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Reading New Moon: Chapter 17 (Visitor)

September 15th, 2008 at 12:04 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Nickel Creek (suggested by Natalie D)

Besides hiding from Hurricane Ike, I spent most of my weekend catching up on enormous amounts of homework. Close to the end, right when I was about to self destruct, I did 43 pages of Government reading, only to discover upon finishing that I had read 43 pages in the wrong book.

Frustration? Much. Time to trade the textbooks for another chapter in New Moon, before I light fire to all my books in fury.

As the title of this chapter suggests, it is revealed almost immediately who the special Visitor is: and what an earth-shattering appearance it becomes. Because after all this time of Bella fighting against the memory of vampires, Alice shows up at her house, and everything from her stone-like strength to her smell reminds Bella of the vampires who had been so familiar to her months before, but had disappeared.

I always doubted that Alice would stay away when Bella came into danger (all-too-inevitable of an event). After all, if Alice has the ability to see the future, she would be able to see Bella before her death: an event she would have to attempt to save her from, or hate herself for the rest of her life for not intervening.

It gets interesting, however, when you watch closely what Alice can see and what she cannot. She saw Bella dying after jumping off the cliff. But she didn’t see Jacob at the door. This means that though she can see the future for vampires, and for humans (partly), she cannot see werewolves in any way. So she would not have seen Jacob saving Bella, or at the door, or across the street, or pretty much any of what had happened between Bella and Jacob so far. Is this a glitch in her power? Maybe brought on because she has been a human, and a vampire, but never a werewolf, so for some reason she can’t ‘tune’ into their futures? I’m keeping this in mind as I continue reading.

I laughed when this quote came along:

Alice: “I’ve never seen anyone so prone to life-threatening idiocy.”

It immediately reminded me of someone else who could vie for that title:

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this and see what sort of ridiculous TV I grew up on 😀 .

For some reason I had a sudden wave of sadness when Alice started to tell Bella what the Cullens had been up to for the past few months. The reason is that for all this time, I haven’t even tried to imagine what they have been doing. My mindset was that with the Cullens gone, it was as if they had simply died or faded away. It is hard to imagine that they actually left and could continue their lives: especially Edward. How could he really go on and do other things after being attached so deeply to Bella for so long?

I did see, however, a catch in Alice’s voice, when Charlie mistakenly assumes that Edward is enjoying himself in South America. Maybe he, like Bella, has had troubles of his own, moving on to other things without her. It doesn’t seem like it could really happen, seeing how hard it is for Bella and knowing how much harder it must be for Edward, who had a somewhat supernatural bond to her.


– Is it just me, or do you think if Alice started singing, she would sound like the girl in Nickel Creek (this week’s chapter song)? If you have somebody else you think would fit more, tell me in the comments.

– The Support Stephenie Meyer video project is still going strong: 11,000+ views in 5 days! Besides the responses there, I already have many sent in by email. It ends September 25 if you want to send in a clip!

– Due to high demand, I am starting a store for TwilightGuy t-shirts, as well as Team Stephenie items and various things for both guys and girls who like Twilight! I will be opening the store soon and the proceeds will help to support this website (and, soon-to-be-announced news stuff), so check back to see the designs! ADDED: Here are early previews of two of the designs: Image1 –  Image2 .

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91 Responses

  1. Tanit

    The next chapters are great!! 😀

  2. Kaitlyn

    I feel sorry for you about the history book. Good job making it this far in New Moon Kaleb :)

  3. Twilighter Fanpire

    I love how perceptive you are Kaleb. “Maybe brought on because she has been a human, and a vampire, but never a werewolf, so for some reason she can’t ‘tune’ into their futures?” I seriously never thought about it that way!but it is reasonable. Gosh you’re so awesome 😀 And yes, the next few chapters do get more exciting. Can’t wait until you get to Ecplise! Btw, I understand how you feel about lighting your text books on fire ( I would, but then I’d have to pay for them XD haha)

  4. Grace

    I totally think that Alice would sound like the singer of Nickel Creek! Glad you’re safe from Hurricane Ike so you can keep posting 😉

  5. JessieLynn

    Wow! Congrats kaleb on your first hurricane! Take this from a Floridian who survived Wilma, Jean, and co.
    Wow! The comment about Alice’s visions is spot on and I didn’t figure that out until much later. The shirts look great! Maybe you could make a twiguy shirt for girls. I have a feeling we wont want to have ” I am a Twilight Guy” emblazoned on our shirts, it might cause some strange looks.

  6. devz30

    Love this chapter.
    “Maybe he, like Bella, has had troubles of his own, moving on to other things without her.”
    Ok. There’s no maybe about it. It IS really hard for him to move on without Bella.

    And I do feel sorry for the wasted time reading the wrong book. Well, you know what to do next time, don’t you? Triple check the book title to make sure it had the spelling right.

    Keep reading in sufficient doses.


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  8. Shatha

    Ouch. That would hurt. Just wait until your finished with your books, then you burn them (:
    Wow I didn’t realise that whole Alice being a human and vampire but not a werewolf thing.



  9. Shatha

    P.s. Inspector Gadget owns. (:

  10. HUGENickelCreekFan

    I can’t believe you used a Nickel Creek song! They are my FAVORITE band, but hardly anyone I’ve met actually knows who they are. Imagine my surprise when not only was there an update on your site, but also the song was by NC! Pure happiness right now… I’ve found a bunch of their songs that really remind me of the Twilight series (although honestly, when you get to be such a big fan of the series, pretty much everything reminds you of Twilight – even breathing)

  11. Elfie

    HA! Wow, that image of Gadget totally made the theme song pop up in my head, and now it won’t quit! For pete’s sake…

    You will love the next few chapters, and I do have to say, like those above me, that you are quite an observant one – enough so that you make me rather ashamed. When I first read through this bit, I was pretty impatient to get to the end, and so I thought very little of Alice’s little “glitch”.

    Not long now!

  12. Tina

    Ha, I remember inspector gadget… good times 😀

  13. Angel

    i think this is a reality point for bella. cause everything just comes crashing back down once alice comes back.
    btw, that little music player you have at the top of the post, where would i be able to get one?

  14. daylet

    haha….inspector gadget.

    I love the chapters coming up. I like what you said about Alice seeing vampire and human futures because she was or is one. I never thought of it like that.

    I guess it does make sense.

  15. Babette

    When you’re done with New Moon go to Stephenie’s website and read her extras. You’ll get an idea of what Edward was feeling. But be sure to wait or it will spoil the next few chapters for you!

  16. Anna

    Gee thanks Kaleb you got the inspector gadget theme song stuck in my head! :) Good luck with homework and surviving Ike!

  17. Rob's SpiderMonkey

    I’ve never heard of them… Are they good? If so, I will look them up.

  18. Alli

    Some of the things you pick up on…*shakes head* are you SURE you haven’t read Breaking Dawn yet? Well, I guess I won’t tell you what you were so right about so you can see it for yourself in BD when you get there.

    Haha. I never saw the original Inspector Gadget cartoons (that’s who that is right?) but I saw the movies- they were hilarious!

    I like the designs, but you need to make a few girl shirts that have something to do with this site(i.e. “I love the twilight guy” or “My boyfriend/husband is a Twilight Guy”)

    Alice singing…I can see her sounding like that girl, but as beautiful as that girl’s voice is, I think Alice would sound just a little more angelic…sorry, I can’t think of a good example

  19. Sara

    The singer from the Hush Sound has always reminded me of Alice. Also, the singer from the Fine Frenzy. If you’re looking for someone who sounds like Bella, I’d say the singer from the Weepies, particularly on the song Gotta Have You.

  20. tw

    Cool I will def. be buying from your store how exciting !

  21. Jaina

    Great pick up on Alice’s visions! We will continue to revisit that issue through the next 2 books, so strap in and hold on for the ride!
    Love the shirt designs! Hope the store is up and running soon!

  22. SHELBY

    “Monster” by Meg and Dia. i totally thought of alice when i heard it!!

  23. Teresa

    Yay for Inspector Gadget. I laughed when you wrote that down. You are so right about that life threatening idiocy title…Bella and Inspector Gadget…who knew?

    Oh, when you are done reading the book, you have to go to Stephs website and read her extras for this book. It will tell you what Edward was doing while he was away from Bella. BUT DON’T READ IT YET!! IT WILL SPOIL THE REST OF NEW MOON!

    Okay, I’m done now. Great stuff Kaleb!

  24. Anna

    Oh my god, Inspector Gadget xD I’m having childhood flashbacks as I write this lol

    Wow, Kaleb, you’re pretty damn smart. You see these bits and pieces better than all of us that have alredy read the books. I like how you brain works.

    Love the designs btw.

  25. Devon

    LOL Thanks Kaleb, I totally have the theme song going nonstop in my head from Inspector Gadget!

    Astute comments, as usual :)


    Hmm…well, I don’t think the Nickel Creek chick sounds like Alice, although she does have a pretty voice. I imagine Alice as so tiny but actually having a big voice when singing…my reasoning for this is Stephenie’s description of her having a clear soprano voice as she sings bars of music along with Edward’s piano playing when he’s trying to nail down the entire composition for Bella’s lullaby. In addition, vampires naturally have such beautiful voices (per S. Meyer), that the wispy, not-fully-developed voice of the NC singer doesn’t fit the bill for me.

    So when I have that in mind, I think Alice’s voice may remind me somewhat of Sarah Brightman (she did a lot of Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals, i.e. Phantom of the Opera, etc.). One song comes to mind especially, Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye), her duet with Andrea Bocelli.

  26. Catherine

    Selling shirts… good idea! 😉

  27. Natasha

    Shirt idea:

    Edward? Jacob?

    Twilight Guys are better.

  28. Heather

    “Maybe brought on because she has been a human, and a vampire, but never a werewolf, so for some reason she can’t ‘tune’ into their futures?”

    That is impressive. I had never connected that until Alice outwardly says it in Breaking Dawn (not really a spoiler, no worries). I give you a round of applause for picking up on that =)

  29. Heather

    Oh, and AFTER you finish New Moon, read this from Stephenie’s website:
    It shows a small scene of what Edward was doing all throughout New Moon. But DON’T DO IT YET!

  30. Annie

    *Doo doo doo doo Inspector Gadget, nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh doo doo!*

    You are really smart- I didn’t pick up on the vision thing until they actually said something, and then I was like, duh!

  31. Katie Beth

    Ya know, I think Alice *would* sound like Sara Watkins… cool. :-)

  32. Annie

    You= wayy to perceptive. i must really be oblivious to every thing. but, really great post. i hope you did ok with the hurricane.

    i’ve actually felt category 1 hurricane force winds before…. but that was in this little tube thing in a museum, so it doesn’t really count.

    And i used to always watch inspector gadget!!! haha. i haven’t thought of that in soooo long!

    and i think alice’s voice would be higher, and maybe just because i don’t see her singing a song like that…. more…. idk.

  33. Court

    keeping readingggggg!!!
    youre sooooo close!!! 😀

    love you kaleb!

  34. M.A.Estman

    I’m so glad you survived Hurricane Ike, I dont know what I wouldve done without your posts!

    PS. I love inspector gadget. I miss those simpler times…heck I even miss the cheesy Power Rangers from back in the day.

  35. Belinda

    Wow, that’s always really annoying, doing the wrong homework. Ugh. I love the t-shirt designs!
    Ps. I always think of Alice when I hear Speed Over Beethoven on DDR.

  36. AbbyNormal

    I definitely think that Alice would sound like Sarah..I think that’s her name.. I used to listen to Nickel Creek all the time.. “Out of the Woods” is one of my favorite songs, and I think it fits at some point in the series..still not sure where yet…

  37. E

    I was missing the Cullens sooooooooo much by this point… I was overjoyed to see Alice, myself.
    But anyway… you’ll see what this leads to. 😀

  38. becky sue

    Wow, did you come up with the Alice theory unspoilered? If so: wow.

    Love the Tshirts btw. (I love black Tshirts)

    And I always imagine her voice not quite as low; I think it would be more like a soprano. And maybe faster. And not really so country-like.

  39. Ren

    Ouch about the textbook. It’s always painful enough to have to read out of them alone, unless they’re especially well-written — I feel for you xD But remember, it’s worth money — keep the fire off! haha.

    I’ve always imagined Alice’s voice a little…not /deeper/, precisely, but fuller. Clearer and less breathy, not so young-sounding. But I could see it being like that song, too. ^^

  40. Becky

    your theories are freakishly accurate. it makes my thoughts while reading New Moon look bad (something along the lines of “omg! where is Edward?? must read faster!” yeah.)
    I’m convinced that you’ve read ahead and are just posting chapters one by one to torture your fans, lol

    I’m glad you survived Ike! I was worried that we’d never hear from you again!
    I’ve never been through a hurricane- tornado watches/warnings yes, but hurricanes… no

    keep reading! its about to get even better 😀

  41. Jae

    Your predictions are so spot-on, I’m starting to wonder if you’re secretly Alice, who’s posing as Kalebetta, who’s just posting random pictures of a guy she found on Flicker.

    The plot thickens…

    Oh, and those t-shirt designs are amazing- I’d buy the first one in a heartbeat.

  42. Becky

    PS: do you have Eclipse yet??

  43. Tara

    Omg, I LOVED Inspector Gadget when I was a kid! And thanks to that lovely youtube link, I’m most likely going to spend the night watching reruns instead of doing my copious amounts of readings.

  44. Stephanie K.

    lol …Hiding from Ike… And I was playing in the “storm.”

    Anyway, I LOVE New Moon! I’m super happy you’re enjoying it. =] I can’t say too much right now (homework), but enjoy the book!

  45. Sarah

    I’ve got the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in my head now…
    I’d never thought of Alice’s visions the way you did. I never thought that maybe she couldn’t see them because she’d never been one of them.
    Hooray for insight!

  46. Caitlin

    Wow, I totally remember Inspector Gadget! I also remember the movie… which was a bit odd if I’m remembering it correctly. The cartoon was much better.

    I know how you feel with homework. I’m starting my 4th week of my sophomore year in college, and I already feel as if I’m about to explode.

    I’ve also had the *oh-so-wonderful* experience of reading a large number of pages, only to realize that it was from the wrong book. So, you’re not alone. I figure it’s bound to happen when you have about a bazillion hours of homework and not enough hours to do it in.

    Good luck! Just keep on working and stay safe from Ike. :)

  47. Jen

    “Maybe brought on because she has been a human, and a vampire, but never a werewolf, so for some reason she can’t ‘tune’ into their futures?”
    Have you been reading breaking dawn without telling us, Kaleb? Nice guess!

  48. Ember

    Ouch on the textbook thing. x.x
    I’ve been waiting three months for you to hit the next few chapters!! I can’t wait to find out what you think of them.

  49. raye

    Kaleb… please get a “i <3 forks” shirt from twilightshirts.com

    i got one and i wanna see one on you. i think it would look so good :)

  50. Priscilla :)

    thank goodness you are FINALLY getting to the good chapters. the rest are so suspensful i literally fell off my chair. i was getting so ancy!

  51. Devon

    Btw, the whole thing with Alice and not seeing the wolves is brought up in Eclipse…you won’t wait for Breaking Dawn to find about that…even though you’ve already guessed correctly :)

  52. Audree

    I seriously broke down and cried during this chapter just because I was so happy to see Alice return.

  53. Kim M.

    OMG, it’s Inspector Gadget! Sorry, I just loved that show as a little kid. If you liked this chapter, you are going to love the next one!

  54. Laura

    Wow. I didn’t really catch the reason for why Alice can’t see the werewolves until Breaking Dawn when Stephenie offically explained it! Good detective work, Kaleb!

  55. Sarah

    You know, I can image Alice’s voice sounding like that. Or amybe a little higher. Good post.

  56. Claire

    Mad props for the Nickel Creek song; they’re my absolute favorite.

    Re: Alice’s visions, vampire and human vs. werewolf… wow, way to pick up on that. It never occurred to me until after I’d finished the whole series.

    More props for the Inspector Gadget pic.

  57. Erin

    Dude. You’re too smart. Seriously, I think that maybe you’re hanging out at Breaking Dawn forums or something.
    And, I love Nickel Creek. My mom actually got to see the a couple years ago… I was stuck at home watching my brother… :(
    Anyshoes, I love reading your post. I seriously laughed when I read saw the Inspector Gadget thing.
    And, yeah, Alice is supposed to have a really nice voice. In Eclipse it says something about her singing a complex harmony over a song in the car… anyways.
    So, since you caught on about the Alice thing, you should go back to chapter two or three or whenever it was when Bella was crying in the forest. I’m telling you, this isn’t even a spoiler. So, do it. Please and Thank you.
    Happy reading!

  58. Rosalie

    I can’t believe that you made the jump about the glitch in Alice’s visions. It took me until Breaking Dawn to actually get that. Cause they actually explain. Nice!!

  59. Christina

    dude you are amazing you have no idea how much stuff you figure out! wow lol oh and i always thought that Alice would sound kinda like Amy Lee, only like lighter, somehow. =D

  60. Shelly

    OH MY GOD. INSPECTOR GADGET FTW. GOD i miss 90s television.. does anyone else other than me REALLY want to watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark? they seriously need to put that show on dvd… ..i’m going off topic aren’t i? i can’t wait until you read the next chapter!!! this chapter until the end is my favorite part of New Moon XD and GOOD JOB! on figureing out Alice’s glitch!!! i pride myself in being able to figure out things while i’m reading a book and even i didn’t realize that until Breaking Dawn when they literally spelled it out in front of my face lol.

  61. Steph

    Ahaha! Alice would sound EXACTLY like that!

    I loved Inspector Gadget! Not so much anymore, but it’s still ridiculously hilarious.

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  63. Phoenix Marlowe

    “Is this a glitch in her power? Maybe brought on because she has been a human, and a vampire, but never a werewolf, so for some reason she can’t ‘tune’ into their futures? I’m keeping this in mind as I continue reading.”

    Well done Kaleb 😀 You’re being all Alicey.

  64. Kelsie

    Inspector Gadget rules :) I don’t know about the US, but in the UK, it’s ALWAYS on at like, midnight on cartoon network :)

  65. Allison


    Keep reading. that’s all I have to say. keep reading. (like you would stop!?!?, ha ha) Did you read ‘Midnight Sun’? I know Stephenie posted it but some are opting not to read it. Maybe some thoughts on it woud be helpful. You are in ‘New Moon’, so, it would be nice to hear from another writer.
    I grew up on Inspector Gadget as well. He definately is ‘prone to life-threatening idiocy.’
    Loved the shirts. I do make one request. Could you possibly do another shirt with your ‘twilight guy’ logo? I know ther are alot of fans (who are female) who would love to own a ‘twilight guy’ shirt. I would buy one, and I am married.

  66. Cimonnett

    I personally always think of Alice when I listen to Paramore. To me that’s how i think alice’s voice would sound. *shurgs* Just my personally thought on it. ^.^

  67. Samantha

    Are you sure you aren’t playing your fellow Twilighters in saying you haven’t read the series? My friend, if you not deceiving us, then you are possibly the most perceptive person I have heard of. That is all I will say about that topic.

    I can picture Alice through that voice. However, I think her voice would be that fuller soprano, not as raspy or light. More like Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation (esp. in “Angels”). Check it out!

  68. Meagen Hollandsworth


    I have a suggestion for someone Alice might sound like if she broke into song….

    Alison Krauss

    Her singing voice totally reminds me of Alice.


    And I’m sad I didn’t know about your surprise birthday video either!! I would have sent something in. But at least I got a gnome face-planted in a birthday cake on your MySpace comments. :)

    Happy Birthday AGAIN!!

    BTW…I have a hard time reading your chapter updates sometimes because I hate knowing things that someone else is just about to find out and not being able to say anything.

    You know, I’ve been wondering…How do you avoid spoilers? Seriously, not only have these books been out for a while, but you RUN one of the top ten sites dedicated to people who have already read them and freely discuss every minute detail of the whole series on a regular basis here. Are you just really good and quickly averting your eyes?

    Team Stephenie

  69. Eilzabeth

    lol I remember that show lol lol
    Yea T-Shirts

    14 Elizabeth

  70. Anjanie


    Good times.

  71. Nicole Jet

    I’m assuming you made it out of Ike ok. That’s good to know. My best friend had to evacuate Galveston, and now she doesn’t know when she can go back. :/

    Don’t you just love Alice? She says the funniest things.
    And does the coolest things…

  72. Mary

    Maybe brought on because she has been a human, and a vampire, but never a werewolf…

    Wow, did anyone else notice that? =D

  73. Emmy

    I remember watching Inspector Gadjet!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that show!!!!!!!!!!! then they took it off of the air :( so sad…

  74. Megan

    Well, I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but if you go to one of the pages under New Moon on Stephenie’s website (I believe it is called Extras…I’m not exactly sure), it involves a conversation between Edward and Rosalie, it will explain more accurately how the Cullens reacted to leaving Bella. I think Alice was trying to sugarcoat her explanation, so it didn’t worry Bella. And, I’m not absolutely positive that there are no spoilers, but there shouldn’t be. I AM sure that it will be safe after you finish the next chapter, though. There is one from Edward’s POV, and one from Rosalie’s POV. The one in Edward’s POV involves the conversation, and the one in Rose’s POV involves the conversation between her and Alice towards the end of the chapter. These explain a lot. It would be a great idea to read them :)

  75. Megan

    BTW-I’m not sure I ever wished you a happy birthday! So, happy birthday, Kaleb…belated. Haha. I hope you had a good time :)

  76. robin

    im glad you survived ike. even tho us in the dallas area didnt get TOO much rain/wind. :)and i agree with you about the singer and alice. but wait for the next chapters, they are the best in the book!!

  77. Maddy

    “Maybe he, like Bella, has had troubles of his own, moving on to other things without her.”

    I’m glad you caught onto that. How can he move on without her? Everything about him is always about Bella… atleast Bella has distractions.

  78. spookybell

    *Clapping for Kaleb* I am so impressed that you noticed that Alice couldn’t see Jacob saving Bella. It never dawned on mr until now, and I have read it once and listened to it once. Hello – what’s wrong with me. You have skills boy!

  79. Lindsey

    AH THANK GOD!!!!


  80. Maddy

    Maybe he, like Bella, has had troubles of his own, moving on to other things without her.”- I’m glad you said that… I mean come on.. it’s obviously just as painful.. if not MORE for Edward

  81. Rose

    I've read all the twilight books like 10 times, but I realized the other day while rereading New Moon, that Alice says she takes a plane to forks, yet she shows up at Bella's house with Carlisle's Mercedes. How is that possible? Has anyone else noticed this?

  82. Lia

    I love when Alice comes back. My 3rd favorite chapter. (2day was by b-day)

  83. TheAnswerToLifeIs

    du nu nu nu nu INSPECTOR GADGET!

  84. TheAnswerToLifeIs

    du nu nu nu nu INSPECTOR GADGET!

  85. Smartlilbit

    the youtube video doesn't work anymore :(

  86. VariousNumerous

    INSPECTOR GADGET! You just went up on my cool scale my friend*applause*(even though I don't reall know you at all, that still nets you cool scale points)

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