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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 1 (Ultimatum)

October 20th, 2008 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Writing To Reach You by Travis (suggested by Anita)

I felt absolutely stupid when I first started on Eclipse. I took the book off my shelf and immediately started to search for my bookmark (a slip of paper that coincidentally is also my grocery list). For some reason today, I simply could not find the blasted bookmark, and it wasn’t until I had flipped the book over and fanned all the pages for this piece of paper that I realized I didn’t even have a bookmark in this one yet, because I was just starting it.

It was the first mystery I have faced in reading Eclipse, and it wasn’t even in the book. What a wonderful start.

Because I am going straight from New Moon to Eclipse, I know all of the back story right off the top of my head. Jacob is still upset over Bella choosing Edward over him in the previous book. I decided also that as Jacob is obviously having troubles completing his thoughts, it was my duty to play mad-libs and finish his sentences for him:


I don’t know why you’re making Charlie carry notes to Billy like we’re in second grade — if I wanted to talk to you I would answer the carrier pigeons pecking at my window. You made the choice here, okay? You can’t have it both ways when Desperado Dave and his posse enlist you. What part of ‘mortal enemies’ is too complicated for you to understand in that crazy brain of yours? Look, I know I’m being a jerk, but there’s just no way around the fact that you’re now a highway bandit with a $10,000 reward on your head. We can’t be friends when you’re spending all your time with a bunch of cattle thieves, bank robbers and highwaymen.

It just makes it worse when I think about you too much, so don’t write anymore ransom notes to my father, or I’ll tell the sheriff where your hideout is.


Surely that was what Stephenie had intended Jacob to be writing.

Still, though, Jacob is obviously in turmoil. After all, Bella is strongly attached to Edward Cullen: a vampire, mortal enemies with Jacob because of his species. Think of it as if your best friend has fallen madly in love with the local axe-weilding crazy, no matter how much you try to convince him or her otherwise. This is basically what is going through Jacob’s mind, so I do have some understanding of why he is so much against Bella being with Edward.

I was taken aback by the primitivity of the Swan’s meals. Have they not heard of the greatest invention since sliced bread: microwave lasagna? It is a meal that no one can ever tire of, requires no stirring/pots/smoke, and is ready in 23.5 minutes. It is such the epitome of effortless cooking (aka most college meals) that thieves were obliged to remove boxes of it from my freezer sans permission (as everyone and their cousin has heard by now due to my endless ranting on the situation).

I loved how casual this sentence was:

Afternoons were the hardest part of my day. Ever since my former best friend (and werewolf), Jacob Black, had informed me about the motorcycle I’d been riding […]

Alternate version:

Afternoons were the hardest part of my day. Ever since my former best friend (and green singing frog), Kermit, had informed me that my fly-repellant was ruining his chances of decent dinners […]

I suppose after a while being around vampires and werewolves will become everyday to anyone. Bella has been through so many things in the past year that go deep into the supernatural, so I’m sure by now she is either wondering what will pop up out of the woods next (if I wrote the next book: gnomes) or if it is all a very large dream.

Having been to Juneau, Alaska, I was told multiples of times by local residents statements that confirm Bella’s claim of being overcast 321 days per year. I, however, visited the place on one of those glorious, rare times when the sun was shining o’er the sea with all its might, and caught views such as this and these. Even on those sunny days, you can see that it is properly enough overcast for a vampire to survive undiscovered. And besides that, humans can’t complain about those glorious views.

Though Bella’s grounding since the incidents in New Moon has finally been lifted, it is obvious that Charlie does not trust Edward as far as he can throw him. And I don’t exactly blame him: for Edward, Bella has thrown herself off cliffs, gone traipsing out of town on more than one occasion, and had hallucinations and nightmares on his accord. If I was Charlie Swan, I would be duly concerned.

But the fact is that in reading the book, we have the ability to get into Edward’s head, and we know that no matter how often it may seem that he is a threat to Bella, we know he wouldn’t ever let himself hurt her. This is insight Charlie does not have. This is also one of the biggest conflicts caused in Bella’s mind: for she truly wants to be friends with Jacob, but cannot keep him and Edward at the same time. Bella knows for sure that Edward will never hurt her, but Jacob does not; Bella also knows that Jacob will never hurt her, but Edward does not. It is like moving two positive ends of magnets closer — yes, they can be forced together, but they will always be pushing each other away.

So I see many troubled times ahead. Edward has decreed he will not let Bella see Jacob, fearing for her safety near a pack of werewolves lacking anger management. Bella has proclaimed she is going no matter what Edward says. The trouble between the true love and best friend has started yet again — and on top of that, there is a newborn vampire on the loose. Welcome to Forks.

Question for the comments: If you were Bella’s parent, would you think Edward was safer for her, or Jacob?


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201 Responses

  1. Heather

    Wow, am I really the first to comment? Sweet deal =)

    The bookmark story made me laugh a lot, and I’m not sure why. But what an excellent way to start Eclipse!

    Ok, absolutely loved you finishing Jacob’s sentences. I’ve always wondered where they were going…did you call up Jacob and ask him exactly what he wanted to say then? I hope you didn’t ask him “what’s new?” while you were on the phone, or else you would’ve been majorly spoiled lol.

    You really were traumatized by that lasagna burglar, weren’t you?

    “It is like moving two positive ends of magnets closer — yes, they can be forced together, but they will always be pushing each other away.”
    ^^Okay, are you physic? Seriously, did you know this was going to be a major symbolism in Eclipse? You’ll see…that is seriously scary.

    Now to answer your question…it’s hard for me to be objective because I love Edward and completely get the character. But after I forced my mom to read the books, we had a discussion about that and she said if she was Charlie and this had all happened to me, she would be extremely concerned and wouldn’t even let Edward in the house at all. And I could see her point, it’s just that I am like Bella and love Edward so much that I can’t (or don’t want to) imagine why Charlie hates him so much.

    Anyway, sorry for the long comment, you are sailing through the books! Happy reading!

  2. arielle

    Your manips never fail to make me laugh very loudly.

    And your obvious insight into Jacob’s brain. I mean, I’m sure if circumstances had permitted, that would have been exactly what SMeyer would have had Jacob say.

  3. Brittney H.

    Answer to the question:

    Knowing everything I know about both of these boys, I would say Bella is safer with Edward, because he would kill/die to see her alive and happy.

    If I had known as much as Charlie knows about the boys, which is very little, I would choose Jacob, because I would believe he was the safer choice, mentally. With how affected Bella gets with Edward, I would prefer her to be with Jacob, because, if they did break up, I wouldn’t worry as much about how Bella deals with the pain.

    I’m so happy you’re on Eclipse! My roommate is re-reading them, and she’s on about the 6th chapter of Eclipse.

  4. Shannon

    You know, just looking from the outside facts, i.e. Charlie’s point of view…Edward is actually a really great kid. Relentlessly polite, treats the daughter with respect, follows through on promises… It’s the daughter who would have me tearing my hair out. 😉

  5. shakesgirl

    I would have to say Edward.

  6. Krystol

    Honestly… I would have to say neither one. You know why? With Edward she ran away and ended up with a broken leg and beaten body (in Twilight), when he left she went into a depression so deep she never recovered plus she left AGAIN (New Moon).

    With Jacob she rode motorcycles and went cliff diving and came home bruised and bloody half the time.

    If I was a parent I would pray that she started hanging out with someone safe and boring, like Mike Newton. But I would say she is happier with Edward, so if it came down to it I would go with that.

  7. Kathy Anne

    From Charlie’s point of view, Jacob is his choice for Bella to spend time with. I think that is clear in the books. Charlie has seen Bella truly devastated due to her relationship with Edward. Congratulations on starting ECLIPSE, at last!

  8. Kathy Anne

    Also, it WAS a shock to hear you discussing magnets repelling each other. Psychic?

  9. Yoko

    I think that your magnet analogy is very insightful…and a little psychic as Heather put it. To answer your question, if I were Charlie, and I knew as little about the situation as he absolutely does, then I would be inclined to feel that Jacob was the safer choice. I totally see Charlie’s point. Fortunately, there’s no way around Bella and Edward’s love. In response to what Shannon wrote: I can see what she means about Bella being the one to drive her crazy, but I think most parents are inclined to blame someone else for their child’s “acting out.” Hence, in Charlie’s mind, it’s Edward’s fault that Bella had that fiasco about running away to Arizona in Twilight, it’s Edward’s fault that she went all “night of the living dead” in New Moon, and it’s Edward’s fault that she ran off to “California” for days without so much as a phone call. But even with all of the crazy things she’s done, it is undoubtedly her zombie status that Charlie fixes on the most. I don’t think he could stand it to watch Bella go through that again…which is one of the reasons that I love Charlie so much. :)

  10. Anjulie

    choosing between two men that could both kill her hmm…one may explode with anger and knowing bella she would die or be greatly damaged or Edward who has caused her to have so many injuries already…hard choice (and yes I know they do not know about jacob but hey i can dream)

  11. Eeen.

    As much as I loved Edward, Charlie watched Jake grow up, he KNOWS him. You can’t deny that specifically as CHARLIE, you’d choose Jacob.

    Still, though, he WAS the one who got her into motorcycles. Its undeniable how protective Edward is.

  12. JessieLynn

    Hey Kaleb!
    To answer your question, even though I love Edward, if I was Charlie, I would pick Jacob because he wouldn’t be giving me the feeling like I was his next meal. If I was Renee however, I would choose Edward because she sees how madly in love he is with Bella, which will be explored later on in the series. So, depending on the parent, my choice would be different.
    Love the pics by the way! They made me crack up, yet again. You just can’t help bringing up the lasagna burgler as often as you can it looks like. But it was probably one of the funnier, and unfortunate events that has happened since this site was started. It was almost Lemony Snicket worthy… :)
    Can’t wait till you get farter into the book, and you thought the tension was bad now! That’s all I can say….

  13. Stacey

    I would definitly feel safer knowing Bella was with Edward. Firstly he is a gentleman being from 1908 hes hardly going to want to jump into the sack with her.

    Jaccob has forced Bella into many situations where it was clear she was uncomfortable but because she loves him she did it anyway.

    I wouldnt want my daughter with someone like that.

  14. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    alright well after saying that that was a very funny alternate begining to eclipse I shall answer the question like everyone else has:

    I think that it would depend on the parent in bella’s case, if you’re talking about charlie or renee or me myself and I as a parent what would I choose for my daughter? because Im only a few months shy of 16 I might not have exactly the right amount of life experience to make this choice for myself let alone another person but lets give it a whirl and pretent Im in my late thirties…

    ok as Charlie I would pick Jacob up until the very end of eclipse and then (as Charlie) I would give up all decision making to Bella since (by this point) he knows who she’s going to choose anyway and that there’s no stopping her. the reason why he would pick jake first is simple.
    1. there is nothing noticeably abnormal about him (besides his mammoth size but all the quileute boys are like that so in charlie’s book who’s to say thats abnormal?) while with all the cullen’s its aparent that there’s something “different” about them.
    2. charlie knows jake, because he’s billy’s friend he’s watched jake grow up as a son and cares for him, and its natural he would want the two kids he cares most for together.
    3. the fact that charlie was deeply impressed with jake’s ability to lifts bella’s mood in new moon when (as far as charlie sees it, edward destoyed it, if only for a while)
    but after eclipse charlie begins to see how truly cautious and gentle edward is and that he’s a genuinely good person and that puts the odds considerably in his favor as far as charlie’s concerned because added on to that bella loves him and that about seals the deal 😀

    as renee I believe it would be edward all the way simply because she hardly knows of jake and she knows how much bella loves edward and vise- versa as shown later in eclipse and breaking dawn 😀

    as myself as a parent however I dont know. if I had renee’s basic knowledge I’d pick edward for her.

    if I were charlie I dont know…charlie has more knowledge on everything thats gone on even if its only the lie they tell but even so deep down im sure he’s always known he’s jsut swallowing lies but it would be easier to except jake since he’s more familiar.

    if i had my eyes wide open and knew everything it would come down to vampire vs. werewolf and i think after hearing the werewolves roles for the quileutes (protectors) I would be more inclinded towards jake as well, but knowing how protective and careful edward is withe bella I would also think edward….It think with two protecting, loving canidates on the table for my child, id ultimately let it fall to who she or he loved more than anything, and of course in this case it is edward :)

    so there is my long ramble, not sure it made sense, but I hope it did 😀

    😀 melissaturkey

  15. Ms. Paranoia

    This is going to be repeated over and over Kaleb, so get used to it:

    Zomg you made a psychic connection! The magnets… quite impressive. Perhaps the future you who will have read more has found a way to sub-consciously send you itty bitty tidbits of random info.. lol

    And I love the mad libbing, let’s hope you get a chance to do it again =D!

    Now, onto the question:
    In Charlie’s persepective, I would choose Jacob (though I love Edward to death). After all, if you saw your daughter was lifeless after Edward left, and he left her in the woods and left you worried for lord knows how long, as well as being the reason why she would skip out of town twice in a row, then you would hold a serious grudge against him. I’m actually a bit surprised how tolerant Charlie is of Edward. Yeah he could do better but all things considered I give him major props for just letting him inside the house without pulling out the shotgun (though it would be in vain >D..)

    Plus like someone said before, Charlie does know Jacob much more than Edward. And after seeing Bella get better because of Jacob, Charlie is going to like Jacob even more and will tend to favor him a lot.

    But then again, Charlie has to feel at least somewhat at ease, considering Edward is incredibly protective of Bella. At least he knows that his daughter won’t be doing dangerous things (as far as he’s concerned.. and not involving the supernatural, right?)

    Hooray first chapter of Eclipse x3!

  16. beejay

    Afternoons were the hardest part of my day. Ever since my former best friend (and green singing frog), Kermit, had informed me that my fly-repellant was ruining his chances of decent dinners […]

    to that one

    and this one

    We can’t be friends when you’re spending all your time with a bunch of cattle thieves, bank robbers and highwaymen.

    my answer to your question is jacob.
    why? because from a parents point of view jacob is safe,trusted and you know him better than edward
    but if the parent know what the situation is it’s edward

  17. SideKick

    LOL! Magnets!!

    And I love how you ended that – “Welcome to Forks.” Because of this.

    So glad you’re on Eclipse. It’s my favorite.

    Here’s to hoping you get to the premiere! See you there if you do!


  18. Shatha

    Hahaha, you’re still in the habit of New Moon.

    Yeah, Bella was acting very blase about the whole mythical creature thing. I was beginning to wonder if leprechauns would ever pop up 😉
    If I were Charlie, I would choose Jacob over Edward. It’s his best friends son (which could mean seeing each other more often), who has gotten Bella pulled out of her catatonic state and has been like a son to Charlie. However, Charlie does know how serious Edward is about Bella’s safety, much more careful than Jacob is. If Charlie considers Bella’s interests, well he certainly would pick Edward.

    I wonder if he’s noticed how happy Edward has made her throughout Twilight?
    If any changes were noticable?

    I love the added comments of Jacob’s note haha, they made me laugh.

  19. Regina

    hahaha ending jacob’s lines was lame and funny!

    i still think Edward would be safer for Bella, now that he has learnt to put mind over matter and having felt the pain of losing Bella it will still be his greatest motivation not to kill her. haha but if i were Charlie, certainly Jacob hahaha.

  20. Ashley

    Edward! charlie’s vote doesn’t count because he’s best friends with jake’s father. of course he wants bella and jacob to be together, they’re practically family already. he doesn’t know how much edward takes care of her and protects, loves her. he just saw what happened after edward left, which would almost kill anyone in that situation.

  21. Bethany

    The bookmark story was histerical. Anyways, I think I’d choose Edward over Jacob for Bella. She’s safer with him than Jacob. If Edward got mad he wouldn’t go wolf on her and hurt her. He’d run away so that he wouldn;t be able to hurt her. Kind of like what happened with Emily; that could be a possibilty of what would happen to Bella if she were with Jacob.

  22. Loony_Lovegood

    holy crap, kid. you’re amazing.
    the magnet thing. you don’t even know how true that is. maybe when you were looking for that bookmark, you looked ahead? lol.
    Jacobs lines were hilarious!
    I already can’t wait for you to read the next chapter.

  23. Meredith

    I am totally Team Edward, but I can see where the parent would think Jacob would be safer.
    Good review!

  24. KCurls

    Magnets. I love you, Kaleb Nation.

  25. SammiStarz

    Ok, I have to admit that sometimes I do the bookmark thing too! =)

    If I was Bella’s parent I would definitely thing that Jacob is safer for her. After all, vampires are supposed to scare humans off. The Blacks have been family friends for many, many years. Jacob IS safer for Bella, anyway. He is not having the urge to drink her blood every day. He’s better for her. However, if Bella and Edward weren’t together anymore, I would be heartbroken just as much as Bella. They make such a good pair, even though every second they are together Bella is in danger, and Jacob is in pain. Jacob may be safer, but Edward loves her more than anything else. What more could you ask for? Bella just needs to be loved, and needs somebody to love. Edward is willing to love her no matter what. How could you resist love that strong? You can’t.

  26. Kirsty

    Umm from Charlie’s POV then definitely Jacob. He’s known him since he was a baby and Jake only hurt Bella once, Edward’s doing all the flipping time (unintentionally obviously but still)

  27. Steph

    Magnets? Ahaha…

    Nice work with the bookmark. Are you very prone to losing inexistent objects?

    And finishing Jacob’s sentences? Well done. I’m sure that’s EXACTLY right. Now, if only Jacob was as good with words as you are. Unfortunately, that dog sized brain of his has its limits, and thus reduces him to half finished sentences. :)

    I believe it was ‘informed on me’ instead of ‘informed me’. Since he told Charlie.

    Yes, Edward and Jacob seem to have a problem trusting their mortal enemies. It’s odd really. I mean, sure they’re supposed to kill each other when given the chance, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be the best of friends. Ahaha, seriously though, it is a bit ridiculous.

    Man, right from the start of Eclipse, Edward really annoys me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely Team Edward, but in Eclipse… Everyone annoys me. 😀

    If I were Bella’s parent? Edward. *nods* And I’m not just being biased, Jacob is dangerous looking. I mean, if I were Charlie I’m sure I’d like Jake, but I’m not Charlie, and I didn’t see Jake grow up. Just from what I know of Jake, I’d have to say Edward. He radiates sincerity.

    Great post, as usual. I’m glad you got started on it so fast.

  28. Thea

    I don’t know why you’re making Charlie carry notes to Billy like we’re in second grade — if I wanted to talk to you I would answer the carrier pigeons pecking at my window. You made the choice here, okay? You can’t have it both ways when Desperado Dave and his posse enlist you. What part of ‘mortal enemies’ is too complicated for you to understand in that crazy brain of yours? Look, I know I’m being a jerk, but there’s just no way around the fact that you’re now a highway bandit with a $10,000 reward on your head. We can’t be friends when you’re spending all your time with a bunch of cattle thieves, bank robbers and highwaymen.
    It just makes it worse when I think about you too much, so don’t write anymore ransom notes to my father, or I’ll tell the sheriff where your hideout is.

    That part really made me laugh.:))

    And by the way, you may also use long lost homeworks into bookmarks. Just fold them.

    Okay so, if I were Charlie, I’d probably still choose Edward because he’s who Bella wants. Charlie, even though he is strict, still wants to keep Bella happy. He’d probably be thinking about that decision for a long time since both Edward and jacob have caused Bella pain in the past. I guess, he will only be leaning on Jacob because Billy may probably warn him about Edward.

  29. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 1. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Ultimatum). […]

  30. ElenC

    That would depend on if I actually were Charlie, or if I had insight in the mythical creatures.

    If I were Charlie, I would obviously say Jacob, because Charlie knows/thinks Jacob is not a threat, Edward on the other hand, has hurt Bella so much, and as far as I am concerned, I don’t think Charlie knows that Edward was in pain too, but anyway…

    If I didn’t know anything about vampires etc, I would say Edward. Edward is a nice guy. Very gentleman-ish. And Jacob is more scary-looking.

    If I knew about vampires etc, I would say Edward, because he has shown us remarkable self-control, and stuff like that, but Jacob… I wouldn’t know if Bella would end up like Emily, because Jacob do not have that self-control. I think, at least.

  31. Mary B.

    If I was Charlie, I would pick Jacob, just due to the fact that Jacob is Bella’s “personal sun.” Even though Jacob and Bella did dangerous things together, that’s what made Bella start to really LIVE again, which made a huge impact on Charlie.

    As Renee, I don’t think I would pick either boy, just be happy with Bella’s choice. It’s Bella’s life, and as long as she is happy, that would be enough for me.

    Have a nice day! 😀

  32. Charlee

    Yay for starting eclipse! I’d have to say that this is my favorite of the four, followed closely by breaking dawn.

    I can’t wait for you to get to chapter 20!!

  33. Lu

    I am excited you have started Eclipse!!

  34. Babette

    I was engaged at 18 to a guy I was completely in love with. My parents supported my decision, and later supported my decision to end the engagement. I moved 2000 miles away, met someone else, and married him (I was 25 then). No one in my family, but my mother, liked the new guy. She understood one thing, he was my best friend, and it has made all the difference (never dreamed marriage could be so wonderful when I was with the first guy).
    Now many (many) years later, I have a 22 year old son madly in love with a girl that he is planning on proposing to. I think it’s a mistake because they are not friends, they don’t talk to each other. They talk at each other, but neither one listens to what the other is saying. This is a recipe for marital disaster. When the trials come, you must be friends. That is the love that conquers all.
    So, as much as I love Edward, I would choose Jacob, because they actually listen to each other.

  35. Teresa

    I can’t wait for you to continue to the next chapter. And whatever happens, never, never, never listen to the Jacob bashing you are bound to recieve. Like it or not, he’s a normal teenage boy and he does things rashly. You’ll see what I mean…

    Can’t wait for more!!

  36. Tricia

    Magnets…. How do you come up with this stuff!

  37. Debra

    Loved your post. I loved how you ended Jacob’s sentences, I think that’s what SM meant to say too, lol…I had to laugh at the magnets comment, are you sure you haven’t looks ahead a little?

    On the question on who I’d chose for my daughter first thing, do I know about them being vampire and werewolf? That would kinda make things more difficult to choose between. But if it’s just by how, like Charlie and Renee see things, I think it’d have to be Jacob just because he never hurt her like Edward did and you don’t want anyone near your kids that has/will hurt them.

  38. Sariah

    Your bookmark story… LOL!

    GORGEOUS pictures from Juneau. :)

    I didn’t read everyone’s answers to your question, so this may be a repeat… If I only knew what Charlie knew (no knowledge of vampires or werewolves), as a parent I would prefer Jacob over Edward for my daughter. Jacob is Charlie’s best friend’s son and clearly, Bella is so head-over-heals for Edward that she doesn’t always think straight – that would concern me. I would probably think that her feelings for Edward were infactuation and not real love, based on the limited knowledge I had of all the situations that take place. But, of course, if I knew all about the vampires and werewolves, I would understand everything that was going on and even though Jacob is who I would wish she would be with because he’s my best friend’s kid, I would realize that Bella is totally IN LOVE with Edward and he with her. And with that information and understanding all that has gone on, I would be supportive in her decision to be with Edward and as I got to know him, I would be happy that they were together – it wouldn’t take long to see that they are meant for each other and completely devoted to each other. :)

  39. diana

    my daughter has loved an ‘edward” and a :jacob” and i soooo miss the”edward” but it makes sense that charlie prefers jake.and kaleb, if you havent yet its time to visit stephenies site and read the two missing phone conversations fro new moon.

  40. Christa

    As Bella’s parent and knowing what both of the boys are? I think that, to anybody outside of the situation, Jacob will always seem like the safest bet regardless of the possible “temper tantrums”, simply because it’s not in a werewolf’s nature to purposely harm another human being; it is, however, in the nature of a vampire.

    I actually just wanted to comment on the magnet analogy that you made — it’s very funny that you should make that particular comparison. You’ll see what I mean later on; Stephenie uses the exact same idea later on in this book.

  41. JanetH

    love this line “pack of werewolves lacking anger management”. Good. Very good.
    You always make me smile.

    As for your question, speaking as a parent I agree with some of the previous comments, I would be furious for my daughter to be with either boy just based on the amount of injuries she kept coming home with. I know she seems happy with Edward and she also seemed to be a bit healthier with Jacob, but I would have to have more proof that she was safe with either one.
    I have brought up this thought on a Twilight Mom web site, that I disagree with Charlie and Renee’s lack of involvement in their daughter’s life. I realize she is very independent and smart and really doesn’t get into the sort of trouble so many teens can get into, but come on, they never seem to have any clue where she is or what she’s doing!
    I did not micro manage my kid, but I knew a lot more than she will ever realize I knew. Keeping informed, even in little ways, and remembering what is was like to be 17 helps to maintain lines of communication. I think both of Bella’s parents are actually very observate people and that is probably where Bella developed her ability to notice details so well, but they obviously choose to distance themselves from their daughter and I’m not sure that is such a good idea* with someone who appears to spend a lot of time alone.
    * see cavorting with vampires and werewolves as examples A and B.

  42. Briana

    As Bella’s parents, I would think Edward is safer. Because he has a lot of patience, and he knows how to stop himself from eating her. Jacob is different, seeing Emily and Sam together, you would think if Jacob and Bella were together that it would be the same thing.

  43. Stacy

    i picked up on the magnets right away too. but it might not symbolize what you were thinking at first…

    i know that edward is safer for bella because he puts her before himself and is always protecting her. as her parent and being ignorant of that, i’d want her to be with jacob because the two families have always been friends.

  44. Monica

    I’ve found you out, Kaleb! You’re not reading these books for the first time…you’ve read them all several times already and are cleverly realizing things for the first time and writing them to sound really smart. Like the comment with the magnets. Either that, or you and Stephenie have the same brain frequency.

    To answer your question: I’ve honestly never thought about it from Charlie’s perspective, but you’re absolutely right (darn you!). Twice now Bella has skipped town because of Edward, leaving him with NO IDEA where she is, or what she’s doing. And she comes home injured (though for Bella, that’s almost normal). That having been said, he’s completely logical in preferring Jacob over Edward. If I were Bella’s parent, I would be more worried about her falling head-over-heels in love with Edward than the fact that he’s a vampire. We could go back and forth all day about whether vampires or werewolves are more dangerous. Actually, I don’t know if I’d want Bella with the guy who takes her out on motorcycles, either. I wonder why Charlie still thought Jake was a good friend for Bella…

    Sorry for the long comment. One more thing to add: I love your conclusion of Jacob’s notes. Hilarious!

  45. Rapunzel

    Knowing what I do, I’d prefer Edward for her, knowing what Charlie does I’d want her to go with the one she loves more (Edward) as it would be horrible to have her married and settled with one when she knows she loves the other more, and knowing what Charlie does with the Charlie-ness and the Charlie way of thinking, I’d problably favour Mike Newton (’cause all dads are like that) :).

  46. tina

    Great post!! I love Eclipse and can’t wait for more from you.

    As far as your question – I’m a parent (hats off to JanetH – I agree with you). If my daughter came home injured, ran away two times, was cliff diving and motorcycle riding against my will, etc. I don’t think I would like either boy she was hanging out with. Mike Newton would be my choice. (Of course, after reading Midnight Sun, I don’t think he’s such a sweet guy.)

    The scary part here is that Charlie really has so little information about either of these guys. He may be a little biased in Jake’s favor because of his friendship with Billy, but he doesn’t have any idea what is really happening with his daughter. How can he really make a sound judgement with so little information?

    But, if you really love your child, you have to let them make their own mistakes. You talk calmly and rationally and then take a step back and try to be as supportive as possible. It’s hard!! Poor, poor Charlie….but, maybe it’s better not to know that your child is involved with vampires and werewolves…

  47. Angela

    Assuming that I knew everything; that Edward was a vampire and Jacob was a werewolf; that Edward has amazing self control and Bella’s safety comes first; that Jacob has very little self control (it’s pretty hard to keep from exploding into a werewolf)and takes Bella on motorcycles all the time: I would have to say Edward would be safer.

    However, you have to take in mind the fact that all vampires (with the exception of Carlisle) have an all-consuming desire for human blood all the time. And werewolves do exist to protect humans. it’s a weird situation.

  48. Shannon

    Well,to answer your question. I’d have to say Edward,i know Charlie doesnt know about the whole Vampire – Werewolve thing in his beloved Forks.But if he did know,would you want your Daughter being in a relationship with someone who can lose his temper at a drop of a hat and can injure her or possibly kill her? i think not.

    So in many ways Edward is better as he would do ANYTHING to protect his first love and would not hurt her.So,Edward all the way.

  49. Katie Beth

    Eclipse ftw. 😉 (Still don’t have my copy… stupid mailmen.) And yay magnets. 😉 I’ve always had a thing for magnets anyway (I know, weird obsession), but then Stephenie started using them, and, well, y’know. Cool.

    Gaaahhh, that’s a hard question! On one hand I’d say Jacob, absolutely, because all Charlie knows is that Edward left and made Bella all depressed. On the other hand, Jake takes her to do dangerous stuff. Cliff diving, anyone? Then again, Edward’s the only thing that keeps Bella happy. And he’s like above and beyond polite. And he obeys the rules. Plus he doesn’t have that general gang aspect. 😛

  50. Sylvie

    lol…i like the comparison with the local axe-weilding crazy xD

    if i were charlie… i´d think jacob is better for bella, but only because charlie don´t knows so many things… he can´t really understand the true love bella feels for edward, and even more important, he can´t see how much edward loves bella because he don´t wants to. for all he knows after bella first had a date with edward(in Twilight) she went back to Phoenix, fell off a stair and spent weeks in the hospital after returning to him. then edward left her and she was nearly catatonic. A few months after she recovered(mostly because of Jake) she went to L.A. to see a boy, who never even called her after leaving.
    Truly, I can see Charlie´s point

  51. Megan

    If I were Charlie, from what I’d seen, I would pick Jacob, for the same reasons he did. Not only is he a family friend, but Edward just randomly got up and left, leaving Jacob and Charlie to pick up all the pieces, in their own different ways, of course.
    Even though Jacob took her out to do dangerous stunts, I don’t think Charlie would change his mind. Bella is physically hurt nearly every day, Jacob or no Jacob, and to be blunt, I think Charlie would be more scared of what Edward could do to her emotionally.
    Even if he did know that Edward was a vampire and Jacob was a werewolf, I think that he would still choose Jacob over Edward. Even though the werewolf thing would be terrifying to watch, I’m sure, at least humans aren’t on their diet.
    Yes, Edward certainly makes her more happy, but I think that lots of people are misreading the question. It’s not about happiness here, it’s about security. Yes, emotional security is a part of that, but not it’s entirety.
    Oh, and one more thing. Edward’s not the only one who tries to protect Bella. Jacob did too. Remember when Alice tried to take Bella to the Volturi? He made some comment about her taking Bella to Italy like a bottle of wine to a party. His heart’s in the right place. And he makes Bella happy, too.

    You know what? I find it very hard to answer these questions objectively. Because the book is written in Bella’s point-of-view, we only see her total adoration of Edward, which makes us completely biased. But I try.
    Which you can tell, because usually, I am 100% team Edward for everything.

  52. Sylvie

    okay, after reading the other comments:
    jake has self-control! he would never hurt bella by phasing into a wolf. that don´t means he´s safe for bella but still… he even can control himself much better than the other wolves…

    and i don´t think when bella comes home(after riding the motorcycles) charlie blames jacob. he just thinks she´s hurt due to her being so clumsy..
    i guess charlie thinks the motorcycle-thing is more bella´s fault, ´cause Jacob brought charlie the motorcycle at the end of new moon, so charlie thinks jake is responsible…
    and after all you have to cónsider that jake is a 16-year-old teenager and edward is older than a century…

  53. Elspeth

    Alright, if i were a parent, and my daughter had been deeply depressed over loosing this Edward, I would be extremely concerned. If my daughter woke every night screaming due to a nightmare from loosing her boyfriend, because he “stopped loving her” i would be really ticked at him. I also would not find myself liking the boy who replaced the original and she came home constantly hurt (physically) I would become worried when she became dependent on the second boy because when she was away from him she would become depressed about boy #1.
    Honestly, I was the mother of such a girl, I would bane her from dating entirely. She needs to be able to be whole herself without the reliance on a boyfriend to make her happy.
    Note: this is all from the surface level of what a parent would see. Of course i love Edward more than anything, and i know all his intentions were for the good, but if i was the mother of a girl and didn’t see the meat of the matter, i wouldn’t want anyone near her–Mike Newton isn’t even safe enough for me.
    i know i know my poor future children. But at least i realize that i’m protective.
    All in all i know that Edward is the ideal, but if my daughter were to go through all that i wouldn’t want Edward or Jacob for her.
    Happy Reading!

  54. Cassie

    I’ve always found that your analysis of the chapters gave me more insight as well.
    When I read what you wrote about the magnets I was laughing hysterically. Just wait until you get farther into Eclipse and you’ll see why that’s so funny.

  55. priyanka

    good thoughts on the first chapter, kaleb. i love what your views on what jacob intended to write in that note. although i am on team edward, meaning i prefer edward over jacob, i still feel that, as a parent i would think jacob would be a better choice for my daughter because in my eyes edward did more to hurt her and i feel edward doesnt care because he left her. there is so much more in eclipse that is to come, cant wait!

  56. Annie

    Magnets? Kaleb, you certainly are perceptive.

  57. Rakey

    Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward…. oh. Uhm. Right, I’m ‘posed to be Charlie here. Well, lets look at each boy’s pros and cons.

    Jacob– cons: butt ugly, arrogant, childish, fleas.
    pros: Charlie’s known him for years

    Edward– cons: is an outcast in the community
    pros: hot, polite, sexy, caring, gorgeous.

    Now lets see? EDWARD WINS

    And YAY on starting Eclipse!

  58. Bekah

    Wow. So yeah there actaully is a magnet anology later in the book for the two of them. I thought that was funny how you thought of that. Loves the madlibing of Jacob by the way. Hi-lariosness.

    Oh and picking Edward all the way.

  59. katie

    from Charlie’s pov Jacob gets Bella into motorcycles and cliff diving but Edward left her and she freaked out so I would want her to be with neither of them, maybe mike newton would seem the safest, from a parents pov that is!

  60. Liz

    Nice madlibs…

    Yeah I reallyn tried to pull myself out of my Team EDWARD! head for a minute and slid into Chief Swans shoes. I think I would think Jacob is safer…because Bella hasn’t hurt herself or run away or anything for Jacob…nothing weird has come up or anything the Charlie knows about anyway.

  61. Maddie

    Edward is much, much safer. Jacob can snap at any moment if he gets angry and turn INTO A WOLF. Edward may have the desire to bite her, but he’s awesome with self control, much more than Jacob. And I think turning into a wolf instantly is more sudden and dangerous than a desire.

  62. Aidynn

    Oh, goodness! The magnets! If you only knew! *explodes in a fit of mischievous giggles*

  63. Tara.Seanan

    Your grocery list is your bookmark? Cool! I always use my old bus pass. Anyways, as for your question, Jacob’s probably the healthier choice, mentally, Edward’s the safer choice. Not only would Bella not have a gaping metaphorical hole in her chest, Edward’s also the protective, responsible one who didn’t fix up a motorcycle for her or promise to take her cliff diving. I think Charlie just wants Billy as an in-law.

  64. dsolo

    Once again, you made me laugh. As for the magnets, I think you are on SMs brain wave frequency.

    Who would Charlie choose? For all the obvious reasons already stated, I think he would prefer Jacob. But, if it was in his hands to choose for Bella, he would choose Edward. Not because of his manners or money, but because he knows that Bella takes after him and he still hasn’t recovered from Renee leaving him 17 years ago. If Charlie is objective, he will see that Edward and Bella have the same level of commitment that he did when he married Renee.

    Love the madlibs, this book will give you more opportunities for humor.

  65. Allison

    If I were Bella’s mother (Having read all the way through Eclipse which is tied for my favorite Twilight book!)
    I would think that they were both bad for her, but I’d probably rather her stay with Edward because Edward appreciates Bella’s opinion and thoughts more, and that is VERY important.

  66. Sarah

    i would want NEITHER of them dating bella if i was bella’s parent and was aware of the existence of vampires and werewolves.
    if edward is overcome with the smell of bella’s blood he will kill her. thats it.
    but if jacob got angry and turned into a werewolf he could also kill her BUT if you look at emily and sam all he did was give her a REALLY bad scar. if that happened between bella and jacob she would live but either way there is a risk plus edward has gone TWO books without killing her so…..

  67. Alli

    The magent thing: that’s the second or third time you’ve talked about something before you read it…I’m getting suspicious…

    I am decidedly Team Edward, but if I was Charlie, with his limited insight, I would DEFINITELY want Bella with Jacob, he seems a lot safer and healthier for her from Charlie’s perspective.

    Loved your endings to Jacob’s lines!

  68. Kelli

    Magnets OMG! (insert giggle here) Edward is soooo much better for Bella. (sorry jacob fans =P )

  69. Puja

    Magnets, eh? You’re psychic. I swear you are. Or did you read ahead? HMMMM. (I’m kidding.)

    And to answer your question: This is coming from a Team Jacob person, Edward is safer for Bella. Though she’d probably be better off without both of them in her life.

  70. Verali

    so, as most everyone has said, if i were Charlie, knowing only what he knows of the current situation, and seeing all that he has seen, i would go totally with Jake – until i ran into a certain incident in Breaking Dawn….
    If i were Renee, i would go with Edward because of the way he makes Bella so happy, and the obvious… i don’t know, way they are together, i guess you could say.
    Now, if i were being unbiased and out of the loop, I have no idea who i would choose. But, as i am not – thank God – I could say that i would go 100% Edward all the way, because he is Edward, and i am just a helpless victim left to deal with his perfection, and everything else.
    What’s a girl to do?
    how did you think of that?! i never would have thought of it that way untill…
    well, bye for now.

  71. Elise

    Edward, you can see how much he loves her. You can also tell he’d never forgive himself if he hurt her.

  72. Carrie

    Re: your question, if I were Bella’s parent, I would’ve discussed the whole Edward thing w/ her thoroughly to understand what happened when he left, didn’t call or write, and then she left & came back w/ him. I’d have a more open relationship w/ her than Charlie or Renee, so I’d be more well-informed and I’d try to understand why Edward is so important to her. All Charlie knows is that there was a misunderstanding and he’s ticked because this guy hurt his daughter. Plus, Jacob is a close family friend. Since Edward is so polite and seems to come from a nice family and Bella has such strong feelings for him, I’d be okay w/ her choosing him. Jacob is okay, but he’s younger than her and she did get into a lot of trouble while spending time w/ him. Plus, there are things he does in “Eclipse” that I really do not like. Edward is the more sophisticated, cautious one and all he cares about is Bella’s safety & her happiness.

  73. Jen

    Great post Kaleb! It was definitely one of my favorite posts of yours.

  74. E

    I’m curious… what did you think of the poem from Robert Frost at the very beginning? You know, “Fire and Ice.”

  75. becky sue

    I really think that Charlie doesn’t want ANYONE with Bella; he’s the classic ‘father-type’ that wants to protect his daughter. What was it that Bella said? Uh, something about he’s afraid that she will get asked out, but he’s also afraid that she won’t–that it’s gotta be hard to be a father.

    He definetly makes it clear that he doesn’t approve of Edward, but if I was in his place, I’d probably be ok with either, so long as they treated my daughter amazingly.

    And if I knew EVERYTHING I’d HAVE to go with Edward (of course.)

  76. Lauren

    You gotta love how Charlie is completely oblivious to the whole deal, yet he thinks he knows everything. If he only knew Jacob routinely takes off his clothes and transforms into a large shaggy beast. But then again, if he knew that Edward prefers mountain lion dinners, who knows? He would probably lock Bella up in her room and start taking a fancy to Mike Newton.

    Ahh, Mike. It always comes back to you, doesn’t it?

  77. Becky

    okay, to answer your question: If I was her parent and didn’t know the whole story about vamps/werewolves, ect. than Jacob would probably be the most logical choice. Expecially after Bella’s extreme depression after Edward leaving. If I was Charlie, I would definitally not want Edward around anymore. Because all Charlie knows is that he left her, Bella basically tried to kill herself because of that, and she STILL takes him back, even though (to Charlie) Jake is safer, has never abandoned her, and is a family friend. But, Jake let her ride a motorcycle, introduced her to cliff diving, and has a temper.

    So if I was Charlie I would want Bella to be with Mike Newton, lol. Nice, safe, not reckless, normal, golden retriever Mike Newton. Not sure about how Renee would see it, but that’s what I think Charlie would want after all this (pre-BD that is) drama. After BD is a different story…

    long answers are FUN!

  78. Becky

    but of course, knowing the whole story means that there isn’t really a choice because Edward is obviously The One :)

  79. E

    Oh, I almost forgot; If I was Charlie, I’d want Bella with Mike Newton, I think, as far as safety goes… but what fun would that be??? 😀

  80. Debra

    I think Charlie should go to cooking school.
    Other than that… Charlie would always pick Jacob for Bella. But he would never want her to be without the one she really loved.

  81. Aria

    If I were Charlie, and didn’t know any of the super natural stuff. I’d say Jacob. Because from my point of view all I’ve seen this far is
    Edward: my daughter keeps randomly skipping town to be with him (even after he dumped her), and she jumped off a cliff!

    Jacob: comes home a little scratched up sometimes. Dang is Bella clumsy, But Jacob always makes sure she’s patched up.

  82. Brianna J.

    if i was a parent of bella, i don’t think i’d be able to choose for her. she knows her own mind and is really stubborn, so i’d just sit in the back seat crazy with worry and hope everything would turn out all right…

    loved the magnet thing, stick with it, it’s pretty important to the rest of the book- again, it’s like you can read minds or something.

    can’t wait for the next post!

  83. katie

    if bella were my daughter, i’d lock her away in a tower. if she brings vampires and werewolves out of their holes, i’m sure she could draw out a dragon to complete the whole picture… no boys till she’s over 39. and no make up either…

  84. Jasmine


    Jazz (Team Cullen!)

  85. Tammy

    Honestly, for the very reasons you suggested, I would trust my child more with Jacob (if I had one). That isn’t to say I hate Edward at all, it’s just that I can see things from both sides and Jacob seems SAFER.

    Whereas Charlie may trust Carisle as a doctor, he doesn’t know the Cullen family. Having his daughter constantly in an emotional state of turmoil or disappearing without words is taking it’s toll on the man. When taking that into consideration, it’s easy to see why Charlie feels more at ease with Bella together with Jacob.

    Charlie has known the Blacks forever and its good friends with Jacob’s father. Because of this communication, if anything happens to Bella, Charlie knows Billy will alert him immediately and won’t have trouble finding them. If I were Charlie, I would want my daughter with people I know and trust.

  86. Shannah

    I think you are pulling our leg with the magnet thing. theres no way you would just say that without already knowing.

    I think JACOB is safer for many reasons, but mostly because I like him better and Edward can be a right bastard.

  87. Kaleb Nation

    sheesh, the magnet thing: I think the reason I came up with it is that it is such an obvious comparison. Does the magnet stuff you’re saying happen in this book or Breaking Dawn? At least I can know how good of psychic powers I have 😀

  88. Rain

    Well I think that Charlie thinks both Edward and Jacob are good kids, I think that the problem are the combinations Bella+anyone=trouble, disaster, etc
    I think that if Charlie had a choice he would pick Jacob bc he knows his dad a lot better but of course he is bias

    Now Renee she would be like pick whoever you want they’re both nice boys and yeah don’t listen to your dad he’ll pick Jacob

  89. Maggie

    “It is like moving two positive ends of magnets closer — yes, they can be forced together, but they will always be pushing each other away.”
    ^Creepy much?

    haha I had to do a double take when I read that.

  90. Christy

    Edward, obviously. Jacob does to much dangerous and risky things. And LOL the bookmark thing made my day. xD

  91. AussieT

    Wow – looks like long posts mean long comments!

    Kaleb – the magnets comparison happens in Eclipse and is eerily very, very similar to what you said above.

    As a parent, I would be very wary of Edward – bringing out that sort of behaviour in my kid. But you can’t ban them from seeing the people they want to see – esp. at 18. So he’s compromising by letting her see Edward but keeping a close eye on things (or at least he thinks he’s keeping a close eye on things!).

    Great post – can’t wait for your others!

  92. Lindsey

    If I were Charlie, I would have to go with Mike Newton for my daughter’sboyfriend, unfortunatly, since Bella apparently would rather die then be with Mike Newton and then I would have no dinner by the time I got home, so I would say Jacob because then if he messed with my daughter I would sick Billy on him, or just shoot him (cus I’m Chief Swan and I have a gun! Muhaha) because I doubt shooting a vampire would be as satisfing as a werewolf.

  93. Kim

    First off, the bookmark thing was hilarious and hit home for me. I’ve done that quite frequently.

    Second off, your thoughts/madlibbing were hysterical. That’s obviously what Stephenie was thinking when she wrote that. (insert sarcasm here)

    To answer the first question you posed in the blog, it would depend on which parent I was. If I were Charlie, I would clearly pick Jacob considering I’ve seen him grow up, I love his family, and after seeing what Edward did to my daughter after he left, Jacob would appear to be the safer choice. If I were Renee, however, I have no real emotional ties to either of them, but Bella talks about Edward more frequently and he seems perfect for her the way she describes him. Plus I don’t know the entire story of what happened when Edward left except she was in a zombie phase. She (Renee) seems quick to forgive anyway.

    And finally(!), regarding your other question about the magnets thing, it was a fantastic analogy and it appears in Eclipse, but not in the same way that you used it. I’ll leave it at that. You’ll see it soon enough. :)

  94. Claire

    Really loved this post; it was very reminiscent of your very first ones. Full of humor and what-not. :)

    And way to call the magnets thing! It happens later on in Eclipse; boy, are you good!

    If I was Charlie, I would probably say Jake. Only because Billy’s a close friend of mine and I’d know Jake better. But at the same time, Charlie’s seen how essential Edward’s presence in Bella’s life is, so there has to be that balance.

  95. Jess

    Honestly, if my daughter told me that her two choices were between a vampire and a werewolf, I would have her committed.
    HOWEVER…I do believe that Edward is the safer choice-and I don’t just say that because he’s Edward. While Jake loves Bella, it’s still not to the extent that Edward loves Bella. She is his absolute life-his everything. Everything Edward has ever done for her, good or bad, has been for her good ever since he started loving her. Before that point is a different story, but irrelavent now. Jacob is a wonderful person, but more uncontrollable. He would be more able to ever hurt Bella, simply by accident. He is well controlled, but not quite so much as Edward is. Look at Sam-he hurt Emily by accident, even though he was imprinted on her, and loved her more than anything else. Who’s to say the same could never happen with Jacob?


  96. Kayla

    The bookmark story made me laugh, because I actually have done the same exact thing!

    Good call on the magnets, as you can proabably already tell!

    And to answer your question, I don’t have a kid yet but I think Bella is better off with Edward because he has better self control and he needs Bella too much to lose her. He also can protect her in more situations than Jacob can.

    Keep reading! I love your take on these books!

  97. Liz

    To answer your question I believe that Edward Cullen because of the fact that he will do anything for Bella.

    By the way good job on the post:)

  98. Laura

    Did anyone else catch that fact that Kaleb used the metaphor of 2 magnets? Maybe he’s got a little Alice in him (or has alread yread the books and has been lying to us the entire time!!!).
    Anyhoo, it would depend if I knew about all the supernatural hubub going on in Edward and Jacob’s life. I would probably just want Bella to be happy.

  99. Shelby

    I loved how you filled in the blanks in Jacob’s note! How hilarious!!! I loved it! I always wondered what he was trying to say but couldn’t.

    Now on to the question you asked….

    Now, if Charlie knew everything about the two boys that have taken an interest in his daughter, he wouldn’t be having either of them in his or her lives. There are reasons for this… Here, I shall explain the obvious.

    Edward is a vampire who lusts after Bella’s blood. Although he resists the thirst, there are still the dangerous “what if…” scenarios that-if Charlie knew everything about vampires- would never be able to look past. Therefore, he would never allow Bella to be with her soulmate, Edward.

    And then there’s Jacob. He is also dangerous for many reasons and Charlie would never be able to look past the issues- even though Jacob is his best friend’s son- and let him be his daughter’s boyfriend. Here are the reasons.

    Jacob is a loose cannon. He has sudden bursts of anger that force him to break through his skin to turn into a wolf. And let’s face it, we’ve all heard the story of Emily… Charlie would never allow Bella to put herself into harms way if he could help it. Although Jacob might never mean to hurt Bella- just like Edward would never mean to- all it would take is one little argument and Jake would explode…literally! There’s also the inconvenience of Jake’s clothes when he changes back. A half-naked boy running around isn’t really good when you’re trying to be the good boy for a man’s daughter. Jacob would be out right away because of that, wouldn’t you think?

    But, of course, Charlie has no clue that the two boys that mean the most to his daughter are supernatural creatures who are mortal enemies. Because of this fact… He’d say Jake is the safest bet for Bella because of the fact that Jake helped her out when Edward left and made her happy. We all know how different Bella became as soon as she began going to La Push to visit Jacob. Charlie saw that too.

    Charlie sees Edward far differently than he did in Twilight. He may have liked Edward then, but he hates him now. And I understand why. As far as he knows, Edward left Bella for something or someone else and seemed to not even care about what that did to Bella. And then, out of the blue, he shows up into Bella’s life again and acts like nothing happened. Charlie- like any other parent out there- wouldn’t look at it as something to be happy about, but wary. He’s waiting for Edward to leave. “The selfish rich boy can’t be trusted…” is what Charlie might be thinking. So for those reasons, he would say Jacob is safer, and in my opinion, if I was a parent with a teenage daughter, I would say the same thing. I know my parents might as well…

    Sorry for the long comment, but I’ve had this debate with people before and I love talking about it. I can’t wait for my boyfriend to get to Eclipse so I can ask him the same question you did, Kaleb!

    Thanks Kaleb for this great first post!!!!!!!

  100. Sarah

    Jacob is sooo obviously better for Bella. I’ve thought that all along. If I were her parents I wouldn’t want her dating that Edward guy. Jacob is the long lost best friend.

    Anyway great post Kaleb!!! I wish I could stay up for you BlogTV posts, but i never can :(

  101. Verali

    Rain, #88, actually, i think the equation would look something either like:
    Bella + anyone= trouble, disaster, etc.
    Bella + boys= trouble, disaster, etc.
    Bella + super-natural-things-that-should-not-exist-type boys= trouble, disaster, etc.
    Or, if you can come up with something maybe a bit more accurate or that also fits… let me know.
    (especially twilight guys named Kaleb Nation with issues on Microwave Lasagna theives, is obsessed with gnomes, has a knack for MadLibs, is partially psychic, AND can sing and dance on his head.)
    Verali Hayden James.
    to that certain person mentioned above… one of those requirements is not strictly necassary, but would be fun to watch.

  102. Twifanatic Amanda

    Ummmm I don’t know how to answer this question because this is something that a parent will never have to go through XD vampire and werewolf yeahhh

  103. Verali

    one more thing while im on a roll, don’t hurt yourself in the attempt if you can’t. but if you can, AWESOMESWEETKOOLTOTALLYANDCOMPLETELYAMAZING! x 1ooo

  104. Liz

    To answer your question i think that Edward because you can just tell by seeing them together how much he loves Bella and would do anything for her
    Also I just want to say that I love your post.

  105. Chelsea

    I completely understand Charlie’s side of things. Completely. I mean, Edward ran off and left Bella in a state of mind-numbing depression for months, and then she just welcomes him back? If I were Bella’s parent, I would be furious. The worst part is that Edward feels like he totally deserves whatever Charlie throws at him because whatever the insults Charlie hurls at him, Edward has told HIMSELF what a horrible person he is far more often than Charlie even thinks about him. So…

    I think you’ll find the next chapter very amusing, Kaleb.

  106. Anita

    hahaha! Kaleb you are a true Alice!
    i love this post, as for the question i would have to say Edward ‘coz no matter everything they’ve been through i would know that they are truly in love.

    P.S. Yeeeeeeeih! you choose my song! XD i’m so happy!

  107. Megan

    Haha, I love the reference to the magnets. Bella uses that comparison later in the book, too. It made me laugh :)

  108. lil'

    Jacob and Edward are like food.

    Jacob is like healthy food. You know you should choose healthy food because it’s good for you but then there’s Edward, the junk food, where you know it’s not good…but you’re tempted. It’s addictive.

    Jacob would be such a better choice; a healthier one for Bella. But Edward? You just can’t give that up, that guy got you hooked from the very beginning.

    Hahah, okay I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m food and sleep deprived right now. Hence, the analogy..LOL

  109. Janelle

    If I was a parent & had no idea of anything going on with Jacob & Edward, I’d be thinking Jake is safer, from an emotional standpoint. Bella was doing better with Jacob, though physically, if she was ending up in the hospital all the time, I’d be worried.

  110. Meghan F.

    …welcome to forks. LOL!

  111. EAConwell

    While I do eternally love Edward and know he loves Bella more than anything, if I was Bella’s parent, I wouldn’t let him in the house, let alone near my daughter. From Charlie’s point of view: the boy made my daughter run away to phoenix where there was no parental unit present, she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg, he dumped her to travel the world and left her barely a shell of the person she was, she goes off to god knows where for 3 days because ‘Edward’s in trouble’ only for them to come back a happy couple once more, with my daughter threatening to move out if I don’t let her see this ‘perfect guy.’ If I was Bella’s parent, I would have sent her home on the first plane to Jacksonville to save her from the manipulating mysterious boy from school.

    Jacob, on the other hand, is an old family friend and slowly helped my daughter learn to laugh and smile again. He hasn’t made my daughter run away to god knows where and seems to be mature enough to handle helping her move forward with her life.

    Regardless of how much we love Edward, with the limited knowledge Charlie has, what parent would want their daughter to go out with Edward Cullen after all that mess? I certainly wouldn’t.

    lol, I still love Edward though, he and Bella are two halves of the same whole. ^-^

  112. Heather


    I thought of another reason why Jacob isn’t good for Bella and why I’ve never considered them two together. I don’t remember exactly where imprinting is first mentioned, but I do know it is explained further in Eclipse. So, whenever you read the whole imprinting thing, remember that that’s a reason why Jacob is no good for Bella and not a “healthier” choice as many people say. If Bella chooses Jacob, he might leave her someday just like Edward did, and he’ll have no other choice. With Edward, he will never love anyone else ever now that he has found Bella and there’s always that security. These were my thoughts while reading Eclipse and I don’t know why other people don’t see this logic.

    I’m pretty sure I spoiled nothing, even if imprinting hasn’t been brought up yet, I may have just peaked your interest extremely, which is a good thing because then you’ll read faster.

    And also, if I was Charlie, even if I didn’t quite like Edward, I wouldn’t try to push Jacob onto Bella, no matter how good I thought he was for her. It’s her choice, and as a parent, I would realize that I can’t do much to change it. I might try once, but then I would lay off. Charlie does a lot of pressuring in Eclipse.

  113. courtney

    Dang Kaleb you moved on to Eclipse quick! not a moment to spare!
    I would have to say from Charlie’s eyes that Jacob seems to be much safer for Bella but in reality I think that Edward is.
    And have you gotten to the magnet part yet or was that a total coincidence?

    anyway your too funny your pics always make me laugh 😀

  114. Jessi

    So yeah lol I’ve done that with my bookmark all the time so i feel the pain. Next if I was Charlie and Renee I’d be a little worried hello soul-less (supposedly) blood drinking demon it is the natural order for them to be worried but kinda glad because ya know its like she’s always being protected by someone who is far stronger than you’ll ever be. But then again I’m A TOTAL Bella . Seriously my motto in life is I’m not clumsy . . . the floor just hates me. But from the parental perspective I think that Edward is the lesser of 2 evils as they say.

  115. Nurazlin

    Woah, this this only had 60 comments a few hours ago…

    I agree with Brittney H. from #3.
    I TRIED to be unbiased, pushing my love for Edward out of the way for a little while to see things clearly, and if, i only knew what Charlie knew, I’d be rooting for Jacob too.
    But knowing what we all know…
    Team Edward all the way! xP

    Seriously. Did someone tell you about the magnets?

  116. Cara

    Well, as a parent, I would probably want Bella with Jacob- but that’s only because I don’t know what’s going on, and from the outside, it would seem like Jacob is better for her. But not being a parent, I am 100% Edward.

  117. Nurazlin

    woops, ignore my magnet comment. i didn’t see your reply….i feel stupid now.
    *slaps self*

  118. Stephen

    If I were Bella’ s father, I would whole heartily support her dating Edward before I would Jacob. Though I am a “Team Edward” fan, I can see how he has had a century of practice at resisting his natural inclination to feed on human blood. In addition, given the passionate love felt for Bella, I would know in my heart, as a father, that he truly loved and cared about her well being apart from his own desires blood and otherwise.

  119. Jaimie

    “It is like moving two positive ends of magnets closer — yes, they can be forced together, but they will always be pushing each other away.”

    When I read this line, I literally laughed out loud. So funny.

    I love your crazy bookmark search, Kaleb. This same scenario has played out plenty of time for me. Somehow I always manage to lose my bookmark. They’re usually receipts, too.

    I think that if I were Bella’s parent I would think that Jacob was safer for her. Charlie has seen Jacob grow up right in front of his eyes and knows that Jacob loves her. The first reaction Charlie ever had towards Edward was one of alarm, even if he did picture the wrong person. Edward has that whole aura of dangerousness around him and even when he’s asked to keep Bella safe and he sounds completely sincere, one has to wonder how he is so certain that he’ll be able to.

  120. Shelly

    The magnets made me smile, you’ll find out why soon enough and i’m sure you’ll laugh very hard 😉

    As for your question; my answer is Eric Yorkie. Lol, seriously though, between Edward and Jacob I’d have to say Edward. Jacob just.. forces himself on her while Edward actually looks out for her well being. Jacob has a problem with doing what HE wants and not caring about others opinions on the matter while Edward actually listens to Bella’s thoughts (lol, the irony..) and does what he can to make her happy and safe at the same time. *My opinion of Jacob is different in Breaking Dawn but since you’re only on Eclipse, those are my original thoughts on the matter :) *

  121. Joanna

    As a parent – I have four daughters, so I speak from experience! – I would be leaning toward Jacob at this point. Edward leaving nearly destroyed Bella, and if any male ever did that to one of my teenage daughters, I wouldn’t let him in the house or anywhere near her if I could help it.

    Through a parent’s eyes I’d definitely think of Jacob as the safer one of the two, especially if I had known him since he was little, like Charlie has. As a reader, though, I love them both.

    Loved your post and the pic, by the way! :)

  122. Ren

    I would say neither, instead Mike Newton. Or one of those other vial- but safe- humans.

  123. Sarah W.

    Your magnet simile is rather frighteningly psychic. As a reader, I love Edward and Jacob equally. But as a parent, I definitely see Jacob being healthier for a teenage daughter. Edward though, would make her happier obviously, because Bella chooses him. So I would be conflicted. In the end, as a very concerned and almost unfair parent, I would perfer my daughters’ health than ultimate happiness and hope that it was enough.

  124. devz30

    First chapter of Eclipse *sigh*

    And the magnet thing… Very…insightful. ^_^
    As for the answer…
    Though I would hate to admit it (yeah, I would) if I was the parent, I would proabably think Jacob is safer. I mean, if you put it that way, when Charlie doesn’t know that Edward will not hurt Bella- and Jacob’s been Bella’s friend and all- I really think I am inclined to go for Jacob. A safe friend who wouldn’t hurt Bella. But still, I would have considered possibilities. I mean, who would think that Edward could leave Bella in Twilight? So maybe I’d think in future Jacob could hurt Bella…So… neither?
    Ok, too much typing….

  125. Christina

    dude magnets? really? you’re gonna laugh later on =P

  126. mel

    i think edward is safer just bc he’s more experienced (and bc he’s the awesomest character in any series ever!!!) and besides edward knows what it is like to think he’s lost the core of his unchanging exisitance. that has made him immune to her alluring scent which was the core of the problem in the first place. and as for the accidently being able to crush her, like i said he has experience and he knows what he’s doing he himself could never hurt her. okay yea new moon w/e he will never hurt her again and has never physically hurt her so i’d think theyd be fine. besides he’s uber careful. (Love you edward!!!!!) lolz

  127. A.L.

    1) You can’t teach an old “dog” new tricks but apparently you can teach an old vampire. This is a very good thing.

    2) Jacob is a hypocrite. For future reference. A very bad hypocrite who deserves to be called on it but everyone else has too much class and more important things to worry about to point this out to him.

  128. Tonya

    If I were Bella’s parent and I only knew what Charlie knows, I would think that Jake was better for her. If I knew what Edward and Jake were, I’d move away and drag her with me.

  129. Elliot

    It would be really close, but I would probably favor Edward – all Bella engages in is, seen from an outer perspective, minor danger: driving to Phoenix(car)/flying to Rome (plane), falling down stairs (yeeeesss, I know, but we are outer perspective, remember?), whereas Jacob engages her in major danger: motorcycling (and even providing this hellish machinery by fixing it!) and racing her, jumping from cliffs… not to say he has all these other troublesome friends as Paul (anger-management, anyone?)… and then Edward with his family, completely inconspicious, and one sibling is always with her… Though I would watch my daughter really close with any troublemaker, I would feel more at ease with Edward.

  130. Miranda

    I think that I would be happier with Edward, not that I’m biast or anything. I think that edward has shown time and time again that he loves Bella and would give the world for her, and his life. EDWARD

  131. Fallow

    Well, Renee is allergic to dogs (you find this out later, but it’s not a spoiler), and I think she’d like to be around with the both of them and not just one.

  132. Joanne Maria

    At this point in the story, I suppose Jacob because he still is coming off as a “goody two shoes”. At this point Edward seems like the bad guy. I need time to get to know Edward better.

  133. Shannen

    Magnets???!!! *Shannen jumps back in alarm* Are you sure you haven’t read this book before?!
    If I was Bella’s parents I would definitely think Jacob was safer. After all, it wasn’t Jacob who made Bella go crazy when he left.

  134. Jess

    Wow, dude, you totally stole the magnet comparison! That’s amazing. Yeah, you’ll see that exact metaphor later in the book. That EXACT metaphor. Wow, you rock.

  135. summer nicole

    so you’re finally on the only book with a big plot in it!
    well, this is my favorite one so i hope you enjoy it. :)
    (and you might just want to stop at the end of it and pretend the series is a trilogy).
    oh, and i say jacob because edward is abusive. not physically, though. you’ll see later on.
    oh, and nice fortune telling there. the whole magnets thing is like a direct quote.

  136. Nidhi

    Don’t worry kaleb, we all have those moments! We’ll buy you a better bookmark, so that you don’t need to use your grocery list anymore, ha ha. As for your question, If I were Bella’s parent, I would definitly say that Jacob is safer for bella. However, I know personally that the heart often wants what isn’t safe, and who am I to question the heart?

  137. Saphira C.

    Well, since I am officially in love with Edward Cullen, I would say that Edward was the best option, but just because I’m in love with him. 😛

  138. Rhiannon

    Okay….If I were Bella’s parent, sadly, I wouldn’t realize how dangerous either one of the amazing candidates were, but apart from the fact that one is a vampire, and one a werewolf, I would probably at first look think Edward. Edward just looks…responsible, and sophisticated. He looks like the kind of guy that you can trust. And his voice is so seducing, that you kind of have to believe him. After New Moon though, after seeing all the pain he put Bella through, I don’t really know what I would think. Jacob is so childish and irresponsible, letting Bella ride a motorcycle without a helmet, when she is obviously so klutzy it’s almost a handicap, but he kept her happy (to a certain extent). And being happy can be a big part of being safe. But, even with Jacob, she still did all those rash things to hear Edward’s voice, which makes Edward even more dangerous…. This is a really hard question…. I think that I would hate both Edward and Jacob if I were Bella’s parent, because they both hurt her so badly, and I would ask her to give up on those freaks and just go out with Mike, or Tyler or something. As a teenage girl though, I would tell her that Jacob was much better for her and safer for her, and then I would go and steal Edward. :)
    I don’t know if any of that made sense….but anyway…

  139. Samantha

    Wow, magnets…

    You are so incredible; are you sure you aren’t Alice? I will leave it at that! 😉

  140. Kristina

    Haha, Samantha, I second that.

    Now, as to the Jacob Edward question, I’m really not sure. I’m totally and completely 100% Team Edward [I loved how Stephenie wrote Breaking Dawn] but if I were Charlie, I’d probably say Jake was safer for Bella. He seems strong and protective, and he seems to genually care for her. BUT, if I were Charlie, I also wouldn’t know the whole story. I wouldn’t know that Jacob was a werewolf. I wouldn’t know that Edward was a vampire, or that even though he is one, that he could never hurt her in any shape form or fashion after his realization in New Moon. But even so, I’d like to say that as a parent, I will let my child choose his/her date, so to say. I may not, but I’d like to say that I will trust them enough to be able to choose the right person for them.

  141. Cherokee

    I loved how you finished Jake’s sentences. That was hilarius.

    And now, your question…

    When I answer, you will probably think it is typical, but I will give my reasons.

    If I was Charlie, I would choose Edward for Bella.

    Yes, Edward left and Bella was depressed, and as a parent, you would be terribly angry at whoever had caused it, but even though it seemed like Jacob was cheering it up, wasn’t it just Edward again? His voice was the reason she kept doing dangerous things, most of them ideas of Jake’s. Jacob helped her ride the motorcycles and she got hurt doing it. Jacob mentioned taking her cliff diving, and Bella almost kills herself.

    When Edward showed up again, Bella was immediately more cheerful. She was genuinely happy and not doing dangerous things anymore (That Charlie knew about. He obviously doesn’t know that Jake is a werewolf and Edward is a vampire).

    The question isn’t Jacob or Edward, the question is physical pain or emotional pain.

    Would you rather have your child hurt, even dead, or just sad?

    Charlie thinks Edward will hurt her again, that’s why he doesn’t like him. Jacob gets Bella hurt…why doesn’t he have a problem with that?

    If I were Charlie, I would prefer Edward for her. She is happy with him, sad that she can’t be with Jacob, but still happy and safe. If she had to stay away from Edward, I would fear for her life.

  142. Nicki

    Okay, so you’re going on the basic assumption that Jacob actually loves Bella- a fact that can be disputed, since the strongest kind of love (imprinting) that exists in the werewolf world has not occured betweeen Jacob and Bella. In short, HE’LL HAVE TO LEAVE HER EVENTUALLY unless he’s sequestered away from all civilization left to stare at pictures of Bella all day. On the other hand, edward would rather die than let anything happen to her, we already know he will never leave her again (NM chapter whatever)and he’s opposed to turing her into a vampire because IT’L TARNISH HER SOUL. He flipping CARES about her more than Jacob- jacob just cares about himself. He likes Bella, therefore he wants Bella. Edward likes Bella, therefore he wants Bella, therefore he know he;s bad for Bella so he leaves, but he’s so important to her that he’ll stay anyways just to make her happy.

  143. Gatchene

    lmao on your magnet comment.

    I think if i was Bella’s parent I would think Jacob is safer because Edward is just oddly polite and doesnt seem to find it awkward to be around his girlfriend’s father. He (logically) isn’t a normal teenager which is frieghtning and suspiscious

  144. Attera

    I would say Jacob. I mean, yes, Edward loves her for EVER, but Jacob has less of a risk factor, at least I think so. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we all love edward; no pain no gain, right? ahaha

  145. Sveta

    i think that edward would be safer fer her cuz jacob doesnt rlly care much fer her safety
    just her company rlly
    i mean edward is rlly polite and everything even tho charlie absolutely hates him
    ok if i was charlie then i think that jacob would be better fer her
    i mean he thinks that edward caused all of bellas problems
    so he wants edward out of her life before he can mess up anything more in her life
    [as if her life wasnt already messed up :)]
    i rlly like ur mad libs fill in
    it was hilarious!!!

  146. Chelsea

    I love your mad libs. I won’t say much but in your summary you seemed to hit a lot of basic themes in this book that stephanie herself even says.

  147. Lari

    I would definitely like JACOB more as Charlie! I love them both-but Jacob is an obvious pick.
    Oh, and by the way-are you related to Carry Nation by any chance Kaleb?

  148. Devon

    Hmm….if I was Bella’s parent and knew as little as Charlie does…this is kind of a complicated question. Bella’s got Charlie for a dad…and dad’s typically are too overprotective of their daughters (sometimes, for good reason), and Renee is almost too perceptive, as you’ll soon see. So if I was just a regular parent, well…even though she has run away for Edward twice and gotten a broken leg doing do on one occasion (but Charlie didn’t know the circumstances), he is a gentleman, is respectful, polite, loving, and mature. Jacob I see as more dangerous/reckless without heed for safety, trusting too much in Bella’s ability to care for herself…and he’s immature, self-centered, and selfish. I’d go with Edward. They obviously love each other and don’t do well apart. Charlie, I think, is too biased because of his friendship with the Blacks. He’s your typical protective dad.

    It reminds me of when I first started dating. My dad made waves to me about taking the guy downstairs “for a talk” and to show him his gun and knife collection, and reiterate that I was supposed to be home by a certain time. Intimidation tactics because of overprotectiveness. Haha fathers are always suspicious of young guys beccause they’ve been there and done that.

  149. .Nicole

    if i were Bella’s parent…i think i would choose Jake ’cause edward is so…..(you complete the sentence ^_^)

  150. Aubrey

    Hmm…tough question. If I were an ignorant parent who had no idea that Edward was a vampire and Jacob was a werewolf I would most definetly choose Jacob as the safer one. But knowing what I know, I would say Edward. There is no way that Edward would hurt Bella, there is however a very small but possible chance that Jacob might loose control and hurt her. By the way, remember the comment you made about the magnets, it’s kind of important later on. Happy reading Kaleb, I can’t believe you’re already on to Eclipse!

  151. KMA#1

    Wow….you’re foreshadowing and you didn’t even know it. :)

  152. Sarah

    I loved the line about the magnets! and to answer your question about Jacob or Edward, if i knew what they were I would say Mike…he’s the safest solution for her not to get killed or hurt

  153. Feven

    I would say Edward.. but that whole New Moon stunt, even though it had good meaning, kind of FAILED. So yeah, I wouldn’t want Edward anywhere near my daughter.

    Jacob by default, wins.

  154. Dee

    siriously dude… you are a total psych! the thing about the magnects… I also got it when I read eclipse but the fact that you actually mentiones magnets… freaky!

    okay… I have to say I am very exited about the fact that you are reading eclipse, as it is my second favorite book in the saga its really cool believe me :)

    well to your quesion,I think that probably charlie should open his eyes a little mose.. dude if you daughter jumps off a clipse, and has a sudden trip to idont know… ITALY! thats not normal… apart form the fact that edward is really freaky looking… I would totaally trust jacob, his a family friend (dont get me wrong i LOOOVEEEEE edward… but from a dads perspective.. i dont know)

  155. Marianne

    I’m not a parent but if I were, are you asking the question that if I were akin to all the ins and outs of Edward and Jacob, which one would I prefer for my daughter?

    If so, Edward would be the choice for the sheer fact that Jacob is too forceful. He’s like an abusive husband! EEK. By the end of Eclipse I was pretty sure that he could be a suspect for rape! Next thing is… Stephenie Meyer introduced imprinting in New Moon. She would not have introduced this if it wasn’t going to be possible for Jacob to imprint and leave Bella. Edward left Bella, yes, physically but he didn’t fall in love with someone else.

    I like Jacob’s character, really. He is everything that is youthful and unadulterated about romance. Of course Edward is everything that is mature and passionate…

    Anyway, a mom’s point of view is always different from a dad’s. Renee is pretty ok with that Edward kid even if Charlie is not.

  156. Vi

    As Bella’s rents I would say to wait till college or um don’t grow up. EVER. huh. Mike is the safest.
    Honestly, what parent could choose between EC and JB. WHAT PARENT IN THEIR MINDS WOULD THINK THAT THEIR CHILD IS SAFE WITH SOMEONE. ah, parenthood is blinding :)

  157. Brittany

    Loved the mad libs! I always crack up when you fill in the gaps…

    Hmm, Edward or Jacob for my child…? Well, I can totally get why Charlie prefers Jake – he’s the family friend, been around forever, while Edward is this pale funny looking stranger. If Charlie could see both guys and how they treat his daughter (and the person she becomes around them), I think he’d prefer Edward. He brings out the responsible side of Bella and actually goes overboard in his attempts to protect her whereas Jake and Bella together are more likely to break bones/start fights/lose their tempers and explode in a furry frenzy…

  158. Monica

    Haha, you are right on top of things– really! The magnet part, well… let’s just say that is a VERY good guess. You’ll see, you’ll see.

  159. Dee

    more than good… bella actually does mention it…

  160. Jessica

    If I was Bella’s parent… *dream clouds* no wait *storm clouds* Okay, I’m Renee, my clumsy daughter just got abandoned by her boyfriend. Totally messed her up… We considered instatutionalizing her, um the boy comes back. They love eachother again. But there’s this other boy, one who was there for her when she was in need…

    JUST as a parent i’m gonna have to say Jacob, but as a person who really know what’s going on I’m saying Edward (they’re perfect for eachother DUH)

    Think of it from what Charlie and Renee are seeing though!

  161. Beverly

    Jacob, definitely. As far as Charlie’s concerned at this point, Edward is a creepy guy that doesn’t care for Bella at all. Jacob, on the other hand, is definitely her dream guy- they’ve known each other forever, he’s very funny and casual, and he was there to help get her out of misery.
    Poor guy doesn’t know ANYTHING.

  162. :Daniela

    if i were bella’s parent, i would probably love to see jacob and bella together, because that’s my best friend’s son, and i know him. but i would let bella make the decision. because it’s her life. but i think i’d also see the connection between bella and edward, so i’d also be comfortable in her decision.
    you know?

  163. Brigid

    magnets was very insightful of you….but not nearly as insightful as you appear to think it was….

  164. jEsSi

    i agree with Brigid… very insightful… u jus did a lil foreshadowing of ur own, but its really not a big thing… its jus funny how u came to that conclusion so early on. U’ll see wat we mean when u get to that part ^_^

  165. Scott

    To answer your question. If I were Charlie I would most definitely lean in favor of Jacob, besides for the fact that he is his best friends son, which would be a cool person for a son-in-law, what does Charlie really know abut Edward anyway, because of him she stormed out on him and went back to AZ where she was almost killed then he left her an she was like a zombie for months and the she takes off while he is at his friends funeral for three days and when she comes back he’s with her again. Face it Edward does not apeal to the parents very well.

  166. Mary

    ok i choose edward of course Bella would be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy safer with Edward!!! Plus i love love Edward, he treats Bella sooooo nice, and he’s polite, doesnt cause problems unlike jacob Edward rocks!!!

  167. Rose

    i would say neither if i was just a mom. they’re both causing her trouble. …but even as a mom i would remember my youth, and bella loves edward. its not like he’s treating her badly, you know. most importantly, bella wants edward, not jacob. she’s 18, and its her choice, so definitely edward.

  168. Claudia

    Wow! I can’t believe you’re up to Eclipse already. It seems like it was just yesterday I discovered this site, and I think it’s totally awesome.

    Now onto your question: If I were Bella’s parent I would think JACOB was way safer for her. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% Team Edward, but from a parent’s point of view, Jacob would seem way safer.

    However, from my point of view, I believe Edward is safer for Bella. This is because Jacob is still very unexperienced in the whole supernatural thing, whereas Edward is more capable of controlling himself since he has had about a century of practice.

    By the way, I was wondering if you had any advice for an aspiring writer. All I’ve written so far are short stories, and I was thinking of competing in a writing contest, but I haven’t heard of any lately.

  169. Tianna

    I agree with Claudia, except for the fact that it WAS yesterday that I found this site.

  170. samantha

    are you related to Alice perchance?

    if i was a parent, i would say edward is better for bella, simply because he is so much hotter, cuter, nicer, thoughtful, devoted, and loving than jacob (i may be a teensy bit predjudiced). dont forget he also can cook and has better manners.

  171. ~Tina

    Kaleb, thanks. You’ve now got me on red-alert for the Lasagna Burglar… and I think I would PREFER Jacob, but I would want whatever makes my daughter happy, and if choosing a blood-thirsy vampire over a short-tempered werewolf makes her happy, well then…

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  173. Ruby

    great imput on jacobs letter – it’s amazing how well you nailed it – but I have to admit, that I’m a bit dissapointed
    You completly forgot Jake’s favorite word for vampires! 😉

    -Bloodsuckers 😛

    so anyway thanks for being you, i love reading your chapter-thoughts 😉

  174. Kieran

    I love the books they are all amazing and I’ve already bought tickets for the movie. I can’t wait to see the fight between Edward and James or the look of sheer disappointment and lust on Bella’s face when Edward pulls away from the kisses. It is going to be an amazing movie i just love the books so much. And no i am not gay

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  177. Elena

    I’m sure someone else already said this, because it’s just insane, but the fact that you said “It is like moving two positive ends of magnets closer — yes, they can be forced together, but they will always be pushing each other away.”
    Wow… just wow, you have got to be on the same exact brain wave as Stephenie, that’s just crazy.

  178. Elena

    Oh, also, I would think Jake was a lot safer for her. He’s always been there for her, never let her down, and seeing how upset Edward made her in New Moon and what he’s put her through, no one would want a possible repeat of that for their child. Plus, Jake’s awesome 😀

  179. Elizabeth

    Okay, I have a song suggestion for Chapter 23 Monster: “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers. Listen to it: it sounds like it was written by Jacob.

  180. Psycho

    I believe the things outisde Jacob’s window were owls, not pigeons. LOL

  181. Fanny U0banks

    I really think that Bella should pick Edward because i can really feel their magic when i read twilight. When Edward left Bella in New Moon I was barely able to read it without him there because Edward and bella's love and stuff was what made me like the twilight books so much. it might have something to do with the fact that i am really obsessed with vampires and theyre my favourite mythical creature but i really really love edward and bella together. an they DO NOT talk at eachother! What mkes you think that whatever ur name is that said that… I LOVE EDWARD


  182. Sandra

    It's so hard to choose because they both sincerely love Bella and none have been jerks so far. (even tho edward broke up with her,, he did it with a good intention behind it) I put myself in her place and i would have such a hard time choosing between them. Jacob has always been there for Bella, he took Bella out of that depression she put herself into and protects her as much as Edward. As a parent i would have to go with Jacob but as myself i have to agree with claudia. Jacob is younger and new to his change.. whereas Edward has had soooo many years to learn controlling himself.

  183. Impy (Samantha)

    okay, i admit that i am embarisingly outawack with the twilight fan stuff, and i just actually found out about u on the Twilight in Forks disk that came out with NewMoon, but you make me laugh like every five seconds with your comments, im adding you t my favorites and telling all my friends…lolz

  184. adrianneglover

    If I was to choose I think it would be very hard because Jacob is right for her but also Edward and if she should do whather heart tells her and whos right for her =)

  185. maybeeitssam

    Well, in a parents perspective, everyone would have to agree that Jacob would be more fit for Bella. I would feel like Edward hurt her mentally too much. Sometimes, the truth hurts; but I can totally see her with Edward more. As much as Jacob was so convincing about staying with him, people are prone to go back to their first love.

  186. realmexican

    diz iz really cool

  187. ummhedaya

    Truthfully… from the perspective of a parent… which I am… we teach our kids to say no to drugs and unfortunately… that is exactly what Edward is to Bella… but parents never seem to grasp that their kids grow up and feelings and love alter things. But Jacob is young and still isn't very together… Edward, although he is stuck in the body of a 17 year old, is overly mature and respectful… were it not for the facts of what happened in new moon, I can't see anyone not being happy to have their child with him. He really has it together, love is just new to him.
    Thats my view as a parent… but as a woman… Edward all the way :)

  188. R.P/E.C, T.L/J.B SO HOT!

    Yeah you pretty much narrowed it down but I thin it should be something like this…

    Bella + super-natural-things-that-should-not-exist-type anything = trouble, disaster, etc.


    Bella + anything = trouble, disaster, etc.

  189. Raven

    If I knew only what Charlie knew, I would think Jacob was better for her. And he can't help being biased. And in New Moon, he showed that he was already getting attached to the idea of them being a couple (when he was talking to Alice and he brought it up to her).

    Bella doesn't have a healthy relationship with Edward at all. So I don't think its wrong for Charlie not to want her to pursue it. But at the same time, I wish for him to accept the fact that /when he's around/ he does make her happy and he is who she loves and wants. And to me, that's enough of a reason not to try to break them up. He should spend more time trying to coax her into being less dependent on him–thus making the relationship healthier–instead of riling up her rebellious instincts by telling her, “No.” That's what I think.

  190. Danielle

    I don't know for sure which one is safer for her. There's just just an inbetween in both Edward and Jacob. For Jacob, if he gets angry….. poof….. he's a werewolf, but he's a fun guy to hang around with and he's HOT! For Edward, he can kill her easily, but has great will power and he's carming and Hot. So it's hard to decide.

  191. Danielle

    Yeah I had to do this comment thing again cause I didn't have time to do this and also I had to get to class, Okay!

    I don't know for sure which one is safer for her. There's just an in between in both Edward and Jacob. For Jacob, if he gets angry… poof… he's a werewolf, but he's a fun guy to hang around with and he's HOT! For Edward, he can kill her easily, but has great will power and he's charming and hot. So it's hard to decide who’s safer for Bella as a parent.

  192. katie

    jacob black bella and paul is the best ones

  193. katie

    jacob black bella and paul is the best ones

  194. Nicole

    It's hard to decide becaause I know that Edward is a vampire and Jacob is awerewolf. So they're pretty much boh equally dangerous and also both so non dangerous to Bella. So like I said it's hard to decide.

  195. Smartlilbit

    Edward, because of their physical appearences, Jacob is muscular, doesn't wear a shirt often, and is always seen hanging around older guys with the same appearences. Jacob looks more dangerous than Edward.

  196. Louise

    I would think Edward was safer for Bella because Jacob could get too angry and hurt her instantly but Edward is in more control of himself.

  197. Maandacs

    I wouldn't advice any parent to do that, let their child be friends and worse be in love with a vampire…. thank god this is just a fiction. However, if it was me in that situation…. I might. Knowing the whole story, nah…. Its too complicated. Just enjoy reading…

  198. VariousNumerous

    Old movie references, more cool scale points, you may beat out my brother soon :p

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