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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 6 (Switzerland)

November 6th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Switzerland by The Bella Cullen Project

As I hastily unloaded groceries after a quick trip to the local store, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by a sight I had never seen before. A silver volvo. Parked in front of my apartment.

I was shocked that I reacted at all. I mean, it is just a silver Volvo. Nevertheless, I literally stopped and stared to make sure that it was actually a silver Volvo, and not some figment of my imagination. Though it wasn’t extremely shiny (we are college students after all), it was silver: and was perhaps my first silver Volvo to ever see in my life and consciously recognize its presence. Its owner, however, was nowhere to be found.

Edward’s own shiny silver Volvo has probably been circling the border line multiples of times since Bella went in to see Jacob, because he’s right behind her in a flash, following her just so she knows he is there and is watching. I can almost feel the anger pulsating from that car, and Bella is obviously a bit too afraid to face Edward in a place without other people nearby.

I have learned two things in the past two chapters about Stephenie’s world. For the previous chapter, this word was Imprinting. For this chapter, it is obviously Switzerland.

I’ve never been able to figure out until recently what the country of Switzerland has to do with vampires. I know the Swiss make fine watches and fine cheese (a piece of which I usually eat before I go on BlogTV) but I have never heard of the Swiss having anything to do with vampires.

The Swiss Guard have nothing to do with vampires. Whatsoever.

However, the new definition of being ‘Switzerland’ has finally been spelled out for me: and it is a very obvious way to avoid choosing Edward of Jacob and getting your head bitten off by the opposing side.

Why is it that I feel like a creepy eavesdropper, listening in on Bella and Angela through a tiny hole I have carved in their ceiling? Their conversation is comprised completely of three distinct subjects:

1. Boys

2. Boys

3. Boys

I don’t need to be hearing these things. I am a guy. The last time a conversation like this came up, Bella and her pals were talking about prom dresses in Twilight. It causes me to cringe slightly, as if I am walking in on a conversation to which my entire gender is uninvited and unwelcome. As if I might be standing in the corner, and then Bella eyes me suspiciously and says, ‘Do you NEED anything, sir?’ and causes me to sheepishly jump out the window.

However, after managing to pull through it, I was able to pick up on a certain tidbit that I can easily identify with:

“I got my dorm assignment yesterday. The farthest building from campus, naturally.” (Angela)

for I am in a similar situation as well:

The map of my adventurous journey home from school

Of course, Alice has been paid off by Edward: in the form of a new Porsche. Up until now, I haven’t really clicked entirely with who Alice is as a character. But all of a sudden, in this chapter particularly, I have come to realize just how bubbly and almost-eternally-happy she is. Anytime she opens her mouth to speak, it almost always turns into a paragraph:


“Not really.” She sniffed. “You don’t seem to grasp how dangerous a young werewolf can be. Especially when I can’t see them. Edward has no way of knowing if you’re safe. You shouldn’t be so reckless (jabber jabber jabber) ”


“Werewolves are dangerous. Be safe. Now.”

But is the long extended way of talking that makes her character so colorful. And of course Alice wants to stay up with Bella long into the night: vampires don’t need any sleep. Very cunning, Alice.

How can I possibly set the book down at the ending of this chapter? How is it possible for any human to stop reading when Rosalie shows up at Bella’s door? It is possible only when it is 1 AM and I have not yet eaten dinner (which will soon be called breakfast if I wait any longer). So, it’s off to mealtimes then bedtimes for me, and another chapter asap… if I can actually keep from peeking into what Rosalie has to say before.

Question for the comments: if you were Alice and had to be bribed, what type of car would YOU demand? πŸ˜€


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189 Responses

  1. Shakesgirl66

    Great post. Next chapter is amazing.

  2. Amanda

    Instead of answering your question (since I’m not into cars anyway) I’ll ask you one, Kaleb…

    From what you’ve read so far, are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland?

    Hmm… or maybe it’s better to wait till the end of the series to decide πŸ˜›

    I think you’ll REALLY love the next chapter, by the way! It’s very interesting!

  3. Janelle

    I love driving & cars but I know nothing about them, so I’d settle for a surprise.

    Though something vintage would be nice.

  4. Rhiann

    The next chapter is really well written and informative. Can’t wait ’till u read it!

  5. anne_onymous

    I will demand a Mercedes-Benz S63 or a Bentley Continental GTC…

    Either one would be totally fine πŸ˜›

    Nice question Kaleb, i’m sure TONS of girls would know what to answer without researching at Yahoo Autos πŸ˜›
    (*pfft* which i totally did not do)

    LOL πŸ˜›

  6. Pam

    The actual challenge to find a Silver Volvo S60R. They are few and far between at least here in Washington. I failed to spot any to or from Forks. I haven’t seen any on my travels across state (for I am near Idaho and call home the west side.) I found one just parked on the side of the road on campus on Saturday not too long ago.

    The Volvo would be a decent bribe car for me (fast and all wheel drive, my requirements), I would, however, have something with a little more horsepower. A Corvette, Viper, Shelby GT, Saleen S7 would all be good. I think at the top of my list would be a ’69 Stingray Corvette convertible in black. It would need the biggest engine possible, too.

  7. Samie

    well im not a car person (yes yes no suprize) but i like Mercedes-Benz cars to.. my ex and his dad had like 3 of them.. they had a 1978, 1986, and a 1967..

    yes so cant wait till u read the next chapter, u will learn so much more,.. so read carefully, and listen well.

  8. Adrienne

    I would want a black ‘Vette

    It’s really hard to choose a car since my ideal car would have to be a silver Volvo…

    Great post. Next chapter is even better…

  9. Janelle

    Hmm..cars. Not really that exciting to me. I guess I’m like Bella that way. πŸ˜€ I’d be terrified or crashing it if I had a fancy car.

    Wow, that would be so weird to see a silver Volvo. I guess I don’t notice cars that much, but that would be pretty eerie.

    I love this chapter. Bella is so funny with Switzerland and all. I guess that would be confusing if you hadn’t read about it! haha.

    Ah, poor Kaleb and the girl talk. πŸ˜›
    But I love Angela’s advice to Bella. “Edward’s only human, Bella. He’s going to react just like any other boy.” I think if I were Bella I would have been in serious danger of bursting out laughing right there. Edward is definitely NOT any other boy. Not exactly a “boy” either.

    Keep reading Kaleb! The next chapter is really interesting (for lack of a better word–too tired to think at the moment). πŸ˜‰

  10. Janelle

    Oops I meant terrified of crashing it. Not or. lol.

  11. Charlee

    I want to know the answer to Amanda’s question. :) But think I would demand an Audi z350. *sigh with happiness*

  12. Janelle

    Whoa! There are 2 Janelles!

    Haha sorry for 3 posts in a row. πŸ˜›

  13. Nollie

    Cars? Never really thought about that considering I don’t drive (and I must add the yet). But I’ve always wanted a Lexus, just saying.

    And Alice wasn’t a big key factor until the lesser half of Twilight and which that part she’s trying to protect Bella. And New Moon, Alice is away and then she’s got to save Edward’s sad donkey (yes I said donkey, deal). So ya it does seem kind of make Alice seem to have a more bubbly nature that wasn’t really present before…or was but hidden under the current events.

  14. devz30

    So I’m one of the no-car people here, so can’t really answer ur question. But if I were to be bribed, I don’t think I’d choose a car. Maybe the latest-phone or a ton of books !!
    Yes, yes. I’m a book-worm. >.<

    I know what you mean- Sometimes you just get totally surprised when something really reminds you of Twilight. The similarities can be shocking, mind you.

    And this:
    1. Boys

    2. Boys

    3. Boys

    LOL. They’re the same.
    And I was confused myself when I first read Switzerland, and so did the “Paris” chapter in New Moon. Wondering about chapter titles can sure keep a person curious =)

    Alice’s bubbly personality can be seen in the start of New Moon, so not much of a surprise in Eclipse. I love the kidnapping bit, though. ^_^

  15. Nollie

    PS- about the Angela and dorms…I guess my school is really different because we have like five dorms all within like two blocks from the main building. Heck, one dorm was in Main (until the fire, now no one is in Main unless they are rebuilding it) and one is like attached to it two buildings down. So I never understood people complaining about distances to class

  16. Tera

    ’57 Chevy Bel-Air with white wall tires. wouldnt settle for anything less πŸ˜‰

  17. The Dawn Is Breaking

    If I was to be bribed with a car, I would go for a silver Audi R8 (I saw it on TopGear Australia, and it was so awesome…-sigh-) Though, to be honest, I would rather be bribed with an Ipod Touch/Nano, the Twilight Soundtrack, or tickets to the Twilight Movie/DVD…yeah, obsessed…
    I was also confused with ‘Paris’ and ‘Switzerland’. I honestly thought that Bella/Edward/Jacob/whatever is going on an emergency trip to France or Switzerland. Haha, yeah…

  18. Steph

    Would I seem like too much of a Twilighter if I said a Porsche 911 Turbo? Well, I don’t care! I want one. Maybe not yellow. It’s too… persistently happy. Bright, maybe? Anyway, I’m thinking silver. :)

    I’ve never seen a silver Volvo (and recognized it as such). However, sometimes there’s an ad on a specific channel, very late at night, that has a silver Volvo. I have seen the ad twice and only realized what it was towards the end. So, I’m hoping for a third time. Ahaha.

    Great post. The entire thing had me laughing. Especially this:

    ‘Why is it that I feel like a creepy eavesdropper, listening in on Bella and Angela through a tiny whole I have carved in their ceiling?’

    Mostly because I imagined the kind of picture you would have photoshopped to fit that sentence. πŸ˜€

    Well, update again soon!

  19. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 6 (Switzerland)

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  20. Shatha

    Haha, when I saw a Volvo that wasn’t even silver I was ecstatic. I gasped really loudly and in a car, that’s not really a good idea as the parents assume a kangaroo or something has popped out and they tend to slam on the brakes. The fact that it was on a bridge didn’t help.
    I love Alice, she has such an awesome personality. She’s a great best friend or sister.
    Haha yeah, it possibly is on the “too girly” side.
    My car of choice would be a blue M3, mmm I’ve wanted one for years now. Especially since watching the movie “Taxi” haha.
    About the time I was reading about Switzerland, I was learning about it at school which was quite funny.
    Oh I liked Rosalie before Breaking Dawn, I really understood where she was coming from, until she went too far..
    Eh, you’ll find out in the last book :)
    Amusing post!

  21. Victoria

    Audi A1 Sportback definitely ! Drool…

  22. Shatha

    Oh no!
    I take back the M3, that can be second to.. THIS:


    Haha, I’m so cool :)

  23. Hope

    I would so want the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish! πŸ˜‰

  24. Hope

    And I kinda have to admit that I like Balla’s truck….

  25. Jennifer

    a 2009 Silver MiniCooper Convertable. :)

    Unfortunately, in REAL LIFE, my kids car seats wouldn’t fit in the back seat! :)

  26. Mellie

    Haha Kaleb, You’re not the only one to have a reaction to seeing a silver Volvo for the first time after starting the Twilight saga. I had a similar experience except at that time I was driving and my heart started racing when I saw it. It took me a sec or two realize why I was reacting that way and I laughed. You gotta love this series. =)

  27. Via

    I would totally ask for a wine-colored Lotus Elise. ::Drool:: Oh god, yes.

  28. Miranda

    That’s easy. I’d want a shiny silver Volvo….. with a hot vampire in the front seat! My friend actually got me that for my birthday. It was a little hot wheels Volvo, and she glued a picture of Edward on the front. Good times…

  29. Shannon S.

    I am not that into cars, so instead, I shall tell you of the car I currently own.

    I have a used, bright red Pontiac Sunfire, late 90’s- early 00’s if I’m not mistaken. It gets good gas mileage, a moon roof, and everything on it works. It was my first car when I got my license, though my parents bought it and it’s technically only mine because they put me on the insurance. I’ve never wrecked it and any damage done to it is usually the result of my mom driving it. ^_~

    Also, I think you’ll really enjoy the next chapter. It will give you a different perspective of Rosalie’s character. ^_^

  30. Dii

    What can I say? a mini cooper would make my day XD they’re so cute T_T… of course I can’t afford one, and my parents will not buy me one. Maybe someday, when I live in a place that actually has parking spaces.

    As for me, the next chapter was one of my favourites. I don’t hate Rosalie as a lot of people do, and this chapter just strengthened my positive feelings for her ^^

    And the pic of the Swiss guy πŸ˜‰ try with a Swiss Guard πŸ˜‰ their uniforms are much funnier (and they deadlier, too!) πŸ˜€

  31. daylet

    can’t wait till you get to the next chapter.

    If I was Alice, I would want a BMW, like Rosalie’s, but maybe longer.

    Anyway, happy reading…I am going to go take my College Algebra test :/

  32. ElenC

    I don’t really know. I just know I want a very shiny, glossy black car. *Drool*

    A Volvo C30, maybe. I saw one outside of school, and it definitly is droolworthy.

  33. Kaleb Nation

    yes peoples, I did change out the photo on this post. I had accidentally put a photo of some other soldier, instead of a Swiss Guard… I knew there was something strange about that photo πŸ˜€

  34. AimeeT

    Easy question. A Mercedes G55. Or a 1969 red bug

  35. Vickie

    What kind of car?!

    Are you kidding… I wouldn’t want a car. They are too low to the ground and not hardy enough no matter how fast they can go.

    I would definitely want the largest Chevy 4×4 that only our dearest Emmett would be proud of! LOL

    It would have to be very fast of course, but I want something that is not restrained to perfectly paved, flat roads.

    It’s amazing how this series affects you unconsciously. I love the books, but I don’t really think of myself as a great fanatic. So it surprises me, much like it did you, when I see a silver Volvo and I can’t help but stare and smile.

  36. Bea

    A Jaguar E-type of course ;D But I could settle for a Triumph spitfire Mk3 or why not an Aston Martin. How cool wouldn’t it be to drive Bond’s car..? xD

    Can’t say I react the same way as you did when seeing a silver Volvo…
    I’m from Sweden so belive me, I’ve seen my chare of Volvos ;D

  37. Bea


  38. marcela

    i would pick the same one as alice but it would be black
    lol i can just i can just immagine you face wen u saw the volvo lol that same thing happend to me but 3 secons later i screamed edward btw the next chapter might fell mutch more acward then anny of the other lol poor you

  39. Eleven

    most definitely a 1967 Shelby GT Mustang. And don’t worry. Your not the only person who’s reacted that way when viewing a Volvo. My exact words when I saw one was “Where the hell is my Edward?!?” You’ll like the next chapter. It gives you a major insight into Rosalie’s character.

  40. Minh Thu

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the next chapter. It’s really awesome!

    I totally squee every time I see a silver Volvo. But I’ve never seen a S60 R or C30.

    I don’t know which car I’d want.
    I like so many.
    Silver Volvo S60 R, silver Volvo C30, black Aston Martin Vanquish V12, black Mercedes AMG S55, yellow Porsche 911 Turbo, red BMW M3 convertible, red Viper, black Lamborghini (spelling?), black Corvette, …

    I don’t know that much about cars but I just recently started playing Need for Speed. Maybe I’ll see some cars I like. I want to make my license as soon as I become 17 (that’s when you’re allowed to in Germany)

  41. tina

    I’d have to take the Porsche -but red!!! If I couldn’t have that, a Viper!

    I think that Alice was the perfect friend for Bella – she needs someone who is outgoing and fun because she is so responsible and low-key.

    And, really Kaleb…afraid of some girl talk??? Angela is almost a psychic – she is dead-on about Edward!

    I dare you to try to stay away from the book now….Rosalie’s story is just too compelling.

  42. Umbra

    Oh God, the next chapter… I don’t like Rosalie very much, but the next chapter is so… great. Because I would like to do the same as she did, but I’m not a vampire.

  43. Bekah

    Lol. I actually own a silver volvo so it is pretty awesome. But i do freak out when I see others….
    And for the bribe car I would have to go with the same one. I am kind of an alice in my personality and a bright yellow fast car seems to just suit me perfectly. lol.

  44. Dii

    *_* I hate to be a spammer, but… when I saw you had changed to the Swiss Guard pic… *_* I felt all excited πŸ˜€

  45. Anonymous 66

    I wouldn’t be one to take the brib. For one I am not a car person. And second I feel that Edward should have never bribed Alice to hold Bella hostage in the first place.

  46. Poptart

    You think seeing a silver Volvo is trippy? Well I happened to see a car (not going to spoil anything) with a license plate on it labeled “Bella S”. I actually saw the person in the car, too. Dark long hair and pale. Yeah.

  47. Angela

    I personally like Edward’s “special occasion car”: Aston Martin Vanquish.


  48. Shelby

    I’m not really into cars…but in all honesty, I’d go with Alice! lol…. That would be a “dream car”…

    Yeah, Kaleb, like the first person who posted, I want to know what team you are on! I lean more towards Jacob but I am team switzerland…. I really would love to know where you stand! Think you could answer us?

    Great post, Kaleb! Love it! The next chapter is one of my favorites! Its kind of sad though.

  49. Stacy

    If somebody with unlimited money like Edward offered me a bribe in the form of a car, I would definetly go with a 1970 Chevell SS 454, and it would have to be red with black detailing on the hood.

    I knew it was a bad thing to get involved with my dad’s car collection…. I sound like a car freak.

    Can’t wait to see what you think about the next chapter. It really gives a lot of insight to Rosalie.

  50. Stacy

    I meant Chevelle, with an ‘E’ at the end. Sorry, had to fix that one.

  51. Sarah B.

    It would have to be the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, silver, and with the steering wheel of the left side so a non-English person could drive it. And no, I didn’t choose the V12 because it is Edward’s “special occasion” car but because it is a beautiful car (I have always had a soft spot for Aston Martin)

  52. Anonymous

    You know that car in Gone in 60 Seconds? The Shelby GT 500 that he drools over? Yup.

  53. Loony_Lovegood

    Great post, as usual. Umm, i’m not really into cars, but i’ve seen convertible volvos and, they look pretty snazzy!

  54. Anna

    The answer is simple: one that runs. Because I don’t even have that at the current moment.

    I’ve recently visited Switzerland. They really don’t have anything to do with vampires.

  55. Katie Beth

    I dunno, I might go for… whoops, almost spoilered you. Sorry! I ain’t sayin’. πŸ˜€

    Man, I love that chapter. I really enjoyed the Bella/Angela chat. It was refreshingly human. :-)

  56. priyanka

    hi kaleb, i liked your post

  57. priyanka

    you totally should have read on to the next one. it is my favorite but also very sad. if i were alice i would have demanded a silver mustang convertible although i also loved alice’s choice of a porche….

  58. Gyll

    1961 Volvo P1800 most beautiful car ever built

  59. Heather

    Haha! I love the Volvo story. And I’m excited you stopped and noticed. The same thing happened to me. I was walking into Kohls and it was like a sixth sense was screaming SILVER VOLVO! I froze and stared and stopped breathing. It was the exact same model used for Edward in the movie. And I’m not the type of fan who usually looks for Volvos or Porches or Jeeps or BMWs, but I flipped out!

    I apologize for your uncomfortable-ness during the Bella/Angela section. There are random scenes like this peppered throughout the books that make guys shy away from Twilight.

    And I have no idea how you stopped at Rosalie coming in. If you were a vampire, your special power would be extreme self control over curiosity. Maybe you would be able to tame or inflame other people’s curiosities, too.

    And if I was being bribed with a car, I would want the one they showed on the movie The Island that cost half a million dollars and doesn’t exist. Only I would want it in a deep sparkley blue color. http://cache.jalopnik.com/cars/images/the_island_car.jpg

  60. JessieLynn

    Yo Kaleb!
    Glad you finally understand why there is a “Team Switzerland” which makes me feel, of course lonely becuase NO ONE wants to like both guys. Also, I suppose yellowporsche’s screen name makes sense too…
    Anywho, if I was Alice what caar would I like? Hmmm, well I know it wasn’t finished being made, but I would want a Lambourgini Feruccio. (pretty sure I spelled that wrong entirely) Great post yet again!

  61. Morgan

    I would have to agree with Alice and get a porche like hers cause that is a really nice car and its super fast. I would probably get a different color though like maybe blue if they make them in blue. I don’t know but the porche or a pink hummer or a jeep wrangler any color.

  62. Nic

    black Aston Martin DBS

  63. christy.

    ‘Midnight Sun’ will now be referred to as ‘Dark High Noon’ or ‘DHN’ for short. Smeyer said that if she didnt hear the actual name for DHN she would start writing it again.

    Mumms the word!! (:

  64. becky sue

    Oh dear I probably wouldn’t be too picky in the area of cars. Something pretty would be my only preference.

    And I think that Bella would probably jump out of the window before she said anything to cause you to. flippin halarious lol! And I so love Alice.

  65. becky sue

    Also, I clicky the Twilight Topsites thingy (multiple times) daily. πŸ˜€

  66. Meg "RFF"

    I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted a bright yellow mustang with black flames πŸ˜€

  67. E

    First, to answer your question: A bright blue convertible, I don’t really care what brand, that gets excellent mileage.
    And now my opinion on this chapter:
    Let me say, first, that I love Edward. I really do. But that does NOT mean that I can never get mad at him. This would be one of the times that I definitely did. Holding Bella hostage was way to much of an extreme. However, I did notice that he’d picked something that she probably would have enjoyed under any other circumstances, hanging out with Alice.
    He kept her away Jacob because he considers Jacob highly dangerous. and, while being totally wrong about that, he is just trying to keep her safe.
    So, my theory is(and I think it is a very obvious theme throughout the books): Bella’s safety comes first in Edward’s mind, and her happiness a close second.

  68. April

    I Would so Want a Pink Volvo
    That’s Possible Right? Do They Make Pink Volvos?
    Oh Well Edward Would Make it Happen πŸ˜€
    But it Wouldn’t Be an Obnoxious Pink. It’d Be Like a Pink Shimmer. And it’d Sparkle of Course.
    Now That’d Be Awesome!

  69. meg

    A tiny WHOLE in your ceiling? lol, that made me laugh for some reason. Ah, poor Kaleb. All the girl talk must be hard on you. Some guys would just be thinking “Dude, yes! I get to find out what girls talk about when they’re alone!”. lol

  70. Kaleb Nation

    And I call myself a writer…sheesh.

    Meg, you get 10 points πŸ˜€

  71. Preeti

    Hi Kaleb,

    I love the way you write . . . reading your blog has kept me away from piles of work due in tomorrow =D and I’m proud to say I’ve sat at my desk reading through all of your entries from march to the latest November entry. Though I’m probably not the first, I’d like to let you know you have yet another fan in the UK!! Also, your images are hilarious =]

    Love from London

  72. meg

    and responding to E, i also got a bit ticked off when edward held bella hostage, and wouldnt let her see jacob. Of course, it was for her safety, but still.

  73. Troi

    I would definitely demand a black 2008 Dodge Charger with a black interior. If I didn’t get that…well, I’d kill Edward, because I think the hostage thing is ridiculous.

    Just kidding. But the hostage deal is ridiculous.

  74. Elise

    LOL that could have been ALOT worse, belive me. They could have been talking about a hot guy they saw yesterday:)

    But as for the car hmmm…. something fast and red.

  75. Meghan

    I think I would agree with Alice on her taste of cars; the Porsche 911 Turbo would be an excellent choice. Especially for someone like me who likes to drive fast. πŸ˜€

  76. catteyes-Ali

    I am prolly gonna butcher the spelling but I dont have the time to look it up to double check it. I would demand a Porshe Carrera GT… in black or silver….. saw a article on ’em on MSN’s homepage one day and fell head over heels…. ok….well hope you enjoy the next chapter… I sure did.

  77. Mary Beth

    I would want a baby blue bettle :) I know it isn’t that great but i loooovee those cars :]

    great post!

  78. Caitlin

    Hi Kaleb!
    I’m a new fan and just enjoy reading your blog! The way you write is very captivating. The pictures are great too! I find myself cracking up all the time! Great Job!!
    I remember when I saw my first shiny silver Volvo. That moment when you first recognize it, it was just like Oh my goodness!
    To answer your question, I would happily take a Porsche 911 turbo, Mercedes-Benz either C or E class, Audi A8 or even a Volvo.
    When I started reading the end of the chapter with Rosalie, I was like gotta read more! It was an interesting chapter.
    Look forward to the next blog, here in Arizona!

  79. AussieT

    For a bribe car, would have to go with the Shelby Mustang as mentioned in previous comments. Coming in a close second is the Aussie Holden Monaro CV8-R. Either will do…

    When I read this chapter, I actually had a bit of a chuckle that Bella had ticked Edward off so much. He had to realise he can’t control her, whether he thinks its for her own good or not.

  80. hera

    lol! u make me laugh so hard every single time u post its…just.. weird :S πŸ˜›
    lol..u must be like the first guy who said that u felt like u were intruding :D! i certainly know many who’ve read it and said”oh so thats wht they think like”( or something equally dumb *rolls eyes*)

    right now…
    i think edward and kaleb (yes u XP)are the most sensible guys around XD

  81. Sophia c

    Alice is my favorite character of the show. I just feel for her the minute I read the first sentence about her.
    We have the same taste in cars, so if I were to chose a car to be bribed )not that I would have a problem with whatever car, considering my only car at the moment (are) my foot, would by exactly that. A Porsche 911 carrera. Not yellow, but black with red interior. lmao.
    That or an Ashton Martin.

  82. Kira

    Hmm…a car… In all honesty, a Porche 911 Turbo, yellow, with black racing stripes. A close second would be a very old, beaten up, vintage car.

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    as for the bribe car? I want Kit from Nightrider (the new TV version, not the older car from when Hasselhoff was on)
    because it’d be AWESOME to have a talking car that transforms.

    just endure the girl talk for a little longer Kaleb, the fighting and more guyish parts are coming. promise :)

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    This is story my neice is currently working on for a school project and she really needs some good ideas. Please read and review.Thankyou!(:


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    Personally, I’d go with a V12 Vanquish (A beautiful car that Aston Martin, unforunately, does not make any longer) or if you were REALLY trying to bribe me, a Mansory 599 GTB Fiorano Stallone. 720 horsepower (100 more than the 599 GTB Fiorano) and…so many other things, but my post is already boring people to death. But seriously people, the Mansory 599 GTB Fiorano Stallone. Beautiful!

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    I love Alice, she’s so funny sometimes. Actually, When my friends and I were in line to buy Breaking Dawn at our Barnes & Noble release party, we saw a book that said “Porsche 911 Turbo” and the car on the front was yellow. If you want that picture Kaleb, email me and I’ll send it to you.

    I love your reaction to the girl talk. But you failed to mention my favorite quote from this chapter: “Edward’s only human, Bella. He’s going to act like any other boy.” Can’t wait to see what you think of the next chapter! It’s really great!

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  100. Sarah

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    i LOOOOVE the next chapter :DD
    it gave me much more respect for rosalie as a… well, once-human. some of my friends didn’t feel the same way, but it’s up for you to decide πŸ˜€

    your question?
    definitely one of those new-ish mustangs.
    ostentatiously red please ;D
    or a deep jet black w/ tinted windows.
    i think i’ve wanted a mustang since i was like 7 lol.

    oh and your reaction to girl talk pretty much had me laughing hysterically. at least you’re not like some of my guy friends who go “eww girl talk -slams book- book=sucky.”

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    Secondly, yes! This is my kind of question! I would ask for a 1976 Pontiac Firebird, in either red, yellow, or black. Must be a convertible and – if possible – originally restored. Of course, they’re very rare, but they’re fantastic! They only made about 50,000 in the whole country, and most were crashed by stupid, irresponsible teenagers… like myself. Kidding! I would be exceedingly careful if I owned one. It’s the kind of muscle car that LONGS to move before you’ve even put it in drive, and its rumbling engine is much closer to the sound of Bella’s truck than Edward’s purring Volvo, but it moves just as fast!

  102. Aidynn

    Just FYI, my grandfather owns the aforementioned Pontiac in red. Drop dead gorgeous. That’s how I was introduced.

  103. Aidynn

    Oops! Sorry! The Formula 400, not the trans am.

  104. Aria

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  105. KT

    Great post, Kaleb! My dad is a car fanatic (I am, too), so there is already an 07 Corvette in my garage I would take a Mustang GT or a Porsche 911 Turbo or an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.:D
    P.S. anne_onymous you don’t have to be a guy to be into cars.

  106. Tracey

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    That and I kind of like cars that reach their terminal velocity at 60 miles an hour.


  107. Faith

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    like bella doesnt want to get into the middle of whatever war the vampires and werwwolves have.

    dude i totally picked up on alices cheerfuliness when ifirst read it and now shes my favorite character, even when ihad only read the first book :) anyway nice graphhics they wer pretty funny:)

  109. Karina

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  110. Wendilynn

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    When I first read this chapter, I was pissed. I’m not one for being forced against my will in anything and I react when it happens in my stories. However, I will say that her phone message to Edward about how angry grizzlies will pale in comparison to what is waiting for him at home cracks me up every time. I can hear it in my head and it just makes me smile.

  111. Shelly

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  112. Amanda

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  113. Nic

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    The next chapter is one of the BEST in Eclipse. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

  115. Monica

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  118. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 6. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Switzerland). […]

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    Those cars are fab. and yea, i noe edward owns it but still :)

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    But the next chapter… It could very easily be my favorite chapter in Eclipse. It’s tied with Chapter 22- Fire and Ice.

    I didn’t like Rosalie at all in Twilight. I got curious about her in New Moon. And this next chapter really made her character for me. Now I’m a Rosalie advocate for those who tend to bash her character- and believe me, they exist.

    I can’t wait for your next post. I keep checking, just in case, haha.

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    Way to go, Alice!

  129. a girl named shemus

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    as for the car, if you had walked up to me on the street and asked me this same question, i would have immediately responded with :Astin Martin v12 Vanquish. it has been my favorite car since i saw James Bond doing crazy things in it, and made even more special by the fact that it is Edward’s “special occasion car”:) i win all around:)

    by the way, i’d like it in shiny black please. :)

  130. a girl named shemus

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  132. L.

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    When that’s said I hope you finally got that Switzerland is a symbol of neutality…you know that if you payed close enough attention in history class that is..

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    but in black, or a silvery-blue.

    I have an obsession-like love for Edward and Jaguars. If I had both, I would be complete

  139. Liz

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    So you know what out car would be can we know what your car would be?

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  142. Sarah

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    I know very little about cars, so thank goodness Rosalie still lives there! :)

  143. Kiersten

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  144. Di

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  145. Linda

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  146. Sarah W.

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  147. Sarah W.

    It would have to be in black, of course…

  148. adriana

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  149. Ms.Isabella

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  150. TwilightWarrior88

    If I were to be bribed with a car, it would be either a Mustang GT, a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, or a Plymouth Superbird, though I wouldn’t say no to a racecar…

  151. Jaye

    Mmmmm Rosalie’s M3. My dream car for life.

    I’m kinda peeved though. I saw a pic from the Twilight film of the Cullen garage, and Rose’s car is a red Mercedes…not the M3…. how dare they change that.

  152. Cassandra

    You just figured out Alice’s character? Well get ready for like a whirlwind tornado because next chapter you’ll figure out Rosalie. Her story is very powerful. get ready for it.

  153. Marissa

    I am sooo glad you’re enjoying the book :)

    but to answer you’re question…

    either a hunter green mini,

    or a black nissan figaro


  154. urcoolcarrie

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    coming from a normal persons perspective, i want a yellow VW beetle. i don’t know why, but i have always wanted one of those cars.

  155. Alice Cullen

    I was right on a YELLOW PORSCHE W/ TURBO!

  156. Savannah

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    That is what Edward took Bella to prom in.
    Best car ever, =].

    [btw.., great writing.. i enjoi.]

  157. Lisa from Germany

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    and you are right Alice is great!

  158. Savannah

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  159. isabelle

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    just so happens to be a 53 chevy truck, for some unidentifiable reason…

    i’m sure i have no idea.

  160. marisa

    I used to have a silver Volvo! It was like a ’92, and did not fit my personality, but I loved it. It kept me safe as Volvos do…just like Edward keeps Bella safe…haha, yes I am just a little bit obsessed. Who else relates things in their life to Twilight? I am sure i can’t be the only one! πŸ˜€

  161. JanetH

    I found it! My dream car. I had to do a search. I saw it on a TV show (about a vampire, no less!) and I fell in love with this hot car.
    Audi R8. Silver with the special lights package.
    What a sweet ride!

  162. Nickehbleh

    *le gasp*

    not click with LAice? Who doesn’t love her? Haha, she’s one of my fave’s and I love when she jabbers ^^

  163. Lauren

    I would so demand a Volvo S60 R!!!! A shiny silver one in particular.. that comes with Edward in the driver’s seat :)

  164. Megan

    I do believe the car I would want would be a Lotus. One of two models I would prefer the Exige S 240 but I would take the Elise SC. Both beautiful cars that can go really fast, what more would you need.

  165. Jessica

    Alice has amazing taste in cars but I personally would HAVE TO HAVE a red Audi R8. It’s an amazing car, although, it will never be as cool as Edward’s silver volvo, HATCHBACK *snicker*

  166. Rebecca

    I’m late in the game to answer this question, but when cars are the subject matter I can’t not answer.

    ’64 Mustang GT 390
    or a Mercedes S Class (most current model… they come up with new ones far too constantly)
    or a ’63 Opel Cadet (I’m a Top Gear fan…)
    Bugatti Veron
    300 miles an hour.
    I think that’s all that needs to be said.

  167. Psycho

    red Cadillac convertible.
    and an even creepier conversaton to listen in on:
    “Stop licking my arm!”
    “But I’m a werewolf, I need to taste your arm.”
    “Do I taste delicoous.”

  168. Kristen

    Okay. Again, I’m super new to this site, but it’s really interesting to hear your thoughts. May I ask you though, and please respond to this via email, how did you just now see into Alice’s character? She is BY FAR my favorite character, and her bubbliness was apparent to me from almost the first time she spoke. Actually, in her house. She walked right up to Bella, kissed her on the cheek, commented on how good(appetizing) she smelled, and then said, “It’s okay, Bella and I are going to be great friends…”. She’s fantastic!

    But to answer the question, if I were Alice, I would want a convertable Thunderbird. Teal in color. :)

  169. BlizzardKristen

    Um…. DUH!!! I would soooo take the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!

  170. Gothhic Goddess

    69 Mustang Convert. Cherry red, with silver chips. And no leather seats, I want velvet!!! πŸ˜€

  171. Danielle

    Pfffttt…that's an easy question! A '66 Mustang (Fastback), Dark green with black racing stripes that you could only see when the sun hit them and made them “sparkle”;)

  172. alicia

    Edward is so hot

  173. alicia

    Edward is so romantic with Bella loves Edward.

  174. Raven

    PFFFFT! I stopped at the end of this chapter last night (at only 11 or so, maybe not even that late) and went to sleep. I guess I felt like I didn't want to get into a new big scene and have to stay up late to finish it. Plus, it's my second time through the book and I'm not as interested, nor in as much of a rush. So maybe I don't count. But I just think it's funny that you said 'how could anyone put the book down at this point?' when I did exactly that xD

  175. Kassl Cullen

    A Yellow Porshe Turbo 911 (OBVIOUSLY)

  176. melody

    i would definitely get a green or blue convertible or an italian porshce

  177. melody

    i would definitely get a green or blue convertible or an italian porshce

  178. Anji

    oh mang, I'd so ask for an srt-10 dodge ram 1500 viper truck, its a truck with 4×4 AND a viper engine PLUS race guages and bucket seats with power everything and a back country lift kit. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?! its a multi purpose vehicle!

  179. aquaracer 2000

    Good post overall. Enjoyed reading it.

  180. rajnibarbosa

    I think the top of my list would be '69 Corvette Stingray convertible in black. It's the biggest engine you can, too.

  181. destinytraveler

    I have come to realize just how bubbly and almost-eternally-happy she is. Anytime she opens her mouth to speak, it almost always turns into a paragraph:

    wedding photographers bristol

  182. denimesasx

    I was shocked that I answered all. I think it's just a silver Volvo. But I literally stopped and watched to make sure it was actually a silver Volvo, and not a reflection of my imagination. Although it was not very bright,it was money and maybe it was my first silver Volvo ever seen in my life and consciously acknowledge his presence.
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    aspiring writer. I cannot wait to purchase your novel; Im sure it will
    be a fantastic read. :)

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  188. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    Haha looks like a long journey home frome school :). The car I would demand if I were Alice would be a mustang. :)

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