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My Phone Call With Robert Pattinson

November 3rd, 2008 at 9:08 pm by Kaleb Nation

This week, I was invited, along with a bunch of other Twilight websites, to participate in a secret conference call with Robert Pattinson.

My question (and its follow-up) are in the video below or on my Youtube channel:

As I know everyone is insanely curious, here is how this type of thing happens. I was given a secret telephone number about 30 minutes before I was supposed to call in. In the same message, I was also given a password, which I gave to the operator when she picked up. After confirming my first and last name, I was put through to the conference, where I was muted until my turn to talk, and had to press certain keys to turn my microphone on. It was as close to trying to reach Batman as I think I’ll ever get πŸ˜€ . But it was worth it, because Rob was great.

Hope you like it!

(Note: at the end of this video is my new logo… tell me what you think πŸ˜‰Β  . It will be on the shirts for TwilightLive!).

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142 Responses

  1. Hannah D

    “It was as close to trying to reach Batman as I think I’ll ever get :D”

    this is why you are awesome

  2. Mia

    Great question! All of the questions I’ve heard so far in this interview on other sites are pretty in-depth, as well.

    You sound so calm. I would be freaking out so badly just speaking on the phone with someone famous that I would be talking at Gilmore Girls speeds and mixing up my words and generally sounding like a blubbering idiot. So I definitely have to give you credit for sounding calm and relaxed, even if you weren’t. I know I wouldn’t be.

  3. Kaleb Nation

    @Mia: It helps that I was in radio since I was 13. I would talk to lead singers of bands all the time, so I am kinda used to talking to well-known people.

    Also, guys don’t usually get starstruck over other guys (as I said, this would be far different with, say… Natalie Portman πŸ˜€ )

  4. Mia

    Wow, so you’ve gotten a lot of experience. Lucky. Maybe if I had more experience I wouldn’t spaz over this sort of thing.

    I wouldn’t be starstruck because it’s Rob. I would act like that if it was Natalie or Rob or anyone else, really. I like Rob as an actor, but I’m not the type that drools over pictures of him all day.

  5. Janelle

    WOW..Robert Pattinson. You can tell you made him think. There were lots of umms. πŸ˜€

    I think there are lots of things real guys can learn from Edward, and not that guys have to be gorgeous vampires to get girls! But of course Rob doesn’t have issues with that I’m sure..

    Batman..Robert Pattinson..lol. You always make me laugh, Kaleb.

    You’ve been on radio since you were 13? wow..

    Oh, and yes, I love the new logo. With you’re “I’m definitely not reading Twilight” face..perfect!

  6. Rachel

    Great interview! Yeah, you really were calm. Rob really is awesome and down to earth in person. I met him at the Austin Film Festival. Every nice thing you hear about him is true.

    Oh, and Rob wanted me to tell you all that we’re getting married. :)

  7. Catherine

    … dude… wow. Did you ever imagine putting this site up would lead to being able to talk to *the* main actor in the movie?


  8. Rakey

    Two awesome people talking to each other? It just doesn’t get any better than that. And I adore the new logo a ton.

    But as I said earlier to you: “Kaleb– I officially deem you the luckiest person alive.” Seriously.

    But still, you never answered one of the questions I asked you earlier “Looking for advice, eh?”. You replied with ‘ha ha ha’. But for cereal, were you looking for advice?

  9. stef

    I agree with janelle. “I’m definetly not reading Twilight” lol nice one. The new logo is perfect. I have one question though: What is going to happen to Twilightguy.com after you are done with the books?

  10. lil'

    Hahaha. I love Rob! Must’ve been crazy for him to get so many questions and try to figure out an answer right on the spot.

    Awww…I feel so bad that he was doubting himself so much. He really needs to know that he’s absolutely amazing! I’m glad he was chosen as Edward. =]

    & I love the logo! it’s adorable, though I’m not sure if you wanted the logo to be described in that way haha.

    Thanks Kaleb. You’re so lucky you got to talk to him!

  11. Erin

    The new logo was way cool.
    And, it ws definately a good question. I had to watch it twice, because the first time, I kinda forgot what I was listening for. His voice just kinda surprised me. Love his accent uber much.
    And, I can’t believe you had to go through so much just to talk to him… bet it was just like how trying to talk to Batman would be. XD

  12. Jen

    That is freakin’ neat!

  13. christy.

    I envy you Kaleb.
    Lol would have been hyperventilating on the phone though. Haha xD

    Did Rob sound a little nervous to anyone else? (:

  14. Janelle

    Rachel you met him?! Ahh so jealous! I would be so tongue tied. I got to meet Switchfoot, my favorite band, and I couldn’t think of anything more intelligent to say than “Hi, I’m Janelle.” And my face was bright red. My friend was totally fine; she was her normal witty self and talking to them like they were old friends..I felt pathetic. If I met Robert Pattinson..I don’t even know. I don’t think I’d be able to compose my face enough to speak. lol. Again, pathetic.

    And stef, when he finishes the Twilight books, he’ll have to read The Host. :)

  15. Priscilla :)

    you lucky DUCK!!!! thats all i can say!! :))) how cool to talk to the guy.

  16. jenn

    woah. consider me jealous.

  17. S

    Re: christy.
    November 3rd, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    I envy you Kaleb.
    Lol would have been hyperventilating on the phone though. Haha xD

    Did Rob sound a little nervous to anyone else? (:

    I think he sounds a little tired. Sounds like hes kinda kicking back and relaxing. It seems like a phone interview is easier than an in person interview.

  18. layna cullen

    That was such a great interview! I am so jealous of you… I like the logo also!

  19. Devon

    I’ve decided, Kaleb, that you must be doing something right to get this lucky. And that something might be Feng Shui. This is my personal hypothesis. Note to self: must buy book on Feng Shui and study.

    I listened to part I of the group interview on the Lexicon also, and I have to say that Rob sounded extremely nervous. Poor guy, he can’t handle the ropes yet of being the god of Twilight haha.

  20. becky sue

    Dear, I think that reaching Batman would be much easier. Just get your very own Batman-Logo-Giant-Flashlight-Thingy and then act distressed and helpless………. Not too hard. Or I suppose you could just hi-jack the original one. That would be even simpler.

  21. Bethany

    Wow that’s crazy cool! By the way, I like the new logo.

  22. Lauren

    Robert is so down to earth! He’s so amazing, charming and intelligent! You’re really lucky you had the chance to speak with him!! You must have been super excited about it!
    If I found out I was going to speak with Robert Pattinson in 30 minutes, I think I would faint! Let alone try and think of only ONE question to ask him!
    Who were the other people that got to interview Rob?

  23. Katie Beth

    I love the new logo! Looks great. :-)

  24. Katie Beth

    Oh, and re:Lauren’s comment above mine: Lauren, the other interview vids are on the Lex, and the direct links are here:





  25. Stephanie

    I love the logo, wouldn’t mind getting a shirt to for my self to help promote your site. You going to put them up for sale?

    I love how much he had to think! Like you threw him off guard.

  26. Nollie

    I love the new logo, goes alot with the typical Twilight Guy look…:/

    And very indepth question Kaleb.

  27. Maria

    wow, kaleb! thanks for that!

  28. Maria

    to Lauren: you’ve heard him speak for like, what? 2 minutes and you think you know him???
    Sorry to burst your bubble girl, but you have no idea if robert pattinson is down to earth or not.

  29. Naomi

    Hi, I was introduced to your website by my younger sister (she being a twilighter or whatever they’re called and me erm, not being one).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that it was really interesting that Robert paused before he answered your question. It means that:

    1) Your question for well-thought through and unexpected and not one of those commonly asked ones.

    2) He really processes the question before answering, and doesn’t just churn out a pre-scripted answer

    3) He had to look for the page the pre-scripted answer to such a question, hence negating the first 2 points.

    Let’s just hope it’s a combination of the first two, and congratulations on a question well asked lol.

  30. Ashie

    That’s a pretty fancy-dancy process you had to go through. Even so, it was a cool interview.

    Also, the new logo was super cute.

  31. Thea

    It’s like were passing through a bit of CIA security.. πŸ˜›

    Nice logo, Kaleb. :)

    Congratulations for the great interview.

  32. SammiStarz

    That is an awesome question to ask. It really says a lot about Robert Pattinson. After listening to that, I think that he will make a good Edward because he understands the character. I’m more excited to see the movie now!

    And the answer to your question: I really like the new logo. It’s real cool. I’d definitely buy a t-shirt that said that! Lol

  33. Hope

    I find it interesting that no one is realy comenting on his answer (That I’ve seen, I didnt read all the comments). I didn’t realy agree with everything he said, I think guy who doesn’t revial everything about himself seems like he has something to hide, though I kinda get his meaning. Also knowing when not to talk??? I like talkative guys. Sure theres something atractive about the ‘strong silent typ’ but I would like a guy who likes to talk about his passions and makes me laugh. I like some of the other things he said though, like his humility and having morals and things like that.

    There’s my two cents. does anyone agree?

    also sorry about the meny grammer/spelling mistakes. I’m sick right now and can hardly think strait. πŸ˜›

  34. Hope

    oops that was not suposed to be a πŸ˜› ….. oh well I’m going to take a nap.

  35. Liz Healey

    I really like the new logo. Very cute!

  36. Scarlett

    You asked a really good question, and your telephone manners are impeccable! :)

  37. JanetH

    I love the new logo. Will it be available for all of us to purchase soon? And would it be acceptable for a TwilightMom to wear one? I wouldn’t want to break any Twi-guy rules.
    As for your inclusion in the RPat interview, seems only natural that you would be and of course you were as professional as can be. As you always are. In fact I would go so far as to say that you had more presence in the interview than did Robert, who seems uncomfortable in real life interview situations. Good job, Kaleb. I’d vote for you any day!

  38. Wendilynn

    love the logo

  39. Dii

    the logo is looking great!

    congratulations on getting to ask πŸ˜€ as someone said up there, there were a lot of ‘uhms’, so you did indeed make him think :) and thanks for sharing it with us mortals who didn’t even know such a thing was happening πŸ˜›

  40. Kay Tee

    Good Question!!

    Anyway I love the logo thing! Just thought I’d let you know :)

  41. Hope

    Oh my God!! Why can’t I watch this?? IT says “Sorry, this video is no longer available”. Is it really no longer available or is it just my stupid computer??

  42. Elspeth

    Kaleb, I love the logo. You mentioned that they will be on the t-shirts for Twilight Live, but will we be able to purchase the t-shirts with that logo? Because as soon as my husband finishes Twilight I’ll get him one :)
    Happy Reading!

  43. Kaleb Nation

    @Elspeth: I will add shirts with the new logo to my Cafepress shop soon, but my logo will be a part of the TwilightLive shirts until then :)

  44. Alli

    I like the logo Kaleb; it’s cool. I liked your questions, but Rob’s answers were so stuttered that I barely understood it half the time, and he didn’t mention the fact that Edward is a gentleman, which scores big points with most girls. I did like what he said about how Edward knows when not to talk. I never thought of that before, but it’s true.

  45. Alli

    Also, I’m really excited to say that a guy friend of mine is borrowing Twilight from me, and I want him to send you his story when he finishes the series. I was worried that he might not like it, but I gave it to him yesterday, and he came in today more than half-way through the book, and he read all through our chemistry lesson!

  46. Shelby

    I watched all of the videos last night before I came out of my cave (bedroom) to watch One Tree Hill with my mom. Its funny, I could sit all day looking up Twilight stuff! Its not very healthy to do that, but I’m getting better (I’m not online as much anymore.) Anyways…. I watched them last night and had no clue you would be included, Kaleb! I was like, “Wait! I know that logo! Its Kaleb!!!!” and I listened a little more intently.

    I loved your question! And the way he answered was so cute… I find it funny listening to him answer questions…he seems so unsure of himself when he gets tough questions… He’s always saying “Well, I don’t know…” before answering. Its cute.

    Ok, has anyone bought the soundtrack!? I bought it today…and has anyone listened to the Rob song “Never Think”????? His voice is insane!!! So deep and raspy. It reminds me of old blues! Kaleb, please tell me you got this soundtrack!!!!!

    Btw, I love the new logo!

  47. Liz

    Geez Kaleb very cool. I don’t know…I like Robert, I do, it’s just he always sounds so nervous when he is talking. I mean I know you have your whole radio thing going but if I were just to listen to the call and not know who was whoI would put money on you being the actor and not him. You’re question was awesome though. How did you pick it?

    Love love love the new design. very nice

  48. Kaleb Nation

    Thanks πŸ˜€ . But, keep in mind that every word Rob says will be quoted, checked and butchered in the media, and any slip-up will be all over magazines and fansites in minutes. So I’m sure he is going slow to make sure he says the right thing :)

  49. Sarah W.

    Great question Kaleb! I love you! I love Rob! :)
    Ah, this is a good day.

  50. savannah

    robert pattinson is hot (not as hot as Edward) but u probably should have asked stephanie meyer that as she is a GIRL and GIRLS ALWAYS (i cant underline always) know what they want (sorta) plus, on the inside, rob is a dick

  51. savannah

    i mean this in the nicest way. (and i meant he answered the question badly) “he know’s when to shut up”?!?!?!?!?! what the hell?!?!?!. i specifically remember edward saying he always says to much around bella in book 1

  52. Lila

    Luvin’ the icon Kaleb. πŸ˜‰

    Oh my God. I would’ve FREAKING FREAKED OUT if I knew I could talk to HIM. The whole thing would’ve gone like this:

    “*sexy British Accent* Hello, Lila.”

    “*heavy breathing* *scream* *more heavy breathing* Hi! Oh my God! *scream*”

    And then he would’ve hung up. πŸ˜‰

  53. Jessica

    Savannah if you think about it, only Edward thought he said too much. Bella had NO idea what he was talking about. He really only considered himself as talking too much because he was telling her so much more then he told any other human.

    I love the logo. It just fits perfectly with the website.

    Kaleb, you cheated! You asked two questions. Naughty Naughty!

  54. Shatha

    Good questions.
    Robert sounds so friendly and nervous over the phone :)
    But it’s true, everything he says can and will be used against him. Haha, I feel like a cop.
    I like what he said about morals.

  55. catteyes-Ali

    O….M….G…!!!!! I think I died and went to Heaven just then…lol, jk. But really Kaleb, awesome job! I can’t believe how lucky you are! But then again I am just glad that we are so lucky to have you to keep us filled in on everything Twilight! =D

    Love the Logo, too!!

    DITTO #52!! Except he would have said “Ali” instead of “Lila”…lol and I prolly would have opened with the scream….

    Much love Kaleb, much love!!

  56. Caitlin

    That is awesome! That was a really good question to ask.
    How lucky are you to be able to talk to him? I would’ve been really nervous. But that’s cool that you have experiance talking on the radio! Like the logo for the shirts! It looks great!!

  57. urcoolcarrie

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! like most other people, i would have screamed, fainted, and dies. i really like how #52 did it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  58. Webster12

    wah….you were able to talk to RPatz! OMG!

    *I’ll look at the video over the weekend*


  59. RaV

    What a great question, Kaleb! Rob sounded great. I actually thought he didn’t sound as nervous as he usually does.

    Oh and also I LOVE the logo!

  60. Annie

    oh man. this is utterly and insanely awesome that you got to speak with robert pattinson. the whole process with teh secret phone number and everything sounds really interesting too. oh gosh. this is just so amazing! And your question was really good too! AWESOME!

  61. Leiah

    Uhhhh yeah it sounds like the fact he doesn’t like edward cullen is coming through this akward conversation.

    and before you all attack he did an interview talking about why he didn’t like him.

    i personally wouldn’t want a guy to even resemble any way of edward because he’s creepy.

    that’s just my take on it.

    so while you all are getting excited about how he views edward, keep in mind he thinks the guy is a douche.

    i don’t know what a guy can learn from edward to make him a better man, i mean if someone breaking into your house to watch you sleep is romantic, i say whatever floats boat.

    Peace out ~


  62. Jumana

    I love the new logo…. its awesome! πŸ˜€

  63. Brianna

    Awl he is so sweet!!!

    I love the new logo too!!!

  64. lslefty

    Great questions KN! Love the new logo too! I loved his response about what he brings and takes away from doing a character.Also, he seemed a little vulnerable when discussing his feelings as he began working on the movie. Thanks for bringing us this side of him!!

  65. Kyle

    Hey, I’m a guy, and I just started reading Twilight… It’s awesome!

  66. Lauren

    Thanks Katie Beth (message # 24)!!! πŸ˜€

  67. Lauren

    awww!! Good for you Kyle!! yay! Another Twilight Guy :)
    Isn’t it amazing?!!

  68. Lauren

    **isn’t the book amazing?! :) (what I meant to say)

  69. Morgan Blanch

    I just love his shmexy voice πŸ˜› yeah all you guys of the male gender out there…totally listen to him, he’s right you know.

  70. Maria

    Wonderful interview! I actually think that listening to Rob is even better than seeing a video clip of him. He sounds deeper when one can’t see him. Does that make any sense?? And I couldn’t agree with you more #69 :)

    #65: I really admire guys reading Twilight and I bet tons of girls do too. It’s a very good way to impress girls. You can go far in this world if you speak “Twilight” πŸ˜‰

  71. HBwriter

    Great question by the way, I wouldn’t have known what to ask, I’d be too shocked that I was talking to him. Now if it was Taylor Lautner, then I would have screamed very loudly and embarrased myself.

  72. alyssa

    great question by the way i think you put a lot of thiught onto it and i am soo team edward!!!!!!! (WHO ISNT)

    P.S. love the logo really creative and cute

  73. Julia

    Please…give me the number..
    I really need this…

  74. Jaclyn.

    OME! You are so, so, so, so, so lucky! I know this is really late and all, but, seriously. SO JEALOUS!
    But, anyways, onto more civilized behavior….
    I think that it was a really great question. And, I think Rob answered it pretty well, too.

  75. paige

    what is his number? how did you get it?

  76. paige

    and by the way i loved the logo.

  77. angus

    dude awesome can u tell us what the time diffrence is where rob is i also have his email and phone but im too scared and i need to know the time their if you see my email give details

  78. kayla

    wat is his phone number anyone

  79. kayla

    Can someone pleaz tell me his real number?
    I can exchange the number for his 2 addresses.One in london and one in beverly hills.

  80. kayla

    i also know what the time difference is

  81. Meghan

    great question.
    can i like have his number?
    im a really big fan.
    not a stalker though,

  82. mishell

    awsome, did you had to do all that `stufΒ΄ of the password and everything ? wow, it looks pretty dificult.
    IΒ΄ve got to be going, someone else needs the computer.
    Please answer to me. IΒ΄m mishell by the way. Can I know your name, please?

  83. ashelyy

    you should put his number on here!!!! that would freakin amazing of u!!!<3333333333333

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  85. Mariam

    OH MY GOD!!! can you give me the number please?!!!!!! i promise iwont stalk him! i just want to hear his voice 4real 1 TIME!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  86. Jasmine

    How did u get his number? lol ivve always wanted to talk to him =/ email me back [:

  87. Jasmine

    How do u even get his number ? lol my dream is to talk to him =/ email me baq on all tha details [: im a big fan of yours [:

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  89. Sarah

    This was absolutely lovely. You did a great job. Your question was excellent and definitely one that I was curious about! They certainly picked the right person to ask a question. :) Robert did well answering on his toes like that, I would still be attempting to come up with an answer. :) I’m looking forward to the next unexpected, exciting event! Keep up the amazing work, you’re doing a beautiful job.

  90. Frances

    wats his number?? i have a question i have always wanted to ask! plz plz plz plz send 2 me! :) great job! ur so lucky! :)

  91. Robert'sGirl4Life!

    what’s robs number? I’ve been dying, really dying, to know.. I would give my life for just one second on the phone with him! Please, please, tell me!!!!
    and by the way, you’re super freakin’ awesome!!!!



  93. dava

    i neeeeeeeeeeed roberts phone number i will diiiie if i dont have it. ill go nuts (aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh) sincre dava

  94. Rachel

    OMG thats sooooo cool !!!!!!! How did you get hos numba ??? can i have it ?????? i love him soooooo much !!!!!!!! Man you are very very lucky

  95. bri

    omg! if u actually did talk to him, kwl! i have his e-mail! we can exchange!!! just reply! by the way im a TOTAL Rob freak! hes SOOOOOOOO hot! r u gay? jk! plz reply!

  96. Kristin

    Sorry RUbert PattYson (as me and my friends call u) i STRONGLY DIS like u!!! too bad!!!!!

  97. Kristin

    again srry, wat ev

  98. Kristin

    if u wounder i really dont like u

  99. Kristin

    lol srry, if it helps my friend likes u… BUT I DONT!!!!!!!! lol

  100. Kristin


  101. Kristin

    Hey robert PattYson (again wat me and my friends call u if u haven’t caught on)
    I made this song but u would probly cry if u heard it because it about me not liking u…dont worry its a joke with my friends but still…lol…srry if u r already crying because about before…lol….and 4 the ppl. tht r mad at me because i spoke the truth of rUbert pattYson…jk 4 those who r mad at me because of be4 srry everyone has their own opinion and mine is tht he STINKS!! lol srry but 4 robert pattYson if U r mad OH WELL…u already get your fame and glory…besides if too many ppl. didnt like u, u would probly cry…lol jk.

  102. Kristin

    Don’t get me wrong u would be an OKAY (which mean defiantly not good but not the worse) friend… JK…lol…if u stepped on my foot (being the clust u r) i would have to burn my shoe

  103. Kristin


  104. Kristin

    lol i cant belive your famous!!! how is tht even possible? lol

  105. Kristin

    did i tell u tht u r weird?

  106. JULIE


  107. Twilight-Gurllie

    Wow thats amazing! i cant belive you talked to the hottest guy in the world. Give me the secret parrword and number so i can talk to him.

  108. luv4edwardcullen

    hey wat up edward cullen h-o-t

  109. Canadaboy

    ok so I just want to say, I feel bad for the dude, he gets all this stuff being said about him ( good and bad mind you) and he’s just a normal person. So what he has a few famous movies here and there and wrote a couple songs, I dont think he worked his way to the top to be mauled by horny teenagers. Or in some cases 30-50 year olde. Oh and I like your logo by the way.

  110. Samantha

    you’re so freakin’ lucky!
    i would probably have fainted if i had talked to him over the phone…but like you said..it would a little strange for you to get starstruck over a male actor..0_0 lol
    but i would pay money to do what you got to do!

  111. KIM

    what is Rob Pattinson’ fone number plz tell me!!!! dont make it a prank!! thnx

  112. Aggie

    Where can I get Robert’s phone number or e-mail address pls? Just want to talk with him for a while.

  113. kassidey dasseline

    he sucks

  114. unknown

    rob pattinson is the best actor ever! and is really hot!! Twilight couldn't pick any better Edward Cullen than rob! and any one who thinkd=s he sucks is a loser!!!!!! how do you like me now!?!?!?!?!!!!

  115. Kylie


  116. summer

    oh my god can yu give me that secret number i promis i wint tell anyone email me [email protected]

  117. melanie

    how the hell did u get his number? lmao.

  118. wajd

    can we hve the fone number?:D

  119. wajd

    kaleb!i love you thanx soooo much..i need a favour email me the numba pls an

    [email protected]


  120. C

    Really? Are the muppets below me for real? 'Give me his number' ha.

    Good site, 'Grats on your pending success! Good question, also.

    As for his reply – Being from the UK myself (Albeit – I am Scottish) us Brits do tend to 'Umm' a lot whilst we talk!

    Again, Conrats.

  121. Celia

    please give me his phone number im his BIGGEST fan i beg you!!!
    Robert Rocks!!!

  122. riza

    what number of robert

  123. riza

    your last name cullen?

  124. rileythursby

    please call 3309294427 please call me.

  125. anna1128211282

    yo shouldent give personal info out like that

  126. JULIANA

    Give me please, phone Robert Pattinson!
    Number which ,you speak with him.
    Waiting for early response from you !!!!!!!!

  127. choaity

    that was great. wish i was htere talking wiht him.

  128. palllavi upadhyay

    i want d number plz..!

  129. takoi

    oh robert pattinson is so fantactic but i want the number to call him

  130. Sara Blue

    shut up u r just jealus

  131. tessaread

    please rob call me im nine i told my mom you might call me my number is 521 3040 i have 167 posters of you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  132. sara

    wow do you got his phone number now ?+

  133. sara

    wow do you got his phone number now ?+

  134. renesmee

    omg i want the phone nuber because my name is actually renesmee not joking

  135. Babcocks38

    what is the NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Roansmom2010

    Interesting response from Rob. I'd love to ask him, Hugh Laurie and other British subjects how they manage to do an American accent so flawlessly, then when the cameras shut down they immediately go back to the British accent. I spoke with a British accent when I was younger but now I have an awful time trying to get it back when I would love to shock someone with it. What's the trick? BTW, I am counting the days until Breaking Dawn Part I and I think it stinks that we have to wait an entire year for Part II.

  137. Twilight lover

    Renesmee u r joking

  138. rini

    Rob may you florish your talents wherever you go and be the star always . God has blessed you so much and prayers you will always be there in my prayers . Live long a happy life

  139. rini

    Happy birthday Rob . . Hope this reaches you . .

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