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Stephenie Meyer Music Video: Jack’s Mannequin (The Resolution)

September 30th, 2008 at 9:05 am by Kaleb Nation

You probably heard a while back that Stephenie would be working with Jack’s Mannequin on their video for The Resolution — and the video is finally here! Click below to watch it:

So what do you think of Stephenie’s first music video?

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66 Responses

  1. Chey Cullen

    I hate this song… it’s just too annoying.

  2. Tori

    I love this song!!

  3. Maddy

    omg fantastic! i love jack’s mannequin so much and this is ultimately their best video! wow. and i love how (i think) the water symbolizes his disease and how it keeps following him but he keeps getting away from it. i love it and well done guys!

  4. dsolo

    I liked it, but the static mermaid tail was a bit disappointing. Liked the bit with the ocean chasing him.

  5. amy

    Pretty spiffy. I’d never listened to JM before, but not too shabby. A pretty interesting concept for the video, definitely different from things being produced these days.

  6. Katie M.

    visually, it was beautiful. the dead mermaid person was pretty creepy, though. =] also, the theme of the heart was spiffy, but…seemed kinda cliched to me? does that make sense? i dunno. anyways. i liked it overall. the colors stood out to me for some reason. not bad for a first music video.

    love from nyc,

  7. Stephanie

    I love both Jack’s Mannequin and Stephenie so when I heard about this I was sooooo excited! I think its great! Also everyone should go and listen to Jack’s Mannequin’s new album….it just came out today and it’s amazing!


  8. Belinda

    I think it’s really great, and the song’s not bad. I didn’t really like that part with the person underwater though.

  9. Krystol

    I love Steph but I didn’t understand anything that happened. Did it make sense to anyone else?

  10. Cara

    I think that the video itself, well, there’s nothing really wrong with it, but it doesn’t make too much sense to me… The song, I loved it the first time i heard it, but now I think its annoying. Haha.

  11. Allison

    I think that her first attempt at a music video was great. It is a really hard thing to do. I got a little worried with the piano in the back of the truck, especially as it was going up the hills. I could totally see the piano rolling out the back and down the road smashing into a bajillion pieces. That’s what you get for being a Piano Major I guess. It’s great to see Stephanie branching out and showing us her other talents. How about another video Kaleb?

  12. tw

    I really liked this video ! Stephenie did a great job with the scenery !

  13. Ivette

    I really enjoyed it. I’ve never listened to Jack’s Mannequin before and this song impressed me. I also thought that the video was creative. It was a very unique idea.

  14. Leah

    Are there any Youtube versions for those of us who live outside the United States and can’t access the MTV video?
    Also, JACK’S MANNEQUIN IS AMAZING . Their new album came out today (The Glass Passenger)

  15. Auror

    Stalker mermaid… weird…

    I didn’t like the song at all.

  16. HUGENickelCreekFan

    Okay I like it, but I don’t really understand it. NOTHING against Steph – it’s really quite a cool video (in my opinion) and I agree with someone who said this earlier: I love the feeling that you get from the colors.

    Perhaps I haven’t taken enough time to try to figure out the purpose?

    I like the water following him everywhere. Don’t get WHY it follows him, but yeah, it’s cool!

    Do you think Stephenie would be willing to take the time to explain her thoughts on her website? Because often times I might not get what she’s doing in a book until she fully explains her thoughts and then I’m like “OH I get it! That’s AWESOME!” so yeah, if she explained this, I’m sure we’d all understand and appreciate it!

  17. HUGENickelCreekFan


    OH haha just read that… I suggest everyone goes and reads that, it really cleared things up

  18. Megan

    I loved it. The song is my style, the video is my style. I think it’s perfect. Stalker ocean and stalker mermaid included.

    And for everyone else like me who doesn’t live in the States:

  19. Marissa(Bella)

    i loved it also. but then again, i think that i would love anything that stephanie did. i really got sucked into the twilight saga. i am a twilighter forevermore!!

  20. Annie

    It’s an ok video… i did like the moving water… but i don’t really like the song or the whole mermaid thing. that’s just creepy. she looked dead!

  21. Shelby

    I liked it. I mean, music videos aren’t my favorite things to watch, since you never really thruly understand them. It was nice to actually read what the concept was. So thinks for putting up that link HUGENickelCreekFan!

    I liked the idea. It was different… The story was pretty interesting. The song did get a little annoying after a while…but oh well. hahaha

  22. becky sue

    i love the song. and the video is a bit odd but after i watched a couple of times i started coming up with my idea what it meant. i love how its so radom and odd. a piano in the back of a truck? a tent with a picket fence? its amazing; makes you think twice.

    i think its about how he was trying to escape a love from his past and she just kept following and he couldnt get her outta his mind. then he finally realized at the end of the song that the resolution was to stop running and face it. hope im not too far off from reality but that what i got from it…

  23. becky sue

    Also, Kaleb, what do YOU think of the video??

  24. Rie

    I liked it… very creative.
    Love the Jack.
    Love the Stephenie.
    Love the Twilight Guy.

  25. Joanne Maria

    I think it is awesome, just like Steph-…just like Kaleb!!!

  26. Natalie

    freaking awesome. there would be a mermaid.

  27. Natasha

    I adored it except for that mermaid ending. That was a little chuckle worthy.

  28. Kayla

    I really liked it. It kept my attention through the whole thing which is sometimes hard to do! Great Job Stephenie!

  29. Ola

    To be honest I don’t like it, through no fault of her’s it’s typical. Camera angles and focus on the singer makes for a trite video. I question how much influence she had.

  30. robin

    i really liked it. i usually dont like this kind of music but it was a good song. him looking at the mermaid in the water at the end kind a freaked me out tho. i was waiting for her to jump out. but i loved the piano in the truck!

  31. JessieLynn

    This is AMAZING! I’ve watched it three times and still love it! I didn’t even know about Jack’s Mannequin until this project was announced, and I fell in love with their music.

  32. Twifanatic Amanda

    I love it. Love Jack’s Mannequin and love Stephenie Meyer.

  33. Holly

    after seeing the video once, reading more about it via the link that HugeNickelCreekFan left, and then seeing the video again, I decided that I enjoyed the essence of the video, I found the lyrics interesting and I could relate to them. But I think that there was too much time spent on the actual singer himself… I dunno… but I have never heard of Jack’s Manaquin before so thumbs up!

  34. Wendy

    I’m not going to lie but I don’t understand the video. But I really like this song.

  35. HeyJoyous

    I hadn’t heard the song before. I really liked it. I didn’t enjoy the mermaid part of the video but really liked the scenery and the ocean following him. I think it’s a quality video though and kudos to Stephenie for a job well done on her debut!

  36. Kat

    i’ve always loved the band, love andrew, love the song…but to be honest i don’t care for the video. I get the concept she was going for and stuff but parts of it seemed a bit cliche to me and then some parts just seemed jumpy to me from scene to scene which would’ve probably worked better with different lighting….but yeah, I can already sense the legions of stephenie getting ready ready to pounce upon me now for my critique. oh well..

  37. Britt.

    Love it. :]
    It’s pretty dang spiffy.

  38. Shannon

    I like the song, but I think the video is lame. I am a SMeyer fan, but only her celebrity, JM band promotion, and the novelty of her “directing” got her this job. I was expecting the video to be so much more visually and all we got was Andrew plinking on a piano and a mermaid (?) tail that I had to squint to see?

  39. Claire

    I love this song and the video was pretty good. I really liked the concept. Kudos to Stephenie. :)

  40. Kat

    Thank you Shannon! I’m sorry people, I love the books, but not everything she touches turns to gold…

  41. KatRin

    Good song, passable video. Once I read the article about it I liked it more but I personally don’t think I should have to research a music video to “get it”. It was shot beautifully and the piano on the truck was fun along with the rising water but a mermaid? Really? It also bugged me that they seemed to use the same shot of her tail every time, but maybe that’s just me. Also the hearts seem cliche. Overall it definitely wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t amazing either.

  42. Bethany

    looks very 90s

  43. the1stdaughter

    I liked the video. To me it reminds me of all Stephenie’s talk about mermaids and I’m guessing she must have opened that “file” & be in that frame of mind for the moment.

  44. Liz

    Eh the song was okay.

    The video confused me a little bit, but it was certainly interesting. I liked the ocean chasing him, and the piano in the back of the truck, and I liked how the ocean washed away the hearts made out of little rocks, but I was mostly just like…what? The mermaid was so random…which is usually okay, but there were so many other random things in the video that I was just like “is this nessasary?”

  45. Erika

    I liked the song, I liked the concept of the mermaid chasing him. It was obviously a love story with the heart that she kept leaving for him. But I think the whole mermaid thing could have been done WAY better. I don’t think that was necessarily Stephenie’s fault. The tail in the distance was dumb and the mermaid really did look super creepy in the water, she should have come up out of it. And it didn’t bother me that it focused on the singer, I mean, it’s a music video…

  46. StarryNight88

    I didn’t much care for the song itself, but I did like how the video was done. It definately had a bit of that Stephenie flair.

  47. Katie Beth

    Love the song, love the ocean, kinda weirded out by the mermaid. I like that he went out into the water at the end, but it would have been better if it didn’t show the actual creepy blue mermaid. The VERY end was fantastic.

  48. Katie Beth

    (Does Andrew McMahon remind anyone else of Michael Phelps?)

  49. Cappa

    I loved this song when I first heard it on the radio, and I’ve been a Jack’s Mannequin fan for quite some time. I think Stephenie did a wonderful job on the video, and the concept was easy to understand and presented beautifully. The hearts on made from stones, the water chasing him, and the mermaid – it’s obviously referring to the mermaid’s love for Andrew and going to great lengths to get him back. I don’t think the mermaid was creepy, I actually thought she was really pretty when I first saw the video. The visuals were stunning too – I loved the desert scene. c:

  50. Wendilynn

    I liked the running from the ocean bit. The suedo mermaid tail was silly, but what the hey, I’m game for a little willing suspension of disbelief. I’m not a big fan of this particular singers voice. He sounds terrible without all the studio magic to make him sound smooth. But he looks cute and it works for the imagery of the video.

  51. mara-kate

    umm…im in canada it wont let me view it :( anyone have it on youtube or an international-viewable version?

  52. Becky

    very good, especially for Stephenie Meyer’s first music video.
    The song is ok, not one of my favorites, but I liked it enough to watch the video twice, lol
    The mermaid looked dead at the end though… kinda creepy. But I like the running from the ocean idea, very nice.

    did YOU like it, Kaleb?

  53. melissa

    nothing against stephenie, but the song was kinda lame.

    the video was alright. idk i dont like music videos. but it was creative

  54. McKell

    Always loved Jack’s Mannequin, and i love the video, i heard stephenie say she had an idea in her mind for a story about mermaids, and i wonder if she was thinking about this plot when she decided to go this direction with her video :)

  55. Kaiti

    This is not Jack’s Mannequin’s best song, I feel. It’s too… radio. The video was good though (but Dark Blue still reigns supreme as their best music video.)

  56. Ingrid

    The cinematography was quite good, but I feel that the lead singer was going a bit ‘over the top’ in his ’emoting’ in some of his singing scenes. He should have underplayed it more, in my opinion. Other that that, it was good.

  57. Ingrid

    Edit :Then again, maybe he just sings that was, I don’t really know this band.

  58. Ingrid


  59. Mari

    enjoyed the video. Quite an interesting concept, had me intrigued, not sure it should have been so creepy at the end, though. Never listened to JM before, but liked what I heard. Over all, thumbs up!

  60. Jess

    I love the song, love the band, and love Stephenie, but I’m not very fond of this video. The concepts of the water chasing him and the toxic realationship he had with the mermaid are definitely intriguing, but this video is just really vague. It’s hard to understand if you haven’t read the article. I love the colors and the whimsical feel the video had, but I thought the video would’ve had a much darker tone.

  61. Elise

    I loved it, it was AMAZING!!!

  62. Alli

    decent song, not really my style, but Steph did an amazing job on it!

  63. Alana

    Stick to your day job stephanie…please…

    Well…it wasnt bad but I was expecting something…better.

    The song is good…but sadly not another Dark Blue which is an amazing song by them…xP

  64. Gabby

    Love the Twilight saga but not too keen on the film clip. Some parts (the hearts in the sand and water) felt really cliché and overall it felt super squeaky-clean, which didn’t necessarily suit the song (but that might have been the directors choice, not hers). Although I liked the concept of the water following him, overall I felt like the whole clip had been done before – the piano on the back of the car (reminiscent of Vanessa Carlton) and the mermaid etc. But that’s just how I felt :)

  65. Edward

    Wait. what did stephenie do in this video?
    Je suis tresss confused.

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