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Candace Charee — The Smell Of Your Skin… (Music)

October 28th, 2008 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

A few weeks ago, one of my chatroom mods told me she had been contacted by a artist on Myspace named Candace Charee. Candace had recently recorded a new song inspired by Twilight, and since I really enjoy other Twilight-inspired groups like the Bella Cullen Project and Mitch Hansen, I went to check out this new one. I was amazed by the vocal prowess and awesome production of what I heard!

With over 18,000 plays on her Myspace already, Candace Charee recently finished recording her first song The Smell Of Your Skin All Over My Body — inspired by Twilight, and written right after Candace finished reading Eclipse! Click below to hear a preview or visit her Myspace page to hear the full thing!

I will be featuring more music from other Twilight-inspired groups and bands on myΒ  site soon!

For the comments: What do you think of Candace’s song? Also, any suggestions for other Twilight-inspired groups I should try to get on the site?

Do you have a Twilight-inspired band? Send in your info on this page.

IMPORTANT: for some reason, there was something wrong with the form, so if you have already sent in your music, it was NOT received. Please fill out the form again — sorry for the tech difficulties!

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96 Responses

  1. AussiePattinsonLove

    Woohoo First comment!!! I really like it. Her voice is amazing. I think she really captures the intensity of Twilight in her music. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

  2. Hannah D

    she has a very good voice… but it’s not really my type of music. kinda reminds me of mariah carey. the Bella Cullen Project and Mitch Hansen are the only twilight inspired bands i’ve heard of so far… i LOVE Mitch Hansen!

  3. Scott

    I agree with Hanna D that Candace has a very good voice but not really my type of music. Though the song does seem to capture the intensity of Twilight it was a very good song.

    Now it looks like all I did is copy the two comments abouve me great.

  4. Shannon

    Check out Tara Louise on myspace (www.myspace.com/taralovesmusic). She has two Twilight-inspired songs, Oh Romeo and Twilight

  5. Nic

    I think it’s a good song, but not something that captures the audience as much as something from… Muse =]. She has an amazing voice, and if she can advertise it the right way she has a good chance of getting it big. Overall, great work

  6. Candace Charee'

    Hey guys!
    thanks for your kind words :) i appreciate all the comments even if your aren’t a fan :) cant please em all right? lol

  7. Victoria

    I don’t like the song. Too much what I call ‘haggling’. I can’t listen to songs where artists don’t keep straight vibratos, but exude these short gusts of interrupted staccato. The Mariah Carey effect indeed, as Hannah D said (post #2). It was very popular in the late 90’s. I was hoping we’d keep it there. I can’t stand it !

    Sorry, Candace. Don’t mean to be rude.

  8. Yolande

    its good. try bella cullen project too because they ROCK! lol

  9. sel

    my opinion is this: great voice, great words, too much pop. but its still got two good things for it.

    most twihards are just into alternative-type music, and sadly wont accept other styles just because they arent Muse. But that does not make it bad. Candace has a great voice and heartfelt lyrics. Thats the big parts of a good song, because if the lyrics were silly then i would not be able to stand it.

    good work candace :)

  10. Kristina

    I have to disagree with the whole “Mariah Carey” label, and I think that anyone who has listened to Mariah Carey’s old stuff recently would agree…There is no head voice business, no whistle register, no seemingly endless runs that leave you wondering what the song was about in the first place, I actually went to her MySpace and heard the whole thing, I thought it was passionate, heartfelt AND unique. It may dangle precariously on the edge of pop but I think just enough to make it more appealing to a larger audience. Mark my words this girl will go far if she stickes with it..

  11. Owen

    i thought the her voice was ok.
    But the Music was horrible.

  12. Dani-j

    I have never heard of Candace! But she has a really good voice. I agree w/chel, maybe shorten the title? But the voice is graet! <3

  13. Tamara

    Love it! I love her voice. It is so great; there is some pop to it that doesn’t usually go with Twilight, but the voice and lyrics are great!

  14. Chel

    wow people, it isn’t really that bad.

    she has an awesome voice. The title of the song is a bit long (maybe shorten it to The Smell Of Your Skin?) but it’s still a good one.

    Keep it up Candace!

  15. Chel

    another thing, just because it isn’t as alternative as the other twilight bands doesn’t mean it isn’t good. some people intpret things in diffrent ways. i actually think its catchy in a way (:

  16. terryy

    can’t wait for another Eclipse chapter Kaleb!!!!

  17. Katie Beth

    Not really my type of music, but she has a great voice. Then again, I have kinda bizarre tastes in music. :-)

    Good job, Candace!

  18. L

    I actually love it! I would like to add it to my eclectic music collection. Can I download/buy this song somewhere?

  19. Ranj

    The lyrics kinda made me laugh.

    I mean… ‘It’s the feel of your tongue on my soul’?

    Am I the only one that kinda had a giggly WTH moment?

    Good voice though, as far as voices go.

  20. Candace Charee'

    If you listen to the whole song you will realize this is a rock balad…not mariah carey style. Ive never heard her do heavy guitar and drums on a song but maybe im wrong. It is an alternative soul song. Even evenescence sings with soul. I am not a guy and cannot sing like muse lol its a love song how crazy rock should it be? To L yes you can downlod the song..go to my myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/candacewilsonmusic to see how to download it. ITs from beatlocker.com Thanks everyone for your opinions..i really do appreciate them :)

  21. Candace Charee'

    haha its The Feel Of your TOUCH on my soul not tongue ahahahahahah thats soo funny!

  22. Victoria

    Well, that Mariah is never supported by guitar and drums is an arrangement discussion, not vocal usage. My comment was purely on vocal usage. Indeed, have never heard Mariah perform a rock balad, might actually be an improvement.

    Arrangments for this song is not bad, just nothing I get confuzzled about, but that’s personal.

  23. Candace Charee'

    Well i am sorry that you hate mariah carey lol i guess shes not all that bad since she is the number 1 female selling artist of all time :) i did not try to imulate her in any way. In fact ive been told they way i sang the song had a country feel to it. Which again wasnt intentional. Whats great about this is that you dont have to like it and i dont have to like the type of music that you love. Isn’t America Great! lol

  24. SideKick

    I agree. Nice voice, not my thing though.

    My recommendation would have to be Tara Louise.


    Because she has a great voice, and fabulous lyrics.

  25. Candace Charee'

    Tara louise is great! She is way more mariah carey than me though :) She has awesome runs and a beautiful tone

  26. becky sue

    Girl can sing, I’ll give her that. Nice job. Not my favorite, but very good.

  27. Alli

    Finally, a Book-inspired song that is a real song, rather than just rambling about the book set to music. If this Twilight-band thing doesn’t work out, she could have a future in country music, I could tell that from the first note. Kinda LeAnne Rimes -ish

  28. Mindy

    Candace! You already know my opinion! You’re amazing!

  29. Becky

    wow, great voice! I think it’s a good song.

    Mitch Hansen is still my favorite Twilight inspired band though. sorry Candace, nothing personal :)

  30. Heather

    Tara Louise and nicole2511 on YouTube.

    I think someone already gave you Tara Louise’s link, so here’s Nicole’s: http://uk.youtube.com/user/nicole2511

  31. Lexi

    i’m sorry, but i didn’t like it…at all

  32. Rapunzel

    Loved the song, but I have something to point out –
    You need to change the bar-thing at the top of your site ’cause you are a massive big twi-hard, twi-guy AND twilighter, and you have to accept it.
    Who’s with me?

  33. Victoria

    I’m glad you can take critique, Candace.

    I don’t hate Mariah though, I don’t even know her. We do apparently have a different opinion on technique and as you point out, she’s doing well without me as a fan, so no harm done.

    Keep in mind though, that not everyone is in America, but luckily the rest of the world also has freedom of opinion πŸ˜‰

  34. Candace Charee'

    If you guys think my song doesnt match twilight just watch my youtube video and see if that helps put it into perspective a little :)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Lk2zqmQPs Thank you to those who have had something nice to say

  35. AussieT

    Is it just me or is it getting a bit frosty in here?

    Candace – well done with the song. I like it and think you’ve done a great job. :) I don’t think anyone said it doesn’t match Twilight – its just that some people like the song, and some didn’t!!

    Kaleb’s question was whether we liked the song or not – honest opinions will be given. But they are just opinions, not personal attacks.

    Rapunzel – Agree that Kaleb really is a Twilighter now, but maybe that comment should reappear in one of the chapter posts!

    Look forward to seeing more Twilight inspired songs!

  36. Elise

    she sounds super, I like her voive. It’s a good song for twilight;-)

  37. Kathryn

    wow i really did like that song, as well as the video link you posted :]

    i dont really know anything technical about music, but i do know that i thought it was great!

  38. Victoria

    Kaleb’s question was whether we liked the song or not – honest opinions will be given. But they are just opinions, not personal attacks.

    Thanks for pointing that out, AussieT, you couldn’t be more right. And to say that ‘the fandom’ only likes alternative would be a wrong assumption. Look at the song chosen to represent New Moon ! It’s not that A Fine Frenzy’s Near To You is the top of alternative music.

    And it may be perceived that I only like alternative music because of the critique I have on Candace’s work, but actually give me a singer/songwriter behind a piano and I’m happy πŸ˜€

  39. Kat

    I love her songs so much. Her vocie is amazing and I really really hope her song will get in to new moon. So keeping singing candance and youll make it. lol

  40. Elizabeth

    Candace, you’ve got a great voice! with the right audience you could make it big. Colbie Callait started out on myspace and now she’s really popular, so keep on singing! Hope to see you on stage someday! :)

  41. Priscilla.

    iiiiiiiiii kinda hate her.. voice.
    and song.

  42. Chelsea

    I think the song is great, but I’d have to agree that it’s just not my FAVORITE kind of music. Amazing voice, though.

    As far as suggestions for Twilight bands, KAT TINGEY KAT TINGEY KAT TINGEY! She’s an amazing folksy singer and she’s written two songs for Twilight, “Isabelle’s Lullaby,” which is all instrumental, and “Undone,” which is my favorite song for Twilight ever.

  43. cher

    WOW!!! That was the best song I have ever heard. Candace, you have a lot of talent that will get you far. You should try and get this song on the movie. This may not be the genre for everyone but I think it’s the most amazing song ever. Keep up the good work. People who know real talent will really appreciate your song. Do you have any other songs. I would love to buy it!!

  44. marcela

    love her voice

  45. davin

    You sang that very sexy. You sound and look soooooo HOT. You should be Bella. I would love to hear this song on the movie. Where can I buy it?

  46. bethanybaby

    OMG!!! What a great song. I can’t believe you wrote that and sang it. You are Pimp girl. Someone needs to sign you right away. I do a lot of singing and performing and I know what I am talking about. If anyone says anything bad about you they obviously don’t know much about music. Hang in there you will be HUGE. You are beautiful too.

  47. mark

    Girl you have talent. Don’t listen to any of those negative comments above. This song is perfect for Twilight. Mitch Hansen has nothing on you. Tara Louise doesnt either. You are amazing. Don’t shorten the title. If you put “the smell of your skin” that would be dumb. Maybe people would think “your skin stinks”. Leave it long. It is a great and hot title. Longer titles are in now in case no one got the memo!!! You are beautiful also.

  48. Car

    I love her voice- she is amazing. I love the song too. Way to go Candace. I want to buy your single(s) when they come out.

  49. Claire

    Love the song. I think it really captures the intensity of Twilight, and the vocals are beautiful. The more I listen to it (4th time already xD), the more I like it. Great job, Candace!

  50. Brilliant Mess

    I have to say, I like most of the music recommended on your site, Kaleb (even if I find it before you half the time…hehehehe)

    So this time is no different: I really like the song, the voice,…everything about it.

    Then again, I really really really only don’t like the hard-core, scream-o music, if going by genre.

  51. Brilliant Mess

    oops….too much use of “really”.
    my bad.

    and now, to check out the music recommended by fellow twilight-and-Kaleb-fans who left comments on this post….

  52. Janelle

    I absolutely love this song. Great job. The lyrics are amazing and they fit right in with the story. I think that it is perfect for the movie. The sound and the lyrics and your voice just fit in really well. The instuments are amazing too. I love it. You’ve got a gift right there girl. I hope you never quit singing. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Because I think the song is great. They just jelous. Keep on singing Candace. Your voice really is amazing.

  53. Rosalie

    Sorry I haven’t been able to listen to it yet but I think that our beloved fandom is very widely spread in our tastes in music. Some like alternative some like rap some like pop. I personally like all of it. Different kinds of music. I know people who don’t like any rock songs or rap or pop or whatever. I know many different people who like the book. Different people= different music tastes.

  54. Rosalie

    Oh yea and I love the title!!!! It sounds awesome!!!

  55. candace

    Awww wow thanks everyone! you guys are so nice! I just got home from the studio working on my next songs and this is a nice thing to come home to! Much love to you all!

  56. .Nicole

    nice lyrics ((it caught my attention)) but it’s not my type of melody….it’s not really bad but while listening to the song….. it kinda feel like there is something missing…

    No offense…

  57. Maria

    …not my type of music, so i kinda hated it. but i loved the lyrics.

  58. Heather the Great

    Incredible! Candace has a powerful and gorgeous voice. I love the song and once I saw it with the video I was hooked! I can’t wait to hear more from her.

  59. VT

    Great voice, I agree that it does have that country feeling to it. Not really into the song. Just doesn’t seem to “fit” right to me.

  60. Emma

    Get Bella Rocks! on!

  61. cher

    I don’t care whether it sounds country or not all I know is Candace is amazing. You have a very versatile voice. It takes a lot of talent to write lyrics, music, sing and produce such an amazing song. You will go far.

  62. Kirsty

    Kat Tingey and Tara Louise are my favourite ones.

    Both have amazing voices.

  63. Allis

    Great song, great lyrics, and such a powerful voice! I don’t usually listen to female singers (I don’t know why exactly), but I loved this song. I also liked how the lyrics were related to Twilight without coming right out and saying it. It just felt like it could be applied to something other than Twilight, which I enjoyed.

  64. Emmy

    I agree, that was a little country, and I usually hate country. However, this was great. Great voice, I like the words, although some of them are a little…how to say this…romance-novel-esque. I really like this though, especially the beginning. It’s like a cross between No Cars Go, The Devil Went Down TO Georgia, and Phantom of the Opera.
    I like it.

  65. anne

    Kat Tingey – THANKS for the suggestion, Chelsea. Amazing voice. Simple arrangements. Gentle, touching lyrics on Undone. Would like to hear the lullaby on piano Edward-style, but the guitar is very pretty.

  66. vivs

    In my opnion, i think she has an amazing voice. Boy, if i could sing like that i would be the happiest person ever and drive my parents insane singing all the time πŸ˜€ (not that i already dont sing all the time at home but atleast then they would actually like my singing πŸ˜› )!! I’ve always wanted to be able to sing, but unfortunatly i truly fail miserably at it! lol.

    anyways, i think that even though its really not my type of music, i might learn to grow on it and eventually like the beat of it. so good luck candace and keep up the good work! πŸ˜‰


  67. arikka

    ohh you have to check out nicole chittle: http://www.myspace.com/nicolechittle

    her song “edward” is my favorite

  68. Carol

    Oh, I was chatting with Candace on Drama Llama, she’s so sweet, and her music sounds really good, I love her voice & the new music video! πŸ˜‰

  69. Charlee

    Its……..interesting. There’s no doubt that she has a really good voice…

    But I didn’t like all the lyrics. The title itself is kind of awkward. So….yeah.

  70. candace

    I thought i would explain my title to everyone lol I chose a long title because well i like it and they are popular right now. Many music industry profesionals agree with me on this. Also i wanted a title that stood out and wasnt your run of the mill title. I could have chosen “give my life for” but thats so predictable. Check out fall out boy their titles are long and weird too :) so i guess i wanted to be different and not like every other artist out there :) hope this make a bit more sense

  71. Catherine

    Her voice kind of reminds me of Kelly Clarkson.

  72. Elizabeth Joy

    I just love The Mitch Hansen Band and The Bella Cullen Project isn’t so bad either but Candace just blows me away. He voacal have that deep powerful feel that give me goosebumps when I hear it. And her lyrics…man oh man…they are very sensual yet not too overbearing. Finally, YOU ROCK KALEB!

  73. Elizabeth Joy

    I just love The Mitch Hansen Band and The Bella Cullen Project isn’t so bad either but Candace just blows me away. Her voacal have that deep powerful feel that give me goosebumps when I hear it. And her lyrics…man oh man…they are very sensual yet not too overbearing. Finally, YOU ROCK KALEB!

  74. Erin

    I love these people! I can’t write or sing… but if I could, it would be about Twilight.
    But seriously, she’s way cool. I’m gonna have to watch her. :)

  75. Chizu

    I like the song, but I think she over did it a bit. Awesome vocals though. I can’t wait to hear some other songs by her. I would write songs about Twilight if I could sing, and actually write GOOD lyrics. My friend Anni would be great at the song writing if I could just get her to read the book…..she wouldn’t be as good at the singing part, she can’t really sing, but she thinks she can. :) the only person I know that is my age that could sing is Vic and Marco……but I don’t think Marco is the type of boy who would sing about Twilight, he hasn’t even read it. Luke has though (ALL of them). Only becouse his sister paid him 200 dollars to, and write a summary on each. He SAYS he hates them, which I guess is true, he’s not the type of boy that read romance/vampire books. I’m really off topic here. So, I like her vocals but not the WAY she sings the song. I wont judge yet though because I haven’y heard all of her songs yet. I’ll go check them out! :)

  76. Lora Bringhurst

    Candace! You know Sean and I loooove your song and music video! You rock woman! Haha I’m posting this forever long from October 30th…

  77. sunshine

    to be honest, not my usual type of music.. i like it because it reflects on the twilight movie.
    still- she has an amazing voice.:)

  78. Rachel

    Great lyrics, not my kind of music.

    Mitch Hansen is great. I love “She’s Brighter” and “Lullaby.”

    Oh, and Nicole Chittle. Love her songs.

  79. Danielle

    I really love Candace. But then again, I love anything Twilight. :) I don’t know if anyone has gave you the link to the Twilight Music Girls, but if they haven’t, here it is:


    All their songs are amazing, but “The Lion and the Lamb” is GREAT!
    LucasScottLover3 on YouTube

  80. TwiMom

    Candace, I love both of your New Moon songs. I think they really capture the feeling of the book much more than the music from the first movie. Great job!! Looking forward to “feeling” the mood in New Moon–it was missing in Twilight.

  81. TwiFan

    Sorry, but I too am not impressed with the vocals or the lyrics. The vocals are, basically, what anyone would hear on American Idol: not impressive and the same as every other young-female-blonde artist right now. The lyrics are not (for a lack of a better word) “intellectual” enough for the standards I have personally set regarding the Twilight Series. (You know, surreal lyrics that dance between the sensual and the macabre; not so “literal”). We need some (commercially successful examples provided) Evanescence or Lacuna Coil or Nightwish or Sarah McLachlan or Lisa Gerrard. It’s my opinion…humble and feeble, yet still extant.

  82. Tinkerbella

    wow i love it she has a great voice and those are pritty good lyrics :) <3 xx

  83. dia


  84. eamc.rtp.luver

    I LOVE THIS SONG! I really do hope that it makes it into the movie..i dont know where it would go but i hope it gets in along with “need” by hana pestle. they are both wonderful singers! i would deff buy the soundtrack if they were on it!…ily Robert Pattinson <3

  85. thais

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove thiiiiissss video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

  86. The Cullen's Family Website

    i absolutly love her. i just discovered her yesterday. I was at borders (about to buy the twilight game) and behind the register I saw a CD amongst a bunch of Twilight stuff, I asked the register lady, “what's that?” and she told me about her and how she performed there for the Twilight DVD release party. and so out of curiosity I bought her CD not knowing if she was good or what, but when I got in the car and put it in I thought “WOW! Her voice is amazing!” so yeah she is really good, I hope her songs make it to the movie and hope she makes more CD's and songs. She has real talent.

  87. cherae

    your ok, but I would never lisin to your music personly though :(

  88. cherae

    your ok, but I would never lisin to your music personly though :(

  89. MariaM

    She is really amazing.She is one of my favorite singers !))β™₯

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