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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 3 (Motives)

October 27th, 2008 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is All Fall Down by OneRepublic

At the moment, as the chill of the all-too-rapidly approaching scourge of winter descends upon Dallas, I am a bit jealous of Bella and Edward hanging out in sunny Florida. I visited the state once when I was 10 years old, and the three things I learned are:

1. Clearwater Beach actually has clearer water than Cocoa Beach,

2. Sharks do swim close to shore, and

3. Despite photographic evidence, Floridians do not build all their houses upside down.

However, none of these seem to plague Bella and Edward as much as it did the 10-year-old me, since they seem to have bigger troubles at hand (example: keeping the sparkly Edward out of the relentless Florida sunlight).

The short trip to see Bella’s mom seems to have been quite satisfying nonetheless — of course, excluding when Renee starts to pester Bella about the strangeness of Bella and Edward’s connection. She knows that something is up, but just can’t seem to put her finger on it…

“I feel like I don’t really understand your relationship. Like there’s some secret I’m missing…” Renee said.

I nodded. “Yes mother, I confess. My boyfriend is a vampire. Surprise!”

But Renee only nodded. It wasn’t the reaction I had been expecting, so in shock, I went on.

“A-and…my best friend is a werewolf.”

But she only nodded again. It was utterly maddening, how casual she seemed to take the supernatural things.  What was wrong with her? So, in desperation, I hissed,


To my utter rage, she only nodded. Then she sighed.

“I guess then it’s time to tell you the truth,” she broke the silence. “See, Phil is actually a leprechaun…”

Of course, when Bella leaves with Edward, certain people get concerned. Jacob suddenly sees that this could be Edward’s opportunity to change Bella into a vampire — a rather final event that would seem to seal Bella’s disconnection with Jacob completely. Charlie, who has loathed Edward for some time, has obviously been watching and waiting for the very second they pull up the driveway.

Come now Charlie. It’s not like Edward’s going to drink her blood or anything.

When I read this chapter, all of a sudden I was confronted with a Jacob who was different than I remember. It seemed as if this Jacob was so much more confrontational than before: actually calling Bella’s house, and showing up at the school, instead of sulking and avoiding her. It was so confusing to me how his demeanor had changed so quickly.

But then, I took a step back from the loathings between Edward and Jacob, and tried to see what triggered Jacob to change suddenly. What I realized was that Jacob ceased to avoid Bella the moment she left town, and he thought she was in danger.

It is one of those things where you have to tap into the thinking of the other side. To Jacob, Bella being turned into a vampire is one of the most horrible things that can happen (even though we are pretty sure it is not as bad as he is thinking). But he is truly very concerned for her; so much that he starts to call her house repeatedly until she returns.

This tells me that he isn’t as angry at her as he might put out. When Jacob is on the border of being an antagonistic jerk in front of the school, almost appearing to provoke a fight, I don’t think he is doing it to cause trouble, but rather because he is still hurt that Bella left him, and still vastly afraid that Edward will take her away, turn her into a vampire, and all chances of Bella changing her mind will vanish. It makes me sympathetic to Jacob’s side.

I also found it so amusing that the one class Edward did not attend with Bella was math. I suppose even vampires are terrified of Calculus 😀

Question for the comments: Do you think the reason Jacob was trying to provoke Edward into a fight was really because of Emmett crossing the border, or because he is hurt over Bella?


– For those of you who missed the epic BlogTV Saturday night in which Bailey and I broadcast from the same room, Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Ashley Greene (Alice) have been added to the still-growing list of special guests appearing at Twicon!

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  1. Krystol

    Yay! I’m the first to comment! Okay, in answer to your question I think it’s both. Jacob is ticked that Emmett crossed the border and it’s almost like he knew that Edward wasn’t going to tell her, so he wanted to make sure she knew.

    Secondly, yes, he is upset because Bella chose the vamps over him. The way he chooses to see it is that Bella was abandoned, he saved her and then she goes right back to the people that hurt her. That kills him because he cares about her.

  2. Emii, NZ

    Good insight. I think that Jacob just wanted to vent his feelings at Edward, I mean, he took his (almost) girl.
    He probably wanted a fight XD

  3. Sarah W.

    I think probably both, BUT the stronger of the two being hurt over Bella. That blow she delivered to him was DEEP. Great post! I especially loved ‘Come now Charlie. It’s not like he’s going to drink her blood.’ Cute! :)

  4. Lucinda H

    I think that Jacob tried to pick a fight because he is hurt over Bella. He honestly worried about Bella being taken away from him forever. In Jacob’s mind, he still has a chance with Bella as long as she is human. So, he’s going to try everything that he can to get Bella to see that, in his mind, he is better for her.

  5. Kristen

    This isn’t such a big deal, but I don’t think Edward is afraid of Calculus. I’m pretty sure he was taking the class in Twilight or before; he is a genius after all. I don’t think he is scared of anything except losing or killing Bella.

    I kind of agree about Jacob though. He is sad and hurt. He basically lost his best friend and crush/love, so he is resorting to stupid male ego induced antics such as parking his motorcycle on the school sidewalk and acting all macho. That is definitely not the Jacob Black that Bella became friends with and readers fell in love with. Honestly, this Jacob Black is a jerk, and I don’t like him. I felt sorry for him at first as well, but I think he manipulates Bella because he knows how much she cares for him. At least when Edward does something a little manipulative it is always something that is in Bella’s best interest, but it seems like Jacob is always looking out for himself. He hurts Bella a lot in the process too.

  6. Heather

    Oh, Charlie…your take on him makes him even more fun to read lol.

    And the question, it’s a little bit of both, plus the fact he is jealous of Edward and pissed at him for “controlling Bella” and “not letting her make her own choices”. Whereas I understand Jacob’s view, since he doesn’t know as much as us readers do living inside Bella’s head, I think he’s still crossing the line (no pun intended) acting like such a jerk. He may be hurt, but he needs to think about other people he’s hurting in the process, AKA, Bella.

  7. devz30

    Answer to question:
    I just think he’s hurt over Bella. Nothing more to that. But then again, maybe a little bit of both. I think he’s just trying to use the emmett thing as reason. Maybe it is part of the reason, but just a tiny portion.

    I guess if you think about Jacobs side, you get a little sympathetic. But I didn’t really think Jacob was ‘antagonistic jerk’ in the start of the book.

    And I don’t think Edward’s terrified with maths. I actually think he’s a genius ^_^ maybe there’s just some issues, like a full class.

  8. Shelby

    Great post Kaleb! I’m so glad you’re digging deep to understand Jacob’s motives! Not many people do that.

    As for your question, it is both. He knew he had to tell Edward to watch what his family does. I mean, Jake isn’t stupid, he doesn’t want a huge war, because both sides are pretty tough. Its also because he wants Bella to know that something is going on and he figured Edward wouldn’t want to worry her.

    But on the other hand, Jacob is still hurt from Bella going back to Edward. To him, Edward is a good-for-nothing leech who can’t stay when its best for someone. Jake knows Bella loved Edward, but he also knows that its not right to leave them. Although he would agree with Edward on the fact that he’s not the best thing for her, he didn’t like seeing Bella hurting. And while trying to help her out, he ended up falling for her even more. Love is a tricky thing…it can sneak up on you when you least expect it. It can make you do stupid, irrational things and sometimes, even get you into big trouble.
    His sudden need to confront Edward was definitely a mixture of duty to his pack (which would make him feel he needs reinforce some rules for the Cullens) and also the jealousy and hurt that came along when Bella left to be with Edward.

    But Jacob isn’t a bad guy… he’s beyond that. He’s just young. He’s such a sweet person…he helped Bella when no one else was willing to. That’s a true friend….

  9. Emii, NZ

    Edward afraid of calculus… he wouldn’t be the first.

  10. Adrienne

    Honestly, I just think Jacob’s looking to start a fight because he’s insanely jealous of Edward. Life was so great for him when he wasn’t there and Bella was getting ready to open her heart to him right before Alice came back. Emmett crossing the line would have only given him more motive to fight the vamps. Jacob’s troubled right now. He still can’t believe that Bella took Edward’s side and believed every word he said. Jake’s no fool but then again he’s too stubborn to see how much in love Edward and Bella truly are.

    He’s just a typical teenager and the hormones are raging and the only girl he’s ever liked has somebody else. I mean you’ve gotta feel for the guy…

  11. Adrienne

    P.S. Calculus is the spawn of all evil… I mean Edward keeps thinking he’s some kind of monster… at least he’s not Calculus.

  12. Een.

    It took me a while to laugh at that photoedit. At first it was just extremely creepy. Nightmares, I’m sure, will ensue. Once I saw Kaleb-eyeballs peeking out of the basement the hilarity of it came into perspective.

    As for yer question – I think even if there were no Bella the wolves would be upset over the border issue. I mean, sure, He’s hurt.. but I think its more a chance to kick some vampire butt. Bella’s just a bonus. Picking a fight in front of school (and Bella) probably more emotional.

    At the beginning of Eclipse, though, I was kind of glad Jacob was there to kick Edwards butt, especially through the whole mind thing. I mean, I love Edward, but I’m a vengeful person and I wanted him to know what he did to her.

  13. Malin

    I don’t think Jacob wanted to break a fight. I think he went on purpose to a public place. Even when he is jealous – he knows that a fight between a werewolf and a vampire on a school parking ground wouldn’t help either of them. I think he was more emotionally affected to see Bella and Edward (especially holding hands) together as he expected.

    I believe there a two reasons for Jacobs behavior in Eclipse. Of course one of them is that he loves Bella and is hurt that she choose someone else. He is young! But a think that main reason for his behavior is that Edward is a vampire and he wants to save her. It is quiet easy to forget that we are knowing Bellas thoughts and the Cullens with there lifestyle to remember that most vampires are bad. There are drinking blood, kill innocents, are not changing (like living stone)and have superpowers. Even more Edward left once so who can guarantee he is not doing in again? In worst case Bella already as a vampire. He doesn’t know Edward as we do! Of course in Jacobs point of view he needs to save her and he has not much time and he has to act as an jerk even when it is not is usual behavior. In his opinion she wants to die and be damned forever! Of course I do understand him – even when I am Team Edward and I despised him in Eclipse. Breaking Dawn helped a lot to understand his actions and to forgive him 😉

  14. julie

    Here’s the thing.

    I don’t think Jacob intended to pick a fight, it ended like that because of the animosity between Jacob and Edward.

    Personally, I was cheering when Jacob said, a little dismissively I might add, that Bella is stronger than she looks. That’s just one of the things that grates my nerves about Edward, he’s just way too overprotective and to me, it feels condescending, but then again, he’s 100 and change vampire. They can’t help it.

    Every time Edward does this, I just want to shout “if she doesn’t know the problem, she won’t know how to face it, you dink!”

    I can’t get over the fact why people trash Jacob for the motorcycle tattle tale thing and why Bella totally went all drama queen..(all betrayed,*rolls eyes*, like she’s all innocent. I mean please!).

    See it from Jacob’s perspective. You’re best friend is choosing to DIE.It doesn’t matter that she can still move around, the fact doesn’t change the fact that she will DIE!!!

    If you see your best friend doing something bad or headed that way won’t you do anything to stop them?

    It’s not like Jacob can ring the bell at Charlie’s and tell him what’s going on. The only thing that he can do to stop Bella from spending time with Edward and hence delay any kind of dying is ‘that’.

    I don’t know why people are making a big fuss out of it. If I was in Jacob’s position, I’d probably do the same thing, after I tie her down and smack her a little.

  15. SammiStarz

    I think that Jacob is acting like that because he is so hurt over Bella, but if he was asked why he would use ‘a fight with Emmett’ as an excuse.

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  18. Cam

    According to the personal correspondence on the Lex, Edward took Calculus his junior year.

  19. Kaleb Nation

    yes yes yes i know Edward isn’t REALLY afraid of Calculus. sheesh 😀

  20. Angela

    Correction: Jacob repeatedly called Bella’s house to ask if she was going to school the next day. Like it explains in the book, he knew that Edward would be with her, and he wanted to talk to her in a place with witnesses.

    Great post.=]

  21. Angela

    OH. And Jacob is acting this way because Bella basically betrayed him. She picked Edward over him after HE was her best friend and replacement sun when Edward left her. Then Edward comes back, and she just acts like nothing happened. Also, Bells transformation into a vampire is like the most horrible revolting death to him. To Jacob, she won’t be Bella anymore.

  22. Wendilynn

    I think there are several things about Jacob to keep in mind. One, he’s only 16. He may be more mature for his age by taking care of his dad and the whole insanity brought on by becoming werewolf, but underneath it all. He’s still a teenager. His best girl just picked the leeches over him. Even though he knew she loved them, its still rankles that she loves a thing that hurt her so much. He resents the vampires for ruining everything and making him become a werewolf necessary in the first place. His whole world was turned upside down. Then you add the fear that Bella will not be Bella anymore but a bloodsucking monster and he’s really not equipped to deal with that. Understandably.

    Would he love a fight with Edward? absolutely. And I think Edward wouldn’t mind showing him a thing or two. But they both love Bella in their own ways and so wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

  23. Katie Beth

    I KNEW there was something weird about Phil!

    Kaleb, don’t be so hard on the glory that is math. You’ll appreciate it later, I’m sure. 😀

    I DON’T KNOW. I DON’T KNOW. I can’t answer that question! Ok, so I’m STILL sick (after like a week) and my ears are all clogged so I’m not thinking right, plus I still don’t have my copy of Eclipse, buuuuttt……. I’d say both. Yeah, that sounds like a nice easy answer.

  24. Janelle

    I think Emmett really was one of Jacob’s issues, but Bella is an even bigger one for him. Emmett was an excuse. There’s no reason to cause that much trouble over such a little thing, but it was a way to get at Edward because of Bella.

  25. Aria

    I think Jacob’s just being a butt head! But prolly hurt over Bella.

    I’m in the Dallas region too and I’m COLD! plus it was 85 degrees yesterday… I hate Texas…

  26. Caitlyn

    At first I thought it was because Emmett crossed the line, but I’m thinking cause Jacob was hurt; he went to thier school…

  27. Jordyn

    I would just like to comment that that picture of “Charlie” looking out from the house made me giggle for a good fifteen minutes. Thank you.

  28. Rakey

    Ok first things first– you WANT to come to FL? As happy as I am to hear than I must wonder what is going through your mind…

  29. Megan

    I think it’s because Jacob is jealous of Edward, because he has Bella, and Jacob never will. He just wants to do everything he can to aggravate Edward, because that’s his only way to get back at him.

  30. Stacy

    i think it was stupid for the vampires and wolves to get in to a fight because emmett went over the treaty line. he was only trying to get victoria but she jumped out of the way. when they were at school, jacob figured out that it makes bella mad when edward doesn’t tell her what’s going on. so he plays with that for some time in the book. he tries to do the good guy routine and keeps bella informed, which pisses off edward. jacob is definitely jealous of edward. he’s hurt and upset that bella ran right back to edward and the cullens after all the pain she went through. i agree, jacob takes advantage of edward’s mind reading gift to upset him. that’s really all he can do, is to annoy and make edward mad.

  31. Bethany

    Hahaha, I’m terrified of calculus! Anyways, I think the only reason that Jacob was provoking a fight with Edward was because he was hurt by Bella. I don’t think Jacob really cared about the whole crossing the border thing. That’s more Sam’s area. Plus, I think that because he knows that Edward can read his mind, he’d be thinking about Bella and everything, totally not caring about the border.

  32. Bethany

    Oh, and if Jacob made Edward mad than that would make Bella mad at Edward and she’d go to Jacob. Well, that’s what Jake would think, anyway.

  33. Zuvie Girl

    Absolutely LOVED the post, Kaleb. I read it during school and had to try very hard to not laugh in the middle of class.

    To answer your question, though, I’m sure it was probably both. Jacob has a justified reason to be upset that Emmett crossed the line established in the treaty. However, I think that the main reason that he tried to get Edward into a fight was because he was hurt about losing Bella. I think Jacob acts a lot older than he actually is, so on the times that he does act his age, it seems foreign to everybody.

  34. Loony_Lovegood

    OMG, i totally understand everything about twilight now! it makes so much sense…. Charlie is a gnome, and Phil is a leprechaun! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Oh, and I think that Jake’s reaction was a combination of both!

  35. Leah

    Fact is, werewolf or not Jacob is still a 16 year old boy (and an obnoxious one at that). He’s at the height of the i’m-right-and-you-aren’t age. It’s mostly a Jacob vs. Edward thing, cause to Jake Edward isn’t even a person. But i don’t think thats any excuse. Jake had no problem with Edward until he knew he was a vampire and he is just stubbornly refusing to accept that vampires aren’t the scum of the earth and that Edward might be better than Bella. Frankly Jacob’s immature and bitter behavior in Eclipse is the main reason i don’t like him very much, everything aside, Jacob just isn’t nice at many times and puts himself before Bella or anyone else.

  36. Twifanatic Amanda

    I can’t believe that you’re getting so close to Breaking Dawn XD I can’t wait to hear what you think of it hahaha

  37. Rochelle

    So, did Jacob’s provocation steam from the treaty line breach or his hurt over Bella? Hmmm … I think the treaty line breach was the excuse he used to confront Edward and see Bella again. The emotional flair up, that could have easily resulted in a fight, I believe steamed from Jacob’s residual pain over Bella. His obnoxious behavior could have been the result of his past, current and the inevitable future pain colliding at the painful sight of Edward and Bella being very much together. I think Jacob is also outraged at Edward for seeing/treating Bella differently and desperate to make Bella see that as a quality he wins out on … knowing her best.

    How frustrating this chapter is though! Jacob is so very selfish and self pleasing when he unleashes his thoughts on Edward. If he really knew Bella the best (although I firmly believe neither of them know her the best, merely differently) he would see that her happiness is directly related to Edward’s. He’d realize, without Edward having to set the example, what causes Bella pain. Yes, yes, he’s young. That doesn’t excuse away the frustration however, it only explains it.

    Eclipse seems to revolve around the theme of wars that rage internally. I think that is what makes so much of this book frustrating, yet completely understandable, there really isn’t always an appeasing answer.

    Great post and question, Kaleb!

  38. vivs

    Well your always welcomed here in Florida 😀 . But i dont think it would make too much of a difference in weather. its pretty chilly here too. and this morning in PE i was freezing! oh god, and tomorrow is supposed to be colder!!!ahhhh!!!! but i think a little break from the scorching hot sun is nice. so i welcome it.

    btw: clearwater rocks!

    ps: i loved the post and to answer the question in a simple way, my answer would be both. But the bella situtation more than the emmett one.

  39. KT

    Oh my God! Kaleb that thing with Renee talking to Bella was hialrious. I had to try to contain my laughter becuase I’m supposed to be doing my homework and my mom would kill me if she knew what I was really doing.

    But, to answer your question I think the reason Jacob is there trying to provoke Edward is purely because Jake is hurt Bella chose Edward over him. Jacob was just using the fact that Emmett crossed the line as an excuse to be a jerk. I really didn’t like him after this but I think he redeems himself in the end of Eclipse and in Breaking Dawn.

  40. Lucy

    That only gave him an aliby. He totally went to tick Edward off and try to show Bella he’s tougher. I feel sympathy for Jake but he really needed to back off.

  41. KT

    P.S. You guys in Texas, are you saying that it was 85 degrees yesterday? You think that is cold?!?!? I live in Massachusetts and it is in the 40s and 50s during the day and in the 30s at night!!

  42. KMA#1

    I think he picked the fight because Emmett crossed the line, but I think he ENJOYED it because he’s hurt over Bella. The control the pack has over him becomes more clear as the story goes on, so I think he would have had to come and say something either way.

  43. Emily

    Jacob wanted pie. He did not get his pie, he got cake. Now he’s mad.

    The End.

  44. Elise

    This book is all about the choice Edward or Jacob. And Jake is trying to show Bella that Edward is a “lying cheating monster”. Even though Edward was just trying to protcet Bella, even if she picks Jake he’ll always be there to protect her. And of course Edward just just being overprotective.

  45. HeyJoyous

    Jacob picking a fight with Edward was not about Emmett. I think it’s about his hurt that Bella chose Edward. It’s bad that he lost her to someone else but it’s especially bad that that someone is a vampire. He’s hurt and upset and finds Edward a perfect person to throw all those emotions toward. The Emmett situation just gives him an easy opening. :-)

  46. Natali

    Jacob was showing up at school so he could talk to Edward in public not because he was worried about Bella. He didn’t care if he made her cry or not.

  47. E

    OK, first to answer your question: I think it was a little bit about Emmett crossing the border, but he picked Edward specifically to confront obviously because of Bella. He wanted to make sure she knew his side of things, since he doesn’t trust the Cullens to be honest with her.
    Then there’s the whole three-days thing, which probably scared him a little, but wasn’t his primary concern.
    Also, I love this chapter and think you did a really great review of it.

  48. Carrie

    I was really irked when Jacob showed up at their school. What he did to Edward was mean. Edward didn’t leave Bella in NM to hurt her, he left because he thought she’d be able to move on w/o him. I know there was a lot of animosity between Edward and Jacob, but I don’t think it’s ever cool to purposely hurt someone. Jacob may think Edward is very dangerous, but he’s also insanely jealous. He definitely knew what he was doing when he showed up there. I didn’t feel bad for Jacob at this point.

  49. Molly :)

    Duh. Thats all i have to say.

  50. Brianna J.

    I loved the insight into Jacob’s character! It’s amazing how you can just look into the characters like that and get it, you know?

    As for the confrontation I definitely think that the main reason for the confrontation was that Jake was really hurt over Bella. Why else would he become the angry, tough, very macho not-Jacob? I’ll be waiting for the next post!


    I think he;s upset and using the fact that Emmett crossed the border as an excuse to see Bella and make Edward look like the bad guy. But that;s in MY opinion. He just wants to win her love back. Making Edward seem a like liar. But it is Edwards fault for not telling the truth sooner :/

  52. Bekah

    Yepp He wants to confront Bella. Ooooh I used to hate that boy! But sadly I can not hate him anymore…. :( STUPID AUTHORS! First Snape and now this!!! Oh well at least there’s still Umbridge.

  53. tina

    Loved the post Kaleb.

    Now, to answer the question:
    Jake probably volunteered to talk to the Cullens about the breach of the treaty line. I’m sure he was curious to see how Edward and Bella were together (you know, like when you pass a bloody accident and you don’t really want to see, but you have to look). He has to know if they are like they were before. He wants to know if there is any chance to get Bella back.

    When he sees them walking hand in hand, he isn’t happy. Thus, he gets confrontational. And, making Edward look bad in any way seems like a good idea to him – he is, after all, a 16 year old boy.

    He wants a fight, but it really isn’t prudent, so he uses his mind to hurt Edward – a cheap shot if you ask me! He is a very manipulative boy in Eclipse….good thing I love him after Breaking Dawn….now I bet you can’t wait to read it…ha ha ha

  54. JessieLynn

    OME! You did notjust say you wished you were in Florida right? Lol, I honestly can tell you, it isn’t all its cracked up to be, and Wonderworks is a waste of time and space now. ( I heard it used to be awesome, then ,of course, the year I move here, it’s ruined, just my luck) What I wouldn’t give to be out of this rediculous heat and humidity!
    Rant over, now on to the question- I think Jacob wants to because he feels Edward took the place that was rightfully his, in his mind, and is hurt that Bella would choose the guy who hurt her and turned her into a zombie over him, who never left her and has been there for her no matter what. Of course, excepting that tiny measure of time in New Moon immediately after he turned into a werewolf. He is just using Emmet crossing the line as an excuse to not show either of them how hurt, betrayed, and madly in love he is. As Tina mentioned, he is only 16 (a year older than my gawsh)and isn’t that great at thinking things through. He strikes me as the werewolf Emmet, they both are known to not think things through and act like little 5 year olds sometimes, but you cannot help loving them, even if you are Team Edward. I cannot believe I wrote that much on this, I clearly have been struck hard by not showing up in hat for a couple weeks… oh well.

  55. Cara

    Man, I’ve to Florida for 5 to 7 days each year since I was about 4… and I live in California. Usually I only go the the Miami sort of area, though. Relatives and all.

    Hmm. I think that Jacob is trying to provoke Edward for both reasons. But probably mainly the Bella thing. Jacob is just like that. haha.

  56. Samantha

    Jacob is definately hurt by Bella’s abandoning him. He just used Emmett as an excuse for confrontation. Jacob was there for Bella through everything. He was the key to Bella’s survival in New Moon. Were it not for him, she could have been a million times worse (or dead), and that is why he is hurt. He saved her and he feels like he belongs with her, to always be her hero. My poor little werewolf buddy…

  57. becky sue


    *Edward=Hate Calculus
    …………. etc.

  58. Carol

    OMG. I LOVE ONEREPUBLIC. Ok. I’m done. :)

  59. Erin

    Hah. I still love this. I don’t know if its just me or not, but it seems like your getting more personal in these again. I like it. 😀
    Anywhos, I always love this chapter. Because, Jake is definately doing this just because he’s hurt by Bella. And, even though I hate his guts majorly, it’s still sweet that he cares enough to tell her to go see him. Almost kept me from hating him through this entire book. But not quite. XD
    Anywhos, the cop picture was fun. And, your right- Charlie does hate Edward. Majorly. He’s still holding out for Jakey… *le-sigh*
    O hwell. Happy reading!

  60. Ally Reindl

    Hmmm… I think the reason Jacob tried to provoke Edward is because he’s hurt over Bella. Yes, he might have been mad about Emmett stepping over the line, but that just seems to be a convenient excuse for Jacob to go to Bella’s school and try to get into a fight with Edward.

    P.S. Oh, yes. Your “scourge of winter” must be really horrible in Dallas. But up here in Wisconsin, even though it snowed, it still feels like summer…

  61. Stephanie

    Good song choice, and the answer to your question… I think it all has to do with Bella. Jacob is hurting and needs a way to take out his frustration, why not take it out on Edward?

    P.S. I am sure that Ohio is a lot colder than Texas, just saying lol, I hate winter…..most move some place warmer =)

  62. Stephanie

    *must not most

  63. Shatha

    I had to laugh at everyones insistance about Edward’s calculus knowledge :)

    “See, Phil is actually a leprechaun…” I KNEW IT.
    Well I wouldn’t be surprised 😉

    For the question, I agree with Tina (I haven’t read everyone’s though..), I don’t feel like repeating what was said above.

  64. Shatha

    * not everyone’s sorry.
    Adnd I love the song choice :)

  65. Steph

    Hurt over Bella. *nods* I mean, it’s obvious that Jake wouldn’t care about them possibly stepping over the line otherwise. He’s using it as an excuse to have the fight he wants so much.

    This part:

    ‘(example: keeping the sparkly Edward out of the relentless Florida sunlight).’

    Really made me wonder. How would Edward react to being described as sparkly? Personally, I’d find it embarrassing and sort of demeaning. 😀

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    He could have “had” Bella if Alice hadn’t come back when she saw Bella jumping. He almost had, and Bella was going to give it a try, and the call, where Jacob “confirmed” to Edward that Bella had died, is what made they get back together.
    Jacob had his shot and took too long to take it.
    He is pissed of at Bella for being back together with him, pissed at Edward for coming back. Pissed that he loves her and she doesn’t love him the same way. (I’m not sure, but I think it’s the part of the book where he is ignoring Bella, right?)
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  95. Danielle

    It's definitly that he's hurt over Bella. But there's that vampire border thing so that could be another reason why he would fight Edward, I mean Jacob will tell her anything no matter if it hurts her or not. So my answer to the question will be he's hurt over Bella, come on! he loves her and he would do anything to have her.

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  99. Die Hard Twi-Hard

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