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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 4 (Nature)

October 30th, 2008 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders (suggested by Giada)

As Halloween is rapidly impending, I have started to ponder some good haunting movies I should watch while I gorge myself to blotation on leftover candy (hopefully including Reeses, if the little goblins and witches don’t bang down my apartment door and take it all). I’m thinking of Nightmare Before Christmas (again) or Pan’s Labyrinth (very much again) or Hellboy II (first time) or perhaps all three (whoopee). It would make my week wonderful. Which is far more than Bella can say about her week in this chapter.

Things have obviously not been going well for her. She is still torn between her best friend and her true love: a triangle that has plagued many a character in many a soap-opera. Meanwhile, Edward has gotten mighty thirsty, and Bella is insistent that he head off with his brothers and bag a few mountain lions (and we all know my experiences with mountain lions).

Due to multiple previous examples, I keep on expecting Bella to get into some sort of trouble while Edward is not around. I am sure that Edward is thinking along the same lines, because of how carefully placed Alice is, within 10 minutes of Bella in case anything ‘interesting’ happens in Edward’s absence (AKA, Bella tries to speak with Jacob / takes up that cliff-diving hobby again).

Even though Bella seems safe, I get this strange feeling that Victoria is already formulating a plan. After all, she has outwitted both werewolves and vampires for months. What sort of super-powerful vampire is she?

It is so interesting how Bella found a loophole in Alice’s powers. She hadn’t at all been intending to head on over to see Jacob, especially with Alice only ten minutes away and ready to stop her if she tried. But the catch to this is that Alice wouldn’t have time to read Bella’s thoughts and get on the trail before Bella had already crossed the border line.

Jacob, of course, is very happy to see Bella. But, as usual, things begin to turn sour as questions are raised, and Jacob again tries to convince Bella she is better off with him.

He does, however, have one slightly irritating habit. Jacob simply cannot wrap his brain around the fact that the vampires have names and that he should probably call them by it. Even dogs have names, and people will rarely if ever holler out DOG! and expect an animal to come running. So, in watching Jacob’s conversations closely, I have devised the following chart that tells me which vampire he is talking about:

The fortune-telling bloodsucker — Alice

The big one –Emmett

That redhead — Victoria

The blonde – Rosalie

The other blonde — Jasper

Their leader — Carlisle

That big fat ugly rotten no-good stinking horrible bloodsucking scoundrel from the deepest and stinkiest depths of hell — Edward

It is like in a way, Jacob is showing yet again how low he thinks of the Cullens: he hardly ever uses their names, because to him they are lower than animals. I did, however, find it rather amusing that Jacob has such anger against supernatural creatures, when in fact he is the one who will suddenly rip his clothing to shreds and turn into a big hairy wolf.

Speaking of wolves, I was rather confuzzled by the flier that originally got Bella’s attention: SAVE THE OLYMPIC WOLF. What is it about the Olympic Wolf that needs saving? What is it about the Wolf that makes it Olympic?

As I was expecting, magnets appeared in this chapter. I remember mentioning this as an analogy before, which was followed by shouts that I’m either reading ahead or an undiscovered psychic. Reality is, it is easy to compare this little love triangle to magnets. Bella’s love is something that simply cannot be split across Jacob and Edward, no matter how hard she tries to force it.

Jacob does bring up and interesting point that I have actually pondered, whilst reading New Moon. What if Bella hadn’t jumped off the cliff? How many things would be different if you change one action?

This type of thing always intrigues me. It is a regular habit of mine when I am bored and cannot sleep to trace back certain things and wonder what would happen if I made a different decision. If I hadn’t sent my email query at the exact time I had, at 8 in the morning on May 17 of 2007, I might not have gotten the attention of an agent for my book. If I had in fact awoken on April 17 of 2008, the day after starting this site, and taken it back down (as I had planned to do), I would not be writing this right now.

Similarly, if Bella had not jumped off the cliff, and sent Edward spiraling into self-destructive depression, would the vampires had really come back to Forks? Because of this one, small change, would Bella still be with Jacob, instead of Edward?

And woe! Mike Newton is brought up again. I don’t think there ever was a person who was discussed more behind his own back than Mike. He is practically famous amongst vampires and werewolves, and he doesn’t even know it. Every conversation eventually leads back to something along the lines of, “Well then, I’m going to stick with something NORMAL for a change…like Mike Newton!”.
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Question for the comments: what do you think would have happened if Bella had not jumped off the cliff in New Moon? Would Jacob’s idea be correct?


– Apologies for the no-posting of TwilightGuy Reports this week — had a calculus and government exam. And we all know how much I adore calculus.

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  1. Shakesgirl66

    Nope Bella wouldn’t be with Jacob. I truely believe that Edward would have come back for her. Just like he said at the end of New Moon.

    Edward cares enough about Bella and does not want any harm to come to her, so he tries to stay away to take himself out of the picture. But he can never stay away long enough.

    So Edward would have came back. Jacob would be in the same spot he is now. Just friends with Bella, wishing for more.

  2. Yoko

    Hmmm…. I think that Edward would have come back anyway. I’m pretty sure he said so himself in New Moon that he was done trying to live without her and was days away from taking action. As demonstrated in New Moon, Bella’s life without Edward doesn’t make sense and vice versa. It’s too hard to think of what might have happened exactly, but I think it would have all come to the same point. However, it’s hard to say all this while remembering that just before they left to Italy, Bella was about to jump into something with Jacob. She might have started something with Jake, but, inevitably, Edward would have come back. And Jacob would have been more broken-hearted than ever and more bitter than ever towards the vampires, Edward particularly.

  3. Jennifer

    The flyer is in regards to Charlie and the Forks polics trying to kill the giant wolf that is supposedly killing campers in the woods. There are protesters leaving flyers everywhere petitioning to save the wolf even though it has killed people. It’s called the “Olympic Wolf” because the story takes place on the Olympic Penninsula.


  4. Shatha

    I believe that Edward was going to eventually break down and return to Bella, as he said he would have. They can’t live without it each other, no matter how hard they try. But I do wonder what would have happened if Edward had come back without the cliff incident.

    “Even dogs have names, and people will rarely if ever holler out DOG! and expect an animal to come running.” – That is very true, good comparison.
    At first I thought you were calling Jacob a dog haha.

    “That big fat ugly rotten no-good stinking horrible bloodsucking scoundrel from the deepest and stinkiest depths of hell — Edward”
    HAHAHA. I wish that was written in the books, how funny.

    Thanks Jennifer, for the explanation on the Olympic Wolf, I was wondering about it for a while.

    I always trace back events in my life and wonder “what if?” I had done something differently. But I try not to do it often because the future is much more interesting than the past :)

  5. Sarah

    I think that, because Edward would have come back anyway, she would have been as happy as she’d allow herself to be with Jake, but she would go back to Edward with open arms. Jacob would have resented her even more than he did (or does, actually), and it could start a lot more problems…
    Oh, I smell a book in that. 😀

  6. rachael

    Edward stated in New Moon that he was barely fighting thru an hour at a time. He would have come back…even just to check on her….Even if Bella had been able to try to give herself to Jacob (as she stated broken and wrecked)she would not have been truely happy….Edward would still have found her broken and unhappy but trying to be happy. I think he would have tried to get her back and no doubt she would have returned to him. Their reunion was inevitable.

  7. Shelby

    Great post, Kaleb!! I loved the image of the wolf. And also, I loved that name for Edward! How classic. At one time I was writing a Jacob Black fanfiction set in Eclipse and my friend and I would sit around and think of really goofy slightly corny insults that Jacob might use regarding Edward… Some of them were these: Fanged Freak (since it is a commonly thought that vampires have fangs.), Popsickle, Casper, and then the fun quotes we created such as “you know you have issues when you’re face is whiter than your teeth”, “good news for the teachers,if they run out of chalk, there’s always you.” and “not everyone can pull of that freshly dead look, but good job.”

    As stupid as these insults are…we were easily amused by them at the time! XP

    Anyways…to answer your question…. I’m going to be different here. In all honesty, I don’t think Edward would have come back…atleast, not as soon as everyone is thinking. I believe that-at some point- he would have felt a need to see Bella. But I don’t think he would have come back as soon as he did. I think, after a few years, he would come back just to see how Bella was doing. Of course, he would know not to show himself-he knows that Bella is better off without him in many ways and wouldn’t want to change her happiness by forcing himself back into her life (or dazzling his way back into her life…either way). This leads us to how Bella may have been happy….

    Jacob is pretty correct in assuming that if Edward had never come back, he would still be with Bella without a ton of problems. I mean, had it not been for Bella’s daring jump without Jake, they would probably end up together. As far as I’m concerned, even though Bella was using Jake in New Moon just to hear Edward’s voice in her head, she would have ended up falling for him. It’d be hard not to. I mean, if I was left broken-hearted, I would definitely fall for someone who is willing to help me mend that tear or heal the ache. I mean, are we all really that stupid that we’d look at ourselves and think-if we were in Bella’s position- that we would never love again? Get real. Many people learn to love again. It takes time, and someone willing to wait. And Jacob would have waited. But of course, Edward comes back and everything ends up the way it is now….

    But, there’s always the “what might’ve been” thoughts that we all have. And in Jacob’s case, they haunt him…they motivate him to fight for what he wants… and in the end, they could possibly destroy him…

    Sorry for the long comment. But when the questions concern Jacob Black, I am always in for explaining what I think. Hope I don’t annoy you with all my opinions Kaleb! lol… I can’t help it!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Kimmie (again)

    Sorry. I haven’t been on in about two weeks because the computer has been down. But it is SO refreshing to be back. Let me say one thing…EDWARD IS BAD!!!!!! BAD! BAD! BAD! Ok, so now that we understand that he is overprotective, over-sadistic, over-MANIPULATIVE, and BAD. I don’t care if he’s hot, so is Jacob. With Jacob, if you licked a finger and pressed it on his skin it would sizzle. Also thank you for the red writing. That and the pictures are my favorite, i mentioned that in another previous comment or e-mail, but when you write in the red, it’s hilarious! Thank you for continuing, it’s all fantastic!

  9. Kristen

    Edward would have come back for Bella. Period! He was in too much pain being away from her for him to stay away much longer. Bella would have been sad about having to abandon Jacob, but she would have done it. She loves Edward too much to choose Jacob over him. Bella jumping off the cliff was just the catalyst for Edward coming back sooner.

  10. Melissa

    edward would def. have come back, found bella, a LITTLE happy with jacob. maybe stay to watch her sleep, in which she would speak his name, his heart would be warmed(figuratively speaking) and he’d go to kiss her and she would wake up and see him there and they all live happily ever after…

  11. Stacey

    If Bella did end up being with Jake she would have realised after a month or two that hes not the one for her. Sure she loves him but not the same as she loves Edward.

  12. Liv

    Not jumping of the cliff wouldn’t change anything for Bella. Edward still would of come back in the end, even if it was just to make sure she was okay and getting over him. He would realise that she’s better off with him and get over his arrogance and stay, effectively getting rid of Jacob once again… YAY!!!

  13. Kristen

    Oh man. You know he would have. He doesn’t have enough self control, I don’t think. I think Alice would have seen something eventually anyway . . .

    And I think “Olympic Wolf” refers to the Wolves that are native to the Olympic Peninsula.

    I don’t know for sure . . . but thats what I think =)

  14. Steph

    Edward would most certainly have come back. However, as he mentioned, he wouldn’t have made contact with her if she was happy with Jacob. Then again, he might have done upon realizing Jacob’s slightly unusual ability to become a wolf.

    I love the chart. First time I read Eclipse, I actually had a mental one of these going. I was just thinking, “Is ‘the other blonde’ Carlisle or Jasper?” Then I realized he spoke about ‘the leader’. What was strange was how he called Emmett ‘the big one’ when he’s hardly normal sized himself. :)

    Mike Newton! How could there even be a series without him? I mean, there goes half the dialog. Ahaha. It is pretty weird how they all know about him. And how he’s considered normal. Oddly enough, when I look at the series I think, “Man, that Mike is a weirdo.” Ahahah.

    Great post, keep reading!

  15. Adrienne

    Well, as Edward had said in New Moon, he was going to come back and check on her later. I don’t think that after Edward came back to check her he could ever leave. Just the mere sight of her would make him want to stay. Although Bella was learning to be happy, not even Jacob could fill the hole Edward had left in her heart. Patch it up maybe, but never fill it. If Bella had never jumped I’m sure she would have done something else idiotic that Alice would have seen and of course, Edward being Edward, he would have rushed to ensure Bella’s safety.

    I just can’t really see any situation in which Edward would not have come back… maybe it is just the fact that I need him in the story to sustain my sanity…

    P.S. I cannot wait until Twilight Live!!! I got you a present Kaleb.

  16. Giada8424

    It takes some guts to call those Reeses “candies” XD. I’ve triede them when I was in the states (I love peanut butter :9) and I must say, you American people definitely have a serious form of Food Perversion… I love you all XD

    By the way… what on earth means “blotation”? o_o I searched it on my faithful dictionary and allover the web and nothing came out

  17. Jess

    Dudes, EDward would soo have come back. DIdn’t he say that he probably would have? If not…Jacob would still be hers. And I don’t like that idea.

  18. Malin

    Thank god Bella did cliff diving and Edward returned. I don’t like the idea of having them separated.

    Now to your ‘what if’ question. I hate this kind of questions. Things happened and can not be changed. In terms of Bella and Edward – he would have come back and she would be together with Jacob. For sure. So things would be really really complicated. I am not really sure how to answer this question. I think it would always rely on the fact WHEN Edward would come back. When it would be in a short amount of time after the ‘not-happened-cliff-diving-incident’ she would have come back to Edward eventually. I mean Bella has strong feelings for Jacob too but as others already mentioned she is not whole without Edward. Nevertheless when Edward would have taken months or even rather years to come back than would Bella stay with Jacob. For Jacob. And even when I love the couple of Bella and Edward it would be the right decision. I understand why Edward left but it is kind of arrogant to leave for such a long period of time, do a really nasty and cruel breakup (‘You are not good for me’) and expect everything will be normal again.

    But that are just my guesses. I think we can see how strong Bella’s feelings are when Edward is going to Italy. She did not even think twice and ignored Jacob completely. It was a really good situation in her house which have shown us who is the more important man in her life. When she would stick with Jacob it would a)because she really likes/loves him to and is happy with him and b)she doesn’t want to hurt Jacobs feelings.

    I am babbling. I should really stop. Good question Kaleb – I hope someone will understand me post. It this isn’t the case than I have a good excuse. I am German and I have a lack of words in English 😉

    Einen schönen Tag allen noch 😉

  19. Kylie

    Lol! Kaleb this is your funniest blog yet! I love your nickname for Edward:) And the “Olympic Wolf”! lol! It’s true Mike does get talked about a lot…I wonder how many of us are being talked about by mythical creatures right now…hmmm…

    And Edward totally would have come back… it might have just taken him a little longer

  20. Kira

    I think that Bella would have started to go with Jacob, she was so close to giving in by the time Alice came back. However Edward would have come back shortly and unless he specifically found her with Jacob, he would have begged her to take him back and she would. Neither one has any real power over the pull they have to each other. The only real difference is that it would’ve hurt Jacob even more.

  21. urcoolcarrie

    I hate to think about this. Bella and Edward just belong together. They are like peanut butter and jelly-you separate them, and it just doesn’t sound right. I think that Edward would have come back soon enough that Bella wouldn’t be too much deeper in her relationship with Jacob. Or, at least, thats what I like to think. I do think, however, that even if she were with Jake, she would have taken Edward back in a heartbeat. Jacob was always just…there during New Moon. He helped her, which is great, but he never had that same kind of pull that Edward and Bella have on eachother. They are like two pieces to a puzzle that just go together. If Edward came back, Jake or no Jake, Bella would have taken him back.

  22. Kira

    Thinking about this, there’s a really good fanfiction if anyone is interested by the title of “Sacrifices” that explores this exact question. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3940174/1/Sacrifices

  23. Tonya

    If Bella had not jumped off the cliff, Edward would have shown up eventually (just like he said he would have). According to Edward, if he found Bella happy, he would leave her be. If he found out that she was happy with Jake, though, he made have made an appearence, as we all know how little trust he has in the werewolves.

    Long story short, if Bella hadn’t jumped off the cliff, Edward would have still come back. Jake wouldn’t be able to fill the whole Edward left behind, and Bella would run to Edward all over again.

  24. chelsea

    I think that Edward would have come back to Forks, even if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff, but I’m still undecided as to whether or not Bella would have “moved on” with Jacob. I think she would be happy with him, but if/when Edward came back…total misery, because she wants to be with Edward (who obviously wants to be with her), but she’s not going to break Jacob’s heart,either, by just saying, “Oh, well, Edward’s back now, so, see ya.”

    So, in short, yes, I think the Cullens would end up in Forks again, but I’m still fuzzy on what would actually happen with Jacob/Bella/Edward if they did.

  25. Andrea S.

    What might have happened had Bella not jumped is discussed again in a much later chapter. Dun dun duuuuuun!

  26. Rebekah

    I think that Edward would have come back soon but it would have made everything a lot more complicated because she would probably be in a reationship with Jacob. This question is not the one that haunts me however. THe one that is disturbing is what if Bella had answered the phone and not Jacob??

  27. Daniela

    I totally agree with many of you, Edward was coming back whether she jumped off the cliff or not. Have you read the New Moon extras mainly te phone call between rosalie and edward? he basically says he was going back cause he couldnt take it anymore. He even tells her at th end of New Moon that he was coming back to check on her.

    ‘What if’ questions are always interesting, i have asked myself that many times about my own life but we shouldnt stay stuck in the past. there is a reason for everything and if the cliff diving didnt bring them together something else would have, she was doing all these things to hear him.

    Bella may have been happy with Jacob but i still believe that her feelings for him would never be as strong as her feelings for edward. she may have eventually fallen in love with jacob but it wouldnt have been fair for jacob cause her heart will always belong to edward, he deserves better than what bella can give him. i feel that during new moon bella was trying to convince herself to love jacob more than she did, love him more than just friends (she even mentioned loving him like a brother) but she could never take the final step b/c they arent meant to be, bella and edward are meant to be. Jacob’s soulmate is out, he just needs to find his imprintee hahaha

    just like edward was forever changed when he fell in love tiwh bella, so was she, and time and space wouldnt have made a difference

  28. McKenna

    From what we know of Edward, he couldn’t have stayed away for much longer. In Stephenie’s extra “Rosalie’s News,” it is clear that Edward was having a worse time than Bella.

    “I’d made a promise. Bella deserved a life. I’d made a promise. Bella deserved a life.
    “I repeated the words like a mantra, trying to clear my head of the seductive image of Bella’s dark window. The doorway to my only sanctuary.”

    There is no way that he could have stayed away for much longer. And when he did return, even if it was just to check on Bella, he would have come at night, peeked through her window, listened to her screaming in her dreams. And he would stay. Because Bella’s happiness is more important to him than anything else, and because he is a little selfish. Even though he believes that staying away would be the right thing to do (even though we all know it’s not), he will stay for Bella.

    And Jacob… as far as I’m concerned, Jacob is handling things on the fine line between very mature and very immature. I mean, he hasn’t gone to kill anyone (yet), but he’s name-calling. Jacob doesn’t understand Edward, and because of that, Jacob will fail in his attempts to win Bella.

    Also, Bella just wouldn’t be happy with Jacob. So it’s Edward all the way.

    By the way, thanks for being so awesome, Kaleb. It brightens my day to open twilightguy.com and see a new post. I think it’s ironic, but my grandma is reading the books at the same pace you are. She just started Chapter 5 of Eclipse. Good luck on Imprint!

  29. avangaline

    Bella would be with jacub because, edward said he was done liveing day by day. he was trying to get by for an hour at a time. he would have come back and him and bella would be back together.

  30. tina

    Bella and Edward would have eventually made it back together even if it wasn’t for the cliff diving incident. I mean lets face facts here, this is Bella we are talking about!! If it wasn’t cliff diving, eventually she would have put herdelf in another situation that would threaten her life creating the same type of chain of events. Plus Edward said it himself that he was getting ready to come back anyways because he couldn’t take being away from her any longer. He would have seen how miserable she was and he would have stayed. Jacob can keep on deluding himself that things might be different or even perfect for him if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff, but reality is it just would have prolonged the inevitable.

  31. KCurls

    All I’m saying is thank goodness you found your agent and thank goodness you didn’t take down this site! Trying to imagine a world where I don’t know Kaleb… well… that’s a crummy world!

  32. Jenn

    Edward still would’ve come back anyway – he said so himself in New Moon, that he couldn’t last much longer and was going to have to go back to see Bella pretty soon – and once he saw her, there’s no way he would’ve been able to stay away.

  33. Erynne

    Love the question… personally, I often wander down “what if” roads. What if the Cullens hadn’t been living in Forks when Bella moved there? Would she and Jacob have hit it off eventually, and fallen quite naturally into romance? What if Edward had done what he intended in the first place, and simply left and never returned? What if what if what if?

    I love the books as they are, but I must admit, I do think Jacob would’ve been massively healthier for Bella. He gave her room to make mistakes, even if she got hurt (better she learn from it and move forward than never experience it at all, seems to be his opinion). Edward was always hovering like a nursemaid. True, it’s because she’s as fragile as a soap bubble in his eyes, but even soap bubbles deserve a chance to float along their way until fate smashes them on a twig or the ground.

    Edward would certainly have come back. He was as miserable as – if not more miserable than – Bella, and if Bella had been happy (or passably so) with Jacob, Edward almost certainly would’ve left well enough alone. But I doubt his obsession with her would’ve waned, ever. So he’d have ended up her silent stalker, waiting for Jacob to make one misstep, I think.

    But what do I know? :)

  34. Dayna

    Sorry if I’m giving anything away, because I’m not sure if it’s in New Moon or Eclipse, but Edward says that he was missing Bella so much that he was about to give up and come home, but then he got the call that Bella was “dead”.

  35. ElenC

    Edward said that he was about to come home anyway, so I think they would be together, but their relationship wouldn’t be so strong, if you know what I mean?

  36. Mary C

    No matter the timing or the actual event but all things would be just were they are now. Things may have been more complicated but i don’t believe that Bella could have ever fully let herself be with Jacob. The fact is that nothing can seperate those who are truly meet to be together. That would be Edward and Bella

  37. Angela

    Jacob asks this question of Edward later on in Eclipse. You’ll see. =]

  38. Sammie

    From a writer’s standpoint, you sure have many aspects of the series covered. I didn’t realize you were so far along and I figured I’d share my response to your thoughts, too.

    I caught the one about the magnets and swore that you must have read ahead. How very perceptive and I’ve been thinking ahead in other chapters of this book as well. There are two scenes coming up that thrill me to read, but have got me thinking about Edward’s motives toward Bella. I won’t spoil anything, but bear in mind that I think there is more going on than meets the eye with him. Nothing bad, just… Edward being Edward.

    Also, Happy Halloween, Kaleb! Good luck with your exams. I am just so thankful I’m out of college now. No more exams and papers for me!

  39. Lauren

    I think Edward would have definitely come back for Bella if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff. After all, he was dying without her! It would have resulted in two options, most likely: one, he would see how zombie-fied she got, and beg for her forgiveness, or two, he would have seen her with Jake and gone to the Vultori begging to die anyway. Bella would have gone after him again– Jake, even though she loves him, is no subsitute for her love for Edward. There’s just no comparison.

    I really do feel bad for Jake. The odds are just against him in this book.

  40. Kay Tee

    I very much hold the view, if not that then something else would’ve happened. If not the cliff, then maybe something else with the motorcycles, or another equally dangerous thing that would’ve caught Alice’s attention. No matter what Bella and Edward were going to be reunited in some way.

    Happy Halloween, and Good Luck with your exams!

  41. JessieLynn

    Yo K-Dog! (Ok, gangsta part done, I sound WAY too white, lol)
    Anyways, I personally believe Edward would have come back, he was in too much pain without his other half to continue without Bella. He tells her this is New Moon I believe. I think Edward had gone way too far with Bella by New Moon to stay away from her without feeling the effects of it.
    P.S.- Give up looking for the magnets until the end of the book, then you will realize why we call you a Pschycic.
    Have a great Halloween! I “get” to work that day, so eat an extra Reeses for me!

  42. Rochelle

    What is so funny is that jumping off the cliff was very much a “Jacob’s Bella” things to do. And it still drives Edward back into her life.

    I think that if she hadn’t jumped she would have given into her caring feelings for Jacob. But I think along the way she would have realized Edward does love her, just as she knew deep inside. She wouldn’t be able to give as much of herself as she intended, then, to Jacob. It would be a real mess. Then, of course, Edward would come back. Not because a lot of us wanted him to, but because that is just how he is. If Edward is there Bella is beside him.

    It really is difficult to watch Jake fight fate this whole book … NM we had a sun and a wolf. This book we just get a stubborn selfishness.

  43. Aria

    OK, Edward says he was going to come back anyway. That’s cool. But it wouldn’t be them same. The drama that… grr… this is really hard to explain without spoiling…

    If Edward had randomly appeared and begged for Bella back she would have been more reluctant. She may or may not have chosen Jacob. But if she chose Edward it would have been a totally different relationship… possibly doomed to fail.

    Stephenie knows what she’s doing!

  44. Pam

    The Olympic Wolf? I’m pretty sure those would be Jake and his friends. They would be the native wolves to Olympic Peninsula.

    AS for Edward, I think he would have come back. He had nothing without Bella. The only reason he would have left her alone is if she looked happy and she was only happy when she was with Jacob. And Edward wouldn’t have watched her closely with Jake around. I bet he’d watch her sleep and listen.

  45. Leslie

    I don’t think that Bella not jumping would have changed anything long term. Edward even told Bella at the end of New Moon that her face was always in his mind and that it was only a matter of time before he came back begging her forgiveness. So he would not have been back as quickly as he was but I think he would have been there soon. Bella and Jake may have had a bit of a chance then though – but it would not have lasted because Bella would never have let Edward go.

  46. dsolo

    Love the part about Mike Newton. If you want a better understanding of why Edward dislikes him, read the Midnight Sun excerpt on Stephenie’s website. Edward doesn’t like Mike’s “impure” thoughts about Bella. Also, please read the New Moon phone call extras on the site. You know that Edward would have been back within days or weeks. They were each missing part of themselves and nothing could heal that. Jacob was a bandage, not a cure. Remember when she finally ran to him in NM, and Bella said the hole was gone – not healed, but as if it had never been. This isn’t the only love triangle in the series, so you do see some other what ifs.

  47. JanetH

    Love those wolfie eyebrows!

  48. Een.

    I’m not sure how Bella would have delt with that. I mean, I KNOW Edward would have come back for her, eventually, but what if he was too late?

    Um. Well. Bad? That would have made this whole series SO much more agonizing. I seriously have no clue. I think Bella could have been with Jacob… ish. But I have a feeling she’d just be sort of half there, dead inside, and eventually Jacob would get really upset. I think he’d end up leaving her, mainly because she was dead inside.

  49. tina

    Great post!! Since when do you channel Jacob??? You have him down. Oh, and I love the Olympic wolf – I’ll be watching for him at the next winter games…lol

    What if…Edward hadn’t been in Forks? No werewolves would have been necessary and a very natural and ‘normal’ relationship between Bella and Jacob would have blossomed. They would have fallen in love – and I can’t say more or I’ll spoil it…..

    But, because Edward and Bella had met and fallen in love, I believe no other outcome was possible. She may have ended up with Jake for a while, but the pull to Edward was stronger. Stephenie uses Wuthering Heights well in this storyline. You need to read all of Eclipse to see what I mean….there is a very meaningful conversation later that will tell you a lot!!

    I know you love a thread that flows through all of a story, continuation of a storyline…you will see how everything starts to come together later in this book – and then Breaking Dawn…..hurry up will you!! I can’t wait to hear you make the connections!!

  50. daylet

    Nope, because remember in New Moon, Alice said that Edward is so depressed that he was about to come back. He could not take it anymore. If Bella would not have jumped, he would still come back. Although, maybe Bella and Jacob’s relationship would have been a lot more complicated.

    Okay, now back to writing my paper on Norway :)

  51. KT

    First of all to answer your guestion Edward definetly would have come back. He even says that to her when she finally wakes up, that he was through trying to get through one day without her.

    Secondly, it says save the Olympic Wolf because Forks and La Push are located on the Olympic Peninsula. :)

  52. Katie Beth

    I. Love. Reeses. Seriously, they’re completely amazing. Reeses and Twix are my favorite ever.

    That’s one of my hobbies too, wondering what might have been. It never works. :-) Everything influences something else.

  53. Kelly

    It actually says in New Moon or Eclipse that Edward was already planning on coming back to Bella. He couldn’t take it anymore.

  54. Tiffany

    For a look at life if she had not jumped off the clif i suggest reading the twilight moms forum under fanfiction and reading sacrifices by enthralled it is amazing.

  55. Lu

    Kaleb, I enjoying reading your reviews of each chapter! And The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. Happy Halloween.

  56. Alli

    Edward would have come back, but not as soon, and Bella probably would have been with Jake, though still in love with Edward. But Edward would have come just to check on her, and if he had seen her with Jake, it would hurt him, but he would let her go. So really, who knows? Also, you need to read this ( http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/nm_extras_rosalie.pdf ). This explains what Edward went through in New Moon. It should explain why he would have gone back.

  57. priyanka

    actually, in new moon, edward said he was coming back to forks any way and that he loved bella too much to stay away for long. but bella jumps off a cliff, so he goes to italy. jacob’s idea wouldn’t have been correct cuz edward would have came back any way……

  58. Kate

    Its an Olympic Wolf, becaus ethey live in the Olympic penisula. and i prefer darkchocolateMounds to gourage myself on, but Reece’s is a close theird after chocolate in general. Happy halloween! im going as Bella!

  59. priyanka

    oh yeah, about halloween, in english we are watching the simpsons cuz its halloween tomorrow! yay! my english teacher is awesome!

  60. Tina

    Nah, Edward would’ve come back eventually, Jacob shouldn’t be getting his hopes up…

  61. Sarah

    Well, if Bella wouldn’t have jumped off the cliff, she probably would have remained with Jacob for awhile longer.
    But the truth is, Alice probably would have seen Victoria coming and that would have prompted Edward to come and save Bella eventually.
    Because, I’m sure that at some point Edward would’ve read Alice’s thoughts and been like “oooh s*** not again,” and run off to save Bella.

    SOO. It would probably be like the ending of New Moon, only in reverse ;D.

    But that’s just my opinion XD.

    Oh and btw, while I was reading this, i was in fact eating Reeses. They’re my favorite candy. Beyond belief ahaha.

  62. Elise

    I think he would’ve eventually come back but when he found Bella was with Jake who is a WEREWOLF he would’ve
    A. Stayed in the shadows quietly wacthing for the day when Jake hurt her or

    B. (I personally like this one;) rip her out of his arms and possably try to rip his head off

    C. go all melodramatic and try to live without her again (note to Edward: before you do this remember how well it worked out the first time)

    But I think he would’ve come back no matter if he did A,B,or C

  63. rachel

    you’ll get a better understanding of Mike Newton of you ever get around to reading Midnight Sun.

    No, it was always Edward. But hey, i am an utter romantic.

  64. Becky

    Edward does say that he planned on coming back because he couldn’t take it anymore, but she jumped off the cliff before he did. If Bella hadn’t jumped I think he would’ve come back and somehow or other they would have ended up together. Or Alice would have seen Bella doing something and Edward would have seen it too and realized that she still loved him, ect. Eventually. It might have taken a while longer, but eventually it would have happened. I least I like to think so, but some fanfiction writers would disagree, lol

    Happy Halloween! hope the trick or treaters dont take ALL the Reeses :)

  65. Krystol

    First of all… poor Mike. I love how he is the epitome of a human boy.

    Edward would have come back anyway, but that would have made a boring story wouldn’t it? I mean, the climax of the novel is Edward climbing back through her window and begging for forgiveness and pledging his love? That’s sweet, but it’s hardly exciting.

    Remember that Edward did say he was tired of trying to last through minutes at a time. He would have come back because there is no force on Earth that can keep the two of them away from each other forever.

  66. JulietteluvsTwilight

    Well I don’t know if anyone said this before me, b/c I haven’t read allllll the comments before mine, but I believe the wolf is Olympic because, either:
    a) he beat Michael Phelps in a swimming competition last week and is therefore an olympic champion
    b) he’s from the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington 😀

    I suppose b is more likely, considering the setting of Eclipse.

    And no, I think Edward would have returned for Bella like he told her…
    And he would’ve seen how miserable she was all the time and begged her to take him back :)

  67. E

    I think that Edward definitely would have come back. He always loved her, and experienced just as terrible as hers, if not worse. He didn’t even have a Jacob to ease the pain… of course, it probably wouldn’t have been so easy a transition.
    Also, nice chart. Very useful. 😉

  68. P D Yerf

    I had to write an entire fanfiction (the link above) to answer this question for myself and my answer:
    Edward would not have stayed away. He said himself that he would have come back, if only to check up on Bella, and then the presence of Victoria would have forced him to stay, and because of the deep bond between himself and Bella they would have ended up together eventually; once he returned and they were able to talk to each other gravity would just move and they’d have to be together.

  69. i_luv_twilight

    Idont think so because edward says in mew moon that… it wouldnt have been long before bella saw him begging to take her bak!!!!!! so u can take vampire from human but u cant take edward from bella!!

  70. Anna

    I doubt she would have stayed with Jacob. Edward wouldn’t have lasted much longer than she would have without each other. And I can’t see Jacob as anything more than that lovable best friend with an incredibly fantastic muscular structure.

    I also feel your pain in the Calculus area. My exam was a weeks ago and I was blessed with the suprisingly passing grade of 73.

  71. Heather

    Haha I loved the name “Jacob” gives for Edward. That was priceless. And then to follow up with the Olympic Wolf ad…I was cracking up.

    Alas, you begin to see the beginning of Jacob pushing himself onto Bella. It only gets worse from here.

    And the question…if you read the New Moon Extras on Stephenie’s website (coughcoughDOITNOWcoughcough) you’ll see that Edward was barely making it, as he says in New Moon, a single hour. He would’ve come back eventually, probably within a few weeks if not sooner, and it would’ve been a much less dramatic end to New Moon. So…I’m kinda glad Bella jumped off the cliff. But no matter what, I don’t think Jacob’s plan would’ve worked. It would’ve if Bella had been dating a normal human guy, but since she was dating Edward *insert heavens parting and angels singing here*, poor Jacob just never had a chance.

  72. Lucy

    In New Moon he said he would have come back eventually because his restraint was deteriorating. He would have come back and begged for Bella to forgive him. Even if Bella gave in and was with Jake. He’d try his hardest.

  73. Becca Shmeka

    I think, all in all, that Edward and Bella would have still gotten together even if she hadn’t almost died.

    Remember, (not a direct quote, please do not eat me) Edward said something along the lines of how he was past even living one day at a time and it had gotten to an hour at a time. He told Bella that he would have probably soon come back crawling and begging her for forgiveness, to take him back.

    Jacob can rant all he wants about how good it would have been if Edward hadn’t come back, but the truth is, Edward is as much a part of Bella as she is to him so it was only a matter of time. Jacob doesn’t seem to get that.

  74. Devon

    Yeah, Edward would have come back, as he said, and I think Bella would have been all over that like white on rice. I don’t think things would have been that much different, just minus the drama that came along with racing the clock to save Edward, and meeting the Volturi, which cements more and more for Bella that she needs to become super vampirific. I think, had Edward come back and begged forgiveness, Bella may have been more easily convinced of his love for her.

  75. Cara

    Ha, Olympic Wolf is as in Olympic Peninsula… You know, Washington?

    I think that even if she hadn’t jumped, Edward WOULD have come back anyway… So while Jacob and Bella might be together for… I don’t know, a few days? Bella would still come back to Edward.

  76. Liz

    In New Moon Edward mentions that he was about to crack anyway…it would’ve been a matter of time.

  77. nottellinforfearofdismemberment

    if bella didn’t jump off the cliff, i think edward would have come back eventually and everything would be about the same as now, sans impending volturi doom. though, if somehow edward had stayed away(ahem, unlikely) i STRONGLY believe that bella would have been okay eventually and had a life with jacob.

    now! cue the harmonious uproar!


  78. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I do not think that bella would have ended up with jake even if she hadnt jumped off that cliff, simply because edward was always seconds away from coming back, he was as depressed as she was if not more so(he did not a distraction aka awesome best friend to help him), and also he couldnt live without her and vise versa, he would have eventually come back and begged (though we all know he wouldnt have to) for her forgiveness and asked her to take him back, he was so close to this point when he heard rose’s news…

    but for arguements sake less say he didnt and by some miracle managed to stay away from her….she probably would have ended up with jake regardless of how things were supposed to go…she was so close anyway, of loving him so dearly that she would have started somethign with him just to mmake him happy even though she couldnt give him her full heart…which wouldnt be fair to anyone…..

    so personally I think edward would have come back regardless of how much I love jake and….he did even though perhaps not in the best fashion…alerting the volturi of bella was probably the worst side affect of the cliff diving hobby,
    😀 melissaturkey

  79. Mly

    If Edward were out of the picture, of course Bella would end up with Jacob. When they meet in the first book, Bella naturally liked Jacob. They got alone really well. BUT, Bella cannot resist the pull that is Edward. I bet, if Bella hadn’t been all crazy and jumped, she would be with Jacob. Edward would have come back, although MUCH later than what he does. He would have snuck in to just see her and how she was doing. He would have seen Bella with Jacob. Poor, poor Edward would have been heartbroken, but he would have been “right” in his belief that she would be better off without him. Whether he would stick around as her “shadow guardian”, run back and be depressed like he was last before, but this time believe he was right (because of the “proof”), or kill himself… hmm… not quite sure, I would need a little more time to think on that.

    Love the funny, perceptive insights you have on the books. Thanks for being a weirdo and letting other weirdos see what you are doing. :)

  80. Stephanie

    Well I believe Edward when he said he would have come back anyway at the end of New Moon. And if any of you had read the extra on SM’s website where Edward gets the phone call fro Rosalie you could tell how miserable he was without Bella.
    He definately would have come back, but not make contact at first. He would have made contact when he saw how only a small part of her had healed and she was much worse off without him or when he saw she was spending most of her time with a werewolf. He would not risk Bella’s safety. Inevitably, Edward would be back in Bella’s life, and sorry Jacob fans but Bella would most likely open her heart back up to him. Things would be the same as they are now.

  81. Tianna

    Mike Newton, Mike Newton…
    Remember in “Twilight” how Charlie asked about Mike, and then Edward told Bella a little while later he was feeling jealous about him? Thats what this post reminded me of.

    I tend to do the same thing, thinking about things and how they would have been different if I did something other than what I had decided.

    Funny thing seeing how you had already gotten to (Chapter 5) in only a few weeks, and how long it took to get to where you are now. I also find it funny how they call each other childish names. It seems more like teasing than anything to me.

    On a different note, I dont’ think Jacob would have been correct. Edward has pointed out that he would have come back eventually even if she hadn’t jumped off of a cliff. I’ve heard how he grimaces every time someone mentions it.

    Not sure how to put this, but your posts and analyzing of each chapter does tend to raise questions I hadnt thought of and it amuses me to see how easy your entertained.
    You remind me more of the male characters in the Twilight Saga now than in your first posts.

  82. HeyJoyous

    I very much agree with about everyone else. Edward would have come back. His own need or some other instance would have brought him back. It was only a matter of time.

    Olympic wolf. HA HA HA 😀

  83. Feven

    Even as a total Jacob lover, I SERIOUSLY doubt it..

    I mean Edward even said he would’ve come back to check on her.. but i mean with his luck, he’d probably catch Bella filling her laugh quota of the month and run away in utter agony.. restarting the cycle..

  84. Sam

    Your doing pretty good so far Kaleb! The picture of the wolf was pretty funny.I read all the books twice, and I’m going for my third time!
    As for your question, i think that even if she hadnt come back, Edward would have found a way to get back to Forks. He loves Bella to much to stay away, and he knows danger always finds her. Thts my opinion…

  85. robin

    i think if bella wouldnt have jumped off the cliff she MIGHT have ended up with jacob but edward was coming back anyways and i think they would have been together again just in a more complicated love triangle. neither bella nor edward can be whole without the other.

    and as for the Olympic wolf…it is talking about the fact that they are living on the Olympic peninsula! ha ha :)

  86. Samie

    Well that is in away hard to say, we know bella was giveing in to jake, before the whole cliff diveing thing.. so i think IF bella didnt jump, and edward did come back, like we know he probally would one day, he would see that bella is liveing, happy, well on the outside atleast, and edward, might be able to leave again… tho i dont think that would be possiable.. but maybe.. thats what i think atleast

  87. becky sue

    Edward said he would have ended up coming back to see Bella in no time, but then the cliff diving incident happened, so without her jumping off a cliff, the issue would be whether she appeared happy in Forks without Edward; or was downright miserable. And that leads me to wonder if she would have given up on Edward and settled contently with Jacob. Or would she remain set in her ways and balencing on her razor’s edge. I find it hard to believe that she could remain where she was situated, and I think she would have ended up (kind of) happy with Jake.

    Also, Edwards Jacob given name makes me hurt.

    And, it hurt when you said you intended to take down the site………

    Additionally, those are some of my favorite movies………..

  88. KMA#1

    I think, well actually I know (because Edward said it) that Edward was going to come back soon anyway. And I am positive that Bella would have gone straight back to him, even without all of the suicide attempt stuff. And Jacob would have been just as mad. So we probably would have ended up in a similar position by the beginning of Eclipse, but without all of the cool Italy stuff.

  89. Laura

    Edward’s name, Olympic wolves, this is the funniest one in a while, Kaleb. Good job.
    I do believe that one small thing can change everything in a person’s life. If Bella hadn’t cut her finger than New Moon would just have been a horrible nonexistent mnightmare. Although, I do believe Edward would’ve came back anyway, it just might’ve taken him a while to justify with himself to come back to Bella. If you’ve ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day off, it goes something along the lines of Cameron’s dialogue when he’s trying to decide whether to go hang out with Ferris or not.
    “I should go back to Bella… But she’s probably over me.. But I miss her… But I’m a danger to her… But I miss the smell of her blood…” etc.

  90. Meghan

    I think Edward would’ve come for Bella. as he said he couldnt stay away much longer. and coming back just to check on her would have been enough for bella to jump back into his pleading arms. jacob would still be pissed and most everything would b normal again. and she wouldnt have been grounded for running away to “LA” w/ alice

  91. Gatchene

    I think bella would be with jacob, they’d eventually get married, raise annoyingly destructive werewolf kids, the big package. But bella may turn out somewhat like Kim from edward scissorhands (if you’ve watched the whole thing, and see her going on about him at the end of the movie). have u seen those twilight tv spots? so far there’s been 6 and u can find them on youtube of course!

  92. Dee


    and it would have send edward into frenzy anyways…

    maybe bellas horrible habit of making bad decisions is not that bad at all. But I have to say I feel sorry for jacob he is a nice guy… but to much of stalker/pusher (but wasnt edward one too?) I don’t know I would have liked to explore that relationship more deeply, what would have happened if jacob and bella actually dated?

    PS. Looooovedthe olympic wolf thing haha :)

  93. Erin

    First of all: love the eyebrows on that wolf. That really made my day!
    And, nope. Edward would’ve come back. I believe him when he told Bella that he would have come back within six months. You should read the extras for New Moon on Stephenie’s site. It explained a lot bout that.
    And, Jake makes me mad. Sorry, but I hate him all through this book. And the first third of the next one. And the last quarter of New Moon. And kinda the last part of Breaking Dawn. But, the rest of the time, I like him. Sometimes.
    Oh, I liked Eddy’s name too. Thought that was purty sweet.
    Anywhos, happy reading!

  94. Amanda

    If you recall, Edward mentioned in the end of New Moon that he was about to come back anyway and beg Bella to take him back (I literally just lent out my copy today so I can’t give a page number, sorry!). I think that he truly does love her, so he would have come back, and obviously Bella would have taken him back. I really don’t think Bella not jumping off the cliff would have made things much different, it just speeded up Edward’s return. Besides, I don’t think she would end up with Jacob, the whole time she was with him in NM she was torn. But that’s just my opinion. :)

  95. Nicole

    Ok….lets remember what was happening right before Edward called Bella’s house and Jacob informed him that Charlie was indeed not home but at the funeral. Bella was about to give into him and kiss him and decide to just be with him broken and all.

    So lets say for the sake of argument that Alice didn’t have her vision and return to Forks to see if Bella had indeed killed herself, then Edward would have indeed taken awhile longer to return and check on Bella. Bella would have given in to Jacobs advances and try to be with him to make him happy and perhaps eventually herself, and when Edward did return all hell would have broken lose. As Edward said he would have climbed through the window and begged Bella to take him back which she would have leaving Jacob in the cold and thus probably igniting the fight between the Quiellutes and the Cullens and thus breaking the Treaty. Well so this is what I think would have happened lol.

  96. devz30

    W-o-w. This was only posted yesterday….And there’s like 90+ comments.. ^_^

    OK. 5 things:

    1.) “…he is the one who will suddenly rip his clothing to shreds and turn into a big hairy wolf.”
    Well, yeah. Exactly what I was thinking. He is one himself. He keeps thinking he’s safer, though.

    2.) LOL. That olympic dog thing was funny.=D
    And the chart thing too w/ what jacob calls the cullens.

    3.) “..and he doesn’t even know it.”
    Yeah, why is Mike always brought up? It’s always hilarious whenever he get’s mentioned.

    4.) Well, it’s true. One decision can alter a lot of things.That’s the ripple effect. haha..
    5.) To finish it off and to answer the question, actually, I don’t think she’d be with jacob. Maybe, but no. I never really thought Bella could really recover anyway.
    Temporarily happy on a weak level, but fragile.

    Edward did say he was going to come back soon and that “It was only a matter of time”, right? I always wondered what would happen when Edward came back of his own accord, not when Bella would have to save him and come herself to see him. Because then, Bella would believe sooner that Edward really loved her, and that he couldn’t bear living without her.

  97. devz30

    ** olympic wolf (i put dog for some reason)

  98. Stacy

    to those who have said this, i agree. even if bella hadn’t jumped off the cliff, she still would have been miserable and still want edward. edward would have come back and found her unhappy and they would go back to each other. if bella had chosen jake, edward would’ve come back to see her happy and let her be. but as we all know, they’re soul mates and they can’t live without each other. no matter what, they would’ve ended up together .. as it happens.

  99. Stacy

    and yeah the olympic peninsula thing, that’s where they live. sorry if someone said that one already. there’s so many comments!

  100. Jen

    I do think Bella’s life would be different if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff. It would probably take a while but she’d heal, and Jacob would be there for her. Yeah, Jacob was right. The only thing that would change that would be if Edward came back even though he said he’d stay away. Then Bella would drop Jacob and go back with him. Not fair to Jake…

    And what a coincidence! May 17 is my birthday! 😀

  101. Shelly

    I think that even if Bella hadn’t jumped of the cliff Edward would still have come back to her and she still would have taken him back. It would just be a longer process. :)

  102. Monica

    …among Twilight fans, this question is about as controversial as it gets!

    Personally, I think Bella would have ended up with Jacob–her final “message” from Edward is “be happy” and she ALMOST started something with Jake. Then, of course, Alice showed up. I do believe Edward would have come back, just to check on her; if Bella didn’t notice him, he probably would’ve let them be. Of course, if Bella knew that Edward had come back to check on her, things would’ve gotten hairy. And we’d be basically right back where we are right now, with Bella caught between the two guys.

    For Halloween movies: The Ring (if you never want to sleep again), Corpse Bride (or almost anything from Tim Burton), or Dracula: Dead and Loving It (Mel Brooks ftw!).

    And nothing is scarier than calculus. Blech.

  103. VT

    Edward would have come back, no doubt. He was struggling too and I do not think he would have lasted much longer.

  104. Jessie

    What would’ve happened?
    She really WOULD’VE ended up with Mike.

    No, seriously?
    Edward would’ve come back. He said himself that he was on the verge of returning… and he would’ve come back, seen Bella with Jacob, known Jake was a werewolf, etc.

  105. Meghann

    Edward would have come back, he even said so himself. So it would be all good in the end=]

  106. mckenzie

    Something I have to add… Have you ever noticed that Mike is almost never judt Mike? he is ALWAYS Mike Newton. And it is funny, how much he is mentioned in comparison to how much he is actually there. Also, Edward was going to return anyway I am positive.

  107. Allis

    I really don’t think Bella would be with Jacob if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff. Edward said himself in New Moon that it was hard to get through each hour, and that it was only a matter of time before he showed up on Bella’s doorstep.

    I’ve also considered possible outcomes if events have been tweaked, and I thought that the one point that really decided for Edward whether he was going to kill himself or not was that moment when he called Bella’s house. If Bella had picked up the phone instead of Jacob, things would be so much different. Edward would have never had gone to Volterra, and probably come back on his own, so Bella could still jump off the cliff and not have to rescure Edward. So it’s all Jacob’s fault! He was the one who picked up the stupid phone, so I think he should be blamed for the whole Volterra mess.

  108. Heidi

    Sorry about your bad experience with the mountain lions. Better luck next time!

  109. Emily


  110. Carrie

    OMG, that Olympic wolf pic is hilarious! =)…As Bella said, Edward would have come back, anyway. They just couldn’t stand to be apart. Even if Edward had remained stubborn, I’d bet that Alice would’ve returned for Bella, or Carlisle or Esme would’ve convinced Edward to tell Bella how he really felt because they would’ve seen how miserable he was…It really irritated me when Jacob kept referring to the Cullens as bloodsuckers, leeches, etc. I understand his resentment, but it’s a very good point that he is a supernatural creature as well, and a hairy one at that. Plus, since he holds Bella in such high regard, shouldn’t he at least listen to what she has to say about the Cullens being good? She’s not stupid and he knows that.

  111. Noelle

    I know that Edward really wanted to come back and that Bella wanted to come back, but I honestly think that he would have stayed away. He always wanted to do what he thought was best for Bella and in this case, it was staying away. He would have stayed away to protect her, even if it was tearing him up on the inside.

  112. Noelle

    I know that Edward really wanted to come back and that Bella wanted to come back, but I honestly think that he would have stayed away. He always wanted to do what he thought was best for Bella and in this case, it was staying away. He would have stayed away to protect her, even if it was tearing him up on the inside.

    As for whether or not she and Jacob would be together, I don’t know. I don’t know how their relationship would have evolved or if Bella would have ever been content in another relationship. Bella and Edward just fit together somehow, and if they were kept apart, I don’t think that they could ever truly be happy with someone else…

    Now I feel like I have to go back and reexamine their entire relationship, because of so many things that could have changed the course of the books…

  113. Marissa

    Well, Alice will likely see that Bella is miserable and go and get Edward back.

  114. Brigid

    i think he would have come back anyways after a few more months just to spy on her or something, and she would be with jacob and somewhat happy. he would show up, even if he thinks he wouldn’t have, and whe would have freaked and gone back to him, but still love jacob, and the whole hting would be a huge mess[ not that is isnt one already] it could have been a fun story.

  115. :)

    has anyone else noticed that Jacob uses Edwards name more than anybody elses? I wouldve thought the opposite.

    hey, my dog comes running whenever I mention the word “mutt”, soooo… interesting fact, her real name is bella.

  116. Edward is my brand of Heroin (or would be, if I was a heroin addict)


  117. ayia fuse

    He pobably uses edwards name more in the book because edward is a more infulental ( i know i cant spell sorry:() in his life than the others so no matter how much he wants to her cant really “forget” edwards name…..

  118. Lisa from Germany

    Nothing would have changed…
    Edward was only days away from returning anyway and everything would be the same. at least that’s what Stephenie said (or something along that lines)
    anyway you are hillarious as always… can’t wait for your next update!

  119. Janelle

    Ah, Kaleb I swear you really are psychic. You’ve done it again in this chapter. But I’m not saying where. I don’t want to spoil anything!
    Poor Jacob. I guess I can sort of understand the resentment. They are natural enemies after all…plus he’s crazy jealous. Poor kid. But I definitely love the wolf picture. And the eyebrows of course.
    You’ve got to love Mike though! I think it’s hilarious that his name always seems to come up in tense conversations. Like in New Moon, “How the hell did Mike Newton end up in this conversation?!” 😀
    But to answer the question, no, Bella would not have ended up with Jake. Edward says he was eventually going to come back anyway, if just to check on her. That would be his excuse. He said if she was happy, he might have been able to leave again. As Bella was definitely NOT happy, he never could have left her so miserable. Edward’s return was inevitable, as was his leaving her.

  120. Bert

    I’ve read twilight saga too, I finish each book in about 5 or 6 hours 10 the 4th
    I must admit I love the plot.

  121. sparkles

    Bella would have ended up with Jake and tried to make him happy, and then she would have destroyed him. Because when Edward came back, and he would have, just to ‘check on her’, he would have found her still unhappy despite her little cozy family life, and she would have left Jake anyways for him. Plus her kids if she had any by that point. Her addiction for Edward would have surpassed any ties to Jake and her new family – though she would have hated herself for it. Really the minute Edward left her, and she bonded with Jacob, she was damned to imperfect happiness. Because she could not have both. But that’s the whole point of Eclipse isn’t it? That she cant have both, but she tries to have both, and shows her selfish side, and hurts them and herself in the process.

    I kind of like how in the Twilight universe, everyone has their dark side. It makes things interesting. :)

  122. Maddie

    my answer to your question is:
    everthing would have happened anyway, if anybody has ever read the Cirque Du Freak series, youll understand this more. i kinda believe that if one thing doesnt happen, something else will happen to keep it to happening
    like if somebody went back and time and killed Hitler, somebody else would just be Hitler, but with a different name, Bella wouldve tripped and broke her arm or something or Victoria wouldve shown up WHO KNOWS just something to make all the Cullens back again

  123. *Jasmine^^

    No, nothing would have changed- Edward would have came back and see how horrible she was and beg for her forgiveness. He probably wouldn’t be AS overbearing though, not having known the feeling of losing her forever but Edward would still be Edward^^.

    The only one change I think would occur is Bella would have been even closer to Jacob, spending more time with him before Edward came back. Maybe Bella might have even started returning some of Jake’s feelings like she was about to before they went off to Italy, but Bella would have given up everything for Edward.

    It would’ve only been a matter of time before Edward came back either way- even if Bella started to be somewhat happy with Jacob, the two of them are just meant to be together.

  124. julia

    The answer to your question…do you know how many fanfic there are that answers this particular question?

    Honestly, even if I’m not a Jacob lover, which I am, feverishly and is not ashame to admit it and holler it to the heavens above, if Edward didn’t come back, Bella would eventually be with Jacob, that’s just a fact.

    You’ll agree with me at the end of Eclipse, which is why Edward lovers, not naming any names, hates Jacob to the core of their bones. Seriously some tries to even deny the obvious at the end of Eclipse, keep maintaining that “Bella doesn’t love Jacob THAT way, their family…*mumbles* friends.” *roll eyes*.

    It’s hard to explain it since you haven’t read to the end yet, even with the whole “why Jacob doesn’t like to pay particular mention of the vampire’s name”, if you haven’t read the ending.

    To put it in Jacob’s perspective. Vampires…are *dead*!!! They don’t belong in our world. They’re a bunch of moving corpses that didn’t have the sense enough to stay dead. And, to make it worse, vampires especially the Cullens are the reason why he’s being a mutant dog as the vampire lovers like to call the pack.

    I have trouble doing chores when my mom tells me.

    How would you feel that you turn hair because of some stray people that shouldn’t be alive anyway??

  125. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 4. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Nature). […]

  126. Verali

    My thoughts would be that he would have come back. Eventually. This is Edward we’re talking about, so he’d slip-up, just a little thing. He’d go home to Bella in the middle of the night, probably smell a lot of really bad things and – as all know – freak. He’d wake her up, apoligize – I must admit I think she’d welcome him back entirely, Jake forgotten completely for a moment – and then be very angry about the entire werewolves-are-my-best-freinds thing. And then they would begin to fight and argue and bicker and go back and forth on the subject as they are currently doing. But, I don’t think that without the trip to Italy, like you said, things wouldn’t be as strong, and may be able to repeat. Unless if they had Chapter 23: The Truth. And, I think that the trip to Italy made things so much stronger than before, and proving that no matter what, they have to be together.
    But, if Edward didn’t come back, I think that Bella would have gone for Jake – see Chapter 26 in Eclipse.
    Now, I’m going to shut up and read the rest of these comments before I give anything away that I haven’t already.

  127. Verali

    olympic wolf with kaleb style eyebrows. hehehe. Very funny kaleb. And how do you get all of this?! I feel so stupid while you just pick all of this stuff up like it was obvious!
    UGH! *mutters incoherently*

  128. Verali

    Okay. This is the last time. But Jessie, I belive that I must correct myself. You have found the solution. Bella would have become Mrs. Newton, only if Edward wouldn’t have come back, because Jake would have “next chaptered” and so Bella’d become depressed and be Mrs. Newton till Edward came back. In which he would be so horrified and take her back immediately. The End.

  129. Verali

    Sorry. I lied. But this is important. I have been thinking about this since I finished that part of Eclipse.
    What would have happened at that same moment if, instead of Edward calling, he showed up? What would have gone on? What would have been broken in the fight? Would there have been a fight? What would the outcome be?
    And then, there was the other ‘what ifs’ that come to mind. I have many. If you want any ideas, just let me know. I have thousands to share.
    Now I promise I’ll be good and shut up. Promise.

  130. Miranda

    I believe with every fiber in me that Edward would have come back for Bella. I also beleive that if he held off for too much longer she would have started something with Jacob, and she would be feeling horable for it. When Edward shows back up she would indead leave Jacob in a heartbeat and it would make things quite horible. Way way way worse.

    However much Bella was suffering through all of book 2, Edward was suffering more. Remember that Edward had nobody for 80 years, and then he finds his soulmate.. Bella had nobody for 17 years and then she finds her soulmate. The other side of the fence is way way worse for him… He would have come back and there is no doubt in my mind about that. Not to mention that Vampire Emotions are much stronger.

  131. Scott

    I’ve read a few of the comments and the general consesus I hot was Edward would’ve come back anyway and everything would be how it is right now. I feel I must disagree, there is no doubt Edward would have returned like he said but that doesn’t mean he was going to show up on her doorstep one day. When Edward came back I think he would’ve hid in the shadows and watched Bella at first and depending on what he saw there is a definite chance he would have stayed away. It all would depend on when he came back I feel like Bella would have given in Jacob shortly if Alice hadn’t shown up. And even though she wouldn’t love him the same as Edward she would still love him. Being as Edward can’t read Bella’s mind if he waited long enough he would have seen her happy and in the minds he could read, Charlie and Jacob, he would see how she got better being with Jacob. I think Edward has enough self loathing that he would not be able to forgive himself for the pain that he caused her and leave her to be happy with Jacob never allowing her to know be was ever there.

    Now any bomber of things could have changed this like realizing Jacob was a vampire, asking Alice to check on Bella and her seeing nothing, or catching the scent of Victoria. But if Eswars waited long enough and caught Bella on a good day there is a definite chance that Jacob and Bella could have ended up together.

    P.S. I apologize for any major spelling or gramattical errors I’m typing this up on my phone and I’m really tired. And please don’t hate me saying that Bella and Jacob have a chance I’m glad Edward came back and I think he is actually better for her.

  132. Scott

    I need to add that most if the Edward would come back anway comments don’t seem to take in to consideration how much Edward doesn’t want Bella to stop being human. If he saw any semblance of happiness there is no doubt in my mind he would leave her alone and probably watch her in secret until she died, because if haven’t seen it already Edward is a glutton for self inflicted pain when it comes to Bella. I feel he loves her so much and is so opposed to destroying her immortal soul that he would content himself by watching her live out her human life and the go and provoke the Vultori once she died.

  133. Brenna

    Edward absolutley would’ve come back, but not as quickly.

    I also think their relationship wouldn’t have bounced back as quickly, because without Edward thinking Bella truly was dead, he would’ve never REALLY realized how much he needed her to live. Sure, he knew how much it hurt to be separated, but not concretely torn apart. Bella wouldn’t have learned how much Edward does love her either. I mean, he was going to die for her, and she finally realized the reason behind her hallucinations. If Edward would’ve just come back she may not have really discovered how devastated he was without her, but maybe she would’ve concluded he was just bored or something. He would’ve told her how he felt, but she wouldn’t know for sure from experience how far he really would go for her, she’d just have to have faith in it. And knowing Bella, she wouldn’t be 100% convinced he really really REALLY did love her that much.

    Either way, I am VERY happy he came back. She needs him, no matter what Jacob could’ve done. She still would’ve been broken and hurt rather than about back to normal. Jacob would’ve just been the filler, like the cheapy, stale, knock off kind of “chocolate and cream cookies” instead of the real thing- Oreos.

  134. Anna

    Okay, I have read a lot of the answers (gosh there are so many!) and I agree with some things and don’t agree with others (everyone is entitled to their own opinion)

    But Team Edward and Team Jacob aside, I truly believe that Edward would have come back. He would have hidden in the wings though- watch Bella in her sleep for old time’s sake. But, when Bella had her nightmare and started screaming bloody murder and woke up in the middle of the night, she would have realized he was there. I don’t think he would be able to just slip out her window when she was so vulnerable and obviously changed since the last time they met. He would know that even though maybe by day she was healing a little with Jacob, by night she truly was still being tortured. (Plus he would have caught Jacob’s werewolf scent and done something about that because Edward is overprotective of Bella and we all know how Edward and the vampires react to Bella’s werewolf friends—the young ones especially.

    Oddly enough, I thought of another character that went through a similar situation (not exactly the same mind you, but similar.) For some reason, Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory, and Harry Potter came to mind. (Now don’t send the Volturi after me because I just made a HP and Twilight comparison!)

    Cho Chang after losing Cedric feels guilty for her feelings in Harry (ironically enough, Cedric Diggory was played by our Robert Pattinson and now Edward Cullen… Funny how they both left the girls heartbroken, eh?) Anyway, she was with Harry but I remember at one point in book 5 where she just starts crying out of nowhere and shows how truly torn up she still is about Cedric. She truly loved him much deeper than she let others realize.

    I think Bella feels the same way– attraction in some forms to Jacob, but still is so torn up over Edward and losing him. He is her soulmate (Jacob fans, too bad, you know it’s true) and they had a connection so strong, that one day it’s snapped and neither one can heal until they’re back together again. Edward realizes this more and more every day, that’s why he was only a few days away from making the final decision to check up on Bella. (Read Stephenie Meyer’s extra “Rosalie’s News” if you want some more insight on Edward’s state of mind while he was away. He could barely survive without Bella, and yes he tortured himself over keeping her human, but he finds himself selfish and would have returned to feed his “selfish” side. )

    For example, if you have two perfectly matching socks, then one of them gets lost in the dryer, but you decide to wear another sock instead to replace it. It just doesn’t feel RIGHT. If you found that missing sock in the dryer, obviously you would take it back in, the pair was meant to be. (I just compare Edward and Bella’s relationship to socks… maybe I’m just really exhausted at the moment :D)

    To sum it all up: Even Edward haters can’t deny that he was bound to return. I think that he would have heard her screaming in the night, or seen that she wasn’t like her old self, or thought that she was being “endangered” by the werewolf that came into her room/house. He would have stayed to make sure she wasn’t in danger (honestly, do you think Edward would have just left Bella be with young werewolf Jake and let them live their “happily ever after” when Jacob is supposedly *extremely* dangerous, and just let Bella continue living in danger? No, I think not. He might have even had a brawl with Jake if he hadn’t known Bella’s feelings toward Jake and how much Jake was helping her, just to protect her… who knows how that would have turned out!) Edward would stay to protect her from Victoria, Jake, and the rest of the world and would convince himself to stay because he was being her protector once more, not the one she needed protection from. I think that’s one of the major reasons why Edward leaves—he feels that Bella needs protection from himself, so he decides to put Bella out of danger at all costs, even though it would be tormenting for him, so that she is safe. That’s all he cares about—Bella, more than anything in the world.

    Sorry for my long, ranting post. I just had put my thoughts out there 😀

    P.S. Kaleb, you are so funny 😀 I love your witty insight.

    P.P.S. For all those who aren’t sure, I was one of the happiest people in the world when Edward returned 😀

  135. Ally Reindl

    I highly doubt that Bella would have ended up with Jacob. Around the time that Bella decided to jump off the cliff, Edward had already decided to come home because he had realized that he couldn’t live without Bella. I don’t know exactly where Edward said that, but I know that he did.
    So, even if Bella hadn’t jumped off the cliff, Edward would have come back and they would have gotten back together.
    . . . Only in a less drastic way.

  136. ~Tina

    I think the relationship would have gotten stronger…and then when Edward DID come back (because we all know he would have). And didn’t Alice come back to check on Bella? Well, bad point, because she was coming to see if she was dead, sooo…. I think Bella would…ahh…can’t say it, sorry. It’d spoil the book for you, Kaleb. :)

  137. ~Tina

    By the way, I have read the book Wuthering Heights, and I totally understand hoe Stephenie makes the comparasions between Edward and Jacob and Bella. It’s an amazing read, but it’s in old Victorian English, so it’s kinda hard to understand. But I totally recommend it.

  138. Sara

    I think it is really interesting that Kaleb brought up the fact that Jacob will not call any of the vampires by thier names. This is a psychological tool that we were learning about in my psych class today called dehuminization (and they both do it). It is a way of making someone seem as if they are not human so it is easier to treat them badly or hurt them. I think that since both Edward and Jacob feel that the other is a threat not only to Bella but to their respective families as well they both use this idea of dehuminization so it will be easier to kill eacch other if the situation calls for it. Or I could be way over thinking it and they just hate each other and have no manners. Either way I think it is interesting.

  139. maria

    I agree. Edward NEEDS Bella. He would have come back, maybe not as soon, maybe years and Bella if with Jacob would have left him for Edward.

  140. Sharry

    HEYY i think that Jacob would’ve kissed Bella, since Alice would not have come to inturrupt, i think that she and Jacob would be together when Bella eventually would’ve done something stupid or Edward’s temptation would give in. So i think that Edward would have come back in the middle of a Jacob-Bella relationship.

    Bella would then have to choose. No doubt in her heart she would choose edward, however, Edward could not, would not stop her happiness.

  141. Nicole

    I think that Jake would’ve pulled some moves on her, or tried to at least, but then Edward would come back. Because in New Moon, it said that he was done trying to get past the day or even the hour, he was trying to live every minute away from her. And since he’s immortal and time isn’t measured in weeks, but probably decades, (depending on when it is you were created / killed off) he was gonna come back pretty soon.
    But when Jake would try to make those moves, Bella would be a wreck if he kissed her….

  142. Nicole

    Oh and also, on Stephenie Meyer’s website, the New Moon FAQ says:

    “If Edward had had any inkling of the fact that Victoria had returned for Bella, no matter how far away on the planet he was, he would have been back in Forks within twenty-four hours.”

    And that was part of the answer to the question whether or not Edward knew of Bella’s life threatening experiences…

  143. Ayaa

    Well thats an ineresting question, what would happen if Bella didn’t jump? If Edward hadn’t come back?

    It’s funny that this is brought up, because I’ve recently come across a fanfiction with the exact same plotline.

    Well, I’d assume that Jacob and Bella would live happily together, and live rather happily. Happily, at least until Jacob imprints and Bella is left heartbroken. Then what? In the fanfiction, Bella is then found by Victoria, who is still seeking revenge, and becomes a vampire and in her new, immortal life, Bella’s path comes crossing the Cullen’s again…and Edward who was just as heartbroken as Bella. And the plot thickens…

    It’s a really interesting question, but would Stephenie Meyer really leave Edward out of the story? I think not.

  144. Ruby

    answer to the question:

    Edward would had come back! Lol eventhough I know that part of my reason to say that, is wishful thinking – Edward told it himself… He said that it was just a matter of time – of days, hours, even minutes!! 😉 he is in the same need of Bella as she is of him, they both hold a part of the other in themselves, and apart from each other they looses that part…
    Hugs from here^^

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  147. Chrissie

    I think Bella would’ve just stayed friends with Jake, and become a wolf-girl like whats-her-name, Sam’s girlfriend/wife. I really can’t remember, it was ages ago that I read new moon.
    At the time, I thought Edward was never going to come back, I almost cried when he said he didn’t want Bella. I really thought that he didn’t want to cause any more trouble (not that he didn’t love her, just stop the other vampires coming after her, which is sorta Edward’s fault, but I don’t blame him at all,) and just leave her to get on with her life, not that he could. But after reading the book, I was sure that Edward would come back. He had too, otherwise there would be no Eclipse or brealing dawn. It would end there, but I’m glad it didn’t.

  148. Amanda

    Well, Edward said that he had been planning to come back, because he couldn’t take being without her. I don’t see a point in him saying this if it wasn’t true, so I think that even if she hadn’t jumped off the cliff, Bella still wouldn’t be with Jacob.

  149. Maddy

    Question for the comments: what do you think would have happened if Bella had not jumped off the cliff in New Moon? Would Jacob’s idea be correct?- Nope… Edward would have come back eventually… OR even in some non-existent universe where he didn’t… Jacob could fill up the cracks in Bella’s heart, but he can’t make her WHOLE.

  150. Samantha

    i know this i really old but it was a question that i came up with while reading Eclipse too.
    i think that Edward would have eventually came back to Bella, but not nearly as soon enough. I believe that Bella and Jacob would have started to have a stronger relationship because Bella would eventually think she should move on. So in my mind, another question would be: If/When Edward returned to Bella, would it be too late? Would Bella have moved on too much so, with Jacob for her to forget everything that happened between them and take Edward back?

  151. [email protected]

    sweet post

  152. James M.

    hey man, awesome post, I really enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work man, if you keep up posts like this your blog will be a hit in no time :)

    BTW, I was reading another blog and this guy seemed to have your style… is this another of your blogs? Teeth Bleaching Kit

    Anyway, thanks for the read, I'll be back soon 😀

  153. Pikachu((;

    Omg ! CORN ! >:D Lmaoo ! FTW !

  154. Posey

    The whole situation would be in the same place (with the unrelated topic that Edward may not have proposed to Bella yet). Because, Edward said it at the end of New Moon: “I was coming back anyway. Before Rosalie told me the news, I was already past trying to live through one week at a time, or even one day. i was fighting to make it through a single hour. It was only a matter of time-and not much of it-before I showed up at your window and begged you to take me back.”
    So obviously Bella would of excepted that and they'd be happy apart from the Jacob situation. Jacob would be an impossible friend that wants to be more to Bella.
    So you see, it all would be the same in just a shorter amount of time.

  155. Impy

    id say it could go both ways, either edward stays with his decision and charlie gets his wish, or edward goes completely wacko and shows up at bella's window one day begging for forgiveness…

  156. ummhedaya

    I think that Edward really would have come back and unfortunately for Jacob she would have gone back to him… even if she had tried to commit to him… her heart left her no other choice… it would have been much uglier than what actually occurred… well, thats my thought :)

  157. taylor

    team edward all the way breaking dawn is my favorite book of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Kassl Cullen

    Well I think that if Bella wouldn´t jumped off the cliff this would happened:
    *She would decide to give an oportunity to Jacob, so he´d felt like he´s the luckiest man on Earth. But we all know that Edward love´s Bella SO much that he´ll came back sooner or later, (more sooner I think) so when he came back Bella would broke Jacob´s heart and she and Edward would be happy and Jacob would be a stupid werewolf in love with a girl who´s in love with a vampire.

  159. ashley

    twilight guy, ihope u see this(not edward) u are very stupid for insulting edward as if you are any better

  160. ashley

    twilight guy, ihope u see this(not edward) u are very stupid for insulting edward as if you are any better

  161. Nicole

    Jacob might be right. But then again Edward did say he couldn't last much longer without Bella. so I do think that the Cullens would have come back from Italy.

  162. Maandacs

    I think that even if she didn't jump off the cliff, Edward will still come to check up on her, and they will definitely speak to each other or Bella will feel his presence just like when she was in the backyard of their house one saturday afternoon reading thru her books and keep on having names that rhymes with Edward… she swear that she feels she is not alone…and that was even before she knew she loves him and that he is a vampire for that matter. Were all of you aware that Bella is the only one Edward think can see so much that he cant believe that he underestimated her???? Stephanie will definitely think of something for them to bump into each other and the saga will continue.

  163. Yahoo


  164. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    You are hilarious and you really get twilight which makes me love reading your post's (even if I am a little late.). As for your question if Bella hadn't jumped of the cliff the Cullen's probably would not have come back. Bella would probably have kept hanging out with Jacob and she would have kept putting herself in danger to keep seeing the image's and hearing the voice of Edward. And in a couple of years she would have ended up with Jacob.

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