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Final Twilight Trailer Has Arrived

October 9th, 2008 at 10:00 pm by Kaleb Nation

It’s 8PM, and that means the third and final Twilight movie trailer is here!

The smartest move they made in promoting this film was to save the best for last. This trailer immediately seals the fact that this movie is going to be made of awesome, and any doubt people had of Rob’s ability to pull off the character of Edward should be gone.

Now that you’ve seen it (probably a few hundred times) what do you think about it?!

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145 Responses

  1. kelsie

    holy crap!!!!
    awww….so cute
    im sure people who havent read the book will be confsed but….wow

    looks really good

    *girlish screams*
    okay im done

  2. Troi


    I had my worries, but this mostly clears them up. I’m in complete awe of RPattz; not going to lie. KStew is going to be MUCH better than I initially thought. I was really worried about her voice (it’s kind of deep), but now those doubts are gone.

    ‘Scuse me while I go watch it again.

  3. Michelle

    oh my god!!!!

    i never thought i’d get this excited about this movie, because it couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations but that trailer changed everything!

    I totally by Rob as Edward now!
    it looks fantastic

  4. Paige

    omg! I watched that twice now, and I swear I could watch it all night! So awesome! I’m sooo pumped for this movie now!

  5. HeidiMarie

    OME!!!! Can’t…breathe….

  6. Liz

    I’ve watched it 8… 9 times already? Was starting Syriana too.. oh well. I think that’s been abandoned. My boyfriend’s already given up from the first “AHHHHHHH!!!! TRAILER!!! AHHHHH!!!” and went to play video games. His roommates, who I have evilly converted, are all watching the trailers with me. We all agree. This. Is. Epic. And totally sweet.

  7. Kay Tee

    It looks good. I know everyone doesn’t think it can live up the expectations, but after seeing this, I have hopes :)

  8. Kaleb Nation

    honestly, anyone who doubted Rob could pull off Edward now knows how wrong they were. He fits perfectly and this movie is going to be a blockbuster 😀

  9. anne_onymous

    epic trailer. legendary. numero uno.
    need HD version.

  10. becky

    I think it’s good! At least we got to see a little bit more footage.

  11. julia

    OME!!! hyperventalating!!!
    haha kaleb commented….
    ithink its gonna be amazzzinngg though….
    we should prepared to be DAZZLED!

  12. Liz

    One last thing… I’ve been out of the loop, so sorry if this has already been said- Kaleb, is this going to be shown in any theaters with any particular movies that I should go see for Rpatz on a giant screen?

  13. Tiffany

    KALEB, YESSSS. Ransom is amazing! KStew is faltering a bit in her emotion, or else I just suck at determining this kinda stuff…What-evs. :D!!!!!!
    I’m not even gonna bother saying I can’t wait or anything. IT DOESN’T COVER IT!!!!

  14. Kaleb Nation

    Yes, they said they will be showing it on some movies. I don’t know which one’s though…

  15. Reagan


    I’d say this definitely has the best acting of all the trailers, making it only worse for us to wait!!!!! GAH!! Oh, no, another fangirl moment…

  16. Liz

    I think I now have high blood pressure after watching that trailer! Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

  17. Liz

    Awesome. I might actually go to the movies now- well, at least, go before Nov. 21st. In the meantime, back to rewatching. (Also, I linked to this from my blog. I hope it’s okay, your copy is better than the one I have on YouTube.)
    Oh, and Tiffany, Kristen sounds like that but when you see her in action, it fits perfectly. Check out In the Land of Women or Into the Wild. They are both R movies so don’t if you’re not of age, but if you do/can… they are AMAZING and really showcase her talent. I never had any doubt in either Rob or Kristen, and actually pictured her as Bella from the start.

  18. Carol

    OMFG OMFG OMFG *squeals* *faints* *watches trailer 184539 times* << That was my reaction..I *almost* cried. Twilight holds a very special place in my heart and just watching this, it’s like a dream; I seriously can’t believe it sometimes. This movie is going to be so good!

  19. Christine

    flamin awesome! now i really cant wait to see it!

  20. Becca Shmeka

    My mother and I swooned.

  21. JanetH

    Liz, I already have high blood pressure and I’m sure that its up now along with my heartbeat! Such a bizarre way for a mature woman to behave, but honestly, I am SO PUMPED about this movie, I WILL be at the midnight premier in my town! {thinking of ways to cut the grocery budget so I can afford to see it multiple times. hmmm. Milk? Nah, we can live without it. . . bread and water should be fine . . .}

  22. Rebekah

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I love it!! But i was kinda getting ticked off because I had to keep starting it over. My mom is runnning the vacume, I caouldn’t hear it!!! BUT OMGGGG!!! *Does an alice like happy up and down jumping thing.
    *squeals girlishly

  23. Laura

    Kaleb! Read the messages about it! It says 8 PM PACIFIC TIME!!!!!!!!!! not Central. I’m going to be a good little girl and wait until 10:00 PM Central for me like they asked.. or until my camera charges so I can video tape myself watching it.

  24. Jessie

    Epic. {enough said}

  25. Meg "RFF"

    *GASP AND DIES* AMAZING!!!! WONDERFUL!!! AWESOME!!!!! I LOVED IT!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, fangirl is out of my system….sorta…lol XD

  26. arikka

    i freaking LOVED IT!!
    it is so my favorite

  27. Laura

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! this trailer is totally awesome!
    this makes me happy because it looks like they may totally not butcher the book :) :) best trailer so far :)

  28. Caitlin



  29. JessieLynn

    WOW!!!! This was AMAZING!!!! I am seriously feeling better about the movie after this. Cant wait!

  30. Shakesgirl66

    That was amazing. I am going crazy and can’t wait for the movie to final be here. Best tralier yet. Though thats how it always is though right, they save the best for last.

  31. Katari

    Sweet…. Is anyone else in love with the meadow scene? I just like watching that 2 second clip over and over…. -rewatches-

    god, the movie cant come soon enough….

  32. Imagine

    CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!!

  33. Katie Beth

    OH. MY. GOSH.

    I honestly let out little fangirl squeaks. I TRIED to hold them in but they got out anyway. ZOOOOMMMGGGG. Can’t. Wait.

    That was a seriously fantastic final trailer.

  34. annab

    really, i had my doubts until this one. I honestly didn’t think they could really do it… we shall see.
    ha. the apple made my night.

  35. Amanda

    I LOVED IT!!! I think the filmmakers are taking special care to please the fans of the book.

    Did any one else notice the scene where Rob is holding the apple?!?!?

    I’m so excited and I don’t want to wait another month! And I agree with those who said this made them appreciate Kristen more, I think these scenes show her acting better than in the other teasers.

    OME I cannot wait!

  36. Katie Beth

    Oh, yeah, the apple was awesome!! *watches again*

  37. Freya

    This is so amazing!! I always knew RPattz would show all the doubters that he is EDWARD CULLEN!!!!! I cannot wait! HOLY CROW!

  38. Sarah

    Not to be a broken record here, but that was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I can’t stop watching it! It’s like a compulsion. Anyone who doubted the film’s merit [whether it be with Rob, etc…] should be very much appeased. I personally never had any doubt in them…I’ve seen work from RPATZ and Kristen Stewart, and had faith they’d do SM’s work justice. I love that we got to see more footage, more lines, more everything! Excuse me while I go watch it…again;^)

  39. Ash IS DA BOMB

    Oh. My. God. the… the… apple thing like WOW… SO LIKE WOW!!! Ransom Spunk! and Kristen OMG! I love her as Bella I use to think her voice was too deep BUT HOLY CRAPOLA! The…the…the KISSS HOOLLY *goes off to cuss at the screen*
    Deep breathes “Ohmmmmm ohmmmm” Dang it why have I never taken a yoga class? *swoons swoons swoons* THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR WoOt Ransom= PERECT EDWARD!!!!! PREFECT!!! the hair the eyes the VOICE!! *swoons again* Must *gasp* take *gasp* deep *gasp* breathes Ok that’s it I’m signing up for a yoga class

  40. Emily

    well I hope more people are looking forward to my birthday(11/21 yeah its my birthday!!!)!!!!
    oh and by the by rob is the perfect Edward!!!!

  41. Jessica


    I loved it sooo much It was the best ever… and I think they are playing it with the movie Quarantine..

  42. Emma*

    SOO UMM WOW….that just…I don’t even know what to say…just wow…WHY is Nov. so far away…I NEED MY ROB FIX!!!

    *screams like a fangirl and watches trailer again*

  43. Milly

    This is going to be amazing! Robert P. is the perfect Edward *squeal* I’m in love!!

  44. Becky

    ok NOW I can say this.

    OME Edward with the apple! nice book cover tie in :)

    wow. just wow. Vamptastic epicness.
    I can’t believe I had my doubts about Rob as Edward, he’s so perfect for the role.

    yeah. AMAZING. I’m going to bed now, lol. I gotta get up early, but the new trailer is worth staying up later for.

  45. AussieT

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT (just like my last name, which is Lovett – by name by nature… tee, hee).

    Rob is amazing as Edward *add heart palpitations here* – Kirsten is great as Bella, but I agree with Comment#13 from Tiffany she seems to falter a bit. Also reckon it’s going to be a great movie – though still not 100% sure of Aussie release dates… Can’t wait!!

  46. Amy

    Omg. I …truthfully wasn’t that impressed based on the previous trailers. But this is just like. Gold. Gahhhh. I’m freaking stoked for November. Everyone is amazing and Kristen looks Perfect in the last scene. ^.^


  47. Hunter Lepold

    I have so many chills right now
    all doubts just went *Poof*
    It will be sooo amazing!

  48. Monica

    That is beyond my greatest hopes for the movie!!! Now the only problem is I have to wait another 42 DAY to see the whole movie!

    Thanks for the link and not reposting the leak!

  49. Ali - catteyes0115

    I feel better now….for a minute I thought I was weird because I couldnt catch my breath, but now I can see that almost everyone had that reaction…..*swoon*…..
    (ok I’m done…)

  50. AussiePattinsonLove

    Scream Worthy!!! Definitley! And Although you guys have to wait 42 days to see it.. I HAVE TO WAIT 62…. It will be worth the wait though!!

  51. Leah


    *Is wordless*

    That was so awesomely AWESOME!!!! They definitely saved the best for last. =D
    And I thought I couldn’t wait for the movie before…

  52. KMA#1

    Hoooooooly Crap! Seriously, amazing. I haven’t read one bad comment about this anywhere, and that is saying something! I LOVE the apple thing. Nice bit of inside jokeness for us twilighters. And that kiss? Uh, yeah, my heart stopped. I’m serious…holy awesomeness….

  53. Monica

    SQUEE!! I literally had my laptop almost pressed to my face.

    Now if only I could see this on the big screen…hold that thought. That might actually be enough of a shock to kill me. At least I’d die happy. 😀

  54. Cheryl

    This trailer sealed the deal for me as well. I was apprehensive about the movie adaptation but I can’t help it anymore. Rob is Edward. I still have high expectations but this is as close to real thing we’ll get. I’m a happy camper!

  55. Vanesa

    OMFG!!! i don’t think i can say anything that hasn’t been said already!!!
    this is THE BEST TRAILER EVER!!!
    i counting the seconds to the movie….

  56. Susan

    Perfect . . . Just PERFECT ! Robert Pattinson is so amazing. With Kristen Stewart, she was better here than the other trailers. I can’t hardly wait for the movie.

  57. Krystol

    This has to be the most awesome trailer I have ever seen for a movie. Even if you hadn’t heard of Twilight before now (or even if you had and wanted nothing to do with it) there is something in that movie for everyone! It’s just so amazing! The kiss just killed me, I think my heart stopped for a moment there.

  58. Samie

    Wow… just… wow! it so took my breath away! kaleb i want u to know u made my day! i was dissapointed that i missed the trailer release, but i had to help a friend solve a problem with her boyfriend so i had to leave my computer and help her! and i was looking everywhere for this trailer so i could watch it and u have it on ur site! it just made my day!!! thanks so much! and this trailer rocks my socks! i knew they would do good!! i so cant wait! my breath is still taken away! i watched it like 5 times… now im commenting, and i will watch it another 5 times… Rob really does edward well, in the book we know edward does alote of facial expressions and rob does then perfect! wow just WOW!!!!!

  59. KC

    OMG!!!! I can’t stand it. Rob looks gread and so does Cam. This is going to be a great movie. Thank you Stephanie for writing such great material. I can’t wait

  60. becky sue

    I have nothing more to say that can’t be summed up with “WOW!” 😀

  61. Marissa

    Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love !!!!!!!!!!

    I am officially ridiculously excited.

    Patience has never been my strongest point :(

  62. Shelby

    *jumps around excitedly*


    So, its the best one so far! I was so impatient all day waiting for it and now that I’ve watched it over and over and over……again, I can finally leave a comment.

    I loved the whole apple part!!! (edward kicks the apple up into his cupped hands, holding it just like the book cover!!!) how perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found it funny. I read the whole shot-by-shot thing on MTV and they said that references to spiderman and superman weren’t in the book. Now tell, didn’t she name off radioactive spiders in one of the lunch scenes? Just making sure! So I don’t know what MTV was thinking, but that mistake didn’t go unnoticed by me. Now, back to the trailer and movie.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the port angeles/bella italia scene!!! I can’t wait for the flirting waitress! (That better be in the movie! Who else thinks it should?) That glimpse of the prom scene was great…such a tease! I was a little sad that there was absolutely no jacob black! He should’ve been in the trailer. Somewhere atleast. And the music they used….holy crow!!!! It was so creepy….idk. It didn’t really work, but at the same time it did….idk.

    Oh, and the kiss was…..*sigh* wow. I can say I was a little upset about “one scene of sensuality” making it pg-13, but now I’m totally ok with it! After seeing that finally, I’m content!!! But not content enough to sit patiently! I can’t!!!! Everyday, I will watch this trailer, and when I can get it on itunes, its going on my ipod!

    I seriously can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Athena of Forks

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps around screaming* I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t have watched this before bed. How am I supposed to sleep now? *sighs*

  65. Srirei

    I think Kristen is perfect for Bella. I don’t think she falters in the emotions at all… after all, it’s BELLA, she NEVER has normal reactions. :) So it’s cool that Kristen doesn’t make her react just like you might!

  66. Claire

    I think it’s absolutely amazing! I get chills each time. Before I thought I’d be squealing and all over the place when I’d go see Twilight. Now, seeing how hypnotizing it is, I probably won’t let my screaming deafen me from the movie. I think I need to watch it again. 😀

  67. Michaela

    This is way better than I expected.
    And this trailer is way better then the last one.
    I love it.
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  68. Elfie


    Simply yes.

  69. Priscilla :)

    ive seen it way too many times but it still brings chills up my spine. but the one thing i LOVEmost about the whole thing has got to be the apple! he holds it exactly like the cover of twilight does and right in that little moment u get wat this whole story is about…ok maybe i am reading way too into it but thats wat i thought. and i love how the set or art sirectors got everything perfectly and meticulously correct. its eerie when it needs to be, romantic when it needs to be and suspensful when it needs to be…all sooo perfect!! and true! robert is an amazing actor and idk why ppl were doubting him so much. and kristen is just bealla there is no doubting that! :)

  70. ehls

    After watching this trailer (yes a few hundred times) I am actually looking forward to this movie. At first I wasn’t sure, but i think they are actually going to do this right. See, for me the smallest detail is just as important as everything else. If you notice in the Harry Potter movies you’ll see scenes where Dan’s eyes are not green and this is only one mistake. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. HUGE. So after I hyperventalated over the first dozen or so times in watching this trailer (I wanted to screem at the apple part!), I started to anilize everything. The eyes are the color they’re supposed to be! (huzzah!) I do see things that Rob does that Edward wouldn’t do, like hold onto a tree branch to keep stedy. However, sence their is no such thing as vampires (sigh…) I will make an alowance as they are not physically capable. I think (hopefully) that i will aprove. It won’t be as good as the book movies never are (the LOTR and Narnia movies i think are the only movies that can even do the books justice) its just how it is. But I expect that this movie will be great in its own right. Possibly even guys will finally understand what is so great about this story. After all Twilight has everything ie romance, mystery, supernatural, sports, adventure, ect. (just like the Princess Bride!!!)
    Wow I wrote a lot. sorry.
    In conclusion, i predict that this movie will be a good movie. Shoot i’m sure its going to make as much money as Dark Knight if not more, just because of all the fangirls seeing it multiple time just because it is twilight (3 guesses who we’re going to bring along guys and the first 2 don’t count!! Hint: great date movie just don’t expect any “action” except for before and after the movie! 😉

  71. Giada8424

    I’m speechless… just have to say: Fantastic!

    the apple tingh!
    I love it! >_<

  72. Hera

    OMG OMG OMG *hyperventilates* *squeals* *faints* EEEEeeEEKKK!!!
    *!!!* it..was..awesome!!1
    i really doubted tht K.Stewart could pull it off bcoz of her deep-ish voice but after this trailer not an ounce of doubt left in me..this movie is gonna ROCK!!!

  73. Hera

    ive watched it 150 times already i think 😛

  74. CoolsocksSam


  75. Tutu

    OMG! That was by far the best trailer out of all of them! I never ever doubted Rob and his acting I feel in love when i saw him in Harry Potter. This Trailer to just show a little of his acting in the movie makes me Swoon Like an Uber Fangirl which i try not to be. So that just shows you how good he is. Kaleb you rock!

  76. Heather

    OMG! It looks so AWESOME! I’ve watched it twice and I can’t get enough of it! I’m even more excited for the movie!

  77. Debra

    It was awesome, my husband was kinda upset I watched it a few times last night, but he’ll live, lol…That trailer took away any worries I had about it not living up to the book. I kind of don’t get the tree climbing thing, but whatever it still looked amazing. I think the best thing was we got to really hear Rob’s American accent and he really pulls it off well. Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best part, the best part’s the kiss, but still. I really loved it, and now I’m going to stop before I start sounding too much like a teenager.

  78. Verali

    Have lost count of times watched. In love with Spunk. Kristen is amazing.
    *thoughts turn incoherent*
    *continues to scream girlishly*
    kk. *gasps* Im back. Way to good to be true. The apple made my day. And i love them all. And why does November 21 have to be 42 days away? Makes no sense.
    Ok. Its been too long. Need to watch again. Now.
    Excuse me.
    *rushes away*

  79. Tash

    AHHHHHHH!! I cant help it, this is such a dramatic moment for me!! I love the apple thing so much!! and all the new footage was great!!, I loved it when Edwards was like “say it’.
    Although to me Rpattz accent was kind of surprising! I suppose i was just used to how he did cedrics voice…

  80. Verali

    Excuse me. I made an error. 41 days. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER let me add another day unto the already too-long line.

  81. Alyssa

    You’re totally right Kaleb, holding this one out was the best move they could have made. Because it’s amazing. I wore my new TwilightTeez shirt today (thanks for sending it, btw! 😀 ) in honor of the awesome trailer.

  82. Wendy


    As James would say:


    NO Freakin’ kidding!!!!!

    The visuals are amazing—great tone and mood.

    Robert…truly beyond words. OME, indeed!!!!!!

    The Apple scene was brilliant!!!!

    As is the treetop scene!!! Despite all the uproar in the beginning, I think for the movie, it ADDS to the mystery and imagery of what vampires can do.

    And did I mention Robert???
    Sexy, sweet, and dangerous all in one delectible, drool- worthy package!!!!
    He’s amazing!
    Now if we can just get a wide release for LITTLE ASHES and HOW TO BE…
    Cannot wait til NOVEMBER 21ST!!!

  83. Lila

    I can’t friggin WAIT!!! I love hwen he kicks up the apple and holds it from the cover.

  84. Michaela M

    Holy. Crow.
    Yeah, my mom was napping, but i came here and saw the trailer and started squealing like a fangirl! Mom heard me scream “HOLY CRAP!!!! TWILIGHT AHHHH!!!!”, and so she came and watched it and almost fell on the floor 😀
    Wow. Now I KNOW that they won’t butcher the book (like what they did to Eragon)!!!!
    *looks at a picture of Robert Pattinson*
    sweetness all the way.

  85. dsolo

    It’s obvious that this movie is made by fans of the book. That’s what made LOTR so great. As soon as I saw the apple scene, I knew we were in good hands. Of course, I’m a fan of Melissa from “Dexter”. She already knows how to do conflicted monster/nice guy.

  86. Shelly




    All I can say is, that was EPIC.

  87. HannahLuvsTwilight

    I couldn’t watch it until eleven last night….IDK if it’s b/c of time zones or whatever.
    But anyway, it didn’t come on at eight. And I couldn’t stay up until eleven. So I woke up at five to watch it before school – and it was SO WORTH IT!!!!

    I swear, this is THE best movie trailer I have EVER SEEN. EVER.

    I’ll admit, that as much as I loved KS and RP, I had some doubts about them being Bella and Edward. But after watching this, I’m convinced that they ARE Bella and Edward! THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!

    I made allll my friends watch it – including my guy friends – and my dad, who I’ve told alll about Twilight. They all liked it too :)

    And is it just me, or did anyone else get totally COVERED in chills when the words FOREVER….BEGINS….NOW…appeared on the screen?!?!?!

    Sorry, I’m rambling. But I luv it so much!

    And I love your website, Kaleb. It’s amazing, and b/c of it, some of my best guy friends have read Twilight 😀


  88. HannahLuvsTwilight

    P.S. I think I’m going to go to the movies and ask someone at the front counter which theater is playing the Twilight preview, and randomly go buy a ticket for that movie JUST to see the Twilight preview on the big screen and scream super-loudly with my friends 😀

  89. Wendilynn

    When I heard Rob was going to be Edward, I knew he’d be good. He is the Edward in my head.

    Trailer looks good. Clearly they’ve moved some of the dialogue around but that’s to be expected. Love the cinamatography. The line in the tree, “It does in my world” cracks me up every time I see it and I loved the tribute to the book cover.

  90. Joanna

    Kaleb – have you thought about what this will be like on the big screen? People all over the internet are saying, “Oh, I love this little detail with the apple in his hands,” or “That kiss will break records”, and thousands of other comments that – if they got wrong – the movie wouldn’t have been the same. Now, even though fans before had said that they would die without lines like “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” and “You’re exactly my brand of heroin”, I think we could survive. I, for one, wouldn’t be disappointed if some things were left out. Right now, I’m content with what I know will be in there.

    But along with this movie being on the big screen…I just think that New Moon in theaters will be awful. Especially…well, you know what part will make all the girls cry.

    I’m so pumped!

  91. Joanna

    Oh – one more thing. My friend just started going out with one of my guy friends, who I spent one year convincing to read Twilight. He didn’t. But yesterday, I told him to read the books…and he smirked at me and said, “I’ve read them all.” Tianna jumped in and said, “Do you really think I’d date a guy who hasn’t read the books?” Michael snickered, and then hugged her. “Thank God my only competition is fictional.” Tianna: “But if I ever go to Forks, watch out. I might just leave you.” Michael: “Would you really?” Tianna: “I don’t think so…” *stares deep into his eyes.*

    Anyway, Twilight is something for them to connect about…and hey, why not? It was a brilliant move for Michael to read them. I’ll shut up now.

  92. samantha

    *SCREAMS* then *SWOONS* then *FAINTS* then *SCREAMS AGAIN!!*

    i love the apple scene, and the KISS!, and the tree, and at the beginning the car scene where he’s all like NOT HER, and the tracker thing, and the music, and the…

    please excuse me while i go watch Pattison play Edward to perfection again!!

  93. Phoebe

    Epic win. I loved that little detail with Robert catching the apple… I kept rewinding it just to watch that…
    Gotta love the mancandy!
    I’m so excited, gotta go send this to everyone I know and a couple of total strangers too.

  94. Juliette

    okay, sorry, I’m probably bothering a bunch of people on a million different fansites by my constant rambling 😀

    It’s fantastic
    and the part when they’re crawling up/in the tree is AMAZING 😀

    And so is the apple part!

    This has TOTALLY
    wiped away
    about Rob being Edward. HE’S AMAZING! In fact, I can’t even remember having doubt :)

    I can’t even wait fourty two days. I think I may very well explode 😉

  95. Alice Cullen



    ahhhhh. but all in all, its awesome 😛 😉

  96. Juliette


    sorry, I just watched it….again….for the….um, fifteenth time….

    and I noticed something else 😀

    I always thought that James jumped on Bella and Edward’s car during the fight scene. But apparently, someone said on a different website, it’s Emmett?

    Oh well it’s still amazing the fifteenth time around :)

    You know what?
    I totally think
    that Kaleb would make a good werewolf :)
    they should use him as one in New Moon

  97. Alice Cullen

    I’M SO HAPPY 😀

  98. marcela

    i was speachless i could not breath at all then i started squeeling in a pillow my mom came in and wen i tryed to explain but all that came out was dabagaaaaa…..a.aaaa.t….ttt..ttaaaa then after that i showed it to my friend who never read the book and she started jumping up and down and then she ran away with my book….grrrrr me want book back

  99. Maggie

    It looks so good!! I was a little nervous at first, but I think the screenwriter and director did a fantastic job capturing the “essence” of the novel. I’m sure the movie will only confirm those suspicians.

    However, it’s important to remember that it’s not “Twilight the Novel the Movie;” it’s “Twilight the Movie,” which will be different from the novel we love.

    I’m sure I’ll love it. But until November 21 I’ll just re-read the book as much as possible so that the way the story was originally written (and the way everything looks in my head) will be more permanently cemented there by the time I watch the movie eight times.


  100. TwiFreak

    It may be 8:00 for you, but over here in Ohio, what with the time difference and everything, the trailer premeired at 11:00pm.and of course i had to watch it like 20times so i got to bed around 1:00, then got up at 5:45 for school, and my s.s teacher decided to give us a pop quiz which i was basically falling asleep during…but it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!im still not convinced w/ rob but mebe after its all edited & in theaters i’ll like it better…and i was sad that they didnt have any more kellen in there!!!!but whatever, ill c it all in theaters @ midnight nov.21st!!cant wait!!!!!!

  101. Wendilynn

    The guy jumping on the car should be Emmett if they follow the book at all and he rides on back to protect the truck from James. I saw one movie still that makes it seem that its Emmett up there.

  102. Wendilynn

    So I was watching the trailer, again, for the upteenth time. And I couldn’t help but notice how Bella’s red truck is all alone next to a bunch of cars that don’t stand out at all… and I couldn’t help think of Star Trek and how its always the red shirt guy who dies… and here she is with the ONLY red truck in the lot. 😛

  103. Loony_Lovegood

    I have watched it a hundred times!
    I love the apple drop-kick-flippy-catch thing… it looks amaaazing!
    Rob as Edward rox my sox!
    Who ever had a doubt about him? not me…

  104. Eliza


  105. priyanka

    wow…. thats all i can say about it. the movie is gonna be amazing! kristen stewart acted better than i expected and rob is always awesome, so yes, i loved it

  106. E

    How can James be choking Edward???
    The only other thing I saw that wasn’t in the book was them climbing a tree… and THAT, at least, makes some sense.
    (lol sorry I’ve been made wary by how much movie people have messed up the HP movies, so I keep pointing out the flaws, but it’s actually looking REALLY good)

  107. Dani Stewart

    OH MY EFFING GOD! tttthatt was AH-MAIZ-ING. i doubted that rob couldn’t pull it off but now all those doubts are gone. I screamed when it was over and my dad’s gf was like “Danielle, are you okay?” it was so freaking good. i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 42 DAYS LEFTTTTTTTTTTTT

  108. Mrs.EdwardCullen

    I LOVED the music at the beginning with the really high notes. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings. So beautiful! It was creepy and gorgeous at the same time…just like Edward.

  109. Lyndi

    made of awesome? kaleb, are you a nerdfighter? haha, this is probably the only non twilight related comment on the page.

  110. Hannah D

    This is not only the best twilight trailer i’ve seen… but one of the best trailers out right now (tied with HBP…)

    I’m not expecting oscar winning performances from anyone obviously, but the acting looks better than i thought it would be.

  111. Cara

    Did anyone else notice how at 1:00, it’s the Twilight cover? With the apple in his hands?

  112. Talia


    I will admit how scared i was about them screwing up the movie, but i recognized a bunchhh of quotes from the book and just AHHHHHHHHH they’re all fantastic actors and i think they’ll pull it off!
    Do you realize we’ll know who the next president is before we get to see twilight? it seems so far awayyy

  113. Michaela M

    James wasn’t CHOKING Edward, he was just pinning him 2 the mirrors, I think! 😀
    James: *tries to show Edward who’s boss*
    Edward: *slaps James around like a meat-puppet*

  114. Michaela's lil Sis

    Michaela: La-la-la-la-la. . . .
    Jacob Black: ELMO’S WORLD!!!!!!
    Bella Swan: ???
    Michaela: *glares at Bella*
    Edward Cullen: *flips a switch that dumps Jacob into a bottomless pit*
    Michaela: . . . . . . *eats croissant*

  115. charilee (:

    i lovvvve the trailor.
    and sorry to rob, because, yes you can act..

    its that freaking kirstin stewartksjlf;gdfghj no.

    that monotone effect is NOT working, and why does she sound scared? ugh whatever it may be different in the movie..

  116. Bellily

    Hi Kaleb, your take on being being a guy who reads these books is absolutely hysterical – kudos and thanks for being the twilightguy.

    I’m the twilight crone. Too old to let the romance of it all carry me too far away. I was curious about the trailor and came to your site to watch it. Now, after reading through several dozen young ladies have heart palpitations on this comments page, I don’t even want to dare say what I’m going to say:

    the bits of dialogue in the trailer…
    … they make me think the acting is going to suck.

    And that’s mighty sad for an old twilightcrone to swallow.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  117. Nicole

    OM Freaking EEEEE….Seriously this trailer proves how amazing this movie is going to be. Wow Robert Pattinson is like the most talented human being on the planet right now….I’ve prolly watched this trailer at least 100 times now….its insane I can’t stop…Nov 21 is coming to slow…I think Im going to go insane!!!!!!!

  118. Carrie

    I LOVE it! It looks beautiful and that kiss is HOT!! Muy caliente!!! If this doesn’t grab people’s attention, I don’t know what will. Even though they weren’t in the book, I liked the “Say it out loud. Say it.” part and Edward & Bella in the tree. That looked awesome. The only other thing I could’ve asked for is more of the Cullens. It would’ve been great if there were individual shots of all of them. I don’t think they even showed Rosalie at all. As for Jacob, I’m not a fan, so it didn’t bother me that he was MIA…Now I’m really excited about this movie!!!

  119. claudia

    OME!!!! I really think the movie look decent guys!! I know very well it cannot begin to cover all the stuff in Twilight or have everything exactly like in the book, BUT it is as very well made movie, it almost feels like a fan made, you know people who really care about the story ^_^ I Love IT!!! and that’s saying a lot cuz I’ve been so worried all these months.

  120. rachael

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!!!! I think it’s going to be awesome! I think the director, actors, writers, etc are doing a great job from what I’ve seen. It’s like with LOTR. I read those books at least once a year…there was no way the movies could fully encompass the world of Tolkien, but the movies were true to the spirit of Tolkien, and I absolutely love them too!! I know it is going to be the same for Twilight….the book is the book and the movie is the movie…From what I’ve seen, they are definately staying true to SM’s characters and the Twilight Universe….I can’t wait…sorry, gotta go watch the trailer again…can’t live without my fix!

  121. cassie

    its soooo good!
    i have been a bit worried that the movie couldn’t possibly live up to the book but it looks incredably!

    i don’t no if anyone has already said something about it but when Edward catches the apple its the same as the cover of the book! which i think is so cool

    and in comment #45 they said they weren’t sure about aussie release dates well I’m so completely jealous because for us (aussies) it doesn’t come out till December 11 (http://www.greaterunion.com.au/movies/comingsoon.asp)
    i seriously cant wait and the fact that people will be seeing it nearly 20! days before me is almost painful

  122. j

    Preemptive disclaimer: I belong to the stereotypical teenage girl demographic. While I could be somewhere yapping on the phone with some other ditz over some super-hot jock and cutting pictures of Zac Efron out of a teen trash magazine, I instead live outside pop culture. Waaaaaay outside pop culture, and being quietly disgusted at most of it from afar. So I might “just not get it” and you can leave it at that.

    I fell out of love with the books about 6 months after first reading them (which, unfortunately, was long enough for me to waste my money on all four books before this happened). One day, I looked at the books and realized that for all the pages in the series, nothing happens that you don’t already know will happen.

    I don’t know how they would expect to successfully launch a film series that would be so predictably fairy-tale-ending-y if not for the hype. Loaded fangirls are more than enough to carry any endeavour, no matter how weak it is. Does anybody else think that, well, yeah, the acting is pretty terrible, and the script is going to be inherently weak because the whole franchise is preoccupied with the Wonders of Smarmy Feelings? Which, by the way, are not enough to carry a whole franchise, at least, theoretically. The whole thing reeks of passing fad.

    Fans, please: you can pick me apart later, by all means, but just put aside your preconceived notions of GAHHH HOT VAMPIRE GAHHHH and watch the trailer again and see if you know what I mean. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not quite as good as you think it is.

  123. Johanna

    I really loved it. HQ version on myspace is even better. (Trailerpark)

    My favorite part was when he caught the apple. So good!

  124. Tara

    It wasn’t bad. Certainly, the movie looks a lot better now that we’ve gotten to see some more of it.

    However, I think they went for the wrong angle on the trailer. Did anyone else notice that tyhey practically showed the whole ballet scene? That’s supposed to be a surprise for the reader/filmgoer, and yet it’s all over the previews? I think they were trying to give the movie an ‘action-y’ edge to attract more people, and their attempt falls kind of short. It would have been much better if they had gone for the spooky, mysterious side of things.

    Doesn’t anyone else think that it would’ve made a really cool trailer if they had put Jacob’s voice as he talked about the cold ones while they showed scenes of Edward doing cool vampire stuff?

    Really, sdon’t get me wrong. I love the Twilight books and am just as psyched as anyone to see the movie. But really, the trailer didn’t get me hyped up. Good trailers are supposed to achieve that, even if the movie’s bad.

    So, yeah, that’s my two cents on this.

  125. Amanda

    OME. *fangirl squee*

    That’s putting it mildly. Seriously, this trailer is incredible, most definatley the best one!!! I really love how it’s turning out, and one thing I’m really impressed about is that Melissa Rosenburg seems to have really captured the essence of the book without making it word for word. Amazing. Like when Edward and Bella are in the woods and he says “Say it.” *faints* I don’t know why but that one line was so powerful. I never had any real doubts about Rob’s ability to portray Edward (whenever I read the books he’s the only one I picture as him), but this trailer really sold me all over again. He’s going to be perfect. No doubt. And obviously, THAT KISS!!! I don’t think I need to say anything about that! 😉

  126. Rapunzel

    Omigod x 1mil,
    eeeeee x 100mil,
    is the best way of expressing my reaction. This was so amazingly good, I still haven’t stopped watching it since I found it. This is so incredibly amazingly splendiforously…

  127. Rapunzel

    By the way, does anyone know the BRITISH release date?!

  128. HeyJoyous

    It’s awesome! I’m WAY too excited for this movie. Like, above and beyond “normal.” 😀

  129. Eleven

    yeah I totally agree with Tara. For us fans of the books, we’re already hyped up about it. But it really does suck that they’ve already shown about the fight between James and the Cullens. Best trailor so far. The music was actually pretty good. It gives me some hope that the soundtrack(and no I dont mean just the songs they add by artist…I actually mean the compositions made) will be decent. I dont know about ya’ll, but if Bella’s lullaby isn’t good, I’ll throw my popcorn at the screen. Probably the second best thing about this trailor is that I finally got to see that Rob can act. I had real doubts, but he pulled off Edward flawlessly in some of the scenes I saw. Oh yeah, Kristen cant act to save her life. Ok ok I know thats bad for me to say. She looks like Bella dont get me wrong. But as soon as she opens her mouth and starts talking with that drone of a voice of hers, I just want to fall asleep. And if your wondering what I mean, then listen when she says the line “I’m only afraid of losing you.” I really REALLY hope she proves me wrong in the film. Either way, the movie looks like its going to be great.

  130. Sasha

    OMEdward! This movie is gonna be AMAZING! Can’t wait till its out!

  131. brianna

    I’M SO EXCITED!!! (ahem) okay. i’m done now.

  132. Annie

    39 days, 39 days!! AGH! I cannot wait!!!!!!!! SQUEE!

  133. Maddie

    The whole him catching the apple thing was really dumb. Recreating the cover? But other than that I loved it.

  134. Lauren


  135. Bellily

    tara and eleven, yes, they seemed to show most of the james-heist – unless that scene is very long in the movie, which i hope it isn’t.

    eleven, i share your concerns about the acting… the line you mentioned, the delivery made me cringe for her. the first red flag was the radioactive spider bit for me.

    i love the scenery though – the high school parking lot, the woods, the damp. plus the way the shots were laid out in all of the scenes shown in the trailer… very good in my book.

    my posting more comments here just means that i am just as itchy and excited to see the movie as everyone else is. my negative thoughts are rooted in me really, really wanting this to be an amazing movie because the books ate me up and spit me out a different animal than i was before reading them. i don’t want to deal with disappointment w/ the movie. i don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    what the heck is it about this series that gets under your skin so deep???

  136. Ms. Paranoia

    I watched the trailer through my own MySpace widget the second it came out ,and it makes me even more ancy for the movie.

    .. Damn you Summit!! xD

    Of course with every movie that is based off a book, there will be some changes and things left out, so in that sense I will be a bit disappointed. I was sad that their first kiss is going to be on her bed… it should have been outside a few hundred yards away from the meadow! And please tell me that the meadow scene is sunny, because I thought it wasn’t in the trailer ><;;;

    But all in all, my friends and I are pumped up for the movie, and we will be attending the midnight premeire of it (because I’m sure there will be one) =D. And we must be devoted Twilighters, because we have to leave at 6 am the following day for our band championships in Northern Cali. But boy will it be worth it xD

  137. Ms. Paranoia

    Oh I forgot to add about the acting:

    It seems.. alright so far. I’m not all “WOW” about it, but I’m hoping that watching the entire movie will sell it to me.

  138. TW

    Honestly the trailer was awesome ! I’m not WORRIED ABOUT THIS MOVIE ANYMORE !!


  139. Catt

    Holy freakin’ crow!
    I watched it in the big-screen-myspace-HD version, and my sister was sleeping, so my screams were internal and I was trying soooo hard to keep them that way….. xD

    I can’t wait for Nov. 21st! It seems like forever until I will get to see a whole hour and a half of pure twilight!!!

    I think Rob and Kristen both did an amazing job in this trailer, but I’m kinda sappy about the kiss….(you read that right- it said sappy….)

    I’m happy that
    this trailer is wicked-awesome and that the…..kiss…(heart beating rapidly increasing)…and all, but I’m sad because I really wanted to see it on the big-screen first!!! So this trailer kinda ruined it for me, but I still enjoyed it.

    A lot. <3

  140. KT

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! OK, I am going to try not to sound like an overly obssessed fangirl but that was AWESOME! I totally loved it. But if the part at 0:57 was in the meadow, why isn’t Edward sparkling? Overall though I thought it was really great!

  141. Nurazlin

    woah, ok, i watched the full thing on Steph’s website after the ET sneak peak, and i started hyperventilating for who knows how long!
    here are a few things i noticed:

    -the thing with rob holding the apple was really smart. ;D
    -and the trees are breath taking
    -at first, i thought the kissing scene was a bit weird but after watching it a LOT, i realized im stupid, and its perfect!
    -*swoon* x infinity!

  142. Emily

    EEEEEKK!!! SO AWESOME!!! just give me a few minutes to scream into my pillow and hyperventilate at the same time…..AAAHH!!! Ok I’m done flipping out….almost….
    Anyways, am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that at 0:53 Edward/Rob is walking through the sunlight (you can see it shining in his hair) in front of humans other than Bella, but he isn’t sparkling? That is bothering me so MUCH!!! They had BETTER have included it in the movie, or else I might have to go up there and attack Rob with a glitter gun!

  143. Attera

    wow, lot’s of comments, ahaha.
    well, i did have doubts, and i still do, but that aside, i deffinitly think that this will be an EXCELENT movie. i had doubts about kathrine, but she’s OBVIOUSLY amazing.
    and Robert Pattionson *swoon* what can i say? he can be my hero any day, ahaha

  144. Rapunzel

    Tsk, Tsk Emily (142), you can’t glitter gun our Edward, that’s just stupid.
    You should use glitter body powder from Claire’s or shimmy shimmy from Lush so he can remove it for the indoor scenes in NM and Ec :).

    By the way, I found out the Brit release date is 19th December ’08 WITH NO HELP FROM YOU LOT DAMN YOU ALL *Pouts and crosses arms petulantly*

  145. C

    things i think they did right:
    1. mood!
    2. cinematography! the COLORS! it’s exactly how i thought the colors would look like.. yes, i pay attention to colors lol
    3. kristen stewart! i think if they copied the original Bella’s characteristics then it would be cringe-inducing.. kstu makes Bella more likeable/depth in my opinion

    things i hope isn’t bad:
    1. rob pattinson- They way he delivers his lines are pretty awkward-sounding i think.. not smooth like i imagined his voice in the book.. i’m also not sure how he’s going to pull off Edward’s “dark” “dangerous” side.

    but i have high hopes! <3

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