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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 7 (Unhappy Ending)

November 10th, 2008 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is My December by Linkin Park

Every book, there has been that Certain Chapter that everyone seems to be anticipating me to read and comment on. In Twilight, it was the Meadow Scene. In New Moon, it was the dreaded Chapter 3. In Eclipse, it is obviously chapter 7. The majority of the comments on Chapter 6 weren’t even about that chapter: it was people pushing me along to get to chapter 7 sooner.

So, with that sort of anticipation lined up, I hesitantly slid into this one expecting something ginormously earth-shattering; examples being:

1. Edward and Jacob accidentally meet at a soda shop and talk through their problems, and suddenly are best buddies, or

2. Bella discovers she is actually descended from gnomes and can turn to stone, which she does, or

3. A character named Naleb Kation appears and saves the day from the quick approaching soldiers of General Grunksnot’s evil leprechaun armies, using only a book and his wits

Who me?

none of which I would have much comment on, as I would be too busy trying to make sense of what exactly Stephenie had been drinking whilst writing that part.

By the title of this chapter, I know that something is about to go wrong. Something is on Rosalie’s mind, and has been on her mind for quite a long time. She has been against Bella being turned into a vampire from the start — sometimes, the only one besides Edward. Thus when Rosalie tells Bella there is a reason behind her objections, I immediately knew that something terrible must have happened in her past to make her think that way.

And it is true: Rosalie’s history is a sad and dark one. You would think that by having everything she wanted, and by seeming to have a perfect, high-class life, that she would be happy – even that she should be happy. But it is obvious that Rosalie never was. While her friend was not as rich as she was, and did not associate with the same high-class crowds, Rosalie is jealous of her because she actually found a way to be happy, even without as many possessions. By having everything, Rosalie only wanted more, when all she really wanted was happiness: something her parents’ money could not give her.

It is through this that Rosalie was nearly killed by a man whom she thought would be fit as a husband — blinded to his true nature, perhaps, by his wealth and power. The stark reality also is that if she had not killed Royce and his friends, because of their social stature, most likely there would have been no justice done to any of them.

Suddenly, I can really understand why Rosalie seems to be so angry at Bella. She has a choice that Rosalie would give anything for, and yet it appears that Bella is ready to throw it away at the first chance she gets. Rosalie was raised in want of nothing; but the one thing she wants is the one thing she can’t have.

Despite the fact that I have been a bit against Jacob lately, in favor of Edward, I can’t help but feel thrilled that he appears out of nowhere to steal Bella away. They seem to be getting quite a plan down. But as the next chapter is called Temper, I have a feeling that Edward will not be far behind…

Question For The Comments: What was your favorite chapter out of Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse? (not Breaking Dawn because I’m not there yet πŸ˜€ )


– Posts will be scattered this week as I get ready for my trip to the premiere in LA.

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202 Responses

  1. Kathleen

    I hope you get lots of reading done on the plane. It’s making me crazy waiting for you to get to my favorite parts!

  2. Caitlin

    Oh, my favorite Chapter in Eclipse is definitely “Fire and Ice”. I think it’s like 22 or 23. I can’t wait until you get to that part Kaleb!!!

    For me, like Chapter 13 in Twilight and Chapter 3 in New Moon, Chapter 22 is definitely the defining chapter in Eclipse.

  3. Charlee

    Personally, by far, the BEST chapter in this book is chapter 20!!!!!!! :)

    I will be so excited when you get there!

    Referring to Caitlin’s post, “Fire and Ice is really good as well, but I still think 20 is better. I can’t recall the title right now.

    I can’t tell you how jealous I am that you’re going to the premier!

  4. Rochelle

    My favorite chapter is Compromise, chapter 20 in Eclipse. I obviously can’t elaborate, but that chapter is absolutely amazing every time I read it.

    This exchange between Rose and Bella is interesting, certainly informative, and you finish feeling enlightened. I suppose I still think it is sad Rosalie chooses her anger at Bella’s personal choices over familial harmony. I guess Rose never anticipated having to come face to face with her deepest desires being tosses aside like garbage. I do wish, however, that she realized they are her desires. Bella’s priorities are so different. But there has to be someone to rock the boat, I guess.

  5. Katie

    My favorite is Chapter 22 in Eclipse, “Fire and Ice”.
    So good, but obviously I can’t really say anything here. πŸ˜‰
    I just can’t wait to hear what you have to say about that chapter!

    I really do love the end of Chapter 7, but that may just be because I love Jacob. :)

    Have fun in LA! (Jealousy ensues…)

  6. Marina

    My favorite chapter in the series is definitely Fire and Ice from Eclipse. You’ll see why soon enough.

  7. Shatha

    I guess I’m not that great of a fan because I don’t remember the chapters off by heart!
    I’m going to go off and read the Fire and Ice chapter because I can’t remember it!
    I loved the meadow chapter in Twilight, the Volturi chapters in New Moon and the last page of Breaking Dawn, haha.
    That’s all I remember, oh and one in Eclipse I think.

    I truly understood where Rosalie was coming from in this chapter, Bella really needs to think her decision to become a vampire through very carefully because she’s blinded by the idea of ‘Edward forever’. Disregarding the fact that she cannot sleep, can’t have children, can’t cry, has a constant thirst and will be cut off from all of her human family and friends. It is a big cost, and she has a way out with Jacob. I think this book is ultimately about her two choices of lives and which one she will choose. She’s throwing away what Rosalie would do anything for so easily.. it MUST hurt.

    I don’t know if I’ve spoiled anything, hopefully not.

    Poor Rosalie :(

  8. Ana

    Im gonna have to say chapter 20 also :] i love it!! Favorite part.. I cant wait for you to read it!

  9. Adrienne

    Twilight- Chapter 14 Mind Over Matter

    The first night Edward spent in her room (with her knowing). Everything was just so open between them. Talking so openly. Some of my favorite quotes from this chapter. More importantly, he stayed…

    New Moon- Chapter 23 The Truth

    They both realize how much each of them needs the other and.. Edward proposes! Wow. Snuff said…

    Eclipse- Chapter 20 Compromise

    You’ll see why… hehe.

    I think you’ll like Fire and Ice though. It’s a good one…

  10. Kim

    Chapter 20 of Eclipse, without a doubt.

    I think that close runners up are chapter 13 of Twilight, and chapter 23 of New Moon. But yes, “Compromise” is by far my favorite chapter of all, and not only because of the ending.

    (Gosh, Kaleb, you’re probably going crazy about how much longer you’ve got until you hit the 20’s of Eclipse, aren’t you? More motivation for you to read faster, I guess.)

  11. Caitlin

    it’s me again. haha.

    OMG i totally forgot about Chapter 20!!! ugh. how silly of me. hahahaha *definitely* one of my fave chapters. i think one of the reasons i liked it so much (aside from the obvious to those of you who have read it lol) is how Edward has *no idea* what Bella is doing at first. i always crack up when i read the part where he “realizes”. hehehe.

    yes yes. can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this one either Kaleb.

  12. Shakesgirl66

    This chapter is one of my favorites, but not one of my tops. It like because you get hear another story about the cullens. You learn of Roselie’s life before she was a Vampire. I mean we already heard Edward’s, Alice’s, and Carlise’s.

    My all time favorites though would have to be these….
    From Twilight of course would chapter 13 the meadow. The reason behind is that Edward finally just lets down his walls and lets Bella all the way in. He realizes that he can just be himself around her. It sets the whole series into motion.
    From New Moon it would be Chapter 23 or 24. The tie together. I like these chapter because Edward is back, not only back, but back to being himself. He see even clear that now he has bella in his life again, he truly can’t live without her. Plus the marriage prosal and Bella response is great, very funny.
    Finally for Eclispe would have to be chapter 20 compromise. I really can’t give my reasons behind this one until later and you have read the chapter.

  13. krisdee

    Chapters 8 and 22 are my favorites from Eclipse!

  14. Romina

    hands down, chapter 20 eclipse, compromise… just thinking about it makes me smile.

    and fire and ice comes in a close second.

  15. Steph

    ‘none of which I would have much comment on, as I would be too busy trying to make sense of what exactly Stephenie had been drinking whilst writing that part.’

    Ahaha! I hope you’re not referring to alcohol. Mormon, remember? πŸ˜€

    Ah, jeez. I’m trying to remember what happens in the next chapter. Sigh, I’ll just go check.

    Ohhh. I see. Well, I can’t ruin it for you, but now I know. Ahh. :)

    My favorite chapter is from Eclipse. Chapter 22, Fire and Ice. Did you read that poem at the start of Eclipse? I love it.

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I’ve tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.


  16. Steph

    I thought of my favorites form Twilight and New Moon.

    For Twilight it would have to be… Chapter 8, Port Angeles. But my favorite Twilight quote is, “I’m not thirsty today, honestly.” From the meadow scene.

    New Moon… Chapter 3, The End. Very sad, but the best chapter in my mind. It has my favorite New Moon quote: “It will be as if I’d never existed.”

    Yeah… I just wasted another bit of space. :)

  17. Krystie

    well, i’d definitely have to say that the Meadow Scene is my favorite from Twilight, and then 23–The Truth–is my favorite from New Moon. and i’m following in everyone’s footsteps when i say chapter 20 in Eclipse. when i read you say: “In Eclipse, it is obviously chapter 7″, i actually said out loud–no it isn’t! it’s Compromise!” haha. i’m also going to follow everyone else and say Fire and Ice as well, but i’m going to stray from the group and say that 2nd place for me is a tie with chapter 15–Wager. i LOVE me a jealous Edward… :)

    anyway, i just had to say that. enjoy deciding your own favorite chapters :)

  18. Lauren

    chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20 chapter 20

    … there is no denying it …

    hands down my favorite in eclipse


    and we all know why!


  19. Kira

    Chapter 23 in New Moon, the only reason I read New Moon is to get to that chapter… The point when Bella finally realizes how much Edward loves her. It’s perfect.

  20. Victoria

    Good call this list.

    Twilight: Chapter 8 Port Angeles
    New Moon: Epilogue Treaty (but chapter 16 Paris is a good second)
    Eclipse: Epilogue Choice (but chapter 15 Wager is a good second)
    Breaking Dawn: Chapter 13 Good Thing I’ve Got a Strong Stomach

    Different choices overall I see. But I like the tension ! And Jake !

  21. Rakey

    In Twilight, I think my favorite chapter is the one titled “The Cullens”, where Bella goes to Edward’s house for the first time. And I love the part that Esme tells her story in…. and the same where Edward tells Carlisle’s (which is part in “The Cullens” and part in “Carlisle”)

    In New Moon, I think my favorite is just after Edward leaves and it’s like “October. November. etc”. I mean, I despise that part and cry each time I read it, but the simplicity of it shows more emotion as if she had written pages about Bella’s torture while Edward was away, before Jacob.

    In Eclipse, I think chapter 13… and 7.

    Hm *seems to enjoy chapters of a certain topic*

  22. Jamey

    I do like this chapter because like someone else mentioned, we get to understand another Cullen’s past.

    However my faves are

    Twilight- Mind over Matter…love the Meadow of course but the carefree way Edward is in her room, is just too cute.

    New Moon- The Vote… I think it’s funny how Bella is determined to get to the Cullens w/ or w/o Edwards help and then how he breaks Emmett’s fave TV (you’d have to read FAQ’s on Steph’s page to know that)

    Eclipse-serious tie between

    20-Compromise… for all the reasons previously stated and for Bella’s new “weapon” please… lol

    and 22-Fire and Ice… love the openness between the characters…

    Looking forward to your comments on both of those! Have a great week!

  23. urcoolcarrie

    My favorite chapters are…

    Twilight-Chapter 23: Angel. I have memorized, yes MEMORIZED, half this chapter, word for word. I love it.

    New Moon-I can’t remember the exact chapter number or name, but its when Edward finally makes it back. I love how hes telling Bella that he lied. It makes me feel good that everything finally got resolved.

    Eclipse-Chapter 20: Comprimise. Like everyone else, I just love it!!!

    Well, now you have another chapter to look forward to!! Lots of people want you to get to chapter 20!!!

  24. Tash

    In Twilight i actually kinda prefer ‘mind over matter’ (chapter 14 ) to the meadow scene… maybe. I also love port angles.
    I New Moon i loved the entire climax including the volturi
    In Eclispe definatly 20-comprimise and 22- Fire and Ice.

    The thing I found really interesting about Rosalies story is that the way its written. I as a reader, imagine the entire thing cinematically like a flashback, with all the charcters speaking their own lines,when really its Rosalie actually speaking in first person for the other ‘characters’ in her memory. It brings back a quote that stephenie said during the mtv videos that when she was writing it she ‘saw the whole thing in {her} head like a movie’
    Great work!

  25. Hope

    Oh no, Kaleb its the fire and ice chapter thats everyones waiting for trust me.

  26. Leslie

    I don’t know about favorites, but I have to say some of my favorite chapters are the ones where Bella and Edward actually have a chance to be alone and talk. So, in Twilight, the restaurant and drive home from Port Angeles, and of course the meadow. In New Moon, right after Bella and Edward return to Forks after he almost killed himself. And in Eclipse and Breking Dawn there are a couple chapters I have a couple favorites but I won’t talk about those of course.

  27. Kathy

    While I agree with the chapters mentioned here so far, I’m amazed that no one has listed the very next one: Chapter 8 Temper. In my book, it’s almost as good as Chapter 20 but of course I can’t go into detail for Kaleb’s sake…

  28. ElenC

    In Twilight, it’s the meadow scene, in New Moon, Edward and Bella on the plane, and in Eclipse, I guess it is… that sex-talk chapter, ’cause I laughed my ass off.

  29. ERIKA

    Twilight= Confessions and Interrogations

    New Moon= The Truth

    Eclipse= Fire and Ice


  30. marisa

    I’d have to say, in New Moon, my favorite chapter was when Edward left. I know that sounds horrible, but when I started reading Twilight, my boyfriend, (now just friend), had just moved to another country and we haven’t been as close as we were. I felt like I could relate to what Bella was feeling. I think I actually cried throughout the whole chapter. A good release that I had been needing.

    And Stephanie Meyer gave me hope as the chapters moved on, because Bella started to get her life back together, even though Edward was always on her mind. She found a friend in Jacob, and even though while reading, I hated Jacob, I am starting to realize that she needed him. She would have been in the dark even longer without her sun.

    As for Eclipse, well, I’ll keep my favorite chapter secret for now. πŸ˜‰

  31. Kristina

    Fire and Ice FOR SURE!

  32. Daniela

    its interesting that you see Temper and automatically think Edward but you are forgetting something very important about the other supernatural beings in the Twilight series πŸ˜‰

    its hard for me to choose a favorite chapter for any of the books but i will try. For Twiight it will have to be the Meadow, New Moon the chapter when Bella wakes up after sleeping for a long time after getting back from Italy (cnat remember the chapter name or number) and for Eclipse it will have to be Chapter 20 Compromise (Fire and Ice is a close second).

    Now Kaleb im counting on you to help me procrastinate from preparing for my moot (a mock court debate type thing, im in law school) and my 6000 word paper. so keep on reading!

  33. Amy J

    I agree with you Kathy, Chapter 8 (“Temper”) in Eclipse is one of my very favorites, maybe even topping Chapter 20. So hurry up and get there Kaleb so we can get your take on it too!

  34. Jess

    in Twilight… i do like chapter 13, but something about The Angel chapter makes that my favorite one.

    In New Moon… probably the last chapter, Vote.

    And in Eclipse… I’m a bid fan of Fire and Ice or Compromise. Cant wait til you read those!!

  35. Angela

    Twilight– Ch13 Port Angeles

    New Moon Ch 23 The Truth

    Eclipse– Ch22 Fire and Ice =D

    Fire and Ice is my favorite chapter in the whole series. =DDD

  36. Samie

    um well thats a pretty tough qestion for me… i love everything. Although my 1st fav part would have to be in Twiligh when the first meet in the lab class. and my 2nd fav part is in Braking dawn.. but i will not spoil you dont worrie. so outta the whole saga those are my fav parts… oh and love the bella and edward on the side of ur web site now thats awsome.

  37. Courtney

    Twilight: it’s a tie between Ch. 13 Port Angeles, and Ch. 23 The Angel

    New Moon: The Truth and Vote are both amazingggg!

    Eclipse: Definitely Ch. 20 Compromise. It’s my favourite chapter in the entire series!

  38. Amanda

    Twilight: Chapter 13, hands down!

    New Moon: Gah! This is a hard one! Probably the entire part with the Volturi!

    Eclipse: Okay, there are many – Unhappy Ending, New Born, Compromise, Fire and Ice, Monster, Ethics, and the Epilogue (Can you tell it’s my favorite book? Hahaha)

    Seriously though… those Eclipse chapters I listed above are the best in the book (in my opinion) Hope you love ’em too!

  39. Sara

    Eclipse, Chapter 20. “Compromise.”

    Hands down, my all-time favorite from all four books.

  40. Jen

    If you think Chapter 7 in Eclipse is “THE Chapter”, wait until you get to 20 and 22- the best two chapters in the entire book by a landslide πŸ˜‰

  41. Emily

    13, Twilight, The Truth, New Moon, and Fire and Ice for Eclipse.

    If you mean my favorite out of all three… Then probably Fire and Ice because you already KNOW Bella, by Eclipse you should hope so, but in Fire and Ice you learn more about Edward *various screams of excitement sound alarmingly close* and then Jacob *snarls*, which is interesting to see their viewpoints, where all Bella knows is that she can’t understand why Edward and Jacob argue.

    I think something in that made sense : )

  42. Aria

    Twilight, chapter 14: The night Edward and Bella spend together for the first time. The first time I stayed with my fiance it was magical in many ways (no i am not being a pervert here) That and I love nothing more than when couples talk about things.

    New Moon toss up between 21 and 24: I love the inhumaness displayed during chapter 21. Everyone who reads this series who are not regular reades of fantasy seem to not get that these people are scary vampires. But chapter 24 was very tense for me as I waited to hear what everyone thought of Bella.

    no spoiler!

    Eclipse chapter 20 and 24: 20 because that is something I yearn for. and 24 because I kept flipping the pages too fast to read I was so intent.

  43. Jaye

    Rose’s story is interesting – but this chapter is no where close to the importance of Fire and Ice! That is the best chapter in the whole series.

    I actually really like the chapter when we hear Jasper’s story, but I can’t remember the title.

    Here’s my list.

    Twilight- Pretty sure it’s Mind Over Matter.

    New Moon- Don’t remember the title, but the chapter when she first gets to Edward in Italy.

    Eclipse- Fire and Ice, but Compromise is good too :)

    Breaking Dawn- I don’t remember the number, and I won’t say the title because it gives it away. But it’s amazingly descriptive.

  44. JessieLynn

    Hey Kaleb,
    I never thought about Rosalie’s speach that way, all I got was that she was raped, left for dead, and changed and regrets every minute of it. I never thought about the other stuff…
    My favorite chapter in Twilight is the meadow scene, of course. New Moon is the chapter when everyone in Voltera is trying to make her lunch, or when Edward Proposes to her. And Eclipse would have to be “Compromise” or the chapter right after Fire and Ice(at least I think that is what it is, I don’t have my book with me at the moment)
    Have fun in LA! I love it there, but of course I don’t ever have an extra two thousand or more dollars just lying around for the chance to fly across the country. That would be equal to how much I make in a year at work.
    Can’t wait till the next post!

  45. McKenna

    Twilight – Chapter 23 The Angel

    New Moon – Chapter 16 Paris

    Eclipse – it’s a tie between Chapter 20 Compromise (blush) and Chapter 22 Fire and Ice

  46. Jessica

    Chapter 20, “Compromise” in Eclipse. I will go so far as to say it is the best chapter in literary history!!

  47. Megan

    Twilight- The Cullens
    because I just love Alice and this chapter is where she really gets introduced :]

    New Moon- The Visitor
    because Alice finally comes back :]

    Eclipse- Fire and Ice.

  48. Heather

    Wow, your expectations for this chapter were sweet. I wish one of those had happened, particularly the Naleb Kation one haha.

    This really isn’t THE CHAPTER to look forward to in Eclipse, it’s just one of the more intense ones, thanks to the lovely cliffhanger on chapter six. THE CHAPTER to look forward to is Fire and Ice. I can’t remember what chapter number it is, but Fire and Ice is the one everyone remembers from Eclipse. It’s the culmination of the book.

    Here are my personal favorite chapters:
    -Twilight: Chapter 23 The Angel
    -New Moon: Chapter 20 Volterra or Chapter 23 The Truth
    -Eclipse: Chapter 20 Compromise or Chapter 22 Fire and Ice

  49. Heather

    Ok, I’m going to say something else. Everyone seems to keep saying the Chapter 20 is the chapter they love and they think you will love also. The problem with that is, it is sort of a “girly” chapter, if you catch my drift. It’s basically Edward-swoon the whole time. So I have a feeling you won’t like it as much as you would like another chapter, such as Fire and Ice. I know that Fire and Ice will be the chapter that YOU should look forward to. If you put fangirl-ness aside, Fire and Ice is still the best chapter of the book.

  50. Rapunzel

    Beeep, wrong. The main chapter of Eclipse is Chapter 22, Fire & Ice. I’ve been waiting since I first found this site (mid Twilight) for you to reach it. I’m so obsessed I can recite the introduction poem at the start of the book called ‘Fire & Ice’ by memory. My friend has my copy of Eclipse, but I’ll put it here anyway:
    Some say the world will end in fire;
    Some say in Ice;
    From what I’ve tasted of desire;
    I hold with those who favour fire;
    But if it had to perish twice;
    I think I know enough of hate;
    To say that for destruction ice;
    Is also great;
    and would suffice

    It may not be word perfect, but it’s still impressive!

  51. Umbra

    I don’t know… obviously the little girl part of me scream Chapter 20!! But, I think that this is one of the best book of all the saga and have more than one chapter that you need to read.

    I really love the chapter of Rosalie, is dark, profound and is cruel, and show us one terrible reality in the world. It show us that sometimes is better die that live forever with the last feeling that you have.

    Also I think the other chapter that is in my top 10 is “Fire and Ice” (In the beggining I did not think of tell you the title but everybody said it so…well) because is spacy, funny, sad, and fullfill one of the most long-awaited moments of all the books hehe.

    Ok, I have to agree with Heather, the chapter 20 is fine but… well… is too “girly” and fluffy, and so so so soooooooo pink that I don’t know, it’s funny but is to much. When I read it I throw up rainbows and baby bunnies for a week!

    Sorry for my English, is bad I know, but this is not my first language. You must be bleeding for read this.

  52. Rapunzel

    (I’m here /\ too)

    But Chapter Twenty IS great…

  53. Rapunzel

    Oops, I mean 50

  54. Rie

    I LOVE chapter 20 and Fire and Ice is not to shabby either!!

  55. tina

    I loved this chapter because of the insight into Rosalie’s mind. It makes sense that she would hate the choice that Bella is making.

    Favorite chapters – hmmmmm, that’s a tough one….

    Twilight – everything from Port Angeles to Mind Over Matter – I love how they finally get to be honest and eavesdropping on their conversations is interesting (oh, and two steamy kisses….be honest twigirls, you know you love that part).

    New Moon – The Truth and The Vote – they reveal so much about our main characters….

    Eclipse – I have to agree that 20 – Compromise and 22 – Fire and Ice are the best (yes, twigirls, 8 has it’s merits…)

    Breaking Dawn – can’t tell you – I’d spoil it for you…

    But, I think you will like 22-Fire and Ice best. You will come away with a new understanding of a lot of things…..hurry and get there, I can’t wait!!

  56. Snow Wight

    Chapter 20 of Eclipse: Compromise, no question!…excuse me while I go read it for the bazillionth time :)

  57. Morgan

    My favorite chapters in Eclipse are 8 and 20. I just love the romance in those chapters and how Bella tells Jake off. In New Moon my favorite chapterwould be the chapter where Edward comes back. And in twilight it would have to be the meadow chapter cause that one is just cool and romantic.

  58. Morgan

    DOESN’T ANY ONE AGREE WITH ME. Chapter 8 in Eclipse when Bella tells jakle off for what he did that was awesome come on team Edward that was totally awesome.

  59. Lucia

    Yeah, I love “Fire and Ice” too, it’s my fav chapter in Eclipse.

    To be honest, I miss the Twilight Guy stories. What is wrong? :(

  60. Emily

    Learning Rosalie’s history really gave me a lot of sympathy for her. It’s got to be tough having the one thing you’ve always wanted but can never have thrown in your face all the time (via Bella’s presence). If you’re interested in more Rosalie development, Stephenie Meyer has a little piece on her site in which Rosalie narrates the bit from New Moon where she’s told Edward that Bella is dead. Reading her side of that story gave her character a lot more depth.

    On my last re-read through the series (before BD was released), I quickly concluded that Rosalie is my favorite character after Bella and Edward.

  61. Alli

    Well, in Twilight, I really like Port Angeles. It was interesting the first time, but then I was still trying to solve all the mysteries. Now, it makes me laugh every time I read it in a slightly fangirlish way (which I don’t like, but I can’t help it). I also like Mind Over MAtter as well.

    New Moon is the chapter where they get back to the airport and Esme hugs Edward and tells him to never do that to her again, and he says “Yes, Mom.” I love that part.

    Eclipse…I actually really like the next chapter and Ch 20 of course. I can’t say it’s *my* favorite, but I think you’ll really like chapter 11 and chapter 13 ( I do love 13…ah, Jasper). I love Fire and Ice, likeeveryone else, but one of my favorite Chapters is the hardest for me to read: Chapter 26, Ethics because I am Team Edward but I really do love Jacob, those of you have read it will understand.

    Heather, I completely understand where you’re coming from, but Kaleb might like Chapter 20 for reasons the rest of us can’t see through the swooning. We all swooned for the Meadow chapter in Twilight, and then Kaleb liked it and picked up on things I never saw there. Still I agree that Fire and Ice is better. *Sorry this is so long*

  62. Een.

    I may be a horrible person, but I felt no sympathy for Rose whatsoever in this chapter. I mean, yeah, what happened to her sucked. I felt horrid in that regard. But it sucked because what she wanted was taken away from her. So now she’s persecuting Bella for going after what she wants? Rose wanted happiness and a child and all that jazz. Bella wants Edward. Forever. They each want their own personal happiness.

  63. Een.

    Oh, and my favorite chapters:
    (I have the memory of a goldfish, so you get descriptive titles.)

    Twilight: Blood Typing.

    New Moon: When Bella gets her motorcycle.

    Eclipse: Well I can’t quite describe this one, because that would be mean. But.. its a goodern.

  64. Anna

    Well, I feel like an utter moron.

    I have all the books in the series numerous times (it’s kind of embarassing…) (Twilight 6 times, New Moon 3 times, Eclipse I’m rereading for my 3rd time, BD 1 time)

    …And I don’t remember what happens in Chapter 20 (The Compromise) and Chapter 22 (Fire and Ice) WHATSOEVER! (As I said, I feel like a moron)

    *Please don’t stone me with Twilight books*

    I truly love all of the Cullens, and in Eclipse we learn more about some of the members, Rosalie included. I really think her story is intriguing, and as Nikki Reed (the actress playing Rosalie) said in an interview, the chapter “humanizes” Rosalie. I really could understand her more after this chapter, and I welcomed knowing more about where she’s coming from. She kind of gives Bella a reality check: “What do you want in 5 years? 10 years?” What DOES Bella want in 5 or 10 years? She doesn’t really see past the present and her future with Edward.

    As for my favorite chapters from the book series:

    Twilight- I really loved the entire book (hence the reason I have read it 6 times… as I said, embarassing indeed)

    New Moon- Chapter 17 on (I love Alice and Edward, and well the chapters afterward are some of my favorite in the series… I truly loved New Moon) I also thought Chapter four was interesting… Chapter 3 was well written (is it kind of obvious NM and Twilight were my favorites?)

    Eclipse- well, I said I was an utter moron for forgetting almost everything that happened in some of the Eclipse chapters… but some of my favorites (that I have reread and remember): 6 (you get to see Bella’s relationship with Angela more… and I’ve always liked Angela), the end of 8, 7 was intriguing, 4 was interesting with the eagle fish comparison… gosh I really am so obsessed with this series πŸ˜€

    I might have more once I’m done rereading the book… (I’m on chapter 11 right now :D)

    Breaking Dawn: I’m planning on rereading this book too… but from what I remember, the VERY beginning and the VERY end

    sorry you had to put up with my obsession for so long :)

  65. Anna

    *read all the book in the series

  66. Shelby

    Kaleb, this was a great post… I was kind of sad that it was so short, but oh well. I guess we have to deal with that sometimes. After this chapter, I began to understand Rosalie a whole lot better, although I still can’t stand her. But to understand her past and why she is the way she is made it a little easier to accept her attitude.

    Now on to your question……..

    My favorite chapter in Twilight is between Port Angeles and the one after that (I’m combining the two because they kind of go together you know) and the Meadow scene.

    New Moon is so hard to go through. I really liked the whole book, I don’t think I had a favorite. I love the first chapter!!! And the second I guess.

    Eclipse is so easy for me to get a little confused over… there are so many amazing chapters! Fire And Ice is a great chapter! I love Chapter 23 (Monster)…. I wish I could tell you why…all I can say is that the perfect song for it is Inevitable by Anberlin! I think I already sent you a suggestion for that but I can’t help but tell you again!

    I wish I could’ve given chapter titles, but my books are all packed up because I’m moving and the first thing I packed were my books!

  67. Aisling

    my favorite chapters? of all the books, Twilight is my favorite! then NM, Eclipse and BD! i love BD, but i love the others more. my favorite chapters (in order)
    New Moon – Chapter 23-The Truth
    Eclipse – Chapter 27-Needs
    Twilight – Chapter 13-Confessions
    Eclipse – Chapter 22-Fire and Ice
    Eclipse – Chapter 20-Compromise
    Eclipse – Chapter 8-Temper

    i cant wait to hear ur opinions of chapter 8 and 27 especially πŸ˜‰

  68. Tara.Seanan

    I don’t really have a favorite chapter, just a quote, but you haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s said by Emmitt and has to do with Bella’s temper, so I think you’ll know what it is once you’ve gotten that far. πŸ˜›

  69. vivs

    My favorite chapter in Eclipse would have to be “Fire and Ice”. I giggled so much in that chapter that my mother was starting to wonder what was wrong with me!lol! It was very interesting but you will find out why when you read it. I would also say the chapter in a way is refreshing.

    btw: what happened to the twilight guy stories??? Lol. I really do miss them tho. oh well, im sure youll post one as soon as you can! πŸ˜€ bye!

  70. Helen

    Fire & Ice – most definitely. Great insite!

  71. Caitlin

    In the words of Bella, “Holy Crow!” There’s another Caitlin and she spells her name exactly like me!
    I really did find this chapter a great insight into the character of Rosalie. I still am not a fan of Roselie, but I thought that it was a good chapter.
    As far as my favorite chapters…
    For Twilight it is hard for me to narrow it down to just one. I like multiple chapters. Basically, I just like the whole book!
    In New Moon one of my favorite chapters is Chapter 17, where Alice comes back and Bella is so happy to see her. I, too, was happy to see Alice after not seeing her for so long.
    Eclipse…Hmmmm…There were a lot of chapters that I like. I like the part where they go to Florida to see her mom and when they got back the whole conversation they had in the class about the plane crashing. Her expression was so funny! I like chapters 20 and 22. I just liked the whole book too.
    In Breaking Dawn there are a few chapters that I like too, but won’t mention.
    So there you have it!

  72. Loony_Lovegood

    Omg, i can’t wait for you to read “fire and ice”!!!
    (wow, i just scrolled up and saw that about 20 other people already said that. oh well.)

  73. Hannah D

    woah there’s a ton of comments!

    It should be stated now that i could never pick just one chapter out of any of these books to call my favorite…

    For Twilight –
    4,5 & 13,14

    For New Moon –
    THE WHOLE THING! It’s my all time favorite book… I mean out of any book I’ve ever read. But chapter 22 seems to stand out the most.

    For Eclipse –
    It’s a tie between 20 ‘Compromise’ (FOR OBVIOUS REASONS) and 22 ‘Fire and Ice’ (it’s amazing!)

    Can’t wait to see what you (as a guy) think about chapter 20! Good luck in LA!!

  74. Monica

    A lot of people love chapter 13 in Twilight, but my favourite are the first couple of chapters – from the first to the fifth.
    In New Moon I enjoed very much the chapter where Bella meets Emily and there like “Ah, so you’re the vampire girl”, “Yes, and you are the wolf girl?”
    I don’t know why, but I had this image of Wonder Woman and Super Girl while reading this… oh, well, nevermind.
    In Eclipse I loved this exact chapter – the seventh. I actually like Rosalie as a character and it knowing her story was… wow.

    P.S. Captain Crunch!
    (No idea why I wrote this. Still, I did, so I’m leaving it here.)

  75. LeaMMK

    I just have one favourite part in the twilight series (though there are many others I love, too):
    New Moon, the whole chapter “The Truth”. I just adore it! It describes the love Edward has for Bella and shows Edwards feelings and a part of himself… *sigh* I just love Edward!

  76. Lily

    Twilight–Ch. 14, Mind over Matter.

    New Moon–Ch. 23, The Truth.

    Eclipse–Ch. 22, Fire and Ice

  77. LMF

    My favorite chapters are the same as Lily’s, I guess.

    I just wanted to post because I love the new background!

  78. Katie Beth

    I like how you defined Rosalie as never having been happy. Succinct and so very true.

    I think my favorite chapter in Twilight is the Port Angeles scene, in the restaurant, and in the car afterwards. I don’t remember which chapter(s) that is, and I’m much too lazy to get up and find out.

    For New Moon… the chapter where they’re in the Voluturi lobby.

    For Eclipse, I can’t say yet and I don’t remember what chapter it is. πŸ˜€ It involves both Edward and Jacob, though.

  79. Katie Beth

    Oh, I also love Chapter 15 in Eclipse. πŸ˜‰

  80. Meredith

    Twilight- Chapter 13.
    New Moon- 23
    Eclipse- 20!!!!!!! Or 22. Or 8. Or 27.

    Can you tell that Eclipse is my favorite chapter?

  81. adriana

    twilight the one when theyr in the meadow definetly!!! i think it’s the first time edward says he loves her and hprobably the first time he’s not hiding anything from her. he was really being himself

  82. Maureen

    I think my most favorite chapter out of all the books has to be chapter 20 (Compromise) of Eclipse. I can’t wait to hear your views on it! 11 days till the movie comes out!!!!!

  83. megan

    my favorite chapter out of the three would have too be chapter 20 in eclipse! it’s so funny (:

  84. McKell

    Agreed chapter 20 in eclipse :)

  85. Amanda

    The more I read your posts, the more amazed I become at just how intuitive you are. You have made many observations that turn out to be true and noticed things that I didn’t notice until my third read through.

  86. bon jovi

    My favorite part of the Twilight series is the whole chapter of Fire and Ice. It is positively amazing! I loved it and I hope you do too. I can’t wait until you read it!!!! Thanks for another awesome, insightful post!

  87. KaGe

    Twilight: Ch 23 The Angel. It’s the shortest chapter in the book, but it packs quite a punch.

    New Moon: Ch 23 The Truth. I don’t think I need to explain that one.

    Are you sensing a pattern here?

    Eclipse: I don’t really have a fav in this one. I guess if you held a gun to my head I would say…Ch 27 Needs, but that’s stretching it there.

    I bet you thought I was going to say 23 again. GOTCHA!

  88. Meghan

    Twilight-the meadow scene and all the scenes following before james comes and tries to ruin it all- and also the extended prom remix on stephenie’s website!
    New Moon- the chapter when Bella returns from Italy and wakes up and thinks that she is in a dream.
    Eclipse- and ch.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!!!

  89. Kim

    I never really understood Rosalie until this chapter, but when I read it, it completely made sense. You nailed it right on the head. “Rosalie was raised in want of nothing; but the one thing she wants is the one thing she can’t have.” It always seems that way, not only for Rosalie but for all of us. *sigh*

    Anyway, all lamenting aside, from Twilight, aside from Chapter 13 (Confessions), my favorite was Chapter 24 (An Impasse). From New Moon, Chapter 23 (The Truth) was the best. My favorite quote from the series (“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night…”) is in there. From Eclipse, Chapters 20 (Compromise) and 22 (Fire and Ice) were the definite winners. Out of the five, it would be either Confessions or Fire and Ice. I’m so indecisive! I can’t wait for your thoughts on those chapters, especially since many of the people above me have commented with the same anticipation. (Keep reading!) What are your favorite chapters thus far, Kaleb?

    Oh and love the website change in anticipation for the movie! Ten more days! :)

  90. Sarah

    I adore your blog. My favorite chapters are…
    Twilight: Chapter 13–Confessions
    New Moon: Chapter 23–The Truth
    Eclipse: Chapter 20–Compromise

    Can’t wait til you get to Breaking Dawn!

  91. Stephanie

    as several people have said so far, chapter 20 really is the scene to get to in eclipse. so keep reading and you will get there all the sooner!
    this chapter really helped us understand rosalie better and why she seems to hate bella. i am glad we got her story in eclipse :)
    keep reading!

  92. E

    Let’s see… this chapter is probably in my top ten out of the whole series. My favorite out of all of them would be the third to last in BD.
    In Eclipse, my favorite chapter is a three-way tie between this one, Chapter 13, and the chapter Fire and Ice. My favorite chapter from the first three is impossible to pick, to be honest.

  93. Bekah

    Okay my favorite chapters are
    Twilight: 13
    New Moon:whatever chapter Edward comes back in
    Eclipse:20.. most defiantly 20
    Breaking Dawn:23

  94. becky sue

    I THINK that my favorite chapter in Eclipse is “Fire and Ice” (not quite sure because I’ve lent out all my books at the moment…But its the one that involves a tent…..thats not a spoiler is it?) Twilight = uhhhhh wow all of it?…….Mostly when she first meets him in Biology, the Meadow, and all the yummy good stuff…..Yea All of it pretty well summs it up. and New Moon = when Edward comes back (duh). Breaking Dawn = End of Chap. 18 “There are No Words for This”

    Be carefull when you are around the fangirls……. It sounds like things get dangerous. The incident at Hot Topic makes me intensly angry.

    Love the new background, loved the old one most thou.

    AND WOW ARE YOU READING AHEAD AGAIN??? because all three of those examples happened!!! Insane, man! Soda Shop, Gnomes, AND you!! mindreader to the max!!

  95. Jessica L.

    Favorite chapter? Easy. Eclipse, “Fire and Ice” Literally the BEST chapter. The tension is great, though you haven’t read it yet. Our t-shirts say “Fire & Ice” on the front because of this. It’s just amazing. I love it. (And it also happens to be Stephenie Meyer’s favorite chapter according to her concert in Chicago – which was AMAZING)

  96. ~Tina

    Hmm… I think, in Twilight…where she goes to the baseball game…umm…New Moon, that was just sad, but my fav. part was when Alice steals the Porche, and I can’t tell you in Eclipse, because I’d spoil it. πŸ˜€

  97. AussieT

    Great post Kaleb – so jealous of you going to premiere. It’s on my birthday too!

    Can’t get down to 1 chapter, but have sections in the book which are my favs:
    Twilight – Ch10 (Interrogations) to Ch14 (Mind Over Matter)
    New Moon – Ch20 (Volterra) to Ch23 (The Truth)
    Eclipse – Ch20 (Compromise) to Ch22 (Fire & Ice)

    Umbra (Comment #51) – no probs with you’re English! Have to agree with your comment “When I read it I throw up rainbows and baby bunnies for a week!” Hilarious – LMAO (which being non-GenY I just discovered recently means Laugh My Ass Off).

    Have a great time at the premiere Kaleb – expect lots of detail when you get back!

  98. Becky

    I can’t pick one favorite overall chapter of the series soo…

    Twilight- chapter 13, the meadow scene (of course, lol)
    New Moon- chapter 19 (i think- whenever Bella stops Edward from stepping into the sun)
    Eclipse- chapter 22, the tent scene (THIS is the chapter of Eclipse that I’m waiting for you to read, Kaleb. amazing)
    Breaking Dawn- ehh… don’t know the chapter number, but its near the beginning. maybe chapter 4? idk.

  99. ~Tina

    …In Eclipse, my fav. is Fire and Ice… if it concerns a tent, then yah, that’s the one!

  100. Cam

    So glad you get to go. You never did provide any information of how the donations compared to your expected costs – I hope we got you covered for this and Forks next summer…Looking forward to your report on the experience.

    And my favorite chapter is Fire and Ice.

  101. Becky

    haha, “I have been a bit against Jacob lately, in favor of Edward”
    Team Edward! I knew it πŸ˜€

  102. Kayley

    Lets see………

    Twilight, 13 14 23

    New Moon, 19-the end

    Eclipse- 22 and 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 OMG did i mention 20? hehe =) I wonder why…….=D

    Breaking Dawn, All of the ending part some of the middle and ……..the OMG!!!!!!!!!NO WAY!!!! chapter 7!!!! yes that one THE famous chapter 7!!!!!

  103. Verali

    In Twilight, I loved chapter 13 and 23.
    With New Moon, I hated chapter 3 with my whole being, but it’s one of the best in the book, other than 23, because Edward stays!
    And in Eclipse… I like chapter 6, 7, 13, 22, and 27, but most of all – the best chapter in the entire book – 20. I feel so bad for Bella, but then it’s so sweet… And now I’m shutting up.
    Now, on to better subjects…
    ‘…the fact that I have been a bit against Jacob lately, in favor of Edward…’
    YES! You’re on Team Edward! Kaleb, you’re the BESTESTEST EVER!

  104. Sarah

    Twilight – The Angel (23)
    New Moon – Pressure (15)
    Eclipse – Compromise (20)

  105. Kayley

    Okay i have to admit it, Morgan chap 8 of Twilight is awesome. telling jake off YES! Go Team Edward!

    PS Team Jake don’t kill me thanx but yea dont like jake at all.

  106. daylet

    What no Breaking Dawn? :)

    I personally love this chapter. A lot of the posts are going to say Ch. 20, because it gets “hot and heavy”, but Chapter 7 has so much substance.

    From Twilight I hated Rosalie, did not like her one bit, ergo “hated”. But this chapter gave me a window into Rosalie’s personality, and by that she has become one of my favorite characters.
    Yes right up there with Edward.

    Not that I can exactly relate, but Rosalie’s pain, and dare I say tenacity, is understood.

    Yes, Rosalie can have her moments when you want to rip her head out, but I see it as a person putting on a mask, trying to cover up the vulnerable.

    Gets this straight, I understand, but I don’t approve 100% of the time (hint: Breaking Dawn)


  107. Verali

    OH NO!
    In Twilight, I forgot about chapter 14 – just cuz Edward’s so… what do I want to say… Cute? Yeah, I think that’s it. And, you have to love that first line ‘He could drive well, when he kept the speed resonable, I had to admit.’
    Sorry, but I smile so big every time I read it.
    Carry on.

  108. Rachel

    I absolutely love Eclipse chapter 13 (Newborn), but Fire and Ice is a close second.

  109. Verali

    I also really like chapter 15 in Eclipse. It’s funny.

  110. christy.

    Ahh i don’t have a fave. To hard to pick but I LOVE the chap Fire and Ice in Eclipse. (You can probably guess who its about. ;]) But yayy your Team Edward!!

    Haha love the new backround!! <3

  111. Ms. Kitty Cullen

    hey Kaleb!

    My favourite Chapter in Eclipse is Chapter 20
    The worst, as being an Edward lover, is after Fire and Ice

    I think I may have given too much away XD

    And yes
    You have an awesome taste in Music ^^

    The funny thing is, im not from America
    Im fron Ireland

    [[Yes, Leprachauns and Unicorns do exist beside the Gnomes XD]]


  112. Ms. Kitty Cullen

    hey Kaleb!

    My favourite Chapter in Eclipse is Chapter 20
    The worst, as being an Edward lover, is after Fire and Ice

    I think I may have given too much away XD

    And yes
    You have an awesome taste in Music ^^

    The funny thing is, im not from America
    Im from Ireland

    [[Yes, Leprachauns and Unicorns do exist beside the Gnomes XD]]


  113. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 7 (Unhappy Ending)

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  114. Tessa

    Well, I have two favorite chapters. One from Twilight, and one from Eclipse. My favorite chapter from Twilight is the meadow scene, and my favorite chapter en Eclipse is chapter 20, Compromise. Nothing from New Moon, because Jacob was in it too much and it made me so sad. Actually, chapter 20 of Eclispe is probably my favorite out of all of them. Since you haven’t read it yet, I won’t give anything away, but it’s just so… sweet. It makes my heart melt, and I guess that’s why I love it. Of course, I am obsessed with everything about Twilight, but I just adore the parts that make me love Edward so much and have me begging to god to make me Bella. Don’t get me wrong, I love the life-or-death situations and fight scenes in the books. I love EVERYTHING about the books(except Jacob). I just really love the sweet things in the books, and the love story of it all.

  115. Twilighter

    Hey Kaleb,

    My favorite chapter in Twilight is “the Cullens” My favorite in New Moon would be Chapter 3. Eclipse is Compromise. All those chapters are great. I’m so involved in the Twilight series that my mom had to hide the books. When my aunt came over she gave Twilight to her and we haven’t seen her since! :(

  116. Brianna

    ‘Truth’ in New Moon. I smile like a moron every time I read it. It’s embarrassing.

  117. Heather

    To Alli (comment 61, I believe)

    That is a good point. The chapter is pretty funny and there are a lot of things that get worked out. I think Kaleb might squirm in his seat, as most guys do, when he reads that chapter. But I bet it’s probably more comfortable for him to read than chapter 6 of Eclipse with Angela and Bella, or the dress shopping scene in Twilight lol.

  118. Savannah

    First of all, I love love love the new background, Kaleb! πŸ˜€ My favorite chapter in twilight is chapter 15, The Cullens. My favorite chapter in New Moon is chapter 23, the truth. And my favorite chapter in Eclipse is chapter 20, compromise. (you’ll see when you get there ;))

  119. Talia

    my favorite chapters are
    twilight: 13 (the meadow)
    new moon: 24 or 25.. whichever one is “the truth”
    eclipse: definitles 22, which is fire and ice

  120. Carrie

    My favorite chapter in “Twilight”…I can’t choose. I liked the chapter w/ the bloodtyping in Biology, ‘Port Angeles’, when Edward shows Bella his sparkly skin, the vampire baseball and, well, every chapter after that. Everything got very exciting at that point. In “New Moon”, I liked it when Carlisle was working on Bella’s arm and he told her about Edward and his mother. I loved it when Alice came back and every chapter after that (so awesome). Loved it when Edward told her the truth and when she took a vote. My favorites from “Eclipse” are parts you haven’t read yet, aside from Rosalie’s chapter. Jasper tells his story and there are some cute/sexy Bella & Edward moments.

  121. Marcy

    Easy answer! Definitely Chapter 22 “Fire and Ice”. Definitely the most intriguing, entertaining use of Edward’s abilities.

    Of course Chapter 20 is a close 2nd, for the usual chick reasons.

  122. courtney

    My favorite chapters are chapter 20 of Eclipse!!:)
    AND chapter 23 of New Moon where Edward comes back and explains everything… actually the entire end of New Moon is my favorite, I love the scene where she is saving Edward from stepping in the sun.
    Im sooooooooooo excited for the movie!! only 11 more days πŸ˜€

  123. Sarah

    my favorite chapters from eclipse are chapters 14-15 BIG STUFF happens there (not to mention HILARIOUS!), and 20 of course (ALSO BIG, you shall see)


  124. BabySis

    My favorite chapter is a combination. I love the dichotomy in Eclipse between Ch. 22 – Fire and Ice and Ch. 23 – Monster. I laugh so hard I cry in Ch. 22 then cry so hard I feel sick in Ch. 23. It’s what makes Ms. Meyer’s writing so engaging and intriguing to me.

  125. Nicole

    I never comment on here, but I had to for this question because I looooove chapter 22 Fire and Ice. A few people have already said it. But yeah. Best. Chapter. Ever.
    And of course, there is Port Angeles way back in Twilight. Back in the day.

    Hurry up and continue! I need things to distract me from watching the seconds tick away on the movie countdowns.


  126. Ashlynn & Allie

    we LOVE Chapter 20: Compromise (Eclipse).
    since oyu have yet to venture into thats chapter….we’ll keep the deats on the downlow.

  127. amanda

    I would have to say for my favorite chapters
    Twilight: ch 23 The Angel
    New Moon: the truth (and when Alice comes back!!!!)
    Eclipse: im going to sound so weird but ch 27 Needs (but ch 20 and 22 are up there too!)
    Breaking Dawn: the last two pages….

  128. Dana

    OMG… it you think chapter seven was epic wait till chapter 22, you will just die.
    By the way, the new sidebars made me hyperventilate…

    and if you think your weather is bad, it is -20*C in Winnipeg. and snowy. πŸ˜›

  129. Carly

    Last chapter of eclipse or Chapter 20 eclipse

    i just love eclipse ^^

  130. Al

    My favorite chapter in the entire series is and always will be chapter 23 The Angel from Twilight.

    I love it the most out of any of the other chapters.

  131. Megan

    It’s between five. Chapter 13 in Twilight, another chapter in Twilight that I can’t remember the number of (it’s titled Angel, but I beleieve it’s chapter 23…maybe), the chapter in New Moon where Edward returns, the chapter in New Moon where Edward explains why he left to Bella, and the last chapter of Eclipse. I can’t decide. They’re all so amazing. And, none of my favorite chapters would be in Breaking Dawn…not that I didn’t like it, just none of them were as good as these. Haha :)

  132. Megan

    Actually, scratch that last post. It’s too hard to decide! There are so many amazing chapters!!!!! My favorite chapters are every chapter in the books that I didn’t hate.

  133. Nicole

    My favorite chapter is chapter 20 of eclipse, because of the very last page. πŸ˜€

  134. Angeliss

    Rosalie’s story is so painful… It’s worse when you consider that vampires are frozen, not just physically, but emotionally as well. They can’t grow up, move on. Rosalie is still about as wounded as she was her last night alive. Emmett’s done a lot, but the damage that an experience like that does to you… That’s why Rosalie can’t forgive Bella. She can’t step back from her own pain enough to see where Bella’s coming from.

    Favorite chapters? In Twilight, I like the meadow scene. Edward’s rant in the meadow, when Bella doesn’t know if he’s dangerous or not, and there’s so much tension… In New Moon, I liked the Birthday Party, actually. It was one of the last happy moments for a long time… That and the motorcycle scene… In Eclipse, though, it’s tied between this chapter and Fire and Ice, which I think you will greatly enjoy, far more than chapter 20. Personally, I was a little put off by the fangirl Edward drool in that chapter.

  135. Cara

    Gah, I couldn’t choose a favorite. Twilight is where it all started, so I obviously love it. Then, while the content of New Moon was sad and slightly boring with such little Edward, if he hadn’t left, their relationship would not have been where it is now. And Eclipse, is soooo incredibly sweet. I can’t choose.

    ! You changed the background!

  136. Katherine

    My favorite chapter in Eclipse is either 20 or 22.

  137. Laura

    Love the new background btw. Um definitely chapter 13 in Twilight, Chapter 3 actually in New Moon, funny enough, and Eclipse, hmm… probably the last one before the epilogue(I’m too lazy to go pick up my copy (one of anyways) to find out the exact number but yeah.)

  138. Priscilla :)

    love the new background!!! way to support the movie :) this chapter really had me doubting why bella would want to become a vampire. rosalie does have a good point, and it makes me like her somewhat. hmmm favorite chapter lets see… New Moon is definetly the volturi chapters :) i happen to be fascinated by them. OoOoO and eclipse (i bet most will agree) is Compromise…but ur not there yet!!! :))) good luck holding out till then!!

  139. Cassie

    Nice background, I love it.
    Though Rosalie’s story is epic, 22 (Fire and Ice) is the best chapter in Eclipse. Twilight has to be 13 (for obvious reasons) and New Moon, as much as I hate the chapter, is chapter 3 (as the defining chapter). My favourite chapter from New Moon is probably the chapter in Volterra (though I don’t remember what chapter it is or what it’s called.)

  140. Shelly

    That’s a REALLY hard question to answer. You see, there’s something that I love in EVERY chapter of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse that I love as much as or more/less than the other chapters (except for Legends in Eclipse. I hate that chapter XP). But, if I MUST pin-point which chapters I love reading the MOST.. ..hold on I have to go look in my books lol… (five mintues later) I can’t even CHOOSE because my favorite part of Twilight spans out through THREE chapters!! SIGH. Ok, for Twilight it’s a tie between Interrogations and Complications. For New Moon.. damn it I love the WHOLE ending of the book from when Alice arrives to the end! Ok, New Moon is, again, a tie between Race and Volterra. As for Eclipse it’s Snap Decision. ..but Compromise ranks pretty high up there too XDD!!! Even though that chapter is SO awkward.. but I love it XD

    Lovin’ the new background btw!! ^^

  141. Kim

    Wow, there’s another Kim (post 89), and her favorites almost completely mirror mine ^_^ Already posted my favorites (10), but just wanted to add that her favorite quote is the same as mine… And with the same name and everything, this is just kind of freaky.

    In response to some of the comments about Eclipse chapter 20: one of the things that I love about Compromise is how much Bella and Edward stay in character. It’s not only the end of the chapter that I love (*fangirl in me swoons*) but also the entire conversation leading up to it, because I can’t imagine that conversation progressing any differently. A small part of me wishes that the end part of chapter 20 was a bit more romantic and poetic (for those who have read it, well, am I that horrible a person if I’d have wanted a higher standard set?)

    I also realized that I forgot to add Eclipse chapter 13 (Newborn) to my list of favorite chapters

  142. Sara M.

    Twilight = Mind Over Matter

    New Moon = Vote

    Eclipse = *I have 2*
    -Compromise…..for some obvious reasons….can’t wait till you get there…and…
    -Fire and Ice…probably all time favorite of the series!

  143. Sara M.

    I add to my last post…..I like ch. 15 in eclipse as well…. Wager is a good one!

  144. tess

    ch. 22 in eclipse, fire and ice
    can’t wait until you get there also compromise is one of my favorites

  145. Charlee

    Love the new background! Its fantastic!

  146. Wendilynn

    To show how truely hooked I am with these books I have read all four every week since my daughter started me on them in mid august. With all that rereading, different things jump out at you and different chapters have special meanings as time passes. This particular week I’ve been noticing Edwards sense of humor. Maybe because I think Rob/with Melissa’s help made Edward’s character too serious. I don’t know, but I think his sense of humor didn’t survive the movie.

    In either case, this week in twilight I still appreciated the memory tampering scene best. In New Moon, I relished “Truth”. And as always my favorite scene comes from the chapter “Temper” in Esclipse. I love the dedication Edward shows Bella. Having my exhusband leave me for his two girlfreinds didn’t exactly leave my self esteem intact. So what catches me every single time in this books is Edwards commitment to Bella. Lets see if you can spot the line that brings me to tears every time I read it.

    As for Rosalie, this chapter helps you understand Rosalie’s actions in book four. I love when you get done with a series and you realize all the foreshadowing that you get throughout the entire series. I noticed that about Harry Potter too. Stuff in book one was vital to stuff in book seven. I love when Authors have their story put together so well that you get those vague hints you didn’t know where hints until several books later.

  147. Feven

    TIE! and they’re both in Eclipse
    Chapter 22 – Fire and Ice
    Chapter 23 – Monster (even though it kind of broke my heart)

  148. Feven

    Oh sorry to double post. but probably 26 – Ethics too.
    It made so much sense!
    and almost made me cry :(

  149. Nazneen

    In Twilight, the best chapter would have been Chapter 13 – Confessions.
    When Edward had told Bella all the things she should know at the Meadow about how he should have left before they fell in love with each other for her safety. Oh and not to forget when he ran with her and she was about to pass out and then told her he’s like to try something and then kiss her. I swear to god I was crying (:

    In New Moon. Chapter 23 – The Truth. Obviously the Chapter when Bella ran for Edward was the best. But I like this Chapter because of the dialogs Stephenie had put in. Edward had told everything about why he left and how sorry he was. It was the best to have them back together. YAY! ;D

    PS ; this website is really cool. I have to get my guy friends to read this. They would be convinced!

  150. Sophie

    No chapter of any book will ever top Twilight’s chapter 13 “Confessions”, in my mind.

  151. mckenzie

    My favorite chapter is definitely chapter 22(Fire and Ice)in Eclipse followed by chapter 14(Mind over matter)in Twilight then chapter 13(Confessions)in Twilight. Fire and Ice is my top fave by far though.

  152. Jannet

    Too many favorite chapters to choose from!

    From Eclipse;
    Of course Chapter 20 and 22 like everyone said. But I actually really love 27. Needs. And not the last half. The first half.
    I don’t know… I just find it really full of emotion.

  153. Brianna

    CHAPTER 20 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE this chapter ahhhhhhhhhhhh keep reading keep reading keep reading!!!!!!!!

  154. Brianna J.

    All time favorite chapter is number 20: Compromise – hands-down! AHHHHHHH! I love it! I get butterflies every time i read it….
    Wish I could elaborate… I’d better stop before i give something away….

  155. KT

    Okay, this is a hard question because I have a lot of favorite chapters. But these are what I decided on:

    Twilight- Chpt. 13 Confessions dah, and Chpt. 23 The Angel

    New Moon- Chpt. 23 The Truth

    Eclipse- Chpt. 20 Compromise, and Chpt. 23 Monster
    I love that one, too Feven.

  156. Farah

    Hey Kaleb!

    To be totally honest i was really surprised you heard a lot about chapter 7 so much. Esp. when chapter 20 is the one that’s most talked about. It’s really hard for me to pick just one chapter and call it my favorite but this one would definitely be one of the best (20). I CANNOT WAIT for you to get there! Have fun!


  157. Farah

    ooo… I forgot to say Chapter 22 too!

  158. Jessica

    Well It has been a record six monthes for me, as in I haven’t allowed myself to re-read Twilight again during that time. After reading it…well let’s just say a few times I made the desision to stop. However, I do remember not only my favortie chapter of Eclipse but one of my FAVORITE paragraphs in my favorite chapter,the 12th paragraph on the last page of chapter 27, Needs. It’s simply hilarious. I also like to laugh at the epilogue of Eclipse, as an avid TEAM EDWARD person, it’s my favorite :-)
    To be honest though my favorite chapter in MY copy of Eclipse is also the first chapter of Breaking Dawn (special edition). I like it because I read it like 50 times before Breaking Dawn came out because I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

    For Twilight my favorite chapter would probably be ch. 13 confessions.

    New Moon-my favorite is pg. 453. When Edward is a)back and b)not convinced he’s dead. although my favorite chapter as a whole is 17, Visitor it just shows Bella’s exaltation at finding Alice again.
    With page 451 of Eclipse I noticed something as I was double-checking page numbers. Of course I missed it the first time I read it for I was desperatly reading as if by finishing the page I could save Edward myself…anyways, 3rd paragraph from the bottom pg. 451 is interesting and beautiful. “He wasn’t listening. He smiled very slightly. He raised his foot to take the step that put him directly in the path of the sun.” The only reason he would have to be smiling is because he was anticipating being with Bella again. That is probably why he was so sure he was dead when she crashed into him. He was trying in his last moments to believe that he would have a life after death. That he could be with his beloved once more.

  159. Jessica

    Umm…wow I realize now my comment was kind of long!

  160. Team Twilight

    Hey Kaleb! My favorite chapter would have to be… in Breaking Dawn :) If I HAVE to choose a chapter from the others it would be chapter 8 (Port Angeles) in Twilight, chapter 17 (Visitor) in New Moon and chapter 27 (Needs)in Eclipse. By the way, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background πŸ˜‰

  161. Traci

    I just wanted to let you know that I adore the new background!

    can’t wait for the next chapter..

  162. Shu

    How on God’s green earth are you reading that book? I by no means hate the book, but you have to admit it’s a bit cliche’… A high school vampire-fangirl’s dream come true… It paralells itself with well-written fan fiction.

    I couldn’t even read through the last book because it was all so… annoying. I applaud your interest in the book, though. It just angers me that she gets a movie deal and so many other great writers don’t…

    Anyway, happy reading! But I have to warn you, the fourth book doesn’t sound too good, from the reveiws I’ve gotten (off topic, they say) = / But that’s me.

  163. Ms. Paranoia

    I admit I’m a little surprised you heard a lot about Ch. 7. I mean it’s a good chapter and all but I would assume one of the later chapters to be the most fore-warned y’know?

    That being said, I like this chapter; total insight into Rosalie’s life and it helped explain soooo much of why she was the way she was.

    In Twilight my favorite chapter is Ch.13 Confessions for obvious reasons. That chapter makes my day every time I read it x3. In New Moon it has to be Ch. 23 The Truth because Edward is finally back and then you realize what exactly was going on in his head that made him decide to leave i nthe first place. In Eclipse, I’m sort of stuck between Ch. 20 Compromise and Ch. 22 Fire and Ice. They both have amazing content in it and stuff, so I can’t wait for you to read them and whatnot x]

    Btw, the chapter I hate to read in Eclipse happens to be Ch. 23 Monster. The first time I read that, I wanted to rip something I swear xD
    Perhaps you will find out why someday >o>

  164. taylor

    let’s see.
    in twilight it would be 13 of course or i really like Blood Type that chapter just makes me giggle.
    in new moon sadly, chapter 3 it gets me EVERY TIME and Vote i forgot what # that was i think 24.
    in eclipse 20 Compromise for.. well you’ll see its yummy lol.
    22 fire and ice it’s just goooooddd. and 27 Needs cause of well its good.
    as you can see eclipse is my fav book (ties with twilight tho)

    keep it up kaleb! we love you!

  165. devz30

    My favourite chaoter???
    New moon? The tragic chapter 3. And the one after that. It was just too emotional. Twilight was maybe the Port Angeles seen (Just my luck that someone siad it wasn’t in the movie) or the part where James captured Bella. That was just intense!! =P

    Eclipse….My least fav. book, but maybe the last few chapters. Not the one where Bella realizes she’s — —- with —–. Well you all know it. =D It was too meaningful and sad. I won’t elaborate on that. You haven’t got there yet πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Don’t try to figure out the blanks too much. You don’t want a major spoiler if you’re not up to there yet.

  166. devz30

    “Btw, the chapter I hate to read in Eclipse happens to be Ch. 23 Monster. The first time I read that, I wanted to rip something I swear xD
    Perhaps you will find out why someday >o>”

    YES. Trust me, you’re not alone. The Chapter that made me want to break my keyboard. I SWEAR I didn’t sleep well after reading that.!

  167. Cherise

    Fire and Ice… the very best chapter

  168. Nancy

    I loveeed chapter 20 [Compromise] and I guess a million other people do too. I seriously am excited to hear your thoughts… haha.

    Fire and Ice was pretty much the climax of Eclipse; it’s The chapter. It’s def. one of my favorites.

  169. Normita!

    in twilight–>.. dunno.. its hard.. i liked a lot the one on port angels… when Ed saves bella 4 the first time.. or may be.. The famous chapter 13.. hehe.. because it so.. INTENSE.. hoho
    in New Moon–>jmm.. i loved the one when Jake, Bella and Newton went to the movies.. and also love the one with th Cliff diving.. love Jake sleeping definetly… somewhere arround chapter 22.. i think its 24.. or somthing.. when bella realizes a LOT!! hehe.. duh… hehe
    Breaking Dawn-> Personally i’m not a fan of these one… But i enjoyed all of the Book 2 crap… even when it came a little.. sad in times.. and u all have to admit the whole Blonde Joking was [s] cute haha( book1 was waaaay to Β¨pinkΒ¨ to me.. and well book3 doesn’t make any sense 4 except of the
    – i will fallow you any where women- part… hehehe that rocked!!!. Any way.. not Mayer’s better work… Not fair.. don’t kill me please… just an opinion

  170. kerry

    my favorite chapter from eclipse is chapter 22 fire and ice…i would like chapter 20 if i wasn’t such a jacob fan.

  171. kerry

    oh and chapter 23 of eclipse is almost unbearable. i cry everytime i read it.

  172. Bernadette

    ok so i have gotten a lot of people addicted to these books in the last few months from my cousin to my co workers. I cannot even pick a favorite book out of the saga because they are all so unique in their stories but i must say that my favorite chapter from eclipse is Fire and Ice.

  173. Amy

    Eclipse chapter 20! I pretty much have it memorized

  174. Tianna

    Just keep pushing youself to finish, Kaleb!

    For once, I have to say I wasn’t expecting Rosalie to talk to Bella. But I should have, from her expression from ealier.
    But your alternatives were just as good, maybe better. But it’s about time we actually knew about Rose and her past, why she is the way she is.

    Hope you have fun in L.A.!

  175. Sophia

    More people need to say their favorite chapters from Breaking Dawn!

    I don’t remember the chapter number but mine is Surprise or Surprises or something like that

  176. Amanda

    Um… I can’t pick. too many good ones. in Twilight, it was probably kind of a tie between Blood Type and the one with the meadow. Or the one where Bella figures out what Edward is. In New Moon, probably either the one where she jumps off the cliff, which was very descriptive, or the one where she and alice go find Edward. In Eclpise, probably Switzerland. There was another good one in Eclipse, but I’m a bad twi-ard and don’t know the chapter names/numbers. I don’t want to ruin it.

  177. Psycho


  178. Kat

    Twilight–>The Meadow,Blood Type,Port Angeles,Angel!

    New Moon–>The End,Waking Up,Visitor,Volterra,Vote!

    Eclipse–>Ultimatum,Unhappy Endings,Switzerland(the hostage stuff is fun),Compromise,Fire And Ice,Ethics!


  179. Russell

    I love this chapter. I think I realized that I like Rosalie as my favorite of the other Cullens. She is so elegant and as old-worldly as Edward. I honestly like Rosalie.

  180. Russell

    This is definitely one of my favorites for Eclipse. I guess when James and Victoria show up is my favorite for Twilight; the chapters where they meet the Volturi is my favorite for New Moon. And this one is my favorite for Eclipse.

  181. Katrina

    Ok, so this chapter already has a song. Whatever. I think the song Angels by Within Temptation is so perfectly Rosalie. If you haven’t heard it.. well. You should. πŸ˜€ And my favorite chapter from Twilight is The Game. From New Moon.. Hmm. Probably Race. Bella saves Edward for once. πŸ˜€ Favorite chapter of Eclipse.. I hate to say Fire and Ice or Monster, since they seem to be everyone else’s, but those are just the best. Though I get super mad at Bella! Ugh. My favorite chapter of Breaking Dawn without being a spoiler is the first chapter of the 3rd book. :)

  182. Katrina

    This is for ‘Shu’.
    Not to be a butthead or anything.. but, honestly, what are you doing on twilightguy.com? It happens to be called TWILIGHTguy, because it centers itself around the Twilight saga. Which you don’t seem to be such a huge fan of. Though you are on a fansite. Which, generally, is for fans. WOAH! Fans on a fansite!? Crazy, isn’t it?

  183. Olivia Pace...um...Cullen

    Ugh, ugh UGH! It’s so hard for me to pick! My favorite chapter in Twilight is either Hide and Seek or The Angel, In New Moon it’s Volterra or Race (which ever one Edward comes back in :P) or maybe “The Truth” were Edward has his “Before you my lif was a moonlesss night speech” which I happen to know by heart.In Eclipse it’s definitely Compromise, or Temper. Can’t wait until you read BD! My favorite part IN THE WHOLE SERIES is there, the last two pages, and trust me, it’s definitely not because it’s the end.

  184. Olivia Pace...um...Cullen

    OH OH OH! Also for Eclipse “Fire and Ice”” !!!!! so awesome!!!

  185. Lindsay

    I definitely agree with everyone that Chapter 20 and 22 in Eclipse are both amazing (I like 20 better though myself). Eclipse was my favorite book overall, though, so I think that the entire book is great!

    I really liked Mind Over Matter in Twilight, but the other chapter that I REALLY enjoyed was The Angel (when Edward and his family come to save her from James). I thought that short chapter was very well written.

    From New Moon, I liked The Truth. That was, of course, the hardest book to get through so there isn’t much competition there.

    And of course in Breaking Dawn the last two pages are my absolute favorite – I think my favorite out of all the books. You’ll see why :)

  186. Tori Schmitz

    Twilight 13 new moon 23 eclipse 20 or 22
    over all hmmmm 20 or 22 from eclipse probably

  187. elle

    chapter 20!!!! for sure
    and the last chapter in new moon!

  188. Dara E

    I don’t think there’s anyone that DIDN’T pick either chapter 20 or 22! Compromise and Fire and Ice are definitely my favorite parts of the whole series because Eclipse is my favorite book!

  189. Jackie

    Favourite chapters. This will be hard.

    Twilight – Chapter 13 and 14 the Meadow scene and Mind Over Matter. I think they are the best!
    New Moon – Chapter 3 when Edward leaves, it’s sad but really good and Chapter 23 The Truth. It’s very honest and real and it has the best quotes.
    Eclipse – Chapter 20 Compromise.

  190. mattie

    In twilight i (obviously) love chapter 13 (confessions) but i also love chapter 8/9. In newmoon i like chapter 2 and 3 and 23. In eclipse i love chapters 20 and 22…but ithink 13 (newborn) is my favourate…i wish they would make Jasper’s story into a book

  191. Rebekah

    This was most definately my favorite chapter. Rosalie was always and still is my favorite character. Reading this chapter made me so sad…It made me realize that she had such a horrible life and she would give anything to go back and change it. What some people realize about her is that she does care about other people….her family. It might not seem that way because of how Meyer wrote it. Not only is she jealous of Bella but Bella is also putting the family in danger and in Rosalie’s eyes that is not right. I totally agree with her! Rosalie’s #1 Fan Foreva! Emmett too:)

  192. Rebekah

    Twilight- the chapter when Rosalie is introduced

    New Moon- when Edward leaves
    Eclipse- Chapter 7!!!!!!!!!

    Mrs. Emmett Cullen<3

  193. Caitlin

    I really like chapter 20. Compromise. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I read it.

    ~anonyomous Twilight reader~

  194. edwardcullenluver

    i luv it durin the fight when jacob freaks out cuz bella and edward r gettin married. i HATE jacob and LOVE edward so i think its funny

  195. Thomas Jefferson

    oh gosh, there are so many to pick from!!!
    ~Twilight- the Meadow Scene of course (Chap. 13, who doesnt have that on their list?), definitely the first night that Bella knows Edward is in her room (Chap. 14?), I really liked The Angel (Chap. 23?), too.
    ~New Moon- I'd probably say, Chapter 23, The Truth. Beautiful chapter. Or when she first reunites with Edward.
    ~Eclipse- This one is probably the hardest for me to decide. I'd have to say pretty much the entire book. If I HAD to choose specifically, I would say: the second half of Chapter 8, Edward and Bella's conversation in the beginning of Chapter 12, Chapter 15 was pretty funny, of course Chapter 20 Compromise, of course also Chapter 22 Fire and Ice, I would also say Chapters 23 (Monster), 26 (Ethics) and 27 (Needs).

  196. this_site_is_dumb

    i think this twilight guy, should get a life. Read the book, and forget the blog. This site is dumb.

  197. cheyenne

    well my fav chapter of new moon is the one where jacob got turned into a werewolf and she cant talk to him any more in that state i felt just liek bella wouldbe trade cause she hates sam uley to death between fire and ice itz hard to configure who u love and who u wnat to be with for eturnity…

  198. Kaitlinaclark

    why Edward Bella should be with Jacob

  199. Kaitlinaclark

    why Edward Bella should be with Jacob

  200. Maandacs

    Twilight- The Meadows and the first kiss. New Moon-The Volturi scenes where Bella saved Edward and the morning after, to their run in the forests for the VOTE..and lastly Eclipse, when Edward arrived from the hunt and he thought that he was in trouble with Bella because he had her kinapped by Alice and clearly he wants to infuriate her more if that is how he is going to be welcomed by Bella. The Midnight Sun is where Edward cant believe that it was him that she was saying YES to eventhough she thinks that he is trying to annoy her to death. All that was written in Edward's version is a clear understanding for me why I really like everything about Twilight.

  201. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    This was my favorite chapter of Eclipse, but Eclipse is also my favorite book out of the series. For Twilight my favorite chapter was the fight scene between the Cullen's and James. New Moon's was when Alice came to see if Bella was still alive. :)

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