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Support Stephenie Meyer (Youtube Project)

September 9th, 2008 at 12:52 pm by Kaleb Nation

After my article defending Stephenie, there was a great backlash against me across forums and other sites for what I said (although, thankfully, drowned out by the enormous support from the rest of the Twilight community). Not only did I receive hateful comments directed at me but also groups of people spreading harsh comments about Stephenie’s personal character.

I found this appalling, especially as some claimed (through email and comments to me) to have met her (a claim I doubt highly). I then took a trip through the forums (sometimes similar to taking a trip through Mordor) and I found a growing trend of intensely personal attacks against Stephenie: all of which were completely untrue, and yet were leading unsuspecting readers to believe that Stephenie is some sort of monstrous hybrid troll/beast.

I am guessing that in Stephenie position it is hard to defend herself against these attacks, as anything she says will either be misconstrued by the media or taken falsely by the fans. So it is really up to the people who have met her at book signings to vouch for her against the untrue comments from other people.

Thus, I decided it was time for the fans to come out of their cubbyholes and say something about this:

Visit this page for more info and to submit your video as a response (otherwise, email it to [email protected]). Let’s show Stephenie our support!

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72 Responses

  1. Megan

    Obviously you haven’t been on the forum I use.
    I ought to post the link to this there. We need to make a difference.
    Honestly, I don’t see why those people call themselves fans. They don’t seem to care about her at all. And if they really cared for even the books, they need to respect the person that put them out there.
    If I could say just one thing to Stephenie, it would be to not listen to a single person that has said a bad thing about her.
    I am definitely sending in a video.
    As you said before, this is where we discover who the real fans are.

  2. Claire

    I’m at school right now so I can’t check out the page, but I’m willing to do anything to show Stephenie support.
    These untrue claims and attacks on her personal character are ridiculous.
    We need to band together to show everyone, especially Stephenie, that the true Twilighters are still here.

  3. Twilighter

    Let’s show Steph our support!

  4. Rachel E

    Ughhh… this whole situation is just a horrible mess of people with hurt feelings lashing back and people with hurt feelings. Stephenie’s fans are hurt by her (supposed) abandonment for something that wasn’t their fault (i.e. the leak of Midnight Sun. And I really don’t blame fans for passing on copies of it– no one knew for sure if it was legit, and besides, it’s a sign of devotion that they would do illegal things just to get more of her writing.) If she had been flattered by it instead of angered, and decided to write it immediately, everyone would be happy.

    I kind of feel like everyone needs to take a step back and look at this objectively. It is Stephenie’s RIGHT as an author to decide what book to write and when. And it’s your RIGHT as a fan to let her know you disagree. But there’s a civilized way to do all of this, and arguing about it is just going to incur more hurt feelings.

    I kind of feel like “Support Stephenie!” or “Burn Breaking Dawn!” banners or pins just fuel the bitterness between fans (or ex-fans, as the case may be), which is the last thing the Twilight community needs.

    Aaaanndd… that’s all. I just had to get that off my chest.

    Have a good day Kaleb and other Twilighters!

  5. Kayla

    I don’t youtube but I want Stephenie t know she has supporters too. Is there a e-mail address we can send to her website or her or something? I want her to know she is loved and not hated by her fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Meagan

    I think this whole situation is ridiculous. Stephenie’s an author. She has a creative right to do whatever she wants. Not only that but she is a human. She has emotions that fuel her decisions. I think that she had every right to choose not to continue on with Midnight Sun after the leak. THis uproar just proved that point further. If a large portion of her fans are going to retaliate against her like this as soon as they don’t get their way, why should she continue writing? Don’t get me wrong, I was really looking forward to Midnight Sun since Edward’s mindset has interested me since the beginning but I think that all of this has gone WAY too far. It seems that all of the fans that have turned into sullen children no longer care about the Twilight World. If they cared at all, they could use their words more responsibly and say their feelings in a more civilized manner. I’m sorry that my rant is now cluttering the page. I thought I could sum this all up in a shorter manner but I’ve realized that it probably wouldn’t ever end if I let it all go.

    To sum it all up: We, the “fans” as a whole are being the bratty children. I only hope that Stephenie will still be willing to be our “mother” when all of this chaos dies down.

  7. Annamaria

    I have to say this again… Thank you so very much ^^//////////// I’m really glad I’ve found your blog!

  8. KMA#1

    Rachel E, it’s a sign of devotion to do illegal things just to read her writing?! Um, no, that’s a sign of absolute selfishness, and nothing else! I don’t mean to offend you, I just want to say that nothing illegal is a sign of devotion! It wasn’t her fans devotion that caused her to put Midnight Sun on hold indefinitely!

  9. Rachel E

    KMA#1, I think maybe I wasn’t clear with what I said. When it first hit the web, no one knew for sure whether it was legit or just a fanfic that someone was trying to pass off as Midnight Sun. Would you stop reading all fan fiction if someone said that it might be the author’s actual work? It kind of defeats the purpose.

    And I think the only person who has done something wrong in this entire situation is the ONE person who decided to photocopy and post it on the internet. All of the people who clicked on a link to view it, or emailed it to their friends saying, “Do you think this is really it?” should not be held accountable by Stephenie because they love her writing.

    Sorry to Kaleb for using his blog as a forum. :[

  10. Vanesa

    i hate all of this mess!!! everybody just need to back off… Stephenie has all the right in the world to do whatever she wants!!! it is her book after all… and people need to grow up, it’s really turning ridiculous… all the “fans” are treating her like shes the bad guy, when in reallity the leak was made TO her!!!

  11. Kaleb Nation

    I don’t see much point in being angry about it much longer. It’s done, and everyone has shown that they aren’t happy with it.
    I think the best thing to do now is show that we still support Stephenie, in the midst of all the people hating on her. They are a very vocal group, so that is what the public hears. We need to be positive and offer our support so that they see us instead.

  12. Stephanie K.

    Thanks for doing all of this, Kaleb. :) I think that the REAL fans mean so much more than the haters, and I really hope that this helps show how absolutely amazing Stephenie is.

    The true fans will ALWAYS be by your side, Stephenie. We love you.

    My best friend and I will be submitting a video and probably talking about it on our channel, too. Thanks again, Kaleb =] You’re doing the right thing.

  13. Georgia

    Hey Kaleb :)

    I think this is a great idea, I will try and put something together… I have some pictures from one of the times I met her.


  14. Aubrey

    I really wish I used YouTube to participate in this genius idea. I haven’t actually met Stephenie, but I do support her. I’ve just been thinking lately about all the terrible things that have been said and done and wondering how it happened. Remember the simpler times of the fandom? (sorry kaleb you wouldn’t exactly know, but I assure you we were’nt as tempermental then)A time when we admired and practically worshiped Steph for the incredible story she brought to us? How could everything have taken such a complete 180 turn for the worst? To me, Twilight(and the whole saga for that matter)was more than just a book, it was an escape to a place where you could experience true love, even if it was with a vampire. And the Twilight fans were more than just a fandom, we were a family. At least that’s how it used to be, I’m not so sure anymore. I just can’t wait for this all to die down so everyone can have a little time to breathe and mull things over. Sorry for my long “comment”, the whole situation really depresses me and I’d like to apoligize Kaleb for all the backlash you’ve been getting. And I hope it doesn’t continue into your Pro-Stephenie video.

  15. Chari

    I need that song! What is it? How do I get it?
    by the way, thanks for forming fans for Stephenie

  16. Brianna J.

    What a great idea! I can’t wait to go and see all the videos!

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  18. Michelle

    OMG I met Stpehenie at the NYC Breaking Dawn Concert! She was super sweet, and she complimented the shirt I made my mom. She seemed very sincere, and that was one of the best nights of my life.

    I’ll try to make a video, but I can’t even edit videos, so I’ll have to film it in one shot.

  19. MK

    i have a question kaleb!!!
    im not a youtuber (dont put myself on the internet) but if i have a video like slideshow of words maybe could i send it?

    also though, i just want you all to know just because people like me didnt like breaking dawn DOESNT MEAN WE’RE NOT FANS! i love stephenie! i met her, shes amazing! just bcuz i didnt completely love BD doesnt mean i still dont love everything else! cut us some slack, im not some crazy person bashing stephenie! just, be careful who you yell at i disagree with the bashers so im on your side…

  20. Kaleb Nation

    That works great! And yes, you don’t have to adore every single book to be a good fan of Stephenie. 😀 She’s a great person even if you don’t like every book.

  21. HBwriter

    Thank god somebody like you is in the world Kaleb!
    I’m not on Utube, but I wish I was so I could be a part in this. Let Stephenie know that even thoes non-video oriented fans still love her!

    ps: sorry if my spelling sucks, I have that problem. He he…

  22. Krystol

    I don’t have a camera or anything to make a video, but I wish I could let Steph know how much I still love and respect her. I was never able to meet her, but everything I have ever read or seen about her shows that she is an amazing woman, author and friend. I just hope that she can see more than just the negativity around this and know that she still has fans who love her and stand behind her.

  23. Amanda

    This is such a great idea and the best part my boyfriends NEW VIDEO CAMERA just came UPS today, it’s fate! :)

  24. Audree

    I agree that you don’t have to love all her books to think she is great. The fact is, she is also human; something I had to come to terms with in my anger with her. After a few weeks of being so frustrated with her it hurt, I realized that the poor woman has to deal with a lot and it’s not my place to judge her decisions, no matter how unhappy they make me. Thus, I am glad that you [Kaleb] and other fans are standing up for her. I don’t think some of the things she has done in the public are the best decisions, but no one is perfect at handling anything. It’s important that the people who do love her stand up for her.

    With that being said, I don’t think any of us really know the TRUE Stephanie. Neither hater nor fan can say she’s an uber-jerk or a saint. Neither of us know. But I think it’s important to say “We support you!”

  25. Audree


    But I think it’s important to say “We support you whether you are either!”

  26. Meghan

    I cant send a video, but I met Stephenie on September 13th last year, Bella’s Bday, and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She was down to earth and seemed genuienly shocked that there were so many people there to see her. When it was my turn to actually meet her she complimented me on my shirt, laughed when I freaked out when she told me that Edward’s bday was June 20th, and was just a really cool person to meet. Even my mom, who knows nothing about the books, complimented on how normal Stephenie was and how sweet she was.
    Before people make nasty remarks about this whole MNS thing they need to put themselves into Stephenie’s shoes and just lay off!!


    OK THIS PISSES ME OFF THAT THE FANS ARE REACTING THIS WAY !!!!!!! What websites are these I wanna visit them ?
    Everything in life has opposition and I’m not surprised with all these haters !!! AND I HOPE ONE DAY THIS ALL HITS THEM IN THE A*S !!!

    Honestly Stephenie is an awesome person and her fans need to support her and wait their a*s !

  28. KALO


  29. Rachella

    i love stephanie and stand by her the whole way! People who are attacking her are not tue fans at all and should go away cause they are the ones ruening it for all of the true fans!

  30. Brianna

    I find this really sad. Famous or not, she’s still a person and should be treated like one.

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  32. Rosalie

    God, this whole thing is stupid. Thank you Kaleb for continuing to support Steph. You’re right its over and done with. Nothing left to do. Stephenie handled it the way she felt fit to handle it and that’s that. It was her perfect right to handle it in a way that many people see as “immaturely”. I personally think she told us how she felt about the whole thing. I liked the honesty. I also think that we need to find a new subject to talk about because this one keeps getting changed when absolutely nothing new is happening. People, build a bridge and get over it. Sorry if I sound rude or whatever but this is just the way I feel about all of it. I know personally that Stephenie is a very nice person. I met her in Seattle on the 12th of August. I didn’t get to talk to her for long but still from what I could tell she was extremely nice.

  33. Rosalie

    Don’t be dissin’ Steph!! She is seriously one of the nicest people I ever met. And she complimented my paper clip necklace!!!
    (Add on to the one right before this)

  34. Marissa

    You go! I really wish I could help! Thanks for all you’re doing to help suppourt my favorite author!

  35. mj

    I’ll admit I was sad about the whole Midnight Sun thing but I get STephanie’s position. Insulting her is not going to get her to right the book. She needs to take a break from twilight and come back later. Its hard having a book stolen(sort of like when a really good story is deleted off of your computer) and i support her for still supporting the fans.

  36. bellazombirella

    I must simply say that I grieve when I think I might not ever get to experience the book that Mrs. Meyer meant to write. But my grief is selfish, and i would never burden her with it. I cannot imagine what she might be going through. I have not and will not read the leaked draft. If it takes years, I will wait. Because I owe her that much. She has given me a great gift.

  37. Madison

    Kaleb, I admire what you wrote. People bashing Stephenie are just plain wicked and immature and I can’t believe that in such a short amount of time, many of her “fans” have turned on her. It’s disheartening to think that she has to take it. I am ashamed at the previous Twilight fans for being so evil and turning on a wonderful woman that wrote beautiful books. I don’t know if you’ll read this, but if you do, just know us true Twilight fans are here to back you and Stephenie up.

  38. Jessie

    All that really needs to be said is that we support and love Stephenie. The negativity is ridiculous and unnecessary. Hopefully, Stephenie will be able to heal and forgive those who turned on her. Maybe then she will be able to finish Edward’s story and share it with us – I hope so! And, I hope the negativity doesn’t have a negative effect of the movie/sequels.

    Remember, true love for someone if unconditional!!!

  39. Brittany

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a video, but I salute Stephenie for taking a stand. When you really take the situation into account, she was betrayed obviously by a close friend. This hurt she is feeling is adequate enough and gives her every reason to decide against finishing Midnight Sun. I’m disappointed, and I still will not read the leaked chapters, but I support her decision. It takes a strong person, especially a woman and a mother, to make a statement that I POSITIVE she knew would put her in an endless onslaught of firey darts from her most devoted “fans.” As a photographer, I understand the disappointment and betrayal when someone close to you takes something you have worked so hard on an exploits it– stripping you of your copyright and trust. I will continue to read her books whether or not Midnight Sun is resumed. True fans should not thrust their anger at her. Put yourself in her place. If you were feeling the betrayal and hurt from one of your closest most trusted friends– would it be easy to just pick up where you left off? For some, maybe, and for others doubtful. You don’t share your secrets with just anyone, whoever leaked those chapters was someone close to her. I think she is completely justified in deciding to discontinue Midnight Sun. I look forward to The Host 2 and other things she is writing. Who knows, she may resume Midnight Sun one day, just right now… it doesn’t look that way. As an LDS, or any Christians for that matter, we are taught to forgive all men that trespass against us. Stephenie is clearly well grounded in her faith and may one day uncover the remaining chapters of Midnight Sun after she has time to work through that pain. Stick around and here’s for hoping.

  40. Adrienne

    You are so awesome Kaleb!!! I freakin love you.

    Stephenie is so stinkin’ nice. I’ve met her and I saw her at Comic Con. She’s super friendly and loves her fans. People are just starting drama where there is none and they need to calm down.

  41. Natali

    I get shocked by what people say, but we have to remember there is a huge teenager community with these Twilight books and I think we can all remember how immature we were as Teens. Us mature people (even those that might not have loved Breaking Dawn but can express themselves as adults) need to stick together. Why attack Kaleb Nation?? He rocks.

  42. Emily

    For all you people out there who think Stephenie Meyer is selfish, just think about the person who leaked Midnight Sun. I’m sure whoever did that was being completely selfless, acting for the good of Twilight fans, not engaging in a personal vandetta. And if SM was really selfish, she could just release the name of the person who did it, but she won’t, because she’s above that.

  43. Alice Cullen

    Ok this is ridiculous! This book is Stephenie’s thing it’s totally understandable what she did. I’ve written stories before too and to have somebody trash it on the internet makes me want to vomit. I mean come on, maybe she’ll start back up again. She probably misses writing about it. This is up to Stephenie and I’m more disgusted by the people who leaked it. They make we want to gouge some eyes. But it’s a book and we’ve lived w/o it before and Stephenie can do w/e she wants w/ her art.

  44. Samantha

    I completely agree! I can’t believe these so-called fans are bashing Stephenie like that! I would totally make videos if I had a video camera! Lol, I just wanted everyone to know that I support Stephenie entirely!

    Kaleb, I think that the youtube thing is a VERY good idea! I can’t make a video, but I put a “Support Stephenie” banner on my myspace to show my support. I hope that this works well!!! TEAM STEPHENIE!

  45. Lindsieare w

    I cannot believe how out of hand this is getting! I had no idea people could make things so hard for Stephenie, whose only intent is to share this amazing world with the Cullens and the pack with fans who are willing to turn against her just because it’s the popular opinion. I still love Stephenie, if only for creating such beautiful stories, even if I haven’t met her. She definitely deserves no personal attacks. I love your idea for this mission, and I hope it goes well!!!

  46. Bianca

    This is a great idea Kaleb!!!!

    Thank you for supporting Stephenie!!!

  47. Attera

    i put a “Support Stephenie” banner on my flair board on FaceBook!! And this is a great idea. Stephenie must be flying right now, seeing all the love on this page. And if she’s not looking, well, I hope she knows that there are still those out there who will stand up and say, “Hey, I believe in this, and I don’t care about what you say about it, because it’s a great thing to believe in.”
    And, you rocfk Kaleb. Just putting that out there, in case you didn’t know, ahaha.

  48. lesley

    It is so awful how people are saying these untrue and rude things about Stephenie. Obviously they are not true fans. I totally support Stephenie in everything she does because she is logical and has good reason. I love you Stephenie no matter what everybody says. And thanks Kaleb for supporting Stephenie. ~Lesley Totherow

  49. Ginger

    I just wanted to say I support Stephenie as an artist and I respect her work. What happened to her is awful and I hope that all of the anti-fans realize how much pain can be caused by their hurtful words. I also attended an event. I attended the Breaking Dawn Concert series in LA and I left feeling horible because of something I’m sure came out wrong.

    The music was great, though I felt the questions asked at the Q&A were a little lame. But through it all Stephanie seemed to be enjoying herself and I was too. I had even spent the time to make her a red and black bracelet to give her when she signed my book. The thing that hurt the most (and looking back I am sure it was worded wrong) was when Stephenie said how excited she was about this book signing because of the music and Justin, as she doesn’t normally get excited about book signings.

    I know that statment hurt alot of fans that were in the audience that night and were watching on the web. It was certainly the hot topic while standing in line to meet her. Personally, I wanted to cry. I thought she didn’t care. But when I gave her the bracelet as she signed my copy of Breaking Dawn, she did seem genuniely surprised by my small gesture and very grateful.

    But after this whole mess, I know that my first reaction was very wrong and I am horrified that people would spread such hate. Because of my chosen religon I know what its like to have people say hurtful things and do mean things to you. But it must be so much worse to have this slander out in the public arena. So whenever I see hurtful things said about Stephenie I try to send a positive message of support.

  50. JanetH

    Once again you display the level of maturity you have shown multiple times before with this offer to show Mrs. Stephenie Meyer that the vocal minority do NOT represent the quiet, loyal MAJORITY of her fans.
    I am guessing that making negative comments to any forum or publication will get more attention than making positive “same as everybody else” comments will. And that is probably the reason these people are doing that.
    The same undeserved, random attacks are common for all people of celebrity status (which, as we know, is sometimes a condition the press makes, not a circumstance that the individual was trying for). There will always be the detractors for everything – TO everything. Such a sad lot.
    Thank you for offering to compile positive supportive feedback for Stephenie. She is such a talented person and really still very new to this sort of public scrutiny. I hope that she can develope a tough skin, keep her chin up, and focus on the true fans and supporters who will continue to defend her, publically and privately.
    I know I will.
    I also will defend you, Kaleb, should anyone be foolish enough to question your loyalites, abilities or talents. Good for you to take a stand!
    Thank you!
    Janet Hill

  51. Carol

    Kaleb, you are an awesome guy! After reading some of the comments, I wish I could do a you tube video. I haven’t met Stephenie but I’ve read everything I can on her and on twilight. On Twilight Moms one day, she was talking about the fact that she had to hurry and finish writing for the day so she could work on the Sunday School lesson she was going to teach that next Sunday. She is just a good, caring, and loving person. I hope to get the chance to meet her so I can give her a hug and thank her for writing such wonderful books. I heard a saying once from the American Indians that said if you want to judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes. People that spew hate need to deal with what she deals with for just one day. They would change their minds. Also, try writing a book. It is so hard to do and there is no way in the world that you can please everyone. I have never loved a story as much as this one. If it wasn’t for all of the other obsessed fans, I would think I was crazy. Here’s hoping that Edward will continue to invade Stephenie’s dreams so that after she has a break, she will once again start writing Midnight Sun. Hugs to Kaleb and Stephenie.

  52. Athena of Forks

    I know what you mean. I’m a moderator on a forum where there’s a lot of bashing going on. School keeps me busy enough that I miss most of it, since the section I moderate is for off-topic discussion and doesn’t usually contain anything that would cause anyone to start bashing Stephenie or her fans, but it’s still heartbreaking.

  53. Sarah

    Wow… I can’t believe people would say such bull crap….

  54. DaddyBoJangles

    I guess im late to the party, why is everyone so mad at her? Is it because of the Midnight Sun thing?

  55. becky sue

    Thank you Kaleb, I just want to throw it out there again: you’re awesome. You seem like a very great person. The world needs more people that are caring and compassionate like you are.

    I want to meet Stephenie so badly because I trust that she is an amazingly sweet person; I’ve heard so many great reviews before all this hateful nonsense. And how can someone who writes such magnificiant things be cruel? I’m eternally grateful to her.

  56. i-dazzleyou.com

    I can’t believe people feel the need to trash Stephenie. Don’t they have a life?

    Thanks Kaleb for supporting Stephenie Meyer and bringing twilighters together.

  57. AussiePattinsonLove

    Fantastic Idea Kaleb!!!
    WE all need to stick together and support Stephenie.

    I would just like to add that is really sad that people are getting on forums saying those horrible things.
    Thankfully the forum i go to doesnt have any of those people. TwilightAustralia.net/forum
    We are 100% behind Stephenie, all of us. No SM haters allowed.

  58. Annie

    Kaleb, you’re so awesome.

  59. Wren

    A noble endeavor. No matter what people think about her book, they shouldn’t lie about Stephenie Meyer’s character. SM has always ever been nice in every way. Perhaps it is her happiness that makes people want to destroy her reputation, or perhaps it is her compassion toward all people that makes others think that she is simple or naive. I am sorry to see how fast her fair-weather friends have turned against her.

    I support Stephenie Meyer. I only hope she continues to publish the books she writes.

  60. Babette

    Thanks for doing this Kaleb, you rock! I can’t post a video, but want my voice heard as well. I was seriously heartbroken over what happened to SM. First, because she was hurt, second because we have all lost something wonderful as a result, third because people were then upset with her, like it’s her fault. While I hope she finishes MS someday, I understand her decision completely. I’ve had my work stolen before, too. It’s devastating.
    I’ve never met her, but she seems to embody the kind of person we should all strive to be. Maybe we “older” folks can use this as an example to our children on how not to act.

  61. Ika

    Hey Kaleb,
    I wanted to ask you something, can you tell me what song that is? It sounds really beautiful, I would appreciate it. Thanks=)
    And I hope Stephenie doesn’t care ’bout those jerks.
    She’s great, and she should go on with Midnight Sun. I support her very-very much!!

  62. Cherise

    I don’t have a way to post a video… I know I live in the stone age… but I just wanted to say that I have been to two of Stephenies signings and she is truely fantastic to all her fans. She stops looks at each person talks to them a little bit and is always smiling. I have been near the front and near the back and she has been happy and friendly each time. It sickens me that people would say such things about her I know she loves her fans! And I also wanted to say thank you to you Kalab for always doing things to show support.

  63. Maureen :)

    You know Kaleb that I’m not a huge Twilight fan, but there is no place for personal attacks. Sadly, once someone finds themselves in the spotlight, they also find themselves magnets for the crazies. Stephenie Meyer is blessed to have a friend in you.

    You also need to prepare yourself as your own book is readied for publication. IF there is one thing a writer needs is a thick skin.

    A very thick skin.

  64. Paridhi

    I will send in a video AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    Lovely idea, whoever you are.:) no offense.

  65. Kay

    While you continue to parade around with the misguided belief that it’s only the “non-fans” and the “haters” and the “darksiders” that are getting nasty… please take the time to take a look at the email that was posted in this thread on amazon. a fan of stephenie’s wished a miscarriage on an expectant mother of twins just because she has stated her opinions and they don’t mesh with that of what people consider a “true fan”. So Kaleb, while i applaud your efforts in supporting SM, please be aware of all that happens when you simply just add more fuel to the fire. people are already riled up about this enough.

  66. Kay


    here’s the link. my browser timed out.

  67. Kay


    actually, try this one, my mistake.

  68. Melissa


  69. Secret Project

    […] Support Stephenie Meyer (Youtube Project) After my article defending Stephenie, there was a great backlash… […]

  70. » Blog Archive » » Secret Project

    […] Support Stephenie Meyer (Youtube Project) After my article defending Stephenie, there was a great backlash… […]

  71. SMfan

    I support SM 100% im verry sad that MNS isnt going to be finished but i tolally support her dission. Personal salander is unforgiverble, when it comes in writing to cant be forced, and making her feel bad isnt going to make her write it is it!!!! sorry i cant posted a video but i stand by stephenie too.

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