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Reading New Moon: Chapter 15 (Pressure)

September 8th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Into The Ocean by Blue October (suggested by Cynthia)

If anyone here has ever been to Austin, Texas, you will know that there are three things very common about the place:

  1. Hippies
  2. Athletes
  3. Crowds on 6th Street

We experienced all three from the sidelines while I was on vacation. As we drove through Austin, we were nearly trapped downtown due to the starting of about 5 different citywide races, which coincidentally would block off most avenues of escape. Each race had a title. My favorite: the Run For Your Lives. But as we navigated through traffic, I found one solid thought on my mind:

Yes, I didn’t bring it on my trip, which is why I haven’t posted a chapter in at least a week. I got my punishment: no New Moon to read on the way home. But now I’m back, and I’m on to Chapter the Fifteenth!

Where I left off last week, Bella had met Emily and Sam, and some of my commenters were wondering why I did not know how Emily had gotten her scars. The reason is that it was not explained yet, but I did get the story in this chapter, and it is a sad one.

There is a very obvious danger in being a werewolf, and one of the most painful is the ability to hurt those you love. In the words of Uncle Ben from Spiderman: “with great power comes great responsibility”. And a creature like a werewolf, whose powers seem to come from being angered, is one who should have the gravest responsibility over their own actions.

Seeing Emily scarred is like having a constant reminder in front of Sam of how powerful his abilities are, and how dangerous it is simply for him to be alive. I see it also as something that each of them, Jacob included, has to deal with every time they think of Emily: just how much pain they can cause if they lose control.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Edward Scissorhands when I thought of this aspect of the werewolves. For those who have not seen the wonderful Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands is a person who has gigantic scissors at the ends of his arms, instead of hands or fingers. Because of this he has been isolated in a castle for most of his life, only coming out once into the world. However, when he ventures out, he finds that any time he tries to come close to anyone he loves, because of the sharp blades on his hands, he only ends up cutting and hurting them.

Jacob: “Feeling like I can’t be sure of myself–like maybe you shouldn’t be around me, like maybe nobody should. Like I’m a monster who might hurt somebody”

Even though I am thinking of Jacob, the same also seems to go for Edward Cullen and the vampires as well: this constant distance they must keep from losing themselves, or getting too near to the people they love. I see now that Sam is probably not serious and grim because he is angry: it seems more to me that he is sad and remorseful because he knows what he is capable of.

Werewolf powers are very interesting, especially when compared with those of vampires. There are certain distinct differences between things ‘vampire’ and things ‘werewolf’ if you look closely. For one, the vampire powers seem to usually revolve around some extension of the mind: thought-reading, calming a room, seeing the future, etc. None of these are actual, physical powers, besides the side effect of a vampire’s body being very strong and very fast. Werewolves seem to be more physical and rough: strength, heat, the ability to heal quickly. They seem to be cruder in their abilities, a completely different culture than that of the vampires (forgive me if I’m drastically wrong, and there is a mind-reading werewolf in the next chapter I do not know of πŸ˜€ ).

As I have said before, Cliff Diving + Bella Swan = Great Danger. It was bad enough when she was going to the cliffs with Jacob. But when Bella changes her mind, and decides to go jump off the nearest cliff alone, I figured she was headed for danger (again).


– There have been some important changes to emailing me that you should read, especially if you have sent me an email in the last 3 months and have not gotten a reply. I never thought I would have to do this so soon, but with school and writing taking up more time, there have been some changes made.

– I know that Into The Ocean has been used once before for New Moon, but it fits for this chapter again πŸ˜›

– There are brand-new I Support Stephenie Meyer buttons for your Myspace or website that you can get on the Downloads page.

– TwilightTeez is running a hugely awesome contest for new shirt designs! Check it out here.

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54 Responses

  1. Grace

    First comment! Woot! How can you stand to just stop after a chapter like this! I would go mad ripping my hair out and gnawing on pillows!

  2. Grace

    P.S. After the next chapter, the book starts to really get good. It’s where I consider the story really starts..

  3. Devon

    Awesome post as always, and FINALLY another chapter :) I just wanted to point out – without being too spoiler-ish – that not all vampiric “extra powers” are mind-based…a lot of them are, in fact, most of them are, for the vampires that actually have “extras” like Edward, Alice, and Jasper…but you won’t really see any physical ones until you get pretty far into Breaking Dawn :)
    I just didn’t want you to go into this with preconceived notions on vampiric powers – keep your mind open, as anything is possible!

  4. shakesgirl

    You are getting to the best part

    You left out one thing that Austin has a lot of: The homeles

    Plus I LOVE Edward Scissorhands. That is a really great movie. I love how he was able to find good in a horrible situation

  5. bellazombirella

    I was *thrilled* that you had a new post, but saddened that it was so darned SHORT! *pout* I really like your writing style, read faster! *sigh…*

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  7. Kaitlyn

    I am glad you posted by I can’t wait for your opinion on the next post. I don’t know how you stand these cliffhangers…especially the next one

    Mind-reading werewolves…teehee :) interesting thought.

  8. Nicole Jet

    I must say, that was an excellent Spiderman reference.

    Ah, Austin… I’ve had some good times there…

    Sam is both angry and remorseful. He believes that werewolves exist only because vampires exist. Thus, he blames the vampires for making him become the monster that he believes himself to be for hurting Emily.

    You are kind of right about the vampire and werewolf powers, but I wouldn’t set your idea in stone. There are exceptions to every rule.

  9. Shatha

    Wow, I love how you can connect every idea together.
    Spiderman, Edward Scissorhands… Great insight.

    I guess a lot of the vampire’s we know do work more with their minds, but how about Emmett?
    Though you are right; there still are exceptions.

    I don’t think I noticed that much when I first read New Moon, I was too eager to finish it.

    Now I’m eagerly awaiting next post…

  10. Giada8424

    I actually think of werewolves more as spiritual creatures, considering that the phasing depends so much on their emotions and the way theirs souls are almost like one when they are in wolf form… we get more werewolves info in Eclipse

  11. Steph

    Ahhh yes. I love Edward Scissorhands. Note to self: Borrow from video store.
    Nice Spiderman reference. Watched that just the other day.
    But about the actual story, I think this is the stupidest thing Bella has ever done. Cliff diving? Alone? *cough* Suicidal. *cough* Nah, but she’s pretty stupid here.
    Finally posted again! Geez, thought you must have given up.

  12. Dace

    i just began Eclipse, but i see what you mean over the superpowers. it seems the vampires with extra gifts are more of an art; a magic in the smallest meaning of the word. wereweolves, on the other hand, are more chaotic. a ‘when will the beast take me over’ beserker kind of rage.

  13. Liv

    OMG keep reading, why did u stop????
    ur getting to the best part!!!
    o and by the way werewolves can read each others mind when theyre in wolf form.
    Edward scissorhands rules, especially the ‘edward’ part o & spiderman too!!!!

  14. Carla

    You’re a Twilight fan AND Phantom of The Opera fan AND Edward Scissorhands fan???!! Are… Are you freaking kidding me?? Marry me. Like, seriously.

  15. Gerard Way

    Edward Scissorhands!!!

  16. Christina


    Oh you just wait

  17. marcela

    i love the connections you made

    btw i was wandeing if you already knew about how stephenie puts up outtakes and extras of twiligt and new moon on her website and you should look at them after you finish chapter 17 you get to see wat edward is doing wen he is away from bella

    and yes i would kill you for forgetting the book lol

  18. Angela

    NO. Don’t read outtakes from the book until you’ve finished New Moon.

  19. Rie

    Edward Cullen and Edward Scissorhands… sigh.

  20. Janet H

    Bless your heart (as we say in the south) for all the support you’ve given to Stephenie Meyer, for all the efforts you’ve given to reply to the impossible-to-reply-to-2500+ emails, for being you! Thanks for continuing to give us your thoughtful and insightful blogs!
    A Twilight Mom,
    who SUPPORTS Stephenie Meyer in whatever she chooses to do.

  21. daylet

    haha wait until you read about another great hing werewolfs can do, and all of them can. Not even Edward come close to this power.

    Happy Reading.

  22. Andrew (DefineNormal)

    So as weird as this is, I feel really proud right now. I’ve spent so much time reading this from the very beginning and this is the first time I was able to catch a post within even a week of its origin. So go me!

    Anyway, as far as the chapter “review” is concerned, I think you did such a great job of capturing both the similarities and differences between vampires and werewolves. Really pretty head on. I enjoyed that because as you’ve seen with Jacob, werewolves are wary to see that they have anything in common with the vamps. But they do. :)

    And as a heads up, you are going to LOVE this next chapter. As a writer, there are so many fantastic story elements to enjoy. Although as a warning, you may want to be prepared to read two chapters. I really don’t see how you’ll be able to stop.

    Thanks for being awesome!


  23. vivs

    awww, kaleb, its ok if u cant reply to all the emails. im sure ur fans (like) me understand that ur become more FAMOUS!, so ull be getting more ppls emails. but i was really hoping u would reply the email i sent u about looking for alaska, i just wanted to know ur opinion on the book. but, eh, its ok. maybe when i become famous or get lucky maybe ill get to meet u and we can discuss this all by a cup of tea..lol….. u still rock kaleb! bye πŸ˜‰

  24. Alli

    Haha, Edward Scissorhands…I never made that connection. When someone can be Edward Scissorhands, Don Juan Demarco, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Willy Wonka (and of course that’s not everything), all perfectly- that’s a good actor.

    Now that I’ve had my moment to gush over Jonny Depp, on to Twilight. I think making the werewolves so different from the vampires was intentional on Stephenie’s part because most of us are not as perceptive as you, :) and would not pick up on it, but we would subconciously separate them, reenforcing the fact that they are enemies. And Bella cliff diving- of course it’s bad. I forgot the chapter ended there, I can’t believe you were able to stop.

    I suggested a song for Chapter 16 that I really hope to see chosen on Friday! I can’t tell you what it is here because that might spoil it, but it’s by Sheryl Crow and it’s PERFECT!!!

  25. Jalice

    Someone else already said something like this, but I’ll say it anyway – Not all vamp powers are mental. Without giving away anything you haven’t read yet… Take Jasper’s power, for example. If he’s trying to relieve your anxiety, he’s not taking away the thoughts that are making you anxious, he’s just relieving the side effects of that anxiety, e.g., tenseness.

    And, um, yeah, I’m not even going to talk about the wolves.

  26. E

    Wow, thanks for posting. This was one of your more insightful entries, I think. The vampire/werewolf comparisons were very thoughtful.

  27. Marissa

    I adore Edward Scissorhands! Nice comparison πŸ˜€

  28. Katie Beth

    Welcome home! I’m surprised you haven’t had to change your email answering activities before this. :-)

    The closer you get to finishing New Moon (and thus to Eclipse) the more angsty I get… my copy of Eclipse, sent by a friend for my birthday two months ago, has gotten lost en route, I think (though it has taken about this long for something to get to me from her before), and I may just have to go out and buy my own copy. I really wanted to reread it before you start it so I’d be all up to date.

  29. Becky

    and so it begins… mwahahaha! ok sorry. but this IS where the action starts to pick up a bit.

    never really thought about the vampire/werewolf comparisions. But it is true that the werewolves don’t have the special “abilities” except for the standards that come with being a werewolf. Not including imprinting that is.

    How did you stop reading after that cliffhanger ending? I’m convinced that you’re reading ahead and just not posting about it until later, lol

  30. Becky

    and not all vampire powers are mental. Just most. But that doesn’t really come into play until later (Breaking Dawn especially) so it doesn’t really matter for right now. I’m just saying it for the sake of saying it.

    please post soon!

  31. E

    I can’t believe you forgot to bring New Moon with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway… the scissorhands comparison is… odd. I’m sorry, but it is.
    But that first picture is funny!
    And, yes, I have been to Austin, and know what you’re talking about.

  32. JC

    Actually, Jasper and Alice’s abilities both deal with the physical realm; Jasper actually does calm your system down, and Alice can see what physically happens in the future. Also, all vampires have extraordinary physical abilities compared to humans. In future books, more vampires with purely physical abilites will come up.

  33. Loony_Lovegood

    Can’t wait to see your next post! You’re getting closer to the good parts! =]

  34. Audree

    Oh, Kaleb. I can’t wait for you to keep reading! I just started rereading this book and I just love it. :)

  35. Kaylee

    Ah, mind reading werewolves.

    Technically, Alice and Jasper’s powers are physical in the sense that they can effect Bella.

    You’ll see what I mean later in the book.

  36. Kaylee


    Are you forgetting Rosalie and Emmett?

    Emmett is strength and Rosalie Beauty. Those are physical powers as well.

  37. Natasha

    The next chapter is ~intense~
    My favorite part!

  38. Erin

    Dude. I can’t believe you’re this far… like, let me count in my head (since my stupid cousin has my book…) Either three or five chapters till it’s the best effing part in the whole series. Yeah, I just said that. Doesn’t help that every book has a best part in the series… :)
    Anywhos, yeah, the Edward Scissorhands thing. I totally got that, like right after I finished New Moon. Of course, I didn’t even think about it until I saw Pirates 3 and started gushing about Mr. Depp.
    And, go back to Bella being rescued by Sam, right before that. Sometime. BEFORE you read the outtakes. And don’t read those till you finish the book. And… yeah. Happy reading.

  39. Sarah

    OOoooooh Edward Scissorhands. Sigh. I have the HUGEST crush on Edward Scissorhands…with his little be-stitched smile….*blushes and giggles*

    Wait, were we talking about New Moon? Oh yeah…

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  41. Court


    youre at the best part, how can you stop??????? ome.ome. this is where the story begins!!! hurry up!!!! …please?

  42. Hunter Lepold

    lol my mom was running in one of those races!
    I forget which one, but Run for your lives sounds familiar!
    Im glad you enjoyed my hometown!
    although all these tourists are ruining it!
    not you of course, but it seems like there is a new condo downtown every 3 weeks!

  43. hitaru88

    Don’t set your ideas in stone yet because there is a lot more to find out when it comes to abilities in the other books… and even in this book. vampires and werewolves have the same physical abilites (when they are both in human form) just the temp is different.

  44. Kyra

    lol! Mind reading wolves, you’ll just have to wait and see whut there powers are!

  45. Lauren

    awesome post Kaleb! πŸ˜€
    Hope school is going well for you!
    Please put up some more twilight guy reports! they’re hilarious!!

  46. Kassandra

    ah! i can’t believe you didn’t bring new moon :( *shaking head*
    omg edward scissorhands is such a good movie && it is just like the werewolf thing…i totally would never have made that connection :)

  47. Mandy

    btw, u got the song name wrong
    it’s actually called INTO the ocean, not the ocean. but it is an uh-mazing song

  48. Laura

    Um yeah… mind-reading werewolves… lol… sounds familiar…

  49. Hunter Lepold

    haha Mandy
    thats very true
    its an awesome song!
    not as awesome as AUSTIN TEXAS
    lol sorry
    my hometown
    I love that he talked about it haha

  50. spookybell

    I enjoy how much you think about the book. You are very intuitive.

  51. Tianna

    Edward Scissorhands. Someone mentioned that in school taday when I mentioned Twilight and its impending movie. Their exact words were, “Does Edward just so happened to be named after Edward Scissorhands?”
    Hmm.. glad to see that he’s explained a bit.

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