much!

  49. Aisling

    i really, truly, was on the verge of tears as i read Steph’s post about the leak. It’s so unfair to her to have her rights violated like this, just because she is a public figure doesn’t mean everything she does is available to be used by whoever wants to!
    i also think that its unfair to the fans who have been looking forward to MS since they first heard about it, to think that Steph mightn’t write it at all now because one *neigh* thought it was smart to post a draft on the internet makes me feel all hollow inside :(

  50. Shausto

    while i’m upset that somebody would even leak SM’s story in the first place, i dont really feel as upset as the rest of you guys. oh here is a post that i posted on another site that sort of expresses my views.

    i dont think we will ever find out who exactly leaked the chapters, but to be honest, i dont think i want to know. it would just be somebody to point the finger at and that information would just start a whole new wave of bitterness and anger within the fandom.

    I actually had read the leak though, but i thought it was a fake. because i found it on this website that completely bashed SM and her books. I feel really bad now that ive found out its real, and if i had the choice of having these 12 chapters now and SM publishing a full MS in a few years, i would definitely take the full midnight sun in years.

    I just got a little mad at sm though..
    [Writing isn’t like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.]

    okay. first off, shes not even writing a new story. Its just Edwards pov on a story that already happened. Theres nothing new in the book; her feelings cant change what actally happened. So the whole ‘james would win and the cullens would die’ is bs. I understand her not wanting to continue at the moment since it is hard to write when your too sad like that, but really. I just want to scream at her to get over herself. If she really did give out that many drafts to that many people, she was just asking for this to get leaked. Either she is just really naive or just really stupid. either way, i dont really have much sympathy for her.

    also just curious…
    [As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers.]

    when did she get a copyright on midnight sun? did i miss this? I know its still her book and its still wrong for anybody to leak her book on the internet….but if shes going to be all technical with her ‘its a violation of my copyright’ im going to be all technical back with ‘your still writing it. you dont have a copyright on it yet.’ I thought she only had the official copyright thing whatever for the first four books.
    maybe im wrong. i dont really know how it works.

    ^^oh and sorry if any part of this offended anyone. i just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

  51. ~KatSprout

    Well, I hope that Stephenie decides to re-write ‘Breaking Dawn’ from Edward’s & another person’s perspective (maybe Seth or Rosalie – would love both) even if she does not decide to finish ‘Midnight Sun’.
    Really sorry she got burned that really sucks and has to hurt.
    ~KatSprout | http://www.WIZARDOLOGY.org

  52. Renesmee

    Okay. Stephenie, I AM SO SORRY!!! Don’t worry. Us true Twi-hard fans will NEVER go read that jerks post. We waited with you from the beginning, and were gonna wait with you till the end. Keep on writing, and PLEASE still publish it. It’ll be amazing, and we promise to never read that spoiler.


  53. Ashlie

    I honestly don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way toward either Stephenie or anyone else, but I feel as if her actions are a bit immature regarding this situation. She gave out copies of her writing so far and someone leaked it. Yes, that was a big violation of her trust, but it’s also not that surprising if she is allowing people to have copies of it. Something like this was bound to happen.

    It’s not as if this was a book in which the events were secret and we would have no idea what to expect. This is the exact same thing as the first book, simply retold in another person’s perspective. Yes, his thoughts and feelings were mysterious to us and we couldn’t know everything about this book, but it isn’t something that would be totally ruined for us if some chapters were posted online.

    And yes, it may have been about half the book, but that’s nothing in comparison to all of the stuff that has been illegally posted online from J.K. Rowling. She had chapters and entire books posted online illegally and she didn’t just stop writing. When her books were posted online she didn’t decide to stop and make sure her fans couldn’t get a copy of them. Her fans still loved her work enough to buy the books in millions, despite whatever else was happening.

    And I know that Stephenie’s response to this incident is more of a personal response and not a professional one because she has said how much she is hurt by this and that she can’t bear to continue the story, either at this point in time or possibly never. So I feel for her. She is very upset right now and has the right to feel that way. But it’s as if she is thinking she is the only author that this has happened to.

    MANY authors have had their works illegally distributed before publishing. It just happens. If you allow people to see advanced copies, then it’s going to get out. That’s the only way that J.K. was able to keep her work under as much supervision as she did. She didn’t allow hardly ANYONE to see it or even know anything about it before publication. And STILL things were leaked. It’s almost impossible to keep stuff like this from happening.

    In my opinion, I think she should take a little time to compose herself and work through this hard time and then get back to her original vision. If she wants to have a career as a famous author, she is going to have to deal with all kinds of events like this. No one is immune.

  54. Lauren

    I can’t believe people these days!! I found out about the leak yesterday when i checked her website and I was sooooo mad that someone did that! I feel sooo bad for her!! I a couple chapters of it and its soooo amazing! I really hope she decides to finish it cause its so good. True fans would never do that to her! I really do fel for and it muxt suck with everything that people have been saying to her at the moment. Saying that they hated Breaking Dawn (which I dont get, it was AMAZING! I wouldnt want it anyother way!) and dissing the book and now this!! I hope she’ll feel better and people will stop being so insensitive!

  55. Michelle

    Okay, once again, I’m going to repost what I said on the Twilight group on Facebook.

    “All those people who are saying she needs to “get over it” and that she’s “letting one person ruin it for the rest of us,” please, consider her feelings on this.

    Time and time again she has demonstrated how she feels about spoilers, even asking the fansites to shut down their forums a few weeks before Breaking Dawn came out so that spoilers wouldn’t be spread. To find out that the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun have been leaked must have broken her heart – I know it would’ve broken mine.

    Books, movies, and other such art forms are meant to be experienced in a certain way. When you read/watch it on a computer screen, that experience is lost. Now think about the time and dedication Stephenie has put into these books. The fact that someone she trusted released the first 12 chapters of it (unedited!) is probably very disheartening to her. But what’s even more disgusting to me are the hordes of so-called fans who [knowingly] jumped at the opportunity to read a large part of the book ahead of time, and then proceeded to spread the leaked chapters. Ever heard of willpower, people? Ever heard of respecting a person’s privacy and wishes?

    Frankly, I don’t blame her for putting the book on hold; her artistic rights have been violated, and she has every right to be depressed. I am willing to wait a few extra months, even years, to get Midnight Sun in published form. And if that never happens, well, so be it. I’m immensely disappointed in those people who didn’t have enough self-control to abstain from satisfying their own selfish needs. I, for one, am not going to read the draft she posted on her website; it just wouldn’t be the same as reading it in book form, and I’m much too upset to enjoy it anyway.

    So I’m not going to be begging Stephenie to continue writing when she is clearly not in the mood or proper frame of mind to do so. All I can do is offer her my support and understanding. In the meantime, I will be looking forward to her future writing projects.”

    For the record, as soon as I finish posting this, I’ll be signing Meagen’s petition. I don’t think I can be proud to call myself a Twilighter for now.

  56. Meghan

    hey kaleb
    i was pissed about the leak. i couldnt beleive someone would do that to her.
    i ws iffy about reading it, but since she posted it on her website i figured it would b ok. i was amazing!!! i absolutly loved it! i cant wait till she actually releases Midnight Sun. its gonna be awexome!

  57. AbbyNormal

    I personally refuse to read it. Even if it is on her site, it’s not how she wanted us to read it. I have faith that Edward’s point of view well be told. I’m waiting until then… or until I just can’t stand it anymore and end up reading it. But I’m trying my hardest not to.

  58. Freak

    I’m so SAD! I’ve been looking forward to Midnight Sun since I read Twilight & then found the first chapter of it on her site!! I was almost in tears as I read Stephenie’s note, knowing that we might not get all of Edward’s story because of some idiot stealing something that wasn’t his/hers!! I feel so bad for Stephenie, and, as utterly disappointed as I am, I do understand why she wouldn’t want to finish it.

  59. Eliza

    OMG! I am soo mad at this. I don’t understand why WE have to be punished for some elses stupidity! It is not fair for her to just cancel a book everyone has been dying and crying over for so long! This might be bigger than Breaking Dawn! And now we are all crushed, and left with 1/3 of an amazing book to make it through, which is defeninitly not enough.

  60. Mel

    I can totally understand her being bummed out that it leaked. Imagine how JK Rowling felt when her *entire* book was leaked. It can be discouraging, but to rally all of her defenses and totally shut down writing a story that her fanbase has been looking forward to for so long is kind of harsh for those of us who actually respected her rights as an author and didn’t download anything until she put it up. It’s a shame that she has to treat us all as if we were horrible people who were only salivating for the next bit of Twilight. Now those of us who have stood by her (and defending Breaking Dawn against quite a few naysayers as well, I might add) are just flat out of luck now. I hope she can rebound from the situation and see that this isn’t doing anything but alienating her honest fans.

  61. Esme echo

    A lot of people seem to feel that Stephenie Meyer has no right to withhold her intellectual property from the public. What is this? The entitlement mentality gone mad? OF COURSE she has the right to decide whether or not to share the things she creates. Or whether to create at all!

    I understand how it feels to lose enthusiasm for a project following a severe disappointment. I have no doubt that eventually Stephenie will begin to feel better, and I hope when she does she will begin to feel a renewed enthusiam for her Midnight Sun project. I hope she finishes [and publishes!] it. But she has no obligation to do so.

    In answer to some of the critical comments above:

    50. Yes, Stephenie DOES have the copyright on Midnight Sun. How could you miss the copyright notice on EVERY PAGE of the manuscript? These same copyright notices appeared on EVERY PAGE of the first chapter that has been posted on her website since the beginning!

    53 (and others). Stephenie did not just “give out copies” of her manuscript. She released very few, and those were shared for very specific reasons. She was betrayed by a trusted friend or associate. That betrayal had to have been more painful than the premature disclosure of the manuscript.

    This story is not “exactly the same” as Twilight. A lot happens when Bella is not around, and I for one am bitterly disappointed that I may never read the full story.

    To criticize Stephenie’s response as “unprofessional” is just plain ignorant. Knowing that other people get slapped in the face does not make your own slap in the face less painful. Art of all kinds is very much about who the artist is and how they feel. One indication of Stephenie’s professional outlook is that she freely admits when she is not in the proper frame of mind to do her best work, and she has the integrity to set that work aside until she is emotionally in a place to do the project justice. A less principled writer might not have cared, but Stephenie does.

    It’s easy to be critical! I would rather respond with compassion, appreciation, and patience. Stephenie has given a lot to the public this year–intellectually, physically, and emotionally. She has my full support no matter what she decides to do in the future.

  62. Becky

    I’m so sad about this! I haven’t read it and I don’t plan on doing so until it’s officially released as a finished book (I am still holding onto hope that it will be). reading sneakpeeks and first chapters online is one thing, but 12 chapters is almost the entire book and is a huge rights violation. I find it very depressing that anyone would leak Midnight Sun after Stephenie has worked so hard to write all that.
    If Stephenie Meyer wanted us to read her rought draft, she would have posted it online becuase she wanted to. Now she’s just posting it because it’s all over the internet anyway. It’s horrible that this happened, and I’m definitally supporting SMeyer, even if that means no Midnight Sun in the near future.

    But Stephenie- PLEASE don’t let this stop you from writing and publishing Midnight Sun! Even if it’s ten years from now, I would still buy it and love it!

  63. Shannon

    Even before Breaking Dawn came out I was almost more excited to read Midnight Sun, now I might not get the chance. I respest Stephenie and the wonderufl work she’s done, but I think maybe she could have handled it a little differently. I hope beyond hope that I might someday get a copy of Midnight Sun in my hands, bound and finished. I feel too disappointed in the situation to read the legal version. Breaking Dawn wasn’t as great as we all wanted, maybe Stephenie has lost hope in us as her fans. I would have at this point.
    Someday we might get the full Midnight Sun, but maybe not. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. I still haven’t given up on Stephenie Meyer and her budding career, something else might come instead.

  64. Kathryn

    Midnight Sun was such a great light on the horizon. I work at a book store, and told all of the people buying twilight about it, and I find what has happened really sad. I really hope that Stephenie can see the support she has out there, and might one day be able to return to teh story we all love. Unless she feels comfortable with writing again, I don’t think i’ll ever be able to read Midnight Sun. Even though she has posted it now, it feels dishonest when its not the final.

  65. Kevin

    First of all I wanted to say that it sucks, a lot, that her work got leaked in the first place. I can understand her wanting to take a break (she had two books come out this year!) and who wouldn’t after something like this happens? I think she has every right to have a chance to clear her head from all of this. I really think it sucks though for her fans if she never continues with it, and never publishes just because of a leak like this. Many people (musicians, writers, software developers, etc) have gone through this same ordeal and it didn’t stop them from finishing and releasing their work. I read the chapters and they are brilliant, some of if not her best work. It just sucks that all of her fans have to suffer because some ******* leaked her hard work. I can only hope that in the coming weeks all the support of her fans, and the inevitable success of the movie, will put her in a better place and she can continue to write Midnight Sun.

  66. Jennie_D

    I am so bummed that she isn’t going to continue with midnight Sun…
    I LOVED it.
    and i can honestly say that i never looked for the illegal copies or read it when it was leaked…however when she told us that it was indefinitely on hold, i had to read it. Edward is the most intriguing character in the whole series, so i was naturally looking forward to the book.

    The chapters are amazing! Sure they’re rough..but that’s why its a rough draft! As a writer i know that i don’t let ANYONE read my work until it is absolutely finished. and i understand why she is so upset; it’s not your best work people are reading, and it IS a violation.

    I’m very sad, because i FLEW through the Midnight Sun chapters she gave the link to, and now it will never be, just because of someone’s stupidity.

    Please Stephenie!!! Keep writing!

  67. Brianna J.

    I couldn’t believe somebody would violate SM’s rights by doing this. Shame on all the people responsible! I feel so bad for her and am very angry that somebody would post her stuff without her permission just to get a few kicks. I mean, didn’t they consider her rights at all? Didn’t they think about the affect it would have? I can’t believe that someone could be so insensitive. I am totally pissed that they would do such a thing. Shame, shame, shame! What’s wrong with people? Do they think they’re to good to wait like the rest of us? I mean, I’m sure they didn’t do this to be mean, but really people! Think about what you do! Reading Steph’s announcement on her site anybody could tell how hurt she was by this… betrayal. It makes me just sick that somebody could be so insensitive to another persons rights, and to their feelings! I can’t believe it. Man, Stephanie, if you see this, I am so sorry that tis happened to you. Shame on the people who didn’t think!

  68. Brianna J.

    I couldn’t believe somebody would violate SM’s rights by doing this. Shame on all the people responsible! I feel so bad for her and am very angry that somebody would post her stuff without her permission just to get a few kicks. I mean, didn’t they consider her rights at all? Didn’t they think about the affect it would have? I can’t believe that someone could be so insensitive. I am totally pissed that they would do such a thing. Shame, shame, shame! What’s wrong with people? Do they think they’re to good to wait like the rest of us? I mean, I’m sure they didn’t do this to be mean, but really people! Think about what you do! Reading Steph’s announcement on her site anybody could tell how hurt she was by this… betrayal. It makes me just sick that somebody could be so insensitive to another persons rights, and to their feelings! I can’t believe it. Man, Stephanie, if you see this, I am so sorry that this happened to you. Shame on the people who didn’t think!

  69. Brianna J.

    sorry, clicked twice

  70. Anna

    All in all, very very very upset with Midnight Sun slipping through our fingers. I’ve been holding on to it when I finished BD thinking “Okay still have the movie and Midnight Sun, more stuff to look forward too…” Also I found Edward’s point of view much more facinating than Bella’s There is just so much more…it pains me to see it end so auburtly.

    Well…I guess we did kind of fail as fans didn’t we? The book was so anticipated, I know many of us ran towards the leak with eager hands. I’m very sorry myself, and I know that most of us all are.

    Also, I know exacly how Steph feels. I love writing myself and I hate it when people rummage through my things and see all the chopped up, half written stories that i was still working on. It’s like looking at an unwrapped present. i really truly hope that Steph sees how much we really want this book and continues to write.

  71. Felize

    I haven’t read the chapters released, legal or not.
    and i don’t plan to.
    Although my friends and i are just as big a Twihard as anyone, none of us will be reading any part of Midnight Sun other than the previously released first chapter because it was extremely disrespectful and appalling to have it be leaked in the first place.

    None of us realised that there was even i leaked copy until Stephenie posted about it.

    We’ll be waiting to read it until we can purchase it properly and have a copy to put alongside the rest of the saga. It just doesn’t seem right to read something she only put online so her fans wouldn’t feel guilty about reading it.

    I wish as much as the next person that Stephenie would continue her work on this book, but i guess it is her decision, and we’ll wait for her to come around the the cullens again. Edward will probably fight very hard for his story and we’ll be waiting eager and ready for that to happen.

  72. rjdickert

    I was really looking forward to reading Midnight Sun WHEN IT CAME OUT!
    I furious because 1.she may never finish it and 2. I don’t know if I can even bring myself to read the legal copy on her web page. People are vicious and self-centered. You have not only upset the author of your own beloved series, but upset most of the fan base…good going *note sarcasm*

  73. Sara

    I’ll read Midnight Sun when Stephenie WANTS me to. And that doesn’t count her putting an incomplete copy of half the book on her page in response to a couple of jerks who decided to spoil it for the rest of us.

    When she finishes it, and she is pleased with it, and she is ready for her fans to read it, then I will sprint to the bookstore and buy it. Until then, I will patiently wait. =]

  74. HeyJoyous

    I just read about the MS situation yesterday. I had no idea it had been leaked. I did read it b/c I was so sad that I might never get to experience it otherwise. I loved it. I had a great time learning more about how Edward thinks. I’m very sad that it might never be published and that Stephenie was so very hurt by the leak. I’m not a write so I can’t quite understand but still, I’m sorry.

    I am very intrigued by the bottle cap idea. :-)

  75. Christina

    I had heard rumors around the web of a Midnight Sun leak but I really wasn’t paying attention at the time. I’m paying attention now! I am just shocked that someone would do that! Especially someone that was close to SM! She even knows who leaked it out!

    I read the first chapter that she had given us and LOVED it! I couldn’t wait for it to be published! And now she’s debating the possibility of not going through with it… It sickens me to think that someone would go so far as to violate her rights to the series!

    But I refuse to read what she has given us. I stand by my conviction to read MS when it’s in book form. I will wait as long as I need to for SM to get back on her feet after this fiasco.

  76. Caroline

    I have to agree with Morgan.

    She’s acting like a child throwing a tantrum. SHE gave out copies of her transcript. She has no one to blame but herself. If you don’t want your work to be leaked, then don’t hand out copies.

    This is just a stunt, she will write the book because she loves the attention way too much.

  77. Natalie

    I have to agree with you, Caroline, to an extent. Stephenie knew the risk of handing out transcripts of her work, and she knew what would happen if it was leaked. I am a huge supporter of Stephenie Meyer, but honestly, this is seeming a little like a play to get more publicity for the books. I won’t be surprised if she does end up publishing Midnight Sun. Though I truly don’t want to believe that she would take advantage of her fans, that is what it’s starting to look like to me.

  78. Bethany

    Um, if SM’s people were going to perform a stunt for publicity I don’t think it would potentially cost her the royalties of an entire book. The whole situation is really a shame.
    I smell a lawsuit.

  79. Ivette

    It’s sad that all of us have to be punished for the choices of others.
    Wouldn’t it have been much more gratifying to have the perfect, published, completed version in our hands after so much anticipation?
    I think that that version would be a lot better than what we have now, an uncompleted draft that Stephenie is not proud of.
    I believe that putting Midnight Sun on hold is a wise decision but I really hope, that in due time, Stephenie will continue with this project.

  80. Audrey

    Bleh. I wrote this long, heated post, and now I don’t see it.

    Now to retype:

    Anyways…In my opinion, she’s blowing this out of proportion. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how she feels, getting betrayed, etc. Trust me, I’ve had that feeling and it’s not pretty, but just because /she’s/ been betrayed doesn’t mean SHE should betray her fandom.

    I want to know how she is able to help direct a music video for Jack Mannequin and yet unable to write Midnight Sun? What?! Seriously?

    Whatever happened to writing just to write? That’s what it used to be all about, but now she’s “too sad” to write and so she’s just not going to do write anymore?

    Instead of wallowing she COULD have been the better person and let this whole ‘leak’ thing blow over, but instead she’s making this a bigger deal than it needs to be. Few people knew about the leak in the first place, now the whole fandom knows about it.

    No way. I agree with Natalie. SM is just craving for publicity, she doesn’t care about the fandom anymore. She doesn’t care about writing anymore. Just look at Breaking Dawn, there’s your proof.

  81. Emily

    I was really looking forward to reading Midnight Sun, and I feel very sorry for Stephenie Meyer about this entire situation. That someone close to her, someone she trusted with the manuscript, leaked it out is obviously devastating.

    However, I don’t think Stephenie handled it very well. As a best-selling author, there was always a risk that something like this was going to happen, and as much as she didn’t want us to read the story until it was completed and edited, now that it’s out there, there really isn’t much she can do to prevent it being spread (which she acknowledged).

    Not finishing the book means that we will only have this half finished version, that we will never be able to see Edward’s point of view the way she wanted us to see it. I know that, despite the leak, most people will still want to buy the book, and even though we may have read a version of the first 12 chapters, I’m pretty sure people would like to read the edited version of that as well, so when we get the edited and published version of Midnight Sun, we will read it exactly the way Stephenie intended, just with a bit more previous insight than she intended.

  82. Courtney

    I’ve been waiting for Midnight Sun, anticipating it as much, if not more than Breaking Dawn. I’m extremely sad that we might not get to see it finished, edited, and put in binding with Stephenie’s other amazing works. I very much hope that she will decide to come back to Midnight Sun… hopefully soon. I know she feels completely violated and hurt, and I don’t begrudge her that. I just hope that whoever did this to her and to us fans is remorseful. This event was very depressing.

  83. Lesley Totherow

    I am so sadden by what has happened. Stephenie must feel betrayed and in so much pain. Out of respect for her I am not going to read the 12 chapters. If I was a vampire, this girl who leaked it would be hiding under her bed bc I would track her down and seek revenge! lol I’m so sorry Stephenie!!!

  84. Disapointed

    Although i am sad to see the leak has happened i am even more disapointed. i was so looking forward to reading midnight sun and i am furious that stephenie has decided to posrpone her writing. i am sure that all her fans would have liked to read that book. also, i hope that she will post the rest of midnight sun as i am dying to read it!!!!!

  85. Disapointed

    Audrey. about ur post, #80, i would like to know what you mean by “breaking dawn being an example”?

  86. Shauna J

    I was extremly dissapointed. I was really looking forward to reading midnight sun. I read the first chapter online almost as soon as I have read twilight for the first time. When I found out about the leak and saw what Stephenie had to say I was shocked. I understand where she is coming from. But I refuse to read the leaked version. I am holding out that she sees how many of her fans are reacting and will take it down to write the final version. I dont want to read what she didnt want me to see. I want to read what she feels is the final edit. I am hopeful that some good will come out of this though…

  87. sdfasf

    “No way. I agree with Natalie. SM is just craving for publicity, she doesn’t care about the fandom anymore. She doesn’t care about writing anymore. Just look at Breaking Dawn, there’s your proof.”

    You’re obviously not a real Meyer fan. She said SEVERAL times that she wrote the draft of Breaking Dawn 4 FREAKING YEARS AGO. THAT WAS HOW IT WAS MEANT TO END. GET OVER IT.

    Of course she cares about her fans. But her writing, comes FIRST. How she wants to write, what she wants to happen has to be FIRST. That’s how books become personal to the author.

    Also, this whole leak thing pisses me off. Whoever did it is a real f–k.

  88. Laura

    I’ve been watching what I would call is a spectacular display of blame the victim.

    “Stephenie should have given her manuscript to just anyone.”

    If you gave a short story that you want to enter in a contest to a teacher to read, and then another student in that teacher’s class takes it without that teacher’s knowledge and put’s it up on the Internet because he or she just couldn’t control themselves and had to share, who’s to blame?

    You for giving the item to a teacher to critique privately? The teacher, for not having ESP that she had an unscrupulous student? I’d say the student who knew full well what they were doing was wrong but did it anyway.

    Stephenie didn’t just give the manuscript to anyone. It was given to a trusted friend for a good purpose. Someone then took it from that person.

    “Stephenie should just get over it and stop whining” or “JK Rowling never acted this way.”

    JK Rowling talked about the Harry Potter Lexicon stealing her ideas that it had zapped her creative energy for months on end.

    Rowling had chapters stolen that never made it to the Internet. The people who did it were caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Call me crazy, but that ain’t getting over it.

    When Rowling’s items did make it on to the Internet it was the fully published book as she intended it about four days ahead of the print deadline. Somehow I’m thinking if people took a rough draft of the first half of Deathly Hallows and put it online a year ahead of publication there would have been quite the reaction from Ms. Rowling.

    I really wonder what people wanted. A passionless post. Seemingly they liked Stephenie’s positive posts when she talked enthusiastically about feelings for various projects. Were those inappropriate on what is her personal website? Why are negative feelings now inappropriate? Fans are fickle, that’s for sure.

  89. Leah

    I am so upset about this news. The fact that Midnight Sun leaked out was my first disappointment but then to hear that she may not publish it! I have read most of the unedited Mindnight Sun that Stephenie posted on her website, but i must say, it isn’t complete, and I would, and I think many other fans would still buy the book! i mean… i will support stephenie in any decission she makes, but i also know that I would love to add Midnight Sun to my Twilight collection!

  90. Christina

    I refuse to read the incomplete Midnight sun. Stephenie Meyer clearly states that she did NOT want her fans seeing this version, and it ISN’T finished, so I’m going to respect her and keep away from it, and anyone else who is loyal to her at all should do the same.

  91. dsolo

    I have to agree with Esme echo’s comments. For everyone who says SM should just get over it, you sound like Lauren talking about Bella in NM. I don’t think SM just randomly passed out drafts. I’m pretty sure she gave drafts to people involved with the movie to help with character development, script, etc. So, should she be punished because she was trying to help make the movie better? As for MS just being Twilight from Edward’s POV, just the first chapter that has been posted for a long time disproves that. I did not look for the illegal post, but I did read the chapters on SM’s website, and even as a rough draft, it is fantastic. Considering how hateful some of the fans have been about BD, which I had to reread a couple of times to really appreciate it, I’m not surprised she’s withdrawing. This whole saga has been a labor of love for her, not a way to make money. She was happy with her life before Twilight and will be again. Let’s hope that Edward’s voice is an insistent one. She did not say never, she said indefinite hold. She may get over it next month or in 5 years. Until then, her fans need to be supportive and quit whining. She owes us nothing, she has shared her world with us and I for one am grateful.

  92. Audree

    Honestly, I think Stephenie Meyer is handling this all wrong as a professional author. She is punishing the fans when it isn’t our fault it leaked.

  93. Angie

    I REALLY WANT HER TO FINISH IT!!!! it makes me so sad that someone would so eaaily ruin such a good thing but steph should def make lemonade from these lemons and finish it anyways!!!!! we would all buy it!!!!

  94. Georgia

    As I stated on my wee blog, I really hope whoever leaked it onto the net has trouble sleeping at night. It’s 100% unfair on both Meyer and us. Whoever did it ruined it for the rest of us, and I’d love them to meet my fist. (Which actually isn’t very big or strong, but apparently I can do a pretty nasty growl – so maybe I’ll do that instead?)

    It’s ridiculous. I was looking SO forward to Midnight Sun, more than I was for Breaking Dawn! Totally unfair.

    I agree, she should finish it, but let her take her time. Imagine if it was you in her shoes, you’d be upset too.

  95. Stella

    Personally, I believe that she can be handling this situation in a different way.

    I question how many people actually knew about the leak. I asked all of my friends who are fans of the books at school, and not a single one was aware of the Midnight Sun leak. For all we know by making this post on her website, she brought attention about the leak to more people than there was before.

    Breaking Dawn was leaked, and she kept quiet about it. Although Midnight Sun is not complete, she could have done the same and simply gone on without adding fuel to the fire. Taken a week or two or whatever to calm down and regather her composure. I am no author so I don’t know if that would have worked, but if you’re writing as a profession, I would like to think that it’s possible. We wouldn’t have known the difference. And honestly, a lot of this drama seems to stem from Breaking Dawn itself. Stephenie Meyer has never been very good at taking criticism (out of everything she needs work on, I believe that this is the most critical). It was a bit of a slap to the fans when she said in an EW interview that the backlash against the book was a “Rob effect” (referring to how fans were wild with fury and angry when Robert Pattinson was chosen as Edward) and that after awhile, it’ll start to grow on the fans. Basically she’s saying “It’s not me, it’s you guys…”

    Midnight Sun would have gave back Meyer a lot of fans, because I know a lot of people who have been saying that Midnight Sun (or what is there) is there favourite out of ALL the books already completed in the saga. Breaking Dawn has been out for a while now and so people have been getting away from that hype and disappointment… Midnight Sun was getting Twilight fans excited again for the world that they loved so much. The leak, in a way, was actually positive for Meyer and she failed to take advantage of it.

    To me, Meyer is being overly dramatic. Does she have the right to be upset? Absolutely – that part is perfectly justifiable. However, to be punishing the entire fanbase with the indefinite hold of Midnight Sun just seems a bit harsh. For one thing, the person/people who leaked Midnight Sun is such an outrageous minority that it’s unfair to group all of the true and honest fans with that person/group. A lot of fans are extremely upset about this and this will do no good for Stephenie Meyer. People buy her books and wait hours and hours to see her. She benefits from all of this. The truth is, without her fans, she would be nowhere near where she is today. I will be honest and say that my first (and very crude) reaction was something along the lines of “YOU GUYS HURT MY FEELINGS SO NO NEW NOVEL FOR YOU.”

    In an age where anything can be shared over the internet, a person needs to be prepared for the consequences that may occur. Meyer gave the manuscript to those she trusted and if they leaked it, this is an issue that she has to tackle with whoever leaked her property. At the core, the fans really had nothing to do with this.

    I don’t feel that Meyer owes us anything per se, but I just wish she was handling this situation differently. Instead of turning in the towel, she could have stood up for her work and NOT let one miserable person ruin the joy of the Twilight world for everybody else.

  96. becky sue

    Ahh I don’t even want to think about these things anymore! This is SO depressing!! :'(

  97. Rachel W.

    Personally, I completely understand Stephenie’s lack of enthusiasm to continue. I know that if any of my work leaked, especially after the amount of time and effort I have put into it, I would be utterly devistated. It’s hard to even edit a story that has reached so many readers. How can you make anyone happy when you are adding and taking away, trying to shape it into something that may be slightly different. Surely those who have who read the partial draft have already stamped it as “cannon.” Not to mention the disappointment with the loss of anticipation. How can one continue? I do not think that Stephenie is being selfish or immature, her reaction is to be expected and respected. As much as it saddens me to think of Midnight Sun never being published, I understand and support Stephenie in whatever decision she makes.

  98. Wendy

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard Midnightsun was leaked and was in denial. Until she personally said it is true and its inconceivable how someone would do that. Then she says she may not continue. I mean we all know how Twilight ends but to know Edwards versioin would be the greatest thing in the world. I did read the draft she posted on her website and it was Amazing and I want more. So hopefully she will finish it.
    But I am okay with her decision because she gave us a glimpse of Edward’s mind. Oh and I want to add Breaking Dawn was ex·quis·ite.

  99. A.L.

    I am one of the fans who was thoroughly disappointed to hear about the leak and I am in total agreement with SM’s decision. For those who thinks she’s overreacting, put yourself in her shoes. Whoever leaked this didn’t just steal from her in that respect, they stole all the excitement and anticipation she felt for the project as well. As a writer who so loves her work and was so excited about this project, this is a total violation. I believe (though I’ve never published anything other than fanfiction) one of the great joys of publishing one’s work is the thrill of giving it your all, your best and then hearing what people think of the final product. And point of fact, she didn’t say never, she said indefinitely. It’s entirely possible she’ll be able to continue this project one day but the desire is lessened given that some people already have a version of it all. I knew Midnight Sun was her only one for a planned version from Edward’s POV but the idea of it coming out (and the excitement of having a bound copy as she described) always gave me a little hope of more Edward POV’s as I read the other books and finally Breaking Dawn. It’s just so disappointing that – whether intentionally or not – people would ruin this for so many others. I know that just a few weeks ago so many of us were stoked to hear that Midnight Sun was going to become her focus and next project when the BD tour stuff was finished. This news of the leak was a low blow. After I read SM’s comments I did download the legally released 12 chapters she posted but I’ve not been able to bring myself to read them as I still feel for her and her situation.

    Not that she’ll see this but, Stephenie Meyer, thank you so much for all you’ve given to us, your readers. It’s been so long since a book/series captured my interest and this series was just amazing. My full support of your decision goes out to you and I wish you the best in the rest of your endeavors.

    Also, your support of the choices made for the film have lessened my fears and made me more eager to see it.

    A devoted Twilighter,
    Admiral Lily

  100. Athena of Forks

    I was really upset about the leak, and even more upset that it caused Stephenie to stop writing Midnight Sun, though I completely understand. I, too, am a writer, and I know exactly how it is to be in the wrong mental state to write what needs to be written. I haven’t had a chance to read the chapters on her site, though, but I downloaded them from there and will read them eventually.

  101. Katari

    Although I am an avid Twilight reader (Go team edward :D), and do think that the leakers need to be lynched, I didn’t understand, at first, why Stephanie stopped the book process for Midnight Sun. But now, I think, in my personal opinion, why she stopped the process is not because of the leak, but she wants to move on with her writing career, Twilight is a wonderful series, but think of what Midnight Sun is. She basically writing the same thing again, I’m not a writer, but I would imagine that writing a book twice is awfully boring, because you know what is going to happen. So with this in mind, i think that the leak just gave her a good enough explanation to quit the book. And personally, If thats the truth, I don’t blame her. I would do the same thing . Her career shouldn’t be all about twilight, so if she wants to take a break, so be it. So i support stephanie, and if the book never gets published, thats ok too, for my life doesn’t revolve around a book.

    And im sorry, but i have to say this (no flamers on this either) Why are you guys crying over this? Its sad that someone leaked the book, but i think only stephanie has some right to cry over this… seriously guys…

    And if you don’t agree with me, thats ok, and if im wrong, thats ok to. Again, I’m not a writer, so i don’t really know what’s going on through her head right now ;D

  102. Meagen Hollandsworth

    THANK YOU to everyone on here who has visited my petition and signed it with positive feedback. Also, thank you to all of you who have mentioned it in your comments here. I currently have 265 signatures and it’s picking up speed. I am keeping a watchful eye on the signatures and comments and making sure I delete any that appear to be duplicates or who’s comments contain statements that go against the petition’s purpose. I invite more people to come sign it if you agree with it and please pass it along to your friends or post it on any website or message board you can. I’d love to have my faith in Twilighters restored, but more importantly, I’d love to have Stephenie’s faith in us restored. :)

    Here’s the link:

    Here is a partial transcript of my petition statement:

    “This petition is a demand for respect for Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga, and the work she has created (both Twilight related and otherwise).

    Ms. Meyer has suffered brutal attacks against her work and her personal character since becoming a famed best-selling author. This comes with the territory to a certain extent and is expected from critics, but the injustices that inspired this petition are the crimes committed against her by her own fans. She has been berated & belittled, set to extremely high and unreasonable standards & expectations, and worst of all, repeatedly had her work literally stolen from her and illegally mass distributed by people who call themselves her fans.

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was the last and most grave injustice, the thievery of a partial rough draft of her unfinished novel, Midnight Sun. A loss that not only is an extremely painful and deeply personal violation to Ms. Meyer, but incidentally robs the fans themselves of what could have been one of the most amazing additions to Ms. Meyer’s list of works.

    A huge section of her fan base has taken their obsession to a level so mutated by greed for all things Twilight that they have seemingly come to believe that their “loyalty” has given them some sort of claim on anything Ms. Meyer creates. They are under the delusion that they are entitled to her work, whether they have her permission or not. Also, they believe that their opinions on her stories and characters should be the final word on what gets written by Ms. Meyer.

    This petition is a call to all who will sign it. It calls for a promise to never read a piece of work produced by Stephenie Meyer without first being absolutely sure that Ms. Meyer intended for it to be read at that time and in that capacity; to never say a word against Stephenie Meyer or her work that is not an honest and constructive opinion or criticism; and to first and foremost, always respect and appreciate Stephenie Meyer and the amazing work that she has so generously shared with us all.

    Please sign in support of this promise. This is not an expectation or plea for her to write anything except for what she wishes to write. And if she chooses to share those writings with us, we should feel blessed and graciously accept a second chance to be her fans, no matter what form she gives it to us in.

    I personally refuse to call myself a Twilighter again until there are at least 1,000 signatures on this petition. I am embarrassed and ashamed to count myself among a group that I can’t be sure is completely made up of something I support. I need to have my faith in this fandom restored.”

  103. rahrah

    I can see why she felt the need to respond to the leak, but honestly I wish she hadn’t put anything on her website. I feel like the majority of fans out there never would have known anything about it and this would have quickly blown over with most of us none the wiser and she could have kept on with her writing. I certainly didn’t know about it until she posted on her site. Now that she posted about it, EVERYONE knows. I’m not ashamed to say that I read the draft on her website and it was PHENOMINAL. I would have been sad if she had just never published MS, but now that I’ve read about half of it (stopping so close to that fateful day in the meadow I might add) I will be devastated if I never get to read the rest. Hopefully after a few weeks or months (I won’t even consider years right now) Stephenie will be able to pick it up again. My biggest fear is that someday she will finish MS just for her own enjoyment and won’t publish it for the fans. That would be so sad!!!!

  104. Kendall

    She’s cutting off her nose to spite her face. She’s been acting like a petulant child ever since she started getting negative reaction to breaking dawn. i understand that it wasn’t right for someone to leak her chapters. but she is isolating herself from her fanbase and losing support because ONE PERSON chose to be ignorant and leak her work. while others passed it around, that is the magic of the internet. it all however, leads back to that one person she negligently trusted with her unfinished manuscript.

    she has been insulting her fanbase right and left. to cancel an entire PROMISED AND ANNOUNCED project just because her feelings are hurt is absurd and unprofessional. musicians survive leaks, as do other authors. Stephenie has never been a professional, and that’s the whole bottom line of these latest events. she can’t handle this career if she can’t take the inevitable risks like leaks and criticism that come with it.

  105. Jessica L.

    It’s not immature that Stephenie might not pick up Midnight Sun anymore. She put her heart into it, and now that everything has been sour, of course that feeling of wanting it to be accomplished and wanting the world to experience the book in a way that it is supposed to be is now gone. After such a hard blow, all the mood and motivation to write a novel disappears. I can’t blame her for it. Sometimes, there are circumstances–family issues or some other sort of issue–that just changes the perspective in which an author originally had.

    I’m thinking of sending a letter to her, and hopefully, with all the support from all the other fans, her spirits will be uplifted.

  106. marcela

    i dont think that the part about it leekig made her so upset i think its the fact that she trusted someone close to her and now that trust is gone u cant blame her for feeling that way

    i knew about the leak a day after it was leaked i keped it to my self i though it would blow over but it didnt

    yes i read it and at the time i was jumpping up and down i now have a new nick name for edward…….the poor guy…….it was amazing

    but after she posted that i felt so guilty and iv lost sleep (i wish i was kidding)the 12 chapters had me laughing and they gave me more information on edward and the cullens but tryed to re read it but now all i feel is guilt

  107. tina

    I wanted to add my voice to those who are supportive of Stephenie Meyer.

    In this day and age, yes, it is easy for something to be leaked on the internet – maybe too easy. But that does not make it OK – whether it is music, photos or a partial copy of a book. Those who had a partial copy of her manuscript were obviously trusted by Stephenie -thus the greater sense of loss, hurt, and yes, anger. They are the villian, not Stephenie.

    We (the fandom) tend to think of Stephenie’s work as ours; we love it, we ‘obsess’ over it, we have ton of websites related to everything Twilight, there are fan fictions being written daily, and I could go on and on. However, the work is Stephenie’s and we should respect that. Sour grapes from unhappy fans over a book (Breaking Dawn) that didn’t live up to their expectations, is a sad consequence of fans who are so involved. And SM has been very involved with her fans. I doubt that JK Rowling has had as much contact with her fanbase as SM has had. SM has a MySpace page to blog and talk to fans. And so we think we know her and we feel more invested in her work. But, it is still HER work. Respect that!

    I had not heard of the leak until I read about it on SM’s site. I respect that Stephenie wanted to take control of the leak and posted the chapters on her own site. She obviously wanted to have the release be on her own terms. Bravo for taking the bull by the horns! Who knows what changes, edits or additions would be included in the illegal copy that is floating around out there, especially if it has been on a site which is critical of her.

    I did read the 12 chapters that she posted. Not knowing if I would ever get to read the novel was too much.

    I absolutely loved them. Seeing the world through Edward’s eyes was a treat, a gift from SM to us. I hope she will finish at some point in time. I know my daughters and I will be there, in line at whatever hour it takes! If she wrote the entire series from his POV, we would buy each and every one (who wouldn’t want to know how Edward felt when he saw Bella marching down the aisle, on their honeymoon, as he held HIS OWN daughter, as he looked at Bella for the first time as an immortal, as he really kissed her for the first time…..I could keep going, but I won’t). The chapters also give us more insight into Breaking Dawn, believe it or not.

    For those who think she has overreacted, I would say this: This has been an extremely busy and trying year for SM. Releasing two books, doing publicity tours and interviews, ComicCon, directing a video, working with the directors of the adaptation of her novel to film….need I say more. It must be exhausting. If in the face of all of that, and the mean and bitter criticism of her newest baby, Breaking Dawn, by some of her ‘fans’, topped off by the theft of her latest work, she feels that she can’t get into her happy place and give us Edward’s complete story, so be it! Back off of her for a while. Let her heal!

    I have loved the entire Twilight series – especially Breaking Dawn. It is the story told as it should have been. It is the story as Stephenie envisioned it. It is hers, not ours.

    I also think it is brilliant to be able to tell (or retell)a story from different points of view, each with their own distinct taste and personality. Jacob’s chapters in BD were definitely in Jacob’s voice, as the chapters of Midnight Sun are definitely in Edward’s voice.

    Finally, as someone who writes, for fun and for other reasons, I know just how difficult it can be to give your inner thoughts and feelings, written on paper, to others. They may be critical, they may not like it. It isn’t easy. I can’t imagine having someone steal them, and show them to an audience of the entire internet world. It must be devastating. Show a little mercy, please.

    I will write a letter of support for Stephenie. I may even write one to her agent, to ask her to encourage Stephenie to continue to write for herself, and forget the critical voices that are out there.

  108. Mrs. Peter Petrelli

    At first, I was just the teensiest bit disappointed in Stephenie. I mean, yeah, I get it, she’s hurt, it got leaked, I understand. But her lack of, I don’t know, ability to press on despite obstacles kind of saddened me a little. I feel like Superman just retired.

    On the other hand, Steph’s not Superman. It took me some time to realize that.

    I’m trying to put myself in her place. And though I wouldn’t react in the same way, I can relate. She needs a break. She had two books published this year and she’s got a movie coming up. Breaking Dawn had some humongous negative backlash. Now this? It’s gotta be tough.

  109. Sarah

    Oh, Stephenie.

    I read it. And it was just amazing. See, before Breaking Dawn I didn’t like Edward. No – I HATED him. After reading it, I liked him. A bit.

    But after reading those chapters…I am in love with Edward. I can see what you’ve all been going on about now. Every quirk, every little thing that bugged me about him…I get it now. I really do. Edward isn’t some hazy piece of transparent jelly – he is his own person, and he is a great person.

    And, Bella! I always knew Bella was really cool, but seeing her through someone’s ELSE’S eyes…well, you see, it’s just hard to see past her crushingly low self-esteem sometimes, really. Sometimes she just can’t see how nice and funny she is. And I kind of like that. Bella is no perfect Mary-Sue, and Edward is definitely no Gary-Stu, either (though he’s pretty wonderful, in his own vampy way – GO WOLVES! *waves wolf girl paraphernalia*), which makes the characters more real.

    And it was just so fascinating hearing it all from his perspective. His emotions, his worries, his utter CLUELESSNESS; ah! I loved it all, spelling errors and grammar mistakes and all the quirks, too.

    Stephenie, if you ever read this: PLEASE write Midnight Sun. I love you and all of your beautiful works.


  110. Christina S.

    Show Steph your support and encouragement… write her a letter…

    [email protected]

    alunarathbone.forumotion.net/index.htm is collecting the letters at that email… the letters will be sent out the first week of Oct. Please help us with our crusade to save Midnight Sun.

  111. MoonStar

    I think it sucks so much that Midnight Sun was leaked. I have read it, and it is an absolutely incredible piece of literature – unedited or not. I feel so sorry for Stephenie, especially after all the flaming of Breaking Dawn – which I believe is not deserved either.

    I just hope that she realises that a lot of people love her work, and her, too. If Midnight Sun does get finished, I will be the first in line to buy it! I’m so sorry that it got leaked, I really am. The people who did it do not deserve to have read her books.


  112. rachel

    in all truth i don’t see why she posted it online if you act like it didn’t happen most of us would have never known it happened.

    she will get tons of press with this i believe…with all eyes on the fandom right now with the last book that just came out and the movie coming up.

    but in all truth i understand her being in pain over this but the way she handled it she shouldn’t have. if she knows who did it why isn’t she getting a lawyer? and if it was someone to close to do that too then why isn’t she hashing it out with them not on the internet telling us well it’s out there i can’t write right now so maybe later but maybe not. all that does is get us all mad, but even if she was like i don’t think i could write now so can you all show me suport i could understand that but her i’m not going to finsh the book here is half of it just irks me.

    idk i just see it as childish and i seen some shady stuff in some fan fiction world some of my fav fan fiction ( from a different fandom) there been times when people take the stories and name them as there own or even change the names of the main charaters to make it about a different fandom no lie and they always get the sites shut down with in a week.

    i just don’t like how she handling it as much as i love this books i hate them too … and i wish i could go more on that on here but i like living lol.

  113. Anaeli

    I have been reading almost all of the 111 comments that had been posted at the moment I began to read.

    So I know a lot has already been said and repeated, many times. I only wanted to share an experience with you that I believe mirrors SM’s emotional state right now.

    I am an artist. I and several other students were asked to paint murals on different walls of the Art Department. We were to exemplify stereotypes present in the school, but then break those stereotypes by having the figures “create” beautiful art behind them. There was a preppy boy, a jock, a goth girl, a hip-hop girl, a fashionista, a gamer and an emo boy. It was my task to paint the emo boy.

    I put a lot of love and effort into the mural, it stretched my artistic limits, or what I thought were my limits, and the completed product made me euphoric. I had brought a painting to life. He was undeniably an emo boy, but he also had personality.

    I had not finished the mural, the background still needed to be done. But a few days later, I am walking up the stairs to see my mural only to be struck with shock and despair.

    Over my emo boy’s face was a large X, done with a sharpie, and beside his face was harshly written, “F-ck Emo”. I was heartbroken. I cried. I felt like someone had cut me open. Because that was my work, my soul I was baring for all to see, and someone mutilated it.

    But it didn’t end there, only two days later, more grafitti was done. “Kill Yourself” “An Insult to Rock” “Go to Hell”.

    They never found the culprit, but it didn’t matter, because I was broken, my spirit was broken, and I couldn’t find it in myself to finish the mural. The emo boy has laid unfinished for six months. Only now, NOW do I feel emotionally strong enough to complete the artwork.

    I know what people will say or think, that it’s a mural, made explicitly for public viewing and that I should have been ready for the vandalism and the harsh critique. I know this, and I thought I had prepared myself for any backlash.

    It’s completely different when it actually happens. You can tell yourself not to worry about it when it happens, to move on, but when you see something you put your heart and soul into defaced, it’s very difficult to remember the strength you once had.

    I am not a best-selling author, my work is not sought after like water in the desert, I don’t have a rabid fanbase numbering in the millions. But it doesn’t matter, because what has happened to Stephanie is enough to break her spirit, a spirit that was already waning thin from dealing with the aftermath of Breaking Dawn.

    She has a life outside of the Twilight Saga, a great life, full of people who truly love her and care for her regardless of her deeds or misdeeds, one that is not nearly as stressful as the world where she is a best-selling author. Can you blame her for wanting to leave the world of the Twilight Saga behind for a little while, when it has brought her grief?

    I understand her decision, and I think I can understand exactly how she feels, and no matter the nature of her reaction, she deserved to have a reaction to what has happened.

    I just hope that those of you who feel cheated, or feel that she was immature, or feel that you are being punished for someone else’s deeds, can -understand- that she is not just STEPHENIE MEYER – bestselling author and creator of Twilight, she is a human being, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and she is entitled to live as one, regardless of her fame and fortune.

    For the record, I have not read legal chapters of Midnight Sun, nor did I know of the leak before reading Stephenie’s announcement. I will wait till she is ready. And if she never is, that will be fine with me. She has given us so much already, that everything after is really more than we could ever hope to have.

  114. Audree

    “She’s been acting like a petulant child ever since she started getting negative reaction to breaking dawn.”

    Kendall, I agree with this statement. She needs to start acting like a professional. If you can’t handle negative feedback or things being leaked onto the internet (things all artists of all mediums have to deal with), then you shouldn’t be a multimillion dollar writer.

    She has success, and with success comes some trials to deal with. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and her message on her site shows her naivety. She needs to learn how to handle these things without getting her feelings hurt so badly.

    Kaleb, if you are going to be an author with a published book (and believe me, friend, you already have a fan base so you will have success), please learn from the mistakes of this woman. Put your heart into it, but also understand there will be bad reviews, and some jerks will want to put your stuff on the internet before you are ready… but don’t punish the fans.

    Meyer has alienated me (and a large group of others) more than once now, and it is going to be a hard road back.

  115. Charlee

    I read part of the Midnight Sun draft she put on her website. It had the opposite effect on me than I think she expected it would have on people. It seems like she was afraid that reading this draft would make al of her fans not care about reading the book! on the contrary, it made me more eager than ever for her to finish! (especially since she didn’t even get to the meadow scene) I think that if anything this will generate more interest and publicity for the book!

    It is unfortunate happening, (I understand what it means to have you rights violated as an artist, trust me) But you can’t let it stop you!
    I agree with Audree. It is not fair to her fan base to promise something, have it be so highly anticipated, and then at the first sign of trouble say “Oops, somebody hurt my feelings, nobody can read the rest of this now.” I really think she needs to reconsider.

  116. a peroson

    while i feel a bit of sympathy for stephenie for this hapening i can’t but feel that she is being meldramatic and taking things quite over bored. Really leacks happen all the time, did u see the spoliers for breaking dawn? Yeah this was the roght draft , but when you give out copies of your right draft you have to expect this. Some one found it then they leaked it. I can under stand her being upset and not being able to write for a few days but really stop writting midnight sun completelty is being over dramtic and i think she is just punishing those of us who lothed breaking dawn. Good job stephenie do we are even more mad at you. Some of you may feel sorry for her, i di a little. But she wasn’t getting BAD reviews on midnight sun for what i can see every one was loving it. I think she is going crazy, she tryies to defend a book that almost everyone hated and takes a book away from us that everyone is loving?. Really but these are only my opinions many people don’t see the way i do, that with being an author you have to expect leaks and just look the other way when they happne. You also have to accept constuctive crizium, which with the interviews i have seen she can not AT ALL. It would seem that she isn’t cut out for this feild of work and from what i have read of her book they will ALL have the same theme. Forbidun love with everyone getting there happily ever after with out sacrifiscing a thing. I liek the twilight saga and the the host except breaking dawn and this has futher proven my idea that Stephenie Meyer can’t be professional about these sorts of thing. Would you see J.K Rolwing doing this? Probably not sorry for the rant but i just had to get this off my shoulders if you don’t like it oh well go crawl back in your stephenie loving hole

  117. Nicole Jet

    I have no problem with the fact that Stephenie is putting Midnight Sun on hold. It doesn’t matter what the fans may say, it’s HER story. If she feels that she is too upset to tell Edward’s story the way it deserves to be told, then waiting is a good idea.

    She’s not trying to hurt her fans.
    ” If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn’t dovetail too well with the original story.”
    She is trying to give them the best story she can. We should all support her in that.

    I haven’t read the draft. I’m really curious, but I would feel really wrong about reading more than the first chapter. Even though Stephenie posted it on her website, I feel like I would be violating her wishes and adding to her grief if I read it. If it’s still available, I might read it after Midnight Sun is published. I’m kind of curious about how books change in editing.

  118. a peroson

    again i am forced to write a comment after reading some of these comments supporting stephenie meyer for this. So you are saying for some one to quit somthing half way through that is like quitting school when yor are in the 10th grade , dropping out of colege when you have only a few more years to go so no meyer shouldn’t get support for this becuase it is only showing people that giving up is the only way out. Maybe she lost Edwards voice b/c she did it in breakign dawn. Maybe she is affrai of our feed back which by the way i think most people are loving midnight sun. No one should suport qutting. Sirously what are these people thinking? I know, “lest support meyer though anything and be blinded by her iditiotc dissions” again my opinaions but i think these are thoughts of other people as well

  119. KatRin

    I wasn’t going to read the illegal copy, but I do plan on reading the one that Stephenie posted. Does that make me a horrible person and a disloyal fan? I don’t think so at all. I’m merely curious and in need of some Twilight therapy, especially after Breaking Dawn [but let’s not get into that.] I also understand fully that if it IS published, there is the possibility that the final draft will be nothing like this one.

    I think that everyone needs to calm down a little. I fully believe that Midnight Sun will be published, just maybe not as soon as we all hoped. Stephenie loves her fans too much to promise them something this big and never deliver. She obviously doesn’t like this current draft, and now that its out she doesn’t trust her writing because shes so emotional right now and doesn’t want that to influence the quality and facts of the book.

    I believe that when Stephenie wrote that post she was still understandably very upset by what had happened. I’m not saying she didn’t mean what she said, I’m saying under calmer circumstances she might have articulated her frustration and disappointment better.

    In an earlier comment someone said she seemed to be blaming everyone but herself, but I don’t see that anywhere. If I recall correctly she said that she knew who the person what who leaked it but knew that didn’t mean any harm. That’s a hell of a lot nicer statement than I or anyone else would have said.

    We also can’t say she was “giving copies out too freely” or to too many people because guess what? You have no idea who that person is or what their relationship with Stephenie is. She didn’t just hand them out to random people on the street. In all my English classes I’ve always been taught to get my work proofread by as many people as possible; perhaps she was just doing the same thing.

    And to those of you who say “leaks happen, get over it Stephenie”, the point is that they SHOULDN’T. Obviously her writing means a lot to her [and many others] since she had such an emotional response, so someone publishing such a large amount if it when she felt it wasn’t top quality was devastating to her.

    So here’s my thoughts in a nutshell: Did the person who leaked the chapters do something wrong and illegal? Yes. Do you have any right to know who it is? No. Did Stephenie handle it the best she could while feeling hurt and overwhelmed? Pretty much. Should she maybe have edited her response a little? Yes. Will Midnight Sun be published EVENTUALLY? Definitely.

  120. Mary C

    Stephenie’s statement on her website was absoutly heartbreaking to me. She was so excited for people to better understand Edward and now, we may never know the whole story. As much as I wanted to resist reading Midnight Sun, out of respect for Stephenie, I couldn’t help myself. What I found was a beautiful story no matter how bad Stephenie thinks it is. It’s like getting the final piece to that puzzle. All the times we think Edward is being a jerk, or we don’t understand what motivates his actions, now we understand. And we see how desperately in love he is will Bella. We also see a moral struggle and how no matter how “inhuman” someone thinks they are, they are still Human. I feel like half of Twilight has been made whole. Considering that we only have roughly half the story. We learn more about the Cullen’s and it also fills in the “edward holes” when he’s not around. It truely is a sweet and complete compliment to Twilight. Like getting both sides of the arguement. And it makes a nice, smooth intro into New Moon. Edward’s decision to leave didn’t start at Bella’s b-day. It started the day he met her. All we can hope for, is that Stephenie’s desire to tell Edward’s side of the story will begin to pulsate in her the way it does for me! Good luck Steph! We all love you!

  121. Elliot

    I’m so incredibly sad that people do things like this and ruin the joy of writing it for Stephenie. They ruined our anticipation. It’s like someone uploaded a rough draft of the movie, with all kinks and music missing in scenes and someone not wearing their makeup and so on. As excited we are to see Midnight Sun, that is not how it’s supposed to be. I can totally understand Stephenie, but I do wish she will be up to end midnight sun someday, hopefully soon. I will NOT read the leaked version and I support Stephenie even if it may take several years for her to find the enthusiasm to write again.

  122. Katiedid

    Yeah, this sucks. A lot.. a lot a lot. But, I would follow Stephenie Meyer to hell and back.. so I’m supporting her. I have a few shreds of hope that she’ll have it published eventually. And if not, we’ve got movies. We just need to stay positive and keep our fingers crossed (toes, arms, and legs too!).

    Kaleb, keep on keeping on! Looking forward to the end of New Moon!

  123. Ms. Paranoia

    I was quite upset to find out about this. I woke up, decided to see what Stephenie was up to today, and then I find out about all this.

    Now because of these illegal links, Midnight Sun may not ever be published, Stephenie’s little dream of having a sister book to Twilight sit right next to it may never even happen, and thousands – if not millions – of fans will be hugely disappointed, hurt, and sad, if not more than Stephenie is (which I doubt, but you get my point).

    Perhaps one day, Stephenie will reconsider this indefinite hold on Midnight Sun, and we will all get to have our own little copies of Edward’s fantastic mind. For now, all I can really do as a fan is support Stephenie and hope that she doesn’t give up on her writing as a whole, and hope that Midnight Sun will someday see the light of day in the future.

  124. KC

    I don’t know what it is going to take but, we have to find a way to convince Mrs Meyer that there is value in completing Midnight Sun ( and I don’t mean money). It is almost physically painful to imagine that that work won’t be completed. I wouldn’t mind a version of Edward’s perspecive of all four book. (I know that’s askinf a lot). This story has affected me in a a way that I haven’t felt since I first read The Lord of the Rings and that was a long, long, LONG time ago. It would sincerely be a lost to literature ( Yes that’s what I consider it ) If she stopped because there are mean and unscrupulous people in the world. Hopefully there are enough of us to convinve her to continue to let us to live with Bella and the Cullens a little bit longer

  125. deepa

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! i AM SOOOOOOOOO ENRAGED that someone would be sOOOOOOO disrespectful and do this to such a GREAT and INFLUENTIAL person like mrs. meyer……this really MAKES ME MAD and i agree that we HAVE to try and convince her to finish this GREAT book. It causes me physical AND emotional pain to think that she may not finish this work that she was looking forward to complete. This book is no longer “just a REALLY GOOD book” to me anymore… it is a lifestyle! and i cannot bear knowing that this is how it will end. i was looking forward to this book MORE THAN ANYTHING at this point and it upsets me beyond words that some STUPID UNGRATEFUL LOWLIFE would do such a thing and ruin the lives of many without even considering how it would affect all the fans. I started crying when she said that she may not finish it and i could not stop… she can not give up because of this and i think we need to convince her somehow to keep going despite the actions of one cruel person in this world. This book series has become a part of me and theres no changing that now so i REALLY hope she will continue to keep the cullens alive in our hearts and on the pages of books to come.

  126. Jennifer

    I didn’t know until yesterday that Midnight Sun was Leaked until I checked out her profile. I was shocked. I can’t believe someone had done that. I don’t blame Stephenie for not watning to finish, she must feel so betrayed. I wasn’t going to read it in hopes that maybe the situation would be resolved and I wouldn’t want to buy the book if I read half of it. But I crumbled at the temptation. I have to admit this book makes Edward slightly more creepy then the other books, I never really took in that Edward was stalking Bella, obsessed, thinking of ways to hurt any guy that talked to her, just a tad but pocessive. But I did like finding stuff out like him keeping the bottle cap from when they first ate lunch. I’m sad that the book might not finish because I really want to see what he’s thinking while Bella is hiding out with Alice and Jasper in Pheonix. I want to see the meadow scene too. Grr, why did that person leak this out!

  127. Mon Solo

    This was actually the first place I’d heard about the leak. I go out of my way to avoid spoilers, especially illegal ones. I wondered last summer if there was any connection between the large amounts of Harry Potter spoilers and the people who were disappointed (especially the epilogue!). I think when people read spoilers, they subconsciously realize that they shouldn’t have, and they hope that they didn’t read the “real” story (and so they’re disappointed when it turns out they did).

    I completely understand Stephenie’s disappointment at the Midnight Sun leak, especially since she knows exactly whose copy got posted on the Internet. Her feelings of betrayal are certainly justified, and if she decides to never publish Midnight Sun, it would serve us right.

    That having been said, I hope she’s able to realize that most of her fans don’t believe in leaks or illegal spoilers. If she can find it in her heart to forgive the people who stole her work, I know I’ll be first in line to buy a copy of Midnight Sun.

    After she posted it on her website, I read all 264 pages. I loved the first chapter (which she posted more than a year ago) and I was already looking forward to MS. I have to say I loved the extended time in Edward’s head, and even though I already knew “the story” I loved all of the other details she threw in. She proved once again that she really is a good writer, and not just someone who knows what screaming teenage fangirls want to hear.

  128. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    I am so sick of these Traitors and Haters.
    My heart goes out to Steph-, I din’t blame her for being pissed.
    I have read the MS post on Steph’s-web site… it is the best thing,IMHO, that she has written to date.
    I pray that Steph’s- wounds heal and the she will be able to continue witing this masterpiece.
    More than anything I want to be able to purchase a finished,bound copy of MS…

  129. Icy Topaz

    I feel so terrible for her! I can’t even imagine how violated I would feel if that happened to me. She has every right to punish us by putting MS on hold. Unfortunately, innocents such as myself will be harmed by it as well. That just makes me so angry! I hate rabid stealing “fans”! They suck! I’m not even going to read it until it’s published. That is just SO wrong. Poor Steph.

  130. Katie ~

    sign the petition, or write to stephenie personally through snail mail. Here’s the link for a petition


    and here’s for SM’s snail mail

    Stephenie Meyer
    c/o Author Mail
    Little, Brown and Company
    237 Park Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

    Now, let’s go get Midnight Sun back!

  131. Mary

    I’m really dissapointed about what happened. I wish she wouldn’t have stopped writing, of course, but I respect what she’s decided, and am just going to have to be patient until she starts writing again. She said she’s spending this next summer with her family, and that’s fine. She really hasn’t had a summer to spend with her family since she started writing, so she deserves one.

  132. Amy

    I am devastated that some person would ever even think of doing this to Stephenie Meyer. It is such a dirty thing to do and wrong! Even though Stephenie has posted a legal version on her website, I am not going to read it. First because she never meant for it to be out before she published it. It’s not something that she meant for us to read until that point. She only posted the legal version because of the leak. She said, “This way, my readers don’t have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest.” Well, I am going to sacrifice anyway. I am not going to read it until it is published, because that was how she intended it in the first place.

  133. Courtney :)

    I can’t believe people would do that to Stephenie. I’m upset that she’s put Midnight Sun on hold, but its HER story, and it belongs to HER. The “fans” that illegally downloaded the first 12 chapters are rude, and not fans at all. I feel really sad for all this happening to Stephenie.

  134. Courtney :)

    i am agreeing with Nicole Jet
    i wont read the copy of MS, even though stephenie has put it on her site
    even though its legal on her site and everything, i would still feel bad for reading it, when she didnt want anyone reading it in the first place

  135. K.

    steph should just get over it and continue writing sh should not punish all her fans

    i understand that it could take sometime before she is over it but really we can wait and she cant stay mad forever

    be mad at the person who leaked it not at all the twi fans

  136. Leah

    I would just like to say that i think a lot of people are being quite rude and unfair to Stephenie. She is not “taking it out on the fans” or “punishing us” or trying to smite us in any way. When you write something, and become that into it as Stephenie has, it becomes part of you, especially if you’ve written four books already, it’s like your child as you know everything about it and now you are sharing it with the world. The fact that she trusted an incomplete version with someone who obviously had no respect for her and violated that trust would be utterly devastating. I completely understand her decision and rather then commenting on her “rashness”, i will do what i can to support her and hope that, given time, she will feel up to completing Midnight Sun and publishing it. I don’t know about anyone else but i don’t think insulting Stephenie will encourage her to feel better about this huge violation.

  137. croz

    I feel so sad for Stephenie.

    I’ll keep this short because I don’t think I could express myself any better than Esme Echo (61), Tina (107), and Anaeli (113).

    I am also an artist, so perhaps it is easier for me to have sympathy and empathy for the creative process which has been violated.

    I did not see Stephenie’s reaction as unprofessional or in any way a betrayal of her fan base. On the contrary, I have always seen her actions as generous to a fault.

    How has she been unprofessional? She is not under contract to write this book. As I understand it, she only had a contract for the first four books – which she has fulfilled. This is an artistic endeavour which she is under no obligation to write, or publish. This is HER story – and it is certainly her choice if she want to tell it or not.

    The moment an artist/writer creates something, a copyright is also created. The copyright for MS was violated and the artistic process derailed. I can understand her pain and need to withdraw.

    She has said that she could not write the book she had envisioned in her current state of mind. She is going to take a break and get back to her happy place. Why is that wrong? In my opinion, she is protecting the fan base by waiting until she can write the book as she meant it to be.

    I have bought all of Stephenie Meyer’s books – but I did not buy a piece of Stephenie Meyer. She doesn’t owe me anything.

    I can only imagine that Stephenie is at the point of extreme exhaustion. With all that has happened this year, I am amazed that she even has the reserves to roll out of bed in the morning! Please have a little compassion and imagine yourselves in her shoes.

    Stephenie appears to be a very positive person. Maybe I’m an optimist too, because my instinct is that when she has had time to rest and reflect, she will return to the Twilight universe. Let’s just try to give her the break she needs!

  138. Sarah

    Thank you croz (137) for telling the human side of things.

    I will not be reading the copy Stephenie posted on her sight, because I would like to read it in a nicely bound copy when I can buy it at my local bookstore. If, however, that never happens, I’m okay with that. A bit disappointed, but okay. I bought into the dream Stephenie laid out herself for me of having Midnight Sun and Twilight side by side on display. I think she may yet finish it to fulfill that dream, but it will take more time now. Which I am also okay with.

    I agree with the above (croz) in that she should take a well deserved break, enjoy her hubby and children, and write at her own pace – since that seems to bring her so much joy.

  139. Adriana

    I personally am offended by this violation to Stephenie’s privacy. I am a writer myself and would feel personally defiled to have something like this happen to me. It is a crime against the integrity of the art of writing for this to happen. Whoever did it should feel ashamed, malicious intentions or no.

  140. Adriana

    i won’t be reading the illegaly published midnight sun. I wouldn’t feel right doing it. I still think Stephenie should finish it and if she does i’ll read it then.

  141. Amy

    Wow. I really like the way 113 related what happened to Stephenie to an experience she has had. I also appreciate the understanding that 113 has for Stephenie’s situation. I think the best thing right now is to support Stephenie because this is tragic, and it is going to require time for her to have the right frame of mind to continue writing again. I feel that she shouldn’t write until she is ready, because Edward deserves to tell HIS story to the fullest and most beautiful way possible. I wouldn’t want Stephenie to continue writing write away because she feels obligated. She should write when she is ready and we should all try to understand the emotional toll that the leak is taking on her. As I have said before, I am not going to read the legal portion of Midnight Sun that has been posted because it was never intended to be read before being published. I give Stephenie my support by waiting to read it, that is once it is published, as was intended in the beginning.

  142. Kaitlyn

    I just feel so bad for Stephenie. I want to read Midnight Sun but I can’t, I just feel so wrong. I hope that one day she will finish Midnight Sun and we (her fans) can read it as it was meant to be. Poor Stephenie…

  143. Larisa

    I really can’t blame Stephenie for being so upset about the leak, I’d be fuming too. I feel so bad for her. But, the selfish side of me is absolutely dying to read the rest of the book. I read what she posted and I am sick with the knowledge that I may never be able to read the rest. It is so good! I love reading it from Edwards pov and would love to read them both simultaneously. Stephenie is awesome. I hope someday she will find it in her heart to finish it and publish it.

  144. Ingrid

    I’m glad you posted this Kaleb, and agree with a lot of the other comments.

    It’s awful how some so called ‘fans’ have been severely criticizing Stephenie’s writing and distributing Midnight sun (and Breaking Dawn before the release date. )

    I’ve only read Twilight and New Moon so far and they’re pretty decent. Stephenie deserves alot more respect.

    I hope at some stage ‘Midnight Sun’ will become available because I read through some of it (from Stephenie’s site) and it’s excellent.

    It’s just unfortunate that a few negative people have to spoil it for the rest of us.

  145. Jessica

    I’m actually very hesitant to read what she’s posted on her site. This might sound strange, but it’s almost out of a sense of…respect…for her. In the same way that I can’t skip a chapter, or even a book–I can’t bring myself to read what she’s gone and posted. I mean she wrote that to be taken as a piece in its entirety, not as a…perverted excerpt that was forcibly taken from her creative ownership. I am curious what’s been written, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever read the unboot-legged version. I think I’ll wait for her to come around and complete it. It feels like a matter of integrity, and if she never decides to write the rest, then I’ll never find out what Edward’s thinking. That’s how much I respect an artist’s right to give their work in context and in the way they choose to deliver it. I hope she gets her head straight and figures out what it will take for her to trust the world again. I hope being close to her family will help her see why she started to write in the first place. I know she’s recognized this site before for its content, and while I seriously doubt she’d ever, ever read this, if she does, I hope she knows that there are people out there who just want her to feel safe again as an artist. Your gift is too precious to put aside entirely.

  146. Audree

    Well the simple fact is, her not finishing it IS hurting the fans. Whether her intent was to punish us or not is irrelevant because she is.

    Leaks SHOULDN’T happen, but they DO. I think she just needs to grow some thicker skin and deal with it. If that is harsh, well so be it. Because she business she is in is harsh. I only say this out of concern for her because I care for her. I want her to make it. Without being able to handle bad reviews and leaks, she won’t last long because she’ll let those people take her power from her.

    I think she has the power to say “I am not going to let that one person screw me over, screw my characters over, and screw my fans over. I am going to rise above and move on and finish what I started.” She has that power. She just has to be strong enough to take it back.

  147. Cat

    As far as Steph’s reaction, i think silence would have been the best policy. It isnt the fans fault they downloaded it, it is the fault of whoever uploaded it. Without that upoad, fans would have had nothing to download and you cant blame them for being tempted by something they love. Even more to the point, the “good” fans who didnt download it are being punished. If you consider that BD sold 1.3 million in 1 day in the US alone, honestly, how many fans have really downloaded this? a teeny, tiny fraction. Even the largest community wherei saw this posted only has 8000 members, and not all of them downloaded it.

    Like it or not, leaks are a fact of life in this day and age. Fall Out Boy had an album leaked before it was ready. Did they refuse to finish and release it? No. The pilot for the new Dr Who had an early version leaked, did the head writer refuse to make any more? No.

    I’m afraid her reaction makes me think less of her, when compared to others who have had this happen to them.

  148. Rizki YB

    I Feel really bad for read it… but i can’t hold myself! I read it legally, though.

  149. Elizabeth

    On Steph’s website she said that it will indefinitely be put on hold.

    Indefinitely= unclear/undecided

    There’s still a chance people! She hasn’t said she won’t publish it. Thus I’d like to just think she’s delaying it. Hopefully not for too long though. And if not, I know she won’t silence Edward’s views because she loves him just too much so maybe she’ll just publish it on her website (better than nothing). I don’t think she’ll stop altogether. Impossible

  150. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    KALEB…you..as a writer…how would you feel???

    croz, You said it perfectly!!!

  151. Ashlynn & Allie

    We just found about it on Stephenie’s website….and i was pretty angry at first, and then i took a peak inside the one on stehenie’s website, and i couldn’t stop reading it. It was so SAD![ina good way] how much he loved her…i was really suprised…and Emmett is so funny about everything…but still Its horrible that it got leaked, but i hope stephenie continues to write it…she’s amazing and i’d like to see further into edwards mind.

    WE LOVE MIDNIGHT SUN! we’re gonna go read it again

  152. Angela

    Stephenie is totally justified in whatever she decides to do concerning Midnight Sun. I’m just going to point out here to the “fans” calling Stephenie selfish that you are really the ones who are selfish. Stephenie was hurt in a huge way, not to mention her rights were violated as an author. These books are HER books, mind you, and SHE was the one who wrote them. She doesn’t HAVE to do anything. The people who have the audacity to turn on Stephenie truly anger me. Oh how fickle the mob of fandom is when they do not get what they want. I am severely dissapointed about what happened too, but I am NOT going to insult the victim. I was looking forward to MS just as much as any other book in the series, but it is Stephenie’s choice to decide what happens.

    Stephenie, we love you. I believe that your fans will read and buy Midnight Sun, leak notwithstanding. If you feel better and inclined to do so, please finish Midnight Sun.

  153. Anza

    Okay, so I’ve been skimming the comments and I really feel this needs to be said:

    Stephenie Meyer saw that her fanbase wasn’t playing the game by her rules, so she took her ball away and went home.

    Leaks happen, and I completely understand that she’s upset. What she SHOULD do is rise from the ashes and face this horrible event with grace and dignity.

    Taking away Midnight Sun isn’t fair to anyone, especially herself. She wanted to tell the story of Edward, and now no one will ever really know Edward as she knows him.

    If Stephenie Meyer really and truely saw how much HER fanbase wants Midnight Sun then she wouldn’t hesitate and continue writing it.

    What matters most is her characters, and she’s doing them an injustice by not finishing the story.

  154. Miss Lizzy

    Hey Kaleb,

    this is my first time posting, but i have been an avid follower of your site for a while now. I just wanted to give you a heads up about a support site that I am affiliated with http://www.supportmidnightsun.com

    we are planning on showing SM how awesome her fans are…try to help her overcome this and continue on her original path…edward wants his story told!! (and so do we)

    check it out when you get back in town!

    I admit that I couldnt contain myself…i tried to avoid the leaked copy…but then i caved! its like my drug…silly, i know! but i have gone and read the legal copy on her site and feel a little better about myself. it is amazing! edward is even better than i originally imagined! (which i thought would be impossible)

  155. Kylee

    i am so dissapointed in the leak. as much as i want to, i am not going to read the draft on stephenie meyers sight. i refuse to read something that stephenie meyer was forced into letting out. that is how i am showing my support, as well as doing all the things that the lexicon has on their sight to support her.

  156. Ally

    I am so disappointed. I was looking forward to Midnight Sun so much, and then someone just had to go and ruin it – someone who Stephanie trusted, no less – by leaking her story. I haven’t read it on her website and I don’t plan on doing so because I would rather read a finished project.
    However, I am in no way going to push Stephanie to continue writing. I respect her feelings on the subject and would probably have done the same thing if it had happened to me.
    I just wanted to say that I completely support Stephanie on her decision and any more that she might make in the future.

  157. Minh Thu

    I understand her reaction completely. First the leak of BD and now MS, too. I just wish that she had finished chapter 13. I’m not finished with the 12 chapters yet but I can say that MS is amazing. Maybe even better than Twilight! What I would do to have her continue to write…I really want to beat the *** out of the person who leaked it.

  158. lasagnaverde

    :@ Narg, I really would like to hit the idiot who had to ruin it for the fans. I know a lot of fans were looking forward to MS, as was I. I understand Stephenie’s reaction, but I really wished she’d continue writing Midnight Sun, the piece on her site was awsome.

  159. Ren

    I am very sad that someone decided to ruin Midnight Sun for everyone. I wish so much that Stephenie would keep writing MS.

  160. Verali

    I am so heartbroken that someone would post a copyrighted work of another on the Internet with no knowledge of the author, or to be so careless of another and her feelings to the situation. Especially when the author gave that piece to a trusted person in their life. I deeply respect her agony, her anguish, her pain, and all other emotions that I can relate to in any way possible, and to those that I cannot.
    However, I did read what was legally published – the teptation to read the pice from such a gifted author was unbearable, as I find her works insanely wonderful pieces and I am infatuated with the detail and thought put into her stories. And to let it end when the idea and emotion and all else was flowing so freely is almost criminal.
    I do respect her actions, but I do hope with all my heart that she will pick up again and finish the amazing piece that she has created thus far.
    For those of you who say ending the process is childish, I must disagree, as these were her own thoughts, and we were to be given another insight to another character’s mind.
    Though, I am upset to think that I will never get that full glimpse into Edward’s head, especially when I find his side so much more attractive and interesting, if you know what I mean. But let us all just cross our fingers that the time will come when we can own the unseen side to Twilight. I agree with those who think as to the more optimistic side, if I may say, as what we can hope to come will lead us farther, and this being a simple insight to what shall come. Please keep writing, Stephenie. I do believe the best is just around the corner when everything seems to be lost. Good luck, and much love to all,

  161. Kristen

    I just have to say that i am very disappointed. Whoever leaked the copy should feel so bad right now; that said i have to say that i did read the leak and it is truly spectacular! I really thought that i had a good understanding of twilight and edward’s character but after reading the first 12 chapters, well I am discovering actually how little I knew and understood about edward. It’s fantastic and I do hope that stephanie will continue with the story because it is great and she will have many fans who will still buy the book because everybody seems to be praising the leak.

  162. Debra

    I’m in the process of reading it. Could I stay away from Edwards inner most thoughts and secrets? Of course not.

    Would I have read the illegal copies floating around if I ran across them? Of course not.

    But since Stephenie posted like a Turkey ready to be carved on Thanksgiving Day.. well, I pulled up a comfortable chair and say back and read.

    I hope she continues… I will surely but her book.

  163. Samantha

    Ahh, my feelings and thoughts on the situation…

    Well, I personally am angry that someone Stephenie trusted was responsible for the leak. That is utterly disgraceful. Our hero, Mrs. Meyer, has every right to be angry, upset, pained, and even to the point that she feels like she can’t finish the process. I respect her in full for the thought, but I’m also selfish enough to admit that I long for her to continue.

    It took me three hours of staring at Steph’s provided link to decide that I would read it. As expected, it was a true stroke of genius. I was thrilled to be inside Edward’s head. He has so much more to say that Bella did, and I found I could relate to him. Midnight Sun, if published, will be Steph’s crowning acheivement.

    Though I will be a little upset if she chooses not to finish, I will continute to respect and adore her. I believe that Stephenie will make the right choice no matter what. Life will go on even if we don’t get the Midnight Sun experience. She has other projects up her sleeves which will no doubt be just as epic as the Twilight Saga. We all need to gather behind our fearless leader and support her no matter what. This is a tough time.

    To the beloved Mrs. Stephenie Meyer:
    I support you one hundred percent. I will keep you in my prayers, and no matter what your decision: you’re still my hero.

  164. Nicole

    When I read the post on her sight, I couldn’t keep myself from reading the 12 chapters …it is amazing! I think even this partial version is actually my favorite of the saga!

    While I feel terrible for her (and I believe she has a right to feel however she wants) I do hope she will have a change of heart and finish Midnight Sun.

    Even with the 12 chapters out I am certain it will sell, it is just fantastic. In fact, I think it would be a positive boost to the sales, because trust me…when you read those 12 chapters you simply HAVE to have the rest!!

    It’s incredible Stephenie, please don’t give up on Edward’s chance to have his say!

  165. Steph

    Although I’m someone who did read the leaked chapters (my curiosity couldn’t keep me away), I am really upset that SM was so upset by the leak.

    While I don’t blame her for saying what she did, or for not wanting to finish it, I think that it would be unfair to the millions of people out there who actually took a stand and said, “Even though I have the opportunity to read Midnight Sun, I’m not going to, because I want to wait until the whole thing is published.”

    Yes, a lot of people did the wrong thing (namely, whoever posted it originally), but once SM has gotten over the grief of this whole thing, I think she needs to take into account how many of her devoted fans actually decided NOT to read it.

    And I reckon that Midnight Sun is the best (from what I’ve read) in the whole saga – the entire thing (save for the epilogue of Eclipse and Book 2 of Breaking Dawn) is in Bella’s perspective, so it’s nice to be able to read the story I have loved for so long from the perspective of the guy so many people have fallen in love with.

    And I agree with Nicole ^^^^^

    Once you’ve read the first 12 chapters, you just HAVE to have the rest!!

  166. Danifrom Brasil

    I’m really sad that such a wonderfull story, that begun with a beautifull dream is now doom to end like a nightmare. I just fell like the only way that SM could win this is to make Midnight Sun the best and biggest best-seller book ever! She can count me in for that! Sorry for any english mistakes – it’s no my first language.
    So Kaleb, if someone leak the first 12 chapters of your upcoming book, what would you do?

  167. Cheryl

    I don’t understand her reaction. She was originally going to put it out on her website “for the fans” and now she’s not even going to write it anymore. I love her as a story teller but this response has me thinking the fame and money have changed her as a person. Or this has never been about her love of writing just getting paid. Get over it! The person who wronged her should get her rath not the fans.

  168. rachel

    cherly i couldn’t agree more if anything this made me like her less as a person doubt her about being a writer ( no ms but i’m doing a music video !! irks me in a way it just rubs me all wrong).

    i know shes hurt and who wouldn’t be but the way she handling it is making me insane and then i think about how close she always is with the fans… and i think about how no other authors are really like that and i think there might be a good reason for it now… she should have never be writing just for the fans but she shouldn’t feed us that shes only writing for herself. this just shows me it was all about making money off of it there was no new info in that book if she really wanted edwards pov out there nothing should stop her from getting it out there. and if it made it hard for her to write she shouldn’t have thrown it up like that she should have said i can’t see myself writing in my state give me a year give me 5 and maybe then i can give you a book. but this boo hoo it’s out there so i’m not going to here it is. ( and i know people pointed out she might pick it up but then really what was the point of posting the draft?)

  169. Rachel E

    Well, there’s not much I can add. I LOVED what I read from Midnight Sun (probably more than I loved Twilight.) If Stephenie had seen it hitting the internet as more of a teaser trailer to a movie instead of a “leak” to a book, I think she would have seen it for what it was– everyone is desperate to find out, especially since it ended the chapter before everyone’s favorite scene. EVERYONE would have bought it when it comes out just to see how it ended. But ultimately, I guess it’s her choice, although I’m pretty sure she’ll lose quite a few fans.

  170. Yoko

    I must say that my heart breaks for Stephenie. After the great gift (The Twilight World) that she’s given us, she in no way deserves to have HER property stolen from her. I also refused to read the manuscript that she posted on her site because I was horrified at the thought of her not finishing it. I didn’t want to read part of it; I wanted the whole thing! Now, thanks to unscrupulous characters, we may never have the entire story. Unfortunately, I gave in, and Midnight Sun is without a doubt one of the best ideas she’s ever had. I will also be writing to show my support, and I am so ashamed of the people who did this to her. It literally made me feel sick to think that she’d been violated this way. I truly hope that she can make it through this and continue writing Edward’s story someday. Even if she doesn’t continue, well, that is her choice, and I’m still behind her 100%.

  171. Yoko

    By the way she stopped writing because she’s hurt (check out her response on her website), NOT as a punishment to disloyal fans. Her mood is an intricate part of the writing process for her, and no one should expect her to just get over it when it has affected her so much as to change the way she would finish the story.

  172. Rosalie

    I started to read it but couldn’t finish it. It felt wrong. I read the legal copy and I still felt wrong reading it because of the reason I got to read it now. Steph trusted some people with it and they betrayed her trust. I don’t blame her for not wanting it to be published anymore. I don’t think online petitions in support of her are going to do anything. And the whole not calling yourself a Twilighter is immature. That’s going against Stephenie while making a petition supporting her. Mixed messages anyone? That’s just my opinion. I like the bottle cap idea. It’s sweet and I totally want to do that. It’s all support and love for her not “if this many people do it I may want to call myself a Twilighter again”. I think we need to support her and her right to publish or not publish this book. We should be proud to call ourselves Twilighters just as we always have been. The real fans would never do this to Steph and to their fellow Twilighters. The people that caused this and posted illegally are no doubt still calling themselves proud members of our Twilight community. They are the ones who should be “ashamed and embarrassed”. The true fans have been here through everything and will stay here through the rest. Stay true to Stephenie when she needs it. Don’t leave because of a few stupid people. Stand by our beloved author.

  173. krstn

    It’s sad. Stephenie Meyer has been an inspiration to many of us and have also given us the Cullen Clan. I do feel bad that her story was leaked when she didnt want it to be and I also am sorry that someone who was apparently close to her, leaked this information. However, I do not agree with how Stephenie Meyer is dealing with the issue. To stop something just because you are angry does not make sense. It’s kind of like giving up and letting the other guys win. Some of the things Stephenie has said about how popular Twilight became has made me look at her differently. But after what she posted about the Midnight Sun leak, I think she might have let the fame and fortune go to her head. I will rally behind any support that is offered to Stephenie, but only because I would enjoy to read Midnight Sun. I also dont think Stephenie should give up on her writing dreams just because she was able to afford her mini van plus some. It’s kind of like she is dangling stories in our faces and saying “They are mine. You dont get them.” Fine.

    I am sorry this happened to Stephenie Meyer. I just hope Stephenie sees she has more fans that respect her then there are fans who are out to ‘end her’.

    I hope Stephenie will not stay so mad for so long that I will be 50 by the time she decides Edward should share his side of the story or even her finishing her other stories like The Host and character of Reneesme.

  174. priyanka

    I, myself, have not read all of it yet. i have heard critisism about the first chapter like it says the word ‘would’ too much. i agree, but if you think about it, its okay. i mean what else can you expect in a non revised or non edited copy? i feel really sorry for stephenie, as in with the chapters leak and the harsh critisism towards breaking dawn. i hope stephenie knows there are still a lot of us loyal twilighters who still support her. :)

  175. Aakerman

    I was so sad when I read it. I had heard about a leak but that was really it, I had no idea how big or serious it was.
    I decided to read the 12 chapters that she put on her homepage, I wanted to know something so that I could better discuss it. After reading this I feel I understand Edward so much better and I just want more, I want her to finish, I want to go buy it and have it on my shelf.

    I hope she will pick it up again, I can understand she is upset though. Maybe one day. I really hope so.

  176. bri

    obviously i

  177. Lisa G

    I am both outraged and devastated by this crime! Poor Stepenie! I don’t understand why people can be so arrogant as to think they are above the law or how they could be so selfish and heartless to disrespect and violate Stephenie the way they did! I cetainly understand Stephenie’s feelings about what happened and understand if she is either unable or unwilling to finish or publish Midnight Sun, but I sure hope somehow she can get past this. I love all of her books, and I think from the 12 chapters she has posted on her site, Midnight Sun is by far the best of all of her books! I’m fascinated by Edward’s perspective and his ability to provide so much information about all of the other characters. The book is much more intense than Twilight, I think because Edward’s feelings and urges are so overwhelming to him. I am devastated at the thought of not being able to read the rest of the book, but I respect and sympathize with Stephenie’s feelings. Maybe the new music project she is doing will give her the lift she needs and deserves! What an awesome opportunity for such a gifted mind!

  178. seadog2010

    i hope she doesn’t keep writing because SOME fans are pressuring her to. i want her to write in the best situation she feels fit, so in the end we the fans get a well-written book instead of a messy draft. so, to those fans that don’t truly understand the situation she is in, i hope they back off and give her some space.

  179. Grace Cullen

    I was utterly DEVASTATED to find out that she is not doing midnight sun anymore. I was on vacation and my friend called me in tears, I seriously threw up. I know that sounds bad, but I am a die hard Edward fan and could not deal with it. :(
    I really am disappointed in the leak – I hope that particular person in question knows what they’ve done, and how twilight fans around the world secretly (and openly) despises what they’ve done.

  180. Samaria

    I wish this woman would get off of her high horse and get over hserlf, already. If she didn’t want her book leaked she should have never handed out manuscripts to others, whether she trusted them or not. And besides, did leaks stop JKR from writing Deathly Hallows? Do leaks stop musicians from releasing their music? No.

    Wow, SMeyer. You fail. AGAIN.

  181. Audree

    Samaria. Harsh. But TRUE.

  182. Baleigh

    I have not yet read the partial draft of Midnight Sun, and I have yet to decide whether or not i will. I am as disgusted with the betrayal of Meyer’s trust by her so-called fans as anyone. However, I think the situation could have been handled better. Stephenie has a right to be angry and hurt, but that will heal in time. Perhaps a better decision would have been to postpone the publication until she rediscovers her joy in writing the book and is able to finish. Giving up sends a poor message to her readers. Where’s the perserverance? It’s not how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get back up. I’m sure if she would have warned her readers not to steer clear of the leak, or even ignored it completely, many loyal fans would have listened and not have been spoiled. Remember when the 7th HP book came out? We know how to avoid spoilers. I hope Stephenie Meyer rethinks her decision to discontinue Midnight Sun. I also hope that whoever is responsible for this heinous breach of trust (not to mention copyright) is brought to justice.

    Furthermore, I would be signing the petition of it weren’t for the part about never uttering a word against Stephenie Meyer other than an honest opinion or constructive criticism. No, that’s not word for word, but the main gist of it. I respect Stephenie Meyer and enjoy her writing, but I will not undermine my right of speech for her. Perhaps the petition should have been worded differently. I love Meyer and am a fan of her work, but if I ever feel the need to rant and rave I’d like to do it with a clear conscience. :-)

  183. Baleigh

    Ahhhh typos! Please allow me to correct myself. I meant to say: I’m sure if she would have warned her readers to steer clear of the leak, or if she would have just ignored it completely, many loyal fans would have listened and the book would not have been spoiled. I also forgot to capitalize the “I” in the second line of the first paragraph, and “of” in the first line of the second paragraph should be “if”. Sorry, I’m picky about these things.

  184. Via

    I’ve read the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun on the official website and all I have to say is these things happen. I think she will continue, eventually, because Stephanie is very good to her fans and she knows she wants to finish, deep down, even if she’s hurting right now. Undoubtedly, her fans will be sending her letters, emails, petitions, etc. to encourage her. I have faith and I’ll just wait patiently until it is finished, because I know what shes feeling. The draw to write is too great, especially something so beautiful as Midnight Sun.

  185. jamie

    here is my feelings on this and im sure to be flamed, but if stephenie meyer has a right to have her feelings hurt as a writer, i have a right to have my feelings hurt as a fan.
    stephanie hurt my feelings! i am her fan and i love all of her work. i have been anticipating midnight sun and stephanie has promised her fans that it would be published. but now that someone leaked it, it might not be published because stephanie is upset. ok i understand she is upset. and even though a lot of her fans on this thread say that steph isnt punishing her fans shes just a person and shes entitled to what she wants. i understand that to. but i am a fan and i see things the way i see them and i feel as though she is punishing her fans. i too am entitled to my feelings just like everyone else. you can disagree but it wont change how i feel about it. you wont miraculously show me the light. and you may not think i am a true fan but i am. and my feelings are destroyed because i am a hard core fan and how upset i am is proof of how much i love stephs work. but just because i love her work doesnt mean that i have to agree with her decision to put midnitgh sun on hold. yes, i understand she needs a break, but i dont feel she handled this situation properly. this is the first time that i really feel that stephanie let down her fan base by showing a very significant weakness. i know she is hurt and i can understand that. however,her response to this matter was a disapointment.

  186. Mallory Maloney

    Upon hearing this news, I initially only had sour feelings over the whole issue — And these feelings have only intensified after reading through various comments, opinions, and articles on this.

    The sour feelings stem from the fact that Stephenie Meyer doesn’t seem to realise that by ‘shelving’ Midnight Sun, she’s in fact only hurting her fans.

    I concluded, after some thought, that perhaps she’s hoping the person who leaked the copy will be feeling the disappointment/wrath of the fans … But her apparent revenge tactics aren’t the smartest.

    From what I’ve read so far, she’s only succeeded in making fans so upset that they’re becoming ill with disappointment, to the point where a large majority of them have been crying their eyes out or even throwing up, for Christ’s sake.

    I only hope that she gets over her hurt, and soon.

    And let’s face it, the reason she’s hurting is of her own doing — No author should be handing out copies of novel drafts to friends and family, unless she’s willing to accept the fact that they may unwantedly surface elsewhere.

    Because if she doesn’t snap out of it, and soon, she’s going to lose a lot more fans, and additionally, respect …

  187. Kayleigh

    so i think it is really unfair of SM or anyone else to scold us for reading the MS leak. We are only human, the internet is public and we are all curious. No one really knew for sure it was real but it was passed on because we all loved the story. I understand that she is upset but i think it is really unfair to blame us. Its like putting a molten chocolate souffle (or whatever your favorite dessert is) right in front of you, there is no way your going to ignore it, you’d want at least a bite. haha

  188. Rachel

    ok so here’s my deal. I can understand why SM is so upset. but this just SUCKS!! i’m sure I sound like a two year or something but I am very upset by this. Heaven knows she has every right in the world to decide not to finish the book I just really hope she changes her mind! This would have been one of the best books ever and it stopped at the BEST part!!!!!! I feel for SM and I hope she recovers from how tough this must have been for her. But i cant help but be a little selfish and DESPERATLEY want her to finish. I feel like someone who has just been told that her brand of heroin is no longer being sold. I love SM but I love Edward and Bella too and i am definetly not ready for their story to be over. So i sincerely hope she finishes, but can understand if she doesn’t we all can just cross our fingers and wish every day that she does :)

  189. Heather C.

    I read the draft and it has the potential to be my new favorite in the Twilight series. I never really saw where Edward was coming from before, but now I understand his draw much better than before. I really hope Ms. Meyer has the heart to complete this wonderful story and publish it. We all love you, Stephenie!

  190. Viviana

    I will admit that I read the illeagal version of Midnight Sun. I loved the story it was wonderful. I was angry when she said that it was put on hold. But now I’m over it. I believe she will finish it. She has so much love for her fans. After reading the 12 chapters, I felt it made me forget about Breaking Dawn. I am going to buy my copy of Breaking Dawn whenever she finishes it. She is going to make money. The only one at fault for this leak is Stephenie. If I was her, I would not have given any copies out. Do I feel bad about it? Yes I do. She worked hard on it. But I am tired of all this hate between the fans. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not everyone has to love all of her books. I didn’t like Breaking Dawn. But I love the others. So I guess I’m not a Twilighter cause I hated BD. Wrong! I am a Twilighter. I’m not going to hate on other people. If you support Stephenies decision, great. If you don’t, that’s cool too. We Twilighters have to be mature about this. All the name calling and ganging up on others because they have a different opinion than yours needs to stop now. All of this is getting way out of control.

  191. Baleigh

    Viviana- Amen to that!! We all have our own opinions, but we need to agree to disagree. Many people seem to think that just because they are typing on a computer instead of talking face-to-face with someone, it’s okay to throw basic courtesy out the window. It’s not! This applies not only to Twilight fansites but the Internet in general. Thank you for pointing out that “all of this is getting way out of control.” I understand being upset over the leak– I was, too– but sobbing and puking?

    I absolutely love Stephenie Meyers books, but I am proud to say I am not physically dependent on them. And as much as it kills me to say it, they’re books. Just books. Just really really good books. And no matter how much you love it, it’s a book that died, not a person. The fact that some are going to extremes over this greatly concerns me. Viviana has it right- let’s be mature.

  192. Serena

    When I read this I was outraged then sad. I understand that it was a violation of her rights and all that. She also has to understand that if she is being used in the same sentence as Harry Potter that she has become a big deal. Meyer should have known better than to have giving out the copies she did especially with how popular she has become. Regardless if it was for someone close to her. She shouldn’t complain about something when in reality people probably warned her beforehand that if she did that people would know about it. It’s her own fault. So she shouldn’t complain about it. I don’t think punishing the fans for her mistake is fair to those who have read her books.

  193. inmortal

    I just have to say the Spanish Teacher fails at teaching that language. “puedas tu ayuda a tu hermano?” —lolwhat? It’s like she wanted to say “could you helping your brother?” hahaha

    As for the leak I don’t care because I will buy the book ANYWAY, so what’s the point? LOL I didn’t like Breaking Dawn and read the illegal version first and still I bought the book (I love complete collections even if I didn’t like one of the books.) So… bleh.

    However, I’m really furious because I DID like Midnight Sun MORE than any of the other books of the saga (even Twilight) and now she’s like… “I’m not gonna finish it anymore because it was leaked and I’m tired of this and I want to stay with my family and take a break to go with them” Ok.. I understood that, but now she’s working on her other projects? mermaids and stuff like that? LOLWHAT? Didn’t she say she wanted a free time for herself?

    I think the leak was just an excuse to stop writing Midgnight Sun.

  194. Shelby

    I couldn’t believe that someone could be so stupid and actually do that to her. Its so disrespectful!

    Now for a rant here:

    I’m honestly getting sick and tired of people sating that they don’t feel sorry for her just because they somehow feel like she’s letting them down. I’m a writer and if my book got leaked somehow (with a ton of mistakes) for everyone to illegally see, I would be really upset! All writers are different; some like their stuff read and maybe wouldn’t get too upset over a leak such as the “Midnight Sun” release, and others, like Stephenie, feel that it is a terrible thing and choose to deal with it in an outlandish way. So what! Let her cope! She feels that there’s no point to finish it at this point so deal with it! Maybe someday she’ll go back and finish it, but until that day, we have to wait and look forward to new worlds that she creates! So really, take my advice here, show a little sympathy for Steph, she deserves it! and for crying out loud, just be happy that you have that freaking partial draft. UGH!

    Also, I am half-way through the partial draft, and I’m sad it may never be published, but I respect Stephenie’s decision and I’m happy to just get this tiny glimpse into Edward’s head! Its great!

  195. Lacey

    I read the chapters after noticing them on stepheniemeyer.com and LOVED them!!! Of course they will be EVEN BETTER after they are polished, but even as an unfinished portion of the novel it is my favorite so far!!! I love getting into Edward’s head, and I believe that once published Midnight Sun will have sold more copies than Breaking Dawn. This leak may even be a blessing in disguise, giving people a large preview and making them want more. I know I want more Edward!!!

  196. Lacey

    oh and go here to sign for Midnight Sun!!!


  197. Henry

    @Ashlie who wrote on August 30th, 2008 at 2:25 pm (comment #53):

    She already said what I need to say. She is bad in the business of writing books or selling them. Doesn’t spoilers, fansites or whatever crops up in the net about her story helps her sell her books? She’s being immature and unprofessional. Rowling have said in her web that these kinds of things never stopped fans from buying her books and making her a millionaire and she doesn’t involve her fans to senseless rants about her feelings on leaks (i.e. killing all the Cullens bullshit). She got more class handling cases like this.

    One thing I disagree with Ashlie though. I don’t respect Mayer at all as a storyteller. She sucks at it. Oh, I can say this because I (tried to) read her books and literally stopped halfway the second book to restore my faith in literature. I just laughed when the readers only realized this on Breaking Dawn. It isn’t even hardcore critics who are saying this, just your average readers.

  198. Susan

    I just finished reading Midnight Sun through Chapter 12 last night. I just love it through Edward’s perspective. And as usual, very detailed, very sweet and captivating, full of love. Midnight Sun really shines and you will definitely know Edward on this book, not only as a Vampire but as a human being. I do hope Stephenie Meyer will continue to finish this book. I know this was just a draft but she did Chapters 9 twice. Page 167 Port Angeles, and page 195, Theory, then made Interrogations as Chapter 11 on page 218. I love all these books that she created and no matter what others say about Breaking Dawn, it’s one of my favorites. Thank you, Stephenie. You rock.

  199. Allana

    I was completely devastated whn i found out about the leak and it is very infuriating about how these people robbed her of her precious work and posted it illegally on the internet! WRONG!!

    Anyway, I had to read it and it is so amazing. I agree with sending her bottle caps with messages written on them, that idea is so cute! I hope she decides to continue writing, many people have waited for this.

    Edward’s side of Twilight is amazing! I couldn’t help myself from not reading it. I had already read the first chapter from when it was released but the first 12!!!! AMAZING! I never knew that Edward could feel so strongly about Bella, as i hadn’t read his side fully yet, but after this, i just went crazy! I got all fuzzy inside, it was so full of love.

    I was totally psyched about it and now Stephenie Meyer has decided that she might not write it!! That is just wrong! it is DEFINITLEY may favourite so far and I wish to buy a copy!

    Please keep writing, Steph

  200. Bob

    I found it really stupid of someone to just give out Midnight sun with out Stephenie Meyers permission. I felt really sorry for S.M. when i heard about it. Yet I really wish that she would still continue with the book. I have been looking forward to it since i first heard about it

  201. Erica

    I have to agree with Morgan. It sucks that Stephenie has to go through this, and her privacy was totally violated. But it’s not fair to punish the loyal fans of the series for something that someone close to her did. We’ve all been betrayed by people that we think that we can trust, but we shouldn’t take it out on the people who treat us well.

  202. Badger

    Honestly…I think we all have to refrain from passing any kind of judgement on Mrs. Meyer. Am I a Twilight fan? Yes. Am I disappointed about what happened? Of course. But this isn’t about me, or any of us for that matter. A lot of fans seem to be acting as if it is, and it’s not. Just be patient; give her time to cool down, and we’ll see what happens from there.

  203. KG

    I feel bad about the leak as well, and read the 12 chapters SM posted on her site (hadn’t heard about the leak before she mentioned it though). I have to say I really enjoyed the partial draft and am interested to see how it will differ from the final product, what is cut, what is changed, what is completely new, etc (the whole Angela/Ben thing I just don’t see sticking around for example). To me it’ll be an inside look at the writing/editing process – a way in which I’ve never been included before. I kind of really like the idea.

    Also, I have to respect Ms. Meyer’s loss of focus on the Midnight Sun project at present and feel in no way that she is “taking it out” on me as a fan to put the work aside and focus on other projects until she is ready to go back to it. I would much rather read the ending of Midnight Sun from a writer who’s heart is thoroughly in the writing of it.

    That said, part of me finds it interestingly convenient (in a drive me insane wanting just that much more kind of way) that the exposed draft ended so shortly before the all important meadow scene. The one scene that is probably on the top three list of scenes almost all Twilighters are just dying to see from Edward’s perspective. I won’t go so far as to say it’s all a publicity stunt or imply that it somehow makes the illegal leaking of such a large portion of Ms. Meyer’s unpublished work any less wrong or upsetting. But IF you were going to do it anyway, what a great place to stop….

  204. Sarah

    I had not heard of the violation until I read Stephenie’s post either. As soon as I had I realized that the devatatingly belligerant persecution anti-twilighters have claimed to endure since the beginning of the series will be nothing compared to the retribution that will fall upon those who have called themselves one of us but have hurt Stephenie in this terrible way. I truely am suprised that all I’ve heard so far are angry words. But I think the best course of action now shouldn’t be revenge, but to find some way to really show her that there is a wide gap between those who’ve betrayed her so fully and those of us who have continued in loyalty and appreciation. I too thought of writing letters but I just can’t see that being enough. At one point I dreamed bid and imagined twilighters putting in time and money to build her the cottage, but honestly I just don’t see how such a huge project could be orchastrated. Lol. Maybe with that one HGTV show helping… But what do you all think?

  205. Steph

    Fantastic so far. Better than Twilight… or any other book in the series actually. Absolutely hilarious. Particularly the idea of backhanding Mike for asking Bella to the dance. :)

  206. Amelia

    Personally I think that I can not understand what she is going through right now. I am sad that it is on hold but I don’t think I can say I know why she decided to do this. However I think that if she wrote even now she might no be able to write at her best so Im willing to wait until the last bit is as good as the first 12 chapters.

  207. Holly

    i understand her concern and all, id be upset too. but to not publish the book is probably not the best was to go with it. to punish the rest on the twilight community because one un-trustworthy friend leeked it is hardly fair.

  208. Shatha

    Since my last post, I realise that I’m over it.
    It’s her choice, her story, her life no matter how much you believe you have a part in it. You can’t make Stephenie’s decisions for her.
    Stephenie will deal with the situation the way she feels is right. It’s easy to say “She should continue writing no matter what” when the betrayal doesn’t happen to you, when you’re not feeling the emotions she is.
    If Stephenie feels that she can never continue writing Midnight Sun, then I don’t mind. I’ve always understood Edward’s character quite well and I think we should support Stephenie no matter what her decision is. Who knows? Give her the time and space she needs and maybe she’ll continue to write for those fans who supported her from the beginning, and more importantly, for herself.
    Everyone should just calm down, take a deep breath and move on.

  209. Ellen Pye

    Ok people I would really and seriously appreciate it if you heard me out.

    For all the people who have kept reading, thankyou. Thank you very, very much.

    I’m pleading to all the people who have said “If I was Stephenie and had my rough draft leaked I wouldn’t have chucked a hissy fit/skiz/childish tantrum and decided to stop writing it. I’d just keep going and not give a damn.”
    As much as you might wish you were, You aren’t Stephenie so please respect her decisions as an individual. At least try and empathize. She isn’t you, so she has a different and unique personality, her decisions are based on solid reasons, although, many people aren’t understanding these reasons because they are in a different order of importance to them. I’m begging you to listen to my reasoning. Here’s another “If Stephenie were…” or “If I were Stephenie…” situation for those who still can’t empathize yet.
    Imagine that Stephenie is your best friend, the greatest friend you’ve had even, and suddenly she shows up at your place looking heartbroken and torn-up (for a more dramatic scene, it can be raining outside and she has no umbrella so is looking bedraggled from the soaking rain). You help her inside and ask her what’s wrong (because naturally, you’re really worried about your best friend’s well-being). You listen as she tells you about her predicament. She finishes by saying that she feels like she can’t write the story without it ending to fit the plotline, because of the way her emotions affect her writing. You SHOULD be in pain to see your best friend hurting like this. You SHOULD be trying to make your best friend feel better by supporting her. You SHOULD be respecting her rights and decisions.
    But that’s the thing isn’t it? All the “Should’s” are being ignored. And now here’s the more important question > Why?
    Now seriously ask yourself that and dig deep into your thoughts here people. You might say “’Cos she’s NOT my best friend, Dufus!” Sure, you might be right, but the scenario says “Imagine”. It’s obviously what you did to enjoy the books so PLEASE “imagine” a little for a moment. And if you come up with a different answer than that, look inside the reason for that answer.
    When you come up with the real legitimate reason for your thoughts/actions I honestly hope you will feel a bit more for Stephenie. :)
    Ok now that that (Hopefully) enlightening Psychological exercise is over, here is my personal opinion.

    I hate to see any one be upset and hurt, especially the way that Stephenie is now, I really want her to know that even though there are some people that will stab her in the back, there are people who care for her and want to help heal the wounds and wrongs. But I’m not doing this because I want Midnight Sun out in book stores, like some others. I am doing this for her and her rights as an author.
    I love Stephenie Meyer, almost in a motherly way, and I want her to know that I respect her decisions, her rights and her as a whole, and an individual who has feelings and emotions just like us.
    I Support Stephenie Meyer!!!

    Ellen xoxo

  210. Caitlyn

    After reading Stephenie Meyer’s response to the leak, I completely understand why she’s not releasing it. I’ve written many pieces of fiction throughout my life (none of them published of course) and I know that as you’re writing it, you have to be in love with it. You must be willing to put the time, lack of sleep and nourishment, and effort into completing it. If I were in her place, I might have done the same thing. To her, the leak is a betrayal and the story is no longer special to her. Though I’m disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to read the finished copy, I can make due with what she has posted. I think it is noble of her (and quite trusting) to allow readers to download a copy legally, especially since it is not polished. We should be thankful that she is kind enough to allow us that much. Stephenie Meyer seems like a down to earth individual, and it’s too bad that this has happened to her.

  211. Katerina

    I think this is just wrong what this person did to Stephenie. Whoever did this clearly has no respect for Stephenie Meyer or all the other Twilighters out there. I don’t think I can be sure that this person was even a real Twilight Saga fan, especially after this. I’m sure we’d all be upset if we were in Stephenie’s current position, I hope we can all agree on that much, at least.

    Stephenie is obviously incapable of writing more of Midnight Sun at the moment, and we shouldn’t force her to keep writing. Instead, I think we should just support her, and show her how much we respect her, and how much we love her for bringing us this wonderful and amazing series of books that readers all across the U.S and the world are enjoying every day.

  212. Juliet Choi

    I wish if Stephenie Meyer would keep writing Midnight Sun. It is her right to stop writing it but it really hurts a lot fans. For example, I just simply love her books and when I heard that she wasn’t going to keep writing, I wanted to cry and I felt like I had nothing to look forward to now… I just wish she would keep writing…

  213. Ellen

    this is HORRIBLE! I’m so mad that someone stole that story from her, and put it all over the web. I would be angry too. But Ms. Meyer, if you do ever read this, I just want to let you know that we all support you. And eventually, I really would like to see Edward’s side of the story.

    Or maybe Seth’s! :)

  214. Emily

    I read what SM said on her web sight that she wont finish the book…. and that makes me sad… Does she not realize what great publicity this has for Midnight Sun?!? Those who read the first chapters will no doubly go out and buy Midnight Sun when it hit the shelves. I would like SM to be able to finish the story even if it does take a while for her to get over feeling betrayed. The same thing happened to J.K. Rowling and her Seventh Harry Potter, right before it was to be released someone got a hold of the book and put it on to the internet J.K. Rowling didn’t say hold on now no one is going to see the book, no she was upset that it happened, but it still went as planned. It is one stupid selfish persons fault, please, please don’t PUNISH the rest of us, because that is what you are doing….. Releasing such an amazing story and saying too bad…. I loved the first twelve chapters more than I ever thought possible!!! I’m sorry I read them when SM asked us not too, it’s just ever since I heard she was making a book in Edward’s point of view I couldn’t wait!!!! So when I heard that she would never finish the book naturally I wanted to see as much as I could.. If she had said here is the leak but I’m still going to finish the book then I would have waited for the book!!!!!!

    I also want to thank SM for making such amazing work that has been able to capture the world! Not many people read any more and to have a book that it making people read… Wow… it is a real gift…..

  215. Crissy

    I admit it.. I read it.. but not until S.M. posted it herself… I loved it. It was potentially the best book yet… With Edwards ability the amount of character development is amazing… There is not a single character that I do not know better now then I did before reading. I hope with all my heart that S.M. continues to wright this book.. She also did a good job of making Twilight fans feel like they were in on a lot of “inside jokes” cause Bella is the only one Edward doesn’t hear.. I can only tell you I cried twice(tears and all) and laughed out loud to many times to count…
    Whoever leaked this and stole the rest of the story from us should be drawn and quartered…

  216. anon

    I have to admit, when I first read about the leak (I forget where, but it was a fan site asking not to read the leak) I was upset but NEVER intended to read the leaked chapters.
    Then I read Stephenie’s statement and sort of felt “Really, are you an adult?” like she is acting like a kid who had a toy taken away and is refusing to play with anything now… I understood the hurt but felt that she responded pretty unprofessionally in my opinion.
    Now, since she did decide to share the chapters with us – because I would not have read them otherwise – I can now say that I really hope she finishes Midnight Sun and considers (even though she said she wouldn’t) doing the other books (maybe switching perspectives, Rose, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Carslile, Esme, Sam, etc, etc, etc) particularly re-doing Breaking Dawn – which might bring back some of the disaffected fans.
    Here’s hoping for a completed Midnight Sun – someday (hopefully not to far in the future).
    –> fan in Boston, MA

  217. KALO


  218. Angelica

    Kalo- i totally agree with you!! I mean people should put their self in her position before they make any judgements. I am not a child and if something like that happened to me, I would be ranting on like nobody elses business, especially if the possible culprit was somebody I trusted? it just makes it worse.
    The first time I heard about the leak, I was like “why are people so upset about it?” At first i thought it was only like a 12 page leak or something like a spoiler, but i never imagined it to be 200+ pages!!! i scrolled down and i was just too dumbfounded that someone would post all of that. I couldn’t help but feel so angry, that I just exit the whole thing. If I got angry, I could only imagine how Stephenie Meyer must have felt and is still feeling; midnight sun was hers and she’s generous and caring enough to share it to all of us. Yeah, i’m upset that she might not publish midnight sun, but i’m not upset at her. People shouldn’t be calling her uncaring or immature about the decisions she made. It’s a privilege that she’s even writing midnight sun for us and hopefully she’ll publish it. Oh man, you don’t know how badly i want her to publish it. That being said, I support Stephenie Meyers 100% as always.

  219. Nicole

    I think that she leaked it herself. Bad reviews, bad story idea…she probably got tired of those characters and wanted to stop. But she couldn’t just stop because she promised the book…therefore she leaked it and cancelled the book. This leak just seemed to convenient. I love Edward, but I totally don’t want to read the story with him. Write something new or don’t write it at all!

  220. Debra

    Maybe so, but she admitted to giving it out to not just one person but a few for whatever reason whether for the actors to understand their roles better or not. In this day and age how do willingly give out something you hold so dear and not expect it to be leaked? Especially something as well know as Midnight Sun? I’ve loved the series from the beginning but something like this should have been expected, its just too well known, let’s not forget the whole “Dumbledore dies” scene when Deathly Hallows went on sale.

    In all honestly no money has been lost, except maybe her trust, and if anything more people know about the novel now then before.

  221. jennifer!!!


  222. Allison

    I read the first chapter of midnight sun and fell in love with it. like all te rest of your books i think that it is fantastic, amazing,awesome, too great for words. i am a little upset now though because i think that this series is really addictive to read and i can’t wait for the book to come out. i love to re-read this series over and over and over again. i hope the book comes out soon.

  223. mamu

    i know that stephenie meyer is depressed about someone leaking out midnight sun, but i don’t think that its a good idea for her to just not publish the book cause i am a huge fan of her book. i haven’t even read the leak because i knew that she wanted to suprise her readers. so i didn’t read it. i was so pissed off when she said that she wont publish it. i was furious. she didn’t have to punish all her readers for it. it was so unfair.

  224. Izabel

    I hadn’t checked back the stephenie Meyer site for ages. I have finished breaking dawn, and thought it was AMAZING. I was really sad, though, when i remembered that it was the last book. I think u should write another one, because it would be interesting how Bella could show edward her thoughts, and how Renesmee grows up to be.
    anyway, when i checked on the website today, i read all the stuff about Midnight sun, and i was so excited! i had the same idea and thought how great it would be to see everything from edward’s point of veiw. so when i saw that stuff from the book had been leaked onto the internet, i was really angry. I hope u rethink about publishing midnight sun, and write edward’s point of veiw for all the other books, too.

  225. Izabel

    p.s. – Rowling’s getting jealous!

  226. Bonnie

    Well, I read the leaked copy, but only after Stephenie Meyer had out it on her site.
    I loved it SO much, I was so excited about it being Edward’s viewpoint.
    I love him so much more now since I can understand him a little bit better.

    But I do have to go on to say.. it is very selfish of Stephenie to not publish the book or continue writing it.
    Music artists and other artists have their songs and such leaked out weeks before the albums come out, and they don’t cry about it, they just get over it and know that true fans will get over it and buy the finished product anyways. It was partly HER fault for giving out copies, anyways. She just needs to get over it and stop punishing the fans because of her own mistake.

  227. Jessica L.

    To Bonnie: That’s different. There isn’t anything the artists can do about the leak because the songs were already completed. Imagine if you were in the middle of a song or a story, and someone you trusted distributed that copy without your permission. How would you feel? Stephenie’s trust was violated by someone close to her. With that feeling in mind, her perspective in life changes. And with that perspective, it is more difficult to write Midnight Sun because she now sees things differently.

    It’s not that she’s being selfish. I think it’s a good decision that she stopped writing because she wouldn’t be able to finish the story as she intended it to be PRIOR to the leak. If you think about it, she’s getting back to it one day, most likely when she no longer has that current outlook on life. So for those angry fans, would you rather have her finish it as she intended, or have her write the novel in a different state of mind where the story isn’t what it should be?

  228. JacobFan

    I’m a middle school reading teacher, and because of the work of Stephenie Meyer, I have been able to draw in so many students to reading. They can’t stop reading her work! I’m disappointed about the loss of Midnight Sun, for myself, but particularly on behalf of my students. I know personally, I would have bought at least 4 copies of the book, since I’ve bought at least that many of each of her others; I can’t keep them on my shelves! I’m hopeful that Stephenie will take the time that she needs and finish Midnight Sun, but I respect her decision either way. If not Midnight Sun, I hope she’s going to continue giving us great books. She is an amazing author!

  229. Apralice

    Stephenie! Please, please don’t give up on the series. Don’t leave us with edward hanging! pls pls continue!

  230. abbygirl

    Twilight is my life!!! i am obsessed with anything that has something to do with stephanie myers or the twilight series!<33 i finished the entire series in two weeks. i CANNOT get enough! it is my life now and nothing else matters to me. while i was reading it, my parents would get annoyed with me for not spending enough time with them.they would actually have to take my book away from me to make me eat,drink,sleep,or spend time with them!now that i`m done reading what is out, i cant stop thinking about how perfect it is.i am reading new books (270 pages each) every day, just to get my mind off of twilight. i finished twilight TWO WHOLE MONTHS AGO!!when will this craving end! i hope stephenie reads this and knows that she has my support along with millions of twilighters! these books are going down in history as classics!i am very upset about the leak and i hope that shefinishes it soon, but i need to go cause this coment is WAYYYYY too long but it doesnt even express all of my feelings for twilight! dude, i feel like such a nerd, admitting how obsessed with this book i am…
    =/ i hope u feel better soon stephanie, that person must have really hurt your feelings.

  231. abbygirl

    coment# 219 by NICOLE
    you can just shut up! (excuse my language) you are wrong and no one NO ONE WHO IS A TRUE STEPHANIE FAN agrees with u!!!! what is your problem anyway. anything that meyers writes is beautiful,wonderful, amazing,and definately an instant classic! i LOVE the idea of seeing from edwards point of view! i didnt want to read stephanie`s leak of midnight sun, i held off as long as i could…. but when i heard that she might not finish it, i could not help myself from reading it. i feel like i betrayed meyers but the book has me CRAVING more! i thought it was brilliant and i am more in love with edward than ever! i hope that stephanie finishes it this year or next, or id rather anytime as long as she finishes midnight sun… i hope she feels better and knows that if she wrote the cruddiest book ever and critics HATED it, i would still read it and love it! im pretty sure that most fans would too!,soo i hope stephanie feels wayyyy better soon!!!<3333

  232. Jessica

    When I found out about the leak i was FURIOUS! I adore Stephenie Meyer and her books. How could that person BETRAY her trust like that?!?! Makes me wanna GRAB MY PITCHFORK AND TORCH…not that I own a pitchfork but it sounded good. :-) I havn’t read it yet because i’m still hoping for a published copy but…then again now that she’s put it out she probably wouldn’t make many sells because people could just read ALMOST the same thing for free.

    I would buy it though, pretty much just out of respect. I feel as if I owe it to Stephenie by now! I’ll be darned if she doesn’t!

    P.S. I’m not a hick but after re-reading my comment I realized I kinda sounded like one :-)

  233. julia

    i read it.

    it was amazing

    i can’t believe she’s not finishing it. she said she might kill bella and edward if she did.

    the draft was so
    he loved her from the very beginning!
    so sweet
    stops right before the meadow chapter.
    so mad.
    gaheia ;dj;s ageisfjd;’

  234. Dandelion Cat

    It’s terrible that someone could even think to do such a thing! She gave someone the unedited copy so that they give their insight about the story and that person had the audacity to post it online! I can understand that she is upset. While it’s unfair to punish everyone, whoever was resposible for the leak should have to pay a price. I have been looking forward to Midnight Sun, and I will be devistated if it is to be abandoned. Please, Stephanie, don’t make the world suffer for someone else’s stupidity!

  235. ali

    honestly, i think that that was really low for the person to do, yu know betray her trust like that but seriously.. that shouldnt stop her from continuing midnight sun. Stephenie should continue it to prove to the person that it doesnt matter and by continuing it, yu arent depriving the readers such as me from reading the wonderful stories she has created. Stephenie is an amazing author.. and i would really like to read the rest of the book. I finished the whole series in a week and i am so sad that it is over and i was happy to see that there was another book coming out.. ecstatic is putting it mildly.
    Please stephenie, continue writing. half of my school has read the twilight series and some teachers loved the book so much they are putting it in their curriculum.

  236. Megan

    So I have read the legal copy that Stephanie released on her official page, and I am sad that we as fans won’t get to finish seeing Twilight from Edwards perspective. I really enjoy this view and find it to be almost a completely different story. While I respect Stephanie’s decision I wish she would change her mind and not punish her loyal fans.

  237. Jaime

    I was so upset when I heard that Midnight Sun would be postponed indefinently! I felt the need to really do something this time. So, http://savemidnightsun.com was created. We are reaching almost 9,000 signatures from all over the world. This site is a gift to Stephenie Meyer from her fans.

  238. Mike (another guy reading Twilight)

    I began reading Twilight a few days ago, I am currently at page 180 of Eclipse. I started, of course, because all of my friends talked non-stop about it until I did, and I was interested. I personally love the series so far, and I personally believe that anyone low enough in moral standing to leak Midnight Sun to the masses deserves to rot. I personally read only the 1 chapter teaser that Stephenie Meyer posted on her official website before the leak happened. I refuse to read the 12 chapters that were leaked onto the internet, and I hope(hope would be an understatement) that Ms. Meyer is not so discouraged as to not continue writing Midnight Sun. When I heard there was going to be a version of Twilight strictly from Edward’s point of view, I was ecstatic, however, no more than a day or so later, I heard it was cancelled because of a leak and I was outraged. As not to take up too much more of your forum space, I will cut my venting short. I believe that Ms. Meyer should undoubtedly finish the book, for the 90% of her fans who stayed loyal to and loving of her series. My only wish is that I could attempt to convince her in person. Good luck Stephenie Meyer.

  239. michelle

    personally i love books. The internet is great for info and stuff for projects but when it comes to reading stories nothing beats a book. you can take them anywhere and read them at any time. also if you like a book its nice to have it on your shelf. i really think that Stephenie Meyers should continue writing and should get midnight sun published. people would be lost without authors writing books. i sincerly hope Stephenie will finish and publish the book. good luck Stephenie Meyer.

  240. Jaime

    I support Stephenie Meyer in whatever decision that she decides to make, but I personally would love to see Midnight Sun completed. I’ve started a website specifically dedicated to Stephenie to show her that we the fans love her stories and would love to see Midnight Sun finished. I consider this a gift to her and there is a petition there to sign. (with over 9,000+ names to date) It’s not demanding, it’s just there to let the other fans kind of “sign their names on this gift as well”


  241. Bea

    I am truly devastated of this leak, for I was and still am looking forward to this last book, which is about Edward’s thoughts. I read the original draft in Ms. Meyer’s official site and I must say that it would be such a waste if she wouldn’t complete it. Whoever started this should be sued and should be punished. A lot of fans are anticipating this book and they ruined it.
    Ms. Meyer, please do not lose hope. We, your fans, give you our full love and support. Please continue in writing these works of art, for they really inspire us readers.
    We’ll be here for you, no matter what! :)

  242. Susan

    I, for one, thought that the way she handled the situation was very petulant. Mind you, I would be EXTREMELY angry if anyone dared to leak my work over the internet, especially when I trusted them with the rough draft in the first place.

    But to swear off the book indefinitely is not the way to go about it. What she needs to realize is that a lot of authors have their works leaked over the internet, completed or not. There is always going to be someone out there that is going to stoop to thievery or spoilers posted all over web pages and blogs.

    She shouldn’t have entrusted the copy to anyone in the first place. It is common sense to realize that because the fandom for this series is so large and overbearing, anyone with the opportunity of having a copy is going to run with it. The chance was always there. When you are as famous as she is, you can’t trust anyone. It is sad but true but now she has to deal with the knowledge in an adult manner. It happened to J.K. Rowling with her last book but she didn’t cry off the series. She got it published.

    Meyer basically threw a tantrum in my opinion. She is being selfish in a small way for not continuing the book. So she got it leaked; yes, she’s angry. We all are. But continue writing the book and give your fans what they have been waiting for – they have made her work as popular as it is today.

  243. Kelsea

    Stephanie Don’t give up on Edward or Bella, you made an amazing book. I’m almost sad it’s fiction, but it’s so amazing, i can only help but to think that it’s all true. You are amazing, and its only a leak. as you said it’s only a draft so you have so many more changes to make to it. Dont let the leak change your mind about it. It’s going to be an amazing book as of them all. You’re amazing, and as I can tell, we all love you. <3Kelsea

  244. Kristin

    I heard about Midnight Sun from a freind who informed me that it was online. I looked it up and found Stephanies comments. I hate that I am one of the many people who thought that it was o.k. to read her unfinished work. I will not read any of this story untill it becomes a book. Which I hope it still will. and if it does I will be the first to buy it.

  245. ~Tina

    Hey Kaleb, props to you for reading Twilight! I’m really upset at the goons who leaked the copies of Midnight Sun. My heart goes out to Ms. Meyer, and I strongly believe that she should continue to write this book. She has the support of her REAL fans, and it would be even more of a tradgey if she stopped altogether. We love you Stephenie! Please don’t stop writing this! We’ve got your back. Love & Warm Brownies, ~Tina

  246. Casey!

    OMG!! Stephenie please write Midnight Sun I really really want you to! I am in love with your books and if you don’t write them I will be so upset! You are an amazing writer and should be strong and keep writing it!! Please!

  247. Meghan

    The Twilight series is absolutely amazing literature. It, along with Harry Potter, bring so many different audiences in. It is heart breaking knowing that the author of these amazing books has given up. She has amazing talent and imagination, it is so sad to see her give up after all her hard work. I read the rough draft of Midnight Sun from her website after a friend told me it was on hold indefinately and was blown away. Edward’s point of view brings a whole new aspect of the storyline and even after knowing what happens in the end, it still keeps you reading as if you didn’t know anything at all. I hope that Mrs. Meyer can one day look past her betrayal and finish Midnight Sun for not only her loyal fans, but also for herself.

  248. Taqoya

    It really SUX, I mean when I was done with breaking Dawn it was like, ‘Ok…….now what do I do with my life???? And the only thing that kept me goin was the thought of midnight sun being released. Now I just feel really bad about it…..But S.M. needs to SUCK IT UP!!!! I MEAN SHIT HAPPENEDS THE SAME THING HAPPENED W/ H.POTTER!!! Dont disappoint your fans by letting some MONEY HUNGRY BASTARD KILL THEIR CRAVINGS! I still think its sad though…I’m sad…But I guess we still have the MOVIES!…..OMG UNTIL THEIR OVER!1!!!!!!!

  249. Anne Gwish

    I think it’s horrible that someone would do that Stephenie Meyer. It’s a violation of personal rights as and author and a human being. I know, as an author myself, I hate it when people badger me about a book when i don’t want people to get the impression of what was in my mind in that time frame. It’s not how i wanted my book to be presented, and I’m sure that’s how Meyer about all this.

  250. samara

    I heard about twilight about 2 weeks ago and finished breaking dawn a few days ago. the series was the most captivating story of forbiden love i coud ever dream of reading. i couldnt put it down but didnt want to finish because i knew i would miss the characters as if they were real people, and i do.

    my friend told me about the fifth book a few says ago and with the same sentence told me it wasnt being published because some fool leaked the unfinised draft. i got so exited i almost cried when i heard the first part of what my friend was telling me, and so let down at the end of her story. it completely ruined my day and so far my week could have been better. i havent read the draft but i dont know if i can stand it for much longer… so ….. Stephenie, please, please finish it! Do you want us to beg… is that it, well …i know I will. PLEASE! we miss bella and edward cullen, bring them back! The movie wasnt enough!

  251. Fidella

    I hope that Ms. Meyer sees all this. I hope that she realizes that the wrong doings of one person should not be enough to condemn the city he lives in. I have loved Twilight from the beginning. I remember buying it before I’d ever heard of it, just wandering aimlessly around Barnes & Nobel and then there it was, the shiny red apple grabbing my attention. It has become one of my favorite books of all time, which is saying something since I read quite a lot. It’s silly and unreasonable but it feels as though my favorite aunt(or some such) has betrayed me in some vicious fashion. For a while just looking at other twilight fans made me seethe, mentally hissing and growling at them. Who did they think they were? This was MY book. I had read it during my dark moments of despair, I had stretched out in the sun to imagine light reflecting of Edwards skin, I had clung to the romance that Twilight shot across my sky and sighed softly when there had been a happy ending. What were these people doing talking and laughing and loving MY book!? And then I realized that it could mean just a good read to something even more than what I felt to THOUSANDS of people. It sounds like something I should have understood with no thought at all but I didn’t, because I was just that wrapped up in Twilight.
    So now I think to myself, maybe it’s just that Ms. Meyer doesn’t see this herself. If she did I’m almost positive she would continue with Midnight sun. She would race to her computer and blaze through what remains of the novel, and say “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know how you all thirsted for this, who cares that some jerk-off put my work out there unfinished and way to early, I’m bigger than this, because I have so many caring fans to support me.” I’m sure that would be her response. So maybe the only answer is to make her see what these books mean to some of us. Even if it’s nothing more than a simply enjoyable novel. I know that I for one, am doing my best not to read the unfinished portion of her novel, in hopes that she will continue, but I crave it. I could even stand to read four more books all from Edwards POV. (Not that I’m demanding she write them) Even if I do cave, and dive into whats left of Midnight Sun, I would still purchase it, she could even charge me extra for a little sticker that proclaims it an Official copy. I would have no qualms forking over the portion of my meager salary.

    If anyone happens to be interested, please join the new Live Journal Community on just this subject, It’s my prayer that together we can make her understand (meant in a completely non-invasive way) As of this moment there’s not much there, but it’s being worked on. I stress that I just randomly felt the compulsion to do this, so there is nothing there yet, but I could use some help. If your interested or have any comments for me you can reach me at [email protected]

  252. JiHyon

    i know that what we the fans feel is nothing compared to what Stephenie Meyers is feeling. she trusted someone with something that she wouldnt have with many people but they betrayed her. no one can understand what she is feeling…but as a fan i do wish that she will one day wake up in the morning and decide to finish the book that all of her other loyal fans are waiting for. edward, bella, and everyone of the characters felt to real. as i was reading breaking dawn i wanted to finish it but at the same time i didnt want to because that would have meant the end of the story forever and all of the characters being just characters in a book forever. when i heard that there would be another book in edward’s point of view, i couldnt wait but i know that the wait will be longer. ms.meyer please know that we all love you and that we will be waiting for our favorite characters that we have been with from the very first book. everyone is waiting so please one day be able to tell us that midnight sun is finished. i will always wish that that day will come.

  253. *Christy*

    I love Stephanie Meyer’s work, but I definately think that she can handle this situation much better instead saying that she won’t write the book for another TWO YEARS. I don’t think I have the patience to wait that long!!! 😛

  254. Alexa

    I agree with those of you who are a little disgruntled with Stephanie for not finisheing. It seems sort of childish to be say. Oh.. I have been hurt.. haha to bad for those of you who were waiting patiently. I have read midnight sun… multiple times, I love Edward and I would buy this book and the enbtire series over again if she rewrote it from Edwards POV. I really love her books and I wish she would continue. JK rowling had this happen too but she didnt just stop writing.. that is the biggest thing that pisses me off that she is making such a big deal and turning herself into a martyr.. people were going to buy the book more now becuase they had a 12 chapter teaser. especially becuae it leaves off right before the meadow :'( Everytime I read it I just want more more more. I really hope she realizes that not everyone is out to get her and we just want to read the new book :)

  255. Katie

    I completely understand Stephanie not wanting to continue the book, what those people did leaking it like that was wrong. It isn’t even a finished copy. I know i hate it when my work is on display before i’ve made sure it’s my best. She didnt deserve that. But being the selfish twilight fan that i am im really hoping she will reconsider and finish the book because twilight is such a happy escape and I don’t want it to end. I wouldn’t be upset with her no matter what she chooses to do, her trust and respect was completely violated but hey it’s not the fans fault so i really hope she finishes this book because if she does i will be first in line to buy it.

  256. Olivia

    I also agree with number 25. Even though it was leaked, that doesnt mean that she needs to totally go on strike and leave everything the way it is. If I end up not reading the second half, I will end up like Bella in New Moon. Gasping for more of Edward!!

  257. nikki

    she just wants us to know she feels. i mean she must have put in so much efforts into it, to make it so great and all… but she got bummed coz sm idiot posts it online! it totally ruins the surprise and charm of MS!

  258. chelsea

    OMG! i read the draft she posted and im going to be sooooo disappointed if she doesnt finish and publish midnight sun. The insight into edwards head (and every1 else’s!) is great and only makes the twilight saga more unforgetable!

  259. Amelia

    im new to the whole twilight thing. I just read it last week and was amazed by it.
    i never thought it would EVER be that good, but it was.
    Im getting the whole saga for christmas, and after promising my dad i wouldnt read New untill then, i was itching for more twilight.
    I found Midnight Sun. On her website of course. And after two days of reading it i was in love. A lot of the time this idea of a different perspective can become cliche
    But no way in this case.
    I really do hope that she takes Midnight Sun off hold, and continues writing, and eventually publishes it. Because like she has stated this is a PARTIAL DRAFT. she only let out the partial draft, so we as an audience and fans can not wait until it is out in bookstores.
    I will no doubt buy it, even with the basic knowledge of the first 12 chapters. I could not bare to know its out there and a empty space for it on my shelf.
    All i can do is PRAY that she finishes it. Because like many others I need to know Edwards side of the story. Hopefully she will forgive the leakers and proceed on with Midnight Sun.

  260. Amelia

    ohhhh and also
    just want to let you guys know that her official page is a favorite of mine now
    just because of the fact that i check it everytime im on the computer HOPING for an update saying “im starting back up with Midnight Sun and it will be out in _______”
    Hope that day comes very soon since i have now been teased into the storyline all over again.

  261. Amanda

    I’ve heard of Burning Dusk, Edward’s story of New Moon, but I’m not sure if it’s only a rumor or not. Of course Stephenie Meyer does not have an email, but I still wonder if she’ll write his versions of the Saga…

  262. stephanie

    i only read the first chaper i wanna wait till it is published but wow its Really good i hope u do finish it and publish it!! i would really like to know if ur starting to continue writing it anytime soon?

  263. Allie

    i think stephine should finish the book…but i undersant if she doesnt cause how would u feel if this great piece of writing you were ready to publish got leaked illegaly onto the internet?? not good. exactly my point. lets stephine do what she needs to do and back off with the criticizm

  264. Kat

    i Really hope she finishes the book..and publishes It..!!
    the reason i want it to be published is because it would be so cool to have an Edward’s perspective of Twilight.
    and i’m really hoping she publishes it..Soon!

  265. Emily

    Midnight sun is amazing! I’m so angry about the leak, because now NONE of us will get a final copy of midnight sun (at least not while we’re still young!) I really love what ive read so far. It is perhaps the most interesting piece of the saga. and since the huge (i felt) disappointment of the uncomfortably predictable Breaking Dawn, i’d like to end this on a high note! WRITE IT! But dont share it until your done…please

  266. Grace

    I’m a little behind and I just found out a little while ago about the leak. As a writer, I understand the violation and the betrayed feelings. As a fan, I hope she can finish writing it for those who are really looking forward to it. It would be such a shame to let this put a damper on her work, although it is quite understandable how it would.

  267. Stephanie F

    i think stephenie did an incredible job on the Twilight series and i am forever grateful for her work. i also think that Midnight Sun would have been an amazing addition to the Twilight world and it would have been a win-win situation if it was finished. the fans would get one more book to end their separation enxiety from the Twilight nation, and Stephenie would have made a huge profit from the deal. it really is to bad that it won’t be completed, and though i understand the betrayal she feels, i cannot agree with her desicion not to finish it. its more of a loss for her. but Stephenie, i really hope you will change your mind about this and complete it eventually. thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

  268. Arbin

    i’ve only read twilight…the others are sold out. dang!

  269. tiffany

    no matter the outcome of her descison, i think that the book would have been great.and it really sux that someone would tamper with something that would have made alot of people really happy. even tho all four books were absolutly amazing. its just really unfair to ruin someones hard work like that. idk i really hope she reconsiders because im sure that a lot of people are really wanting to see edwards perspective on the whole thing. and shes a really great author so i no it would have been a really great book.

  270. Krista

    When i heard that midnight sun was on the internet i freeked. people are such assholes i can’t beleve that those people could do that!

  271. shadow

    i am completeley infuriated.i refuse to read it online or download a copy because i want to read it from stephanie meyer not some fake out person who thought they would be cool enough to post it on the internet.i hope meyer will decide to publish it anyway.she should be able to do that without someone stealing her work and acting all cool about it.

  272. shadow

    i am completeley infuriated.i refuse to read it online or download a copy because i want to read it from stephanie meyer not some fake out person who thought they would be cool enough to post it on the internet.i hope meyer will decide to publish it anyway.she should be able to do that without someone stealing her work and acting all cool about it.i am so furious that i want to kick something.

  273. Cyprus

    im sorry that this happened but i didnt read it

    but to say that you are not gonna write it anymore
    is a very rude thing for her to do to her fans
    i am a big Edward fan and i was waiting to read it until the book is released

  274. Brieahn Heke

    Iv read only Twilight, seeing i am still waiting for the arrival of my other books. i cant wait untill they get here. Im a huge fan of Stephanie. I adore her books and am hard out glad they are being made into movies. Im only 14 and live in New Zealand but im hooked on these books and movies. I really like the names chosen for each of the charecters as well. They’re really classy and fun. Congratz to all the actors and actresses. I really hope it does get wriitten into a book though, i’ll love it no matter what. Thank you Stephanie, you have really made the books amazing. All the romance and drama and all of it. Hopefully i’ll get to meet you one day and hopefully some of the cast, if you ever come to New Zealand, pleease come to Levin it’ll be worth yor while .

    Love .xx

  275. GreenRain22

    When I heard about the Midnight Sun leak I was pretty upset. I mean… come on! Are you guys REALLY that desperate?! I thought it was bunch of crap.

    I was also a bit upset with what Steph did in response. Sure, I’m glad she posted what she did of MS, but to totally stop writing it? I dunno… it seemed like she got too upset over it. I think people would’ve admired her more if she said, “Eh, whatever, be expecting the book next June, getting people after the jerk who posted it,” etc. At least, that’s what I would’ve done.

    I respect her decision, since I’m not her, but I was really looking forward to MS.

  276. Katherine


  277. Anna

    Hi !
    I’ve heard of the leak at school…
    After one day, eeryone knew about it …
    I’m glad that Stephenie put Copyrights on it …
    I read her article, but then I had my mouse on the link of midnight sum … : What should I do ? Read it or not ?
    I read the first chapter and then … I was feeling SOOOOOO guilty that I stopped… I was so guilty, that I didn’t even enjoy it (even if I should have)
    I’m glad that she decided to continue it, but she didn’t say WHEN it will be continued …

    I will wait ( It has been a month that I read it, and I’m still feeling guilty)

  278. Shannon

    Let me say this now: I am not a Twilight fan and I think Meyer is a hack of an author.
    I honestly think that she leaked Midnight Sun because of all the disappointment surrounding Breaking Dawn. It’s a brilliant idea, but solely based on her writing, I don’t think she has the chops to think up such an idea.

  279. Dominique

    is the midnight sun book will not be published because of the leak??

  280. Kristen

    Ok. This stinks that this happened. No one deserves that, especially Stephenie Meyer.

    But I’m guilty as charged for reading it. I couldn’t help myself. It was fantastic too. Maybe better than Twilight itself, and I really do hope that it hits shelves soon. I think we all do.

  281. Cathy

    I just read all 4 books last week. Wasn’t really going to read them, but my son got them for Christmas, and he really thought I might like them. I started and couldn’t stop. They were GREAT – I liked all 4 equally. I didn’t even know about the 5th book (sorry guys – I just found about the series at all a week ago) – until I went to SM’s website. I actually went there to email her a thank you for the wonderful diversion from a boring life she provided me. I then found out that you can’t even email SM because she is too busy working, etc. WTF??? I LOVE the books, and I LOVE the characters…but, seriously, an author who is too busy to even accept emails from her fans???? It’s not like she has to read them or even acknowledge that particular email – I, the sender, would never know – as I would not expect a response anyway. But to come right out and say…I’m too busy to accept them…sorry, guys, the success has gone to her head.

  282. Sara

    i hate whoever did that so u suc and i love edwward he is so hot

  283. Isabella

    Oh Good God! I was totally freaked out about Midnight Sun when I read it on her website. I can understand why she’s pretty pissed at what they did. I personally would like her to finish Midnight Sun. The other books were fantastic! You can become obsessed with these books lol I really loved Twilight and would like to finish reading it in Edward’s point of view. She’s a great author and when she decides to publish it she will. Just give her some space for now. : D

  284. Kelsie

    OMG!!! I hope Steph still publishes it!!! She posted a rough draft on her website and I MUST finish the entire book!!!

  285. Poppy

    i really really love stephanie meyer and im really annoyed about the leak i have read the first chapter on stephanie meyers website and im stopping THERE!! because i love stephanie meyer and i want her to continue writing the book i loved the first chapter and still want her to write it i feel really sorry for steph but i think she still should write it because its proper fans that will still buy the book and all of us still want it on our shelves so good luck steph please continue writing the first chapter she put on her website is AMAZING!! i would love the actual book xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  286. Poppy

    oh yeah and i actually thought breaking dawn was GREAT!! but thats because im like obsessed with the whole thing n they get married ( awwwh ) but i dont mind if other people dont like it cause thats there view on things and im not gunna judge them xx but i really really really do think she should publish it i really want it but im not gunna read the leak cause i dont want to ruin it ( oh n i hope she does new moon, eclipse n breaking dawn from his view on things ) but i dont think that stupid stupid stupid ect person should stop you writing the book i think your fans ( includoing me ) will love you even more ( if thats possible ) if you continue writing…… i love you steph and the twilight saga is AMAZING and i really love edward so his view would be a perfect ending

    thnx! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  287. Chels

    P.S. Edward is HOT!

    P.S.S. I have read the twilight saga 16 times I know it word for word!

  288. Krysta

    Meanie person who leaked the chapter(s)!

  289. LIVZ

    plz plz plz stephanie listen !!!when i herd your putting midnight sun on hold i cryd for weeks not knowing when or if it will cum out plz plz plz plz dont put is in pain eny more edwards vew needs to be hurd


    plzplzplz stephanie keep righting because were are waighting soo desperetly to here edwards vew


    plz make midnight sun for 2009 plz were all on are knees here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. JP

    Stephenie is awesome! I think she is the best writer in the world because of the books she wrote. Ilove these books and am already reading them over because I couldn’t stand to not read the books. I am Stephenie
    Meyer’s #1 fan because of the books she wrote. I LOVE BELLA CULLEN!!!

  291. kristina

    i really really wanted 2 read Midnight Sun but now ill never be able 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz plz plz stephenie myers send ur draft 2 da publishers NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Sam

    I was extremely mad about the Midnight Sun leak. First, if Stephenie wanted it to be shown to the public, she could have done that herself, and it gives no one the right to read Midnight Sun before anyone else. We were all looking forward to it, and now what? Some doofuses decieded to post it on the internet for there own stupid usage. It’s not fair, and it’s not nice. Stephenie had all rights to that book, and you just vialiated her like she wasn’t a real person, with real feelings. Like she said, you vilalated her rights as a human being. I hope that anyone who read that illegal copy is ashamed and very very very guilty. And to the person that started the leak, I hope that you are happy, because none of us are.

  293. Jennie

    the draft is on her website.

  294. ervie

    i know its unfair….but now im desperate waiting for it to publish…. pls..maam….plsss..i love reading your books…pls..

  295. twilightertay

    stop blaming stephenie for this she is very upset about the leak so stop talking her into finishing it because she will once you guys stop begging her to finish it which will be forever from this point so I support stephenie and I understand her so will you people STOP hurting her feelings by saying your mad at her and that she’s stupid for doing this because shea NOT! so if you were a real twilight fan or if you really want her to finish the book stop talking about that book and just be nice to her! and also stop saying the title of the book thats another reason she cant forget about it so please for you people that want her to finish it stop being rude and just forget about it like she wants you to.
    If you have any questions email me at
    [email protected]
    thanks alot!

  296. Kate

    I wish she would just get over the leak. It’s fine for her to be mad, but she isn’t the first and only victim this has happened to. I LOVED the first 12 chapters of midnight sun and really want her to finish!!!! Bella was a horrible selfish and inconsiderate main character, so I think Edward makes the book better. The first story was the only good one anyway . I hated the last one. The entire time all I could think was WHAT the HELL .

    I just really want her to finish midnight sun for the fans who care and support the book!!!

  297. Jacklyn

    Although it is extremely sad that a copy of Midnight Sun was leaked, it is not all together unheard of. I can empathize with Stephanie and the breach of trust that she must have felt. With that being said, I think that it is time for her to buck up and be a big girl. After reading the partial draft on her website, I am more convinced that she needs to finish it. She says on her page that she cannot finish it right now due to her poor mood about the subject and that she may just end up killing all of the Cullens. We all know that this isn’t true because all she is doing is simply retelling the story from another point of view. I think that she owes it to her fans to finish it. I hope that she comes to terms with it soon… here’s hoping!

  298. KENNEDY

    This is really sad … who would actually do a thing \like this to Stephenie(the greatest author ever)?my friends and i were really looking forward to reading this book. we’re,like, totally obsessed.But now because Stephenie’s not going to finish the book we’re like ” what do we do now? wait around for the movies and watch them over and over again?It’s not like we werent already planning on doing that. Are we supposed to keep reading the books over and over again? We’re already doing this.*sigh*WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?? No other book can mesure up to this series. People, there IS NO LIFE AFTER TWILIGHT! so please stop rying to push these other books.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Stephenie, finish the books. I need them.No, WE need them.

  299. KENNEDY

    Also I haven’t even read the draft.Legal or otherwise.Irefuse to do so until this wrong doing is justified.No matter how painful it is knowing that Edwards point of view is out there.I’ll just have to find new books in the ten section and any other thing that looks worthy of my time.(Of course I will continue to buy all TWILIGHT products in order to support Ms. Meyer.I’ll keep re-reading the book too.) :)

  300. kris

    hey, kaleb! man, i haven’t read breaking dawn yet, and i don’t want to do so yet, because then i will be like completely desperate to read midnight sun…however, leaks happen all the time… stephanie should disregard those assholes who did that and keep writing…:)

  301. Courtnee

    Oh my god, what is wrong with you people? I do not see how you think this piece of crap book can be considered literature. It is nothing more than a poorly written Mary Sue. Her reaction to the leak was in fact immature. She threatened to not publish it at all after the leak. That is rather childish. Also, there is no point to threaten me, make personal attacks or question my intelligence. I have a master’s degree in literature. I know what I am talking about.

  302. JazzCullen

    I think that Stephenie must be beside herself, one of her friends that she trusted with a copy of the unfinished version of Midnight Sun published it and made her look like such a shmuck because, now people are saying that this is all just a publicity scam, but I know it isn’t, she’s just beside herself over it, there is no possible way that soemone can just fake all this anger and hurt and uphappyness, it just isn’t possible.

  303. Aarika

    I think that Stephenie should realize that this isn’t anyones fault but her own. I love Twilight, and I love Miss Myers, but honestly, manuscripts of personal works should not be frivolously distributed.

    Authors have their works leaked all the time, but still continue to write, publish, and sell their works to their fans. Stephenie should take this out on the individual who leaked her work, because it is said that she knows who has, and she notes that it was ‘not of malicious intent’. It obviously made her mad enough to halt writing, so why does said person get the gratitude of watching her crumble when all of her fans, who have done nothing but support her don’t get to see her shine?

    Why she would post the confidence breaking leak on her website is beyond me. It should have been removed from the internet, and public exposure if she felt this strongly. (Publicity stunt? Who knows at this point. But honestly, if it was, then Why? She has a huge fanbase the way it is, why commit such dishonesty towards those fans?)

    Twilight is now a cultural phenomenon, and it would be wrong of her to break that over a small stupid incident such as an internet leak. Some have chosen not to read it, and others have, but either way every fan wants to have a published copy to stand on their bookshelves to support one of the many talented authors of our time.

  304. Amber

    Wow yes,,i have read it on the internet on now i feel horrible because i cant FINISH it because the rest of it isnt out..
    Stepanie Meyer, I really hope you can put all this behind you and finish the rest of the book. The chapters that i did read were Soooo good and now that i cant finish the rest of it im not going to be able to stop thinking about until the full complete copy is out. Ughh but things happen. But i am really confused on how it could of got leaked in the first place??? Whoever did it must be a very distrustful person. Anyways Stepanie i really appreciate your hard work on all the twilight books they are awesome.

  305. Em

    It was at least a semi-natural reaction though. As a very young teenager I wrote stuff, but I was paranoid about my family seeing it because it wasn't finished or edited, so it was directly as I'd written it rather than checked to see if I felt comfortable showing them. This is significantly different, of course, as it was going to be published eventually, but no one would be able to have a little under half of their story leaked and still be able to continue on immediately through anger.

    Generally, yes, you'd expect the author to carry on and finish the book, even if it's at a slower pace, but she should do what she's comfortable with. If that's putting the story on hold indefinitely then, ultimately, it's her choice, even though hopefully she'll be able to get back to it sometime soon. I don't see how it would help, how it would be different writing shortly afterwards or a while afterwards, but who but Stephenie knows how she can best handle this?

  306. Em

    I know!! As I was nearing that, it was like 'please reach the kiss, please reach the kiss, I like knowing what the other person in the story is thinking when major character stuff like that happens, please reach the kiss'.

  307. Em

    Considering that most authors write primarily for enjoyment, especially with books like this, and the fact that the main series was such a success, I really don't think 'getting paid' for Midnight Sun would be that big a priority for her. If she was desperate to finish it just to get paid on it (as we know it's not like she 'needs' needs the money), that would be being immature.

  308. Em

    Okay, a couple of things:

    1. I never thought about the leak that way, in the fact that the story's just the different perspective. It'd still make it weird writing the rest – especially editing the first part, wanting it to be edited properly like normal, while also being better than the leaked version and having to consider how different you should make it – but, while the story shouldn't have been linked, I get what you're saying with the whole 'the main events weren't a secret'…

    2. Stephenie Meyer didn't make sure her fans didn't get a copy of the unfinished manuscript, she posted it on the Internet so people didn't have to feel like they were betraying her to read it. I did read the version she put up; I wouldn't have read it if she hadn't. Reading it early will make reading the finished book, if she decides to continue it, different, but how many people have seen clips from halfway through a movie or heard of a scene later in the book and still managed to read it?

    3. Yes, hopefully she will be able to continue writing despite this. But she shouldn't have to work through a leak.

  309. jodifen

    I am so crazy about the twilight saga that I have read in 4 times in the last 4 weeks!! I just read the partial draft od Midnight sun and I am so in need of more. Stephanie Meyers writing is so amazing and hypnotic that I cant help but crave more!! I really hope that she reads these comments because I really want her to know how I feel about these books. I am a 42 yr old mom of 2 who was in a complete rut when I saw the movie Twilight. As soon as I saw it I went and bought the Saga. I read all 4 books in less than 2 weeks. I couldnt wait to finish just so i could read it all over again!! These books did something to me both phyisically and mentally. I stopped watching Television because nothing on would compare to reading these books. I lost 20 lbs because I wasnt sitting in front of the TV anymore. I feel in love with the character edward cullen. Please finish Midnight sun!! I have read the first 263 pages that you have posted on your website 4 times, and i keep checking to see if there has been more added. Even if you post the whole book on your website, I will still buy it if it is published because I would love to have the Hard copy in my hands!

  310. kristylovesrobert

    i totally agree with jodifen! i'm a 24yr old mother of 2 and i have also given up tv because i recently fell in love with the twilight series. i love how the books just absorb you in and you dont want to stop reading(hypnotic). its been a long time since ive found a book that can do that and now i have 4!. But I want more!!! i dont just love edward i love every character and i am so desperate for my next twilight fix!! im dying to read edwards view!
    i understand that the person who posted steph meyer's midnight sun on the net broke her confidences but by saying that she's not going to write midnight sun now is only utimately punishing her fans, because we are the ones that desperately want to read it! i have read a lot of what fans are saying and we all(most) have read the first12 chapters draft and loved it!! (i personally wouldn't change a thing of what she's written in those chapters, besides the typos). but just because i have read those first 12 chapters(it didnt even get to the meadow seen) doesn't mean i wouldnt buy i book.I WANT THE BOOK, PLEASE :). i'll be one of the first in line here in australia!

    the moment what frustrates me most is that this person who dowloaded it has disapointed us all! a lot of people had been waiting for this book to come out before i even knew about it and it got canceled indefinately! i'v only known about it for 2 days and i'm wishing it was published already so i could read it. :(. But the worst part is that we(the fans) dont even know if its even going to be written, we could be hanging out for the rest of our lives waiting for this book to get published(and we would) and it might never be.( it makes me literally cry just to think of that, i want that book so badly). i wish steph meyer could tell us that she has decided to write it(for sure) least then we would know that it is coming sometime in the future. PLEASE WRITE IT FOR US, YOUR FANS!!:)

  311. hannah

    i was really upset to hear about what had happened to the first draft of midnight sun and stephanie has my deepest sympathy .I am also so very happy to know that she is still going to carry on with midnight sun because the first three books were amazing and i am just so eager to read midnight sun. Oh and i think your website is really cool. xx

  312. satcosta

    yes i do feel sorry for stephine and iam in love with her work just like everyone else on this site and i also respect the way she feels about the leak no matter what we say its not gonna change her mind you dont want to rush her cause then the books gonna suck but hopefully the book will be great otherwise she is gonna lose ALOT of fans for making everyone wait for a book that came out below par now the bar is raised on her though iam not doubting her i also hope that the next book whenever it comes out isnt the last book either i hope the book comes out soon and i support stephine in all her work for those of you who havent read the host get a copy its GREAT! not better then twilight but great all the same

  313. habibecullen


  314. Samantha1990

    Midnight Sun is still going to be published just much later then stephanie had planned, i've read part of it from the link on stephanie meyers website and its such a good opening, im looking forward to reading the rest if stephanie still decides to continue publishing it.
    There will always be someone who does this sort of thing, didnt j.k rowling go through something similar?, it just depends on how the authors deal with it.

  315. kaylie33

    In my point of view how many people knew about the leak.? Who knew about this before she brought it up. I've asked almost every Twilight fan I know and they were just waiting for Midnight Sun to come out. I think you are over reacting about just not writing the books. The least you could do was finish it and put it on here. Yes, I understand how upset you are about the leak but, I honestly have to say you are over reacting. No offence. It just upsets me to see how hard you worked on all these books to just drop Midnight Sun like it was never even written.! It disappoints me that people just can not wait. I feel soo sorry about the leak but Breaking Dawn leaked also. I THINK I COULD SPEAK FOR ALLLLL THE TWILIGHT SAGA FANS. STEPHENIE IF YOU COULD FIND IT IN YOUR HEART TO FINISH WRITING MIDNIGHT SUN OR WRITE A NEW BOOK WE WOULD ALL BE HAPPY. AND I KNOW WE WOULD ALL BE WILLING TO PUT A PROTEST UP ABOUT ILLEAGAL COPYWRITE. PLEASEEE PLEASEEE PLEASEEE WE WOULD LOVEEE TO READ THIS BOOK OR AT LEAST ANOTHER ONE. THE BOOKS DRAW YOU IN AND ARE BREATH TAKING. PLEASE STEPHENIE FIND IT IN YOU TO FINISH THIS BOOK. WE LOVE YOU AND THE CULLENS/BLACKS<33333

    With Love,

  316. Sandra

    i have read the first 12 chapters of midnight sun in stephenies website and i was completely blown away! i just cant wait for her to finish the book and hopefully publish it!! im crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!!! i really liked the 12 chapters because in the four books its all about bella and her inner thoughts and it was just very interesting and amusing to finally know edwards point of view and feelings.

  317. Jeffrey U.

    why….why cant she just fucking stop? is it not bad enough that she gave vampires ultimately NO defect and they cant even be beaten with sunlight? WTF?!?! but nooooooooo they have to turn all gay and sparkly like ryan seacrest in a rainbow rave…….you know why you people are so hooked on a vampire with no defect? because you people know that all of you…have the biggest defects in the world….so you want to be unstoppable….your pathetic…stephanie meyer is retarded….and she deserves…to be tied to a tree….and rather than stoned to death….i want to throw big hard back copies all her twilight books at her until she is rindered lifeless and beaten into a pulp…..and i swear to god if i ever see one of you twilight freaks crossing my path and i have to hear any nausiating blabber about edward or jacob (even you guy fans want their nuts….dont think i havent heard your gay fantasies) then im going to take a wooden steak and drive it through your FUCKING HEARTS!!!! oh and by the way i dont have to fucking respect a cunt bitch like stephanie meyer and no fucking petition is going to make me stop ranting about twilight and if i ever get my hands on a book she hasnt released yet…ILL LEAK THAT SHIT OUT TO THE PUBLIC TOO i dont give a damn if her fucking feelings got hurt when someone leaked that shit, she should have stopped a long time ago….like right after book one….no…before book one…..Stephanie Meyer and the college roommate that she stole the idea for twilight from deserve to die….slowly and painfully through various methods of torture and experimentations
    if Anne Rice were alive she would kick her ass

  318. KalebNation

    You spelled “rendered” wrong. Amongst countless other errors.


  319. Robert

    reading breaking dawn it brill. Bella marrys edward and he gets her pregnant…. OMG!! she has a vampire baby inside her and it drinks her blood and it is killing her so edward doesnt want to bite her so he injects her with his vampire venom and she becomes a vampire!!

  320. whatevz

    I think you've ruined the book for everyone not only will we never probably know the end because stephenie doesn't even want to really publish it now its been leaked but even if she does publish it all the true fans who would never have leaked it are waiting ages for it to be published so thanks for that ! ew not

  321. whatevz

    I think your mentally disturbed why does a book bother you so much??? just because people like the story of twilight doesn't make them pathetic! your the pathetic one thinking up ways to stone stephenie meyer to death whats wrong with you?? you don't like the book fair enough but don't be such a sycho about people you've never met by people you've never met i mean twilight fans… i know what you mean about stephanie making them more like super heros than vampires but still thats her adaption on vampires get over it you weirdooo

  322. WOOPPP

    first three books? theres four books told from bella's point of view midnight sun it the same first book again told from edwards point of view i just thought id tell you coz u dint reli seem to get it p.s I LOVE TWILIGHT

  323. Priscilla Pena

    i was waiting for that and now i wont get to read it! now all of the fans who were waiting for it will download the illegal version since its never coming out! Poor Stephanie…whoever leaked it should acknowledge what they have done.RUIN THE WHOLE SERIES FOR EVERYBODY WHO WAS WAITING FOR MORE.THEY CAUSED MAJOR SUPER DISAPPOINTMENT,AND SADNESS for all of the Twilight fans.

  324. jillian

    yo i in to twilight but i want more then the 4 books and im having problems trying to read on stephenie meyers website do u have it on the site and im just missing it or u dont have it up

  325. Koolkat

    stephenie, please continue midnight sun. please!!!!!!

  326. TonyaT

    It is sad that part of her book has been leak i have not fished the last book yet but all the one i have fished were really good. i hope that Stephenie will continue to right the midnight sun and not let this stop her from telling the story form a different perspective .

  327. Vernita

    yes i already know about the first 12 chapters in that site. i wanna know when it will be published damn it!

  328. lovinyourwork

    Stehanie please finish in your own time, we all all anxiously waiting. I couldn't even get into the movies, until after i read the books, then after I fell in love with the books, only taking me 5 wks to read them all, and I have to jobs and 4 kids, to work around, I then got into the movies. I haven't picked up a book since high school, and i'm 35 years old, but I couln't put yours down, even read the draft you posted on your website, allowing us to read, with your permission. Thank you for that, it's wonderful so far. So if you can see in your heart to finish, it would be great.

  329. michelle21

    I think that its not fair to all the people that have supported Stephanie thus far with the Twilight Saga. Who cares if some of it leaked out. That person shouldn't ruin it for the rest of us. I feel like she is treating us like children and we are all being punished for some thing we had no part in.

  330. Luisa Maria

    She shouldn't have stopped writing midnight sun, just because it was leaked, because it's as if she's 'punishing' the person who leaked it by letting everyone have their way. This should have been handled more maturely. I liked that she posted her publisher's e-mail adress on her site to report any websites that have leaked this book. That was a better thing to do, rather than hesitate to write the book.

  331. April Perkins

    i really really want stephanie to finish midnight sun i really want to see how it ends i mean seeing twilight through edwards eyes will be so awesome and i think she should write compiolations of the other books too in the eyes of some of the other characters i think that would be so cool

  332. Amanda

    i am ALL 4 pursuading stephenie to finish midnight sun, but i found something on wikipedia that you should read. here it is:

    On August 28, 2008, Meyer halted the writing of Midnight Sun in response to the illegal leak of twelve chapters of the unfinished manuscript on the Internet. She stated, “If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.
    In a November 2008 interview, Meyer said that, “It's really complicated, because everyone now is in the driver's seat, where they can make judgment calls. […] I do not feel alone with the manuscript. And I cannot write when I don't feel alone.”[5] She said that her goal was to go for around two years without hearing about Midnight Sun, and she thought that she would begin working on the novel again once she was sure that “everyone's forgotten about it”.

  333. Lol

    I want to read Midnight Sun legally but I can not find it. I have read the first 12 chapters on Stephanie Meyer's Website but want to read the rest. Where can I read it?

  334. Angel

    I' m half an half on the situation. I know people wanted and were excited about Midnight Sun but that does not give them the right to steal it. Stephanie Meyer shouldn't stop writing it because this problem should not stop her from what she is good at, but whoever downloaded Midnight Sun but they should be ashamed of themselves. They needed to wait like the rest of us were an now they spoiled the whole thing.

  335. Donnatoralba

    we respect your views and opinion ms. meyer but we do hope that in time you'll find yourself putting up the pieces for midnight sun,to let us really know what edward insights are towards bella. thank you so much and good luck.

  336. Chattergal12

    I read Midnight Sun because everyone was making a fuss about it and once i started reading it I didn't want to stop! Stephenie is a great writer and i'm upset that someone posted Midnight Sun without primission, but it was really good and she shouldn't stop because someone was stupid!

  337. Babygirl

    I really hope you find the joy to finish midnight sun or to even write more books of twilight..It is the best. I hate to read and yet I have read every book so far.I love them.

  338. Babygirl

    I really hope you find the joy to finish midnight sun or to even write more books of twilight..It is the best. I hate to read and yet I have read every book so far.I love them.

  339. Colbysawsome

    This makes me very sadened that millions of people can look forward to something so big and then some loser has to come around and wreck everything for everyone else like how rude is that

  340. Danish Fan

    I refuse to read Midnight Sun, before I can buy the book! I read all the 4 other books in Danish, so my Twilight-world is in Danish. I really want to read the story from Edwards perspektive! Of course I can imagne many of the thoughts, he must have heard though the story, but it is not the same! I have just finished the last book daybreak, I think it is called in English, and I would love to read all 4 books “again” trough Edward. The same story, but from his perspektive. Is ther any news AT ALL about how Stephenie Meyer is doing? About if she is going to write the story? I can't find anything about it – ANYWHERE…! I really want to read it – when she finishes it!

  341. Tia A

    just found out about this leak and am devastated after reading chapter one on the stephenie meyer website am totally jacked because its amazing and now because of some random moron who knows when she will ever finish and publish midnight sun luckily for me have just started reading host and its just as amazing as the twilight saga though i really think there should be another novel added to the saga devoted to renesme that would be awsome

  342. Groovydakota

    omg i found the rest of midnigfht sun on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u want the link just reply…

  343. Sophieclough

    I think that’s a great idea to have another novel added to the saga devoted to renesme

  344. Guest

    When I first read about the leak I was upset for Stephenie Meyer because. Now however, 3 years later, I am angry with Stephenie Meyer for letting down her fans. To not even let people know for sure if she is going to write it at all !!!! Thats not exceptable! I mean like come one! JK Rowling had the ending of the 7th Harry Potter book leaked! That is 100 times worse than the leak of part of an uncompleted book that everyone already knows the plot of.

    She needs to suck it up and think of her fans, not just herself.

  345. cara k.

    i just wanted you and stephy to know that i dont care how bad that i want to read that book. the person that leaked it probably feels so guilty that they have  crushed the dreams of tons of twihards. but i think that they diserve all of it. the hateful comments, the hideous remarks. its all true and needs to be said. so i wont encourage that person to do it again by not reading the un-finished book and i hope stephy forgives that person enough to finish the book and thrill her fans

  346. kole

    i really wanted to read it

  347. http://tinyurl.com/supedrury35625

    “Leak of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer | Twilight Guy – with Kaleb Nation” ended up being a beneficial posting.
    If only there were way more websites similar to this
    particular one on the actual world-wide-web. Well, thanks for your personal time, Brain

  348. Priestly-nichols

    It’s her own fault. She gave copies of the manuscript to a bunch of people to read and is surprised it got leaked? What an idiot. Yeah, it’d be nice to trust people, but if you WANT this book to be completely unleaked and top-secret then don’t trust anyone with COPIES of it.

    She is mad because deep down she knows it’s all her fault, but she is in denial so she blames others.

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