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Back From The Trip!

December 29th, 2008 at 10:19 am by Kaleb Nation

After a wonderful vacation, I am finally back in town! I had a great time visiting with my relatives and enjoying heaps of holiday food, as well as plenty of Christmas music and Reese’s that seemed to be in never-ending supply. My relatives obviously know me well: now, I own yet another tiny travel gnome:



I will resume my regular posts very soon, as I re-adjust to being home and finish unpacking my things. But while I was gone there were lists of things that happened, including that crazy Philippines Twilight TV hoax (which I actually fell for, and immediately showed my brother, who shared in my shock that such a thing could actually come into existence so quickly). And yes, it was a hoax.

I want to wish Pel at the Twilight Lexicon a wonderful and happy birthday — Pel has helped my site out since day one, posting my big updates to the Lex, and has been a huge influence on the entire Twilight community long before I even started reading the books! My website would not have been anywhere near as popular without Pel posting and writing about me; and without her support of my site, and so many other Twilight fansites out there, many of us would never have existed.ย  So head on over to the Lexicon’s thread and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Also, Summer School In Forks, which I will be attending (and giving a speech at!) is running an awesome sale on their tickets until December 31! With the deal, you get to buy one registration and get $50 off the second. This event is going to be loads of fun, and especially awesome will be my first trip to Forks, which I just narrowly missed quite a while (and quite a bad haircut) ago.

Oh, and I passed 6,000 Youtube subscribers while I was out of town! I think I ran about the house dancing some version of the jig when this happened, as that is 1,000 more than my entire year’s goal, and already cutting into my goal for 10,000 by the end of 2010! Thanks everybody ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I haven’t heard from anybody here in so long, so how about telling everyone in the comments what fun stuff happened during your holidays?

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55 Responses

  1. Karoline

    hey! so keep reading the book, it gets better and better;)

    I was kidnapped by my best
    friend to attend “a drive around the block” two days ago, did you get anything useful this Christmas?

    happy holidays!!

  2. Ember P

    Glad you had a great holiday!!
    My Christmas was amazing, I got to spend a lot of time with my family, and I got some awesome Twilight stuff (Edward Cullen action figure!!) I love the gnome, by the way! ^^

  3. Nazneen

    You and your gnomes ;D! Mine was GREAT too. But I can’t believe I’m looking forward to school. Well, more of looking forward to meeting my friends. Instead of learning. Hahah. No winter for me. But glad you had a great time!

    Can’t wait for Chapter 15! Welcome Back, btw.

  4. Johanna

    Welcome back. I don’t know how “Fun” it is, but I goy stuck in paris because I missed my plane. So I lucky got to stay at a flight attendant’s house.

    It was an odd experience

  5. Bri

    Hey! Sounds like you had a good holiday. I went with my friends in a large shuttle bus to look at Christmas lights on people’s houses. Love the gnome. :-)

  6. Alli

    Glad you had a good Christmas Kaleb! I got this Twilight poster : http://www.alastore.ala.org/SiteSolution.taf?_sn=catalog&_pn=product_detail&_op=2616

    read just over 1/3 of The Host, and got to experience the wonders of the Wii that my cousins brought to my grandparents’ house. I played so much bowling (and was really good at it when in reality I suck at bowling) that my arm and shoulder hurt this morning. And I have a video of my grandfather doing the High School Musical Dance game on the wii with my 11-year-old cousin! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. ERIKA

    Welcome back Kaleb!

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Yay for Kaleb! ^__^

  8. Becky

    glad you had a great holiday! but I’m also glad your back to popsting.

    My Christmas was great. Got out of school 3 days early because of snow (8 inches with ice and wind, fun) which caused me to miss every end of semester test except one, which is awesome!
    Hopefully we don’t take them when we go back after break… And then I just sat around, and ate lots of turkey. Travel plans got messed up because of weather so we didn’t bother driving anywhere, lol

  9. Becky

    lol, Johanna
    I’d PAY to get ‘stuck’ in Paris

  10. Heather

    Hey Kaleb! Your holiday sounds pretty cool, I especially love the gnome. How many do you have now? Mine was boring, except the large amount of Twilight-related gifts I got (mostly Cullen jewelry) and the fact that my family got a Wii and now I can’t stop playing it, which is really bad for my goal of writing 5 chapters of my book over break (I’ve only pumped out a third of one).

    Can’t wait for your next post!

  11. Madawn

    Welcome back kaleb! glad to hear that you had a good christmas!

    My christmas was great although i flew from Oregon to Arizona and very nearly didn’t get outta oregon. they had been cancelling flights for 4 days, so when i got there i had to wait 3 and a 1/2 hrs just to check-in..it’s a good thing they delayed the flight! lol other then that my christmas was awesome, spent it with my famiily and will be going home tomorrow!

  12. Snow Wight

    haha. I, too, got a bazillion Reese’s! They are made of awesome…and sugar. lol.

    My family asked what my favorite Christmas present was, which was a very stupid question, in my opinion. In order that I not spoil it for some people, I’ll just say, it appears in Chapter 20 and it’s oval-shaped. ๐Ÿ˜€

    My Christmas was kind of insane, considering it was the tiniest ever for my family. I was sleeping in our playhouse outside for two weeks, since we had some friends visiting from Japan. (My room=guest room when needed). It was freezing, but I was okay…till the 23rd when I got sick, and stayed that way through Christmas until the 27th. Despite all that, I had loads of fun. AND I finally got the Twilight soundtrack (along with the score, of course!)!

  13. arikka

    hey kaleb:)
    you had a eventful christmas lol
    i had a good christmas just kind of unevnetful

  14. Zella

    My christmas was good other than my panic attack. I didn’t get any twilight stuff because of how oblivious to everything me my parents are, but i did get Lily Allen tickets!

  15. April

    We drove the three days from IA to CA to see my family. Highlight was ditching the three kids on grandma to go see Twilight – twice! Meeting friends from my online scrapbook group too, then fight the lovely midwest weather back home. We skipped our anniversary, as hubby is working on a getaway to FORKS! Maybe Summer School???

  16. Caitlin

    Hey Kaleb!
    Welcome back! Glad that you had a good christmas! Love the picture of the gnome! Reeses are always good to get! lol

    My christmas was soooo cool! I spent it with my family and we had lots of yummy food to eat. I got a awesome new phone that I am so loving! Didn’t get too much Twilight related presents, but Edward, Alice and Emmett all got me presents. lol
    In my family we do this thing where we put our favorite characters on the gift tags. It gets pretty silly! But anyways!
    I had a Fun Christmas and great family time!
    Glad that you had a Great Christmas and are back safely! :)

  17. Shannon

    Hi Kaleb!
    My Christmas was great, i got a purple ipod chromatic ^__^! didn’t get any Twilight related stuff but im going to use my money for tons of that soon.
    And i’ve been taking people to see Twilight like it’s a trip to the beach i’ve seen it like three times now =].

    Yeah so i got alot of presents I wanted and got to spend time with all my family, and gorge on chocolate of course =].
    Love the gnome btw XD

  18. Olivia

    I had an awesome Christmas! My sister and I got a trip to NYC to go see Wicked, it was so cool! We just got back today. Also got the unofficial Twilight Guide, which I am halfway through. I got a Twilight t-shirt for my sister, since I forced her to read the books and now she’s hooked too. Yay! :-)
    Hope everyone else had a happy and safe holiday!

  19. Cyndi

    There always seems to be thousands of reeses around my house too during the holidays. For christmas I got tickets to see the Little Mermaid on Broadway (20 years old and still cried like a baby) and we went to Planet Hollywood after where I got to see the Prom outfits Edward and Bella wore in the movie! A pretty fantastic Christmas if I do say so myself not to mention the several Twilight related things I did get.

  20. Cyndi

    Olivia–I looovvvee Wicked, I am so jealous you saw it on Broadway, I did in Boston and I am dying to in NYC. I have tattooed on my foot the music notes to the song Defying Gravity where the lyrics say “Kiss me goodbye I’m defying gravity”

  21. Kim M.

    So far I have spent my break either hanging with family and friends (which is fun) or stressing over college apps that are due soon (which is not so fun). How did you survive college apps? I need reassurance! Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday. I hope you have a happy new year!

  22. Ciera S.

    I too got a garden gnome as a present!!!! Small world. He’s wearing an awesome blue/red hat.

    I had a good holiday and I’m glad to hear that you did too!

  23. Charlee

    My relatives got wind of the fact that I like twlight. So I got some pretty cool stuff on that front.

    I also got a really nice writing portfolio to work with at school! I’m excited! I like to write long hand and it will keep my original drafts from getting so beat up. It’s from Levenger. Do you use them Kaleb?

    Anyway, its been nice to have a boat load of time just to read books for enjoyment and write! Yippee!

  24. becky sue

    Ahhahahah im so glad you got another gnome! Good for you! I actually got a digital camera. ๐Ÿ˜€ yay us!

  25. Aliceeee

    Heyy Kaleb!
    glad your back!
    My X-Mas was awesome, it involed lots of hairspray, singing, presents (grab-bag), and friends!
    hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
    xox aliceeee

  26. JessieLynn

    Congrats Kaleb on failing miserably in regards to the hoax! Lol. It does look very realistic, but the timing did seem a little soon for me to believe it, but idk.

    Besides my older brother not showing up Christmas morning due to a hangover and some random ppl waking up in his apartment, (that was fun to hear him try to explain) it was pretty good. Some family friends showed up and we watched a movie before deciding to go disturb our boss’s house with an amazing rendtion of the Airforce song. It was really funny because her husband is a colonel in the Army. We ate desert there and had an all around great day.

    Glad yours was amazing too and that you got another gnome! In case I don’t talk to you before then, Happy New Year!

  27. Morgan B.

    Hey Kaleb! Yeah my Christmas was pretty uneventful. I got a giant twilight poster! Woot! I also got a video camera so i might actually start up an account on youtube…lol mine wont be nearly as creative as yours…but still. lol. Uhm…besides that it was uneventful…lol. Oh I caught up on reading, if anyone likes books about fairies and mystical creatures, Fablehaven was a good read…im about to go and buy the 3rd book in a few days time. I just started the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series…so far its pretty interesting for page 2. If anybody else wants to know about some good reads i’ve read plenty so ask!

  28. Amanda M.

    FIVE of my friends got Twilight for Xmas and are now hooked, and my mom finally finished Eclipse on Christmas eve. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And Christmas in general was very good :) Glad to hear yours went well too!

    We missed you, Kaleb!

  29. Lizzie Hale

    Its great to finaly read one of your posts again. Keep reading eclipse is my fav out of the four books. Have a great New Years Kaleb!!!!!

  30. Lauren

    Well, i had a nice holiday. Super sad that its coming to an end though. Haha. I don’t wanna go back to school anymore than the next person. Anyways, glad you’re back. And i so love the gnome.

  31. Katie

    Aw, thanks so much for the call for subs, Kaleb! You’re amazing! <3
    Team Twilighter loves you!
    Katie Cullen

  32. Shelby

    well, i went to Florida for a showcase soccer tournament, which is basically where we play so college coaches can watch us, it was fun, but i missed getting to go to see my grandparents in San Antonio

  33. DukDany

    I spent the holidays with my family (nothing new) but something exciting was discovering your site. Iยดm new in the Twilightmania, so Iยดm kind of behind. Your site kept me busy the last couple of days catching up on all this stuff. My best present: Mom got me a laptop, yuju!! Hope you had a great holiday.

  34. Aria

    I had a face stuffing Christmas as well. One parents was so sick she could barely get out of bed. And Dad was crippled due to an injury. So guess who learned a bunch of family secert recipes!

    But the best part was when my boyfriend (aspiring chef) gets a target gift card from my parents and says ,”Sweet! I’m gettin’ a knife!”

  35. zee

    Hey Kaleb, welcome back!

    First of all: the Hoax. I totally went into panic when I found out about it. I’m Filipino (but I’m in NZ) and I got, like, the whole list of the cast who will play the parts (and they’re pretty big stars back home) but I was just so upset over it. It was like a slap on Twilighters’ faces. Thank goodness it was a hoax! I just found out yesterday.

    The hoax must have been pretty good since even YOU know about it. I look at your site like THE ultimate Twilight site (despite the Topsite’s opinion) but i love your website and its sort of embarrassing that you heard about that stupid hoax.

    But anyway, it’s not real so YAAAAY! XD

    and YAY for your new gnome! heheh.

    always, Zee

  36. Stella

    The only ppl I can think of that can match your love of gnomes would probably be Travelocity with their gnomes!!!

  37. Monica

    I got the Twilight movie calendar!! And cash. From my parents. It was kind of weird, but it’s enough to buy all my textbooks for next semester, so I really can’t complain. Oh, and my brother got me a new cell phone.

    Christmas day we made homemade pancakes and stayed in our pajamas until noon. It was quite nice, and very relaxing.

  38. Joanne Maria

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Santa gave me a new MAC book.. My first new ‘puter, not just a hand me down from my kids…YEAH!!!

  39. Hope

    I’m glad you had a good christmas. :) Mine was great! My sister and brother-in-law came home and we all visited my grandparents for christmas. I got a gient book of grimms fairy tales as well as a book called the Sisters Grimm from my sister. World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King from my dad (online game)and A purse from my mom. No gnomes for me this year… oh well maybe next year. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Morgan B, I have read the Percy Jackson books and I realy like them. What are some other books you like? We need some forums on this site where we could talk about that kind of stuff.

  40. priyanka

    i got a dance dance revolution for christmas from my parents and a bunch of things from my friends too. i got lotions, body wash, body scrub and perfumes and a snow globe from my friends. and i got the bracelet jacob gives to bella for a graduation gift from a very special friend!

  41. Bella minus the B

    I thought you died or something, but then I relized, hey it was just christmas! of course he’s not on! my christmas was great and yours seemed to be as well. Happy New Year!!!

  42. Anonymous 66

    My Christmas was amazing.

    I had a Twilight themed Christmas, everything that was missing from my collection was under the tree.

    So it was pretty cool.

  43. Cara

    Welcome back Kaleb, I’m glad you had a good Christmas.

    Mine wasn’t too exciting, but it was fun. It was me, my twin sister, my mom, my grandma, and my uncle. I videotape the whole thing ๐Ÿ˜€ And I got a new phone. I love it :)

  44. courtney

    Hey Kaleb! my Christmas was great! I got the twilight poster and an awesome twilight t-shirt :) I real some one else said they got an Edward Cullen action figure? i didnt even know they made them! ha haha ha guess ill have to go get me one now ๐Ÿ˜›

  45. Megan

    Hehe :) I had an amazing Christmas. I got Jack Skellington pajamas. Tehe they made me think of you, since you love that movie so much :) I also got a Twilight hoodie and that scarf set with the Cullen crest. I got the score soundtrack from the movie, and I got Titanic on DVD. Pretty much everything I asked for. It was great!

  46. Megan

    I just read that some people read the Percy Jackson books! I love those books so much! I was obsessed with them forever. Haha. Than I read Uglies, and was obsessed with that, then Midnighters…then Twilight. Haha I love books!!! :)

  47. Meghan

    Hey Kaleb!
    Awesome gnome! I was re-reading the Twilight series over the holidays and then read the Host for the like fifth time. I love that book!

  48. Madeline

    Happy new year, Kaleb! Glad to hear that you had a great holiday! I didn’t do much over the break, except for skiing (I did alright) and bowling (epic fail).

    I love your new gnome, it’s very nice.

  49. Morgan B.

    Hope i totally agree about the forum thing. Well of course i like Harry Potter…lol. I just bought the Leven Thumps series too, im getting really excited about reading that. Then I dont know if you’ve read the City of Ember books, I just bought the first four and am really excited about reading those too… also Gregor the Overlander, The Frog Princess, Charlie Bone, Series of Unfortunate Events (although it’s pretty sad), Inkheart, Land of Elyon, Septimus Heap, and much more…lol I’m a big fan of mystical creatures and magical stuff, it’s so much more interesting than the real world. Ha so yeah if you have any good series’s to suggest im totally up for more new reads.

  50. vivs

    I have been so far behind on coming to your website. but im so glad im finally back!(and posting a comment on a post that was put up like a week ago. ๐Ÿ˜› ) but since you asked what we have been up to during the holidays, i decided to leave a comment on this post.

    I have been REALLy busy these holidays. Some family members came to florida from Colombia and stayed here for a month. In fact, they leave tomorrow. Since I live in Florida and it was these ppls first time coming to the US, they obviously wanted to visit popular places such as Disney, Clearwater Beach, Universal Studios, ect.

    Wellwe all know the economy has been bad so my parents just couldnt afford buying tickets to go with the ppl to the Parks and stuff….so i went instead. (they needed me to translate – no wonder they paid for my ticket!!lol jk) I was in orlando for three whole days visiting the parks and walking a lot. It was tons of fun but exhausting at the same time. I have also been to the beach and gone to LOTS of malls…. so yeah. Thats the quickest summary i can give because i know ill end up typing a novel if i keep on typing. lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

    So happy holidays kaleb and i wish you the best for this year. :)


    ps: sorry if this comment too long. lol. :)

  51. Tianna

    Aww! Congrats on getting all the Reese’s you can eat (I hopa new gnome!!

    For me, well I got the electric guitrar I wanted. And a telescope… although I can’t do anything with the telescope since it’s pouring rain where I’m at and the guitar I can’t use until my dad helps me tune it. XD

  52. Jaclyn.

    HEE HEE…
    I was forbidden to use the Internet over the holidays, much less look at a computer, so yeah…
    And I actually got a SHAMWOW! thing. It was freaking hilarious.
    Good times, good times…
    So, yeah.
    Loving all you very much.

  53. Gin

    well, over the holidays I have been creating another RPG site, I have four currently for the Twilight saga and I'm opening a new one for the Fablehaven series as we speak, if anyone is interested in helping me run it give me a shout. All that I ask is that you have read the series. http://kinghtsofdawn.proboards.com/index.cgi

  54. Gin

    well, over the holidays I have been creating another RPG site, I have four currently for the Twilight saga and I'm opening a new one for the Fablehaven series as we speak, if anyone is interested in helping me run it give me a shout. All that I ask is that you have read the series. http://kinghtsofdawn.proboards.com/index.cgi

  55. Tai game hanh dong

    Wow I absolutely adore her! She is gosh darn beautiful plus a really good actor. I dont think the show V is all that good, but I watch it anyway just so I can see Morena Baccarin. And I dont know if youve ever seen her do an interview but she is also rather comical and its all so natural for her. I personally never even heard of her before The V, now Ill watch anything shes on.

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