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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 8 (Temper)

November 24th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Pressure by Paramore [suggested by Ricky]

I realized suddenly this morning that anyone visiting my site for the first time probably has no clue what the main concept of it is, since the entire front page is covered with movie news. Who can blame me? Besides all the fun I had in LA and seeing the film, now we all know that New Moon will be a movie. For Summit, that means this franchise is nowhere near dying — for me, that means I get to enjoy another movie premiere sometime 😀

I had to do a bit of review to remind myself what had happened in the previous chapter, but as I was at a rather pivotal part it wasn’t hard recalling everything. Jacob had just appeared at Bella’s school, and was stealing her away to the beach again. Meanwhile, Edward is spontaneously combusting.

I found it a bit odd when Quil imprinted on a two-year-old, and it took me a bit of time to swallow it down and reason with it in my head. As anyone who visits the chat room knows, I have declared war on all creepers, specifically through use of my banhammer and threats to call Chuck Norris. So, I can’t help but feel at least a few creeper vibes from this at first. I am sure that I’m not alone in this.

But as usual, like with Edward always watching Bella and climbing through her window at night, you have to look at it from the perspective of Stephenie’s world. If something like this was to happen in the real world, 1-800-CALL-FBI would be punched on my cell quicker than Jacob’s temper. But the nature of imprinting, to me, is supernatural — almost a magic betrothal that spans across more than species or age. And since werewolves don’t age, it is simply a matter of waiting for the imprintee (?) to grow up. When you think of it in those terms, it takes a bit of the strange edge off.

I find it so funny how some people think that by simply adding ‘With all due respect’ to the beginning or ‘No offense intended’ to the end of a sentence, they are entirely excused from whatever they say. Jacob:

“You have the whole day off, right? The bloodsucker won’t be home yet.”

I glared at him.

“No offense intended,” he said quickly.

“Eat toads!” I said, spinning on my heels and pushing Jacob into the ocean, where he was attacked by piranhas and crabs.

It reminds me of a similar conversation I had with my web hosting company last week, when my sites were down the entire time of the premiere:

“Sorry sir,” said my web host. “But with all due respect, we’ve suspended you forever because you’re too popular, and we hate popular customers who have a gobzillion readers who will all hear of our horribleness and never buy from us again. No offense intended.”

“Eat toads!” I said, spinning on my heels and pushing my web host into Internet-hell, where they were attacked by piranhas and crabs.

or something similar.

Another thing I found in this chapter: an absolutely awesome band name! Jacob:

“C’mon Bella. Let’s go back to the house and get our bikes […]”

“I really don’t think I’m allowed.”

“By who? Charlie or the blood — or him?”

The Most Epic Rock Band Of All Time

The Most Epic Rock Album Of All Time

who would have thought?

After seeing the movie, I have suddenly taken a new perspective on a few of the characters. To be very honest, I haven’t really clicked with Alice much along the way. I don’t know why, but perhaps it was because I hadn’t developed a clear mental picture of her in the books.

But after seeing the Twilight movie, I have an entirely new outlook on Alice, and she is definitely one of my favorite characters. She seems to know exactly what to say at the right times, and she always seems to be positive when Bella needs it the most.

I find it very mature of Edward when he arrives back at the house, and suddenly finds it within him to accept that Bella might know what is best for herself. It was something I was not expecting from him at all. Until now, Edward has been very protective — overly protective at times — and now it seems that he is finally deciding to let Bella go a little, and give her some room to breathe.

Perhaps I’m looking too deep into this. But I feel strongly that a relationship should be built on trust, and it is that part of Bella and Edward’s that has been on the rocks ever since Jacob appeared. Of course, you can’t expect Edward to like Bella hanging around Jacob. No guy ever wants to see his girl with someone else — especially one who obviously would relish the idea of you falling from a bridge into a boat transporting poisonous vipers. If I was Edward, I don’t think I would trust Bella around Jacob either.

But the truth is that Edward probably doesn’t need to worry, because Bella is being strong to stay just friends with Jacob. Sure, Edward would really like her to stay away from Jacob entirely. But finally he is seeing just how much he can trust her — and that seems to show just how strong their love is.

Besides, I started laughing when Edward tensed up about all the female vampires in Denali. Edward Cullen is just far too loved. And as Edward said, Bella is far too funny when she is jealous 😀

Question for the comments: Do you think it is good (or safe) for Edward to start trusting Bella more? Also, do you think it is right for Bella to be seeing Jacob, when she becomes jealous just hearing about any other girls in Edward’s life?


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97 Responses

  1. layna cullen

    Hmm… I think Bella probably underestimated how jealous Edward gets when she isn’t with him, so it’s a bit unfair that she is allowed to see Jacob when she gets jealous just hearing about Tanya.

    That was one of my favorite chapters!

  2. layna cullen

    Oh also, I agree that it seems a bit weird about the two-year old. But the thing is, the imprinter is so dedicated to the imprintee (haha) that he will be whatever the imprintee needs most. So Quil is completely content to be the caring older brother figure for as long as he needs to be. So it’s not too creepy then :)

  3. Erynne

    I can see things from Bella’s perspective on this. In her mind, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her spending time with Jake. He’s her friend, and she has no subversive thoughts of doing anything with him Edward wouldn’t approve of. So when she can’t understand why he’d say, “No! No! I can’t – la la la la la la!!!” whenever she mentions hanging out with Jake, it’s only because the idea of doing Something Wrong has never entered her mind.

    Her jealousy over Edward and other girls, though… if you’re dating someone who is unbelievably beautiful and seems to be too good to be true, doesn’t it make sense that you would worry that they had done something with someone before you? Hell, I adore my husband, and I KNOW he’s done things with people before me that are horrible.

    It’s the “Chasing Amy” thing… the thing where, no matter how much we DON’T want to know about what our significant others did before they were with us, we HAVE to know. If it gets brought up, we HAVE to pull it out of them, even if it kills us AND our relationship with them. It’s a stupid human quality, and I love that Stephenie included it in the book.

    Hope all that makes sense. I’m a bit sleep deprived. It sounds good in my head, maybe not so good on the screen… :)

  4. Val

    Totally agree with Erynne.

    And Kaleb, I’m so glad that you’re back to the chapter thingy…Great chapter, one of my favorites too and I think Edward’s trust in Bella is making their relationship stronger, she’ll see that in no time (:

  5. Charlee

    Yeah, I think the fact that he trusts her more is a good thing, even though I think it really pains him to do so.
    He means well, I think that if I were a vampire, and my significant other was the most accident-prone, trouble magnet in the world I would be over protective too. (That is probably the weirdest sentence I have ever typed!)

    I’m glad you’re up and running! I’m sad that your costs have gone up though. That sucks, did you have to change web hosts?

  6. Madawn

    Im so glad to see that you are back to reading Eclipse i was getting a little anxious to hear your thoughts again! I think that Edward should trust bella bu i also understand where he is coming from seeing how werewolves tempers can flare but i was happy to see him let up a little on her! Jacob and Bella’s relationship is a lil deeper then even tanya and edward’s and i think that it’s a little hypacritical but they both have reasons to be jealous! Glad to see you back to reading im excited to see your reaction for the rest of the book!!

  7. Kathleen

    Edward definitely needed to trust Bella more at this point. This is when I began to swing back from Team Jacob to Team Edward. While it’s of course silly for either of them to be jealous given the other’s devotion, it’s natural and when they can laugh about it it’s okay. The possessive controlling stuff from Edward up to this point was just pissing me off. However well intentioned, it’s ridiculous. Bella doesn’t always make the best or most informed decisions, and as someone who cares about her and has a lot of his own future invested in her future, he has every right to call her on that, but to forbid and control is way out of line. Also, he needs to figure out if he wants to possess her or be her partner in life (well, existence, whatever…you know what I mean). Being the wonderful Edward we know him to be, he realizes what a tool he was being and returns to his respectful ways.

    The imprinting was initially creepy, but I think the more one learns about it, the more one realizes that it’s not necessarily a sexual thing. Again it’s about partnerships, and partnerships are equal, so right now it’s about being the best big brother a girl ever had and loving and accepting her for who she is now. And later when she’s grown, it’ll be about loving her for who she is then and being her partner with what she is able and ready to give. And thinking about the future is just not in a werewolf’s make-up, so there’s no creepy, even though under any other circumstances this situation would call for castration (or something equivalent).

    So glad your site is back up!

  8. Claire

    It’s nice that Edward started to trust Bella more. Since it’s hard for him to see her with Jake, it shows just how much he loves her. Her happiness is much more important to him than his own.

    It’s good that Bella’s continuing her friendship with Jake; but the more she’s with him, the more hope she gives Jake that they have a chance of being together. It’s not all her fault. To her, Jake is a part of her life and always will be. She doesn’t really see anything wrong with that or the impact it makes on Edward because they‘re just close friends.

  9. Shatha

    When Edward left, Jacob and Bella formed a very strong bond, stronger than friendship. It is good that Edward trusts Bella more because Jacob and Bella are “connected” in a way and he is way too possessive sometimes. However, I don’t think Bella should continue to stay friends with Jacob seeing as he expects more than friendship and their relationship is hurting him. But there’s more on that later. Yeah, it’s a bit hypocritical of Bella but it’s natural to get jealous I guess. Edward’s even jealous of Mike Newton! Jealousy is irrational.

  10. Rosalie

    Well it is a bit unfair that Bella can go see Jacob but Edward can’t really even talk about past girls in his life without her being jealous. Considering that Jacob is her first and foremost her friend and not a “lover” (Tanya and Edward weren’t but Tanya wanted her and she IS a bit more forward than Jacob)or whatever then it is sorta different.

    Yes the imprinting is creepy but once you really really understand it it is like nothing. It just seems like a part of life. And it’s not like he’s gonna be making out with her when she’s two. Then it would be creepy. And also since you can’t control it, it really isn’t as bad as it seems otherwise they would imprint on the person they wanted and at the time they wanted. Jacob probably would have imprinted on Bella. Weird to think about… Hmm.

    Anyhoo… As to the first question I forgot to answer I think that Bella is a fairly good judge of what is safe for her. She knows Jacob better than Edward so she knows that the werewolf aspect of him would not hurt her because he is in fairly good control of that part of him. Just like Edward is in control of his thirst around Bella. I find that there are many things in the story that you can compare with Jacob and Edward. Like the fact that they need to control around Bella.

    I also don’t think that it is really Edward being mature, it’s just him wanting to not lose Bella by pushing her too far in a direction she doesn’t want to go. Honestly, he seems like he wants her to pick Jacob but he doesn’t want to give her up so he has way too much internal debate and he can’t have a happy medium anywhere. He is either on the North pole or the South pole but he can never stop on the Equator.

    That is just my two cents. Glad to see your website is back up and running! Can’t wait to hear more from you soon!

  11. TwilightGirl

    after meeting you in at the LA after party i knew i had to check out your sites. and i must say kaleb you are an absolute delight. i laughed continuously as i read through your blog. so for your first question i must say it is good for edward to start trusting bella more because he loves her and it lets her know that there is trust. and i also know that he has enough confidence in himself to know that Bella is his. I pretty much hate jacob and wish Bella wouldnt see him as much but i get why she wants to be around him so much. jacob was there when edward left. jacob picked up the pieces though he couldnt put them back together. its something you cant take back. she has a need for jacob and i think edward understands that and until bella completely understands that its ok for her to be around jacob.

  12. Rosalie

    P.S. It is hard to answer your questions without spoiling you! Ugh it’s so frustrating!

  13. Rosalie

    Oh yea I was wondering… Do you even look at the comments we put on here? Are are you too busy with your calculus homework? HEHE
    But seriously do you?

  14. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 8 (Temper)

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  15. Steph

    Ahahah! “Eat toads!” I’m definitely going to at least try to use that phrase now.

    To be honest, I don’t think about a lot while reading the books. Seriously, not even the books. I read in a very… in the moment way. I don’t theorize, I don’t go any further than to question bits I don’t understand. Quil imprinting on Claire is certainly not something I thought about. Looking back on it, yes, it’s creepy sounding. But at the time I just accepted it. Without the explanation Jake gave, too.

    Damn web host. I mean… er, I’m not very good with coming up with things on the spot, so just imagine I said something that made sense here.

    Ah, jealousy. Where would any relationship be without it? Doing well, that’s for sure! Ahahaha… I’m not funny. Anyway, SMeyer said that one of Edward’s biggest flaws was to overreact. Like when he goes all, “Stay away from the mutt!” and then does a one-eighty, “As long as it makes you happy, sure!” I don’t think he should have just given her a free reign. As controlling as this makes me seem, he should have at least asked her not to go, for him. Keeping things hidden is not healthy, and he’s clearly jealous. I mean, not telling her how he feels about it isn’t exactly promoting trust.
    And Bella gets jealous hearing about Tanya! It’s pretty obvious that Edward’s just better at hiding it. You’d think that she may take the way she feels about Edward being around Tanya into consideration when there’s this dog practically throwing himself at her.

    But a couple of my favorite lines:

    ‘especially one who obviously would relish the idea of you falling from a bridge into a boat transporting poisonous vipers.’

    Ahaha. If only that would do anything, right?

    ‘Edward Cullen is just far too loved.’

    What do you say to something like that? I know. Hear hear. 😀

    Loved it. Wait, you’re off Topsites? 😮

    I’m voting right now. Read the next chapter!

  16. Kathleen

    I don’t think Edward’s problem was trusting Bella. I think he doesn’t trust Jacob. Edward doesn’t trust him because: 1) he’s a new werewolf, and 2) Edward can read his mind, and knows how much Jake wants Bella to love him.

  17. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

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  18. ~Tina

    Oy…I thought it was cool that Edward let her see Jacob, but I think it isn’t safe for her, because she could become too attached to him, and then when she has to make a choice, it may kill her.(emotionally) And I don’t think she really knows how jealous Edward is that she’s hanging out with Jacob. I think she’s thinking it’s the whole Vampire-vs.-Werewolf, instead of what it really is: Edward-vs.-Jacob.

  19. Jamey

    So glad you are back on chapter comments! Missed ya!

    I was as surprised as Bella when Edward was so calm about her trip to La Push, but I am glad for it. He did need to show her he trusts her, I mean for pete’s sake she trusts him with her life every moment they are together…he could show a little of that trust back! It also makes their relationship take a healthier turn. I love Edward as much as the next person, but it was getting a bit out of hand with how controlling he was. That isn’t a healthy relationship.

    Bella loves Jacob like she loves Charlie, he’s family. She doesn’t see how her actions give Jake more hope. I think this is naive on her part, but this is Bella. She doesn’t see herself clearly- as Edward is quick to point out in Twilight with the line of suitors waiting for her.

    Is it wrong though for Bella to be jealous of Tayna or Rose? I don’t think so. It’s the human reaction to wonder how someone so unbelievable wants to be with you. I don’t think its just a girl thing either. Edward and Jake aren’t typical guys by any means, but they both love Bella and there are things each of them would like to do for her, but can’t…creating their own jealousy of the other. And Edward admits to being jealous of Mike Newton.

    I am just glad Bella and Edward were able to discuss it and not let it fester and hurt their relationship as so many couples do. :)

  20. marcela

    i dont think its so safe for edward to trust her but i also think its nice
    no i dont think its right because BOTH adward and bella have never though more but a friendly thing some one said that its ok because bella thinks that edwad is a god and its right to be jealouse yes it is but edward thinks the the same thing about bella…that shes perfect

  21. Aly

    I think Kathleen is right. Edward knows that Jacob will do anything to “steal” Bella from him. I think Edward trusts Bella, though. Personally I don’t like Bella or Jake in this book (you’ll see as you read more.) Any girl who is in love with guy A, knows guy B is in love with her but hangs out with him anyway and even is continuously holding his hand is a (insert bad word here.) She leads one on and hurts the other. Mike Newton was right about her–girls are cruel! Hey wait…I just insulted myself! By the end of this book I though Bella and Jake deserved each other…and that’s not a compliment! My opinion only, please don’t attack me, everyone.

  22. Bethany

    I think it’s okay for Edward to trust Bella more, but I think he should still, you know, be protective and all that. Like, he can keep an eye on her, but less than before. He should allow her to talk to Jacob and hang out with him every once and a while, but I think it’s okay for him to feel a little…uneasy? about it. So, yeah, I think Edward should still feel protective of Bella, but maybe sometimes he should keep his opinions about to himself and give Bella some trust.

  23. HeyJoyous

    Trust is a good thing. . . as long as it’s well placed. :-) Bella has no previous experience with werewolves whereas Edward does. His worry is justified but he doesn’t realize how Jacob’s love for Bella can make her safe with him. Jacob has huge motivation for learning control. However, while I’m not sure Bella is in danger of being physically hurt by Jacob there is all the emotional drama and the deviousness of Jacob. Bella should be trusted. Jacob should not.

  24. Liz

    I think “imprintee” is indeed the proper term, it works. I was thrilled to hear that you’re finally making a close connection with Alice. I adore her. Her relationship with Edward is so wonderful, very siblingesque (we’re just gonna pretend that’s a word, ok). She gets under his skin all the time but he loves her dearly; so brother and sister. It’s the closest non-romantic vampire relationship and is so dynamic – it reminds me of twins, the way their minds are so constantly supernaturally connected.

    Also, yes, Edward’s release of Bella is a huge breakthrough in their relationship. It’s part of what Stephenie always so brilliantly incorporates into the story to keep it on our level. We can all relate to jealousy and the destructive force it can be. Ah, good stuff.

    Like many others, I’m so glad you’re back to your chapter reviews. It sounds like we were all having some withdrawals from your witty and uniquely insightful thoughts. Welcome back once again!

  25. Angie

    The whole imprinting thing? Weird! It freaked my freak in the beginning and I had to work really hard to make sense of it, not sure I still do but I moved on.

    I love the relationship with Alice and Edward, I love Alice.

    I think someone said something about not trusting Jacob, I completely agree. Bella was clear from the very beginning about what she wanted from their relationship, he tried to manipulate that. I think Edward was still trying to learn to deal with this new found emotion of jealousy.

  26. Claudia B.

    I knowww… imprinting is just plain CREEPY. I don’t buy the “magical supernatural epic love” crap. It’s CREEPY.

    Much like Edward stalking. Really, Bella SHOULD be freaked out by this.

    And Alice is awesome.

  27. Heather

    Awesome post! I have a lot to comment on:

    “Meanwhile, Edward is spontaneously combusting.” Classic. I laughed out loud for like 20 minutes. That was made of awesome.

    Yeah, the Quil/Claire thing is super weird at first, but you got remember that at this moment Quil is not romantically interested in her at all. It’s more of a brotherly, or even fatherly, love. There’s just a need to do whatever makes her happy and to protect her. There is no romance involved at all. Now when she grows up, it could quite possibly be a different story, but who knows?

    Haha Bella should throw Jake to the piranhas and crabs. I’m sure Bella would be happy to take care of your web hosting company too, while she’s on a roll lol.

    I’m very happy you love Alice now. I liked her a little better than the rest of the Cullens in Twilight because she was so accepting, and in New Moon I fell in love with her. Alice is made of awesome. (Speaking of movie Alice, I just loved whenever she was trying to help Bella in the ballet studio but she smelled the blood and had to keep closing her eyes and focusing on something else. That was so cool)

    It’s great right now that Edward has decided to be accepting of Jacob and Bella, but you’ll see how that comes back to bite him in the…you know.

    And I just loved how Edward skirted around the whole Denali clan thing. He was just like, “maybe if I don’t really answer, she’ll stop asking”. You could so tell he was embarrassed he had to answer these questions.

    “Question for the comments: Do you think it is good (or safe) for Edward to start trusting Bella more? Also, do you think it is right for Bella to be seeing Jacob, when she becomes jealous just hearing about any other girls in Edward’s life?”

    I won’t answer the first part, because it’s hard for me to answer spoiler-free when I know the rest of Eclipse. But the second half, I’ve never thought of it that way. It really isn’t right of Bella to get so bent out of shape about Edward and the Denali’s when nothing even happened there, and then for her to think Edward is being unreasonable when he isn’t jumping up and down excitedly whenever she wants to see Jacob. Excellent point.

    You’ll come to find in Eclipse that every single person does really stupid stuff and you really don’t like any of the characters. You want to bash them all upside the head.

  28. Een.


    That was the most adorable picture I’ve ever seen. That my Edward, right there. Adorable toad.

    Anyhoo, I think Bella is fine in being jealous. Because, like he’s said, when vampire emotions are effected the change is more permanent. So, he’s got some permanently in love with him super-gorgeous chick who will NEVER go away? Scary thoughts.

    Also, in her mind her love for Edward is unquestionable. Plus, Edwards deal with Jacob isn’t that he thinks they’re going to run off together. He thinks Jake is going to go all wolfy and mangle her face.

    And the Quil thing – I wasn’t really effected. I mean, gross at first, but.. I read a lot of Jane Austen / Bronte(plural) novels. So, its kind of common for the female protagonist to end up with a family friend of sorts. Cousins are still creepy, though..

  29. tina

    Glad you’re back to the book (although, it was nice to be caught up in the movie for a while).

    Alice is the best. She is more than a sister to Edward, she is his best friend, his closest confidant – they are so like each other and they share more because of their abilities. Glad you finally are ‘seeing the light’ when it comes to her.

    Now – to answer your questions…

    It is absolutely necessary for Edward to trust Bella. That is the basis of a good relationship. She is so naive about Jake -which is not a good thing. But, I personally think there is another reason he allows her to spend time with Jake – there is still a part of him that wants her to remain human and be with someone who will allow that to happen. As much as it would hurt him, he sorta wants her to love someone else (he sees himself as a monster, remember).

    Bella makes some major mistakes (won’t say any more or I’ll spoil it for you). She’s human and she’s a teenager. She doesn’t have the life experience to deal with such a complex situation without a few mistakes. They all make mistakes – Jake, Edward and Bella.

    But, you’ll see as you keep going thru the series how all of this is necessary…..keep reading already!! ha ha. This is one of the reasons that I love Stephenie – she saw the story evolve and knew the necessity of certain things – the threads go all the way through the books. Continuity….

  30. maria

    oh what awaits

  31. Megs

    HAHAHA! I can’t wait for you to finish this book. You have few shocks ahead and I am awaiting anxiously your reaction. You’re my favorite Kaleb!

  32. Kay Tee

    I think that trust is always a good thing is relationships and that it means that they are entering a new and more stable phase in the relationship.

  33. Kay Tee

    You’re number 11 now on Twilight Topsites, I’m sure you’ll be back on the Top 10 in no time at all

  34. Wendilynn

    The imprinting on a two year old did weird me out at first but after his explaination, I was okay. When you take the romance out of it and realize that Quil is a big brother to Clair at this stage of the game it takes the creep factor out. And least it did for me. ‘

    I mentioned this in the last chapter comments but that line of Edwards’ where he tells her he won’t let anything create a wedge between them still brings me to tears. I wish more people took this attitude in their relationships. Granted it took Edward a while to get to that point, but he got there. That’s what we love so much about him. He’s dedicated to Bella first and foremost in everything. He doesn’t give up just because its hard.

  35. Rapunzel

    I’m not going to answer your questions because I’d probably spoiler you, but I will say this:
    Another good band name from Twilight = Jacob and the Wolves

  36. Megan

    I think it’s normal for them to be jealous. They, of course, have no reason to be, but if I were Bella, and I had found out that there were other women who had been trying to win Edward’s affection, I would definately be jealous, even though I would have no reason to be. And if I were Edward, I would be extremely jealous that Bella was hanging around Jacob without me. Especially because I would know that he wants me to die, so he can have her all to himself. Knowing his thoughts, I think, makes it 10 billion times worse for Edward. I felt so bad for him during this book. And Bella was really getting on my nerves. She was always saying how much she was hurting Jacob. She didn’t think about how she was hurting Edward, too. If I were her, I would probably just make Jacob come to my house to visit :) That way, Edward wouldn’t have to leave her, and she could visit Jacob. If Jake didn’t want to come down to visit me, then I would probably just blow him off for being poophead. Haha :) I know he’s really depressed, but if wanted to see her that badly, he would just come to her house. Edward would hopefully allow that. I thought he was being overprotective, and that really got on my nerves, too. I think they were all just overreacting to something that could have been solved with patience, understanding, and trust. All they needed to do was calm down and sort things out. I sort of wish Jacob had been nicer to Bella. If cared about her, you’d think that at some point, he would have let up, and accepted to some degree that she loves Edward and not him. Just to let her be. He doesn’t realize that he’s hurting her because she thinks he’s hurting because of her. And then she has to be all martyr-like. I think he’s just being a stupid boy who will do anything, no matter how heartless, to get Bella. And that is my theory. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jacob! And Edward. But they were really annoying in this book. It was so hard to read. Especially when Bella, the most annoying person of all, was telling the story. *sigh* Oh well. It was still amazing! And I love Alice!!! I’m so glad you love her too! She is my favorite character, other than Seth and Edward! I cut my hair to look like hers. I’m the biggest dork ever. Oh well. It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Tehe :)

  37. Rapunzel

    But you can’t have it… I’m using it for fanfiction

  38. DR

    I think that as far as trusting Bella goes, we forget one very crucial fact that is the center of Edward’s world:

    Bella is HUMAN and, therefore, as fragile and breakable as glass. Imagine how you would feel if the love of your life became very very ill and the slightest contact with the wrong thing would kill him or her. You would start getting pretty protective really fast. Edward has saved Bella from so many near deaths that it would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening for him.

    I think that Edward’s jealousy of Jacob is secondary to the very real threat he sees in the instability of werewolves. Stephenie makes that point very clear with the story of Sam and Emily and with Paul’s volatile nature. Edward is scared to death that Bella, being the magnet for danger that she is, will mistakenly do or say something wrong and set one of the werewolves off and poof, no more Bella. From Edward’s perspective this is a real possibility and not something he is willing to gamble on.

    I think his “trust” of Bella in this chapter shows more than just another step in their relationship, but personal growth for Edward. He is so used to being all knowing that he has a superiority complex. He doesn’t believe Bella, who has had only a mere 18 years of experience in life, could have the judgement necessary to know when a situation is really safe. For him to finally let go and let Bella make this decision is like giving your teenage driver the keys to your new porche. It’s very scary for him to trust Bella with the most important thing in his life–Bella–but he knows that he has to let her grow up and make her own decisions. This can’t be an easy thing for him to do, but he does it and ultimately shows how much he loves her and how much he has grown in the time that he has known her. How could growth like this be a mistake?

    As far as whether its fair of Bella to see Jacob when she gets jealous of girls in Edward’s past. Well, as much as I think Edward underestimates Bella, I think Bella both overestimates and underestimates Edward. Bella takes for granted that Edward can read minds, but she probably doesn’t realize what Edward sees in Jacob’s mind-especially where Bella’s concerned. Bella is very good at downplaying any attraction that males feel for her, and so dimisses it. Edward knows exactly how Jacob feels and does not dismiss it. He may trust Bella’s love, but he doesn’t trust Jacob and the desperation he must see in his mind to keep Bella human. Do you blame him? Bella, on the other hand is confident of her own feelings and her ability to keep Jacob as a friend and no more. I don’t think she really realizes how this affects Edwards because 1, he is really good at controlling negative emotions around her when he thinks those emotions will cause her pain and 2, because she overestimates Edward’s confidence or maybe underestimates his humanity. This seems pretty easy to do because Edward always seems to self-assured and above petty human trivialities.

    I guess this is a very long way of saying overall, I think Edward is justified in his protective attitude of Bella and Bella is slightly oblivious to the depth of Edward’s jealousy because she still doesn’t quite understand what Edward sees in her that is worth this much trouble.

    Hope this makes sense to someone other than me. :)

  39. Taylor

    Edward is too extreme. One minute he is over-protective and the next he is too loose. What they need at this point is a good sit-down conversation on where their relationship is and where it is going to go in the future. If she isn’t sure about him she really should let him know instead of running off without him knowing to spend time with some other guy she has feelings for. Lame!

  40. Brandy

    While I loved your coverage of the premiere (delayed as it was…. stupid web-hosts) I’m glad to see a chapter post. I love hearing what you think while you read.

    Trust is the foundation of a good relationship and Edward needs to trust Bella for the two of them to be more equal.

    The imprinting bothers me to a point but once it’s explained and you can see it evolve it makes a lot more sense and loses most of its creepiness.

  41. tina

    DR – you made great points – and I get what you mean. :)

  42. MyRandomName

    Chalie or the bloods 😆

    And Edward should trust Bella… Also, it is sort of unfair to him though xD

  43. KT

    Hmm… Okay, this is what I think and I totally agree with what DR had to say. Edward was a bit overboard at times with protecting Bella so I think it is safe for him to trust Bella. After all she spent months with Jacob as a werewolf before. I also think it is alright for her to be seeing Jacob when she gets jealous hearing about Tanya because Edward wouldn’t not visit Tanya every once and a while.

    By the way, Kaleb, where can I get a copy of ‘Charlie or the Bloods’? :)

  44. Stephanie

    you didnt mention anything about jacob getting mad and since the chapter is called ‘temper’ it is kind of important…other than that good review. although i disagree with you on the quality of the movie, you have an interesting site to read. keep on reading!

  45. becky sue


    Also, nice comment (mini-book?) to DR #38. Very well done.

    AHAHAHAH piranahas and crabs (can’t forget the crabs…….)

  46. sarah

    I think Dr. (comment # 38) hit it right on the head. What with Bella underestimating her own worth so much.

    I think you will find, in life, that things are not fair or equal. Such is the case here. Bella is jealous, but doesn’t allow for Edwards jealousy. The same is true in reverse. It makes for a believable, relatable story.

  47. Alli

    I love Jacob and desperately want him to be a part of Bella’s life, but she’s only hurting both Edward and Jacob, as well as herself by trying to be in both worlds. It wasn’t right of Edward to outright refuse Bella’s wishes, but it was wrong to do a complete turn-around also. He would have been better off explaining why he didn’t want her around Jacob, and opening up a little more.

  48. Becky

    this is totally not on topic but your comment about Jake wanting Edward to fall off a bridge into a boat filled with poisonous vipers made me laugh. Because thats just an all you can eat snack buffet for a vegetarian vamp, lol

    ANYWAY, back to the subject of this post.
    Yes, it’s good that Edward is trusting Bella more. Is it safe? Of course not, she’s a danger magnet. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t trust her.
    And I don’t think Bella can NOT see Jake since she loves him. Maybe not the way Jake wants, but she does love him. So yes, I think she should still see him. And Bella just needs to have some faith in Edward because obviously he doesn’t see the Denali sisters as possible lovers.

  49. Becky

    but that’s what makes the story so good, the uncertainty and jealousy. It makes it more real and believable.

    because otherwise it would be really boring

  50. JessieLynn

    Hey Kaleb!
    Loved the post! Charlie and the Bloods sounds like a fantasmic band! Also, I totally agree with the fire and brimstone idea. How dare they punish you for having one of the most awesomnest sites ever! Piranahs and crabs FTW!!!!
    On to the question: I think it is great that Edward is trusting Bella more, even if it could lead to more heartache and pain in her life. (see when Jacob ignores her in New Moon). I agree that it is slightly unfair that she can be jealous and Edward can’t, but of course, Edward is being the bigger person about this. Also, he probably realizes that either a) he let her see Jacob b)he refuses and she hates him forever or c)she gets over Jacob. Seeing as the third isn’t an option at this point, and he would rather die then allow the second one, he chooses the first.

  51. Bekah

    Nope. Not a good idea. He should have explained that he didn’t want her to be around Jacob because it made him upset and to please choose him instead which she probably would have said yes too and the end of the book wouldn’t have happened! YAY! Of course a lot of people would have died too… hmm this is a tough one….

  52. Laura

    Wow. Because you’ve all been into the movie news, I forgot how funny you are! Toads, piranhas, crabs, band names, and vipers in one entry! Kudos!
    Actually, it’s not such a good thing for Edward to start trusting Bella more. I mean in New Moon she was all over motorcycles and cliff-diving. She’s only human and honestly doesn’t have the best judgement. However, they do need to trust each other more without having tension filled standoffs whenever a controversial subject is brought up. I love Edward’s reaction at the end of the chapter though. Lol.

  53. Angela

    Inprinting isn’t so much as a romantic love all the time. Basically, the imprintee just becomes the absolute most important person in the world to that werewolf. Imprinting is any kind of love that the imprintee needs. Like with Claire and Quil, Quil will just be the best, kindest big brother for her. And when she gets older, he will be her very best friend. And when she’s old enough to love romantically, they’ll be perfect for each other. This is all explained, I know….

    And actually, I do think it’s about time for Edward to start trusting her. You have to let the ones you love go. If they come back to you, then they’re yours. =]]

  54. Lu

    Kaleb, Edward is my favorite character in the series. My second fav. is Alice. I am glad she is one of your favs too.

  55. Elise

    I think it’s fine, she wouldn’t do anything unless Jake threatned to kill himself or something;) She loves Edward more than she loves Jake, ALOT more, so she’d proably be HAPPY for him to be moving on.

  56. Rakey

    Well, I don’t like Jake, so my opinion is quite biased.

    But– *yay* I’m Kaleb’s 4000th subscriber. I had no clue I wasn’t already subscribed.

  57. Kelly Deneen

    Yeah, as a mother of a 15-month old girl, the imprinting kind of freaked me out, but I did finally come to terms with it as being a supernatural and non-sexual thing.

    BTW, I just found your site tonight – sorry I missed out on earlier posts. I will have to go back and see your thoughts on other parts of the books.

  58. Mary_C

    I never felt anything creepy about the “imprintee” and the “Imprinter” (xD) having such age difference. I guess I immediately started thinking that Quil would wait, because after two books of a vampire thats virgin after more than a century I thought a warewolf could wait at list 15 years.

    Any ways, I know this is none of my business(why do I feel that that beginning is similar to the “no offense” ones?) but what are you gonna do after you finish all four books? I know that you do a lot of other twilight-related things apart form sharing your opinion of each chapter of x book, so what comes next when you’re done with all 4 books?

  59. Nutty Netty

    lol i am not freaked out about the imprinting thing 😛
    imprinting is not the same as finding your soul mate. it’s like the imprinter LOVES the “imprintee” so much but that doesn’t neccessarily mean they HAVE to love each other “that” way.

    I think Edward does trust Bella. It’s Jacob he doesn’t trust and that is understandable. the dood is a werewolf!!!! you gotta remember that these are VERY dangerous creatures. Edward knows he is dangerous, too, but he was slowly but surely able to trust himself around Bella. Jacob is another story. He is capable of losing his temper easily and with it his control. c’mon, are you going to tell me there is nothing to fear? i mean Edward being overly protective and Bella never really taking her own safety into consideration how can you (if you were Edward) trust her to be around Jacob?

    I’m glad that in this chapter Edward was UNDERSTANDING which led to his TRUST in Bella’s decision :)

    the part on the couch made me go WOAH!! and my heart was racing with Bella’s! lol
    WOO Edward! haha c’mon! i wasn’t the only one 😉 hehehe

  60. Ashley

    “Edward Cullen is just far too loved” lol….love it!

    ah, but he does deserve every minute of it…..

  61. Tianna

    Hi, Im sure you remember me from some point of this site.

    I just have to say that the fact that I was alread listening to ‘Pressure’, then see that it made the chapters song, was a bit weird for me.

    And I do think Edward should back off a little bit. I mean, as much as I love his character and all, I’d wish he would give Bella a little more breathing room. It can get quite suffocating.

    It’s also a normal reation to see your boyfriend/girlfriend hanging with someone of the opposite gender who they already know has affectionate feelings for them. But even if Bella is making sure that the line between ‘friendship’ and ‘relationship’ is obviously blurred a little around Jake, it is somewhat normal (in my opinion) that he begins to develope even deeper feelings for her.

    Sorry, but it sounds like Im rambling, which I was trying to avoid. And, God, does it sound like Im telling someone off, or what?

  62. Rebecca

    Don’t underestimate Jacob.
    It’s hard to see the first time you read the series, but he truly loves Bella. And Bella loves him… differently, but still. Edward couldn’t see that originally either. But it’s like Bella said, when Edward left, he left a hole in Bella. Jacob filled that hole… it’s not something that just goes away. What Edward realizes in this chapter is that by keeping Bella from Jacob, he runs the risk of reopening the hole… a slightly lesser hole, but nonetheless. He loves her too much to keep her from someone who makes her happy.

  63. Nazneen

    Well, Edward did not let Bella hang around with Jacob because he believes that Jacob could just simply mutate into a werewolf and hurt her badly just like Emily.

    Yes, Edward is jealous. But Edward could not have said no, because that would make Bella sad about hurting Jake’s feelings. Because all Edward wants is for Bella to be happy. Even if making her happy means to leave and let her start a healthy ‘human’ relationship with Jacob. Because Edward wants Bella to remain human.

    So, there’s no way that you could go and tell Edward to talk to Bella about how he is being jealous of her hanging out with Jake. Cause then that would make Bella hurt to see Edward hurting. And Edward would definitely hate himself for making her hurt! Oh boy, it’s so complicated. But I like it. :p

    (Okay, the first question cannot be answered. But Comment by DR #38 totally made sense.)

    Second question. No, she should not have been jealous.

    I think it is about time for Bella to realize that Edward would seriously, really, honestly, totally.. certainly… absolutely…. definitely….. unquestionably, doubtlessly, positively kill himself if that makes her happy. She really should see that, after everything he has done to keep her safe. So, she shouldn’t be jealous. Instead, she should be thinking about how SHE is making Edward jealous when she’s having lots of ‘humanly’ fun with Jacob. Somehow she’s not seeing that. That Edward wants her to be human, how he wishes HE is human. So that he would love Bella. The way he thinks Bella should be loved.

    Geez, Bella was kind of irritating. But it’s alright. Bella is after all, human. :)

    Oh and, Alice is a must-be-a-favorite character for each and every Twilighter!


  64. Veralea

    Hmmm… To the first, yes. I think that Edward should trust Bella more. Especially with this, since Jake was there when she needed him, and it’s impossibly heart-breaking to not be able to be with your best friends.

    But as for that second question – Bella is really being a hypocrite! Just HEARING about Edward and another girl makes her jealous, when HE has to watch her and Jake, and hear his thoughts – that couldn’t exactly be the cleanest thing – and then go through so much to try and make her happy, even though it’s wrong and not what he would even consider until she brings it up. He would go through so much for her, and I think that even though she is thouroghly aware of it, she might take it for granted sometimes. Or, maybe she just isn’t aware of how much he would – or could – do.

    Yeah, Bella is a bit irritating sometimes. Especially later on in the book. Just a heads up.

    Now, for my add-ins…
    HAHAHA! ‘Eat toads!’ Hee hee!
    And of course! You absolutely MUST love Alice. She’s like the perfect sister. Alice is Alice. And I thought it was funny, too. Edward is… well, as you said it. Just far too loved. And Bella’s funny when she’s jealous. I can agree with you there, too.


  65. Veralea

    But, then – to the first – if Bella knew how much Edward was hurting, then she’d feel terrible, then Edward would feel terrible. And then Jake’d feel terrible ’cause Bella’s feeling terrible and guilty and bad. To the latter – I think.

  66. Devon061381

    LOL I agree with Veralea’s “ps” above. However, yes I think Edward should trust Bella more, but I also got extremely pissed off with Bella by the end of Eclipse with how she handles things with Jacob. But this will all get resolved in Breaking Dawn and you will forgive Bella for pissing you off because she may not have executed the connection with Jacob well, but she has gut instincts that are pretty good.

    She still pissed me off though. haha

    And Alice is my #2 fave behind Edward. I love Alice!

  67. Chrissie

    Yes, I think it;s safe for Edward to trust Bella more. It’s Jacob you have to be worried about. Bella would’d just leave Edward, I, sorry, Bella loves him too much. Edward has nothing, bar Jacob, to worry about.
    I think the imprinting thing is soo cool! wow! But in breaking dawn, you’ll probably find it more weird.
    Alice is one of me Favourite charcuters too. But Edward’s first!

  68. Wendilynn

    For those who keep commenting on how Edward gets too extreme. Keep in mind that Edward is a Vampire. Vampires in Steph’s world do not have any internal system for controlling emotions or reactions. So when they feel an emotion its extreme every time and it takes time to learn to deal with that. Its what makes newborn vamps so unpredictable and dangerous, they usually aren’t prepared in any way for the extremes in emotion to control them. Reminds me of my three year old. 😛

    So yes, Edward does overreact many times because this is new for him, he was never in love as a human and until Bella was never in love as a vampire. And he is learning how to deal with all that for the first time.

  69. Jamie

    I think it’s kinda wrong that Edward would go out of his way to do anything for Bella, b

  70. kassia

    Just wait Kaleb, the imprinting gets weirder! The imprinter sees the imprintee in any way that the imprintee wants them too. The first instinct of the imprinter is to give the imprintee whatever they want, and when you are two, all you want is people to play with you and feed you and be with you, so that’s what Quil does. When she gets older, her wants and needs change, so Quil would change to fit to her. When you read BD, trying not to give anything away here, it will make more sense, and you can see that imprinting isn’t necessarily sexual, just responding to the needs of the other person.

    Also, Edward is a vampire, and when you experience emotions as a vampire, they are extreme, and the vampire has to learn to deal with the strong emotions. That’s why Edward loves Bella so much, and why he would do anything for her, in such an extreme way. Bella is also as we know extremely accident prone and constantly running into supernatural trouble, when she is just a fragile human. I’m sure her motorcycle riding and cliff diving and believing she was dead was enough to scare him into being over protective. But because these are strong vampire emotions towards a human, he needs to learn to deal with them and make them fit to a human standard. He is being over protective, but he is sending his accident prone girlfriend into the arms of a young temperamental werewolf who loves her too and will do anything to have her instead. Really, I think his emotions are legit for a vampire, but he does need to learn to trust Bella more with her decisions. She may be just a human, but being with Jacob makes her happy, and Edward would never do anything to make her unhappy.

  71. kassia

    Oh, also, don’t ever ever ever underestimate Bella’s love for Jacob. Or Jacob’s love for Bella. it’s stronger than you would initially think, as you will read later. Jacob may just be a teenage wolf, but he has feelings for Bella that rival Edward’s. And it will be explained later! So get reading!

  72. kassia

    Only one more comment, i promise.

    Bella does have the right to be jealous, but there should be no reason for this. It’s quite annoying that they can’t read each other’s minds, then they would know how much each of them mean to each other. Bella is quite annoying that way though. It’s like she refuses to admit that Edward might actually love her. Edward is the same way with Bella, but at least he has reason. If Bella wants Edward to trust her with Jacob, she needs to trust him with someone that she has never met before. At least Edward knows his competition.

  73. vivs

    :) yea!!! the page is back on!!! and i just finished voting for ur website. right now u are at number 11. but i know that sooon enough youll be back to where u were.so yeah. i owuld answer ur question but i must leave right now so i might come abck toanswer it later.

    btw: nice post! “charlie or the bloods” LOL! :d

  74. samantha

    great post! This is one of my favorite chapters.

  75. Rachel

    “Edward Cullen is just far too loved” lol, so true, but we love him even more just for that.

    This is one of my favorite chapters (actually, any Edward Bella chapter is one of my favorite chapters, but that’s besides the point), mostly because they’re on a huge bed basically making out…kidding. Though I do love fluff, and we finally see some boundaries being pushed (waggles eyebrows).

    Jacob can go drown himself. I’m sorry, but Jacob is a complete jerk in Eclipse. You’ll see why about 6 or 5 chapters or so from the end. (Also the highlight of any Team Edward’s argument against Jacob). The way he acts during the point I’m talking about really struck a nerve with me, for personal reasons. But I’ll get to that when you do.

    Huh. I never thought of that. I guess Bella is being hypocritical somewhat. I wouldn’t trust her with Jacob anyway. She’s far to lenient. She could never be a middle school or high school teacher. She has no idea how to lay down the law with adolescent teenage boys.

    Anyway, love your sight — whoops, I mean site. Or maybe INsight? hmm…

  76. Wendilynn

    I can appreciate Bella’s jealousy toward the Denali clan. I grew up being teased in school all the time. I completely get her insecurity in not feeling exciting, beautiful, graceful or amazing enough. To her eyes Edward is the best and deserves the best and she just isn’t really the best…at anything. Of course, the flip side is that Edward doesn’t consider himself “good” enough for Bella. That she deserves someone who isn’t essentially a walking nightmare. What always thrills me about them is that they love each other so much and they aren’t willing to give up on the other. Despite all the obstacles, they fight for what’s important…each other.

  77. Juni

    “Meanwhile Edward is spontanously combusting…” lol
    I thought that was hilarious. Stephenie said once somewhere that Edward’s biggest flaw was overreaction. He knows that by letting Bella spend time with Jacob he is risking her life by letting her stay over at a werewolf’s place…whether it be jelously, her safty, or his prediduce against the wolfs thats keeping him from letting bella go, he finnally seems to realize that maybe he should let bella off her leash. lol
    Still this is risking his chance of bella staying with him if bella were to decide that jacob is better for her. Like you said, this is a big test of trust for both of them.
    Also,to answer your other question… I think bella doesn’t see how jealous he really is and if she did she would feel bad about leaving Edward.
    Nice Post!

  78. Carrie

    I think Edward always trusted Bella, but he was afraid Jacob would lose control one day and hurt her. I don’t blame Bella for being jealous of Tanya. She considers herself very plain and vampires are gorgeous, so of course she feels a twinge of jealousy at the thought of Rosalie or Tanya possibly being interested in Edward at one time. It’s not like she went on a jealous rampage or anything. As for Bella hanging out w/ Jacob, my feeling is that once a guy tells you he wants to be more than friends and you already have a boyfriend, it’s time to cut him loose. It’s unfair to everyone involved if you try to pretend that the guy is just your friend. Plus, Jacob hates Edward and his family, which only makes things worse. Bella is in a tough situation. I would feel weird about spending time w/ a guy I know is in love with me while I’m in love with someone else.

  79. Clara Renee

    Edward needs to get a grip. He’s way to overly protective and overbearing and untrusting and if it was any other guy i would swear he was abusive too. He needs to calm down, he says he wants Bella to live her life but how can she do that if he’s constantly having her in a little bubble wrapped box? Jacob lets her actually LIVE. (That’s why if it was my choice I would pick Jacob over Edward)

  80. Cara

    Ay, no. As is well known, Edward starts off Eclipse being too overprotective… and then becomes much too underprotective, which causes… ahem. You will see.
    RIGHT for Bella to see Jacob? It sort of depends on how you look at it. If you look at it in favor of Edward, it isn’t, really- then again, Edward cares more about Bella than himself, so that’s not the biggest deal to him- as long as it makes Bella happy… which brings me to if you look at it from Bella or Jacob’s perspective, it is right because Jacob kind of needs her, and it’s probably healthy for Bella to have someone else to hang out with besides Edward… or not…

  81. Bella minus the B.

    I felt the same way about Alice! I never felt very attached to her and could never get into her head. Thank God for Ashley Green!

  82. alice

    ill keep it short and sweet.
    i think edward should trust bella more, but he should trust jacob less…
    and i like bella hanging out with jacob. it makes the story more interestion :)

  83. Tanya

    I have to agree with the gal who said once you know a guy likes you and you don’t feel that way for him you should cut him loose. I kept shaking my head all the way through Eclipse. We see a side of Bella through the end of this book and even into BD that is painful b/c it reminds us that she is really very human. She keeps hurting these two people who love her so much by trying to pretend she can keep both of them around at the same time. It doesn’t work. There’s a difference b/t having male friends and having male friends who ADMIT they are in love with you. My husband (and most boyfriends, including Edward) would have real issues with that. I know it does not make for as exciting reading, but in a perfect world, she would have cut Jacob loose long before BD.

  84. Sarah

    Funny post this time. Funnier than usual, actually. 1-800-call-FBI, that’s awesome! For standing up against creepers everywhere, I want to thank you. Thanks!

  85. JC

    Answer: yes, it it hypocritical, but that is the great thing about Edward and Bella; they are both flawed, yet they overcome these flaws and love each other.


    I don’t care about your life oustide of twilight.


    lol no pressure or anything

  86. Emily

    Just a little question for you Kaleb.
    Have you read the outtakes and extras for twilight and new moon. srry if you’ve already read them, just asking. b/c i would really like to know what u thought of them.
    Twilight fuh-ever

  87. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 9 (Target)

    […] Reading Eclipse: Chapter 8 (Temper) The song for this chapter is Pressure by Paramore [suggested… […]

  88. Kayp

    Okay. I believe that it is a good thing for Edward to start trusting Bella more but I understand where his extreme-hyper-protective ways come from. I mean he’s been a vampire for HOW LONG and who has he fallen for that we know of …uhh, nobody. So his first love of his forever life he’s going to go head-over-heels for!! It only makes perfect sense–all those decades passing by and by the time the sparks fly you have like a hundred years worth of passion bottled up, hehehe. And I mean she is human after all. This happens in the “human” world all the time. People start being more than friends but of course each of them has “girl” friends and guy “friends” and certain ones make us quirk because we get nervous and apprehensive and protective. Its all normal stuff. And understandably she loves Jacob in her own way. How hard is it to stay away from someone you love??? I think Bella and Edward have proved that point for us am I right. 😀 Hahah.

  89. April

    Edward is all about extremes. He can be over-bearing in one minute, then let it fly the next. He realizes that Bella will continue to find a way around him, so he goes to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum by letting her go without supervision.
    As for Bella, Jake sewed up the wounds Edward left behind in New Moon. While she doesn’t see or want to admit it, there are some feelings there. There is still so much more coming, so I look forward to your reactions!

  90. Maddy

    Do you think it is good (or safe) for Edward to start trusting Bella more? Also, do you think it is right for Bella to be seeing Jacob, when she becomes jealous just hearing about any other girls in Edward’s life?- exactly… you’d think she would UNDERSTAND a little more.. even if he is overreacting.. pshh… I feel like Bella is always oblivious to Edward’s feelings…

    also, like I said before.. one thing I love about Edward besides his sarcasm (<3) is how he can admit he is wrong and compromise.

  91. Megan

    every time i leave you a comment, i feel so late compared to everyone else, but i just discovered you on january 5. No its not hypocritical. jealous is not an emotion you can control, it is how you react to the jealousy that matters. She didnt try to have him kidnapped and held in the house as opposed to going to Denali, although thinking about it now, the opportunity never arouse, so who knows what she would have done right? Edward is not wrong, just inexperienced. Having never been in love before, he is bound to make mistakes, which is normal. Its realizing the mistakes and learning from them that counts, which he did. He compromised with her, which is one of the stepping stones to a good relationship.Love, Trust, Honesty, Communication, and Compromise. I think those things may be the reason that females swoon over Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black. It has nothing to do with their looks. These two characters understand that their relationship with bella is not about just about what they want. Thats the truest thing that i took from the books, anyways. Sorry, i rambled. happy readings!

  92. Michelle

    With all due respect…. (right? LOL) Imprinting is one of the things I’ve referred to in the past as something that out of context is extremely hard to swallow but somehow Stephenie seems to make it okay in her world. At this point in the book, I didn’t even see Edward finally allowing Bella to see Jacob as any kind of trust on his part. Even as he says that he would like to know her plans in advance so that he can make his own plans and not sit around waiting for her, it seems like a ploy. Even when he tells her that he’s really not trying to upset her and that he’s really okay with this, I can just feel the film of lies and jealousy engulfing me. I really don’t think it was meant to be taken like that, but I just can’t grasp he’s all of a sudden okay with this. I am completely for him deciding not to try to stop her anymore, but just agree to disagree on this one instead of trying to look like the big man. Sometimes Edward is such a pushover that I want to slap him (even though I’m totally Team Edward!!) For everyone that’s read all the way through, you know what I mean. Just once, it would be nice to see Edward flip out and raise his voice a little!

  93. Victoria

    I have laughed so hard reading this one! I love that cover!!! I don’t know why I found it so funny!
    I do think that it is good that Edward starts to trust Bella. Realtionships need trust. I was getting irritated at Edward for being so over protective! I also do think it’s safe, but maybe not all the time.
    I don’t like Bella seeing Jacob. I can’t stand him! I don’t know why he doesn’t undertstand that he can never get her! Bella falls for anything he says. She needs to realize that hanging with Jake makes Edward jealous, just like Edward being with the Denali’s makes her jealous.

  94. Amanda D.

    Jacob hates Edward for what he is. Edward hates Jacob for what he is, too. What’s funny is that neither one of them is WHAT they are. Sure, Bella found a vampire and a shape shifting wolf, but they’re the exceptions to their kind. Jacob, for instance, is very in control of his phasing even though he is young and temperamental. Edward denies his bloodlust for his “singer” because of his love for her. Bella is also the exception. Her being Edward’s mind reading exception probably saved her life in my opinion. Her knowing about the supernatural saved her friendship with Jacob after his change. She is naive and I admit she’s a bit callous with how she treats Jacob. But I doubt anything she says would sway him from his mission. She is inconsiderate of Edward though. She should be more understanding of his feelings. But once again they both get what they give. Edward’s overprotectiveness is not totally unjust, but he is so extreme.

    Protectiveness is an attractive trait, but Edward being Edward goes to an exreme and is OVERprotective, which is not so attractive. He’ll do anything for Bella though. And he’s the mature one because somebody has to be. Bella should be more careful with Edward than she is though. I think Edward’s decision to allow Jacob and Bella more openly has less to do with trusting Bella than it does with not wanting her to resent him. I think Edward trusts Bella in the relationship sense. I don’t believe he doubts her fidelity just her judgment.

    I, by far, relate to Edward more than Bella even though I’ve been a teenage girl and will never be a century old vampire. He loves her unconditionally. Jacob is a condition, and he learns to let it go. I think he knows that Bella prefers him and loves him more, but he has to know from Jacob’s thoughts that Bella has some love for him too. He won’t make her choose because he blames himself for the whole situation. Sure Jacob’s presence in her life MAY be his fault, BUT her devotion to him is completely her cross to carry. I think it’s easier for him if he just blames himself. He’s worried for her safety, and Bella would more than likely hurt herself trying to see Jacob, and that is something Edward would not forgive himself for. Also, the whole situation is not black and white for Edward. He can’t truly hate Jacob Black for several reasons. He did protect Bella when he left. He also could give Bella a life than Edward cannot. Selfless Edward wants Bella to pick Jacob and choose life, so it would be wrong to remove him from her life. Selfish Edward wants Jacob to disappear and leave his Bella be, but he also doesn’t want to give Bella any reason (besides the vampire thing) to leave him. I actually find Edward far more selfless than Bella. Edward can leave and let Jacob win if it’s what Bella needs. It’s far more than should ever be asked of anyone, and he considers it often as hard as it would be for him. He’s admirable.

    Imprinting… yeah. I still think Quil is a little creepy even after I know I shouldn’t. I was okay with imprinting until Claire. That made me think. After the explanation and considering the unimportance of time, I can see it though. If you think about it, it’s far less exreme than Edward and Bella’s age difference. Edward didn’t change Bella’s diaper though, so that’s the wrench in that comparison.

    This is also one of my favorite chapters and I’m terribly ashamed to admit why. I don’t get all giddy and girly at any other scene in the books… not the first kiss or any other more deserving scene. The couch… yeah that does it for me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the pitfall of my mind- it’s home in the gutter. The reunion, no Charlie, the presence of the bed, Edward’s forgiveness, the comparison of Edward’s words to the last ones Jacob said… to me, it’s just kinda hot. Haha. I’m 21 years old and that couch makes me a tad too pre-teen giddy.

  95. 10114

    Hi. I was bored so I got on this website. But I still think that the post on this chapter was great. i loved this book and what you said was soooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Jude

    I think it's a bit unfair to Edward how jealous Bella gets, but then it is Edward Cullen, and the whole world is in love with him.
    I absolutely LOVE reading your posts, you put a new prospective on everything.
    I can't wait until you get to chapter 22! Favourite chapter out of all four books!

    Also i died laughing at that picture of the toad lmao

  97. Jude

    I think it's a bit unfair to Edward how jealous Bella gets, but then it is Edward Cullen, and the whole world is in love with him.
    I absolutely LOVE reading your posts, you put a new prospective on everything.
    I can't wait until you get to chapter 22! Favourite chapter out of all four books!

    Also i died laughing at that picture of the toad lmao

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