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The Twilight Twins (Update)

September 13th, 2008 at 12:04 am by Kaleb Nation

A few months ago, we heard from two proud parents whose last name is Hale, and whose twin children were named Jasper and Rosalie. Now that the famous twins are almost five months old, their dad has sent in an update on how they are doing!

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It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me last. Little Jazz and Rose aren’t newborns anymore. They’ll be five months old on September 15th. They’ve grown up a lot since you last heard from me. Rosie has pale blonde hair and blue eyes like her mother. But, although Jazz inherited the same hair color as his sister, he got my green eyes. Their personalities are becoming a lot more defined as well. Contrary to what many of you might think, Rose is a very calm and mellow baby. We set her down, and she’s perfectly content to just explore whats around her (or cram it in her mouth, as the case may be).

Jazz, on the other hand is a little attention-seeker. If Sam or I aren’t holding him(or he doesn’t see Rosalie nearby), he’ll cry his lungs out until he either falls asleep or one of us breaks down and picks him up.

There’s a lot to say about the bond between twins, even if they are fraternal, like hours. Jazz and Rose can’t bear to be put in seperate cribs for the night. They’ll just keep howling until they’re together again. When our normally calm little Rose starts crying like that, you know there’s something important she needs. Boy, will that change when they get older….

There have been a few health scares, though. Nothing major, it has pretty much just been colic and new-parent jitters. I do recall one particular day when Jazz started coughing, Sam panicked and demanded that we take him to the emergency room. Not wanting to rile her up any more than she already was, I gave in and drove her and Jazz to the hospital, after dropping Rose off at her grandmother’s. The diagnosis came back, and it was nothing more than a tiny cold. Of course, we had to keep him seperated from Rose until he recovered. So that gave us a few nights of incessant howling. You’d think they were named after wolves the way those two can cry when they put their minds to it.

But, other than the crying and diaper-changing, they are the best little munchkins a dad could wish for.

Robert Hale
Proud Dad of the Twilight Twins

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103 Responses

  1. maria

    awwww theyre so cute

  2. maria

    yay first comment!

  3. Carolyn

    Aww, they look absolutely adorable. How cool is it that he gave an update on how Jasper and Rosalie were doing? So sweet. :)

  4. Jessie

    Aw, those are adorable! 😀 I wonder if their dad will send you a few more updates over the months?

  5. Christina

    omg that’s so cute! aww! 😀

  6. Becca Shmeka

    That is so hilariously awesome.

    They are too cute. And think, they are going to grow up and when their names are read, one of their teachers, GUARANTEED, is going to yell, “TWILIGHT!” … or something along those lines.

    Then again, being named like those two are … they can handle it.


  7. KatRin

    absolutely adorable! i hope we get more updates in a few months. :]

  8. Jess

    Such a sweet story, and it’s good to hear that the twins are doing well. Thanks for sharing, Twi-Dad, and keep the updates coming!

  9. Sariah

    They are darling! Thanks for the update!

  10. googlyeyes

    OME!! It’s been five months already??? It seems like he just told us about the adorable little twins a couple of weeks ago!!! WOW they are so cute! THX for the update :)

  11. Shatha

    That’s so sweet.
    It’s almost like they have opposite personalities haha.
    (Just remembered it’s Bella’s Birthday today)
    I wonder, did we ever know when Jasper and Rosalie’s birthday’s are?

  12. Athena of Forks

    Aww, they’re so cute! I love twins, even if having two at once is a lot to deal with!

  13. Danni K

    wow! i can’t believe its been 5months!! it seems like just 2 months ago. they grow up fast. good luck with the little cuties

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  15. Bethany

    Ome! They’re soooo cute! My best friend has a twin brother. They look oddly alike. They talk to eachother constantly. But anyhoo, baby Rose and Jazz are the cutest!

  16. Ashley

    Aweee they’re too adorable! Give it time and these twins will be bigger than Mary-Kate and Ashley during their Full House years :p

  17. Catherine


  18. brin

    awwww so cute!

  19. Stephanie K.

    OH MY GOODNESS. Those have to be the cutest little babies in the world! I just want to pick them up and snuggle them forevvvvvveeeeerrrrr. :)

    I love kids! And the cute costumes make it even better. :) lol Little cuties!

  20. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    They are utterly adorable, you guys are so lucky. Is your wife a member of the Twilight Mom’s…if not she should be!!!

    Ask her to visit TwilightMom’s.com you can visit too!!! Twilight Dad’s are more than welcome…

  21. Jess

    awww they’re sooooo adorable. I hope your wife is a twilight mom too; she would get huge recognition for being so obsessed as to name her babies after the characters. they are literally the cutest things! I love how they are always together!!

  22. Alice Cullen

    Those are the cutest babies ever! The Twilight twins a nice ring to it.

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  24. Loony_Lovegood

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The Twilight Twins are sooooooo adorable. Can’t wait to see more about them as they grow up! =]

  25. Pauline

    I love how Rose has blue eyes and blonde hair! and Jazz has green eyes! they’re gorgeous!

  26. Lea

    They are sooooooooo cute!
    Oh. I wish i could see them in person! :)

  27. lauren

    That is the sweetest thing ever :)

  28. Kalo

    Wow that is awesome ! Thanks for sharing !

  29. Lenny

    YES THAT IS SO ADORABLE TWILIGHT TWINS ! I so want to do that now :)

  30. Lauren

    AWWWWWW!! they’re soo cute!!! I hope he updates in a couple months how they’re doing again :)

  31. Lindsey!!

    OMEEEE, they’re soooo adorable!!!!! Awwwwwwww!!! It’s so funny how Rosalie’s the one with the calming presence and Jasper’s the one looking for attention! lol

  32. Rhiannon

    Awww, wow.
    Really sweet…

  33. Chey Cullen Loves Her Robert

    wow that is adorable!!!1

  34. Krystol

    What cuties! I’m sure it’s fun to think of them as the twilight twins now, but someday they are going to hate it! Of course, we will still love it, so there is a compromise there. LOL!

    Oh, and a Happy Birthday shout out to Bella on her 21st birthday!

  35. Chelsea

    Awwhhhh, they are so adorable! That is soo cool about their names and that their dad sent an update!

    Also, Happy Birthday, Bella Cullen!

  36. Icy Topaz

    Those are some cute kids. I love babies… so long as they’re someone else’s. LOL! I would love to have a Twilight name, and also a twin. Twins are the pwnage!

    Also, Happy Birthday Bella! Go eat a huge deer or something…

  37. Joycer

    awww… They are the cutest things I have ever seen !


  38. inmortal


  39. Alli

    Awwwwwwww. so adorable!!!personally, I think the coincedence of the real Jasper and Rosalie Hale being blonde is a result of God finding the name choice amusing.

  40. ana


  41. Court

    did anybody else think it was strangely odd how the moms name is Sam…uley anyone? and the dads name is Robert…pattinson anyone? and then their kids are named Rose and Jazz….hmmmm…

    but i guess thats just me..lol

  42. Samantha Hale aka the Mom

    Umm…’Sam’ is short for ‘Samantha’…And Robert is named after his father and grandfather…

  43. Laura

    Awwww!!! They’re adorable!!

  44. Natasha

    Oh they are so cute!! <33

  45. Kristin Cullen

    the twilight twins are so cute! Robert & sam are two lucky parents!!!

  46. sdfasf

    That’s so awesome! =]

    I love how the father’s name is Robert 😛 Reminded me of rpattz for a second. What an awesome twilight family =]

  47. Mandy

    omg that’s sooo sweetttt
    i love how they named their kids after rose and jasperrrr
    i remember reading the story several months ago.
    i thought it was pretty cool

  48. Meg "RFF"

    AWWW That is the cutest story ever!!! I thought it was cool they named them Jasper and Rosalie…The twins are SO adorable!!!

  49. Kylee

    so cute!! i hope they keep us updated on how they are doing in a couple months. :)

  50. HeyJoyous

    I had no idea there are Twilight twins. How fun. They are cuties.

  51. .Deh...

    Awwww… how cute *-*

  52. Autumn

    awe!!! so cute. <3

  53. Anna

    Awwww! *wipes tear* They’re adorable =D I just want to hug them and squish them ^_^

    I bet Steph is proud of the influence she’s causing xD

  54. becca

    ok they are so so so cute!
    there going to be like the coolest kids ever

  55. Twilighter Fanpire

    Aww!! They’re going to be two hot kids when they grow up :D!!!! and OMG they’re names are Robert and Sam!! God they’re so lucky!!

  56. Diana


  57. Happy Birthday Bella!

    Absolutely adorable! I love how you use the nicknames (Jazz and Rose); they have more formal, adult-ish names for when they get older, and for now they can have cuter, more fun names. Aww :)

  58. grasshopper

    omg that’s soooo cute!!! i’m placing a $1000 dollar bet that they’ll be the most popular kids when they grow up!!!

  59. Sam

    Aww, they are adorable! lol and guess what ppl?!?! Today is Bella’s birthday! Happy birthday Bella! lol Just a few days before Kaleb’s huh?

  60. Annie

    awwww. they are so adorable!
    it was pretty cool for the parents give an update on the twins. i wonder how they are going to be when they grow up and if anyone is going to be like “OH MY GOD. Your name is from Twilight!”
    that would be pretty awesome.

  61. Annie

    Omg. i just had a totally awesome thought. it would be really awesome if stephenie saw the twins and the influence her books has on people. does stephenie know about jasper and rosalie hale (the twins)?
    if any of you meet her it would be really cool if you told her.

  62. Claire

    Aww, they’re adorable!
    I hope he’ll continue to keep us updated on the twins’ lives :D.

  63. Becky

    all together now: AWWWW!!!
    they are so cute!

    that’s all I have to say about that.

  64. becky sue

    Eeeek! That is sooo adorable! Omg! Ohh and I like what Annie (no. 61) has in mind too!

  65. Jess

    Awww, that is adorable. Jazz and Rose have switched personalities of their namesakes, apparently. They are very cute!

  66. mia

    They are absolutely adorable.

  67. ivy

    omg!!! they are sooo cute!!!

  68. Alexa

    Pretty babies!!! 😀
    they’re adorable :)

  69. Morgan B.

    awww! they’re adorable! so so cute!
    and the father’s name is robert!
    (robert pattinson, anyone?)
    it’s a shame that i noticed that. 😛
    this family’s just full of twilightisms. x]

  70. Dania Cullen

    OMG there sooo cute! oh.. and by the way…. ITS BELLA BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA SWAN/CULLEN!!!

  71. marcela

    aww too cute

  72. Sarah

    Those two are simply the cutest little things! Good luck with everything Robert!

  73. Meghan

    That is so adorable!! If i ever married someone who had a last name from the book my kids would totally be named after the book characters!

  74. margaret

    That, as I’m sure someone has already said, is adorable.

    Kaleb, you may want to consider taking your disclaimer down soon!

  75. TwilightObsessed*Eddiepus*

    ome! That’s so adorable! Oh and Kaleb I hope that you’re safe from Ike!

  76. Kelly

    AWWW! thats baby totally looks like he can control emotions! LOL, please send more pictures!
    I hope they read the twilight series when they are older!!!!!!!

  77. Meghan

    THEY ARE ADORABLE! So cute! I hope he sends some more updates later on.

  78. Elise

    aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they’re ssssooooo cute!!!:)

  79. Jasmine

    AWWWW!!! They are sooooooo adorable!!!! It’s soooo cool how’ they’re acctually named Jasper and Rosalie Hale!!!!!!!!!

  80. kaitlin

    awww…too cute! They’re so gonna grow up to be as beautiful as vampires 😉

  81. Gill Pont

    They are so adorable. I’m glad to hear that everything is going well.

  82. Libby

    Totally adorable. I love that he sent an update on the babies! I told my Mum the story when he wrote in originally (she’s a Twilight fan too) and she thought it was adorable as well. It’s nice to know they’re happy and healthy…and OH SO CUTE!!

  83. Andrea


  84. Alu


    I hope to have twin boys when i have kids someday…

    They would be named Carlisle and Jasper (fave two characters in book!)

    But god are those two adorable… and so aptly named!

  85. Katie Beth

    They are so CUTE! No fair you putting up that picture and melting all us girls on purpose.

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  87. forever, he agreed


    i would love to see the expression of some 13 year old twihard[ ME!!!] who when she’s in her 20’s meets them….a nice little memento of the wild crazy twilight filled years of her teens :]

    i hope all of us can keep the twilight craze going forever….i know when i have kids like those adorable twins, i’ll DEFINITELY pass on the twilight love to my daughter!!!!

  88. Melody

    I can’t wait until they’re old enough to say their names.
    I can Imagine this

    Teacher/Little Kid: Hello! What’s your name?
    Jazz/Rose: Jasper/Rosalie Hale
    Teacher: Little Kid’s mom: OME!OME! I LOVE YOU! TWIIIIIIIILIIIIIIGT!
    Jazz/Rose: MOMMY!!!

  89. Mary

    That is soo awesome!! They are so cute!!

  90. Dii

    They are absolutely adorable 😀 I remember the news back when they were first posted, and I thought it was cute you named your kids like that :)

    They are growing so well, and, though they cry a lot, it’s great to know they have that connection :)

  91. Kyra

    AWWW!!! There both so adorable!!! You are so lucky!!!

  92. Jaspers Gal!

    Aww! THey are so cute. That is so awesome that their last name is Hale and they match twilight!! Thats so cute!

  93. priyanka

    it is so cool they named their twins jasper and rosalie, they are soooooo cute!

  94. Alice

    aww, i luv their wittle outfits! munchkins are AWESOME!

  95. Britneyy

    Lol. They are soo adorable. Keep us updated. :)

  96. Meg

    That is SO cool! The babies are adorable!!! I love that they named their babies Jasper and Rosalie. I hope they keep us posted!

  97. Isabellabrandon

    i have twins to but their 3 and i named them Mary-Alice and Renesmee.

  98. Isabellabrandon

    but i am preagnet and am planing on naming them Jasper and Rosalie

  99. Isabellabrandon

    twins run in my family

  100. patricia ann

    awwww… cute!!!!

  101. patricia ann

    awwww… cute!!!!

  102. Lily Soleil

    Awwwww we love them!!!
    Go Rose and Jazz!!!!

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