Twilight Movie Premiere [Photos Part 1] » Peter Facinelli and me

Peter Facinelli and me


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  1. phinecia

    After watching the movie, I’m a complete Carlisle fan!!

  2. Belle

    Mmm, he was totally my favooorite! When he came on screen as Dr. Carlisle Cullen the first time, I almost died! haha

  3. Jessica

    Me to! Like of course i’d seen pictures but his apperance stunned me! In the books the way they described the nurses yeah that’s pretty much the moment I had I couldn’t think straight for like 3 minutes :-)

  4. vivs

    yeah me too. at first i was VERY doubtful of him playing calrisle. but when i saw him on the big movie screen i was doubtful no more!

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