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Help Me Get To The Twilight Premiere

October 11th, 2008 at 1:09 pm by Kaleb Nation

The Twilight movie premiere will be in California on November 17, and of all Twilight events that have happened so far, this was the one I really wanted to see. I missed seeing Stephenie in Texas, I missed seeing Stephenie in New York… thus of all things, I didn’t want to miss seeing her and everyone else in California.

However, I figured that I would have to miss the event in order to save money for more dire needs. I had pretty much given up on going, but then someone on my BlogTV show last night had the idea to start a fund to help me get there, so I agreed to post the button on my site and see what happened.

I hadn’t thought of that before, but since Bailey (NoMoreMarbles) had such success with her viewers in helping her get to New York, I think it is worth a try. It can’t hurt to have the option open to anyone who has enjoyed my writing so far.

If just 200 people donate $2, I will be able to go to the premiere, and cover the rest of the cost with my savings. $2 is not much money (AKA less than one bottle of SmartWater 😀 ), but when you think about strength in numbers, it can amount to a lot in the end!

No one should feel obligated in any way to send anything. This website is completely free, and I want people to continue to enjoy it as it is. I would never ask people who enjoy my site for money if it was not a Twilight-related expense above the operation costs of my site. This is only an option for those who want to help me to be at the event.

If you would like to help, please use the secure Paypal button below. You do not need a Paypal account, just a credit card. Thanks 😀

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101 Responses

  1. Katie ~

    That is so awesome! It would be really great if you could get to the twilight premiere. Yeah, college costs are terrible, so i can see how you wouldn’t be able to put away $400 bucks on a trip. us fans will see what we can do. I know I love your writing, and will donate if i can get ahold of my parent’s credit cards! we’ll see about that. Let’s hope others donate too!

  2. Catherine

    I’m just plain jealous. Twilight doesn’t even come out in the UK till **JANUARY**, and I don’t have a hope of getting to California this November. Breaking Dawn had a 2-day transatlantic delay on it – the film has almost two months!

    Good luck, anyway!

  3. Caitlin

    I’ll see what I can donate.

    My friend and I are trying to figure out a way to go too…

  4. Jami

    This is a great idea! I really hope you’re able to get to California. I’m going to try and help you out.

  5. Katherine

    I just know that you’ll get enough help to go to the premiere. I am so glad, because you totally deserve to go.

  6. Tim

    lol Smart water!

  7. layna cullen

    i would love to donate… i dont have a credit card yet :) but i’ll see if i can!
    i’m not sure at all yet, but i MIGHT be able to go also since i live in california. do you think i would see you if we both went?

  8. Rosalie

    I’ll try to donate some money!! I want you to go!! Even if I can’t *pout* lol

  9. Becky

    lol, cheaper than SmartWater
    I can’t go to it

    and I don’t have a creditcard or paypal… so I don’t think I can donate. Unless I somehow get my mom’s card and info… hmm… lol.
    I definitally think you’ll be able to get enough though if everyone who reads this with a creditcard gives you a few dollars.

    It would be so awesome if you could go! Just make sure you take LOTS of pictures and videos for everyone not lucky enough to be there (like me)

  10. Carol (CarlieLOR/CarolB790)

    I donated!

    Like Becky said make sure you take lots of pictures and vids and of course HAVE FUN!!

  11. becky sue

    I wish I had a card. :( This is a great idea I SO hope you get to go!! And please don’t forget to take pictures!! >.<

  12. Samie

    I donated 5$! hope that helps! have a great time! to bad u cant just stick us all in ur suite case! lmao

  13. M.A.

    I donated!!! What a great idea Kaleb!! Good luck…take a picture with Rob for us! :)

  14. Aureole, Aureo, Oreos :)

    ZOOM!…that’s me running to ask daddy how to work the paypal account :)

  15. Owen

    Awesome idea.


  16. dsolo

    Lucky for you, I have a credit card and a PayPal account. And I love your commentary, so hurry up and finish New Moon already.

  17. Natasha

    $10 are all yours, Kaleb.

    Hope you can go!

  18. Elizabeth

    I am a poor college student too, so I am unable to help. Sorry K.

    So how much you have collected so far?

    Good Luck and keep us updated on your endeavor

  19. Ali - catteyes0115

    I mentioned, but I am not sure if I was the one to whom you were refering. As promised, I donated $20 dollars!! (You BETTER make sure you see everyone related to the movie!! I am giving up Starbucks for this!) Hope you get to make it there!!!


  20. Andrea S.

    I have donated in the hopes of living vicariously through you. Good luck!
    What will you do with the money if you don’t get enough?

  21. Twifanatic Amanda

    Are you freaking kidding me? You want us to give you money so you can go to the premiere? All of us would love to be able to go to the premiere and this is just plain stupid to give you money when you’re famous and getting a freaking book deal. I’m sure that there are a lot of silly little girls who love you and will donate so have fun mooching off of everyone else for your own ends.
    It’s my opinion that this is completly ridiculous, please no flames.

  22. Poor kid

    its not so bad, I mean its not like you thought of this idea all on your own. Someone else thought of it, which means you arent a bad guy. I would donate the two quarters I have in my name but… I am the poorest of all college kids, seriously Im only at twu because I got a full ride. but anyways I hope you can get enough money to go!

  23. isabelle

    are you kidding me? kaleb should go to the premiere. he deserves it. All of us would go to the primiere, if we could, yes. but really, none of us can. So why shouldn’t we ban together to send someone who rocks to see it.

    kaleb is hardly famous (no offence) in the real world. he doesn’t make money off blogging. He doesn’t make money being the twilight guy. And he’s in college, so i imagine that his finances aren’t busting out the seams from one book deal.

    and calling us silly little girls is hardly a way to avoid being flamed. In MY opinion, this is perfectly reasonable, and its a great way to make someone so awesome, get what they deserve, a chance to meet one of their heros.

  24. becka

    I think what’s going on here is he’s not saying you SHOULD give him you’re money, or that you have to, or that you shouldn’t donate to starving children or AIDS research instead. Just that if you want to, the option is there.

  25. Angelina

    I know life sucks sometimes huh? College prices are ridiculous! I would love to help and as soon as I get a hold of my parents credit card I will haha ^__^ hopefully this time u can meet Stephenie and she can finally met u!!! and if u get to see her and talk to her (which u most likely will!) could u tell me what she’s like? Sadly I’ve never met her either *sigh* One day…….one day…..

  26. Shausto

    @22/23; Not that I dont want Kaleb to be able to go to the premiere, but I’d like to ask what makes Kaleb so much more deserving than anybody else in the fandom? all of us dovote ourselves to Twilight and deserve to go to the premiere.
    and..just because somebody else thought of the idea doesnt make it okay. I dont really like the idea of these people just taking this money from their fans so that they can go to this event that is, in the end, just for fun. I mean, there is really no reason why he has to go, its really not that important, its just because he WANTS to. So he asks for money.

    I dont so much mind, as long as Kaleb uses some of his own money and doesnt just take all the money from fans. Because I’d rather give money for Kaleb to go and get all the pictures and feedback that we know he’d give rather than somebody else who might just enjoy it but never share it with the rest of the fandom.

    @21; well, famous in the twilight fandom? yes. famous as an author? not yet. I cant really walk up to a random person on the street and ask if they’ve heard of Kaleb Nation’s new book without getting some wierd stares. Not that I’ve tried…
    And getting a book deal? If you know anything about the publishing industry, book deals, especially first books, arent usually that big. And the money is usally needed for something important. Not going to premieres in California.
    Silly little girls? …I wont even go there.
    and he’s not mooching. As becka said, he’s not telling us to donate money. He’s saying that he wont be able to go. So if you want him to, you can donate.

    I’m just wondering what he’s going to do with all that money if he doesn’t actually make it to 400…

  27. Adrienne

    Ah! Dude, I hope you can go. I’m going also and skipping classes to do so. Who cares what these other people think about this idea, I hope you get enough money to go. I mean, you’re the Twilight Guy…

  28. Zane

    Ok, so there seems to be a lot of ignorant ranting going on, so I’m going to clear things up. First off, basic math. $400 will not cover a trip for one person to the premiere. Once you add in airfare, taxis, hotel, food, and admission.. $400 is laughable. So he will be paying for THE MAJORITY of it all. Second off, why should he go? If you come to Kaleb’s site to read what he says about every single chapter of the series, you apparently care what he thinks. Is that too much of an assumption? So why would that be any different when it comes to the movie? Third, can we please try not to be such arrogant, ignorant, raving mad people? Not too much to ask.

  29. Rochelle

    The reason Kaleb may deserve to go more than others in the “fandom” is a MOOT POINT:) Why debate it? If those of us who so gratefully appreciate Kaleb’s dedication to the precious Twilight world want to support him we can. Everyone feeling negative, while also questioning his integrity I might add, maybe shouldn’t share their misguided thoughts. No one really want to read that. That isn’t why we’re here.

    I truly hope the money comes in, Kaleb. You have given so much of your personal time and effort all for other’s enjoyment, on top of a crazy life. We support you, and your work and we can’t wait to read the world YOU’VE created!

    Also, I can’t wait to hear your final thought on New Moon!

  30. Natali

    Thank You Kaleb. I was going to bed disappointed that I had not met my quota of my goal of 29 gifts
    and now I did. Thank You for the idea of donating to you.


  31. Twifanatic Amanda

    I have read all of his posts and I like Kaleb a lot and I am not saying anything about him as a person so obviously I “care what he thinks”. I’m just expressing my opinion about why I think this is stupid to ask us to pay for some of his fair to the premiere. So please, don’t tell me i’m being negative. The comments are here so that people can post what they think.

  32. Zane

    “I’m sure that there are a lot of silly little girls who love you and will donate so have fun mooching off of everyone else for your own ends.”

    Direct quote from your first post Amanda. Tell me which of those words expresses how you like Kaleb a lot. And fine, don’t donate. I donated for 2 people anyway. So there, consider your donation done. But if you care what he thinks, would you not care what he thinks about the movie as well? If you read all of his posts like you claim, surely you would. But I’m done, I’m sure you still don’t care, but it’s okay, Kaleb will be just fine without your two dollars.

  33. Hihi

    GO ZANE! voice of the reason…:D

  34. Shausto

    what I dont understand is why everyone here feels the need to fight about every little topic that comes up.

    I’m sorry if before i came off like an “ignorant ranter”.
    I know that 400 dollars is not going to cover the entire trip. that was why i was saying i didnt actually have a problem with this.

    and ‘Silly little girls’ kind of comes off as an insult, though if it was meant as one or not, it would be towards his fans, not towards Kaleb. liking his fans and liking Kaleb himself are two entirely

  35. Shausto

    *two entirely different things. sorry it cut it off.

    and to quote you zane..
    “Third, can we please try not to be such arrogant, ignorant, raving mad people? Not too much to ask.”.
    sorry. i just had to point out, can you please not be so arrogant when your telling others not to be so arrogant? its a bit hypocritical.

  36. Zane

    “..can we please..”

    We, plural inclusive.

  37. Shausto

    Okay, I missed that part. sorry.

  38. Nerdfighter

    Shausto, why aren’t you in chat?

  39. Kaleb Nation

    Please everyone, I don’t want so much fire in the comments.

    I don’t want anyone to feel obligated at all to donate. This is just for the people who have enjoyed my writing and have the ability to help out in a small way. None of you owe me anything and I don’t want anyone to feel that way.

    Thanks so much to the people who have helped out so far! Every bit helps so much, and I am so grateful to everyone.


  40. TW

    Twifanatic Amanda ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?

  41. Shausto

    relax Kaleb. there isnt nearly as much fire here as there is on some other sites.
    and TW, Twifanatic Amanda never said Kaleb wouldnt get great news and…things. chill out.

  42. Roki

    aww poor kaleb. dont let them put you down, they are just a little bitter that they cant go and that no one cares enough about them to start a fundraiser for them.

    I hope you do raise the money! I want to see pics of you and sm

  43. Natasha

    W/E, naysayers.

    Kaleb’s getting my $10 because he amuses me.

  44. Hihi

    Feel honored kaleb. For I am commenting(well actually this isn’t much of a comment) from my cellphone’s internet at 12:18 a.m….feel honored… XD

  45. stacey

    ***the people who are hating on Kaleb need to listen up

    Do you even know how much money it costs to run a website? Hundreds of dollars, not counting scripts like chatrooms/forms or designers (I know – I own a web business). It can go up past $1000.

    Do you know how much time it takes to put as much thought into each post that Kaleb does? Do you know how much money he could be making at a job during those hours? Probably a whole lot more than $400 and hell of a lot more than $2.

    Kaleb spends so much money and time to write this interesting, entertaining and humorous website, for free. He has worked hard promoting SM, mentioning new Youtube groups, and he even managed to somehow get tickets for a fan to see Stephenie after they sold out (you haven’t heard this because he won’t tell you; how many more things has he done for us without asking for any return?). Is it really that bad to open it up for anyone who wants to help? Is it so low just to let people donate if they want? It is not like he is making anyone feel bad if they can’t give.

    I know of all the Twilight websites, Kaleb has the only real opinion blog that does not just report news, which means he has to put immense measures of thought into each post. Out of them he is the one I most want to be at the premier, and I’m sure a lot of other people agree. He has spent so much time entertaining us for free with all expense to himself, so it does not trouble me to give up a coffee and donate $4.

    Think about how much you have taken from this website and Kaleb’s writing, and then see if you want to complain. Kaleb should not feel bad for allowing people to help if they want to. We’re Twilighters, right?

    Good luck Kaleb (:

  46. taylor

    Haters, stfu.

    if kn wrote this site as a book, you’d *pay* for it, right?

    but he didn’t. he gave it to us for free and he still does. i have not paid him a fraction of a penny for all the lulz he has given me, but i might have paid $15 for it as a f*ing book.

    giving $2 will not kill me, or anybody.

  47. someone

    This is ridiculous!! Does anybody realize that people ARE DYING IN THE WORLD??? THAT ANIMALS ARE BECOMING EXTINCT? Do ANY OF YOU care about THAT?
    No, of course not. You’d all rather give poor little Kaleb money so he can go to the premiere while all of you stupid little girls stay home being stupid and useless.
    This is so ridiculous. I used to like you Kaleb, but now i think you’re a jerk. Why should people give you money so YOU get what you want? Don’t you think there are people and animals who need it more than you?

  48. someone

    Oh and by the way, if Kaleb was asking money because he had a terrible disease or a finantial problem or something, I would be the first one to donate, so don’t think that i don’t like him, because i do. But what he’s asking now is just ridiculous.

  49. Steph

    Wasn’t actually going to comment, but reading other people’s comments has gotten me all annoyed.

    This is not an obligation. It’s a suggestion, made by someone else. Kaleb is acting just as any one of us would, and is taking the opportunity to politely ask his fans if they could possibly donate. Actually, not even that much. He’s just saying that you can if you want to. He’s not even asking for anything.
    Now, I can’t donate, but there are some of his fans that would like to, so they are perfectly entitled to.
    If you don’t want to donate, don’t. Just don’t donate. But stop acting like you wouldn’t do that same thing if you were in his position. I know I would, any devoted Twilighter would. I mean, why is it such a terrible thing that he wants to attend such a big Twilight event and needs a little help getting there? He’s still using his own money, you know, but he has to pay for his own costs of living as well. For all those who don’t realize, it’s a fair bit of money.
    So, I suggest you stop complaining and whining, because it won’t make a difference. All the complaints you can possibly post on here won’t be able to make Kaleb take down the donating option, so just stop, it’s giving me a headache to read.

  50. Chelsea

    Well, I live in Australia where Twilight is almost non existent. There are no Twilight conventions, no Twilight merchandise, the only thing related to Twilight in Australia is the actual book series. There is no way that I would be able to go – and I’m sure that would be the same situation for many other people – so why not group together and help someone who probably deserves more than me or you. Kaleb spends hours upon hours working on this website. Unless you’ve really maintained a website, it’s hard to explain how much time it really takes up. I’ve had to drop my website I had going for almost a year because it took too much time out of my school work – and I’m only in Year 9 (Freshman for ye US readers :D). And Kaleb is in College so he must be making HUGE sacrifices to run this.

    So, that all said, I don’t have a problem with donating $2 to help Kaleb out. Yes, there are starving kids in Africa, and I’m aware of that. I donate to World Vision and I took part in the 40 hour famine to raise money.

    So here’s to you Kaleb – $2 (Probably $4 due to the exchange rate at the moment).


  51. Steph

    Kudos to you, Chelsea. I’m in year 9 in Australia as well, and I can’t imagine running a website.

    I think it’s ridiculous how many people are getting all worked up over such a little thing. $2 is really nothing. If I lost $2 I wouldn’t be making one hundredth of the fuss a lot of these commenters are.

    Well, there’s an extension on my previous rant. 😀

  52. Thea

    Hey Kaleb,

    It’d be absolutely awesome if you went to that premier. You’re in college too so you probably put a lot of hours AND funds to run this website. I’m sad that I won’t be able to go but atleast if you do, that’s some kind of representation for us too right? :) I’ll see if I could send some help soon. :)

    I’m from the Philippines by the way and the Saga is huge here too.

  53. Katy

    @ someone: It’s too bad you have to post anonymously because you’re to ashamed of your weak arguement.

    Kaleb ISN’T begging for money or whatever. This is a great way for people who enjoy his sites and want to support him to do so.
    So stop hatin’; its pointless.

  54. Tess

    i donated my $5
    i hope u get there kaleb!

  55. Debra

    Hey Kaleb, good luck getting there, I’ll be donating Thursday after I get paid. Don’t worry about the people ranting and raving, just because we’re donating to you doesn’t mean you’re taking anything from other things to donate to such as the starving children and AIDS programs, many people donate to them as well. It’s our money, in most cases, I know some of the fans are getting it from parents too, but we can spend it how we please. I think it’s very childish to complain on here and try to make Kaleb feel bad for doing something that if he didn’t put up fans probably would of without his consent after the idea came up on BlogTV the other night. So what if we want to send him to do something fun? It’s our decision and he should not be ridiculed for asking us to help him go after all the great things he’s given us to read and talk about.

    As I said at the beginning of my post, good luck getting to go Kaleb. I know you’ll have a blast if you get to go, and hopefully you’ll get to meet SM finally.

  56. Madeline

    Wow, this is cool. I’ll be so happy for you if you’re able to go. I’m happy to help out and I really hope you get to go!

  57. Audree

    Wow… people are acting like Kaleb is the first person to ever ask his fans for help. People do this all the time on the radio and TV, and … online *gasp* It’s not that big of a deal. If you would rather spend your money on saving the world, do that! But don’t try to make people (who are under no obligation but are still choosing to help someone out) feel badly for it.

    Let’s get some perspective here.

  58. CoolsocksSam

    Sorry Kaleb but I don’t have a credit card. xD
    How much do you have so far?

  59. taylor

    Hating people: some facts for you.

    1. This was not Kaleb’s idea.
    2. He was against it, and WE (the fans) convinced him to put it up for those of *US* who want to help.
    3. Nomoremarbles did it, and no one screamed.

    It is not like he is using tactics to make us donate. Is that little button so terrifyingly offensive that you have to make him feel bad? Way to slap him in the face for all he has done for you.

  60. taylor

    if this button was put up by fans on another site, you wouldn’t be screaming.

    but since we don’t know how to put up a paypal button and we don’t have a site, it is better to have it here where we can do it. So he isn’t even asking us for money, he is just putting the button for people who already want to get him there.

    please people, grow up a little. you are acting like brats to someone who has given you his time and attention for months. you turn everything into a fight.

  61. Katelyn

    I won’t give money to kaleb. why?
    1. i dont have the money or a credit card or anything similar to that.
    2. I’m thirteen and my parents wouldn’t be thrilled if i handed money to kaleb.

    why are people fighting over this?
    If you don’t support his choices and his ideas for this why are you wasting your time fighting?
    I think id rather take my time being mature about this rather than yelling at kaleb for his opinions.
    I trust that if kaleb ever gets too much money or ever not enough he will send the money back. I trust that kaleb will be honest and fair.

  62. Hihi

    Ok “someone”? ya im just going to come straight out and say this…..you’re annoying me.

  63. Hihi


  64. Elle

    Wow, everybody needs to chill. Kaleb has put so much time and energy into this site, it only makes sense for us readers to give back a little. We can’t just take, take, take all the time, you guys. We gotta give!

    I’m a little jealous of you possibly going to the premiere, Kaleb, since I wanna go so bad! But I trust enough that you will get us pictures of the cast and write down your experiences to give you $5. I even navigated the complexity of PayPal for you, K! Haha =]

    Here’s to you going to the premiere xD

  65. Shausto

    okay guys, im not a hater. I really do like Kaleb and would like to see him go to the Twilight Premiere. I just want to play devils advocate here for a second to completely understand where you guys are coming from. Because you guys are being awfully vague.
    (i mean, really? “moot point” is not very descriptive)

    taylor; as i said before, just because somebody else did it first, does not make it right.

  66. Heather

    Wowww…what Steph said, I wasn’t going to comment until I started skimming and got annoyed.
    Really people, can we stop fighting? This isn’t a big deal. I don’t understand why some Twilight fans get so volatile when something new in the universe comes out that they feel a little opposed to.
    Let’s just be nice, good people and stop all this arguing.
    If you want to help Kaleb out, awesome, that’s very nice of you.
    If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine also. No big deal. Just don’t comment saying everyone else is an idiot for doing so. Respect other people’s views and opinions please.

    Kaleb, I’m donating $5, not only for this amazing website, the great blog we’re going to get from this trip, and all the hard work you put into it, but also for helping me and inspiring me to get started on my book. I really appreciate it =)

  67. Samie

    This isnt a big deal, wow.. just think of it as giveing a few dollars to a friend who wants to go somewhere we cant… to me Kaleb is a friend, to me the whole twilight REAL fans are my family..

  68. Katie ~

    Wow, guys. Chill. Hey Kaleb, don’t worry about all this banter. People have rights to their opinion, but the majority of people who come to your site know you are not in the wrong. I hope you get enough money for the trip, despite all this.

    And to all the people out there who dislike the fact that Kaleb asked for donations — I doubt that he would have asked at all if he knew there would be such an uproar. You guys are kinda putting a downer on the trip for him. So just don’t donate, whatever. But no one be hatin’, as some would put it. :)

  69. Alli

    I hope ypu get to go, but without even asking, I can already hear my dad and brother’s responses to “Can I send Kaleb $2 to go to the Twilight premiere?” The first question would be “Who’s Kaleb?”, followed by an eye-roll at my explanation and a “No” as my answer. But I really hopw you get there!and it’s sounding like you will, despite the idiots who are yelling at you.

  70. urcoolcarrie

    Ok everyone. Sit back and take a deep breath. Kaleb is not making anyone donate. He is putting this up as an option.

    I personally want him to go, because like many others, I can’t. If we can get Kaleb to go, he can take videos and stuff and share with us that experience. I’m much rather have something than nothing.

    Once again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE!! Kaleb is not making you, and if you have a problem with it, you don’t have to do anything. This is just for the people who want to. People like me. :)

    By the way, how much do you have so far, Kaleb?

  71. Jennifer

    Kaleb, I’m more than happy to help you get your trip. Your site is one of the few Twilight sites I check regularly. I would love to see your thoughts on the premiere! Good luck!

  72. Theresa

    I bet that if Kaleb has a sign saying he is Twilight Guy once he gets to the premiere, he might be able to meet the whole cast and crew since all the fans would push him to the front. 😀 Try that and see if it works. That would make for some even cooler pitures for us who can’t go.

  73. Molly :)

    I dont have a paypal so i can’t donate. :(. But seriously, arguing if the money goes to better use in Africa or for Kaleb is sort of stupid, y’all i’m not going to lie. He set this up as an OPTION! He made this so you can help him out. Can is the operative word. Of course we all want to go. Of course we want to help the children of Africa. But i mean, seriously it would go to better use in Africa. But if they didn’t give this money to Kaleb, what would they use it for? I think 400 dollars for Kaleb is better used than for a Purse. Because i know girls who spend 5,000 dollars on purses. Or even if they used it for starbucks. Would that be better than Kaleb? I don’t think so. Just take that into consideration before you post.

  74. Rochelle

    :) By moot point, I basically meant that Kaleb WAS invited and we WEREN’T, so why argue who “deserves” it more. It is irrelevant. Plus, I didn’t feel the need to specifically argue what everyone who comes to this site already knows about his dedication to us and Twilight and the weight that carries.

    But mostly, Shausto, I used MOOT POINT because Kaleb has said before how much he liked Stephenie’s use of it and I wanted to make him smile after your negative comments. But I get it, everyone has their own opinions.

    It looks like lots of people are donating, which is really all that matters!

  75. Terry

    Hope you are able to make it! I love your site and your take on the Twilight books and would want to hear what you think about the movie :-)

  76. Ember P

    Wish I could donate, but I hope you get enough to go!!! Good luck! ^^

  77. Ari

    Wow, It’s like Kaleb asked us to give him our arm or something. It’s two dollars. Two dollar’s doesn’t make that big a dent in a bank account. And he didn’t even make this idea up, someone else did.

    If anyone else other than Kaleb was doing this, like Alphie and Pel from the lexicon, you’d probably just hand your money over without a fuss.

    But of course, cause I’m a mediator, and I look from both POV’S giving to AIDS/Cancer funds would probably be a better thing to do with your $2. Or giving it to a guy on the streets, which I know no one does.

    So give $1 to Kaleb and $1 to charity! Pay it forward!!

  78. Victoria

    Does anybody realize that people ARE DYING IN THE WORLD??? THAT ANIMALS ARE BECOMING EXTINCT?

    Seriously..? You seriously think that Kaleb is taking away from saving human- and animalkind ? 99% of species have gone extinct. That’s nature ! Nature evolves, adapts, changes. Even us humans will go extinct at some point and a future humanlike species will replace us. You want to start saving up for us poor little humans dying out in the future ? Because that will happen.

    I know that I am not donating to Africa and WWF because that doesn’t solve anything. Stop product dumping, that would be a start.

    I wasn’t going to donate, but seeing all you haters, I have become more sympathetic to Kaleb’s cause. So Kaleb you can thank the haters, they brought to an extra sponsor !

    And yes… I am a trained biologist. I know what I’m talking about.

  79. Sabrina

    LOL! Should have known there’d be an interesting discussion going on here today. Well, I donated and I’m not silly or young. Best of luck to you Kaleb! Hope you meet your goal and make your way to California. Have some fun for us. We’re living vicariously through you.

  80. dsolo

    Wow! Kaleb, you aren’t even published yet and you’re getting flamed like SM. My God, man, I had no idea that giving you $2 was going to cause people to die and animals to suffer. I thought it might be a small payback for all the FREE enjoyment you have given us. In fact, I thought $2 was too low. After reading all this, I think I’ll send you some more. You rock and I’m looking forward to hearing your report from the premiere. Thanks again for all the FREE laughs you’ve given me. And, just so you don’t worry, I’m not deducting it from any of my regular charities. How’s the total so far? I hope you get enough to cover ALL your expenses.

  81. Kathy Anne

    Hey, Kaleb, Since we can’t ALL GO, you definitely SHOULD GO and represent the rest of us! I’m glad to donate. Have a great time at the premiere, and say HI! to Stephenie Meyer for all of us!

  82. Tess

    kaleb, how much do u have so far??
    close to enough to go??
    i rly hope u get to go!

  83. KMA#1

    I hope you get to go :)

    And for those that disagree, is it really worth ranting about? Again…:)

  84. Fabiola

    Hey Kaleb, I just donated, I hope you have a great time, take lots and lots of pictures.

  85. Kezz

    Lolz at all the haters

    I’m not donating because frankly I’m too poor and I live in the uk and will never see anything twilight related over here except the movie release *sob* so I’m also just a teeny bit bitter lol

    Good idea though Kaleb, even if someone else did it first.

  86. Elizabeth

    For those who don’t have credit cards — you don’t need one to send money by PayPal. You only need to have a bank account and an e-mail address:).

    For those of you who are worried that people might donate to Kaleb instead of to charity, you can rest assured that some people can do both. I make a monthy donation to charity and still managed to scrape together a few $$’s to give to Kaleb. I decided to give a little of my “mad” money to his cause. He totally deserves to go, especially since he’s been invited.

    BTW, where does one obtain an invitation to such a soire?

  87. Devon

    Damn, it’s unbelievable how crazy the flamers get. First we had to hear about it when the Lexicon put up a link for Twilighters For Forks, to donate to save the Forks High School building from being condemned, and now poor Kaleb. And it’s not just “little silly fan girls” that will donate – I’m 27, thanks. Thanks, Kaleb, for all of the FREE entertainment you give us, and your interesting thoughts on the books, so as soon as I post this I’m clicking the donate button to send you some $! I hope you have a lot of fun, because I know you’ll make more than enough in donations to go, take lots of pictures and videos, and I can’t wait to read your extensive commentary! I think I’ll add a few extra ## to cover my husband’s “donation” – he’s finally halfway through Twilight and loving it, and I’m having him read your entries! :)

  88. Lissete [Frerard Addict]

    Daaang. You people suck. Well, the one’s who are all angry about this. Especially the person nicknamed under “someone”
    So you would only donate if someone where dying? How sad is that. Do you want something or someone to die, just to have a wee bit of your money? We’re doing this for a good reason too: to have some damn fun! To do something positive for once. You sound so negative, making us think about things we aren’t here to think about: dying animals, sick people, etc? It’s not like we’re making those situations worse. And it’s not like we’re against it. Besides, people do these things all the time, like NoMoreMarbles. And you really shouldn’t be blaming Kaleb, we’re the one’s who wanted to help him, he’s not being greedy at all. If you really believe in your harsh critisism, you aren’t a real fan. At least you don’t seem like it. So go away and stop making good people look bad. You’re just making yourself look like a fool.

    I hope you reach your goal Kaleb! Hopefully you’ll have fun like Bailey did and you get to meet Stephenie, because she really wants to meet you too!! She’s a fan of yours, I’ve heard! Please keep us updated on how much you make along the way, we’re all excited for you. Don’t listen to the haters, they’re all just jealous no matter how much they deny it. I know you’ll make it!


  89. Devon

    You’re $10 bucks richer, m’dear.

    You need to make some kind of funky thermometer graphic each day totaling how much money you’ve accumulated from donations so far! You know, like those cheesy ones organizations color in to show how much fundraising they’ve gotten. We want updates :)

    And, in case we’re feeling extra generous and you’re short on your goal (although I honestly can’t see that happening, the way us fans are), we can see how much you need yet and set you over the top.

    How about it, Kaleb? :)

  90. Kim

    Kaleb, good luck in getting to the premiere! I just donated $5; hope it helps a bit. Don’t forget to give us all an awesome report on how it was – I wish that I’d be able to get there, but I’ve written it off as impossible.

    I second the request for an update on how much money you’ve received.

  91. Dani R.

    I am so glad you have so much support! If I had the spare change, I would donate, but alas, I do not. I hope you put the money to goo duse if you do not reach your goal, though I am very confident in your fanbase.

  92. malice

    i donated. i hope you get there. keep a detailed blog about the whole event. i would like to imagine myself being there through your eyes. lol

  93. Jordan

    So, I wasn’t going to post, but all the haters are bugging me. Seriously people. If you don’t like that Kaleb put that button up, then just click that little red X in the top left corner, and go on with your day. There’s no need to try to make the other fans who want to see someone they respect and admire go to the Twilight premire. Especially since the majority of us can’t go.
    I really wish I could donate, but I’m in a jam at the moment. I hope you make your goal though!
    And I would also love to see how much you’ve raised so far.

  94. Twilighter

    Heres 5 bucks !!! HAVE FUN WE LOVE YA !!

  95. Toni

    Hi Kaleb,
    How much have you collected so far? I hope my 5 bucks helps. 😉

  96. Samie

    Hey, how u doing kaleb? come on updates…lol i will donate a bit more once i get a few more dollars to spare! 😀 i like giveing! hehe pluz i cant go so, im helping you go like everyone else! so u better take some darn good pic, and what not!

  97. elizabeth

    KALEB!!!!!!! how much did you get so far, 200 more…all the peoples want to know

    So you excited to go?

  98. Emily

    Your lucky you can even raise money to go see her… i can even go to the premier night, *cry*

    thats one more reason to hate school
    *bangs head on table*

  99. Kaleb

    Haha, I don’t really like twilight, in my opinion it’s pretty much just emotional porn for 12-16 year old girls.

    I just happened to google my name and the word “needs” and it came up with this massive nerdy fan argument over donations to a long expired premier and couldnt help but get involved.

    Hey Kaleb, congrats on having an awesome name.

    Peace out hombres.

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