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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 5 (Imprint)

November 3rd, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

If ever you have an urge to see a group of weird and unusual people, try sitting at a bus stop in Dallas after dark on Halloween night. Or rather, just come to my campus on such a day, and you might get to see similarly strange individuals such as this fellow or this fellow. Being an honorary stick-in-the-mud, I spent my Halloween getting a haircut, in class, and voting… but at least made up for it with a good Tim Burton film after midnight (the only real movies that should be watched on October 31st).

There is a key word I have heard many times in Twilight circles, and that word is imprint. Until this chapter, I didn’t have much of a clue of what it mean, except knowing it is important since many questions Stephenie has been asked at bookstores have to do with Jacob imprinting on whoozit and whatsitsname. For some reason, I was under the impression, due to my semi-spoilered state, that to imprint on someone, a werewolf would whack someone on the forehead, and after recovering from unconsciousness the person would forever be mentally imprinted as the wolf’s mate (seriously, I am not joking). Don’t ask how I got that idea, because it makes absolutely no sense to me either.

However, the imprinting throws another problem into this story, and I don’t know if perhaps I am lost on something or if this is a question raised by others as well. Jacob appears to have told Bella that he has never imprinted on anyone:

“Did it happen to you?” I finally asked […]

“No,” he answered briskly.

So if Jacob has not imprinted on anyone, and it is something that a werewolf knows almost instantly, how is it that he is so sure he is made for Bella? Because the best type of a relationship for him would be with the person he imprints on, and if he hasn’t imprinted on Bella, doesn’t that make his love for her simply an infatuation — something he will leave behind in an instant when his real soulmate appears?

My thoughts on this only deepen when I find out more of the story behind Sam and Emily — who, I was surprised to find, have a lot of amazing similarities to Bella, Edward and Jacob. Back in the day, Sam, Emily and Leah seemed to have had a little triangle of their own: Sam loved Leah, but was meant for Emily.

In turn, I applied this to the current triangle — maybe to use the past to predict the future in a way. The unfortunate thing is, though Sam is very happy with Emily now, it took a lot of pain and heartache to get to that point. He had to leave the first girl he loved for another who he was meant to be with. Is the same going to end up happening for Bella? Will she have to leave Jacob behind, hurt and heartbroken, so that she can be with Edward?

It is interesting, too, how both Edward and Jacob have mind-reading capabilities, and how Jacob uses Edward’s power to his own advantage. It is true that when Edward left, Bella was a mess. I know Edward must regret everything that he did, trying to detach himself from her: and it was Jacob who was there for her. I know they both remember that, and it does not make Edward feel any better.

I also find it so interesting that both of them can read minds to certain extents, and yet can’t break into Bella’s…

“Yeah.” the smugness faded. “It probably means there’s something wrong with my brain,” I admitted.

Question for the comments: since the majority of you have already read the books, how do you think the story would be different if Jacob was imprinted on Bella?


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117 Responses

  1. Michelle

    First? NO WAY!

    I’m sure you already know by now, but it still needs to be said that you are ridiculously intuitive.

    Right well on to the question.
    It would all depend on what else in the story was different. I’m not sure if he would have imprinted on her the first time they met at the beach in twilight, or the first time he saw her after he began turning into a wolf. Regardless, Jacob would’ve been different in New Moon. I think he would’ve been less pushy about a relationship and more of just a friend, because that is what she needed at the time. It’s hard to say if it would have proceeded further, especially once Edward returned. He most definitely would not have ratted her out to her father about the motorcycle, or just make her life harder in general.

    It seems to me that if it happened, the entire story would be different though, because I believe Bella and Edward are soulmates, so there is no way Jacob could also be her soulmate, which would be the case if he had imprinted on her.

  2. becky sue

    at first i thought the whole imprinting thing was a mildly funny joke. then it turned really funny because you were serious. roflmao.

    and i suppose it would matter WHEN jacob would supposably imprint on bella. if it was at first sight then that woulda been in the first book and wow that would have completly ruined the stories. for sure that would rule out the whole fourth book entirely.

    also…..kinda random but do you know any good movie theaters in dallas?? im gonna be there over nov 21st and dont wanna end up in some weird neighborhood with “strange individuals.”

  3. Amanda

    Oooh! Good Question for this one, Kaleb!

    To be honest, it could go both ways… it could either REALLY complicate the situation, or actually make things a lot better…

    Without getting TOO spoiler-y for you, we find out later that when you imprint on someone, it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that you have romantic feelings for them. As Jacob puts it, the werewolf who imprints becomes for their ‘imprintee’ “whoever they need you to be”. This could be a brotherly or friendship type bond as well (though this usually ultimately results in a romantic situation)…

    Anyways, ALL the person who imprints cares about is making the person they imprinted on HAPPY. So, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, I have a feeling he would actually be more willing to let her go with Edward because he is what she needs to be happy. And that would be all that would matter to Jacob.

    You kind of get a better idea about this whole thing in the rest of Eclipse as well as Breaking Dawn :)

    Hope you’re enjoying Eclipse, Kaleb!

  4. -Rosi-

    Its hard to say, but the book implies that the impriting comes more from the werewolf, not his mate. Edward says that the imprinting is so strong, it is almost as much as he loves her. But, is that as much as Bella loves Edward? I think so. But I think it would make her decision that much harder for her knowing how strongly attached Jacob had become to her.

  5. Stacey

    To be quite honest I wouldnt read it. I dont think Jaccob is good for Bella in anyway. Yes after BD I began to like him but thats it.

    I think he should be with Leah. Leah is strong enough to but Jaccob in his place.

    Im sorry if that offends anyone.

  6. Charlee

    I believe that the story would be WAY more difficult. Since you find out in this chapter that although it is the WEREWOLF who imprints, the imprintee is also permanently effected since they are soul mates.

    Bella already has a soul mate in Edward. So Jacob imprinting on her would make the story impossible. Bella’s psyche would absolutely be ripped in two.

  7. Andrea S.

    The new Bran Hambric song is absolutely beautiful, Kaleb. Probably a new favourite now, just above The Grave of Emry Hambric. I look forward to hearing more!

    But back to Twilight- your questions about Jacob and imprinting are ones we’ve all pondered before. Actually, one of the questions you probably heard Stephenie answer before you started reading the books is “Did Jacob imprint on Bella?” (Answer: no.) How can Jacob be so sure he wouldn’t leave Bella someday? I’m sure Sam never thought he would leave Leah. It’s probably the strongest Team Edward argument out there. 😉

  8. Sarah W.

    Well, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, things would be a lot more strained. Sorry, that’s all I have. I never really thought of that before. If Bella went with Jacob, she would have made him misersable by pining over Edward. No fun. And you really must be psychic. Stop guessing ahead! I swear, you’re gonna ruin for yourself. Silly. Nice post, btw.

  9. Rochelle

    I think what ultimately makes imprinting so effective at pairing a warewolf to his unsuspecting mate is the unbreakable devotion said warewolf cannot help but give to the object of his imprinting. Without bringing on the spoilers, that level of devotion, unwavering commitment and unending love is so intoxicating, so addictive, so much determined by fate that the lucky lady can’t help but reciprocate. She would have never and will never find that level of personal surrender anywhere but with her wolf. But Bella already has that.

    If Jacob imprinted on Bella I think it would mostly make her uncomfortable and maybe case her to question herself. I would hope she’d be secure in her love for Edward enough to understand that imprinting doesn’t have to be reciprocated when the object of imprinting has already basically imprinted herself; that Jacob imprinting on her isn’t the same as the other imprints … because she already has a soul mate.

    The biggest difference I believe would be in Jacob. He would care most for Bella’s needs, her happiness, and would care less about what he needed-himself in general. I bet Jacob would be more like Edward, which means the book wouldn’t be as good. Edward needs to be Edward, as Jacob needs to also be himself.

    What a great question!

  10. Sarah W.

    After reading the comments above mine, I’m realizing how stupid I sounded. Well yeah, I had considered what would have happened if Jacob had imprinted, but not so in-depth, I guess. I mean, I thought about other things…I’m ganna stop now.

  11. Emily

    Interesting thoughts… But zombies are the ones that eat brains, just sos ya know.

    And um, HELLO!!! People – imprinting is just where the wolf then is tied permanently and irreversibly and completely to the…imprintee. So therefore, the wolf is WHATEVER THE IMPRINTEE NEEDS. So therefore, Jacob would not be anything ROMANTIC, he would be like a brother or a best friend – but there wouldn’t be any romantic interest if Bella didn’t want it, because all Jacob would want is what Bella wanted… So therefore, Bella would have been able to just have Edward and Jacob would be IN NO WAY OPPOSED.

  12. Angela

    Imprinting happens the first time the person sees their soulmate after they become a werewolf. Jacob knows he hasnt imprinted on Bella because if he had, then it would’ve happened the very first time Jacob saw her after he transformed into a werewolf.

  13. layna cullen

    Wow, this is a really good question. Ok, I think the book would definitely be a lot more complicated. But I think maybe Jacob would love Bella so much that he could see that she would rather be with Edward, and Jacob would be happy with just being a best friend…. Maybe!!

  14. zee

    Hi there. To answer your question: I don’t think there would be any more of a story if Jacob imprinted on Bella because once an imprinting has happened, neither the warewolf nor his imprint would be able to see anyone else they way they see each other ever again. (i hope that didn’t spoil anything)..

    and when you were thinking about why Jacob was so sure about Bella when there is imprinting after all, i think the reason for that is because imprinting was actually just a legend… something that happens once or ever twice in the pack if they’re lucky. so, jacob doesn’t really expect to meet someone to imprint on since its myth and all that… plus, his feelings for bella are so strong that he feels it is probably the closest he could get to actually imprinting on someone. XD

    xx, Zee

  15. Meg "RFF"

    hahahahaha Kaleb you are too funny with your whole idea of what imprinting meant before learning it’s real meaning…thanks for making me laugh! XD

  16. Heather

    I have no idea how you came up with your original concept of imprinting lol. At least you got the end kinda sorta right.

    “So if Jacob has not imprinted on anyone, and it is something that a werewolf knows almost instantly, how is it that he is so sure he is made for Bella? Because the best type of a relationship for him would be with the person he imprints on, and if he hasn’t imprinted on Bella, doesn’t that make his love for her simply an infatuation — something he will leave behind in an instant when his real soulmate appears?”

    Two words…THANK YOU!!! This is what I always tell people when discussing the book and how Jacob is a “healthier choice”. No, he’s not, because if she chooses him, one day his imprintee will come along and he will leave Bella, much like how Sam had to leave Leah. Thank you, thank you, thank you for understanding that on the first try. You won’t believe how many people I’ve had to argue with about that point.

    “Is the same going to end up happening for Bella? Will she have to leave Jacob behind, hurt and heartbroken, so that she can be with Edward?”

    All I have to say to that is…=). Roughly translated, that means you shall see.

    Hahaha, gimme those brains…never. That was made of awesome.

    If Jacob had imprinted on Bella…well, in normal circumstances she would have had no choice but to be with him and she would’ve been happy. But the catch is with Bella and Edward, it’s almost like they’ve imprinted on each other (if that makes any sense, it’s sorta like what Bella said at the end of New Moon, where they had both been altered by each other and they couldn’t go back)…so I don’t know what would’ve happened if Jacob had imprinted on Bella. Hmmmm…interesting.

    (Sorry that was so long. At least it was mostly recaps of what you wrote haha)

  17. Amaranthine

    What if Jacob had imprinted on Bella? I probabaly would have stopped reading. Knowing how imprinting works, I would have pretty much given up all hope that Edward and Bella could ever be together, therefore making my reading compeletely pointless.
    When a werewolf imprints, there is no breaking that connection. True, the wolf is what the imprintee needs, but let’s face the facts–Jacob would never have been happy just being the best friend to the woman he imprinted on while she galavants with his arch enemy–her vampire boyfriend. Bella would NOT have been able to deal with such an event.
    I see imprinting as a beautiful, but barbaric act of “nature.” No one can help when it happens, no one can make it happen, but they all have to deal with the consequences.
    As a side note, I had a strange dream that there was a Twilight convention going on and you drove home in a semi-truck, Kaleb. I have no clue what that was about. But you were wearing plaid, so at least it had some semblance of sanity.
    Your songs are great, by the way!

  18. Heather

    Oh, and Stacey, I kinda agree with the whole Leah thing. I can’t go into too much detail about my opinions on that, because it would completely spoil the end of Eclipse/Breaking Dawn…but let’s just say even thought I was sorta pulling for Jacob/Leah, I’m completely happy with where the story ended up going =)

  19. Jen

    If Jacob imprinted on Bella (I assume this is post-wolf) there would be no story as it stands. Bella would be madly in love with Jacob, and would never even think twice about Edward in a lovers type relationship anymore.

    A new story would emerge, a beautiful love story between Bella and Jacob, but there would be no love triangle, just a very sad and pining vampire that will never get the girl. Because Bella and Jacob would be perfect for each other in every way possible, connected by this bond that is ever so powerful.

  20. Malin

    As much as I hate the idea but Jacob and Bella would be a couple. For sure. The imprinting would have happened during New Moon when Edward was far away and Bella under the impression he doesn’t love her anymore. And yes they would have started a romantic relationship – they would be the perfect fit for each other. Edward would not be her soul mate. It is a simple fact.

    Because of the imprinting I disliked Jacob in Eclipse. As already said he could never promise her to love her forever. Sam was also thinking he wouldn’t leave Leah but he did because he found his soul mate. But even with all the knowledge Jacob still tried to convince her and didn’t even consider the fact of imprinting.

    Edward imprinted on Bella in a vampy-way. I think it is one of the main proofs that Bella and Edward and meant for each other and not Bella and Jacob.

  21. Loony_Lovegood

    If Jacob imprinted on Bella… Bye, Bye Edward!

  22. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 5. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Imprint). […]

  23. Debra

    Great post, always love you photo shopped pics.
    “Edward imprinted on Bella in a vampy-way. I think it is one of the main proofs that Bella and Edward and meant for each other and not Bella and Jacob.”
    Thank you Malin, but then again people wouldn’t really know that unless they read the Midnight Sun chapters.

    Ok, as for the question, after reading Breaking Dawn I can’t even see that because of how things go. Ugh, can’t really explain because I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s just not something I can even think about happening.

  24. Leslie

    Well, if Jacob had imprinted on Bella… The Twilight saga would be quite different, I think. Imprinting happens after the werewolf “gene” kicks in so that would have been in New Moon. So Bella would have already found out that she and Edward have this connection that is much like imprinting when it comes to how strong it is, and then She’d have this pull toward Jake at the same time… She’d probably be pretty confused. But I do have to say that since she and Jake were getting close to starting a romantic relationship anyway, it definitely would have happened if Jake had imprinted on her. But the connection between Bella and Edward is also undeniable. So I don’t know which is stronger: Werewolf imprinting or that connection with Edward that was seemingly just as strong? Well, either way, Edward would still love Bella and would never love anyone else whether he and Bella were together or not. After all, he did intend for Bella to move on when he left in New Moon.

    But let’s face it, if Jake was going to imprint on Bella, Stephenie wouldn’t have written Twilight as it was – the story more about moving to Forks and meeting Jake than about meeting Edward.

    And as to Jake trying to convince Bella about a romantic relationship even though he knows imprinting happens… Firstly, he only has the legends he’s been told and according to those, imprinting is said to be the exception, not the rule. We do have to also remember that Jake is still just 16. I think his love for Bella is more than an infatuation – he does love her (just like with Sam. Sam really did love Leah, and still does, but to say Emily is his soulmate is an understatement). And therefore Jake wants to be with Bella and doesn’t consider the future as much as he should, or could. But Jake doesn’t know if he’ll ever imprint at all. So there is a really unfair problem here: Should Jake avoid being with anyone and make himself unhappy now just because he might imprint later? And he may never imprint. So he could live one way and be unhappy all the time based only on what MIGHT happen. But on the other hand, he could start a relationship and either be happy or end up like Sam – breaking it off with a girl he loved for the girl he imprints on. It looks like the only shot he has at being happy now is to give a relationship a try. But he’d have to again decide based on what MIGHT happen. That’s ridiculous position for anyone to be in, let alone someone who is so young and more likely to think about the here and now than 20 years down the road.

    Now I’m not saying anything against Jake. I actually really like him, and I have since I first read New Moon over a year ago. I think he’s a great character. So I’m not saying that he’s some ignorant teenager or something because he’s not. I’m just thinking about his possible reasoning in the situation, and his reasoning is just going to be different than someone older. That’s not a bad thing, or a good thing – it’s just the way it is, I think.

  25. Aria

    Totally! I think she would have ended up with Edward anyway, but a whole new dinamic would have taken place. Bella would fall even more in love with Jacob and his insane doting, but Edward would fight for her. Literally in my mind. Like… possibly killing Jacob which would then create a whole other mess…

  26. Aria


    The Dallas based store Movie Trading Company carries most if not all of the Twilight posters, but instead of it being rolled up. They have a cardboard backing that keeps the poster pretty. Currently they have posters of Bella and Edward after the accident. Edward, Jacob and a few more. They are a few dollars more than hot topic, but hey it’s in mint condition and you don’t have to experience hot topic.

  27. Tash

    Great song choice! I love Vindicated and think its perfect for Edwards state of mind in eclispe, torn between thinking he is selfish for having and therefore (in his mind) condeming Bella and realising theres nothing he can do about it! It also sounds so much like a enarmoured lover… PERFECT!

    And about the question I agree with a comment above that it would never have happened because it would disregard the progression of Bella and Edwards story started in Twilight. It would become messy, painful and divert away from what Twilight essentially is: Bella and Edwards story. (in my opinion anyway)

  28. Tatiana

    I would love that? she should leave Edward for Jacob!

  29. JessieLynn

    Hey there Kaleb!
    I loved your explanation on what you thought imprinting was, and am sad to admit that starting reading one year or more behind all of my friends gave me even weirder ideas about imprinting. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, then I think she would leave Edward as just a friend and be with Jacob forever. From what I understand, with imprinting, the person WANTS to be with the imprinter because they are like two halves to the whole.
    Well,its time for school for moi, so I better go.

  30. tina

    Tim Burton (and his co-hort in music Danny Elfman) is the best!! What else would you watch on Halloween???

    You are an insightful young man…..

    Notice how Bella was relieved when Jake said he had not imrinted on anyone – she didn’t want to be the subject of his imprint, she understood what it was – but, still wanted to be with Edward more.

    So, if Jake had imprinted on Bella (in New Moon – the first time he saw her after becoming a wolf) – it would completely change the outcome of the series.

    Bella was reluctant to start something with Jake, that wouldn’t have changed if he had imprinted (she was too involved emotionally with Edward). When Edward returned, which he would have, it would have resulted in a fight. Edward and Bella would be together (she wants him, remember), Jake would HAVE TO BE with her (you’ll learn more about this later), and the two guys would have eventually fought over her (Jake would have started a fight – it’s in his nature). One of them would die. Bella would be forever devastated, guilt-ridden and unhappy. It wouldn’t be a pretty outcome!

    I don’t see how you could change any dynamic – SM knew where she was going…..

    Keep going – you see so many things that are coming…..I can’t wait till you get further in the book!!

  31. Shakesgirl66

    I have no answer to the question.

    But do have to say we had a guy dressed as the joker come into my job and looked like the real deal.

  32. Een.

    Imprinting isn’t one sided, it goes for both. So.. Edward would no longer be an important figure. Plus, without her feelings for him.. after he left, I doubt they’d even be friends. I mean.. He did leave her.

  33. Sariah

    I’m ignoring your requested comment question. Sorry, that’s the rebel in me coming out. 😉

    “So if Jacob has not imprinted on anyone, and it is something that a werewolf knows almost instantly, how is it that he is so sure he is made for Bella? Because the best type of a relationship for him would be with the person he imprints on, and if he hasn’t imprinted on Bella, doesn’t that make his love for her simply an infatuation — something he will leave behind in an instant when his real soulmate appears?”

    I agree. Totally. What I think is interesting is how so many people today could benefit from that realization, too. (Not that we “imprint”, but sometimes we refuse to accept that a relationship we want is just not going to work out.) So many times people try to force relationships to work that just aren’t right or what’s best for them. They have blinders on though, and can’t see that it might not be what will bring them real happiness and keep trying to pursue something that in the end, just can’t go anywhere and ends up in more heartache. It sucks to let go of someone you care for and give up on a dream you have, but if people realized that if that relationship wasn’t right, then something else will be, then they would be able to finally let go and give themselves the opportunity to find that right relationship for them. And then they would end up so much happier. :)

    Great observation, Kaleb!

  34. Mary Beth

    HAHAHA i laughed so hard at the picture.

    anyways…It’s kinds like Edward imprinted on Bella even though he’s a vampire. He can’t be away from her for very long so it’s kinda the same. I think Bella would very very messed up because both of them need to be with her all the time. I probably would’nt read the books if Jacob imprinted on Bella. Just because I’m an Edward fan 😛

    **i don’t know if any of that made sense haha

  35. maria

    how are they strange?

  36. Lucinda H

    Ok, now if Jacob had imprinted on Bella, the whole story would be different. The way that the imprinting works, is that once one of the werewolves imprints, it’s the same way for the girl that they imprint on. They both will feel as if they are soul mates. So, Edward wouldn’t even be in the equation any more. Bella would be completely devoted to Jacob. So, just let me tell you that I am so glad that he didn’t imprint on Bella.

    But then, that also makes me think about the ending to Breaking Dawn. I wont spoil it for you. But, the ending of that book makes me wonder about the reason that Jacob felt such a strong pull to Bella throughout the whole series, even though he didn’t imprint on her – Maybe his body, mind and soul knew what was going to be in his future. I can’t go into it any more because I don’t want to ruin it for you, but once you read it, you’ll know what I mean.

  37. Katie Beth

    If Jake had imprinted on Bella, nothing could have been resolved without either Jacob or Edward dying. Edward is already irrevocably tied to Bella, and if Jake had imprinted on her, he would be too. Someone would have to go blooie.

    In other news, I laughed out loud when I read your previous analysis of imprinting. 😀

  38. Lauren

    That’s a huge reason why I was Team Edward– Jake would leave Bella, eventually. Maybe he wouldn’t like to see her hurt, but if he found his true soulmate, one who’s just absolutely made for him, well, he’s not just going to stick around.

    So yeah, Edward left. But he left for Bella’s sake, not to move on. He never planned to move on. Jake doesn’t plan to, either, but that doesn’t mean he has a choice.

    And also, Kaleb, I think it goes without saying that you must be part psychic.

    Imprinting would be so much more fun if the werewolves had to pound people on the head! Add a bit of comedy to the drama.

  39. dsolo

    Jacob imprinting on Bella would be like him imprinting on Emily. It can’t happen because she is irrevocably bound to Edward. Remember, in NM, she went to Volterra thinking that Edward no longer loved her, but still willing to risk her life for him. He was more important to her than her parents, than Jacob or even herself. She could only survive if he did, even if they weren’t together. As other’s have pointed out, it’s vampire imprinting. All of the vamp couples have that same level of devotion. Once they fall in love, it’s permanent.

  40. Adrienne

    If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, I would have set the book down and walked away. But there’s something in the later chapters that Edward says that makes me think that even their love could overcome imprinting. I don’t know, the story would just be… wrong.

    Edward and Bella’s relationship is about overcoming obstacles and, dare I say, Jacob is one of those obstacles. Even if Jake imprinted on Bella, she wouldn’t need him in a romantic way, he would just always be there for her like an older brother.

    This whole post just makes me giggle because I do know what’s going to happen…

  41. Allie

    Well, wolves only imprint on their true soul mates; the person they are made for like two pieces of a puzzle. So it would be pretty unlikely that Jacob would imprint on someone who didn’t love him.
    THAT BEING SAID, imprinting is not the same as romantic love. This might be slightly spoilery, (not really), but the job of the imprinter is to be there in the capacity the imprintee needs. Had Jacob imprinted on Bella, he would have been perfectly happy to stay her friend, and in fact would probably encourage her to stay with Edward, because that would make her happy. Remember how Sam would have been not only willing but happy to run under a bus if Emily wanted? Jacob would be not only willing but happy to stay Bella’s friend and nothing more had he imprinted on her.

  42. lecia

    its not really a mind reading skill for jacob though. He simply can hear his wolfy friends thoughts when they are in wolf form. the only reason hes good with bella is because he knows how she thinks…not exactly why she thinks that, but he is her best friend he knows how she feels about certain things.

  43. Alli

    If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, things would have been very different, but the fact is imprinting puts you with the person you’re destined for, and it’s supposed to be the best thing for BOTH of you. Bella is in love with Edward, so she could never leave him just because Jacob imprinted on her, which would mean that it wasn’t right for them. Even though Jacob has not imprinted, he is sure he is meant for Bella because imprinting is actually SUPPOSED to be rare. The current pack is steadily disproving that, but it’s supposed to be rare, so Jacob has a good reason to think it would never happen to him, and since he is in love with Bella, he thinks he is meant for her in the way that normal humans are “meant for” each other.

  44. Erin

    I think just because Jacob hasn’t imprinted on Bella that it cheapens his love for her. Imprinting among werewolves is supposed to be rare. It doesn’t happen to all werewolves. It could very well happen for Jacob but it might not.

    I think if he had imprinted on her she would have chosen him. But, he did not. Therefore they are not soulmates. Therefore Bella and Edward must be soulmates.

  45. Paige

    Well…. there really wouldn’t be much of story if Jacob imprinted on Bella (I’m kinda confused by what imprinting means too, by the way. But I do have a general idea of what it means.). Bella would have to dump Edward cuz she would be mentally connected Jacob. That shouldn’t happen by the way. I’m for Team Edward. Jacob’s a jerk!

  46. Morgan Blanch

    hahaha yeah lets just say if jacob imprinted on bella it would wind up being a whole different story…you just wait and see….lol.

  47. Feven

    It’s not possible
    Without supernatural influences, Jacob + Bella = DUH ..but with vampires and werewolves, it would never have worked because Bella belongs to someone else, so Jake could never imprint on her; she’s already claimed

  48. Ivette

    lol, edward would have
    to kill jacob.
    i’m team edward so yeah, jake would be gone if he imprinted on bella.

  49. Sasha

    It’s funny because as us twilighters know, Imprinting is not something that can be forced. And in the beginning of chapter 8, Jacob actually tries to force this.

    “He frowned, and then turned to stare at me. He gazed into my eyes without speaking,his eyebrows furrowed in concentration

    “What are you staring at? I asked,feeling self-conscious.
    He sighed “Nothing.””

    If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, this story would definitely not be the one we all fell in love with. Of course, Charlie would probably be thrilled. lol But honestly I cannot imagine it since Bella and Edward are so obviously soul mates and meant for each other. Even in Twilight, without the events of the future books, it is clear that nothing could ever come between that.

    But I promise it all makes sense in Breaking Dawn, Kaleb!

  50. Shelby

    Great post, Kaleb! I’m loving all the questions you give us to answer. This is a really hard question to answer, however, since we can’t really spoil Breaking Dawn for you (hehehe, that was a very subtle hint, Kaleb!)

    For one, if he had imprinted on Bella, it would’ve happened in New Moon when she drove out to his house to see him and he was acting like a first class jerk. But, I think that there are man forms of soul-mates. I mean, some people who can be best friends and are totally compatible just aren’t meant to be romantically linked. In my opinion, I think that’s what Jacob is for Bella- A soul-mate that just can’t be the true love. I think that if he had imprinted one her in New Moon, things would’ve went his way… He would’ve had her… But, of course, that didn’t happen. But if he were to imprint now, he’d be what I just said above, the other kind of soul-mate. In Breaking Dawn, they mention how when you imprint, all you want is for the subject of your imprint to be happy, and that means you could be a friend or you can be in a romantic relationship with them. When you imprint, you want what is best for that person… So if he were to imprint, it would be fine because you only seek to make someone happy in whatever way you can. And sometimes, that means friendship. Of course, I can’t answer your question very well because I know what happens to Jacob in the end and that is all I see now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, as much as I love Bella with Jacob, there are reasons why she has to be with Edward (grrrr…) and not him. And in the end, it works out for Jacob (THANK GOD!!!!!!!!)

    But, its always nice to think about what might have been…. Bella would’ve been one of the luckiest girls in the world to have Jacob!

    Keep up the good work, Kaleb!!! You’re really flying through Eclipse! Of course, you haven’t read the best parts yet!! Not even close!

  51. Becky

    lmao at your imprinting idea- I now have a picture of Sam whacking Emily on the head to fall in love with her, lol

    but seriously, have you been reading ahead??

    and as for your question: if Jake imprinted on Bella Breaking Dawn would be very very different. Luckily, Imprinting can’t be forced. Plus, Edward would either end up killing Jake, himself, or both which would be so depressing that no one would ever finish to find out the end of the books, lol. But really, if Jake and Bella were meant to be, as Imprinting suggests, than Edward would have to not exist, which would change the entire series completely. And then they’d have different titles, and James wouldn’t have done anything, and Bella would have never gone cliff diving, or any of that. Which would make the books totally boring.

  52. Miranda

    Well, Had Jacob imprinted on Bella, it would have been the first time he saw her after he turned into a werewolf for the first time… And no such luck there…

    I don’t think that I can even play the “what if” game hear, becuase I believe that Edward and Bella are Soul-Mates and If Jacob had imprinted on her then it would be all wrong and I would proboly never had wanted to finish the book lol. And if that was the case then it would just mess things all up for book four…

    I don’t think that in anyway could it have ever happened.. Not when were talking Soul-Mates

  53. Ms. Paranoia

    As many have said before, Kaleb… you are incredibly keen when reading books, it’s almost scary.

    Or maybe you’re just a psychic in disguise, but I guess we’ll never really know =D

    Hmm, if Jacob imprinted on Bella… well, it would have to depend on when he imprinted on her. If it was during Twilight, I think things could be a little different. There would be a bigger struggle for Bella to choose who to be with, but since her feelings for Edward were already starting down the path to love, who knows how it would turn out. Then again, maybe the story would be a little bit of the same, because the person who is doing the imprinting just wants their other half to be happy no matter what. So if that’s true, then maybe Jacob would have let Bella be happy with Edward, because she was already beginning to realize her feelings for him. Besides, Jacob was not in love with Bella yet when they first started talking to each other, they were just friends. So if he imprinted on her then, I think they would only be friends and nothing more.

    If the imprinting happened in New Moon… geez, that’s a hard one. By this time, Jacob is in love with Bella so… hmm, well during the time Edward was gone he would try his damn hardest to make Bella happy, even more so than he was doing. And he would try to make her happy by being the one she needed instead of Edward. But because Edward came back and Bella was still so very very much in love with him… well, I think that Jacob would want Bella to be his, but from the bottom of his heart he knew that she would be happier with Edward, so he would let her go.

    So in the end… I don’t think the basic story would change, but there would be significantly different events in the books.

    Sorry that post was incredibly long (I think ._.;; )

  54. priyanka

    the story would be so different. Jacob would act completely obsessed with bella but the object of imprinting is basically giving the person you imprint on every thing she wants, jacob would let her go because he cares about her and would understand then that she would be happier with edward and would convince sam to change the treaty between the cullens and werewolves…. what movie did you watch cuz i luv tim burton films

  55. Brenna

    First of all… Jacob could not have EVER imprinted on Bella in Twilight, becuase it’s only a warewolf thing, and Jacob wasnt a warewolf in Twilight.

    Secondly, I disagree with the fact that Jacob would want Bella to be with Edward. If he wanted her to be safe and happy, he would want her with himself, because he’s seen what Edward does to Bella if he’s gone. Also, if he really did imprint on Bella, his passion for her would be so strong that he’d fight even more to get Bella to want him. He’d be paralyzed by the trauma coming from the fact that Bella didnt pick him instead of pissed. And, despite the “wolfy claim” that Jacob would have to Bella, I think that Edward and Bella would be together anyway. Their love couldnt be separated by separation, extreme lies, and depression… so why would someone else break those so easily? Like Debra said, Edward kinda imprints on Bella in a vampire way too… (i couldnt help but read Midnight Sun… it’s AMAZING!) And that bond seems about stronger than Jacobs would be. Edward left his true love possibly forever for her well-being, even though he was EXTREMELY wrong, and then their relation bounced back so quickly because the love never left through all that, so no. I dont think it would’ve been too much different… but would’ve only introduced a much different complication.

  56. christy.

    I would’ve thrown the book across the room if Jacob imprinted on Bella.
    End of story.


  57. Mia

    If Jake imprinted on Bella, there wouldn’t be an Eclipse, and New Moon would be remarkably different. Jake would have imprinted on her after he became a wolf in NM. In the New Moon as we know it, Jacob restrains from pushing himself on Bella, and lets her get closer to him on her own terms. I highly doubt this would happen if Jake had imprinted. He would definitely be laying on the charm, and she wouldn’t be able to resist falling for that. As a result, Bella wouldn’t be chasing her hallucinations, and therefore wouldn’t jump off a cliff, and so on and so forth.

    Jake imprinting on Bella = they are meant to be together. It would hurt her to get over Edward, but she would be forced to for the person she is meant to be with, almost in the way that Sam had to give up Leah when he imprinted on Emily.

    Edward said that he would probably have come back just to make sure Bella was okay. He would see that she was happy with Jacob, and spend the rest of his existence alone and depressed.

    This sounds all wrong even as I’m writing it, and the whole Edward-in-a-dark-place-for-the-rest-of-eternity thing is just depressing. Edward and Bella. No other way.

  58. Karina

    um…never thought about most of the stuff that you mentioned here. it really is interesting to see the similarities of Sam, Leah, and Emily’s sitution and Edward, Bella, and Jacob’s.
    well so on to the question now. if you havent figured it out yet, i am farelly new here and i have barely started to read your posts (which have made me laugh so hard by the way)so i am just going to try my best at answering your question. i am answering without reading any other comment so this is just straight from my brain and my own opinion, well i think i should start. I think that the story would have be very different if jacob had imprinted on bella. i am pretty sure nothing and no one would have standed a chance against what Jacob felt towards her. also i think bella would have left edward for jacob. *gasp* yes i know, i know hard to believe but by what stephenie has said about imprinting and from what i understand, imprinting is like finding your soul mate, nothing can keep them apart and even if bella went to edward, she still would come back to jacob until the day in which she would just stay with him and ‘live happily ever after’. so if jacob had imprinted, edward would have no chance in trying to have bella. bella would have been jacob’s and no one elses. edward would just be wasting his time on something that he WILL not win in. weird to think about this. weird to know that if one little thing was different in a story everything after that will no longer be the same.

  59. Shatha

    Without reading any of the comments, I think the whole imprinting thing may complicate things more as she would have a strong bond to the werewolves. Imprinting would happen the first time they met, which would be an interesting way to find out about vampires. Jacob would be whatever Bella wants him to be, whether it would be something romantic or not. When someone imprints, does the imprintee have any feelings for them? Because if Bella was Jacob’s imprint and she never wanted him, who would he end up with?
    I wonder if it would change her view on the Cullens at all, but the fact is, Bella and Edward are soulmates. I think it also may simplify everything as if Jacob didn’t have any romantic feelings for Bella, the animosity between vampires and werewolves would be the major obstacle.

    Sorry if I’ve repeated anything.
    Great insight and I liked the cartoon :)

  60. Shatha

    Oh, Jacob would imprint once he becomes a werewolf, not when he first saw Bella.

    There IS a major reason discussed by Stephenie on why Jacob thinks he is in love with Bella, after Breaking Dawn though.

    Team Jacober’s never had a chance 😉

  61. Cara

    Pf, Jacob imprinting on Bella? I wouldn’t read the books anymore; I would burn them. It’s not meant to be. But, if that DID happen, then Bella would actually have to make a desicion about who to choose, instead of knowing she would pick Edward; Edward & Bella’s love is only minimally stronger than imprinting.

  62. Shannah

    Even though Jacob didn’t imprint on Bella, what he feels for her is not “simply an infatuation”. I want sooo badly to explain but I shouldnt because there is a high risk of spoiling even more of the story for you.
    Gah. I hate my life. Ask me when your reading Breaking Dawn. Or, when your at a certain part of this book.

    And that is not a spoiler.

  63. Charlee

    So I just read your twitter, and I’m definately REALLY jealous that you talked to Robert!

  64. Peach Tree

    Whacked over the head? Seriously? Kaleb, you’re hilarious.

  65. Marissa

    Tim Burton movies are infact THE only movies worthy to be seen on Halloween

    haha whacked on the head. that sounds like something JD from Scrubs would think up

  66. Katie

    To be honest I’m sick of being attacked by Edward crazed girls everytime I say I dnt hate Jacob.

    I mean is it so wrong to fight for what you love??

    So I’d say yes I still would have read the books if Jacob had imprinted on Bella because I think the whole story of the werewolves is amazingly written and interesting.

  67. Shay

    1) Jacob can’t read minds. Nope. No, sir. He can hear the pack mind, but that’s it. He can’t read Edward, Alice, Mike, or anyone else. Period.

    2) Imprinting does NOT work both ways. It’s discussed. Bella asks, “Doesn’t Claire get a choice here?”
    “Of course. But why wouldn’t she choose him, in the end? He’ll be her perfect match. Like he was designed for her alone.” (Eclipse, 176) And earlier it’s discuss how Emily hated Sam when he first imprinted on her because of what it did to Leah.

    So if Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, it wouldn’t necessarily have changed anything about her relationship with Edward… except to make her feel more guilty about hurting both of them.

  68. Nurazlin

    I would be very sad if that were the case. Heartbroken. Though that heartbreak would probably be nothing compared to Edward and Bella’s.

    Anyway, if Jacob imprinted on Bella, he would be MUCH nicer to her, as was said in the first comment. Edward, no doubt, being the selfless gentleman that he is, would be devastated but not show anything on the outside and he would tell Bella it was best for her (though we all know otherwise).
    And…oh gosh, I don’t like thinking about ‘What ifs’. Too many things have to change because of one single action and it’s too confuzzling. Let’s all just be grateful that Jacob didn’t imprint on Bella.

    Great post Jacob! Great song choice too.

  69. Nurazlin

    Did I actually just call you Jacob?! Sorry! I meant Kaleb.
    Oh my God!

  70. tina

    Just another thought…

    Some of the posts say that if Jake had imprinted on Bella, he would have wanted her to be happy – he would have let her be with Edward. I disagree. Jake would want to protect her even more than he does now – there is no way he would allow her to be with someone who would ‘kill’ her and make her into something else. It just would not be possible for him to let her be with a vampire, he thinks of the transformation to vampire as death. I don’t think he could allow it to happen.

  71. Carrie

    Oh, boy. It certainly would have complicated things if Jacob had imprinted on Bella. There really would be no other choice for him, but Bella could still choose between him and Edward. If Jacob had imprinted on her that would mean he would only want her to be happy and safe, no matter what. Her best interest would always be his main concern. On one hand, he would’ve been nicer and gentler w/ her, so she probably would’ve liked him more. On the other hand, if he only wanted what was best for her and Edward is her true love…I guess he’d have to give her up. It would all depend on how Bella would react to Jacob imprinting on her. Also, Edward might be more inclined to let her go if that happened, since he left in NM because he didn’t want her to have to become a vamp to be w/ him. Part of him thinks she’d be much better off w/ someone else. I’m glad J didn’t imprint on her, but I still think Bella would’ve chosen Edward no matter what. It just would’ve made things that much more complicated.

  72. Janelle

    We could “what if” until we go crazy non this. If Stephenie Meyer had intended Jacob to imprint on Bella, then she would not have made Edward and Bella’s relationship such as it is. Bella can’t belong with more than one person, as much as I love both Jacob and Edward.

    I want to say more but I don’t want to spoil anything!

    Keep reading Kaleb! It only gets better. :)

    And by the way you’re awesome. I can’t believe you got a phone call with Robert Pattinson…SO jealous. I guess it just goes to show how influential the internet is in our modern culture. Especially with blogs like this and Youtube. But ROBERT PATTINSON..you amaze me.

  73. Gatchene

    What would happen if Jacob imprinted on Bella and Edward remains how he is now? 1 word, diseaster

  74. Twifanatic Amanda

    I don’t want to answer that question XD

    But I loooove your new logo its really cool

  75. Bond

    Alright, so imprinting is supposed to be something uncontrollable, both by the person who does, and who they do it to/upon. Therefore, despite the fact that Bella has a profound, undeniable, unignorable love for Edward, a deeper connection of love for Jacob would bloom were he to imprint on her. To my understanding this would happen in New Moon, the first time he sees Bella after his first transformation. We know that Edward was planning on coming back ever before Alice saw Bella take her little dive, but he said that if everything was fine he would have left. At this point Bella would appear happy enough with Jacob even though she might still harbor hope from the loss of Edward. However Edward wouldn’t see this and were he to honor his promise would leave and go on to a miserable life of growing depression with, most likely and impending suicide. Team Jacob cheers while Team Edward sobs and throughs their book out the window.
    However there would also be the chance that Edward, seeing Bella, would not be able to leave. Perhaps he would beg for Bella back and when she couldn’t/wouldn’t leave Jacob he would kill himself and she would be aware so then she would depressed because she still loved him; and then ofcourse Jacob wouldn’t like Bella’s unhappiness. Or Edward and Jacob would fight, and one would die. So then Bella would committ to a suicidal depression, followed by whichever male is left, and we would all cry and through our books out the window.
    Wow, sorry i really got to learn to summarize.
    Kaleb, I got quite a kick out of your perception of imprinting.

  76. Erin

    Psh. You won’t see mine all the way down here, but first of all, I had someone at my school dress up like Mario too. And there was a Luigi. It was funny.
    Anywhos, I think it would’ve. Because, in the beginning, Jacob would’ve been everything to Bella. Because, if she was made for him, then he would be perfect for her too, even if she was just getting over the lost love thing. It’s exactly opposite how Edward/Bella/Jacob are now. Edward and Bella are soulmates in every sense of the word (Vampires kinda imprint. He explains it a bit in New Moon. The rest of it I’ve read in interviews). And, Edward is perfect for Bella too. So, yeah, maybe Jake loves Bella and she could love him back. But it’s not *that* kinda love, like it would have been if Jake had imprinted on Bella.

    So, off my soap box. :)
    I thought it was an amazing post. Makes me happy that your making funnies again. I seriously cracked up at the superman thing.
    Which, reminds me. You’re very good at guessing what it means. Maybe that’s because you take time between chapters, where most of us read it before we can really process it. Like, I was rereading a part in The Host today, and totally flipped out. You have no clue how many times I’ve reread that, and I just caught this. Course, last week I caught the whole *ink, saphire, and snow* thing was referring to *someone’s* hair, eyes, and skin. Before, I thought it was just his eyes… But, I’m blonde.
    THat’s my excuse.
    So, happy reading!

  77. Bond

    about midway through my essay there above it should be “still harbor hurt[not hope] from the loss of Edward.”

  78. Samantha

    As my response to your question…I could not even begin to fathom how much everything would have changed if Jacob had imprinted on Bella. The very idea blows my mind! There are not words to describe the events that would follow that change.

  79. Jayda


    once you read the whole book you will understand WHY this could never happen..and the drastic changes that would follow by just saying such a thing..



    soo i can not answer your question until after you’ve read the entire book.

  80. Steph

    Hm. If Jacob imprinted on Bella…

    Well, it’s simple. Without going into details, Bella would choose Jacob. She really wouldn’t have much choice. And Edward would… I don’t know. Kill himself? Maybe. Maybe he’d stick around anyway, just in case.

    Nice post. A little short, but I like it.

  81. Steph

    Whoa, wait. I just thought of something. He would’ve imprinted on her in New Moon then, right? In that case, Edward wouldn’t be there. Eventually, Alice might try to see Bella’s future… but it wouldn’t be there. Because her future would be so closely entwined with Jake’s. So then, Alice would tell Rosalie, Rosalie would tell Edward, and the whole thing would play out like New Moon. Except… Bella might not save him in time. Jake probably wouldn’t let her go. Gah… Yeah, I’m pretty sure Edward would end up dead. How depressing.

  82. Bekah

    So to your question I think it would have made everything a LOT more difficult if Jacob imprinted on her, not to mention make the whole thing impossible. Edward is pretty much the vampire equivalent of imprinted on her and it’s impossible for two people to be that emotionally attached to a person. That’s not to say Jacob doesn’t love her. He loves her as much as it would be possible in a normal human world without supernatural attractions. It’s like how much Ben loves Angela, it’s a lot but nothing close to as much as Edward loves Bella or Sam loves Emily.

  83. Katie

    I have to agree with what some of you have said. If Jacob had imprinted on Bella, it wouldn’t have mattered all that much. Because Jake would have become what Bella needed him to be the most, and so he would have had almost the exact same role as before, just not so anti-vampire and antagonistic.

    Bella and Edward would still have been together, because when Bella re-met Jake, she was already head over heels for Edward, she just didn’t realize it until the next day.

    However, no matter how much I like the idea of a nicer Jake (in New Moon and Eclipse), I don’t think the story would have been as good if Bella hadn’t experienced the pull between two opposite, yet equally desirable futures.

  84. Wendilynn

    your misunderstanding of imprinting was hilarious. As for Jacob, he was deeply in love with Bella before he ever became a werewolf. Their friendship made loving her easy and natural, much the way Edward easily fell in love with Bella. Also, the one being imprinted, has to see the object of his soul and at the moment, Jacob has eyes for no one else but Bella. Its a nasty triangle they are in and your quicker then me, I did not catch the similarity between Leah/Sam/Emily and their own situation. Jacob also knows that he has a very difficult job ahead of him to compete with Bella’s attachment to Edward. Bella is much like Sam, fully aware of what this is costing everyone and not really knowing the best way to deal with it.

  85. Afton Cronk

    If Jacob had inprinted on Bella there most likely wouldnt be an Eclipse or Breaking Dawn, the whole story as we know it wouldn’t exsist. I do believe that they would be happy together but I still think that that Bella would be waiting around for Edward to come back to her. Sure her and Jacob have a close relationship but the one between Bella and Edward is a lot stronger.


  86. Ash IS DA BOMB

    First, If Jake imprinted on Bella it would be in the second book when Jake becomes a werewolf so then Bella would get over Edward and she wouldn’t have jumped off the cliff so Jake and Bella would live happly ever after and Edward would still be a mess and never find anyone ever again and he will kill himself (to Italy of course) when Bella dies and will forever be in pain because Bella doesn’t love him anymore.
    Second, It wouldn’t make a good book because it would end there and it doesn’t follow the first book for the whole forbidden love thing between Bella and Edward.
    Third, I love Jake and Edward but Edward and Bella belong together so sorry Jake it’s just some teen lovin’ with love and Bella

  87. Allis

    First off, your version of imprinting had me laughing my head my head off! Seriously, only you could come up with something like that.

    To answer your question, I think that the entire story would be completely different. Even the characters would have to be a little different, because Bella now would be meant for Jacob instead of Edward. The love she feels for Edward wouldn’t exist, but would exist for Jacob. In fact, the story wouldn’t be so focused on the vampires as it is now – it would be centered around the werewolves. But this is all hypothetical, because… AGH! I can’t say it! I just really can’t explain it well without spoiling everything. But it is safe to say that Eclipse and Breaking Dawn would either not exist or have completely different plots. And the transition from Twilight to New Moon wouldn’t make much sense either. It would jump from Bella and Edward to Bella and Jacob, and Edward would probably end up killing himself or just live forever in a miserable existance. Now I’m sad… :(

  88. Elise

    hink Edward would watch from the sidelines, but you have to remember what Jake said, she would still have a choice as to weather she would want to be with Jake or Edward. If he imprinted on her he would just want her to be happy. And she would be happier with Edward. At least I THNIK so anyway.

  89. KC

    I think that would have been disasterous. There was no way it would not have ended in a fight to the death. Jacob would physically have no choice and Edward aould have no choice emotionally if Bella chose him. If she chose Jacob, I believe that he would have bowed out while keeping and eye on Bella as long as she lived

  90. Sveta

    ok i dont know how to phrase this without ruining something for you, so im just going to clarify the imprinting process. Don’t worry i don’t think it will spoil the saga for you.

    If Jacob imprinted on Bella, then he would have been nice to her and answered all her questions instead of being mean after he phased for the first time. at the bottom of page 173 when he is staring at her he is trying to make himself inprint on her. and Bella would love him right back, like they were made to be together, but she doesn’t. so if he imprinted on her then bella would forget all about edward and be together with jacob.
    sorry that was long
    it takes a lot to explain such a phenomenon

  91. Tessa

    Wow… if Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, then it really wouldn’t be Twilight. Twilight is an Edward and Bella story, and if Jacob were to imprint on her, then it would just end the whole Edward and Bella thing. I mean, if Jacob had imprinted on her, it would mean that they were meant for each other, which just ruins the point of the story. It would just be a sad ending to a could-be happy story, and would leave many fans feeling disappointed.

  92. Normita!

    wow.. well to begin with.. he would’ve been able to tell bella about the hole.. werewolf thing..(back in new moon).Probably..(at least as far as i know and suspecta about imprint..) bella would fall back in love at jacob.. simply because the way Jake wolud have loved her(i mean.. it´s the purest kind of love)..
    Probably.. Jacob would have join Bella to Volterra to save Edward( because there is no way that bella, knowing that Ed was..¨killing him self¨ because of her would to sitt happy.. waiting 4 him to finally die..duh!)
    And.. obviously.. when Ed read Jacobs true feelings… and.. of course.. being obvious that Bella was also madly in-love with Jake.. he would do appart.. and.. be misserable of course..(hopefully w/ tania[the vampire chik from Denali that have the hot´s 4 Ed] and stay w/her just so he doesn´t seems all that sad.. hehhe). And of course.. jake wouldn’t have any problems w/ the pack.. because.. as Bella is Jacob’s imprint.. They know that he HAS to do.. ANYTHING 4 her.. It’s just the way it is…<3..
    personally… even if the series would probably have ended sooner.. i like this version a lot… all Though.. i would miss some scenes in Eclipse.. hehe..

  93. Brianna J.

    if Jacob imprinted on Bella the whole story would be pointless because Bella would in effect “imprint” on Jacob. Therefore, there would e no place in the story. this has probably already been said, but there’s over 90 comments on here already and i don’t feel like reading them.

  94. Krystol

    Okay, I’m going to throw my two cents in and try really hard not to spoil anything.

    To the people who say that Jacob would have left Bella for his imprintee… um, hello. If it weren’t for Bella marrying Edward he never would have met the one he imprinted upon would he? So technically, if she had chosen Jacob and they could have lived a happy life together and he NEVER would have imprinted at all.

    Now, do I agree that Bella is better off with Edward? HELL YES! She never would have been able to live a full life without him, they are soulmates and they belong together.

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  96. Tianna

    It would have been interesting if Jake had imprinted on Bella. Edward wouldnt stand a chance.

    If you try going to fanfiction(dot)net, I bet you’d find a lot of short and long stories on how that would have effected the series. There are some really good writers there.

  97. lee-anne

    ok so, from my understanding, Jake thinks he will never imprint on Bella because there is no one else that he will ever love more than her, so if she is not “made” to “carry on the gene” in Billy’s opinion, then who else could be?

    But yea I think I’m with you Kaleb.

  98. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 7 (Unhappy Ending)

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  99. Alice

    I really like your song and can’t wait for your book!

  100. Kasey

    Alright..here’s what I get out of it.

    Carlisle would have not gone to Forks if he had a family, why would he?

    Ther reason why Jacob is a werewolf is because Edward and the cullens live near him and are vampires. Vampires living near = Werewolf gene invoked.

    With Edward alive..he is meant for Bella. With Edward dead, there is no imprintation…and therefore the rightful choice for Bella would be Jacob.

    That is the reason he doesn’t imprint on her. hope it made sense.

  101. » Blog Archive » » Reading Eclipse: Chapter 7 (Unhappy Ending)

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  102. teamswitzerlad!!!!!:)

    first i absolutely love jacob but Edward and Bella are the perfect couple i love eclipse and hate it at the same time.

    same with new moon

  103. Michelle

    I would love to give a nice, detailed answer to your question. However, it would be spoiler central. I will say… at that exact point in reading the saga for the first time myself, I had the same thought. How could he think he’s meant for her if he didn’t imprint on her? The only reason I can agree with him on this is that it’s supposed to be a very RARE thing, so he assumes that he will never imprint on anyone and this is the best it will get for him, making his own choice in the matter.

  104. Lindsay

    I know I’m reading this late, but I just stumbled across your site and have read since the beginning in two days time now, so I think I’m doing pretty well!

    Next, I have to say that while in comparing the Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle to Sam/Emily/Leah you do get a lot of insight, you also have to realize that Sam and Leah were together and in love before Sam ever met Emily. In the case of Bella, she was in love with Edward (who would be her “Emily”) FIRST before she developed any kind of real feelings for Jacob. So in that regard, Jacob already knew that she was in deep love and that she was looking for a friend, and not a relationship in him. She reminded him quite frequently of that, too, if I remember correctly.

    Next, to answer your question, if Jacob HAD imprinted on Bella, it would have been the very first time he saw her after the transformation into a werewolf. In this case, I think that the first person who commented was dead on – he would have been a friend to her, and not been so pushy towards a relationship. He would have been what she needed at the time, because that’s what you do when you imprint on someone. Although I do think the outcome of the books would have been different, I’m actually curious how Bella would have handled it. I would HOPE her love for Edward would be strong enough still (as you can see, I’m clearly Team Edward) for her to stay with him, since he is so selfless and in love with her. This might be a good question for Stephenie though – what would a werewolf do if he imprinted on someone but they were already in love?

    Anyway, great post! I’m looking forward to reading the rest, and for you to get to book 4! So many exciting things happen in the future of the two books, I can’t wait to see what you will think! :) Happy reading!


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  106. ana

    wow. this is really great sir.i really enjoyed reading EVERYTHING.

    everyone has a point. however, i've got to say that the obvious effect of these “WHAT IFs” [for me, at least] would be setting down the book. the whole twilight saga is about bella and edward's story – their love, their life, their existence – it is mainly but not purely about them. i have nothing too against jacob. however, you are right- he would leave bella when his imprintee comes along. maybe what's keeping him beside bella is the fact that she would be the key to meet his imprintee. ms. stephenie meyer is a good writer. i remember somewhere in the novel where he sort of stares intently to bella. i just want to ask: was he forcing [in a way] the imprinting? was he trying to see if bella was his imprintee? he could have figured that out. the wolf pack can read each other's mind- they could have seen how it happened to everyone else.

    i didn't know how to call it before but maybe you're term would apply- the vampire imprinting thing or shall i say TRUE LOVE. the love edward and bella share is not a one-way love story. both of them love each other more than what we could expect. they can't live without each other in a non-gooey way. love is such a broad topic, how much more is true love? well, as one have said others will understand edward a little bit more at least in midnight sun.

    my apologies for the long answer. thank you very much everyone. everyone made this thing 'alive'. keep the fire burning!

  107. neonstar

    on page 173 he's talking about something I really cant remember but he's staring at her and it never really tells you what he's doing but I read something by Stephanie some where saying he was trying to imprint on bella… hmmmmm sounds plausible

  108. ummhedaya

    I can't wrap my head around that question… to me, it seems as though Edward has some type of claim on her himself… kinda like a vam-print or something. Bella even refers to how the looks between Sam and Emily remind her of how Edward looks at her and even further into the series if you take notice you will find many things to suggest this…

  109. Kassl Cullen

    I think Bella wouldn´t care because she´s kinda “imprinted” with Edward, but the thing is that if Jacob was imprinted on her, when Renesmee is born he would tryed to kill her because he is imprinted with Bella.

  110. Kassl Cullen

    I think Bella wouldn´t care because she´s kinda “imprinted” with Edward, but the thing is that if Jacob was imprinted on her, when Renesmee is born he would tryed to kill her because he is imprinted with Bella.

  111. Nicole

    I think that it would be awkward because Edward would obviously be in love with Bella. But Bella and Jacob would end up together because they're soulmates.

  112. Maandacs

    I wouldnt even go there. Imprinting is both ways, as i understand it. The recipient has to be in it as well…she clearly is not. So there…ask another question… I am old enough to be your mum.

  113. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    If Jacob was imprinted on Bella, Edward wouldn't be in the picture at all. Bella would be in love with Jacob and Jacob would be in love with Bella. Victoria would,nt be after her and her life would be semi normal.

  114. Kendikay

    it would not change

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