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New Moon Will Be A Movie

November 22nd, 2008 at 3:38 pm by Kaleb Nation

It’s true:

New Moon

New Moon will be a movie

If you have doubts, check out Summit’s website and click news.

I think a major part of this decision is the fact that the movie opened at #1, which only happened because of the amazing dedication of all the Twilight fans. Already, it’s grossed over $35 million. In a way, our movement paired with an independent movie studio to topple the giants — and did anyone ever really doubt that Twilight would come out on the top?

For the comments: now that you’ve seen what they can do for Twilight, are you excited for New Moon?! What part of the New Moon movie will you be hoping to see the most?

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172 Responses

  1. Lyra

    That’s really cool, I can’t wait! New Moon isn’t my favorite of the books, but it’s going to be interesting to see Jacob with more screentime, and I really think Kristen and Rob could pull off the emotions of Edward leaving. Plus, I bet all the Italy stuff will translate really well on-screen, seeing as the Forks settings looked so awesome.

  2. MyRandomName

    Okay, I haven’t seen Twilight yet, since it’s not coming here until January 9th, but I have to admit, I’m dead exited!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the Volturi! Especially Jane, because Rob will have to do a very convincing writhing in pain and stuff. And I’m going to disappointed, ’cause I have Johnny Depp in my head as Marcus. I blame MTV Spoiler.

    Also, I look forward to know how they will do the werewolves, and I look forward to seeing more of Jacob, and hopefully more of Jasper! Also, Bellas birthday party and when Edward leaves… I really want to see that.

  3. Marie

    Bella’s pain when Edward leaves her.
    the werewolfes!
    Aro, Caius, Jane, Felix…
    the Porsche 911 Turbo 😀

    I really loved New Moon, because it is such a sad book… and because I really like Jacob’s sense of humor haha!

  4. Jen

    As depressed as I was while reading New Moon..I still loved it…it was one of the most emotional books I have ever read! And after seeing Twilight, I am convinced Rob and Kristen will be ale to portray that emotion.
    I am REALLY looking forward to the Italy scenes and more Alice! I just loved her in Twilight! I’m so pumped!

  5. Kelly

    I’m SUPER excited because after rereading it, New Moon became my favorite book of the series. Yes, it’s sad, but it makes you appreciate Bella and Edward’s relationship more.

    As for the movie, I’m eagerly awaiting for when Edward leaves and the clocktower scene. Those two moments have such potential in being put on screen.

    Imagine if they actually went to Volterra…. Goodness gracious.

  6. Kim

    I’m so thrilled to hear the announcement!! I’m still on a high from watching Twilight yesterday, and now this.

    New Moon is not my favorite book as I’m definitely Team Edward, but I think that I will be looking forward to seeing Alice and Bella on the way to Italy, everything with the Volturi, and Edward and Bella after they get back to Forks.

  7. Amanda

    YAY!!!!!!! This just makes this weekend perfect. I can’t wait. I’m really excited to see how they do the werewolves. I could never exactly picture in my head how big they were. Also everything in Italy is going to be amazing!

  8. Ashleigh

    Words cannot express my excitement. Excuse me as I go get a brown paper bad to hyperventilate in.

  9. Kristen

    Twilight the movie was awesome @ first I was mad because it was over and it left me wanting more
    I want New Moon to come out NOW!!

    P.S. In twilight the movie my fave part was when Alice ripped off James’s head that was wicked

  10. Maria

    The main thing I am looking forward to seeing in the New Moon movie adaptation is Volterra. Not only that but I would definitely love to see more Billy and Charlie because I thought they were amazing in the movie.

  11. WinniePooh


    Ok, I was woundering if you new anything about the Casting for New Moon, because i wanted to adition for Jane…can you help me… i cant find anything?


  12. Ivette

    i just came back from seeing twilight, and it definitely left me wanting for more, and i get home and see this..its so exciting to hear that NM will be made!!
    im looking forward to seeing when edward leaves bella, bella doing all those things just to hear edward’s voice again, and of course, Alice’s 911 Porsche turbo 😀


  13. sally

    Yay omg now i cant wait!!! the next movie is going to be great. i really hope they develope jacob and bella’s relationship more because he wasn’t really in twilight the movie much. edward is awesome, but i cant wait to see more of jacob and the pack!

  14. Madawn

    Hey Kaleb thanks for posting this for all of us! im super excited that they have decided to keep going with the movies. I can’t wait for New Moon. im really looking forward to bella cliff diving and of course seeing volterra!! yay

  15. Elizabeth

    I would be super excited for New Moon if they got a new actor to play Edward Cullen. I cringed so much during Twilight because of his acting skills, or should i say lack there of. I would have loved the movie except for his acting and weird ass expressions he made….I think i will prolly watch the movie again, just to give it a second chance, but Robert, you need to take acting lessons.

  16. Ana

    OMG! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!
    im looking forward to when edward leaves.. well not ‘looking forward’ exactly i just want to see how theyre gonna do that part..
    i know im gonna cry lol
    oh and the cliff scene, mortorcycle scene, VOLTERRA SCENE!, i want to see who gets cast to play the Volturi! WOOOO!
    I just want to watch it NOW! haha i cant wait!!!

  17. Hihi

    I mostly want to see how edward leaves bella and i wanna see bellas face when after the whole “October…November…Becember…January” thing

  18. Kim

    I’m super pumped for New Moon after seeing Twilight. I’m definitely looking forward to the scene in Volterra, but even more, seeing the Volturi. Not to mention, how they’re going to flesh out when Edward tells Bella the truth. Yay sequels!!! :)

  19. Rakey

    Yay! I know!

    I was thrilled when I found out. NM is my least fav, but has some of my favorite scenes.

    I want to see the birthday party, since I adore that part.

    I want to see the October Novemeber December January part, as that part makes me cry every time I read it and want to see it translate to film.

    I want to see the cliff diving and Alice coming back.

    I want to see the Volturi.

    I don’t, however, want to see Jacob. BLEH JACOB! I’m a cruel person, during the credit’s when Taylor came up I shouted “JACOB SUCKS” at the top of my lungs.

  20. Bri

    I am excited to see the development of Jacob’s personality and his growth on the screen

  21. kelsie


    i just got this email and im so excited!
    something new to look forward to…

    i personally want to see the cliff diving!
    how frickin awesome will that be?

  22. Natalie

    I cannot wait until New Moon comes out! I am so excited to see it already!! I thought Twilight was fantastic and they did a great job with the movie and I am very impatient to see New Moon! I cried at the end of the movie when Bella tells Edward not to leave her because I knew he was going to. I was ready for it to start immediately after the movie. What I want to see most is the cliff diving and the part in Italy where Edward and Bella are finally reunited! That scene will be completely worth 2 hours of disgusting Jacob!

  23. Natalie

    as long as jacob isn’t replaced, i’m insanely excited for new moon!

  24. Catherine

    YES! New Moon is my favorite out of all the books. I want to see more of Jacob, the werewolves, the Volturi, Bella trying to hear Edward’s voice, going to Italy… I think it’ll make an awesome movie!

  25. Chrissie

    I can’t wait until New moon is out! Though, i haven’t even seen Twilight yet! So jeaslous of America at this moment in time! Grrrrrrr, why can’t it be out here!
    Anyway, new moon will be the best. Can’t wait to see Edward going to Ltaly, where Bella sees him again, oh and Bell’a dream, if they put that it. I hope they do, where Edward says he’s not leaving and bella thinks it’s a dream.

  26. Franziska

    I haven’t seen the movie yet..and I won’t be able to see it till janaury 15th (yeah living in germany sucks)…but I think it will be great and I can’t wait for the new moon movie .I’m really excited.
    What I’m looking forward to most?
    Probably the volturi and jacob. I haven’t come up with any working idea how they’ll make taylor grow *lol*…

  27. Samie

    im looking forward to seeing everything about the werewolfs. and mostly how all the emotions play out. and im curiouse who will play leah.

  28. Jacki

    Yay! New Moon is my second favorite book out of the series – second only to twilight of course! I loved it because you can see how strong Bella and Edward’s relationship is. I am excited to see the Volturi. OHH and of course the werewolves! I’m wondering if they’re going to leave the whole movie as Bella’s POV or maybe add Edward’s in there also.

  29. Talkerwolf

    WWWWOOOOOWWWW! I can’t wait, even if it won’t be until next year sometime. I haven’t seen Twilight yet as it isn’t out here yet. But everyone has told me it is fab, and I bet New Moon would be fab on screen, especially the parts in Italy!!!

  30. Amber T

    This is the first time I’ve looked at your website – and I have to say I’m really impressed. I read through a lot of your commentary and I agree with a lot of what you said – actually I felt like I enjoyed the book more after reading what you had to say about the subtleties of Stephanie Meyer’s writing.

    Anyway – about the New Moon movie, although I didn’t like the Edward Cullen pick (look – not acting because I thought he did a good job, even though he brought in his own touch which wasn’t exactly how I saw Edward in the books), I’m really looking forward to the new movie. The first movie did an amazing job keeping witht he book, even though they changed some of the dialog (which annoyed me), as well as the new tires versus chains — which makes me want to see the New Moon movie even more. I especially want to see how they show the transformation of werewolves (also how the actors need to grow larger/taller) and their communication between the pack – though some of that might be not shown until the 3rd…. I also want to see how they handle Bella dealing with Edward’s disappearance and how they show Bella and Jacob’s relationship develop.

    I really hope they do a good job, because I do not think I can enter into the theator with as low of expectations as I did with Twilight this go around. They did too well keeping to it, so they better do the same :)

  31. Savannah

    -really, really, really loud fangirl squeal- Oh my God I am so excited!! I think the scene I am looking forward to the most is when they deal with the Volturi. that will be really cool. I also can’t wait for taylor to get rid of his wig. so I am looking forward to Jacob becoming a werewolf. haha. :)

  32. Claire

    I’m looking forward to just seeing the movie in general! But I really want to see the werewolves, Volturi, and the reunion between Edward and Bella.

  33. KCurls

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how they make the wolves look. That’s gonna take some creative minds.

    And if they’ll manage to keep the some level of the humor in Twilight in such a sad story.

    And Voltera… it’s my home!

  34. Bekah

    I wonder how well Kristen will be able to portry the depths of bella’s sadness. And of course the important question…. WHO WILL PLAY THE VOLTURI????? I am wondering most about Jane and Aro. I was blown away by the first and am eagerly awaiting the next one.

    Oh and KCurls has a point. How ill the wolves look?

  35. Christine

    oh, i love aro so much. new moon doesn’t have quite so much character introduction to slog through. yay!

  36. Heather

    Ahhhh New Moon! I am excited to see Alice coming back until the end with the vote at the Cullen dining table. All of that is so amazing! I really hope they keep at least part of the conversation between Edward and Bella in her bedroom at the end, especially the lines: “When I told you I didn’t love you, it was the very blackest form of blasphemy” and “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night”. And I really want the Edward voice Bella hears in her head to be extremely prominent throughout the middle, because it’s so hard for me to read the depressing middle section, and that’s one of the few times Bella feels happy is when she hears his voice. And I think it will be cool to see Kristen play that out on screen, especially cool voice overs about how she thinks she’s going crazy lol.

    Now, before seeing Twilight, I was dreading New Moon because of the middle Jacob-filled section. But after seeing Twilight I love the teensy bits of friendship chemistry Kristen and Taylor had on screen and I’m excited to see that develop in NM. I like Jacob a whole lot better in the movies than I do in the books.

  37. Mia

    I’m definitely looking foward to Kristen’s performance in New Moon. I loved her hysterical breakdown in the hospital when Edward mentioned leaving. Her crazy desperation was obvious, and I think she’ll do a great job with this in New Moon. And I’m happy that they set the stage for NM and made various references to the next book (Edward mentioning wolves coming to Bella when he left her for a few minutes). If they do as good a job with NM as they did with Twilight (only with better special effects and less awkward camera angles) it’ll be great as well.

  38. Sabrina

    Catatonic Bella! That’s what I want to see the most. That and Jake teaching her how to ride the motorcycle. I’m actually dreading the goodbye scene. I have a feeling that it will have me in tears, I know the book did.

  39. ~Tina

    Ooo, all of the scenes with the Voultori! That should be really cool!

  40. Team Twilight

    OME I’m so excited that I’m calm :) I seriously can’t wait!!!!!! If Eclipse or BD ever comes out we’ll be the like 20 years old :P…. imagine how old Rob and Kristen will be!!!!! The scene they HAVE to do is the cliff diving scene. I’m giddy with excitment ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Nicole

    SWEET! I am incredibly excited! I really love how they translated Twilight to the big screen and I am SO looking forward to this! I can not wait for Italy and the Volturi…hopefully the vote and Bella’s epiphany moment will be in there too…I could go on and on….

    Thanks for posting this Kaleb!

  42. Rian

    I’m really excited for NM. It’s my favorite book out of the series.

    The scenes i most want to see is the cliff diving scene (that one will be really cool and dramatic), I can’t wait to see the werewolves (i really hope that they make them look as close to a natural wolf as possible and i do want them to be as big as a horse), The Volturi (I can’t wait to see who gets cast. I wonder how old Jane and Alec will be? Pretty young i hope), and the Jacob and Bella relationship.

    A scene that i’d add into the movie though is i really think that Bella and Jacob should kiss near the end in this movie. I think it would be highly confusing if there first kiss was portrayed when Edward is back. Well at least to the people who haven’t read the books.

  43. priyanka

    that is completely awesome although rob wont be in much of it since edward leaves in new moon. i just saw the movie today with my friends and it was awesome although it wasnt like the book…. at… all. i still loved it but it wasnt my twilight. the scene i would like to see most in new moon is probably the cliff diving scene or the scene with the volturi, that would be cool cuz i am looking really forward 2 seeing the actors cast as the volturi and especially jane and heidi!

  44. JC

    Ok, as soon as I post this comment I’m going to change my name and move to the other side of the world so all you people can’t hunt me down and kill me…haha…

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie *gasp*. Actually, the movie exceeded my expectations, meaning it was sort of OK instead of pathetic.

    However, I’m really excited for New Moon. It’s not only so much more emotionally intense than Twilight, but there will be more time with just Bella and Jacob, because while Rob was great in some scenes, a whole movie of him was rather dissatisfying.

  45. Chelsea

    I am so thrilled for New Moon, which I have grown to love exponentially more each time I’ve read it. The first movie was incredible and I know the ending definitely made me long for a second movie. Ah, I’m so excited!

    I’m a huge Volturi fan, so I can’t wait to see the whole Volterra scene. I hope they cast some fierce guys for the Volturi.

  46. Wendy

    Loved the movie!!!!! I have seen it three, yes THREE times, and that was all yesterday!!!! Midnight show, then two back-to-back last night. So excited for NEW MOON. I think it has the most emotional, well played ending of the books and look forward to the werewolves, cliff diving and the Volturi!!!

    OK Summitt…we’ve done our part, time to pony up!! BIG freaking budget for Big Big effects!!!

    Congrats to Rob and Kristin. And congrats to everyone that took our favorite book and made it real in a way we never expected.

    Now, on to Italy!!!!!!!

  47. Emily

    OMEOMEOMEOEOE *hyperventilating*
    SOOOOOOO excited I’m a die hard Jacob fan! hopefully this one wont be as cheeeeeeeeesy as twilight but who knows they better have awesome special effects for the whole wolf thing!!!
    I LUV YOU JACOB!!!! I cant wait!!!! i hope they do eclipses too OR….. MAYBE they could put them together that would be totally awesome!! ^o^
    i cant wait you better get a bigger budget summit i totally agree with wendy!!!!! I LUV TAYLOR!!!!

  48. Nurazlin

    Alice! Alice! Alice! 😛

    I want to see Edward leaving. I hope it puts me into sobbing tears, because if it does, that means the actors will have done a great job of portraying the emotions.
    Also can’t wait to see the Volturi, ‘The Truth’ and the vote. *squeal*

  49. Lauren

    OMG I’M SOOOO EXCITED FOR NEW MOON!! Twilight (the movie) was amazinggg!! haha, nothing like the book of course, but still very good =) I want to see the Volturi scene for sure. Plus the whole Italy thing with Bella, Alice, and Edward. Yay! I’m excited all over again, hope they do well! =)

  50. Shakesgirl66

    This is such great news. I can’t wait to see this movie.

    Charile and Edward.

    The Bikes.

    Cliff Diving.

    Lets Not Forgot The Volturi.

    I loved Twilight, it was sooo good. I really loved the fact that that truely brought the characters to life. I LOVED EMMETT.

  51. Annie


  52. Mikaela

    That’s going to be amazing. But the sad part is, we need to wait. again. 😐

  53. Johanna

    I love the Volturi scene and Edward almost stepping into the sun.

  54. CS

    Where will be the best place to find casting information for new moon?

  55. Dillon

    Really interested to see who they cast for the Volturi…
    But damn, New Moon frustrates me; I spent the whole time waiting for Edward to come back, now I have to suffer through it more graphically >.>

  56. MRK

    I want to see the transformations…& Emily…
    How exactly they do Bella hearing Edwards voice in her head
    When Alice comes back & the ‘borrowing’ of the 911 Turbo (heehee)
    Edward at the clock tower…
    and of course the ‘family meeting’ in the end
    But mostly, I would like to have a very good foundation for Bella and Alice’s friendship and have more of a stressing of how infinitely in love Edward and Bella are. How weird would it look if she was so devestated over a puppy love *no Jake pun intended*

  57. Sveta

    i cant wait to see the part when edward comes back!!!
    i love the night cuz bella is all disoriented and its rlly funny and sweet when edward says that he will stay with her forever. the sudden proposal is really funny too. :)
    god its like twilight all over again..
    this will never end, will it??
    kristen said that they are going to be doing new moon and eclipse for sure
    😀 i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Nicole

    I am so excited this is going to be made…..I had no doubt anyway but this is what I want to see happen on screen from the book most of all:

    1. Of course the scene at the Cullen’s where Jasper tries to attack Bella.

    2. Edward telling Bella its over in the forest and he’s leaving.

    3. Bella being a catatonic/manic depressive zombie.

    4. Jacob’s transformation into a bigger and bigger teenager then a werewolf or more correctly Shape-shifter


    6. Edward’s return conversation in Bella’s bedroom.

    7. The face off with Edward and Jacob once Bella realises he tattled on her about the motorcycle. If the glare Robert and Taylor shared at the Prom Scene in Twilight is any inclination of how intense this will be I seriously cannot wait to see it.

    Ahhhhh this movie is gonna rock!

  59. Veralea

    O. M. E.
    I don’t know… Just really, the whole thing. And you know what, I bet you anything I’ll start crying. Hysterically, too. Just when Edward leaves. Yeah. That’s gonna be really embarassing. But, at least I won’t be the only one….
    YAY TWILIGHT!!!!!!!

  60. Veralea

    I really wanna know who’s gonna be Jane. She has a lot of expectations….

  61. Sydney

    On another note, I think that my favorite part of ‘New Moon’ will be the proposal!!!
    *!!!!TEAM EDWARD!!!!*

  62. urcoolcarrie

    I am super excited for this!!! I loved Twilight. The movie was great, and I can’t believe that they made it with such a low budget. What are they going to do with themselves now that they have money?!

    The scene I want to see most in New Moon is the bedroom scene when they get back from Italy. I sure hope they have it in there. If they don’t, I’ll be very sad.
    I also kind of want to see the part when Edward leaves. It will be very hard for me to live through it. If its hard in book form, I can’t even imagine what it will be like in real life. I will cry. I can guarentee it.

  63. Steph

    I think New Moon will be hard to adapt. I look forward to seeing Summit attempt it, but I’d hate to see them do… not so well. I mean, with all the time skipped over, would they actually put a little more substance into that part? Or do the obvious time skip with a calendar or something?

    Anyway, should turn out well enough. It started out as my least favorite in the series, but New Moon is well on its way to becoming my favorite. I don’t know why. Probably something to do with the way it demonstrates just how important Edward and Bella’s relationship is to each of them. Or I could just be a sadist and like to watch Bella suffer. Little from column A, little from column B…

  64. Gatchpatch

    This is great news! Although everyone knew that the liklihood of ‘New Moon’ becoming a sequel was big.

    The scene I’m most looking forward to is (if they put it in)when Edward has just left Bella and she is curled up on the ground in the forest, and it’s raining. I believe that would be the most heart-breaking,devastating, beautiful, emotional, powerful scene in the entire movie.

    New Moon is so powerful and sad that I’m really looking forward to it.

  65. Steph

    Oh! I forget to say what I’m looking forward to most.

    Probably a tie between Chapter 3 and seeing Aro. I wonder who’ll portray him… It’d be kind of hard. But fun to watch, what with the outrageous personality. “Marcus, isn’t this just wonderful?” Ahahaha.

  66. Karyn

    OMG!!! I can’t believe it! (I should’ve seen this coming, what with sold out shows all night in Burbank, and the lines on opening night going down an alley and around the corner, packed theatres, heavy security…) I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. I’ve seen “Twilight” again today (saw it opening night and again today–much better seeing it today. There was less fangirl screaming. I could actually hear Rob talk XD haha) and last night I was in too much shock to realize that I was actually watching TWILIGHT. But today I got to overcome my shock, hear the movie and actually enjoy it. And I fell in love with Alice right away. She’s spot-on. I’m looking forward to seeing her in “New Moon”. But I think what I’m most looking forward to in NM is how they’ll show the cliff-diving scene. Every time I get to the part where Bella thinks she’s dying and drowning and the last thing she sees is Edward–Stephenie wrote that scene so beautifully–it makes me cry. Every single freakin’ time. So I REALLY wanna see that adapted to film. And Volterra and the Volturi, of course. XD Btw, did anyone notice the joke about wolves they threw in at the beginning of the prom scene? (“I leave for two minutes and already the wolves descend…”) That made me laugh. And sadly, I was the only one in the theatre to get that inferrence. Well, at first. I was laughing for a full ten seconds before anyone else caught on. x__x;; Lol. But anyway, YAY NEW MOON! WHEEEEE!! I’m so happy I’m skipping, dancing, and singing around my house–and seriously freaking out my mother at the same time, I might add, haha. XD This’ll be half the series, so let’s shoot for all four books! XD

  67. Cara

    I definitely have higher hopes for New Moon. I’m curious about how she’ll do for that, make it seem realistic- I mean, I think she was way overdramatic in Twilight, especially in fight scene and forest scene- so I’m not sure that she’ll do it well. Then again, I have a way I always imagine them, and I can only think of it as good as long as I don’t compare it to the books.

  68. Libby

    What I’m excited for:

    – Motorcycle stunts
    – More Sam (much love for Solomon Trimble)
    – The Mike Newton as third-wheel movie date with Jacob, can you say awkward?
    – Werewolf transformations
    – When Bella jumps off the cliff
    – Alice’s return, and basically more Alice in general
    – Hearing Edward say, “Amazing.” when he sees Bella standing before his eyes in Volterra
    – When Edward and Bella talk in her room when they return from Italy

  69. Elizabeth

    I can’t wait for all the crying.
    (I will be a major participant)
    And then for the cliff-dive, but most of all….

    (followed by more crying. much more)

  70. Heather

    Oh yes, must have cliff diving. And Jasper attacking. But I don’t think they would cut those out

  71. tina

    My daughters convinced me to take them to Twilight a second time last night – twice in 24 hours!! (They didn’t have to work too hard!)
    Rob and Kristen had great chemistry – I’m looking forward to seeing more of it in New Moon. I hope they build up the B&E relationship more before they have him leave (the happiest summer anyone, anywhere had ever had).
    I’m excited to see who they cast as the Volturi – esp. Aro. This could make or break this movie and Breaking Dawn!! I also want more of the Alice/Bella friendship to shine thru – I hope they pull it off in New Moon.

  72. Kay Tee

    I want to see what the wolves look like in movie number 2!!

  73. Amanda

    SO excited for New Moon!

    I’m really excited to see how they make the wolves look (will they make them GIANT, horse-sized wolves like in the books?) and the transformations too.

    I’m also really excited for the Volturi!! It’ll be interesting to see who they cast.

  74. Nazneen

    I am so totally excited for New Moon although I have not watch Twilight. YET. LOL. It’s not out yet here in Malaysia x)

    But yes, I am pumped to watch the scene of when Bella went to find Edward in Italy and also the return of Edward to Forks. I think seeing Taylor as Jacob would be awesome. Oh, and not to mention the effects they would use on the werewolves! OHMYGOD.

    And yeah, I am very proud to be one of the Twilight Fans. Proud as ever.

    Thanks for the good news, Kaleb!

  75. Jenna

    I am actually really excited for New Moon even though it was my least favorite of the books. However, when I think about why I did not like it, it was only because it was soo depressing without Edward there. But I think that will make for SUCH a great film! It will be a completely different emotion. PLus, they won’t have to cram as many parts into a 2 hor film since literally the first half is just Bella being sad. And i really believe (esp after seeing her perform in Twilight!) that Kristen is capable of the depressing at “zombie-like” emotions that occur during New Moon. Plus, I think Taylor is a great actor and portrayed the “lovable and carefree” Jacob perfectly.

    I am MOST looking forward too:
    -The Break up scene :[ (it was the first and only thing I have ever read that made me cry!)
    -Seeing the werewolvessss! (hopefully special effects will do it justice.. i have faith :])
    -Seeing Jane’s power be used!

    eeek this is long!lol I have been thinking about it since literally right after the credits rolled all of my friends and I were like, “WE ARE READY FOR NEW MOON, NOW!!!”

  76. jessie

    I am super excited to see new moon!
    and i can’t wait for the cliff diving scene and the wolfs!!!

  77. Alyson May

    – when Edward leaves
    – the werewolves changing
    – Volterra

  78. Jenna

    I´m so exited that they are making NM even though I haven´t seen twilight yet.. (and also I don´t like the book so much because of edwards abscence)But I´m hoping that they will make eclipse and BD too!! 😀 The scene when Edward leaves, when alice comes back, the scenes in volterra and when edward declares his love for bella again!! :D:D

  79. Yoko

    Jacob, Jacob, Jacob! I can’t wait to see more of him. And i think that the scenes in Volterra are going to being amazing!

  80. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    I LOVED Twilight and can’t wait to see all the books on the big screen.

    I can’t wait to see haow they bring Edward and the Cullens into more of the movie, which i know they will!!!

  81. aliice

    OMG, I’m SO excited for New Moon! :]
    It’s gonna be so amazing!
    I can’t wait to see more of Jacob and the wolf pack.
    I’m also very excited for when Bella and Edward finds eachother at the end too.
    ANDDD… omg , Volturi!! Can’t wait to see the Volturi. There’s so much to look forward too!

  82. ShannanG.

    In “New Moon” Jacob goes though a lot of physical changes. He grows much taller and becomes more built as he gets closer to being a wearwolf, then still grows more when he is a wearwolf. I am interested in seeing how they (or if they) will show that on the big screan.

  83. Wendilynn

    I’m excited. I have only two things that I think need to be done for this movie. A real budget. They better not skimp. The fans for the most part are forgiving of the cheesy aspects of Twilight, but I don’t think it’ll survive if they skimp on New Moon. And they need to keep Edward invisible, except when he chews Bella out in her head, until we see him about to suicide in Voltura. that is a magical moment that should not be messed with. I know Rob will fight for that as well.

    I”m also not expecting to see 7 foot La Push boys either. I don’t see how they are going to pull a hagrid affect for the werewolf boys. They are not that massive to start with. 😛

  84. April

    I’m so Happy!
    I Cannot Wait to See All the Werewolves & the Volturi!
    It’s Going to Be Hard to Keep Edward Like Alive During the Film Though Since He’ll Be Gone.
    When I First Read it I Hated New Moon (Because of Edward’s Absence) But Now That I Think About it, it Was Very Good.
    So I Can’t Wait For it! ^_^

  85. Jen

    I can’t wait to see Bella’s reaction when Edward comes back…. I might start crying. I’m glad that Jacob has a bigger role in New Moon, so Taylor will be happy.

    I agree with Wendilynn, they’d better not skimp on New Moon!!

  86. Ember P

    I can’t wait for New Moon! I can’t decide if I’m more looking forward to the werewolves or the Volturi… I’m really looking forward to the whole movie!!!

  87. Bethany

    New Moon definitely isn’t my fav of the books, but I am looking forward to the movie. Robert is going to be so good at pulling of the leaving part. And Taylor Lautner is definitely a hottie. And the part in Italy…well of course I’m looking forward to that! :)

  88. Leah

    All i can say is i cry at the same two parts every time i read New Moon, so if this movie has be in tears i will consider it a success.

  89. KT

    Oh my God! I am so excited, beyond excited! I am really looking forward to a lot of parts. First Bella’s birthday at the Cullens’ house, seeing Jacob and the pack shift, Bella jumping of the cliff, Aro in Volterra and all that good stuff, and finally the scene in Bella’s room when she wakes up and thinks she is just dreaming Edward’s there. Aaaahhhhh!! I can barely contain my excitement!! Cannot wait!!

  90. becky sue

    EEEE you’re totally right; Twilight DID rock! I totally had my doubts, but it was ok. You could tell it was low budget and some of the effects werent all that amazing. BUT it was SOO faithful to the book and I was so happy because of that — I knew what they were gonna say a second before they said it because it was a lot of direct quotes!!

    The parts in New Moon that I’m going to be most excited for include Bella’s pain (that so mean of me but I love the intensity in the book). I love how it makes you want to burst into tears and I hope that Kristin conveys that well. I’m also super excited for the scene where Bella gets to Edward at the end in time to stop his suicide attempt. AND seeing Jacob go werewolf. (That could be an awesome scene!) And I wanna see the pack in action (I picture it visually awesome, with kick-ass music and everything.)

    My favorite Twilight scene would definetly be the baseball scene (GREAT music choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and…… my second favorite would be…….. everything else?!?! lol it WAS awesome! But I never pictured the meadow like that (too rocky) And when Edward went and ran really fast the blur effect wasnt great. I loved Bella speaking like she did, but it seemed like she didnt speak enough to make it the second half only had it once or so, u know? OOOOHHHH and the sparkles were GREAT, not quite what I was expecting, but was great! Didnt like the little sparklie sound effects in the background though.

  91. Emily

    WAY excited for New Moon! I want to see where Edward leaves (because as heart breaking as it is – I’m Team Edward through and through – it’s still a really beautiful part of the book… But maybe that’s just me. Then the parts where she hears Edward’s voice – especially in the meadow with Laurent) and then in Italy (naturally… and I kind of want to see the 911 Turbo) then when she and Edward talk after that….

  92. Doree

    Lol…well, I loved the movie, FIRST of all. I am looking foward to New Moon as I fully intend to be Jane. ;p

  93. Bella

    I am excited for New Moon. I am really happy that they decided to come out with New Moon. I am excited to see the wolves. I am also wanting to see how they make Jacob into a wolf and see the transition between Jacob and how he turns into a wolf.It is going to be hard. I also want to see what the other wolves look like and see how they turn into wolves. I do know what Embry and Jacob and Sam look like in the movie but I can’t exactly picture them as wolves right. I am also excited to see the Volturi on screen. I want to see Aro, Jane, Ciaus, Marcus, and Demetri. I am wondering what they look like, even though I have my own opinion on what they look like. I want to see Volterra, because I couldn’t picture it exactly right. I am soooooooooooooooo happy that they decided to do New Moon. I can’t wait to see it. If Twilight was good, New Moon will be good.

  94. Jessie

    Nine words. “You want me to let go of the grenade?!”

  95. Amaranthine

    How thrilling. Honestly, New Moon is my favorite of the series, simply because it has the best ending. I really can’t stand Jacob, but he does make you apprecite Edward more. I’m not getting my hopes up though…I mean, there are really only five things I want to seen in the movie: 1) Bella’s birthday party and Edward leaving. 2) Bella hearing Edward in her head and doing dangerous things to hear it more often. 3) Bella saving Edward from getting himself killed. 4) Edward convincing Bella that he is real and that he loves her, and 5) The vote. I wish that they would do those scenes like they are written in the book…but I don’t have a lot of hopes for the script. I’m still looking forward to seeing it though! I just hope it doesn’t end up focusing a ton on Jacob…because honestly the whole book is Bella pining, and they should remain true to that.

  96. April

    I can’t wait to see the Voltouri!!!!

  97. Shelby

    I disagree with Amaranthine when they wrote this:

    “just hope it doesn’t end up focusing a ton on Jacob…because honestly the whole book is Bella pining, and they should remain true to that.”

    The whole book is basically Bella hanging out with Jacob for two reasons… 1. She wants to get the motorcycles fixed in order to hear Edward’s voice and 2. She really enjoys Jacob’s company…

    I’m sorry to be rude but, as much as you might hate the fact, New Moon is fully about Jacob and Bella and how she can handle being around someone else. You may hate Jacob, but I’m sorry, the New Moon movie will have to be focused on the two of them and not only Bella’s pain.

    Now here is what I wanna see in the New Moon movie!!!!

    I definitely wanna see Bella riding the motorcycle… In the book, its hilarious, so I hope it is in the movie.
    I really hope that they touch on the fact that Bella doesn’t like when Jacob is upset… She is always comforting him in the book and I hope that is included.
    The birthday party will be great!!!!
    I also can’t wait to hear about the choices for the Volturi! They have to get really great actors for those roles or else they won’t be believeable.

    Altogether, I can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

  98. Loony_Lovegood

    Ohhh YEAH! i cannot wait for this movie to come out now… i wonder when they’re gonna do auditions for some of the new characters? XD
    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the werewolf transformation works out, and who they cast for the Volturi. But mostly, i wanna see Eclipse. It will be amazing!

  99. Melissa

    I just really hope that New Moon comes out in 2009 and not 2010 that would be really horrible I would go insane waiting that long…

    The scene I cant wait for is at the end where Edward comes back to Bella and he tells her the truth!

  100. Lauren

    I can’t wait to get to see the wolf pack and more of Jake! Can’t forget the Volturi, either. I wonder who they’ll cast…
    I’m really curious as to how they’re going to do the werewolves transformation. I can’t wait!!

  101. Ashleigh

    The only way I will see “New Moon” is if Summit puts some major bucks into it, unlike with “Twilight”. Because, honestly, the effects need to be better. And it wouldn’t kill them to put it a little over 2 hours.

  102. Angela


    Um Werewolves transforming!!



    and, best of All:

    JACOB BLACk.=]

  103. Shannah

    This is so random, but I am most looking forward to seeing who they cast as Leah Clearwater, if she is in New Moon (which she should be, since that’s when Harry dies).

    Also, seeing Taylor Lautner shirtless for 2+ hours sure would make a girl happy.

  104. OMG!


  105. Anna

    Am I excited for New Moon? HALE YES!!!!

    I’m Team Edward, except New Moon is one of my favorites in the series because of the growth of Bella and Edward’s relationship. Plus you can really FEEL the emotions (as you can tell Kaleb, most of the people here cried during chapter 3 😀 ) Stephenie did an amazing job of implanting emotion through the text into the reader… it’s one of the most powerful and well written books I’ve ever read. And I adore the parts when Edward comes back triumphantly and glorious and all that jazz 😀

    I can’t wait to see Alice developed a little… I love Alice and in the movie (SPOILER ALERT) they don’t go into her history or too much into her character, which made me sad.

    Although I’m Team Edward, I see Jacob like a good friend and can’t wait to see how Taylor develops him. (Plus the werewolves–that’s going to be interesting to see!)

    The plane scene with Bella and Alice… The entire Volterra section has a TON of potential that they’ll use hopefully to make it amazing 😀

    Gosh… let’s just say I can’t wait for the ENTIRE MOVIE and want to see it RIGHT NOW!!! Twilight definitely set up the desire for a sequel… New Moon is going to be fantastic! So pysched!

    According to E! Online,an official announcement, detailing a release date and principle roles, could come out this week! I hope so!!

  106. Natalie

    oh my goodness! i’m so stoked!
    ok, i really want to see….
    -whole scene in volterra. from where alice and bella are on the plane up to when edward is with them and they’re all home. i hope they don’t cut too much out of that.

    I hope they get a good budget so they can’t make this movie extra amazing.

  107. Natalie

    i meant: CAN make this movie extra amazing.

    man, me and my sad sad typing skills

  108. Reagan

    OMG can’t wait to see werewolves!!!!!! *FREAKS OUT HYSTERICALLY!!!!!* The Volturi will be quite b’dazz to see as well. I lol’d at whover said Rob would have to a pretty convincing imitation of painful grimacing, or something clos to that. Lol.

  109. Elaina

    they have got to get a new director.

  110. Meg "RFF"

    I am SO SO SO excited to see New Moon!! I want to see the Porsche 911 Turbo (It better be the correct color!)

    The cliff diving..Jacob..the wolves..and well, EVERYTHING lol 😀

  111. Brigid

    i’m just excited to see it in general.

    what part are YOU excited about?

  112. Gracie

    *dies of happiness*

  113. Shatha

    I want to see Edward leaving, Jacob turning into a werewolf, Bella running to save Edward in Volterra, the Volturi scene and Bella jumping off the cliff.
    I haven’t read any other comments to know if I’m being repetitive but eh.
    New Moon will be harder than Twilight to film/act I think. Can’t wait!

  114. Lithia

    I am soooo glad New Moon is coming out! After Twilight made $70.6 Million on it’s first weekend (breaking the record for film with female director) it was kind of a no brainer.

  115. Snow Wight

    I went to the midnight showing of Twilight, and wasn’t so sure about it at first. Now that’s it’s sunk in a few days, though, I kind of love it :). I’m glad they’re making New Moon. My only real worry is that the early stages of Bella and Edward’s relationship in Twilight seemed a bit rushed, so him leaving might not be as traumatic as it was for those of us who’ve read the books. Does that make sense?

  116. Ms. Kitty Cullen

    I knew they were gonna make enough for New Moon.. have you seen the fanbase lately?

    Im in Northern Ireland.. so I have to wait until the 19th December D:
    But ive heard from many Americans that it is brilliant XD

    There is a downfall
    About New Moon


    My hatred continues :L

    But Volterra and Edward much (:


  117. Becca Shmeka

    I would love to see the scene where Jacob and Paul go at it, the instant transformation.

    Oh, and we get to meet Emily! *dances*

  118. Suzanne Miles

    This Twilight Mom is looking forward to EVERY PARTY of New Moon. I am forever team Edward, but it will be good to see more of Bella’s relationship with Jacob. I’m especially excited about the scenes in Italy with the Volturi and Jacob changing into a werewolf. With the success of Twilight, hope New Moon as a bigger budget.

  119. Nichole

    I cant wait until New Moon comes out!
    I will probably cry through the whole thing, but my favorite part will probably be the motorcycles.

    And im really excited for Taylor to get to stop using that ridiculous wig, <3

  120. chelseakinslovesjacob

    New Moon’s gonna rock!
    I loved Twilight and I think that since it’s made so much money, they can do a lot more with New Moon. I’m excited about Taylor to get rid of the wig, some awesome werewolf transformation, and the VOLTURI! HOW AWESOME!
    as long as they don’t try to get ny italian people to do it. I don’t want to see robert deniro in there somewhere.

  121. drivelocity

    New Moon dragged for me, but I guess it’s important in getting to the rest of the series. Unfortunately, unless the movie can really do well, it could hurt the franchise. Twilight was really hyped and the series has a great following, but for the average person, New Moon might not do it. I hope it makes enough that they’ll continue on & make the others…

    I do look forward to them having more money for better special effects to do the werewolves justice!

  122. Savannah

    wow i cant wait this will be sooooooo cool you get to see so much of jacob! thats why i like this book because you really get to know jacocb and i want to see when jasper attacks!!!!!
    also when edward leaves bella that will be sad

  123. embry_lover_4ever

    …AWESOME!!!! I seriously won’t be able to breathe for like, 5 minutes!!

    I seriously feel like a kid in the candystore right now. ;]

    Ok, now let’s get down to business. Bigger budget, means better effects!! Summit has a tendency to go skimp on people, and there is no time for that anymore. We Twilight fans were nice enough to let that “one” slide…but now Summit needs to get it done and really deliver.(not that Twilight was terrible. I really enjoyed it.)

    I may make some people mad right now, but twilight just seemed so…well…rushed. So, I think in order for the storyline that continues in New Moon to be more believable, they’ll have to show a little more of the relationship in the beginning.

    But as I said before, Summit needs to invest in some special effects like pronto! Seriously, it’s time for the real-deal-Holyfield.

    I’m pretty fond of New Moon, because the humor is so believable and hilarious. Plus…it’s the hardest to act out. Which brings me to what I want to see in New Moon. (talked a tad bit too much.) xD

    1.Serious commitment from actors. (No mediocre acting allowed! Had enough of that in Twilight…not saying any names.)
    2.Werewolves’ special effects!!! (I can’t stress that enough.)
    3.Ofcourse, The Volturi!! Especially Aro. He is hilarious. Can’t wait to see who they cast for him and Jane.
    4.The party with Jasper’s (almost)attack on Bella.
    5. the cliff diving
    and basically everything else.

    Can’t wait to see the wolves!! (Embry imparticular, seeing how he had absolutely no lines in Twilight with his gorgeous-self. ;])

    Thanx again Kaleb!


  124. Sophia C

    I really really want to see more Alice in New Moon. Like not deleting any of the scenes she has on the book. It’s the book she plays the most. Her come back-her Porsche-the party she’s throwing for Bella-her “Maybe you should slap her” and the “You own my a Porsche” lines….All those things. Edward and Bella will surely kick ass anyways, so more Alice.

  125. Amanda

    I’d like to see how cliff-diving turns out. I’d also really like to see bella mike and jake at the movies.

  126. Dee

    heeell what i would pay to play leah clearwater…. my sister todald me that she actually pictured me as leah… i kind of had a similar emotional experience as her… and i know where she comes from lol. and i am tan with short black hir… i think i fit the part… HAHAH just kidding myself.. a girl is allowed to deeam! ooow i am just so happy that they are making new mooon… ahh i cant even breathe thats awsooommee….


  127. Sarah

    OH MY GOD!! i love it..

    I can’t believe the movie made in my town.. It unbelievable!!!

    I can’t wait see All movies with Twilight! i think it best movie than any movie i ever see.

  128. ally

    When I read New Moon I was SO mad at edward for leaving bella but i cant wait for the movie to come out. I hope I wont cry like I did when I read the book. twilight was a disappointment to me and the ending wasnt really good but I LOVE TWILIGHT AND I REALLY WANT TO SEE NEW MOON AND SEE TWILIGHT AGAIN.

  129. hannah

    i have seen twilight
    i was sad that they skipped her going into the forest and her dream thoough
    i am so excited for new moon.
    it was my least favorite of the books so far.
    im reading breaking dawn right now
    Jacob Black is the Most ignorite person!
    i cant stand him
    i am really going to love seeing eclipse as a movie
    how edward purposes and such(:
    so ready
    BRING them on summit
    Kristen and Rob keep doing your job(:
    Rob Pattinson((: <3

  130. hannah

    and like 123 said.
    it was rushed. it was a 2 hour movie seemed like 45-30 min.

  131. Bobbie

    i enjoyed the movie but nothing can touch the brilliant way the book is written. I wished it went in depth with bella and edwards little squables and I think by not mentioning how she bugs him so hard about being a vamp could in a way back fire a bit for those who have not read the book. I really hope that they go into detail as the book did at what leads up to him leaving otherwise the general audience will over look that and edward i believe could come out looking bad for it. Also I hope the part where bella is learning to ride the motorcycle is in it. I am femaleand when I got my first motorcycle it was well lets just say when I was reading the book and she took off and all the thoughts going through her head i think I laughed for 15 min because it was soooooooooo me. My husband thought i had lost my mind.

  132. dmarks

    CGI werewolves. Lots of them.

  133. Julia Cullen

    i am definitely excited to watch the character of jacob black evolve, how they visually create the werewolves, and most of all the main reason why new moon is my favorite in the series: the dramatic ending in Volturra AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! the black tight tee, the robes, Gianna, Jane, the purple eyes I CANT WAIT.

  134. jackie

    oh my gosh i love the movie twilight and all of the books but i think new moon will be the most interasting because edward leaves bella (i am for team edward) but i think it is so sweet that she goes and does all those things just to her edwards voice and think it is so sweet when edward askes bella to marry him and he will never leave her!!! i love twilight !!!!

  135. Sophia

    so i hear that for new moon, taylor laurent doesnt play jacob the whole time because the amount of change that he has to go through to become a werewolf. i am so bummed because if i cant see robert pattinson for most of the movie, and now i cant see taylor laurent… AHHH. the books were amazing, i actually just finished the series today. i cant wait to see how the movies turn out <3

  136. Rema

    AHHH! I’am soo excited to see New Moon. I liked New Moon alot because there was more of Jacob, it will be funny to see Taylor portray Jacobs humour. During Twilight I was laughing because jACOB WAS SOO CUTE. I love Edward too!!!! He’s SEXY! ;D Robert did a pretty good job! Although he did make some weird faces that I couldn’t stop laughing at,(I’m not sure if you were suppose to or not!?) I can’t wait to see the parts when Bella learns to ride the motorcycle, when she revists the meadow- with the wolves!- the VOLTURRI vampires, cliff diving, when Edward tells her how hard it was to leave her near the end of the book…”Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night…” :D…and hopfully more of Quil and Embry!!!! Haha, its gonna be great!!!! :]

  137. Diana

    Im so happy they are going to make a movie of New Moon!thanks alot! i Love Robert Pattinson!!!

  138. Linda

    I am espacially looking forward to seeing Bella jump of the cliff and also everything after that in Volterra. It’s going to be amazing.




    GO TEAM EDWARDD!!!!!.. i dont like jacob..

  140. Nina

    I’m really looking forward to see if Kristen can pull of the scene when and after Edward leaves!

    But the highlight will, without doubt, be the reunion, when Bella finally realize it’s not just a dream:)

  141. Lindsey

    this one was probably my favorite out of all four books!!!!

    I just found a link that showed me THEY HAVE PICKED THE VOLTURI CAST!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!

  142. Alyssa

    I can’t wait for the New Moon movie.
    It was one of my favorites. It’s sad, and because of that it shows more of the reality into relationships. Being a writer myself, I love to see such creativness between the characters and their emotions. Not a ton of people are good at potraying such hard emotions. I know they’ll do a wonderful job at it.
    I really want to see Edward leave. It’s sad, and it makes me cry everytime. I try to watch videos on Youtube, but they just aren’t good enough, xD
    I want to see it really done. Hear their voices and see their reactions.
    And I really want to see her with Jake. I see her as happy with him, but still covered with a hidden veil and a somewhat false smile.
    Next, I really want to watch Edward and Bella get back together and be happy again.
    I want this out in Summer 2009. Nothing near 2010.
    It needs to be fresh and close to Twilight’s release date, for the raw emotions to really take over, xD

  143. jeannie

    New mooon is a great story.. I suggest that don’t cut the other scene that are written in the book.. Because in the twilight the other part of the story were cut.. We love to see Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play the role of Edward and Bella.. They did a good job. Robert Pattinson is the best actor which is fit to portray the role of edward cullen..

  144. » Blog Archive » » Catherine Hardwicke Will Not Be Directing New Moon

    […] New Moon Will Be A Movie It’s true: [caption id=”attachment_2064″ align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”New Moon will be… […]

  145. kimi

    hi,,,omg!!!! ive watch twilight 5x already,,,i already read the book im in new moon book now,,i love it,,its a sad book but i love it coz of birthday,leaving,then jacob is entering turning to werewolves then jump at cliff,alice came them bella and edward will see each other again,,wow i cant see the italy,volturi part..and the zombie life of bella after edward leaves…i cant wait…really cant….thanks to the stephenie meyer for a super duuuuuuuuperrrrrrrrrr good book..cant wait to see the part two…ciao…

  146. April

    Looking forward to seeing the wolves and Volterra…thanks for the preview of SM touring the alley!

  147. Trish

    I am so excited for this movie. I just say Twilight on Saturday and it was awesome. New Moon can only be better. AWESOME!!!!

  148. krissen

    wow sounds exciting.,ohhh im really addcited in twilight and the coming movie new moon ^_^it’s all about jacob and bella right when bella try to end her life.,

  149. krissen

    like edward jacob also had a dark secret.,(werewolf)

  150. Jen

    I love the book more thin the movie because the book has more detail.
    Don’t you think so?
    I’ve read all 4 of the books with less thin a week and it took my mom 4 hole month’s same with my teacher’s.

  151. Jen

    Now that’s super reading but Robert P. is so Ugly in real life im sceariess ive realy seen hem. He’s Hot in the movie.

  152. Georginax

    Tbh, i can’t wait till Newmoon, FULLSTOP! I just can’t wait for all of it :)
    It’s gonna be so amazing, but the bit i think is gonna ber amaing is the Italy bit. ARRGH! SO EXITED!

    Btw twilightguy, you are so amazing. (=

  153. ashanty

    i honestly cant wait i havnt read the book yet …but im planning to steal it fom barnes n nobles one of these days…..anyways someone wrote that edward was a horrible actor and that he pulled weird face expression but i think he was great i think he even gave him a little more character than the book-edward…bella on the other hand looked akward and shes book-bella except that idk i think book-bella was more gracefull(even tho she was wicked clumsy)idk but movie bella is just alil bit wierd in front of the camera AND OMG HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD THE SONG LET ME SIGN BY ROBERT PATTINSON HIMSELF ITS EFFING AWESOME…ITS IN THE MOVIE(the part where edward is sucking the venom out of her in twilight)

  154. mary

    i’ve seen twilight more than 50 times now

    well i think more

    AND i’m so excited that new moon will be film in only a few days

    despite the fact that new moon ist’n my favorite book but it was that the first one i ever read

    i was stupid thing to that but i was the only one at the store.

    i knew the story and i did understood the book even more when i didn’t read twilight

    anyway i’m looking forward for new moon the best luck for the cast
    and crew

    and happy birthday ashley green

    i bet she’s in las vegas right now


  155. mary

    and i’m thrilled about the where edward, bella and alice have to go to talk to the volturis and discuss about the possible “death” between bella and edward

    and the other scene is where paul transform into a werewolf and nearly kills bella

  156. twilight girl

    i started reading twilight during thanksgiving vacation in pennsylvania and went to see the movie in new jersey. i read the rest of the books really quick. im so upset abuot finishing so im going to keep readin them until i can see breaking dawn.

  157. twilight girl

    i have a snow day!!!!!! YES! :);):P bye

  158. Lakota

    Im so exited for New Moon! Theres so much drama and itll be so long! i cant wait to see the werewolves! and when edward leaves! i hate jacob but i cant wait to see it.
    i read new moon in 2 days, and i really liked it i love when jacob turns into a were wolf and than when he comes into bella’s room to explain and she gets really mad at him. i hate jacob! but i love taylor lautner.

  159. Laura

    omg.i can’t wait.it’s my favorite book…i think…favorite scene?hmm,let me think…when bella and edward meet again in volterra.oh,and jacob’s phase.there are a lot of scenes that i loved but i have to think.anyway,that’s great!i can’t wait to see again kristen and rob*sigh*…8 month left

  160. Kaitlyn

    New Moon is coming out pretty quickly, so I’m hoping they don’t rush making it too much but have it not be a good movie. I’m willing to wait an extra year if I have to, as long as they do a good job.

    I’M SO EXCITED for Taylor Lautner to finally have a big role in the movie!! He is a BILLION times better than Robert Pattinson (sorry, Robert fans) and I think he’ll be amazing!! 😀

  161. monique

    I have to agree with u on that.. i DO NOT LIKE JACOB AT ALL!!! bella and edward are too cute together
    i cant wait for the cliff scene, or when edward is by the clock tower.. and also the part when bella and edward return from italy and she thinks she is dead.. that part was a bit funny

  162. MUFFIN

    I Loved the books but.. i have one more to go! there really interesting and full of excitment as well as suspence! I didnt really like jacob in the second book.. But Hes growing on me lol haha but i still love Bella And Edward there so awesome and both so so HOT! 😉

  163. #1 fan

    yay i sure hope that this movie is going to be better than twilight but i have hope for this new director sooo ya


  164. tori


  165. Mrs. Edward Cullen

    I CAN'T WAIT 4 NEW MOON….Edward is MY Husband….The Books were so great, and the clips from this movies looks freakin Bada$$…SEXC BAD/G00D VAMPS whats not good bout dat?…. <3 I Love MY Husband….

  166. brittany

    you guys make the best movies in the world i can not wait until new moon comes out because i am goin to see it also robert you are one fine man

  167. mpuzztwilightmaniacc

    I really luv.. twilight n their seriess
    OMG I cant wait until watching it in the cinemas..
    love u all frim robert pattinson, Kristen Stewart
    u look like a great couple..
    MOVE ON!!
    Really love it

  168. tori

    i cant wait for eclipse its going to bee good and the same with breaking dawn

  169. tori

    eclipse is going to be awesome cant wait to see how much buffer taylor lautner ( jacob black ) is . omg he is so sexy hott

  170. tori

    i cant wait for eclipse its going to bee good and the same with breaking dawn

  171. tori

    eclipse is going to be awesome cant wait to see how much buffer taylor lautner ( jacob black ) is . omg he is so sexy hott

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