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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 12 (Time)

December 8th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Time After Time by Quietdrive

Time is a very curious thing, and as school finals are rapidly approaching, my management of it has become of utmost importance. Should I study history for two hours more and government for two hours less? Should I work on my art paper or review 34 of the 85 Federalist Papers? Should I at least open my study notebooks or just continue watching addictive videos involving chinchillas and raisins?

Like Bella, I can’t imagine for the life of me where this year went. Wasn’t it just New Years? Didn’t I just move into this apartment? Sheesh. It is obviously one of those human things: and if time flies for us, how much more so for vampires, who are hardly affected by it?

I can see in this how Bella is indecisive. She wants to become a vampire, and join Edward for eternity — but at the same time, she is suddenly realizing the eternal consequences of making that choice. How will it feel to be eternal, where time hardly affects you, and to have the same strengths and new weaknesses that vampires have? How will it feel to know that this is something irreversible: that once she makes this choice, she can’t go back? Bella’s feelings are seen most in these lines:

I knew exactly what I wanted, but I was suddenly terrified of getting it.

In theory, I was anxious, even eager to trade mortality for immortality. […But] In practice… being human was all I knew. The future beyond that was a big, dark abyss that I couldn’t know until I leaped into it.

This is the reason why when people fervently askΒ  me if I’d like to become a vampire, I hesitate with my answer. Like Bella, I have a fear of the irreversible. I’m not the type of person who would get a tattoo, not because I particularly abhor ink, but simply because I know that immediately afterward I will regret it and eternally grumble that I shouldn’t have done something that could not (easily) be removed.

Similarly, if I was to be turned into a vampire, there is literally no way of reversing the process. Even though I might be amazingly fast, have gigantic muscles and every person on the planet admiring every inch of my sparkly skin, I still might long to be human, and not have any possibility of it happening. Everyone knows just how much Bella wants to join Edward — the fear of becoming a vampire for eternity is obviously strong to make her hesitate in her decision. As Bella said: it is a big, dark abyss — how do you prepare for that type of decision?

As for Alice, Christmas must be impossible around her, and if I was one of her siblings I might just get something and throw it at her days early, since there’s absolutely no point in wasting time to wrap the gifts.

He Is Not Pleased

He Is Not Pleased

The unfortunate thing, however, is that for some reason she can’t see who is causing all this trouble in Seattle. Obviously, this newborn vampire problem is getting bigger. Usually, I can read what is going on but this time I can’t decipher exactly who this is. My thoughts are that it’s someone from the Volturi trying to cause trouble; Victoria; or even maybe a fourth member of her vampire coven: some member I have yet to meet.

But I keep wondering what the reason is. Are they killing these people to draw the Cullens out into the open? Or perhaps are they trying to incite a war between the werewolves and the vampires, by making it appear that the Cullens are attacking people against the rules of the treaty? I have little doubt that Jacob and the werewolves will soon be involved in this conflict — now the question for me is which side they will be fighting on.

Question for the comments: would you hesitate becoming a vampire because of how eternal your decision would be, or try to change as quickly and as soon as possible to avoid humanly dangers?


– As the next two weeks are finals at school, I will probably not be posting as often or as lengthily as usual. However, immediately after I will be back as usual, until Christmas takes over πŸ˜€

– The Twilight Youtube Contest Of Awesome will end this Friday at 11:59 PM CST. Be sure to get your entries in before it’s too late!

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120 Responses

  1. Brittany

    Thats A Hard Choice..
    Of Course It Would Be Awesome To Become A Vampire-
    If Someone Suddenly Asked Me, I Would Say Yes Straight Away!
    But If I Had Time To Think About It-
    I Would Be The Same As Bella..
    Confused Really..

  2. Brittany

    Wow I Hadn’t Realized I Was The First Post :]

  3. Zane


    but really…

    i’d do it. the pros outweigh the cons.

  4. Shakesgirl66

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge twilight fan and love Edward and his family.

    But truely I would not want to be a vampire. There are just to many human experences that I want to have. I guess you could say, I want the life that Roselie always wanted.

    Kaleb, tattoos are not that bad. I love the one I have.


  5. Twifanatic Amanda

    I would love to be a vampire forever, there’d be no need to be afraid of anything anymore XD But I would need to lose weight

  6. Charlee

    If I was like Bella, had the perfect soulmate, and was constantly plaugued by ridiculous amounts of danger, I don’t think I would have trouble making this decision.

    However, I rather like my life. :) So, I think if I were to make the choice right now I would say no. Immortality is something everyone dreams about, but in the end, no one would truly want to live that way. Only if you have someone to spend it with is it great. That’s why bella’s choice is justified.

  7. Kim

    It’s really so hard to say…At first thought, I’d say no. Suddenly disappearing and the pain that would cause my family and friends is not something I could do to them. Adding in a dilemma like Bella’s, though…I really don’t know. If I had a mythical true love that I literally could not live without and I had the opportunity to spend forever with them…I’d probably choose the immortality. And put all my best efforts into causing my loved ones the least amount of pain. Without that gun over my head, though, I wouldn’t go anywhere near immortality. But if I didn’t have anyone that my disappearance/death would hurt then definitely immortality. The pros outweigh the cons.

    Get excited for Ch. 13. Jasper’s story is great! Good luck with finals :)

  8. Pam

    I may hesitate momentarily, but I wouldn’t mind being a vampire. I may also have a fear of the permanent, I think I could be just fine with vampirazation.

    As I have also run out of time due to things with school, i.e. finals, I find the lack of sleep would be excellent. I also think the speed and everything would be better than human. I also tend to accidentally hurt myself, so balance is a plus.

    I don’t find too many cons in the end. And those are outweighed by the pros.

  9. TwilightGirl

    even though it would be amazing to have such immense speed and power and living forever would seem like nothing with your soul mate by your side. i would also hesitate. not sure i could make the choice. to leave a family i love so much behind me. it would be very difficult. but of course i have no edward in my life so who am i to know if i would hesitate if i was in love with a vampire like edward.

  10. Aria

    I think no. I depends on the circumstances. But if my boyfriend suddenly appeared in my window right now, confessed to be a slightly physcotic but still loved vampire and begged me to become a vampire. I’d have to go with… yes.

  11. Kim

    I agree completely with Charlee, Bella’s choice was justified and it would be impossible for her to continue living if Edward never aged. She would die, eventually, the differences between herself and Edward would become more evident (talking physically here), despite Edward’s reassurances that there would be no difference. They could never grow old together…so they stayed young forever.

    If I were to be as lucky as Bella to find a soulmate, if one does exist, I would say yes right away. However, if I didn’t find a soulmate, and someone did ask me, I would be very tempted. I’d love to watch the world change, and witness various historical events, and have enough time to do the things I have always wanted to do.

  12. Hannah D

    i’m the kind of person who makes split decisions right on the spot… regrets them immediately after, then gets over it just as fast. that being said… i’d totally be a vampire if i had the chance, burning and all. and i’d do it as soon as possible… 20 already seems too old…

  13. Sarah

    Finals are going on at college for me as well right now, so I totally sympathize. Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh between my studies. I am curious though how you find these random, funny youtube vids…did you just think to look up chinchilla and find this…I love it…

  14. Stacy

    i would definitely become a vampire. aside from my immature fear of aging, i would do it to spend forever with the love of my life. i’d be 22 forever, with my soulmate, no problem.

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  16. Malin

    The only reason Bella wants to become a vampire is because she loves Edward so much. If she wants to spend her life/forever with him she needs to be turned. When there wouldn’t be Edward she would not do it – not for Alice or the other Cullens.

    When there would no reason like eternal love I would rather die than be a vampire. I don’t want to live forever, have the constant struggle to be thirsty and be responsible that many human beings are dead (face it – none of us would handle it to be a Vegetarian). When my true love would be a vampire than I would consider it. But otherwise I prefer to stay human. The idea to be IMMORTAL is more terrifying as exciting.

  17. Tegan C.

    Being a vampire would be awesome! Immortality, diamond hard skin, honey-gold eyes (vegetarianism anyone?), impossible speed and strength, the flawless face, and the heightened senses. Basically, the perfect creature. Anyone’s dream, right? If I was given the choice of immortality, I would love the pros more than the cons. But, I’m a teenager and I know my choices are bad. . . I regret getting a new shirt the day after I buy it. . . At the moment, eternity as a vampire doesn’t seem as great as it should. There are so many human experiences I would would want to have before exchanging my human life. . . I guess the answer would be, “can you bite me later on in life?”. Eternity is just that: eternity. That’s such a long time to dwell on any mistakes. I would have to endure the constant thirst for blood and having to escape the sun every single day. I would want some time to see if my life was heading anywhere. . . Immortality as a vampire sounds great, but I want my human experiences first. . . =)

  18. Steph

    Hm. I’m not really sure. It’s hard to say without actually having the option presented to you. I think living forever would be pretty boring, so I’d probably rather die. On the other hand, I’d rather live forever than age. Getting older sucks. Though I’m a little wary of the 2-3 days of agony. Then the thirst afterwards. Which actually leads me to another point.

    Why does everyone want to be vegetarian vampires? I don’t get it. Seems like a lot of effort to me. I’d rather just join the Volturi or something. That Aro seems like a nice guy.

    Anyway, I think I’d probably take immortality if it was offered to me. But if someone was like, “Living forever or immediate painless death.” I’d take the latter. I mean, I get bored easily.

    So there’s my comment.

  19. Wendilynn

    I would not choose to be a vampire, but then, I already believe we’re eternal beings already. This mortal experience is just a small part of a very long road of existence. So I wouldn’t have that issue to deal with.

    The other issue, the “sword hanging over Bella’s head” is another issue entirely. I always feel the nervousness of staying human and the risks to Charlie and this is with knowing what’s going on. One of the reasons I love these books, every time you read it, the emotional journey is so real.

  20. Nutty Netty

    the ONLY reason i would CHOSE to become a vampire would be to be with the person i LOVE for eternity. i will NOT base my decision on the fact that i will become extremely beautiful, fast, and strong. all of those things don’t matter when you look at the consequences for being what you are: a blood thirsty predator.

    for Edward – Gladly
    for the sake of being a vamp – uhhh… no.

    <3 :) also i can’t imagine getting Alice anything for Christmas either!! i think i would not buy her present in advance… i would tell her that ON Christmas we will go SHOP for her gift :) and let her buy it… idk… nevermind lol

  21. SammiStarz

    I certainly agree with Bella on this topic. I don’t know if I could ever make a choice like that. The pros are that you will become beautiful, strong, and very fast. But you also become a blood-thirsty monster (literally) that can hardly control yourself. Add Edward to the equation, and you get an even more difficult decision. Even though she loves Edward and would be able to be with him forever, it is a lot to give up. I could never make a decision like that. It isn’t fair to ask. Humanity or true love? That is exactly why Edward doesn’t want her to change. I think I would only be able to make the choice if I were in the situation. Considering that I don’t have a vampire boyfriend that I’m madly in love with, I couldn’t understand what I would be giving up if I stayed human. What I’m trying to say is, I wouldn’t be able to make that decision unless I were in Bella’s situation. Even then, it would be very hard to choose. Even if Edward is the perfect man…

  22. Meredith

    I would never, ever become a vampire. I also want what Rosalie wanted too much. Plus, I could not stand to lose everyone that I love. But in Bella’s place, who knows? I would probably have the same thoughts as she does.

  23. JessieLynn

    Christmas with Alice. I have a solution. Don’t think about what you got her or change your choices a bunch of times to get her confused. Kind of like how you have to think of other things to block Edward out of your mind.

    On to the question: The only thing keeping me from turning into a vampire would be the pain. Even though I am really sadistic, I have a low tolerance for pain. This completely dispells the “people who like spicy foods have a high tolerance for pain” myth. If the transformation didn’t hurt so bad, I would be first in line to change, even with the problem of never seeing my family or friends again. I am an insomniac by nature, so the no sleeping thing wouldn’t be new, also with the high speeds, I can run and check up on my family in the middle of the night. Plus, since e-mail is my prefered way of communication, it wouldn’t seem weird if I just e-mailed all the time to hide my “musical voice.”

    That was a ton of rambling for one question…..lol

  24. tina

    If I was given the choice to become a vampire or not, my answer would be no. Even though I am already married and have 2 kids and in theory have done everything that most girls would say they would like to do before the change/die, I like the idea of time passing and it actually meaning something.

    If I were Bella, I wouldn’t hesitate. Her future lies with Edward. WHile it would be a huge change and would take some adjustment, she will never be happy without Edward. And she has been given the opportunity to spend eternity with him. I’d take it without hesitation!

  25. Natalie

    I too have a fear of the irreversible. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings (not even my ears). It’s not that I’m against it; I just don’t want to do anything I may decide I don’t like afterward and be stuck with it.

    When it comes right down to it, I would never want to be immortal. I would be scared as Hell. I mean, think about it, living forever, indefinitely… I can’t wrap my head around a concept like that.

    The best thing about life is that it is limited. We have only a certain amount of time, and so we make the best of that time while we have it. If life never ended, what reason would we have to learn or love? or do anything at all? It’s frightening.

    That being said, I would love to have a LONGER life. I love to learn and I love to travel and life is so short and rushed that we never have enough time for the things we love. If I could live longer, say 500 years maybe,I would be a very happy person.

    When you think about it it’s really the wolves who have it the best. They can live for as long as they want, and when they find their someone, they can become human again and settle down. They also don’t have to live with the pain of thirst every time something with a heartbeat comes close to them.

    So, would I be a vampire? no. Even if I had someone I loved to spend eternity with, I would be scared out of my mind. I would only become a vampire if becoming a wolf wasn’t an option -which i guess it’s not for Bella, so she’s making the right choice. But if I could become a wolf, that would be the obvious choice.

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  27. Dii

    Hmm… the question you make is quite profound, and I guess it is something most of us thought about when reading Eclipse. Knowing myself, I doubt that I will have chosen to become a vampire. I live with physical limitations, and those are part of what make me. The idea of perfection simply repulses me, and as hard as it is, I appreciate the ‘trying harder’ bit, the learning, the improving, knowing that there is always someone better than I am at it.

    Then again, I am not Bella. Still, I sympathize more with Rosalie’s way of thought :)

    And, if I may, do your art paper πŸ˜€ sounds the more interesting of all the things you need to do (but perhaps that’s because I’m an art historian :D)

  28. rachel

    Just imagine how different a world we would love in if people entered marriage as if it was an irreversible commitment…

  29. Carolyn

    I don’t think I would. Because being a vampire would meant that I would NEVER change. I don’t think that I’d want to be the same forever because I’m constanly learning, changing and evolving. Does that make sense?

  30. Een.


    Given an impossible opportunity? I’d take that up before my toast is done.

  31. Ginger

    I’m curious to know what life is beyond this one. So curious that I would opt to stay a human so that I will find out one day.

  32. Angela

    I would want to remain human, I think. After all, look at Rosalie. She certainly hates being a vampire.

  33. Madawn

    hmm i read this last night and thought that maybe i should sleep on it and see if i could answer the question a little bit better today. but it seems as though it didn’t help at all.

    I suppose if i was in bella’s situation i would probably have no problem choosing to become a vampire right away

    But if i wasn’t eternity is a long time to spend looking for a soulmate and being happy with the choice you made so im gonna have to say unless im in love with a vampire already, i don’t know that i could become immortal.

  34. Lauren

    My boyfriend and I have had this discussion, jokingly, many times. Because I am older than him by three years, I would not hesitate to become a vampire and enjoy my seventeen-year-old speldor for all eternity, and wait for him to turn the same age, and then turn him as well, so that we could be together for all of eternity, and no one could protest about it–they’d all be dead in a matter of time, just to paraphrase Edward.

  35. Janelle Dorcy

    I would definitely hesitate on making that decision. Only if I were in Bella’s situation would I consider making that kind of change. True, there are many positives, but they all seem canceled out to me by the thirst. I would NEVER want to be a slave to that forever. To constantly have a craving to kill people…that would be horrible. And living forever is just unnatural.

    Interesting theories Kaleb…have fun reading. :)

  36. Lauren

    I just realized what a hideous run-on I just posted. GAH!

  37. tina

    Because I have kids, I would opt to stay human with them. I also believe we are eternal beings – life after death and resurrection, all that stuff, so I believe we will be immortal, without all the constant thirst, etc.

    Although, somedays I think it would be nice to never sleep, be extremely fast and strong and not need to prepare meals for everyone!! ha ha

    If I were Bella – very few family ties, few real friends and a true love who would live forever, I might choose to be a vampire.

  38. Monica

    It certainly is a dilemma: Bella has a future, but Edward has forever. Should she trade her future for eternity? I think she eventually made the right decision (no spoilers, LOL).

    What would I decide? Honestly, as much as I love Twilight and anything with vampires, I don’t think I would want to become one. Nothing is permanent, and I’d hate to become a vampire for the sake of someone I love and then a year later he’s gone. For whatever reason. Then in the meantime I’ve lost all of my human friends because they think I’m dead. Then there’s the whole need to drink blood, but I probably only find that disgusting because I’m a human…

  39. Ember P

    I would definately hesitate. I would still probably choose to be a vampire (as long as I had the support base to know that I won’t kill anyone), but it would not be an easy decision for me to make.

  40. Mary

    I think it would be cool to be a vampire, if I didn’t have any human attachments. But I would definitely hesitate, and if I had the chance, I’m really not sore if I would take it or not. If I were like Bella and had Jacob, I wouldn’t. There would be too many things I would have to leave behind.

  41. BlackCottonMafia

    Life or death the ultimate question.

    Life is full of surprises and there is always room for more learning and experiences. Death is final (unless your a zombie) and with so much to see and do, I would want to choose immortality over growing old and dying.

    However, the saddness of having my family and friends die around me could be too much for me to take. Living forever in a depressed state would suck, but then I just think that people could die at any time really and you always have the ability to make new friends and family.

    Choosing immortality for a guy is dumb, I would have to make that decision on my own terms.

    Nope cannot answer the age old life or death question. It’s definitely a conundrum.

  42. Heather

    Haha oh Alice. I’m very frightened to be around her during Christmas time. I think I would crawl into a hole and hide until the holiday season was over, or else risk getting blinded by the overwhelming number of colored twinkle lights (I’m picturing the movie Deck the Halls, but fifty times worse)

    And as for your question, if there was a family like the Cullens who would let me join them, and if I had found my soul mate (like an Edward, Emmett, Jasper, or Carlisle) in one of them, I think I would become a vampire. Otherwise, I think it would be too lonely of an existence and I would rather be human. If I were to be a vampire, though, I would want to be turned at the age of 23 methinks.

  43. lauren

    I think I’d choose to be a vampire. Even though thirst is probably horrific and you can’t really be around the people you love, you would get to have eternity to find your one, true soulmate and live forever with them. And that’s true happiness.

  44. Synne

    Make me a vampire right now!
    I would totally do vampire. I wouldn’t hesitate.
    And thanks Kaleb for getting me addicted on addicting videos of chinchillas eating raisins on YouTube πŸ˜› You totally screwed up my homework. But I love anyway πŸ˜€

  45. Samie

    Not hard for me to say.
    (but yet i thought about this before)
    i would pick a vampire.. and be a veggie just like the cullens i dont want to kill other ppl!

  46. Alli

    If I was in Bella’s situation I would hesitate but probab;y do it in the end, but In my current state of mind, I do not want to be a vampire at all. My greatest ambition is too be a mother (not that I don’t want a career, but I consider motherhood to be a greater ambition) and I want to fall in love with someone I can be with for the rest of my life, but with that life ending one day. I just can’t imagine staying at one point in my life forever while the world around me changing.

  47. priyanka

    i would probably hesitate. i dont exactly want to be frozen at the age of 13 for my eternal life. to me, there are not many human dangers to worry about. i understand that any day i could be hit by the school bus or be struck by lightning(knock on wood), but i dont worry about things like that. i am a teenager, the things i worry about are pimples, all my school projects and essays and getting all my friends(which is a real lot) some thing for christmas…

  48. Flower

    I would probably say no, thank you. πŸ˜€ I (like Alli) would someday like to become a mother. This is why I was able to sympathize with Rosalie so quickly after learning her story; I have the chance to grow older, mature, and have children. She doesnt. We’re I in Rosalie’s place I might have to resist an overwhelming temptaion to throttle Bella for jumping into something so big so quickly.
    I have a friend who, even before Twilight, would have let anyone bite her if they said they were a vampire. She was, and still seems to be, so sick of ‘mundane human life’ that she would have jumped at the chance to be imortal. Which has always concerned me deeply, being that she’s always wanted to run from what has been farmiliar to her. I exagerate, of course, but I liken my friend to Bella. They both seemed to want something more exciting, but where did that leave Charlie? Or myself? I digress.
    My point is that most of the people who say ‘yes’ to such a huge change usually dont know what they’re getting into. I am fairly sure I understand when I give my answer: a firm ‘no’. πŸ˜€

  49. Becky

    I would definitally hesitate before becoming a vampire, because once you are one there is no way of going back. It’s forever, unless you get killed. I would rather live a normal life and die than keep going on and on and on forever.
    BUT, if I had my true love waiting for me on the other side of the dark abyss of eternity, I wouldn’t hesitate as much. Being with someone like Edward would be completely worth it :)
    So if I was in Bella’s position, yes I would do it. But otherwise probably not.

    Haha, it’s good to know that you haven’t figured out the Seattle thing yet! That makes me feel less stupid for never figuring out these sorts of twists when I read books…

  50. Amber

    Ok people, sure, all of us Twilight fans immediately say “YES YES! OH PLEASE YES!!” to become a vampire. But when you stop and think about it, Edward is the reason Bella is changing. We can’t all have Edwards. And sure you get to be super-strong and super-fast and super-gorgeous etc. etc. but I wouldn’t be looking forward to the constant thirst. Plus, who really wants to live forever? Personally, when my time comes I’m outta here.

  51. NameIsASecret

    I wouldn`t hesitate! I have daydreamed so much about becoming a vampire. They were always the best daydreams I have ever had.

  52. ~Tina

    Umm…actually, like Bella, I’d probably be a bit hesitant. To just throw myself into a world I have no clue about…of course I’d change, but not right at the very moment. The only perks I’d really look foreward to are the beauty, the strength, but mostly the speed. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to run…

  53. ShannanG.

    THat would be a very hard desicion. I mean you would live forever, and ever, and ever, and ever….and though the idea of living an extra long life is an awsome idea for me. Living forever….maybe no so much. But then there is also the aspect of once I was turnned I would want to kill what I once was. I mean Bella was the exception to newborn vampires. Think about how it would be if she didn’t have such good self control, and was a regular newborn.

  54. Nurazlin

    Immortality (if I had a soulmate like Edward) sounds v-e-r-y tempting. But, w/o a soulmate, not so much. I’d love to watch the world change, have the flawless beauty/senses but I’d hate to leave my family. I just couldn’t bear to keep living while my parents die, then my siblings…
    So, if I were asked, right now, if I wanted to be a vamp, I’d have to refuse.

    LOL at santa: “He is not pleased”

    Can’t wait for you to hear Jasper’s story, and also Chapter -I don’t know the number, but it’s called Wager.

  55. Carrie

    If I could do it like the Cullens, I probably would. However, drinking animal blood sounds really nasty, even though it’s not nearly as bad as drinking human blood. I would also miss sleeping, but it sounds too tempting to be able to stay young forever and be super fast & strong. You could pretty much do whatever you wanted and you’d have all the time in the world to read tons of books and travel to beautiful places.

  56. Bekah

    In a couple of years if someone asked me if I would become a vampire I would say HELL YEAH! But not now. The reason being I am not even 15 yet and would be stuck as a teen forever. I would want to at least be 17 before undergoing vampireism. But no later than 24 I think. Maybe 25….. Maybe. So yeah there is my age window.

    I mean I guess it would really suck not being able to see your friends and family. Actually no probably, that would definantly suck for me…. of course i could always attempt to change them too………. lol.

    Other benefits include oldfashioned gentlemen, speed, strength, agility, non-clumsiness (finally!), and of course being drop dead gorgeous (no pun intended) for ever.

    So yeah if I was in my age bracket or maybe a year difference I would say yeah.

  57. Ginger

    I just wanted to add, that reading this site has made me want to read the books again :)

  58. Laura

    I want to be a vampire, but only if I had somebody to spend eternity with like how Bella will have Edward. Plus, I usually do things before I think about it, so I would have to think it all through first. But I know I would hate spending eternity alone, although there are benefits such as shiny cars, sparkly skin, drop-dead( literally) gorgeous looks…

  59. Anna

    First things first:

    Kaleb, I just got back from church (it’s a holy day of obligation) and there was this guy there with a tattoo on the side of his head… it was really distracting because I read this post right before I left (postponing my answer) and anyway, I was fantasizing about how he got it (my theory: it was a dare, and he figured “Well, my hair will grow over it” and then, to his horror years later, he went bald.) As I said, it’s right on the side of his head and kinda obvious and I’m sure that would be extremely difficult to remove and annoyingly permanent…

    Well, now that I am done with the tattoo rant, my mind was wandering in church as I thought of an answer to your question. The tattoo guy really hit a note with me. The tattoo not only reminded me of permanence, but also ageing. Everyone ages. That guy has probably had that tattoo for years (he was in his 60’s) and he went bald. He aged. He was living with something permanent. (the coincidences were too creepy)

    You see, right now I’m trying really hard to answer the question based on Stephenie’s portrayal of a vampire (after all, we are talking about Twilight) so I have to be careful my answer doesn’t delve into other vampire characteristics from other places…

    Anyway, I have actually thought about what I would miss most if I became a vampire (chocolate, sleep, chocolate… did I mention chocolate? :D) But not about if I wanted to be a vampire… weird.

    Anway, since I’m young (High school) I don’t think that I would want to become a vampire NOW… maybe in a few years (when I’m 17 or 18 like Bella) I would definitely consider it.

    Yes, it would be permanent, but I have many absurd fears that being a vampire would answer (most are too embarassing to mention)

    Plus, if I was in Bella’s position, yeah I would hesitate but I would go for it– in the end, I would know what I wanted. (What Bella wants is to be with Edward forever) But without Edward I think I would still go for it. Maybe after a while I would find somethings annoying or confusing (no sleep can make time seem very distorted) but I think that it would be fascinating. Living with a family like the Cullens too…

    If I could have a family like the Cullens, a soulmate who I knew would stand by me for eternity, and deal with a lack of chocolate and sleep, being a vampire wouldn’t be so bad. Many people seem to agree, but I’m not sure if they’ve thought of it as much as I have (it would be an endless rant if I explained it here, so I won’t :D)

    Besides, I think its good Bella hesitates. I think it just proves how she knows now how major this decision is. It’s really sinking in. Before in Twilight she’s like “make me a vampire” and now she’s like “what will happen IF I’m a vampire?” I think it shows not only is Bella being ratinonal, but she matured a little too. It’s not a decision to take lightly, I think it’s good she thinks. (if that makes sense :D)

  60. Anna

    begrudgingly, I have the longest post. AGAIN. I’ll have to cut down the ranting next time… sorry… πŸ˜€

  61. Angie

    I would definately become a vampire in a heartbeat. I’d probably wait a few long, long years since I’m only fifteen and therefore can’t even drive, but I’d still become a vampire when the faced with the choice.

    My pros:
    -Since I crave knowledge, I’d be able to learn every little thing my heart desires.
    -I’d be A LOT more patient, which is something I desperately need to learn.
    -My family would die and I’d never have to listen to them complain about how I need to get better grades even though I already have straight A’s.
    -I’d live to the far future and be able to see how society changes.
    -If I didn’t want to be a vampire anymore, I’d just invent a time machine and stop myself from becoming one.

    My cons:
    -I’d never be able to eat again and I love eating.
    -All my friends would die.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on and on about what I’d like and what I’d dislike, but I have other things to get to and therefore don’t have much more time to waste on this. But from my point of view, I’d have to become a vampire. I’d benefit from it more than if I were to stay human.

  62. Catherine

    I would eventually decide to not become a vampire.

  63. Tanya

    I think i would probably choose becoming a vampire. There’s so much i want to experience, so many things i want to learn, see, hear, that i don’t think it would fit into one lifetime. Vampirism also gives super senses to experience all those things. And more time to find your soul mate. πŸ˜‰

  64. becky sue

    :'( I don’t wanna think about the chance to be a vampire because I know I won’t be lucky enought to meet one! But I guess it’s still possible, I wonder how many vamps live in Iowa…… hmm. I’d totally want to be a vampire.

  65. Priscilla :)

    I would choose not to become a vamp. i mean there are some really cool benefits, but i think its also a benefit to have a beginning and an end to your life, instead of living your whole life stuck in your youthful body. and OoOoOoOoOoO the next chapter is one of my favorites!!!! :)

  66. Carmen

    I’m an extremely indecisive person. I never know what I want. There would definitely be some hesitation going on if one of my choices was to become one of the eternally damned.

    Although, you can’t really help who you fall in love with. If I fell in love with a vampire like Edward and he happened to return those feelings I would still hesitate; but in the end I would pick the one I love over mortality and other human experiences. Either way, mortal or immortal, without love, there isn’t anything worth living for.

  67. Lauren

    I can never make decisions-I paint my toenails ten colors. But once I do make a decision, it is easy for me to follow through. The decision making is the only part which bothers me. If I were to fall in love with a vampire, I would pick to become a vampire. Being mortal would only put a limit on love.

  68. Shelly

    This is what I said to my best friend the other day: “If you ever get bitten and changed into a vampire… you better change me too.” To which she responded, “okay, but only if you do the same for me.”

    If I were changed into a vampire, by myself, with no one to keep me company for the rest of eternity then no, I don’t think I’d want to be changed into a vampire. But if by changing into a vampire I still had at least SOME of the people I love most with me (like Bella’s case with the Cullens) then I’d do it in a heartbeat. Because, what’s being human or living forever if you don’t get to be with the ones you love?

  69. Tianna

    I would hesitate. I’m being truthful: if I was being chased by people who wouldnt stop chasing me until I died, or by people a million times worse than any serial killer out there, then I wouldn’t hesitate. If I had a chose simpler than Bella’s (and maybe Edward’s, in a few scenerios), than I would most likely say no, pretty much.

  70. Allison

    I am like Bella. I am clutsy, uncoordinated,unathletic, AND a bokorm. If I was faced wit this decision I would become a vampire, especially if it was the only sure way I could be with my true love forever. It would be worth the pain and sorrow, for I would be getting something infinitely more valuable in return…..Does that make sense at all?

  71. Allison

    Sorry about the typos..I know how to spell, but I have a laptop keyboard…need I say more?

  72. nicoleface


  73. gumsethkimface

    Your Santa costume is TUBULAR! Where can we get a tubular costume like that?

  74. nicoleface


  75. Seth

    I would decide to become a vampire so i can enter the Contest of Awesome. you wouldn’t dare not let me enter if I was a vampire.

  76. guethimcole

    We want a pony, some crayons, an elf, some tubular surf boards, and your tubular santa costumes. KTHNXBAI SANTA

  77. gumsethkimface

    what book are you reading? is it tubular?

  78. KimFTW

    Santa Kalip, I’d really like a non false story for Christmas, but I’m not sure if you can manage, so I’ll settle for the ability to sparkle, thnx

  79. nicoleface


  80. gumsethkimface

    Response to KimFTW:

    Kaleb’s truth radar

    False: 10 True:0

  81. Katsumi

    Vampire FTW. I already keep vampire hours so I might as well be one I have had enough time to think it over I would so do it….

    Than again I would also want a tatto.

    Can I send you my wish list this year for Christmas? Your out fit PWNS.

    Good luck with finals ^_^

  82. Shatha

    I would hesitate, because I’m not Bella. I have a different relationship between family, friends etc. I mean, if I were Bella, I would still think through every other option I every had – that’s part of the reason Jacob is even there, to represent the choice she maintains in her life, that being a vampire is not the only way and she can live as a human with someone else. Bella does need to consider her options and begin think rationally, not only thinking of being with Edward forever. I would consider the impact on my family, friends.. etc.
    I think Bella is the most hesitant in this book, where she fully weighs the pros and cons of both sides, and I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll stop typing now :)
    But I’d be hesitant, it’s a pretty hefty price to pay to be with Edward.

  83. Shatha

    Oh and has anyone considered the three days of the worst pain every to be experienced? Ugh.

  84. marcela

    the only reason i dont have to think about that is because iv thought of that before during algebra…..hehe
    i would hesitate think about it alot ALOT but in the end i would say yes

  85. Katie Beth

    Eh. I have a horrible time making decisions. So I’d probably put it off and put it off until I couldn’t anymore, and then I’d do it and be perfectly happy.

  86. Genevieve

    I’ve had plenty of time to think about this decision (i wish i could make it someday :( ) and yes, I would choose to become a vampire in an instant, especially in Bella’s circumstance, with Edward who loves her more than anything and a family, etc.

  87. Stella

    This is my first (or second) time posting here, and I have to say I love this quesion. I’ve thought about since I first read Twilight, and honestly, I wouldn’t want to become a vamp. I really don’t wanna die now, but I don’t want to live forever either… seems a little too scary. But of course, like others said, Bella’s decision is justitfied because she has all those years ti spend with Edward, the object of her existence. That’s the only thing that keeps the vamps going, the fact that even though they’ll live forever, they have a mate to spend it with. Othwerwise, I think they would’ve all thried to end themselves one way or another… eternal life just sounds scary.

    That’s kinda the reason why I’d prefer to be a wolf.

  88. Elise

    If i had an Edward, hell yes. But i love being human too, so i would have a hard time deciding. I love everyting that would be lost, but at the same time i love everything i might gain. So if i had the chioce I don’t know my answer.

  89. Noelle

    When I really think about it, I’m not sure what I’d want to do. I mean, its great if you have an Edward to spend eternity with, but what if you’re simply given the option with only the hope that you’ll find something to make you want to survive through eternity?
    If there was someone that I loved that much, I’d probably do it, but not without doubting myself. Without that person though, why would I want to be a vampire? Even with the Cullens as a family, I’d constantly be reminded that I was alone…
    How did this turn out to be such a thought provoking question? Well, there’s my answer. Can’t wait for the next post!

  90. claudia

    One night I had a dream with Edward in it, I know so cool but, he was hunting me and trying to make me a vampire. Now if I was conscious I would have been the one chasing him to turn me into a vampire, but in my dream I was so terrified and it even woke me up, I was literally scared of Edward o.0, which is not a familiar reaction, but I think I was scared to turn into something unknown, and like Bella I would be so eager to be a vampire but at the same time scared. I think ultimately I would do it though, but I would like some time to think of my actions, as opposed to being hunted like in my dream.

  91. annab

    Her conflict seems very Shakespeare… fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown makes you think too much about actions and then actions just become thoughts or dreams…. sorry, i just did an essay on Hamlet ( to be or not to be anybody?)
    … anyway Bella is justified in thinking about this too much. She has so much that she would be giving up and yet so much that she would receive in return. I’m not sure if she’s said it yet but one point she actually tells Edward “there’s no point to eternity without you” ( hope that’s not a spoiler)
    So i guess Bella could relate to Hamlet in a way and have her own “to be or not to be” solilque. Basically the fear of the unknown makes us cowards.
    If I was in Bella’s shoes, to be with the one i loved for an eternity and be able to be closer to him then I ever had been, then yes I would change.

  92. Cara

    I watched the chinchilla thing. It made me smile :)

    I don’t think I would become a vampire. Maybe if all my friends and family were vampires- then that would be okay, to go through it with them. But to be all alone in that, and not to be human… I wouldn’t do it. It’s just not worth it to me.

  93. Marissa

    I would only become a vampire if I had someone who I knew I could spend eternity with.

    But it would take time to get over the fact that I couldn’t ever have my own children. I would give it up only if I were in a situation where my “mate” were a vampire.

    chinchillas are amazing. if I had one I’d name it Larry

  94. Nazneen

    Well, hesitate or not. It really depends on the purpose of becoming one. If I were Bella and have fallen deeply in love with Edward, whose a vampire, then I would probably hesitate a bit because of what I will have to deal with later on (Dad, Mom, friends etc). But then, knowing that I would have my own vampire family to take care of me, then maybe it wouldn’t seem as unsteady as it would be.

    Avoid humanly dangers? Nawwww, I’m no danger-magnet like Bella πŸ˜›

  95. Lynlyn

    I do think very often about whether I’d love to become a vampire or not (if I’d have the choice) I guess it would be great.. But I definitely would be no vegetarian..(nothing against the Cullens though)
    On the other hand I totally agree with all of you who said ‘eternity just with someone to spend it’
    There’s no vampire baseball if you’re just one.. xD

  96. Jaclyn.

    Really, I don’t know.
    I know I’d love to give up humanity hands down in a flash. But the whole newborn thing – you’ll get to that later – and having to live off of blood… And then to not let anyone know the secret and stay away from everyone I love…
    Actually, now that I think about it, the only hard part would be keeping the secret and no more friends. And even then I think I could handle it.
    Don’t think I’m wierd, but honestly, is there anything wrong with drinking blood? This is going to bother me now…. I think I could work something out with the whole vegetarianism thing. I’d feel guilty otherwise. I think. But it doesn’t sound half bad…
    But then I’d need someone else. I’d be much too bored and lonely without a friend. But, other than that, I think I could handle it.
    I hope I get the special powers!
    I don’t know what to think. But, once I got it, I’d move on, and be happy. Cuz I am one of those lucky people who doesn’t regret much in life. So I know I’d make it out okay. And that’s all I’m asking for.
    srry I made up my mind so fast so many times. But, I bet that if you asked me if I was in a different mood, I’d hesitate. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m wierd that way.

  97. Jaclyn.

    I’d TOTALLY need a reason for it though. Or else I know I couldn’t do it.
    Forgot to mention it.
    And I loved the chinchilla thing!

  98. Shelby

    The last question you asked us, Kaleb, made me answer the same question…I don’t know why I felt I had to answer it, but as I was writing my response, I realized I had to explain further.

    I answered something like this…

    I wouldn’t want to be a vampire. I enjoy the idea of growing old with the man that I love. I also love the stories of elderly people dying within days or months of each other because they can’t live without the other. A good example of this is Johnny Cash and June Carter… Sure, living forever with the one that you love would be amazing! Eternal bliss!!! But, it would get far too repetitive and even though you’re with that person, it would get lonely to realize that as you remain the same forever, your friends and family would grow old and die without you following. It would be sad to live a life with only people like yourself…you could never branch out and meet new people because it would hurt far to much to watch them age…and inevitably die.

    I personally believe it is far more romantic to grow old with the person you love and then, dying. Its the human way… Its the perfect ending to a full and happy life. I would choose to stay human.

    There would be one thing I’d like about living forever, and that would be to go to every country I’ve always wanted to and to do things that I’ve always wanted to do. But, its selfish to fantasize about immortality because we will all pass away in the end. I say its the fear of death that might make someone seriously consider immortality…

    I want to grow old with the man I love…and I can’t wait!

    Great post, Kaleb! I love your in-depth questions for us fans!

  99. Heidi

    I definitely got very distracted watching random chinchilla videos on youtube midway through your post. They are so cute!

  100. Feven

    I’d hesitate.
    I’m a scaredy cat.

  101. Megan

    If I were in the same situation as Bella, I’d definately want to be a vampire. I wouldn’t want to be changed for a while, though. I know myself, and I know I’d keep putting it off until it was necessary. I probably wouldn’t even bring up the subject until I got brave enough, or I was dying or something. I wouldn’t want to know Edward’s opinion. I would be afraid he’d get upset or something, and I would be too afraid that he’d want to change me right then or something. I know I’d wait until the last minute to ask. I’m a procrastinator. Tehe :)

  102. Megan

    Well, on second thought, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t want to get old and have a boyfriend who was 17. I would definately want to be a vampire, but it sort of goes against my beliefs. I’m not sure if vampires have souls. But it’s hard to believe that someone as good as Carlisle doesn’t. So maybe the good vampires have souls…I’m not sure. And I really wouldn’t want to live forever. It’s a long time to live. Sure, being strong and fast and beautiful, but it’d be tiring to live so long. It would be a very big descision to make. So now I’m undecided.

  103. Nichole

    Like Edward says to Bella, that he doesnt want her to change because she is afraid. I would wait until the danger is over, plus, from what Bella has heard about newborn vampires, having one around wouldnt be helpful, ecspecially if it turns into a war.

    Do you know how hard it is to answer these without giving anything away?!
    I already know what happens, and i feel kind of silly trying to pretend like i dont.

  104. Rayne Hale

    I wouldn’t hesitate one bit. My human life is a disaster and being a vampire would be awesome! I wouldn’t regret it later either.

  105. Kaitlyn

    As much as I love the series, I would never consider becoming a vampire myself. Even the idea of thirsting for human blood- possibly my friends, family, etc.- is simply repulsive to me. I can’t imagine wanting the blood of people I love…. and yet I also couldn’t stand to be away from them. I would never consider leaving my friends and family for eternity, even if (dare I say) there was someone like Edward I could leave them for.

    I would, at the very least, give it a few years’ time to REALLY think about it. I would hate making a decision that would quite literally affect my life for all eternity.

  106. Kayp

    I almost entirely agree with Charlee up there^^. Bella’s choice is justfied because she has this die-hard reason to. Living as a vampire would become lonely would it not..I mean sure it’d be super cool and thrilling ..but who would you come home to or what would you look forward to. The Cullens are family-based vampires so at least they have others who share their striking phenomenon of life with. Thats a BIG help I’m sure. And without hesitation I must say in harmony with other twilight-based-fan-lives, if I had my own Edward to fight for, shoot I’d be down and dirty to become a bloodthirsty crit. AHHA–but I’d still try to keep some form of contact with my “human” friends/family of course just as Bella. And whats funny is if I REALLY were Bella like I dream about in my dreams(lmao) then I’m positive I’d end up doing everything she did: I’d defend my family with my life and I’d put other people’s feelings before my own, and become totally consumed by this danger/excitement thats thrown my way, and be a total clumsy-life-threatening magnet who jumps at the thought of being with the πŸ˜‰ perfect man…;)

    It basically turns into the question that the movie promotes: If you could live forever, what would you live for?

    What is forever without someone to share it with? <3

  107. Kathi

    I’m the same as you are Kaleb. I usually don’t like making decisions that can’t be un-done.

  108. Michelle

    I’ve been thinking about this vampire issue a lot lately, what with surrounding myself in all things vampire, it was sure to cross over into my dreams. My reasoning may just be the stupidest yet, but I’m afraid enough of dying that I wouldn’t mind to live forever. Not the Cullen way, at least. To become an uncontrollable monster who eats people all the time doesn’t exactly pique my interest. The strength, the knowledge you would inevitably come upon over the years, and the fact that your chances of meeting your true soul mate go up considerably are all fantastic notions. I’ve really experienced all the human things I was looking for out of life. My only drawback is that I’d like to lose some weight before my body got stuck forever, unchanging. After that, I’d totally be up for it!

  109. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 17 (Alliance) AND Chapter 18 (Instruction)

    […] Reading Eclipse: Chapter 12 (Time) The song for this chapter is Time After Time by… […]

  110. Liz

    I would never become a vampire ’cause I’m a vegetarian and would never be able to kill an animal (and don’t particualy want to kill humans either). But even if I took the whole blood drinking out of the equation I’m not really sure if I’d be able to go through with it or not.

  111. Kelsie

    That’s tricky…
    It depends on the scenario,
    if they asked Would you become a vampire and spend eternity with Edward? I would say yes so fast they wouldn’t even finish the question! But, if they just asked if I would become a vampire? I would have to think!

  112. Sandra

    I wouldn't be rushing into becoming a vampire because I would want to spend more time with loved ones, get a good length of time to feel like my goodbye was real. At the same time eat all the food i can lol . (myself in bellas place) I already know Edward is going to love me forever and ever and I”m going to spend an eternity with him..I know he is going to be protecting me (as well as his family) so I could enjoy a few more years being human and then finally be Edwards forever !! :p

  113. Sandra

    I wouldn't be rushing into becoming a vampire because I would want to spend more time with loved ones, get a good length of time to feel like my goodbye was real. At the same time eat all the food i can lol . (myself in bellas place) I already know Edward is going to love me forever and ever and I”m going to spend an eternity with him..I know he is going to be protecting me (as well as his family) so I could enjoy a few more years being human and then finally be Edwards forever !! :p

  114. Anji

    I'd most definitely have to say no…I would not like to become immortal in any shape or form… I'm far too stoked on becoming a crazy old cat lady.

  115. Lauraa Mmp

    If you get just into it it's all like 'Oh being a vampire is cool and I get to be all those great things' BUT if you think into it a little deeper, I'd say 'Oh no man, first drain me. I WILL not change.” Because well, it must be so hard to live for so long. watching everything change, people you love dying and not being able to change yourself. Frustrating, really.

  116. Kim Metzger

    I wouldn't because my husband, a pastor in a Lutheran church, has informed me that he is obligated to hunt and destroy all undead creatures, especially vampires. Consequently, he really doesn't like it when I call him “My Edward”….

  117. Β°oΒ°

    I've asked myself the same question a couple of weeks ago and drew a little comic strip about it which you can see here: http://jengambale.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2wtzc7
    Dunno if you still check the comment section here. Β°_Β°?

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