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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 10 (Scent)

December 1st, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Dusk And Summer by Dashboard Confessional (suggested by Natalie)

At this very moment, in my apartment, the scent filling the air is that of rice, steak and jalapenos, as I just finished a wonderful Tex/Mex dish in my attempt to deviate from lasagna and swiss cheese (you are not alone: this has come as a shock to many). I found it curious that this chapter should be called ‘Scent’ when one of my biggest points in Chapter 9 was about the smell of Bella being on the pillows and clothes that had vanished from her room. Obviously, it’s something that the vampires and werewolves can smell: and something that the intruder took as evidence that he had actually found Bella.

It’s interesting how Edward and Jacob are working together in a somewhat manner. Though they still can’t bring themselves to stand in the same house as the other (seeing the destruction to the ballet studio when a vampire fight broke out is enough to make me agree) they still work around it. It seems childish, but I suppose it works.

And all this ridiculousness about Bella smelling. First Edward says something’s in her room. Then Jacob says something’s in her room. Then Jacob says it’s her hair. Since this chapter is called Scent you would think it would be a good scent, like sour cream and onion or peanut butter chocolate (I once knew a girl who had chocolate-chip cookie dough scented lip balm (or whatever they call it), which is a bit strange if you think about it…). Has Bella been bathing in old horseradish or are Jacob and Edward simply losing their minds? I find it funny how they both seem to be battling for her to smell like a wolf or a vampire.

I have a slight problem when reading that I’m sure all of you have realized by now. Sometimes, when I come to a very serious line, that I should be putting on my serious-business-face for, my brain recalls something else entirely, and instead I begin to chuckle at the memory, instead of being grave and somber for what was said. For example:

“…You know,” I teased halfheartedly, “this whole secrecy and deception thing is kind of a pain.”

Edward’s expression hardened. “It gets easier. After a few decades, everyone you know is dead. Problem solved.”

He sniffed. “In fact, that thought is so depressing, I might just break out into song.”

And thus a new career was born.

The deal fell through soon after...

The deal fell through soon after...

Edward is doing much better in acting like a boyfriend instead of King Cullen, and I think even Bella is surprised. Of course, I don’t entirely blame him for the way he has been since they met (Bella isn’t called a danger-magnet for nothing, as I mentioned before). But it’s always nice to see that even Edward can grow up some and learn that he can’t watch Bella 24/7. The change really came about when Edward realized that he was being too controlling and that Bella actually can be trusted somewhat with her own safety (as long as this doesn’t involve cars, motorcycles, cliffs, water, tennis, needles, knives, mace spray, axes, shotguns, the pavement, the woods, climbing trees, airplanes, volleyball or a potted prickly cactus, which only through supernatural means made it from Arizona to Forks without sticking her in the eye).

And thus, Bella is off to La Push again, with plenty of blessings from Charlie, who would certainly love to invent a new brand of force field that blocks Edward out but allows Jacob Black through. Still, with this, I am having an even harder time understanding Edward — and I can more clearly see one of the major concerns voiced by critics of Bella. I know that if Bella was my girlfriend, and some fellow like Jacob came bounding along who was pushing to be her best friend, and constantly trying to steal her away, I don’t think I would be happy at all for her to be spending so much time with this half-dressed chap who is about 1/10th my age.

It irks me that Bella would continue to see Jacob, knowing how it makes Edward feel. Is this something that Edward should just accept? Is it respectful to their relationship for Bella to be hanging around so closely with other guys (especially guys like Jacob who would obviously jump at the chance to steal her away)?

As most of my readers are girls, I will flip this around — imagine your boyfriend hanging out with some other girl who happens to be a model and is dying to steal him away, and he goes crying to her anytime you get into a fight, and she welcomes him with open arms, saying what a beastly brute you are for hurting his feelings. It would probably come to an ultimatum: one or the other.

As I thought about this, however, I was reminded of what I was reading, and also that Edward can read minds; an ability real guys do not possess (much to the chagrin* of many). So, these problems can’t even be the same as if Bella and Edward and Jacob were humans. The difference is that since Edward can read Jacob’s mind, he knows what is going on, and maybe also that Jacob is well-intentioned. And, even though he can’t read Bella’s, perhaps he has come to trust her enough so that it’s almost as if he really can: he trusts Bella enough to know that she is keeping it friendly with Jacob.

But then again, I’m sure Jacob has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He doesn’t quite seem ready to give up yet 😀

Question for the comments: do you think it is alright for Bella to lead both Edward and Jacob on? Do you think she even knows what she is doing?


– For those of you who enjoy my music, I just uploaded a brand new song and would love opinions. Also, the new song can be downloaded for free for the next two weeks (and no sneaky things to sign up for either :D)

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  1. Tianna

    Yeah, first post!

  2. Tianna

    Well, I have to say, I agree with you on some of these things. I was almost as surprised as Bella when Edward said he would let her go to La Push, knowing full well what Jake was thinking.

    Personally, I would have done everything in my power to NOT let her go to him like that. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but I dont actually care. I mean, she does have other friends, and as far as I (and Bella) know, none of them have strong feelings for her (besides ever faithful Jake).

    So, Im sad to say, I would have done the opposite of Edward in that case.

    “And thus a new career was born.”

    I find that really funny. “The thought is so depressing, I just might break into song.”

    -rolls on the floor, laughing at his expense-

  3. Yoko

    Firstly, you are hilarious. That album cover is just wonderful.

    Secondly, It would probably be healthier for everyone involved if Bella just made a choice. But she doesn’t. Edward could just ask her outright to stay away from Jacob, but he doesn’t. I think that part of him wishes that Jacob could win her over because Edward still thinks that she’d be better off without him. So, he is trying to be okay with their spending so much time together. Thirdly, Bella kind of needs Jacob in her life at this point; he helped her through the darkest time of her life and there really is no way to reverse that kind of a bond. Jacob, i think, is pretty faultless in all this. What would you do if the girl you loved wanted to spend eternity with your sworn enemy, but still seemed desperate to keep you in her life? That sounds like encouragement to me. I don’t think I’d do anything different if I were Jacob.

    Fourthly, I’m sorry to be listing things like bullets points. I’m kind of annoying myself a little. Also, it’s funny trying to respond to your post without spoiling the rest of the story for you.

  4. Shatha

    “Edward and Jacob are working together in a somewhat manner”
    A somewhat manner? I’m not very good at English but is a word missing?…
    Haha, I loved your post on this chapter! But no question for the comments, I see.
    The list of things that Bella will hurt her self with is hilarious!
    Bella is incredibly annoying in her actions, she ignores the obviousness of the consequences her decisions have, yet she still continues leading Jacob on and being hypocritcial to Edward who I was glad had become less controlling. Bella’s flaw is her.. naivety when it comes to Jacob and Edward. She wants to live in a world where she can have both Edward and Jacob but she can’t, and by keeping both in her life at the same time she’s just inflicting more pain on everyone.
    Very funny album cover by the way! :)

  5. Malin

    I really love this post. The feelings and thoughts from Bella/Edward/Jacob are well presented. And I just can agree. The problem is that the friendship between Jacob and Bella started because Edward left. Thus Edward is blaming himself and is trying to be the understanding boyfriend. Nevertheless in Edwards position I would tell Bella how he is feeling and that she is hurting his feelings.

    In Eclipse are many parts I would love to see from Edwards POV. I suppose he is more hurt/jealous as we can even imagine.

    I really like Bella but I think she doesn’t realize how much pain she is inflicting. Edwards fault is for not telling her and accepting it.

  6. Giada8424

    I think that Bella should have kept Jacob at distance from the very beginning given that He was clearly falling for her; but now that Jacob still want her close it would really be terrible if she just turned her back on him… kinda like “Well, now Edward’s back, I’m out of my zombie-like state so we can go our separate ways!”

  7. Nazneen

    I think that Edward’s love for Bella is really different in a way that.. his love for Bella is more of to keep her happy. And as long as he could stay with her, he would. No matter what.

    But for Bella to hang out with Jacob and is so pleased to have hung out with him.. is really.. weird. Hah! Especially when she knows that Jacob is trying to win her heart. I guess she just believes that she wouldn’t fall in love with him and that she knew that she couldn’t live without Edward.

  8. kelsie

    Kaleb…..you are hilarious

    Bella actually can be trusted somewhat with her own safety (as long as this doesn’t involve cars, motorcycles, cliffs, water, tennis, needles, knives, mace spray, axes, shotguns, the pavement, the woods, climbing trees, airplanes, volleyball or a potted prickly cactus, which only through supernatural means made it from Arizona to Forks without sticking her in the eye)

    so true so true

    i dont know i guess Edward would do anything he could to saty with Bella…..because its pretty obvious he’ll do anything for her not to leave him

  9. Aishah

    Wow, Kaleb.
    You really opened my eyes here.
    At first, I just thought that Edward is just being an annoying, super-obsessive boyfriend who wouldn’t allow his girlfriend to do the things that would make her happy.
    But now that you flipped it over for us, girls, to see, now then do I get your point.
    It is kind of selfish for Bella to not consider Edward’s feelings at first, and that also most importantly, Edward is always 24/7 worrying about her safety, what more is that she is hanging out with werewolves and that he has to worry about her during his hunting trips.
    However, I am really glad that Edward finally gave in. I’m sure that it was difficult for him to agree. But, Edward, being in love with Bella so much, would rather want her to be happy even if it means for her spending time with his ‘sworn enemies’. It is is because he knows that Bella seeing Jacob would make her happy and also that if it wasn’t for Jacob, Bella would be a huge mess in New Moon.

  10. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 10. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Scent). […]

  11. Rapunzel

    I think they’re all pretty stuck right now. Bella’s too nice to let go of either, Edward’s too nice to intervene and Jacob’s too nasty to leave them alone.
    Also, you probably won’t believe me. but although there isn’t a song called ‘All my friends are dead,’ there is one by Felt called ‘All the People I Like Are Those That Are Dead.’
    I’ve got it stuck in my head now.

  12. Erynne

    Haha… oh, Kaleb, it is scary how sometimes these little chapter analyses are a glimpse into my life.

    I married the man of my dreams this year; he truly is the equivalent of an Edward in my life. But if you reverse our genders, he’d be my Bella, and that’s terribly appropriate, because one of his best friends is also his ex.

    April is definitely a Jacob. She encourages Chris to forget about his crazy wife one minute, then says, “Hey, as long as you’re happy” the next, not wanting to make Chris miserable by second-guessing his relationship too much. She and I have a tentative tolerance of each other… we dance over beds of nails and broken glass, trying to avoid cutting ourselves too badly.

    I have to admit, there are times I’m NOT very Edward-like, when I flat out say, “I am NOT comfortable with this and I wish it would stop.”

    But I haven’t said, “Stop being friends with her. That’s enough, don’t talk to her anymore, it’s done.” because I know it would hurt Chris. While _I_ may not always approve of her, I know he has a lot of history with her and it would hurt him to lose her friendship.

    So I’m left in a position where I grudgingly accept the friendship and have to trust that Chris will take Bella’s stance, and stay with the love of his existence rather than chase after an alternative.

    I can see quite clearly why Edward struggles so much with the whole thing. He’s very uncomfortable, but doesn’t want to hurt his relationship with Bella by setting down an ultimatum. Because that IS what would happen: if he said “You must have tea and cake with the vicar or you DIE!” then it would end up damaging what Bella and Edward have between them. All ultimatums take their toll, one way or another.

    So, yeah, it’s all about trust. Edward trusting Bella to do the right thing. Bella trusting herself to not hurt Edward. And Jacob trusting that he’s trying to look out for what’s best for Bella (in his mind).

    Yay, triangle of doooom…

  13. hera

    if my boyfriend pulled a bella i would completely rip tht super models hair out..we’ll c how she likes that 😛
    break out into song?!

  14. Justine Lark

    Edward is not human, and his love for Bella is not normal. He really, really wants whatever is best for her no matter how hideously miserable it makes him feel. See New Moon.

    Part of keeping Bella happy is for her to not know how much pain he’s in, because then she’d do what he needs and not what she wants.

    So, she doesn’t know how it makes him feel, because he doesn’t let on.

    She isn’t leading anyone on, because her feelings for Edward are very genuine, and she has been honest with Jacob that she loves him like a brother.

  15. Kathleen

    I think Bella does lead Jacob on a bit, but I don’t think she’s fully aware of what she’s doing. I don’t think she realizes the depth of Jacob’s feelings. Also, I think she’s hoping that because she has said “just friends” that he’s going to honor that and turn off the other feelings – which is what she’s hoping for so she doesn’t lose her best friend. Which of course is a foolish thing to hope, but also the kind of thing one only learns from experience. Turns out being honest in a relationship isn’t always enough if you and the other person are fooling yourselves about the consequences of what you’re being honest with each other about.

    As for what Edward “lets” her do, if I had been in the state she was in New Moon and the main thing that started bringing me back from the land of the un-living was my best friend and then boyfriend who nearly killed me when he dumped me came back and told me he resented how close me and best friend were and didn’t want me to see him anymore, I’d kick ’em where the sun don’t shine. That would be the proof that he is not the boyfriend to have and wasn’t worth the grief I wasted on him.

    Of course Edward is not that boyfriend and has figured out the best way to keep Bella happy is to trust in their bond and trust her and let her figure it out for herself while not making himself the enemy. He’s a lot smarter than your average boyfriend.

  16. Angela

    And these questions, my friend, are what Eclipse is alllll about. =]

    Bella needs Jacob. He became a part of her when Edward left her. Edward knows this, so this is why he allows it to go on. Besides, Edward has a low self-esteem, and figures that Bella shouldn’t be with himself and should be with someone human (or somewhat human) like Jacob anyway. And, like you pointed out, Edward can read minds, and so he knows that Jake will protect her the best that he can.

  17. JessieLynn

    lol! Great post once again! What is it with you and musical refrences these days? Charlie and the Bloods, All My Friends are Dead, etc. Whats it going to be next,”My Bestfriend’s Boyfriend” lol, that title sounds way to familiar though, so never mind. If I was in Edward’s position, you better believe I would be jealous, so no problems there, but being as Edward is Mr.Never-Hurt-Bella-No-Matter-What, he makes some stupid decisions that are gonna bite him in the butt.
    On to the Comment Question: I don’t see a problem with her hanging out with both guys, but it really is unfair of her to treat both of them like her “boy toys” in a way. Bella doesn’t see it that way, and seems to need Jacob as much as he seems to want her around, and she loves Edward with most of her heart. It really isn’t completely her fault, as you will find out later, but a ton of it is.

  18. Victoria

    It all comes down to trust in a relationship. In real life (where there are no vampires and werewolves), early on in the relationship, Bella shouldn’t be running off to Jacob to tell him all about Edward when she knows how Jacob feels about her. And throughout the books, the length of Bella and Edward’s relationship is very short. Once the relationship has gone on longer, and there is a sense of commitment, then it should be alright for Bella to tell a friend who has feelings for her about Edward, because there is commitment in her and Edward’s relationship, and he should trust her, just as she should trust him. I’m not advocating for Bella to abandon Jacob in the early part of her relationship, but she doesn’t need to tell him everything.

    However, in this world where vampires and werewolves do exist, there was commitment way early in the relationship. And with this commitment, there needs to be trust. Edward has to trust Bella not to do anything with Jacob. Also, because of his mind reading, he can find out whatever happens between Bella and Jacob, because that’s what Jacob is always thinking about. On the other hand, should Bella need to find out what Edward is doing while she’s not there, Alice is pretty much going to tell her.

    I think Bella gets a lot of unfair blame when it comes to her “leading on” the boys. She really only leads on Jacob, and only a little bit. She tells Jacob exactly how she feels. He knows, and he should respect that. It’s his own fault that he keeps trying with her. Later in the book, she does something that is entirely stupid and entirely her fault, but it’s under a pressurized situation. Also, as evidenced by the first book, Bella has low self esteem, and often doesn’t realize the effect of what she’s doing on Jacob. And she never leads on Edward, as he’s the one she’s chosen.

  19. Missy

    I think Angela hit at least one nail totally on the head here. (Not that her whole post wasn’t right, but she brought up something most people don’t think about) For a guy who can do just about everything better than anybody else, Edward is pretty down on himself. His opinion of himself is partly why he gives in and tells Bella he is ok with her going to La Push to see Jake. The other part is his near worshipful love of Bella. He still sees himself as a monster who doesn’t deserve her, and if she did decide to walk away, he would let her. He’d fall apart, but he would let her do it. No matter how many times Bella tries to explain her love for him, he can’t read her mind and see it. He doesn’t understand it. And, for the most part, he wants to give her everything she wants. Plus, he realizes that fighting over Bella with Jake will only make him look bad. He’s not an idiot.

    In regards to Bella leading on Jake: Yes, she is doing it, and she does know it, but she can’t help herself. Jake kept Bella alive and breathing in New Moon when Edward left. Or, more truthfully, he brought her back to life when she was basically a zombie swallowed up in grief. She can’t stay away from him anymore than she can stay away from Edward. Added to that is her need to mother (remember how she takes care of Charlie and Renee?) and you have a real situation. She is as protective of Jake and his feelings as she would be a Charlie’s or Renee’s.

  20. Isabel


    In New Moon, Bella began to annoy me. In Eclipse, she managed to make me hate her.

    Pulling two awesome (and fairly respectable) guys along is not okay.

  21. Monica

    Bella, Edward, and Jacob form such a complicated love triangle, because they both love Bella and she loves both of them. Meaning that no matter what, two of them will be hurt when she finally makes her choice. Bella is insistent that she and Jake are “just friends” so I don’t think she realizes that she’s leading him on.

    Jacob was there for her when she really needed someone, and what is he supposed to do now that Edward is back? Fall out of love with her? Jacob knows that Bella’s already chosen Edward, but he doesn’t want to lose her. And Bella doesn’t want to hurt Jacob–or herself–by telling him it’s over. I don’t know if they would have been better off or not, if she’d stopped seeing him. She was already in too deep with Jacob when Edward came back, so there’s really no good way to end this.

    I suppose I can relate to Jacob because my best friend is a guy who has a girlfriend.

  22. Heather

    Haha, I didn’t even think about how Bella survived the cactus, it must be a miracle!

    I love the points you made in this post. Bella always greatly annoys me in Eclipse. Edward does too because, as you see now, he gets too lax. And Jacob has always annoyed me. Bella slowly starts to realize she’s being extremely harmful to Edward and Jacob. And Jacob’s thoughts are full of good intentions on protecting her, but they are not full of good intentions to let her lead a happy vampire life with Edward. He does want to steal her away and he does have quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

    Bella is extremely in the wrong in this book. She should not be leading both of them on like that. If the roles were reversed and Edward kept going to Tanya to hang out and cry on her shoulder, so to speak, Bella would be extremely upset. The fact that she keeps getting mad at Edward for not being more supportive with Jacob is ridiculous and hypocritical. And she keeps giving Jacob hope that she might someday fall for him, and if she doesn’t run off into the sunset with him, then he is going to be completely broken and will be even more broken if she becomes a Cullen. Bella doesn’t realize she’s doing it, but she will.

  23. Stephanie

    Eclipse has always been a hard book for me to read. I always feel the need to yell at the books “do you have any idea what you are doing?”…I know, I probably sound crazy, but I get emotionally attatched to practically all the books I read. Bella should make a decision, but she doesn’t. I think she knows what she is doing and knows what the right thing to do is, but is not strong enough for that. I don’t get mad at her, because although she is involved with this supernatural world, she is human. And more importantly, a teenager. She makes mistakes. I think it makes her more relatable.
    I always feel so bad for Edward in Eclipse. He tries to be understanding of Bella’s need for Jacob’s friendship, but when he can’t handle it (and most people couldn’t) and asks her not to go to La Push, he is seen as a tyrant. Poor Edward.
    Keep reading!

  24. Madawn

    YAY chapter 10! Love love love the album cover! The fact that they can work together but not be in the same room together is a little childish but as i read on i kind of understtod why, Edward especially doesn’t want to hurt bella so he won’t even allow himself in the same room as Jake just in case something happens, and that is extremely mature.

    anyway on with the actual question, Bella is not being a very good person although she has stated numberous times to jake that she only wants to be his friend i think that she is to blame for leading him on by allowing the holding of hands and such. As for right now in the book i don’t think that she has really realized what she is doing…but she will!

  25. Rene

    This is just for your information please do not add to the comments.

    You missed the point about the odors on Bella. Bella herself does not smell bad especially to Edward, or Jacob.

    Vampires and werewolves smell bad to each other. So when Bella is around Jacob she acquires his scent and Edward thinks she stinks and vice versa. They also purposely try to leave their scent on her (breathing in her hair, long hugs, etc., marking their territory?) when they know she will be seeing the other one just as an irritation and reminder.

  26. Steph

    I don’t believe that Bella is leading Jacob on at All! They started out as friends and are still friends. Jacobs feelings have grown for Bella. Does that mean that Bella should stop being his friend? What kind of friend would that make her than?
    Edward is okay with Bella being Jacobs friend because he knows to Bella that they are just friends no matter what stronger feelings Jacob may have.Edward knows that Jacob and Bella spending time together keeps her safe as when he is away.
    Jacob and Edwards number one concern above anything else is helping each other keep Bella safe.
    Your missing the point of Edward and Jacob being cordial to one another and that is keeping Bella alive.
    Her heart and soul belong to Edward that decision was made long ago. Jacob is a friend that she cares for just like you and your friends.

  27. kassia

    She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She just wants to be with them both so much, she is just considering her own feelings, as she often does, and doesn’t think about what Edward thinks about every time he lets her see Jacob, or what Jacob is feeling every time he has to hand Bella back. All she wants is to be able to love them as much as she can, but she doesn’t want to think about how she could manage them both, because she knows there is a decision on which one she loves more in the future, and she doesn’t want to think about that. As much as I think that Edward is totally right for trying to keep her on a short leash, people misjudge Jacob’s feelings a lot. Jacob is in almost an exact situation as Edward. He is sending the girl he loves off to his enemy, and as Edward sees Jake as only a tempermental teenage wolf, Jacob sees is as sending her to a immortal vampire who may or may not kill her at any given time. Bella only wants to satisfy her own feelings and her own needs, instead of those of the men she loves.

  28. Shelby

    Great post, Kaleb! Really great!

    Now on to your question…

    I don’t think Bella is leading both of them on. She’s with Edward 100%… Of course, she doesn’t see things the way Jake does. Jacob isn’t seeing her interest in him as just friendship, he sees it as an opportunity to be with her. Really, the only time she ever led him on was in Twilight at the beach and in New Moon as first. But after those times, she really cared about him and genuinely wants to be around him.

    What she’s doing isn’t wrong. But the way Jake takes it is wrong. Bella isn’t guilty of anything……….yet.

  29. Shannon

    Of course it was wrong for Bella to keep Jacob in such close proximity and leading him on like that. But then again, Bella is still human. And humans get so confused sometimes. You want something, you don’t want it, but you want it and you don’t want it. That’s just the way it works. Obviously, being with Jacob was just so much easier, comfortable, harmless (somewhat), so Bella felt secure around him. That was the pull, that was what made her stick around. The “love” she feels for him is different from the love for Edward. Still love nonetheless…

  30. ~Tina

    I am SO going to buy Edward’s CD! lol 😀
    As we’ve seen in New Moon, Bella can barely live without Edward, but she CAN (no matter how hard it is) live without Jacob. I don’t think she knows she’s leading Jacob on, I think she doesn’t realize just HOW strong his feelings are.

  31. Samantha

    I can sympathize with Bella as I am currently in love with two guys. I am in the same situation boyfriend or best friend. HHHHHEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP
    I dont want to hurt either of them.

  32. KT

    It most definitely is not okay for Bella to be leading them both on. That was the biggest problem I had with Eclipse… there were a few times I wanted to yell at Bella. Can’t she see how much she loves Edward, and how much she hurts him by running off to Jacob?

  33. katey1994

    i think that edward can tell that jacob means much more to bella than a regular friend (ahem, unlike, say, MIKE). he can tell that by keeping jake out of her life, he’s hurting her. and seeing that edward loves bella, he’ll just have to put up with that aspect of their relationship. you’ll see how gererous edward can be come chapter…24? i think that’s the one.


  34. Loony_Lovegood

    I don’t think she knows what’s going on, and even if she realized it, i think that there’s nothing she can do about it.d

  35. katey1994

    kassia, love your comment! i agree with you 100%. that’s the best explaination of jacob’s persona i’ve ever heard! (read, whatever)


  36. becky sue

    AHAAHHA! You are entirely dead on! How DID she not end up sticking herself with that potted cactus???? It’s impossible.

    And you have gotten to why I hate Bella; she has something wonderful (Edward), but still goes after Jacob. Isn’t that a deadly sin? And I think that’s in the ten commandments, too. And he blatently told her that is how he felt, therefore she IS leading him on.

  37. Brianna J.

    he he… loved the new album cover

    as for the question, i don’t think Bella really means to hurt Edward, it’s just that she just can’t turn her back on Jake and leave him in the dust. He really helped her out when she had that rough patch in New Moon, and she can’t just forget about it. That Jake’s in love with her complicates things, and I don’t think she really sees how much Jake’s presence really bugs Edward. Your comment about the supermodel made a lot of sense, and I’m sad to say that I probably would have made an ultimatum. It’s not right for Bella to be leading both guys on, and i was a little frustrated with her almost this entire book with the Jake-then-Edward-then-Jake-then-Edward-again thing. By this time I was a little like “c’mon, just pick one already!” A little irritating…

    anyways great post! i’ll check in next week!

  38. Becky

    ah, the question that gets to the heart of the book: Edward or Jacob?

    well, obviously I’m not going to tell you who she chooses (although you probably have been spoiled anyway), but here’s my answer:

    It is not alright for her to be leading them on, although since she did agree to marry Edward, he’s not really being led on. But anyways, Jake knows he’s fighting a losing battle, and he knows Bella loves Edward, but he’s not going to give up. Bella really doesn’t see it as leading him on because she just wants to be friends. She’s not conciously doing it, it just sort of happened.

    I’m really surprised that you haven’t quite figured out the vampire in Bella’s room mystery :)

  39. Bekah

    Okay for those of you who don’t understand where Edward is coming from read the partial midnight sun thing. I seriosly understand the reason Edward acts the way he does now.

    Anyhoo. Agreeing with KT i wanted to yell at Bella as well. She was making me pretty darn mad. I wanted her to get the hell away from Jacob but no….. She has to go and *censor*

  40. Natali

    Bella drove me crazy in this book. I have the same issues as you. She is leading Jacob on, and it only gets worse!! I do like how Stephenie explains it in Breaking Dawn though. It made me feel a ton better about it.

  41. mk

    my bf is friends with another ‘model’ girl that would take him in less than a second from me and its sooo frustrating because i cant do anything about it but in the end you have to do exactly wat edward does, you have to trust that the person you love will make the right choices :)

    but…in terms of twilight…these are the chapters that tore the fandom into Team Edward and Team Jacob and made everyone Team-Anti Bella and wanting to slap her going “pick Edward! pick Jacob!” LOL…great times 😛

  42. Tricia

    I think you must have forgotten that Edward loves Bella enough to do whats best for her, even if it destroys him. He doesn’t like Jake, but thinks that Bella could stay human if she chooses Jake and that would be better for her. He’s wrong, but that isn’t the point. Edward loves Bella, but still thinks he is a lost soul and doesn’t ever want that for his true love.

  43. April

    I Don’t Think it’s Right For Her at All.
    She Should Realize That Being With Jacob Hurts Edward & Leading Them Both On Isn’t Fair to Either of Them.
    I Think Bella is Just Trying to Create This Perfect Little World Where SHE is Always Going to Be Happy Because She Has Both Edward & Jacob But She’s Not Realizing How it’s Affecting Them.

  44. Chelsea

    I think edward half way wants her to choose jake because in his self loathing he relizes that he isn’t the best thing for Bella and she just might be better off with Jake even though it would kill him to have her choose, and the fact that he hates the man guts some part of him wants Bella to choose him.

  45. Red

    Bella is definitely leading on Jacob. Is it his fault that she fell apart in New Moon and then spent so much time with him? No, but he deserves someone who can commit to him. Bella knows that she will never choose Jacob over Edward, so she’s just teasing him. Breaking it off with Jacob would be awful and terrible and painful, yes, but it SHOULD BE DONE, before the damage gets worse. Bella has full knowledge of what she’s doing, but can’t bring herself to do anything to correct it. She just whines about how much pain she’s in.

  46. Miss Mad Hatter

    Kaleb, you rock. Just to letcha know.
    I don’t think Bella is being very responsible with Jacob. In New Moon, she referred to herself in two different parts, both very different: Edward’s Bella, and Jacob’s Bella. It will be mentioned again later, but as it has been referred to before, I don’t feel very guilty. But Jacob’s Bella is much less responsible, and so sometimes she lets that part take over herself. She so rarely gets to let that side of herself out, and she needs to let that part of herself go and just act bOnKeRs every once in awhile, and Jacob is just the person to let herself go with. She feels too comfortable with him for hers or Edward’s or Jacob’s good, which is a GIMUNGO problem with Edward. She also hasn’t told Jacob clearly enough that SHE IS NOT A BIGAMIST. She can’t live with Edward, and this whole BFF’s-for-never-or-forever-well-maybe-never-no-I-think-it-should-be-forever-DUMP-YOUR-BOYFRIEND-PLEASE-HE-IS-VERY-STINKY-AND-NASTY-and-we’re-still-BFF’s-right? can’t go on for very much longer. But Bella is trying to hold on to Jacob and that part of herself that is so reckless with him, so any compromise, however temporary, is fine with her so long as no person is hurt too severely. Jacob is just trying to save Bella’s humanity, so I see no fault with him. Edward is just trying to get over his problems, and become more mature than his 110 years.
    Hope this review doesn’t look like Russian or Greek or Ancient Egyptian.

  47. HeyJoyous

    Well, I think Bella is quite ignorant of Jacob’s feeling and intentions most of the time. I think that if she knew exactly his thoughts and feelings and intentions and continued to spend so much time alone with him it would be wrong but I really think that she has no clue.

  48. meg

    Wow, i actually never thought about it that way. I always thought that it was Edward who was wrong to keep Bella away from Jacob. It didn’t occur to me that Bella may be wrong to keep up her friendship with Jacob when it was actually a one-sided love relationship.

    but i really don’t think bella knew she was leading jacob on. She knew Jacob liked her, but she tried hard to make it clear that she didn’t like him that way. but she didn’t want to hurt him, so perhaps she didn’t make it clear enough. I think that bella was just being bella. She was determined to somehow work around the problem, and not have to choose either jacob or edward. The same way she was determined to somehow manage a relationship with a vampire who was constantly fighting the urge to kill her. You’ll just have to keep reading, kaleb, and see if bellas plans work out. :)

  49. meg

    And also, i would NOT be happy if my boyfriend was best friends with a super-model who loved him.


    heehee 😀

  50. savannah

    u have got to make it clear what team you’re on! by the way you talk it sounds like Edward, but then u say jacob has the best intentions? does this mean switzerland for you? or you like them both but edward is right for bella? or you like them both but she needs to choose jacob? or jacob is a rotten stupid mutt/twit (ok so im not that good with the name calling) and Edward needs to keep bella away from him? <- 😀 haha. or God forbid Bella leave Edward because he’s a smelly leach? ( :( i dont mean it! im trying to think how jacob lover would!)

  51. savannah

    p.s. models are stupid

  52. savannah

    p.p.s what will happen once you finish Breaking Dawn?! what will you post then?!?!?!?!?

  53. savannah

    p.p.p.s. i hate jacob in the middle two books. he is much more like-able in the last one

  54. kassia

    aw, thank you #35 katey1994! I really love Jacob, so I’m always a bit defensive of him.

  55. Aria

    Bella has stated many times, I love Edward. I love Jacob like a brother. Therefore, she is no longer leading them on. Leading Jacob on leaves us to belive he thinks she is seriously debating between to two. And she’s not. Jacob brings all his pain on himself.

  56. Amaranthine

    Normally I would write something long and well thought out, but as I have two essays to be writing right now, I will resist. I just have one thing to say in response to your post, Kaleb: “Well-intentioned”? BAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!
    Have a great day!

  57. Liz twicurls

    i’m diggin the albums, kaleb. Though I think i would definitely buy Charlie or the Bloods first off.

    Bella doesn’t always have the best judgement, and Edward’s not very good at communicating what needs to be communicated. He’s finally realizing that in Eclipse – whenever he tries to do something “for her own good” it turns out awful. So he’s gotta let go a little and let her hang out with Jake. If she ends up going for Jake, Edward feels like that would probably be better for her anyway (plus she’s only 18 – it’s not like she’s ever loved anyone but Eddie, so maybe she could love someone else?).

    I was SOO glad Ed stopped acting like King Cullen like you said.

    She’s gotta CHOOSE him for it to be real, right?


  58. rachel

    Ahhh!!! It’s not about Edward trusting Bella, it’s about Edward trusting Jacob! Jacob does not have Bella and Edwards best interest at heart… therefore, no Bella and Jacob relationship.

  59. Dinnie

    I actually agree with you, that if I were Edward, I would not even allow her to go to La Push. But then again, Edward being the selfless person he is, he would want Bella to be happy, even if it is not with himself.

  60. Jaclyn.

    No. It is not alright for Bella to lead them both on. And, no, Bella has no idea what she’s doing… exactly.
    But Bella isn’t leading them on, I don’t think. Sure, what she’s doing isn’t right, but, I don’t think she understands just how much she hurts them. She has made her point unmistakably clear that she can’t live without Edward. But cutting off her best friend isn’t much easier.
    so now I begin to talk myself into circles until we come to the point that Bella doesn’t know. She doesn’t know how much pain they feel when she goes back and forth. She doesn’t know how much they care about her. What to do. How to not hurt them. How to save everyone pain, and then the pain everyone will feel when it’s all over – not that she exactly wants to think about it much. She has absolutely no idea what she’s doing or how things are going to work out or how to make it better. So, she’s… living in the moment, and trying hard to fight fate.
    If you look at it from her point of veiw, you have Edward – the love of her life, and Jacob – her best friend. And death staring her in the face in so many ways. It’s enough to make anyone helpless and do things that aren’t exactly the best thing at the moment.
    So, to try to sum it up: Bella is completely clueless, not helping her situaion much, but is panicking and afraid and under pressure.
    And I don’t think that Edward and Jake are helping much at all as she tries to figure things out and straighten out her amazingly twisted and tangled life.
    I hope someone can make sense of what I’m trying to say!

  61. betsy

    Personally, I think Bella doesn’t even realize what she’s doing–leading both Edward and Jacob on. She’s got a lot on her mind these days and it doesn’t seem to even occur to her that she’s being inconsiderate to them both, to put it lightly. She knows she desperately needs them both, one more so than the other. She thinks there’s a way she can have both Edward and Jacob in her life and isn’t giving up hope for that.

  62. dmarks

    Edward in the album cover looks a bit like Jim Nabors. “Loved by millions”

    Yes, Bella does not have the best judgement. I think she is bewitched by Edwards hyper-predator attractiveness.

  63. Peach Tree

    Poor Edward. Poor Jacob. Poor Bella! Bad circumstances for all of them.
    Edward: The love of his life can’t stop spending time with this guy who desperately wants to steal her away from him.

    Jacob: The love of his life is kind of already with somebody else who she’d rather die than be without.

    Bella: Her true love and her best friend are mortal enemies. She’d die (no pun intended about immortality or anything) if her true love left and still be in agony if her friend left.

    Basically, what I’m trying to get at here, is that no one is necessarily at fault here. Sure they could have done a few things better, but your average person probably would have done worse – (i.e. Edward: kidnapping Bella and taking her out of the country so she can’t see Jacob (I’m not saying the average person would do that, just he could have . . .); Bella: horrible as it sounds, cheating on Edward; Jacob: flipping out and attacking Edward)

    This is a very long-winded explanation and I think I better stop now.

    ~Peach Tree

  64. Peach Tree

    I can’t even figure out what I was trying to say there.

    Oh well! 😛

    ~Peach Tree

  65. Juni

    Bella is torn bewteen the fact that she loves Edward and could never part with him in a million years,but Jacob is her bestfreind. In Bella’s mind, Jacob is like family, who is in pain. It is like a very sick brother and someone telling Bella she can’t see him. The fact is, is that Jacob is falling in love with her and Edward is very uncomfortable that Bella might soon feel the same way and might change her mind. By letting Bella see Jacob, he is taking a big risk, but if he would not let her see him, then that would be a even bigger risk to Bella and Edward’s relationship. All in all they are all taking big risks. Jacob might be the only one who wants one thing only that doesn’t have any major consequenses. He wants Bella. All Bella wants is for life to be normal, in that she can have Jacob as a freind and Edward forever. But seeing as they are enimies, it won’t be that simple.
    Bella can’t stay in her current position forever and leading them both on is just gonna make it harder for everybody. I really don’t think she understands how deep she’s getting with Jacob. I think she is trusting that her love for Edward will be enough. Trust seems to be the key to holding their current dangerous position together from falling apart. Whether Bella likes it or not, she can’t stay like that forever. Sorry for the long comment. =D

  66. marcela

    no because in the end shell end up hurting one of them evean though her minde is only really set on 1
    no bella has no clue of what shes doing because she THINKS that thairs no way she could ever love some1 besides edward
    if bella did knowshe was hurting them she wouldhave stoped seeing one of them
    (did that evean make some sence)it made me sound like im on team jacob witch im not sometime u just want to slap bella and make he relize how stupid some coises (then again people in love do stupid thinks)

  67. marcela

    ………its a verry confusing mess……..

  68. E

    Ugh, if you ask me, Bella tends to be such a twit in this book. Eclipse is when I first really started to be kind of irked by her. And its when I first started to fall in love with the wolves. Swoooon.

  69. Wendilynn

    This is something that gets discussed later in book, so I won’t go into it.

  70. tina

    Bella is being naive. She loves them both, in different ways.

    Jacob is taking advantage of her personality – he knows she will feel guilty if he says he is sad. He uses that to keep pulling her (with good reason, in his mind – to keep her human).

    Edward is playing the patient boyfriend. He should be honest with her about his feelings. **Reference to Wuthering Heights – anyone?

    But, it all plays out the way it is supposed to play out….keep reading!!

    By the way – your questions make it VERY HARD not to spoil you!!

  71. AussieT

    Agree with Tina. This is Bella’s first real love – and she naively thinks she can have both boyfriend and best friend. There’s plenty of real life experience that shows you can’t – but most people have to find out for themselves which is what Bella is doing.

    Agree with Tina that its hard to answer these questions without putting any spoilers!

  72. Steph

    Of course she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Truly, she’s just being selfish. She doesn’t seem to think about the future. Just pushes it to the back of her mind so she can be happy now. And that’s what Edward wants her to do. Admittedly, he doesn’t want her hanging around Jake, but he doesn’t want her looking ahead to the future and going on about changing her (as usual). And Jake, in my opinion, doesn’t want to think about the future himself, because he doesn’t think she’ll choose him. I mean, he’s pretty confident, he thinks he has a chance, but he can’t know. But he does want her to think about the future. To think about how much better it would be for her to be with him instead.

    Yeah… That was kind of confusing. Anyway, nice post. 😀

  73. LaurenXL

    i always have a good laugh when I come here.

    Bella in Eclipse really pissed me off. I lost a lot of respect for her during this book, and I hated Jacob. Poor innocent Edward is just looking out for Bella, and she just does whatever even though it hurts his feeling. Ugh

  74. Clara Renee

    Ok I think since it’s Edward’s fault that Bella’s friends with Jacob he needs to deal with it. If he wouldn’t have ran away to go be emo in africa (which I know was to protect her and he’s sorry but facts are facts) she wouldn’t have needed Jacob and now because of that he is a part of her. It would be cruel to BELLA if he made her choice. Also I happen to know how Edward feels but he needs to learn to trust Bella. Even if he doesn’t trust Jacob, he should know that Bella loves HIM and (regrettably so) not Jacob. But the facts are:
    Bella LOVES Edward
    Bella and Jacob are BEST FRIENDS
    She needs a little sliver of life aside for Edward. REALLY.

  75. Clara Renee

    To LaurenXL
    And all you other Bella haters:
    SHE’S ONLY HUMAN!! She can’t be a saint 24/7! Gosh! And yeah what she does isn’t right sometimes but that doesn’t mean hate her for the few times she does something wrong when she’s a really good person all the other times! I highly doubt you people never do ANYTHING wrong. Well, thats what your acting like. Steph does this so that we see that Bella is HUMAN and that she’s not like all the other book characters where they are so saintlike and perfect that their predictable and boring. Lighten up. Really.

  76. Devon061381

    First of all, many kudos for slipping that “chagrin” in there on us! haha.

    I agree with the poster waaaaay above who mentioned that Bella doesn’t see that she’s leading Jacob on and doesn’t know just how much it’s hurting Edward because he doesn’t let on (he won’t, because of the pain he put her through in New Moon). I can see both sides to the coin. Bella considers Jacob as her best friend/brother and loves bejeesus out of Edward, but she’s also naive to think that Jacob isn’t manipulative enough to think he’s got a fighting chance. Bella knows deep down that she has a connection with Jacob, but it’s not a love one.

    This all gets resolved in Breaking Dawn and you’ll see why she feels that way :)

    But in the meantime, feel free to rant and rave at the mistakes Bella makes dealing with Jacob. I sure as hell did! By the end of this book I was yelling all sorts of things at her. Bella really pissed me off in Eclipse. Yes, we know she’s human, but we can “see” the mistakes she’s making as she’s making them, so it’s only natural to say to one’s self “noooooo why are you doing that???!!!”

    And Kaleb, you crack me up with your bit about Edward breaking into song, and “All my friends are dead.” I needed a good laugh this morning – thanks! :)

  77. Lil

    She knows what she’s doing, she wouldn’t feel guilty if she didn’t. I think Bella has a bit of a problem with selfishness during Eclipse. I mean, I bet she would go crazy ( with all her insecurities, you know) if Edward was doing with Tanya what she’s doing with Jake.

    Regarding to Bella leading Edward and Jacob on: I don’t think she is, in a way she is running from her problem, which is choosing one of them.
    But if you think about it, there was never a choice to be made, not really.

  78. Carrie

    The first time I read “Eclipse”, I felt very annoyed by Bella’s actions. I couldn’t understand why she would keep going back to Jacob when every time she saw him, they ended up fighting. I guess she just couldn’t stay away from him. She knows that Edward is the one she wants to spend forever with, so as soon as she realized that Jacob was in love w/ her, she should have distanced herself from him. It wasn’t intentional on her part, but what she was doing was extremely unfair to both Edward and Jacob. It would’ve been different if J had no romantic feelings for her. Edward is being very patient and understanding, though. He’ll always do whatever he thinks is best for Bella or whatever she really wants.

  79. Ginger

    Bella is having her own personal struggles. She is one person with Jacob and another with Edward. She likes being both people and experiencing these 2 seperate relationships. It gets confusing when the 2 collide and I think that’s what is happening right now for you in Eclipse. She’d rather jump back & forth between the 2 and ignore the obvious outcome. Sometimes people play it safe in fear of rocking the boat.

    Edward refers to his “human instincts” from time to time. He also says that Bella brings them out in him. He knows he has Bella’s heart, but he is also having to deal with a new emotion.. jealousy.

    As for Jacob, I think he’s immature. He’s a boy who is in love with a girl that he knows deep down will never fall in his favor, but yet he’d rather live in the moment and be happy with whatever relationship Bella is able and willing to give him right then.

  80. Rachel

    Thank you! Oh my god, someone who finally gets it. I mean, of course it’s ok for bella and jacob to still hang out, but bella needs to put her foot down and draw the line.

    Bella is just way too lenient, and for someone who is willing to die for Edward, she sure doesn’t hesitate to cause him pain. Because although he hides it well, it does hurt him that Bella wants to spend so much time with Jacob. Of course it hurts him. Why can’t bella see that? Why does she think Jacob’s pain is more, when Jacob’s pain is self serving (it’s jacob’s own fault he’s in pain). I think Bella is being, well, hypocritical, and honestly if I wasn’t so confident in knowing that Bella and Edward are MEANT to be together, I would slap the girl and tell her to get a clue.

    She SAYS jacob’s only her friend. She SAYS that he’s only family.


    You’re getting closer and closer to the reason that I will forever in some part of me despise Jacob stupid minded pushy manipulative pathetic scum of the earth Black.

    Lots of people pity Jacob.

    I pity Edward (at least in Eclipse).
    He tries so hard to do everything he can for Bella. Not only does Bella deflect that sometimes, but she keeps forgetting that Edward does have human emotions and feelings. He tries so hard to make her happy, making her his only priority, and Bella doesn’t return the favor. If it was me, I wouldn’t believe in Bella’s love either.

  81. E

    Here’s what I think:
    All of them were wrong.

    First of all, Jacob was very determined to whisk Bella away from Edward, all the while making snarky little remarks that were completely undeserved. Bella has tried to be clear that she won’t leave Edward for him, but he pushes forward to cause his own pain.

    Second, Edward just overreacts constantly. In the beginning, he went to far to keep her safe. Now, he’s going too far the other way, not voicing his concerns about Jacob at all.

    And, finally, Bella. While she has definitely not tried to lead Jacob on, she still is, to try and keep their friendship going. She loves him, not the way he wants, but she still does. Jacob isn’t making that situation any easier, but she wasn’t strong enough to leave him, partly because she doesn’t want to cause HIM that kind of pain. So… I don’t think she was being selfish of selfless either way.
    However, making Edward put up with it was a little selfish. Put in the same situation, though, and I would have done the same thing she did. I can’t imagine any way she could have avoided her current situation.

    So… make what you will of that lol

    P.S. The smell thing–you do realize that werewolves smell woodsy to humans, like wet, dirty dogs to vampires? And vampires, who smell wonderful to humans, smell disgustingly sickly sweet to werewolves?
    Just making sure you knew.

  82. Wendilynn

    Reading the rest of the comments I have to smile. One of the joys of Eclipse is the pure human nature of the characters. I read all sorts of articles about how the Twilight series has no basis in reality and yet, we get such a great journey through very real situations that any relationship will deal with. I had to deal with this situation myself when my exhubby’s friends didn’t like me. At the time it was really confusing and hurtful, I know why now and that’s beside the point. My point is that Edward, Bella, Jacob and the rest of the cast of characters are very real PEOPLE. Their highs, lows and the things they learn as they make mistakes through all this is very relatable to all of us. Love it, hate it, Esclipse is a great journey.

  83. Amanda

    Hmmmm…. I think that yes, it is wrong that she is leading them both on, and i don’t know if she fully realizes she is, but I think that she at least partially does. I say this because she knew that was basically what she was doing in Twilight to get information from Jacob.

  84. drivelocity

    I wouldn’t string anyone along, or be all confused like that, but I’m also not a teenage girl.

    I believe it was Chris Rock who said, “Men don’t have women friends, they just have women they haven’t slept with yet.”

  85. whitley

    i had a problem with his book for the same reasons. I was irritated at bella for still talking to jacob. I mean, there is no competition between edward and jacob. She knew who she was meant to be with. why drag it out?

    I will say this. I hate the ending of the series because of things built up in this book.

  86. Shannah

    I take it your not a fan of Jacob, so naturally, I am going to defend him.
    Edward left in New Moon (duh) and I don’t care what people say about “It was for her own good”. NO. If he knew what was good for her he would never have done it. So Bella goes to Jacob (notice: SHE seeks HIM.) who didn’t inflict any of the pain she had, so it was completely not his responsibility to make her better. He did it anyway, even though he knew it would be hard.
    So now that Edward (the one who made the stupid, careless move) is back, Jacob just gets thrown out the window? Bella’s all, “Yeah, I know you’ve saved my life 1000 times but Edward is sexier.”
    How is that fair? And then when Jacob still wants to hang out with Bella, which is perfectly justified, he isn’t allowed. Because the guy who’s ass Jacob saved won’t let him.
    I understand where your going with the girl translation thing, but still.. the circumstances are different.
    Wow. this has nothing to do with the question you asked. Gah. I have issues.

  87. Lila

    Hey Kaleb- (luv ur name, btw)

    I totally think it was wrong for her to lead Jacob on. I mean, if she knew she was just going to hurt him in the end, she shouldn’t have used him in the first place…

    Luv Ya! ~Lila

  88. E

    Whitley- would you have preferred an “Everybody dies” ending???
    Shannah- You totally disregarded the “It was for her own good” thing, like it wasn’t important.
    Plus, Jacob caused his own pain just as much as Bella did. He absolutely did NOT make it easier for her. And Edward just keeps making mistakes and overreacting–but almost always for the right reasons. (I say almost because there was the prejudice against werewolves a few times.)

  89. ale!

    well… I’m here to.. well deffend bella.. because.. well.. i feel like.. well.. i wuold probably have done de same thing..(cof cof.. ejem mistakes.. cof cof)
    Well obiousley… she doesn’t does.. all that.. messing arround with everybody’s feelings.. she.. well she doesn’t quite get.. what the consecuenses might be… i mean.. she always hope to.. like.. at the end.. everything to get fixed.. in a way that everybody is happy…(she with the most marvelous thing she has ever met(edward), Edward.. all.. not emo.. and.. not killing him self by goingto yhe vulturi, Rosalie being happy 4 her being on her family… and.. Charlie marrying Billy(hehe) so she can Love Jacob and Jacob love her in return without any.. werewolf hart breaking in pieces so tiny that is almost dust or vampire selfkilling with the help of the vulturi involved…) and well… she didn’t knew that all could get so.. BIG.. and.. so.. well.. ugly.. and hart smashing for so many people..
    i bet you she is so sorry..(she is still.. kind of a b!+$H sometimes… but.. what kind of girl isn’t one sometimes… hehe.. plus she feels sorry 4 being one.. hehe)

    pd- Don’t hate Bella!!

  90. Rain

    It’s so difficult to answer this question but I think I’d do the same as Edward. Edward feels like a complete ____ (fill in your own word(s)) and he knows that Jacob helpsed Bella and he can not break that bond. All he wants is Bella to be happy and in a way still thinks that Jacob is a better choice if he of course controls himself unlike him Jacob actually has an opportunity to age eventually. Edward’s love for Bella is enough to leave again and again if that is what is best and he has proven it in New Moon and is willing to prove it again.

  91. Jasmine

    Your question made me itching to reply! An interesting thought though, definitely…

    Well, the way I see it, Bella is definitely not leading both guys on intentionally (I’m pretty sure of this… her mindset changes when she realizes what she has been doing)… but that doesn’t change the fact that she is, I suppose.

    However, I think everyone involved is to blame. Kaleb, you make an interesting point – these aren’t humans, and because they aren’t humans they have the ability to act in a way that we cannot. Another thing that doesn’t happen often in human relationships is what happened in New Moon – some may call Bella whiny and clingy and everything of that sort, but that wasn’t Stephenie’s intent (which has a big impact on everything… her intentions change the whole frame of reference for the novel). Bella was supposed to act like she had lost a life partner (or… according to personal correspondence, I think… as a widow instead of just a girl who got dumped by her boyfriend. Looking at it that way, Bella definitely acted appropriately. She was ready to become immortal for Edward. Not completely ready, no, but those who underestimate Bella’s intelligence and honesty when she says that (namely Edward) will also overestimate her reaction to his leaving.

    So what did Edward do? Indirectly, he literally gives Bella to Jacob. He even owns up to it in Eclipse. If he hadn’t left, it wouldn’t have happened (though his morals for doing that are… a different story. The intent (hehe) was there, yes, but there’s underestimation here, too).

    As she says herself in New Moon, Bella shaped her entire future around the Cullens. She thought that was a certainty – vampire or not, she hadn’t planned for the only man she loved to say that she didn’t hold his heart. What if Bella had never gone to see Jacob? Beside not bringing Alice back after seeing the vision (and all the Cullens after that), Bella would not have gotten better.

    Jacob was crucial to Bella’s re-emergence, I guess I could say, from the dark. We see a very different Bella in New Moon – and even after being with Jake for months, it isn’t the same girl we knew in Twilight. The progress that she made, though, was definitely because of his willingness to be her friend. He never dared to abandon her.

    Now that Edward is back, of course there’s ambivalence in her emotions. It wouldn’t at all be in human nature for her to act like Jacob had done nothing for her at all. How could Bella have healed if she had not forged a band with him? Her best friend?

    I think that Edward does understand this, at least a little bit. He understands the connection that they have because there was NO ONE there at all for Bella while Edward was away.

    But in any of the first 10 chapters of Eclipse, does Bella say that she’s leading one of them on? No, at least I don’t think so. At the beach, doesn’t Bella say that her reasons for coming to La Push don’t involve loving Jake like he loves her?

    Of course her feelings are there, and Edward realizes that, but the thing is that Bella does not. Can she really be blamed for being blind to her feelings? Maybe. But until she realizes what she’s doing, Bella is only trying to keep promises on both sides, even though there’s a certain desperation there – she knows she can’t do it forever. But Bella, to me, is a good person, and at least tries to salvage her friendships even when there’s chaos everywhere.

  92. nidhigirl11

    Bella’s behavior really angered me while I was reading. I know how miserable Edward must feel, and I found it annoying that she was leading him on like that. When Edward was gone in new moon, and Bella had every right to go after Jacob, she refused, but now that he’s back and hopelessly in love, she goes after him!

    But on the other hand, she wants his friendship, and she doesn’t believe Jacob will push for anything more.

  93. Feven

    First off, Bella is a complete idiot.
    Getting that out of the way, like most of the commenters above have already stated, Bella needs Jacob ALMOST as much as Edward.
    Edward still can’t forgive himself for leaving Bella so in his mind he’s still heavily indebted to Jacob for keeping her somewhat sane and therefore will allow her to see him without, y’know, crippling him. So yes, Edward is self-sacrificing, but a part (who knows how large) is because he despises himself, not just because he loves Bella (which he DOES, I know!)
    Now with Jacob, I kind of feel you have this prejudice about guys that try and steal the girl from her boyfriend (understandable), but I think you’re kind of missing why Jacob is acting that way. Before he became a werewolf he was perfectly content with being Bella’s best friend. Only after he transformed did he fully understand the existence of vampires.. that they were supposedly soulless monsters (remember the Cullens are the exception) and that they were his mortal enemies, which is why he tries so aggressively to win Bella over. Simply put, he only wants to save her from a fate that he truly believes is worse than death. Who wouldn’t? Obviously, winning Bella’s heart would be a HUGE bonus, but that’s not his primary goal.

    So yeah, I hope you got some of Jacob’s perspective (and sorry if it sounds a bit biased)

  94. Feven

    OH! Did I even answer the question?
    It is NOT alright. haha

  95. kelsey p

    the all mine friends are dead thing was prolly the funniest thing i have ever seen. thank u kaleb for once again making my day 😀

  96. Samantha

    Ahh, silly Bella…

    She is torn and oblivious. She needs and loves Edward, that’s a given. But while he was away, she had to fill the void with something. That something being Jake’s warmth and friendship. Now she loves them both, though she doesn’t precisely know that she loves Jacob. Or rather, she underestimates the love she has for him. Her problem is that she is so caught up in making everyone happy for the moment. Bella never stops to take a look at what happens in the long run. She doesn’t see the damage she is doing, regardless of her good intentions.

    Poor Bella, poor Jacob, poor Edward…

  97. Pinkchan

    LOL “All my friends are dead” that sound´s like a contry song.

    About your question I was going to make a long comment but all i was going to say was already said before, so my comment is Bella was very Lucky Jacob only had his dad, because a sister or a mother never will have take the situation as calmly as Billy did.

  98. TwilightGirl

    i am pretty sure bella knows that is hurts edward but jacob is this need that shes had ever since edward left her. and even though edward is back its something that cant be taken back. and also shes very sought after proving to herself that jacob is just a friend. and even though jacob really doesnt get that concept. bella is trying to balance her different loves. her love for jacob as a best friend almost family like and then edward the person who is more than a soul mate to her, the person that is her destiny, part of her own life and soul and whole being.

  99. Katie Beth

    I would have a really hard time with all this if I were Bella, and I honestly don’t know what I would do. On one hand, I don’t want to make Edward mad, and I really do love him, but on the other hand, Jake is my best friend and I don’t want him mad either. So what gives?

  100. Megan

    I completely agree with you. Bella was irritating me in this book, too. I mean, I know she loves Jacob a lot, and she doesn’t want him to hurt over her, I think that she owes more to Edward. He is, after all, her boyfriend. What I mean is that she owes Edward more…attention, I suppose. Anyhoo, if they would all just calm down and think about it for a while, and Bella wouldn’t push Edward into letting her see Jacob all the time, then eventually they could be more civil about it.

  101. twilight hater

    bella’s a whore and edward’s a man whore.when u read breaking dawn, u will find out y…

  102. Liz (From DC)

    Like many others, I’ve been in Bella’s shoes- with my current boyfriend, a definite Edward, and my ex-fiance, a Jacob. She sees Jacob as a friend that she doesn’t want to hurt to let go, and he’s a bit of a safety net for her- if Edward ever leaves again, she has someone who will step in. But she truly loves and wants to be with Edward, as we’ve seen. So, she tries to be friends with everyone and make everyone happy- which she can’t do without hurting someone.

    Ironically, this is the book that made me go, “WAIT A MINUTE” and have a stark realization about my own little triangle. Now, my “Edward” and I are still happily together, and I told my “Jacob” that we didn’t seem to be ready for friendship, and I was sorry to say good bye, but he couldn’t give me a platonic relationship, and I couldn’t give him a romantic one. So, I think Eclipse saved my relationship- hopefully Bella will come to the same realization that I did.

  103. priyanka

    heyyyyy! whats up? bella completely fell in my eyes in this book, although it is my favorite in the series. bella always compares herself to catherine in wuthering heights and that is a start. atleast she feels bad, but she was like the stupidest person ever and i really hated her in this book and breaking dawn, but not for the same reason…
    great post, i wish u could read more than a chapter…

  104. Megan

    Whoops! And to answer your question, it is most certainly not right. No matter who she chose in the end, it hurt that person a lot. They both love her so much, they’d do anything for her. I’m pretty sure that she knows, somewhere in the back of her hard head, that she’s leading Jacob on. If I were her, I’d probably tell him that if he wanted to see me so badly, to drive his lazy butt up to my house himself. Haha :)

  105. Megan

    Ahh!!! And one more thing. I love both Jacob and Edward!!! I just want to clear my name so no one hates me or anything. Tehe jk 😉

  106. whitley

    E- um no, I didn’t want an “everybody dies” ending. I was trying not spoil it for people that haven’t gotten through with all the books.

    What I mean is, this was a major conflict of the series, and I don’t like the way it was “resolved”, if you even want to call it that.

  107. devz30

    Same. We’re actually very similar ^_^ It irks me that Bella can go with Jacob and she knows it hurts Edward. This is really what annoys me most about Eclipse, and why it is my least favorite book to me in the series. Stephenie did say that it is one of Edward’s major flaws: How he watched Bella Jacob get closer, and not do anything about it. It does make me angry. Sometimes I just think, “why doesn’t he do anything?!” It KILLS me that he doesn’t do anything. I really can’t help but pity him because of Bella.

    I think Bella does know what she’s doing, but she can’t help it. She and Jacob have grown quite close in New Moon. My answer?
    NO, IT IS NOT alright that Bella leads on Jacob and Edward. How can it be alright? In New Moon, Edward didn’t try to find a replacement for Bella or crutch, did he? Maybe every damn thing in Eclipse was alright if Edward did the same. Breaking Dawn didn’t even balance anything.

    I was really really annoyed at Bella, but hey, you can learn to get over it. Breaking Dawn really does help. ^_^

  108. Cara

    I suppose it’s not really okay for Bella to lead Jacob on, but she doesn’t know what she’s doing, sooooo…
    Also, although Edward is obviously not going to be happy that she’s hanging out with Jacob, there is of course a reason that he accepts it. He loves her! So he’s putting up with everything, because he doesn’t want to hurt her.

  109. maria

    bella is selfish

  110. » Blog Archive » » Reading Eclipse: Chapter 11 (Legends)

    […] Reading Eclipse: Chapter 10 (Scent) The song for this chapter is Dusk And Summer by… […]

  111. Rie Pie

    I think that Bella is kind of a selfish dink. She really is Kathy from Wuthering Heights.

    I also think the reason why Edward lets her stay friends with Jacob is to constantly allow Bella an out. I think Edward is amazing with his kindness.

    I also think that Jacob is a dink.

  112. Rachel

    Bell’s in denial about Jacob and how much she cares about him. She refuses to believe that her feelings for him are inappropriate and so she doesn’t see how much she’s in the wrong. She’s only eighteen and inexperienced so give her a break people. She’s not doing it on purpose, but Jacob certainly didn’t help matters.

    I don’t hate Jacob, he’s only a boy and immature, but still he acts selfishly in Eclipse and he treats Edward abominably. Though it probably seems worse because of the contrast between his treatment of Edward and Edwards treatment of him.

    Edward loves Bella so much that he wants her to be happy first and foremost. Not being able to read her mind he doesn’t have an insight into her thoughts and feelings like we do. He doesn’t know the depth of her feelings for him. When you look at their relationship Bella holds the power. Edward is always proclaiming his love and making sure Bella has no doubts about his devotion to her. Bella, on the other hand, isn’t near as vocal or as open with her own feelings leaving Edward feeling much less sure of her feelings for him. Sure, he knows she’s strongly attracted to him physically, but to him that might just be the vampire effect. And he knows human emotions are fickle. He is left constantly doubting her feelings. He needs reassurance, but Bella does the opposite; running after Jacob only proves to him she could leave him at any moment without a second thought. And he hates himself and loves Bella enough that part of him wants that b/c he thinks that would be better for her no matter how much it hurts him. As a vampire his emotions are not fickle or subject to change. He can never fall out of love with Bella. And still he lets her know that she’s free to do whatever makes her happy. Edward is amazing in his self-sacrifice and generosity. As long as she wants him he’s there for her and, lucky him, he get’s to be happy too. But if she treats him like a he’s a toy or completely ignores his feelings he’ll just take that too and still think he’s lucky.

    If only Edward could love himself more and believe that he’s not a soulless monster. But he needs Bella to show him he is worth loving, something she fails at miserably throughout eclipse. Bella should think of Edward more. He deserves it.

  113. Anna

    Well… I haven’t read all the posts so I’m not sure if I’m repeating anything but…

    Jacob: He’s a teenage boy who’s been giving a ton to deal with. Tradition, the supernatural, being a werewolf, all this and still going through high school… He’s young. Not to mention the girl he loves is in love with a guy he views as a “leech” and a “monster” and wants to turn her into a monster leech too. He’s right now doing everything in his power to keep her alive (as in, nothing but human.) I don’t really see too much fault in Jake. He’s trying to do everything he can to postpone the vampirization date, to have her love him back and save her from being the one creature he is forced by nature to loathe, fight, and kill.

    Edward: He’s lived over a century alone, and the one person that he loves unconditionally is Bella, who happens to be a danger magnet and has a werewolf for a best friend. Edward is EXTREMELY conflicted because he feels he owes Bella something because he left (I left so you can keep the werewolf best friend you made while I was gone, because he patched you up after I hurt you) He feels remorseful for leaving in the first place– he knows he hurt Bella. (And Jacob had a little bit too much fun reminding him) He also can’t live without her and she keeps throwing herself at said guy (ok, throwing is a strong word…) who is dangerous because he could kill her in a flash. But at some point, not only does he trust Bella, I think he comes to trust that Jacob loves her enough not to hurt her either (that’s where this chapter comes in.) Does that mean he doesn’t want to mess with Jacob still? HALE NO! That’s why the whole hair and scent thing is in the chapter. Edward can’t read Bella’s mind, and not knowing the extent of what is happening must be very unnerving as well. Basically, Edward is being weighed down with so much stress over Bella (being conflicted, remorseful, worried, jealous, etc. etc.) that he’s trying to hide his pain, his annoyance FOR Bella. Because despite all the stress she causes him, he loves her more than anything in the universe.

    Bella: Bella is 18. Bella is human. Bella is a danger magnet who is madly in love with a vampire and has a werewolf for a best friend. Obviously, she has a few issues compared to most humans. Bella is madly and unconditionally in love with Edward, except in Twilight (in the first chapter, mind you) she tells us that she has a hard time showing her emotions. (This must bother Edward to death [lol vampire pun :D] because he can’t read her mind and doesn’t know what she’s really feeling… and we do.) Bella is naive, and I think that a corner of her mind accepts what Jacob is doing, but also craves the freedom and the friendship he gives her. Now everybody, I am Team Edward except get real: Jacob is like her escape, where being with the Cullens and Edward lately is a little more tense considering they’re all concerned with Seattle and Victoria and… you know what I mean. Jacob is fun, and they really bonded when she was a zombie. She can’t just erase that now that Edward is back… Do I think she is being fair? No way. I think that she is so sure of her love for him, and so sure that he is sure, (especially because she kinda can’t live without him) that she doesn’t even consider how all of the Jacob stuff affects Edward. She always considers herself as the one who is more obsessed, more in love with the other. So Edward being jealous of Jacob? It doesn’t even cross her mind until Angela suggests it. I don’t think that she really considers Jacob’s affect on Edward because she knows that she won’t take her relationship with Jacob any further, and she knows that she’s madly in love with Edward. It’s almost as if she believes Edward can read her mind or something, and know that she is so invested in him that Jacob really can’t do anything to her love for Edward. But he doesn’t know—and that’s where a lot of the pain, jealousy, and problems emerge in the story. This love triangle thing between Edward, Jacob, and Bella has so many problems because it seems Bella is indecisive, in love, and unable to really tell these boys how in the world she truly feels about anyone or anything. Maybe if she made her emotions and true feelings a little clearer, she would have saved them all the problems.

    Just my thoughts, my two cents, on what’s happening/ going through the heads of the characters 😀


  114. sparkles

    Bella: She loves Jacob, and not as a best friend. Some part of her heart loves Jacob, can’t be without him, can’t just stay away from him, even though the rest of her heart is in denial over this. Bella truely does love two men deeply at this point, and doesn’t want to choose. So she spends time with both and avoids really thinking about why she can’t stay away from jacob.

    Edward: he understands that Bella loves Jacob, even if she doesn’t see it, and he respects and loves her far too much to force her anymore to do what he wants instead of what she wants. He would let her see Jacob because she WANTS to see Jacob, and that’s the entire reason. Seeing Jacob makes her happy, he will no longer get in the way of her happiness, even if it hurts him. Of course he’s jealous, of course he’s upset, but he won’t show it, he won’t tell her, because he wants her to ultimately choose him freely, without pursuasion from him. He won’t force her to do anything anymore against her will. This is very decent actually, and a big part of why I respect Edward, though really I wish he would trust her enough to say how he’s feeling, and let her decide after that, though he probably knows she would decide to do what makes him happy, and sacrifice herself, which he doesn’t want. Really this whole problem could have been avoided if they weren’t so self-sacrificing. 😉

    Jacob: He has an annoying tendancy in this book of telling Bella what she is feeling even when she disagrees. He shows a distinctive lack of trust in her insight and judgement, which deserved or not, shows a lack of respect for her as a person. It’s demeaning. While Edward figured out that Bella should be allowed to think and feel and act of her own volition for her to be truly happy, Jacob still tries to control her, forcing her into situations she is uncomfortable with, telling her she should like it. It’s scary sometimes.

    And that’s my take on our love locked trio. :)

  115. Nichole

    About Bella and Jacob, she has made it clear that she is not interested in him like that. And Edward knows that he helped her when he was gone. He also just wants Bella happy, and im sure that whatever Bella wanted, she would get. Even if she wanted something outrageous like a pet dragon. Well, then again, i guess we could say ALMOST anything she wants. And thats your hint XD

    But think of it as, Edward has thousands of girls he could run to who are dying to date him, (Tanya) but do you see him avoiding them for any reason?? And they make Bella jealous. But he still has the right to be with them just like Bella can be with Edward.

  116. Megan

    I dont think she is leading jacob on at this point, or any point. While you make a good point, because i was just in a situation where my boyfriend would go to a certain female about everything, its a complete double standard. Everyone can say what they want, but thats just how life works. Even when jacob crosses the line Bella never meant for their relationship to be that way. She loves him, and she needs him, just not the same way she needs edward. Edward understands this, and thats why he eased up. As much as he didnt want to, he also didnt want to keep causing her pain.

  117. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 16 (Epoch)

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  118. » Blog Archive » Reading Eclipse: Chapter 16 (Epoch)

    […] Reading Eclipse: Chapter 10 (Scent) The song for this chapter is Dusk And Summer by… […]

  119. marissa

    Well, thats sort of a bad comparison, because Edward knows full well that Bella loves him more than she could ever love Jacob. Also, when Bella and Edward fight, their usually more like ongoing heated debates. and bella doesn’t go to jake every time they fight.

  120. Jessica

    Yeah, Bella is a tad bit selfish and Edward is a tad bit passive.

  121. Emily

    I just started reading your blog the other day, nothing has made me laugh as heartily as that nice little chagrin action. Thanks for that. Brilliant.

  122. C.L.

    After rereading “Eclipse,” I surprised some friends by admitting that it wasn’t Edward or Jacob I disliked, but Bella. No, I don’t think she’s leading Jacob on intentionally, but she’s got to know it can’t be easy for him when she goes to LaPush and holds hands with him as they stroll the beach. As Edward is able to read Jacob’s mind, he knows that’s going on, too. It would tick me off if I were in either of their shoes.

  123. Kim

    your so funny!

  124. Gothhic Goddess

    If that album is ever made, I want it! I hardly ever *lol* when finding funny things online, but you somehow got me to do it twice on this post. Go Team Kaleb!

    As to the running off to a model thing…

    A little backstory, first. I have been betrayed by most of my female friends, in some very painful ways. I have also learned that there are a lot of hateful, spiteful, back-stabbing girls out there as well. So I tend to have more males as my close friends, rather than female.

    How does this relate? I have been in the relationship where the guy was super controlling, especially when it came to my male friends (he went so far as to delete them from my myspace and address book once). Flipping out to that degree tends to push people away more.

    But with this story, Edward has to remind himself that 1.) he left her, which shattered them both. 2.) In spite of that, she risked her life for his, because of the amount of love she held for him. 3.) She is very much in love with him, and only wants to keep her friend in the process.

    But yes, I’m sure if it was switched, and he was running off to Tanya for friendship and guidance, Bella would become very much jealous/controlling as well.

  125. Name

    what happened to jacob's hand

  126. Danielle Scott

    I was angry with Bella throughout this entire book. I thought she was being completely selfish. She wanted everything and she continually hurt both Jacob and Edward in the process.

  127. IDoLoveTwilight WhoDoesnt

    i freaking hate everything about Jacob! Some People feel bad for him, but i have no sympathy for him. He never thinks about his actions, before actually acting them. Edward ROCKS! (: I think Bella is being a little selfish, and she is so caught up in wanting Jacob and Edward to be friends, to “have” both, etc. that she is kind of forgetting her impact on others.

  128. Sandra

    (love the song) It's wrong to lead 2people on at the same time but at times its uncontrollable because of the other person. Bella had always made it clear to Jacob that she wanted them to be friends because she was afraid to lose him ect… it pretty much is Jacobs fault for being in his position because he just never gave up (even when it was pretty clear that she wasn't going to choose him over Edward). Most of the time i don't think Bella really knows what she is doing to Jacob except for the pain that she is causing him but i can feel why she does it. She was a wreck when Edward left her and the person who brought light back into her life was Jacob. SO how can she just stop all the feeling she gathered for Jacob cold turkey just because Edward is suddenly back in her life?!!!

  129. ummhedaya

    –Bella actually can be trusted somewhat with her own safety (as long as this doesn’t involve cars, motorcycles, cliffs, water, tennis, needles, knives, mace spray, axes, shotguns, the pavement, the woods, climbing trees, airplanes, volleyball or a potted prickly cactus, which only through supernatural means made it from Arizona to Forks without sticking her in the eye).—
    That is hilarious!!!
    I can't stop laughing at this post… but seriously, we have all gotta remember that Bella is very naive about things… well, relationship things that is… she really doesn't know she is delving into matters so much… Edward is trying very hard to make her happy and protect her at the same time… he doesn't like it, but perhaps he is not truly sure about the proper balance in this situation. Like, maybe he could be supportive without letting her romp off into his open arms all the time… Edward is 110 but still 17 when it comes to love… just a thought :)

  130. ummhedaya

    –Bella actually can be trusted somewhat with her own safety (as long as this doesn’t involve cars, motorcycles, cliffs, water, tennis, needles, knives, mace spray, axes, shotguns, the pavement, the woods, climbing trees, airplanes, volleyball or a potted prickly cactus, which only through supernatural means made it from Arizona to Forks without sticking her in the eye).—
    That is hilarious!!!
    I can't stop laughing at this post… but seriously, we have all gotta remember that Bella is very naive about things… well, relationship things that is… she really doesn't know she is delving into matters so much… Edward is trying very hard to make her happy and protect her at the same time… he doesn't like it, but perhaps he is not truly sure about the proper balance in this situation. Like, maybe he could be supportive without letting her romp off into his open arms all the time… Edward is 110 but still 17 when it comes to love… just a thought :)

  131. Maandacs

    All of us were 17 once. We know how that age can be. First love means so much you would rather die than be left by that someone. That age , most of us were not able to escape with flying colours, my self included. It is a very hard stage where everything seems only revolving you and that special person and nothing else matters. My answer to this is no, she cant be trusted to decide on her own, period

  132. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    No. I don't think it is right she needs to choose one or the other not both. I like your analogy about it being the boyfriend and the model, Bella can't keep going to Jacob because she already has a boyfriend and the more she hangs out with Jacob the more Jacob thinks there might be a chance that Bella would choose him over Edward. It hurts Edward every time she leaves to hang out with Jacob. Even though Edward think it might be safer for Bella to be with Jacob.

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