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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 15 (Wager)

January 5th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Hysteria by Muse

Finally — my glorious two-week break is complete, which means back to work, back to writing, and back to the next chapter in Eclipse! I will admit my break was quite a joyful one (besides the being-sick half the time part) but it’s always a welcome time to get back to a schedule and start again with the new year. On to Chapter the 15th!

In the previous chapter, Jacob just informed Bella of the fact that he is in love with her, which did not cause much of a reaction in me besides a hiccup (I attribute this more to eating my snack too fast instead of surprise). The fact is that I knew, as well as Bella, and everyone who has read this far, that Jacob is madly in love with her, and would greatly welcome a runaway train flattening every shiny silver Volvo in the surrounding 500 miles of Forks.


But Jacob’s proclamations of love aside, Bella doesn’t buy into it quite so quickly, though she doesn’t outright turn him down either. Bella is a hard person for me to understand. I figure she is doing one of three things:

1. She loves Edward but still thinks she is not good enough for him; thus, not completely getting rid of Jacob leaves someone around to go to if Edward leaves again, OR

2. She loves Edward but can’t stand to hurt Jacob’s feelings, even though her relationship with him doesn’t, ahem, sparkle as much as her relationship with Edward; thus she wants to say she doesn’t love him, but can’t bring herself to do it for fear of crushing him, OR

3. All of the above.

I am personally going for option 3. Considering the fact that no matter what happens, someone will be hurt, I find it slightly disappointing that Bella would continue to lead Jacob on when she knows she won’t love him like Edward. But, she is human, and sometimes humans have a hard time making decisions, especially one’s involving love — whilst the possibility of something actually blooming between her and Jacob looms over her head every time she thinks of cutting ties with him altogether. The key line here is:

Bella to Jacob: “But I don’t want you around for the same reason that you want me around.”

Decoded means: “I want to be Just Friends.”

But you can’t have it both ways. It’s like getting a pet chinchilla (Jacob), feeding it and letting it nibble the ends of your fingers, and then each day at 2 o’clock tossing it out into the foggy streets of London so you can go play with your real pet, a disapproving rabbit (Edward). Eventually, the rabbit will be jealous of the hours you spend with the chinchilla; and the chinchilla will feel as if you’re just using it, and join Her Majesty’s Navy on a trip far away in order to forget you. There can never be two number 1’s in a person’s life.

I did notice one thing that made me feel better about Bella, and that is the fact that she is beginning to realize what she is doing to poor Jacob:

If I wasn’t mean — and greedy, too — I would tell him I didn’t want to be friends and walk away. It was wrong to try to keep my friend when that would hurt him.

Which is true. Bella is in a very hard position, because either leaving or staying will both end up hurting Jacob. Oh, what a predicament.

I find it endlessly funny how Charlie is so blatantly Team Jacob. It’s as if Jacob can do anything he wants because Charlie wants him and Bella together so much:

Charlie: “Why did she hit you?”

“Because I kissed her,” Jacob said, unashamed.

“Good for you kid,” Charlie congratulated.

“So, can I have $500?” Jacob went on.

“Sure,” said Charlie, already pulling it out.

“And the deed to this house.”

“Right here.” Charlie already had it signed.

“I’ll be taking your patrol car on the way out,”

“Sure thing,” Charlie chuckled. “Here, take my left arm and half my furniture while you’re here.”

As I read this chapter, I also wondered what exactly Edward was going to do when he showed up at the house. After all, I know that I would not be pleased in the slightest to know that the guy my girlfriend was hanging out with ultimately led to her breaking her hand. Especially when said hand was broken trying to whack some sense into his head because he tried to force a kiss in. No, I would not be happy at all.


Meanwhile, on a nearby hill...

which, as I found out a few pages later, is what nearly happened. When Edward accelerates his Volvo even more than its already-insane speed, you know he is not pleased.

Question for the comments: if Edward and Jacob did get in a fight, who do you think would win? Remember, they’re both fighting for Bella, so it would be worse than usual. Or, do you think they would both end up dying in the process?


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153 Responses

  1. Kataqu

    Edward would win, methinks. He’s already shown how far his love of Bella goes, and I’m just not sure there’s any competing with that level of protectiveness.

  2. Emily

    Given that werewolves are more vulnerable to injury than vampires, and coupled with pure jealous rage, I definitely think that Edward would easily take Jacob in a fight. Also, Pet Chinchilla vs. Disapproving Rabbit is now my new favorite analogy for Jacob and Edward.

  3. Kat

    EDWARD!undoubtedly.I agree with Emily….Pet Chinchilla vs. Disapproving Rabbit LOL..!

  4. Vanesa

    hahaha.. that was funny!! mm… definitely EDWARD, are you kidding me? he’ll do anything for her!!…

  5. lil'

    Hahaha I laughed when I read the part where Charlie tends to side with Team Jacob rather than with Edward.

    “take my left arm” lol!

    But a fight between with Edward and Jacob…I think it’s sad to say that the fight wouldn’t last too long because I think Edward has more of the chance of winning. I mean in the second book New Moon… when Laurent was killed, it took more than one werewolf to tackle him down and be rid of him.

  6. Shatha

    I think Edward would win (and not because he is more likeable or anything), I just think that when Bella is involved, Edward is the one with the stronger feelings. Match this with a century of experience, I don’t think Jacob has a chance..
    Although, he may manage to rip off a few limbs. Still, in the end I think Edward would win.

    Hahaha, I think it is 3, all of the above as well. Despite her epiphany in New Moon, I think she’s still a bit nervous that Edward will leave her again.

    β€œI want to be Just Friends.” – The colours made me laugh a lot :) I was waiting for the sparkling sound effects..

    “There can never be two number 1’s in a person’s life.” – This just about sums up everything!
    It’s very true, there can’t be no matter what and Bella knows this (or she is starting to now)

    I also love the pet chinchilla and disapproving rabbit metaphor, clever :)

    I would be very irritated at Charlie for being so obvious about his preference. But it is hilarious!

    This post is hilarious and insightful, glad you’re feeling better!

  7. Marisa

    Definitely, definitely Edward. There is no question about it. Werewolves still wound, they just heal incredibly fast. Vampires are virtually indestructable. Hence, an EPIC FAIL by Jacob, WOOT!

  8. Natali

    Bella absolutely drove me crazy in this book with Jacob and Edward, and it only gets worse. Stephenie does a good job with it in Breaking Dawn though in explaining things.
    The fight, Edward is a lot more admirable, so as long as Bella liked Jacob, he would leave and not hurt Jacob. If Bella quit caring for Jacob Edward would win for sure. Jacob could only win with several others helping him.

  9. Alex

    I believe Edward would win. Even though the werewolves have tools to take down vampires (their teeth), Edward has been in his body longer than Jacob has had his werewolf powers. In a matter of experience and outright rage,Edward would be more likely to hurt Jacob than vice versa.

  10. irunwithvampires

    Its hard to say who would win because Edward honestly doesn’t want to kill Jacob, because he knows how that would hurt Bella. Jacob would stop at nothing if it turned into a fight. But to me, Jacob seems alot like a new born vampire–werewolf style. He’s inexperienced and would make a mistake i think. Edward has got mind-reading and 90 plus years of experience. But he’d also be holding back a bit, to try to not kill Jacob. But ultimatly Edward would win.

    Pet Chinchilla vs. Disapproving Rabbit XD i laughed so hard at that.

  11. Ellen

    ok I think that Jacob would win… and here are my reasons:

    .Although Edward is physically stronger than Jacob, He wouldn’t want to hurt Bella by killing her best friend.
    .Jacob has been wanting to rip Edward’s head off since he saw Bella the first time after Edward had left.
    .Edward wouldn’t fight as hard as Jacob because he still wants Bella to have a human and normal life without him, because he still thinks that is what’s best for her.

    But if they did fight I would want Edward to win, but I wouldn’t want Jacob to die because he’s doing what he thinks is right and best for Bella too.

  12. Ellen

    just something I forgot to say in the last comment.
    Lol I love the metaphor of the pet chinchilla and the disapproving rabbit.lol I had no idea what a chinchilla even looked like till now and it’s so adorable I wish I had one. ( however this does not mean I would like jacob for a pet. hehe)
    I thought the colours in the “Just Friends thing was pretty darn awesome and so was the pun about Jacob and Bella’s relationship not having the same ‘Sparkle’. hehehe, I couldn’t have put it better myself. πŸ˜€
    that was a great chapter review, Kaleb. Thank you so much.

  13. Sabrina

    Oh Edward, hands down, would win! First he has far more experience fighting and is just a tad less destructible. Couple that with his love for Bella and his protective nature and you would have one scary homicidal vampire that would risk everything to destroy Jacob. Though, I bet they’d both look a little worse for the wear!

  14. Owen

    Being logical….
    I would say Jacob, he’s stonger.
    and it would piss the fangirls off too.

  15. Nazneen

    I think I shall go with number 3 too. It was pretty unacceptable seeing how things were between Edward, Bella and Jacob. But can’t really blame Bella because Jacob had provided her friendship when Edward was gone.

    ‘Just Friends’ was colored for a reason? ;D! I like the example of Chinchilla & Rabbit. Although I can’t imagine a rabbit getting jealous. Hahah!

    As for the question. Edward shall win the fight. Edward’s love is very strong beneath the calmness he holds. Besides, it gives him reason to hurt Jacob. Why not just do it?

    I think it’s pretty annoying if I have some guy confess to me that he loves me (when he knows I already have a boyfriend whom I love dearly), and then talks me into choosing him. And then kisses me without permission. And when I broke my hand, he laughs with my dad like it’s the coolest thing he has ever done. Like, “I’m so proud I kissed her!”

  16. Nazneen

    OMG I forgot to say Welcome and Glad that you’re feeling well! We all miss you! It feels like ages waiting for another chapter! πŸ˜€

  17. Emily

    Edward – hands down. Jacob would need to take the split second to phase and Edward would already be done. It’s not prejudice, by the way because I know that Jacob fans all around are rooting for Jacob, (I’m a red-hot Team Edward member), but it’s tactics. When you have as many brothers as I do you start to try to figure the advantages and disadvantages of an opponent and stuff like that without even consciously thinking or hearing about it.

    And glad you’re feeling better! I liked the train bit. Though the chinchilla analogy was quite comical : )

  18. Steph

    Edward, definitely. Not being biased here. It’s just fact. I mean, all the Quiluete legends say how it takes two wolves to kill a vampire. I don’t care if Jake is better than most wolves, Edward reads minds.

    Great post. πŸ˜€

  19. Nicole Jet

    For some reason, your chinchilla vs. rabbit analogy has put a comically absurd image in my head of you throwing a terrified chinchilla out of a window…

    As far as Jacob vs. Edward, I’m going to have to agree with irunwithvampires.

  20. Kristen

    Edward would totally win. He is faster, stronger, and smarter than Jacob. And he can hear what Jacob is planning to do.

  21. April

    Ah, Kaleb…this is one of my favorite chapters…I am really looking forward to what you think when the, well, I won’t give it away. You are right, she doesn’t feel worthy of EC and yet, if you look back in New Moon, you can see she almost gave into Jacob loving her…she said it was effortless and she wouldn’t have to work for it.
    In a fight, I gotta give it to Edward…I am with Ben and Tyler..$10 on Cullen. Edward was right to tell Bella that she would regret sicking him on Jacob later…he would be all too eager to get rid of Jacob, but, like Heathcliff and Cathie, he knows Bella values Jacob and cannot cause her pain by separating them.

  22. KC

    Edward, of course not only is her older and smarter, he can read Jacobs mind and act before he does. I suppose it doesn’t help that I am blindly Team Edward!

  23. KC

    One more thing. I am glad you are feeling better and I have missed your reviews and the posting from guys changed by the series. Keep em coming and take better care of yourself

  24. Sydney

    Edward would definitely win. He loves Bella too much to just lose a fit over her.

  25. Megan

    Jacob…Edward…ahh!!! I can’t answer that! I would love to think Edward would win, because, well, I just like him more. Well, also Edward is a really good fighter…it says multiple times in the books, and he’s 107 years old, so he’s got a lot more experience, and he can read Jacob’s mind, AND he would be fighting for Bella…I feel bad to say this, but I really do think Edward would win. I’m also positive that Edward loves Bella more, so he’d fight to the death for her. But they didn’t get into a fight, so that’s good. I love Jacob…it wouldn’t be very cool if Edward killed him. And I really don’t think Edward would want to kill Jacob, because Bella loves him. Sure, if Bella wouldn’t be extremely unhappy with him, he would love to kill Jacob. Haha :)

  26. Autumn

    I am on Team Edward, so maybe I’m biased, but I think Edward would win. They both have equal brawn, (as far as I can tell) but I think Edward has more sense. He would have a strategy.

  27. Brianna

    If Edward couldn’t read minds, I think that the fight would be almost even. Given that he can, however, Edward would definitely win.

  28. Samantha

    Edward would no doubt win the fight. He can read minds and strategize. Meanwhile, it takes a whole pack of wolves to take out one vampire. It’s obvious odds aren’t in Jake’s favor. Besides, vampire venom is fatal to wolves. All Edward would have to do is bite Jacob, duh.

  29. Court

    i dont think that edward and jacob would fight. i think that if bella decides she would want to be with jacob and not edward then he would leave it alone and go away, away from bella. and if jacob insisted on a fight and bella still wants jacob, then i think that edward wouldnt fight back because it would hurt bella if she hurt him. so i dont think that either would win because edward wouldnt fight.

    **cough cough** but MY opinion is..if a fight DID suddently break out…ur….yeah…edward would win…**cough**

    by the way, this is one of my favorite entrys. very hilarious. :]

  30. Court

    oh and i sooo agree nicole!
    haha. the whole thing was hilarious! and i totally agree on the colors thing for ‘just friends’ haha. youre so funny. :]]

  31. Katie M.

    this was hysterical. funniest post EVER.

    love from nyc,

  32. Emily

    I think, if the fight was kept solely between Edward and Jacob, Edward would definitely win. Aside from the fact that he has far more experience and the ability to read thoughts, there’s also the fact that Edward wouldn’t simply be fighting for ‘a girl he loves.’ He would be fighting for his ‘la cantante,’ which I believe would trump any human emotions Jacob feels for Bella.

    If you want to get right down to it and take a vampire’s nature into account, you could probably akin a fight between Edward and Jacob to a fight between two vampires- one of which wants to bite a girl simply because he can, while the other has already claimed the girl as his ‘la cantante’. That ‘la cantante’ thing is going to factor in, in a big way, if it were to come down to a fight of instincts, I think.

    But… realistically, I think a fight between Edward and Jacob would probably end up turning very bad, very quickly- for Edward. The moment Jacob fursplodes, probably with his own rage and intent to kill, the rest of the pack is going to know and come running to Jacob’s aid. That would certainly throw the odds completely out of balance (well, if the fight were to last long enough for the pack to get there =P). I’d like to say that the Cullens would somehow magically know that there was danger if this were to happen, but I somehow doubt that would be the case- Alice wouldn’t be able to see Edward or Bella if the wolves were around, and unless she was specifically looking for either of them, she would probably never even have an inkling of something being wrong.

    And… I think I have thought entirely too much about this. =]

  33. Hope

    Edward can read Jocobs mind so he would know what he is going to do before he does it. So my bet would be for Edward. But Jacob wouldn’t go down without realy hurting edward so it would be close. I’d rather neither on them fight though.

  34. Talkerwolf

    I am very much Team Edward,but putting that aside for a moment, I would still say Edward, For starters, he can read Jacob’s thoughts, so he would be able to dodge any attacks. Secondly, he is pretty much immortal, and is alo very skilled. The only way that Jacob would only be able to get to Edward would be to bring up the whole situation that happened in New Moon. But I’m not saying what for those people who haven’t read it yet, (i.e my friend) So yeah, Jacob has a small chance, but Edward would win in the end. We are talking about fighting over Bella here, so c’mon, he would fight dirty and we know it… :)

  35. JessieLynn

    I’m not entirely sure. On one hand, if Bella tries to get them to stop fighting, then Edward would get distracted to make sure Bella wouldn’t get hurt, so Jacob would kill him off. Also, Edward is too much like Heathcliff in the sense that he WON’T hurt Jacob because Bella loves him in a way. But, Jacob also would try to keep Bella safe, so I think there is a chance he might lose, especially if Edward is convinced that Jacob needs to die.

  36. vivs

    lol. i remember when charlie said that, i pretty much burst out laughing when i read that too.

    now, about ur question, just imagining the two of them fighting sends shives through my spine. If Stephenie would have put a fight scene between the two of them, it would probably very violent. I love jacob’s character, but like many ppl, im team edward. Therefore making me say edwad would win. but then again i want to explain my answer. And the reason is becuase even though Jacob is a strong werewolf (lol. did i spell that right??) he is still kinda new at it and if he were to fight edward, edward would probably have more control of himself instead of jacob, who would most likley fight recklessly…well atleast somewhat reckelessly….ahhhh. I dont know. lol.

    so yeah. great post kaleb! and im glad u had a good break!!


  37. Heather

    Hilarious post! Ahhh so many things to comment on…

    Bella is being insanely selfish. She is best friends with Jacob, but she can’t have both in her life. Without question she chooses Edward, but she still wants Jacob, and in a way she doesn’t care how much she hurts either of them, because she wants them both in her life (magnet metaphor comes into play here, so sorry Bella, pick one and move on). I have many more comments on this subject, but I can’t say anymore without spoiling anything else.

    The chinchilla/rabbit comparison is single-handedly the greatest comparison ever known to the history of mankind. Genius, Kaleb, genius.

    Sadly, that is probably exactly what Charlie would do. Grrrr! Every character makes me mad in this book >=0

    Loved your picture with Mabel. I think I see a little Kaleb eavesdropping in the bushes. Now, now Kaleb, you know you don’t like eavesdropping. Remember what you heard when Bella and Angela were having boy talk a few chapters back? I thought you would’ve learned your lesson *tsk tsk*

    For your question: I think Edward would win, but loose a few limbs in the process. It would be very close, but Edward would win, because he can read Jacob’s thoughts. It would only be close because Jacob’s rage seems to be a very powerful thing.

  38. Zella

    Nice post, and I’m glad to see our favourite little twiguy is better!

  39. kim

    edward! he has all that experience and practice over time. jacob is still young and impatient. and i’m sure jacob would try to show off and get himself hurt. edward would just get straight to the point.

  40. Aisling

    *giggles pre-emptively*
    (at least i hope im giggling pre-emptively and that the bit im thinking of hasnt already happened…i cant check cos my friend has Eclipse…dang!)

    i think Edward, he loves Bella more, and therefore would probably go all Hulk and get even stronger just to keep her. Add in the fact that he’s been a vampire for 100 years, Jacob’s been a werewolf a few months…even if he is “a natural”

    my moneys on Cullen xD

    whoa…long comment lol

  41. Nina

    Phew! I finally caught up, I have only discovered your existence since two weeks or so, I know I must have been living under a rock (guess I am just not a Twi-hard)

    So I am really liking your insights so far, although I don’t always agree. And I have been wondering for quite some time now, what it is exactly that you are studying at uni. I’m a student ‘Language & Linguistics’ myself but due to the fact that our system in Europe is different from yours, my exams start this week and last until the 31st! So yes I should be studying and instead I am reading your blog! Smth must be wrong with me!

    So I don’t really agree on your reasons why Bella keeps hanging out with Jake, Bella fell in love with Jake in New Moon, just because it wasn’t the head-over-heels kind of love doesn’t mean it isn’t love. She said it so many times eg. ‘it’s so easy hanging out with Jake’… I think many relationships are grow out of a friendship. So she doesn’t want to say goodbye ’cause yes it will hurt Jake, but it’ll hurt her just as much. Referring to Jake’s anger in New Moon when he said they couldn’t be friends, Bella said that he hadn’t been healing her hole, no he had been digging his own hole.

    Anyway on your question: Edward, definitely, age, experience and mind-reading!

  42. Carrie

    I don’t think Edward would fight Jacob because he knows how much Bella cares about him, but if he had to, Edward would win. I think Edward is stronger and more experienced. Plus, he has the advantage of being able to read Jacob’s mind…Bella was annoying me at this point in “Eclipse” when she just could not let Jacob go. It’s time to move on once your friend tells you he’s in love w/ you & actually kisses you while you have a boyfriend. I think she knew that she should probably stay away from him after that and she did punch him in the face when he forced himself on her, so I’ll give her credit for that. If I had been in her place, I would’ve been very angry as well.

  43. Jennyluxx

    OME of course Edward will win! I’m not just saying that because I’m Team Ed but because when it comes to Bella he would do anything to have her… also his venom is lethal to wolfs. Jacob doesn’t stand a chance!

    So I just discovered your site, and it’s pretty awesome! I’ll be sure to check in regularly! XD

  44. Michelle

    Hmm I’m not really on any team particularly. I liked Edward more because of how much he loves Bella and how absolutely devoted he is to her and how he protects her so much.

    But I also like Jacob because he too is in love with Bella and is just trying to protect her from what he thinks to be-the worst demon-thing possible to ever walk the earth.

    The two can’t stand eachother and seem to be very jealous of the other.

    But I have to say that I think Jacob would win. Yes, Edward could read Jacob’s thoughts. But ultimatly, Edward loves Bella too much to do anything that could and would possibly hurt her. He knows how much she needs Jacob, therefore, he would ultimately let Jacob kill him. Edward would do anything to keep Bella happy and he knows that fighting Jacob and or hurting Jacob would cause pain for Bella. However, I don’t think Edward would let Jacob kill him. I think Edward would just do his best to jump around and dodge Jacob’s hits and scratches. Ultimatly untill Bella either said, “Edward win!!” or “Jacob win!” It would be an endless battle going on forever untill one of them got to exhausted to fight, in which if Edward got too tired to fight, Jacob would kill him, if Jacob was the one who got too tired to fight then Edward would probably either walk away and have his wounds tended to or tie Jacob down somewhere so that he himself (Edward) would get a chance to take a break and ask Bella who she wants to win and what she wants him to do.

    But personally, I’d hope that Edward would win. Him and Bella are meant to be, together forever <3333333 They just love eachother tooo much <33333333333 Yay BellaXEdward!!!

  45. Michelle

    Frankly, I think Jacob would win simply for the fact that Edward killing Jacob would displease Bella and he would never displease her. Edward would clench his teeth while Jacob tore him to pieces. However, if Bella was angry and wished for Jacob to die or be injured then Edward would with out a doubt fulfill her desires.

  46. Loony_Lovegood

    Jacob. Edward wouldn’t kill Jacob. He’s too considerate of Bella’s feelings. But I think that then Bella would kill herself, causing Jacob to kill himself. Nobody wins.

  47. Loony_Lovegood

    Oh,and that picture of Thomas the Tank Engine nearly made me pee myself. XD

  48. Cara

    Edward would definitely win. He loves Bella more, so he has more will πŸ˜€

  49. Kaitlyn

    It depends whether Bella still loves him. And since I think Bella will always have at least SOME feelings for Jacob, Edward would never kill him.

    I think if Edward really wanted to, he could take on Jacob without much of a fight. But Edward would just severely hurt him- probably knock him unconscious with some broken ribs and a leg or something…

    I love Jacob, but his brute strength can’t compare to a century of experience and the advantage of mind-reading. There’s just no way…

  50. Tricia

    I really don’t like this question…. No response.

  51. Gennie

    Simple science, Kaleb. It takes, what, six werewolves to kill one vampire? Edward wins. And then he could read Jacob’s mind and would hear “I’m going to bite his leg next and then go for his face.” …Uhmm…Edward wins.

    And Edward would win again if it was just a verbal fight for who loves Bella more.

    PS: I got a gnome for my birthday today Kaleb! Haha.

  52. Alli

    Edward might win because he could get to Jacob before Jacob could finish the thought of wanting to phase, but in a contest of fighting abilities…that’s not a fight you can predict. You’d have to see it happen, which is impossible of course, because they are fictional.

    I love Jacob very much, but he really gets on my nerves in this chapter. And you’re missing a very crucial (and correct) choice of why Bella doesn’t get rid of Jacob, but I can’t tell you what it is because it will spoil the ending (sort of).

    Glad you’re feeling better! So nice to read your entries again…but unfortunately I have homework looming over my head. First day back and we jumped right into work! Fun right?

  53. Krystol

    Honestly… I think Edward would forfeit. He doesn’t want to hurt Bella and he knows that hurting Jacob would hurt her.

    As much as I love Jacob now I was thoroughly disgusted with him in Eclipse. He would willingly and maliciously hurt Edward just to get what he wants, which is Bella, of course.

    Even though I don’t think Edward would let the fight get that far I think he would win if it came down to it. Jacob thinks he loves Bella, but she really is Edward’s soul mate. He would fight harder.

  54. ~Tina

    Oh man…in my mind, I have no doubt that Edward would win. But I don’t think he would kill Jacob, because he knows that he’s important to Bella. Jacob, however, is incredibly selfish and would rip him apart like the wolves did to Laurent…

  55. cmomma


  56. Beth

    Following the Romeo and Juliet theme of New Moon, if one had to win it would be Edward. Paris is the one who dies. Plus Edward has the an advantage in SO many ways. Mind reading, which also means he has the element of surprise Jacob doesn’t have. But, Edward would never kill Jacob knowing how much Bella cared about him. The resistance would make Edward not fight as hard. I think the werewolves or the Cullens would stop them before they could fight… or it would turn into a war.

  57. Meghan

    UM Edward would win no doubt about it. But he would keep Jacob alive because he knows how much it would hurt Bella if he didnt, unlike Jacob who is selfish and doesnt realize that by trying to win Bella’s love he is hurting her and also hurting himself. And this part of the book reminds me a lot of Mr.Darcy/Whitcam perdictament from P&P. But just like P&P the best man always win!!

  58. mk

    chinchilla…rabbit…rotfl!! thts hilarious πŸ˜› in a fight edward wouldn’t want to hurt jacob too badly because he knows that it would hurt bella but jacob on the other hand would hurt edward because he has nothing to lose, he knows he can start to heal her back again (in his mind). so edward would win by sheer awesomeness lol but he might end up losing in the end…

  59. Caitlin

    Honestly I can not really say who would win. I would want Edward to win. But like everyone else has already said, he wouldn’t do it because he wouldn’t want to hurt Bella in the end. I would be right there cheering for him though!

    Yeah, Charlie and Jacob got on my nerves! Especially when Charlie was all smiles about Jacob kissing her. Charlie really wasn’t the least bit concerned over her broken hand. Bella too got on my nerves in this book. Doing this whole back and forth between Edward and Jacob thing. I felt bad for both of them. Edward moreso than Jacob.

    Yeah, now that I think about it, it does make sense that she would want to keep Jacob around in case Edward does leave again. But I think that it has to be more of option 2 and it’s just because she really doesn’t want to hurt him.

    Loved both the pictures. They were great!
    Also loved the pet chinchilla and disapproving rabit analogy. I laughed it was so funny! :-)
    P.S. One of my favorite scenes in this book was when Edward was speeding in the background. Too funny :-p
    P.P.S. I am glad that you are back and feeling better. It really stinks being sick…Here’s to a new year! :-)

  60. Kimber

    Hmm. I’m not sure WHO would win…
    Bella would probably come in and interrupt their fight anyway, like usual…
    but Edward, methinks?

  61. Zuvie Girl

    The colorful Just Friends reminded me of this. One of my favorite movies is actually called Just Friends, it’s hillarious, and if you’re ever looking for a good movie to watch, that’s what you should pick, lol.

  62. Angie

    This entire senario would only work if Bella had never moved to Forks and this was just a fight over the treaty line. They both love Bella far, FAR too much to kill each other.

    As much as I love both, I’d have to say Edward. Jacob is a great fighter and all, but . . .
    H E B R E A K S !
    And there is his one weakness. If Edward gets a hand on Jacob, it’s all downhill. Sure, Jacob might rip an arm or leg off in the process, but there wouldn’t be enough time to set them on fire.
    So, sorry, Jacob, I’m going Edward for once.

  63. Maggie

    Edward would SO win. Because, as much as Jacob loves Bella, Edward loves her about 1000000 times as much. And also, as someone pointed out, in New Moon, it took five werewolves to take Laurent out. Even though I’m sure the rest of the pack would jump in and help Jacob, Emmett and Jasper would help out too. So if you do the math…

  64. Ra to the Chel

    >=) Edward wins hands down. He’s like STONE and can read his thoughts.

    By the way these posts make my day <3.

  65. Amanda

    I have a rabbit named Bella!

  66. Brianna J.

    I think that if Edward and Jacob got into a fight, then Edward would lose. Now, before you anybody goes throwing rotten lettuce at my head, here’s why: I think Edward loves Bella so much he couldn’t kill Jacob because he knows it would crush Bella. Sure, he’d put up a fight, but in the end, I think he’d pretty much give himself up. Jacob, even though he knows Bella loves Edward, is much more impulsive and, in my opinion, not nearly as good at keeping his temper as Edward, and would end up killing him. But then, knowing that he killed Edward, I’m positive Bella would never forgive Jacob, and everyone would end up unhappy.

    I loved the chinchilla vs. rabbit, ha ha! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  67. Kristina

    Yes….this is one of my favorite chapters of all time. With that in mind I say that Edward would definatly win…hands down! As much as Edward loves Bella and would do anything for her and to not hurt her. He’s filled with rage and can you blame the guy, his one and only love is hurt, and the fact that a werewolf cause it, doesnt help! Besides werewolfs are more vulnerable, so yes…Edward would win without a doubt in my mind!

  68. Rhiannon

    Edward would win. Definetly. I think i spelled that wrong, but anyway. Just one random thing as well. I think it is sooooooo cute when bella calls edward to tell him to pick her up, and when he hears that jacob kissed her he doesn’t say anything, but the engine accelerates. That is just so….adorable, perfect, edwardish. πŸ˜€

    edward πŸ˜€

  69. Melissa(melissaturkey)

    (well this may contain spoilers)

    later in the book edward and jacob contemplate who would win in a fight. neither or them are particularly sure and both think it would be interesting to find out, seeing as edward has uncertainty with who would win it means he’s factored in his mind reading and greater indestructability into the equation and came with the conclusion that even counting all that a fight between he and Jake would be unpredictable meaning he’s not certian he would win.

    I think it would be a pretty evan fight, because I have my doubts in the assumption it takes an entire pack to take down a vampire.
    I think the pack works as a unit as a precaution and also because its fair and what real wolves do in the wild. they hunt as a pack so they would attack as a pack.
    in the past (in the ancient legends) when it took multiple wolves to take down a vampire it was because they were young inexperienced wolves who didnt have any idea how to destroy a “cold one” or it was an old out of practice wolf who was loosing his strength and will to fight.
    taking this and the fact that a very young wolf takes down a newborn almost on his own near the end of this book leads me to believe it doesnt really take muiltiple wolfs to take down a vampire and if a werewolf is strong and expecially natural at what they do (like Jake) then they would be on an even playing feild with a vampire, even when it comes to a mind-reading one. Because Jake could always use dirty tactics like pictureing a heartbroken bella, shouting insecurities into edward’s mind, playing on it as an advantage so he doesnt see where his next move is coming from, and besides single minded fury is unpredictable and that could also work on jakes favor. all in all it would be even and I would hate to see either of them hurt.

    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  70. Jen

    Edward. Hes indestructable, while all he’d have to do is bite Jacob, and it would be like poison, killing him easily.

  71. Destane

    I agree with Brianna J. (and not because i’m a die hard Team Jacob fan) because of the sheer fact that Jacob really has nothing to loose in a fight with Edward and Edward himself would hold back because of exactly what he said in this chapter “You’ll be upset about it in the morning” or something like that, i wouldn’t know because my friend has Eclipse :)
    I’m really glad your feeling better and this is a really funny post, but it still gets worse in the book. It’s why it’s my favorite one out of the whole series because everyone shows their true colors and how they really are

  72. Dawn

    so my 2 cents is … there would be no fight. Bella would try to stop it and get hurt and then BOTH Edward and Jacob would be like “OH NO” and help her and forget about killing one another for the moment.

    Charlie is a little too transparent, hilarious but transparent. To me this just further cements that Bella and Edward belong together. What teenage girl actually dates the guy her dad LIKES!?!?!? none … I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was a teenager I went out of my way to pick out guys who my dad wouldn’t like!!!
    Your Thomas pic made me pee a little !!!

  73. katie

    I think it would be Edward because Edward can read Jacob’s mind and know what moves he would me making. Thus giving Edward the better advantage.

  74. Lizzie Hale

    It’s no secret that the winner would be EDWARD. He loves Bella way more than he gives off and would fight for her. I am not saying that Jacob doesn’t know how to fight but when it comes down to it who is the stronger person? EDWARD. Thought Jake will try he is nothing compared to Edward. He has decades upon decades and decades of knowledge. And Edward is always careful around Bella who knpws how he is when he really lets out his full power. And Edward could(as we all know) read minds and would hear what Jacob is going to do next. Any way we look at it EDWARD WOULD WIN!!!

    BTW I love the pet chinchilla and disapproving rabbit metaphor.:D

  75. Natalie

    No contest!! Edward would beat Jacob to a pulp and I would support him for doing so. I was hoping he was going to in this chapter but I was instantly disappointed! SIGH! Anyway, Edward can read minds, has more experience, and does not need the help of his family for support, hence, he would win. And yes, I totally agree, he loves Bella so powerfully, so truly, so deeply as an endless chasm that he would not touch a hair on his head (spoken by Heathcliff) while Bella would be hurt by the thought. That’s what proves that Edward loves Bella more, he would never hurt Jacob though he is dying to do so.
    I wish Bella would just let Jacob go already! And Charlie is so annoying!! His daughter was kissed against her will and her hand is broken and he conratulates the perpetrator! I couldn’t believe it! If he knew right then that Jacob is a werewolf, he would feel a little differently, I think.
    The chinchilla and rabbit analogy was hilarious, Kaleb!

  76. ynna-black

    i think bella would break itt up before they (jacob) got really hurt or worse a very big war begins and all the horrible crap that should happen in any other vamp/werewolf story

  77. Hakeberevol

    But the chinchilla was cuter than the edward rabbit!!!! :(

    Anyway to your three options during the writing I would have to say it is mostly option two. Bella seems to have realized that Edward loves her, she just doesn’t want to hurt Jacob. Anyhooo….
    Man after he kissed her I threw my book at the wall which I instantly regretted because I ripped the cover…. not as bad as what happens later though… GRRRRRR! >:(

    I think if it was mano a mano with no other pack members or burly vampires (coughemmetcough) then I think Edward would win. I mean /jacob is still relatively human and can be killed in numerous ways, just snapping his neck for example. Meanwhile you have to catch Edward, then start ripping him apart while trying to defend yourself. Yepp Edward would definantly win.

  78. Hakeberevol

    I love hearing Edwards reaction to this. He is completly calm on the surface even though he’s talking baout killing him. I was like “oooo Jacob’s gonna get it” the whole thing but alas, he did not….

  79. Hakeberevol


  80. KT

    Okay, Kaleb, isn’t it kind of obvious who would win. This is not just because I am an adament Team Edward supporter but because of logical reasoning. First of all Edward can read Jacob’s mind therefore he can predict his moves. Second Edward has a lot more experience than Jacob (over a century.) For Jacob to destroy Edward he would have to rip Edward to pieces and burn him which is sort of a lot of rigor morale compared to what Edward would have to do. Because venom is poisonous to werewolves all Edward would have to do is bite Jacob and he would win. So although I love Jacob, too (on his good days when he’s not forcing himself on Bella and criticizing the Cullens), I think Edward would easily win a fight against him.

  81. lucy

    Heres the thing. Edward is much older and wiser then Jake. I see Edward throwing the volvo at Jake to surprise him and then Whoop is butt and bite him, so he dies slowly. Yes I admit Edward does have a dark side. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t thought about killing Jake everytime he peeks into Jakes mind. I love Jake too, but he really needs to back off of Bella. If I were Edward I would’ve done it. No shame. I’d say “Bella, I know your gonna hate me for a while”

    “Edward, what are you doing?”
    “Shush Bella. It’ll be okay.” WHACK! Volvo is lifted from the pavement in half a milisecond only to fly across the driveway and hit the poor unsuspecting Jake.
    “Like I said Bella, Im no super hero.”
    “W-wha..? Jake, you okay?”
    “Yea…What the..!” Edward starts to continuously beat the daylights out of Jake. ‘I’ve wanted to do this for a long time…’ Edward chuckles darkly to himself.

    So yea…thats what I think…call me insane.

  82. Shelly

    Edward would win in a fight between him and Jacob. Why? Because 1) he’s been around longer and has more experience fighting than Jacob and 2) he can hear his thoughts on what move Jacob might be planning to make next. The fight might go on for a bit but, in the end, Edward would come out victorious.

  83. Savannah

    i love jacob.
    but sadly edward would win.

  84. Lari

    I’d like to think that because Jacob is smart, and I’m a team switzerland by the way, that he would project a move that he WOULDN’T do and then make another move.
    So for me…I’d rather them both die. I just couldn’t bear either one of them coming out. Of course, I’d hate them to battle like that in the first place!

  85. Aria

    I think… I dunno. Jacob is desperate and Edward is cool and confident. I dunno. I think Edward in the end would win, but Jacob would give him a run for his volvo.

  86. Britt.

    Psh. It would take more than a runaway Amtrak to squash Edward. That being said, if it came to a fight, I believe Edward would win. Jacob would probably get in a few good swipes–er, bites–but in the end, Edward would emerge victorious. But of course, if it had, Bella would do her best to be in the middle and stop them, possibly getting injured and infuriating Edward and Jacob more. Thus, the circle of angst continues…heh.

    But, I also agree with what Brianna J. (comment 66) said. Edward couldn’t possibly bring himself to harm Jacob, because he knows how it would hurt Bella. But then, I think Jacob would be thinking along the same track, and it would just end in some kind of uncomfortable stalemate. Oh, the possibilities…

    Heh, Charlie. Take my left arm…snort. He WOULD do something like that.

    Just so you know, you rock my socks six ways to Sunday. And your contests are epic win. :]


  87. tina

    Glad to see you back and in rare form!!

    I don’t think Bella ever really grasps the potential for trouble here. She thinks, that like her, the mentions of killing one or the other are hyperbole.

    Edward could easily kill Jacob. His years of experience and his mind-reading abilities give him the upper hand.

    But, that said, no one would win. Jake would die. Bella would be inconsolable. And Edward would never forgive himself for hurting Bella. Then the war would begin and both sides would lose loved ones.

    And Charlie – I wanted to kick him in the shin for not taking this more seriously. It really isn’t funny when a guy forces himself on your teenage daughter!!

    Oh, and Kaleb, I’ll never look at Thomas the Tank Engine in the same way…..

  88. Savannah

    Edward would would win, definitely. It took a whole pack to get rid of Laurent! Werewolves are just so much easier to hurt than vampires, and Edward can read minds, which would give him another advantage! And Edward has so much more experience. I doubt he would actually kill Jacob though, because it would hurt Bella too much. He’d probably just knock him out.
    I agree, it’s probably #3.
    Love the analogy, I’m considering getting a chinchilla and a rabbit and naming them Jacob and Edward! My mom probably won’t let me, though…

  89. Carmen

    Edward definitely has more fighting experience but he hasn’t fought for anybody with the same passion. He would instill greater strength but I think he would also be emotionally weakened. Jacob is just really desperate and full of young wolf rage so it kind of equals out. In the end, they would both destroy each other and Bella would end up committing suicide by surrendering herself to Victoria. A pretty gruesome ending. :(

  90. Carmen

    scratch that-Edward would pwn Jacob. I don’t know what I was thinking. He’s fiercer when it comes to protecting Bella.

  91. Amaranthine

    Kaleb, Kaleb, Kaleb…Can you even consider that a comment question? Its more like a comment statement. “who do you think would win?” Translation: “Tell me how awesome you think Edward is.” No question in my mind, Edward would win. This is Bella we are talking about–Edward has been alone for over 80 years now. Do you really think he is going to let some little kid win in a fight for the woman of his dreams? Honestly…
    Okay, I think my roommates think I am insane now. I couldn’t help laughed at the picture of the rabbit. I mean…is that supposed to be Edward? Its CHIN!! Holy cow…I can’t get over it. You crack me up, Kaleb.

  92. DukDany

    Edward would win. I mean Jacob is very strong but I think Edward has more experience and a few tricks that would give him some advantage. Go Edward!!!

  93. sparkles

    Oh man, listen to this quote from Robert Pattinson, taken directly from an interview with E! It’s wild, and probably freaked out all the people who tried to get him to prep for the interview, or maybe he didn’t have those people, since they obviously didn’t expect Twilight to be the successful movie it was. He spends the first half of the interview talking about how insane he finds the whole twilight frenzy to be, and how he had no idea what he was getting into when he auditioned. You can google the interview if you want to see the whole thing live:

    “I was convinced… that Stephenie was convinced… that she was Bella… and it was like a book that wasn’t supposed to be published. And you’re reading like, her sort of sexual fantasy. […] I was like, This woman is mad. She’s completely mad, and she’s in love with her own fictional creation. And sometimes you’d like feel uncomfortable reading this thing. […] It’s kind of… like a sick pleasure.”

  94. kate

    i think that edward would win because he would bite jacob and vampire venom is lethal to werewolfs

  95. A.L.

    Physically Jacob would win but only because Edward would give up the fight knowing that killing Jacob would make Bella unhappy and on the list of Edward’s life rules, 1) is don’t do anything to make Bella unhappy. But while Jacob would win the physical battle for that reason, Edward would ultimately win the war since his love for Bella really is unconditional while Jacob’s love for her – though genuine – is full of conditions.

  96. Sierra

    I think Edward would win. Sure, I’m all for the Bella/Jake relationship, and I think that they would have more in common (i.e. being human). Unfortunately, I believe that it is eventually mentioned that vampire venom is lethal to werewolves (I prefer the term Lycan… Don’t ask), So all Edward would have to do is get close enough and bite Jake, so Jake would end up dying, no harm done to Edward at all.

  97. Ashley

    Edward would easily win. He’s a more skilled fighter, and he loves Bella more deeply than Jake ever will.

    i love the part about charlie being team jacob. it really made me mad the whole time because his only daughter is standing there with a broken hand caused by jacob’s hard head, and he’s just joking and patting him on the back!
    I loved edward’s response to the whole situation, because he was the only one who was there for her. although, i would’ve loved to see jake with a broken jaw….:D

    i really don’t agree with what bella is doing to edward in this situation. she keeps saying how much she can’t live without him, but she can’t hurt jacob’s feelings and tell him to go away? pshhhh…..

  98. Emilie

    I agree with the other Emily out there- I think Edward would definitely win, but the other wolves are going to know about the fight immediately, thus getting it all very messy very fast.
    Thus, fight=no good.

  99. BrooklynBridges

    I never thought about Bella keeping Jake around because shes scared of Eddie leaving, but now that you suggest it it makes perfect sense. We all know she will NEVER think shes good enough, but will she ever come to accept poor Eddie’s love?
    I think not.
    And i HATE how TJ Charlie is. It makes me so annoyed that Jake can practically mouth-rape her and charlie will congradulate him. That is NOT the kind of reaction I’d want from my dad.
    I’m not sure if Eddie’s reaction is in this chappie or not, but its fun. really fun. One of my favorite parts of this book actually.
    Well, this is getting long and i havent even answered your question yet.
    EDWARD WOULD KICK BUTT! Now, i say that as an Edward fangirl, but if you think about, he has been fighting for about 90 years longer than Jake. Also, he can read his mind; anticipate his moves before they happen.
    The only thing that would hold him back is his fear to kill Jacob, hurt Bella/finally become the monster he has always expected to be in her eyes.
    I think its pretty safe to say that that fear wouldnt affect Jake half as much, as he clearly does not care for her feelings. This chapter is proof.

  100. ERIKA

    Edward would definitely pulverize Jacob, sad to say.

  101. Tianna

    I see a lot of points being made in favor of Edward:

    1) He can read minds. Easily too. So +1 for Edward.
    2) Even if Bella knows Jacob can phase in a fly, Edward is the fastest vampire Cullen-wise, so it might be harder to pin him down. +1 for Edward.
    3) Edward would use strategy rather than brawn, like I would expect Jacob to use. See Edward is use to catching others off guard (refering to his past) and is better with his mind. Like he pointed out a few times, “I can think of a lot more things at the same time.” So he could quiet easily out-manuever Jacob. +1 for Edward.
    4) He is the jealous boyfriend. He is REALLY ready to kill Jacob by now anyways. +1 for Edward.
    5) Plus… he almost got himself killed over her! What makes you think he won’t do it again?

    So, to total everything up, I don’t see much where Jacob could get a leg out, but I see the advantages that Edward has.

    Very many, if I do say so.

    But, in case you’re wondering if I’m biased… I’m officially Team Swizterland. I like the idea of Bella/Edward and Bella/Jacob. Both got good sides. πŸ˜›

  102. Lu

    I think Edward would win.
    I loved that part in the book.

  103. Sarah Pattinson Cullen

    EDWARD!!!! Jacob can rip out Edward’s limbs, but they reassemble themselves. And all Edward would have to do is get one good bite in and the venom would poison Jacob. And just so you know…I read Eclipse in three days so this long, drug out process is ridiculous! READ ALREADY!

  104. Eliper

    Ok, I love #32’s term, “fursplodes”. I’m definitely going to have to use that one in the future.

    Edward would definitely take Jacob out in just a few quick and pretty moves. *Plunk* bye bye Jacob’s head.

    Remember the story about the Quileutes’ first experience with vampires when even one was too much for several of them until they worked together? Jacob’s just a bitty baby wolfie right now with very little experience and relies too much on his strength, which Edward already can easily match. It’s not like the young wolves have the same strength advantage that young vamps do.

    It would be almost too fun for Edward too. Of course, we also have to take into account that he knows how much this would hurt Bella so that might distract him for oh, say, a millisecond. So, while it’s possible that he’s the type to perhaps forfeit a fight for Bella’s sake, he definitely wouldn’t lose based on any other factor.

  105. Emily

    Edward… but only because he is faster than the average vampire… i think that Jacob could easily beat Carlisle, or Alice

  106. Angela

    It would be pretty even, but ultimately Edward would win, just because he’s a vampire. Remember; werewolves normally fight in packs.

  107. emptybloodcrimsmode

    even if im team jacob, id say edward would win, cause jacob doesnt have a lighter on his so he would be able to burn him…

  108. Becky

    Edward would definitally win because he can read minds, plus Edward is better at thinking and planning. BUT when Jake starts bleeding that might throw off Edward and give Jake an advantage for a while. but still, Edward all the way. One bite and Jake is finished.

    wow, your ideas about Bella’s thoughts are surprisingly accurate (for a guy, lol)

  109. AmandaBear

    I’m sick and tired of all the Edward fangirls…-_- No, I don’t have a problem with Edward…I just like Jacob better than Edward because: Who would want a cold, dead, sparkly bloodsucker when you can have a tall, built, and very hot werewolf? >=D It’s hard being a Jacob fan in the Twilight fandom when EVERYONE and their mother likes Edward better.

    Jacob would definitely win, hands-down, end of story…goodbye. πŸ˜€ For one thing, werewolves are the only creatures besides other vampires that can rip a vampire to shreds! Edward may be faster but Jacob is stronger.

    Ugh…it’s so hard being a Jacob fan and it just tears at me when Edward fangirls bash Jacob so much.

    So yeah, I’m Team Jacob. No, I don’t think he and Bella were meant for each other in the books. I’m not delusional. I just like Jacob better as a person and since Bella is distracted by Edward, I can have Jake all to myself. >=3 Well, I actually can’t…and if I said why it’d be a spoiler. T_T

  110. Elise

    EDWARD!!!! He loves her more, beacuse, hello, Jacob hasn’t imprinted with her!!!!!! But Edward wouln’t kill jacob on purpose beacuse it would make Bella unhappy.

  111. Jessica R.

    Well it depends on if they’re going to fight one on one. See you would like to think they would but in reality I think a chain-reaction would occur. Unfortunatly I believe that would leave most of the Cullens and werewolves dead. I think Carlisle would stop the fight eventually but honestly, Edward was fighting for his true love so he’s sure to have taken down a few mangy mutts. (Don’t hate on last comment, i’m describing them from Edward’s perspective, mkay sweet cheeks).

    Now you should also know that after half of her family and friends kill eachother Bella’s not going to be the happiest person around and I think she’ll Juliet (and we all know what Juliet did, the hormonal little 13 year that offed herself when she awoke to find her true love dead).

  112. Clara Renee

    Dude Jacob would so win. He was MADE to kill vampires and as james has stated ed’s not as strong as some vampires he’s just fast and as Jacob stated he’s fast enough to outrun him. +) he he volcano thrown at Jacob was funny maybe after ed throws the volcano the fight will start *grins with anticipation*

  113. Joanne Maria

    Edward would win!!!

    yeah, they are both fast and strong, but Edward cheats…HE READS MINDS!!! LOL

  114. Elizabeth

    They’d tear each other to shreds in the fight, but as Jacob would be in little wolfy tatters strewn about the forest, he would be unable to burn the pieces of Edward, who would blessedly reassemble, apologize profusely to a weeping Bella, swearing to make amends, and then sparkle to achieve this.

  115. Shannah

    I loved the chinchilla analogy! And I can tell you must be trying to keep both Team Jacob and Team Edward happy with your posts now, which is very nice.

    As much as I hate to say it.. Edward probably would win the fight. He doesnt wound.. and he reads minds. Crap.

  116. Shelby

    Your little Charlie/Jacob conversation made me giggle! That was great!

    I think it’d be a close fight. Jake would easily turn into his wolf form and since the wolves share one mind, the others would come to help. Of course, who knows how long that would take…but, of course, they’re all over the surrounding woods so really, it might not take long at all. But I don’t think they wold ever get into a physical fight… If anything, they’d stand there shooting off insults like loaded shotguns.

    They both know very well that if a fight broke out, it wouldn’t help Bella at all… So really, we might as well leave this question alone, since it would never happen.

    Great post, Kaleb!!!

  117. Amanda

    Edward. Duh. We all know what angry vampires are capable of doing, and werewolves are definitley more vulnerable. Besides, Edward loves Bella more than Jacob. Come on people, let’s face it!


    Ok. In the middle-ish end-ish Edward says he can be noble and let Bella choose, and he will live with her decision. Jacob? No. He practically forces here to pick him and won’t back off! Edward loves Bella more. I think that’s pretty strong motivation. Plus, he’s got a lot of stored up grudges to take care of πŸ˜‰

  118. Tara.Seanan

    The chinchilla is cuter, but Edward would win. He can hear what Jacob is thinking before he does it, AND he’s faster than everyone else. Poor Jake…

  119. Miranda

    I think that If they started to fight with bella still befreinding Jacob, Edward would not fight back. He would not let Jacob kill him but he would also not fight untill it ment saving his life. Counter to that, I do think that Jacob if given the opertuinty would off edward in a heart beat. Thats the diffrence between them, Edward knows it would hurt bella if he was to hurt Jacob, and edward cares more for her then anyone else, so he would not intentionaly hurt her. Jacob doens’t love her the way that Edward does, he loves her but he is still too selfish right now.

    If they just went out and out fighting Edward would totaly kick Jacobs rear!

  120. Queenbitch

    Jaco would “win” because Edward would not fight. Edward knows that fighting Jaccob, even though Bella is mad at him would hurt bella. Edward would do anything to NOT hurt Bella because that is how much he loves her.

    Jaccob would be eager to fight because he wouldnt really care if he hurt Edward and then in the process hurt Bella he’d just want to win so he could prove hes the bigger “man”.

    In conclusion, I think that Edward would still “win” Bella’s heart because he loves her enough not to fight but Jaccob would win the fight.

  121. Megan

    Jacob. Edward would never do anything to hurt bella, so he would never hurt jacob. Jacob would not win because he was the better fighter, he would win because edward would let him.

  122. Megan

    I saw something written byapril on january 5 and i had to comment on it, but it might be a little off subject. Where did people get this idea that love is better when its easy and effortless? (not saying that this is what april said or how she feels) Thats why her and edward are supposed to be, not her and jacob. A love that is easy, and effortless, with no problems and no trials and no mistakes……sorry guys, but in my experience, thats not love. Thats friendship.

  123. Drives like a Cullen

    You are hilarious. I’m glad I found this site :o)


  124. Carly

    In a battle between Edward and Jacob, I would think that Edward would win for two reasons:
    1. He has almost 100 years more fighting experience and training than Jacob
    2. He can read Jacob’s mind
    However, I believe that Jacob would be a very skillful and persavering fighter as well, so the fight would probably be very close and the winner would probably have some serious injuries as well.

  125. Caitlyn

    Edward would totally kick Jacob’s little puppy A**! and truthfully I would say he deserved it. But there wouldn’t be any death because well you know…

  126. Madhattermiss

    I think it would end up at a stalemate, or never happen in the first place. Edward wouldn’t challenge Jacob so as to not hurt Bella, because I think she would go crazy if her true love and her best friend were fighting, and Edward would never hurt her. If, however, Bella didn’t care about Jacob, it’d be a stalemate because Jacob wouldn’t fight without his pack to back him up in case the other Cullens appear or Jake needs backup, because neither Quil or Embry would let Jake go alone. However, Edward has mind reading abilities and superior reflexes, and Alice as a sister to alert him if his bowling plans suddenly disappear. It’s hard to predict an outcome.

  127. January

    I cast my vote for Edward! Jacob is still “young” in both age and experience (the pack has only killed one vampire, which was scared silly of the big wolves, I dont see Edward being scared of Jacob) and Edward is seasoned from years of play fighting with his brothers – that and he would know every move wolf boy would make before wolfboy did.

  128. AnaC.

    edward would defenetly win ^^

  129. mel

    well knowing what happens in the next book… Edward would most definatly win.

  130. Kathryn

    I don’t think they would ever get into a fight… Both of them would be too afraid of dying and wounding Bella emotionally in the process, so they would avoid a fight at all costs. How about that for some logic, hm? xD

  131. Elle


    He whole-heartedly believes that Bella is better off without Edward in her life. And, whether or not Edward feels mutually, doesn’t matter because he knows how much pain it would bring Bella to not have Jacob. Which is why, regardless of the how much it hurts him, he stays relatively quiet about her friendship with Jacob.

    I don’t think you can entirely blame Bella for the situation they are all in, either. She’s known that Jacob has felt more for her than she’s felt for him for quite sometime now and she’s done what she can to let him down gently. Should she deny herself his friendship because he can’t understand boundaries? He was the one who told her that he was a big boy and could handle it. He told her he was going to hold onto the hope that someday she would change her mind. He didn’t give up. So what was Bella suppose to do? Cut him out of her life?

    Throughout the story we hear about what a selfless person Bella is. How she was thinking about her mother’s happiness when she banished herself to Forks, how she tries to preserve Edward’s reputation rather than her own well-being when they first got together, etc. But here’s the first time in the book where we actually see Bella be selfish. Why? Is it because she can’t trust Edward not to leave again and she wants to make sure that she at least has someone in that event – Jacob? Is it just to make Charlie happy? Is it to make Jacob happy? I can’t quite figure out who benefits the most from that relationship, but I think that’s where the answer lies.

  132. misssable

    hmmm even though I think it would be Edward, it would be pretty funny if there was a continuous fight where Edward would be ripping Jacob to shreds but Jacob would spontaneously heals so the fight would never end.

  133. Lisa

    EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!! He doesn’t tire, he’s stronger, and u would have to shred and burn him into a million pieces b4 he died.

  134. Lynlyn

    Edward would win, no question. But he wouldn’t let it come to a fight cuz he knows that he would hurt bella with killing jacob.

  135. edwella cullen

    edward, hands down. not JUST because i love him so much more than jacob (although that has a big part in my decision XD), but because i think he has the upperhand. i mean come on, edward can read jacob’s mind, he is more experienced, and edward is not as vulnerable as jacob (like many people above have mentioned) and one more thing
    rabbit > pet chinchilla!!
    >:D XD lol πŸ˜›

  136. edwella cullen

    oh! and it seems like edward loves bella ALOT more than jacob. i forgot that part >.<

  137. IEnvyBella

    hey i have a rabbit and a chinchilla– not but i almost did! TrU! lol– EDWARD WOULD WIN– DUH!

    kisser back babe!

  138. Silvia

    Ah ah ah! The dialogue between Jacob and Charlie was i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!! How come it took me so long to run into this blog (I’m really enjoying all your blog-entries)!!
    Anyway, back to your question: In my opinion, were those two to enter a real fight, Edward would win (I like Jacob better, but Edward seems to be somehow stronger…). However, I bet they wouldn’t go as far as to let such a tragedy take place…they’d probably realise they are hurting Bella the most in the middle of the “confrontation” and hopefully stop before anyone is severely injured!

  139. Maddy

    I think Edward would win by skill and experience… he might not be unscathed… HOWEVER… Edward would probably NOT want to hurt Jacob too much or kill him for fear of hurting Bella… Would Jacob return the sentiment? Highly doubt it at this point… His mindset seems to be: Get rid of Edward and Bella will be mine.

    After all, I know that I would not be pleased in the slightest to know that the guy my girlfriend was hanging out with ultimately led to her breaking her hand. Especially when said hand was broken trying to whack some sense into his head because he tried to force a kiss in. No, I would not be happy at all.- AMEN. I would not like that if my bf were like that either.. ESPECIALLY since Bella is kinda iffy and cruel to both of them.. and Jacob is definitely waiting for a NON platonic relationship.
    As for Charlie… I don’t care how much he likes Jacob, that is the wrong way for a cop to react… Can’t imagine what he would have done if Jacob copped a feel. Bring out the champagne?

  140. Michelle

    GRAH. At least Edward admits his masochism. Jake would do well to admit the same. Two men, loving the same (plain, is she?) girl, and neither one of them willing to make her choose. Is it really because they don’t want to hurt her, or is it because they don’t want to LOSE her? Bella’s bull-headed enough to dump them BOTH if they tried to make her choose. So, they just continue on in this circle. At least she gets the cop-out of having all these human emotions. Apparently, mythical creatures are all scaredy-cat martyrs too… Any woman willing to admit it knows why she doesn’t choose… it’s because she doesn’t have to. Well, maybe I’m being a little harsh on the Bella front. Somehow she’s deluded herself into believing that she doesn’t love Jacob. Just don’t return her in less than perfect condition again! Already Edward is admitting that he knows she’ll get over this whole complete lack of respect for personal space thing and go to see Jacob again. Also, he’s really hoping to get the chance to tear into that wolf, because, really, if anyone were to get hit in the head by a stray meteor, wouldn’t it be Bella Swan? I thought for sure you would comment on that part, Kaleb!

  141. Jaclyn.


    I never get a good number. It’s always the odd one out… *sigh*

    But now, for the question.


    Edward would totally win. It’s over Bella, so you know that’s going to make things hurt more, and Jake a vurnurability that Edward doesn’t.

    Jake is MORTAL.

    So, totally. Edward wins. YAY EDWARD! I just love him so much… But then Bella gets sad. So he gets sad. So she gets guilty. Then she gets happy. And then he’s happy. And the world is a better place.


    My work here is done.

    And I love the BLUE WORDS. I wish that worked for me, cuz I got a reeeeelly long wish list.


    So, yeah…


  142. Lauren

    *Edward* hands down. He’s older, wiser, definitely more cautious, knows how to fight smart…and it’s Edward! Of course he would win! ; )

  143. Nessa

    What if Edward didn’t fight Jacob because he knows that Bella still loves Jacob as a friend? I don’t think Edward would hurt Jacob as long as Bella was alive or unless Jacob suddenly actually posed a threat to Bella. But if that did happen…Edward would definately win, however, I still question that for a few reasons.

  144. Daniela

    I think that Edward would win if he TRIED. I don’t think Edward would hurt Jacob, because he knows it would hurt Bella in the process. This is why i am so Team Edward, Jacob wouldn’t think about that.

  145. bladeslilcyclone

    Im team Jake all the way but seeing as vampire venom is poisonous to werewolves…….the leech sadly wins

  146. ttf101

    Man ! That was funny when bella tried to sucker-punch Jake !!!! πŸ˜€

  147. ummhedaya

    Edward would totally win in the end… He's stronger and has the benefit of reading minds… not to mention that truthfully… his tie to Bella is stronger :)

  148. ummhedaya

    Edward would totally win in the end… He's stronger and has the benefit of reading minds… not to mention that truthfully… his tie to Bella is stronger :)

  149. Ddcnice

    u said 1,2,and 3 but i think 4 would be she loves them each but Jacob as a brother only he does not see it that way but if she had to pick her true love (Edward) over her best friend (Jacob) she would never no who to pick even if Jacob bugs her because he will not stop trying but she should just say to him if she ever gave in it would feel insest

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