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November 20th, 2008 at 11:19 am by Kaleb Nation

Is it just me

or is the site


Let me know in the comments if you can see it now! I’ll have my enormous list of premiere updates coming this evening if everything is working (besides throwing a gigantic party for it being back up).

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56 Responses

  1. Hannah D

    YES! I can see it! It was a sad couple of days without the Twilightguy… ; )

    I’m seeing Twilight tonight! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the movie!

  2. madrigal

    Welcome back from a very old Twilight Mom– I’ve missed you!

  3. Sarah

    Welcome back!!

  4. Erin

    Yay, you’re back!! :)

  5. Monica

    Yay!! It’s back up! I’ve been checking pretty frequently…for a while it was diverting to your YouTube page?

    I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I CAN SEE THE MOVIE!! You are so lucky! Your interviews were awesome (despite the fact that I could only hear about 25% of what Stephenie was saying…)

  6. Brandy

    So glad you’re back Kaleb!! Hope you had a fantastic time at the premiere despite the technical glitches with your sites. Can’t wait to hear all about EVERYTHING!!!!

  7. beccajoe

    yes darling you are up.

  8. Marionn.

    Yeeaaaaaaaaah 😀
    Twilightguy is back on 😀

  9. betsy

    yay! you’re back!

  10. Debra

    Yay, you’re back up, it was a horrible couple of days going through TwilightGuy withdraws, lol. Glad everything’s all back to normal for the site. Can’t wait to see the movie tonight and hope to read/see your review at some point.

  11. Brittney H.

    Congrats! It’s aliiiiiiive!!!!

  12. Phyllis

    Woohoo!!! It’s back.

    I never realised how addicted I am to your site until now, Kaleb.

    Glad to see that uou had a great time at the Twilight premiere.

    Phyl xxx

  13. Brandy Drake

    Yes it is back!!!

  14. Kayla M.

    Yes! the site is back.
    I’m happy you had a good time.

  15. isabelle

    WE’RE BACK!!!



    I’m so going to see twilight tonight… even though it’s a shool night.

    it will be awesome.

  16. Kaleb Nation

    I will have my review of the movie up early early tomorrow after people have had a chance to see it!

  17. tayjei

    Welcome Back!

    I think it’s safe to say you were missed!

  18. Sabrina

    Oh yay! The site’s finally back up!
    Whoo hoo. Hope you enjoyed your time in LA and am looking forward to all your pics and videos.

  19. Victoria

    Yay ! Woohoo ! You’re back. Missed you Kalbe ! And a picture with Stephenie !! Congrats 😀 *Scuttles*off*to*listen*to*red*carpet*interviews*

  20. Anonymous 66


    Twilight Guy is back.

  21. Caityn Nichols

    OMG! It’s a Kaleb update! Finally. That must have been rough trying to get the site back up.

    Great picture! Hope you had a wonderful time in LA.

  22. Hazel May

    YES! I`m so ecstatic you`re back. It`s horrible that the few days you really NEEDED the site, it wasn`t there at your disposal.

    I love the side backgrounds by the way. Very nice touch :)

    ~Hazel May

  23. Kathryn

    yay! your back :]
    hope you enjoyed the movie!
    only 29 more days before i can see twilight as well!

  24. Allison

    Yay! Your site is finally back up. It was so annoying to have no idea what was going. And now i get to go see the movie TONIGHT!!!

  25. Angela

    yay! It’s back up! Can’t wait for your review!!! =D

  26. Liz

    Yeah, so where the hell have you been?!?!? Ok, so I know exactly where you were, but I really did miss my daily dose of your site for a while there. It never fails to give me a good laugh. Welcome back!

  27. Janelle Dorcy

    I see it, I see it! Yay! I’m glad we’re back, Kaleb. I missed it. 😀

    Wish I could have seen you at the premiere, but I simply don’t have the time or funds to fly down..or drive either. My friend going to UCLA was there though. I was SO jealous. She called me after and said it was the most amazing experience of her life and that I should have flown down to see it. Can’t wait to see the movie with her when she comes home for Thanksgiving break! :)

  28. Tracy

    What a horrible time for the site to go down!!! But I see it all now. Hope you had a major blast!!!

  29. Brittany

    Glad you’re back!

  30. Samie

    YAY ur bcak =D happy happy joy joy!

    That is very smart kaleb, to wait untill we all see it.. that way u dont have to worrie about spoileing it for anyone. i cant wait to see the movie and what u have to say about it.. im takieng a 45 min train ride to ottawa just so i can see it with my best friend who i known since i was 4. she is just as big of a fan as i am.

  31. Kim

    Glad to see your site’s back up! =)

    I can’t wait for your review; due to a massive project due tomorrow night and a lack of transportation around midnight, I don’t think I’m going to watch the movie until Saturday. So I’m definitely going to need something to sustain me until then. ^_^

  32. jEsSi

    ITS BACCKKKK!!! yes i can see thissss =P

  33. Rapunzel

    Huzzah! You’re back! I must’ve checked nine times today alone! I may not be able to see it tonight (if only your words were true there) but I’ll read your review anyway!

  34. Rapunzel

    By the way, Kaleb, are you on Nanowrimo? If not, I think it’s probably too late for this year, but if so, mention in a post so we can find you on it, please.

  35. Loony_Lovegood

    OMG! YAY! i kept on checking the website, probably every 3 minutes (excluding school hours, of course) and i come home to find that you’re back! hopefully this never happens again! Can’t wait to see the movie tonight!

  36. Helen

    Yay! You’re back! I can’t believe I’m singing “yay” out loud when I’m supposed to be english!

  37. marcela

    yay ur back

  38. April

    OME You’re Back =D
    I’m sooooo Happy!
    Missed This!
    Welcome Back Twilight Guy ^_^

  39. Allison

    HOORAY!!!!! i am so glad that your website is back up. i almost had a panic attack when i got the message that your website was disabled. but you’re back! :)

  40. KT

    Yay! It’s back! I was so sad the past couple days. It was like my crack supply was gone and I was going insane.
    But now I’m all better. :)

  41. KT

    Ha! Heroine probably would have been a better example than crack. Heehee!

  42. Dii

    we are back :)

    i checked this morning (UK time) and it wasn’t back on yet, but now it is :) good to have you back, and thanks for posting the pics!

  43. Alyssa

    =D it’s UP!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!
    your pics are AWESOMENESSIE by the way xD

    we really missed ya 😉

  44. Tina

    omg! it’s back on…

    just in time before i go out to see the move myself T_T

    anyways… would love to hear your opinion on the movie

  45. Katilyn

    YAY! you’re back! Love the pics.

    SQUEE! so excited to see twilight tonight!!!

  46. Mia

    Aw, that’s a lovely picture of you and Stephenie. *is jealous* The red carpet looked completely insane, hopefully the movie was worth it :)

  47. sonia

    I’m so happy your back on. Your so dame lucky, hey do you realize your also becoming famous because of Twilight. How does it feel?

  48. AussieT

    All been said above. Thank E you’re back! I was going through Twilightguy-withdrawals! Great pic with Stephenie by the way – what an awesome experience.

  49. Snow Wight

    It’s ALIVE! Congrats Dr. “Nationstein”. lol.

    The pictures are awesome! I can’t wait to see the movie! It’s going to be amazing, I’m sure!

  50. Lisa

    YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! its finally back up! i was sad when it was down. can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  51. Ruby

    Welcome back Kaleb kebab 😛 lol (GottaLoveAlice here!!) Glad to see the site up and running! Its been a really long school week without it!! 😉

  52. Ashleigh

    Kaleb, you’re back! Where’d you go, buddy? I had a heart attack when your site didn’t open!

  53. Chizu

    Lucky duck! a picture with Stephenie!

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